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M: Jenness from the committee to nominate
delegates, reported the following hsty, which
report was accepted, and the gentlemen named
duly chosen to attend the conventions for which
they are respectively mentioned, viz: |
Theo. F. Rowe,
Abm. Q. Wendell,
Richard Walden,
Allen T'reat,
Wm. H. Rundlet,
A lbert R. Hatch,
Charles H. Cofhin,
Thomas Nerton,
Wm. S. Hadley,
J. C. Brodhead,
Samuel Rowe,
William Rand.
S i - ‘S S N av Tr
Benjamin K. Mclntire,
Samuel W, Moses,
J. D. Goodrich,
Samuel Spinney,
Jostah G. Hadley,
Geo. E. Marden, :
Mr Hayes from the commitee to nominate a
Nominating and Vigilance Committee, report
the following named gentlemen, who were duly
chosen said eommittee :
Richard Jenness,
Thomas L. Piekering,
George E. Marden,
Samuel Spinney,
Joseph B. Adams,
Andrew Sherburne,
Andrew B. Vennard,
Win. Stackpole,
Samuel Cushman,
John S. Dodge,
: G. H. Rundlett.
Foted That the several boards of delegates
and the Nominating and Vigilance Committee
have power to fill the vacancies that may occur
in their respective bodies.
On motion of A, Jenkins, Ksq., voted that
the Nominating and Vigilance Committee be
required to call a meeting of the democrats of
Portsmouth on the evening next preceding the
election, at such place as they may judge prop
er, for the purpose of reporting the nomina
tions, and making necessary arrangements for
the contest.
On motion of S. Spinney, Esq., voted that
the Nominating and Vigilance Committee be
authorized and required to divide the town
into wards, appoint ward committees in the
several wards, and to take all necessary and
proper measures to effect a thorough organiza
tion of the party and to secure the attendance
of every democratic voter at the polls on the
day of election.
Voted, 'T'hat the proceedings of this meeting
be signed by the chairman and seccetary and
published in the democratic newspapers in this
Voled, ‘T hat this meeting be now dissolved.
JOHN S. DODGE, ckairman.
G. H. Ru~sprLETT, secrelary.
A eorrespondent of the Journal of Commerce
WwWries I—
“ 'The Administration have just determined
to call out no more volunteers, hut to propose
the enlistinent of ten regiments of regulars to
serve during the war, and 1o be commanded by
officers appointed by the Kxecutive, and to ve
subject to the articlesof war, ‘l'hree Brigadier
Generals and a Major General will also be pro
wided for in the same bill.”
A word of parting advice for the future, on
‘reading out.”” While the ascendency of the
great fundamental principles of the democrat
gc party is the common object, all differences
of opinion as to candidates for, office are foun
ded on inherent rights, and must be borne
with;—therefore all attempts to read out and
denounce as renegades and traitors, or in any
way to coerce or intimidate any portion of the
party, with a view to oblige them to conforin
to the decisions of caucu= nominations, against
their settled convietion as to what in their o
pinien will most promote the true interests of
the party is any thing but democratic in its
spirit, and ought to be discountenancd by
all good democrats as tending only to re
duce a powerful party te a weak one, by
driving such of the party as may be wanting
m firmness of principle into the ranks of our
political opponents,
The clerk of the post office at Nashua, N. H,
while distribating the mail a few days since,
moticed that a sealed newspaper felt rather
heavy. Thinking a newspaper would bear
squeezing, he pressed it with his hand, when
¢-r-a-c-k! went something inside.—Looking in
at the end, he saw something which he found
to he a rich gold locket, containing one of the
sost charming faces imaginable., .
For THE War.—Messrs. Green & Diguco,
boat builders of Portland, have just completed
an immense barge for government, capable of
carrying one handred men, and intended for
the shoal waters of Mexico.
ComicarniTieEs.-*A new hroom sweeps clean,’
as the woman said when her new husband ran
off with all her money. z :
‘I can be no follower of thine,’ as the eripple
said when the loafer ran off with his crutch
€B, 5
‘I hepe I have given satisfaction,’ as the pistol
ball said to the wounded duelist.
‘P gettin’ up in the world,’ as the shad said
when drawn out of the warer.
‘Don’t speak all atonce,” as the instructor said
to his deaf and dumb pupils.
‘Hail! wedded love,’ as the man said to his
wife when she asked him what was breaking the
“I'hat motion iz out of order,’ as the chairman
of a political meeting said when a rowdy raised
his arm to throw an egg.
MonoroLy AGaINsT Geese.—When steel
pens were invented, it was thought by some,
that it was done to injure the quill business ; but
now the attemy ¢ is to banish feathers in tofo.—
Exceilent cotton mattresses and pillows are now
made in Germany and England by a new pro
cess. ‘The cotton is prepared by a machine
which renders it surprisingly elastic. There
s no doubt, it is said, thatcotton will supersede
the use of feathers or hair for many purposes.
Thus, the consumption of American coiton
must vastly inerease.— N, Y. Sun.
MiLirary Movement.—Orders have Dbeen
issued tor the marching of one company of the
First Regiment U. S. Infantry, now at Fort
Suelling, 1o Mexico. ‘l'wo companies are now
stationed at Fort Sunelling, and when this move
ment takes place, a few men only will be left
to protect a most exposed and extensive fron
tier. ‘l'lie men will have to march the whole
distance by laud, at a most inclenent season of
the year,—St. Louis Rep., 18th.
AN Arrair oFr HoNor.—A duel between Dr,
MeManuus and Mr John Barr, both of Sr.
Genevieve, in this State, came off on the bar
opposite that town, on Tuesday last, about two
P. M. 'T'he parties used rifles, at sixty paces.
On the first fire, Dr. McMannus® ball passed
through the breast of Mr Bar’s coat and vest,
and entered his right arm near the shoulder,
coining out above the elbow, making a flesh
wound, but not breaking the bone. 'T'he aftair
originated in a business transaction. The parties
made friends upon the ground,—lbid,
Erraium.—Ou the outside of our paper of to=day
we owmitted to alter the date of the year to 1847. -
UG~ Gen. Chas. H. Peaslee has been nomina
ted as a democratic candidate for Cougress in
(hre second District. »
John Norton, 1
George Greenleaf, ;
Joseph B. Adams, i
Eliphalet Currier, |
A. L. Jenness, |
Phineas Goodrich. |
David Moulton,
Samuel P. Wiggin,
Israel Marden,
Daniel H. Spinney,
Moses H. Goodrich,
Richard Jenness,
Oliver Hanscom,
John Harrat,
Reuben Rand,
Joseph G. Todd,
John S. Akerman,
Thomas J. Saftord.
Samuel W. Moses,
B. F. Mclintire,
Moses H. Goodrich,
Albert R. Hatch,
Chas. H. Coffin,
John S. Locke,
Levi Moses,
Augustus Jenkins,
Josiah G. Hadley,
Wim. B. Russel,
Almanac, 1847.
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215023 21(25(26/ 97 ¢ {[2512(24125]26(27 28] &
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20 ",;,_, & ¢ .‘N“ =
"’i27"25529i:;0] | § 1126{27]28/29/30, F]
Answer to the Charade in our last.
Tho? the hermit eats herbs and drinks of the brook, '
No sunshine no smile may be seen in his look,
Yet there is hope in his heart from above,
Tho’ the f:lse one so fair has made a breach there,
A voice whispers thus: Gop 1s LOVE,
As the spring does advance the flowers seem to dance,
The pretty birds sailing along,
A chirping and singing their merry way winging,
They all scem to sing a new SONG,
But now for the whole that is chanted by Harry,
To Susan to Pegay or rosy cheek’d Kate,
He has done with his LOVE SON G & chosen fair Mary,
For better or worse the rest are too late,
BoirLing RocKk.
At the last Democratic Republican Con
vention for Rockingham County, the follow
ing resolution was passed :
““ Resolced, That the next Convention for
Rockingham County, be held at Hoyt’s Hote;,
in Kingston, on the first Tuesday (sth day)
as January, 1847, at 10 o’clock, A. M.”
Agreeably to the above resolution, the del
egates to the Couvention of last year are re
quested to call meetings for the choice of del
egates to attend said Convention, at the above
named time and place.
Secretaries of the last Convention.
Dec. 4. 1846.
There is, perhaps, no disease with which our country
is affected, which sweeps off amnually so m wny victims,
as that fell destroyer of the hmman race—Counsumption.
What a vast amount of suffering might be saved the hu
man family if they would but avail themselves in season
of the remedies which nature has provided tor her child
ren, and which science has reduced to zuch a form as to
be within the reach of all. Far be it from us to tamper
with those whoe are suffering with this painful disease.
In offering you a remedy, we do not ask you to rely upon
the representation of those who might be actuated by sel
fish and pecuniary motives, but we give you the deliber
ate testimony of some of the most respectable I"hysicians,
that WisTAß’s Bansam oF WiLp CHERRY has estub
lished ior itself a reputation that cannot be assailed. Dr
Win, A. Shaw, of Washington, N. C , writes, under date
ol May 1, 1846, as follows :
I have heard of many cases of decided beneficial ef
lects [rom its use, especially i Asthma and chronic cough
of spasmodic character. 1 have used the Wild Cherry a
great deal in practice, and with marked good results in
those cases of great nervous mobility, and rritability, to
which phthisical pavients are subject, I have no deubt
it is the best form in which the effeets of Prassic acid
may be had as a sedative on the constitution without dan
ger to the patient. Every one knows the reputation of
the Turpentine and Balsam constituents in protracted
coughs. The combination of these principles in Wistar’s
Balsam of Wild Cherry is ingenious and judicious.
Medical men are justly distrustful of Patent Medicines
in general, but candor must diseriminate between outra
geous humbags and nostrums and those medicines which
have proved salutary, and in many well atiested cases
Agents in Portsmouth, WILLTAM R. PRESTON,
| Hath Consumption’s doom been spoken ?
! Art thou spitting life away ?
Is thy constitution broken,
Bringing darkness o’er thy day ?
Towering high o’er imitation,
Dr Swayne’s Wild Cherry stands,
Spreading joy through many a nation,
E’en in icy Switzerland.
Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry
i mild and pleasant to the taste, perfectly safe and harm
less in its operations, and yet it is one of the most power
| ful and certain rermedies for Consumption of the Lungs,
| Coughs. Colds, Asthma, Spitting Blood, Liver Complaint,
’ Pains in the Side or Breast, and general Debility of the
Constitution, that was ever invented by the skill of man
for the relief of the afflicted public. Certificates and ev
idences of its wonderful curative powers are daily receiv
ed from all quarters. It is impossible 10 conceive the
aggregate of saffering and misery that has been relieved
or bamshed by it; nor can we calculate the immense ben
efit that shall accrue from it hereafter. All ages, sexes
and constitations are alike affected by it, and the disease
is eradicated from the system, the constitution repair
ed, and health restored by the use of Dr
SwayNe’sComprounp SYRUP oF WiLD CHERRY.
How many sufferers do we daily behold approaching to
an untimely grave, wrested, in the bloom of youth, from
their relatives and friends, afflicted with that fatal mala
dy CONSUMPTION, which wastes the misera
ble sufferer until he becomes beyond the power of human
skill. I such suflerers would only make a trial of Dr
would find themselves sooner relieved than by gulping the
various ineffective remedies with which our newspapers
‘ulmuml; this ““Vegetable Remedy’® heals the ulcerated
| lungs, stopping profuse night-sweats, at the same time in
ducing a natural and healthy expectoration, and the pa
tient will soon find himself in the enjoyment of comforta
ble health. The public should bear in mind that Dr.
Swayne is a regular practising physician, who has had
years of experience in diseases of the Langs, Chest, &e.
ask for Dr SWAYNE’s SYRUP, the only true and genuine
article WiLDp CHERRY before the public, aud we would
say to the afilicted, always look for the signatare of Dr
' SwWAYNE on each bottle, before you purchase. Beware,
Cand not be deceived. .
- Frem the increasing demand for the above article, drug
- 31sts, merchants, and dealers generally, will find it to
‘ their advantage to havera full supply of this valuable med
icine. Remember to inqnire for'Dr Swayne’s Com
i POUND SYRUP oF WiLD CHERRY, as there have been
some mdividuals, with the assumed name of physician;
making great efforts to push a spurious article ‘into the
inarket, under a ficticious name.
INE.—Let the despairing invalid, the victim of an obsti
nate Cough, or lingering Consumption, seek relief by the
use of Dr Swayne’s Com zound Syrup of Wild Cherry, and
pass by the thousand worthless nostrums that are got up
to enrich their ignorant and miserly proprietors. |
RY, is put up in square bottles, enveloped with a hand
some steel engraving “bearing the signature of Dr H.
§G The (original and only) genuine article is only
prepared by Dr SWAYNE,N, W. corer of EIGHT
and RACE stieets, Philada.
Sold by Agents in all the principal towns throughout
the United States.
Remember ! the only AGENTS in Portsmouth, N H. is
WM. R. PRESTON, corner State & Pleasant sts.
WM. W, CALDW ELL, Jr. Newburyport, Mass.
Always bear in mind the name of Dr Swayne. D15.3m
§EVOLNEY B. PALMER s our Agent for ob
taining advertisements and subscribers for the Gazette
in the cities of Baitimore, Philadelphia, New-York, and
Boston, andis fully authorized to receive payment, and
receipt for it, for all new advertisements and subscribers
he may obtain istf
From the Boston 'l'ranscript, of Feh, 11, 1846.
{ §F We ask attention 1o Mr Bogle’s advertisement of
the “*BYPERIoN FLUID,”” a newavash for the bair, which
he has just introdueed to_the public. It cannot fail ofbe
“inz universally popular with he ladies when its good
qualities are known, 1
| WM R. PRESTON, Agent in Portsmouth.
Lambertsville, (N, J.) June 10th,.1846.’
DrD. Jayne, No. 8 South Third St. Philadelphia,
Dear Sir—l have this day had an interview \'vnh th'e
gentleman of whom I made mention to youas having t.'r\k'
en your Expectorant with such decided effect. He Is2a
respectable farmer, living a few miles from Lere. 1 was
so much interested in a detailed account he gave me of
his cough and cnre, that I embraced the first leisure mo
ment to communicate it to you, and if the cure is as radi
cal as it appears to be, it is the most remarkable one I
have ever known. For 32 years (after having the mea
sles) he has been suffering with a congh-of the most dis
tressing kind, getting worse as L& advanced in years, (he
is now 55.) Frequent terms of coughing and difficulty
of breathing, lasting from an hour to an hour and a half,
would come upon him, with such severity as to exhaust
him with strangling until his eyes become bloodshot. .He
had despaired of being cured, having tried physicians
and a thousard things witheut relief. For nine weeks
immediately previous to his taking the Expectorant, he
had not been able to go to his barn, although there was
the most urgent necessity for him to do so. During the
nine weeks he was under the care of an eminent Physi
cian, and he finally got just able to go out and come to
my store, and, hearing his cough, I recommended to him
your Expectorant. He first said he had tried so many
thiug§ that he had no confidence in anything; but 1 indu
ced him to take a bottle by telling him of persons of my
requaintance who had been decidedly benefitted by it.—
This was on T'uesday; that night he took of it, and says
that it was the first comfortable night’s sleep he had en
joyed for years. On the Thursday following he went to
work, and has continued to make a full hand on his farm
ever since, (now nearly two months.) He teold me to
day that for the last week he had cut and split a hundred
rails, or made 100 panels of fence per day ; has been in
the water to wash his sheep, and otherwise exposed,
without the least symptom of a return of his cough, it
having entirely disappeared.and, strangest of all, one-third
of a bottle has produced the effect. He seems so thank
ful and overjoyed that he *wants to talk all day about it,”
and says that if he could not procure another bottle, he
|would refuse SIOO for the remainder of the boitle he has
Your Carminative Balsam I have used or recommend
ed to others for the last ten years, with the most salutary
effect. Respectfully, yours, JoHN H. ANDERSON.
Prepared oaly at No. 8 South Third street, Philadelp.
§.3Sold in Portsmouth by WM, R, PRESTON and
DAVID KIMBALL; iz Exeter by N. G. GILMAN, Jr.
To the Ladies !
> Headache and Nervous complaints are a source of
much suffering; and the nervous are singularly prone to
have their functions disordered by anoppressed condition
of the stomach. 'T'o relieve a state of so much distress,
(in which mind and body participate) Dr Smith’s Sugar
Coated Indian Vegetable Pills are highly recommeded, as,
by combining aromatic, tonic, and aperient properities,
they remove all oppressive accumulations, strengthen the
stomach, induce a healthy appetite, and impart tranquil
ity to the nervous system. They also cure dyspepsia,
coughs colde, and billious complaints.
& Office 179 Greenwich street, N. York & 2 Water
st." Boston.
Always ask for the Improved Inlian Vegetable Pills,
And see that G. Benj. Smith, is written with a pen ou
the bottom of the box.
s Agent in Portsmouth WM. R. PRESTON. For
further facts see advertisement in another column,
For sale in all the Villages and Towns in New-England
The extraordinary GRAEFENBERG PILLS, which
are achieying unparalleled triumphs invarious sections of
this country, are now introduced into this vicinity. Let
every sick person read the advertisement of the Graefen
berg Company, which will be fonnd in another column.—
For sale in this town by J. F. SHORES. Bookseiler.
i3> The atlention of the reader is directed to an
Advertisement 1n another column, of Fontain's Cel
ebrated Remedy for CONSUMPTION.
VEGETABLE PILLs are one of the best, if not the very
best medicine in the world for the cure of Intermittent
Fever, because they excel all others in ridding the body
of those morbid humors which are the cause not only of
all kinds of fever, but of every malady incident to man.—
Four or five of said Indian Vegetable Pills, taken every
night on going to bed will in a short time make a perfect
cure of the most obstinate case of chills and fever; at the
same time the digestive organs will be restored to a heal
thy tone, and the blood so completely purified that fever
and ague, or disease in any form will be absolutely im
Cavrion. Tt should be remembered that Mr Samue!
Reed, of Baltimore; Mr John Dixon, of Easton, Pa ,and
Messrs Browning & Brothers, of Philadelphia, are not
agents of ours, and as they purchase no Wright’s Indian
Vegetable Pills atour nffice, we cannot guarantee as gen
uine any medicine they may have for sale.
The only secarity against imposition, is to purchase
from no person unless he can show a certificate of Agency
orat the Office and General Depot, No. 198 Tremont St,
For sale by S. A. BADGER.
The only Agent for the above Medicine in Portsmouth.
BRIGHTON MARKET, Monday, Dec. 28, 1846.
[Reported for the Boston Mer. Journal.]
At Market 825 Beef Cattle, 200 Stores, 13 pairs
Working Osen, 35 Cows and Calves, 3250 Sheep, and
200 swine. :
PRICES. Beef Cattle.—A decline in price from last re.
port, Extra ss4a $53; first quality $5 a 5,28 ; second
$43 a §5. ¢
Ntores.—VYearlings 7 a $9; Two year old 12 a sl6.
Working Oxzen.—No sales.
Cows & Calves.—%23 a $33. B
Sheep.—Sales at Toe, sl, $1,25, $1,75, and $4,80.
Swine.—Lots at wholesale 4 and 5; —At retail 43 a 6c.
§G-41 extra Sheep, fed by G. Clark, of Otsego eo. N.
Y., sold at §lO,
The market generally (with the exception of Swine)
lower than at last repert
Statement of Brighton Market for 184¢.
38,670 Beef Cattle, sales estimated at $1,198,770
15,164 Stores, sy n 304,280
105,350 Sheep, ‘s 8¢ 162,239
44,940 Swine, ¢ .- 206,824
48,910 Beef Cattle,
1(])%’353 glt"; '::” }estlmated sales 1,893,648
56,580 Swine, :
37,310 Beef Cattle, l
78:33& \SSI‘:)(;B?,’ ’ estimated sales $|‘689,374
52,740 Swine,
In this town, on Sunday evening, by Rev. Mr Davis,
Mr Moses CURrTis, to Miss PHEBE PERKINs, both
deaf mute persons.
By Rev. Mr llsley, Mr THoMAS BROOKSs to Miss Ma-
In Boston, in Rev. Mr Rogers’ church, Mr Jason
Wentworth, to Miss Emeline Ham, daughter of Mr John
Ham, formerlr of Portsmouth.
In Newcastle, by the Rev. L. Alden, My George S.
Wihite to Miss Mary Martin, of Dover.
In Exeter, Mr Joseph S Robinson, to Miss Angelina
Leavitt. Mr George W. Brackett formerly of Colebrook,
to Miss Bathsheba B. Eidredge, daughter of Elder Levi
. In Boston, Mr Joseph E. Bradley, of Great Fails, for
merly of North Audover, to Miss Caroline Adams, of
In Moultonborough, Gen. Nathapiel B. Hoit, to Miss
Susan Richardson.
At Great Falls, Mr Walter S. Plammer, of Dover,
Printer, to Miss Rebecca R. Wentworth, daughter of Mr
Thomas Wentworth, of Great falls. Mr Wm. A. Dud
ley, to Miss Esther K. Walker. Mpr Joseph Furbish, of
Eliot, Me. to Miss Carolme G. Baker
In Dover, Mr Willis Currier, of Amesbury, Mass. to
Miss Lydia Jane Willey, of Dover.
In this town, Mrs. MEHITAFLE ADAMS, aged 37,
wile of Mr Rutus Adams.
Mrs. MARGARET DENNETT, aged 57, widow of the
late Mr Ephraim Dennett.
At the Alms House, JONATHAN SHERBURNE, aged
89 years.
o Rye, 17th ult. Mr Simon Jenness, aged 61
~ln Rye, Mr Samuel B. Marden, aged about 38,
In Rye, Capt Wililam Rand, (blacksmith)
In Greealand, Miss Sarah W. Johnson, aged 91.
In Eliot, Mr James Toby, aged 78,
In Dover, Miss Elizabeith Moody, formerly of Ossipee,
aged 19.
At Great Falls, Miss Lydia Rankins, in her 21st year.
George W. son of Mr Geo. W. Brown, aged 5 years.
Drowned, in Holderness, Mr Charles C. Clark, in his
39th year.
In Stratham, Oct. 19th, Mrs Deborab Wiggin, aged
78, wife of Mr Jewett Wiggin. ;
In Somorsworth, Mrs Olive Goodwin, aged 77:
In Exeter, John Palmer, Esq. aged 43.
In Wakefield, Mr Samuel Roberts, aged 72.
In Nottingham, Charles Haven Demeritt, son of Mr
Gordon Demeritt, aged 7 years.
In Bucksport, Me. 17th inst. Rev. Enoch Pond, jr.
pastor ol the Georgetown, Mass, Con gregational church,
aged 26 years.
In Concord, at the Insane Asylum, found dead in her
bed, 19th alt. Miss Nancy Woodman, of Sandhoruton,
daughter of the late Rev. Joseph Woodman, aged 68,
- Tu KHDA;, Dee. 29.
Ar brig Gen.-Worth, Farsham, from Newcastle, Me.
for Boston, :
: : FRIDAY JAN. st
Cid. Br. Brig James Clark, Mclean, fur N, York,
with inward cargo Coal from St. John, N. B. l
Br. schrs Rambler, Wood; and Geo.-Prior, Bolling»’
Boston with inward corgoes, of Mackeral from Hali
fax'N o l
SATURSDAY, Jun. 2. l
Ar schr Morning Star, Chambe.s, Boston.
Sunpav, Jan. 3.
Sid brig Picard, (new 187 42-95ths tons) of and for
New H aven, |
Ar schr Fawn, Day. |
Lower Harbor. |
Ar schr Peru, Sterns, trom Bath for Boston, |
Ar schr Francis, Briggs, do do
Ar schr Mary-Ann, Williams do do
Ar schr Juno, Chase, do do. |
Ship Epaminondas, Lambert, cld. at Charleston 30th
ult. for Liverpool.
Bark Apphia Maria, Billings, cld. at Mobile 23
ult. for the Rio Grande.
Ship Tyrone, Butler, cld at New Orleaas 19th ult. for
this port. A
Ship Rockingham, Penhallow, cld at Philadelphia 25th
ult for Liverpool.
Ship Switzerland, Knight, arr at New York 29th ult.
from London via. Portsmouth, E. 30th Nov.
Sark Mary-Broughton, Melcher, ar at New Yotk 29th
ult from Havana 6ih ult.
A RRANGEMENTS have been made for the delivery
of a course ofTwenty lectures the present season,
under the above name, on TUESDAY evenings, at the
Tickets for the remainder of the course, from Tuesday
evening, 50 cents,
A limited number of evening Tickets, at 12§ cents, will
be sold at the door,
Doors open at 7—Lecture to commence at 74.
The lecture THIS (Tuesday) evening, Jan. 5, will be
by Doct. J. V. C. SMITH, of Boston.
Professor LOVERING, of Cambridge, has been enga
ged to give four lectures on
during the course, which will be illustrated by large and
splendid Paintings and Drawings.
Other (“Slin%uislled lecturers have been engaged; and
‘no efforts will be spared to make the whole course inter
esting and satistactory.
' N. B.—The Astronomical Lectares mentioned above,
will be on the evenings of January 19th, and 26th, and
- February 2d and 9th.
| FirsT,on ¢“The New Plannet, with some notices of oth
' er recent additions ta the Solar System.”’
S ECoND—The Double Stars.
THIRD—The construction of the Heavens.
‘ FourrHa~Nubule.
i Ports. Jan. 5, 1846. JOS. M. EDMONDS, Sec.
Rechabite Notice.
AN ADDRESS will be delivered before the In
dependent Order of Rechabites, at Rechab-Hall,
Market St. op THURSDAY evening next, Jan. 7, at
73 o’clock, by Br. WiLriam LaicHTON,
§G=A pufictial attendance of the members is earnestly
requested, each brother has the privilege of inviting three
friends. ‘ SAM’L W. MONES,
Jan. 5, 1847, . Rec’g Sec’y.
EOHN WERBSTER, has just received a fresh assort
@F ment of Rese, Whitney and Si'k bound Wool
BLANKETS, Cyib and Cradle do., which are to be
sold at some pricz or other pefore the winter season
is past. e 4 4%
Dark D’Laines at Is,
%0 PIECES rich DeLaines, at 1s and 20¢ pr yard.
Also, vich CASHMERES, at 25 cents.
Jan. B. For sale by T.TREDICK.
All kinds of Wood,
At the Wood Yard neur the Depot in Deer-st.
F BYHE subscriber tenders his thanks to his customers
H for past favors, and respectfully gives notice that
he has a constant supply of the abeve. Also, that a dis
connt of twenty-five cents per cord will be made from the
regular prices when CAsH is paid at the time the Wood
is delivered.
All orders left with MARTIN L. TwomMBLY, or at his
hoise opposite the yard, will meet with prompt attention.
For sale as vbove,
W. O, & Pine TIMBER, Pine and Hemlock BOARDS.
F. W. ROGERS; No. 3 Juckson St.
Jan. b, 1847. Portsmouth, N.H.
JANUARY sith, 1847.
& LL those customers who are indebted to me and
£¥ whose bills are due arve invited to call and settle;
and thoze not able to pay, will confer a favor by calling
and receiving their bills receipted.
SUPERIOR Silk bound Bath BLANKETS; Rose &
Whitney do. of all sizes—for sale low by
Jan. 5, 1847. T. TREDICK.
Ladies’” Rubbers & Patent Overshoes.
A NEW assortment just received at
14% Market St. corner Ladd St.
Rubbers repaired in good style and warranted strong
and tight, and charges moderate, by
THIBE'I‘, Crape, Alpacca and Silk SCARFS,
Jan. b for sale by T, TREDICK,
st o N VOREME, -
E!UR January, 1847. aud also, THE CHRISTIAN
EXAMINER, just received by
J. W. FOSTER, Ageat.
I. History of Charles Edward the Pretender.
TI. Brougham’s Lives of men of Letters.
111. Sources of Dante’s Divina Commedia.
IV. Life and Times of Thomas A. Becket.
V. Memoirs of the Federal Administrations of Wash
ington and Adams edited from the papers ol
Oliver Wolcott.
VI. Worcester’s Universal Dictionary.
VII. Holmes’s Urana—a Rhymed Lesgon.
VIIL. Mackenzie’s Life of Decatur. Vol. xxi. of Spark’s
Library of American Biography.
IX. Hochelaga or England in the New World.
X. Critical Notices.
New Publication Received. Jan. 5
W M., JONES & SON are now opening
a choice assortment of »
in Blacks, Blug-Blacks; lanvisible, Drake-neck, Olive
and Citron Greens ; Devonshire and Golden Browns,
Mulberry and Dahlia shades, of the very best Fabrics
imported and at very reduced prices.
© —ALSO—
all the new styles and in every variety,
Which will be sold very low by the piece or at retail.
Nov. 3, 1816. 6wis
“/ ILLIAM JUNES & SON offer their extensive
assortment of .
Cashmeres, Rep Cashmeres,
GOODS, aL a great reduction from former prices.
Among them may be found some very choice styles of
the CASHMERES of the best Paris quality, |
Boots, Shoes & Leather,
HILL & CARR, at their old Stand, No. 34
Market Street, will be pleased to show their
extensive assortoent ol
Boots & Shoes, Sole and Upper Leathecr,
Calf-skins, Kid Binding & Lining Skins, Shoe Duck.
Threads, Lasts, Boot-Trees and every article in their
line of business; and pledge themselves to sell every arti
ble at as low a price, as the same quality can be purchas
ed, at any other store in New-England.
Please call and examine, Dec. 22.
No. 13, Market §{reet.
BROADCLOTHS. Beaver Cloths, Pilot Clol}f)‘s, Doe
skivs, Tweeds, Cussimeres, Sattinets, Vestings, and
with a general assortment of piece Goods for rale at
very low prices at 13 Murket Street.
Nov 3 Bmis
rEYHIS DAY published,
designed to furnish comfort and strength to the afllicted.
By A.P.P EABODY—Pastor of the South Church, Ports
mouth, N. H. One volume, neatly bound in cloth, 312
pp. Frice 75 cts. J. W. FOSTLR.
Dec. 29. »
100 TONS Peach Mountain COAL ;
: 100 Tons Lehigh do
50 ¢ Canuel do
100 Chaldrons Blacksmith’s COAL. '
Just veceived and for sale by
A“g- 25 filllid E. l“. SISE & Co.
Wm. Jones & Son.
: No. 29 Market Street,
INVITE the attention of the public to their very ex
tensive and choice assortment of GOODS adapted to
consisting in part of CASHMERE SHAWLS,
on White, Drab, Blue, Grzea, Black & Scarlet grounds,
all wool, & elegant designs, at greatly reduced prices,
BrocHE, Lama, Caain, Sitk, Woor and WorstxD
SHAWLS, ia every variety of style and price.
STL K 83
in all the new and fashionable styles of Plain, Figured &
Changeable, with a choice assortment of CLOAK &.PE
LISSE SILKS, fulla 3d wide, of choice shades & quality.
CASTILLIANS; Plain and Embroidered CASHMERES;
Mous I)’Laines, & other desirable styles in great variety;
Gala and Cashmere PLAIDS, of bright fizures, for Chil
dren’s Fall and Winter Garments, with a few pieces of
Mowrning GALA PLAIDS, of handsome patierns;
SUPER A. A THIBET CLOTHS, of averychoice
quality and of all the different colors ;
Maroon, Cherry, Light and Dark Blue, Scarlet, Crimson
and Salmon *lain Mous. D?Laine, for Children’s
Silk and Cotton Warp ALPACCAS;
Blk. and Blue-Blk ALEPINES, of the best make,
Hysiery and Gloves ; with almost every other article in
the Piece Goods line, all of which are to be sold at the
lowest prices for Cash or short approved Credit.
Oct. 6 1846, Gwis,
JOHN WEBSTER, No, 6 Daniel St,
HAQ received a large assortment of
Kid, Silk Berlin, Thiber & Cashmere GLOVES;
Long white Kid & Silk do ; Worsted MITTS, &c.
Blk. and coloured Worsted Alpacca, Merino, Segovia,
Lambs Wool and Vigonia HOSE, of all sizes. Also, a
great variety of Country Woolen HOSE. which he offers
for sale very cheap. Nov. 241,
NOVEMBER 17th, 1846.
E_E AVE tl-lis day received—
Plain, Scarlet, Cherry & Mode Colors
MOUSLIN D’ LAINES, of super quality
Extra ALA. THIBET CLOTHS, of al! the choice colors;
Scarfs & Miantles,
in great variety ;
Rich Cashmeres & Mouslin d’ Laines, in new
> and desirable styles.
Whitney, Bath, Rose, Crib and Cradle
of all the different sizes, which will be sold at extremely
low prices. Swis,
DECEMBER 22, 1846.
IZeavy Pilot & Beaver CLOTILS,
of all the fashionable styles and colors—just received and
for sale at very reduced prices, at No. 29 Market=st by
Christmas and New Year’s Presents.
PEH"U(\'S desirous of purchasing HOLIDAY PRE
SENTS for their friends, will ind it to their ad
vantage to callat No 7 Kachange Buildinas, and exam
ine 8. A, BADG RN Lirge assortment of
Foy Books, Miniature Books, Pocket Bibles, Prayer
Books and valuable STANDARD WORKS, handsome
ly bound; GAMEN, FANCY GOODS and Fancy Sta
tionery, in great vaviety—which will be sold at very low
Alzo for sale as ahove, Ferrett’s Cheap MUSIC, at
less than one halt’ the price of the other kind. Dec 22.
75‘1}”1 uadersigned having puichased of Me JOIIN
D. SIME -~ his Siock in trade, regpectinlly in
forme his friends and the public that he intends o con
tnve the 812 CIHANDLZRY business at the old
Stand, No. 79 Market Strect, anid hopes by application
to the busine:s to merit a share of patronage. Such ad
ditions wil! be made as to have at all thmes a full and
good Swek, which he offers for sale on advantageous
terms for cash or credit. R.C,CUTTER.
Portsmouth, Dec. 22, 1816. Gwis
LB BONNEPS. Just received by
Dec. 22, 4wis T;. TREDICK.-
] ! @ Nly 1
Wew Gcods for Winter.
FEWHIS day opened by A, ', NUWELL
B 60 Packages of new & desirable GOODS | to wit.
6ps A.A Mulserry, Claret, Brown and Purple Thibets,
5 ps of secoud qua'ity do do
Cashmere, Crape, nnd Thiliet SCARFS
Velvet NECK Tlies; Sitk Warp Orleans
10 doz of Blk. White, and Saper Col’d Kid GLOVES;
20 doz. Super Cashmere GLOVES, all sizes;
10 ps new styles and patterns of CLOAK PLATIDS;
5 ps Linsey Woolsey; Blue-Bik. Silk VELVELS,
Biue-black, Silk and Cotton warp ALPACCAS,
Black and Blue GIMPS & FRIN lES,
Yellow, Red and Wiite FLANNIELS,
Flannel Bindmgs, Stay Tape, Moban Bindings,
Black and White Wadding : best black Theead,
Real [talian Sewing Silk : Linen Camb. Hdkfs,
10 pieces very superior LlNENS—with a complete as.
sortment of other Goads, \\.hiah will be sold atex
tremely low prices for cash or short credit Nov 24,
Wew Goods. :
.E UST received by ANTHHONY I* NOWELL,
and will be sold very cheap,
50 pieces Bleached Shirting and Nheeting, for 7¢ to 1x
100 ps Unbleached exira heavy, for 8,9, and 10c;
1000 yards cheap Sheetings at 7 cts;
100 Ibs of Batting 7 & Bets;
5 bales White and Black WADDING;
3000 yvds of PRINTS from 6 to 12§ cis; -
Whalebones, Cotton Cord, Corset Lacings, Pins,
Needles and Tapes, Pearl and Bone Buttons;
10 doz Linen Cambric Hdkfs. from 125c¢ 1o $1;
20 ps super. warranted-all Linen from 30c¢ to $1;
Check Stripe and Plain White Cambricks;
Col’d Cabricks, Patches from 6 1o 12 1-2 e; |
10 p= super Bik & Blue-hik CLOTHS from $2 to $6;
CASSIMERES from 58¢ w §l, Satinetts; -
Red, White and Yellow flaanels from 25 to 33¢;
Best sp Cotton and Sewing 3ilk; Patent Thread;
Linen Damask Tahle Covers; Russia DIAPERS;
15 ps CRASH from 8 10 10¢; Bed Tickings;
Straw Mattings—Cotton CARPETINGS;
Bleached und Unbleached Jeans; Worsted Yarns;
Knitting Cottons, &e¢ &e.
§G With a camplete assortment of other Goods, which
will be soll Cheap for Cash or short Credit. Aug. 4.
‘g €. CARR bas on hand a lavrge assortment of
€% o Childrew’s Shoes, Black, Bronze, IFawn &*ea
Colors. —ALsOO—
CALF-SKIN and GOAT-SKIN, good and cheap, for
sale at l4i!_fl_aik_at Nt. corner Ladd Nt ___l_)_e(}..W"Z‘.?‘_;
F INE GOLD PENS, with Silver Cae & Pencil,
for $2 each; at S. A. BADGE s, ;
Dec. 22, No. 7 Exchange Buildings.
FOR Sale Cheap at No. 12 Danie! St.
Just receiving and now opening ,
A new supply of SCHOOL BOOKS, ANNUALS and
GIFT BOOKS, of various descsiptions; together with a
full assortment of BLANK BOOKS, BIBLES & STA
TIONERY Articles—which 1 will engage to sell cheap.
Those who purchase to sell again will find good bargains
by calling at No. 12 Daniel Street. .
Remember when you want BLANK BOOKS & WRI
TING BOOKS, to apply to the Manafacturer. 1 make
them in ghape or size to your satisfuction,
N. B.—Periodicals, Music and old Books bound at
short notice, JOHN E. BAILEY,
Dec 22. Nool2 DunielSt. nowr Morket Syuwire.
NOVEMBER 17th, 1846,
HAVE this day received— :
4+4 ARMURE SILKS for CLOAKS of all
the fushionable shades ;
ALEWALL PLAIDS, new styles ;.
New,styles PRINTS, Cashmere patterns, excellent
fabrics and fast colors at 12} cents.
Nov. 17,1846. Bwis
11~ 1 £
On THURSDAY NEXT-—=at 11 o’cluck,
Will be sold at Public Auction—at the Auct ion Store.
A part of the Houshold Furniturcs
&c. of the late Samuel Hutchings, deceased.
Parsiculais, hereaflier— by orderof the Administrator,
Jan 5, 1847. S. LARKIN, Anct
) P .
AT the long established Stand,
No. 5 Market Street, PorTtsmourn, N. 1.
Has received and is duily receiving his aecustomed
variety of LITERARY ARTIC LIS, adapted for the
season of PRESENTS—as Tokens of Remembrance and
Affection; Ornaments for the C entre Table and Library;
Entertaining and instructive Books for the Young , N¥w
Pusricarions, and the best Editions of STANDARIA
WORKS, in rich and substantial binding . :
Harper’s New Pictorial Bible, embellished with
sixteen hundred historical Engravings, exclasive of”
Initial Letters; more than fourteen hundied of which
are from original designs. Bound in highly ornamen
ted Goat-skin moroceo, full gilt. The samne in less
expensive bindings,
Elegant Editions of the Common Prayer. Apple
ton’s and other standard editions. ORFORD I'li:nsx
and Testaments, of various sizes and styles of biniin g,
from Quarto to Diamond Pocket size; and Amcricin
editions of same. Hym~ Booxks, of the Collections
used in the different Societies in town.
Dante, Tusso, Milton, Scott, Hemans, Longfellow,
Willis, Bryant, Tappan, Sigourney, and Howitt’s PO
ETICAL WORKS. Walwn’s Angler; Goldsmirh’s
Vicar ot Wakefield; Bunyan’s Pilgrim Progress—fine
editions, with embellishments.
Proverbial Philosophy—a book of Thoughts and Ar
guments, originally treated by M. F'.{Tupper ; FEsTus,
a Poem by Philip J. Bailey ; Byrouw’s CHILDE HaAß
otp. Eachin vne vol. 12mo, in fancy gilt cloth, wnh
gll edges.
Hand Book of Needle Work—by Miss Lambert; witii
numerous engraved Ilustrations of ornamental and de
corative Needle-Work and Embroidery, Uedicated
the Ladies oi the United States.
Hustory of the Kings of France, from Pharamonel 10
Louis Philippee. Tilustrated by seventy-two Portraits,
- engraved in the medallion style, by Ormshy.
Gathered Leaves—hy Miss Hannah Gould;witl
fourteen Lithographic Engravings—gilt edges, Mra
Gilnan’s ORACLEs oF T PorTts; The Poetry of
Flowers & Flowers of Poetry, by Miss Osgood, withs
five elegantly colored Engravings,
Angel Voices ;or words of counsel for over
coming the world. Edited by William Treat, M. .
A beaatiful and delightful littie volune ; after the mode
of Richter’s **Best Hours.”’
New muniature Editions of Willis® Sucred Poems;
Keble’s Christian Year; Bowrings Mating & Vespers;
Bishop Watson’s Sacra Privata ; Thoughts, selected
from the writings of Channinyg, The Young Christian’s
Guide, Winlow’s Christian Duty, Are youa Christian?
Casket of Jewels for Young Christians, the Cypress
Wreath and Gift of Consolation.
Scenes in the Life of the Saviour. Ilustrated
by the Poets and Painters. Edited by Rufus W. Gris
wold—with ten fine mezzotinto illustrations, and the
poetry from the most beautifnl saced poems in the lan
guage. I vol. Bvo rich binding and full gilt. This
was decidedly vne of the most beautilul publications of
the last season_as the next article is for this year.
i Scenes in the Lives of the Apostles. Just pub
lished—and a mate volume for the foregoing, equally
~ elegant.
The Diadem for 1847. A Christmas and New
Year’s Gift. lliustrated by ten elegant engravings, from
original drawings, by Sully & others. 1 vol. quarto.
The Boudowr Annual. Large 4to. Ten En-f
gravings, in Mezzotint, by Sartain,
The Opal. A gift for the Holidays. Edited by
John Keese. Nme lustrations, by Chapman, artist v
iharpers’ Bible lustiations.
The Jmaranth—with seven line Engravings, -
Friendship®s Offering. Oue of the longest and
best established of the Christmas & New Year's Gif =.
Nine engravings. Arabesque morocco.
T'he Rose of Sharon. A Religious Souvenir.—
lidited by Miss Edgarton. Seven steel Engiavings.
The Hyacinth, or Affection’s Gift. 5 Plates.
The Rose. Edited by Euily Marshall ; with
ten steel Engravings.
The Chrisitun Keepsake. Nine Plates, from
Sacred subjects,
The Mayflower. Edited by Mrs Oakes Smith.
Kmbossed Morocco. 9 engravings. some very beautiful.
The Gift of Friendship. Six Engravings.
The Floral Year. A new and splendid annual.
Embellished with 12 large boquets of Flowers, drawn
and colored from nawre. Each Flower illustrated by
a loem. Edited by Mrs Anne Peyre Dinnies of St
Christmas Blossoms and New Year’s Wreath
a new and beautiful Juvenile Annual. Small quarto,
Il))(;uml in faney gilt Cloth, and containing six chatming
ales. .
Gammer Gurion’s Pleasan! Storics §& Ballads;
al=o, ber famous Histories, adorned with Cuts in the
old siyle. “The Child’s, The Boy’s and the Girl’s Own
Bouks, being different collections of the most approved
Stories and Tales. with Hlustrations, and a cowplete
Ineyelopedia of all the Gawes, Plays, Works and A
muzements for young persons. Arsbian Night’s En
tertainment. The Chiid’s Favorite, with col’d Plates.
Tales of Many Lands. Fireside Stories, by Miss Kdg
woith. «When are we hanpiest 7 *Boy of Spivit.?
‘Il be a Gentleman.” I’ be a Lady.” *The Brave
Spirit.” ¢Reoben Kent” and other Stories, by Mrs
Kunigirt. Rotlo Books, 14 vols.; Jonas Books, 4 vols;
Lucy 12ooks, 6 vols.; Marco Paul Books, 6 vols.—
complete sets, or separate volumes. Together with
many eantirely new Juvenile Works, now in press and
duily publishing; and Toy Books & Picture Books i
the greatest variety.
A variety of articles of I'ine and IMancy Sta
tionery & Cutlery; Gold and Silver Pencil Cases;
Papeteries; Boxes of Note Paper; Ovnamental S. Wax;
Embossed and Engraved Writing Cards;
Gilt and Bronzed Le:ter Clips; Pen-holders ;
Gold, Silver and Tortoise Shell Eye-Glasses;
Ehony, Bronze and Rosewood Ink-Stands and. Ink-Sets.
New LAmusing & Instruciive Cards &
Christmas Cards, or Good and Bad Passions;
New World—a game of American History ;
Alphabet Picture Cards, with Games;
Poor old Soldier and his Dog ;
Game of Oregon, or the way they settled it ;
Multiplication Game, or Merry Matches ;
Picture Pass Word ;
The Golden Egc—a pleasant round Game ; |
fTappy Hits at Useful Knowledge;
The Urrand Boy, or Jack-at-all-Trades, &e.
Dr Bushy; Robinson Crnsoe; Mansion of
Happiness; and other Games of last year;
Chess Men & Boards ; Back Gammon Boards;
Dissected Pictures and Puzzles.
AL MANACS: 1847,
The American Almanac, & Repository of Use-
Sul Bnowlidge. Edited by Francis Bowen, Ksq.; Asa
tronomical caleulations by Mr Peirce, Perkins. Pro
fessor of Astronomy at Harvard University. 3
The Boston JAlmanae. (See Dickinson’s Ad
The Whig Almanac, and Uniled Slates Polit
ician’s Register, comprising the Klection Returns of the
several States, &c.
The Churchman’s JAlmanac. Sword’s Pocket
Almanac and Annual Register of the Protesiaat Epis
copal Charch of the Uuited Siates for 1847,
Thomas’ and Leavitl’s Almanacs.
New-Hampshire Annual Regisler.
Brown’s Pockel Memorandum Almanae—con
coniaining a blank space for every day in the year.—
The same, bound in Pocket Book style, with additions
al hlank leaves at end,
Also, a full assortment of other articles usually
found in a good Stock ol BOOKS & STATIONERY;
School Books; Biank Books; ROOM PAPERS; Spec
tacles in various mountings; Optical Instruments; Ther
mowmeters. A great assortment of MUSIC, for Piuno-
Forte, and other Instruments; Songs, Duetts, Walizes,
Marches, l};.jmces, &c. Dec 15, 1846.
Ground Plaster, Fish & Lumber.
0 "do from Lubec Mills, fresh ground and in
good order; 200 quis. POLLOCK FISH; 59,000 feet
DRY BOARDS and PLANK. For sale by
Oct 27. istf No. 6 Water strect.
. ¥ ; .
~ Nos. 67 §69 Aitby Strer, BOSTON.
SaNvkLIIoUQORIN, i ) lyiw o Febe 3248

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