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2......VOL. IX....Oct. 12, 1836.
there was a platform erected for the min-
lsiers. ana seais u uuui ui 11 10 sc 0
pie. vhiie 1 was paying ior n, imie
Ann. the youngest, was looking: on the
ynxDOf T nn conn Bjr 11. F. Gomid, thonaa . 0r two thousand r children, and shelves. . She spied some black bottles.
The ship has anchored in the bay I - . . . back of, the children, seats forf parents and Putting her mouth to my ear, she whis-
Hare nnan'd the boats and come away r ered with biscuit for refreshment After Mr. W , what is in those black
Bat where is he ? why don't he come 1
Among the throng with busy V '
My eye seeks Rim it cannot find :
While others haste their friends to greet ;
W.hy, why is he so long behind?
Because ue'ba'de m dry my cheefci
I dried it when he wtnt from us
I smiled wkh lips that could not speak
And now, how can he linger thus?
rfefelt a brother's 'parting kiss,
Each moment since he turn'd from mey
To lose It oalr in the bliss : - .-
Of meeting aim where can he be 1
I've reard the' rose1 he bade me rear
Pre learned the song he bade me learn,
And nursed the bird that he might hear
, Us sing to him, at his return.
I've braided many a lorely flower, ,.
His dear, dear picture to inwreathe,
"While doating fancy, hour by houT,
Has made it smile and seen it breathe.
I wonder if the flight of time
Has made the likeness now untrue ;
And if the sea or foreign clime,
Has1 touched him with a darker hue ?
For I tare wafch'd until the sun
.Has made my longing rision dim,
0 But cannot eateh a glimpse of one
Among, the crowd, that looks-like him.
How .alow the heatr moments waste,
While thus he stay s I where, where is he 7
My heart leaps forthhaste, brother, haste !
It leapt to meet and welcome tnee i
Thou lorely one I the mournful tale
That tells why he comes not, will make
Thy heart to bleed, thy cheek look pale !
. Death finds no tie too strong to break I
- The bird will wait his master long,
.And ask his morning gift in rsin :
Ye both must now forget the song
Of joy, for sorrows plaintire strain.
M The face whose shade thy tender hand
His wreath 'd with flowers, i changed! but tea,
Nor sun, nor air of foreign land
Has wrought the change, for where is he 7
u Where 1 ah ! the solemn deep that took
His form, as with their sad farewell
. His brethren gars the last, last look,
. AAd lowet'dhim do wn that deep must tell I
a But ocean cannot tell the whole
.TJhepart that death can nerer chill,
Nor flood dissolrelheliTingaoul, --
-s klppy, bright and blooming still.
V Add nobler songs than t'ei can sound
From mortal roices, greet his ear ;
Where sweeter, fairer flowers are found -
Than, all he left to wither here.
X tllif IUI9 19 WilTwBC VW1 BMI wins,
the children were all seated, we sung a
hymn, and one of the ministers prayedU--I
Then I was called upon to address the
I children. -
I arose and told the children that I was
glad of an opportunity to address them,
I for I had a message to them. Hold them
bottles V
Beer, I guess.'
' Does beer make people drunk V
Yes, Ann, sometimes.'
She darted out of the door as if a snake
were at her heels, and all the children
followed her. Thev would not touch
I had been a children's minister in Bos-1 the pie. because I got it where they sold
ton, and that when I left, they ga re me a J liquor to make drunkards, and the man
message-to them. 1 then delivered to j took the pie back again.
them my message on petue. Instructed 1 Thus t delivered my peace and tern
a mm n Vj Si
teem nowtne children oi Boston said tney I perance message. More tnan a tnousand
must do in order to be peace children, I were before me bright eyes, and happy
must love'their enemies, bless those that I faces. I was reminded of that congrega-
curse them, resist not eril, must not strike I tion of dear children to whom I preached
those who strike them, but always over-1 m Boston. There was a dmerence in
come eril with good. To enforce the I the place of worship. In Boston the
1 . II .1 . A . I I'll 1 1 J 1. t T
lesson, i OKI inemme loiiowmg met i cniiaren assemoiea in a dhck cnapei. m
I went into a school of little children in 1 Watertown the children were assembled
Boston- .While talking to the school, a I in a beautiful grove." The lofty trees wav-
wicked little boy 6 years old, doubled up I ms their green, beautiful tops over us,
his fist and struck his little sister, sitting I and the sun, here and there sending his
by him, 4 years old, on her head. She, I beams down through the opening leaves.
in the true spirit of war. doubled up her The srreen crass beneath our feet. The
fist to strike bade. Just, as she was about deep-blue sky over our heads, and God
to give the blow, the teacher caught her I present all around us. The children took
eye, and said to her ' My dear, you had I refreshments, happy enough. Then dis
better kiss him.' persed talking about peace and temper-
Li a moment, the little girl's feelings ance, and the children of Boston,
alt chaneed. She threw her little arms I yesterday delivered another lecture
around her brother's neck, and began to J to the children of Watertown, in the
kiss him. He began to cry, and the tears meeting house. The house was full and
rolled down his cheeks, The little sister 1 there I delivered the rest of my message;
wiped them on, and tued to comfort him, that they must cease to hght against
ana the more she kissed him, wiped his God, and then they will quarrel no more
tears ana iriea to comion mm, me naraer i among tnemseives.
he cried. A kiss for a blow! This is I But I must commend the children
overcoming evil with good. That little
boy was cautious how he struck his sister
1 told them too of a little boy, 7 years
old, in one of the schools in Boston, nam-
ed Horatio. 1 went into his school one
dav. when tne Vahmeton Blues had
v J
been marching about the streets.
Well, children, did you see the rub-a-
dubs the trainers!'
Did you see the Capt.?'
What did he have on?'
A feather In his cap, and a sword.'
What did he have a sword for V
To stab the British, said Horatio with
Twelth. The growth of this city is truly
unparalleled. Last year the real estate
was valued at $l44,uuu,uuu, inis year ai
over $300,000,000. An increase, we be-
liere, that carmot nnd a parallel in tne
history of the world. What the amount
of personal will be, we are unable to say)
indeed the books have not yet been made
un. Last Year. This YearT
j M
1st Ward $5db,U34,5UU &3t,27U,5UU
2d do 13,800,000 19,632,600
3d do 10,904,200 14,2299504
4th do 7,749,800 9,152,300
5th do 8,951,600 12,602,100
6th do 6,366,958 10,330,134
7th do 8,553,037 11,964,190
8th do 8,501,115 12,137,300
9th do 6,204,825 10,144,200
10th do 4,825,500 7,613,700
11th do 8,796,100 18,716,300
12th do 16th Ward
last year.
13th do
14th do
15th do
16th do
Boston and Watertown to uod. 1 am
I called here as in Boston, the children's
Henry C. Wright.
15670400 10163140
$144,321,805 $226,246,404
On the Real Estate, in addition to the
above assessments, the 1st Ward had 3
per cent added ; the 3d, 1 1 per cent ; the
4th, 15 per cent; the 5th, 8 per cent ; the
6th, 8 per cent ; the 7th, 2 per cent ; the
8th, 4 per cent ; the 9th, 8 per cent ; the
1 1th, 3 per cent ; the 12th, 140 per cent ;
the 13th, 21 per cent; the 14tb, 18 per
cent; the 15th, 11 percent; the 16th, 4
per cent. By the OTder of the Board of
Assistants. N. Y. Dai. Adv.
ManvnftheTOUngmen of the present TO PRINTERS $ PUBLISHERS.
day who find an early profi guilty of nHE" iufocri bers hava completed'their
suicide! .They wtuaUy. laU jhemelveal:I.; ew;,peri$i bopk'bf Iifttfcced
by intemperance in meataana annw anu b(k an3 job prinling fiowers and
dissipation. They live fire years fi one oraameats,Uhe contents of which art
i. e. they eat and fflnnic asmuwii herewith partially given,
year as would serve a healthy and tempe- Diam0nd : pearl, Noa. 1 and 2 : agate
rate liver, nve i nw w cuioiK p Nos. 1, 2 and 3 ; agate on nonpaml
alarming dissipation of our young people, bod .. nonparjei Nos. 1, 2, 3 and 4 :
wmcn sweeps lway mimuus w , if mmionette, Wos. 1 and 2; minion, Kos.
grave every year. ; If there should not be 3 - 4 $ mmioIl on brevier body ;
a speedy reformation in .the conduct M ,brevjer on minion body; brevier, Nos. 1,
young people, a man of 50 or 60 (should 2 3 an(j 4 ; breveir on bourgeois body ;
there be sucn an one; wiu oe iwsw uFu. 1 bre?;er on ionfr primer body : bourgeoir
in a few years with admiration and aston- QQ brevier body r bourgeois, Nos. 1. 2,
3 and 4 J .bourgeois on long primer body ;
long primer Nos. 1, 2, 3 and 4 ; longptim
er on small pica body: small pica Nos.
1 and 2 ; pica on small pica' body; pica
Nos. 1, 2 and 3 ; pica on .bnglrsh body ;
ishment U. S. Gaz.
Texas General Houston President.
New-Orleans papers of the 15th announce
the election of General Houston as pres-
idem, and General Lamar as vice presi- Ush og j and 2 great rjmer
dnt Another attemnt is said to have
been made to rescue Santa Anna, but de
feated. A number of prizes had been lent in
by the Texan scnooner Terrible. The
Texan army had moved to a new en
campment near Matagorda Bay.
A proclamation issued by Gen. Hous
ton, at Nacogdoches, says he is induced to
1 a 1 vs. it. 1
paragon ; couDie jngiisnj aouoie para
gon ; cannon ; "five lines pica to twenty ;
eight lines pica Gothic condensed, to
twenty ; five, seven, and ten lines pica or
namental ; six seven, nine, twelve and
fifteen lines pica shaded eight, ten,
twelve and sixteen lines antique shaded.
Also, a large and beautiful collection of
flowers irom pearl to seven lines pica,
believe the situation of that place unsafe, of whichrare not t0 be fonnd j
avfAAhnrV or a to r Ir 4sAm Is K a fvl A riQ T1 6 I -
"r ,u6 " other specimen . a new assortment of or-
and Indians He therefore commands namentVl dashes ; a variety of card bor
the militia of the adjoining counties to be ear two thousand metal orna-
organized, ana aemanas a reiniorcemem hrassruie: leads of Prions t,irt.
1 an appropriate gesture.
What does be want to stab the Brmsn
for, Horatio, my boy !'
To get money.
The Thames Tunnel. Dr. Hum
phrey in one of his letters from England,
gives the following interesting description
of the Thames Tunnel.
This great work was commenced seve
ral years ago, about a mile below London
Bridge. It is agreed on all hands, I be
lieve, that if the tunnel could be finished,
and secured against the irruptions of the
superincumbent waters, it would be a pub
lic accommodation, as the navigation of the
Thames will not permit the erection of any
bridge in that part of the city ; and the
river is so constantly filled and almost
choked up, with all kinds of water craft,
From the Genesee Farmer.
Tliiaga a Fannir abonld not do
A farmer should never undertake to
cultivate more land than he can do thor
oughly ; half tilled land is growing poor
er ; well tilled land is constantly improv- that to keep any thing like a convenient
ing. ferry open is quite impossible. The un-
A farmer should never keep more cat- dertaking has proved much more costly
tie, horses, sheep, or hogs, than he can j than was anticipated, and for a very con
keep in good order; an animal in high Isiderable time it was entirely suspended for
order the 1st of December, is already half I want of funds. But at the last session of
wintered. , , Parliament a large grant was made for the
farmer should never depend on his I prosecution, of it. vVhen I was there, in
WhcfcA the fond eye hath sought so long ! tae it oati
A farmer should never depend on his I nrosecution of it. When I
How can he get the money after he I neighbor for what he can, by good care 1 the month of May, the arches again re
has stabbed them V and good management, produce on his own sounded with the heavy blows and busy
Put his hands into their pockets, and I farm he should never beg fruit while he hum of the workmen. A shaft is sunk
. ...i ......
TVait till thy days have fillM their sun ;
IDCOllDIl Butt ll tu ukci uuuwg. . .
, k k . . . . . '
I 4 -zrzm ; '
Froa tht New-EDfW 8pcUtor. (
- to Vna cniLnnxs of bostojt,
-f WaitrUvm ntctr Bckett'i Ilarlor', Stptjth.
filiu Ed it 0 a Just before I left Bos
ton, I met several hundred of those dear
hildren with "whom Lhave been ass oci-
ated the pasc 1 101a tnem mat iwm
can make or buy; a high authority has to the depth of fifty or sixty feet, on the
of 145 men, until the post can be rem
forced by General Games.
Trade. The fol
from the Virginia
t .a 1
ness; astronomical, mainemaucai ana
physical signs ; metal braces and hashes
from three to thirty ems Jong ; great pri
mer and double pica scrips on inclined
body ; diamond and nonpariel music of
various kinds; antiques; light and heavy
Domestic Slave
lowing is extracted
Times :
"We have heard intelligent men esti- - twe - lptlpp . fnll - .
mate the number of slaves exported from r ,. nonnarieK mini0n brevier, lon
Virginia withm the last 12 months at nriWr. and .mall Dica . minion, brevier.
120,000: each slave averaging at least f nP;mMr anA nfhTh.h. . nnnn.riel.
$600 making an aggregate of $72,000,- and brevier Greek, Hebrew and
000; but of the number of slaves export- q,,-.-
ed, not more than one third have been A j variety of ornaments, calculat
sold, the others have been carried away particbuiarly for the Spanish and South
by their owners, who have removed American markcte : Spanish, French and
which would leave in the State the sum of pormefc6e accents furnished to order, to
$24,000,000, arising from the ksale of L-rti.ef with every other article made use
satiorr heldwith n little boy in one of the
nrimrv rchoals of Jsoston. What a I
r r T . ., .
murderous spirit was mere 1
I thn trA thm th little frirrs dehni-
a uvfta w w ----- 0 - -
What if their pockets have no money?' I said a borrower is a servant of the lender. J south bank of the river, over which a tern-
Go to the house and take it. I The farmer should never be so immers- I porary building has been erected, and vou
What if the wife and children wont j jn political matters, as to forget to sow I descend into the tunnel by a winding stair-
let them come in V ( his wheat, dig his potatoes, and bank up case. Before it can be opened, it must of
Stab them too. I his cellar : nor should he be so- inattentive 1 eourse be carried out a great deal further
What if he can find any money t0 them as to remain ignorant of those I from the river, to get a convenient slope
there V i great questions of national and state policy I for heavy transportation.
Burn them all up.' I which will always agitate, more or less, a I At the bottom of the stairs, the horizon-
These are the very words of a conver- free people. I tal excavation, under the bed of the river
A farmer should never be ashamed 01 1 commences. It is ten or twelve feet in
his calling, we know that no man can be height, and wide enough for two carriage
entirely independent ; yet the farmer ways, with a row of strong pillars, and
should remember, that if any man can be arches extending from pillar to pillar, be
tween them. The sides and transverse
i , t..u .v i-l .k- f -v..U I not nuncn- one BDOiuer. wi lutlui " is the man. aTches. as vou stand at the entrance, and
na IOTC. I (Old mem u i(uyu. .. ....u : nr1 rwr- nH .t r. . .,j i, l i. r U . l W i'Ti. , i. j
loauuauuvuwi. 11: , 1 ,. .r '",:.' .
nave nu 4uarreumgi iujr neglecting education to lie against nimsen terraneous galleries, are built ot the most
hunch each other, and if others hunched 0r family : if knowledge is power, the substantial masonry, and have every ap
them, they must not hunch back again. beginning of it should be early and deep- pearance of being perfectly secure, as far
i ne muituuue 01 cuimrer. ww iy laid in the district school. as they are finished, which is abeut 600
tention-while I delivered ray peace mes- A farmer should never use ardent spir- feet, nearly or auite to the middle of the
sage. I told them many things about the ts as a jrink ; if, wiiile undergoing severe river. Some even now doubt whether the
fatigue, and the hard labors of the sura- tunnel will ever be finished ; but I see no
mer, he would enjoy robust health, let insuperable difficulty by the way. As I
him be temperate in all things. have elsewhere remarked, (I believe,) our
fair J-Enffhsh kinsfolk are commonlv much less
we I in a hurry than we are : but they possess
bun-1 the virtue of perseverance in an eminent
refuse 1 degree ; and I have little doubt that some
wheat six half dozen vears hence thev will be nass-
ing under the bed of their largest river
wood j with as much composure and safety as
ntied of wood durint? the thev now nass ovr Tvinrlnn "Rridnro
ft 1 I A w I J M f- "
ter. I here was a drunken wretcn 01 a summer months; if he does, when winter Whenever that day arrives, the tunnel
father. Three little boys, eldest 8, were COmes, in addition to cold fingers, he must will be an immense thoroughfare for the
shivering and starving around him. The expect to encounter the chilling looks of lower part of the metropolis.
lira to New York and Ohio, to persuade
?P . i w bnt to lfve in iehct of pea" children-that they would Said to possess that enviable distinction, he
murder one another, but to live in veaee r . mnntuor 1 told them f . .u.
mi w. i told them that i should visit wi "".T' -r "r: " ' i 18 l"e
all the children I could in
jaad week-day schoolsi to preach peace
. ,and temperance to them. 1 asked the
rf.xhildrenof Boston, if they had any mes
" to cn w e children in the west,
t Yet,' was the reply.
-If UM t
1 T . ' . , , . rA rhildrrn of Boston
.Tell them to. love one another, ana oe ,.m.rnyir. mM
A UvU V1U iUvlll V w 1 wrvw w
peace children.
itil 1 1 j r n . . 1 1 . k n
, v:i j i wu.. sage. 1 ne cnuuren 01 dusiuu wm mcui
AZm.mAiVlAtnAaV U) drmK notning to mane mem aruns, mm A faTmer should never refuse a
- .tS;,..WrK oth.r with thei. I what they said made people drunk. I price for any thinjr he wishes t0 sell;
.ivIV. . i;,tU crirl. A v old.who lhem. 10 . lmuate tn.e . chlWren 01 have known a man who had several
Sril&JZr tvvn other fhil. Boston who tried to get their parents not dred bufihels of wheat tQ dis off
6 , -.".J . 7" to drink any thing to make them drunk, 8s. and after keeping bis
-n iMn'np trft tho.e related the following fact I monthsf was glad to get 6s. 6d. for it
nv.rJ S m.t to overcome evil 1 went into apoor, dirty, cold room m A farmer should never allow his
IMA . . . " . 1 11 . . . ...a . 1 4 . H.tf. la.t mln. It .
of in the printing business at short notice,
of as good quality and on as reasonable
terms as any other establishment.
Corner of Nassau and Ann sts. N. Y.
N. B. Proprietors of newspapers
printed within any part of the United
States ot the uanaaas, wno win copy me
above advertisment three times, and for
ward a copy containing the same, will Jr
entitled to their pay in any type cast a
our foundry, provided they take twice the
amount of their bill in type. l:Sw.
Pair AMD sr N.H. Downs.
IOR nought, rolda, consumption, catarrh,
croup, asthma, ., whooping cough, lung fever
and all other diseases oi the head, chest ar.d
Pamphlets containing a history of the medi
cine. With Numerous, and respectable certificitei
! and ample directiont and much other inforraaticr,,
ccompany eacn botUe and can be had at any
of the arencief gratis.
Sold by special appointment by
with rrood.' said others.
. 'What shall I tell the children about
V' temperance 1'
J "-Ttl them to drink no rum. gin. whis-
Ship Canal at Niagara. We are
indebted to the Hon. Joel Terrill for a
copy of the report of Capt. Williams, of
the Corps of Engineers, in relation to a
canal round Niagara Falls, to connect the
waters of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.
The plan contemplates a ship or steam
hnt rnal. with locks 200 feet long, 50
feet wide, and 10 feet deep ; the lift not
generally to exceed 10 feet to each lock.
The entire elevation to be overcome, is
something more than 300 feet. Several
routes are examined in the report, and
the expense is estimated at from 2 1-2 to 5
millions of dollars. Jovr, of Con.
Respectable Persons. It has been
sometimes thought difficult to define, ex
actly, the class of people that have an
exclusive claim to be considered respecta
ble. They have doubtless overcome this
difficulty in our sister of New York, for
we find in the Times of Tuesday the fol
lowing paragraph, which 3tates, distinctly,
their exclusive privileges: Bost. Cour.
We stated yesterday, that persons
placed in the watch-house on Saturday
night, cannot get bailed till Monday.
This is not always the case. Persons of
respectability, brought before the magis
trates on Sunday morning, are admitted to
bail, though in most cases prisoners are
held over till the following day."
Brewster Mass. A Correspondent
of the Evangelist, dating Aug. 23, says:
"There has been an interesting revival in
this town which commenced about the
middle of last March. Since that time
thirty-three have been added to the Bap- I part of the contract , relating to the pari-
tist church; and twenty-hve to the Con- nersnip oi n. l. uraway& Uo. we here-
gregationahst church as the fruits of the J by declare said firm to be dissolved, and
revival. About seventy in the whole have all payments must hereatter be made to
indulged hopes. The work commenced us, as we have the books for collection,
among the sea captains first. Eleven men We give further notice that Hemar.
obtained a hope, before there were but two Henry is no longer an Agent lor the firr
emales. Five sea captains and one mate Of Nathan Carr & Co., and that payment
of a ship have been received into the Bap- hereafter for work done by that companj
A'i lX.?53rnJW,iktt,ti"' Orwell; H. Si-
E0n?, ; r . Comically
Haskell St Wicker, AVrrt ferriiWA- r n
Aiken, Benson', S. H. Barnes, Charlotte'.
And by most other respectable druggists fa the
State. 46: ly
TCV)It sale by C. W- J. A. CC
JJD NANT, one hundred tons Pig ant
Scrap Iron of superior quality.
July 5th, 1836. 41
IN consequence of the failure, on the
part of Mr Ordway, to perform hi
T . j; i. v: -.! I . . . . . R
i:brandr wine, cider wife, and perhaps m a series ol lec
. . . . i Doiminir uis x a ud iu taiu biuv.m. ui mo
V any tobacco. ' -.. " r,
Such was' the tenor oi the, message
which tha children of Boston sent by me
"r: to all the children twhom I should meet
' I took down the words of the children in
-.- xa journal, and the above sentences are
- fcuv imall pari of 'what I was told to
I have felt it to be my delight to be the
. .hearer of truch a message from those
tvhora XaoidearlV ioTed. -I have. made
-great use of that message and have deliv-
J eredJ it to many groups and Urge, colleo
l ' v ?i j . .-j . .k. r
tiona oi cauurii auu : w uwi
wall on which were printed these
words (
These words the poor little
lures lo leam, mai me man wno Durns The question is freauentlv asked h
green wood has not mastered the A. B. C. are not Jur mM roust Jm
oi aomesiic economy. fki nAm M i.if. .
. r , u"7 ,. tny now as young men were half a century
A farmer ahnnld nvr nllnw his win. I J f . . J
dows to be filled with red cloaks, Mattered
coats, and old hats : if he does he will
most assuredly require the reputation of a
man who tarries
ago? And what is the reason that
many die young, and so few live to old
age, or even to middle life ? We will en-
I . r j 1 I J . wm unuuuovtiwiuuiii iu IUC UlSl DlilCC
icaviug u wuc uu wuuuiru w itcexe vonncr mpn - half rntnrV .rn
home. - i . , V Ul" 1
- ai n ani aiimiT(wi mma a.-z .
. . , i - l .v..., uiiu iviuuiiaio uauiig, 1 lie V
sr'z I were tnen unaer intnrs nnd (rnvprtiAT. onH
frmr w nvr Ua n,r,rrrxj V. . . . . 7 '
vfiiwv w - ' iibViiiu lwj wjarvai v mw V
' 1 excited much attention and given effect to drunken father, when I came in. liberal,
' ' t rny words. To children in Springfield, . sir said I, will you listen to the ten-
:in Albany, In Saratoga, in Schenectady, der entreaties of your dear son V
tri Utica. and Whitesbo!o have I lectur- n Mr. W- ' said the poor drunk- -
: :u mA.' -a .tr - vuu... w uucuirui i mcir parents
starving, VlC T": lucc nrc- and masters. They were made to retire
uiree luiugs oi wuicn ue win never De loo , ij M,i ,j it ...
iv uia t.-anj, a.uu iu hoc iv , auu. iu exer-
' A. nmM this measaire.- rint in low) imm m a . k.m ,rrnm AmnV
a. - - o i is w a)4A y urii w w 0 itviu s utuua
thi town I havo had the most interesting J aTd's grave and a drunkard's hell, if I go
inf nv unpM 1 n nonDn. 1 ik.
UVVUK " J " i, MiC I
promises, time, and credit.
M1SC eLlaneous
Great lacreaae at tKe -raJme of RmU Sstate
We have obtained the following highly
interesting article, from an abstract of the
' ! "t arrived in Watertown, a Tillage on I ' But the poor man would not listen to Assessors' books, by which it will be seen
" r the Black liver, 80 miles north of. Utica, I his dear chj
last Thursday night, to meet the Utica
Ad. I saw him drunk a few that the taxable real estate, of the city, has
days after. I reached over $226,000,000, an increase
A vnoiLth!it meets in this town. The next I told the .children of the children's I of $82,000,000 over that of last vear.
T dsy. Friday, there 4 was to ' bo . a general temperance meetings and children's tem- This sum was considered so low, that the
a meeting of all the Sabbath 1 schools in this perance societies in Boston, and "exhorted Assessors raised it over $70,000,006
. town And vicinity, in this place. ; At 10, them not to go near any grog-shops,where making it upwards of $300,000,000.
the children, in waggons and on foot, began they made drunkards and took the bread Notwithstanding the fire in the f Burnt
u ' jto Sock in with their parents i and ;teach- out .ot the mouths of starring children, District" lite value of the property in the
r I era, from all thVauntry-aronndV by hun- and the clothes off their hacks, and relat- First Ward, is over $10,000,000 what it
''areds shd almostby thousands, ' At II, cdthe following fact. -X v I , was last year; Second Wart, $6,500,000 ;
s a nrocession was 3drraed of the children ;'l took fonr.Lttle girls from Miss B.'s Third, tnree and a quarter : Fourth.: one
cHofty trees, larger than any on Boston them inlo victualling shop across the I teenth, three ; Fourteenth, two and a half
tTTZT.?? 1 1 C.a tVy cya? w v& giuvu, i uua msj. wnp uitia wg uu I s iuvcuiu, six , ouuecxua IS UKen on the
cise themselves at some kind of manual la
bor previous to attending to their studies
if they were students : if they were not
students, they were obliged to earn their
breakfast (at some tind of work) before
they ate it Their food then was much
coarser and plainer, 'and therefore" more
healthy. If the same kind ot conduct and
living were pursued now towards our boys
and young men, they would be as healthy
and robust now as their predecessors were
and live to as great an age ; and so would
our young women, out manners, customs,
and Jiving have all -changed. . Now onr
children are masters ; they turn night into
day, and day into night They sit op un
til midnight, and all the beautiful atmos
phere of the morning has passed away be:
fore they are up ! It is really so ! and
instead of being early up at some useful
labor and exercisev lhey ' ate'lpermitted to
loiter and! idle aW their precious time;
and to eat and drink the hard earnings of
others ! No wonder that there are fifty
paupers now where thru was tne then.
tist church."
T. C. must be paid, to us also.
C. W. & J. A. CONANT.
Brandon, Sept. 20, 1836.
Cabinet Furniture.
"The Burnt District." Some per
son has communicated to the Journal of 1
Commerce a statement of the present con
dition of the 4'burnt district," which, was.
1 n lH woato rmr Ins mat fliA In nkn.
last. It seems that of 419 lots then laid V I ?nDscribers keep constantly ci
open, only 78 are now vacant; 52 have nana, lor sale, .
Duuoings commenced on them, 64 build- MAHUtiANY VENEERS, LOCm
ings roofed: and 225 or more than haif of ING GLASSES. PLATES.
the whole, buildings finished, of which and other articles in iheir linechear
167 are already occupied I JV. Y. Etan,
Death among Children. The N.
York Journal of Commerce of Tuesday
says: "The mortality among yo'ung chil
dren still continues. Of 177 persons de
ceased last - week, M) I. . were under five
years of age. Between five and ten years
none; and between ten and twenty, only
seven.", .
A son or the; PiLcaiMs. Elder John
than can be had elsewhere in the State
lhey. continue to carry on the CAB
NET BUSINESS, at their old stand
N. B.--AN AfePENTlCE wan-fat
the above business, immediately.
Brandon, Sept20,;1 836. 3 5?
A Tavern- Stand and Store.
f 1 3 HE subscriber offers for sale. c
, JL the most reasonable terms, the tbori
named Dro pert v, well known as most
mi i . l a :n:
Williams,a descendant of Roger Williams
is now living in Burrillville, R. I., being
nearly 94 years of age. One day. Week
before last, he walked to his brother'a in
Foster, a distance of sixteen miles, and 1 gibly situated in the flourishing villa?
was um uiue iaiiguea nos. Adv. Brandon. He will also sell his
mi . . T ... . - I T.TTSJP! OT? RT A (IV
i ne nnce oi whnt ha rteiinA ;u t r', .w
I . .u -tm II1. , m -L, I
taio ana a paper ol thai nacp mm' tk.t between uranoon ana : ivuuanu.
nlthnncrb th rrnniliU n.:tl t. ' ! . nf navmnnt run nrnhnKlv ht riad' -
- .V..U jroi u ix; some- J ' r-J I J " l
what , lighter than nannl : :n t I ronrene the TJUrchaser. It need noi ...
much better than was supposed,
The Boston and ISalern Stage Compa
ny has failed for $20,000, to .meet which,
they havo property estimated at $45,000.
Oneida College, NnasUfjstudepts,
12 of whorn are colored."1 Bbme are froih
New England, some from Canada, and
some from the Southern States.
aaid that-this 'is& rare opportunity for
enterprising young man.
Brandon, Sept. 20, 1836. 52tf
PI ASH and the highest price i11
Vk paid foT PELTS, by
LeicesteT, April, 1336.
' A. 1 - .

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