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V E R. 14 O N T iT E L E G R A P.H
OL. XIV. NO 16.
3? OE S'ffo'
Forth Vermont Telegraph
Tta a rwlm unexplored-a mtjical strand- ;
A region of fraiHleor-a golden-bued land- :
A kingdom unbounded-one palace of gema, , ,
More rich and refu1Sent than eartb'i diadema,
Where being! of beaoty with motion of grace,
A .pint-like glory diffuse through the place. .
Tim a region where ehadowi of Cut coming doom,
With un-illa darkneis, may shroud it in gloom;
V the re-i. now of glory, and now of deapairf
Row tit tome cf pure bliss, then of passion the lair:
Tis grad and immortal, tho' subject tp change,
And feasts upon nothing, tho boundless its range.
No Dearl from the ocean, cr pure, burnished gold
Could purchase a gem of mind's wonderful mould,
lu beings of thought are peerless atd bright, - I
All chaiaiess la motion, resisuess m miguu
They range through the region of limitless space ;
They grapple wiUrtapnaer me ngnming riuu.o.
Ther riot in glories the eye never saw,
lire uviw, ... - - . It
And traverse fair world, unfettered by law, tJ.
Tfcesa tcings of fency tread ocean's proud ware,
And search out the-seam-n rough,- coral-made I
--grave-. -; -V;:-: :
Unscathed they Inhale the Tolcanoe's breath,
And ride on its billows all swelling with death.
They analyze spirit, in passion's dark hour;
They view its dread toavinga, ameaauwita
They know its fierce vengeance, and deep, speckless
Its Worship of earth, and its soarings above;
lU horror of scorn, and it longings for fame ;
The bubble renown ; the breath of a name. ' .
Of these beings of thought, that people the mind.
The brightest and best i kope well refined. ,
Tho' a phantom fall oft, et 'tis brilliantly clad.
Beariog peace, by its presence, and joy to the tad ;
Vilile if fastened on God, as an anchor most sure.
. It sustains ns on earth, and will ever endure.
Till, before the bright throne of onr Monarch above,
We join the loud chorus, adoring in love, I
Then shall hope swiftly vanish; but, lo! in its stead
Crowns of triumph and glory shall circle each head;
And rapturous bliss, as a river, shall roll -
Thro' the mind all untranomeled, the purified souL
1 ' ' ava;
MosBiv. Tief. - I
TV. HnMlfM ntinnnfArt Iha Fnllnnrin'!
" wtaa. uuUuUvv v ,wy..iu3
Bunding Ooramittees: ,
OfEleciions. Messrs. Halsted, Blair J
Cravens, Benjamin Randall, Borden, Bar-
ton, i urney, nounoa, ana iwynoms.
mf-m m- -f , ' , J V 1 J I
Oi Ways and MeansMessrs. uimorj,
Botts, Samson Mason, Wallace. T. F.
Marshall, J. R. Ingefsoll, J.W. Jones,
Atneuon, nu ijcwis. I
ut Claims. Messrs. vfiuaings,. :us:
oorne. xomunson, owen, Arno,u,. riuo-
ard, Burke, J, W. Williams,, and Medill.l
. try i; g : . i j ti .1
OfCommerce Messrs.. Kennedy Win-
a m j -r 'r ri i. r 1.11 1 siuir is uovu ior any luing uui iu uinae a
throp, TolapdJ. a ClarkRaynervAUeo.fj r-Ju-JZiA.
o.j. Auurejvs, . v . v imams, aua rer:
Oa the PabYxc Lands Messrs. Morrow,
Lewis Williams, Truman Smith, Gentry,
n ri.. -J ri r ? j
er0u5ua,.owaru, yCy, orcwsicr, auu
'acuu luomPu' . v T . I
mw s ' w o..a i - - - w. 1
un .tpe fort UlUce and .Tost lioads.
mm . . , ' I
Messrs. tSnggS, Joseph L. Williams, Rus-
sell, 43 rock way, Owsley,- Hopkins, An.
flrew lvennedy, J. u. U ioyd, andflumer.
or the Lhstnct oi Columbia Messrs. I
llnAomrnnA Rnmrnan A lav f "T? anall I
n !i Tut rnT I
xuwou, xv. . Auoiuson.rfOfla uaapoeil,
warq, LMwson, arjd Biajack. - -r :T
-vu .mo j uu.c.ar.-iuRsrs. mrnara,
iruBDWi, Maxwell, Pearce, Xhps. r .
Foster, Milton Brown; Chas. J. IngersolL
Roosevelt, and Saunders. t t v I
Oa Revolnliouiry Claims Messrs. I
Hall, Patrick U. Goode, Triplett, Thos. J.
uampccn, maynara, wasuingioo, james.iihe row leaninsr against the moderate
Parmcnt-, end W.: a Goode. ?
Oa Public Expenditures Messrs. Shen-
ecru, iina, iiucson, j. iA Diuan, men-
t T? ff ffl ... ''II
weaiaer, ureen, vuxuon, L.iuieuia, ana
. .1 rf- c u j 1
rjcClclUn- - t ,1
Oa Privata Lind Claims. Messrs.
core, A. H. H. Stuart, John Young,
Wra. C Johnson, R. D. Davis, Cross, Tur
nev, Payne, and Chas. Drown.
Oa Manufactures Messrs. Salionslall,
Tillinghast, Randolph, Slade, Hunt, Hen
ry, Habersham, Aaron. V. JBrown, and P.
C. Caldwell.
On Agriculture Messrs Deberry,
Ridwav, Simonton, Maitocks, Doig,
Ehaw, tJ wards, Partridge, and 'John
Hastings. .
Oa Indian ACiirs Messrs. Cooper,
Caruihcrs, Chittenden, Sollers, W. Butler,
VV.;crron, Hanis, Weller, and J. a Ed-
n?,d ' n'Ball8r. Uediog, Alfred
r..i::hill, Sweeney, and Houcioo.
Oi i:sTai ACiirs Messrs. Wise, Kin"
C-V zzz, J. C. Clark, Bumeli. F.nn'
Grzlzn, Mallory, and ClilTbrd.
O i Foreign Affairs Messrs. J. Ct Ad
err.-, Cashing, Everett, ' W. C. Johnson,
G :: r ;r, Gilmer, Rhett, Eluater, and Prof-
O i lbs Territories Messrs. Pope, C.
II. Villiams,- G. Davi3K Sellers, Gates,
C-.-..cJI, Hays, Dean, and Chas. A.
. Fbyd. . . - . ;
On Rfroluticr.ary Peneicn Messrs.
Ta!hr:rrn, Rodney. Ssanlev, N. -Clarke,
i ! z L. 7. Andrews, tiabcock. Mat-
tl Ferr".co. and Vm. Smith.
livzV: 1 Pent ions
- ,y , i, ii.tr, uoraan, Miration,
a . T m
I. D.
: " and. Aug. Young.
C . 11? -Is crJ Canals Messrs. Iaw
Line, J. JJ. Thompcca, W. W. Ir-
-Oa Military Affxirs MessTS. Stanley,
Pci-cton. Gc-;in, V7cn. B. Caapbell,
Ciciely, V7m. O. Butler, Sumter, Miller,
tiJ J. T. Mason. . i
wio, Sprigg, Steenrod, Wood, DanieUnd
Oa Patents Messrs. it Mcvieiian,
Cranston. Gerry, Ramsay, and Sanfordi
Oa Public uauaings anu urounus
Messrs. Board man. Ward, Aug. young,
Cranston, and Bowne. ' r
Oa Revised and Unfinished Busifless-
Messrs. Eastman, Beeson, C. A , Floyd,
Jack, and-Mattocks. r !
Oo Accounts Messrs. Yorke, .-, Mar-
chand, Carey, Stanley, N. Clarke, and J.
I ..Williams.' ) '-:- -v..-,,,..-
On Mileage Messrs. Thos; W. Will-
. mm - IT 1
anas, Meriweatner, J. w. ja'varas, west-
brook, and Esberu . -
On the Library, on Uie part of the House
Messrs. Tillinghast, Aycngg, and Sum
-The Speaker also announced the follow
in? Select jommiuees,appoimea unaer tne
order of Friday last.
On Finance and the Currency- Messrs.
Cushing, J. P. Kennedy, Gilmer, G. Da
vis, Wise, Roosevelt, Promt, McKay, and
Wm . W. Irwin.
: On the Appointment of Representatives
Messrs. EvereU, Childs, Caruthers,
SQmmerS( pearce, John T. Stuart, Bidlack,
QrosSl an(j Weller.
On the Snithsonian Bequest Messrs.
- j cti ,i n - a r.t
Auams, naoersuaia, i rumuu oiuuu,
(Underwood, B'enj. Randall, Cbas. J. In
gersoll, - Hunter, Houston, and LSowne.
un tne national u ounary Messrs. w.
C. Johnson, Samson .Mason; King, 'Ran
Idolpb, Mallory, Hunt, Keim, Par men ter,
and Cave Johnson.
DIalogneMThe Tvbacco Temperance Bleu
Ruth. Ellen, Ellen, I saw a temperance
boy1 to-day with n. tegar in bis mouth,
putting away as it he lived on the smoke.
What do you think be looked like?
Juuen. U ! very much, like a temper
ante man 1 saw an hour ago, whh a great
wad oi tobacco rolled up in his cheek.
What da such lblk3 look like?
Ruth. O! I'll tell you, exactly like a
boy that is walking the right way with
his head poked round over his shoulder,
so, (putting her' head round.) You see
be is going right on the whole, though he
has to walk rather slowly, a ndlmeets with
a few thumps because he can't see all that
lies in his way.
Ellen. Thais a fact: these tobacco
temperance folks do catch it sometimes.
Hal hat ha! only to, think of a fellow
win a great long nine or a big quia o
. ' 0 ... . ...
i Hnllrk tnittfr will vn.t irrnV
M ru h nm 'titk th k:
-u Lr a-a -nn um
Ai .J.uMrfU.C.i. t M-
in tej, 0 4
tobacco apd X 7ove raro ke p on ' Tour sjde
0f the street, and we, wont trouble each
, -- 1i,4Vm'V
tell vou such temperance
folks must feel Curious about these times,
muslnt lhey ' .They must be s dumb as
harr;Ar. (L nrZ k fii,i,
7?rA".:"l: ?
nt. tft A ;m:.,:A rY,A, k.vh
people don t like very much.
Ellen. INo, they have not a word to say;
only it don't hurt them don't do them,
- - baaare! but itidon't AurZ A
j -3 - a
Then the moderate drinker, and the eider
drinker, and the Vervf drunkard himserf.
r J
turn round and sav rum. wine or cider
don't hur: vs, oh no : it makes as feel bet
ter." The poor men are throwmffdoueh
hall minst a rot k. doiurh.rjans mnd nn
.i ' ' . n
wllQ l0DdCC0 joice, a.OTWi as son as those
m red with-ann e inTe
RutLli will alt wort mnnrl r-,irlf-
You see these temperance folks will all
jcure each other; they will all fall on the
in-, temverance erround. after a while.
Thev will knock themselves. there iust
like a row of bricks. There stands the
drunkard, poor, fellow, he's at the end of
drinker, and he is nrofined tin hrr lh Wr
and wine man. who has his hand nnon Lh
. - . ..... . , I
sh0a der of the c der dr nker. and he is
crcrned dd bv the 3u d of tohacco and
. . . -. 1 - -
ci-'-ar of the real cold water man: Nnv
vou see he ain't a Woino- m hold thatrmld
0f tobacco and cigars for nH that row to
lean upon; he will give therri up,' every
cold water man mill give his quid of to
bacco and cigars up and then, says I,
you'll see them tumbling cidei drinkers,
uioderate-drinkers, drunkards, all upon
the temperance platform.
Ellen. Then they can get up and stancH
without leaning on any, body. It's curi
ous how things work, aint it? can't core
one bad habit, but it leads to the cure of. a
great many others. I hope temperance
men and women will go the whole; we
will at any rate. 1' had almost as soon
see our cold water,' army surrounded by
the smoke of an unjust war, as by the
smoke ot tobacco,, and should almost as
lief have the smell of rum as of it, The
young men and boys.wiW give it up. I
knaw they will. And where under the
canopy is tbeie a girl that will learn to
take muff?
Ruth.' No where ; whaLa sweet balmy
air we shall hsve when the stench of rum
and tobacco is entirely gone! Wonder if
temperance folks themselves wont live
longer and feel better than they da now?
So good-by, much love to you, and not n
bit to tobacco. Cold WaUr Army.. C
It was a half drizzling, half snowy day;
just such a day as puta nervous people in
a bad humor with themselves and fevery
tut. rfwu u-e ai crooainor ovef
me ure, lmmeaiaieiy ancr breakfast. His
wUa adlressed him ,as folio wx "Mr.
Dod-s, cia't you; mend that front door
l-:ch to-day V No," was the answer
Well, can't you rnend the handle of the
M Jf . Tk.T It tt It ,
waier pan t " ixo. " . ei, CIU; you
nx a handle to the mop?" "No."
Well, can't ytfu put upborne pins; for
he clothes, m pur chamcer X'X JNo.
Well, can t you fix that north window so ,
that the rain and snow .won't drive in?"
No no no 1" answered the husband,
sharply. He then took his hat, and was
.. L.I t .
on tne point oi leaving. av nouse, wnen
his wife, knowing.that he was going to
the tarvern, where he would meet some
of his vet day companions, asked: him
kindly to stop a moment. She then gut
her bonnet and cloaw.ana 6a i a to her hus
band, vyou are going to the tavern : wi'.h
. a a
vour leave. 1 will go with you " The
husband stared. Yes," said the wife.
I may as well go as you ; if vou go and
waste the day, ana uppie aimeine tavern,
whv shall not I do the same?" Job felt
the reproof. He shut the door; hung up
his hat ; cot the hammer and nails ; did
all his wife had requested, and sat do wo
by his fire at nigbtr a bttter qnd a happier
man. Void .Water Army.
O Thou, by whom eternal life is given.
Through Jesus Christ, thy well-belored Son;
As is thy will obeyed by a!l in heaven,
So let it now by all on earth be done ! :
Not by th' observance of one day in seven
As holy time, but of all days as-onk ;
The soul set free all legal fetters riven
Vanished the law the reiga of. grace begun!
Pear is the Christian Sabbath to my heart, ,
Bound by no forms from times fy seasons free ;
The whole of life absoibing, not a part;
. Perpetual rest and perfect liberty (
Who keeps not this, steers by a Jewish chart,
. And sails in peril on a storm-tossed sea.
i Wat. Lixrrn Garrison.
. Boston, Nov. 1, 1841.
TvSTOTICE To whom it may concern :
JLN This is to certifv that this day re
linquish to my son Ambrose Cary, a mi
nor, his time during his minority, and
shall hereafter pay no debts of his con
tracting, nor claim any of his earnings af
ter this date. JiJLIUS'CARY.
Brandon. Dec. 21. 1841. 15: 3w
Llanufacturing, :
fTpHE undersigned takes this method to notil
JL fy the public that he will carry on the
manufacturing business in all its branches, at the
stand formerly occupied by Walker & Busb. Hav
ing fitted up the works in the best possible man
ner, and having employed the moat experienced
and best workmen, he flatters himself, by doing
his work in the best manner, and with despatch
not excelled by any , in this vicinity, that he
will share the public patronage. Cloth will be
exchanged for wool.; All kinds of Wool wil
be taken to work upon shares, or by the yard
at uie option 01 me owners..
Plain Cloths of all Qualities and Colors
Cuilmerci mttoSattlnett Oitto
- ; together with? a large quantity of
i'H ': also ' . . . .'.
will CARD WOOL in the best manner, an
on short notice. , Also, will carry on the
to tbe accommodation of customers. Y
The above business will be carried on by U.W
WJaXiKlill, Wbo wilt see that tne work
done in a good manner, and to the satisfaction oi
all who may favor him with their business.
Y ( s H. W. WALKER.
"Salisbury," April 184 - 29:ly
Saddle & Harness llakiX J
rTtHE subscriber, respectfully Jnfornis his
old customers in iirandon and, vicinity
that he continues the above business at his
Shop which is situated one door west of the
Cabinet Shop, and directly in front of the
dwelling house of John Conanl, Esq., where
he will keep constantly oh band, or make to
order, at short notice, the following articles
Saddles, Bridles, Martingals, Trunks, Carpet
. Mags, ana values, oj every kind Brass
ana outer mounted uoaca and Gig . .
Harneses,Brass,Silvet Japanned,
' and Plated Harnesses, of all
I . kind and Prices. jSio ...
' CopperJYailed Trav
elling Trunks,
- . " - Portfolio
Whips, Lashes, Ifc. 4. .,
Customers and tne public generally are
assured that they can do as well here with
ready cash as anywhere else in the vicinity.
All kinds of produce and wood received.
Liberal credit to responsible customers.
' - : k - - yy : H. DANIELS.
Brandon, Dec. 15, 1841. . 14:tf
rXo whom it may concern. This is to
..certify that I this day give ray son Pe
ter Lsier 2d the remainder of his time,
during his minority ; I therefore relin
quish, all claims to his servicesand shall
pay no debts of his contracting after this
Sudbury, Dec. 16, 1841. I4;3w
Resurr e c
1 1 on
SUPERIOR to the Hygean, Brandreths, Ev
an's, Tomato, the Matchless (priced) Sana
tive, or any other Pills or Compound nefore tlie
yublic, as certified to by Physicians and . others,
-et Lone condemn tbem until they have tried
them, and then we are sure they will not.- Cer
tificates may be seen by calling on the Agents in
the villages, who have a large Bill to distribute
gratuitously. ' - -
A. G. ttJ. D. Hitch Agents for .Windsor; J.
C. Brooks, Agent for Hartford: and for sale in all
the principal towns in tbe State. ;.
Jew David's or Hebrew Plaster
AN invaluable Compound for cure of Scroflu
loos affections, King's Evil, Itflammatory
and Chronic Rheumatism, and in all cases where
seated pain or weaknessexU ta. '.For sale as above.
E. T. C PRON Sc CO. , Ajrenu for the State,
tar. hom all orders must be addressed, atRocb
e;:r,W.V. To sale by Jackson & Ketehan, Irandon. :
b. U. KocKweii, uornvrail.; , . K; , - f
Ira Din-rham, Sudbury. . ,
John Ileacham, Castlctcn, ' -II.
TV White fy Co. Eulhr.J. .
A.fy.P. D. Earrowa, Sa!. -ury.
SUnley if Mailery, West Toultaej.
Cimeoa Hears, East Pouitzey.
Edward Vail, Uiddletown, ' M
JD. M. Potter, Pawlett. ; -
v3. F-UaZr Dorset. - I' i
T.inrtX And: "s If Co., Manchester, -nal-srrcM
JVsford.. .
A. It. liou-'.ass, Lbafubary.' '
Junes A. JJLod-je, Dorset. , 4S:tf
Tlxtlt diwy. Approved Medicine w
in Cenerlse tbr ConfiHa coias, ana
JMaeucs of Hie Ixms
1 1 ARY BALSAM is believed to be
deservedly the most populat meaicme ev-
eT known m America, lur cuugns,
tnmi or nnimsic. tuuauuiuuuu, uvwu-
ing cough, and Pulmonary affections of
every kind.
The Vegetable Pulmonary Balsam has
been verv extensively used for about fif-
iPt-n cpars i ana us reouiation nas oeea
constantl? increasing So universally pop
ntar has this article become that it may
no w be considered ay a standard-a'rticle in
a large part ot the united Diates ana pni.
ish Provinces. Many families keep it
constantly by them, considering it the most
safe , as 7 well as certain ; wmedy for the
above complaints. The Proprietors have
rpreived. and are receiving numerous rer.
commeadatioos from many of our best
Physicians, wno make useoi h in iueir
who make use of it in their
nractice. lhe names oi aiew maiviuuais
whn ha.v civen their testiraonv in favor
of this article are here subjoined, arid for
a more full account see the envelope to the
Duct. Amory Hunting, "
Truman Abell, j
Jere. Ellsworth, i
Samuel Morrill, j -Timothy
Baylies, I
Albert Guild,!
From Dr. Thomas Brown.
Messrs. Lowe & Reed, Gent, Tlie
Vegetable Pu I man ry Balsam, ; has Deen
extensively used, iii ithe section: of the
country where I reside, for several years
past, and has justly acquired ,a high repu
tation in consumptive complaints. So far
as my knowledge extends, it has never
disappointed the reasonable expectation of
those who have used iu ' , rf i
Concord, N. H.f May 11, 1831.
- - .
Messrs. Reed Wing & Cutler -.(Sent.
I feel it auly I owe the public, and es;
pecially to hundreds of my fellow beings
wJio are now suffering under different dis
eases of the lungs, to give you a statement
of the good effects I have experienced
from the oseof the Vegetable Pumonary
Balsam. Having from my youth up been
troubled with different complaints of the
Llungs, such fas spitting of blood, a dry
troublesome cough, frequeiil hoarseness,
with severe fits of coughing, and indeed
all the symptoms of consumption, and from
time to time I have consulted several emi
nent physicians, and have taken much
medicine, but I received little or no relief
and at last they told me there was no help
for me; that my case was beyond the
reach of their medicines. In the spring
of 1827 I was ad vised by a friend to try
the Vegetable Pulmonary Balsam. I ob
tained two bottles, and on trial I was sur
prised to find sou'dden and effectual re
lief which. it gave me, and. after using it
about five -weeks- all my complain's were
entirely removed, and I was restored to
good health; Since that time I have kept
iS. constantly by mer in case oi the-appear-ance
of any of the above complaints. ' ' 1
. '1 hav known a -large number of cases
whereall other raedieiftes have failed of
affbrfling any relief, the Balsam was at
length-resorted" to, and speedily effected' a
cure. I would therefore recommend to
every person that has any of 'the above
complaints, on their first appearance to
take the Vegetable Pulmonary Balsam,
which, they will find a safe, convenient
and positive cure. Respc't yours,
s ; New Bedford, Mass., July 30, '41. '
- mmmmmmmmmmmmmm ...
yCounierfeitu : Bware of Imposi.
tion. Each genuine Bottle is enclosed in
a blue wrapper, on which is a yellow la
bel, signed by WM. JONN, CUTLER
None other can be genuine of a later date
than December 1 839. The signatu re o
SAMPSON REED will becontinuejlfor
a short time. -
' The great celebrity of the Vegetable
Pulmonary Balsa in has been the cause of
attempts to introduce spuriouV: articles,
Avhich by partially assuming: the name of
the genu in1, are calculated to mislead and
deceive the public. Am6ng these mix
tu res a re .' Cartel's Compound Pulmona
ry Balsam" "American Pulmonaiy Bal
sam" " Vegetxble Pulmanary Balsamic
Syrup." " Pulmonary Balsam" ' and
oih.rs. Purchasers should enquire for
the truf ar.icle by its whole name THE
SAM, and see that h has the marks and
signatures of the genuine. v i ?;
Each bottle and seal is stamped " Veg
etable Pulmonary Balsam."1 w -v
For sale by REED. WING & CUT
LER (late Lowe & Reed) wholesale
dealers in Drugs, Medicines, Paints and
Dye Stuffs, No. 54 Chalam Street, Bos
ton,' and by Druggists and country mer
chants generally in New England, and in
the principal places throughout the 'Unit
ed Suites sni British Provinces. Price
50 cents. ' -
N o t i c e .'
rTlO. wh6m it may concern. This is
. J. to certify that I this day give lo my
son, Albert N. Nutting the remainder of
his time,- duiing" bis minority. I there
fore relinquish all claims lo his services,
and shall par no debts of his contracting,
after this date. . ebemf.zeh nutting. L
. Brandon, Dec 13, 1841. I3:3w
--TtAME into the enclosure
-J vijof the subscriber, on the
6th iost, a red 2 year old
heifer, of about middling
size. The owner is requested to prove
property, pay charges and take her away.
Brandon, Dec 20, 1841. 14;3w
Balsam &f Live rwbr t,
Spitting of Blood; Pain in die side or breast.
Asthma, Pleurisy, shortness of breath, Palpita
tion of the heart, Debility, Nervousness, and all
diseases of the Lungs and Liver. : This Medicine
has been used in tbe city ot Mew York, with un
exampled success for eight years, curing thousands
who- were supposed incuraoie. is now used by
rrost of the Medical Faculty, and the whole peo
ple. Certificates of most extraordinary cures
will aceomuanv each bottle ; ' ? ,
. Prepared at 37$, Bowery, in the City of Nw
York, where the article first originated, and is the
ONLY GENUINE. All others bearing similar
names are counterieiis ana impositions.
Being predisposed to consumption, both from
peculiar formation, and hereditary transmission,
1 tried everv means to check the disease, and
strengthen a naturally weak constitution. I spent
two years at Pisa, one at Rome, two in Florence,
and another in the south of France, seeking,
meantime.9 tbe advice of the best physicians
Two years since 1 returned to this country, in
about the situation as wnen l leu u. i nau seen
i in tfae ndns xooma i Europe, much in favor of
i Dr. Taylors Balsombf Laverwort, and as soon
as I arrived in'this city, I used it, and in three
months I was so well as to safely venture to pass
the winter here. 1 have usd an occasional bot
tle duiing the time, and am now in as good health
as is possible. My cough has wholly ceased, and
mjr lungs have every feeling of health." -
v Western Hotel, Court land St. N. Y.
- .Remarkable Cure of Consumption.
I have been an invalid for three years, and hare
suffered every torture from confirmed consump
tion. But Dr. Taylor,, has wholly cured me.
The large quantities of matters I used to raise has
subsided, my cough has ceased, and I am fleshy
again, my health being wholly restored by. using
three bottles of his celebrated Balsam. 1
M. E. W1NDLEY, No. 139, Maiden Lane, N. Y.
Shortness of Breathl
For this disease Dr. Taylor's Balsam of Liver
wort has no equal. ' Having the Asthma, a severe
pain in my left side, and some cough, I was in
duced to try the above medicine, and great was
my joy, to find it cured me in about two weeks.
It has also cured my mother of a severe attack of
the Liver complaint, with which she had suffered
two years. j. "47!
. J. C. STONE, 23 Hall Placeg K. Y. (
Look out for Counterfeits. .
Remember the genuine is made only at the old
office, 373, Bowery, N. Y. :, (V';"
Surprising cure of Consumption. '
Mr. R. Gladden of Delhi, New York', of a nat
ural consumptuous constitution, has been saved
from an untimely ead by the use of Dr. Taj lot's
Balsam of Liverwort. A severe cold brought on
an attack of Plurisy, and thus ended in a general
debility and consumption. A constant cough,
hetic flush, restless nights, quick pulse, and con
tinued, loss of flesh, augured a speedy death ; but
as soon as he ' commenced the use of this balsam,
he grew better, and is now fully restored to health.
- - - AGENT.
DocL Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort. d
. -The. cures and benefits produced by tbe use of
this medicine, in all cases of diseases of the lungs,
is almost incredible. 1 It has been used by several
persons in this neighborhood, and there is scarce
ly an instance but its benefits have-been fully re
alized. - Persons afflicted with
difficulty of breathing, pains in the side or breast,
spitting of blood catarrahs, palpitation of the heart,'
oppression and soreness of ihe chest,' whooping
cough, pleurisy; hectic fever, nigbt sweats, diffi
culty or profuse expectoration, and all other affec
tions i of the chest, Iong3 and liven should Boik.il
of procuring a bottle of this Medicine. - -
i;f -'-: '.: t'-'x :-i:fi,;-ii -i X WRIGHT:
. Sandy Hill, Washington Co., N. Y v- ' ?
: The composition of Taylor's Balsam- of liver
wort is only known by the Proprietor therefore
it is dangerous using any but that from 375 Bow
ery, N. Y. :
,ii -74 T0 THE PUBLIC. v
. ' f --
E hereby certify-' that our son. 6 years of
ace. was suddenly taken with a lever, and
after a severe sickness a violent cough ensued.
He was bloated : his skin was filled, : and his
physician said there was no favorable symptom
anout nim, tnat he bad a confirmed consumption.
At that time, we procured a bottle of that valuable
medicine, Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort, After
taking one bottle we began to have hopes of bis
teovery. He continued- until he had used five
bottles. It is now year from that time, and hi
health is better than it has ever been since an in
fant.' l - f'S.-r", .j V-
GranvilleWashingtoa Co., N. Y. ,
For proof of the above-statement I refer to the
subscribers above people of high respectability.
. ' vi-i-v-,-,v,-- " GEO. TAYLOR.
f Lookout for a Counterfeit Article! ! ;j -:
Sold, because of its dkcbptiojt and cheapness
of quality at a very shall prick. The same is
procured by certain dealers.and suffered fq pass in
to the hands of the innocent purchaser as the gen
uine Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort.? Alwavs ob-
I serve The genuine is, and ever has been, pre-
1 37o 0wery, New-York City '
Fislent Cough and Cold Cured The severe
change in weather having given me a most violent
cold, also expectoration and difficulty of breaking;
I was much distressed ifhtil I took Dr .Taylor's Bal
sam of Liverwort, f I found this medicine to suit
my case and cured ma at once, which causes me
to recommend it to others. ' S -
" J. J. FISflER, 17 J3 jttOW sf : N. Y.
Pain in the Side and Breast. These diseases
have caused me much trouble,and often prevented
my attending to business. Every medicine I
heard of I tried, but found no relief. As a last
resource I concluded to try Dr. Taylor's Balsam
of Liverwort, as soon sal did I grew better,
and have been gaining ever since; am now in
good health, and can truly recommend this Bal
sam as being far superior to any thing else .
A L GREEN, 2 Pitt sf N.Y.
. ; Spittin of blood, cured, For four months I
nave had a discharge of blood from the lungs, al
most daily. Also, a dry baid cough, some pain,
ereal Weakness and hoarsness.' After trying tbe
doctors in vain for three months, -1 concluded to
use Dr. Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort, of - which
inree bottles have made an entire cure. . -LA
HA Yl LAND, 171 Oak st. N Y
VJVbne Genuine but that prepared at the old
office 375 Bowery,. City of JVew York, where the 1
-article was first made and its character established. 1
JVona other Genuine though there are various im
itations offeied bearing the same or similar names.
James Everson, Rutland, Book-Store Rutland.
E. Jaimrson, CastletoaA LCatlin, Orwell, IF"
uck. Pittslbrd Dr E Vail, Middletowu--Vail
fy Co., Danby Bingham, fiTudbury Lake
Dunmore Glass Co., Salisbury C Walker fy Co
BeifT ; Leflingwell. IF. Poultney flitch
cock & ftjorgan, Clarendon Springs-H Lumbare,
Pavrlet- W Y Abyes, East Poultney Burrill,
Andrews, fy Co., .Manchester J A Hodge, Dor-
Sn'ktey fy Con Granville Coiners,
u '71Jchn C Park Dr, A Anderson, irhite
halU JYY. A fyj C Allen, Fairhaven S D- Al
fred; W. Haven JVLovely & Co. Turlington.
Leeds and Thayer, Wholesale Druggists, 127.
JlZaiden Lane JVew York Citv will see all orders
answered for the Genuine Taylor's Balsam -o
friends will find it more eonverderit to 'forward
cr7ur, at wnaiesaie twice s. mnere tnetr
oraers inrough thevr Hcz::i . ia t: Jl also fur
nishDrvzgs, Medicines I: CJsi vbidow
glass, Dye stujfsi glass ware fy ell articles in
their line at as favorable prices as any house in
mCsurieai " ' 6itt
I ne via jjuica or uernan Ve
fTHO the citizens of the United Stem
XL and the. Canada is TesDectfulit,
miUed this-Directory lo the means tZ
gaining that .wnicn nas been partial!,
and In some instances, totally lost '
What blessic iff should be nrized
that of health, and who knows bettpr
to prize tne oiessmg, man inoee who
W a t 1 run : .. uaTC
uccH uepiiYcu vi in; si is an old adas
(and one that contains a wise injunction 1
in time of peace, prepare for war.".!.
We shouTd.in time of Health prepare f
the attacks of that stealthy lurking fn.
Disease. It would, be wisdom to observt
his movements, to. scan well the form jft
which he approaches, and then to meet
him with those means which are calcu!4;
ed to ; efleci his overthrow. Tbosj
means are 1 now before this enlightened
and intelligent community. Thev arec.
cessibte to the poor as well as the rich
andl trust that' those who regard the
Uonstnuiion 01 man as one ot the finest
specimens fit Divine workmanshin.
the Laws Ijy which that System is govern
ed ana uireciea, as originating in no other
than in the councils of Heaven, win ,
far obey the'lnjunctions of the tatter as to
provide" the best safeguard for the former.
It is with' the most flattering recommen
dations, subscribeJLby most eminent Medj.
cal . Gentlemen, -Dot only in this Country
but also in Europe; that I offer this valua
ble Medicines to this American People.
: Time and ' full opportunity for a fair
and; impartial trial have placed Ihe Lioa
of the Day beyond the brand of Imposi
tion, Humbug, Gtuackery, &c.
, This Pill is composed of extracts from
nine parts of the vegetable kingdom, (be
ing entirely free from any- drug of a dele
terious nature,) and adapted parlicukrlj
to the cleansing of the Stomach, Blood,
and the various secretions of tha Human
System, Billious Fevets, and Cholir, Fe
ver and Ague,"! Jaundice, Scarlet Rash,
Dispepsia, Heartpujni' Costiveress, Asth
ma, and Liver Complaint have been cured,
by using these Pills according to the direc
tions accompanying ea c h box .
; It is not intended that this Medicine i?t
cure forall'Diseases to'which the human
system is liable. -
Many, efforts have been, made to com
pound a Medicine which W011IJ cure ill
Diseases, but iave Jailed. 4 Those Diseas
es enumerated above, are. wuhin the row-
er of these Pills aud a sure "cure or relief
is warranted.
Price ' 37 1-2 cent
For sale in - Brandon by Jackson &
Ketcharn, Warren & Bliss; W. PouUner,
J. LeffingwelT, Joel Beeman; E. Pouhney,
YY. h JNoyes.S. U. Uushman; Iia.Fran
cis L. Wing; W. Rutlanc!, Hitchcork.E
Morgan,'. F. Blason; Clarendon Spring
Hitchcock & Morgan; Tinmouth, JN'ost
W. Sawyer; Wailingfbrd, N. Round i
Co.. David H." Meabbam & Co.; CUr-n-don,
H. & V.; Hodges; Rutland, H. T.
White tc. Co.; E. Crarehdon, Calviu Ciosj.
mant Calvin SpencerShrewsbury, Leti
Finney; Mountholfy; D. . T. Huntoot;
Sherburne, Chas. Anthonv & Maxhani;
Pittsford.S. D. Townshehd & Co., Stronj
& Buck; Benson, C. R. Walker & Co;
UrwelU A. L.vUallin. 5U:ij
And for' sale pt all the principal tow
i the State f
J vLJ Pomeroy, Jr. No 47 Water stff,
offers for sale a superior article ofUDfer
mented! Juice of the Giape. It is in tlr
form of a Syrup, and so concentrated
to airoid rermentationslt retains oucM
not all of the flavor otthe Arape; nd
decidedly better than any 'article wbiri
has heretofore been offered Directicu
for diluting 'it. occompanyr'earh bottle.
For the con veh ience of those ch urcbr s ari
individuals who may - wish to order :tbf
lett-r, and enclose trie rnoufv. it will 1
pat ud in different size' bottles, and rack
in case which rray be had at $5, SlOa
$20 seach ; , and citq ;be safely transport
to any part of Ahfc country All sa)
orders, postpaid", will' be promptly acen
ed to. ' I ,
- New-York; July 21st; 1841.
5 Th'e following testimonials have b
kindly furnished by the Rev. Mr.,Mf
and Edward C. Dela van, Esq. -
' I have paid some attention to lb ,V
fermented Juice of the Gfape, which 3rv
Poraeroy offers to.'the churches for fofj
muoion wine. 'It certainly is a bosnw
and.. dellcous article, ;and evidently 1
from that maddening 'quality which,
fermented wines, is so destructive to
souls and bodies of men. If it can be
erally introduced into the churches, so i
the people of God shall no longer in
J holy, ordinance contribute to the sPP? -
of alcoholic manufactories, a great ana
pbrtaot advance will be made in the csjj
'of temperance; an advance noiv w3
called for the reform' of more ttjan lsM
drunkards, mon v of whom we hope te
at the table of Christ, and none cf
can with safety tak'ejntd their lips tbe
oxicating principle. '-John Masb.
!: V Sec. Ameri Temp. V0-
. New York, July 2IstV84I.
BaUstonntreiJvly lS4
! most cheerfully add my t!m?L
that of lr. Marsha The amp01.
V Fruit of the Vine" free from tbe PJ
of alcohol.which-you have been to kj ft
to send me, is not only beautiful I J0.1 . tf
tcioua. And I r.ra? Go'd that tbe Cnrnu
of pur land aod all other lands may .(
Vine" free from fermentation, 10 pc.
the alcoholic and drugged poisons
have so long held their station on
Table of the Lord. Epw. C ,tAT
, -49 tf. r K '

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