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Robert Tttrnbnltt pastor v( the 2d Bap
tist Church in ..Hartford, Ct. has taken the
editorial care of the Christian Secretary.
Nicholas Diddle has resigned the Presi
dency of the PeonsylvaniaJ Bank of the
United States.
How to rellr Cliokwd Cattle.
It will be recollected by the constant read
ers of the Telegraph, that, some months
lince, John Conant, of this village, pub
lished an article in the Telegraph, addressed
lo farmers, making known a method for re
lievin; cattle, choked with potatoes, or other
jounces. The object of this paragraph
h, to call attention to the subject again, and
to adJ my own testimony in favor of toe
remedy. A few mornings since, one of my
cows was clicked with a potato. Living
but a short distance from my friend Conant,
the author of the article alluded to, I sent
for his assistance, as 1 had never witnessed
the operation. He came with a quantity of
en-powder took about as much as wocld
be necessary to charge a common fowling
piece two or three times, inclosed it in pa
per, somewhat after the manner of preparing
m cartridge and while I lurid the cow'
head up, he, with his ha id, thrust the pre
paration down her throat, as far as conven
ient. I held her head up a moment, until
the had broken and swallowed the charge,
which soon produced heaving; but the first
trial did not succeed. After waiting a few
minutes, we repeated the process, which
succeeded admirably, and the poor, distress
ed anuiul was relieved at once. She raised
the potato, chewed and swallowed it. Let
whoever has occasion, try the experiment.
possession of the M icUwaska settlements, this occurs without any apparent design
er to attempt to interrupt the usual com- growing, as jt were, naturally out of the
municaiions oeuveen mat province ana circumstances described, and dependi
Her Majesty's upper provinces; and that ; far less on argument than on the force
he is willing in the mean time, to leave; an accumulation of naked fact
the question of possession and jurisdiction The inherent vir-. f th .tm nfl ! , iiT. rVi ..... : V ,, , , ,
as lhPv mnrpnt r.mi : that is. Rr,',!,,, d,,...f... " .-. . " . I " unions, i.ues, etc. uy tiovv
n r u V - T V 'r"wr ""iui uiucuccs 10 wnicn u nas tru Ala com. lntwovoumes. Bos'on
' :gfci uauiiuu m an me iNorin Ameri-
Malcom'S Taatkls. Travels in
South Eastern Asia, embracing Elindos
tan Malaya. Siam.. tin J China: with nn.
the force Of jttCCS of numerous Miasinn.Trv StatinnB -..-.rl
a hill account of the Burman Empire:
part of said territory, and the Govern
ment of Maine denying her right to such
possession; and the State of. Maine hold
ing in fact, possession of another portion
of the same territory, to which her right
is denied by Great Britain.
With this understanding the Governor
of Maine, will; without unnecessary de
lay, withdraw the military force of the
Sta'e from the s.iid disputed territory
leaving- only, u tder a land ngen, a small
civil posse, armed or unarmed,, to protect
ihe timber recently cut, aud to prevent
future depredations'.
Reciprocal assurance of the forejoin
friendl"v character having been, through
I the undesigned, interchanged, all danger
of collision between the immediate parties
' to the controversy will b? at once re
I moved, and lime allowed the U. Srates itnd
Great Britain to Settle amicably the great
question of limits.
The undersigned has much pleasure in
renew insr to His Excellency, M-ior Gen-
can colonies, are. equally placed before us,
ana in a light so clear that it may be term
ed glaring.- The English reader will for
the first time comprehend the question of
luito in ljuwer vmaua. tie
will learn also, more thoroughly than it
has ever been taupht by any advocate of
the Canadian majority here, wh;it share
the irresponsibility of Government has
had in the calamities of that province and
in the miseries of Upper Canada. It is
not too much to sty that this report wi'i
teach the best informed, and stimulate the
most indifferent, and convince all those
who are open to conviction.
Lord Durham appears to have placed
himself from ihe outset above all parties,
factions, and cabals to have inquired of
every body, and been under the influence
f none. His report is eminently distin
guished by the absence of all petty pro
vincial putialities, and by evidence of a
desire and a capacity to learn and tell the
whole truth, without fear or f.tvor. He
Latest raoai Maink. The only tid
ings we have are; that the Hou?e refused
ta concur in the Senate's amendments to
the resolutions on the boundary; that a
c mference was had that the committee
of the House' reported in ftvor ol concur
ring and that the House. finally did con
cur. N. Y. Spectator.
The following resolution wis then of
i re 1, in the House, a.;d passed to be en
grossed. Hetolvt.L bv t!ie Iloiti of Renrowntaiivan, That
th.J uinj jostiomblft right of tlii .Stale la the wholo
WrriUny embraced within lh5 lunitn a tkaertbed
ttly rho tU'fmitive treat v )l pence ut Uiia, ought nev
i tr In liuvp ticiMi iiuhiiiiitfd to nrliilratimi. find in the
Opinion of l.ii.i llnusa. again to nmpeiit tu nuoihcr
rbiirutioii, w ould U an nttadaiiiiicut of the right
aud ialret ofiJoino.
Fkom thk East End of the War.
By passengers in the steamer Bangar,
which left the Penobsjot yesterday morn
ing, we leant that oil is quiet la that city,
even tj dullness. No war no shingles
no sleighing. All flat. At Augusta,
ngain, the Legislature met kr the last time
lycs.erday morning, at half past 5. More-
nrcr, or.ieis were received tiire Tor the
Oxf,rJ and Cumberland troop?, which
we lave heard so much about, to return
hont forlhirlth. This, we take it, ends
the war, rfor ilu nvcsm.--Uosion Trans
From the Boston Daily Adeertiser.
lll&Uly Important from Mulue.
Uy the Eatern mail of last evening,
we have received the following, which we
copy from the Augusta Tri-weekly Jour
nal." It puts an end for the present to all
i . l . r . I
nosliiU measures en :ne iiouu:r, mm jjcis
1 nt rest a! I ouestions f controversy, until
firthei instructions shall be received from
th'i British government. The troops of
Miine will of course immediately return
. their homes. . M ij General Scott seems t
t haw acted ta this affair in the capacity
cf mediator.
Ilezd Quarters, East. D!vi3.
United S'.ates Army.
his ancient high consideration and respect.
W infield Scott.
To.a copy of the Drefroinor, Sir John
Harvey annexed the following:
The undersigneil Major General Sir
Jva Harvey, Lieut. Governor of her
Britannic Majesty's province of New-
Brunsuick, having reCi ived a proposition
from major General miut'.i aeon, ol tne
United Suites army, of which the forego
in" is a copy, her by, on his part, signi
lies his concurrence and acquiescence
Sir Jdhn Hirvey renews with great
pleasure to M.jor General Scott the as
surance of- his warmest personal consid
eration, regard and respect.
J. Harvey.
Government House, Fn dericton,
ISew-Biunswiclv, Maich 23. 1839.
eral Sir John Harvey, th assurances of fl itters nobody neilher the French Can-
To a paper containing the note of Gt..
Scctt and the acceptance of Sir John Har
vey, Gov. Fairri;ld annexed his accept
ance in these words:
Executive Department, )
Augusm, M uch -25, 1833.$
The undersigned, Governor of Maine,
in consideration of 'the foregoing, the ex
igency for t-j'lling ut the troops of M. tine
having Ceased, has no hesitation in signi
fying hii entire ac quiescence in the" prop
osition of Major Genera1. Scott.'
The undersigned h is the honor to ten
der to Major Genera! Scott, tha assurance
of his high respect and esteem.
John Fairfield.
We learn that Gen. Scott has inter
changed the acceptances of the Governor
tid Lieutenant Governor, and also that
Governor Fairfield immediately issued
orders recalling the troops of Maine, and
for organizing the eivi! posse that is to be
icntimied, for the time, in Ike disputed
territory. I he troops in Augusta will
also be immediately discharged.
adians nor their English antagonists, nei
ther the lories nor ihe reformers in Upper
Canada, nor the officials nor the populace
nor even the Americans, of whom, ne
vertheless, and of their national charac
teristics and various institutions, bespeaks
in terms ohih admiration, when con
trasting their condition with that of the
disorganized and beggarly Bri.tih colo
nies. His frank avowal of hivin? arrived in
these colonies not merely ignorant, but
vi;h very erroneous notions of their real
condition, is of a piece wish the manlv
condor which pervades the report, and
leaves -a strong impression in his favor.
One feels that he must have been sus'.ain
ed by a consciousness of integrity, and
th it opinions so expressed must be at
leat entirely sincere.
Lord Durhtm shows in what utter ij
norjnee they have. chirg.jd the American
government wk!i bid fii'h; proves thai
whatever risk there may be of foreign war
on the Canadian frontier, is owing to the
lawless and disorganized state of ihe Brit
ish dominions: and declares ih.it it is on
ly W givinSr a government to our own
people, who have had none, that we can
hope to avert colli.-ion which may end in
war. .
We have ' been '.led into a panegyric,
without intending: it. We will now, how-
f i a ...
jouiu, Kendall & L'ncoln. 1839.
Great expectations have been raised in
the public tnind by the annunciation cf
this work expectations which we rejoice
to believe are to be more than realized.
The facilities enjoyed by Mr. Malcom,
for a work'en South Eastern Asia, were
such as were never afforded anv'preceu
ir.g traveller. These facilities "were ju
diciously and industriously- improved by
hint; and the consequence is, we have a
work descriptive of that part of the, world,
of unrivalled interest and value. We hope
it will be widely circulated and extensive
ly read, because Us tendency will be to in
crease among aH who read it, a desire to
biess that beirffht'd part of the earth wi:h
the Bible and the means of erjee.
The book is embellish-d with a beauti
fully executed map ol South Eastern Asia,
with Jive steel plate engravings, and near
ly 10J wood cuts. Oae p;ig- is given,
exhibiting specimens of 15 different Ori
ental languages. The work has a com
plete index, and likewise a glossary of
oriental terms, in which the .nccentation
and pronunciation of 330 words, ar given.
Seventy two pages of the second volume
treat upon the mode of conducting modern
missions, and upon the measure of success
which has attended the enterprise. This
renders ihi work very valuable.
The niechanicafpart of the work is re
ally beautiful, and at the same time, sub
stantial. It is enough to do one's eyes
gjood to read such print, to say n ithiniro!
i hf irood the heart may ?et. Ziaus Tier.
IXelanchGly S5Uxwreck.
Milford, Feb. 0. The Edinburgh,
Bristow, burthen 9.58 tons, from iTev
Orleans far Liverpool,' laden with IG1G
bales of cotton, Gi biles sirs iparilia, and
:23 hhds tobacco.struck on the Crow II ck,
last night, and. went to pieces. By this
melancholy even', the captain, second
mate, one seaman, two boys, th cook,
and two passengers (Lieutenant Dixon,
li. N., a native of Ireland, and Mr. W.
Brown, an American) were drowned.
The renniuder f the persons on board,
consisiing of the chief mate, eleven of the
crew, and one passenger, were saved.
Some of tiieuj were drawn tip the cliffs,
upward of 70 f athoms in height, by means
of a rope: the others scrambled up as well
as they could. No pait of their clothes
are saved. The carrjo is strewn over ihe
the mate su noosed a ffood part
had men enough there to mike, in shoe
making and repairs of roads, over 2.000,
besides carrying on the farm. Now there
are not enough to carry on the farm."
Treaty with Sardinia
The government paper of last evening
pubiisnes officially a in-aiy of commerce
and navigation between the Unil.nJ States
and the King of Sardinia, concluded aud
Hrncd at Genoa on the 26th of last
November, between Nathaniel Nile?, spe
cial agent on the part of this government.
ana the S irdmiau Secretary of btate, and
ratified by both governments, the ratifica
tions having been exchanged at Washing
ton the 1 Si h of the pu-sent inoii.h, by our
Secretary of S?a e and Augusie de Colo
hiano, charge d'affanes of his mcjesry the
King of Sardinia.
It wiil sive us the spice which its in
seitiou at larjie i t our columns would
occupy, lo state, generally, that it appears
to h tve bven framed in tiie most amicable
spirit, ami to embody principles entirely
liberal and ukn.-iher reciprocal. Ka'l.
InleWgenccr of yesterday.
dumb oa blind. The commissioners
tlie state of Vermont, elating to the deaf.
dumb and blind, had a mteimg at iirat
lleboro' the 7ih cf February. "There are
sixteen deaf and dumb puj ils supported
(at the Asylum at Haitfrd, Conn.) cy the
state of Vermont, and four bli..d pupils at
the institution for the blind, in Boston.
These pupils are deriving great advanta
g s from the instructions they receive at
those pi ices; such as will enable them lo
be highly useful and respectable members
of the community. The liberal appropri
ations of the state would enable the com
missioners to keep four additional deaf
and dumb, and two additional blind pu
pils at the asylums, if such unfortunate
has oven paid from the State Treasury
lite fallowing amounts of bounty, viz. :
in IS36,
to 6. Mr.ich. 1839,
8 5,20
Total, 81,021.22
The largtst amount pai2 to an individ
ual is $159,35. '1 he amount of rocuoiis
raised in the same lira? wes 7,001
pounds. The amount of silk reded m1
thrown, on which the bounty was paid,
was 822 pounds. Salem Ubtetrer.
Bunxixcs ox thk Northern Frox
tier. Gov. Scutiid, if New York, h$s
issued a pmclama i. n, offering a reward
of one hundred L'ollars foi ihe detection
of any person coi.cerned in setting fire to
dwelling hons'is, bart.s and other build
ings, in Clinton county, on ihe frontier cf
the State. Accounts from ihe frontier
s;av, that twenty buildings have tefn
burnt, chiefly in Champlaiu and Odlej
We learn from the Baltimore Trans-
AXD j cript that two free coloied m-n are now
rs in j til at Snow Hill, Aid., having remain
ed in the S'nte longer than the State per
mits to free negroes. Th fine imposed
is 65i) for tach week after the firt tea
days. In one of the above cases, the fine
amouQ'3 to 8225 u the other Q4000.
They are to be sold as slaves to pay Le
fine I
Itilsktonary A'otlcc.
A Missionary Meeting will be held at
Middlvbur Vt on Monday, the I5:h of
Apri;, at 2 o'clock, P. M. when one of
the Secretaries of the A. B. C. F. Al. will
give the instructions to ihe Jive miriona
1 .!. 1 - ,
ana neeuy on-s are lo oe lo.uua in me ries.crid ti eir wives, who have been re
stale. Vt. Watchman ?f Slate Juurnal. ceutly designated for the Siam Mission,
.,, , and expect soon to sail.
of couus'Ji in this cause having, been con
cluded on Moadtv. the case was delivered
to the jury yesterday morning, by a charge
of great length. The judge charged lhat
the exscinding acts of 1337 were uncon
The friends of
Missions are affectionately ri c nested to at
tend ; and ministers, in the vicinity, are
reque. ttd to repeat this notice ftora their
respective pulpits.
We understand that six out of the tea
tv li . tAiTi nnnlrii f.tm ini n ra f Pam A A
mr.utio..al and yoil n,,J that the sep .rata diMn anJ Rullani Countie3.j. Yl.
. . .. .1 I -II l I if J i. .
ever, sav deliberate! v "lhat the snhirTi I 'uigui De sayeu, uui it win oe u.mcuit to
x . . . ' . i Mririfr if r lh sihTicm W,)t 111 I Of
. r I hi nt
1 k.i... -C t. I. i r . .
imnnrtnnl nn curh shuemiiMth n , ,J,W ' uu" g'l,lu !UI
evinced in the comprthension and treal
Lord Dcuiiam. The report of Lord
Durham would occupy some 40 or 50
eclu nes of our paper. We have not yet
had time even to look at it, for the pur
pose of making extracts. All weeou'd do
vas to give the following very, interesting
nirurus upr-n it, iro.n the Loudon Spec
merit of the q-iesiions which it embraces,
that the points mooted in Parliament on
what is called "Lord ' Durham's case,"
sink into relative insignificance. He, vry
properly, avoids all those points in his
Report. But, whatever may be the ulti
mate verdict on his administration as Gov-
emor, tne exiraoroiiiary puo.ic service
which he has rendered as Commissioner,
and th rare energy and industry bv,
which, under very adveise cirrumstan-
ces, he was enabled to accumulate the
means of pe. firming this great work, are
of a nature to outweigh nil supposed or
suppostble mis'ake of mere farm in the
executive part of his mission.
Blockade of Mexico .
Four closely-printed columns of the
London Times are occupied by a corres
pondent between the Directors of the S
tatar. li they are lust, the report mast be A uerican and Mexican Association aud ,fll. v ...
r . ' . r i .i c rcr . l n i ' Compiler ot the lyih says. iNeus wi
anexrao.d.oarydocu neut.andoneorthe the Fore.gn Office, ivsp.cung the French (romown yes:t.rJay an awfill ail
highest interest and importance. AT. Y. blockade of the ports of Metco and fat;ll expIo4u ha(1 aken place early i
I Spectator,
Buenos Ay res. The eff cts of those
A r-v a n
Th. rJS&ZS: a M:i ior General i Uti on A, affairs .J blk ' rwd us bein, highlv
" , - . - -
the army of the United States, being spe-
British yorth America. injurious lo Brii.sn coinmerce, anU m Met
. . I destructive, as connected wiih thn- n:i.
citllychargedwithmaintnmiugtheper.ee This document .3, w.tnout any excep-1 liang g, desn:ltcheJ whh
nnl sety or their entire Northern and lion, ihe mo.t interesting stale paper thai ; ca 0ts froin England to Mexico, had re
Eastern frontiers, having cause to appro- we ever s nv,- and will prove, we venture , t j . Enirlailj. Nolkti had also been
head a colliiinn of arms between the prox-; to predict, scarcely less important m its ;vea lhat the packels were to be restrain-
maw lorces 01 . y.v-tirunswicij ana me ; coiiMunnur
wreck of the Edinburgh. A number of
bales have been washed into a caviiy, un
der Liuney HaJ, and, it is feared, very
few of them will be saved, and many more J
must have united up the Channel. Ihe
anchors and cables will be saved in fine
weather. The vessel was in a 'thousand
A Dreadful Accident Sixtv
three Lives Lost. On Sunday nijfht
i l ist, an explosion took place in Heth'.
pi, a coat mine situated about -twelve
miles from Richmond, in the county ol
Chesterfield, by which it is said that 63
negrous have been killed or buried alive.
The sha't is 803 feet deep deeper prob
ably, than any othr itrthe United States
and as the lulling in of the earth has
been considerable, iher; is no probability
that any ofthe persons below, it now alive,
can be extricated.
Further particulars. The Richmond
plosion had taken place early in
the morning, in the Black Coal Pus in
Ches'.erhiid, by which there was a con
siderab e obstruction of human life. The
explosion was what is known , as a 4 tire
damp expf'osion,' from want uf proper pre
caution. Between 50 and 00 pit labir-
Stuaof Mai.ie on the disnu'ed territory.! The hiffh commissioner sets out bv
.which is claimed by both, has the honor, describing the contest btw
n the sincere desire ol the Uuited Siatt s nni bngnsh races in lynv
to preserve the relations of peace and utter incompatibility of-characier, and
10 wa
ed from brinjiin home
Li fact,
oner seis out oy jt ;s rep,esented th .t commerce with Mex-i P'1
tween ihe French 1 icQ j$ dt.stfoyt.j. Under this condition of l.hoSti
Wer Canada, their L;,11T5 'ikrnmrMntr mldrr! I,,rrl P.t. 11,3 f
er's and overseers had previously gone
down. Three men at the mouth of the
nit were iusantly killed. The file of 1
lose who went dow n i3 not known ; bul
supposed few, it any, escaped death.
Assembly, in 1833. bing an act of resist
ance lo an unous'.itutioiial act, was right
and proper. After an absence ofan hour,
th;? jury returned with a verdict in favor
of the plaintiff?. 'or New School party.
The caus will of course be carried up 10
the Sj'Mciiie Cuurl of thj United States.
N. Y. Spec.
The buknino mixe. The Pottsrille
Emporium, in s-peaking of Mr. Dougher
ty's coal mine near thai place, which took
fire in January, two persons being suffo
cated by itt s;dds that "it s'.ill continues to
bum, and no exertions have impeded the
progress ol ihe names. The mouth ofthe
drill and every air-hole have been lightly
elosed with plaster, and in a few moments
it would burst lorlh 111 another quarter
with a volcanic explosion. At first it was
only supposed that the proppings and
loose coal were on fire; but from the
leoglh of lime and increasing fury of the
flames, it is now almost beyond doubt lhat
ihe solid body of coal is burning. It is
the jugular vein the largest in Broad
mountain ; and its great eminence pre
cludes ihvV possibility of drowning out the
flamo by turning th course of some
From the Frostier. Things are in
a sad state al ihe uorih. Hardly a niht
passes without a burning on on side or
the other. Oa FnJiy of last week, a
barn and shed owned Charles Miller,
of St. Arra tnd, were burned down, togeth
er with their contents, consisting of eight
horses, ten cows, two oxen, five calves,
and a large quantity of hay. The Missis
koui Standard says ihitihs perpetrators 1
oft his act were traced several miles in the
direction of S.vamon, but lhat suspicion
does not fix upon any person in ptriKular.
As a tn titer ot course this led to retaliation,
and on the following nights tw" barns
were burned on this side one of which,
we believe was owned by John Birr, Esq.
I of Hi-'hqrate. Two companies of the
! ... . 3 . ! ...
Hicrhgiie miiiiu were utuer arm?, 011
Six tlx Annlvtriary of tbe American Anti
Slavery Society
The sixth anniversary will be held, with
Divine permission, itt the city cf New
York, on Tuesday, the 7ih day of .May
next. The public exercises "will be in
! Broadwtyrabernacle, and commence at
ten o'clock, A. M An abstract of the
Annual Report will be read, and several
addresses delivered by brethren f;ort dif
ferent parti of the Union. A meeting for
business, will be held in the Lecture room
of the Tabernacle, in the afiemoon, after
the public meeting, an I be continued, prob
ably, for oae or two subsequent days.
All the auxiliaries are requested to send
delegates, and members of Anti-Slavery
bock-lies, throughout ihe country, are ia-
viteJ to attend the anniversary.
Josn it a Leavitt, ) Comm. of
Lewis Tapiax, Arrange
La Roy Sunderland, ) vtents.
N. B. Editors friendly lo the cause of
human rights, are respectfully requested
to give the above notice an mseriioa ia
their respective pipers. ,
The Champlain Baptist Convention
will hold their annual meeting, with th
rhurch in Elizabelhtown, on the last
Wednesday in April, at 1 1 o'clock. A. M.
Sermon, by brother Hodges. Reports are
expected on our benerolent institutions.
The churches are earnestly and affec
tionately solicited to represent themselres
by a fail delegation, with their contribu
tions to the various objects of benevolence.
"as a matter of BOUNTY, ltd not of
corKTousNESs." 2 Cor. ix. 5.
Bjrordr of the Board,
John El. Waldex, Seerriiry.
Elizitethtown, Much 20, 1833. .
WEKICl.Y rtKCEiprs-
ihat the mediation of I They had not been reached according to
n 1 r on. n r:i Yttx t
t. 1 11 1. ir t i r"-j
wunurcai tiruuin reunions wnicn 1 ttieir imj t.e.ae. uairru u. e..-n mner. 1 vn rland tn tv be interMsd to aJ ust the i "lc .
ght be much endangf ftM by such tin. I AH this is to d so simply, so ratably, and 1 d,fjr4.nccs between France and Mexico. 1 ' tiUlce ltie ab0ve ;ras ,n l'Pt xve
rJ collision to invite f.om his Ex-' with sucha petleetair oiirum, asto leave ,Vh,s ,.ilf.,f;., ,r u ',c,o nave jusi converseu wun a gentleman
encyMijor General Sir Juha Harvey, i hardly a doubt ofthe reporter's accuracy. n.tJ;nn ,n a :,t MxCn ;, 3 from the pit. He thinks that between
-nant Governor. &c. &c.".'n seucral ! He then cives an accou tl of ihe Ion r I 1,.. 1 n A.,r Uhiriy and forty had gone below before the
aration to this rflfcet. . ' . i strujle between the House of Assembly V i .i,-,',, J-i; Jm.nf rfi.rl-m.-l " explosion four of ihem had been got out.
1 . . f. i -- " " 3 - ,1 .-.,..1,1 -
ana the .t,xecuuB uyrrmem. i n,5 An -0fcr of mediation was made by u 'V
part of ihe rep m, inasmuch as it passes j Hef M ,;,5tvs Government, and reiec ed , l olhers cr,os a,,d
over With Slight notice tne siaie pom's ; K . -p- " rhil,h fli., lt .,inVir! in S4"' uuinicuy uearu nu.n a ue
woico iv uv in...w .... ..it.w, i a . tile.course of that month. The con luct "
deep-seated disease, and probes the rotton f Frilllt.H thlis re:,t.lin(y th, nroff.rt.d - Sj ?rt-al vvas ns erna:ion and d.a-
That it is not the intention of the Lieut
Governor of Her Briianntc MijVsty's
province of New-Brunswick, under ihe
vx ported renewal 'of negothitioii between!
the Cabinets of London and VV'ashiogion 1
011 the subject of the si id disputed, territo
ry, without renewed instructions to that
tfftfet from his eavernment. tr seek to
take military possession of thai territory; are there fully examined, and their causes
ur to secK oy military mrce 10 exuei mere- tor tne nrsi ti ne tuaac uwcmi'iuie. t.ne
M. Simnads . 2 53
K. 11. UdtseU 3 OJ
K. II rve 2 C3
U. (ji'.fsou 3 09
G. Hammond 2 03
J.S. Murr 5 00
Monl tv, and a gentleman wh cime Uteed 153
through on Tuesday inform? ns that ex- : C Bamlum 1 53
cilement was at its highest pitch. We
further learn that the iucendiaries on this
side were hi one instance reconizd as
belonging to the volunteers. They were
fired upon, anl returned the shot, but
without anv effect on either side. A m. 3-
II. 3!. Bildwia 1 5)
Geo. Shsnnui 1 5)
W. blt-TIDW 1 53
J. Lawrtuc 1 03
J. Uarrow 2-53
ft. Tboaias 2 03
J.Junot '4 03
Z. Jouei 4 03
la Radiax, br Chutes Farrax, Daai;l Jackpot,
orCruiti, N. II., tifilnrr l. Adams of Ktadinf.
la Cavudb. by Jauksoa, Alunzu G. Aat
den, uiercliaut, vt FclcbvUlc, ta Hiaer Gnat of
river r
senger h is goae to Short-ham, to represent j j tillage, on ths 4ia iustmt, of Inaa?utr,
the matter to Gov. Jenisoa. Bxrlinglon1 Onus Al., diujUter of William aad lr 5i.
r, j lluisttir,t( Newark, $. J., aid 13iooatbs.
Ireefress. IDrtUGraavUle,N. Y.aiitalu, lieueWU-
system to ih. murrow, is as interesting as
from the armed civil posse, or the trcops
01 Maine.
Should the undersigned have the honor
f9 J30 favored with such declaration or
ftssurancs to b by him communicated to
His Excellency the Governor oJ the
fetate of Mam-," the undersigned does hot
in ihe least (Joubt tijt hf tvotil J bo imme
diately and fuljy authorized by the Gov
mof of Miins iy coiijmuqicaie to his
JSxcellepcy tae Governor of New.Brunsi
wick corresporiding ' pacific declaration
0 IMS Vttycl J ' ' ' '
That in the hone of a srjeedv and satisi
tictory eettlemeni. hv
the Governments of the United Sates and
.Great Britain, ofthe princinal or bounda-'
Ty Question between the AtntU n( .Mirtii
and the province ol New Brunswick, it is
not the intention of the Go
ynnout renewed instructions from the
""Zulature of th Statu, tfl atltrirt it Aim"
tntk I. f W
as r,.z,n u pr,rB r i?in r-m.rrLd ! "r, u,ai me accuracy 01 uetat 5 eou.u not
if the subi-cti were wholly new. The! ... ,1 wu nn.f ;nft.i relit?J oti s,tlJ so Sut was the terror
complicated distractions of Upper Canada r sjMe. Tht. lenity of the blockade ngHin the vicinity lhat the proper
, 11 ,v 1.,,,; tr ' enons couiu not oe maue 10 get out tne
was qnestioned in an elaborate letter to, b
r ..iV.i .i .1... : nr' unfortunaie lihorers.
. : . . - One of the three at the mouth of the
ncr lUJjesiy 3 vjr-jveriiuieui auiuj
Fraxce 4X0 Mexico. Oar New
Orleans slips of the 22d furnish .some
additional particulars ot the pacification
Ha. 33.
In Pan ton. on the 30ih ult Deacon Joan
White, ia the 70th rear of hi ae. He
was one of the early settlers of I'antuo, sad
state ot the Eastern provinces is slightly,
but sjlhciently nonced, inen comes a
relation of "eyi's still unremedied, griev
ences. undressed, and abuses 4iurtr farmed
at this hour," in all the colonies, which
excite at once indignation and shame.
Fho concluding portion of ihe report is
"' a a J . .a 1
occupied with ihe consiucruuou ana sug-
csiton 01 remeaiai hiwuu.
It would ba a vain attempt, in such
space as we can command, to convey to
our 'readers anv ist impression. of the
instate of affkirs which is revealed by '.his
repoit. "j. Lord Durham was peifecily
r . - - . r .1. v l"
warrnnteu in saying ai rxeier, mat ne
should make "disclosufes of whkh the
Pjrliatnent and people of England. had no
conception.!' Such .excessive, suci cpn-
Sla,nr, persevering, ODSimaie misruie, was
neve yet brought home to the govern
ment of a free people. The report is one
continued censure of the system and prac
tice of our Co-lonial Qqyerntnenl; and
1 ivr ...":-r... ..t.. ,.w.:..l aiiuneu to aoove. is nviua wn.t ujui
.u-.. : .:J. .irio.;rt nr legs brok
to this communication, - a
narties inie rested in the Mexican and S
American trade from London, Liverpool;
Manchester, Glasgow and Belfast, next
sought and obtained an interview with
Lord Palmers'on, to press their yievvs
upon the Government," and endeavor, it
possible, to procure its moreleciUYU inier
positiot r in ihe-hopof bripging- France
10 the a'diTptlon of a. more reasonable line
of conduct. N.YSpec.
It is stal
rin . L . . :
denuta'ion of 1 3roK,Jn- ne otner iu were m
f nj g jstamly kilted. The shaft and engine are
bat little injured. I'enn. lnq.
WrtiGiiVs Philosophical English
Grammar. An examination of ibis work
has induced a correspondent to unite in
the favorable opinions already entertain
ed ia other quarters of its merits. In seve
ral instances its doctrines are opposed to
former .inculcations whh undoubted suc
sess, particularly ia the treatment of ihe
verb. We take"p!easure in commending
a .0 reed upon by Ad niral Bvidin, and ihe i ha5 resided on iLe ume larm aboa. 40 Tears.
Mexi-a:i commissioners oiactai iniorm- j At wbat age h became a subject ot tiiriao
nticn thereof having been received by the grace, is not known to ihe writer. Su5:
Freoch consul at New-O-leans. - it to say, that at ihe constitution of the first
Thy payment ofthe indemnification by Baptist church in Addisoa , "
.. . 1 ,. 1 40 vean 1 he was one 01 the memocrt. ror
Mexico is said. 1.1 private letters received , ISVt h.s officiated a. eldest
at .Nexv-O.lear s. 10 be guaranteed - by j deacon 0, church, which ofice he ha.
England. Thesj letters also say tnat : fijej ai a maa 0f Gad. He ha truly been
France herself bears the expenses of ihe a mjn cf sorrow and acquainted with grief.
hostile operations, retaini.ig. however, i He ha buried 3 vi?e ij me l4t laurteea
mount-! years, anu na ten iw-.m, v"" u
' had lived 2 year.) viih 7 children, to m aura
NfiRTii Carqusa Silver.
ed in the Raleigh Register, that Mr. Ros- j 111,3 9'c' s a c,as
well Kfnof Davidson county, had ui his consp,cnous .if. tot
. . ' V . -' ;nfTnf nr a permanent, position in our publis schools.
WWto to! TrlAY.Sectar. . ; ,
silver worth; about Q iO, oltaiued from his
mine, recently discovered, the richness ot
which is said" to be almost unparalleled-
some pf the ore Yielding .98 per cent, of
pure silver.
certain pieces of cannon heretofore
. 1 ' .1 .1
The indemnification of ihe Frenchmen I Jh-'JJ durilli,.n he'boriS whh UQ.
who have been expelled, since the com-! , .ipnr- itu disorder nrjiahodmo.
ineucenaenl of hostilities, is sai J to h.ive jj8 yej axonsuat and devoted chri-
been settled by Mr. rackenham at yJJ.- j tian, attd died it. ihe ina ph of luth, not
030. ...... 4 j fetviaj the shadow of a dauht in ihe minds
Great n jo"cinT3 took place at ra of any vha knew hiats (tfiiUcr nr.i or ia
Cruz when it w.s known that the treaty J n?r.) bat lhal 1 he U nov e,joy U ; iha West.
had been signed; but same d mUs were m;. which ha, rrenf,r the ruht-
by th Mexican Congress. i. l.opec
' Silk BorNTY i: Massaciicsktti.
From' an official document published by
ordr of the L-2islature, we find thr.t
sines tbe passage ofthe a of April, 1836,
-Temperance. The Lvnn Freeman
says,. the cause of temperance has had
an urifuvnrfllife- elTect nnon the recinta f
our alms house., A feir years ago to enctU'age the culture- ol Silk, theie
Gras3 Seed.
A QUANTITY of Herds Grass, and
Aa a little Clover Stvd for aile by th
Brandon Iron Company.
pril 8ii.
n n

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