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New-Hampshire gazette, or, State journal and general advertiser. [volume] (Portsmouth, N.H.) 1778-1781, September 03, 1781, Image 2

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Ment and largest 2rmy in Earope, and may
be desirous to recover certain traéts of land
tbat were once in his family. Should this
kindle a war with France, i may not be au
spicious to us. But let us think,that her po
licy will manage this matter so as to keep
the emperior quiet till our business is done.
In this case, or in any cafe,we thall have the
negociation reward ; and should we be fuc
cefsful this campaign, Ido not despair of
peacein 1782 ; but onc is afraid to decide up
on a point of this nature, who has seen the
most likely things turn cut contrary to the
best calculations. Spain is once more employ
ed against Gibralter, and not 4 little angry
'with%‘ranc‘e for not preventing its relief. The
sffairs of England in the East Indies are re
ally tumbling inio ruin, as mentioned in our
papers. Holland moves flowly,but my prin
cipal fear from England is, left the emperor
thould enter the lifts as a disputant, inlicad
of a negociator. ,
¢ The movements against New York are
in our favour : but will we improve them ?
Will we fil} up our army and expel, or, if this
cannot be accomplished, confine the enemy
to mere pofis?
“‘Lord ‘Curnwalilis is at Port{fmouth, with
his main body ; an advanced party is at Suf
folk, & another at Smithfield. About Icoo
‘have embarked for New York, said to be
underGen.Leflie : Thefleet[49]iay inHamp
ton road ; we are pretty certain of twoßat
tailions of light infantry under Col. Abe
crombi¢, and the ‘queen’s rangers, being dr
‘dered,and that the guards, and perhaps one
or twoßritifly regiments,may go on the fame
duty. They announce Cheiepeak and Pa
towmack, but New York appears the pre
sent object.”
A gentleman from South Carolina informs,
‘that a packet wis arrived at Charleflown,
which lcft Englard in June, by which he
Jearned that the whole of the fleet from S«.
Euftatia with Rodney’s plunder, except five,
were tsken by 2 French squadron. ‘
By the fame gentleman we l=arn, the Bri
“tifh in Chirleflown acknowledged that Co
mmodore Johnflone with his {puadron bound
to theEatt Indies,wasintercepted by aFrench
fleet, and was considerably woerfied, the da
mage not known. %
NEW LONDON, August 2.
Tueiday last 2 flig returned here from
New Yoik, which bro’'t from the Hospital
thip 51 American prisoners, 2 of which died
om their passage, and the othersare in a sick-
Iy and emaciated condition.
" The prisoners taken in this veflel fay, That
Admiral Graves's fleet Yeturned to Sandy
Hook last Wednesday B¢’nnight ; but where
he had been cruising was not known,
SALEI\%, Avguft 28. :
Last Friday was sent into port a prize ship
to the leiter of marque brig Romulas, Capt.
Waters-; her cargo confifls of rum,fugar,cof
ies, &c. The Captain of this prize inferms,
that he failed from St. Kitts, the firft of this
Instant in company with a fleet of merchant
men cenfifting of about 200 {ail, under con
voy of four ships of the line and four frigates
bound for Europe.
We learn that the Britifk fhip,(as mentio
ned in this paper sometime finceto have had
a severe engagement with the thip Marquis,
Capt. Cowell,) is taken and carried into Fhi
jadelphia, and that she had 17 men killed
and several wounded inthe beferementioned
engagement. : ;
; BOSTON, Aunguft 30.
Yeferday arrived intown from Philadel
phia, the I—{.m. Major-General Sullivan, and
Capt. John Paul Jones, by whom we learn,
T'bat General ‘Green has been victorious In
fevera) tkirmifhes with the enemy in Caroli~
na. in one of which he took a party of dra
goons,confiftiny of 45 privates and 3 officers;
wnd that Gen. Sumpter had arother severe
(kirmifh with Lord Rawdon, from whom he
took some prisoners : That thearms of Bri~
t2in were difpoff=fied of every part in the Ca
rolinass but Charleftown : That Lieut, Col
Lee, with/his Legion, was within two miles
of that place : That Gen. Greene had pofi
ed his troops in such a manner as ta cut off
all supplies from the country 5 and that very
probably that garrison would soon be reduc
ed, the American army augmentinggfurpri
fing ffisfl that quartcer. "
Wedn€{day arrived the Refolu frigate from
Brest, in which came paflenger Col. Lau
rens,with a convoy of two large transports, —=
These veflels, atter a paflage of 86 days,have
happily arrived with a large sum in specie;
and a great quantity ot ¢cloathing, and all
kinds of military stores forCongrets; an event
that must diffufe joy thro’ the United States
of America, and isa frefr pledge of the af
fection of the Court of Erarnce to our glorious
cause. \ 7
We are infermed that befoie the arrival
of Col. Laurens at the Versailles, Dr, Frank
lin had obiained for the United Statesa loan
of ten millions of Yivres ; and after the arri
val of the Colone! who bas executed his com--
mission with great dispatch and an happy
success of ten milituns more were readily ob
tained. Part of thisdoar dappily arrived in
a large quantity of military flores of all kinds
as well 2s in specie, e :
Whaen Col. Laurens took leave of theKing
ot France, bis Majesty prelented him with
his picture, richly set, and at the fame time
said to him,”affure my friends, the United
States, of the sincerity and warmth of my
regard for them ; and that I am flill ready to
afford them every aid that the circamfiances
of my kingdom will allow, and the events
of the war may demand.” :
We have anaccount that may be relied
on from the Wefl Indies, That 2 French fri
gate in thole seas mceeting an English one,
a smart engagenient ensued, when ihe latter
funk in so sudden a manner, that no affifi
ance could be given so the men,all of whom
perished, *
The foltozving is fromßobertjon’s N.York Gagetie.
KEW-YORK, Angufi 14. :
Yesterday arrived rhe brig Swift, Captain
‘Graves, in 50 hours frem Vi.ginia : By her
we learn, that Lt. General the Right Hon,
Earl Cornwallis, afier leaving a fufficient
garrison in Portimouth, vonder the command
of Brigadier General O'Harrz had proceeded
with the army, sad tock pufleffion of York
town, Lol "
On Saturday last a ficet of 23 fail of trans
ports, having on board near 3700 German
troops, under conveoy of his Majefly’s ship
Amphion, John Bazely, Esq; commander, &
the armed thip Britannia & Ofiritch, arriv'd
here in 13 weeks from Bremer in Hanover,
On the paflage Capt. Bazely captur’d a ship
and a brig,the former fromZalem, laden with
fith and lumber,bound for Cape Francois ; at
the {ame time arrived his Majesty’s thip Iris,
————Dawson, £lq; €emmander, and bro’t
in the rebel frigate Trumbull, Nichol{dn,
commander, pierced for 36 guns, but had
only 24 twelvgs and fix pounders mounted ;
her crew confifls of 180 men, moit of them
Europeans forced into the service.
~The Trumbull was taken 12ft Wednesday
off the Capes of Delaware, after a running
fight of more than an hour,having failed the
day before with 15 vessels under convoy, ail
loaded with flour for CapeFranceis,but sepa
rated from them in a gale of wind,in which
the Trumbull loft her fore top-mast. Three
of the above fleet are Brought in, and several
frigates and privatcers were gone in quest of
the othets. 2
Last Sunday was sent inhere by his Majefiy’s
frigates Medea and Ampetrite, the vebel [bip
Bellilarius, of 20 nine pounders, and 150 men,
belonging to Salem. - e
. Same day was brought in-by Capt. Stout, of
the Triumph privateer of 16 guns, belenging to
this port, the rebel letter of marque fbip Revo
lution, Capt. M. Naughten, of 20 guns, laden
with 1200 barrels of Auury from Philadelphia
for the Havanna. |
Saturday last. Major Ward, "with a party of
refugees, toock and brought in a rebel guard of
about 15 men, pofled mear Hackinfack. .
Extra@ of a Letter from Lieut. Col. Lee,
dated July 3. \
“Knowing the difireffed situation of the Britifb
army, and having lcarnt that his Lordfbip had
left a body of his cavalry at Ninety fix, Ide-.
tached Capt. Armfirong with an additional troop
to reinforce Capt. Eggleftine, with advice to pa/s
the river Saluda,to gainthe {orage couniry,and to
feck an oppertunity_for flriking at the encmy'’s
Foragers, ;
In the night of the 2d Capt. Eggleflone fors
tunately cro,ed the enemy undiscovered, and took
a judicious position two miles in their frout, —
Early the ensuing morning, the main body of the
British horse were objerved advancing. "On the
firft natice.preparatiam were made for manau
vring, and the ememy presuming on - militia
prize, pufved om wiith wigor. They were met
with great gallantry, and wire in a few mo
ments entirely defeated, amd purfucd to the
Diquets of the army. One Cadtain, ene Lieu
tenant, and ome Cornet, and 4O privates were
brouight off, wwith ther horses, arms and ac
coutrements ; but one man ‘efcoped.
“ Capt. Eggleflone [peaks in the most hand-
Jome terms of the zeal displayed by the soldiers
on this occdfion, énd declares the great ff obli
gations to Captain Armfirong and C.rnet Win-
JSion, who seconded his exertions with ihe moR
exeniplary intrepidity and judement. Capiain
Eggleftone has claim to 'every_f’raije, Jor his
{-[,;'art:, and adds to the shany ebligations whick
his zeal for the public fervice,and umwcaried
attemtion to duty, had imposed on his comman
ding officer.” N 7
Publithed by ‘O:der of Congress,
ALL Pertons Indebted to the Kilate of
Mrs. Abigal King, late of Portfimouth,
Widow, deceased, are desired to mzke Pay
ment ; and those to whom said Eflate is
lidebted, are requefied to bring in their
Ciaims to GEORGE ATKINSON, Exec,
Portsmouth, Sept. 1, 1781,
2 e iea o dnd e 1, : :
FORTomuULH osept 27.
Left Fridey Afiernoon, arrived in this Town Le
Chevalier JOHN PAUL JONES, fiom Philadel
phia, who is appoisted to the Comimand of the New
%4 Gun Ship bailding here. We maynow hope, thro’
the Influence of this Gentleman, to fee thar “hiz
afloat, and vnder the Command of sa Officer who
has so diftinguithed himfelf ia the Service of the
United States, may soon make 2 refpetable Appear
apce for the Prete&ion of our Americar Commerce,
~ Weallo learn, with Pleafore, that Mzjor Genaral
SULLIV 4N is srrived at his Seatin Durham from
Congre’s, heving discharged his imporrast Trust, 2s
Member of thet Eonorable Body, agreeable to his
Appoiotment. ‘Thus we fee this patriotic Frierd 27
his Country, fhinicg im the Charalters a 3 weli of
a Member of State and Police in the Cabinet, 2z »
most atle and accompl thed Geoeralin the Feld: -
And the Pablic will ever return him their Tribute of
T'harxs, "ill they can introduce him into a Depart
ment in the State, by which the Abilities of this fini.
nithed Politician may fhise more conspicuous.
-To-morrow,- =3
At Public Vendue, to be fold,
'On Tuesday the 4th of September
Ten o’Clock, A. M., at Sheafe’s Wharfe, -
- North End,
: i 'HE HULL of a Brigantine,
Al{o, Cables, Anchors, Sails, and Rig
ging, belonging to said Veflel.
Port{fmouth, Anguvft 25, 1781,
A likely, capable Negro Girl,
14 Years of Age, 10 be fold, er exchang’d
for a Negro Boy. Enquire of the Printer,
LL Persons Indebted to the Efiate of
A Capt. Simon Bradfireet, late of Ports
mouth, Marriner, deceased, are defir'd
to make speedy Payment. And all who have
any jut Demands on said Estate, are desired
toexhibit their Accounts to
Portsmouth, Aug. 18, 781,
T - = B ™e e~
Whole Right of Land in Save]
To be fold Enquire of the Printer,

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