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Editorial Corrospondonco.
Montpelier", Oet. 27, 1854,
On Thursday nftcrnoon, tlic two
IIoUscs, nnd a crowj of otlior spoctators,
1'iot in tlio llcprcscntativcs' Hall, to wll-
iicsa an cxhibition of tlio attninmcnts of
four Doaf Mutcs, undcr tho dircction of
Mr. W. W. Turnor, from tlio Aiucricnn
Asylum for llio Doaf nnd Dumb at Hart
ford. Mr. Tutncr stntcd tlmt thc Grst scliool
of ttic kind crcr cstallishod in thiscoun
try was tliat at Hartford, foundod in
1817. It commenced with sovcn scliol
nrs, and now lias two liundrcd nnd four.
Fourtcen or Gftocn otlior sclioola liavo
Mnco bcon ostabllshcd in tbis country
tlmt tit Hnf tford bcuig tlio only ono in
XcW lingland. In 1819, a grant in its
nld was askrd from Congrcss,nnd a town
plilp in Alabama was givcn lor lliat pur-
posc, wbicli lias sinco bccn solil, nnd tlic
incomp from tlic procccds pays ono lliird
oi mo cxrcnscs oi inc insmution. tho
ebargo to pupils including cvcrytlwng
but clotbing is tlms rcducnd to 8100
l'art or all of tbis is paid by tlio Statc
to its bcnclictarics, undcr tlic dircction
"f tho Covornor. Tbo objcct of Mr.
Turncr's visit was to intcrcst pcoplo in
tlic instftution, eo ns to sccuro tbo scnd
ing of piiplls froui tbis Stnlc, wbo bavc
not yct dcTivcd nny benefit frcni tbo
Statc appropriation.
Tbcrij ar:o now cigbtecn pupils from
tbis Statc at tbo Asylum. Tlio wbolc
number' froni tbis Stato a3 yct cducatcd
tbcro is ono bundrcd nnd fifty-six.
Tho pupils wbo accompanicd Mr.Tur-
ner wcrc Master Lillie of Ilandolpli.MUs
Sally Wright of Middlebury, Mastcr
KiuMiian of lloyaltor, nnd Mi.s Stcw-
nrt of 'Massachusctts. Kacb of tbcm
wcnt through a crios of cxorciscs at tlio
blackboard, in n vcry succcsiful mnnncr,
and grcatly to tlio satisfnctinn "f llic nu
dicnco. , Tho little girl from Middlebury
was bigbly complimcnlcd by Mr. Turner,
ns ono of tbc spriglillicst and most prom
iaing of his pupils.
Ono.intcrcsiing part of thc oxcreiscs
was lliaU of cxtcmporo composition-
word boing givcn ns tbo subjcct by somc
onc of tbo audiertce, nnd comniuuicntcd
by Mr. Tiirber to llio pupil, wbo inimc
diatcly procecdcd to writo on tbo black
board bis idcas in rulatiou thcrcto. Misi,
Stewart sbowcd grcat rcadincss and wit,
. in tbis cxcrcisc, as wcll as Qnc matbo
inalical talcnt. fn bcr cxaminatirn in Al
gcbrn. Ono of tbc scntunces writtvn by
Mastcr Kinsman cxcitcd inucli npplause
A gcntlcman haviiig proposed Stcjdicn
A. Voughts ns a subjcct, tbo lad quickly
wrolc "Stcpbcn A. Douglas was a na
tivo of tbis Statc ; but wo nccd not bc
nshaincd qf liiin. for bc bas livcd many
ycars nt tto West. 11c bas tricd vcry
liatd to sccuro tbo favor of slavcholders,
but lio niust fail, nnd bc bumblcd."
Tlic inimcnso blcssing tbo Asylum bas
coufcrrcd upon tbis class of pcrsons ii
lnnnifcst to cvcry onc, tbougb not fully
apprcciablo. Wo carncslly urgo all wbo
liavo fricnds or noighbors to bc tbus bcn
cfittcd, to sparo nn pains to sccuro tbcm
tbc privilcgoJ of'tbp Asylum. To tboso
unablo to pay,- (bis blcsing i.1 ofTercd
witbout money and witliout prico.
Tbc propcr ogo for admission is icn,
None nro rcccivcd under ctght.
Tba St. Albans Nesscngcr tolcratcsn
corrcspondcnt " ',." wboso " routcmpt "
for trutb is ovidently nnt bascd upon "'fa
miliaritj," IIo fumisbci for tbnt pa
pcr pevcral gross uiisstatcincnts. two or
llirco of wbicb rcquirc bricf noticc.
" faUcly statcs tliat, in tbo clco
ton of Sccrctary. of Statc, Ilarris to..k
tbc lcad in juiiit asscmbly, nt tbo start.
lle was third instcad of first on tbo list.
' 55." falsclv statcs tliat a " bargain "
was mado betwccn Mr. l'angborn and us,
on tbo nigbt of tbc cnucu?, by virtuo of
wbicb bo was to bc Sccrctary of tbcSen
atc, in cnfo of our promotion. Tbis
statcmcnt is fiilsc in cvcry particular
false in spirit and in lcttcr, in subitancc
ond in dctail.
l: 'A." falscly rcproscnts tbc manncr of
our nomination prctcnding tbat votcs
from anolbcr caucus scttlcd tbo rcsult.
In point of fact, ono of tlio cbivf mana
gcrs for llarm uni ono of tbo allcgcd
intrudcrs, and mdsi' activo iti cccuriug
bini tboir votcs. Tbc first to cry " stop
tbicf," it bas bcforo bccn discovcrod, aro
not always tbo mo.it iuuoccnt. Ilarris
camc out cight votcs bcliind tbc succcss
ful candidatc, alid of courfC notbing tilic
tbat number of votcs wcro tbus gaincd
ngaiust biin.
Wbotlicr " H.V is a bired faWficr.ora
voluntccr io trying to rtdicvo tbo odium
ofnlsbonorable transaction iu wbicb bo
was implicatcd, mattcrs little. Wbcro
tbo ficts aro kuown, it mattcra us little
lvbat be says.
Mo.NTr-ct,ii:n, Oct. a8, 1851.
Our editorial ccUsorr. not liaving yct
snnounccd tbo .Committccs of tbo two
Ifouses, a lit of tbo prlnpipal onca riiaj
ns wcll bo giveu berc. Tlicy .aro u-, fol-
Sciutte. Commitees.
Jitdtciary, M6ssrs. Coolidge, Sargeut,
ISanA i ,M ess rs. J oncs, Uon nison, Wads
worlb. Finatuv, Misjia. Willla'ms, .Alliin,
6'AiiftijJ Mossrs. Ucuiton, Gloaiou,
EditciUiutt, Mcira lfcnt-dict, HtalJ,
JJutn. I
Mcfsrs. Watncr, Wnltc,
lloatti, Mqssrs. Uoyt, Hyde, I'nigo.
lhuse Cpmmitlces. t
Jiulkiari; Mcssra .AVaibVurn, Kirk
lnndf.ltartlctt of Lyndon, 'McIjcanEd;
Tl'eiyi tuul Means, Mcsrs. Ficlcl,
Harvcy, Jancs, Kcitb,Hotcbkisof Geor
gia. Editcalion, Mcssrs. llankinjl'Mctcber,
Uradford. King, Woodwortb.
llonth, Mcssrs. llcckwith, Ljnian,
AVIiito of AVbiling, Koycs, Uartboloniew.
Jlanls, Mcssrs: l'ago.Stongbton, Car-
peutcr of llicbford, llatcb, Smitb of
Monkton. ,
Agrkullmc, Mcssrs. Sanford of Or.
wcll, rurnbam, Ilrigbam, Aldricb of
Westminster, Cbcncj.
Juint Commxltccs.
Ath Joint Huf, Mcssrs. Warncr.I'aw
ori, rbolps, of thc Scna'.c. Mcssrs.
Tcrrin, Iluutcr, Wccks of Salisbury, of
thc Huusc.
Lilirary, Metirs. Heald, b'arnswortb,
nj thc Srimtc : Mcssrs. EJmunds, Nasb,
5atcbcldcr, nf tlic. ITovsr.
Wo tbirik nn nblcr body of nicn bavc
not bcen fouud in tbcso iniportant posts.
for many ycars, if cvcr. Mr Jones of
ourcounty, it will bo sccn, i.i ntlbo bcad
of tbc Scnato Committcc on llanks
tbo most laborious if not most rcsponsi
blu and iniportant position in tbo Scn
ato. Tbo npplications for tbo cbartcrof
new banks nro vcry uuniorous, nnd tlm
portion of tlic busincss will cnpross inucli
of tbo timo of tbo Scnato. Wo aro glnd
to noticc tbis mark of.confidcnco in our
Scnator, wbo is rccognized as onc of tbc
most able nnd influcntlil mcmbcrs ofn
Scnato tbat bas scldom bccn strongcr.
or in any rcspcct supcrior. Mr. Wsrncr,
unforlunntclj ,bas bccn dutaincd nt bomo
tbrougb most of tlic scseion tbus far, by
scrious illncss in bis family. llis nb-
scncc, anu us occaion, arc inucli ro
grcttcd, Mr arr.er bcnig ono of tbc
most cstccmcd aud most prolnincnt iiii'in
bcrs cf tbo Sonntc.
Mr. Itcckwilb, of Middlebury, Ts at
tbo bcad of tbc Comniittoo on Jtoads.
usually a position of mucb labor and rc
spousibility, and baviny tbis ycnr somc
vcry iniportant busincss to considcr
among otbcr mattcrs tbo cbarlcr of a
Itailroad fruui St. Jobiisbury to Island
rond, wbicb will bo warnily contcstcd
Mr. Itcckuitb of cnurco lakcs a bigb
rauk amnng tbc nicuibcrs nf tbo II'jusc
wbicb is onc of inoru tbau tlio usual
Ou l'"iid:iy afiirnnnn, Mr. Diano wn.
ro-elcclcd Hoporter of tbo Uccisions of
tbo Suprcmc Court, rccciving 1 10 votcs
to 07 for Cbailcs Ij. M'illiams nnd 8 bc'at
Tlio C'nunty and Probat-j olficcn for
Addion (Jounty wcro rcported in jnint
asscmbly on 1'riday, us folhw.s :
Dorastus Wuostcr, ) , ,, r ,
V. S. ll.nman, ' J '
Iloratiu S!) mQW,l'roljatcJutli;c,A(Ul
Harvcv JIunsill.7Voie JittlscX li
David S. Oburcb, Sicrif.
Krcd. E.Woo&briigPfiitatc'sAHorHrT
O.iius A. Collamcr, Ifigh IlaUiJ'.
Wo will cndeavor tn furnijli a com
plcto list of Jusliccs of tlic l'cace for
tbo county, in our ncxt.
Tbo busincss of legislalion now all
tbat rcmains to bc donc is golling fur-
ward rapidly in tbc IIousc, tbanks to tbc
promptuoss and rcadiness of tlic Ppcnkcr,
wbo is univcrsally commcpdcd as a most
capablo aud accomplisbcd cfliccr. Tlic
Scnatc will olo takc carc tliat, tlicirpnrl
of tbo busincss docs not lag. Tliis is a
icorling Lcgislaturc, dctcrmincd to
liavo its work donc as soon ns it can, nnd
go its wny. Wo prcdict tbat twico ns
many mcmbcrs of tbo prescnt Legil.v
t'jre will bo rc-clcctcd ncxt ycar, ns arc
now in tbcir scats, aftcr baviug a plr.ee
in tbo last. Tbis is suro to bo a popular
(Jcncral Asscmbly, if it goes nbcad nnd
winds up as promptly as it bas begun.
J. II. n.
Antidoto for thoFugitivo SlavoLaw.
Tbo folloing iniportant bill was iu
troduced in tbo Scnato by Mr.Ju.Ni:.'
last wcck :
xx icr roit tiib nrir.scr. or i.iacnTr inii run
11 it hrriliy marltil thc (li noral Atsrmlhj
oj thr Statc of Vermont, ns fnltovx i
Skc. 1. Kvcry pcrson wbo sball
falscly nnd lnaliciously ileclare, rcpres
cnt or prctend tbat any frec pcrson
witb'm tbis Stato is a slavc, or owcs
sorvico or labor to any pcrsou or por
soiia, nitb intcnt to procurc, or to nid
or assist in procuring, tbo forciblc rc
moval of Bucb frco pcrson from tlnV
Stato as a slavc, sball pay a iino of
tbrco tbousand dollars, and bo impria
oned in tlio Stato Prison not Iess tban
five ycars. J'rovlJcil, tliat notbing in
tbis act sball bo construcd as applyini;
io any ciami oi scrvico irom an ap
prcnticc for a fixcd tcrra.
Suc. 2. No declaration, roprcs-
cntation or prctcnco tbat any pcrson
bcing or Imving bccn in tbis Stato is
or lias uccn a slavc, suali po ucctncu
provcd oxccpt by tbo tcstimony of
ui R'usv (wo crcuiuio wuncsscs, icau
fyin" to facts dircctly tendinx to cs-
tablish tlio trutli of such declaration,
roprcsviiiaiion, orprcicncc; ami
pru npraoii ulin. iinnn nnv ti-inl nnaMii,
unJer t,-w actshaH faisoiy awi
rcprcscnt or prc.tend, witb intcnt to
aid any piii ty accuseil undcr tbis act,
tbat any pcraou was or is a felqvc, ot
owcs or tlul qvio sorvico or labor to any
pcrson, or pcrsons, 8ball pay a llne of
lurvu uii'usiiiiu uouurs, unu uu impris-
i ? 1, r. . t. , . . i ...
oncu m inu oiato t'rison iioi icsstiiau
Svo ycars.
Si:c. 8. Ou tbo irial of any pros
bcu'.ioh niising under tbis act,n'o dcp
ositiun uLalt lio rcccivcd as ovidcuco
of tlie .fi'iith iif any statcmeut con-
..! I 1. .1 ;if r. '
lUIUCU lll BIICI1 llCpUSlllUIl.
Scc. 4. Every person si) sliall
obslruct any odicor in tligicrvicopf
unytj wnrraiit issitcil in nccoidohco
vJth 'thifttl,,prr)i5V?hall'jBid ,in'Jtit
cscapo of any i pcrson nccusud uiidcr
tbis actwbil puraueil by snflli 6fiicor,
or.in bis custody', slmjl bo linprisoncd
in' tbo Btat6:rrison'iiOt 1cm tliati dhe
ycar. "
Tho llopublionn Party.
Is tbis party nccdcd In tboprcscnt ns-
pcct of our nntionnl oiTalrs? Wo tbink
it is, and liavo somc rcasons to givo for
our conviction.
Tbc (incslion of paramount impor
tanco, now elaiming tbo altcntion of tbc
Anierlcan pcop1c,is llio qncstlnn,wbctber
frccdom or Mavcry sball bcncftforlh bo
tbc controlling cldmcut in tbis grcat llc-
public. It is obviou tbat tbo South ij
pusbing rcsolutcly and dcspctately for a
linal and umtucstioncd suprcmacy in tlio
national councils, and tbat tbo issuo tbns
tcudcrcd can bo successfully fnct only by
nn organiiation liaving a basis diffcring
from any of tbo old party platforms. Tbo
i blg ond Democralio partics bave nci
tbcr of tlieni bccn formcd witb rcfcrcnco
to tbis qucstion, and wbilo nn immcnso
majnrily of botb at tbo nortb nro fully
prcpnrcd to mcctthtf issuo ofTercd by tbo
soutb, it is cvMont tbat tlicy cannot do
so,tinitcdly nnd tfTcitually, witliout a
new orgnnizatinn.
Ag.im, tlio old party (ucstions arc
ncarly all obsolclc, and sucb cf tbcm as
rcmaiti aro not of a fuudamcntal cbarac
ter. Tlicv aro ni.itlnr.s nf i.Trn..linn..
i : . '- i
i .,..t ..r n.i ... i:t.. . .. ...
v.. j.. ittviji.v, ..il'J niu 'l UU BUV"
tled mucb niorc saiisfaetorily, if lcft as
opcn questions, tban by making tbcm tbe
basis of a distinct party organization.
Tlicy aro ccrlaiuly of a cbaracler nlto
gctbcr trivial,as comparcil wilb tlio iiics'
tion, wbicb bai, rcccntly bccn so cinpbnt
ically forccd upon tlic altcntion of tbo
nation. Tbo cssentinf cbaractcr of our
Iustitutioiis,lbii bopcs of civilization nnd
Cbiistianily,all tbo grcat aud ncrmniiciit
'i ititcrosls of tbcso Unitcd Slnlcs,'arc in-l
volvcd iu tbo strngglc, wbicb tbo soutb
bas now rcncwcd fot tbc cxtcnsion of its
pcculi.-r iiistitulions. In sucb a ciifis,
sbalt wc of tbc nortb be fuui.d fulsc .to
our positivu falso Io our instinots ns
frccnicu lalso to our counlry and to our
Ood? Wo bopo for beltcr tbings of ibc
nortb. Wo trust tbcro is inaiibood
cnougb among ii? cnotili of suporiority
to old party iiauitfs and trivialiiics
cnougb of patriotiMii nnd dLvnlinn to Ibc
liiglicst wcll-boing of tbc Hcpublic.lo j.c
curo a uuion of'all, wbo nro resolutely
betit on iiiaintaitiing Ibc rigbl.and giviug
to it a pirmancnt nnd uiyjunlioncd so
CJriij'. Wc know tbat tbcro -.rc tiniid mcn,
and solOsli politicians,wlin objcct tosticb
a union as scctional. llut wo tbink it
suflicicut to say, tbat it is not ncccssarily
M-cuuii.il, lur wo uciicva ino oosi part oi
.: 1 i- ,- i
il.e soutb will rtjoico in sucb a combitia.
tion, and bisidcs, tbat, if it must bc sco-
tional in its organizatiou.it is national in
, .......
its cnds Its ann is tbe liiglicst aud
most tmly national tliat nny party bas
ever proposed to itsclf: and. in our iiub'.
inni.i il,rr onn l.n r..n..
io snruiK irom us louy purposo, bccau.c
tbo men,wbo nlay sympatbiso witb it,aro
tound moslly in onc scction of tlio cnun
... , . r . . , , ,
odonotforget tbat ibcrc arc f,ol-
imi mcn anu dislionest mcn, wbo will tn ,or
raiso tbocry.tbat tliisorganization.wbicli j Tbcro is but littlo ncns from Califor
wo ndroc.it o. is nnlv nn Al.nliiinn nn.lv ' ni.i by tbis nrrival.
To all. wbo liavo aiucere objcclions on
.,. , ,
tbis point, it will be cnougb to say, tbat
tbo abolition party nims at tbo Abolition
of slavcry, wbcro it now cxists, wbilo
tbe dcsign of tbo Kepubliean party is, ,o
' '
tcrritory wbcro it docs not cxist, and
tlius sccuro a pcrmancnt advantaco in
our national couneils to lbc interests nf
f.. ... ... ii i , .i
IIV...UI..I .-V.UU..M... UVl.U ..... O U 1.
prcssion of blavcry in llie soutbcrn
Statcs, duu, wcro wo a rcsidcnt of tbc
soutli.woulil du our bcst tu bring it nbout.
Tbo soutb cmpliatically nccds nn Aboli
tion party but for tbo iwrlli or tbo
counlry at largc, wt are not now advo
catiug it. All, tbat tbc nortb can' ac
complisb by party orgaui7.ation, is cm-
braucd iu tbc aim. of tbc ltcpublicau
. T 7T, , rcar, and fortunatcly cscapcd. Otbcr
Lar.ii: ,c(if.-.Mr. in. 1 urncr. of of Amcrica'D8 cncountcrcd tbe
Coruwall, lcft at our ofiice opo day lat. InJians ncar Tuesen.and ono Amcrican
wcck, two bcu's egg, wcigbing 7 oz. was killcd. Tbo Apaclics werc bccom
Tboso aro prctty largc, but Mr. L. W. !B tnt"r troublcsomo cvcry dny. Twcn
Stow loft ono l.cn's cggon our table.tl.at Amciicans b.d pcrisbcd for want
wcigbcd 4 oz.-mcasuring OJ by 8J lf' Oiiboos. W0 learn tbat a
incbcs Ho says, ' tcll Mr. Wrigbt of tcrriblo niassacrc of ovcrland cmigranls
Weybridge, to trj agaiu." , bad bcen cnmmittrd by tbo Wincrns In-
C3TWc bavo rcccivcd tho first nura-
of a new papcr from Northfield, Vt,
itlcd tbo " Starof Vermont." It is
cutiilcd tbo " Star qf
publisbcd by It. S. Sanborn & Co , U of
rcspectablo sizo, wcll printcd, nnd do
voted to tbo inculcation of Americau
principles. Tcrms, 61.25 in advanco.
JJCTbo Orcen Muuntain Hcrtthl,
priuted nt llandolpb, dcad..
ii, . '. ..... I
-lllli nMVKKSAIiy 01 1110 Vt JillllC.
.i r l , . .. A . '
and tbo A orinont Colomzaticra Soc.c-
tics. camo o witli mucli mtcrcst, on
cdncsday and I'bursday cvctiings
jasc. i.110 rtjccijits into tlio i,rcasur-
ics of cacli, as thc Kcporls of tbo
Treasurers nnd Socrctnries oxbilntpd.
?bov an increasiii!' intcrcst nmoii" tbe
,nn r tt,n nf rnni : r.
vor of tbo Bibic and of Colonizalion.
,. . ,i 1 1 i ii
ibo roports, tho add.csscs and othcr
proccodinss wcro liatciicd to by gratp.
ticd audicncc's.' Mcssrs L6rd, I'c-jso, I
and othcr8 afldrcsscd tho Biblo Socies
ty, and Mcssrs, Whoolor. Mitchcl,
,Kirklnnd and llcnedict, tho Coloniza-
tion aociety. 'Ino facU prcscntea u uonnor, autaincu a siay oi procccu
show that tho lattci- Societyis doJnR ing for twcnty days, to cnablo bim to
imincnso good to tho Arricaii raco.and fila a blll of cxceptiom.
that tho Society is gottiiig a strone! BfirTbe Altiance, EnR., sa'vs that
hold on tbo confldenco and .aQcctions it is reportod-tliat 40,000" persons die
of the peoplei WMon't Bally, JouranwiMj In Ocrraa'ny fropt tlie delirum
Tbo sub?oribor;ijavo jiqtivo lasCwcok,
iiiab no woutu luroisu aups oi grnpcs an,U
pcrbaps, ot'ccrttin condi(ions.a fow bcar
ina vincs to tbofo wbo rnigbt call tbo
prescnt wcok, on Pridny,.nt 2 o'clook', 1
M. and suggcstcd,Jliat bo tnigbt ndd a
fow rcmarks rcspccting slips nnd trim
ing. Slips may bo kopt in a ccllar licd
iu n bundlo (favorito oncs in tbeccntro)
in cartb, sligbtly moist Somc dip.tbo
cnds in mcltcd wax. Tbny may bo in
scrtcd in tho ground in tbo spring, say
April. Sutno put tbcm into tbc ground
in latc autumn nnd covcr tbcm Mi (ix
incbcs or n foot of dirt,but probably witb
loss suocesi. Allowing tbc slips to bavc
tbrco. oycs, placo lliom in tbo ground nt
an nnglo of 15 dcgrccs witb tbe borizon,
witb tbo top cyo just pooping out at tbo
surfacr, nnd an incli of tba slip sbowing
itsclf abovo it. It ii uscful to ninko n
bolo witb n rod a littlo largcr tban tlio
slips, tbat tboy may bo admittcd witb
out brusing. Afler tbo slips aro itu-fcrt-cd
prcss tbo ground arounil tbcm as cf-
fcctually ns tbo foot will do it. If stt
iu tbc autumn, tbis opcratinn (.bould bo
pcrfornied agaiu in tlio spring. l'lacc
somotbing,s.iy a sbinglc, pcrptndicularly
on tlic south sidc of cacb, tu sbado it
from cigbt to Iwolt o bnurs a day.tbrougb
tbc first suuimcr, from tbo mnro iiltcnso
solar rnys. Give tbcm a littlo watcr
(soap suds is bctlcr) evory few days,wlien
tbe clouds witbbold. As tlicy dovolopc,
it is vcry important tbat tbo tcndcr
stalk Bbould boprotcctcd ngatilst witber
ing winds. After all carc, niorc llian
balf of tlnm will doubtlcss bo found dcad
tbo sccond spring. It may bo cxpcdionl
to sct tbcm on a ricb ipot, 8 or 10 to n
suarc-yard, witb tlio purpojc of trans-
planting tbo survivors, tbo sccond spring
or autumn of tbcir growtb, to tboir final
dcstiuntion. Nono' will die If rcmovod
witb tolerablo carc. Wbalcvcr crows
tbo first ycai, sbould bo out ofi, say first
of Nov., witiun 2 or 3 eycs ofils start
ing point. Tbo noxt autumn, if vigor
ous, mrco timcs as many ccs may lic
lcft. Iloaro, ono of tbo bcst writors on
tbo grapc, tays it slionld not bo allowcd
to boar till tbociicunilerci.ee is incb
cs jut abovo tbo ground, nnd nevcr
tbcrcaficr cxccpt tcn puunds for cvcry
nau incli ot uicrcaso. inos aro
grcptly injured, somctimcs substantially
ruined, by bcing sufT'jrcd to load tbcm-
selvcN uith fruit prcniaturcly.
Itcniarks on Trimming noxt wcek
Lator from California.
Entisi nnts Nnrtlcrrd lu Iwliiins 0
Millinu Jliffit Uitinrrtl 'J"inuumt
Dollars in GM. Five llumhcd
Xnv Yor.i;, Oct. 27.
Tbc stram?bipGcorjc I.aw, wldcli left
A f.!li,rnll nn tlir. ri'iiitn. nf flir. ITll.
' 1 . . ' . . ' ......
,n3 ariivoil, briiieinc tbo California
' niails to Scnt. 30, $102,001 in god
and ii03 pas.cngcr., brongbt ilftwn by
"" m"""'V ' -"P
I wallln conipany witb tbc stcamcr bal
1 coll- for TaVana.
Sbc bas cxncricnced a f-iiccci-.sioii of
' f'rmig Xorlbcrly galcs kinco ia-siii
Iuba. nccouipanicd witb a cry bcavy
1 Tbe stcamsbip Vnnkcc Ulado. wbicb lcft
San 1'rancisco in company witb tbo So-
up to tbo timo of sailiug of tlio Gcorgo
' I.aw from Asninwall, and fcars wcro eu-
lcr,ail,ed tbat so.ne accidont bad bcf.l-
1 Tl.oprioc!l asi8ncoj of Irca.utc l.y
-"io Cleorgo I.aw nro Mcssrs Duncan,
Sbornmii & Co. S 10.000; Adams &
Co ,2.19,790; Vcll. L'argo & Co., 151,
duui " lloS & Co., 1 10.000, Drcxcl
' g . j jJJO ..J.
jonn uunningiiam, ll,yuu; J.inics
Iluckins 12,000 j Samucl Au.tin, II,-
, vV,
iMroitTAST rnoM bnr... iy Iie
arrivai oi ino sicamcr uoiian, J.os .n-
ectns papcrs to fceiit ai, Iiad bccn rc
ccivcdat San l'rnnci'co, as bad alm ibc
ban Dicgo Ilcrald nf tlio ,lh.
A rcport bad bccn bioiiijbt tn ibc
crossing of tbc Colorado, tbat a com
pany of ;migrant., numbcriiig fifty. nll
from Toxas.wcrainurdcrcd AugnstSOtb.
by tbo luiiians. SoTcr.il wonicn nnd
cliildren wbo wcro iu tbo traiu, wcrc
doomcd, it is fcircd, to n niorc borrid
f-itc. S'xk liundrcd bcad of c.itllc wcrc
nlso carricd off. Tlio ncws was brnugbt
i by n sinall train, wbicb bad bccn in tbc
ilians on Jfoiso rivcr. ncar l'ort Jfoiso,
Tbo persons, killcd wcro Alcx. Ward,
wifc and sovcn cliildren, Sam'l Nilligan,
a"J JIr- l'beock, of liexiugton. Missoif-
ri ; ur. Auams and urniiierot .iticbigin;
Mr. Amon, nnd Mr, Wbito and cbild, of
Missouri, pml two Gcrmans aud a
Frcncbman, wboso namo aro uuknown.
Tlic Indians carricd olTforty bcad of
cattlo, fivo borses, nnd about 810,000.
A -consiJcrablo forco bad bccn scnt in
pursuit of tbo eavagcs.
Tm: ujsc.of Dr. (inbaiu. wbo ba
i . - , v' v l r .1
bccn on tnal in New lork. for tbomnr-
(icrofCol. Loring, was "ivcn to tbc
jury on Monday ovcnlng.and aftcr anab-
scnco of over cigbt bnurs tbey rcturncd
with a vordietofguilty of inauslaughtcr
in tbo sccond dcgrcc. Tlm pcnalty for
tbis olTcnco is imprisonmtnt in tbc stato
I,ri" not ,css 'llan. fo,,r nor, "10r1 ,,,a"
scvcn years. I'rcvious to tbo closo of
? , Vfn u li', " tffhXZ'
Rtnteu to uo a cousin of -fllrs. Urnliani,
waS rompoIIcd t0 Ic,vo tIl0 jury box bj
tno ttcl;on of tb0 otbcr jurors, wbo wcrc
dcsirous of rcndcring an impartial vcr-
diet, and tba trial was ooncludcd witb
only elcvon jurors. Aftcr tlio rcnditioo
of tlio vcrdict, tboprisonor'scounJcMr.
Intorosting Intolllgonco Itomalna !
ot.Bir Jonn iiTankiin Discovorod.
-A tclcgrnphiu disiatbh rcccivcd
iast niclit fiom Monlu-nl. announcea
tlio rcccipt nt tliat citf, of intclliccncol
John Kratikliii awl IiU companione.
Tbo ncws is said to hnvc bccn scnt by
Dr. Itac, wbo has bccn for eomo ycars
prosecuting in.-uirie3 on tbis subjcct
alon tho bordors of thc Arctio Sca.
to Sir Gcorgo Simpson, Governor ofi
tno itu(l8on Hay 'lcrfitory. It is sla
tcd tbat thc unfortttnatc advcnturcrs
pcrisbcd by starvation in tho Spring
ofl850. northwcst of Uox Uivcr. Tbc
detail3 of this intclligcncc will bc a
waitcd ith grcat anxictp. l)r. liao
cotnmenccd liis cxploiation in 1840,
and according to bis instruclion was
to bo nt tbo motith of tho Coppcnr.inc
ltivcr on tho first of July of tbnt ycar
nntl to work bis way from that point
towards Li.rrow's Strait. That cxplo
ration provcd unsucccssful, and hc
was aftcrwards dircctcd to continuo
bis rcscarchcs duiing thc stibscqucnt
ycnr. j neso aiao provcd unavailin ;
aim in rcuriiary, ifi.j', ur. liao rc-.
tuincd from a till anothcr cxplorins tour
if.,. , ... 9 .
uown iicivcnzio s nivcr, anu castwaid
along tbc coast for 500 milcs witbout
rmdiiig any Iraccs of thc party. Tbc
last traccs of Sir John Franklin, it
will bc rcmcmbcred, fixcd tbo fact
tbat hc passcd tbo Wintcr of 184o-0
on Lccchy Island, wlicrc tlio gravcs
ofthrceofhis coinpanions,"6vcr 000
cans which had cotoincd prcsci vcd
provisions and otbcr rclics wcro dis
covcrcd. Tbc ncws of Dr. Hac's dis
covci-y will crcatc a maikcd sensntion
ovcrywbcrc, and furthor dctails will
bo awaitc'd with grcat intcrcst. X. Y.
Full Partioulara Kolativoto tho
Dlscovory of tho Itcmains of
Sir John Franklin.
Mti.NTiiu.w., Saturday, Oet. 21.
Tbo lli iuld of tbis mortiiiig bas tln
following :
' In our oxtra of ycstcrday ovcning.
wc int'orn.cd tbc public tbnt a ruui(ir wns
currcnt iu lown tliat tbo rcmaiis of Sir
John Fn an-ki.i.n and of bis crew nnd tbcir
bips bad bccn discovcrcd. Wo iniino
diatcly di.patclicd u spccial niesscngcr
to tbo lliidson 15ay Ciiuipanv'.s llpu.se at
I.acliinc, and tbrougb tho kindncss of
Ino tiovcrnor, air Gi:onc.i: Simi-sox, arc
cmi'olcd to lay boforo nur readcrs tbe
following outlines ofa dispalcb rcccivcd
by Iil in jestctday from Dr. lt.u:."
"Dr. Hah bas bccn abscnt on tbc
coast sinco tbc first of tbc nintilb ofjutiu'
185:1. nnd rcturncd to Ymk l'actory on
tbc 2Stb August last, from whenco bo
forwardcd Ictters by cxpief-s toSir Gi:o
SlMi'foN, viit tbc I'cd HivcrScttlcincnt.'.
Aftcr briefly noticing tbo rcsult of bis
own exploralions, nnd tbo difiicultics
witb wbicb tlicy l.ad to cnntcnd, bo pro
cccds to stato tbat from tlic Kiiiuinianx
be bad obtaitiod ccrtain inforination of
tbo f.itu of Sir Juiin Franklin, nbo bad
becn starvcd to dcalb, after llio lnss of
tbcir slnp. wbicb wcro crusbcd in thc
ice. and wbilo makiig tbcir way south
Io tlic (Jrcat FMi l!ier, of HucU, ncar'
llio outlut of wbicb n )arly of white?
ilicd, lcaving accnunts of tbcir suf
cring- in tlio iniitilatcd cnrpscs uf
souie, wbicb bad cvidenlly fumisbcd faoJ
to tbcir uiifiirlunnto compaiilons.
Tbis informalion, altbnugb not dcriv
cd from tbo I'Vipiinriux, wbo bad com-
muuicatcu wun itic nlutcs, nml wlio
found tbcir reuiaiiis, but frnm anotbor
band wbo obtained tbe dctails vivit vocc.
may et bc relicd on. No doubt is lcft
nf ibo trutb of tbc rcport. as tbc uatitcs
bad in tbcir poJsesMou various articlcs
of r.uropean maiiufacturc, Avlncli bad
uccn in poscsMon oi ino wiutcs. a-
innng tbi-so aro sevcral silvcr spoons
fork-i.olo.nn onc of wbicb is cnpravcd
Sir Joii FitANKi.iN. Iv C It , wbilo Ibo
otlicrs iiavc crcsts nnd uutials nu tbcm
wbicb iilcnlify tlio owners as liaving bo
longcd to tbo ill f.itod cxpcdition. Draw
ingsofsomo of thcse bavo bccn scnt
Tliis fcarful tragcdy niuit bavo ne
eurrcd as long ago as tbo Spring of 1850
Tbc forigoing cinbraccs all tlie par
ticulara ns yct known in tbis city.
Dr.nAiirn. Moutamtv. A lcttrr
from an ofliccr of tbc Unitcd Statc
stcamor Saranac, tlatcd at Spezzia,
Scptcmbcr IS, statcs that whcn sbc
w ns at Conit.'intiiioplo, thc conibincd
Ktiglish nnd Frcncli forcc3 had lost
fonie tltirt; thonsaml mcti by cholcra,
aml tboy wcr still ilying in grcat num
tiers. vnc l'.nglisli lngato lost ono
liundrcd and scvonty nicn during ono
nigbt. It is impossiblo to imaginc thc
horrid statc tlicy wcrc in. Tho writer
had scvcral convcrsations vith Dritisb
officcrs, and ho concludcd tbat thcy
wcrc vcry doubtful of succcss at Sc-
vastopolowing tothe drcadful condition
ot tlieir mcn.
t555An Amcrioan citizcu namcd
rhillip3 was rcccntly arrestcd at Dsalc,
owitzcrland, on tho supposition tbat bo
was Mazzini,thc political agitator. Mr.
rbillips was treatcd vcry harsbly, and
confmcd in jail for scvcral days. IIo
asks 25,000 francs as damagcs and
apology from tbo Swiss Central Gov
crnmcnt. This has bccn refuscd, and
Mr. rbillips comcs homc to gct tlm
Fcdcral Govcrnmcnt to intcrfcro in
bis bcbalf.
JKS"-It is computcd that tbcro wil!
bo twcnty ono tbousand milcs of rail
road in tho -Unitcil Statcs on tho lst
day of January ncxt. Tlio lonjicst
railroad on tho suifacc of tbc globo is
tho Illinois Central, which is 781 milcs
in Icngth, and i3 rapidly approaching
CKpTho watch scals, formcrly be
longing to Gcncral Washington, wcro
lately plowcd up almost at thc samo
timo ; tbo ono, a gold scal, was lost by
bis ncphcw, in Virginia about sevcntccn t
ycars ago ; nnd tho othcr, a filvcr on?, '
was lost'by himsclf.at tho sccnc of Drad-'
dock'a dcfcat. Iloth bcar his initials. 1
CS5"Tho agent of tho Cunard stcam. ,
era in 'Npw York has prdercd largo
bclls, wliich will lo rung in tho fogs,
and dirccts that Iicrcaftcr thc stcam
whiso bc frccly usod in all thcir vcs
scls. 55"" A grcat number of dtsastcrs
aro said to liavo occurrcd on Lake Mics 1
higan last wcck. Tho names nro givcn
of about a Uozen vcssels tbat wcro
driven ashoro.
Iioglslnturo of Vermont.
Tt'i:spAT, Oct. 21, 1854.
Senatf. JJills introdttccd and rc
fcrrcd. 4Iy Mr. Gleason, to pay A. W
lleard 830. (rcturn cf monev raid for
Liccnsc) rcad fst and 2d timcs, nnd ro-
fcrrcd to committco on Claims. From
tbo IIousc, llclating to llank Miarcs,
owncd by pcrsons out of tbc Slatc, (iiii-
Josing tax tborcon.) to committro on
lanks. To incornornto l'lcascut llidco
Ceiuctory in Tlictford ; to commitlco on
l'inanco. llill rclating to Anditor's Itc
ports. ordcrcd to bo cncrosscd iiud rcad
3d timc.
ritilionn introduccd and Jtrfcrrcd,
15y Mcssrs. Frcncb nnd Atkiuson,
praxing for a Iloard of Education: to
committco on Kducation. Adj.
lloisr. l'rayor by lloT. F. W1 Sbol-
l'nblic JJills inlruducid llv Mr.
Wasbburn, to incrcnso tbo salarics of
judc of llio suprcuicnud circuit courts;
liy .Alr. 1'nrkp, tocquallzocostsofpartics
in county and fiipicnid courts; by Mr.
TJ-.l. ...!.,. -. .
DccKwuii, rciuiuig iu nciions ou uonus
and otbcr obligations of corporations ;
Scnato bill, rclating to witncss.
JJills intiotlitccd and rcfcrrcd. lly
Mr. ltankiu to incorporato Glon Lake"
Slatc Co., to committco on manufacturc?;
y Mr. Kdmuiids. to incorporato Vct
mout Kpisoopal Instituto nt llurlington.
to comiulltco on education ; by Mr, Uas
com. granting a fcrry to llcnj. D. Urown,
to judiciary committcc.
llcsolution liy Wasbburn, rcqucst
ing Danicl Ilobinon of Iicnnington to
uupusuu ino sworu oi uoi. Jiaum, cap
turcd at Iicnnington, in tbc ball of tbo
IIouso of Ituprescntativcs ; nilopled.
Tlio aincndnicnt of tbu Scnatc, fixing
Friday ncxt 3 l'. M to clcct rcporlcr
of DcrUions of tlic Supromo Court, was
concurrcd in.
JHlls rcfcrrcd. Tn tax tbc profits of
banking, to committco of wnys and
iiicans ; to nbolisb tbc ofTico of Stato
Supcrinttiidctit of conimon scbools, to
conimittcc on education ; to prcvcnt ob
structions in ttrccts aud highwnys, to
coiiimittce on roads ; in nddiliou to tbe
liuiior law, to sclcct comuiittcc on tbat
Srs.iTF. Uilla laying a tax on Or
leans County to difrny cxpcnsc of build-
mg a Jail IIousc, providing for tbo
rcfcrcnco of aeti'jns in tlic county courts,
wcro scvcrally rcad tlio 3d tuile and
llorst: J'clitiuns rcfcrrcd. Of Jonn.
Iloyt, and Ij. S llump'brcy and otbors,
to Gcueral conimittcc : of Joscnbus
llrockwa-. to Judiciary conitiiitteo ; of
I'.tiaj fcniilli. r-nu otlicrs, to pay volun
tccrs in tbo last wnr witb Grcat llritaiu
to committeu on Military Affairs ; of
Lewis !. Wliitlock, forrcmuncralion for
discovciing a rcinedy fur bo potatocrot
rcad and rcfcrrcd to committcc on
Ucports. ISy Gcncral committcc, t
gainst bcar and eub bill, and it uas re
kctcd : for bill rclatiii" lo iuror's fL-es.
(nllnvvin.. .",0 ets fr lrv!r, n,.nl. ,rf!,.
iiml it wns Inid nn tlm
TbcSrcakcr announccd tbe followina
i'lnrt rntmnWtrre
Ou bills rclatiiiL' to tbe urnnd list
Mcsrs. Wbilo of l'antoii, Uogcrs ofi"'0 Mn,e, "ol'"S 1s !,ctl0,ls on "'!)
Wheelock, AIoLane of l-'.-.irlcc, Congdon ' urpnr'cd by Mr. Josclyn. of l' and
of Danby, Mcllcn of 1'lainficlJ. I "" ""' ,ab'0i l'v conimitlco on nian-
On dmsiou of llurlington M.srs. ! 'ifacturcs n.amsl bill lo incorpornto tbc
H.irtlcltnf Lyndon, llcckwith i.f.MMdh- 0,T I''"H1'"ld crdo Aiiticpic Mnrblc
burv. McLaue cf Cabot, Cool; of Cbar- ""P-iny-( 'bo company can bo form
lotl'o, Jlotelikli-i of Georgia. 0,1 Ul"'cr ,lic Eal law:) laid on tlic
On divison of Windsor County la , . ,,
.Mcsms. Kdinunds of llurlin"lon. Scr- . . jr Mr, Ficld. rcciting
of Ilarre, Itobinson nf llcniiihgtnn, Ma -
son of Hicliiiirihd V;,sl, f V.. ll..
Tlic Scnatc camc iu to clcct Serj'iant-at-Arms
nud otlier ofiiccr.s. Tlio Joint
Assenibly procecdcd lo bjllot for Ser-jcant'at-Arnis.
S. P. lti:nni:i.ii, of. Montpelier, was c-,
lcctcd. Tlm following nppoiutiucuts
wcrc tlicn niadc; Fi!Iii:i:iiii-k F. Ilovr.v,
nf Jericho, Stato Lihrarian ; Da.nii:i.
KoiiF.iiTS, of Manrbostor, Dank Coniniin
sioncr:Gi:o li Ivm.t.odrj. nf S'.ixtnu's
lliirr i,,.t i ,ni... r:.....,.i
rccciving '.12 votcs, tbe otlier candidat'cs
voted for being Alonzo Jacknian and
Hcman It Sniiib ; Gro. W, Guamibv, of
Vergennes, Q.urtcr Mnstd Gcnoral (re -
ec.Miig mo oincr eandidate
0 .......... i.. w
L MAN V. llill, ot b.ung, Judgo
Advocato Gcncral.
Wi:ii.ni:s1iav, Oct. 21, 1851.
Si:nati:, lhlh introduccd and rc-
firrcd liy Mr. Dciiisnn, to dividc tbo nml passcd.
town of 'oodstock aud otablish n new i Tlio llill rclating to ropairs of Iligb
town by tbo namo of Soutb Woodstock wnys callcd up aud nmcnduicnt proposed
Jtcad twicc and rcfcrrcd to Sclcct com-
mittco. liy iMr Green, to incorporato
tbo New Kugland Veru Antiijno Marblc
Company, rcad twica. and rcfcrrcd to
oonimitlco on Jlauufacturcs. liy Mr.
Lcavcns, to incorporato tbo Nortlicrn
Vcrniont llank, read twicc and rcfcrrcd
to comuiittco on llauks.
lloisi:. llcsolution. liy Mr. Fisb.
that no bill bo introduccd aftcr Satur
day next rcjeeteiV
J'ublic llills introduccd. liy Mr.
Carpcnter, to aiuciid cbap. 80 rclating to
tlic grand list; by ilr. .lesselyn of 1.
to repcal part of cbap. 20, rclating to
town supcrintendciits ol common sctiools;
by ,Mr. Alasou, in niiieudmcnt ofaet rc
lating to iiisurance on livcs by forcien
companies ; by Jlr. ltaukin, to crcato
nud pcrpctunto thc library oftbc ttatc
lhlh llrfcrrcd. Scnalo bill taxing
Orleans County, to mcmbcrs of tbat
county ; bill anncxingtjoshcn uorc,ecc,
to sclcct committco ct uvc
Scnati: llills introduccd and rc-
fcircd. lty Mr. Frcucb, iu rclation to
tlio sliuo of 'Jalcdonia county ; changing
piaco io ht. Jonusbury. itcicrrcu io t
Sclcct Committcc.
llcsolution. liy Mr. Atkinson, di
rccting tbo Sccrctary to procuro tbe
pnnting of bills dcsignatcd for tbat pur
posu bv printing com.
Thc bill in rclation to tbo rcports of
tlio Auditor, providing for a furtncr dis
tribution, was rcad tbc 3d timc, aud on
tho rjucsticin ot its passago, it was uc:id
cd in tbe afliruiativo ycas 13, nays 12.
IIousc. Public. bills introduccd.
lly Jlr. Lyndo, in rclation to banks,
liolQing privnto propcr ty ot stockholdcrs
to nmount of stock for rcdcmption of tho
bills; by Mr. Jicckwith rclating to scr
vico of process on uon-rcsidvut trustcca
of railroads ; by Mr. Stoughton. rclating
to banks ordiscount.
Uills introduccd and rcfcrrcd. lly
Mr. 1'arkof St. J., iu rclation to shircof
i;aieuouia county, (making St. Jolius
bury tbo county sent.) tocommitteoon
printing; by Mr. Judovine, to incorpo
rato tbo bauk of Soutb Hardwick, to
committco on llanks.
llcsolution. By Mr. Caipentcr, of
Addieou. instructing general cotnmitteo
'o ioquiro intp tbo oipedicncy of making
an appropriation for raco-courses in cacn
county. Mr Sptnccr itiovcd to.dismiss,
and aftcr a fcw sarrastio rcmarks by
Mcssrs. 1'icld.and Drigbatd, tbc motion
was agrccd to,
Mr. Barlctt Cnllcd up tbo bill rcmov
ing tbo sbire of Caledonia County, nnd
nftcr rcfcrcnco to tbo committcc on
printingnud roport, Mr. Bartlctt movcd
to rcfcr Io n sclcot committco of five.
Mr. W.nshburn movcd to lay tbo bill on
tbc tablo for tbc purposo of waiting for
otbcr bills of a liko cliaractcr, witb a
view of rcfcrring tbo wbolo to ono com-
niitteo. Aftor discusion by Mcssrs.
llai-tlclt, Wasbburn, Uankin and Mo
I.can tbo bill was rcfcrrcd to n sclcct
committcc of five.
TnunspAV, Oct. 20, 1851.
Si :natf.. JUUs introduccd tttul rc
fcrrcd. lly Mr. Joncs. for tbo dcfenco
oflibcrtyand tbo punislimcnt of kid
napping; rcfcrred to committcc on I'rint.
ing. lly Mr. Wbilo. To incorpnrate tbo
llank of. South Hardwick ; to committcc
on ltanks.
Jteports of Commiltccs. IIousc bill,
to punjsli fraudulcnt issuo nnd transfcr
nf cvrtiGcatcs of stock; iu favor of tbe
same, rcad 3d timo and passcd. Hill to
rcpcaj 2 scc3. of Higbwny act, in rela
tion to paymcnt of tax in lnouoy. ad
vcrso to tbo bill ; laid on tbo tnblo.
Hofsc. Hills inlrotluccd and rc
fcrrcd. Dy Mr, Wasbburn. ehartcring
tbo Vermont Oold Mininir C
laid on tbc tnblo on motion of Mr. Flcld,
witb n viow to instructions. brinirinr tbis
and similar applicatious under tbo gcn
cral law of last ycar ; by Mr. Ficld, ro-
lieaiuig act cuaricring t, ec Uanad.i
Itailroad Company. (tbo mover nllcdging
tliat tbo company bas nbolislied tlic of
ficc ol Clcrk, to nvoid tbo lax on stock
of uoii'rcsidcnts.) nnd ou bis motion it
wns rcfcrrcd to comuiittcc ou roads witb
autliority to scnd for pcrsons and papcrs.
Shnati: Jlih introduicd aud r
frrnd. Uy Mr. I'bclps, atiuexing part
if Sonicrsct to Wardsboro', lly Mr.
Green, rolating Io proof of marriago in
criminal prosccutions j rcfcrrcd lo com
mittco on tbc Judiciary. liy Mr. Cool '
idgo cnlarging tbo cnpilnj stock of tbc
Hiink of jJluck Uivcr. Rcfcrrcd tocom
uiittec on llanks.
llill rclating tosubscriptions for llank
Stock; rcad 3d timo and passcd.
llniisr.. Puhlic hills introduccd
Hy Jlr. Jossclyn of 1'., rcgubiting com
pcnsation of solicitnrs for acts of incor
poration : by Mr. K.hly, providing for
scliool distiicts; by Mr. lltiulon. con
stituting a new county out of Addison.
Rutland, Orango and Windsor countics;
by Mr Fcriin, relalins to sbiro town of
l.amoillc county, (making Johnson tbe
sb'tro town )
J'ctitionstcfcrrcd. Of Wm. C. Kit
trcdgo and otlicrs. to committcc ou
claims ; C. U. Ide, II. Hilton, Samucl
Kvarl.-, Hcman Cbanin. and a larL'o num
ber of olbcrs, for a forry to 11. IJ. ltrown,
to cmnmittcc on roads; of llcv. Worlb
tngton Sinilli nnd olbcrs, to iudiciarv
I COIIlllltttCO ;
ui juuas ,, ivccicr nuil
Olbcis, tn comniiltco on banks.
' P'J'.'f . judiciary comniiltco. a
gainst bill in ahcration of sec. 21 cbap.
(p'cin2 nctions on book aceount on
' ih?. pr0'i"" J "'0 act ot ISj3 taxmg
railroad stock of nnu-rci Jbiitx. allcd''iii"
that Ibc Vcrinniit st Cannda lt. It. Co
bas aboli.shed tbc ollicc of cleik for thc
purposo of avoiding tho tax, and dircct
ing tbc Stato Trensurcr to iri'tituta pro
ccc lings at law or in cquity tn cnforcc
tbc law, and to iinpiiro whclhcr thc cor
pnration bas not forfciled its cbnrtcr
llcfcircd to coiiimittce of wajs and
mcans, wilb powcr to scnd for pcrsons
aud papcrs
I 1 lio rcuiaiiidcr ot tlie aftornoon was
Jevotcd to an iutcrcsting cxbibiiion of
, ucal anu uumo Put"19-
I Fiiin.vy, Oct. 27, 1 33 1.
, Sf.nath -Tl.e 1'residcnt annoiii.cd on
t10 Gcncra, clumittcc Mm , Mi;
t0ll waUHWortti, and Jlca d.
. , ... ... .. ....,. ..,.
Company to build Station IIoimo and
Tnll Galo on tbo west sido of Connecti
cut ltivcr. was enlled un. rp.nl 3.1 ilnu.
raising tbo pricc of labor to I2J ccnts
' tmr liour Tho nl,inr. n.nAnllv
di,cussed by Mcssrs. Ucuedict, Allen.
. I'aigo. Ifoyt. Deuison, Green, Frcncb,
nnd Sargcant. Amcndmcnt rrjcctcd,
and 3d reading refuscd.
IIousF. llcsolutions. Hy Mr. White
of Whiting, lcndcring tbo thauks of the,
IIousc to Mr. Wm. W. Turner nnd deaf
, .1 i. . ;i- .i . .
anu uuiuu jiupus, lur iuu exuiuiiiun ycs
tcrday, wbicb was adoptcd uiiauimouslj-.
llcjmi Is. lty committcc on roads, as :
ins to bc dichargcd fiom pctitions ni d
bill for a ferry to Bcnj. U. Urown ;
ngrecd lo, ard rcfcrrcd, ou motion of Mf.
Frisbie, to sclcct committco offivc.
On motion of Mr. Fcrrin. tbo bill,
changing tbo sbiro town of Lamoille
couuty was rcfcrrcd to a sclcct commit
tco of fivo,
The bill cslablishing a new county of
Orango, Windsor, Rutland and Addison
was rcfcrrcd to sclcct comniittoo on divi-
siou of inddor County,
Senatf, Folico llill was callcd up
auu uwjcuucu pu aa iu i-aii'uu ns pruvi
sions to incorporatcd villagcs and 3d
reading refuscd ycas 10. jfays 1 1.
Tbc Scnato wcnt intojoint asscmbly,
and on rcturning. Adjourncd,
Hoi-sc. Jlils introduccd and rc-
I'errcd. lly Mr. Ilawloy.to pay Ncwton
llose 5,ou, to committco on claims; by
Ur. uito of lnling. to pay trcasurcr
of eriuont Stato Agricultural Socicty
Sleu paid out torpoliee scrviccs,to com
mittcc on claims.
Tbe bill rclatinir to aisisnmcnta. rc
portcd upon adrcrscly by tbe Judiciarv
committcc, wns amended, on motion of
r. f.u.munds, so ss to providc nmply
tbnt no croJitor sball be prcfcrrcd by tbo
dcbtor. Tbo bill was supportcd by
Mcssrs. Ivdmuuds. Siuilb of Williston.
nnd Ficld, opposcd by Mcssrs. Hotcbkiss
oi vt atcrviuo, and W asliburn, and on
motion of Mr. Ficld, mado tbc tpecial
ordcr for 11 o'clock to-morrow morning
Mcnill nnd Russcl, tho kidnappers
of Solomon Northup, bavo had thcir
trial put off till Fcbruarv. ou aceount
of tho absccnco of matcrial tvitncstcs.
They liavo bccn endcavoriiiK to cct
Nortliup out of thc way or make como
compromisc, bu( witnput 6tccesst
NntsoK, Tiln Mail Robdeii. The
Stracute Standard undcrstands that
Nclson, wbo is cbargcd with robbing
tho I'ost-Officc nt Kccscville, and cs
capcd from tbc Troy jail, a fcw tiigbts
sincc, passcd tbrougb this city on Mon
day, on his way to Cahada by way of
Oswcgo. IIo rcsidcd licrc for a short
timo, a fcw ycars sincc, on a visit to
his brothcrin-law, C. M. Ilronson,
Esq., and was rccognized by scvcral
pcrsons who wcrc not awarc of his nr
rcst. IIo is a son of thc celcbratcd Ca
nadian patiiot Wolfrcd Nclson, and
has probably cscapcd to Canada.
The Washington Globo would not
at first crcdit tho ncws from Ohio, but
gavu in whcn Fairfield county, goodin
bad timcs for 1 200 Dcmocratlc majori
ty, rcturncd 1000 for thc Wliigs. Tho
Globo says :
"Wc arc truly glad that, thougli
still a Dcmocrat, wo aro now publisb
ing a ncutral papor.and are not bonnd
to aceount for largc majoritics against
our party."
Thc Tolcdo DladcTTii pnblisbing tho
rcturns from scvcn countics in that
district, giving an aggrcgato tnajority
of 2210 for tho Rcpublican candidatc,
adds : " Williams, Pualding nnd Van
Wcrt rcma'm to bo hcard from. Tbcso
countics arc namcd aftcr tho captors of
Andrc, and wo bavo no doubt thcy
liavo capturcd tlic tnodcni traitors
within thcir bordcrs, and takcn tho
cvidcnccsof trcason out of thcir boots."
Washington, Oct. 25.- -Thc Star
says thc cost of rcclaiming tbc fugitivo
slavc Bitrns aniountcd to twcnty.scvcn
tliousand dollars, fiftccn tbousand of
i wbicb was paid from tho Unitcd Statcs
Ircasury this morning. It also saya
tbc contracts for tho riaohiticry of the
thrcc rcmaining stcamships bavc not
yct bccn givcn out.
Qukiiec, Oct.2o. The sccor.d read
ing of thc Clcrgy Hcscrvcs Seculariza-
tion bill took placo to-day in tbo C'a
nadian Parliatncnt, and if was carricd
bya votc of03 to 15. If nll tbo
mcmbcrs had bcen prescnt thc voto
would bavc stnod 1 14 to 10.
Tm: Ei.KPitAXT. -ln tbccasc of
Uaymond vs. thc town of Adams, Mass,
for 825,000 damagcs for thc dcath of
thc clephantColumbus, by bis brcaking
through a bridgc at South Adams
thc jury wcrc unablc to agrcc, and tbo
cascis to bo tricd again. It is undcr,
stood tbat cluvcn of tho jury wcrc for
tho town, and onc for clcpbant.
Ftw:. Tho dwclling of Dcacon Ja-.
cob Fowers.situatcd about two milcs
north of th'i3 villaj,c, was totally de.
stroycd by firc on Thursday of last
wcck. Tho firc originatcd in nn arch
in a back room, nud was not discovcrcd
uutil tuo latc to bo siibdncd. A corn
barn was also destroyed with its con-
tcnts ; out ty tlic cltorts ot ncighboM
thc otbcr barns wcrc saved. llut very
little of thc furnitnrc was savcd. Mr.
Fowcrswasinsurcd for somc thing ovcc
S'-iOO, wbicb will not covcr moro llian
half thc loss. liran lon Pot.
B5S,An attoinpt was niade, by
some unknown burgbu.", to cntcr !ind
rob tho Dank of Ilutland, on Thursday
nigbt of last wcck. The burglars, bad
succcedcd iu rcinoving a part of Iho
casing, fmm onc oftbc windows.in tbo
Directors room,atid in partially raising
thc window, whcn thcy wcrc hcard by
Asst. Casbicr Kellog, and upon his
calling to tbcm thcy tnado a basty rc
trcat. iHnvkcts.
Brighton Cattlo Markct, Oct. 26.
At .Markct. t700 Ilcef (Jattlc, 10HO Storu,
17 patrs. WorUlns Oxcn.H" Cown aml C.dtcs,
70IK) Slict'p nml l.anilis, nml 14:14 Sine.
l'rlccs HecrCatllc I'.xtra Sf ; firsl "al
Mty,S7,M; K-cimd do. ; lliirJ do JC.SO,
.10; urdliiarv M0f(4,"5,
IIMcsfco.r.OJir, Talbnv SS8S,25. rdti
t-."Tt02e. Calf Skli.s 11c pcr Ib.
Ve.i! Calvi-s SS, 9, 10-Jrll.
Storcs Vi-arliopss;!, 10111 Twornr
ol.l SI4, S2S25, Tlire.- years old 52J,i7,
OT, 3IM. r
WorkliiR 0en S'.iO, 10n, 1205ilS0.
Cows and Calves SL'O, 22, 24, 27,31, 35v
Slieep .ui-l r..Miib KxtM 3 4,50,5,029:
ll l"t,cl,.r.O, 2, 3133,50.
Swlnc 431'e. Ilct.nll 53C,e, Ft Ungi of
vrlilcli tlicre were 373 at markct. 5c
H'.-iiiirks Iarkut to-day i.ovc-rstockcd.llio
ntallicr bcln; warm. l'rices hao dcclincd
25350c pcr llis.
iil a r r i c d ,
In Weybridge, on tboSlh inst.,by Rcv.
Mr. Fcrgurson, 5Ir. W. C. Myers. to
Mlss Martba E. Murdick, botb of Mid
dlebury. In Brandon, on tbo 10th inst., bv
Itcv. C. A. Thomas, Mr. M F. Allen o'f
Goshen, to Miss Augusta A Cbild, of
Furcst Dalc.
i r In tliis village, Oct. 13tb, Mr. Horaco
T'aylor. ogcd 74 years.
In Urattlcboro. on the 27th Oct.
Mrs. Mary Anu Thaycr, in the 53 ycar
of bcrngc.
Of tbo Typboid Fever, in Wclumpka,
Alabama, Setb I'addock Storrs, Ksq
agcd 5G years.
Ho was son of tbo Mo Dea. Sctk
Storrs of tbis town, and, for many ycars,
had bccn a practitioncr of Law, nnd a.
promincnt mcmbcr of Society, in tbo
town, in wbicb ba dicd.
Thorc ictll be a rublic Drbxto ofthe riil
lomatlicil.in Soclctyl tlie Collcee Clial,ia
Wfdncsday ercnlne.the 15tli ofNovointrer.
Tlie Ldiei nd Ocntlcmon of the vldnit.r,
no cordlally Inrltod to attcnJ
Oct. 31 lf54. 28.3W,
Frora thc primlscs oftald subscrlbcr. on
WnlnciuUy ul?lit.ortlio25lli Inst., a 11LACK
VKAHL1NO COLT. P.ild Colt liaa twn
white lilnd fcct, and ilar in lilf forehcai.
Anv Inforination ai to the whcicaboult of
said anlmal wl(l bo tultably tcwardcdbv tho
Middlebury, Oct. 31 1R5I. 28.Jw.
IVhercAS ror wlfe Mur. lias lofl mr hr.
and board. Thl is to warn a pcrsom a.
galnit trustlng bcr on niy aceount, as I will
pay no debts of bcr conlractlnir from iM.
Oct. 81 105.4- 28,3w.

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