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May 15,
13 5
mob. The
a snow ot
.v.l II U1IQHU
fnr ih first time made
force, ond nothing but a show. He suf
fered bis one hundred and sixty police
on m be hemmed in and held fast by the
'mob, at the very door of the Hall while
!the fire was kindling within. Two of
ficers by some mistake or other struggled
into the building, and behold I the twenty
ncendiaries there,dovn their torches and
led. But when they saw that only two
M entered, as if to see that the work
vas thoroughly done, they returned and
ornpleted their task and though all un
lijguised, under the full glare of their
villainous deed, they were neither
ecognized at the time, nor were any
t I I f . L ...
cans tawcn oy wnicn any oi iuem wcic
a subseauent period, it lurther evi-
m a
From the Hawaiian Spectator of Oct. 6, 1838.
The following- grannie sketch has
Let every freeman who becomes convinc
ed of the truth of our principles hold his
vote sacred to the slave, and the work is
sure of accomplishment. Before the pow
er oi simple truth and common sense, kindly been furnished by Count Strzel
prejpdice and mob law, gags and iron- ecki, a Polish nobleman, and sml,
heartej custom will give way. God, and traveller, who has for some time resided To the Rev. J. Diell Honolulu,
all his glorious attributes, and his whole in the United States and in Meii r.rl
universe of mind and matter are on our is now visiting various portions of the Lr TDCKY- We perceive by the last
side. Well mav we labor in hone that Pacific in th & R t ri. Kentucky Commonwealth ' that Henrv
J - i - w uw a. A ouiu r IV , I J
)eai Sir: Your kind reauest to V' JV:nor as delivered a speech in
elude, she must stop admire bow and
repeat Sapientahujus mundi stultitia est.
With the greatest respect and consid
eration, believe me, my dear sir,
i our most obedient servant. i
a country so-richly blessed hitherto, will illy J
at length be brought to the crowning bless- supply the valuable publication of the legislature of that State, on tae sub-
ings of a sound mind and an honest heart. Spectator, with an account of my visit to J?I tne Louisville, Cincinnati and
The acceptance and publication of the lhe volcano of Kirauea on Hawaii, both ? u ft0n Raii 1ioaf. ln tbe course of
Report was moved by Gerrit Smith of Pains and flatters me; for I regret much ne dISCwes 'the delicate question.'
Peterboro': and seconded bv the Rev. that my limited stay here, the daily cur- "e a"?cks the North, and eulogizes the
John RANKi,-of Ripley, Ohio, who ad- rent and accumulating objects of new
(led a statement of some of the fruits of and "
ence were wanting to pin the act upon
Jie city authorities, we have it in the Re
sort oi the Police Committee, which not
Inly excuse! the negligence of the mayor,
(ut palliates the conduct of the mob, and
iffirms that the abolitionists received only
that was to be expected for promulgating
octrines repulsive to the moral sense ot
large majority of the community," ana
r producing the " union of black and
hite. walkins arm in arm in social in-
trcourse." This grievous charge, it
hould be remembered, was brought in a
lounty which had given its vote to the
ice-presidcniiai cnair ana in acuy unicn
al just hospitably entertained a man who
tcri-dibly reportdl to havemarried one
I his own slaveif and whose children
re unquestionably of the mixed race.
VouU the mayor ot rtmaaeipnia have
uffered the Hon. Vice-President of the
United Stales to be mobbed in his hotel?
differently was the moral sense of
Philadelphia affected in the two cases?
Here is aggression upon rights less
lian that which called our fathers to the
Id of battle shall it not call us to the
Ms? Those who believe that God has
ale the human race of one blood and
in he has made them to dwell together
i the face of all the earth, have only to
tillow out their religion in their private
opiia!ny, and they shall have the moral
use of their neighbors dashing in their
k.njmv?, nnn setting nre to their houses,
nJ tie civil authorities looking coolly
p sorrv, but not "surprised, depre
t n, b'U not acting censuring, but not
oppressing the lawless disturbance of the
I tie ca e ot U' v. John 15. Mauan, o
Diiio, aWo illustrates the importance of po-
itical acuon. Here was an innocent man
lelivered over to the mercy of the laws
Vhicn rban?e cnou deeds into crimes, and
laiofl the strength of prejudiced testimony,
nd who, but for che bearing his fafe might
ave had upon the party
are him vp miht have
K-Dce with his life, or a Ion
South :" but admits, that, " in time of for
eign war, no part of the Union presents
a more Vulnerable coast to the enemy,
than the South-eastern Section no city
so likely to be burned to ashes as Charles-
nteresting inquiries, render anv cir
slavery, which are frequently passing un- cumstantial description of it really im
der his view, and agonizing his heart, possible to me. A few facts, and "fewer
where he resides, on the borders of Ohio, observations, which a hasty and rouh
and within irht nfiho Siata nfK'nrA1T sketch brings forth, is all T am tn . . ne atl
where slaverv is said to exist in its mild, supply you with. I cannot even attemot cTD,ul!on .m Europe and the North,
est forms. . to ffive you tne slightest idea of the im- . . u6iumwu, auu uwo udbu
TfioRftv. T.nthoi. fTT.i tsj v nressious which the awful snhlimifv A ,Udon? may lead to disturbance and in
. "k"V- l UVt., VW, i. 1 . . ., I . . - - J M,.. I tlT- . I 1 1 -
nfTHrpd th fnllmvinrr rnlntinn- the volcano produced udoo mv imajrina- .U1 suppose missianaer oi
- - - i r n tha l ii -w
R,;MJ Th9t.U nf A,nor; "on ; that part of our being does not yield u? aw,Hr4U oy nenry v,iay, junior,
Resolced, That.the system of Amen- ' amatnnr :t A J vA.i 's a part of the bid for the Presidencv bv
uo v uo iiiLiuui v ii uura iidl i r.iu u i - j j
nenrv u av. Senator. Kut lh vonnor
vwu. anirms np PYisrpnrp nt si
i . . .i iis pasv 51 x mpinnrrii nnoc nor ra.n
ran sinvprv liSnrns th nrprnrntivnt rt i J " J -v- .v-l
God, tends to blot the divine image from d.UCe nsations: the rapture, the enthu-
the soul of man, degrades him Iroro the gone uy, ,s ,os, zorever.
AImIRvA ront ha itiTit. o.,h : i remcmoer, anu ion snau rec
ollect, as showing the mighty influence
of mighty objects upon me, are the diffi-
ignified rank his Maker grave him in the
scale t f creation, and subverts all the so-
ial relations which God and nature have
made essential to his earthly enjoyjient."
This resolution was sustained by a
speech distinguished for clearness, cogen
cy and power. We shall give a sketch
of his remarks in our next. The motion
was seconded bv the Rev. Dr. Wilson, of
the Reformed Piesbyterian Church, Col-
denham, N. YM with a few . remarks,
showing the absurdity ot condemning sla
gentleman should remember that there
are two sides to Mason and Dixon's line.
Mass. Abolitionist.
From the Floridian of the 20th April.
The Indians. General Macomb ha
arrived in the Territory, charged, with the
dutr of necociatiner a truce with the Sem-
i n a - i
inoles, one of the provisions of which, I
cation. Also, a large assortment of B
blrs, Testaments, Commentaries, Tex:
Books, Hymn Books, Scripture Man
vfcC. WU- Wl
X3rA complete asortmenl of the pob-
we learn, will be to allow the Indians to lications of the BjDtUt General Tract So.
occupy the country south of latitude 27 ciety constantly on hand.
au, within a short distance irom lumpa ji- rublished as above, the Sabkuh
Bay, provided they cannot be bought off. School Treasury; a monthly periodica!.
Whether Sam Jones will grant the gm- devoted to the interests of S;ibbath-schools -
eral an interview is yet unknown We and the moral and religious improvement
think it doubtful. Gen. Taylor, we be- of youth. Each number is embellished '
lieve, is the only officer who can obtain with one or more engravings. Terms
an interview with the hostilcs. 1 he In-1 for single copy 50 cts. per annum, vata-
dians say he has never deceived them, ble in, advance. Society or individual,
and that they are willing to confide in his paying far eight copies, at fifty cents each,
promises of protection. shall receive the ninth copy gratis; or for
On the 4th inst. a scooting party under ten copies, and less than twentv. fortv-
Lieutenants Todd ind Monroe, while two cents each; or for twenty copies, foity
scourmsr Cook's Hammock, on me ateen- cents eacn.
hatchie, discovered a single Indian track.
This was followed until the trail became
large, leading to the camp of the Indians.
The party cautiously approached until
within a verv short distance, with every
H. S. WASHBURN. Asenl.
34:0 w
The act to rpcnil atft tnf snfcprl of
culties I had to struggle whh, before mv steamboats on the Hudson, which on the
eye could be torn away from the idle, 15th ult. became a law, forbids, under the
vacant out extatic gazing with which I penalty of $250, greater speed than' six
regarded the great whole, down to the miles an hour.' while nassino anv of the
analytical part of the wondrous and un- works for improving the navigation ; and.
paraueieu scene oeiore ms; l say unpar- when passing the wharves of Albany, in
alleled, because, having visited most of coming to or departing from the same,
the European and American volcanoes, greater speed than four miles ah hour.'
I find the greatest of them inferior to And a penalty of $500 is laid for creat-
TCiraiina CJrntpr. in intensitv. frmnrtonr I i n nr 'an imnanr unci fa finonti'iif sf tao m
very in the abstract while justifying it in and PXtent or area. ' fnr tin th onooA nU,, n.lo, .'
the concrete; and illustrating the evils of The abrunt and nrecinitoin rUflT which Lffippr, nrf nwiJr. hnth lInhU AT V
oppression froin the facts in Scripture, his- forms the N. N. E. wall of the crater Ban. Register.
tory . . . . found after my repeated observations, to rr. d r
Andrew Harris, a graduate oftheUni- be elevated 4.104 feet ahovp thp Wei of . lllh . ii appears irom
versity of Vermont, offered the following : lhe sea-overhang an area of 3.150.000 J? eorg.an ot last month, is
"Resolved, That the Degardation and sauare vards of half-cooled s,or . .inlr dD0Ul De,nS Dr..u1 10 .a ciose oy an ar-
Crime which exists among the-Colored to the depth of 300 yards, and containing JanSement with the Indians, allowing
People, are the result of the wrongs un- more thaH 320.000m nrd f r.nn. them the Territory svxn
dpr whiih ihpv lahor" i a . . r .i t I prescribett limits, which Uen. Macomb,
uer wjiicn tney laoor. i vnlsed torrpnts nipartri in lanpnns fusion ir . '. . .
j .1 .. t I i a ... . ., J. . ' now on the spot, is empowerea to make.
In supporting this motion, Mr. Harris and gaseous fluids constantly effervescing, rp. , i, . ' , uf- u
w.a au owucu " v u. , S Olaio- .u.vuu .g, tt ai. uii.uu. f; - -ommpnrprl VVhnt nil amount of
a i 1 j- l . 1 : a . 1 i 1 1 : 1 r i i : i x i i ... v
menioi wieuisaoiiiuea anu wrongs, wnicn iiKe waves oi a uisiuroea sea vioienuy , , . , j tMW-M :
rl ichfla Hon onn i nrcco t n a traa r r 1 avH I rAfi 1 1 rr i nro r cr t ha ai a r ftHa aoM vnna I r
u.aUv...vU ww .. w.u.cu luu v-amwuo . l fl at V r jx
man, his ex:lusion from the means of un-1 like an infuriated surf, and like surf w r- t
From the Trenton State Gazette of May 3.
Methodist Conference in New-
T ml it i i .. .
v&ksky. x nis ooav ciosea its session
like an infuriated surf, and like surf
proving their minds or their circurnstan- spreading all around its spray in the form
ces, and which are the true causes of the J of capillary glass, which fills the air, and
degradation of so many. 1 adheres in a flaky and pendulous form to
Just published the second volume of ike
probability of surprising'the camp, when BooL lu the preparal;on 0 lhis
the alarm was given by a squaw. greal care has ukeQ t0 foUow lhwo
The Indians were fired upon by the nnrtlrin- nf .u Mrrvi
troops as they fled from the camp but been Stieclej for the lessons, without the
with little or no etiect. A large amount introduction of other subject, or ih dis-
of plunder, clothing, Linkets, and provis- traPlion of lha m;n.i f ,h ,,Lnt,r v
ions left in the camp were destroyed by frequerjt allusions to other parts of the sa-
the troops. The Indians, as usual, es- cred writings the design being to enable
caped by their fleetness, and better ac- him to form habits of dose, accurate, and
quaintance with the hiding places in the thorough scriptural investigation.
nammocK. Thp in ntvmcr tp a f..vw l tl.A m.nn
17 o " jr
notices of the 1st volume, which havo
tain Topham, of the ship America, from been introduced into all the schools of the
Pernambuco, reports that the exploring denomination in this city, and generally
expedition arrived at Orange Harbor on throughout the New-England States and
the 17th oi February, in 40 days Irom eisewnere.
Rio Janeiro, al well. The Peacock, we Deneve no book oi the kind, is
Relief, Porpoise, Sea Gull and Flying better calculated to lead the teacher and
Fish sailed to the South. TheVincennes his class to a correct, clear, simple and
was surveying in the neighborhood of harmonious knowledge of the Bible.
Orange Harbor. The Relief was simi- When necessary, the simple doctrines
larly employed in the Straits of Magellan, have been brought out to the comprehend
N. Y.Spec. sion f lhft child. The practical applica-
r ur- . j k. a . l,on oI lhe8e doctrines and precepts, must
Counterfeit. We are indebted to fnl, m frnm , ,,4;,, . ... ... " r
S. J. Sylvester, publisher of the Reporter j
and Counterfeit Detector, for the mforma- i . w- JiLr. .n..
tion that there are counterfeit 10s of the .I"- LZ A"
Mohawk Bank, Schenectady, m c.rcula- . . nf , fMr. r. - um
tion in this city. The vignette and exe- r r'" -l- ri
cution are totally unlike those of the .;:' . : " .::".w-w
genuine bills, and will only deceive those I , .urniki- a S:a l J 7T
unacquainted with the bills. Also 5s on w fc fa fa n
the Farmers' and Mechanics' Bank of ., MM .m r'. VrT
aoiuo mo in u nit urai liuiu li 1 II
New-Brunswick, N. Jersey. N. Y.Spec,
An attempt was made, on the evening
o , . - iiir l.ii.. i T. ima uuuv viujscu J13 affiSlUU I
lhe motion was seconaea oy James tne aistonea ana oroken masses of the dav hpforp. vPstPi-riW hnvmr, Wn nrAth. nf tha let it iAi,tA nnih Anti-Sin
Cannings Fuller, of Skaneateles, N. Y., lava all around; five caldrons, each of er since Wednesday of last week. The very Depository at Hartford, Conn., by
whasaidthahe appeared not as a mem- about 5,700 square yards, almost at-the subject of Manning" Force's running for placing a heavv torpedo on the steps in
oer oune society oi t nenas, out as a man. level oi me great area aW conta.mng Congress, last year, was brought up. front of the building, and firing it off. The
as to blow the
the store, to shat
epted the nom- ter the windows. The windows in the
i the penitentiary. The danger ot losing I although personally a stranger. forming the S. S. W. point the ale mau inatinn. hnd hp. hppn awatp t iho u nnnnua nA un iniUM
A TTIZVITa .vp?JeinnflnPn?f fn . Hepry B. Stanton, one of the Secreta- man of the native to which the bones of that a rule existed discountenancing such ing adjoining the depository, were some
. ..J""" .1' ' ii- " "c . "es oi tne American Anti-aiavery society, tne lormer nign cnieis were consigned conduct. wht ininrpH A fallow h thp nf
dahkn. Strong motives must have been offerd a resolution, as follows: the sacrifices to the goddess Pele offered a resolution passed, the last morning, Clarke his been arrested on suspicion of
UavHsed to lhe authorities of Kentucky to rilu! P",u' ",l"c au &3,V'..U SSC3 uie caiuron 01 declaring that any clergyman who should having been the chief actor in this nefa
rocure so energetic an influence of the Er- the free Slates is sufficient, if properly caldrons exhibiting the most frightful hereafter become a candidate for the leg- rious affair. Boston Press & Post.
t:uuye upou mo juaiciary uenarimeui iu i excrciscu, vu usicimiuure viavciv m iuc aica ui auuui uuu,uwu sijuure yaru?, oud- islature OT UongresS WOUld receive the
;vur oi an release, anu me puiiucui iuwci-1 nation. . oung reu uoi lava cnanging mcess
(' lhe Abolitionists of Ohio must have been
ncessantkr looA-.: r .r Steamer- bdrnt. lhe steamboat
Lewis Tappan, one ofihe Executive its level sometimes rolling the long curl- Mr Force voted for this rpsolutinn VVp Pennsylvania was burnt at Paduch, on the
i iv sum miuuuauwui 'cuure' V Mjommiuee oi me Am. a. o. aociety, ex- ea waves with broken masses of cooled takp nleasu re in savino- that Mr F'a Hp. nigni oi mo xisi uii. one nau. on ooaru
te --?fT- Lwhi?8' toone side of the horrible labratory toughtthesl proceedings in L"f ! -e
f Mr! Mahan. He shouldhave been re- D.ow,e Kn,vefs' c, oi. uanuero .mpoaa- sometimes, as it they had made a mis- was worthy 0f a christian. ' r L vcu.cra",e ta.rg
...' i m" 1- r. k. hncnm nf hU fam. tion or maufactue, for the use of southern take, turning them back with sr.outino- . 810,000 of the specie have been Tecover-
caacu. m. ui & liuiu v ----- i . . . . . r- a a - . n -iit l i
ed, though in a damaged condition, hav
Ii" l ! A. 1 1 -l : Itk Tol o frt t r-
.iree oiaies. anu nis luu reu res is me mam-
Hfit intArost nf oil dntv which thev owe I alludpd to M
to tliemielrei and to posterity, as well as to j tory statement, in which he said that he
me slave. . had opposed the letting of the house, by
Anther ev.-n calls still more loudly his trustees, for this meeting, in the expec
upoaeven free citizens to gird himself lation that sorae insult would be offered to
to the work of rescuing our country from lhe congregation; and he was sorrv to
. . . . . . i i r n i m. m . . iir l
i i . .i MinoKi enh. js nvrthn rldrs. hnl hps ami murderers : and turv. and a snhtPrranaAn. a chance for dumebody. vve oo
i v nif inn mnii rri.aicsa nnu w uiih u ou v t -'i - - T i j vw a m . vuuo i i iiil. uuir. i ....
,f,i'n r the Governor, and subiected 1 stated 'a varietiv of facts resDectin? the in- of a sound more infpm thnn rKl. 1 serve that the editor of the New-York insr' been partially melted. The cargo
L expenses altogether ruinous, he has ap- fluence of slavery upon ministers and around me blocks of lava, scoria, sla's 1 Gazette is desirous of taking an associate I and specie were insured, and there was
juieu m vain lor renei io iuc guKiumeui others who have gone to the boutn. oi every description ana combination, here c t'F'y auu t-uuuuci u iuai paper an insurance oi ouua on me ooau nos
iwhich should have protected him. His " . p , , . f elevated, by the endless number of super- ihe editorial labor being too heavy" for ton Press & Post.
Vase may be that oCany other citizen of the "e, rV06'.1. ' l?f f r" u imnnd IxU in mrnendbliir wnlLf eto perform continuously. The Ga-
lecnurcn, conceiving nimseu ; V t- l l r t2ete is on pxrellnt Mno, , , , jjivorcEs There were forty app ica-
r.T... offered anpW ,000 fee h,gh ' Ln. for dirarce ... late L Z he
u i.. u. -J the advertising pub i;. The onnortnnlt supreme Uourt of Ohio. We will ven-
where terror, convulsion mighty engine , opportunity ,.in.,;fl, t.om n i,evorija o
rtf . , orwl Jr m,n now presented is a good one for any cen- lUTe t0 c,a?si,y them. By husbands, o,
ot nature and nothingness of man! , . .. , &cu nv or nf ih lattor ih0 ,.,
M ,ha Hnoa L;nn ftf,Ka ,v tleman wishing to engage m the newspa- bv . wlv" 37' f l,hf. er, lhe causes
.1. P.W n,vu TPTPirP. n mnrn nanahU illns. Tko lt P.UIdi t!,tma - WaK. ' vr .u. or .U V.?,u 001,1 leacner and pupil la
19 lears Tea IZea. We Relieve ine ,vJ.", .J' " r-r-w uv ...ou. wivo. - sunun. vi mc oi nusuauus mus cuiu- the nrniiKii.nn 7." lr
nassnorn nf hnt 14 iiistlv denominated lha ...j: ,oii.. :a...a aa r.,- tration than here: the access of the water inffton Colonization Daner. edited bv Uev. nlaJn. nf hv wivnt 17 werp dpcidedlv ...- f .7 1 SCTlP'
I- - - J j 1 uuuirmx, gcireiuuv, vunsiuricu j.ai- , j r If n i it-. i i i i i i 1 J . j luicuuiu. u J. JXIVIDCUI.
black law, in Ohio. A deputation from ker's explanation calculated to lower his t0. tn.eso gnited" masses of minerals of Ralph Randolph Gurley, has nearly three intemperate, and 9 "moderate drinkers.' Extract from letter from a MprrnHendent ia M.
the legislature of a slave slate have the in- -hflri,rt(1r in th estimation of the candid, alkaline and earthy bases, by which that columns of comments on Dr. Channing's n th three applications by husbands, the ' The N. E. S. S. Question Book is hityhl
salence to rjernand of the legislature of a Nathaniel Colver mstor of great PhlIo.soPher explained the convul- letter to Jonathan Philips, with the prom- causes assigned were, infidelity, 2, elope- ly approved among us, particularly "for
free state, a law making 'humanity and . chnreh in OrPPnvvirh T WaX' ?Ions of volcanic rl res, is displayed here ise of more at "a future time." Secreta- ment 1. In all ihree cases, the wives the opportunity it affords the teacher to
kindness to the poorest of the poor a penal : " NT V nrPntpH i rpJnlmJnn- In m0Sl Poriemous mosl awIul enects.- ry Ourley does not. like the letter. He were driven to this by the cruelty and address his scholars personally a point
f-frence and it is done! A fouler blot ington vo.f x m preseniea a resoiuuou. It is only lQ those miiUons of vents all says, " the. Doctor has evidently gone the intemperance of the husbands. Western which we view to be of great importance,'
patriotism had never cause to deplore. If ' "Resolved, 1 hat the s suflenngs of the arou..' the crater, through which the whole for Abolition, notwithstanding all Papers. Price SI 50 per dozen 812 per bund-
again. CA. Watchman.
I have had the pleasure of perusing
this work just from the press of the New
England S. S. Union. It is a valuable
addition to the books already in use. la
some respects it is uotike any book of th
Kina wimin my acquaintance, it is de
cidedly superior. What I regard as its
ch ief excellence is the directness and in
dividuality of the questions. It mar
perhaps be thought that the personality of
the questions will intimidate, or prove re-
pugnant, dui tne reading of tbe book will
remove such a reflection. The author's
happy tact to address the heart and con
science, most powerfully, and not offend, "
is here manifest. If those who use the
book shall endeavor to catch his spirit,
and aim at the conversion of the soul,
while they pour light in 'Upon the under
standing, the result cannot but bejovous.
Zion's Advocate.
I heartily approve the plan and execu
tion of the New-England Sabbath School
Question Book, and believe that its use
will greatly lighten the labor of the tear ti
er, and enhance the profit of tbe pupil.'
Howard Malcom.
H iving carefully examined the New
England Sabbath School Question Book,
I feel a gre?t satisfaction in recommend
ing it as one of the best books of th
tho dominion of slaveholders.- It is the
see hi
such a legislature would accomplish its American slaves give their cause peculiar supera mdance of steam escapesto the his disclaimers, and the position has ne
object, that of preventing the escape of claims upon me sy.npauiica oi uoruimMs, millions oi nssures mrougn wnicn the
cessarily led him into the customary ex-
The Burning Mine. ThePoUsville
red. DeDOsitorv. 79 Comhill Hntnn
Apr. 19. 34:6n.
L.uaLiiniai v r: a. i . ... .
vvu buab ue uiviciuu vavu v i - i - . i' j j i n . n nr. .-..a
fugitives from southern oppression, let it paramount to the claims ot any other class sulphurous and sulphuric acids liberate travagances of the sect So, the Doc Xlr Veii ZaZ.A S- WASHBURN. A-
... i rr ri " j Lfnf Krn'hpr mat!,' I ir.unol0 frnm rionniilh thnt tho nnwur. iU . mn.,D .11 .A r.. .U! theJUgUUr Vein in LSTOaa AlOUniain, IO 1 "6 '
ill rn m nnn n nAii rArnva e iTcrom r t no rn in 1 s vr .w----- . l w - ' -ww i lui u ql laiuic an iua iiuliiiiih . 1 11 1 - .
"tliVll.W U UMWIUW SlCibUI SJk Vv t I i . . , m I O O
ppi ai iii n VA0iv m a vrA na i i r i rim i i i i r i a r
glad to seethe letter of Dr. C. reviewed 0""u'u f-- w v 1 v r wu"uarz"a Lra-
at the South, at sach lengih. It will ex- ?h,ch "e pr-P lhe, A A fn InTnU iiA f collection,
cite attention, and induce a demand for it. ; The late rams only added fresh and all mdmduals indebted by Note or
. . . .... fnol onH ihprp i nn tpilinar when or where oiurewise. can maL-a nivmont 1
n kins 1 . r. 1 t. 1. r v . ""iAUUl
it may end."
system 01 naroen- - - . . j - 0.1 s .ui "u.ug.- ,. P;H , M(vn m, NOTinr..
innr tha hpirt nrihp nnnn a 1 .ft it ntipr I in snsiainia? mis motion. ur. quiver vaiwuui iwwau iiuui uic uwuuvuuii. 1 ne win 5uuu una oui mm ue mavas wen 1 . . . 1 rmnn r . . .
L...,f:::uV..:rfir' ' " " -k,.. ..i .k- rUtm. nf th ip. nSnra. bv the exnansive force of steam and ffases. ioin us -and done, with it" "We ar on hre ana lrom personal oDservat.oc, we r nniu if ana yiewmUf o! the sub-
a uu la 11 l v ivj 1 atA at.La 1111 r.. 1 1 rriii .iir: 1 la 1 .i' l.ia laaw w - 1 w & - 1 j - - ------ -
ry and cruelty so much for murdering mount to those of other class.es, on the can be ascribed.
young birds, so much for tormenting do- ground that their sufferings are peculiar, The nature of the volcano, with it3
mestic animals, so much for frightening- both in kind and degree, that Christians uncommonly intense heat, and so many
nt! phM.lrpn nnd ham somp sum for hw rnntrihuted. in no small measure, bv wide and easy openings, is 10 eject nom- 1 nus it 13 that Henry Llay s speec
hooting at and pelting the aged and de- their neglect and injury, to inflict these ing without alteration, and to sublime abolition and silences agitation ! Three
fenceless in the streets? If Kentucky has sufferino-s, and becanse Christians have every variety of substance which the con- columns of agitation in a Washington
a right to require the bowels of compassion peculiar3 facilities to reach their sufferings, comitants of the volcanic fires embrace, paper, with the promise of more at a fu-
tobe shutun noninst hpr fugitives, she which do not exist with respect to other Thus, here is the rare volcanic glass in turetime! Several Southern papers now
has irh in 1? ho mpnn- nppssarv to rlasSP nf nnr brother men. capillary forms, and many perfect vitrifi- before us, are discussing the merits of the The Shaftsbury Association will
such a result ' 1 We shall give a full report of the! cations:" the muriate of ammonia in ef- great speech, pro and con, with much fu-1 hold its anniversary, at Shaftsbury, on the
The fourth tima hia the ritrht of net - sneeches in our next. florescence, oiten concnoiaai, ouen JU ry. a nine more sucn on on me irouoi-1 jirsi weanesaay in June.
- w- -c - n 1 a . . . . 1 . m TI4 . t . 1 - - 11
Hon and the freedom of debate been struck The meeting was closed .vith the Dox- elongated flexahedrals and m one swgie eo waters, anj me joum is in a Diaze
. w 1 - . - m rvi 1 m LA.A-AU..P
down in Congress, and for this time in the I ology,
wme of Democracy, and by the traitorous "From all that dwell below the skies."
hands of n northern man.. The wretched Und the nnostolic benediction. A large
instance, even in that rare form of a cubic Mass. Abolitionist.
chrvstal: thus, the sulnhuret of arsenic,
both as realgar and orpiment; the sul
phur uselt in most beautiful incrustations,
men Who. in Ihoir (Of rot i.nUv, .Vmn . , 1 w J 1 . U an.-.ia WnUawni-
, ... . v-i.k . J suituiu 1 OSSemDlv CrOWUeU IUC cuuviuua A uuvi lit- 1 i .... J.U
tha KAtherton" r sMnimn. nA rQ .,.1 , . mtU :i chrvstalized in cubic or truncated octahe-
utiu vi b I 1 p finn llSLCnPll lor iuui uuuu mi sutiu 1 . ....-. 1 r 11.
Aboiition is "cer-1 u,u,,a iUV fc,,,u a,w"""ai fcw , . '
and unabated interest.
lighted with the idea of having outwitted
their political opponents and secured their tainly a lon while in "dying away."
cpnemerai piace ana power, were intie
aware perhaps that they were setting up a
grave stone over the great r jiepublican
experiment." The civilized world now
regards that experiment as a failure. The
potentates of Europe now "breathe freer."
General Intelligence. :
aly) or alkaline sulphate of alumine, im
bedded sometimes in crevices 01 iava,
sometimes in argillaceous earth; thus,
the sino-ular and rare cavernous lava,
known hitherto to exist only in Iceland
its large tumefactions in blisters and dud-
Piivmi A rnnENT. -Mis3 Laura
I . . . I- . n
Galvin of Wevbridre, Lower Falls, was bles, from a crust ot the hnest gioss w au
they point their few republican subjects suddenly killed on the 2d inst, under the arch of four feet thick, forming caverns
to the vote of the American Congress in following circumstances: In company thrdugh which the superabundance 01
1838. See. sav thev. the demao-offues of with another vonn? ladv, she had playful- lava in the crater discharges itseii, as
j j m a- - 1 j a - . - . . . j . 1 - ii 1 .
your model republic making a scaffolding ly stepped upon a pile of logs in the mill
of your sacred principles tf libertv for the vard of Mr: Bailev. & with a lever was try
purpose of ascending to power, and then ing to start the foremost of them, in order
kicking them from beneath their feetl a to see it roll down a small declivity. Sud
fepubhc in' which 'after all, despotism of denly the mass above moved, and a large
the worst kind is the governing principle, log, in its descent, caught the unfortunate
, But greit as is the task before us. we irirl. and nassed nearly over her body.
flo not despair. . The change oi oppicioo 1 crushing it in so frightful a manner that
hich is at least to overturn the'mountain 1 she breathed but once after the log was
oppression, is going, steadily forward. 1 removed. People's Press,
thmucrh subterranean tunnels, in audi
rections of the island.
A nrolific i ma o-i nation can find here a
field" for fanciful sDeculation on- the
nrio-in. duration, and nrobable or possible
Tpsults of the continued operations of this
frightful and crigraotic volcano. Science
will never tire in the study 01 jaiurc,
but, alas! beyond what she sees and what
strict inductive forms allow her to con-
The Castleton Affair. We are
glad to learn from Castleton that Hoy,
who was supposed to have been mortally
wounded in the fracat at Castleton, men
tioned in our last, is likely to recover,and
that Tomlinson, the accused, will probaly
be ad raited lo bail.
In our allusion to this unhappy affair
ast week there was one factoraitted which,
we are told, appeared in evidence, and
which accounts in some measure for the
outrage. Before the combatants went out
to sette the' controversy, as before stated,
thev each took Drettv treeiv ot intoxicating
liquorstwo or three glasse apiece, we
believe, was the testimony. Rutland
The Danville Association, ot Pas-
sumpsic, on the third Wednesday in June.
L. Cobnrn. Jr.
A. Robinson
I. D. Sweat
1. S. Roberta
Geo. HibbarJ
Joel Starnard
The Mulberry Fever. A Morus
Multicaulis Company in the District o
Columbia, have planted 400 acres with
these trees. One individual'has a hundred
thousand trees, woith from five to six hun
dred thonsand dollars. Buds sell for four
cents each. Windham Co. Democrat.
$200 J. B.Brown 1501
200 D. Champion 1 50
2 00 A. 1). Low . 3 00
2 00 V. R. Hotchkua 2 00
1 80 I. T. Packard 50
100 E.S.Case 200
THE Depository of the New-England
Sabbath School Union, 79
Cornhill, is supplied with a large assort'
ment of Sabbath School Books lately pub
lished. Orders from the country will be
promptly attended to. Our friends, in
seending for books, 4will have the kina-
ness to forward a catalogue of the dooks,
they have in their library, which will as
sist us in making a seiecuou.
In nddiiion to the books published by
the Union. the Depository is supplied
with the publications of the American
Sundav School Union, and the Massa
chusetts Sabbath School Society; such as
jare approved by the Committee of Pubh
mil kv a ! I In rr art A rl .' I
j --s "VJU64.IUJJ me same on
or before lhe 1st of July next; after which.
ii-au acunquenii 3j will be M walked
into according to established law and cus
tom." Special contracts, j
Brandon, May 14, 1833.
(""j On hand a select lot of Notes
LJ and Account of some twenty
years' standing:, which ihe nersons con
cerned can have at cost of common paper
rag'- 34 3 w . w. 1.
T ITotice.
THIS is to certify that I have given
my son Hiram E. Wright, hislimo
during bis minority, and 1 shall claim,
none of his earnings nor pay any delta,
of his contracting after this date.
Brandon, May id, 1839. 34:3w
Temperance Houses.
rmHE subscriber has opened a public
house of entertainment, on the Tb-.
r P1 v , "au iae cemr the town
of Shoreham, h he old stand, formerlr
occupied by R. R. Hunsdon. Hisettab.
iisnmeni on vream Hill, on the old Bson
l 4UU' f". " aiso continued on the same
plan. It w designed to; give satisfaction,
to those who call. .
Shoreham, May 8, 1839,

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