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NtfMIJER 381
Cljc ittibMcbuvn ilcgtstct-
T 12 lt M S .
Jly Mall, ot nt tlio Oflicc, fr annum, S1.S0
II iiot paid wifhin Ihc ycnr. 1,75
)y Carricr 2,00
lf not pni.I williin llic ycar, 2,25
0"No pnpcr discontinucd until nrrearngcs
nrc pnid.
ti7"AH rommnmcations tntisl bc rost rnid.
C7 V. II. l'nlmcr is our ngcnt in Boston
anil ;sew lork,
Frora l)ie Bolton Book, fnr ie50.
DT or.onOE LUNT.
Tho wind tms voices Ihatdcfy
Thc tpirit's utmost scrufiny;
We ilmdJcr at Its sobbing wnil,
And shrink whcn howU tho rolling cale,
And evcn its softest brcnlli is hcard,
I.ike some lialf muttercd, snddcning word ;
Of nll its toncs therc is no volco
That bids tljc thrilling lienrt rejoicc.
The sailor, on the silcntseas,
Xlny long lo hail the freshening brecze J
Tho blnst, that lturls ihc spattcred foatn,
WI11 wnft him to his distant liome ;
Vct, viliilc ttie Iooscning sail he flings,
That givcs his lloating bird its wings,
Hls mnnly brcast will oftcn fcel
Some strnngc, drcnd fancy o'crit stcal.
When crouchcd bcside tiio wintry blaze,
And midnight siogs its wontcd lays ;
Thc music of the mingling tune,
Now rising higli and falling soon,
The wailing and complaining tone,
Might Le a laugh, tboug'n more n moan;
llut wild or sad, orhigh or low,
It cvcr takes a note of woo.
I nevcr licar it on thcsriorc,
Conccrted wilh tlio watcry roar,
Or swecping whcre tln tilcnt brcezo
Glidcs likc a spirit tlirough tlie trccs;
Nor listcn to its mustcring wnil,
Whcn wintry tompcsts swcll the galoj
Iluthannting fancier, dark and wild,
llrood likc the drenms that dannt n chitd.
I'rc sccn it stir Ihe ncstcd rills,
Amid the lopmost Crystal liills j
llare watchcd it drire the clashing cioudi,
And scream aiong thc shakcn shrouds;
Wild, strangcl thc same in eicry hour,
Kcsintlcss, forniless, unsccn iorcrt
A voice that giies uj no rcply,
A sound that shakcs, wo know not wbyl
Yct not the lcss my lattling soul
Springs liko a racer to its goal j
C'nn wring a joy, that clse were pain,
Whcn linrrying blnsts cry o'cr the main,
llear miuic in thc mournful tune
That snftena on tho gales of Juno;
And gathcr, from thc firciiJc tone,
A sad, swctt languagc of its own.
5T Wo nro naturally skeptical rcspccting
nll suoh " mvftcrici " ;is arc treatcil of in tlie
folloing uilicle, and arc gcnerally inclincd
not to lask ilie crcJulilv of our readeri nitli
eucli rolations. As lliis casc, linwever, lias
nltractcd iinii."uul atteniion.we copy thc full
ost and niost rcliablu account of thc tnatlcr
that wc have Jft seen leainj Ihe read.
or onlircdy to liis own opinions as totlio taits
Krorn tbe N w Yotk Tnbuae.
Mysterions Sonnds.
Knowing Ihat iho public mind, in various
localions iri Wtstern New York, has becn
tooiuwhat agitatcd on account of ccrtain
soundi1, called by sonio u myslerious," wc
ahall oll'er no apology for making the follow
ing plnin stalemeut uf faels in regard to our
kiiowlrdgc of the matlcr. The tounds werc
firnt heard about tno yeats sincc, anil havo
not yct ccascd, but seem to bu snrcadin? from
onc placo to anolhur. and graduajlr claiming i
thc atlcntion of Iho public mind. Whcn first
ucani, tuey wero mar.ilestccl Uy a simplc bol-low-sounding
rap iipon the lloor of a liousc.
This rapping was continucd cvery night for
n long tinie, aud Gnally conimcnccd in tbe
day lime. It was at fi'rsl antirely uniiittlli
giblc to tbc inliabitaiils of tbc housc.
At lcngth, a littlo girl eaid, " Xow do as I
do," and tnappcd hcr Cngcrs tbreo timcs.
Shc was antered by tbreo raps. On rc
peating it, sbo found tbat it invariably rc
peated !he number sbo made hcrself. An-
olhcr pcrson said, " Now count tcn," (ono
ol the childrf n.) Il was duno corrcctly. I
Anolhcr was tricd wilh liko success. As 'it
begsn lo display signa of intolliL'encc, thc
. i . ..i " .i i i.
family bccainc alarmcd. and the fcnnlci all
Ielt tbe house at night. Tho ncighbors wero
ralled in, but thcrc was no ccssation of the
sounds. The eacittment bocame intensc,
and at ono time, it is eaid, nearly or quitc
tbreo hundrcd persons aiscmblcd to discovcr
I'rom A'hencc Ihe soundi nrocccdcd. The
liousc was tlioroughly cxamincd from garrct
to ccllar, but, whilc tho sounds conlinucd, no
ono ever discovcred the opcralor.
At lcngth, it was diseotcrcd that evcry
time a qucstion was nut thit required an af
firmaiitc, a rap waslieard fora ncgativc
no sound.
Thc qucstion was put " arc you a spiril?"
1 hc answcr was by rapping thrcc raps. Uy
"" raeans they Ibund that it. purnort-
o l.o tho epirit of a man. Wo.iy e.xpcd'
nls wcro rttwL'l ,0 b Lic)' t nd out
ho namo of Ihe man whnSc fpni! was making
thcsc manifcstations. At lenglli a slranger
nsked, " If I wilUall thoalphabct,teginniiig
witli A, will you iap when I como lolho firt
letti'r of his name '" Tho answcr was af
firmatiTC. Ile Ihen comnnnrcd, A, H, C,
When he camn to C,there was a rp. Again
ho wnt on, and it rappcd at II, and in ihat
way he apclled out Ciiaiilks IUhmk, As
before stalcd. tbcso sounds have, from Ihat
time, bccn bcard in various familics in that
placc, and in Iho cilics of Auburn and Roch
ester, and various places in thc country. Al
thnugli confincd to this rapping soond, he
moJo of coinmunicilion has gradually im
proved, so Ihai uuny vury curious and as
tonnhing ecntcnecs liavc becn spellcd by Iho
tuo of thc alplmbct. It no longcr purporls
to bo tho spirlt of ono man or onc pcrson,
but when nn individuil mkes t'm inqniry.
m-'is tn i orMl
witli mu,
of mmo
nx -
Strangcrs liavo tricd llic cxperimcnt,and hai
thcir nnmcs spcllcd out lieforo ny pcrsons
prrscnt knnw it, or wlicre tlicy cnmc from.
In cach faniily wliero thc eounds appcar,
tlicro tcoms to bo one or two, whosc prcscncc
is ncccsary to insurc communicationsfrccly.
Gencrally wc fiml tliat thcsc pcrnons arc sus
ccpliLilo to magnclic inllucnco. and clairToy
ant, In thc fnmdy of Mr. Grnngcr,of Uocii
cstcr, a citizcn well known thcrc, tlie
communicntions could bo liad witli any two
of thc family provious to any of thcm being
nl.iccd undcr thc magnctic inllucnco, but af
tcr a daiichtcr was ruasnetizcd and bccanic
clairroyant, no couimunicalion could be had
withoul licr prcscncc. JNo parson liad tvor
bccn magnctizcd in tbe family wbcro it first
Wc first bccamo ncquaintcd niih tlicso
manifcitations about onc vcar sinco, nnd wc
bave takcn cvcry opportunity to discovcr, if
possiblc, wb.it it 15. V e liavc bcconio con
rinccd that tbcsc tlirco facts tlicro is no dis
puting, viz : The sonnds, the intelilgcncs,
and thc abscncc of any collusion or deccp
tion in thc mitter.
Some two wccks since, wc vrcro in com
pany wilh somo pcrsons wlio wcro pctting
communicatiom from tho imisiblc comniu
nicator, wbcn a mc6sajc was spellcd out to
us to Iho iniport that the mattcr sliould bc
madc more public that tho timo liad nr
r'ncd for tbc pcople to invcstiatc thc nholc
afl'air tbal it was a thing nbicli will tilti
matcly bccomo known to all nicn, aud that
Mc. sliould immcdialcly takc incasurcs to liavc
it investigatcd. The dircctions wcro then
minutrlr gircn bj these fpirits, as tbcy jnr-
fiott to bc, and wbirh wc aro willin to bc
icTO aro, until wc liavc as mucli proof to tbc
contrary as it rcquirra to bring us to tliis
conclusion. Tlicsc dircctions will appcar in
tbc following bislory, as tboy wcio fully and
strictly followed. Thc preat objcct was to
start invcitigalion, and clcar thoso who liad
been hearing it for the last two ycars from
thc imputation of fraud and dcccptiou.
Accordingly, on tbe cvening of Novcmbcr
I I, a Iccturc was dclivcrcd in Corinthian
Ilall, in tlie city of Rochester, and a full bis
lory of thc risc and pro;ress of tbcsc slrange
manifcstations givcn. IJuring tbe rclation
of tbcso facts, tbe sounds werc ditt'nctly
bcaril liy Ilm pcrtoiis iti tbc haK.
After the leelure, a committea w.u cl.o
sen by tho audicnce, romposod of the follow
ing pcrsons A. J. Comlw, Uanicl Marsb,
Kutli.micl Clark, Kmj., A. Judson, and V.d
win Joncs.
On tho followin!; cvcning, t'.ie commlltcc
rcnorted, in substanco, as follows : That
without tbc knowlcdgo of thc pcrnons in
whosc prcscncc thc manifcstations arc madc,
tlie rommittec selecled tbe liall of tbc Sons
of Tcinpcrancu fnr thc invcflijation that
Iho tound on the floor ncar nbcro tho two
btdies stood was bcard asdistinctly as at otb
er placcs, and tbat part ol tho rommttlcc
bcard tbe rapping on Iho wall bebind thcm
that a number of qucstionfl werc askcd
which werc answered not altocther rigbt
nor allogctlitT wrong that in ihu aflcinoon,
they went to thc houc of a privnto citizcn.
and wbile therc, Ihc sounds "xcrc lieanl on
Iho ontside (apparenlly) of the front door,
after they had cntcred, unil on tlio door ol a
rloset. Ily placing thc band on tho door,
tbeiewas ascnib'c jarfeltwbcn tbe rapping
was hcard, Onc of thc (ommiltcc placed
one of liis liandl upon thc feot of Ihc ladies.
and tho othcr on tbc lloor, nnd thougli ilie
fcet wera not mocd, tbcrc was a dislinct
jar on tho lloor. On tho pavcmcnt and on
thc ground iho samc found was bcatd a
kind o( iloublc lap, as if a 6lrokc and rc
liound wcro disiinpuisliablo. Whcn thc la
dies were separalcd at a dislaurc, no scund
was bcard ; but whcn a third pcrson was in
terposed bctween thcm. Ihc acunds werc
lieard. Tbc ladlcs seemi'd rcady to givccv-i-ry
opporlunity to the Couunittee to invcsti
gatc the caucc fully, and would submit lo a
(borougb incstigation by a cotr.r..ittce ot la
dies, if dcsircd. They all agrcod that tbc
sounds werc bcard, hu'l lliei) cntirtly faileil to
discoi er nm means by wlnchil coubl bc uonc.
After th!s report and somo discussion on
tbe suliject, tliu audicr.ee felcclcd anolbcr
cominittee, composcd of Ihe following pern
l)r. II. II. Langworlliv, Ilon. 1'rcdcrick
Wbilllescy, 1). C. JlcCullum, William I'isb
er, of Koc'hostcr, and Ilon. A. V. Ilascall.of
I.crov. Althe ncxt Iccturc, tliis Commiltec
re portcd Ihat tbcy went inlo tbc investiga
tion at Ilie offico of Chancullor Whiltlesoy,
and thev beaid the sound on tbc floor, on
tbc wail and door that tho ladies werc
placed in difTcrcnt positions, and, liko tho
olhcr comniittec, tbcy werc wbolly unablc lo
tcll from wbat thc sounds protecded.or bow
tbcy wcro madc thal I)r. Langworthy madc
ohservations witli a stctbescopc, to asccnnin
wbclhcr thcrc was any movemcnt of the
lungs, and found not tho lcast diffcrcnce
when tlio sounds were madc; and tbat tbcrc
was no kind of proCability or possibility of
tncir ueing mauo uy vcniruoquism, as fome
liavo supposcd and they could not liavo
bccn mado by macbincry.
Again, after this report, anotli
icr commit-
tco was formed, from persons wlin had op-
Cosed in thc mccting all prctcnsions to thcrc
cinj; ar.y Ibing but a Iruk.
This committco was composcd of I)r. K
P. Langworthy, Dr. J. Rates, AVm. Fitzhue,
Ksq., W. L. Ilurtis, nnd L. Kcnjon. This
committeo mct at Ihe rooma of l)r. Galcs at
tho Ilocbestcr IIousc, and appointcd a com
miltec of ladies, who took tbc young wo
mcn into a room. disrobcd thcm, and cxam
incd thcir pcrsons and clotbiug, to be surc
that theto were no fiittuiea aliout thcm that
could produce Iho sour.ds. When satUlicd
on this nolnt. tho coniniiltoe of ladies tricd
Uomn otlicr expcrimcnts, and gac tho vounj
I .i.-r.it.: . c
ladies tho fol'owina ccrtificale :
" Whcn thoy were slandinc on nillows
wilh a handkerchicf tied ronnit tho bottom
of thcir drcss, tight to thc anklcs, wc all
nearu tno rapping on tbn wall and lloor Uis
tinctlv." (Srgncd,) Mns. Stonf,
Ma9. J. Gates,
Mi3a M. P. LAvnECK
In tho ctening thc coniniif.ee, tlirough
thcir chairman, l)r. I.angnorthy, mado avo
ry full report of thcir cxaminations duiing
tlio clay. They reportcd that tbcy had cx
cluded all f'ricnds of the two ladies from Ihc
rommittec room, and had tho cxamination
only in prcepncs of tbc commillce of ccn
tlemcn, and ladies choscn by thcm. Nolwitb-
siauuing an uu prccauiion, tlicsc sounus
wer'C ''canl whun Iho ladies slood on largc
fealhcr nilioC". wilhout shoc,and in variom
olher posilions, liolh C tbo fioor and Dn Ihe
wall tbat a number of rtucf'ioiu wcreask-
cd, which, when answered, wcro gcin'rally
corrcct. Kach meiubor of tbo commillce
reportcd scparatoly, agrccing witb nnd tor
roborating Iho first slatcmcnla.
Thus, by thrco days of tho strictest scru
tiny. by means of inlcllizcnce, candor and
acicncc. wcro the pemons in whoso prcscnco
tbcso sounds aro hcard acquitted of all fraud.
On Friday ovening, after tbo leclurc,
tbreo oT Iho commillce, viz: Ilon. A. 1.
Hascall, 1). C. McCullum, and William Fiah
cr, repaired to the house of n cilizen, and
pursucd thcir invieitiations (.till farther.
Tlicro wcro nearly a acoro of persons pres
cnt. 'I he mcmbers of tho committeo wrotc
many queslions on paper, whleb no pcrsons
prescnl knew tho purport of, and they were
answered rorroctly. At times tbcy would
ask mentally, and would rcceive tho answera
witli cqual corrctncw, and they wcro fully
' satidieil Ihat tuere was somctliini! prescnt.
tnanifcsting an intelligence bejond Ihe pcr-
in orjsons vmiiic. une oi liio rominutee triea
1 tent. tha expeiiment of clandinj; the ladies on
glass, and failod to gct any sounds ; but tho
samc was subscnucntly tricd in tbe prcscncc
of a large mimbcr of pcrsons, and tbo sounds
wcro as iouu anii uisuuet ua uuiuru, uu iuu
lloor as usual.
Such aro tlio facts, as far as tho public
proccedings arc conccrncd, (wbich i but n
sniall part of tlicsc strnngc occurrcnccs,)
witli Ilie commiltecs report grcatiy con
Thus tbo matlcr stands at prescnt, and
wliclbcr it is only a rcmarkable plicnomenon
which will nass awav wilh tho prcscr.t neii'
caation, or wilh tlio persons who sccm now
10 uc inc meuiumoi inis ujiiimiuuiiuj
mnnicalion. or wliclher it bc tho commcncC'
mcnt of a new cra of spiritual inllux inlo
1110 WOriU, II 19 CTiailliy SUlllClUMi nunnj
Ilie atteniion ol tncn oi canuor iiiiu punuso
P'iy' E. W. CAI'ON, Auburn,
GK01U5K WILLE rs.'.llochcs tcr.
Kochcslcr, Nov. 22, 1849.
Baxter's Conrtship andMarriajje.
Among Baxter's old parisliioncrs uf
Kiddcrminstcr, tvas a widoued lauy of
gcntlc birth, nanicd Lharltnn, ulio, tvilli
lier dauglitrr Margatct,occupied a house
in thc ncighborlioud. Tho ilnuglilrr
was a brilliant girl, of "strangcly vivid
wit," and "in cnrly joutli," lie tclls us,
"pridc and rnmancc aud company suit
ablc thcrcunto, did t.ikc licr up." Itut
cro long, Baxtcr, who acted in thc double
cnpacity of fpirilual and tcmporal
physic'un, was scnt for to visit lier, on
an uccasion of sicknvss. He nunisler
cd to hcr bodily and mcntal suffcrings,
and thus sccured licr gratitudc and con
fidcnco. Ou hcr recovcry, undcr the in
flueucc of liis warniugs and ndmoni-
tions, tho gay joung girl becamp
lliouglilful and scrious, abandoncd lier
lighl bnoks aud cotnpamons, and dcro
It'd licrself to tlio dutics of a Cliristiau
profcssinn. Daxtrr was licr counscllor
and confiilant. Slie discloscd to him all
hcr doubtp, trials and lcniptalimis, and
hc in rcttirn, wrolc lier long lcttcrs of
syinpathy, consolation and cncourage-
nient. Mc bcgan to lcel such an un
wonlcd intercft in thc moral and ?pirit
ual crowlh of his young disciplp, thal in
his daily walks among thc parisliioncrs,
hc found liiinsclf iucvitably drawn to
wards lier tnntlicr's dwclling.
In hcr prescncc, thc liabitual auslcrily
of his manner was suficned ; 'iis cold,
closc hcart wanned and expanded. 11c
began tn rep.iy licr confldpucc wilh liis
iv.mi, disclosing to licr al! liis plans of
benevolenre, soliciting her scrvices, and
wa'ning witli defercncc for her judgincnt
upon tlicin. A change camc over liis
liabits of tliniiu ht nnd liis literary tastcs;
thc liarsh, rude disptilant, thc tough, dry
logician, found himself addressing to
his young fricnd cpisllesin vcrsc on doc
trinal pointsan.l mattcrs of casuistry,
Westminster Catcchism in rhythm and
mcasurcd harmonics.
A iniraclc alonc could have madc Bax
ler a poet ; the cold, clear light of rca-
son "paled thc incfTectual fircs" of liis
imagination ; all tlungs presentcd llicm-
sclves to his vision "witli liard outlincs
r.olorlcss, and witli nosurroundiug.it-
mosplicrc. I hat hc did, ncverllielois,
writc vcrscs socrcditablv as to jiistify a
judicious modcrn critic in tlieir citation
and approval, can perhaps be accountcd
for only as onc of Ihe phciionicna of that
subtle and Iraiisfnrmiiig inftuencc to
which even his stern naturc was uncon
sciously )iclding. Itaxlcr was in Invc.
Ncver did the hlind god trr liis arcli
cry on a more unpiomising subjcct.
Ilaxtcr was nearly 5U yeara ol age, nnd
lonked still oldcr. His life. had bccn
onc long fast and pcnnancc. I'vcn in
youtli lie had ncver known a schoolboy s
lovc for cousin or playmatp. He liad
resolutely closfd up his hcart against c-
motiniis which lie rcaarded as the al-
urcments of time and sense. He liad
madc a mcrit of cclibacy, and writtcti
and publiahcd against the entanglcment
of godly miuistcrs in matrimonial en-
gagements and lamily carcs. It is
qucstionable whclhcr hc now undcrstood
nsowncasp, or attnbuted to its rin'it
cause thepeculiar iulerrst which he felt
in Jlargaret Charllon. Left lo liiinsclf,
it is more llian prohable that hc tnight
nevcr have ditcovered tlie true naturc of
Ihat interesl, or coujeclurcd that any
thing whatevcr of carlhly passion or
sublunary cmotion had mingled wilh liis
spiritual I'lalonism. Commistioncd
and set apart lo preacli rcpcmancc lo
dying mcn pcnniless and liarmless,
Horn witli bodily pain and mental toil
and trcadiue as he bclicvcd on thc
very margin of his gravc. wliat liad he
todowith lovet W liat powcr liad he
to inspire thal tcndcr sentiment, the ap
piujiriuiu uipruig oniy oi youtn, and
licallli ind bcnuf't
"Could any Hcalricc seo
A lovcr in such anthoriiel"
fBut, in Ihe meantimc, a rcciprocal
lecluiB waseaiiiinn strenslh in thc hcart
of Margarct. To her gralcful apprc
cialion of the condesccnsion of a great
jiiu goou man grave, lcarned, anil re
iiouncd, to her youlli and wcakucss,
and lo her eutliusiaslic admiratiou of his
intcllcctual puwers, dcvoled to the liigli-
esl and holiest objecls, Miccecded nalu
rally cnough thc lcndcrlv sin?3estivc nitv l
of lier wninan's hcart as she lliouglit of
nis lonciy noinp, ins uusliared sorrows,
his lack of thosc sympathies and kind-1
ncsscs which makc tolerablc thc liard
journey of lifc, Did shp. not onc to
Iijiii, under God, the salvatinn of body
and nuud ? Was he not her trucst and
moit faithful fricnd, cnlering wilh lively
iutcrcst iutn all lier joys aud sorrows T
Had she not scen the clouds of his lia
bitual sadncss broken by gleamsof sun
ny warmth aud cliccrfulncss, as they
couverscd togclhcr I Could shc dobel
tcr llian totlcvole hcrself to the plcas
ing lask of making hwlife Imppier, of
comforting him in seasons of paiu aud
wcarine'i3, eucouraging him in liis vast
laborf, aud ihrnwiug over Ihe cold and
liard austerilics of hisnaturethe tvaruitli
and light of domcstic afTcciiont I'ity,
rcvercnce, gratitudc, and womanly ten
derncss her fcrvid imaginalion and the
nyinpathies of a deiply rcligious naiure
conibiiicd lo iufluncp lier drcisiou,
Disparity of age and coiidilion rrndcrcd
it iniprobahle Ihat Iiaxter would ever
venlure to nddrrss her in any olher ca
pacity llian that of a fricnd aud teachcr .
Unil it wai lefi to licrself to give thc firs
intiniation of tlie possibility of a more
intimatc rclalion.
It is easy toiinagine wilh tvliat mixcd
fcclings of joy, surprise and perplcxity,
Baxlcr musl have reccivcd thc dclicatr
avowal. Thcre was mucli in tlie cir
cumstanccfof ihc caseto justify donbt,
misgiring and closo searching ol hcart.
Hc musl have fcll the painful contrasl
whicli that fair girl in thc bloom of hcr
youtli prtsentcd to the worn man ofmid
dle years, whose vtry breath was pufTer
ing, and orcrwhom ilcalli secmcd alwajs
impending. Kecnly conscious of his
iufirmitics oftemper, he muat have fcar
ed for thc happiucss of a loving, gcnlle
bcing, daily cxposcd to tlieir manifesta
lions. From liis wcll-known habil of
consulting wliat he regarded asthe Di
vine Will in cvcry important stcp of liis
lifc, thcre can bo no rioubt that his dc-
cision was the rcsull quitc as mucli of n
praycrful and paticnt considcration of
duly, as of the promptings of his hcart.
Richaid Ilaxtcr was no impassioncd Ab
clard, his pupil in thoschool of his s.c
vern and self-dtnyiiig piety was no He
loisc; but wliat thcir uninn lackrd in
rotnaulic interest was coinpcnsatcd by
ils purity aud disintcrcstcdiiess, and its
.oanction by all that can liallow liiiman
passion, aud harmonize thc lovc of thc
crcaled witli thc lovc and serviccof thc
As was natural, thc wits of llic Courl
had thcir jokcs upon this siugular mar
riage ; and some of his bcst fricnds rc
grcltcd it, whrn they called tomiiui wliat
be had writtcn in favor of m'mistcrial cc
libacy, at a time whcn, as he says, "he
thnught to livc aud die a bachelor." But
Uaxter had no rcasnn to rcgret thc in
consislency of his prccepts and cxam
plc. IIow mucli of ihu bappinrss of
the ncxt twcnly years of liis life rcsnltcd
from liis uniou witli a kind and aflec
tionale woman, lie has liinuclf lcstificd,
in his simplc and touching "Brcviatcof
the lifc or thc late Mrs. Baxtcr." Hcr
affl'ctimis werc so ardent, Ihat her lius
band confesscs his fear tbat hc was unn
blo tn makr an adequatc relurn, and that
she must liavc been disappninted iu him
in conscquence. Hcextols herplcasant
ronvcrsation, hcr active bcncvolcnce,
hcr disposition to nid him iu all his la
bors, and her forgetfulncss of sclf, in
niinistcring to his comfort iu sickncss
nnd iniprisonmcnt. "Slis waslhc ineet
rst helpcr I could liavc had in thc ivorld,"
is his language. "Ifl spokf harehly or
sharply, il offeuded her. lf I rarricd it
(as I am apt) wilh too mucli nrgligencc
of ccremony or luimblc cninplinirnl to
any, she would modcilly tcll mc of it.
If my luoks scemcd not plcasant, bIic
would have me ainend thcm, (uliicli my
wcak, pained state of body indisposed
me to do)." II admits she had her
lailings, but takcn as a whole, ihc "Bre
viaie" is an exallcd culogy. J. G.
Triiles and Conseqnences.
If in tbn world of spirits the contequencc
of evcry trilling act of an individual sball
bo plainly viiblo to him, bow great the re
inorse of thosc whosc cvil works and words
nro numcrous ns thc sauds of Iho sea fliorc.
Who is therc that cannot traco back to tbe
niost trilling incidciil or accidcni tho cause
of an eniirc change iu his wbole lifc ? Somo
havo been made iinmensely rich by tbe turn
ing of nfeathcr, tlieir cbildrcn cducalcd. giv
cn influonce, andpcrbaps changed tbc tlcsti
ny of a nation : whilc. anothcr has bccomo
poor in conscquence of souis slight nnd al
niost imperceptiblc incident. l'overty has
brought on discnse or dissipation,and a ng
abond'a life or drunkard's graic bccouie his
portion. Soinc of our ricbcst and moit in
llucnlial mcrchants sons of farmcrs can
traee thcir coming to New York, to the mcct
ing of a play-fellow in tha slrcet, or tbe run-
ning away ot a coll, or purlnps, as an inslancc
wo liavo hcard of, tbo breaking of a bowl.
Uad thesc boys rcmaincd at liome aud been
farmcrs, bow jifl'erent would havo bccn thc
situationof tlieir familics. Thcir daughters,
instead of flaunting in fills in liroadway
and cnjounj a scnt at tho opcra, might hatc
been cngaged in tbo more worlhy opemtiun
of making buticr and cbcese. Steamsbips
that now form rcular lincslodifi'crcntuuar-
tcrs of tho globc, and nflcct tbc dcstiiiy of
nations, would nnt tiavo been tmili ; wars
might have becn madc or avoided, as subsc
quent circiimstances havo dictated.
Thirty ycars ago, two boja inJfcw Hamp
shiro quarrclled about a uox of blacking.
To get rid of ono of thcm. bo was scnt to
New York, and is now one of our firsl shin-
ping mi'rcbants, n diicctor in a bank, nnd
owner ol a line or slcamcrs A tlisputo a
boit a lin dinpcr wilh tbc slcward of a stcani
bont rcsulted in a lan-suit, tbat cost a tbou
raud dollars, and laid tho foundalion of thc
fortuno of ono of out millionaires who now
owns moro tin dippera and tloamboats llian
any olhcr ono maii in tho world onco a
ileck uand ot a uoat, now tbo captain cr thc
' uppcr tcn." An incident mado hicn, au
accidcnt raay unmake bim.
Ily the disobedience of a lad in 1 609
gardcn-gate in Rhode Island was kft open ;
a pig gol in and ilestroyed a tcw planls ; a
quarrcl bctwccn thc owncrs of tbc pig and
tho gardcn grew out ol it, wbicli cpread a'
moni' thcir fricnds, dcfeatcd thc I'edcral can
didatc to tha I.euislaturc, and gavo the Slate
a dcmocratic Senalor, by nlusc vote war was
dcclartdinl812withUrc.it Ilritain. Can
that bov, now in anothor world. seo tbo con
scquences of tbat one act of disobedience?
anil uocs lie sutlcr the remorso or llic mur
dcrcr of n thousand liuman beiiiizs ?
Napoleon bccamo asoldier in conscquence
ot ono uisooeuicnt act to nis motlier, llicn
ucncral, Lonsul, l.niperoi, tyrant and cxile
asbiuzlnn beeamc, in carly lifc. a faionto
wilh men of inllucnco and powcr, bccauscof
Uia ooeilicnce to tns momcr. jn uccnlcni
maue mu Known to onewno nevcr loltielit
of tho obcdient hon. which rcMilied in his
bccoming ihc head of the Anicrican Army
One tinale role sent Olivcr Cromwell Iu
the long I'arliamciit, Chatlcs Stuarl to tbc
scaffobl, rootutionicd Kng'.and, aud mado
Oreat Ilritain frcc.
Fcur votes in thc eily of Now York niadu
Thomas Jeflerson I'rcsidcnt of the United
States; ono volu gave us tlio UrilT of 1812,
and one vote made tbo laritfof 18111. Onc
voto gavo us Tcjcas, made war wilh Mexico,
slew thousands of our peopla and purihased
r-i: i l .L c ;
i aniuruia, iurncti iuiiucr mu iiuuui ciliigrn
tion, and will change tbo deslinyof the world
lly not givingtbo riglitihaiigafora uews
paper, a boy prcvcnlcd a passongCr from
cetling on board of n ferrj boat. On the
ncxt lioat he mct a fricnd. in conversation
wilh whom a plan for tbe transaction of n
simplo buvncts was adoplcd, which, in ilj
carrying out, has Hgiluled tlio nalion aud is
fast bccoming Iho subjcct of ncuipapcr dis
cujiion ou both continrnls of thu vitilized
world. It Will chango tbc' Cunmieri'C of na
tions, and m.iy rcsult in war.
The abovo aro but a fow inidenfa thn(
havo coinc witlnn thokuowlcdgeof tho writef
where great rcsults have grown nut of mcro
triflcs. If in come future state of our exisl
enee, we can sce all thc resulls ol cvcry ac
tion running down tlirough a scricsof ycars
perhaps of agcs, bow grcal will bo nur
h.ipp!ccs or lnisery. Wc cannot tcll wliat
ititl the result of any ono act, or wliat cf
fcet it will have upon tho future. It may
makc us rich nnd it may makc us poor. Ilut
ono thing tre do Lnow. Wo know that n riglit
action will bring no cvil conscquenccs Ihat
a pood dccd will bring no luiscry. Thcse
things aro worlh rcfleclinn. The boy who
tried to cbcat tho forry-boat passcnger may
havo been made a ncwsboy by some unlucky
strokc or fretful oxclama'lionof his molhcr.
The boy who Icft opcn thu gnrUcn galc and
brougbt on thu last war, may hnto bccn in
dulgcd or neglcclcd or wronglv inslructcd
by his pafcnts. Tho quarrcl about the tin
dinper, which madu onu nniii poor and an
ollicr rich, umy linvc aiincn in n lill more
trilling incident. lf our spirils in anolbcr
world can son all llicso things can traco all
cfl'ects to Ibeir causcs count the ovils nf cv
ery wrong, nnd mcasurc tho amount of hu
man miscry and hum.in hapnincss that cvcry
act bai pro luc cd, tbcy will enjoy tho plc.as
urcs of Ilcavcn or sud'er tho pangs of hcll.
A', y. Day Book.
Mr. Carlyle on Ncgrocs.
An article lat:ly appcarcd In 1'razcr's Maga-
zine, on the West India ncgrocs, which is at
tributcd to Jlr. Carlyle Tlie views taken are
so totally nt varianco witli Iho supposcd opin
ions of llils dislinguishcd wrilcr, that pcrsons
cntertaining opposite vicws, ntlribule thcm to
an abberation of the mind. " liis dislike,"says
the London Inquircr, " of a frothy, bcncvolcnt
agitation has at lcngth bocomc as cxtravagimt
and rcpulsivo ns any of thc hypocrisics nr cor
ruplions which bc dcnounccs. Ilissoiirmcdila
tions liavc allogcthcr unscttlcd hls judgmcnt,
and ohscured hls moral pcrccptiQns." Fiom
Xlr. Carlyle'a prescnt po'ition w anlicipato
thal his numcrous adinircrs in New England
nill diminish ; "hilo the fricnds of tlio "pccu
liar instilution" at tho South will bnil wilh dc
light the nddition of so distinguishcd a ronvcrt
to thcir side.
Wo quolo from nn nrliclo of considcralilc
lenglli in Ihc Inqnircr, the following rcmniks :
"Thc aspcct of tho West Indian nlTiiirs is, to
moit pcople, unsatisfnetory. To Jlr. Carljlc.
it is as glooiny ns night. Cultivation is diniin
ishing. Thc Intercsis of ciUliralitm. so f.tr as
they arc icprccnlcd by llic projpcrilvand prc-
dorainanco of tho nhilo race, aro in jcopardy.
The ncgrocs, living casily, are indip-,tcd to the
soverc labor of thc cane ficlds wiikout wngcs
which ihe planlcrs cannot pay. Xlr. Cailvlc
looks round for the rausaof disurdcrand.pure-
ly out of opposiilon lo Kxctcr IIull, ho selccls
as thc objccts on which to dischargo tlio wholo
of his indignation Ihe parlics.who, of nll olhers,
have -onc iho lcast wrong and sull'crcd thc
most. IIo desrribcs the nholc ncgro racc in n
lone of scirnful vitupcralion, which wc cannot
call lcss tbun Irulal. One largc brnnch of ihe
liuman family, colorcd nnd organizcd in thc
manncr that has setlncd good to the just and
niercilul 1'nthcr of us all, nnd who arc thought
by compcicnt obscrvcrs, liko Ii3 llnrlincau,
to possess in pccnliar strengih some of the mot
bcautiful elcmcms of our natuie, Xlr. Carljlc
stigmalizes as being in morals a'ld intcllcct no
bolter than bcasu. IIo conieinptuously em
bodics tho whole class as " lllack (Juashco,"
living on pumpkins with the l7y glattony of a
pig, and iudisposcd, witbout the iuccntirc of
tho " tcneliccnt whip," to rendcr anj i scfnl ser-
ico to socicty. A whole West Itiding popula
tion of such is not cqual In " quanlity of intcl"
lcct, fjcully, docility, cncrgy, and availnble hu
mau alor and raluo " to " onc of tho sirccts of
Scvcn Dials." Not only poor Quasbcc's eulor,
but lua very exislcnce secnis to be a crimc, and
his slavery to bc of Divinc appointment. Ile
was tobc.and willhavc tobe, thc scrvant of the
white, who no mortal can doubt is bom wiscr
lly lifo contincts, or somelhing cquivalcnt,
Kngliih whiics niust conlrivo to makc thcir
hlacks work.ortlicy will bc tumcd out of thc
Wct Indies, ignominiuusly ns quack-riddcn
philaulhropUts, by somo moro hcroic raco (" as
llrothcr Jonathan or still unothcr,") who
know bow to cxccuto the will of God upon tho
ifricam. riovidatce JouimiU
Report of the ISecretary of War.
The Itepnrt of ihe Sccrclary of War
enibraces a largc amouut of infnrmation,
alrcady known lo tlie public, such as
thit touching tlie Florida ludians, and
thc Indian outrages on tlit frontiers, the
agency of the Armr in maintainiug thc
Civil (iovernincuts in New Atexico aud
Califoruia, the various operations aud
movements oMroops in different portions
of thc terrilnries. e state thc impor
tant fdcts and suggeslions containrd in
the report.
The prescnt strenetli nf ihc army is
less than that providcd by law. Thc
dcficieucy arises from ilischarges, dcalhs
and dcsertions. To-fifths of iho 1200
regular troops in Califoruia havo dcscrl
cd since Jan. 1, 1841). The protection
of thc fronticr lines was fornierly dccin
ed cqual to the capacily of ihe army.
Since thc acquisition nf Califoruia and
New Mcxico, the scrvico required is
crcater, and calls lor au incrpase ol nul
ilarv foicc. Thc brevet commissinus
have causcd embarrassnicnt. It is sug
gestrd thal the objcct which tlicycou
leinplatc will hc accoiuplished by iclain
ing Ihem as hounrary disliuctions, aud
restricting the nflicers lioldiug thcm to
tlieir liucal rank and pay. Souieruleis
neccssary for rctiring uisabled ofTicers
from the army. The uuniber of inef.
fcctive ofTicers was increascd by tho war
witli Alexico. lo rcliiiii tlieui iu ser
rice is liad policy, aud to discharge
lliein withmil suitable provision, would
be ungraleful, It is suggesled thal ihu
l'residcnt be authonzed to placc ou
the rctired list thosc ufliccrs ilisqimli
fied fnr service, witli a propcr allnwauce
An nstlum fnr velernn soldiers isrecoiu-
mended. Tha .Military Academy at
West l'oint is comuicndcd. l'orlilica
tions for llic defencr. of barliors ou thc
1'aci.ric. arc rpcnmmcnded tobobudt,
Ktw Iluven I'allculiitm.
Tiik Factionisis Reiiukkd at HoMf
The Muliile Adcertiur saa tbal tho rofn
sal of Souilicrn Whigs and such Whigs,
too, as Stcpheni, loonibs, &o. to voto lor
Mr. Winlbrop as Speakcr of t!m House, ci
citcs turprisu in all iiuaiteis, nnd is not nn
prcved by any porlion of llic hig press in
Iho South.
The samc iourr.al pronounce Iho posilion
assumcd bv I'lo succdcrs not only impolit c
and unjusliiiablc, but nlt6a'thcr unrcasnna
bl". Such, wo b.ie no doutt, is the pre
Tallingopiiiioir of Iht) Whiijs at the ':')ut',.
Report of the Sccretary of tho Navy.
Tho nnnual report of Alr. I'rcston,
Sccretary of tho Naty, occupics five
coluninsuf the Intclligcnccr, and gives
in dctail thc movements and whercabouts
of our ualional vcsscls during thc ycar.
IIo rclcrs to the many dcsertions iu Cal
iforuia, and the difliculty of ciilisling
mcn lliere at$IO and $12 per month,
whilc thc mcrcliant scrvice is payiug
ironi to toJjloU.
Our snuadrons in tlio .Mcditcrrancaii,
I'acific, Clnnascas, on thc; Brnzil cnast,
iic, have all bce.n rcccived wilh kind
ncss, and trcalcd with coiirtcsy.
ht. Davis has bccn charncd witli thc
duty of supcrintciiding the prcparation
of a Nautica! Almanac, and l'rol. I'agc
has becn enlrustcd witli llic duty tif ma
king prncticat cxpcrimculs for tcsting
thc capacity and uscfulucss of thc clcc-iro-magnetic
power as a mcchanical a
gent for thc purposes of navigation and
Thc Sccretary givcs a full account of
the stcani mail scrvice. Thc L'ucrpoul
line will probably uc cnmplctcd williin
the time slipulated. This syslcm, how
ever, of iucreasing the Navy by nccan
slcamcrs is dcprccatcd as tuo cnst'y.
For a naval cstablisbment, that wbich
wo arc ninsl in necd of is an indcpcn-
dcnt navnl stpam forcc, of such cxlcnt
and of Fuch magiiitudc asthe uisdom
and liberality of Conqrrss maj tliink
-ufficient, and thc neccssilics of thc
ccuntry rcquire."
Thc number oi insnnc pcrsons now in
tlie Navy hopitnls is but 12.
1 lie rcsolution aullKirizing tlie pur-
chase of Amcrican instead of foreign
rntted hcmp, will have tn be amcuded,
in ordpr to avoid mntiopoly, nnd insurc
the trrowers of the article ihe supply of
thc navy. It is bclieved thc Wrst can
furnish a siifficient supply supcrior lo
thc foreign growth.
1 hc expcnnipnts in gunnrrv at Ilie
Washington Navy vard have becn very
succcssfiil, aud tlio obsprvatious and cx
pcriincnts at thc Obscrvatory conlinucd
witli grcal skill.
Rcfcreuce is made tn ihe exnminalion
nf ihe I'acific coatt by a joint commis
sion of officcrs to ihp floaling dry dcicks
at l'hiladclphia, I'ensacnla and Killrry
and to the retur is of prizc agents.
A r e v i i . i 1 1 aud rppubbcntion of llic
various laws passed for thc govcriiment
nf the navy aud of the general ordcrs of j
thcNavv Dcpartmciit urgenlly dcmand
allentioi). I
Attcntinu is askcd lo our intcrests in '
thc Paoific nccan, nnd tn thc iucreasing
obligations llic Gnvprnmcnt is undcr In
prolcct and cherish il. Williin a short
period wc havo ndded an pxtent of iea ,
cnast to our nosscssions of more than
900 miles, cmbracina many cood, and
ono of thc bcst harbors in tbe world, ,
posscssintr iminense iniucral wcallh, at- ,
tracling to ils shnres the inhabitauls of
all nations, and inviting il to Ilie com- J
mcrce and tradc of evcry cliinate
riie four first class spa-gning stcam- '
ships arc in a cnursc ofcomplctiou ; thc
Saranac will shorlly be ready fnr sca;
the San Jacinto will be ready in thc
spruig, nnd the olhcr two during thc cn-
sumg siimnicr. 1 he becrelary rcconi-
meuds the buildiug ol olhcrs.
I hc becrctarv savs llic niiiriber ol ol-
ficers of thc Navy in the higlicr grades
are crcater than are required, cither for
thc vessels now in conimissiun, fnr thc
number of nicn authorized by Congrcss
to be employed, or for any incrpase of
forcc nfloal whicli may rcasoiiably be
expected. Thc niimbcrs in tbc rcspec
live grades are ilispropnrtiniicc! to each
otlicr. Its prescnt organizati'iii retards
prnmniinn. Age, infirmily, and wnntof
cmplnyment liavc disqualified many for
tbc performancc of active profcssiunal
duties. These evils are felt and ac-
knowledgcd by nll who havo a just re
gard for the prosperity and luinor oflhe
Hc therefore rccommcnils a rcduclion
of the numbcrs in the various gradc of
ofTicers to that poiut which will secure a
sulhcicnt number in cach for such a na
val forcc as Ci.ugress may dcterniine is
nccessary aud propcr, and that a provis
ion be made for a retircd list for such of
ficcrs as are disnualifind for active scr
vice, on such tcrms and with such pay
as may be thonijlil libernl and just.
Should Congrcss deem it propcr tn adupt
such a systrm, it is bclicvcd a plan cau
be prcparcd whicli will meet tho appro
balion of a large proportion of the offi
ccrs ihemselves, and which will grcatiy
rrducc thc expemlilurc of our naval cs
lablishmpnt. Altrnlion is invited tothc navalschool
at Annapotis. During the lat year it
has becn under tbc supcrinteudpnce nf
Commandcr Upsluir, who has devoled
himself witli zcal to the discharge of his
dutics. Kxpericncc had disclmcd many
defects in its nrgmizalion and suggcst
nl innny imprntcuicnts which might bc
rcadily effccled without materinlly in
creasiug thc cxpcnditure for the instilu
tion. Tho cstimaics for tlie naval scrvico for
tlie pnsuing year amount to $0,20!I,!J.';0
!.", from which $2,003,078 arc forspe
cial objecls.
The Total amount drawn from ilie
Treasury during tbn fiscal year ending
thc iltlili ofJuuc 1811), $13,107 ,'.; Sli;
from which dcduct repaymeuls 82,209 -02;l!59,
and the sum of $10,69S,:U2 87
is sliotvn as thc cxpeni-e nf the navy and
mariiio corps, and iiicluding all nbjpcts
placed under tho conlrol uf thc Navy
Dcpartmcnt for Ihat year.
Theunexpccted balancein the Treas
ury nf the appropriatious fnr llic naval
scrvice and marine corps nn tlipllOlh of
June, 1819. was l?2,0;)U,fi!l3 10, all of
which will be required to mcet Ihe out
standing dues from the appropriatinns
made for Ihat year.
Thc value nf storcs aud malerials uu
hafid at navy yards for nnra! purposes, x
cltlsive of ship buildiuss, iu nrdinary,
unucrgo.ng repa.rs anu . . , ...........
navy yarda, and olher pnbhc lands res
iiuired fnr purposes of ihc navv, wilh
their improve.uents, is g 0.r.VI.l2 i 27.
The report closcs by asking for an
nppropriaHiin lo pay a balancc of $.10,-
000 (o ofTicers and privates, cnlillcd to-
Ihrcs monlln extra pay for rcrricci du
rinotlic Mexiearr var
rnosi'ECTUs of Tiin
Incorporaled by the r.cgilnturo of thc State of
Vermont, Notcmbcr 13, 1848.
cuatitrr AMKsnno Octobcr 26, 1849.
William C. Kiltredge, I'.iul Dillinglinm,
llcnjamln llnlch. Julins Y. Dcwcv,
Tiniothy V. ltedficld. IMmnnd Wcs'o'n,
Dnuitl llatdwin, llomrr W. llcalon,
Joscph 11. Danforth. Jr.
In presenting tho publio with tho l'ros
pcctus of this Company, Iho Directors dccm
it propcr to prescnt somcwliat in detail thc
principlcs on which tbo instilution is bascd
as wcll as tho rulcs and rcgulations by which
!u busincss will bu conduc'ed. It will bc
perccivcd that no company offcrsgrcalerad
vnnlagcs to its mcmbers.
Mutunlitij, in i's strictest scnrc, is a lead
ir,g fcaturc intbis coniiany. Kery asurcd
pcrson reccivcs his lcitimalc portion ot thc
profitSiif ho ronlinues aincnibcr until dcath;
or, if ho dcsiro to lcavo tbc company aflcr n
torm of ycar, ho will bo paid in cash tin
cquitablo vatuo of his policy.
Inslitulions similar to this havo bccn in
succcssfiil operation in lOurope for moro llian
n ccnlury. Thoso countrics most ndvanccd
in ciiilizalion, and notcd fnr prudoncc and
forcthouglit, wcro thf first to avail the:nscUe
of tho bencfits of Life Inmrance. England,
Scotland, and Holland, have cach sevcral
prospcrous comp.inics on the mutual and
joint slock piinciples; Iboformer (ormtilual
companics) liavo dcmonslraled Iho impor
tant fact that wcll conduetcd Mutual I.ifu In-
surance Companies nirord perfcct secnrity to
tho nssurcd and a safo and profitable invest
mcnt to capiliili-(s.
Association aud conibination for mulual
defcnce nnd prolcctiou has mado rapid pro
grcss williin tho last balf ccnlury, and, ir
fact, iu thc cxtended senc, it is the princi-
ple upon which nll slates, nnd constituliaiis
nrc b.isod, and wbich wbcn well rcgiilaicd,
is tlie bcst strengih aml salcguanl for tlieir
prospcrous continuancc.
Saing lianks, tho various cliaritablc in
slilutions of tho diy, .Mutual Firc Insurance
all " thow wliat ninazing and cxtcniead
vantages can bc rcalizcd by unioii and coin-
biuation, wiihout inju-y to one, nnd bcncllt
Tn ,)0 associntion can preatcr benefils bo
spciiicd to thu coinmunily llian in life inU'
lance. A lonlcniporary protpcctus wcll re
marks: " .Muiual hifc Irsuranco is n nobte
nnd bcautiful sciencc, and is dcstined lo work
a grcal ch?ngo in amclioiating the state of
socicty and clCTatmg its moral eharaclcr :
prescnt iudicnlioin sbow tbat it will cro long
bo universally approwd nnd verv gcnerally
practiced. Iis action is not confincd lo any
particular class but mav be advantageouly
emnloicd bv all, and a great nnss of'misin
bo aoided by the sacrifico of a very fnull
portion of annual incomc, in making provi'
sion I'or familics and fricnds lt is only ma
king usc of thc Iaudablc means which sci-
cnco has doelo.'.cd for sceurir.gintho evcnt
of dcath a eomfortablc nnd respcclablo sup
porl for familics and fricnd."
Tlie progrcss that I-ifc lusurnr.ee has made
in Ivngland, Scotland and llic United Slalcr,
williin the last lulf century, and its i cry rap
id increase within thc last fuw jcam afi'ords
slrong evidencc that it has mucli in it con
genial to tbe feelings and wants of socicty ;
aml whcn its principlcs come to bo gcnerally
undcrstooil, wc hae little doubt but tbcrc
will bo one huudred persons in tbo prnctice
of it whcre there is but onc now."
" Il is now a well sctllcd piinciple, thnt
thc systom of I.ife Iiisuranco docs nut rekt
upon unceriaiu theoricsur vague spoculations
but that it is reduccd to an tact scicnco
or approacbiug sufficicnlly near to this lo
reudcr sure and safc nll computations nud
eontrarts bascd upon it relating thorcto."
A late number of Chambers' lCdinburgh
Journal, iu an able urticlcon Lil'u Insurance,
showing tho advnnlngcs to thc assurcd in
tho Mutual over tbe Joint Stock Companies
says: "Iu finc, thc system of Mulual nssu
rancc, purcawl umltited,i that wbich thc
public sliould, for its own sakc and p.irtly
for tbo kako of morali'.y, support. It is an
inslituliou contcinpUting unuiixcd gnol to
mankind and whcre no groeser intcrests than
thoie of a fow ouicials can possibly be con
cerned. Conduetcd on a largo scalc and up
on a propcr fooiing, it involvcs no risk, and,
at thc samc lituc, from tho divi-ioi, of sur
plus, the cbnrgcs must bo bcld ns rcduccd
to a perfcct squaro wilh the necefilics of
tbo casc, cxcepliiig only thc cxpenses of
Tho tablcs wc liavc ndopted in this Com
pany werc constrnctcd after ampla " oliser
valions of tbo bills of mortality , and fix the
aeragc duration of liuman life approaimat
ing so nearly to cerlainty that they may bo
rclied upon in nll calculations whcre tho tc
nuro nf lifo Is conci-rned." "Nothing is
moro uurcrtain than tho continuanco of in
dii idiml life, and yct, nothing mcro ccrlnin
than its avcrage duration ; it is this ccrUiuty
which (ilnccs tbo calculations connccled wilh
I.ilu Insurauco upon abroad and sura basis."
Tbe ratcs in our tablo nro much lower
than in uioid of tbo 'nglih nnd foreign com
panies, nnd ct not so low as lo endangcr its
eiistcnee, as is beliotud to bo iho raso with
uuny fpoculaling institutious which aic
springiug up in various scctioni of llic Uni
ted Slates.
TheNalional I.ife Inturanr Compnny,
uidi theiranomy nnd rure wilh which its
conrorns nre nmnagcd, is cnmmcndcd in
ihe fuvorablo considcr.iliou of un eidight
cned public in Ihu Iwu fuld forui ofnanfe
Life Insurance nnd Saringt Iiutitution
, 'J'fie lutler, to thoso wlm liato Lifo I'olicics
n(. mn ,ur,n !, fcarccy ce, jm.
1 , .
""'p.in.ea l.av.ng no ndvanlagea ovcf ih.a
how tbal in policros, fny of iwrnly ycar
durnlion, tho prul:is paid nt doalli liavo
heci) qual la thc cninc ni.uual prcmiuun
nt rompound mtcrcil m addi iou lo tho
um smcd
tn accordanrc wilh n voto of ihc ditcc
!ora, tho Carlislo TnhU, (nf ncknowlettueil
pctniancnt safety,! has bceh ndnpicd irf
prcfercnco Id tho Nnflhnmpton nnd olher
moro oxpensivc lablta now in use by innny
of llio Knglisb rind Scotrh companies cf
London and Edinhurgh.
In tlio use of the Corlilo Tnhlo, wlicre
tho full tirciniuin is paynblo nnnually in nd
vancp, tlie Mulual Lifo Insurnnre Cnnipaj
ny of New Yoik. tshicli niinmenced husi.
ncfs in 18)3, nilhoul capinl hcyond tbc
prcmiums iilfunlril by tliis labfc lua nccu
mulnU'd williin tlio ahorl period of scven
yeara a Snfeiy Kuinf of upwards of m'ne
hnndml thuutand dollars. Tfie dividr.nft
dcclnred upon llio busincss oftliu onc com
pnny diiri-ig lliefimt five enr?a wasfilly
two pcr ccnt.., nller piying 173,OO0, iu
lopsca and Pxpcnse?.
In thc iiic of the samc t.ible, thc cquitablo
Life Assuranrc Socicty of I.omlon, has n-i-n
mulatod nFund of JTll.OOO.OOU stcrling.orfM,
000,1100, nflcrpnj ing balf n many luillions du
ring 87 years in Ioc. This company, as wclf
ns tho Mulnal I.ife Insurance Co. of New Yuil:
coinmcnced busincss wiihm'it capiial. Tbc
lirge fiinds nf piofits for the most part hare
becn dciivcd from thcir annual rccclpls of pre
miiims nnd from thcir invcstincnt at comp'mmt'
intcrct. 1'rcvious to tho jcar 1779, wlicn llio
Curlistc Table was fonncd, this (ompany in
London, umlcrthc ueof I)r. rrire'sNortfiainp
ton Table, of much hhjhcr ralcs, hnd donc but n
small busincss sinco thal timo thcir busincss
has gradually bccn incrcalng; tho irnnaal re.
ccipts at this time of tliis ono company in Lon
don amouniing to over two miUions of dollni'
Thcir plans of l usiness on llic purcly Mutual
principlc may i.ow bo snfcly followed by df
new inslitulions nnd adi jilcd asa modtlol nnlc
ty, profit nnd iiselulacss. A incmbcr of thu
London cnmp.iny who lnurcd 55,000. nt Iho
expirniion of 34 ycars. was tnliilcd al his dc
ccase, toS 10,00(1, the arciiinuhiiiug piofit nn .
intercstiliiiinuilmt period Inving nmountcd In
Stl.C'O, n Ii it Ii largc sum ofiiccumulntcd prnf
its was pai.l in addiiion toihc $5,000 orlginalK
iti5iircd. Anotbcr mcmbcrwho insurcd tj.oot
nt thc cxpirallnii of 54 ycars was crtili'cd rn
S29,8oor more Ihan.Ifc rimivtho original sum
wbithho insurcd, which, at his dcccasc. wos
paid to his lcgnl licirs. Thc number of insur
ni.ccs mado by Ihis one company in thc couo
of tnrentv ycars frnni tho ycnr 1S0O, was 151.
754,ormnretlnn 7500 nnnually, by incnus of
whiih Ihousniids nf familics wcro t'av'cd from
cxticmc porcrty.
Thc cxiiiing p dicics of Lifo Insuranu, in"
Lngl.ind, in the ycnr 1845, ninountcd to 210,
000. By n rcccnt Mcdical Ifcort in Scotland, tho
avcrage pcr ccnt of los, anniinfly,liri5A r:i,450
pcrsons nt iti ycars of ngc, has bccn shonn by
facts nnd staiiflics of mortality, to bo lcs than
onc and a qnarlcr pcr ccnt, tvhile tbo North
ampion tablo makcs thc aiirage over 2 J.
lly thc snmo Itcporl, thc nverngc yearly lo
es or dc.iths upon ccry IO,nou pcr-ons nt 52
ycnrs of age is a frnetiun over Ii pcr ccnt
Tlie firsl dMdcnd of profits of the Connecl
icut Lifo Insnr.iiico Company, in thc me nf
tho Carli-le table, w.ts f ty pcr ccnt and llio
sccond sntij pcr ccnt,, aflcr pnjing all loscs
nnd cxpcnscs, proving that thc ralcs of insur
ance ctahli-hcd in iIim table arc not only pcr
mancntly safc, but nmplc to moct nll ordinary
Iosscs nnd cxpcnscs during thc whole period of
lifc,without any Ilcscrvc Capital whatevcr. V.
ju.il proof is atrurdcd ihat tbcsc intcs whcn ful
ly paid in cah, will mcct nll ordinary Iosscs
and cxpcncs during tho first tcn or twcnly
ycars to double orqnadrtiplethe amount.
These favoral.Ie rcsults werc in conscquence
of taking nono but good lius , from large In
crease in imcsting the fuud, nnd, also, fiom
thc shurt policies. lt is undcrstood Ihat n nn
but mcmbers of tho company sharc in the nc
commodatinns cf the fuiids, but that in allut
scs of dcath an equilablc sharc uf all thc prof
its will bo paid to holdcrs of thc poln y
With such IncowroicrtiMe evMeneca of Iic
prescnt sccurity and pcrniancnt )Srotcction al
fordcd in thc uc of the ratcs of insuranco uu
dcr thcir Itill anuual pnment, the Ri ard of
Directors hnvodecnud it cxpcdient at prcnent
to dipcnso with tlie payment of u larye poriioit
ot thcir Ilcscricd Guarantce Capiial, in nrdcr
to avoid the tnx upon iho insuicd mcmbers,
whith Ihcguaramied inl 'rcsl upon its full pay
ment wuuld otherwiio impoe. Tbcy have. in
accordance with this dctcrminalion.ndoprej tho
l'urtly Mulual Syitcm ol Iusuraiicc for thc
firsl cUss of mcmbers, until the nnmbci' shall'
be incrcasul to 500, undcr thc practical opcra
tion of which nll profiss of cach ycar, wiih.iut
nny dcdiiclion. will rcicrt to tho assurcd iu
proportion to thc rcspccihe prominms paid by
cach rncmbcr.
Tho Diicctors aic sntUficd that tho only way
to mako n Xlutual Lifc Iiisiuanco C ompany
Injtli uscfulas a Savings Insiiiuiiun aud u,r le
yond a cvntvvjrnry to tho nssurcd K torcUm tho
iucome from prcmiuins until tbe cxpirni ion oflhe
lifc policies ;anJ, that the pmciicflof refnndmg
in Scrip.to be udd in wholo orj an, cr In (ho
rcduction uf the annu.tl prcinlums, dcfcats in n
great dcgrco ihc very objecls of tho Institutiou
linpresscd wilh tliis tunriction this cunipany
will cenduct iisconcerns accordingly.
A general btdance will !e struck evcry fiio
years and cach rncmbcr will l-e creditcd" witli
thcir fulf prnportion uf protils nud prt-iniumt
and ihurgcd wilh ibeir prniortiunate sharcs nf
lusct and cxpcnscs in no casc lo excccd Ihe
aununl prcmiuui ; and in case of dcath nfanv
incmbcr tho halaurcslaudingto thcir cicditwil'
bo paid to thc lnddcr of thc policy'
(To be Cominued )
Tiie Siur CAtru Gi.imimaw. The
barquo Clarissa C. llcll, arrivrd ilua
inorniug from l'ayal, has bruughl homc
Captain Hoxic, late of the ship Calch
(irimshaw, burnt at sea. Also, Mrs,
Hnxie, clulil, firsl and second uiaic,
(tcwartl aud Mcnnrdcss, Wo am pain
cd lo Irarn from C.ipt. Hoxic, ihat bc
twecn fifly and sixty of llip ttperage pas
ncnncrs who wcro ou one of the rafls,
hae perishpd j nnlhiug having bccn
hcard of theni nftor they wrre cut ailnlt
from the burning ship. The sumvors
werc tn takc passagc in thc harquc Sa
rah, which was In Ipaye for New York
in a fcw days. A'. 1' Com. Atfe.
Tin: Rf.ciuiiiks. The nio iiunpnl lo'
thc mcmory of Cnl. Divwell, iu thercar
of tho cenlrc cliurch, is complrtrd It
is n square hlnclt cf mnrble, linviug (ii
on il thc placc ofhiJ uativi'y, llipleail
ing incidcnU of hls life, faunly ciul of
arini iic. '1'ho whofc i surroundcrf
by a neat iron lailiug, on a granifc hR''p,
nud unkcs n verv tastcful apl)(38llc,-""
" Ihftn V- irr

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