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,o . -C" - . . - - , -VE R MO N TT E 12 GR A P H Vol. X....No. 137"
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' t Chattix XI. Ottri Martial
Courts of Inquiry, '
.. Sec. L The governor or comrander-in-
chief shall tppuni general courts mania J.
, forjho trial of all officers obove 'the rank
of captain; he brigadier-generals, each
' within his own brigudiv shall - appoint
;.brigaJa court martial. for'ihe trial of cap
- tains and aJl conirrmionrd officers 4inder
!that rank. ,Anli't shall be. the doty of
; evary officer who shall appoint a court
' martul as aforesaid, to approve or diaap
prove of every sentence oisucb court ma r
tia!.b7 them appointed f and 'do officer
Svho a hill appoint a cojrt martial shall.be I
presueni mereoi , nor snail any sentence
j bo pat in execution until it shall have been
Appro veij of as aforesaid. A general, or
fbriglde- codrt "martial shall consist of
tvrel re members "al least,' and a president
" Tand marshal the 'president" of" which
. shill not be nnder the rank -of a field ofB
! ccr ; and do field officer shill be tried by a
' i person under the rank of captain and all
ofliiiers shall take rank on a court martial,
by seniority of commission; without re
gard to corps., If agenerO court martial
is to be formed, Orders shall be issued to
such divisions, as in the opinion of the
commander -in-chicC may most convenient
It furnUli the rnembers thereof; if it be a
bngad court martial, orders shall be is-
. sueu to sacn regimem wrcnm me ongaae,
. ' aj in lh opinion of the brisndier-ecneral
, or commanding officer '. of the brigade,
. . 'maV most conveniently furnish the mem-
' bers thereof And whenever a command
ing officer of a division, brigade, OTj, regi
;'mmt; shall be ordered to furnish eve rvofS-
ccr. of "officers,1 as member or members,
supernumerary or supernumeraries of a
court tn.vtial, such oxheer or officers shall
be rejftxlarly detailed from the roster of
the division, brigade or regiment by the
commanding officer thereof, respectively,
forthwith, after having' received orders
therefor, as aforesaid. Provided? kovee-
'er' That in case of Inability, sickness or
. atscrirp-cf any officer whose turn it would
I I j to.sere on a court martial, the detail-
jn officer.shall cerffy such circumstan
.. .ces.to the officer who ordered the court
martial, and detail the sfficer next in ro
s tation t and the officers ordered to be de
tailed to serve on courts martial, shall be
detailed in the following manner : major
- ' cenerats bv the commander-in-chief, or
his orders, from the general roster ; brig
adier ireaerals. by the commanding offi-
cer of divisions, from the division roster:
field officers, by the commanding officers
4 f brigades, (fora the brigade roster ; and
captains ana snoaucrns, oy tD command
., ing officer of: regiments, from the Tegi
, nental , roster. Wnenever acourtmar-
' t'ul is ordered, the officer ordering it shall
appoint th-! ' president and marshal of the
same he may, also; at his discretion, Or
der a number of offi:ers, not exceeding
,all tne number.of members of which the
. fours is composca, to oo aetauea as su
' . perpumeraries, -.la addition to lha mem
bers. to attend the court at the onraniza
thfunT' itn I in ftta lhm ahull K
iny vacancy or vacancies, the judge ad-
tocjirer ihafl fill luch vacancy cr vacan-
Cie from the lapernumeraries, begin-
ning with the , highest, in grade, and pro-
ceejing in regular rotation. And the of-
ficef nha shall appoint a court martial,
shall at' the tamo lime appoint a judge
advo:ate. whose duty it shall be, irapar?
tially to state evidence, both for and against
lie onicer unueTuiai, iaice accurme mm- courts maniai, nnj may examine tnem on
utes of the) evidence; and all the proceed- oath : but they shall n t give their epin
In 3 of thi court; all of. which lie shall ions on the merit of the case, unless they
transmit, with the judgment of the court are especially requested so to do. The
"thereon, under leal, to the officer whose parties shall also be permitted to cross ex
duty U i to approver disapprove of such amine witnesses, so as to fairly investigate
judgment. All persona shall be holden the circumstances in question. Tho pro
15 app;af ' and gte evidence leforo any ceedings of j court of inquiry are to be
daurr 'mirtul, under the same-penalties authenticated by the signatures of the
Ut "neglect, at are by 4iw provided foi president and iudge advocate, and are to
witnesses in Other cases; when thereunto be transmitted by the judge advocate,
aummoned by a justice of the peace; and sealed, -to the. officer who" ordered tne
ehall bt entitled to ,the tame lees as wit court
nesses", attending the county court, to be The juJjre nd roc ate shall administer to
piil out .of the, iUte treasury ; and all
witnesses shill bs sworn by the judga ad-
Vocate, before they give their evidence to
the court Defore any court martial shall
proceed is the:, trial of any .officer, the
.judge-advocate, ahill administer to the
pTcsidcnt and each of the members the
following oath, vix : .., . fc
'"You , do swear,
that You will well and truly try the cause
rowWore ydtl, between the tato of Ver-
rnoht' and " the 'person .or. persons to be
" tried, according to- evidence and you do
further aweary that you will not divulge
the sentence of this court martial, ontit it
shall approved 'or disapproved of, and
. "taat you will noC on", any account, at any
time, 'discover the vote opinion of any
member, utl'csi required to give evidence
' thereofi as1 a witntsa i by'a court of juVtice,
in a due course of latv ; ao help you God."
And the president shall administer to
the iudc-3 advocate the following oath, fii:
You ' . do swear,
thitVoa will not on any account, at any
time whatever, Idivulire the Tote or opin
. ion of any member of this court martial,
unless require! to give eviaence inereoi,
as a witness, by a court of ins. ice, in due
conre of law ; ao help you God." -
When any.m?mber,of ft court-martial
is challenged, either on the part of the
government or .the accused, the cause
the c'.i n;e roust bo stated in writing,
io court after due- delibention
11 dct
termine th relevancy or valfditv;
ar.d decide accordia jlr ;'and nVchallense
r-.oro thtn cne member at Vtime, shall
be r : ived by the court Oa question of
fui;'.:e. the member objected to shall
r . vo:r, b'it the president may vote' with
raerabcrs t and in no ess? shall chal-
.... be acted opon, until the president
eal juio aiivocate, .and the lotcnicd
members, are twom. AH trials by court
Siartul shall be carried on ia the
time ; and when the Votes are called for,
on a question, the judge advocate shall
begin with the youngest in ! commission,
and proceed regularly to the oldest.' And
at all courts martial,, unless twri'thirds of
the members airree that the accused - is
guilty, the iudge advocate shall record his
acquittal ; but if twd thirds or more pro
nounce the accused guiltr, the court shall
sentence him, if an ofiicer, either lo be
reprimanded in orders, or removed from
office, or to pay a fine not exceeding ene
hundred dollars, in. the discretion of said
court according to the aggravation of his
offence j end if. a non-commissioned offi
cermusician or private, to such fine5, for
feiture or. other punishment as, is or may
be providid by ' law. And if any officer
be sentenced to be removed from office,
the court shall judge him to be disqualifi
ed tor, 8nd mcapabfe of holding any mil
itary office under this state, either for life,
or for a term of years, according to the
aggravation of his offi-nce; which sen
tence either of reprimand in orders, re
moval from office, fine, forfeiture or other
punishment, if approved of. shall remain
in full force; but the judgment of disqual-
ncation may oe reversed by the legisla
ture. And all fines imposed on any offi
cer in pursuance of this section, shall be
sued for and recovered by action of debt,
brought on this siatutp, be ore any court
of comnetent luridiciicn nn.-l if tha
. - - y mm vaaw v
cer sentenced to pay a fine as aforesaid,
snail be a captain or subaltern, said action
shill be brought in the name of the quar
ter-master of the regiment to which such
captain or subaltern belongs, for the use
of said regiment; if a regimental, field or
ftall officer, said action shall bt brought
in the name of the brigade Quarter-master
of the bregade to which said field or staff
officer may belong, for the use of said
brigade ; if a brigadier ger.eral or brig-
ade staff ofiicer, by the quarter-master of
the division to which such brigadier-general
or brigade staff officer may belong,
for the use of such division ; and if any
other officer, in the name of the qimter-ter-master
general, for the use of the mi
litia of this state. And all courts martial
are authorized herebv to preserve order
during their session, and if any person or
persons in presence ot a court martial
shall behave in a disorderly manner, or
make any tumult in, or disturb any court
martial, and shall not upon the command
of the marshal thereof, desist therefrom,
it shall be lawful for ihe court martial to
confine such disorderly person or persons,
ior a time not exceeding eight hours.
Sec. 2. The commander-in-chief may
call boards of officers whenever in his
opinion they may be necessary for set
tling military questions, or for other pur
poses relative to good order and discipline.
And the comminder-in-chief, and the
brigadier-generals or orher officers com
manding brigades, each in his own brig
ade, may order courts of enquiry, to ex
amine into the nature of any transaction,
or accusition, or imputation, against any
officer, when made by an inferior. Pro
vided, Aoicerer, 1 hat all courts of inqui
ry on general or field officers, arc to be
I nrAornA Kv iKa sAmminl.ji :nV.;r all
courts of inquiry on captains, regimental
staff and subalterns, shall be ordered by
the brigadier-generals or commanding ofr
ficers of brigades ; and courts of inquiry
shall always consist of three officers and
a judge advocate, to bo appointed by the
person ordering the same: all of whom
j shall be sworn. These courts shall have
the same process to summon witnesses as
each of the officers composing a court of
inquiry, the following oath :
-You . do swear,
thnt you will well and truly examine and
inquire into the matter now before you,
without partiality, favor, affection, pfeju-
dice or hope of reward; so help you God."
Afer which the president shall admin-
ister to the judge advocate the following
You do swear,
that you will impartially record the. pro-
ceediags of the court and the evidence to
be given in the case in bearing : sd help
you God."
The judge advocate shall administer to
the witness the same oath or affirmation,
as' the- case may be, as is prescribed bv
law. r And any officer who may serve on
any court martial or court of .inquiry,
shall be entitled to receive as a comnen-
sation therefor, one dollar , per da v, for
each dav he mav nctuallv serve In. or
I necessarily, attend such court: and five
cents per mill for travel, from his nlace
- 1 of residence to the blace where such court
may be holden ; and the president thereof
snail cenny tae travel and attendanceof
each member, and of the iudr advocate
and marhil, and when the same shall be
allowed by the auditor of accounts arainst
this state,, the treasurer of this -state is
he ruby directed to par njnount thereo
out of any monies ir. rdasury nototh
erwiso appropriaieo.
' Sec. 3. The commandant of eaeh reji
ment shall assemble Ihe 'field officers o
his regiment a ' reyi mental court mar-
liaij m.uu ucnu u orjiun Ol Salu COUrt m
each towni embraced " within the limits o
his rrgiment; so." often as in his opinion
the same may 'be necessary, and shl
give ten days notice or the time and "place
oi noiaing san regimental :coun nuruaj
to the rbmdsniinaf companies, ia said
totrnjanl saiJ heM oiheers, o a?sem
bled as a regimental - court martial, shall
hare cognizance of ail questions relating
to fines and . forfeitures incurred by any
non-commissioned officer, musician of
private belonging to said regiment, by
reason of disobedience of. orders, neglect
of duty or any violation of the militia laws
of this state; and the field officers shall
have power to summon witnesses, admin
ister oaths, reuder judgment, and issue
Sec 4. The mode of proceeding in the
collection of finea shall be as follows :
the fines specified by the fourteenth arti
cle of the rules and "articles mentioned in
this art, also the fines spicified in the fif
teenth, sixteenth, eighteenth, nineteenth,
twentieth, twenty-first, twenty-second,
twenty-third, twenty-sixth and twenty
seventh article of said rules and articles,
and all fines and forfeitures to be paid by
non-commissioned officers, musicians and
privates, when no other method of collect
ing the same is pointed out by law, shall
be collected as follows : The non-commissioned
officers, musicians and privates,
who shall be liable for the fine or shall
forfeit anv sum of monev set and affixed
to any default or offence mentioned in
this act, shall be allowed twelve days
from the time of such forfeiture to make
his excuse to the captain or commanding
officer of the company to which he may
belong, which excuse shall be in writing,
sinned bv the applicant : but if such de
linquent shall neglect to make his excuse
as above, within the time aforesaid, or if
the captain or commanding officer of said
company shall consider his excuse insuf
ficient, u shall be the duty of such com
manding officer to issue a modification to
the delinquent in the words following, viz.
State of V eumont, To or
County, 5j. ) drrly sergeant 1
(or other sergeant, as the case may be) of
the company in the regiment
brigade and division of the
militia of this ftate. Gritting.
By the authorijy of the state of Ver
mont, you are hereby commanded forth
with to give notice to of
in the county of who is subject to
mili'ary duty in said company, that he is
amerced in a fine of the sum of dol
lars and cents (here describe the de
fault and the time of its -commission,) and
that he be summoned to appear personal
ly, or by attorney before the regimental
court martial, next to be holden at
on the day of. at o'clock
in the noon, then and theTe to show
cause why judgment should not.be ren
dered against him and execution issued
thereon. Hereof fail not, but of this pre
cept with your doings thereon, make due
return to me within six days from the
date hereof.
Dated at this day of
A. D.
Captain (or commanding njieer)
o f said company, which notification
shall be served by being read in the hear
ing of such delinquent, or by leaving a
true and attested copy thereof at his last
and usual place of abode, and it shall be
the, duty of such sergeant to make return
of such notification, with his doings there
on, to Mich captsin or commanding offi
cer within six days after receiving the
Sec. 5. If the person upon whom the
notification has been served, shall wish
the fine remitted, he shall appear at the
time and place mentioned, before said
field officers, by himself or his attorney,
I ond show cause therefor, and the said
field officers mav or mav not remit the
said fine, as the circumstances of the case
may require.
Stc. 6. If any field officer shall not
remit the fine f such delinquen the
senior officer of the board of field officers
shall i&sue execution for the same in the
following form, (as near as the circum
stances of the case will permi'.) viz :
State of Vermont, ) To the quarter
Counly, fs. ) master of the
regiment brigade di
vision of the militia of this state, ot either
of the q.iarter-master-sereants of said
Whereas of in the
county of was on the d iy of
A. D. by the field officers
of regiment briinde
division of militia of this state, amerced in
the sum of . dollars and cents.
for delinquency of military duty :
J heretore, by the authority of' he State
of Vermont, you are commanded to levy
and 'Collect from the goods, chatties or es-
iaie oi in ine county oi me
sum of slid amercement, amounting to
C L .1
dollars and cents, and
dollars and cents costs : and for
want of such goois, chattels or estate.
commit the body of him the said to
the keeper of the jail in in the coun
ty of within the said prison, who is
hereby commanded to receive the said
and him safely keep until he shall
pay the same with legal fees. Hereof
fail not, but make due return to me of
your doings htreon, within sixty days
from date.
Dated at this day of A. D.
Senior officer of the . regi
ment ' brigade divis
ion of militia of this state.
Which quarter-master or nuarter-masteT-
-sergeant - to whom the same" shall be di
rected, shall have all the" powers and re
cieve the same fees in levying, collecting
and returning such execution as are al
lowed 'sheriff and constables for collect
ing other executions.
Sc: 7. In case said delinquent shall
neglect 'to anrjcar before said field officers
the field officers shall proceed, to examine
inio'thd case, aud, may or may not remit
the-'fine, as in jheir opinion the cirum
Kt'inces of the case may require.' . ' :
Chattier Arms belonging to the
' . " V State. . . ' ".
See. li The" goveriier shall, as soon as
practicable" alter the passage of this act,
cause the arms belonging to this State, !
distributed among the several towns by a
lormer statute, to De collected at such
place or places as he may direct, and
carefully examined and sorted: and such
as shall be found worth repairing, to be
put in gooa ana complete order, and the
balance to be sold at au:tion, or in such
manner as he may think proper. And
the governor shall also cause the arms
now in the arsenal at Versrennes to be
put in complete repair; and the bills of
expenses for said repairs shall be present
ed to the auditor of accounts against this lowed thirty days after they shall be noti
Slate, and such as are allowed by him 1 fied by the secretary of state,) signify his
shall be paid by the treasurer, out of anv
money' in the treasury not otherwise ap
propriated. Sec. 2. The governor is hereby author
ized and directed to receive from the U
States, in lieu of the arms to be. furnished
by them, two thousand rifle?, if enough is
still due from the United States to cover
that amonnt, or as many as will cover the
amount due, and deposit the same in some
safe and convenient place until distributed
as is hereinafter provided by this act.
Sec. 3. Upon application of the com
mandant of any regiment, the governor
may cause to be delivered to said com
mandant not exceeding ninety stands of
arms complete; and also upon applica
tion as aforesaid not exceeding ninety
rifles; which muskets shall be for the us?
of the light-infantry company of said reg
iment; and said rifles for the use of the
rifle company of said regiment. Pro
vided, That in no ense shall there be
muskets distributed to more than one
company of light-in Tintry. or riiles dis
tributed to more than one couipany of
riflemen in each regiment.
Sec. 4. The commandant of each re-
iment shall, upon the receipt of said musl
ets or rines trom the n-overnor, deliver
over the muskets to the commandant of
the light-infantry company, and the lifles
to the commandant of the rifle company
in his regiment; and upon delivery of
the same, shall take his receipt therefor
on the book of records of the regiment.
Sec. 5. The commandant of the. lirht-
infantry company, and the commandant of!
the rifle company in each regiment shall,
upon receipt of any musket or rifles be
longing to the State, forthwith provide
some suitable and safe place of deposit for
said muskets and rifles, and shall from
time to time examine the same and see
that they are kept in good order. And
said arms shall be for the use of said
companies, and may be ued by the offi
cers and privates of sai l light-infantry
companies, and rifle companies on train
ing days, muster days, and officers' drills,
and at no other time; and, when not so in
use, shall at all times remain in said place
of deposit, under the charge and care ot
some person appointed by the command
ant of the company for that purpose.
Sec. 6. It shall be the" duty of the re
gimen ta i
court martia!, when setting in
the town in
which said lijrht infantry
company or rifle company is located, to
examine and count said arms and return
the number and condition of the same in
the Teturn they are required to make by
this act to he brigadier general. And in
case the said regimental court martial
shall find the arms in a bad condition, or
ascertain that Ihe requirements of this act
have not been complied with, said regi
mental court martial shall report the same
to the brigadier general, who may dis
charge the commission of the officers of
said company, and disband said company,
and cause another to be raised in said
Sec. 7. The commanding officer of
each company of artillery shall be ac
countable for the careful preservation of
the pieces of ordnance, and apparatus pro
vided by government.
Sec. 8. The brigadier generals in their
respective brigades, be and they are here
by empowered to commit to the safe keep
ing, and use, of such co'.upmy of artillery
within his brigade, as may think prop
er, any piece of ordnance, with carriage
and apparatus thereto belonging, furbish
ed by this State for the use of &uch brig
ade ; and the same to transfer, from time
to time, from nnp rornnnnv to nnother.
'in kr,-rr-.rt0 c.iirl Kri ,r-A rl or. n-on o 1
miy deem necessary. Provided, That
no regiment shall have more than one
piece oi ordnance.
Sec 9. In case any pii'ce of ordnance
or any arms or other military property
belonging to this State shall, by reason of
the disbanding of any comn-my, or from
anv other cause, be found at larV, or out
ofthe careor castodv of the officers pro-
vidwl by this act, it shall be the duty of
the commandant of the regiment within
which such nieces of ordnance, arms or
other military property are situated,
forthwith to cause the same to be proper -
lv housed and secured, and the bill of ex-
incurred in the execution of said
duty shall be presented to the auditor of
accounts, and if allowed by him, shali be
paid by the treasurer out of any money in
the treasury not otherwise appropriated.
Chattel X1H. Elections.
Sec. 1. Each brigadier-general b-,
and is hereby empowered, and it shall be
his duty to ffive all such orders, as shall,
from time to time, be necessary, fpr elect
ino field officers, captains and subalterns
in regiments and companies, within his
brigade, wh'ch shall not have been al
rendy commissioned; Rnd for filling up
all vacancies of such officers, or any of
them, where tbey now are, or may here
aftter happen ; and returns of the elec
tions of captains and subalterns shall be
made, as well to the commanding officer
of the regiment, tts to the brigadier-general.
Provided always. That wben any
time s-hall be appointed, for the appoint
ment of anyiiela or commissioned officer,
the electors shall have at least ten days
notire thereof. And all returns, of elec
tions, and neglects or refusals ''to make
choice of field officers, shall be made to
the governor by the brigadier-general,
in whose brigade the election shall be
ordered. And a return oi tne election oi
'all captains and subalterns shall be made ;
to the commanding officers of brigades ;
and all commissions shall pass through
the hands of the brigadier-ffenerals, to the
officers for whom they shall be made out.
And every person who shall be elected to
any office in the said militia, and shall
not, within fifty days after he shall have
been notified of his election, (except major
and brigadier generals, who shall heal
acceptance thereof, snail be considered
as declining to serve, in such office, and
orders shall, forthwith, be issued for a
new choice.
Sec. 2. Every person who shall be
lawfully entitled to be commissioned to
any office, in the militia of this state, shnll,
at the timei of receiving his commission,
take and subscribe the oath of allegiance
required by the constitution, and also the
oath to support the constitution of the U.
States, before some general, or field offi
cer, who shall have previously taken and
subscribed the same, and who is hereby
authorised to administer the same ; and a
certificate thereof shall be made on the
back of every commission, by the general, .
r ?ei!d o(ricer' bofore wllom the oath
shall have been taken and subscribed. )
Sec. 3. All non-commissioned staff;
officers and sprints shall receive war -
rants, under the hen 1 ot the commanding
officer of the ro?p,-ytive regiments; and
the adjutant sli-ill keep a record in a sui
table book, to be by him kept for that
purpose, of a!l warrants which shall be
issued; auJ no non-commissioned offi
cer or private shall h disenrolled from
the militia for disability, without a certifi
cate from the regimental surgeon, or sur
geon's mate, to the acceptance of the
commissioned officers of their respective !
companies. j
Sec. 4. It shall be the duty wof the .
brigadier general, either bv himself, his J
inspector or aid-de-camp, or srmie
person selected by him tor that purpose,
11, I r
o preside at all elections
of hV!d o.-vers
his brigade ; and after the officers
shall have ass nib!ed and organized and
before proceeding to the election of any
officer, the ord r to assemble said offi,-rs
with the return thereon, shall be read in
the presence and hearing of said meeting;
and if it shall appear that due notice has
been given for said meeting, they shall
then proceed in their election.
TO E2 continued.
The Contrast. The city authorises
have refused to grant the use of Faneuil
Hall to pass resolutions, that were to have
been prepared by Dr. Channing, disap
proving of the murder by a mob, of a cit
izen acting in defence of the liberty of the
press, and protecting and defending life,
liberty and property. The petition had
no reference to abolition, and most of
those who signed it, are not abolition isrs,
but the friends of the fundamental rights
guaranteed in the Constitution. The lib
erty of the press, and notdomes'io slave
ry, was to have been the sole question.
The whole aim of the petitioners wos to
bring the force of moral sentiment to bear
against the spirit of mobbing that is devas
tating the land and staining it with blood.
For this, the use of the now miscalled
"cradle of liberty" is denied to one hun
dred and ten, as resnectable
citlZens :i?
ever anDlieJ for ir, neaueu iy an injivi.i-
i i r l i t i
ual pre-eminent it) intellect am! purity of
character, and who has no connection
with the party contests of the day.
This is one view of the picture. Now
look at'the other. By a law of Congress,
intro-hreJ by Diniel Webster himself,
the Postmaster General was required to
receive no bills of mn-specie piying
banks lor postage. 1 he Pcstinas'er Gen
era! directed Ar. Greene,
?ter Ol
this ntv. to carry M
Webster's law in'o
effect after the ban!.? had suspended. A
tumultuous meeting was held in Merch
ants Hail, and resolutions passed to sus-
! tain the
Post mister m violating Mr. vv eb-
! jWs iaW, aiid the Orders of
his superior.
j The meeting voted to adjourn to FaneUil
I Hall. A petition was drawn up on th-
spot pigned by one hundred highly excit
ed ciiiz- n?, and in less than one hour ihe
nee of Faneuil Hall
was granted bv the i
Cltv auuio; .in o, hm ii.it iu jiroe I'Um
that the Gonstitution which guards life.
i libe.ly and property neans something ?
No, hut to pass reso.uunn?, that " pace.t-
. . . r i f r -i
blv il vve can- Jorcivii it we must, the or
ders of the Pos;master General shall be
I resisted."
The citizen who offered these r soV
j tions to violate the law made by Mr,
j Webster, the expounder of the Constru-
i tion ? vvas at tne neau ci tne petmonprs
for the use of the 1' aneuil Hall toprot laim
these mobbing doctrines, the effect, of
which would unquestionably have been,
had they passed, the demolishing of the
Post office in twelve hours.
For this purpose; to vioUte the laws,
the Hall was gran1ed, and it is now deni
ed to citizens who ask it to'express their
determination to stand by the Constitution
and the "supremacy of the laws?" Let
us reflect and see what we are coming to.
We are in the minority and can only sub
mit. L?ut the majority have more to fear
from mobs than we have. Let the men
of property take care that they do not
countenance a spirit which may one day
be turned in its wrath against tbernsejves
The citizens of Boston denied tbe use of
aneuu Hall to proclaim constitutional
rights !
How will ibis sound as it goes forth
over the land ? Whose turn is to come
next foT being mobbed and murdered with
out even the poor consolation "that his fel
low citizens wilt dare to siy that it was a
la wless act of violence tin t. P ress.
Imported Stock. .'A sale of import
ed cattle took place at Cbilicothe on the
24th ultimo. Fifteen bead were sold for
the sum of $16,078. The highest price
was $2,500, the lowest 8425. The
average price was a fraction over 81,071.
The Chilicothe Gazette says, that most of
the large farmers of the Scioto valley
were present at the jsale. From the very
high prices paid for this stock, it may be
supposed that it belongs to that class of
stock denominated "fancy." To meet
this supposition if may be stated, that jhe
raising of cattle is a leading business in
the Scioto valley; that the farmers of that
ft rtile district have had great experience
in it, and that the are, as a body, the
richest and most successful agriculturist
in the state. Ohio has now, we suppose,
a finer and more numerous stock of im
ported cattle than any other State in ths
S M U T - M I L L 6 It G R A I N - C L E A N S E 1 w .
THE subscriber has at great expense
set in motion, in his mill in oran
don village, one of the most approved
Smut Mills, which performs the work
of cleansing wheat and o'her English
grain to his fufl " utsfaction ; and he pre
sumes fh:it nll'whrt rnav f.ivor him wi'h
lhcir custom wjj iso 5e satisfied of us
usefulness in separating all smut and ioul
matter fl0!n lhejr vvheat, rye, IndU wheat,
an(j buckwheat, leaving- the flour white,
an(i fmm'filili of anv L-ind
Grain should he as fiee from headings
and straw as possible, to have itdone well.
Nov. 1?,, 1S37. 8:tf.
Statf.of Ykrmont. ) rTlHE Hon.
District of Rutland, ss. 1 theProbate
Court for'the District ot Rutland,
To all persons concerned in the Estate
of Simeon Bielovv late of Brandon, de
ceased, tisiate, t.ireeluisj:
Whereas Sarah Bigelow, Executor of
the Estate of Simeon Bigelow of Brandon
deceased, proposes to render an account ol
her administration and present her account
ajramt said instate lor allowance, at tne
Probate Court to be holden at Rutland in
siid dbirict on the first Monday of Janu
ary next : Therefore, you are hereby noti
fied to appeir before said Court, nt tha
time and place aforesaid, to show cause, if
any you have, why the. said account should
not be allowed.
L. s. Given under my hand, and ths
seal of said Court, at Rutland, in siid dis
trict, this 4th d iy of December 1637.
H. B. Tows lee, Rerr.
TO persons afflicted with the following com
plaint", viz: Scrofula, Leprosy, Salt Rheum,
St. Anthorw's Fire, Fever Sores, even when lha
bones are alljctel, White Swellings, Violent
Eruptions, after meaztes, Scurvy, Foul Fcatcr
injj Eruptions, Pimpled and Carbuncled facp9.
Sore Eyes, Sore Leg-, Scald Head. Ulcers, Ye
neral 'Taints, when Mercnry has failed, and all
disorders arising from an impure state of fhp Blood
and Humors are as-sured tha
Dr. Rclfes Botanical Drops!
continue unrivalled, for the prevention, reiief and
cure of these complaints. In proof oT wl ich, read
the following Remnkable cure of a cae of 2
years standing : Extract of aU-tter. Sir "My
leg, which before did not lock like a liuman limb,
is now entirely healed up, Carter re-isiiog every
other application for 12 v ars!) Previous tr
! taking your Rede's Botanical Drops, I had given
up all hope of relief.
Another Case. An Asvnt writes "There it
a person taking tli3 Ro'aoical D;;)9, evidently
with the greatest adantige." He declares, to
use his o vii words, "It is doie.g winders for
him," and is, as it were, "snatching liira froiitha
Numerous instances lnve occurred where per-
; sons were pining away a miserable existence.
nota ng tney couhl procure affording them per
manent rel.ef. until t iey ha 1 m.ule use of the a
hove medicine.
They are also the bost sprins and autumnal
Physic. Price $1, or 6 bottles for 5.
Dumfries Remedy for the PILLS'
One of the best and most tlioro'ih re:i:edic
known for tiiis troublesome complaint. It K;
more p.rf ctly answered the purpose for which
it is intended than any other now in common us-,
and affords immediate and permanent relief, both
from the disorder itself, and its accompanying
' - 'v,u" " l'JLl" "l 1 'c tt'rrtJ, vtrriigo ncaaacntr,
; iv ss ij appeine, inaigesiiJit, auu otner marks oi
d. bility
j Pr.ce $1 for both articles Ointment and F.lc-
tuary or cents when qu.j oue is wand so
None are genuine unless sigi ed T. Krourd,
on the wrapper, sole projrietor &nd - successor
to Dr. Conway,) !y whom they are Cor saf, at
his Counting Uocm,No. 99, urt .slrt. Hil
ton, and by his spcal appoin'menthy M. V.
!3t!iCiAR uA Jackson & Ketcham, Brandoa.
Tan Snuff ii superior to any thing knowr .for
remoTinj that troublesome disease, the Ca
tarrh, and also a Cold in the Head, and the
Headache. It openi and purges out all ob
structions, strengthens tne glanda, and given
a healthy action to the parts affected, b.'
perfectly free from ary thing deleteriom in
its composition has a pleasant flavour, arid
its immediate effect, after being used, is
greeable. Price, 50 cts. per Bottle.
Vegetable Indian Black
I'll is Plaster is unriyalled for curing Scro-
l a ' r, - a t! T Tttr); .
reah founds, Pains in the Sides, W,F
UO AJinXVB f aUU BD1UU1U J1I . p . I
in lA..tcWk.m.t;amo IT annlied ui9
hud il win .mmiB man f ii vuc -- ,
a!J. !11 - ..... M M. . aC Ka nm
V.j if . n the necK in
f neck in
bvaipiunu, .1 ana. 11 apjuicu .
season, it wiU cure tbe uuins
The vir
tuesof th Plaater have been
tue ,.,.j h
thousand, of the mot respeciab.e indijw
all in the StatMof Vermont and ! ew Iovk,
who hare letted Us efficacy. -Price, -o ets.
ptr Box. ; v-
ID-SOW Wholes and Rf aM!hn r
Vermont ; William Stimpson c oat;
L, S. Gnnstoek, Hortfey, Phelps J'JZk
C0.,,PhUdophia-, and bv Prugg'" S
erelly ihrounut the United Swtes-

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