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Wblg SUt Oonvenllon.
Thc nniiual State Convcntiou of (liu
of Vermont will bo hcld at Rut
land on Wcduesdnj'j llio 7lli day ofJuno
nt, at II o'clook'm tlio forctioon. to
taomiuald cnnditlatca for State UfTicer.t
fof tbo ousuing po litic.il ycar, and also
to transact such ottitr buiincss as tho
Oouvsntion, when aasemblcd, may decui
proper preparatory to tho ncxt nntiual
fitatt Klootion.
K. N. HKKIliK, 1
Gro. WianNKR, Whig
U D. IlAitRln, Ccntial
II. M. Hatks, Cnmmittec.
0. II. IlATt.ni.
May lat, I S.j 1 .
Nbrika Resrlvcd.
Oo Monday bf last wcck, tha Nebras
ka bill was taken up in tbe Ilouscll prc
ediug buiincsa bcing laid asidc, to nllow
of iti consideration. Tha voto on tbis
qucstion stood ycns 109, nsys 86
Thil obang of votoi sinco tlic rcfer
ne of tho bill to Cnmmittco of tbo
Whole (by 10 majority) shows Iho ef
ftct of tbo industrious cfforts of tbe
friends of tba bill, aidoii by Exccutivo
We haTO from tbe Crst doubtcd wlicth
er, witb all tbs appliaiicca brougbt to
bear in iti faror, this infamous tchcmo
eould ba dcfoatcd at thii scition. Fora
time, tbo prospocli, indccd, wero somo
whsl favorable. Tlic docidod nianifcsta
tion of publio opinion, througbout tbo
Northern States, wo hopcd would bavo
itt effeot. The clections in New llarnp
abiro, Maino, Rhode Island and Conncc
tieut might will bs eipcctcd to barc
graat wcight in dctormining tho rcsult
But this ia a " f)cmocratic " Adtninis
tration, and wbat has tbo voicc of tbc
peeplo to do witb its acts?
Tho bill wa taken up with a delibcr
ate purposo of forcing it dircctly tbrougb
tba Houre, ainendcd by tbo otniaaion by
the Clayton anicndmeut, cxcluding for
eigncrj in tbo two Urritorics from tlio
-right to roto. Tbo friends of tbo mcas
nre wero of eoursc convinced of tbcir
power to accouiplish tbis, and tbc voto on
laying asido otbcr business and considcr
ing thii, out of ita rcguWr ordcr, sccms
lo jmtifiy tbeir conviction. Tlic follow
ing ii a itatement of tbe votc :
For the Bill.
Dsmocrats from Slave Statca 57
" ' Free " 40
Whigi Slav. ' 12
Froo " 0 109.
Againtt the Bill.
Demncralt from Slaro Statci 2
" ,: Froo " 37
vvhlgt " Slaro
Fretioileri 4
InUcpndenl SO
Aflcr diicuMion oich day until Thurs-
day, Mr. Richirdaon movcd to clce de.
bt on the bill at nonn on VruUv Thl.
motion wa perMverir gly rcsiitcd by tbe
iuinorily, traidst tbc moat excitingsccncs , ;r,,i.rt.tinS young man, as Wolfo says
ik. ....
jourauient, through thonight of Thurs-1
1 . . . . . ...
iiare lulelligcuco tl no Jocisive action
on th maiu qucstion. Tbo oppcnents of j tbat camc along and when last sccn, ho
thi bill desired to prevent coming to a , was it Cantic'iton, Ind , whcre he was a
rlnnl TOte at prcscnt, atid to gt thc I'a-, g'"' of Jobn I Itcy, Ksq. A cnrre
ciflo Uailroad bill abead of Ncbraska. . Tv'Cnl of "' F'" irr ,WT"'B f,.um
TH'.STAKCo kxtio.h. In speaking
Isl Fsk, of tbe tune of bolding tbo
Sulc Uonvcntion, it did not oocur to us
that in two Countiei, at leasl, the Cotirli
would b in lession or. llie 7tb' of June
is Caledonia and .Udiaoti. Thii cir -
. . ... , ,
oa.nal.nco will rTcvcnt man, from -,
tendtng tho convnnt.on wbo would othcr-
sriis ba tbere. Aiide from tbis the tiino
i. mn.l rnnr.nJ.nl .,1. tti. ,tlt
TironfthlV ftpeoinmiftlfltit il l.rppr nnmhpr I
' j
Ihan .ny otbcr dat., aufficiently carly for
C2C"Tbe St. Albaua Mcssengcr right. timfs in a fcccr.nd. a numbcr impossibl'e 1 Onuixi: -From Atbcni, 21st April.
ly undontauda our position, in rclation fr tbe ear tu soparatc and distinguiab. it is statcd that tl.o gulf of CWuh was
. ,, , .i 'Nowi "I'dcr tbo dircctiotis of a grcat guardcd by I rcnob ihips of-war, ind
to State poltt.c., nnd presct.ts tbo case u.a(leri wo i,are ,l0ar1 fort. v;0i;Ils fn tbo communication stopped bttwccn tbe Cou
fairly. So do tbe Montpelier Wntcf j coda of an ovcrturo firmly attack a pass- tinent and Puloponncsus
tnan and tbe Woodstock Mercury, No nge of groups of cight notcs, and with 1 . T''C wbole of Soulbcin Tbossaly was
abandonmcnt of thcWhig organn.tion, ! cv.,ot5 ,)uil most ;st 5 IlCtly apprcl
ao far ai we bavo discovcrcd. Wo ttiiiik iciable to tbe car. Thc cffcct on tbo nu
it will punlo tbosa papcrs which bavo so jdicncc was olcctrical, exciting to the last
itilously combattcd tbis idca to (ell i ''fS0- Hnppcning to have u watch in
wbore tbey found it. '" ,u0.n'en'. calculatcd tbo
ipccu of tlie playcrs, and fuunu, for
. Tbe Anti-Administration Dcinocratie
pspers iy tbire is "groal danger" tbat
Micbigan uio long ateadfast in ita ad
btrenco to ibe principles and organiza.
tbn of.the democratic party, will, next
fall, following tbe lead of New Ilamp.
bire, Canneoticut and Itbode Iiland,de
ert tb democrstio atandard."
, ; i jiauu asu oorr J nc .viuany jirgus
JC3T Tba Hards of New ork aro to i (Uard Dcniocrat.) in noticing tho condi
bold a State Convrntion at Syracusc tion of alTairs among tbo untcrriGcd
Jtuly 12, to notnin&te a Stito tickot, Wolvcrines, ays : " Tho National Do.
, mocracy of Micbigan have bocn scarccly
JC3TTb Frankfort(Gerinauy).or.lpss outragcd, iusultod and trifled with
rmsava tbe Sultan.in consideration of thim thcir brcthrcn of New York. Tho
lon from tbo ltolbishilds, bai tnsde
nver td tbcm Palestino, and tb rerenuea
dvrivabl tbtrefrom, ai tccurity.
37 Our tbanka aro due to Ilon.
Mmra. Foot, 13cu., IIoustok, and
DsraLAR, of tbe U. S. Scuate,
.n.l tn
Mciiri. Mcacium arul Sabi.i of tho
)I?uie, for publio documunti
JJC We are indcbted to Prof. J.
Adiuii Allan.of tbt Micbigan Unireni
ty, for f. oopy of bii addrm entitled
' Sttfi to tb Medical PUtform "
Jf3T.Th frUud wbo ,inl ui a ropy
nf thi IoaoBur! Diwourse of Prof,
Sbdd, at Andotr Tbcologieil Siruin-
nrr l.si our tbinki.
Hop. JameiU, Pbclpi lia becn p
riinted Preaidcnt and Jobn E, Uutler,
Kiq., CaabVr of the Weit Rier ftaok,
it Jamaica.
The Ward Murder.
The X. Y. Couritr and Knqiiirer,
eoramcnting on tbo Ward trial in Kcn
tucky, aftor rcfcrring by way 6f contrni-t,
to tln casoofProf. Wobstcr,inMassachu
sctls, taya :
TIiojo two tiansactions nro nicnornble;
tbcy arc grcat oxpuncnts of tlio tnornl
scnso of two cotutnunitlia Tbcy niark
witti dccidcd and uncnitig bmid tlic
statcs in civilization at nbich caeh pco
plo Ims arrivud. Tlic ono placci Mnssa
cimsctt' nt tbs bigbcst point, tlio other
j!(OKs boyotid a cavil tbat Kcutucky is
at the luwcat. Do uot wrong tho aavagj
bv elaaitne tho KeuluckT jurvraau with
jhini. I)o not dcgradc bia fiercc rctriliu
itive code by coniparing it nitlt tbat of a
'cotamunity wbicu nukcs its boast of
lchivalrv. Dcttcr, far bcttcr, tlmt incn
jbould right thcir own wrnngs by tho
red band. and cvory fanoicd imuHbocx
piatcd with blood ;licd nt tho pcril nf tbc
arcngcr, than that sucb invultashould Lo
f o revngcd witb tho cortainty of protco
tion by auch jurics as Kcntucky bas
shown that shc can furnuh. Tbcrc is
soiiio inanlincis in tho Mvagc who slays
bis euemy and know.i tlmt by tho act ho
makcs a fatniljr of muttal foc; but wbat
is tbc gradc of thu.io incn in tbo moral
scalc, who, in n coutitry whcrc hll aro o-
jnul lcforo tlic law, delibcratcly turn tho
wcalthy murdcrcr Ioojo upon socicty
purged of bis guilt by tho inockory of
justico I Tbc uso of tho tomahawk bo-1
comra bonorablo wbuu cotnparcd wilh l
sucn auso oi taw, auu cTcn ino euiciio
in sucli a liclit looks rcsncctabla.
It is right to Fpcak thus. Tbis .tif
litig of tbo brpath of justicc, tho lifo
brcath of tlic l.ind, is not new in tho nn
nals of Kcntucky.Sho brccds and noiirib
ca a raco of mon who carry bowic-ktiivta
and tiistola : sbc r.amrcrs tbcm iuto a
fceling and an actual position of supcri
ority, aud thcu shc protccts thcm whn
they uso thcir wcapons to clcavo the
hcart and scatlcr the braiin of thosc '
bcncath thcm in wcalth aud infliienco I
who may happcn to oflond thcir high i
slomaclis by word or loou. Tlio acquit
tal iu Kcntucky ofa man of position who 1 cnsucd, rcspccting tbc rcccnt buming of
struck n man of no position for looking tlic Iitirl nf ILinlieick (a vessul)
at bim in a way whicb ho did not likc, ) Tlic govcrnnierit was laxed with hav
and instantlj ahot hini dcad lot, as it ing tlmicd tho circiimstanco, whcn in
was urgcd upon his trial, bo ahould bim- fact jt was truc. Tho Karl of Clarcn
sclfbo sbot, is not forgotten ncithcr liai'dun mado a long cxplauation. and laid
tbc mcmory of otbcr liko ntrocitics yct bcfnre the Iloutc a dcspatch from the
fadcd out. It bccomc us who liavc law.. I UritWh Adniiral. coutradicting tho Itus
wliich wo respcct and euforco, to dcclnro sinnV ptiblisbcd accontit.
at oncc, and in tho strong tcnns wliich I The Karl of Kllenborougb took oc
tho trausaction warranls. our horror and casion to incntion that tbc lUissians have
our iudignation nnd our shamc. twcnly-two Circa.sian orts, but bavc
Uy tlic world at birgc tho scntiments dcstroycd ouly lix fnrls.
of Kcntucky, lying in tlic niidnt of our In tbe IIimp nf Commons a long de
tcrritory, the Hlato rcprcscnted byIIi:N- ( bato on tho LVirerMtics was tbc princi
r.T Clay, tnay ba ;rgarded as a fair cx- pa fvaturo.
poncut of that whicb pei-vades tbc coun-) Francc I'rinci" Xapolcon bad bccn
try. liCt it thcn bo known tbat wo of wcll rcccived nt Malta. aud lcft on tbc
tho Kastern Statcs rpgard tlic rcsult of,COtb for Tuikcv
tbis trial as a national dcgradation, a dc
plorablo cvont brougbt about by oorrup
tion, by family intcrcst, and by tlic con
sciousucss that all tbo influcnco of a
woalthynnd powcrful conncction would
be uscd. nnd ciuld be uscd to crush
cvery Kcntuckian who rcfuscd his aid to j
bring it about. As lo tbc tnan who nitb
Uain's criino lias obtaincd Caiu'a protec-
tion fur his lifc, bc, liko his protntypt,
! will find bis puuishuictit grtatcr tban h
lcan bcar ; for ho wcnt forth from that
'co,lr, TOmn !1 f"g''ivo and a vagabond in
! ,Lo mtxJ:
I A LlVl.Vi Dcatii. Tho Louisvillo
Couritr w that Matt. F. Ward, tlm
ing "bc rner at Jeffersonville, from
'lliAi.flfXP,..AmtT - n 1 1 ii r. n mi,... .
i tions wcrc inadc to turn bim out : but
hedccampcd instantcr on tho Crst bnal
..i )..t i.
j ino piacc. says iuai consiurauie nxcnc
uicn; cxists atnopg inc cuizctis, anu it
is proposcd to addrcss n lotRr to Mr.
Ward rcquesting bim to lcavc tbo town
. rinli-iipo was contpmnlrite J. ' tlip pitl.
-j mcrcly wibbing tu frown down a
nis.n who oolly aud dcliheratcly took
! tl,c !ifu "f on8 "licinl to k"ow w" t0
'lnvc" In tbis casc as iu tbat of Aaron
lt fonnd ,
, ,c suivilnr
1 KU'I" KwniON or Mt'MC I)r.
r...i.. i t..
., ' . f ., . '
i on tno spcia ot scvcntv mncs pcr nour
, attaincd on tho Grcat Wcstcrn Itailroad
iof Kngland rcn.rkcd that, at that rato
il'Kl'ttiinK llkorapidity, play tbcm pcr-
i ft..,L a at .. :e l... !..-.
! 'wcuty sccotids., tlirce groups of twcnty
four nntcs a sccond wcrc playcd by cach. '
.n. .
1 iti. in p.-ip i sppnnil. mr n irn '.I i II
notcs, nnd iu the twcnty sccouds, or ono
third of a miiiutc, 18,200 notcs ; and,
, bad a singlo onc of thesc notcs beon nii
j placcd, a bighly-cultivatcd and naturally
lauiccptiblo niusical car would bavo dis
covcrcd and bccn displcascd by it.
' II . . C .1-1- ll
I Adininistration bas sunk bclow contcnipt
,viil, il.n nn.p. nf il,p r,p.1nl il,pr n
elscwbcre. Tbe wrotcbcd drivclings of
tbo Dclroit Frco Preas, nnd ita open a -
poitacy.from dcmocratio principles, bavo
originatcd aicblsm wbicli thrcatena to
rend asundor tbo partv. and to asiura tbo
.,,,1 rrpp.nlipr. on .;.,ln,.
t " ... . . . . . -
Rcally, ihould tbe adminislration go on
n.;.n.,n.i ... n, .7nii...
vcar w ll bavo no ono Adminialration
Statc among lbo tbirtyonc."
J5-A bill to provido for ciccting
therritory of Orcgon into a State
has bccn rcportedin tbe U. S. Ilouse.
oi Aivjjreao h-ii, uuu iuo irKiB.uture
of Orecon lin" taken tho prcliminary
stepa towards calling a convention to
fnrm a pnnafifn linn Tlita ia lnnl'inn
form a consriftitton. Tliis is looking
' to ''10 admissionof Orcgon as a -tato
, tn looo, oy vuicn nmo ii is prcsuraea
- . there will bo the requisito nraount of
nopulation in the tcrritory to enlitlc it
to the new hotiors to which it is now
roRnian NBWS.
Tbo Canada arrivcd at Halifax last
Wedncsday ovcning, having lcft Livcp
pool on tbo 29tli of April. Wo fubjoin
tbo subslnnco of bcr no'ws.
Tiic ExsTrnN War. Tho British
slcaincr Fttry, of six (jtins, on tbo J liji,
atcamcd undcr Austrian colors withiti
thrco tnilej of tho rntranco to Sobasta.
pol, wbcro eIio saw lncrchantinen, two
brigs, two frigntcs, nnd a stcamor loav
ing tho harbor. Tlio Fury dashcd in
and towcd bcr oll Tho liisiniis pavo
cbaso and tbo Fury wa finally obligcd
to cut tbe prizc ndrift, but not until ono
of tbc frigatcs atid n slcaincr camo in
rango and cxcbatigcd shots.
'J'ho I'ury, aftcr a fonr boura ehase,
auccecdcd iti cluding the Rusoian, nnd
in carrying off tho mcrchant fliif's crcw
as prisonorj, who gavo importnnt itifur
tnation rcspccting tbc etrcngtb of Scbas
tapol. A bold and snccesful feat is also ro
cordcd, of tbo llnffinn. A ttcainsbip
supposcd to bo a Hussian dcpatch boat
undcr llritish cnlnr.s. stcamcd frnm tlic
Archipcliigo, pascd tbo D.irdi-nollcs aiid
succccdcd in cscnpitiginto thclSlack Sc.
Accounta from Circasjia of tho Ist of
April, Mate that tlio ituurrcctiou npainst
llufsia is bccotnitig gcncral amont: all
tho warlikc tribos uf tho Caucniis.nhcrt
Schamvl's ai-ciils aro indofatiLablf.
yl0 prescnco of tbo Knglish and
Krcnch flccta in tbc Ulack Sca, with tbc
consoqucnt nbnndnmnetit of tho Ru5siau
)0St8 on theUircauian coast, aml tlio cut
tinc ofT tbo Itusaian supplics ia.Ucdont
kal, bad mado a decp inipiosion nn tbc
tnotintainccrs. and it nas bclicvcd tbat
Schamyl would Boon bc in forco tn at
tack tbo Hussian head qitartprs at Siflas.
Knolan'd. Wediiosday, tbc iiOth day
of April, bcing nppoilited as a day bu
iniliation and praycr, all busincfa was
suspondcd. The IiOiidon Timcs pub
lislics four pngos of scnnotis dclivcrcd
on tlic oceaiion.
l'arliamont rc-asscniblcd on tho 27tb
Xu tho 1101110 oi Jionls a long dcbatc
M.trshal Arnaud cinbarkcdon tbc 27th
at 31arscilles for tho Kast.
Sr-Ai.w Tbc .Madrid corrcapondcnt of
tho London TitlUf wrilcJ undcr a Jato
of April 12lh. a lcttcr cotnmc'Uing un
favorably on Mr. Soulo. He says ; "Tt
the prcscnt tinic, the notcs cxchangcd
botwccn Mr. Soule and the Spanisb gov-
ernmcnt arc fivc in numbcr. No. 1, by
.Mr. Soulc, statca that tho compbiint and
rcparation be ia iustructed to dcmand.
rcquiring a positiro nnswcr witbin -18
houri. No 2, from thc Spanisb Goein
inciit. dcclnrca its inability to rcply, un
til infnrmalion is rcceivcu from Cuba.
No 3, thc Timcs calls a most iratc aud
discourtcous documcnt.
Mr Snulc. taxcd tho Spanisb Govcrn-
mcut witb scckinc to postnono aud nf-
'"mng ur ra. ncr .,,S nuau,,g u.a cpa.n
supprcsscd tbcm. No. 4, from thc Span-
"" vcrntncnt, was so a rong inai u.c
scndcrs thnucht it nr.tunjikoly tbat Mr.
Soule would dcmand bis passport.". No.
l), troni.Mr. bnule, was m miWicr tcnns,
but the coutcnts had not trauspircd.
Tho luttrr to thc Timcs goes on to bo
scvcrc on Mr. Soule, and professcs also
to say, tbat tbo Spanisb lnok on tho
Atnciican claims as orcr-bcaring and
Aistria. Tbo Kmpcror's marringc
bas bccu duly cilcbratcd. An Amncs-
ty was grantcd to four hundrcd prisoncrn
I ..t r.... t.. I..
Vklss.a -Uaron MatitcnlTcr. spccch
thc l.Iianibors statcd diiiniatrlv
Frussia msintaincd accor
ltussia and tbc Wcstfrn Puwcrs
I ho rcsignatton ot Chcvalicr IiunK-n
M:.,:.in.t t An.l, .
mih v..
Ho ia succccdcd by Count licmstnff, thc
pr-sent Min.stcr to Naplcs, nnd a
nrnis, anu u was rcporicu, uui rcma..,
cd in doubt, that thc Turks bad bccn de
fcatcd ut Mcr.zoro.
Arrlval of tha Waihlngton.
7oj? nf thc ship Winchester nnd J 'oitr
of hcr Urcic. Jtcscue of the ranain-
der of hcr Cmcnirl l'assengers.
Nr.w Yurk, May 15. 9 r. m.
. M f l",ncr '! ;'"5""rriveu last
iiKrlit t lliinrnntDiA 1ml piii.1.1 pa,
"o"" - - vv...w
up on account ot tlio fug, until tbis af
ternoon. Sho britigs 210 passcngcrs from llrc.
mcn aud a full cargo, but hcr ncws has
bccn anticipatcd by tho Vaiuida.
The Washington brings tbe passcn
gcrs nnd -rew abnut 100 souls ta.
kcn from tho ehip Winchester. bound
from Livcrpool. fur lSostou, aud wrcckcd
in n frightful galo ou tho 17th of April.
lbo Washington rcll m with tbe
wrcck, on tbo 17 th ult., and notwitb-
standing tbo prcvalcnco of n hcavy galc,
succccdcd in rcscuing all tlie paasengcrs.
The Winchester wcnt down in tliirty
minutes attcr tlio last ot tlie crcw liad
cft bcr. Sho bclonged to Uo.ton and
. 1'n,conkldc"1''0 C"P' , , ,
1 S'IC !allcJ from I'lvcrpool on tbo 9lb
Prll'.r. , ,. , , , . ,
1 . T1'. 11 i"c'r"fC .difablcd in tbo
, tl)C galO Of tllO I7tll WlllCll brOk tllO
forcmatt sbort olf.
rour seamcn wero wasucu overboard.
1 . On tbe25lli, pasaengeM were takcno(r
I hJ b"S H'lu-'ixt from J.ivorpool for
at. Johna.
Othcrs wero taken ofl" by tho sbips
' '"V Caroline.tai anotbcr, and brigs
I '"i 8 IMert Bntr bU loani t0
. TbeI0 f , . .. ff 300
May2d, ipoko steamcr Washington
during a trcmendous gale, which lay by
two days and a nigbt, and succced in tak
iogofftho rcnialndcr of tbe crcw and
pasaengers 440 in numbcr.
Tho ship wcnt down in an bour after
tbe last boat, contaiuing Capt. Moorc,
atid bis Grst mateleft bcr.
The Eaitern War.
Tbc London Timcs of tbo 20tb ult.
dcTotcs a long and clabnrnto lcador to a
survoy of tbo prceetit posltion of tho
Eastcrn War, nnd proscnts eovoral points
of intcrcst whicb wo will bricfly rcvicw
Tbcy tllflcr toto ccch from eimilar sur
voy a of tho ground by tho opposilioti
prcss, some of whiuh arc Jircdiutirig tbc
most gloomy nnd di?astroiis iiiangiirntion
of tlio war. Tlio Timcs, iit the fir.t
plncc, contraplfi the boldnrss that clmr
actcriscd tho ML'!.eliikuff tnii-Mon nnd
th'j tcizuro nf llie 1'iiiioipalitics by lt uh
ia. witb the nulisoiiuent indcci.ion wliich
has pincc ciiaractcriscd tlio movcmciits
of tlmt powcr. llavlng cnimuittcd nn
act of lawlcss n.'grca!iun whicb ronscd
all tlic otbcr Statca of ICuropu to ic-i-t-ancc
and liostility. ltusi:i ntopncd fl.nrt
on tho Danube. citbcr for want of 'ie
mcnns or of tho rcfo'ution to takc
vautogc of Iiit supcriority nt tlmt t n
tnciit Shc had nlrcaily din.o ti'n m ;h
for tho niaiutuiiauco of penco bo did
too little for sucn'?? of wur.
In tho meanwhilc Turki'V 1ms ns. m.
bled a largo nrniy. and itnt - ui! 1 it j
militnrv piisitiiiii nn tho li.ilkans. Ii ie
tho nllicd powors bavc bccn tnlt'tig i t
sssion of the lilack nnd Ualtic .oi.a 1
tho wur has bejiiin tn assutnc nn tlic ! -t '
of Hussia a dcfensivo cbnrjclvr, Uati I
lltlMta now advaticn ution tho cnitro ofl
Turkcy in Furopc, iu tbc prrscnco uf tbc
fiMft fftl liir'l in! in rltn cf cntitr tiliinAd r C
tbc Danube. with thc sca occupicd bv !
bostilc flccts, and tbo ccrtainty that aii 1
Anglo-Frcticli army will arrivc in titno
tn land upon tbc (latik of tho Kusian
lino nftiiaroH Tu ltusia this is ascrious
qttcstton. Yct tnnrc furtiiidnblo nbsta-
clr prcscnt thcinsclvcs in tho nttitudo
nf ll; Gcrman powcrs. Accordmg to
tlic Xltncs, rMcliolas lias falleil to obtain
citbcr thcir co-opcratiou or thcir ncutral-,
Austria bas asscinblcd a powcrful nr-
my un the fronticrs of AVtilhichia ; shc
has rrcparcd bcrself to takc tho ficld at ,
a niouicnt's nntico; and from bcr cnm-
tnand of tho Uppcr Danubo nnd of thc
passcs of tho Carpathians, f-ho can pour
witb irrcststablc furcc on tbo rc.ir of tbo
iuvnding army. As long as Austria
kccps that position, aud ndhcrcs to the
Innguago eho has uscd througbout tbis
discusMoii, shc holds the advanccd guard
of tho Hussian army iu cbcck, cvcn
tliouch not an Austrian aoldicr crosscs
thc frontier. The position nt ltussia tctns of pctinl codc iti Francc.
bccoincs not only ono of dcfcnce, but of 1 A bill was passcd for paying to
dongcr ; and tho cutiro plan of tho cam- )avid Mijcrlo y0,000 for lo'sses sus
paign is changcd by tho variety of tbc tnincd bv tlio contract for suiit.lvin"
attacks to whicb slio luay bo cxposcd.
Ilcr lincs of opcration acainst Turkey
aro idjvious cnotigh as long as Kurnpo is
utv JIJHUU3 L'uuuuii .1.1 iuiilt us mirniii; n
neutral;but with tho At.glu-Frciicb
flccts aud artuics on thc lcft, nnd thc pns-
sibilily of nn Austrian tiinvrmcnt on tlio
right, to advanco on tho lialkau would
bo an act of infatuation, and ovcn tobold
thc l'riucipalitics is a causo of weakncss
and embnrrasstncnt. tincc bcr lino of
operations may bo intcrscctcd by the ad
vanco nf an Austrian corps on Jasy, or
of an Anglo Frcncb nrniy operating iu
Wbilc Jlussia is thus drivcn to con
tra?t bcr prctonsions, ntid-(o fall back on
thc dcfct;.sivo, nfter havitij tbroatcncd
tho I'orto wil'i bcr autmnnry rcnijcancc,
tbo policy of tbo Wt'Stcrn powcrs. whicb
was strictly dcfcnsive at Orst. aud is still
dcfensivo in principlc; bss gr.idually lcd
tbcm to rcsolvo upon moro o2""usivo
operations. To rcduco ltussia toacccp''
tcrms ot pcace consistcnt witli the ccn-1
jcral intcrests of Kuropc atid thc safcly uf I
tlio lurkisli tcrntorics, hiii'latut
Vrnp uiip.i M. t.- ...i .
to iufliet upon bcrsubjccts iu thc Ibiltic
and tbe lilack Sca a portion of tboso
cvils whicb lttnsia bas so uurrlrntingly
iufliclcd on otbcrs It is statcd in 1'iris
wc know not with what truth tuiit a
formal offcnsivc and dcfcnsive treuty bs
nt lcngth bccn signed bctwccn the West
ein pnwers. IJo this as it may. it isctir
taiti that Englatid an Francc canunt l.ny
down thcir arms until thcr Imvo clTcctu-
ally prevcntcd tbo pofsibiltty of.i roncti
tion of tlics-c outragcs Ilail tho Ktng
nf Prii'jda figned th Qundruplo Cunu'ti
tion wliL'ti it was propocd tn bim, mch
an cngagcuiciit might havc luid llirol'' ct
of liiniting our .'poratinns to tho sn' i ts
cnntcmphiti d by thnt iuMrumrti1 nd
tlio lecrct allm of Russm
all icc ct liussm woi'ti ot
finiatclv tbat ' courfci ,,avu u"t'1 "'' lr 1 " ' Ka
rd both wilbj?udP'"'"!o",,"U'",t '" .r-,':'" "'a
lurpiiiipss ntul Ihp rnrpf nF ll.p utt".T . tn
kcciincss antl tlic forcc uf thc uttr
wbicli tbo Ktnj crnr Niclmlas i'
cxposcd, ltut, as tbat Cniiv. iitinu
'i,.f,.,to,i ,1,. ...; nr n.,M .,r
; j ' f-, "'r ' Stlr froc , ,!
lluch B'jjew of i, 01irowll ;PV
suggcsts, auu tlic sucrrss ol our 111 i.j ,
tnay justify. At prchout all thcc caus
cs, iartly inilitary and partly pi'.iti-Hl,
tcnd tn prnlong fur auhilc tho suspciisc
whicb hangs likc a thundcr cloud ovcr
Kurope. To morrow tba cloud may f.ill, i
and tho first rcsults of tho war will clo.ir I
awny all that is still iudcfinitc aud ub
Thk OriNioN or a Goou Jlijgi:.
Univcrtal distruct bas grown up among
thc pcople, cven-among tho trucst aud
stctncst IVmocrats, who bcliovo tbat
they bavo bccn dupcd, dcfraudcd nnd
chcatcd, nnd that the high placcs of tbc
governincnt aro surroundcd by mcan,
low nnd contctnptiblo inun.
Tho abovc is from tbc Scutincl, pub
lishcd at Washington, and whosc cditor
and nronrictor is tbn tnintcr to tbo U.
S Scnutc. IIc ougbt to know whctbcr
these opinions of tbo pcoplo wcre wrong
or uot. II it bad tbought corrcct, tho
bcntincl would probably liavo bccn anx
; ious to put tbo pcoplo right; but ho
)sccms to aduut from bis own knowlcdgc,
that tho covcrniucut is in the Iiauiis '-
' mcan, loo and contcmplible men."
Dctroil Adverliscr,
Cottox ta Kino. Charlcs Dicks
cns, in a lato numbcr of his "IIousc
liold Words,"after cnumcrating tho
striking facts of Cotton, sayi :
T.nt rit entinl nt rt1iveii'l nnnttiili.
8ionvUitlhcUnitcd6tatcs,andEng -
land would fccl tho Bhocl; rrom Land's
End to Jobn O'Groafs. Tho livcs of
ncarly two millions of our countryincn
are dcpcndcnt upon tho Cotton crops
of America ; thcir destiny may bc
said, without any sort of hypeibolo, to
liaii" upon a tlirfad.
"bhould any dire calamity bcfull
tho land of Cotton, a thousand of our
merchatit ahips would rot idly in dock;
ten thousand milU must stop thcir bu-1
il nrn 1,1
starve for lack of food to fecd thcm '
JKST Sir Itaao Newton diioovcrcd
tbe principles of tbc reflccting tclctcopo,
tbe laws of cravitation, and tbo planc-
. . - .l. ' .
(ary ysicui n( mc iije ry (KVffivnf,
Monday, Mny 8.
Shnati:. In tlio Scnato tbis rnorn
ing, Mr. Dottglas prcscntcd n mcmor
ial fiora 504 clcrgymen of tlio North
Wcalern statos, tigainst tlic Ncbtnska
bill. On ptrsctitin tlio tncinoi
wliich is n coiy of Chicno otio, Mr.
Douglas inmic n long spoocli, dcpre
citiiig tho clnugcs nllcgcd ngntnai hitn
nf liaviti;; IHlsilicil tlic latignau of tlic
mi'triorial in his lcttcr anu tlio rej ly
The vcto of tbo Tnaiic- Lond bill
was pcstputii-d to Wnliiosctay.
'1 lie lli.mc.Htcad bill was lostponi'tl
till Tuosday wuek.
llmsn. Mr. Hi; linrd'ti o!'llitni.
mncd to ito into cnniiti'tn,p o' l.o
' wbole nvowinghisititciitii.il tn bc i-li '.' 1
1 tlic mntinii suoci'Mi, lo miw to l
1 asidc all prccccding I umih and t.il
jtii tbo iSfbwka l.i I cn.roil b i,
i vii i' nf 101! yvv t'i -ii n,t
Ihc 1 1 -- tliCn Vl'lit IttUi t. "itlli l
tt-i-. Mr. 1 Mc s nf hi'i in tbc chn'.r.
AlVt'i M.tnr i iacui.ton all tbn pivci'll
t.lg hlKitn":', ittclttdiim tlic lUTiciciic
i ill. was laid a.idi'. aud nfter si ino tu
niultous I'locccdiugs, and pcvcral in
ciTt'Ctual tiiotiotis lur tlic CdmiiMttvo In
risc, tlic Ncluaska Kauzss bill was ta-
tiji, whcn Mr. I.iclianUon said ho
proscd to olTcr a substituto for tbe bill,
wliich would bc sulistatitially tlic Scn-
ate bill, with the oinission of tbc Clay.
ton nmftidincnt ntul thc nddition of a
fuw otK.r immatcrial c.mctulnicnts.
A (lcl)ato eMSUcJ ; Mc UVt
b d , x gl . t ,( l0
, ... , , - .
"'d.aIn I,i-V0U f ,?SC;V ,,fc . 'T
poacd it iti a long aml cbaractoristic
l'Ccch, duting tlic dclivcry of wbicli
bc was iVcqiteiitly ap.laudcil.
A motion to lav tbo Ncbrnska bill
on tbc tablo was dclcatcd bv a vote of
lOotoSj. Adjourncd.
Tucsday, May 9.
Senwti:. Scvcral uicinorials wcrc
prcscntcd, incltiding somo agaiust thc
Ncbraska bill.
A rcsolution was auoptcd calling for
thc rcpotts of Mr. bandford, lato
Cliano to l'aris, on tho diflVrvnt ss-
liemp to thc govcrtiinciit.
Thc ludian npiropriation bill was ta
, I , , . I 1 .1 C 1
! k"' "P aml debatcd until tlic &n.atc
j adjourncil.
iiouai.. 1 uu unusc, ua iiu'ouu,
wcnt iinincdiatcly into Committcc on
tlio Ncbraska bill. Aftcr wliich, Mr.
Injicrsoll mado a spccch on tbe Ku-
ropean war, advocating that fico "bip!
niadc frcc goods, and that tlic Unitctl
Ptatcs would not permit tlic pcaich of
Amctican sbips or thc ovciliaiiling ol
thcir ajicts.
Mr. I'ctkinsof Louisiana Bpnkc on
tlio Cttban iiuestion. dcriouticin tlie
intermeddling of Kngland and Krance,
and contctiding tbat it was bigli t'mic
for our country to tako somo stop in
the mattcr.
Mr. Zollicoffor of Tcnncssco tlicn
8pokc at somo lcngtli cu the Nebraska
Mr. Wallcv of assacllu5ctt3 tlicn
o owca m on losuion 10 mc uui
I Mr. Latbam of Cnlilbniia obtaincd
prctnijsion to plitit his spcecli.
, Mcssm. Simmons. Cox and Tnvlor
' ,f New York snoko in favor pf tlu
bill, and Mr. mvs3 ot Itlio.lc Isl.iilU
m oppnsitiou.
At 8 o'clock n motion was madc
tbat thc committcc risc, but nn qitnrum
votcd. 'ibcicllwas callcd imd 110
monibcrs answcrcd. A motion tn
adjourn wcic iicgntircd.
Mr. liicliardsnn movcd n call of tbt
Iluusc wliich wa oidcrotl, but tlic mo
tion was afterwaidj withdiav, n.
A qimruni wassu! sciiioiul' mc.ut
and Jte llnu-o wctit in t.' umv. ;.m
nf tlic Wholo-
Mr. ltall thon spoke ag.inst 'lis r. -poalof
tlic Misouri Comj.rntnisi.
At 10 ti'c'O' k thc- ouinuit't.'i' .sj
nn 1 the Il"tisu u 'j.'.iim-il.
Wc.lnoilay, Mi,- 10.
.m:.-ati V rcport wus iiiatlc
icci'inmi'itdi ; thc purchasc of tlic
Mount Vuiuon cstatc fur an twpun
mcntal fnrm.
A motion to ptint llia agrieultural
part of tbc Patcnt OOicc icjurt wa
agiccd tu.
Mr. lluntcr of Yirginia mado an
iiudVvctual motion to tako un tho vctos
I cd Insano Land bill.
i Tlio i?cnate tlicn wcnt into cxccu
j tivo scssion, and shortly aftcr adjourn
Hoi'SU. Tho Jfcbraska bill was d
batcd until adjournmcnt.
Thurtday, May 1 1
Scnath. The vctocd Insano Land
Uill was taken up. Mr. liidgcr spokc
for two bours sustaitiing tho constitu
tionality of tho bill, claitning tbat thc
powcrs to disposo of tho lands was vcst
rd iu Congrcss vitbout any limitation.
The bill was postponcd to Monday.
IIousk. Mr. Itiobardson offercd n
rcsolution tbat tbo dcbato on tho Nc
braska bill sball be tcriuinatcd to morrow
i nt 12 o'clock.
' Discussion nnd tnuch confusion cnsucd.
Mr. Macc, of Ia., Taylur of lcnn..
j and Giddiugs opposcd tbo rcsolution,
Mr. Maco movcd to lay tho rcsolution
. on tba tablo.
I M r. Knglisb movcd a call of tbe Ilouse
I wbicu was rctuscil, J7 to tu.
Thu Ilouse rotnaiucd iu s6ssion until
I Friday, at 1 1 1-2 P. M
The Sixth Commanpment.-A cap
iitalrol'w raaa hl on f
,u,,",u l".1'""v" "
, ' of ". ,n ,ans" 1
1 nrl.nll'a Alli.oivn in fnll AVH'ci
I Matshall'a nllusion to Matt Whrd'e
travcls and his visit to Mt. Sinai.whcrc
God dclivorcd tho law to Moses. Thc
counscl wondcred if tho prisoncr.whcn
amidst tho sublimitics of Binai, whcrc
ho indulgcd tn a profusion of sacrcd
sciitimcnts, had cver rcad in thcTDec
ologue, "Thou ihnlt not kill."
At Glasgow, Mr. Andorson tlio ''wii-
, ard of tho North," statcd, tbat niany
, J91"? "E", irh Louis Napoloou was in
l.ondon, aud ma lortuncs wero not In
tbo asccndant, ho bad tbo honor of lcn
dlngtbo princo tbosutn of C500. IIc
J bad bcen most booorably repaid by tbo
mlnitter of tbo Kmperor in Washington
1 ..i.... i.. .I.. iv;....i .... :..
( mieii uti uiiiiujhiu u4vii.a,
Dealgm upon Cuba.
Tho Vashinglon plapcrs bavc prcscnt.
ed us with thu rcsolution nnd rpcccb of
Mr Slidcll of La. in rclation to Cuba.
IIo rccoinnicuds that tho Frcsidcnt bc
nulbcrized to suspcnd our tioutrality
laws whicb forbid ourcilizcns acting tbo
j'art of buccaticcrs, and fittingi.ut pirnt
ira! ixpcditions ngainat tiations witb
whicb wo nro nt penco. Tnis slavohold.
itig Scnator is indignant at tho tlmught
that that Spain tnay nbolMi slavciy witli
iu lur doiiiiiiirmf. Ho suys
" It is the dcsign of tbo Captain Gcn
ornl nf Cuba. ncllng undcr instructinns
frinn Madi in, to bring about tlic ciiuin
cipat'uu of tbn tirgroes. To rnp thc
rlinuixof vsinjMtion aud nppmion.
onlcr Ims brcr issurtl alnuiiif; all
tlotcs to hiir thcir timc nt cisht ihtlars
jm inittti. Thc Spal.Mi Itiw Ims nl
wa.i f.ivn'.cj tho t,imiii',ipattoii of tbo
slJVr, iitnl eiiiibh'd bim tn acqtiiic his lib
cily :i ttiiiirhai btcn lnrcd nn hi In
b"f m-d'rdi g tn bis cntivctlibli .ilim nr
thi p" o p:. ! fnr liitn. Tbis wnn lcn
otiLs er on t'Vd". ?!00 nttie
I'l.m : asii.tf iiiib 8-00 by ) '"g
is tni.Htrr lifty c,.nt.prr day. nr fif'i'on
di liai'N ni r in i n h cmild iipplv thc bj-
uiwf nt In
o i' uiiigs to thc acctiiiiiihtion I pli tinn. tl.,,.rdpposii tbo saint! i, iho
fur tli't puicluso uf his lib- nllici' nf thc Tmvn Troasnrcr. ghitv, nn
tico of tho s.iittc. iu tba Ncwsnat er ntib.
u. tho I'und
oi ty
jiis ntii y muigtiation lsixcitctl to tlio
litbcst pitch at tbc tbought that old
opa.n snouiu cxcct in jtiMicj anu tiu-1
"J.-J ..v ...i.u jiwiu.ii Uiuin yi iniaj UU .UillllUU ;i UUUUUllUU irUIJI VUU bUlllL'ni
Uniou. aud inoko provision for tbc cxtcn. 1 tho sum of Fivi: pcr ccnt., provided tbc
sion ot' ficcdoin iu thc island nf Cuba. laatno is paid witbin the spnco nf tliirty I
Whilo bc and his friends are atteinpting I days from the time tho notico is pivcn
to cxtcnd slavcry into Nobraska, Mr.jbytbo sclcetmcn, of tho dcposit of tho
Slidcll catitmt ctidiiro tho thougbt that I Tax 15ook contaiuing such tax. And
rfptin sbould attcmpt tooxtcndfrccdom. at tbo ospiratinn of ttio tliirty days,
Aml wbat puiiishtuctit dncs ho prnposc to
mllict uputi Spaiti ' Ducs ho rrcoin-
niiMid that our govpinincnt chastiso bcr? i
No; he would nnlv let looc upon bcr
our lau-lcss plui'.dcrers. IIo says
l coun.icl ncithcr ncgotiation nor rc-!
inonstranco on tbis subject ; webavo thc
rcmcdy in our own hatids, it is that in
dicitcd in tbo rcsolution whicb I bavo
submittcd. Anu tbc Prcsidcnt with tho
simplo powcr to unt'cttcr thclimls of our
proplc. aud tho govcrnmcnt will bavo no
occaston tu put forth Ihc encrgtcs of tbc
nation; individual cntcrprise and libcr
ality uill at oncc furnish ihc mcn und
the matcrial that will onablo tbc native
popiiltition of Cuba to slmkooff tho yoko
of tbeir trans-Atlantio tyrants."
Tho forcgoing will givo us a protty
fair vtcw of the feolings of thu vvncrn
blc Scnator, tbo particular friend of
Franklin Picrco, aud his adniinistration,
liut wo will givo one cxtract moro, that
his dcmocraoy may fully appcar in all its
' And bcro it may not bo inappropri
ato to say hnw mucb it isto be rcgrcttcd
tbat in tho ltusso-Turkish quarrcl tbo
attcntinti of tho country has not bccn
moro dircctcd to tho qucstion in its as
pccts as aficctingour own political intor
csts. As bctwtcn tlio rudo and vigor
uus bnrbaristn of tho Cossack and tbo
ulTcto uatiouality of thc Moslcm, I find
no room for nctiio sympathy. scarccly
cvcn fur an nbstract prcfurtnce. Tho
gratuitons and unwarrantcd dcclarations
of our Minister, Mr. Spcncc, in his pro
sctitatioii to thc Porte, call for souic
thing moro dccidcd thau a rcpritnand
If nmdo iu thc tcnns statcd iu the nows
jiapcia, with cvcry nppcarancc nfautbcr
tioity, thcre is but oi.c fitting rcmcdy.
his iiiiuicdiato and unqualificd rccall,"
Jloston Atlns.
frf From a rcccnt pnWi'-atinn, cn
tillcd "Mzht Drafts on th- Milion ; or
AVir- Yorl; Ct'V.ils Wardsaml Guar
nin'is," wc cMr.ict tbo fulluniug notico
nt' ut.o nf our ailvcrtising palrons; and
is it coiitains sntuo judicinus rrumrks on
thc gcncral subject of advertuiiig, wc
comiucnd it to tho notico of our readers.
tniro cspcci.illy tho mcrchants and mc
bam. iu ilii" vicinity
G'llhic Jl ill, No 310 Droadway. on
tbc lilncl; bc.'wten Duane aud Pcc.rl
itroi'ts wua buill bv tho .M.nonic Frater
nitv in .2u. at a piriod prmr to
upp'icil .Morgan tragciy. auu long nc
furii thu nrti Masuiiiu excitoineiil cuin
iiim cod It was thcn stylcd ' Mas.inio
llall." but .s'.i,cc Ih it tiiin- it b,i uccim-
m bi- n tlio Whtg H''ud Q iar!fi '"
anu ll.i!! i f Tcinj.'raticc."
O o pait nf t. biiild.t'g is .iiv-i;. cd
by A.I.. Sc.vill i Cn., cs a dcpiK f.ir tlu -
.a.i-.,; Ut. Itgi'i ' Si rup nf hivorunrt.
I'ar .i .d Ca .l.ni.uua a ni'wt va'uable
lui,'' iiicdic'tic. uceutlv placcd m tho
niirkct, aud which Silliug ry r.ipid
It was ili st placed bcfnre tbe public in
('i-uiiiuait, iu tho yca aud tho fnl
iu (ing ycar thc sales auniuuttd to 4 000
bottlcs.'tho ncxt ycar 10000, and tbo
sticcccdiii" twelvc montln, 33.000 bot-
tlcs. Up to thi poriod. tbo priucipal
ini..pilipnt4 u prt I.ivrnvnrt and Tar. but
a medical gcntlcman a graduate of tho
Uuiiupiity of Pcnnsylvati'ia, Dr Moriill
wbn Lnd for luanv vcars dcote.l bis
rescarcbcs to thc iiaturc nnd curo of pul-
morury cnnpliiiuts having purchascd
an intcrcst iti tho compound, suggcsted
tbc additiun of thc Canclialagua, a Cali
t'ornia plant, .s-iid to bo of raro tucdicinal
exccllenco. Tbc iinpruvcnicnt was mado
and thc rcsult has sccmcd to fulGl thc
most sanguino oxpcctations of tho propri
ctors. In 1818, owing to tho constautly
incrcasing salo of tho rcmcdy, Dr. M.
rcmovod to tbo city of New-York, and
cstablishcd hitiisclf at No. 05 Warren
strcet, under the firm of A. L Scovill &
Co. . It was not a largo ollico whicb bo
oocupicd, but it was supposcd to bc suf
ficicnt for all purposcs for somo timo to
coino ; yct wo find tbat, in cigbtccn
montbs'froin that titno, the firm found it
impcrativo upon thcm to scck moro en
largcd accotumodations, aud Gotbio llall
was rcntcd for the purposo. Tbe salo of
tbc compound is now cnorraous, and is
stcadily on tbe incrcaso it bcing onc of
tho lest rcmcdics for discascs of tbo
lungs, and otbcr pulmonary organs, cx
tnnt if not tbo vcry bcst 1
Tho extraordinary aucccss of tbis
modicico may be nttributed to twocaus
cs ono the mhcrcnt exccllenco of tbo
compound itself, and tbt otbcr tbe judi
cious mcthod pursucd by A. L, Scovill
& Co , in placing the remidy beforo tbc
public, through tho nicans of tho press.
Wo bavo, in theprogrcss of tbcso skctcb
es, noticcd so niany tnstanccs of fortunea
bcing rapidly nocuiuulatcd through an
oxtcnsive and systematio courso of ad
vcrtisiug, tbat rcnewcd proofs would
hardly scctu nocciiary lo strcngtbcn our
Thcre is ccarcoly a singlo business in
tho world, which may not bo estentially
bcucfittcd by meana of a rcasonabla cx
pcnditure iu tbo ailvcrtising columna of
the newapapcr prcss ; and it is among tbc
blatorics of tbe past, tbat through tbis
mediutn bundreda of people bavo not on
ly accompiiabed a vast amount of good,
but bavealso becomeimtnuiMiMIUltti
by tbo sale of pilla ointments and aarss-.
pr.rillai, skilfully compoundcd nnd adapt
cd to tbo various dticascs for wliich tbcy
aro rccommcndcd.
Tbis compound, old by Mcssrsl A.L.
Scovill & Co, Is n rcally usoful nndsuc
ccssful rcmcdy. Il is prcscribcd con
tinually by uutnbors of tlio rcgulur mc
dical fnculty, atid wo aro bnppy to sco its
rrptitatiou so Grmly cslablilicd. It is
doing tniicb gnod in cars of cmigbs,
cobls. bronchiti.H and inciicnt Oniisutnp
tion, nnd wo prssiimc its alo is fant ac
cumuliititig n fiirtui.i! fur itn prnpi ietors.
Tewr Not i u.
Thc folbminc K.'Hi.linn. rcgolating '
the payiurut nf Tnw
I' ii'i was p.tsscd
if ''iu Tnx payeis
at tho T'myii Mccting
of hc tnwu f .li.ld;
15! :
Jhsrtlffrl I .f 1 Iu i
wi.s n'd TrA Im tlir '1'ma.
nn ln'il ! a'l n -..I 1 t
nf Tnwu tajr'" t iz iu.iM.
. 'iiii'l iiti.i-i
'I .- f l.l'i p
h'j pii , iro '
t ly upon liu-
inltinhtioi . I' thc ,i".t'-. L'llltld Ijl't nf
thc tnutl. tlip clctlmlMl nli.dl prncjd to
itmku uul aiinuil lnx lutcd 'v tba
tnnu. un.ii liu H.imo. and umm it i-)iii-
lislicd in tbe Town. nnd tbat caih tax
pajcrshall, upon makitig paymont lo tho !
lown 1 rcasurcr ot lns tax, ns assotsed; I
said book shall bc dclivcrcd iuto tho
handsoflho Collcctor of Taxcs. who
sball forlhwilb procecd tocollcctthesamo
rcmaininc unnaid. as now nrotidcd bv
law, and for whicb scrvicc, ho ahall re-
cetvo the sum of Fivo pcr ccnt from tbo
Town Trcasury, and in bis scttlemcnt
witb tho Trcasurcr, bo sball bo allowcd
by tlmt ofliccr tbc abovo natncd amount.
llcsolvcd, That in caso the Ton shall
lay au cxtra tax othcrwiso tbati that
votcd at its annual Mccting, tbc satno
shall bc mado out by tbo selcctnicn, dc
positedwitb tho Town Trcasurcr, and
paid undcr thc samo rcgulation as cx
prcsscd in tbo abovo rcsolution
Kcsohcd. Tbat tbc Kditor of thc Mid-
J dlebury Itcgistcr is bcrcby rcquestcd to
i pttblish tho abovi resolutions in his Ta-
i j.cr, during tho month of April ncj t.
ltcad and adoptcd March
7. IS.il.
'I.lVlNfl-iTOx's Nf.NV IiAW Hunt.-TKR :
or a Jland-booh of Vsrful lnforma-
tion. and Guidc for cvcry Man of bu-
sincss." iust prcnared and nublishcd br
.Tnlm I.ivJm-stnn. nf the ,V Vnrk H.ir.
. r . - ... .
atancxpcnso of moro tl.an tct. thou.
sand dollars, coiitains a largo amount of
itiformation wliich cvery busincss man
snouiu uavc ai commauu. inc irico ta
thrce dollars if purchascd of an ngcnt.or
two dollars it tlic moncy is scnt dtrcct i
to thc publi.thcr, by whom it will be for-
wardcd through thc mail to any part of
thc Uuitcd Stalc.-. on rcccint of 82.
thc Uuitcd State, on rcccint of 82
' Tho wholcsale mcrchant, rctatlcr.couu
try mcrcbatit, attorncy, bankcr, brokcr,
inanufacturcr, iusurcr, niccbatiic. farm-
er cvcry man will find that it icil pay
to purchase this cork It fitvcs tho ious committres nppointcd to canvass
lans of cvery state rclatiie to lauds, cx-1 the city and solicit aubscriptinns fora
ccuting and acknowlcdging, or proving moniimcnt to tho mcmory nf Prof Uut
dccds and wills. collccting and sccuring , lor, aud tho assistanco of hii widow and
dcbts, tuking and certifying dcpositions, ! chihi, arc mccting with great sticccss
and proving and certifying accounts, tho Tbcrc is a utiivcraal disposition to con
rigbts of marrted wotucn, intcrcst and ' tributc to this laudablo objcct.
usiiry, t lu- cnnstitution and jurisdiction I rt.. T- . ,
, i . . i e i i .1 Ihe " Know.nothincs" are not to
of t hc cveral stato and feurral courts, i ... .,i f . ., b , , .,
.., , ... r ,i - i have all thc fon to thcmsclvcs Anuthcr
with placcs and t.inos of thc.r sewion, , has bccn introduccd, c.Ilcd
n.,l.tary bounty land. p ccii.Pt.on uat- g . , .
araliZAtton, aud patent aws, ratci of v.. . i: .1
.' . ' , ... ' - Notwitlitnndmg thtsc new arpirantn
postacc. ctc . togutlirr witb manv fnrms r ...ii: i .i . 1 1 i
: t .i r i i- .- , for public t.ivor. that old origtnal or"an-
and mucb ntlicr uiufu tnlorniatinn. , ,i ., n ... n.
Thc Hnrk cntn.ris'S
Bluc Iloo'; nr OJi ial
ing fti'l lists nf th'i ntTt
civii. inilitary nml miv
ccutitf. and judici'il. ".
slnto giir"inciit, n 'I
uili. Itt nii.iiin t'"
Nn a ci inplcto
Dircctory giv
,if nnd s.gcnt.
...-il-,iivo, cx
!.. "., ral and
f fi'oit lt.it
..f',ibi)iu '10
S a-.-l
' !' l-tii-Uill-
000 gnvci n
tlicir pld.'
tii u c of nl"
c- : -1. '
i..f ! OO1.0
'" ' :
! c - 1 ''
- '
.-ilvcnt k
twiL ility ; r,
.-I, it ii : ...i
iluYois. cu i
ai! c-xiip.mi -f
pacl.ts and
!' nulr
ctc. :
! 'ai. aml
with thc'
slcatucr-!, tulund, f ircign. nnd i jj-tiviM!.
with thcir agcnt', liim-s nf sailii.g nnd
crtitintiuu, aml liu:Jrt-ds of nthor v.il
uablo lits and tablcs, as may bescvu by
thc coutcnts.
The New Lw l!t:niSTi:n isfi r snle
at 157 Broadicay, Xeio Yorl; at 82,
''" y caiivassiiiccL'cnts at S3 a coiiy.
I Hving bccn publtshcd by subicriptwn
' irill uot lcjor satc in the book store
The best icay to obtain the book is to
send tuo dollars, dircct to the jmblish
er, by mail. nnd on rcccipt of thc mon
cy. he uill foricard the icork to any
part o' thc Unitcd Statcs.
Moncy, cithcr in gold or sohrnt billl,
may be safcly scnt by mail, addressed
to John l.ivingston, 157 Broadicay,
New York "
Tnn NEW.YonK Mlsicai, Heview.
Tbis journal ia conductcd witb markcd
ability and commcndablo cncrgv. Tho
numbcr fur May Ittb, whicb isjust rc
ccivcd, is a doublo onc, and conaists of
tbirty-two pagcs. Tho ruusie is unusual
ly abundant, varicd aud cxccllcnt, and is,
wo vcnt'iro to say, fully wortb tbo sub
scription price of tbo Bcvicic (one dol
lar) for a ycar. Tbo reading matter ia
also copious, spicy and instructivc. It
setns to us tbat cvcry cboir, singing
scbool and family wbcrc music is taugbt,
would bo grcatly bcnefitcd by eubscrib
ing for, and reading tho A'ctr- York JU
sical licvieie. Published by
23 1'arklloic, Ketc-York.
JC2C"Sce uoticeiu anotbcr part of tbis
paper rclalivo to tbe Sbeep Sbcaring at
Elgin Springs. Tbe Notice showa tbe
programuo, to bo gono through witb on
tba 1st and 2d days of June.
fX- " He boi come I"
Who bas coroc?"
" Why, CoL Ilalc and with bim the
old Green Mountain Morgan llorst."
u Whcro doci be atopt"
" At tbo Addison llouso."
"Nuf ScdV1
Ex.Prcsidcnt Walker, lof Lowcr Cal
iforuia,) wbco last hcard from, was witb
in 20 miles of tbe Colorado, with 10 of
his men, on thc way to fexas.
i'or tbe Itcgistel.
Lato Diicoverles, by Timotliy Tlilnker.
That profcssiou is not principlc, tior
preccpt always practico.
That tu sccm aud to be aro two differ
cut things.
Tbat somcpet)jiloomrrf(cwitb whai
don't conccrn tbcm,, wliilo tbcy might
got ricb minding thcir otvn busincss.
That mon of tnct arc tn this ago prn
motcd lo pots of houor, in prcfcrcncc
! to mc ii of urtuo.
,uw ou'nng anu ii.trigtto aro
That low cu'itnne
. i . .
conscqiici.tly in vcry lngh rcpnte,
That pcople must bo ou thc popular
sido. rigl.t nr wrong.
That p.Mito pcople makcgonil wcatl.cr.
n 'eks ; hito ulbi'-t orc tou firm tncr lu'
uoliiuwl("l-t n uiistnkc.
Tlmt it takc; uvcnb-dy to make a
wnrhl. nnd tlmt the ruling principle
scciiis tg l. 4 Tn kill tho weak and bow
nbcqfi(mlv thc strong.''
M de Satiloy's claim to bavc discov.
crcd tho ruins of Sodotn and tlio otbcr
'citloj of tbo plain, " is ehuwn bv
Cbcvalicr Yandcveldc, of Utrccbt, who
has visitcd the locality in qucstion, to
be without good foundation.
Thc froo scbool syatem wcnt Into op
cration in Alabama a sbort titno sincc,
when CountyConimissioncrs wero clectcd
with authority to make tbo most liberal
appropriations from tbo Public Scbools
iu that State.
A yotingbtcr, who had jmt riscn to tho
digtilty of tho fijst pair uf boots with
hccls to thcm, laid bimsclf lialile.throogb
somo misdcmcanor. to matcrnal chasllso
tncnt. Aftcr plcading to gct clcar, to no
eflfcct, ho cxclaitncd : " Wc'.l. if I've got
to stnnd it. I ntan to lake off my bonts "
" Why 5" nskcd his mothcr. " Hocause
I wont bo whipped in thcm new boots,
no bow. Tbat's so."
Tbc Scnlincl callj tbo Autograph
llcmarkcr "ono of tho most dccidcd
Whig papcrs." We sbould call il ncith
cr whig. dcniocrat, nor frce-ioil, but a
-most dccidcd borc." Rutland Uerald.
Among tbc lato arrivals from Califor
nia arc Gov. f tevcns nf Washington Tcr
ritory, Gcn. Hitcbcock, L S. A., lato
cotntnanding inilitary forccs in C'al
ifornia, and Ililand 'llall, lato U. S.
I.and Commissioncr in Californt'a, and
funucrly of Bennington Thc tiutucrouj
fricnda of tho last naincd gcntlcmcn in
I l,"s ala.10 4 l".":i,5Cd lo leru r l"
untt. nrrivn nml ii.ll n...l
, saio arrn ai. anu wiu grcct bis rcturn
lth 3 00r,,:l1 welcome.
Tho commcncemcnt of D.irtn:outh
collcpc will takc placo on tbo 25tb, 20lh
aud 27tb of July.
Moncy is a wondcrful charmcr Mrs.
Stcvcus of Wisconsin, iu a lettcr to a
j ,",'' , f.'"' " t",cs '-"
W l"c, rc!1 J 0 "ko8
lifc insurancc agcnt, writcs that l,It af-
uio recpipt ot 6IUUU. bcinc lbo amount
of a policy cficctcd on the lifc of niy lato
Tho Louisville Couner statcs tho rar
l.liUU, IIIU X'1KM 111119, 13 Allll Ult
tho itiprcase. Mcnibcrs arc to bo secti
nt all huiirs at tho curncrs uf tlio strcets.
llai4gc. a gali undcr tbe nrmpiti and (
patcu oii thc lcft knco. Place of iuilia
tinn, tbc i cnrrsl lhr- ccnt doggery.
Cleietund I'laindcalci .
Mis I). Vcbitcr, lali-lv arrcstcd iti
Kcntucky nn as;ic"ii f aiding in tbir
p-i-.ipc i.f si ivss, lias b.'e rclcisud.
Dcic-i Di ii i Jhrk. n Mldipr of the
pT.i;iu mi siji r.-aidcnl nf Plymouth,
V . f r t.i.' u-t 50 yoar, dicd at Bronk
y Ci u i-tv d.iy aiucc,agud 10I ycars.
'I b.- li-tiian CaiIiolic in Minncsots
out i miilor all uilicr dunominations. A
calln-tlr.il i. tu bc ercctcd this scason at
St I'uitl wbicli will cost $00 000.
Th Cashmcro goal has bctn aiiccria
fully intmduccd and brod iu South Car
oltna. Tbo Charleston papcrs say tbat
the animal sccius pcrfcctly at hoiuo in
tbe cliin.tte, and is as Imrdy, aud as eai
ily raincd as thc comtuon goat. Tbs
flccce ubtained, is in wcight about cqual
to that of tbo choico varictici of sbeep,
wbile its valuo is ten timcs grcatcr
Govornor Di'TTO.v,o.f Conneoticutju his
mcssage, takcs groutid in favor of tbe
constitutionality of a prohibitory liquor
law, and advocatcs its passagc. IIc also
dcnounccs thc. Ncbraska bill in no mcas
u red tcrms, and dcclarcs that its passage
would bc a grcat outragc to tbo pcople
of tbo frcc Statci.
In a rcccnt liquor case in Rhode Is
laud, it was bcld tbat tbo law was uo
constitutional bccsuse it contained n.
provision by which its going into effect
was mado to dcpend upon the popular
vote. Tbe Sunrcmo Court of tbat State
bavo dccidcd that the validity of tbo
law is not cffccted by iti being thus sub
mittcd to tbe pcople.
Uitmsn Loyalty i.v Canada.
At a largo and iuflucnfial mccting
hol'l in Montrcal on thc 4th inet., at
which tho Mayor prcsidcd, rcsolutiom
c.xpressivo of sympathy with England
and Franco in tho present war wero
adoptcd, and an address to the Qucen
of Grcat Britain was unanimously a
grced upon, concurrent with tho vicws
of hcr Majcsty's Ministcrs.
JTolloicay't Ointmentand Pillt a
Ctrtain ltemedy for Erysipelat.
Copy of a lctter from Mr. Ycatcs,
Poit-office, Aldwick-road, Bognor,
Susscx, datcd October 4, 1852. "To
Profcssor Hollowaj, Sir, This is to
certify that, having suffcred from c
vere crysipelas in the leg for upwardg
of thrco months, which rcsisted all
medical aid, I was advbed to tryyoux
Pilli and Ointmcnt, and to follow the
rulcs for diet, as prcscribcd in your
book of directions. Tbe treatment
was pcrfcctly successful, and complet
ly curcd mi. I havo recommended
thcm to others eimilarly afflicted, and
with cqual eucct'ss.

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