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. ? V . " ' ' ' ...... r . -
VOL. XllftO. 30.
Religious Miscellany.
to our
Tub Bible -Sir Jones, a most
accomplished scholar, who had made him
self acquainted with 'eight and twenty
l.mgua-'es, has left it on record, that amidst
all hit pursuits the study of the Sicted
Volume had been his constant - habit.
Sir ijic Newton, the greatest of mathe
matician?, was a diligent student of the
Bible. Mr-Locke, a man of distinguish-
rd ucuteness in the study of the human
mind, wrote to recommend , the study of
the Now Testament; as having 44God for
jts author, salvat.on for its end, and truth
unmixed with error, for its matter." Mil
tan, the greatest of poets, evidently had
bis mind most deeply imbued with the
g:udy of the word of God. Boerhave,
eminent as a natural philosopher, spent
the first hour of every day in meditation
nn th-sacred pages. Here ho man can
6;y tlvithe has not leisure. A most ben
n'ckent institution of our Creator has giv
c us,, for this tluty, a seventh part of our
lime, one day in eVery week, .one whole
y ar out of je.very seven fitfar'5 Hints
on the Pursuits of General Krtoicledge.
ry, insect would
hand that sustains it. . Every breeze
would murmur of his presence. Every
leaf would whisper, God is herel' And
if the imaginary presence of some great
and good man could restrain impropriety
and prompt to nobleness of conduct on
the part of a pagan, then surely the known
presence of the heart-searching God, the
greatest and bes-t of all beings, should
make us watchful of all our actions,
should check the very first risings of fol
ly and sin, should give purity to our mo
tive?, and humility to our hearts, and holi
ness to our lives; should lead us ever to
live as under Jehovah's eye, in such a
manner as to secure his approbation.
' T. E.
ears of thef of His?' Now if members of the Church
saw these things in their true light, as vio
lations of God's law, they would feel as
! Job and Isaiah, and the children of Israel,
felt. They would cry out Wo is me
4 1 abhor myself,' &c. -i. They would
mourn every family apart ' and every in
dividual apart. They would forsake their
sins. And that Church or that individu
al who refuses to do this, can never be
wonderful what confidence this state of,
mind will give Him in us, and us in Him. !
Can the disobedient child, while disobe
dient, ask anything of his father in confi
dence? By no means. .But let him
yield to the reasonable requirements of
his father, and there is almost no limit to
the confidence, he will have to ask favors,
and almost no limit to the'confidence of
his father in bestowing them.. Just so
greatly blessed, nor be the. inbtrument of with us and with God. We have no con-
Hi tract from Mr. ILlrk's Sermon
SunJiy school teachers, grow not wea
ry, for in due season ye shall reap if ye taint
not. Imigiue an humble Gluistian going
forth into the streets of Lin Ion to gather
a class together, He succeeds in this, but
one of the number is so stubborn, hard
hearted and relrictory, that he is to him a
continu il sourca of grief, anxiety and de
p.n Jeney. He talks with him, he prays'
for lum, he weeps over him, but all In vain;
a il fmaily be determines to dismiss him
to some others, from the bad influence of
his example, lie calls him up, talks , to
him of his great desire to do him good, of
the manner in which he has striven with
Vui, prayed for him, and wept over him,
an I finally of his reluctant determination
to dismiss him. For the first time he sees
hi: oUlurato heart touched; the expression
of sorrow is cn that face and the moisture
of grief dins that eye; he sends him again
to his place, with the faint hope of reform-
utloil. ; -
The teacher dips and goes to the regions
of b; ta-s. In a few years he ineet3 an an
P'l, just arrived in the kingdom of heaven.
"My brother, " says ne, wnence comest.
thnu V From China," is the response.-
Fto'.n China 1' and ' how, in that heathen
u nicked land, didst thou learn the gos
pel ot Christ?" Through the teaching of
AhrrUori and th Bible of Monison."
"Mtris:)n ? Morrison ? methinks I was
familiar with thai! name while on earth."
Anlm he proceeds with his recollections
and interrogations, he learns, oh glorious
result I that Morrison, the Chinese Miss
ionary, is th.it same hard-hearted, stubborn,
refiajtory boy, who had caused him so
much grief, and over whom he bad so Of
' : From the Oberlin Evangelist.
' - Confessing and Forsaking Sin.
' Now therefore make confession unto the Lord
God of your fathers, and .do His pleasure. Then I
nil the congregation answered and said, with a loud
voice, aa tliou -hast said so must we do." Ez.'x,
It, 12. , . , -
This direction of Ezra and this answer
of the people was made in reference to
4 putiing away the strange wives,' which
the children of Israel had taken, in viola
tion of the. law of God. This was one of
the most difficult cases any where record
ed, and perhaps a more intricate and diffi
cult case cannot well be conceived. It was
not the sacrifice or restoration of their
worldly goods, but.it was the putting away
their wives and children. 1 hey had in
volved .themselves in as great a difficulty
as thfy could.: L.zra reproved tnem lor
this sin, and required them to confess and
forsake it. To this they readily assented
And though it was a time of great rain,'
yet-they immediately 'set down to exam
ine the matter,
months in searching out and putting away
all this iniquity. There is no account of
any resistance to the will of God, or any
reluctance in performing it. Thoogh it
was a right hand and a right eye sin, yet
they ceased not till" the whole was put
away. This leads us to remark.
9. That full confession cvd forsaking
of sin are necessary to promote a revival.
The Bible so ofien insists upon this mat
orrpntlir Vilfssinor nlhprs Who does not
W. -
know that this -worldly spirit must be put
away ? that the spirit of speculation must
all be given up that the last farthing
which has been taken by means of these
speculations must be restored that the
flesh must be crucified with its affections
and lusts' and that the sectarian and
duces mad staggers and glanders in hors
es ; to wit, foul acrid gases, inhaled in
sufficient quantities, and for a time suffi
cient to irritate the very delicate mem
branous structure of the interior of the
head, so as to excite inflammation, and fi
nally suppuration, mortification and death.
This is rendered the more probable, as
horses and cotvs when stabled are gener
them to repentance, that they may receive
forgiveness of sins, and not come into con
demnation as said the prophet, (Eze. 18 :
30.) "So iniquity shall not be your ruin."
It was a figure of the coming of Christ,
bis mission in the flesh -and his passion,
as John 3 : 17, For God se.t not his Son
into the world, to condemn the world, but
that the world through him might be sav-
fidence in our prayers, when our heart
condemns us. we cannot expect Him to
answer us, and we do notexpect it." But
when our hearts are broken -when we
have confessed and put away all our sins,
our confidence will be inexpressibly great
in asking, and His confidence in giving
will be as srreat. M No srooi ihinsr will
ally enveloped in one common atmos-led." And again, (12: 47,) "If any man
phere, and the disease does not often show jhear my words and believe rot, I" judge
Wcoir it'll iha .u-icnn i rnnsiderablv fid- him nnt for i MrflP nnt tninrlffn ifin ivnrli'!
114 1 iUO CVUWii -
vanced, when the foul malaria has had a
what we will and it shall be done unto us."
party spirit must oive place to 4 love, joy, He withhold from us." 44 We shall ask
peace, long-sutiermg, gentleness, goon
ness, fiith, meekness, and temperance V
Who believes those professors of religion
who are as full of zeal -as a politician for
the increase of their party, -can ever be
blessed in their own souls, or do good to
others, until they confess and forsake this
sin ? Who can believe, with the Bible in
long time to operate on the tender parts to
which it is constantly applied while
breathin?. Milk cows are generally
more closely confined than bulls or young
cattle, and it is believed they are much
th most freauent subiects of the disease.
it is hoped this subject aviii ciaim me
careful examination of all intelligent
red that their obser-
From th Farmer's Cabinet.
Manure, and the til effects of dirty
judicious remarks on
him not, for I came not to judge the world
but to save the world."
And of the last office, namely, 'to tp
ward every man according to bis woTk?,"
the apostle Jude speaks expressly, that
44 the angels which kept not. their first es
tate, but left theif own habitation? he hath
reserved in everlasting chains under dark
ness unto the judgment of the great day.
viz : at the second coming of the Savior,
which was to be in spirit, as.4 Jesus cried
vations may be recorded and published, and said, (v. 40.) Ho that rejectrih me,
- 1 a 1 I - It fl
I .1 . . 1 . 1 f . U 1 . S . . . ,
his nanas, mat mose memoera oi mc tne preservation ot the urine ot animals,
Church who have hlleo their pockets by have been extracted from Havward's Ag-
the late land and multicauiis speculations, r.culture, and may be acceptable and use
can have communion wun oa, or can fui to the readers of the Cabinet.
promote a revival of religion, till they r The superior effect of putting the ma-
have restored all that is so unjustly taken hure on the land as it is produced, as stat
any more than the Israelites could - be ed by ?ir H. Davy to be the case with Mr.
blessed wiinout putting away wieirtirange (joke, may be accounted tor as anainsr
wives? If any think they canrthey have from ms urine absoibed by the litter which
not well considered the matter, and will if left in the usual way, spread in an open
find to their sorrow, that they are greatly yard, would have been waited and lost.
ed. The Lord our God is holy.' To sh
,vkotr.r thuvr nn tn sustain the above the
ory or to destroy it. Of one thing we are
all certain, that to breathe pure, uncon
taminated air is more conducive to health
than to inhale that which is foul and ir
ritatinor to the lungs. An occasional
smell of a hartshorn bottle may not be
disagreeable or unwholesome, if it is not
too concentrated ; but to be enveloped in
nn ntmorhere of it for half our time.
.... - - j- -
durin? the winter season, which is the
case with a very large proportion ot our
horses and cattle, cannot be expected to
promote the healthy action of the system,
. . . -
but on the contrary to produce aisease anu
premature death. Auricula.
deceived. 4 The Lord our God is holy. To show the fertilizing effects of urine.
He abhors 4robberv for burnt offering,' sir John Sinclair savs. 44 every sort of
and all that has been unjustly obtained, is. urine contains the essential elements of
and nent two entire I in an impoitant sense, robbery. Ine on- vegetables in a state of solution. The
it L j ...j ; .f r i i - i. i:u...
IV wily ii can . uB ueuieu iu mu., " urine oi a nnrse, Dem so mucu ujriiiei,
possiBle and as far as possible, to restore would be more valuable than its dung, if
it to those lrom vhom it was taken. both must be conveyed to any distance.
. -it
And so of all our sins, brethren, they The unneof six cows or noises, will en-
. t r 1 1 I li . . C a. 1 Ill : -
must be heartily contessea ana iorsaken ricn a quantity oi earia sumciem iu iup
nnrl nniil iKpv nirp fnrsnkpn . thev are noi dress one acre of erass land: and as il
. wm.Ms.rn " ' - - T F 1 CJ
truly confessed. 1 hey must be put away
with the full determination and expecta
tion, through the grace of Christ, of be-ino-
forever abandoned. They have been
it will not probably be denied, that 4 who- loved. ' They have been cherished, b
" . I " -1.11 1 .
ever coveretn nis sins snan noi piuspei.
but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them
shall have mercy.' This we suppose, will
not, in theory be denied. But still is it
not in practice very nearly denied Are
not such general and indefinite- confessions,
as can do no good, substituted for thor
ough brokennecs of heart, and thorough
forsaking of sin ? It is very common for
christians to confess their sins in a gener
al and careless manner, and just as com
mon for them not to forsake iheir sins, nor
to intend to forsake them. Nay they nev
er fix their eye upon their particular sins,
. . ir.i . " .
and confess them. Ana u mey are puim
cause they were loved. They must now
be haled. They must be abandoned be
cause they are hated. And if they are
from the heart ' hated who believes they
will be again committed ? The truth is,
men return to sin because they love it.
They have not- after all come really to
abhor it as sin, to loathe it from their in
most souls. Do men who have, from
the heart forsaken, any course of life, ex
pect to fall right back into that course
Never. Did the Israelites expect to mar
ry their strange wives again immediately?
Nor do men who from the heart, give up
trul '
ie i
f hi
V be
e the
1 ot.d
i.. nW;.vin.i n'unt; xn while ne was
yet standing, two more angels entered
h.aven. '-"Brethren," said he, 44 whence
c;.nie ye I" From Cnina." 44 And how did
ye there become acq iainied with the gospel
of Christ V 41 And m-a while ten others
came, avid still it was through Morrison's
Ril.lt? and hundreds and thousands and
t.rnof thousands shall yet be there, through
Morrison's Bible." Oh how encouraging!
t,.(lipr h not wearv. for lndue season
ye shall reap.' .
There was a poor old woman, in Lon
Ann rrrtincr irt hnrih. and haa to pass a
itagatdfii, a place ot amusement in wnicn
pconle wickedly speilt the Sabbath; and
she saw a boy standing near, who was
wahtng for a companion to accompany him
in. She slopped and spoke kindly to the
boif and asked him to accompany her to
church: he did so, was convined of the
errir of his wavs. is now one ofihe mO;t
ifnlow missionaries oi Christ.and is called
.rwt. -v . , r .l. (' . ! t J..-lo I
'the Apostle or me ouui oeu is.ui.ua.
hu a glorious narvest hasinai pooroia
woman reaped. 'But I must cease ; though
my hearl'would dwell still longer on this
b.tsstd theme.
would require four pounds worth of dung
to perform the same operaiion, the urine
of n, cow or horse is worth about twelve
shillings ($3) per annum, allowing eight
shillings per acre as the expense of pre
paring the compost
irrigating grass lands with cow urine, al
most exceeds belief. Mr. Harley, of
Glasgow, (who keeps a large dairy in
that town,) by using cow urine, cuts some
small fields of grass six times; and the
average of each cutting is fifteen inches in
In a note on the above, the author ob
serves that ' whilst recommending the
careful and effectual draining of stables,
for the preservation of the urine, as the
most valuable part ot animal manure,
will also state a circumstance which can
not be thought unworthy of notice to ag
riculiurists. which occurred to me. to
show how necessary this is also to the
health of animals.
4 1 took, possession of some stables, with
the horses that had been some time kept
in them, "and to my misfortune, in a very
short time I found that horses kept in
I those stables had been subject to the dread
sin, feel that it is necessary to go right
ed out, by others, they will deny them.- back to its commission. It is because
They will say, 4 We are poor miserable they have a lurkingdesire for selfindulg
sinners. We are filled with sin. There ences that they expect to sin, and talk
is no good thing in us. We are great about the necessity of sinning and justify
sinners and always expect to be.' But it. Such persons have not confessed and
point them to this, -and that, and the otner, do not forsake their sins. They are as
and all their sins, and they will deny the far as possible from having seen God or
wriol. Sn that it is as evident as can be themselves, from hiving apprehended the
that they do not really mean to forsake true character of their sins, and they can ful disease called the mad staggers for se
anw.sin. Such persons manifestly have never be revived nor assist in reviving veral years. Some horses had died, and
no proper conception ot tne nonness 01 others. Kui let tnem reuny cumw au
God's character nor of the deep depravity put away sin, and it will not be long be-
of their own hearts. Not so did Job con- fore the Lord will say to them, as he
fess sin. 'He had been in a self-justifying said to Isaiah, after his confession, -Thine
state. Bui when the Lord revealed him- iniquity is taken away and thy sin lor
oulf And slinwpH him hia own heart, heicrivpn " And when He calls, ,saying
LvMnimQ Rphnld I am vile, what shall whom shall I send, and who will go for
. - I
I answer thee ? I will lay my hand up- me?" they will answer, 44 Here are we,
on my mouth? I have heard of thee by send us," (see Isa, 6th chap.) Uod will
the hearin"1 of the ear ; but now mine eye restore unto them "the joys of His salva-
sEETHthee; wherefore I abhor myself, tion,' and through them "sinners shall
and repent in dust and ashes. Not so be converted unto Him." It may require
Ws Jeremiah represent Ephraim as con- two months as with the Israelites or more,
fessin his sin. 4 Surely after that I was to rectify all the evils they havedone.
ixsTrtrcTED. I smote upon my tnign,
Tor the Telegraph.
No. 1.
First, considering its connection with
the ordinance of the second tabernacle, or
' Holiest of all" a judgment borne or
ministered by the High Priest, it being a
judgment of intercession.
Remarks. It will be generally admit-
Php ( vMnta (tps of! ted. no doutt, thatthe Law of Life, i.e.
what to do and what not to ao, wun tne
blessing of God on a life ot obedience, and
the award or consequence ot a departure
from that law, are the most prominent and
important doctrines of the Sacred benp-
tures. Concerning the first, Christendom
are less divided : but in regard to the lat
ter, its divisions are bounded only by in
finita pxtreiTiFS. The truth then on this
subject can be of no minor consideration
of the writer is. to set this
subject in aclear light; but how far an
anticipation of such moment snau Dereai
ized, js to be decided after mature and de
1 ? V.. itAnl!l aviJ r Y
liberate examination uy u muum 01m.
and reccivelh not my word?, hath one that
iudgeth him, the word that I have spoken
the same shall judge mm m me lasiaay.
An exposition of ibe judgment, in this lat
ter sense is referred to i-Q.ne future num
ber of this paper.
Now as many great and good men, it
not alU have overlooked the first and more
important office of the word, (for the min
istration of the judgment, in the office of
intercession, unto salvation of oil that will
hear, is of vastly more importance in the
Divine legislation, tnan tne miniJiration
of the judgment of rewards, which i? unto
snecial damnation of them that will not
hear,) and as they hav.e explained the pas
sage in Hebrews, not only as in union
with the latter, in Jude, but as determining
tha time and place of Us fulfillment, 1
would fain lay before the reader an illus
tration of the text, desiring the scrutiny of
he learned and enlightened in the scrip-
i - c
tures, nnl soliciting a correcnuu ui uuy
doctrinal error into which I may laii,
promising attention to the same; and when
I shall perceiva myself corrected, to ac
knowledge it, and to "stand corrected.
lhat is keep myself so, for what ill
profit me but light, -and what will light
profit any cne except he walk :n it ? But
as it is w'ritten If we walk in the light as
he (God) is in the light, we have fellow'-
thip one with another ; and the blood of
Jesus Christ cleanseth us lrom all sin.
The subject, (Heb.O: 27.) And as it
is appointed unto the men .once to die, but
after this the judgment, so Christ was
once offered to bear the sins of many.
Thatthe apostle said what might bo
rendered 44 the men" we have only to ask
a scholar to read the Greek, and we have
only to understand Exodus 13: 12, to
know that it should be so rendered.
1. I offer on explanation, simply by
supplying the words omitted by the apos
tle. The Mosaic Ritual being familiar to
that church, an elipsis only was neces
sary (1) 44As in the law it is appoint-
en unto the tirst-bornj men once 13 oie.
(to be slaw) but aker this (the word this
: From the New Yotlc Observer.
GoD'g Pres ence. The thought lhat
Q)d is eVfcV about us, makes this world a
;ripus world, and should lead ns ever to
walk through U with .serious : steps, it
Huld indeed increase our cheerfulness,
oil svv'eeten our' enjoyments, to think that
our Father i beside us! LSUt 11 snouiu
a'so fill -m w'.th' a holy, jealousy of 6ur-
Mves, and vith' anxious watchfulness
Vjainn every thing, whether-in spirit or
conduct, wh'clr may be aispieasmg 10
Htm. An ancient philosopher advised
th niagistrate,'as a Jestraitr. to the wick-
el. to write nt ther corner of every street.
Q ji tetn Ahee. V smlitY V liut to us
was ashamed, yea, even confounded.' Not
so did Isaiah confess his o.vn sins. 'In
(he year that king Uzziah died I saw al
so the Lord silting upon a throne, high
and lifted up, and his train nlled the tem
ple. Above it stood the seraphim; eacn
one had six wings; with twain he cover
ed his face, and with twain he did fly.-
A,,rl nno cried unto another, and said,
holv is the Lord of hosts:
the whole earth is full of his glory, And
ihe posts of the door moved at the voice of
Ihimlhat cried, and the Douse was niieu
with smoke.
n..n mxA T Woe is me ! for I am nn-
may take large portions, or all of their
possessions; it may crucify their lusts.
Nav. in many instances it loill and must
do this. Nevertheless it must be done
bors advised the pulling down the stables,
,.rnaiHprinor the disease infectious: but
lightened public. Not that God has g:v
en him power of mind or understanding
oil nthor onthnrs that hf-. should re
UVJ III. wiw. , - . 1 . . t
ly on that: but on the simplicity of the beingaprenaanusioriueFen.enreoe
scripturesand on looking unto Him con- fore it, i. e. after it was appointed unto the"
tinually who came a Light into the world; first-born men once fc, die, or to be offered
and on exercising a teachable and iuquir- a sicnhce to God,4he same being first re
in mind and heart toward the scriptures ; deemed from death or the arpomtrnt-nt to
and on walking in the light ol them, wnue uie, no i.irj iuc uuSllulv..iy,v
he seeks to enter into and follow the spirit of Israel btforethe Lord continually, was
and genius of the language of those days appointed unto thcm l 44 1 o tear the ju Jg
in all its windings, changes and variety, ment," signifies to Uar the sinner s rase
nro KMntifnllv simnlpin their nriii- with his sin offering' before the rm-rcy-
IVIUwU u v vvmmii".'i a 1 ....
CliMU It'll VI
gmtnt upon
hort, to be
the writer to hold that a Restorations oc- priests, was appointeu untoinem wno uere
cunies the medium ground o prevent hrst appoirueu to aic. 1 rusuci is known
. 1 .1 f 1 n mtrtrwr hrttJ rtrn K- 1 n rr maiA If
writer has yet to learn mat anv passage ot ciauuua -v...
scripture teaches that even in "eternity the not redeemed, must te offered id sacrifice
period will come that all-men will be'boly Mike the firstlings cf their blasts; nr.d tf
the horses then there, and which had been
for some time kept in the stables, were in
wretched condition. Two fine fresh hor
ses which were put into ihem, were with
in a few months seized with the mad stag
gers, and one of them literally killed him
self by knocking his head about against
the manger and stall ; the other was sav-
I L. .. ,.nnin.,o kl oni I i n rr nml rpmnvpH'ip.tn
t'u cLkIp hnt w..s sr. reduced ns to be I mUmnr-Pntlon let it ba observed that the to all who read that "ibioghout lhtrgn-
LA w---? J r
lpsBPnpri in va ue one-ha t. Mv neigh
onH wrnnrlprtn in Sllh imilV anu seal, Willi llic - luuirs ui iuc
rrrandeur and unbounded hyperbole. Israel in the breastplate of jud
that som mav susDCCt his (the priesr?) heart. . In s
4U b W ----- j ( 1
havino-, on going into the stables early in 0r happv,
the-mornmg. been almost suttocatecl anu
blinded by obnoxious gas, I examined the
floor and drains, when 1 found the former
to consist of large burr stones, laid on a
done; because I am
a man of unclean
And if thev come to feel just right, they 1 stiff clay: and the fljor sunk so low be
wilt rejoice in it, not rejoicing in the ne
cessity, or in the fact, that they have sin
ned, but in the opportunity to make full
confession and restitution, until this is
dnne. God can not place them in the walls
of His great spiritual temple, nor let them
put others there.
The Teason of this is very manifest.
We act upon the same principle in our
dealings with each other, and from the
vprv laws of our being must act upon it.
When a man feels that his neighbor has
he can-not exercise conn
i- 1 1 J.....H in thp midst-of a neonle done wrong
HPS ullU 1 U'icii - r- i : ' . mIU U C
Y- . , f.vr minp. pvps hve seen rl nce in him again till he has tuny re-
n 1 1 ii 1 it'll 11 una v - 1
the King, the Lord of hosts.'
This is the feeling which every one
will experience, when hr sees the Lord
as He is, and hirnseii as ne is
Ui M W O 1 f
who believe In the divine -omnipresence, 1 contrast is mere . Y '""
tntu '.nscnpiionp tjoa, fees thee, is not
only in everytreet, but upon every ob
j'ct, above, artunJ, wishiu and beneath
mired the wrong, at least till he manifests
on .ni;r willinanpss tn renair it. and sets
himself to accomplish it. But as soon as
What a he makes a frank confession, ana mere is
no reason to doubt his honesty, his conh-
restored. A parent can
so common anions , n 0 .
christians now. Suppose ye tbese men not Pave connaence m a uiwucu.jm
1 ,n iKp sins th-v had lnnT as ho nersists in disobedience.
expectea 10 coiiuuwc ... . ----j . . flr tn
contested 7 v nose uimu iw..iUui, .v. -
,u. lAi Theirs wus a hearty con-! correct him, let him seft the child s heart
titv V
ir lit Vint ftnan nil? Kftrrt t iW.
tweriion onhis solemn fttirf uU-finportant fession and a hearty frsakmgol sin. .
Sk.ifT vvniil.l nrnrlniih it tn u 1 Now this is the kind of confession and
f .'.. ,u:J .1.1 ...h tn .,tK- nrM n-. !thi , iKa Lin 1 of forsaking sin which we
4Wlio nit en it lutrlo thyjnct'i win, . . .
AnJ wheeU In ttiruua niua ibe rulliug worlds. s
V might see it in our own existence and
joyiiients in the revolving year and
the changing seasons. We might read it
1,1 the star. the alphabet of heaven, in
oich he has stereotyped his own glory.
n4 in the planets which are rolled by hU
od through trackless space. we might I parly and securian spi
it in the thunder's voice, and see it 1 that she is very far from
EWraing in the lightning's flash. Eve-lit of Christ,' without which
mean and which is necessary for the pro
motion of revivals. Who does not know
that the Church is filled with a worldly
spirit that she is deeply involved in spec
ulations that she has mucn property in
her hands fraudulently obtained that she
is indulging in 4 many foolish and hurtful
lusts which drown men in destruction and
nerd ilion.' that she is eaten up with a
r- - ' . j
rn, anu in suuri
having 4 the-spir
she is none
HIS DO SO ill HflU " Gill uiiu -'- i w . -t-f , . I r trti I f
to his heart Uo to that moment mosphere, that the lungs or brain may not j priest ans wered to and fulfilled the service
d 1 have no confidence in his child, suffer injury by inhaling smmoniacal gas connected with the breastplate cf the j.jd,
ii. hoc- nn rt rf con fi lence. I or spirit of hartshorn, which tends to pro- Uent of sin-Waring, or bearing sm-olkr.
break, and his will subdued, and instantly
confidence is restored. He welcomes the
or rants Dini ilil IDC
t- 11 I VJ U 1 J WUOU (II Uw
hp roil Id
kut nnw hp hS no lack of confi lenc
The s?rae feeling, in kind, our Heavenly
Father exercises, towards us. . w nen we
sin, He can have no confidences us
He can not bless us nor our laoors. in
most hold us at a distance from H'S heart.
But let us see our sins, and heartily coa
rse thpm and insiantlv His confidence in
-oofrtrp rVnthinor will He deny
.. ' k:i ran.im in that state. At is
US Wlll.C 0 &uv
low the the drain, as not to admit of the
draining away of the urine. This struck
me to be a sufficient cause. to affect the
brain of any animal confined in it, the
same as it had the horses. I therefore
had the floor taken up, relaid, and proper
ly drained: and the walls and ceiling,
. .... . .
manger, crib, &C washed with quick
lime ; and lrom that time for ten years, 1
never had a diseased horse.'
The mad staggers is undoubtedly a vi
olent inflammation of the brain of the
horse, produced, in all probability, by in
haling noxious, acrid gases, such a are
the product of foul stables ; for we never
- . .I. ,- i
see ruses ot tnis aisease among uorsea
who breathe a pure, uncontaminated at
mnsnhprp. Horses which are kept in
r . . .
confined stables in cities, where tne ma
nure and urine are deposited in cewtrs
underneath them, are most subject to this
disease. The remedy, or rather the
mode of uteventing the'disease, is so obvi-
- l r
ous, that every person wnu nas cnarge ot
ssovaluab e an animal as the horse, snouia
be apprised of the importance of keeping
a clean stable, so as to insure a pure
- Mil
To nroceed: The command ot an
commands is,t4Go ye into allthe world and
preach the Gospel to every creature" by
which we are instructed what to preach,
namely, not the law cf Moses, but the
frospel of Christ, the main body or sub
stance of which is signified by the phrase
a ministration of the Judgment, a word
though often pointed and specific, yet
broad and comprehensive, and of very
great variety oi signincation m iuc amy
Among its many and different uses, the
word occurr.ng about 330 times, I would
in this communication notice but two, yet
the most prominent arid important offices
that this word, or perhaps any word ever
was, or ever will be called to sustain: The
one being a "ministration of the judgment
of reconciliation to God, and of interces
sion for m-rcv in 44 Righteousness unto
Holiness, and the end thereof Eterlisling
LiU? the other being the ministration oi
the judgment ot rewaras, wnicn 10 me
wicked is unto condemnation ana me enu
thereof" Everlasting Punishment.
The first office ot the word judgment
bein!T executed by the high priest, who
wns atvne of the'Savior. a special allusion 30. Xl 3: 10. "V
tt .iX.r ,t.. , .k" ,i .f:.io. Job 27: 2. W. I o
in iieu .Lr . fWmWhere in the
rr i n inn nriPM.nnriii ui Lilt- ,1 uitr 11 1:1c i j i j
v. ...v V -
at shown wherein Christ m tho olace oi
. - . " .L
duce initation and inflammation oi tne
firi I on rl nr nipmKmnpS. which line the
nasafcprocesses and the lungs of all ani
The disease called hollow horn in cat
tle, is.inflimmation of the interior or tne
head and horns, which communicate with
the nasal processes, and very probably
proceeds from the same cause which pro-
redeemed it was appointed unto them by
he same law to be priests, still decoted Id
42) And as the Levites being afterward
taken in their stead, were once clicred.
that they might cxecat the service of
the Lord," 44so Christ, that he might ex
ecute the service of ihe Lord was once
offered to bear the sins Jsin offering cf
many." The Savior lu-rally 'cleansing
the hearts of all who obey him as the high'
priest ceremonially cleansed these whosa
sirr-offerings he bore.
2. That the word "judgment," and the
term 44 the judgment," are used ia scrip
ture for intercession, office of rricsC niin-
mration oi lniercessian. ccc, is aamiuea
by every minister and the'ologisn who
have examined the corwactioo in which
they are found, with his eve on the sub'
ject; to that ihe only question remiintnj
is, whether that sentiment is apucacie,
or suited to the case before ut, of Heb 9 :
27. I will name some cf t!:cn.iTir pas;i-
ges in which ibe word j-uisament occur?,
where, if not taken in ihe m.s- as ex
plained above, the obvious niean.ng ofth
au'hor tvould be I-st, nd bs dt-c'.a rations
rendered unexpl.-tinable. "P. 1 :5. 10G:
3: 1G. Ui.o'Jilo.
first trs'.amcnt, it apftoiiueu umo tr.e ir r.-
U,rn men to' be slain ?. Answer. Exo. 13:.
12,' Thou shall s.t apirt'fcn'o lb? Lord
all thy fust born, and. cvvryfirttlin thct
comeih of a 1eaft; which thou hast ; the
males shall be the Lord's."
(2) Were they slain? did they die as
it wasappointed un'o them? No,-but
they were redeemed, a3 vere 13. "And
nder the law. And as it is ap
pointed vnto the men once i die, but af
ter this the judgment, so
offered to bear the sins oj many.
Tk . lAmnt (it ine saiiciuai y au-j
.infTerinT. so unlike to the judgment
T" ...nnamant ran rw marlr
reward, wnere no atyut. : -v ,: thnn r.-m
mpdiator be heard, wasan lusiuuiion oiiuwng iuy
iitcn Session, todwmento God-to bring1 That they did notd.e, is shown even .n tb.
of every firstling of an asthou sha'.t redeem
e,l with a Iamb, and all the first-lorn of man
; -0
n n

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