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T W 0 , D 0 L IM R S ?.E P. A. N N U M : J .
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VOL. XII. NO. 40
.8t r vie
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U. S.
1 gfitt,
.VERMONT TELEGRAPH. though they had carried off all their
dead, except three hig slab sided fellows,
Brandon, Saturday; June 20, ibw.
yet I never saw such a scene before.
Thpm was blnrvi and brains in fvifT Hi.
4 For the Telegraph. rectl0Q We nicked up their' greeJrees
. Brother Murray .-Having seen that the in handful. But O, the path in which
. fuV.dwing letter, (of which you. last week they went, was one complete gore on both
' ' published an abstract,) came from an au- sides ; yea, it stood in puddles. We pick-
ibentic source ; and seeing manifested in it "P their fingers by the way side.
." f nr,'.n ,u non There could not have been less than
, .. . .. . ., . r 300 warriors, and Goterah, the great
and convening heathen, I will thank you to ch ion , d at their head. h
. publish the letter itself, together, with some had been gone about an hour before any
thoughts which came into my mind while bodv came to assist us. Zoda Quee camu
, reading it. J. Holcomb. first. And soon they rallied in from every
. letter trom Liberia. quarter to our relief. The Americans
ListSaturday morning, about 4 o'clock, carrre irom MilisDurg aooui 1 o clock,
we were awakened in our town by the fir- Cnpl. C. Barker, from Caldwell, with a
in'rofa gun, about ,two miles from us. company of 20, all volunteers, arrived here
Anil white wa were musing on what it about 4 o'clock m the afternoon; and all
in.iM mMn. w wrra Wain nlarmed hv stood on guaru lor us the first night.'
the voice ofweia! of our people exclaim- .. On Sunday morning, about 30 men teft
iitg, "War is cornel war
is come !" lls P'ace ard took the path of the enemy,
of bed im- determined to follow it to theSt. Paul's
Hrft.Kfr Rirn H.irrU n-ot nnt of htn im- aeterminea 10 ioiiow u to ine .si. raui s
vo" 1 .u. j: u i
mediately, and went out in town. Buthe "ver.io see -wuai uiscovenea couiu ue
returned in about one minute, and told me made m regard to the enemy,
to be out of bed and load the guns, for war About s,unset Z,oda, aufe s Party 1"e
was at hand. I imtnediatly arose, slipped lurned wuh Goirah b head in their hands,
tin mv clothe?, and was on mv knees to u vvl11 be necessary for you to come as
ask God to help us. By this time the en- soon as possible, for I have stationed b!
emv were within musket shot of the miss- mon, ?enx at Bango s to lake charge of
ion'house. 'Brother Harris went down the little flock there, and he is under pay.
on gave them the first shot, and was an- Besides, I have hired four American sol
.,...,,! in nr.iH'miUi fmm nn. diers to stay here until you come up. 1
1 1 1- ' -i- . .1 I wish rrvii woiilrl iiritnpflintPl v Spp. Inp frnv
emv. win e i was loau n? musKts in ine
the right of fighting in self-defence must be 1
banished from the hearts of professed
christians, or they must reject the New
Testament principles, and its Author.
I shall say no more at this time, but earn
estly request all who profess to have been
renewed in heart and spirit, to examine the
teachings of Christ, compare them with
their own cherished sentiments, and see
whether they will sufficiently harmonize at
the judgment day, when we shall all be
called to render an account of our steward
ship here on earth. J. H.
A word here to those Colonizationista who sup
port their scheme on the ground of its heing a
missionary institution, for the conversion of Africa.
(And it is in this aspect of the matter that the sys
tem now gets the chief support it derives from any
who pretend to Christianity or honesty.) Task all
such, whether the honible details of this letter
from a missionary, in which he shamelessly holds
himself forth with his own hands reeking in human
blood, and glorying in his success as a man-butcher,
should not cause them to pause in (heir course ?
The fourth of July is at hand, and the President of
the Vermont Colonization Society has issued his
aunual call for contributions. How much are the
christians of Vermont ready to pay, to seud out
and sustain murderers under the name of mission
aries? Ed. Tel.
chamber. The natives came on the path ernor and fe.nd u5 uP,a Tb un'. .
' 'ktidinz from Millsburg, across the creeks v My hand is so weak I am oblige! to
Uear our house, and struck into my casava close this letter without farther interesting
esus dismissed the ecclesia a riotous as
sembly? . Eccleiia in its classic use sig
nified an assembly called together by a
crier. It was also used for the place of
its meeting, just as the place for the as-
semblinp; of a church is now called a
church. Thev. therefore, had no ground
of complaint, because custom had accord
ed to the term several different meanings,
any one of which it vas proper to employ
as the case required. Nor can I perceive
any just ground of complaint against the
modern' use of the word, church.
I am no stickler for the continuance of
the practice here defended, but do wish
the truth to prevail, and that a practice
innocent in itself, should not be summa
rily condemned, and that without a hear
ing, through the influence of prejudice.
Finally, R. M. speaks of "dedications
of churches," as if they were of very
modern origin, and calls them the off
spring of the mother of harlots and abom
inations." If the custom of dedicating is
of recent date, I wish to know when it
jiitch, at the corner of the woods, and in particulars
a straight direction towards the house.
They completely covered the casava patch.
U inw begin to be a little light. The en
gagement by this time was -veil under
way, and increased rapidly. Tom's peo
ple sallied down toward the lower gate,
and gave them a few shots, at which time
one of fcii men received a slug through
Affectionately yours,
Geo. S. Brown.
It seems that as soon as Mr. Brown. had
satisfactorily ascertained that their beath
1 en enemies were coming, he resolved on
killing as many of them as possible. In
order to be successful in his righteous work,
originally a-delightful spot. It was shady 1
and well watered." It was situated on the
east of Jerusalera.s . At an early .period
the idolatrous Jews' set up the brazen im
ae of their god Moloch to this deity
they offered children in sacrifice. The
name of Tophet was afterwards given to
the valley. This is also a Hebrew word.
and, signifies a drum, because the wicked
priests beat drums to prevent the cries of
the dying children from being heard.
Josiah abolished this horrid practice.' He
ransptl the nlnce to be inolluted. All the
j - A ,
filth of the city was deposited there, and
a fire kept burning that the air might not
hf TpntWpd imnure & unhealthy worms
also were generated in the offal, and hence
nrnsp! tbfi nhrnses of unauenchable fire
" r x
and undying worms. So far (said Mr
W.) there is no disagreement."
With the informed there is no dispute
at the present day as to the root or origin
of these phrases : but the propriety of se
lecting such phrases for general applica
tion to the case of the wicked at the pres
ent day is doubted, the only use of them
ed amid the banners of storms the voice
of thunders, and unchained the light-
nings that linger, and lurk, and flash in .
their gloom? Who gave to the eagle a-
sate eyne where the tempests dwell and
beat strongest, and to the dove a tranquil
abpae amid the forests that ever echo to
the minstrelsy of her. rhoan t Who made.
thee, Uh man, with thv perfect elegance
of intellect and of. form? Who gave '
thee that matchless symmetry of sinew
and limb? That regular fldwincr of
blood! Those impressible and daring
passions of ambition and cf love? No '
God! And yet the thunders of heaven
and the waters of the-earth are calm ! Is
there no lightning, that heaven is not
avenged 1 Are there no floods, that man
is not swept under a deluge I , iney re
main, but the bow of reconciliation hangs
out above and beneath them. And ic
were belter that the limitless waters and
the strong mountains were convulsed and
commingled together it were better that
the veVy stars were conflagrated by fire,
or shrouded m gloom, than thatoNE soul-
should be lost, while Mercy kneels and '
pleads tor it beneath the attar ot intercess-
hi3 bowels, and immediately came into my he sprang from his bed dressed with all
chamber with his intestines in his bands:
And. notwithstanding Tom .anl his
merr retreated under the lee of the mission
'housivyet they turned, as it were, the left
wing of.the enemy, who soon fell into the
inaiuv body, directly lack of the mission
house. And in less than one minute',
' thev -were running up and down the pick-
f 1 ..1 1 r . u ,
fl u'nee, auoui inree rous uuin iuc uuuac, ao
tbtek ns bees around a -hive.
brother Benuet Demory and brother
H urts were the only two who stoo l in
Irom, baween the enemy and the house.
Tlu-y both stood their ground and cut them
dortn liko mowers cutting grass. Mean
while brutluT JarvisZ. Nichdls came into
the chamb? r where I was loading mus
kets, (f r we hai 18 muskets in the cham- i
".ber, which, we knew would go at every
smn. and 103 ready made cartridges, and
a k?g of powder beside,) and poured a
sireaTn of leaJ'downJupon thtm from the
. wm.lcw. ns last as two bovs could hand
'Km lonJfd muskets. In the midst of all
speed, and called upon God to help Uim !
While on his knees, his prayer must have
been something like the following;
" O Lord, thou hast sent me here - to
preach the great truths of the gospel of the j
Prince of Peace, to these benighted heath-1
m I V .1 1 1 C 1 I a.
en. l nou nasr, tnrougn my oon, ioiu iuy
servants to resist not evil, but when they
should be persecuted in one place, to flee to
another. Thou hast promised to protect
them until their appointed time of depart
ure. Thou hast promised the heathen to
thy Son for an inheritance, and these are to
be won to the principles of thy word by the
foolishness of preaching and the influence
of thine Holy Spirit, which thou hast said
should ba poured out, on being asked for in
faith. But I distrust thy power to advance
thy cause, and protect thy servant on this
For the Vermont Telegraph
Brother Murray: In your paper of
the 3d iost., I 'notice an attack made by
11. M. on the modern use of the word
church, and on the dedication of churches,
which he is pleased to call "the offspring
of the mother of harlots and abomina
tions." Now If these customs are, indeed,
what he has called them, they can not be
too severely rebuked; but even then it
might be well for It. M. or any one else
who would lay the axe a, the root of the
tree, not to be sparing of his arguments.
To assail and cut away the errors of men
contrary to their prejudices, is an Hercu
lean task, one which can not be effected,
in most cases, without sound argument.
The Pythagoreans might regard the opin
ion of Pythagoras as sufficient ground for
their own belief, and ipse dixit (he, i. e.,
Pythagoras, said it) as a good reason why
others should believe with them; but
other arguments are required by many of
the present day.
But to the subject in hand. R. M. com
plains that "it has become fashionable to
call a house of public worship a
Hrant it: and what obiection to it? Is
i - j
Kpnnn ' and if it is. ns T?.. iT. nssprts. the
, s" - - . . . . l I
oftorinsr of "the mother of harlots and in lUe sacrea ""ipiurcs "5 DC.e" "
abominations," I wish to know how it
happens that the child, the splendid dedi
cation of the templeecorded in 2 Chron.
5. 6, 7. chapters, was so much older than
its mother popery. a.
L .v, June 15, 1840.
For the Telegraph.'
A Request. Mr. N. Meriam has told
us that kingdom of heaven, and kingdom
represent the judgment which should
speedily take place on that unbelieving
race to whom said Peter, (Acts 3: 26:)
44 Unto you fust, God, having raised up
his Son Jesus, sent him to bless you, in
turning away every one of you from his
(Concluded next week.)
Tlie Clmrcli needs Conversion.
But why do I think the Church needs
From the Ladies Companion. ,
tl Let me die the death of the righteous, '
and let viy last end be like Aw." IS umbers , j
22: 10. i . - .
Oh, let me die the Christian1 death
Of triumph and of peace, v
Like him, when fainter grows my breath,
Ere it forever cease
Like him, may I possess the power,', -
To meet unshrinkingly that hour ;
And bid the world farewell,
Without a pang, without a fear,
Without a wish to linger here
- Assured that ' all is well !' .
Eager to soar from earth away,
A soul from bondage free
of find arR never used in the scriptures conversion ? I mijrht give several Tea-
. . nfii l i T ..t lo. enna hni T mill nssiorn finlv one. It IS
lor heaven w u ne Pi. d - ; -- ..eept ye be To the bright realms of endless day?
28. 29. 1 Cor. 15: 50. and Matt. 7: 21 & rnnvptte. and hecom as litth ciUrtnr And pure felicity.
8: 11 ? and thus oblige an inquirer after jjere we see tne effect of conversion is to Methinks I hear a still small voice,
truth. A. make the subjects of it as little children, ResDonsiive to my prayer;
and hence St. John addresses the primi- Improving 'well my uttered choice,,
tive Christians as little children. Now, w 1n .
For the Telegraph.
ftp, the enemy broke through the fence,
and muring into the yard like bees. Brother
Tl .Tiirlomnnt nf the Great DVJude G. I r. 1 1 " 1 , r,k.,i-.U nacrls
-nt a 3 . .1 . l j x And thus to me it kmdlv saitn
xu. cnnvrsinn is. tnat mere aoes noi seem iu ... -
a 4 ,l,o u urtu i:,i-nV,n,,t tho TKnrrh 'It triou wouicrsiaie toe uunnum
words of any author by our interpret of the present day. There is a great deal death, ...
tions, nor wrest the scriptures to our own . T . . , .f , . . . f . . ; m
distruction, the following passages, as wide he would not be apt to address the mem- And live the Christian's holy life, ' , ,v
and distant from each other as the present bers of the Church generally as "little obedient to his Lord : ' '' !
life is from eternity, are selected and now children." No indeed, I question wheth- Bmile-fear but His frown l
, j 1 . er, if he were even addressing an assem- ouuih ,
introduced as waymarks and sentinels, . . , ffi , Count wordly gua but dross;
yet at the close of our subject, the Judg- our Churches, he would not be apt to 'Tis meet if thou wilt wear the crown;
church.u ment of the Great Day, the same texts, apply other terms than " little children" That thou shouldst bear the cross.'
with others uniting on the same points as a preiace to his i exnortauon love one t -
0 4 .l-.-l .U:U T am euro ha urn 11 1,1 nnt I T.rr. UinnraT HlTTESS. AS II Will
not language, if not originally a human and of equal exphcitness it is believed by forret raise our endeavor high, to bok on tho
- i . ..v: c u mnn ,m. tho iwntpr un nrnvp to p.vR rv Teasonaoie 1 t i:ij. 7,..; Hut hnmilitv l kinhacf Tnttpm RQ it will lav OUT loo
.:,U.,t il,Q ;,1 nf nnwHpr nnd invention, ai leUSl U SUMBU Ul im- .u .....v., v j , iiuccuilUIUU aicn-tfivKi uu uuui..; mguwt I - . --i - ,
asiuu, whuwmi t . - ivi i ,:; iKn .nnrn nir nnrif vm. Aitnccmnaro
III We have one hundred carmdges provemeat? and have not those who
ready made, and a keg of powder hesides. any language, a right to use any word m -v,m n go lo pro.o Uc,u .., tt,hola ofrei,her of the schools have the worst, and natter themselves utK .-,
t. ...:n ,1 c, oc re-t oe nnctihlp Q monv AiFi'rtnt spnsps nutation that the sreat body of recompense 1 . , c , ... rfo.tlv Li, mnnntivA bpttprness. This is not -
t W CT 1 111 lUaLA Ufxuuav - fItWMAMM"Wv ir ' 1 1
and ask that thou wouldst so direct the
of those heathen invaders
'tHirrU and Domorv now retreated to. the
I'Lv in which b;Ah stood side by side,
" - " . .
about two rods from them, with two music-1 ST3eedilv be killed and sent to hell.
a nr,it?p. throwing "buckshot into their v , T. ;n destr0vina a suffi-
. 7 : ' . -i i-i . H " " " -
, pvZs, hearts, and Drams, ukc a iu...-. ,
. i,.Mkur N! 'hols received a slug in
his breast, at the window, which brought
him to the floor. He cried out, 'Did
.!y, gun catch me." The'. Wood poured
toih freely. I then sent him into a bed
voom in the lee part of the bouse. He
- . . .. . . i . o w - i - -
and in such senses as they choose ? But for the sins of this Hie is on tne eartfi ana frorn lheir Master. I fear, if the Master the way to see our spots, to ioo. iuw
. "r. i . . lf.M i i ii,. ; mni. t .nm m nnnn n nnv. hp would I mnddw streams of profane men s lives
ic nno nf tho nrst elements lO luuovvs uaiu uuuli mc biuuii,o ii ..iiw i cic vuu. in uijvh ' . . -j - . . ,
jr.xws - kin,tlvtn r-hUpmnnvm both the schools, but look into the clear louniam oi vuot
be sought by every writer ana speaKer. u wu v u 8- '- Why two schools? There is but one word, and there we may both discern ana
r .o ne 6n0 tvhflihpr it is violated bv call- hard," yet mat, in me last ana i associ- . h Consider the mhmta hou-
XJfc MO , - . ... t .1 .1 ... -.1 II .
mppiincr.hniise a church. When ates.it is as clearly taught tnat alter aeatn How conMin iiuie children are, and ness of God. ana this win nuroweuj
d.i r,:..n int.Mt.mv. who were not more
than 8 rods from the window where he
oJ, as thick as they could stand loading
n limit 9(1 shots. Beside ail
this, the air was darkened with poisoned
arrows, living in every direction.
At thU'time, i. e., the fall of Nichols, 1
Mopped immediately into his tracks, having
. ' . . ....... A v. s fi rt-
U muskets loaded, ona renewtu iu
"from the window. At this time the sun
jvm up; Goterah had got into the yard
with a considerable number of his men,
growling like a mammoth lion, and roll
inn kUm nnihn rrrnund. and saying to
O uwvu v fc " "
his men," Qome on come on.
cient number of them to deter the others
from again molesting us. Do this, .and
thy name shall have the praise, amen." .
-.n.r nna no ihi imnions. let him
ii. ,Ka mP-6irtn nf the Rev. centle- the wind, or floating down a river, we
luwu. .... I. .u : recom
nave no nesnauuu iu Bayi& wicked
est school-boy can not fail to understand gecond .4 For this cause was the gos- believing than that They must hear of unclean lips; for mine eyes have seea
t it. Dees my brotner, it. m., iuiuk "" nei preached also to them tnat are aeau, grst wnat ne nas t0 Eay, ana tnen see ii tne rung, me j-u u uv9. .
. . I I L 1 ' . I . I .
- . f
it I i j . i i I f .i . .,.. 1XT l,on Tcfiiih eiixr lh olQTV OI
- . , -.n hi.wrl rlmrrt also both MERCY ana jrDGMENT awuiW nOW reaav lO DCIieve on iue uare wuiu ui ine uu4. uuvu -.au . t-T -
reading of churches being 'burned down, also ootn Seraphim' cry, Holy,
struck with lightning, rent to pieces by the-smner. confidence, . nd especially if he be a fath- holy, holy, he cried out of, his Qyn and
First. "Behold the righteous snaii oe R lhe church. Thus the people's unhohness Wo n me, tori.
man. lie was seui wui a lAiissiwuaij
the cross- of Christ. He professed to be
willing to follow the pattern ef his great
nensed in the earth, much more the . , . T , A not sat;sfv her sons am undone, for I am a man of unclear
d and the sinner." Prov. 11: 31. 1 Th must have belter reasons for J lips, and 1 dwell in the mMst of a peoplo
Exemplar, in laying down his life for the .f liable lQ rajstake when reading of
wooden,' 'brick or 4 stone churches,1 and
to suppose that a body of believers is made
nn nf these materials? Has he ever read
nnrl of mankind. But when he learned oi
the coming of the ignorant natives, and
supposing it to be from hostile motives, in
'. ' - . i ji:u- 1
stead of attempting to pee ne ihe 0 "laying the comer stone,"
resolved to kiu as u.auy - i t-,j:i r jAir.n.tintr" any other than
ble and asked God to assist him.
1 have been taught to believe it wronS
for a minister of ine gospei io ugui,
a wooden, brick, or stone churChl If not,
... - i- O
whence all the confusion ne compiaiua wi
j.r. .iio. if wn r,Prfectlv We do not lay the corner sione, ouuu, o.
ft COl T fir1 I I- 1 1 1: C U Li k Vlifc I J m
All w v'
'h.. t,nn M n UIhIpss corpse, within two
rl nf ihe house : supposed to
ki o liv brother Harris, who
'then Jtood with Demory. v At this time 1
li.l rl!r.-.tlr nvpr thrir heads, takin? de
liberate aim ot fillies who stood in thick
groups, about five or six rods .from the
window : at which time some one of the
,enmy shol a nice tube ..out of my watch
Ipv nn.i snnd it. - Ths.ball or slug
wentlhrougtt the partition of sister Harm
roomand alter straightening her hair,
went out the lee window. - '
Three of their slusra entered the house
about 8 inches from the side of the dpor ;
5out, 10 inches, in various directions,
nroufd tha window where I stood. How
vver, they soon found the current too strong,
and the water too deep
that they mijrbt be judged accoraing 10 inev can Ket a conlirmation oi u irom any
men in the flesh, but living accorumg iu quarter betore they will Deiieve n. iww
God in the spirit." Pet. 4: 6. unceremoniously many of these children
Introductory Considerations, treat some of the things which their Fath-
promises and threatening, The phrases very evident says, rj
to enter into the kingdom of God, iouna reasonj justice, or common sense !
Mm-v q- 47 nnri " to enter into life," 1 TTow docile the little child is ! Mary,
u.- rtinccpfl in x,tin 'sat at Jesus' feet and heard bis
v. 40 aim to, uavuig uou w ......... ,l
m , v. .ul ,n,L : a ,nmP word." was such a child. Never a why
tne le.egrap.i oi ma imu uu, , . , f j can nol
dedicate the church of Christ, but we
constitute, organize, and recognize differ
ent portions of it
The modern use of
church is not, then, liable to" great objec
1 r i 1 HUna
right, for other men, to aeiena ineuu
through blood. Others, have held that it
was right for ministers to defend themselves
iin Assailed. I have been trying for a
. . i .
year or two past, to see whether 1 couia oq the gx0 of ambiguity.
find any license trom imiww.u. -.
or such action, but 1 can nnu noming u.
linanco fnr m p.
l ean even Construe im --,
deliberately to kill a human being w sen-
defence. It seems lhat those missionaries
could not b3 satisfied by the natives fleeing
back, but they must follow them, and spend
,Ka.oKhn.h davin celling the head of the
xhipf nf their assailants ! Perhaps Mr. B.
now, awed with the mighty" subject, to an
say so
much for the Church cf our day.
What Docs th Sirttitr Mean .
Far be it from me.,I would say again,
to imagine lhat when men lightly invoke
damnation upon their ncignDors,or up-
on their own souls, they really intend.
what thev say. On the contrary, it is bu;
too difficult to persuade mo3t persons that .,
such a horrid endles3 doom can ever be de
served, oroughttobeintlicted. A notorious
individual, grown grayjn swindling, and
whom every body thought it a virtue 10
" say iiiuii iui wj -j- .
examination of their opposite, namely, " to simplicity also characterises little chil- brand with infamy, was not long sinco
i, hll. into the fire that never -shall dren. How open and artless they are- sentenced to the WJ.. -
tr ' 1 i . ..!. c u njtkftvt i - .nia in . nnp irr inr iuiu luia uiu k
rt.pth not how tree irom guue. ouc Wi --- -
To read,", soys " R. M., of churches
being burned, &c, appears to me quite
unscriplural" Now, though, there may
be no scripture for it, I think there is none
aga inst If it is anti-scriptural to use a
Tnrrl n nnv other sense than it is used in
the Bible. I see not why it is not anti
sciiptural to employ any other word than
be quenched, where their worm
and the fire is not quenched.'
i iitu.U- tU'. tm't if rViirnitpr bp
imnir.nousln the Church now. let the persons ; outraging: their confidence, arui
Of the term iiell, wnicn in iuo reader say. UT. SSevxns, ro&uiug .ucu w
original is or lh. Wjw There are seVeral other reasons why J",",'; tZSZSk
- .1 . 1 13 IUC , , - .
worm' Who church needs conversion. 1. She is .r,-. ihpre were not a few who could al-
iSTnw if anv man will convince an r r fimnfus. 2. She is mo?t consent to see the culprit set at lib-
opponent of an erroneous opinio let hu.. w of wbuuing drunkari-uaUng. erty. W SufSS "
in his argument, approach as near as u ghe ,he tirmg.),,ld cf Slavery. f .ve lw No let a man curse
;ul . l-.;D ontnffnnist. freelV admitting i r. Ll,l... nf ff..Q7ii,i. rr I - :
jjusaiutc iu w... , rf - jjqq is.ineCuiei uuuiuc vi "
every indisputable fact that he claims, ana Jn Christendom
thought this would offset against the loss of lhat which is used in lhe Bible to desig- j
ntT ni-?fnlnr obiect; hence iv. m.
. ......I ...UCK woo cKnt
his 'nice watch Key iuue wmv-i.
away during the battle! In closing, xvxr.
stead of calling upuu iu v- .v.-
T S . '
cf tha
1 pine
. . . . w . . . . . i I TJ ..ttvn ine
.They laidMia pi uoeran their .neaa - meU lhc heart8 of the
man, made mm tneir iau, lurnea weiriurui iUC v,u..- Vnnwlpdoe of
backhand dragged him off, while Harris natives and bring them .to know led e oi
...m .wnoPnnrini? their hams Lu. ePnt a special request, that the
. dish urtuviv vw crr " , . iuc uauwi - . t--
with buckshot. While thev were gather- governor 0f Liberia would send a Big
nrr nnthVir deadtototeoff,Ihadthebest , , . tf mirht effect the, work ot
chanced any to fire into the groups. nrnu!?hlv the next time they
But they soon slung their shattered bodies, ' - '
. end wcntolTas if the,yickedone wasaf er should prihciple WolTed ia the
them Rut n e were quite willing to . see , m iiewoi m f K r , . .
S en ., AirlifllVl"l4.-been let fbregoin- trinsactio n,a ad oO am
M nt havfi made Mot Irirnl the effect it inus flaYB UU
.v,I n.inrrnnd spreaVnin?. than uia world.' in nromulgatmg gospel pnn-
they did ; There Nyas terror wheirlw,ar-hiptes, &tl the instrumentahues'to be used
W . : . r ; -r h rmmatinir : the ; glorious worK for
u:.u r-Krict came into the world and died.
even proposing such others as might be
claimed." Tfiis did Bernard Whitman,
. j j;j T?pV iwnen in icoo us i
should not -have inquired, ' did the Key. J . Univer3alism, wb0se words I now
geniieman taice cuaio v.
w bnvdid he take charge of the
?" What, on the whole, shall
, in ronsummatmg tne gwi
nour i" ; . . '
were 1 which Kj wis
. 'Tti- ..XfrPrnent continuedon
we make of this objection, unless
that it is unscriptural to use.,
more than one sense? If this be a crime
the writers of the New Testament are
o-niltv nf it. The same word, ecciesia,
nSPd in Acts. U: 39, 41, ana iranu
assembly, is generally used in the JNew
TpStnrr.Pnt to sinifv a body of beliflvers,
and i translated, church, ; Bat why did not
tu Vbmvh Yerclesia com61aio of Luke
,t - r,- , ftili
Religions Miscellany.
quote verbatim. In letter btn, page io,
says Whitman to a Universahst witn
- mi .
whop he was reasoning, "A he question
at issue is not to Deoeciaeu uy ms
of times, a future retribution is recognised
in the Scriptures. A few undoubted in-
sunces must be as satisfactory Jo every
sincere believer as many hundreds. In
thefirst place, 'you probably know that
Gehenna is a word, of exclusively He
bri.wforimn. It is made up of two other
words, which signify, hen united, "lhe
Vallegf XTwnom. -This valley was paved the h
me in sport or in earnest on mighty prov- .
ocation or on none at all. I will not be- .
lieve him- Let him stand ana gnasn up
on me with furious rage : and wuh a vol
ley of imprecations, wish' my soui in tue .
ALnt abvss of eternal misery; 1 will
An Eitract.-Go out beneath' the not imagine that the desire is from the
ched heavens in night's profound gloom, bottom of his heart, or thaf it J;"n5; !
say. if you can. " There ,s ko abide there. . t .
God V Pronounce that dread blasphemy, a man, wny, i y ' - ?
and each star above you will reproach due time aiea anu au..v-, ...w
you for your unbioken darkness of intel- solemn jadgmem oi uw, ,, uay
lect-every voice that floats upon the to make his bed in hell. Frornlhat place
nisht winds will bewail your utter hope- he lifted op bis eyes in torrnect; and hf . . , ,
! U there no Uod ing up his voice aiso, ne.curj. m-w ui wi, c
c::uc:3 auu unuau t - " , . ' , - i - . . .
. u:h frftntisniece the leffi- That bemar denied him, his nextagoniz-
v.if. nf immortality! . Who inr prayer was, net for the damnation ot
. ; , I " - " 1 I U 1 J l..f, n'..ili
fashioned this reen earlb, wun us per- any-poor souis wuom uu w uutanu,
i;nrr Waters and its wide ex- but that a messenger mibt be sent to
: r ;uanfl nJ" main ? Who settled some of them, if only for a litile season, to
th fnnndations of the mountains r Who ! warn thtm not to come into that place ot
... . i
learns with clouds, and attun- wo, "Straoge indeed, that a kinder ur-
-. . . ..'.- '. . - . J
. k . ' - i "
'" 4 . -."., - -r . ' .. - '
-.- ... - - f..' .. "V ' " '
- ;.". , - . , - ... , ,
. 5. .fva minutes. After they were
for recording that the town cierK oi xw-
rrr n tYlb.
f .HUH illCU .
yWu - otlU crrnundl'U seems to
m rz - ir. mat uic uwv"-.-;
goae, we wem out o-- -
n n
' . .1 . . 1 Jnrinn0 til'

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