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VTh Vkemont TcttoRAFH i puUi?hed
idy at S2 a year, payable within four inontha.
or 2.50 at t-ie end of rte year.
T -iWrihtfii out of the Sutt, reading!
more than 103 rnil- fow tLi office, the paper
wiilbi aeqt Cor $1,73.
Toeomparuea, at whaterer d.attiwe, who re
ewe It or more copir in owe bundle, ao4 py
in advance, 91,50 each.
A y?.t, who procure and pay fot ail Jubecribera,
are et.tit.eJ to tbe seventh copy jraie.
In making communication of nevr robcrhri
id recfiKtoee. the Amenta will be particular In
(ivin? the nm and midencit ( ubecribee,
tua the amotJnt to be credited to each.
All ipt'ec mlnUtrra, In irood atanding in the
rhcrclvea throughout the United Siatee, are au
thorized to act ae agent for this paper.
D3-MI communication rnuet be pott paid, ex
ceptf jch at add to oar list of aubecribere one or
rflore j.imee.
Pt,pei wi!I not he discontinued antTl alt arrear
ages re pid, except at the discretion of the
Of a netting of d;lgrl4!Larii others, con
vened by public notice, to consider tkr
subject of Bible translation ani d:stri
biiti&u, at the meeting of the Oli-
vcr-hfti iipust Church, Zew-Yurk
ciiij, Tkurs.iay cvcri:, Mai 1836.
Rev. Natheniel Kendrijlr, D. D Prejf
det of Hamilton Theological Steminarv,
wkS criQocn President of
Robon F. Vv'inslo.v,
r , u
iiic- L'ii riii'uil.
of the city cf
Nov: i'orjv, '.vas chcrtn Sfcrcbry
Thr I noii.r.vM woe nl r."i in.-m 1 r- nrir. I
cr by Rev. "Lewis Leo:i".rJ, of Cazcnovia,
N. Y.
The foilorvmg perfons, many of whom
were 'com missioned as delegates, compo.--
e'! '!:; ( r.nvrn' .en.
Rev. Eioa Gal us ha, from the Baptictj
Minifcltrial. Conferouce, Monroe co I
N. Y. " J
F.cv. Chaa. B. Key?3, from the church i
at Biistoij Spa, oara'.ogaco , N. I .
R.'v. Warhain Walker, from the Shafts
bsirv mul Union Associations,
Hc. Thofna Powell, from the Miliou
ch'U'h, Saratoga A??ccintion.
RevK. Wilson, from the Baptist church,
C-tskill, N. Y.
Rev. Thomas Dowling, from the Bip.
Mm. Con. cf Seneca Aoci:ition-
Rrv. - I5'.vi Lronrd, from tL Baut
church, Cazenovia, N. Y.
R?v John Elli, aud Henry Little, from
the Bnpiis'i church, Stamford, Ct. !
John 1? Ludlow, from the Bap churoii, !
Uticn, N.
Lici.m Hayden, R M. Prentice. J. H
Rymn, from the Ham. Thcolrgr-a!
Rev A. L Covell, J. B. Quacktnbush,
E. C. Meli.tosh, (rem the 1st Bap. church.
Albany. N. Y
William E. Lock, from the Bipt:s
church, Ltliwn, Madison co., N. Y.
the Oliver- tree f Bay tist church,
Nnr-YarL city Hev. S. H (onc, Rev.
J. C. Murphy, Uov. Luke Davis, M D.,
Brethren Joshua Gilbert, John West, Ro
ger Pjrg Vv". D. Murphy, John Gray,
Will'.i.. (Colgate, Jacob Smith, Coneliu
ildvwll. Fzekid Archer. W.lliim
L i, John Colga'o, Robert King, Rob-j
r:t dvnrds, Thorru!3 Horsetail, John!
Ih i;apd, El-mezor B. White, Jonathan
B'aki', El.jah W.thington, E. Raymond,
Gcoige Colgate, 1. Newton, Thomas
Fro n le Mulberry il reel Bap church,
X :r-Yor c:ty. Rev. Archibald Maclay,
b'v'hrcn Abraham Knight, George Hatt,
Kichnri E. Peterson, F. H. Levy, Ed-v-ard
Yinderrool, Jr., M. D , Hiram Bart-
li-U, Peter Van Dyck.
Vr,), (he Souit Baptist Church, Neic
YaA city. Rev. Charles G. Sommers,
brother John T. Conke.
from the First Baptist Church, New
York ci'ly. Rer. Wm. Parkinson, breth
ren John Charlock, C. N.. Dodge, Thomas
Thcma. William Hiimao, Sylvester Pier,
John Corley, Joseph Durbrow, John
trom tie East Baptist Chvrch, Neic
Yrrk city. Rev. John Middleton, breth
ren Samuel Rust, Alanaon Warner,
Cijristopher. Arnold.
Fron tht Stanton street Bap. Church,
New-York city. Bev. George Benedict,
brethren David Ludlam, Jr Benjamin
Thompson, Charles Baldwin".
From the North Beriah Bap. Church,
-.xor city. Kev. D. Dunbar, broth
et D. Stearns, M. D.
Fjv U- Awi'y r" Bap. Church,
vFri l ' Ba?tist Chch, Nnr-
Ytrk cxty. Brethren HenTV DarU vZ
orvTownend, William v'Lnon 1 E
x to in iru Central JZw;,f
.? 'P-.
Frm tk, MM Baptist Church. W
SJft '.?eS l;1".1 ethren
John BusVirk, Robert Trans.
a ran in,
York citv
v.-u "t
""men JLiawarri i: nrr. s. v. Kirh
1?" J pwnsencL Henrv Tichenor.
.beduih Parker.
tron tht Sixietnth Baptist Church,
n-Y0Tk ttty. Rar. Drid Bernard,! And the American Bible Society at
brother John B. Halsiad. annive rsary meeting iliis day having ap-
Rockester, N. Y. 1st and 2d churches,
proved of these resolutions passed by hs
Rev..Jlon Galusha. Board of Managers :
Homer, N. Y. Bap. church Rev. N. J And ihe Board of Managers of the Bap
Is. Whiting. tist General Convention of the United
Sing Si'tgy N. F. Bap. church, Rev. Slates for Foreign Missions having unan
C. C. Williams. imously declared that they cannot con-
Hamilton, N. Y. Bap. church, Rev. sistently and conscientiously comply with
2i. tvendnck, U. V., Dr. a Aiarsn.
Brooklyn, N: Y. First Bap. church, f
Rev. L. Howard, Rer.Jona
. Uolng, u u, i
Rev. Luther Crawford, Rev. C. C. P
Crosby, brethren John H. Smith, E.
Corning. Elijah Lewis
Brooklyn, N. Y. Second Bap. church,
Rev. Oetavins Wmslow
Albany, N. Y. Pearl-street Baptist
church, Re. B T. Welch, D. D., br.
William Adams.
Port Byron, Stcnnett, Aurfliuf, and
Mentz, Baptist churches, Rev. Cornelius
C. Wyckoff.
Greenwich, Washington co., N. Y.
Rev. Natbaniel Coiver.
Coxsachic, N. Y- Rev. J. W. Greene.
Crown Point, N. Y- Rev. A. F. Woods.
Lansinburgh. N. Y. Rev. E. Andrews.
North Est, Dutchess co., N. Y. Rev.
T. Winter.
Dover, Dutchess co., iV. I
ip Roberts.
Clinton, Oneida co., N. Y
Parma, Monroe co , Ar.
Rev. Phil
Rev. L. L.
Rev. E.
Peekskill, N. Y. Br. Joseph P. Simp
son. Onandaga, X. Y- Rev. D. W. Elmore.
Neicark, N. J. First Baptist church.
Rev. D. Dodge. George Tight. Second
do. br. R. M. Crane.
MiddlctomN. J. Rev. T. Roberts,
br. Jackson Smith.
Fr-.iho'd, N. J. Rev. J. M. Challis.
Xeic-Brunsicick, N. J. Br. R. E, Run
yon. Mount Holly, A' J. Rev. J. E. Welch.
Clinton, Pa. Rev. G. V. Walling.
Bridgewater, Susq.ehannah Co., Pa.,
brethren A. L. Post, Charles S. Wilson,
Nehemiah Baldwin.
Richmond, Ya., brother Joseph S- Wal-
j thill, of Columbia College, D. C.
HiiisJaL, N. If., brother Thomas
Paictuclet, R I , Rev. S. Spauldintf.
Deep River, Conn , Rev. H. Wooster
W.'Uimantic, Conn, Rev. B. Cook, Jr.
Wesl Harwich, Mass., Rev. S. Ewer.
New-York City, Rev. Willard Judd,
Zebedee Ring, William Mcintosh, M. D.
Ebenezer Cauldwell, Edward Probyn, D.
Wiliiims. W. Green, W.W.Todd, R.
VY. Martni.
Brandi., Vt., brother Orson S. Mur-
Putrrsnn. A. J . Rev. Z. Grenell.
Philadelphia. Pa., Joseph Belden, J.
C Dyer.
Rev. S. H. Cone presented various
ccrr.municalions addressed to him by as
sociat'ons, churches and individuals, in
different parts of our country, in relation
to the resolutions of the American Bible
Society, passed Feb. 17, 183G, and urg
ing the adoption of immediate measures
for the formation of a Bible Society in
the Baptist denomination, unless those res
olutions should be rescinded at the annu
al meeting ofthe Society.
After full and protracted dis:ussion, the
following preamble and resolutions were
adopted :
Whereas, the Board of Managers of
lie American Bible Society at their meet
ing on the 17th of Feb. 1S36, adopted the
followingcsolutions, viz:
1. By the Constitution of the Ameri
rin V.'.'n Srrif"tr. its managers are, in
the circulating of the Holy'.Scriptures,
restricted to such copies as. are " without
i .i - i:u
note or comment; ana in tne naignaii
language, to "the version in common
use?" The design of these restrictions
clearly seems to have been to simplify and
mark out the duties of the Society, so that
all the religious denominations of which
it is composed might harmoniously unite
in performing these duties.
2. As the managers are now called to
aid extensively in circulating the Sacred
Scriptures in languages other than the
rirpm it their duty m con
English, they
forruity with the obvious spirit oi men
compact, to adopt the following resolu
tions as the rule of their conduct in mak
ing appropriations for the circulation of
the Scriptures in all foreign tongues.
Resolved, That in appropriating mo
ney for the translating, printing, or dis-tributing-of
the Sacred Scriptures in for
eign languages, the Managers feel at hber-
n nnftMrif i rn!v such versions as
conform in the pr nclples of their transla
tion to the common English version, at
1 .1.11 1 .Al!iMic lonnm.
least so laras tnatan me n-ngiwuc "vv,u
inations represented in this Society can
consitently use and circulate said versions
in their several schools and communities.
RescWpdThat a copy 01 tne aoovej
0 eacliot;
Ue mUsionarv boards accU
tomed to re
rrritted to their respective missions stations
y, t. 7 rP in process of
- : ...
1 a dRrlr; .u v- re;n wh eh thev
I r.ZT rj 31 ST IVrZrnled in ae
cordance' witK iha rPoIutions :
)the conditions prescribed therein :
And as the American Baptists enjoy ;
creat facilities for prosecuting the work of i
faith and labor of love in giving the word
of God to the heathen : therefore,
Resolved, That it is the duty of the;
Baptist denomination in the United States j
to form a distinct organization for Bible!
translation and distribution.
Whereupon the Convention proceeded
to measures for the organization of such
an Institution.
Rev. S. H. Cone, Rev. N. Kendrick,
D. D , Rev. B. T. Welch, D. D., Rev. E.
Galusha, Rev. Chas. G. Sommers, Wm.
Colo-ate, Rev. Daniel Dedge, Rev. Silas
bpauldmg, were appointed a committee to
draft a Constitution, nominate a Board of
Officers and Managers, and prepare an
address to the American public.
Adiourned to to-morrow morning at
ten o'clock. Prayer by br. A. Maclay.
Friday Morning, May 13, 18?6. "
Met pursuant io adjournment.
Prayer by the President.
The minutes of the last meeting were
read and approved.
The committee to prepare a Constitu
tion, &.c, reported the following, which
was read and adopted.
Article I. The designation of this
Society shall be the AMERICAN AND;
single-object of which shall be to promote j
a wider circulation of the Holy Scriptures, !
in the most faithful versions that can be!
procured. )
Art. II. This Society shall add its ef-!
fortsto thv.se employed by other Societies!
in circulating the Scriptures according to
its ability, in all lands whether Christian,
Mahomedan, or Pagan.
Art. III. Each subscriber annually
of three dollars shall be a member.
Art. IV. Each subscriber of thirty
dollars at one time shall be a member for
Art. V. Each subscriber of 150 dol
lars shall be a life director.
Art. VI. Every Baptist minister who
is a life member, and every life director
shall be members of the Board.
Art. VII. An Executor paying a be
quest of 250 dollars shall be a life direct
or. Art. VIII. All Bible Societies agree
ing to place their surplus funds at ihe dis
posal of this Society thall be Auxiliaries,
and the Officers ol such Societies shall be
exojf.cio Directors of this.
Art. IX. A Board of Managers shall
be appointed to conduct the business of
the Society consisting of 36 brethren in
good standing in Baptist Churches; 24
of whom shall reside in the city of New
York or its vicinity. One fourth part of
the whole number shall go out of office at
the expiration of each year, but shall be j
re-eligie. The managers shall appoint
a President, Vice Presidents, Secretaries,!
Treasurer and such other officers as they -may
deem necessary, and fill such vacan-!
cics ns mayo'-cur by death or otherwise)
in their own Board
Art. X. . The President. Nice Presi
dents, Treasurer and Secretaries shall be
considered ex-oflicio members of the
Art. XI. The Managers shall meet on
the first Wednesday of each month, or
, . I
oftener if necessary, at such place m the.
city of New-York, as they shall horn
time to time adjourn to; five members
shall be a quorum.
Art. XII. The Managers shall have
the power of appointing such persons as j tjQn pes0Ved, to organize an "American, erful impulse to our churches, through
have rendered essential services to the So- anj p0..P;orn Bible Socielv." inn; the land: and a holv excitement, as
ciety, either Members for Life, or Direct-
ors for Life.
At the meetings oi tne do-
- 1 ciety and Board of Managers, the Presi-
dent, or u his absence the Vice President
first upon the list then present, and in the
nUn,., nf n thp Vice HrpSlflentS. tP.C
I . . . " i f
Treasurer, and in his absencesuch a mem
ber as shall be chosen for that purpose
shall preside at the meeting.
Art. XIV. The annual meetings '
the Society shall be held at New-1 cr.c
on the third Wednesday of May in cacn
year: or at any other time or place, at the
option ofthe Society ; when the Managers
shall be chosen, the accounts presented
and the proceedings of the foregoing year
y The presjcent myf at the
I ' of six mernbers of the
, speCjai meetings ofthe Board
Mjina caUsing three days' notice
, , kpcr:vpn
Art. XVI. The whole of the minutes
of every meeting shall be signed by the
Chairm .n.
Art. X 11.' l"0 alteration
except by
of the word
- tlon " in this place
ii place. It is unwarrameu c-
u. or by .ouad lexicoeraphy.
usage or by .ouad r
It is unwarranted
tber by common
its Ep Tx-
The following list of Officers and Man-
agers nominated by the same Committee,
was adopted. :
president. j
Rev. J. Mercer, D. D., of Georgia ;
Wm. B. Johnson, D. D.. S. C, ; J. L. ;
1 a- i A. Maclay, .ew-ork; L. i
""'v, u. u., oosion ; is. r . Lawa
D., III. ; Rev. N. Kendrick, D. D., ;
New-York ; B. T. Welch, D. D., of Al-
bany; S. M.
lxoei, u. v., iventucky ;
S w- Lynde, Ohio; D. !dge, New-
Jersey ; T. Meredith, N. C.
Rev. S. G. Sommers, Coi . Secretary.
W. Colgate, Treasurer
J. West, Rec. S&e. and Accountant.
A. Biker, Coxsackie ; A. M. Beebee,
Utica ; L.Bleecker, Sing Sing ; E. Holies,
Hartford, Conn. ; N.Caswell, W. Church,
E. Corning, Brooklyn ; W. Crane, Balti-
more; F. Derby, J. H (areenman, J. B.
Halstead, T. B. Helms, W. Hilman, F.
Humphrey, Albany: E. Lewis. Brook-
lyn; J. M. Linnard, Philadelphia; R. M
Ludlow, R. H. Maclay, S. M'Corkle, I.
Newton, R. Pcgg, G.'W. Piatt, T. Pur
ser, P. P. Runyon, New-Brunswick ;
A. Stewart, Brooklyn ; E. H, Stokes, T.
Thomas. J. H. Townsend, C. Warner,
Troy ; R. Warner, J. G. Wasson, Alba
ny ; R. F. Winslow, W. Winterton, J.
Wilson, W. H. WyckofT, J. N. Wyckoff
Resolved, That the first annual meet
ing of the Society be held in Philadelphia,
the last Wednesday in April. 1837, and
that the doings of this meeting and of the
in .-i...,, ..-,, ou-a
! Society be subm
ntted to such brethren from
' c i flTrrri t rinrtc nf : fi
United States as may
then and there meet in convention lor the
purpose of securing tbe combined and
concentrated action of the denomination in
the Bible cause.
Resolved, That the fiist meeting of the
Board of Managers be held in the lecture
room 01 the Olivtr street church on "W ed-
nesday next, nt 4 o'clock P. M.
Resolved, That the Board cf Managers
be instructed to call a public meeting at an
early day, in the city of New-York, for!"
" ,
the nurcose of nrocurin- contributions to ;
the funds of the Society.
Resohvd, That the minutes ofthe Con
vcrtion, with the circular of the. Com
mittce, be referred to the Board of Mana
gers for publication.
Adjourned with prayer by brother Dan-!
lei uoctge, oi lNewark, IN. J.
Robert F. Winslow, Secretary.
. , 1 r r I iiijuiuua ui 11un11a.11, uui uiitr uuiiujcu uu m liiui pcuucm LH.UIC5 j DUl in me WOTK
of the Hoard of Managers. millions of Shans, occupying the region of distributing the Bible throughout the
1. All meetings shall be opened with ! froin the Western banks of the Irrawad-! world, they "should move in unbroken
prayer. 2. All Committees shall be j dy to the province of Assam, and from the : phalanx. We do, therefore, earnestly
nominated by the presiding officer and Burlumpooter to the Chinese Tartary, entreat each- Baptist Church in the Urn
approved by the Board ; unless otherwise present a sphere of action which requires ' ted States, to lose no time in organizing an
specially ordered. 3. No moneys shall j the fervent prayers, the talents and the ; Auxiliary Bible Society within the bounds
hi paid out ofthe Treasury but by order j treasures, ofour whole denomination. It of its own Congregation, and as soon as
ofthe Board. All resolutions, if requir-, Js moreover a cheering fact, that to our practicable to give information ofthe fact
cd, shall be presented in writing. I missionaries there is opened, through the to the Corresponding Secretary of the
order of business. med ium of the S bans and the Siamese, an ! American and Foreign Bible Society.
1. Reading minute&of List meeting. ! avenue to the three hundred millions ot Brethren in Christ, consider the urgency
2. Treasurer's Report. 3. Communica
tions of Corresponding Secretary. 4. Re
ports of Standing Committees. 5. Re
ports of Select Committees. G. Unfinish
ed business. 7. New business.
To the Battist Churches, and
TED States.
Be'oved Brethren:
At a meeting ot Baptist ministers, and
numerous other friends ofthe Bible, con-
vened on the 12th May, 1836, in the city !
of New-York, to take into consideration!
the course pursued by the American Bi-t
ble Society at its anniversary, (on themce. It is also very desirable, as soon as
mornin of the same day,) when the reso-
lution of their Board, passed on the 19th
unvu " l j - - -
Fhriiarv. was ratified bv an overwhelm -
j Jn? mnjority; then by virtually excluding
j us0from al participation in their fun ds, so
j rar al ieast as our foreign translations are
I i : after careful dehbera
j ,ls meaSure seemed to be unequivo-
I cally demanded, by the declared opinion
f numerous churches, and laflueniial
brethren in several Staus in the Union,
; d has since rcceiVed the sanction ofthe
; cnmmmeR annointed in Hartford, in Anril
11 ' i
iOoc I o fr o f,onDro
- convention to me
in Philadelphia in
37. A large portion of the denomina-
. tion js known to be in favor of immediate
and concentrated action ; and it is believed
lhat tnis mpaiis we sha not only save
;a w hole year of time, bin enjoy the ores -
ont ajjvantages of that pious zeal which
has been kindled upon the altar of many
; jlcarts
, Eighteen centuries have elapsed since
the Saviour of the world commanded rus
followers, saying, "Go teach all nations."
In what other way can this be more effec-
tuaiiy accompi.snea, man oy q.ssernmai- j . ue me . ....... u..o rno. . r-- . be agted weie guch
ing throughout the world the original Luther in U-20, the won: we contemplate i leolal0T:s and remonstrances employ
words of the Holy Spirit, faithfully and may be opposed and traduced; but, late ' es0oner ? American Slavery is of long
literally translated Into the languages of though it be, we shall by this means em-; sianfling; why thenare we only now bestir
a 11 nation st Here, as in Isaiah's vision, ploy a mornl engine which will operate r;nrr ourselves for Its abolition ? This sort
Jehovah i3 seen sitiino- upon a throne, with accelerated motion, until the earth of objection might be reasonably urged were
high and lifted un: histrain fills the u-m- shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord ; we defending, the immaculacy ofour past
.w i i -i i j i-i .in
the pie; w;hile the inspired penmen like the
Dcrapnim, cover itieir races, ana crj
to another, "Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord
de - ' 0f hosts, the whole earth is fu ll of his glo-
ei - ry. ' Other meaus may indeed De success
JV. wiiicr meuus .nay iuutvu cv ....v.-
! fully employed; but it is particularly thro'
jlh,nstrUmiitY of theBible, the n
corrupted fountain of heavenly light, that
we anticipate the meridian of that day
which shall pour its ffu 1 gen ce upon eve-
ry clime, ana place tbe government ol "a7
nations in His hands whose head is des-
tined to wear "many crowns."
It was under such impressions that the
American Baptist Board of Foreign
sions, convened in Salem, in Apiil,
instructed their missionaries "to endeavor
bv earnest rraver and diligent Sludv to i
ascertain thp nrtvise meaning of tbe oricr- '
inal text, and to express that meanino- as i
exactly as the nature of the languages in-
to which they shall translate the Bible j
j will permit, and to transfer no words
which are capable of being literally trans-1
lated. year, and permit a thirtieth part of our
Under the auspices of Divine Provi- j race to die, while we are discussing a ques
dence, missionaries of our denomination tioncf expediency? Or, that we may con
have translated the inspired volume, in (suit every brother in the land, before we
whole or in part, into the languages spok-1 move forward ? No, brethren, to these
en by more tnan half of the human fomi- questions we belieye that there can be but
ly. That their versions are "most faiih-1 one answer Onward! onward! in the fear
," has not been denied, and yet the ! and strength of Israel's God. Would any
British and Foreign. Bible Society, and thing be gained by delay? The British
the American Bible Society, have refused Baptists have wr.ited several years, and
to aid us in giving them to the perishing entreated the Calcutta Bible Society, and
heathen; merely because the original word ; the British and Foreign Bible Society, to
baptizo and its cognates have been trans- j revoke their decision and come to their
lated. Could we do otherwise, as faith-! aid; but in vain! Had they acted with
ful servants of Christ? Is any translator ' that prompt independence, which their
at liberty to compromise his duty to God, painful disappointment has taught us to
and to the millions of mankind, by with- adopt, thousands might have received the
holding- from them the literal rendering Word of God, who have died without the
of the Bible, unolscured in any cf its parts ; boon! Had the American Bapsists com
by human dictation? Although this was i menced this work years ago, who con
, dene by those who acted under the author-' compute the amount of good which might
ity ot Kin? James, in producing our L.ng-
. - r...:. : A .
iun nuiuni.,s uaiC uui
;itBUlliC ou iwpiaiuim , uui m.-
itate an example fraught with such disss -
trous consequences. We are, therefore, j times, to be ready to obey the command ot
thrown upon the providence of God and their JorJ: "Go teach all nations"'
our own resources, in giving to all man- ; To divide, and by dividing, to neutral
kind a vurc cad unaltered Bible. And izeour moral power, has too Ion ? been
if in carrying forward this mighty
oi Lnnstian u i.evoience, tne jour nun-; ry. At ay tne rioiy opint graciously
died thousand Baptists in the United . unite us, oven as " the soul of Jonathan
States do but combine unity of effort with was knit with the soul of David, for Jona
faith, prayer and perseverance, they must than loved him as his own soul." The
ere long, attain to undisputed pre-emi-! formation of an American and Fcreion
. u i : .r a.
m U1L lllKJLai LUIUcrMU" Ui uje
At no previous time has the path of du-
ty been more clearly marked out, than in j harmonious concurrence cfthe whole de
file recent unprecedented success and ex- jncminaticn. Here is afield in which the
pansion ofour missionary operations. In-! energy, and holiest affections of every
dependency of what we owe to the inhab- i Baptist may be engaged nor can we doubt
itants of the United States a vast territo-1 that our brethren will unanimously and
j ry, teeming -with a multitudinous popula-
j tion, has been committed to us, for moral
I cultivation. xoi umy uu uie eigiiieeu
! -m: . C U 1 A
the "Celestial Empire;" embracing facil-
ities, such as have not been afforded to
jjny other denomination. Thirty millions
of Bengalese, also, are willing to receive
the Book that reveals to them the etcmai
God. Thus in Asia and America p. lone
are we called upon to give the Bible to
one half of the e ntire population of the
lobe. Besides this, the whole of Ger-
TT-v I 11 J TVT T I 1
ny, uenmarK, sweacn, Norway, Hol
land and Greece, have special claims to
our attention, inasmuch as their versions
of the sacred Scriptures contain those
words wrh reference to the otdinance of
baptism, which define our peculiar p.ac-
j practicable, to supply France, Spain, "or -
Uu gal, end South America, with pure v.r-
; 3 , .--
! si.ms of tb inspired volum?. instead of!
, the mutilated and altered Bibles which
, are now being circulated in those coun-
: tries.
- i A view of these facts has -iven a row -
extraordinary as ii is irresistible, clearly
indicates that the time for action has come.
1 The friends of the Bible are in motion,
and one loud and long continued exclama-
tion echoes throughout our ranks let us
send th lamn of life into all the domin-
I .
; l.,-. r ; A RrPlhrnn nnr
field of labor is circumscribed by no po
litical or geographical limits the whole
vvorid is before us. With an humble but
firm reliance on the promises of God, let
uS fearlessly advance in this hallowed en
' terprise cf Christian phil-mthropy, and we
may confidently anticipate the approving
smi'le of Heaven. But whatever be the
Jegree of our future success, we shall at
, least enjoy the consciousness of having en
deavored 10 promote the pivttni and eler
rial happiness of millions, whom, upon
earth, we may not hope to behold.
t1,rMD- mvoFihn. o"
as the waters cover the s. , -n(r
A, w u,c ui uui. acH0'", 7
this, some Jiave thought that md.ePenaciu
State societies would meet the exigency
- . a lew minK tnat the time to uunu
m-t.. .ut -
arrived ; but with the utmost esteem
fraternal agectioo for those brethren,
meeting believe that the voice of the de
nomination demands an American and
Foreign Bible Society, to be sustained by
auxiliaries formed in the several Baptist
Churches throughout the Union: and that
no time should be lost in giving such a
'direction to our plans, as at once to secure
those advantages which ntve resulted
.from a similar organization in other insti-
.tutions "Concentrated action is power
ful action." and what we miht fail in
achieve bv isolated zpal. Grid vvill pnhlp
us to accomplish bv co-operation. Why
should we hesitate? Why delay until
next year, to commence work wh'ich the
.denomination believe to be necessary and
practicable now? Shall we wait another
. nave oeen enectea? i nat Ave were not
' ,nA u .1 1
i)- iV, uu. an uuuczuiKing uiougn
. n uoui, ao uui a. pwi upujuy jor
1 those w hose paramount duty is, at all
the successful policy of the great ad versa
i D:ki c:,... : : t
, 'f.'y jS. a umgnuictm enterprise ;
i in "cn' more tnan m any otftcr measure,
we may confidently hope to witness the
- cheerfully respond to the claims of a duty
so obvious, so imperious. In their church
. puiie , 11 is me giory 01 tne caputs to
! dA ,T. k J3 : t . .1 .1
'of the case remember the claims of peT-
! isbing millions, and let it be seen, that
1 Baptists are anxiousto come "to the help
ofthe Lord against the mighty."
Beloved brethren in tbe Lord engaged
in a common cause, let us resolve to be
united. Our means are ample; eternal
truth is on our side, and God has promis
ed that it shall prevail. We want ' noth
ing but concert, to make its influence felt,
from East to West, and from Pole to
From ihe Glasgow Chronicle.
By the Committee of Ihe Glaepow Emanci
1 pet ion Society; to the Ministers of Reli-
' F' in particular, and the friends of
. . . . . - .
e?r0. hmanapation in general,
American Macery.
Esteemed Christian Friends,
; II is in 110 sPh"it of hostility to America,
i that we now solicit your co-operation
to expedite the extincticn of its
Slavery." There may be those who ueuounce
the guilt of its oppression, in hatred and ter
ror of its liberal irutitutions. But with
these we have no sympathy. Nor is it to
these we now principally address ourselves;'
for it will be fcund, if we mistake not, that
they took little part in attaining emancipa-
' tion fcr the ?.lavcs ?lour own Colonies, and
ito i - rlcT-.lcifl in r arl t K n-m n a I n 4 -v
meuw v.a, uUr... .u vu ,u?1Uwc, .u,
l-.r r 1 1 nri riK . 1 1 ' !-l H r lHnc uriU In A n on'n
- ; thr h which aicn2 they canwilh a nv hone
of success assail its disrelished virtues.
Perhaps it may be thought by some, that
we should rather veil than expose the er
rors of our trans-Atlantic brethren, with
which their exalted principles aie practical
ly associated, lest we involve good and bad
in the same common obloquy. Bui such
temporising expedieucy; such dereliction of
duty in apprehension' of consequences, is
the vervnrnn ynd srav of that hateful and
- j hated system which we. desire to overthrow;
and'fof ourselves, we lear nothing
; catiag the cause ol him who was
' tn nroclanil nCcrtv 10 iiif eaoii v es.
C It" til liUUlllIK IU viuui-
cunuuci, uuiuwc Baveoeen renrenensiuiy
i neghgent hitherto, that is no reason for neg-
; lectins dutv still: on the contrarv. wo are
Uhe more bound to improve, promptly and
, indefatigabh what opportunities remain for
, i .ig.i.u
and ligations,'
tb4 are not w
j Us vigorous periormance. n auuiuvui uur
wanting. The emancipation of all
n n

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