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Fowle's New-Hampshire gazette and general advertiser. [volume] ([Portsmouth, N.H.]) 1784-1787, December 24, 1784, Image 2

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Fuoreign Intelligence.
— R e~
VIENNA, August 29,
The following circum®ance, which occured
here lately, does so much honour to the wisdom
and justice of our Monarch, that it seems ne
cessary to be made known to the world :—A
certain jeweller, of this place, left a box of
jewelry and precious stones with a certain no
bleman of this city, in order that he might picks
out such as he intended to purchase. The
next morning the jeweller came to tuke away
his box, but to his ¢reat aftorifhment, the no
blernan told him he knew nothing of it, and
that he had not seen it. The jeweller described
the box, and mentioned every stone inic 3 but
all his words were of no effe&. At last he
found himfelf under the necessity of making
application to the Emperor. With tears in
his eyés, he appeared before his Majesty, and
rclated to him his grievance. His Mujefty,
after hearing the circumflances, seemed to be
highly displeased at the dithoneft behavicur of
the nobleman ; and ordered the jeweller to
withdraw for a while into another chamber,
and fummouoed the nobleman to appear before
him immediately. He accordingly attended,
and denicd, in the mofl {olemn manner, thar he
had ever fcen the jeweller or his box. Upon
which his Maj-sty ordered the jeweller to come
forward, but the nobleman fiill denied it as be
fore, and calied the jeweller a ma2dman, &c.
after this the jeweller was again told to with:
draw, and the Emperor ordered the nobieman
to write to his wifc as follows.
“ My dear wile,
“ It you are dcfirous of preserving the life
ard liberty of your husband, give the bearer
heicof the box of jewellry left with me yefter
day, &c.”’
This letter was immediately difpiiched to
the wife of the nobleman, by one ot the Em
peror’s own domefticks, who was ordered to
wait for the answer. This had the desired
effet, as the box with the jewelry was imme.
diately sent. The jeweler threw himfell at
the fcer of his Mujelty, and humbiy thanked
him for the rcftoratinn of his property. The
punithment the difthonelt nobleman is to
receive for his perfeverence in denying the
maiter, in presence of the Emperor, is not yet
M ADRID," Augasi 2.
They write from Mexico, in their Gaz-tte of
the nineteenth of May last, that there is now
living a man named Francis Saenx de la Rosa,
who was borp ia the burgh of Topego, in the
year 1662, and is now at Xalapa, in the 122nd
year of his age; he was married in his 75th
year, and has had ten children ; he always tra
velled as a carrier 3 he enjoys strength and good
healch, and mounts and rides on horse back like
a young man. It is said he {leeps only one hour
each day. ,
Lo N D O N
Od. 8. Mrs, Haley is said to have fettled the
business the wentabout, soon after her arrival in
Boston, and has the pleasure to find her affairs
n a better coundition than the expeéted ; many
debts, that had been long outstanding, were
paid {oan aiter her landing -on the American
O 14. Wednelday evening a ship bound
for Hambro, lying in the Pool, was robbed by
fourtcen armed men, to the amount ot 5000 l
fteriing in dollars. Several other ships have
within these few days been robbed, and it is
supposed by the fame desperate gang.
It is given out, that a Spanith {ubje& of
some eminence, bearing the nime of Vifeni
Alvaiiz, isin disgrace at Court, on 2ccount of
a misrepresentation of the fortifications of Al
giers. This man was several times reconnoi
tring the woiks from the sea, and great confi
dence was placed in his reports as a supposed
very fkilful engineer. The works, however,
were considerably fironger and better disposed
than he had represented them : every part was
’ equally strong on all sides, and so judiciously
- contrived, that very few men defended them
~ as appeared evidently by informaticn given
t and the outworks were admirably difpoled, pre
~ cifely on the plan of those at ‘sibraltar: There
is no doubt but that the Dey has availed him
felf, considerably, of the ingenuity and abtiities
of General Elliot, who is not only ore of the
firft engineers, but one of the able{t mathema
ticians in Europe. This cenjeture is well
- founded, because on every repulse of the Spas
niards, the Dey teftified h's joy, and particularly
“on the destruction of the floating batteries,
fignaliz=d his zeal by a very fp'eadid illumina
tion. And as he was (00 deep a politician not
to know that the Court of Madrid intended
him the favour of a.bombardment, he conse
quently tock every pofiible precaution to frufl
trate their design.. The gallantry of Elliot
animated every class of heroes : his fortitude,
his judgmeit add talents, were a favourite
theme tor surrounding princes and bards,
OZ&. 27. A ship has lain at D=ptford more
than fix weeks wich the King’s broad arrow,
and two officers on boaid, attempting, contrary
to the statute laws of the land, te cany out of
the kingdom, several woikmen in diffcrent
branches ;3 among whom were curriers and
tanners, with their woiking implements, T hele
emigrators were intended tor North Carolina,in
Ameiica, where a very large leather manufacte.
ry is eftablithed near Wiimington, of which the
proprictors had taksn all imaginable pains to
ouivie every attempt of that Kind in other parts
of America,
Advice has beea received by the Court of
Spain, of several Indians having perished in de
scending ioto one of the mines of Potelio in
South America 3 and that vpwards of 100
were {uffycated by a sudden exhelation from the
veins, whichare furk to such a prodigious depth
that a descent inta them is become exceeding
dangerous. This fame place, Potwlio, or
Mount forofo, which is in the torm of a sugar
loaf, is recuced literally almaft o a thell, from
the valt quantities of silver which have been
torn from its Bowels,
M. Gomme: has intormed the focteties and
the public, that on the 18th ult. he faw'at Tura
ly, near Bourges, in Berry, a,globe of fire, the
most brilliant, and aboat half the fizz of the
“moon. It followed <he fun, and had a lumie
nous tail of about 20 degrees. It conflonty
(hot forth {paiks of light as large and brilliant
as the planets, and which ioftantly disappeared.
The meteor continued between four and five
{cconds, and also disappeared. It was about 40
degrees above the hornizon, and near the star
Aré&urus. ‘
New Hampfbire, Portsmouth, Nov. 12, 1784.
B Y Virtue of Licence from the Hon, Judge
| of Probate for the County of Recking
ham, will be fold by Publ!ic Vendue, on Mon
day the Third of January next, at one o’Clock
P. M. at the Dwelling House of John Gil
more, late of Brintwood, yeomen, deceased,
Two Pieces of LAND, being part of the
Homeft2ad of fiid Gilman, with Two Thirds
of the Buildings thereon. To be fo!d for the
payment of his Debts, j
ABIGAIL GILMAN, Administratrix.
! E" H E Sublcribers, appointed
Commissioners to receive and examire
the Claims of the several Creditors to the Eidate
of JOSEPH HOLBROOK, late of Port{mouth,
Mariner, deceased, represented insolvent, give
notice that they wiil attend that Business at the
Post Office in this Town,on the last Monday of
this and the five ensuing [Months, from 6 to 8
o’Clock, B. M.
Portsmouth, Dec. 21, 1784.
Loft or Stolen, about 1 5 Days ago,
A Sixteen Feet MOSES BOAT, almost new,
not Painted : Whoever finds said Boat, and re
turns her to the Subscriber, shall be generouily
Portsmouth, December 22, 178,
, ( Canaan. ) %
‘ State of New Hampibire.
OTICE is hereby given to the non resident
N owners of landin Canaan, who have not
paid their taxes for the jear 1782, that so much
of their lands will be fold at pvblic vendue. on
the 7th day oi April next, 2t ten of the clock in
the torenoon, at the-house of Captrain Robert
Ba:sberin said Candan, as will pay the taxesand
charges, unless prevented by previous paymeat.
JOHN BARTLET, Caoliedior.
4 14 I¢co 2d 100 34 Icolzteivale
; 5. d. L e 1. 80
Thomas Guften 80 nh 40 000
Gibson Harris 6b 20 243
Ebencz:r Harris a 4 2
Dariel Harris 402832
Joseph Babcock 2 4 2
Amos Wallworth 14 3 40 242
Joteph Eimes 14 3 40 242
Ebsnezer Eames 49
Ebznezsr Peck 49 242
Ailin Whiteman 143 242
J=red Spencer 96 5
Fhomas Wells 143 o 6.7 9
J-dedizh Lathorp »
Clement Daniels : 90 2 4 2
J-hn Chamberlin - 2 4 2
Benjamin Chamberlin 242
Abner Chamberlin 14 3 2 4
Daivid Chamberlin 96 2432
Richaid Sparrow it 95
Gecrge Harris 14 1 006 A 6 242
C:leb Whiting 143 06 %o 229
Wiliiam Fox, jr. 14 2 40 842
Stephen Rellegg 06
Israel Rellogg 143 00 45 %13
Aaron Cadgin 49
N z2thaniel Cadey 90 49 2 &5
Asa Daniels 2 41
Axron Cadey 00 463 %5
John Tribel 06 2 43
Samue! Dedge 34 3 40 Z &5
Simuel M:acham 006 4o 243
Jfiah Rathbo-: 49 213
Wiiliam Chamberlin 96 243
William Chamberlin jr. 96 40 243
Fhomas Gates 2 4 2
G:orge Lzmphere 40 293
Thoemas Miner 96 243
Phineas Sabins It d 90 49 25
Jothua Raihbene 9 6 gy
Seivefter Randali i 3 00 40 243
Samuel D dge 3d M 3 96 40
Ephrain Weils 43 96 40
Jotiah Gats, jr. 2 4,
Luis Loverige I 3 96 40 244
Rutus Randail 5% 90
James Jores b 1 2
Jonathan Bebe, 3d 143 06 ig2 1 i
J2bez } nes 14 3
Thomas Gutlin, 2d rangerg 3 9 6 242
James Nevers, Esq. 143 90 4924,
Capt. John Wentworth 143 0906 49 24,
Diniel Fowie 143 06
Capt. Wal"'m Wentworthli4 3 96 49 24,
Thomas Parker 312 00 40 24
John Newmatth, Esq. (3243 g 6 49 24 ¢
One right given to 2
Ebcr‘-cz:'szm\:s,t:} g 6 490
build Mtlls 3
Canaan, Deccember 14, 1484
(\,‘ 7 v é—-}-’ ° ; .
© V 3477 i % 84 T
s ’j') 4 IMMoer.
vy 1 % i - .
Wanted, it delivered in a Month,
a Quantity of f{uitable White Oak SHIP
TIMBER, for which C:th will be pzid on
receiving the fame at the Landings in Portf
meuth, or at his Bhip yard in Kittery. Enquire,
ot Mr. PECK, at Lis Lodgings at Mrs. Gerrifh’s,
in State-Street,.
Portsmouth, Decembher 21, 14784,
- ¥} ’
Lhe Brethren of the
Honorab'e Society of FEEE and ACCEPTED
MASONS, are hereby Notified, That the Bre
thren of St. PATRICK’s . ODGE, No. 14. pro
pose celebrating the Feast of St. JOHN the
Evang:lift, on Monday the 27th inst. at the
House of Capt. William Brewfier, and all Free
and Accepted Masons, who would wish to join
in the Celebration, may be supplied with 2 Tic
kett, by calling on Brother Henry Sherburne,
Samuel Place, or the Secretary. :
By Order of the Master and Wardens. ;
N. B. Dinner to be on the Table precisely
at Two o’Clock.
Port{fmouth, Dec. 22z, 1784,

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