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The New-Hampshire gazette and general advertiser. [volume] (Portsmouth [N.H.]) 1781-1784, December 17, 1784, Image 4

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~ Just imported trom London,
. _AND T 0 BE BOLD, sy .
Thomas Sheafe,
At his store adjoining his wharf, north end,
- by wholesale and retail, 2 baautiful aff>-t
--ment of GOOD 3, suitable for che fealon,viz.
Fine Brafl:ls Cimblets, corded Ve
setian Poplins, Crapes, rich D:nmark Luires,
Tammies, D uranss, Callimincoes, Pranells, Bzar
feins, York/bire Piains, Fores Cloths, Serge,”
white, yellow and red Baize, Flannel, fuperfize,
midling and low priz'd Broad Cloths, with Shal.
loon and every oth:r Trianing § 4 threaded Ferefy
knit Stockings, whiiz and yellow mazttle Buttons,
plated, gilt and born disio, death b:ad, bafk:t and
meedle work’d ditte, plated and commm Shoe
Buckles, Knives and Forks, Pen, Shoe and Fack
knives, printed linnzaH indkerchiefs,cottonßomals,
lungee, -pullicate, spotted, bandands and black
Spitalfizid Handkerchiefs 3 Chintfes, Callicoes,
Lawn, Camirick, black and white Edging Lace,
8 neat assortment of Ribbods and Tafles, black,
white, pink, green, plain and [potied Sattins,
black Made, whiite and pink Sarfuet, fafbionable
vich ground Silks, Sewing Silks, Men’s and
Women's black and white fi'k Gloves and Mitts,
black and white silk Gauze of allkinds, Ns. 10
color’d Threads, Quality and Shoe Binding,
Gariering, Women's, Girl’'s and Maid’s color’d
Lamb Gloves, 7 8 and yard wide Checks, 3 qr 7 5
ond yard wide Irifb Linnens, dark Strip’d Holland,
Bed Tick, Frols Cap Paper, Jfbeatbing, deck and
board Nails, Barr Lead, goose, duck and pidgeon
Bbots, deep sea, log and cod Lines, best bottled
Porter, Gloucester Cheese, London Pewter, refined
Sugar, balf bour, minute, and balf minuteGlaffes,
Proof Vials, ward and double spring Chefß Locks,
sock, cupboard dud pad Locks, Hand Saws, Aul
Blades, Sboe Tacks, Sbeep Shears, Box Rules,
Nail and Spike Gimblets, Chalk Lines, brass and
iron Candleficks, mill, baxd, whip and croffent saw
Files, bra s "ine Cocks, Frying Pans, Sail Nee
dies, Cordr>: ;. Velvests, Thickletts, Princes Stuff,
vibb’d Delure, corded Dimity, Oznabargs, Ticklen -
burgs, Ladies befi English Pumps, common ditto,
Green and Bobea Tea, floor, bearth and ferabbing
Brushes, Cotton and Woaol Cards, Hammers,
EX Hinges, 'ruls joint table Hinges, Screws, and
Thumb Latches.———A L. S O,
‘A general assortment of Weft India Goods,
by retail, a few Nova Scotia Grindstones, and
many other articies. Portfmonh Dec. 1784.
TOo BE 80 L. D,
On very low and reasonable Terms,
A F ARM lying in Deerfield,
containing about YOO acres, with a good house
and barn, an crchard of 130 trees, and pasturing
{ufficient to keep 30 head of cattle the whole
season, and will produce one season with another
about 12 0r.15 tons of hay : the above farm is
well wooded and watered, and lays on the south
road, leading through Deerfield to Pembrook :
for the convenience of the purchaser, one third
of the pay will be received in Weft India Goods.
Foe further particulars apply to David Bat
chellor of said Deerfield. :
J/ E the [ubferibers dppointed Commissioners by
the Hon. P. White, B/g; Fudge of Probate
of Willg, &s¢. . for the-county of Rockingbam, to
viceive and examine tbe claims of the several
creditors 19 tke efiate of jofeph Cram, latc of
Raymond, yeoman, deceased, represented insolvent,
bereby pive notice that we fall attend for thas
business en tbe last Tuesday of ilhis and the five
following months, from one o’clock till five, P. M.
@t ibe boufe of Capt. Seth Fogg, innbolder in
Epping .~ All accounts 1o be well vouched.
Jonathan Claik, |
" Jacob Rundlet, l Commissioners
- Thomas Norris, | -
To be Sold (vary cheap) for CASH, or a 2 BILL
of EXCHANGE drawn on Eurors,
Two hundred Acre Lots of land
§n Gilmantown, Inquire of JOHN MELCHER,
at the Printing Ofhce. ;
SUBSCRIPTIONS for this Paper, at Nine Shillings per Annum (exclusive of postage) are taken in by the Phbliflmer,
‘by whom Essays, Letters of Intelligence and Advertisements are received, and all kinds of Printing performed expeditiously,
and at 3 reasonable rate. e Rl e ee T R T 4 e '
t§qe ' 3
William Slade,
Hos lately opened, and now read;' for sale,
At bis Sl O P oppafire Mr. Samuel Bowles’s,
in STATE-STREET, as the cheapef rate
Az assortment of G O O D §,
suitable for any Seafon,—viz,—
A D G:rman Serges
Piain & nap’d B2avars,
Coatings, Lamhikias,
Ratteens, Frizss,
Daffi s, Baizas, |
D:nmirk Luftres,
Rich Cords, C-apss,
Bitd Eyz Stuff,,
Shalloons, D:pims,
Laflings, Sattinetts, -
Piain and printed Vel
vets and Velveretts,
H iney Combs, |
Qleens Cords, |
Corduroys, <
Waistcoat & Breeches
Men’s, Women’s and
Boy’s worsted Hofe,’
London and Shoe
Q_alities, v
Caincoes, Irith Lin
nens, Dowlas, .
Pink. blue and white.
Modss, & Sarfnets, -
Black Barcelona -
Handkerchiefs, 4
Color’d &figur’d ditto,:
Color’d Lutefiring do,
Color’dfilk&cotton do,’
Check’d linnen ditto,”
Black & white Gauze
kgt .
White chain Gauzss,.
Black& white plain do,.
Ditto Crape ditto, .
Ditto Soufie'ditto, -
An assortment of Glass and Crockery Ware,
Likewise, Tea, Sugar and Rice,
With a variety of other Articles.
Portsmouth, December 11, 1784.
f State of New-Hampthire.
NO TICE is hereby given to the non-resident pro
‘ prietors of lands in MARLBGROUGH, who have
not paid their taxes for the year 1782, that so much of
their lands will be fold st public vendus, on the 28:h day
~ of December next, at the hoafe of Lieut. Richard Roberts,
innholder in {aid Marlborough, at 10 o’cleck before noon;
~ as will pay the texes and charges, unless prevented by
~ previous payment. Lift of the taxes, on the Jands of
non-resident proprieiors, &c. iR
N.-R. s d g
~ Andrew Armes § 0-6 4 2
Samuel Alison ’ &b 1 8 @
Do. 4 4. 0 9 3
Do. 1029 06 7 o
~ Da, ¥ 0 O 16 2
John Gilmore o 3 6 3 3
Samuel Steal ‘ & 8o 4 2
Do. 83 000 3 o
Robert Alin 3 1 8 O 3
~ R 97 0 0o 6 o
- Do, o b 9 0 9
Da. ig .8 4 o
. -Jamss Moor s AN £ 3
xhin Morrilon $s 9 0o 3 1
.. Do 13 5 0 6 3
Johs, "ilion _ 41 0 .3 0
Hugh Montgomery . B h o .8 .4
s De. Y 3 8 3 3
lohn Moor oS O a 2
Bachelor Land ; 1000 26 0O
Nathan Allin 40 9.3 0
Michael Bsker i o .6 7.4
Samuel Willon 46 © 8 3 ©
John Cochran "Y' 'n ¢ 1
Samuel Alison 5.3 0.3 ¥
Henry Neal s 8 43
James Lyons S:L 0. 11 2
Do. 92 a 8 o ¢ o
William Gilmore 34 6 9 -0
Do. ; Gl g 0
Robert Wilson 5809 ;%
Joha Worfon - | I'¢ & ¢ 3
John Cochran 59 v 6 3 o
Marlberough, November 4, 1784.
. RIBBONS, Tape,
» Stay- Laces,
Satre Moulds, |
Backram, Scart Twist,
Silk and Hair,
Sewing Silk,
White &. color’d
Campaine & death.-
- head Buattons,
Metal ditto,
M-tal & glass sleeve
‘Men’s and Boy’s felt,
caftor and beaverett
Hatts, Chip Hatts,
Writing Paper,
Ink Powder,
Brass Ink Stands,
Brass and fleel top’d
Common Milliners
and white chapel
Corking and Blanket,
Pins, Pen Knives,
Knives and Forks,
Spoons, Iron and Jap
pan’d Snuffers,
Steel spring ditto,
Jappan’d fnufferTrays,
Speétacles; Pad Locks,
Chest & Stock ditto,
Chest Hinges,
H & HL Hinges.
Hand Saws,
Carpenters Hammers,
Gimblets, Frying Pans
Fiat Irons,
ibert 'Horney,
IN'T ENDS filling for EUROPE,
* by the zoth of December, instant 3 requefis
~all persons that have any accounts epen with
him, to call 'and fettle them immediately.
He has forrS A L E
A Quantity of R IGGIN G,
and sundry other G O O D §
Which he would fell for Casu, at prime cos?;
Portsmouth, December 3.
James Norie, -
The next door to Mr. Bowles’s, Portsmouth,
Tin Plate Worker and Brazier,
Frem L O N D O N,
MANU FACTURES and {fells various forts
of Tinand Japan’d Wares, by wholesale
and retail, on the most reasonable terms,——
Also, makes the new invented Blocktin Kitchen
Furniture, that is equally as wholesome as silver
3 Brass and Copper tinned and mended.
WHEREAS the proprietors of Marlborough, in the
ccunty of Chethire, and State of New. Hampihire,
did at a legal meeting. held the second day of June 1779,
vote to raise eight pence on each acre on all rateable jand
in {aid town, 2nd 2 number of the owners of loits in {aid
town are delinqueat i the whole or in part, these are to
notify the owners of the delinquent lotes, that so much of
each lott as will pay said taxes. with incidental charges,
will be {old at public vendus, oa the 28:h of December
pext, at one o'clock P, M. at the house of Capt. Richard
Roberts, innholder in {aid towsn, uniefs prevented by pre
vious paymeat.
N. Lote. o oA
Helbert Morrison 101 2 58
Thomas Mc Clary 100 g¥4
James Flood, Celletteor;
Marlberough, Cctober 25 1784.
_ State of New-Hampihire, :
OTICE is hereby given to ths non-resident owners
of land in Deerfield. who have not paid thair taxes
for the year 1783, that so mueh of their lands will be fold
at public vendus, on the joth day of December next, at
two o’clock in the afternoen, at the house where Captain
Daniel Moore lives, in said Deerfield, a 2 will pay the taxes
snd charges, unlels prevented by previovs payment.
The Lotts are 23 follows, viz.
Robert Light’s part, 80 acres, No. 1. 6th Range, 1o s,
Edmund Parsons’s part, 100 acres,No. 1. 6th Range, 14 s,
ROBEY MARSTON, Colleétor, :
State of New-Hampthire.
OTICE is hereby given to the nam-refident owners
N of lard in Sandbornton, who have not paid their
taxes for the year 1783, that so much of their lands will
be fold at public vesdue, on Thursday the 30oth day of
December next, at the house of Daniel Sanbors, Esq; inn
holder in {aid town, at three o’clock ia the afternous, is
will pay the taxes and charges, unless preventad by previ
psyms &t.
N. D, s d s 4.
Jonathen Calley 43 2 .9 0. 2.4
William Thom{on O 2.9 6 %2
Jefiah Smith 28 O 4% 8
William Sanborn 0 % £°4 %%
Sol'y and March 202 g 58
Ebenezer Sanborn 68 1 2 6 o ¢
Jonathan. Longfellow 45 2 ¢ o 2z 7
Sanbornton. Nov. 18. 1784.
MIDDLETON, Strafford, fI.
Greearie 10 3 Requeht of more then one fixtesnth
A part of the proprietqrs of Middlstos, NOTICE is.
hereby piven, that a mesiing of said proprietors is to be
held at ihe house of Capt, Francis Mathes, in said town,
on Tuelday the 28th day of December aext, at two
o'clock P. M. to aét on the following matters, viz.
1. Te choofs a moderator to regulste said meeiing,
2. To choose s commiites to fettle all outstanding ac
counts,—— 3. To vote any sum of money which may be
thought mecefiary to pay all debts due frcm said proprietor
4. To choose affeflors. —— 5. To chocfe & colleGor.
collellors, and finally wanfsl ary other bufisefs that may
be thought mecefiry. All persons concern’d are desired
to give their aitendarce at time snd place aferefaid,
JOHN GAGE, Proprietors Clerk.
Dover, November 26. 1784, .
All persons having demands on
the estate of Mr. Zecuarian FowLg, late of
Exeter, Printer, deceased, are desired to bring
in their accounts, properly attested : and all
persons indebted to said estate, are requested to
fettle ths fame immediately with
SARAH FOWLE, Addwminifiratrix.
Exeter, December 7, 1784: |

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