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Fowle's New-Hampshire gazette and general advertiser. [volume] ([Portsmouth, N.H.]) 1784-1787, December 24, 1784, Image 3

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American Inteils gence,
e N R e
CHARLESTON, O~&ober 18,
Lait Friday was brougus round from Se
wee Bay, the yacht Diljgence, after having
been run into Buii’s alet by two Fr-acamen,
and four negroes that were on board, belong
ing to the owner, a gealoman inhabitany of
the island of Surinam.
- All the information we are able at present
to give, is from the following negroes, wiz. a
negroe man named Jack, a boy by the name
of Tom, and a wench called Sally, who f{iy,
that their master (Capr. Francis Schlegei) was
owner of the said yacht, and proceeded from
Surinam to Demarara—that their master had
fold some of his property ia that iflind, and
receivad the money-—that in his vayags o
Surinam, he went athore on a desolate i{lind,
where hefaund two Frenchmien in distress, and
upon the principle of humanity took them o 2
board-—that b:tore they reached Surinam, the
two Frenchmen took an opportunity to murder
their mafier, and they, fa attempting to save
him, were stabbed and cut in the most cruel
manaer—thar alter they had killed their master,
and taken hismoney, which they divided, they
proceeded for this port, rua into Bull’s, and
came to an anchor—that one of the French
men went on {hoe at Sewce, and the other
took the boar, and with one of the negroes
came to this city.
Infermation of the zbove horrid murder be
ing given to the Judg: of the Admiraliy, a
warrant was iffuad by him to spprenend the
perpetrators ; and it is supposed that the
Frenchman who came to owa was apprized
of his danger, an< made his escape 0n board a
Spanish brig ther faiied [immcdiately afcer he
ANNAPOLILS, December 2.
On Moanday last our late illulirious Com
mander in Chief arrived in this city, accompa
nied by the Marquis de la Fayette, And on
the day following the generai aflembly to exibic
a {fmall tcken of their gratitude and attachment
to those extraordinary personages, dire¢ted an
elegant ball to be provided for their enter
tainment. The evening was crowned with
the u:mof joy and feltivity, the whole comparny
being made bappy by the presence of two
most amiable and all-accomplithed men, to
whom America is so deeply indebted for her
prefervaiion from tyranny and oppression.
The Henotable Henry Laurens, Elq. for
merly President of Congress, and late one of
the commiTinners of the Uaited States for ne
gociating, the peace, likewise arrived in town ;
bu: to our great regret did not arrive in time
to parteke cf the entertaiment.
We hear frota Trenton, that Congress on
Monday lafl, adjourned :o this city.
NEW-BR¥Y¥NS WICK, Nov. 30.
Notice is hareby given, by the True Friends
of America, inhabitants of the township of
Wondbridge, county of Middjefex, and fate
of New Jersey, that it is requested that the
Refugees, our greatest enemies, depart {aid town
thip inmediately.
BENNINGTON, (Vermont) Nov. 29.
The Hon. Mases Robinson, Ira Allen, and
Nathaniel Niles, Efq:’s. are ele€ted Agents and
Delegates to Congrels for this State the ensu
ing year. :
N E W-Y OCR K, De«ember 9.
The following Delegates are now atttending
in the Congress of the United States, cenvened
at Trenton, viz.
Nesww Hampfbire. The Hon. Abiel Foster.
Maffacbufesss. The Hon. Samuel Holten
and George Partridge.
Rhode Island and Providence Plantalions.—
The Hon. Wiiliam Ellery and David Howell.
Comnefticut. ‘The Hoa Joseph Platt Cooke,
New York. The Hon. Egbert Benson.
New- ferfey. The Hon, William Churchill
Houiton and John Beatty.’
Pein/ylvania. The Hon. Joseph Gardeer
and William Henry.
Delgware, The Hon. John Vining and
Guening Bedford.
Virginia, The Han. Richard Henry Lee,
Prefdemt, Samuel Hardy and James Monroe.
Norib Carolina. The Hon. rlugh Wiliam
son znd:Richard Dohbs Spraight.
South .Carolina. The Hon. Jacob Read,
Joha Ball,. and Charles Pinckney.
Geergia. The Hon, Willam Houften and
Witiiam Gibbons..
On Friday last his Excellency P. J. Van
Berekel, Minilter Pienipotentiary 'from the
Unaited Netheriands to the United States of
America, arrived at Trenton.
It is confidently. zilerted that Congress have
it :n contemplation to return to" Philadelphia, as
the most fuitab'e place for their own accomoda
tion, as wel!l as for the convenience and recep
tion of foreign Ministers, &c.
Ose of the firft obj=éts of their deliberation,
it is conj=&ured, will be the dislodgement of
the Britith troops, which shill, contrary to treaty,
iafolently keep poficfiion of our frontier posts,
And it is expeCted that some spirited refolu
tions will be entered into for that purpose.
NEW:LONDON, December 3.
Sailed, on Wednesday last, a schooner, Capt.
Freeman, for North Carolina, in whem wep!
paflengers twenty two young gentiemen o feck
their foriuce.
Notwithitanding all the Resolves, &e. &c.
of Congrels, respecting he bulding a federal
city, and the indignity offered themy not long
since, in the city ot Philadelphia,and the Unt.
ted Sta:es, in their Reprefenratives, thatavgui
bodyv, we are told, are now fiuipe and holding
the Great Counci! of rhis Empire in that place,
frem whence it is supposed they will not [pee
dily remove.
2 0 an 1 0O N, Dec 10
A Quebec paper of Nav. 11th, received by
a gentieman from Canada, contagns the fol
iowing paragraph ““About 11 ¢’ clock cn Fri
day last, Charles Nifhonit, an Indian lat sbout
fifteen years of age, of the Penobicot tribe was
executed on the road fide, a iittie out of Se.
John's suburbs, for the meft barbarous znd
savage murder ot Mr. Archibald McNeil. and
' Dufour, his guide, in July last, while
they were asleep some distance belowK:mour
afka, on their way to | lalifax. >’ 1 he aboe sa
vage was condemned by theCourt betore whom
he was tried, to be hanged ; bu: Gen, Haldi
mand, from some motive or other thouuhe fit
to alter the sentence, and "orderedk bim o be
thot. This circumstance the Quebhec paper
conceals by using the word exccaled,
S A L. E B December 21.
His Excellency William Paci, Elg. has
been lately re-ele€ted Governor of Maryiand,
and Patrick Henry, Esq. chosen Governor of
Virginia. ’
The great quantity of Money which has
been lately wanted in Boston, in order to be
sent to London by Capt. Cailahan, has occa
sioned numerous applications ro the Pank g
in consequence of which, the Direflors have
been induced to stop discounting, for a short
time, by way of giving a check to so ruincus
an exportation. i : :
Capt. Revel, in a brig _belonging to this
port, bound in from the Wt Indies, ran up
on Plumb-Island, during the fiorm on Satur.
day night last. No lives were loft, and it is
hoped the veflel will be got off,
Wanted, a BOY about 14 Years
of Age, that. can Read and Write tc'erably
well, as an Apprentice to a Genteel Business.
e Inquire ai the Printing Ofjice.
The Receiver of Continental Taxes for the
State of Virginia, acknowledges the Receipt,
for the Month of Ofober last, of 40,000
goiße oo R
Died 'ately at Litchfield, in this State,
WYSEMAN CLAGGETT, Esq. Barrifier at
Law, Sclicitor General, and formerly King’s
S Weed bis prave clean ye men of genius, for he was your
kinsman, tread Ughtly over bis afbes ys men of goodness for be
war your brether.”
He reczived the advantages of an early and 2
lihberal education in Europe ; havi: g finifhed his
academical studies, he repaired to the inns of
court, w iare, having compieted himfelf in that
ttudy, most ufeful and bencficial to mankind—
the Law—he repaired to, and fettled in this
country, During the late revolution he was
ever a steady and sincere friend—and tho’ his
body was bending under the infirmity of years,
and his natural force in {fome measure abated,
yet he was of eminent service in counfelling his
younger brethren.
His family, in common with cemmunity, feel
his loss—the former a kind Husband and tendee
Parent, the latter, in a zealous patriot and good
citizen—in short his virtues were such as call for
every p2fliing lover of merit to thed the {ympa
thetic tear of humaniiy on his grave.
———«<Light o'er his grave [pread the green sod,
“ Ind dew it with a tear. =———
( Hancock. )
State of New-Flamp/lhire:
™I OTICLE s berchy givento the moms
L N resident proprieters aud owners of land in
Hancock, wka Fave ne! paid their taxes for tbe
year 1780, that so much of their land will be
f2id at peblic weadue, on Tharfday the 13th day
of Fanuary nexé, at 10 o'clock, 4. M. at Ibe
dweling boulz of Fofepk Simonds of said town,
as will pav [aid tanes with incidental charges, un=
lels prevenied by previvus payment.
Aeres: No,. R & ds
Fobn Hazcock, Efg. 100 ' 4 B B 8
1):tto w 0 & 1:%3 @
Ditto 100 38 % 38
Ditto 100 i 1 8 %
Ditio 0009 K -4 .8
Ditto 100 AR .8k
Ditto 100 - 6.2 2 &
Ditto Yoo % 8 9 .
Ditto oo 8.9 3 .&
Ditto - 100 4 8 8
Dzt 100 ‘3OB 3 &
Ditia . 100 1% % 5@
Ditto 100 38 8 & &
Ditto 00 34 % -3 ¥
D:tta JOO- 18- 4" '3 &
. Dito 300 39 '3 '3 &
Ditto 100 - F & '3 &
Ditzo 00 4. % 3 W
: Ditto o 0 g FNemLa
Ditto o 3 3 g
Hanzock & Loynes, Efgrs.33o intervelen o
Amos Barrett 106 G 3§ .4 G
Ditto Wwe & 1. 9%
Naibaniel Homes o G S
'Zf?zrf': Due 00 8.0 W &
fofeph Hayward & Stom 100 13 5 3 4
Litto oG 14 6 & &
Ditto 0 ko8&
Ditto : Joni-1h 8. 8 8
Col. R. Mocr’s beirs 100 12 ‘& 3 &
William Heirs v SRR e
e LO7OB ga’ ¢ > 9§ 3
werrees £, 0k S g 3 2.4 £ 9
Javius Davis, Colledior.
Hancoc’, QZioker 30, 1%84. ;
MIDDLETON, S:atford, fI.
j} Gearsasr to 8 Reguelt of more than one sixteenth
/"% part of the proprietors of Middleton, NOTICEis
heteby piven, thzt a meeting of {aid proptietors is 10 be
held atthe bhoule of Capt, Francis Mathas, ir said town,
on Tusiday the 28'h day of December wex', at (wo
o’clock P, M. to s& on the following muttere, ¥iz
1. Te chools a moderaior to repulste fuid metiing.
2. To choose a commitiee 1o {etile a!l ootlisnding sc
couris.=— 3 To voie ary {um of money which may be
thought necziliry to psy ail debis due from {aid proprictor
4 To chooie afleflars, ——= 5. T 2 choafe a eolie€lor.
colle&ors, and finally tranfaét any othee bufinels that may
be thaught nece@iry. Al persons corcern’d are desired
to give their aitendance ar tims and plece aforefsid.
JOHN GAGE, Propristo:s Clerk,
Dover, Novemoer 20. 1734, .

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