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A lcrrible outrnge look placc in Cul
pcppcr Co., inlliis Stalcon Wcdncsday
Inst. A mob of 300 mcn, incluJing jns
ticcs of Iho pcace, tncmbers of llie
cliurcli, nnd othcrs, proccedcd tolhe jail,
tcsisled llio shcrilT, and carricd olT. WiU
liam Qrayson, a frcc ncgro. They drag
god liim lo llie wooda, whero ihcy hung
liim ilcad. Tho causo of th'u higli
handcd mcasiire is this Grayson had
twico bccn convicted of murdcrins Da-.
vid A. Miller, a white man, but cach
timc lie appealcd, nnd iheOcneral Court
granted liim new triais, on tne grounu
that llie lcstimonv hardlv iiislified sus
nicion, mucli lcss auill. Tlie mob nl
lowcd Gravson ono ininutc to confcss.
He firmlv avowcd h:s innoccnce of tlie
inurdcr. ' Tlie mob llien plnccd a fcnce
rait acrossbetwecntivotrccs, and strunj
liim un. Tlie outrnne hns crealed in-
tcnse cxcitcment. Tlie papcrs cntreat
tlie Govcrnor to arrest evcry one con
cerncd in H. Frcdcricksburn, Va., pa'
pcr, July S3.
C7" Tlie Housc, on Saturday, rcfused
a seat to Mr. Babbilt, the Delcgate from
Dcseret, by a rote of 104 to78. Mr.
Smilli, of New Mexico was rejectcd tlie
FOCOS from tlin frce Slatcs votin? wilh
tlie South against liim. Ilibbard and
Pcaslee of New Hampsliirc vvere of llie
(tyThe Central is now in running
order tn M'csl Randolph from the South,
and To Waterbury from ihc West. By
Saturday it is expccted U c road will bc
in running order to tlie large culvcrt at
Northfield, and from Burlington to Wil-
liams's in Middlesex, thrce miles westof
Montpelier. ivatchman of Ihc !JO(A
RKCii-uucrrY witii Canada. Tlie
Whigs of Orleans County, alllicir con'cn'
tion on llie 13th inst., paescd tlie follnwing
rciuhuiun :
Htsolted. Thal ns AoriculturUteof Ver
mont, wo prnlr.sl nirainsl llio ennclment of
iiiv i Ki,iti uuity iiikiiiuiv, eutiiiiiiu. iisiiuii
lercu uy uic itriiien uovcrnmem, nciievin
it lu tilfiir a hargain in nhich inucli is lo bc
08, aiul notlntitr t;ninctl by us.
Ki.n.l.urr Falla. V(. larch 19. 18(9.
8lr Tlio demand forjour t.inimrnt haa incrracd
rapidl. of late i ll haa littn urd with frtat auccen In
ril'lNAI. c.implainta. A ofifhuor of tntna wal com-
iletrty iliiablrd frt.m pama In the hack, nnd the ute of
tme larr? bottle of llunt'a l.iniment comnletrlr cured
liim and lie la now In hia uiual health. tliia U only one
of tnaurcaici.
that liate licen cured In tbla netfhbor'
Toura. &c ,
N. 8, IlOU.NlN.
Thta celrltrated Itrdiclne la for aale li)' erery reapert
el.le nfujiti.t and Mr rchant lhroiighf.UI the Counlrjr at
23 and 30 centa per boltle, and In thla idace bvW.T.
nuarsr.l. and il. A. lli:i.lo.. n.iw
Ihe irreat rein"dji fr
And tho bett mediclne known to man for
Ailhma ofevery atage, l.iver Cotndaintf, Itrnnchitli, In-
nurnxa, ui.utn, uniui, uieeuinf ol tne l.uoga,
isbortneca of nreath, pain) and weak
neaa in Ihe tldr, hreait, Ae ,
aud all other diaeaaei,
of the
From the lloaton Vnt.
Dr, H. W, Fowle, 13d Waahuiirton atrert, hai an artt
Cle enltlleu aa aoore, wmch we beltero l the lieiit rei
aralion hitherlo iliacoverad for Ihe rnre of eolda an.
other conaumolhe comnlainla. Ilarinr tnaled thla ntd
frlne, we can aoraknilh ronfidenee aa to ita aalntary
ttnr coldi and other eomplaliita incident
h.t'.':.i ,i r..
to thla aeaaon ol
From Ihe Cinelnnatl F.nquirer.
Whereter thta madiclne ia inlroduced, It at oore al-
tain that hlgh re,ulalioa wlueh It ao richly d.'aertea.
1'he worat caaea of Alhina recenl liut danrerona rourba
and alao Iho.e that are of lnnc atandinr. brnacbltia, and
ron.uinptina iu ita early atagei, are ataraya eured bylhla
None renuine nnleaaairned I ItDTTH on the wrapper
HjI.I by W. . HU.S3KI.. Slid.llekury, alan by Ag'ti
lnronxnooi tne niate. 11 iw
llr. Corbett'a IHihly L'oncentraled Shaker Syrun of
Thia ln;vlarlr efncacioua mrdielne. Iiy ita aatonl.h
Ine curea, ia dally winninf for ttaelf the higliett teitimo
liiala from Ihe ablrat I'hyaiciana aud Chemitta In llie
r..unlry. We publiah the followinK. ao that thoae who
are aulTerinr mav rpad. and In, healed.
In the Aulumil of ItjlS, I cnmnH'iiced taklng Corbett'a
Hliaker Syriip of Sariaparllla, Itatlnirhren pretiouily
murh debiltilated and rejuced in liealth and alrength
and len wilh a tt.itl rouifh. Aflrr lakiuT ais bottlea. my
liealth waa re.lored, and I hato iaine.1 tncnty.lbiee
botlmla aincc 1 louuiirnceu taklliir tne Htrnp.
c. ii. rni:si.oTT.
rrrThe abote valuable medicine i aold liy E. llltlN
l.KY A. Co., Drugiat, lluttuii, and by their appointvd
Hold by W. P. ItlMSi:!., Middlebury, al.o by Ag'a
iuruugiiiiui ineiaie. la.iw
KCMARKAnt.F. rUllC OF lllSKAr.D I.UN03
The followlnr cure waa reorled by II. (1. O. Waih
lnlril, K1 Agent fur the llungarinit Italaam, at Itelfant
Maine, wlio will rive aay furlher Informatlon reapertinf
loe caae inai niay ie ur.ireu i
II. F. llradlre Uear Sir Mr. Clark of I'Juvra. .Me.
waa laken aick ahout N year ao, wilh a bail Couab,
I'ain in tlie aide and back, and troubled wilh general de
bility. Ile eooaulte.1 aeteral Voctora, wbo pertcribed
tnw Bim pui waa nnany I'liu
Ile atooped laklnr medicine. but contlnued to rrow
werae, ualil be waa ao weak that he could acarcely att
up. Ile aaw a ootlce of lln lluuxarian Ilaliam, procur
ed a bottle. and conlioued to lake it aeeordine to tba
directioaa and atranre to aay, la a few monlha he waa
airoug man, aaa aa ne oeiiefea, nermaaenll eured.
Yeora, reapectfully,
DariD naaDLll A. 8on, IH) Waabiogton 8treet,
Doatoa, aole aaeota for the Uniled Statea and Urltiab
rroiriuceaAineiicao price. one dollar per bottle.
Dt. A. ROGEBt'
For lb completa eure of Couaha. Colda. Induanza
itroncbilla, Aalhma, I'aine ia the alde aad lireaat, Bpil-lins-of
Dlood, and all other l.unfi Coroplalnta tendinj
lo Cooaumptiun. Thla ia uot an emprieal noatrum, but
a acieotiSe aad moat ioraluabte roedicioe. Itlaprepar.
rd frrnn a rreipe by that diatinguiibed rhyaieiaa aad
Ilheiaiit, Frof. llooaai; and wherever it bai been in
troduced, it haa made CUREd which are ierfectly aa.
toniablnr. It ia aupercaedinf; eyery other Couah Medi-
rine ueiora me puunc. i ealimonlala are daily beinr
aentlato tke propnetori of CURKS efferled, eren ar
ter Fbyaieiana had abaudoned all hope. A ainglatrlal
wiH eoaviaca the njoat incredaloua of ita effleaey.
tSTT See other CertiScatea lo Ihe FampUlel, atao loaf
For Sale la Middlebury, by W. P. ItUSSiEI.
July 30, 1630. u.ln
Tha flaejtTKaT Pcalrtr of the Rlood la the wortd I
ia now nul up la QUART DOTTLES aud la nrrnared
lu xvibt aatncTof the aame SICDlcat. iTaEaoTHAND I
zrricacr aa wnen put up la Broall uoltlea.
avaeo iu wonaerlul meaicaj t Irluee tbelBfiLLqueo-
litr reouired for a Iloee and now.theSIZEofthe itnT.
TLE. and tbe lono Ttaxaa llottlewill laat theeomu.1
ner, ia coaiparred with Haraaoarilla, O.VE 110TTLK of I
the ruriaer la equal to TKU DortLKa of Haraararilla I
Tbe Medicatlona ol thia Furiaer are ao f3psTaOMa
LT concent ATlD.Jtl tbat ooly O.NE TAULE
UFOONFUL la requiredfora Doae Tilaix llroeaadayi
aad aa each bottle cootalna SlXTV roua Doacs, one bot.
Ile will laat ia uae, tjTTW ENTV-O.Nr: I)AY8.P
"Whieb lafrora Tm toSlxTBardaya LO.N'tlER thau a
bottle of SaraapanUa. Haraaparilia la LaaGK bottlea ia
.ao reducedlaad ujeakened that two, tbree. or more table.
apoonfula la Ihe deae of it. tbree, four, or Bjore limea a
oay, inui, a bottle or Saraaparilla oalr laau from ae to
Ten daya.
IIRANTS FURIFIER ia creattr aunerlor loSaraapa.
rrlla la laiedical efficacy, becauao ihe PuriSer poaataaea
'"'""7 " aaaawcKol Haraaparilia, Yellow Uock,
Cherry.aad Su.afiai.noaa raoaoi.TCONCiaTaaTirj,
aud baa more of aaeh of tuiii mrfb... i. . k...,i.
It Ikag therj ia lo a bottle of Hariaperllle but becauao
II alae poaaeaaea eruaa nedicatloaa whlch ara o rauch
vgaa ralutVle Ibu 4aria-arilla for purlfylac, bealior.
and isrlf eratinf purpeaea, that Manaiiarllla wili uot bekr
eoaanarlaoa wilk Ihem.
BKANT8 rULHONABY RALS4M eoaliauea lo be
tho UREAT aad OVLl remedvtobeaoauail.ln.n
od upon to cure CON1IUM fnnMI, aid all dlaeaaea of tbe
TlluuAr, iiacasr aaa i.u.ius. 0.33w
The above AMicinei are tolil in almoit ev
erv town in the ttale, and In thu countu lu
W. P. nunel. Middlebury! I. V, Benson,
Whlllne: W.8. Brown. Addison: BrooVin.
& flirchard, Shoreham ; C. M. Lewis & Co,
Cornwall: U. D. Twltchell, Weybridge j A.P,
Itoscoe. New Ilavcni L. L. Holcomb. Starkt.
boro: j.D Netdham. Bristol: C. H.Wicker.
North Ferrisburgh W, G. Sprague, Vrgenns
T. C. Emitli, Monkton. All Jetien and orderi
muit be addrened to WALLACE & CO., 106
Jiroadway, Kew rork. 32 ly
BceorrJtiDr. T. H. Ilaat, Drunl.t, Aubara K. Y,
rMoauaaaded Braaf. .. Funfyias Eilracl ia a de
cided aad aerloua caae mt tViofula la tka (laada of tba
H tha aack waa lerr muck awolleu oa botk
kldaa, ad lara lUanra letaaed aadar eara, aad tba fea
raJ kaaUk kad baaona muck laneirod.-Twa or tkiaa
boltlat eirnted a (ora.
Mr. A Itolataarlr-r, rrwrehant, Obcrlia, liomln Cc O
Mo, wrnla, Ctc, 19, 1IM8, anii aftrr hatlnj Italail bow
jk a chiirm Iha llat.am ba1 eflVcted the cnre of hli
wife'a ernisnmpllvo roufli, mM 1 hara r-araonally uirrt
nranl'a mtlfjllit Eatract, fot sfnrral JeWllijr er mjr
aritetn, anit t hlre no healtatlon In saylnr, Ihat it U tlie
baat meillcine to rcattira and Invl(orat0 tho ey.tem that
I have r-ver uaeil.
; rp For llat of agente, aeo adtertlermrnt in anotlicr
coluinn. 13-2
Whig Town Committecs.
Charlcs Stonc,
Timoiht C. Bmlth.
Ticw llavtn.
A. r. ltoscoc,
S. LanRtlon, Jr.,
Q, W.lirown,
llarry Hnnt.
lloratio l'lumlcj.
Danlcl E. Itnst,
Earl Cushman,
Itoswcll Ilottum, Jr.,
Tinuj Wilcox,
llnlnir White.
Eilr'tc Adnnis,
3. Convcrsc,
31. F. Gainos.
,7. B. Smlth,
Itusscl Itriatol.
Tohn It. New,
Frcdcrick Smilli,
C. 1". Kiplcy.
Matfhal S. Uoty,
O. G. J)ycr,
llarry F. Danicls,
.7. S.'Mcsscr,
Chas. E. Evcrts.
Lyndc Callin,
IScla llowc,
Azcl Chi,man,
Davii ltkli,
A. llrookins.
R. T). Holcomb,
Wolcott Norton,
Joscpli 1IU1.
Gcomo IIarkncs5, Jr.,
n. c. Tori,
E. Ilnslcd, Jr.
II. Cliapman,
M. 1). Ilall,
J. Tliompon,
II. Holicrt,
W. E. Green,
C. A. lloolh,
II. Stcvcna.
Ncwton llosc,
Edin Evcrts,
AmoY llarton.
L. 1). GrcRory,
Albcrt Cliapman,
W. V. Hcll.
I. F. Hcnson,
Ainon Nccdliam,
Abcl Walkcr.
John W. Slrong,
Jonas N. Smilli,
llcman Converse,
E. A. Gully,
Charlcs N. llayward,
Jolin 31. Hunllcy,
F. V. Fletcher,
Abcl II. Kicc,
1'rospcr Klitliorp.
II. rarmclcc,
A. 15. Hasscltlnc,
Chaunccy Moor,
ffm, G. Munson,
llcnry 0. Hollcy,
11. u. iuunsni.
Jnmcs T. Lnnc,
M. O. l'ortcr,
(. J. Joncs,
Amos Douglass,
T. 11. Hawley.
7.. Wnlkcr,
D. W. Hniard,
arrcn Jiarncs,
Alnnson llnv,
Isbon Allcn.
SilaJ D. Gnle,
FrnncU Jl. llrown,
llcubcn Atlcrt.
Jaeph 1'. Ilall,
Uhnrlcs Jiainb,
Mark onson.
Charlcs O. Ilobliins,
Moscs Inedls,
Zcrali Barncs.
Wnltcr F. Ilnrk'cr
Silas W. Stanle-,
Lconaid Jcnnoy.
V.. W. Cliapman,
v m. v . i'onc,
h. 1J. Fillmor,;,
Gabricl Guindon,
Allrcu uahlncll.
joson Pnvc'nport,
Y m Al. JlaSS,
Wm. II. EldrMec.
Jobn W. Stcnarl,
r.hjah h. JJirge,
David Lnvctt.
Norman Finney,
Publie Heeting'.
On Wcdncsdny otening, thc 24 th inst.,
nn ndiourncd mcctin!o( llie cihzcns of Mid
dlebury was heblat tho Town lloom, to takc
inlo considcrnlion euitublu mcnsurcs to cs
, , cjr rr.5pcct tO tllO llicmory of tllO late
t' ., , rf
Hon. Ira Stf.wart wns called to the
Chair. Tlie Commilteo nppointcd at a pri
or tnueting, througli J. II. llAnnKTT, report
cd thc following resobitions:
Jltnolred, That itic tlcath or licn. .AC1I
ary Tayi.oii, late l'rcsidcnt of the Unitcd
Statcs, is u great nati'inal cnlaniitt, which it
becomcs us, as rilizens, and rs a Christian
community, lo notice by kome suilablc publie
obscrvanccs; thcrcforc,
Itetohed. That the clcrmmcn ot thc sev-
cral denominnlions in this town bo rcspcct
fully rcqucstcd, on thu Crst Sunday in Au-
gust ncxt or, shouliJ a .National r ast uo ap-
pointcu prcviousiy lo lliat iimc, incn uikjh
tilC day 80 dcsignalcd tO t ake bucll
of this national bcrcavcmcnt. in th
icir rc-
pcciivp. places of publie worship cithcr by
scrmon or nthcrwUe as thcy shall decin mosl
propcr for the occasion.
Jlesolvetl, That an orntion, commemora
tivc of this evcrl, and in honor of the de
ccascd, bc pronounccd by somc pcrson sc
lectvtl for that puriioso, in tnis viungc, on
Wcdncsday, tlio 7th tlny or August nexl
or on thc tlav nf thc National l'jtt, shotild
one bc nppointcd prct lously to the tuno
mentionucl in thc Inst rcsoluiion ; nnd that
during thc dclitery of the orntion nnd tho
accomnnnvin" cxcruisca. we rcspectfully rcc-
ommcnd thnt all ehops, storcs, and olhccs, in
Ihc villagc, bc closcu.
Hetalectl. Thnt a ccmmiltce of nino he
nppointcd by this mcoting, whoso duty it
shall bo to sco llio nrrangcmcnts nbove con-
tcmplatcd propcrly carricu into cjloci.
Tlicso rcsolulions werc unanimously a
doptcd, and thc following gcntleincn were
apnointcd a committco of nrrangcmcnts:
Horacc Eaton, E. J). Jiarbcr, Uzias &cy
mour, J. M. Sl.tdc, J. A. Iicckwitb, 1J. S.
Church, J. II. llarrctt, J. V. btcwntt, nml
G. S. Swifr.
The mccting then adjourncd, ttie die.
III A STKW'AHT, Chairraan.
J. A Dkckwitii, Secrctnry.
Publie Esercises in Honor of the late
Tho Committee of AiTnng'.mentsappointcd
it a publie mccling, hcltl ir tne 1 own itoom
on Wcdncsday cvcning last, rcspectfully an
nounce that n funcrnl orntion f -witii other nn
propriate cxerciscs) will bo pronounccd by
tho Ilon. Horace Eaton, in the Congrega
tional Mecling Iloute, in this villagc, on thc
aftcmoon of Wcdncsday, the scvcnth day
of August, at 2 o'clock. A gencral aUend
ance cf thc peoplc of thc town aud vicinity
is rcqucsica.
lor mc lommiucf,
July 29, 1850.
VfUg Meetinr'.
The Whies of Middlebury aie rcnucsted to
mcct at the Town Itonm, on Friday cvening
next, August 2d, to clioose delegates to tho
Diatrict Convcntion, to be held at Burlington
on.ine bii, oi August.
A luu auendance is ucsired.
I)y Order.
Middlebury, July 29, 1850.
Bosiok, July 25.
Butler Store
Cluac, New Milk,....
Four Meal
...;io a ,17
Com Flat ytllow, new,
White .63
Oati, Northern, 49
Flour, Common Genesce,. .5,12
Extra do 6,50
Wool. The market is vcrr firm for all de-
scriptions of wool. Tke new clip is now com
inc in prctty frcely. bnt the stock docs not ac
cumulate mtich, as manufacturers ate ready to
imko ncariy u iue wuui un nrnrai.
J'nmo saxony tieeces,
washed lb ..45 a ..48
Amtrican full blood do 40 a .,42
do 3-4 do 37 a ..39
do 1-2 do 34 a . .35
do 1-4 & com. do 31 a ..33
DnioiiTox. Julr 25.
At Market 600 Bccf Cattle: no Stores: 4
pairs working Oxen ; 52 Cows and Calres,
jdiiu onrtp ur.d l.ambt.
i-niczs ueer Cattle Extra 0,25i 1st qual
ij c,-aj uo, a,73- 30 UO. 84,73 a 3.
Wobkiko Oxeh Nosales.
Cows AXD Calyes 817, 20, 2e. 26, .15
StlKKf amu Laiibs 81.93, 2. 2,50,3,
in l'roctorsville, on tho 17th Inst., Mrs. Sa-
raii, wifo of Charloj F. Bsrrett, and daughter
of Jaraes and Sarah Honry, aged 34 years,
monthi, and 23 days.
At West Fairlee, Vt., of cholera, Lkokard
Wiiiii0TON, Jr., sgcd 27, eldcit son of Iter.
Lconsrd Withington, of Newbury, Mass.
Nowton Acadcmy.
The Fall Tcrm of this Instltntlon wlll com-
mcnce Monday, ihc Sd of Scpt.
iVSi O. JUHns, i-nnci't.
Iloarcl can bo hud at the riublic houso or in
prirato famllica on rtasonablo tcrms. 13
Whorf n. mv wife. Mlriam llrowri, has lclt
my houso and rcfuso to liro wlth me, wlthout
nnr just causc.thls is to notify all pcrsona not
to iiarbor or trust hcr on my ncconnl, ns I shall
pny no debts of hcr contrnctinB sinco she Icft
ltiplon, July 25, 1850. 14:3w.
For Salc.
Tho subscribcr ollcra fur ealo hls Dwclllnf!
IIousc, Smrc, nnd about fouracrcs of land, slt
mipil In the lilldcc of Starksboro'. The loca-
tion is nn cxccllcntonc furMcicanlilcbusincss.
Thc placc vill bc sold on rcasonablo tcrms nnd
at a bnrcain ta ftiit purchascrf.
Starksboro', July 27, 1850. 14:3m.
Commencing Monday, Jnly 22, 1850.
I'asscngcr Trnir.s Icavo Ilitrlincton daily,
(Snndnys cxrcptcd,) for Itoslon, Lowell, Wor
cester, fs'cw York, nnd intcrtncdiaio Etationa,nt
8 A. M.nnd 7 1-2 1'. M., nrriving in llostun at
6 1'. M. and 10 A. M. rcspcctivcly. l'asssnscrs
by the 7 1-2 P. M. train will lodgc at Bellows
liofitrnlnr'. lcnvc llostcn at 7 1-2 A. M. nnd
4.2S V. JIn nrriving in Burlington nt C 1'. M.
and 7 1-2 A. M. l'asscngcrs by thc 4.23 l'.M.
trnin will lodi nt ltutlnnu ; tliose Iiy the morn
ing traiiis nill haft nn liour to dinc m Bellows
Fnlls. boib wnys, connccting with Iho mornlng
and cvcning Unc ot &tcnnicrs on i,akc unm
plain. I'asscngcrs for New York cnn co va i nl
pola, Brnillclwro', Springficld and New a.'avcn,
or by Fitchburg, Vorceier and Allyn'sl'oinC
FrtlRht Train lcncs Burlington nt 4 3-4 A'
M. nnd Boston nt C 1. M. daily, Sundays cx
ccptcd Througli in 24 bours."
ltogular Cnttlc Trnin for Cambridge nnd
Brighion mnrkcts, lcncs Burlington evcry
Tucsday moming nt 4 34 A.M.
Ij. 111GELO W, SurK.niKTnNitFptT.
Burlington, July 22, 1850. 14:tf
Burr Mill Stone Factory.
ATE OF TltOY, having locatcd at tlio
corncr of Brondway and Qunckcnbush
strccls, thrce blocks nbovc ihc Dchnan Housc,
Alhanr. N i .. invitcs thc nttcntion nf llill-
Wrights nnd othcrs to thc slock on hand, wbich,
Hli lns ntcihlics for inanurncturinrr. mtist rcn.
dcr it advantngcous for thcm to cull upcn hini
tjcloro purcnaaing clscwlicrc.
llo kccps nlso a largc supply of Boltino
Clotii. SciiEns- Winu. I'hstkb or I'aiiis.
and olhcr nrticlcs uscu in ZUilling,Winch "Hl uc
iposcu or on Iiocnu tcrms. 13:7
July 12, 1830.
Ginghams & Frints.
Thc LnrL-est. Chcapcst, nnd Bcst nssortmcnt
of Ginghams nnd 1'rints in the Counly, for
snlc lor Jtcndy i'ay ny
uuiiaou.'i cc n uuu,
June 3, 1850. 6
STATE OF VElt JIONT, ) Bc it rcmcmbcrcd
District of Addison, ss. I thnLat a l'robato
Court hclj at Middlebury in and for thc Dist
rict ol Addison, on tne iin uay ol July, 1830
Wilham lf. Itusscl, admlmstrator or thc cs-
late of Middlebury in said District, dcccascd,
prcscnls nis ndminisirauon nccount lor auow
ance: lt is thcrcumm ordcrcd. that said nc
count bc considercd for nllowanco by this Court,
at thc session thcrcof to bc held nt the olhce of
thc Itcsislcr of this Court in snid Middlebury
on Thttrsdnr, the 15th day of August ncxt, nt
uuu vi.iin;a iu tlio uiicniuuu uiiu mnh aoiu uu1
tninistrntor gfvc notice thcreof to all pcrsons in
tercstcd.) that thcy may appcar and makc
thcir olijcctions, if nny thcy mayhavc,tothcal
lowancc of ( aid account.by publishinga ccrtificd
topy of this order in thc Middlebury Itcgistcr
nncnfpapcr priiueu at amu iiimuiciiury -iurec
wccks succcssircly prctious lo thc timc of said
.. S. ISulhmU, Jlejiittr.
A truo Copy of Itccord.
13 Attest. Jed. S. Uutlmell, Regislii.
Wo. tho suliscribcrs. beiiifr nnnointcd bv thc
Probatc Court for the District of Addison,
Commissioncrs to reccivc, cxamine and ndjust
nll clnims and dcmunds of all pcrsons ngninst
tne cttnic oi
late of Cornwall in said DMrict, dcccascd. nnd
nlso nll claims and demands cxhibitcd in oflsct
thcrcto, and .six inonlhs from the 29lh dar of
June, 1850, bcing nllowcd by said Court' for
tnat purposc. we cio tncrclore licrcbv uive no.
tice that we will nttcnd tn the hiisincs of our
said nppninlmcnt, nl ihc Isle dnclling housc of
the said dcccascd in Cornwall, on thc 4ih Mon
day of August ncxt and thc 4th Monday of
JJVIVUIUVI IIIAIIUIII .1 U ,l Ull I. .!., Ulllll
four o clock, 1. Al. on cach of said days.
jjaail.1i u. tvitiuin, i uommis-
CIIAULES D. LANE. f sior.crs.
IMtedat Cornwall, this Wh day 0 July, 1850,
We, tlie suhscribcrs, bcinc nrnointcd hv tho
Probatc Court for the District of New ifavcn
Commiisioncrs to reccivc. cxamine and ndiusi
all claims and demands of all pcrsoos ngainst
tne cstaie 01
lateof Starksboro' in said Disirict. dcccascd
and also ali claims and demands cxhibitcd in
oiiet tbercto.and six monlhs from thc 29tli
day 01 Juno bcing ulluncu by said Court fur
tnat purposc, wcao mcrclere ncrcbygirc notice
inat wc vi iu nttenu 10 tne nusiness 01 our said
appoinlment at thc late dwcllim; housc of the
dcccased, in Starksboro', on thc 2ttt dayof
oepteiuuer ncxt, aiao on tne 'in uay 01 Jicccm
ocr ncxt, trom onc orioci:, i . until lour o
clock, P. M., nn cach of said dars.
jui-.ia unvis. 1 tJomni s
DAVIS I.UFKIN. sionera.
Daled at Statkiboro', this XSth dav of Julv.
We, the subscribcrs, bcing nppointcd bv tho
Probale Court for the District ol AdifUon.
Commissioncrs to reccive, cxamine and adjott
all ilaiins nnd demands of all pcrsons ngainst
late of Wevbridae in said Distriet. dcprnieil
and also all claims nnd demands exhibiled in
oll'set thcrcto s nnd six months from tlm 1.1th
day or July bcing allowed by said Court for
that purpose, wo do thercforo hcrcby glve no
tice that we will attend lo tho biitincas of our
said appoinlment at the dwclling house of Sally
Stow in Wcjbridge, on tho I2lh day of Scp-
icuiuur biiu uu luu laiuuay ot ijccemuer ncxt,
e -r a aa ...
irum 111110 u ciuck, a. m, untll iour o ciock, X'
jl, on eacn 01 saiu aays, 13
ISAAC DBAKE. ) Conimii
Dattd at Weybridge this 15A day 0 July, 1840
We, the subscribcrs, being nppointcd by the
iTounte v-oun lor me uisirict or Addison
Commiisioncrs tn receive. exnmlno. alid adiun
all claims and demands nf all persons agatntt
tne estatc 01
late of Shorthain in sald Dislrici, tleccnscd
nnd also all claims nnd demands cxhibitcd ir
.-iiaca iucrciu uiiu aia. iiiuiiiua liviu lllQ lutll
day of July, A. D. 1850, being allowed by said
Court (nr tbat purpose, we do thercforo hcrcby
give notica that we will attend to ihe businesi
01 our said appoinlment at the dwelllng house
of Isaac Chipman in Shoreham, on Ihe first
Mondays of Septcinber and Dccember, frctn
nmcoclock, A.M, until four o'clock, P. M
or each of said dava. 1.1
ALONZO BIItCIIAni), ) Commis
MAIIVIN NORTH. f atnnera
Vatcd at Shoreham this 174 dayefjvly, 18,10.
Centus Notice.
It is parlicutarly renucstctl, ih order lo.tV
cilitato tho tnkinrj of the Ccnsus, t'jat ovcry
liouscbolilcr mako a mcmorandum nnd lcnrc
titli Iii.t fnmily, coutainin! nnswcrs to the
fbllorfing qUL'.itioni :
1. Tho nnme, ngo, scx, coior, pinco pi
birth, and nccupntion of evcry porson in
your family on tfio 1st doy of J'uno.last.
2. T'hose in your family wlio liavo raarricd
and tlioro ttho Iiate dicd witliin tho ycar
cnding first of Juno : nud in caso of dcath
the montli iti wliicli tlicy dicd, tlicir ngo.soi,
color, profcssion, nnd placc of birth; alsothc
discasc or rauso of dcath.
3. The total valuc of all roal cstnto owncd,
bo thcsaino locatcd nhcrc itmny, (incluJing
1. iinntoved land inncrcs: uniinnrovcd
Innd in ncrcs ; cnsh vnluo of fnrm ; aliio of
faiming implcmciits, intluding wagons,cnrt,
harncsscs, Ne.; numucr oi norscs; numucroi
milch cows, of o.ten.of ollicr cntllc, of shccp,
nnd of swinc ; valuo of lito stoclc; numbcr
bushcls of whcat, rye, torn, nnd oats; num
bcr pounds ol wool nutnUcr bushcls pcns
nnd bcans. riotntocs, barloy, buckwlitnt i val-
nn nf orcbard nrodncts indollars: numbcr
pounds of btittcr, of chccse ; number tons of
hay j number bubcls dover secil, ollicr
gr.iss sced pounds of hops pounds of silk
cocnons; pour.dsof inaplo sugar, of bceswnx
nnd lionev valuo of homo nindo ninnufitC'
turcs, nnd of nnimnls slaughtcrcd during tho
i n anovn
itcms of infonnation nre rc.
quircd by lnw, nnd it would confiT a grcnt
obligntion on tlio undcrsigncd wliosc duty it
is to coliect thc same, if evcry houaeho'der
would nssist llicm iu tho manncr above indi'
l'f Marslials
Addison Co.
July 22, 1830.
Just Received,
Black Sllks. I.nwns, GiaEhnms, Lustrcs, nnd
other drcss gorjds.
Black Silk I.acc for Capcs, &c,Frcnch Kid
Rilk. nnd T.isle Thrcnd Glovca.
Childrcn's llosc, GIovcs, Gnitcrs nnil Buskina,
nlso Bulralo Combs. and n Inrgc lot of oilvcn
Fnns. Z. UlX'KWITll . t;u,
J:dy 1, 1850. io.tr
To whom it may concern !
in thc Berkshire Mnlmd liealth t'ociaHon, cs
lablished nt Pittsfield. Mass. Shoun; any p?r-
son dcsire to liavc hls Slock Insurcd, (s.iccp
cxccptcd,) or Ihc hcnlth or lmnsclf or family
at iow rnlcs.hc mny call tijioti ihc tulfcribcr nt
liisollkcin .Middlciiury, wncro tne nusincss
wlll bc donc to his satUfiction.
Middlebury, July lOib, 1850. 12.w3
Just Received,
Alicrinc Brnids. llliision Lncc, Dottcd Swiss
Muslin. Bar'd Cnmbric. Crnnc J.irc, Bonnct
Itihons, Flowers, Tabs S.c, for sale at n smnll
dvanco trotn cost ly .. Jii.uivviiiii.
Cash will be Paid
For n few Tons gooJ Flecce Wool, if deliv-
rcd sonn. N. WOOD & CO.
Of Middlebury and vicinity are rcspectfully
invilcd to cnll nt
and cxamine hcr frcsh supply of Millinery
Goods, whlch has just bccn received nt hcr
Millinery Shop. Hcr stock comprlscs Iho la
test fasbtons ol
and, In fact, cvery thlng in thc
Millinery linc, uhich will bc
sold Iow.
00- Iicpahing dono as usual.
June, 1850.
P, W, COIiLIS & co.
AKE NOW KIXntVIXG Tltr.llt stock or
And will be oflercd to thc imrcliascr nt sucli a
low rnto a s will nosltively ensurc salo. Thc
ever bcforc offcrcd in this placc, logcthcr with
Foulard Silks, Silk and Silk and Cottor, Warp
Barcgcs, Barvge Delanc, Plain and Piintcd
Dilancsfrom 12 1-2 to 22c, I-nwns, 7-8 wide,
from 10 lo 22c, tosclhcr with nll the other new
stvlcs and rtemarolo new names imazinnhle.
iney liavo aiso mauo largc nuuiiioits 10 tncir
assorlmcni or
Walchej, Cloch k Je'Atlrj, Silrer n Plaild Ware, h,
Ready Made Clothing,
GrocericSf Crockeryt &c
Makinz this the larcrst and dccidcdlv the bcst
nssortmcnt of Goods lo bo found in Addison
Ono woid morc to all nho may favor us with
thcir natronairei vou nre in safo hands whcn
touconimit vour lntercsttousinsciccilnr;from
our siock, as jour caiiarcn or your ururra wiu
btiy ns Iow as to spcnd thrs wholc day in ban
tcring, as jon will posititcly lin-l u; to ndhero
to the UIXL, 1'iuui,.
P. W. C0LE1NS & CO
Vergennes, June 4th, I8G0. 7
Are now recclting a Urgo supply
New Goods,
cossisriso IN r-ART oi-
Fresh importcd 01d Javn Coffcc,
Jiyson akin sea, lirecn
Young llyson " Itoaslcd "
Old ," " I.oaf Sugur,
Black " Crushcil '
Slcwarl's besl Syrup, Brown "
Com. W. I. Molasscs, Salinon, Mackcrcl ani
Orangcs nnd Lcmons, 1 Codflsh,
Wool Twine, Shccn 1 obarro.
Taft &. FarHcH' Shecp Shcars,
Cast Stccl Scjlbcs, Scytbe Snath,s
Bcst Lamp Oil, Mnsccd Oil,
Pails and ChccseTubs, Bolled "
Brooms, Glass, Nails, j White I.ead, Puro and
I Extra,
Also a tcry large supply
Boots, Shoes and Rubbers,
which thcy aro sclling nt priccs satiafacloiy to
l'urchasers aro rcspectfully Invilcd lo rall
ana cxamine quatity nnu prtccs,aswcask notu
Ing lor sliowing iioods, and our motto Is
N. wood a. co.
June 3, 1850. 6
God Liver Oil,
A new first rate orliclc iutt received hv
Nor. Slit. I(, A. SHELDON,
NOTICE is J.crcby gncn, thnt thc snhscri
hcr hns tnkcn an a-cncy in ths Mw hnnland
IJve Stock Insnrancc C-ni'!, Kstablislicd nt
New llnvcn. Connecticut, nrdralso nn ngcncy
Rcligious Noticc.
Revi Mr. Ualy w'iII colebrnto Man in
Middlebury, on Sunilny, llio 4th of Aughst
, Outholics nre rcepccifully Invilcd to at1
July 22. 1850.
Rutland and Burlington
Rail Road,
Notice Is hcrcby glvcn lo thc Slockholders of
tho Rutland nnd Burlington Itnll ltoad Co.,
that, ngrccnbly to a rcsohoof tho llircctors,
nnsscd on tlie 2d Instant. creatlnr: 5,000 sharcs
of 8 pcr ccr.t. prcfcrred stock cach holdcr of
oncoriwo snarcs oi oiu oioiit ia viiuiicn iu
one shnrc nf new slock,
Each holdcr of fi'O sharos nf old stock iscn
tltled tn twn almrcs of new slotk. nnd
Kntb holdcr ot morc llinn livc sliarcs ol old
tock is cntitlcd to one sharcof nrcfcrrcd stock
for cvcrv thrce sharcs of old sfoik.
ITOYiucu lio notuy snnt i ncnsuaw, i rcns.,
Boston, or Sam'l bwift, Asst. Trcas., Middle
bury, Vttnn or bclorelhc tOthnf AuguHtncxt,
of his dcsitc lo tako sald nrcfcrrcd slock, nnd
pny for thc same ns spcrihcil in n notice Issueti
lo cncu snarcmiiucr on tuc u iimnui.
July, 1850. 13
WotiM rMpecifullv infonn tlie ciiixctis of
Middlebury nnd Yicimty inat nr nin oprncu
ttcwciry oiorc 111 mu sijoii rcixiuiy uii.ujMuii i.j
V. C. 1'lctclicr ns nGrwcrylierc liciwll kccp
on hand an nssortnicnt of
lUattljcs, 2ayclrn, (Hloclis
ot the I.ntcst Stjlcs, nnd will scll as chenp ns
tuc ciicapcst.
IIC lias Vaoiu l!.nliail ncivifl,
Gold Anchor Escapements,
I.evcr nnd lycninc Wntihcs,
Silvcr Kn.-lisli lvcr nnd Lcninc Wntchcs,
Gold Eockcts, doublc nnd slnglc, Gold Gunrd
nnd Fob Chitins, Gold Guard nnd Fob Keys,
Gold Pcn nnd Pcncil Ciises.Gold Tooth Pirks,
Cnmco, Cornl, Turquoia nnd Clustcr l'ins, Box
nnd (ilass l'ins, Enr ltings wilh Turquois nnd
Stonc Scttir.ga, Guld ltings, Plain, Cbascd, and
witn biono ocinngs, uoid spcctacics, uoiu
Bracclct Clasps, Silvcr Cnrd Cascs, Silvcr Or
nnmcnls for the Ilcad, Gcnts' l'ins, of all do
scriptions, Gold Studs, plain and with Stonc
settings, Gold Pcns with Silvcr lloldcrs.Sihcr
Tca and Tnblc Spoons, Silvcr Mustard nnd
anlt Spoons, bugnr bliovcls and iungs. wnr
rnnled nuio ns coin, Silvcr Thimblcs nnd Pcn-
ciis, Silvcr Bodkins. Plnitcd and Gcrman Sil-
ci' Tca nnd Table opoons, Ivory Tnblcts and
Toolli I'jcks, Silvcr Tooth 1'icks, Ivory nml
Pcarl Studs, ifory and l'cari rtiustnrd nna oait
Spoons, Ivory Combs, Slic'l Sido Combs, Pcarl
and Shcll Cnrd Cascs, Horn Back Combs.
Tooth Bruthas, Silvcr, Gcrman MlvWtnu oicci
;iowcd Sncctaclcs, Jobacco Jloxcs, ii;iicj,
Cigar Cascs, SntilV Boxcs, Itazors nnd Pnckif
Knivcs.Shcnrs nnd Siisor,ltnzorSliops,oha
vinc Brushcs und Sotn. Grman Silvcr and
Gilt Guard, Fob nnd Vcst Chains, Silvcr Guard
Chnins, Stccl Vcst Ulimns, fctccl lwcezcrs,
Stccl nnd Gilt Watch Kcys, I'ockct Mirro's,
Stccl Snuffi-rs and Trnys, Small Knivcs and
Forks for Childrcn, Tcn'lSclls, Cornl and Am
hcr Beads, Pursc Silk, Purse nnd ling Clasps,
Stecl Bcads nnd Tnsscls, Silk Purscs, Slccl
Kcy ltings, Silk Gunrd Chains. Pockct Books
ld Wnlleta. Pcncil Lcnda. Ilnir l'ins. Coio"nc,
Tov Wnlciics. Motto Scnls.Pcn Wincrs, Wri-
tlng Ctiscs, Po-dcr Horns nnd Flasks, Shot
Pouchcs nnd Bclts, Boy' Bclts, fc, &c.
All kinds of Wntchcs nnd Jcwclrv rcpnlrcd
nnd clcancd ns wcll ns eun bc donc ciscnbcrc.
Mny 28, IS50. 0
To confnrm to tho timc, and to makc lt nn
objcctfor WOOL GKOWEItS to Exciunoe
thcir wool for cloth. Wo will mako n fair
for Wool In cxchangc fur Cloth. To cnable
us to do this, wc mitst nsk you to
ItEAnr PAY.nnd wc pledec oa Goon lUn-
oaiks nnd priccs thnt Dkfy Cosii-etiiiox.
Wc havcon hand a MonE Comtlkte Assort
mekt of Cloths, Cassimcrcs nnd Flanncls than
wc liavc cvcr bccn nble to olTcr. With n Bluc
Vat in succcssful opcrntiou, we are cnablcd to
oflcr Blacks that wc cnn wnrrant fast colors.
Also full Imligo lllucs nnd Bluc mixtures of a
vnrietv of shadcs, togcther with Brown, Green
nnd Steel mixed. A variety of Twccds, Greys
nnd Cnnada Grcy, Cns. nnd Cloths, ltcd, White
und Wine Flnnncis, Frockings, Sc, fVc.
Manuractunog Uonc for ltEAur nv on as
rcasonablo tcrms ns at any other estatilishtncnt.
We would invite narticular attcnlion tobticli
unscttlcd nccounts as hato bccn too long ncg
leclcil. Unlcss arrangcd imntiliate ly Ihcy w 1 1 1
bc plnccd in hctlcr hands for collcclion.
H. II. vo are now i-ayino uasii ion
AGOOD assortincnt of Ivory lnns torsalc
by F. C. JIAYO.
May 23.
Vm. ill find at the MASONIC HALL
STOHE a largo nnd splendld nsaortincnt of
Lawns, ISartgcs, Linen Ginghams, Crapci,
0 c-i e t 0c'i
just received nr Express. Also FOULAltD
alL.Ivo, lIltAUJS, nu nnuiiicr iui ui muao
bcnutiful S1LVEHEI) FANS.
., IIECKWIIII o. t-t.
Juno 10, 1850. 1
Just Received pr, Express
An E.itra Snpply of
Plain llereges. Lawns, Ribbons, Crapcs,
Drcss and Visito TritnmingJ,
Fronch Kid nnd Silk Gloves,
Wbilo Drcss Goods, 4c S.C,
nnd for sale by E. VALLETTE.
June 10.
Illustrated Domestic Bible,
Br ltt:v. Ingium Codbik, M. A.
X will be nubliabcd in tuenty-five nuiubers,
nt twcnty-five cents cach, and wlll nlao be put
up 111 tnuniniy pans at ou ccnts.
Thcdistingubhing fcaturcsof lliis Bible are.
1. Scven hundred Wood hngravings,
2. Many thousand Marglnal Hi-fcrencea.
3. Thrce Finely cjectitei; Slecl Maps.
4. Numcrous Iniprored Itcadings.
5. A Corrected Clironologlcal Order.
(i, The I'octical Bookn in Melrical form.
7. An Einosillunof eachchapler. contain
Ing ihe esscnce of ihe best coinmcntaiors, with
imtcborlzlnal inatter by Ihe cdilor.
8. Iteiiectipnsdrawn fiom tliesubjcclofihc
clinnlcr, nnJ glving 111 a cundensci loim, ils
spirlinal impoii.
J. Datcsaflixed lo llie Chapters, for cach
mornlng and evening'a icadlng, comprisirg tbe
wholc lilble in one ycar.
The engr.-wiugs are never Inlroduced for
show, bul alivaya 10 ejpl.iln tha lexl, lllu-Ha-
lingpiaces, in.inncrsnnu rusioins 01 tncan
A spe-iimcn number, wilh recommcndallons
frrinsoincoftiiirlcadiiigriivines, Is now leady
Tbe rcgtilar Issiie 'illlbcgin alwut ihe Islof
July, anda numbcr will be publishcd on thc
iirst and iiucentn 01 eacn inonin, 1111 ine nook
is coinnlclc.
Agcntsare waiitcd tuprocure suhscribcrs for
Ihis worK, nnn tne opnorlunliy t amoaltavor
able onc for thcm lo 00 well.
It will be one ol the inoslbeauuTul.eoinnie
hensive Blhlcs ever ptiblishcdiandio chrapas
to plsce it wllhln (he rcach of all. Apply,
post.paia, i-j d. uutaiiii.
133w 139NassaUSlieel NewYoik
u n TVT T! C! ITI V
JUO. W JLTJ J-S IW afia aaw
fTtHE SunscniiiF.ns iiayk just ncTt nxr.D
X from New York with n licnvr nnd wcll sc-
leclcil nsfortnicnt of Goods, nilntcd to tho
wants of this market, which uo intcnd lo scll
ns low ns nt nny cstablishmcnt In this villagc.
Wc liavc bouclit our goous nt tair ratcs 111 mar
ket, nnd intcnd to scirtlicm nt smnll protlls for
Cash or rcndy pny. Wcsolicltan cxamlnation
of our goods nnd priccs. Bo not dccclvcd by
the cty thnt Is somclimcs ralscd that pcoplc nro
sclllug olf at cost nt loss than nurtion priccs,
Sc, but trntlo wlicro you cnn gcl your moncy s
worlli. You will fiuu nt tho
O I'
No. 2, Nichols' Building,
n gcncrnl nssortmcnt of
A splcndid nssortmcnt of
(New Stylcs,)
Bonncto & vimminv5,
(Latcst Fnsliiona.)
romc vcry bcnutiful,
Lndici' nnd Misc' Shocs, Gcnls' Thin nnd
Thlck Bools nnd Brognns, also n good nssort
mcnt of Childrcn's shocs.
Togclhcr wiiti nn i-ndlcss vnricty too numcr
ous to mendon in tliis rhap'cr.
Mny 20,1850. 4
or nvrnY nnscui pti on,
New IIavkx, (3 miles north of Middlebury,)
Post Oflicc Addrcss, MiDni.t.nijnv, Vt.
T.M.nilOOKS... J II. nill)OKS,....MIl.TO.r.ltOOKS
Dcccmbcr II, 1843. 3.1:Iy.
TIIE subsctibcr has bccn nppointcd Agcnt
or thc Habtioii Fiiie Issukanok Comi-anv,
for Middlebury nnd vicinity, nnd will reccivc
prnposals fur insuriug iropcrly ngninst loss or
dnmngo by Fire. The long cstnblislicd rcputn
tion of this company, nnd the promptncsswith
which nll tlicir tr.insactions linvo bccn cluirnc-
tcriacd rcndcr lt unncccssnry to snj- nny thing
In its favor. All busincss conncctcd with tho
office intrnstcd to bim will bc f.iklil'ully nnd
punctually trnnsnctrd.
Jliddlcbury, Fch. 28, 1842. 43:y.
For the Ladies.
A few piccci of rich IUncocs, M. de EaiNEJ
at 20 cm.. and otlior lircss tioods.
Enoixa. Issektioxs, uoluiis, uurrs
nntuox s, nlo a hnndsomc lot of IIui tai.o
Cosids, inst received nt tho Masonic Ilall Store
1 in'rii:u-iTn a. nn
uy j. jjvaaMAu w wv.
May 21, 1850. 4
July 1, 1850.
This dav received from Boston nn addilional
stock of Goods, consistlng of Groccrics, Dry
Goods, Crockcry und Hatd Wnrc. nll of which
will bc sold nt n small advance from cost
Tnc publie tro luTt-'ljy notit.cd lht tho prcpirRtion ex-
If-ntiU'ly ktiowii n DR. S. P. TOWNSEND'S COM
mnnulriiturv'tl unJtr my aircctloo nd upcrrliiun, from
Llie urigtnHl rtir'ps? oltiiinc(J fron Dr. S. 1', Townsenil ; nnd
1 cirtify tliHt lt la compotrd of liigrnlknlt PURELY
nUu tlmt llio Ir.groJli nU nrn jmliriomly fompounJrd. lo m
ttj nbtHiti froiii tlri'fii tlii'ir tirL'RtLt nifiJtcitit.1 ttltcL
ja.iiij.-h is. ciinr. m. n
f jj CticmttL
I)lt. ?. P. lOW.Naie.'iiD'S CO.MrOUaND KXTItAUTOF
.AUriAI'AltU.I.A luu rrpuUlton tttnon,; all clTiltzi-d ni
tioiif m tho U'Kt pffpnrBiion fur
unovuiM; d rutirviM, tiii: ulood
Mhlcli iHt-nrti Iim t'Vtjr (TiT(i1 to rniin. In tl.it n-clJoa fta
I'KCUl.lAlt K.VCriLLKMCt, anj tu thli is due iu wurld-
t cnntniiis nll tlie TrgrtnMo prtnrlplca wl.k'ti rtprrWnre
hM provt-d un-ful in CLn.VKIND Iho K.M from IHS
t.Ab t t'Xlnu tcd htid cumuint'U v, illi tho hlght-it HH w hlcil
thc n fincnu liU of inoJiTn thetnlitry tnnMe ui to Hnploy,
Vli.itfVcr iuy Iki mIiI by muitifiM coinjn titori or pio
Di-tift plijikinn, tlia liut tlit thia iiHdultia Ia KVF.lt i
WllKltK Ut:i). HfiJ tlmt iu uao crvnh $ mi tmrcaacd dt
nmnd, ihowa toni.'lurt'ly tlmt it jjacaaca inedlcinM mcrtti
f tlio ttrot irdt-r.
Susfb ta 5111.
that "old" Jacoli Townsond Is my falheri lliat
tho Bacirc by which my r.itnn-t of a.vr.irilla
is preMtretl was obtained froni liim t that we are
iu iiarlnerahip i with numeruus olher si.isdihs
of like imort, iuditce me to ni.iko llio f.illiiwing
irrtnsvir, awurn to iwi-ro tne ji.tiuuui uio
I. SAMUI'.L P. TO WNSK.ND, oflho Ciiy of New
York, ilo make nlTidavit that
"lantuutu rolalivo of ' uld' Jacob Tnwnsciul
am not, or liavo I ever boen, In any way cnn
nectedwilh liim in buaiuess. I bavo kiiuwn liiin
only as a
Strtet Pedltr of Maps & Cheap rubllcations,
until about two years aitico, wlien bo was liired
by soma tiiiprinclplcd men tn hud tlio fnmdulcnl
liso of his namo to coufuso nnd distrnrt tho pub
lie mind, tbat tbo inigbt plrato tuo pnipeny
which I Miaa-asod lu tho
Iteputallon of Touiutud's Sarsaparllla,
whicli had cost mo Ihouaaiids aud tvns of thoiN
iaiula of dollail.
"lu a auit which I brousht nzainat this Jacob
Townsend and Tbompson. kiltinaii & Co., the
(irin by which ho waa einphiyud, tha u stiled old
Doctor recently mado ullidavit Ihat bo hadaiin m
tkksst whatover in tha Saraap-tritlii lo which his
naine is allixed, aud aiks ths court tu lot liim o'.T
011 that cnmiul,
" Fiirnermore, I am tha solo aiithor au. dis
coverer aud the origitial pniptictnr of tho medicino
knawii aa ' Dr. Tuwuacnd's SaraapurilU.' 1 bave
nover olfareil 'old' Jacub Townsond a iwnny fdr
his recipe, liut was cugsgoil in inauufacturiug tha
Compouiul Kitract of Haruparilla foruearly I'ljlU
years bcfora eitlior bo or nny one elsei takiup
aavaniaj-e ot iuo greui Hipiuurny ui nna mmi
cine, nnderlook to counlcifeit uillior lUo artlcla or
llio name,
Sieitrn lo. His IM day of
Apiil, 1850, beforc wc. I
ItlAYOIt f llar C'llr of Kew Viarll.
To ntnid imi'iim rio.N it nill bo iircossiiiy to
soo tltnt
lr. Jniiira It. I'liilluii'a (V llnrnlr
aswcdl us the ISKINATUUK cf Dr. t. I.
Tonar.Mi Is on tlm outaidu winppoi- of vucli
Suld by nll tho l'rluc-ipil PiiijtgiaU tlinniglioul
ihe city uud ntiintry-
1'ltUl'lllKlOlW OKKICK,
Si Nu -.iu Sli'nt-t.
latli. buildmi II .UMi '..fi 1 lyli. Sn" i U
Cliuiva, New t .it
JAUNimn:, dysit.psia. ciihonio ort
wr.nvous iibiiii.itv, disbask
. , or tiii: K1UNEVS,
IJrer or Stom?
ach,mch as Cvnttiva
tion, intcard Pilti,fuUntn,
or Ulood to th e Htad, A tidily of
the Stomach, Kausta, Ilearibitrn, ,
D.iigtttt fur l'ood, l'tllne or Weight
in the Htamach, Sour Entctationi, Hinking
or 1'luttirinsiittlicl'itoftht Slomach,
V.H.,.,..-..n- r rr l rr. :..t
i.tinmntf vj ihc fiCiru, MIurTICtl
and Djific.ult lirettthinfi, Ftut
tering at the llearl, Cho
king or Suffocating
trhen in a hjtng vnstnre, Dimnesa of V'mon,
jjots or n co bfjore thc Sighl,
I'eccrand Vult I'ain inf'ie
Jttad, Veficiency
f 1'erspiralion, Ytllotc
new of the Sldn aud F.yrs,
I'ain in thc Side, Hack, t'ica,
htmbs. cyc., Suddcn Vlnshes of Ifcat,
llttrningintht Fteah, Constant Imaginings
of Kcil, und Grcat Depniuon nf Spirits,
rnKranKu ny
DIl. C. 31. .fACKsOX,
. ST Tll K
ujijtu.ix Mv.hici.si; sroni:,
No. 120 Arch Strcet, Philadelphia.
lit nny vfktr prrparation tnthr
j n.if u 5, as iac ihr-s ath srt in mun V can s af
trr sK ttful rhituriajis hnd fnilt t.
TIiuh! Uiticrs are oitliy itio altcnlion i.f una-
!. .. ,0cinSRrcalWrmci in llieicrtiricatiun
bf (lirr.lti'S of tlie Litcr ;in,I b-nscr nlm.ls.
iuj tlie tnortt feJichin oncr iu .,eaUnea and
:il1(.ctiuurinr tlio tl.L'rvincoruin.liic) uic, uillul,
. u:au and iu: coxvixc.
riicllon, I'liiirlcs 1). Ilfiicliiio. Billtur of tlio
amiikk i'KMUCnAT,"tllPl,C5tp-l-,rill Wcs
jcriey. ;imi.Jii) 21 :
WC llJ.O HOril Mjni ll.llts-ri.i.r lu.iii-iia a.i iti'ia
inoilicinc, nnd llie fource frutn u hcti llievcunic. in-
iiirr(l ii-a in ... Ls t . . s.
iom liHiuiry .c wefc iHirru.nlcil tn nc it. iiiul
imni or lound it fK.'(-ific in iln adion tipnn
uiariiBcs 01 ine nitrHini ligctn itrgaus, undlhc
p'mrrful Inlluencd it cxcita npon iM-rtoUs proctra
liutt ixicnllv Piirnrit)n?. Itcalm anfUlinf!l m
miiMiifr gtcrp ffiicrhing.
"ii niist inetiuiiio wcte more gcnerjll tintd.ttp
are calUficd tlioic would bu Ican (irknesa, iia fiom
mc iumiacu, incr unu nrnotis cjMem Uic great
in.tjniij of rr.tl nnd Imaginarj- itificttrrv nnanale,
llttC tliciil tll a liCrillliv (unditiun. nnd wm nni
Itid ilcfiincc lo cpiilrnucs (enerally 'I'lui rxira
onliiurv incitirinc ? uoiild nilwccDur Tricnd
vlii tire nt all indiir.fcd tu trtto a liinl il nill
tlicn rccmniiifnd itpclf. ltclmutd. in f.trt. Ih in
etury fitnily. iS'n ruher mcdicino can produre
eucii C)iiciR'CB ui nicrit. "
riom tlie " Hostun Itce,MJ
'J'he cditor said. lcc. 22t
" IK. IIuoPLA.tb's Cr.t.F.nniTr n fj i: nsi a n
ntTTKRS for llie t-ui! of Uer Cuinplainti, janu
ilice, Uinrnsia. Cliromc or iS'rr.fitii IMiiliiv. in 1
dcwcncdly one nf tho mnri pdptd.ir tnrdicin' of
ine n.iy. i nce llittcrs hatc ltcn ucd by Uiou
saiiili. itiid a frtend nt our elljow fan
iti lnone'f icceirnl a t einjciu.il and
pcrmancnt turc of I.ier Conipljint fiom llie iikc
ol lliis rcmeily. We uro cmrinccd lliat iti the
UBC of tliCfP lltttcrf. llie nnliViit cnnrtnllv s7inn
ntrcnglltand Ufor n fjct woriliy of grcat connid
eratton. 'J'liey nre pleaeaut in lastc nnd ttraclt,
nnu cnn tc tifeii liy cri!oii w ilh Uic tnoft ileli
cale ft'trni.rlm witli nifttj, uudcr any circiniiFtan.
ce8. 'e nrefcaking fiom cxtcricnre and to
the afliicted we ndife thcir iifp.
".Mcoii' Wctklr," one or thc lmt Lhcri.rr pa&rrf
pulMh d, fuM, Aug. 2.J
ui. uooiianu ucimin uiitcrn, mninirncturrti iy
Dr. Jackson are now i-ccomnifiiitcit i.v tnnm nt iiit
mj't promiiicnt nicmljcrp of tlie Incn liy na nn nnlclu
orimic.l Lirirncy In eant-a of rtinale wcnknrtui. An pucIi
latlm cnic, wcwouid ftUilaeall inntlicra lo "btalii n
Lotllc. niici tliUS nae tliCUiH-hca mucli nltkncfs. IVr
hoiii nf dL-tiilitaUd conntluitlon will lliid tlii'fe Itlitrrn
advaiiiftsoom to ttioi r I.r.ilUi, awc know from ciinvru
ence Miu nnlutary t'tr.ct lliey linve upon wcnk ryitcma.
Jiulge M. .M, iNoat), a gtutlL'ini-n n Ith itli grcat Mi
cnilfic and llft'rary allaliiindilx, rnld in liU "Nnv
Vork Vi'kly .Mwfcr.gs.r," Jnn. ti, lfiO.
Dr llontland'a (jtrmait liluvrt lli rr U a prrpa
ratlon ublcti llio Icadlntt pri'ttca In ihi Union BiKnr
tn be unaulitiout ( reconun cnding. an1 Uic rcrmun Isi
iiti(lnu. U U made aftcr a pcrBCiiptfon ru'iiUlinl by
oiifof llie innnt clekr.iletl t.li valrlan sTtodiril Mincn.
llie late Dr. ClnlaioplnT iiliiclin Uootlnnd, PiTMia-rsor
lo tlie UnUcralty al Jcn.i, I'rUa:o riiyticfan to llie
xmiiii i lusim, nnunnc oi me grcaiCkl HiCU COMVN'
fcra Gi-rinanv liasi c vt nroiliirt llo u iiinlinHr l.
ly tlin mctiiy of 111X11,11, and thert-lure a incdiclneof
unicniiu um ine inuuior nnd indoiKcr inn l.c
rcllcil on. llcancclally lccoiiiiBtndcd it in tA vr Com.
nlilnt, D-iiri, Dtbiiliy, Vcrtj-o, Acldiiy or Uic
H:imacli, Conailpalfun. nnd ftll conilaint arlifnj Troni
adiofdt-red cundi:on nr thc iMmftch. tlie llvf-r ai'd tlie
iiitvmlrii-J. ftln I'tilladclplih paprri rTpma thcir Cin
virtlsin nf ita eicctlence, and wvcral or llie cdilora
rM.uk nf U tlftclt Ironi tht-lr own Indhldnol cxpcrl
rncc. Under thcse clrcuiiatfliici', we fe-I wairantcd,
not only tu calUnrj nir aticntfon nr our rcadcrato Hm
prencnt proprlelor'f (Or, C U. Jackaou') pttparatlco,
but lu rccommeudlni Un arilclc to ait afnicicd."
Moni; eviukm j;
I he rhlhdt!l.hia t?atardy Gazi ne," ihe U-at fani.
Iiy iicwspaper pubilolicd In tlie L'nlltd tfuua. tlie cdit
or aayt or
mi. iiooFi.ANirs oeRsHan iiittciis'.
" It la cbinm that we rDrnniiiicinl u linr an ivrmo,)
Ta'cnt Midirlnrj to ttie coinlsli'iice and paironafe of
imiin.i nnu, tncmuir, wnen e rfTotnniciia ur.
UiMifland'a (iciman lllitera, tiewiil, It tn he dlatlnctlr
undcr.t od tlmt weare not ppcaklnp; or the iiotnini
l ihe dav. that are noiaetl atHiiit fnr l.rfff nfrt,i nml
thrii fiirci'iU'n aftcr Ihry he done ihelr pulliy race nr
niiKiiitri, uui ni a nicmcinc tong rvtatilian'd uiitvrruiuy
nrind. nndnhlclt lias mctlhc Jitaity aprru.al of thc
Wcul.y Iwtir. '
Kvlik'lice Uiwn eviilriirehm hrrn rn-rlvc flik tho
f'TPcoinc) Irom all Bectlonior tbe Union. lb laM thrce
Jiarsi, and Ihc atrongtvt tFfllmony tu Iim Invor, i. that
ihtre ia rnore of It untl in the prncticeof tbe rcijular
i iii-niaim riiiinaciiiiiia man ajiotnrr noiimneiMn
bliifd, alact thnt can eaaily oe caiabllt-bcd, and fully
proving ili t n Klcntlfie prrmri!lon u III nicet wlth
IhHr nijlet nnpr-.val tvn nrectrnted evcn In thin rorm.
That thia medicine nill eure Llver Coinpl-iint and
I)Irla, no onc can douht, afler tulng it aa directed
ll actJittpfclHcaljy upon the atomach und liv r th rtYttt
la linmcdiite. They can bfl adminialfrcdlo PK.M AlA S
or INKA.N H wlth aaffty and rrhablc U-ii'fir, at any
ThU nii-dfrine baa attaliird Ihat hl;h charactrr w lilen
ia ncreMiary lral mcdicfnea to atlain lolnduce e nin
teitfitfm tn pm fnrtli a fpurlou arilcle at thc rUk o(
uic n tm oi iiiniie M nn are Umncenlly ilcxctt rd.
Tlii-y hive llie wrliitn sijnnturcorr. M. JACKSO.V
u-iu tne wiappt-r. nud the naiue blown In llm bottle,
For .ilo, bolt.iic aud reiaii. at tbe
.Vm. I'.0 AIICII ircei. one dnnr Ult.w Hlilli, fliteo.
Kirecireet.) I'tillad-liddi. and by rC4lMx-abledf.il
iti r:neraly lhno;hoiii tbernuuirv.
Afo, (nr Mle by I)r. AV. V. KUSSEIj, Drnc
Klati sMlddltbury, Vt. J'.Ny
w. r. RUSSEL.
Linsccd Oil, Knglith.
" " Amcrican,
l'uro White Irfad,
Kxtra do do
No I do do
do ground in Oil,
l'aris Gtccii.tho rclcbruted S. llr.tiil,
Chromo Green,
do Yellow,
Vrcnch do
Chincso nnd Amcrican Vcrmillion,
l'rnsaian llluc cV Ultramaiiur, No 1,
Itcd I.cad, Vcnrliait ltcd,
lioso 1'ink & Spaniah Ilronn,, ,
Tcrra do Sicntiaand Uu'rllt L'mbcr,
Coach Varniah,
rurnituro do
Mttstic do
Jnpan db ,
Vcnlro .f. Spirit Turcntlnc
ripnulding's Jllncrfll J'uint.
l'uiiit nud WhitO'Wnsh Ilrnihcs.
Whiih will be suld for CASH at th loucsl
rnie goous ol tt siiitilnr ijualuy can ho lurtiiaii
t-d in llio rountv.
Middlebury, il.ty 37, 1650. 5.tf
Xndia Rubbei4 Goods.
lmla llttlibct 0cr CoalS,
" Cloaki,
" " Saika,
" Otcralls,
" - Tiltows, Ctishion.
Ilaikcts nnd lloltlt-s,
Trjrcllins ll.tgs.
Whu-li uic for sale at Manufactureis I'riccs
foi ItCndr l'ay bv
Junw2;l850 6
Bnt it is cqnally truc that hc is treatcd very.
mlich nccordlnf; tg tho chtlics lio wcars, Thij
fact is vrhnt cotifcrs stich importancc rn ths nr
ol drcsslng wcll.
asi) rnoi'itiirron of tiii:
fully atvarc of this stnto of thinga. now cxlilb
its to hUricnds and Iho publk-, nn asorlmcnt
nf Goods lilthcrtb
Unrivalled in this Market.
l-'rnncc, Belgiitm, Knyland, Gcrmanynnd A-
mcric.i hntc contributcd and combincd to fur
lihli tho
il CV IL Hli
with tlio cliuiccft of thcir jiroiluctions ia
Of unlttics in fabric, tliU collcction posscs-t
tscsftllliich Jihvc licrctoforc licvn worn nml
somc stjlcs which m.ikc tiicirtirstcntrce, whilc
ncie mny le lauiul thc inott ilcairamc nnu clc
i;anl colur:. particulnrU thc approvcd pcppcr-aiij-snlr,
niuili-nml'mllk, rottcn-snuash, o,mt
l)rim5tn.emul-vcr(liKHs (olori( nt prcscnt so
r(!c In tlie f.tslilonnljle uoflJ,
Y E S T I 0 8 ;
in Vclvct,in Silks,tn Caslimcrcs, in ,Mrrscillc,
in I.incni Stripes.Chccks, 1'I.tids; pluin.iirig
gcd. litfi.reil, printcd nnd cmbroidercd.
81IIIITS, jdain und fancy, stripcd, clirtked
nnd rinj;-stitnkcd. Thesc inatcrinU, together
witii nll Triinminpi, may bc mado tip to oidcri
nt tlie siimc cstahli-ilitncnt on short notice, in
thc inost rnshionaUe Stylc nnd
Warranted to Fii
To ihc Trado, nll Trimmins will bc sold at
n libcrnl discount. Clothis cut to order. protnpt-
ly aml n cil.
iu vicw oi tnc numcrous s.iics ny nticuon
priccs will bc so low ns to ciwurc spccdysalcof
tbcc goods.
An uncommonly largc nnd ilcgnnt nssort
mcnt ot
just purL-hiiscd nnd l.itcst stylcs. tiovr opcnini
nu.iptcu to uic scason nnu seicctcM witn prcftt
rare, which will hc sold nt sliglit advance from
cost. Ihoac wlio call Iir.U uill liavc thc hrsl
sclcction. JAMHS Mc KEANI).
Middlebury, April 30, 1830. l;y
cd m
Improvcmcntl Iniprovcmcnt! thcrcsuliof
lnbor. A new jystem pdoptcd thc old dis
cardcd I ltcfurm fn tln mclhod of Trndc
Advnncc ground takcn Gcfod ncws to ciistom.
crs. A stock of
0 1' C II O 1 C K ASD
OlTcred on tcrms and at priccs cntirely new
in this rcjjion. Addi.on County chnilcnged to
n comparison throtighout. S400 is ofl'crcd thc
firm lliat cnn produrc n bcttcr syitcin than by
us ndoptcd. ,
AViihout spccificntions, lct it bc undcrstoodr
thntourstorc room i5Gfectdecpand 20hroad,
nnd is now complctcly fillcd and ojicn for in
spcction and trauc. Tho
if this cntiro rcgion, with ihcirwivcs.sons and
dauuhtcrs. arc invucd to rall in and cxamiua
Roodi and priccs, and wo guaronlcc lo show
tlicm n
Better Selected and Gheaper
than they can find clsewhcro betwccn Canada
I.lno and thc Atlantlc Const, No mistakc,
Jfo falsity in this. Cull carly and you will ob
tain thc
nt ihe Store of
Cornwall, Jlay 1, 1850.
V. S. We shall offcr new nnd furtber in
dilccmcnts. Wc shall sparo no pain-taV.ing on our part.
'o shall make evcry cffbit to plcase.
Wc shall scll nt lcss than city rclall priccs,
in order to Incrtasc our hitherlo large and cx-tt-nshctradc.
0. M. LEWIS 4- CO.
Having just received a
frcsh iu'pr.ly ol liooks
ri'id Ptaileacfy. fcoU
coitffjthl that ho can
now otTcr to Ibosc wbo
ri.av seo fit to favor hitn
with flicir custom. a cood assortinctit of books
uu rcasonab'c tcrms.
O'.ucrs punctually cttcndcd to. 2.tf
V0ULD rcapeclfully nlohn the cituens of
Middlebury nnd vicinity that hc conlinues tho
CAmsrr.T busincss nt thc old siand formcrly oc
cupicd by his Iilhcr, nnd has now on hand i
gcncral assortmentol CAmxtT Wake, iu.rli.
nsllureans, cheap commonand nlceiuglipriccd,
Slnhds arld Tablcs of difl'orcnt pattf rns j splcnj
did pattcrn of Ccnlro Tables j Hedslcadt and
Wash Staiids j all of which wlll be sold vcry
low for Cash, llcady 1'ay.or Approved Crcdit.
Having at his command tho best of work.
mcn, ho fcels suro that hc can lunnufactnrc. al
short notice, Shy.aftlcle in his linc of buiiness
In an clcgant stjlc. , ,
C01TIN3 ol allslitcs on haml.and mado to
order on ahort noicc:
Jlost kidds of Iiumbcr uscd in his shop ta.
kcn in pajmcht for furniluro nl fair priccs.
Tliosc wlio wi.Iito go to honse-ketj(ng sriil
lo wcll to call aud cxamine priccs and stylcs.
Middlebury, April 22, 1850. ii lf
Soda Fountain.
ArTy one wantinc a glass of Goon Son t can
itnd il at thc sturc of 11 A SHELDON
June 10.
Papcr Hangings.
Jusi received. a splcndid assortmcnt sf rupert
llanuings and Jli'iJcts, lornovcry chciip, a the
f. t h Store I KITI.I.H

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