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: .fyf. !i V fci; ! '-if.!'
ti tl IU i-lfv, ...;!: U J lM
c.f ;h" Not:... 11. m. .vb hm-
J-vlU' !. it: I t j I I ! i
btq-f I id hr ( v tU t. H i ' n
il l tie -:.' tHr--sU ! Ill pre
diction were -: jH.pt.! r r-.t tie '! ;.
to v!d H c rf. , ...;: o:.,!.tH
5 in lie !...:!. of nil !. f --f lut-H,
T..0 f fieij .Ji.J ( ill'
!; are, i,f real"', linn ' rj 1 and
orAnowr.. but t'.. t i s 1 urd
(Cicial r'A d lis '! '! have taW'tl
tome ft'itu tie jp n-ral obliti.ai.
After the tal! of Fori Sum, v h' n
tmi2 win- ;!,;
!i'o 'ir.',..ia fi nj
ihe ttl,m S a!v, oii!cr ti.e l.t jlag
of lie C'i.f 1 racy, n; l c-1 ry train
fur tie Nor! Wr r g r;nit ol
firt tut-r. of l? S-.tsiti. tl'- flit I .;
ri-lary of War .!-'.-.r tl.t in a
lilOllti.4 " !' C'l.!' ll l.l'l- Ji Wl.tlll
vdcuui 1' ni.iui ! 1! i i.'' 1'. .'I i!i.l
cxcili-tuc'til of ih: t.m: tiiat tv.-naik
ki Jould'Si . (lot-J w.ih ui'iaS -ni-fih'ixi:
hy fun st! lit r im iln: m irit.
A MM IIIIIU lll VI .ill 11,1, IP' dllf Ii."'. !,.,
' ' '
and tic tlaj of the Cou;i.-draey, as
advanced by il aniiit's ha ii( v-r b' t ii
frtTniaiieiitly iiliiil-i in liny luore .Ian -
' J ' J
r..r..ii4 ....! .Lin v I i It. ...I, ... it. ii, il
n... 1 1 :.,i . .. ...,.r- .. i i. ..t ... i
I V " l
was at, the lime i f Mi. 'alkt-r' re
inaik. And yet (lie pu tiit lion lnu
been, in a eei ti.in ft n-e, fulfilled.-.
Several rehtd fla have appt aied in
the ttieeU and public, place of Hus
ton but instead of floaiing over it us
iiij;!! of it nihjualiori, lln-y have
been placed litre in reiiiiii.hinnec of
Northern Valor and uen-s., livery
one ol thein t-peak of a Sonilftn de
feat, and remind us of lie hopt h -
nc."Sofllio Southern eau-t-. And we
fear tie Jinl. iit t llicad will not be
greatly coiio!ed lor llis strange ful
filliuent uf his prtijilecy hy tie reflec
tion tint ihe lli'jr of lit; I hioii i per
manently -sfa!i!i.-l.e.l in lie eapilols of
four S iiiilu rn S;a!es eoniitieg
Similar in r.i.tc.re and o! l.ke ful'ill
ment, was the faying, eomm n among
the ollieer of the Southern ntm',tbat
tiny would fpend the next ifustn in
Northern riti-. Ollit ia' rejiorls llovv
that not a few of lit in kept their Wtmi
at the expense of their liberty, and t'o.1- j
filled their pred.etii.ns in the character
ol pi isoueis ot war. 1 lie realization
of their Imp.- was not quite fn pleas
ant a their dream. Instead of quar
tering tlema Ives in the best hotels,
they aero furnished lodging at tie
expense of l itt le Samuel in e.-ia'dish
merit destitute of many of lie '"mod
ern improv etiients" They had.di t am -cd
of a grand fttre on fieiy horses,
with waving burner mil (-01111111110
bra, anil tho welcoming i-louf of
friendly inhabitant. Tlty realized
' only a distant view of the longed for
"Northern city" from some neighbor
ing camp of prisoners. la the place
of the happy time they were to have
with the fair inhabitant of the North-
era cities who would, of course, be
tetuibleof lie accomplishments of their
gallant rontpieror,o!ti(! of tln-m have
enjoyed much quiet meditation within
Ihe four walls of a cell. After three
year of trial wo do not know of one
Southern olueer who has slept over
nijjht in a Northin city, excei.t n
A . .u
prisoner ef ar. who 'did not get kick- predict that Charleston would be ta
td out of it the next morning like I k. n w ill. in a given time, but not one
Stuart, or politely conducted to the
jH-nitentiary like Morgan.
Hut the bft kitowp saying of this
kind was the famous Medieiion of
Kobert Toombs lhat 44 he would vel
callbiiilave-rollon Banker Iliii.
Three year have male tuoh work
with Mr. Twmbs4 w, 1! de, -f ,1 lot of
lav tint if n t-xpect-d anv to an-
wer t,. Ihi-ir t,ui.-. be ut, .! e, .1 .:. i
ly have to proceed In the North will
l.is roll. IB' might appear on hi
- ---p.,-- "I 1 ,
t'm-,H.n r!l i ! .n t iii. . r,.
j.ian'ntim, roil 111 han.f, will more
than his usu d pomposity of in.-ii.m-r, j
and cu'd ti.'l be wa, lind without
lititimirrcNw,. This 1 V,, ib,
e i - - r- '
ru., II on. John M nor H .;ts f Vir
ginia, has rwtit'y !-. j-t. 4 tl.i' Mr.
Lfm-oln thou! 1 give Mr. T..ii!.
pass, lo Hunker IP:!, thai -rta'.d-:i.
bint la fuliill bis pr.jh-ey, as Le wa'j
find most of his d.c ileie to niiaer
k l heir n firm. L ths pn-Jiction
n4 lh coram; tit staial together ; the
first to iriiiieate the early bepe f ihe
n-WiUoo, the bt their iiir Jisapjuint .
S ,u"htn pri-K an !
;f..j3!ise ttrv-i
rfajnS tf.cr.-vi.i'e b t.r.'. m -re in-
Solent nnd rev. ng-fj. 'i Ur La'e in-
tl'Uulioni of the St.-i.h its t . b
t'lrts! uisii u l.y tie tw oid. ttur !
- i
cye nod etsr. t ie to It-ijit-ulted wiih j
tight nnd tvun.'s ihe tiioff abboud- j
'.'! t-l in if
"I sfi t; v fi-jw i !
I .5' m' - r j b t.
i jrfn i ' i .(. I.
'. T ; I i . ! ,; ", i !
.: : '
- .i ..
! t"
'- ''I ,
r H .!
( 1 ,''!. r, '. V, !
N !
r ;
14 '.::! !.;o' i..f 1.
r'y In 1
c.lt- !.
r .rp-'t;i t-roi" ! !-r war to l'i t n
jf o.ir rYi', K; ai ii;f- t'huUy,
2 !v.S j r t IK' of" l.iv i ;.
a-.) Ha! '. irr r!.ain
t" II o: !l.r r'f'' '' 1'..'
J. ,1 I j -a ; , t' . , i
li. -r an I i i.iki !, .. .. i i.
i! a 1,1'ukf ! f ir fiave.
TiiU til';
Sj't!i- rn riiilautiuii f.unJ..-l on s'.i-,
prove t'i t'
wuril that flivery si
i i i.i i n; .Nurtiii rn f-o.i. i lie pre
, . i t , . ....
wax : i.o "a-'.-i-.i iiini iHil lio onsii.i:i
j ilr .tt'i 1 ia !h; N! t'i as ut lie S.i'.itli,
! only hy h great -.-r v iulenee, tu i-ecire
( tie . afcty of A ive property. And at
that :a of lie war their reliance on
J . 1 ! , '
, tl ir at in ami tit ir poh'-y wa 'it !i .
I,, . , , , . , f , . , , !
jtnat r.cy had na J. mil of heio alii ,
' ., . , ., , e ,
i to il'.-ct i!. 44 I i idi! jT 't-tlj In-fore di !
: ... , , ., . - 1
i stun tui'j, iiini an liau;'il y s inrit before ,
. . . ' !
... (.., I ln Hitlitii! iiiTi h ii.1i llu.y
, .. ". . ' , , !. , . ii i ... i ; duee.l lr I hat teekof triai-s ta n-..luccl ' procefik-d biij' a lm ? way Ih-Kti; the? M'liiaiion wa Ih-ih; -trcti-
tli.r .N-ri;.-rn ini-t.m;j.i. ot fr..cl.n. Ie r.i li--at w.,u!J iloiiut.es have , ' , . , . , ; ' , ' , .
. . , . , , , , i t- i the nmiiui-r tf.a, rie wev.; aftt-r t!i : were eoiiiin-iU-a 10 1'iinlin ' ii i t'e 1 m latia'. iii lot u iimon:; ,J.
As in f.r:u r tirne, lanj m ul!iely emuin-.Jiiic.iii a t.ic lie to tao I.jwinox ; I. ., 1 n , ,, . .
.. , . , t . , ., ,. , . , 1 rnair-mt:i(,lli! V 1 l.iir'.i i hant p ira-. im;ii.---iiIo (r lliy ear to iiuki iilj O'1'1'- l! was of euuric, imoIouikiIv
ceru-i.t-1 h he liw i.r..t'uy ol one hy . .More lui.-ltiig luol in tuat c-.kv the ! , , 1 j '., , ., , , .. . , ,. ' ,.
. , ...... : . . ; , , ilea m-vert mrtn I while there wan evt rv inl i-utioa of an eii.Mlile of the in It lu .-u-y ol ntch a
lv; i-al rxlobitjoa, to lliey troi,i-J, ; JotRNAl. wuUI not havu atpeared j . . . , , ,..,. i in ,
, , ,. , i . ', -ii . .. ., " a-.snu!t, the troop Ji.aOe-1 lla-ir Runs; proeredii mid mlli i i-m.1 a very p.
ly s..i: mark...! .Ii.j.. ay of pot-r, 10,1.11 nion.m-. 1 le proximity ot lie ; 1)0xat!0.. There w a a donation . . , . , . ,V i ; Hi.. ... t iv ...... ..',.' i
rrv w :n If. h ir I r , u mm I. 1 11 1 v 1. 1- . tt i in i 1 rrriuii.lv liTiv'.' Ijfrll tit'irriVfil .
lhm!j;lt lo spread abroad, caunot main-! ginei and no larger supply of .vatt
lain itself nt home. Iik-tea l of forcing j than w hat i necessary for onl'na'y
the North into a peace that t-liotild 1 ptu post s. Some plan should be adept
guarautee lo iht-in the safely of llu-ir etl without wailing for any more furti
slave properly even in Huston, their blu reiniinlei.
property is not to-day worth a tvv'en- "
. .. ' - 1 Iti KtiXtiliy. t-'.l.nnr- 1 iCt.
lietli part of its former value on their j to me Vitms w Max. m.ra:
own plantation!!. Holett Tombs, who ! The President has called fur Two
expected lo fee the day when he could ' Hundred Thousand more men, an 1 the
call hi slave-roll on Hunker Mill, a j town quota of ManehiMicr will bj
under his own vine and fig tree with ' twelve men. Hy the i-c-eii'istnieiit o!
none to molest or make him afraid, ! the veterans, your ipio'a-i.s already
ha eeii eolered regiment parading j fill ; and by the patriot! u of tli iM.;
i.i I lie s'rei t of New (Mean and ' brave men you have lee i saved from
guarding lie whole length of that ! a drall. Jt oelongi lo yo i to !.v
great liver -a lii-li w to secure the ! i-.mi; nppresiation of the n. C -rtai.i
stilitn'sdo;! of the West and enable the J it is that il they h id n it iv-c.iii!i:d,
South to put its foot on New England, i you would lave had to raise twelve
He ha already seen Suuihern State men, mid without do-ihl, vv.mll have
prepiiriug for emancipation, ami if his
strength fails not beond his years,
may live to sec lie day when not a
slave shall curse tie American soil.
It is instructive (o remctulei' that
this ila-s of remarks are not inuhi-
,,:;,,, , ;l,c South at this -tuge of the
war. The events of the past three
j years have brought soma doubt as to
I the'r boasted prowess. Since Gen.
Kwell declared (he night before the
I first day's fight at Gettysburg that he
I'xpected within a week from that time
to sb ep in Ilarri-burg, Philadelphia
and Haliimore, we do not know of a
single remark that seemed to indicate
much hope of subjugating even a small
portion of the North. The wrong
and .suir. i ings of "My Mtiiy'and" for- j
meriy caucil many heroic resolves
1 among tie chivalry, but as " My Ma- J
jrylatid" is coming out for the cause of!
j emancipation, lin y probably will not j
! care io run the ris'i of another Antic-!
I tain or (ielty-lur, for (he purpose of !
j redeeming her. Their highest hope
of a recent dat-s have been to recover
i Tennessee, but the Very tone of the
(expression, far from being exultant
j like their first effort at bombast, idiow
j that they are already dispirited ut the
j prospect. Many Southern writers
have recently been found ready t0
of them
has been willing to affirm that
jut Washingfon.
Black wood's MaA7.ine tor Jan-
1 uar' Tlihk of eM,i 1 5i,,ke's j t'ff'jrl of Mr K,,l''lU wi" kteP
i Jo,,rnal 5 T,,,,y Butler, part iv. ; Tliejitjullj- up to its former standard.
I M m! !ln'1 Bo ly-ChronicleS of Car-j
i,,n!orJ ; T,i Berpetu .1 Curate, part A Letter from the Solitary Com-
..... . if . s 11 Ai-i ,,s, t?,.. t,..i.. i.'-.i. a
' '" ' ' "K """"r nm C0!n i
1 ... . 1 ... . f r , . 1 x-
" , -eiier, no.ii 1 tnanti. .o. IV
; e! i'loverl-sj IJ,e J-.urop.-an ;
The first aitie'e contains co-;
. ,
f'Hnl extracts fitm the Journal of
1 1
le ... f 1 . 1 - t
"i " "e
.-' -
c )V""1 iM f W the jO
-.r.s; ,.f ile White Nile. The arti- j war.
V to Wi :i'ii -ttr Co'degc is an inter-j The following is A list of the arti
e I sj ,ry o colli -'e nmnsgement j cle forwarded in the box;
4-1 i ; 'iv-.d 1 V io o ;t. tl,- m,.t VCD-j 4 bedquilts,
.r.e.lf ef '.: i'Si-ii ;! t-.,'j. his. bom i'. j 9 sheet;.
it lie -. r. - nt d.iy. The !
ctjii-lumo:, of the lit sriie'.e i-, 'The!
Hurt-pen ctis.. seeti.s only tj d- epen, j
and it is rU without anxieivr though
wiihi'Ut alarm, that we look fcrward
lo tie events of the year."
Wi: ir reipies't-d by lie proprie-
'or d andt-rop Hotel to return
thanks to the people; of the village fur
their effectiv e ns-ia-iee in subduing
the fiie, rJ estK-eiall r to those ladies
who promptly 8j ptar-ed at the ;i.-e
laden with jhiIU of a ir. '
' r !.v ar
; . r l 1-5 li' i n j,rr. lie tre
fji.;'.l fr.!n ft l.-sii ! in th-
MC- ! !.-fr, ' i i I.r.l nrra l!:r
t'ji'H' wet lorv. i: j ji.ro s'i- !!
..I t:,- K . !. 'J b'j-m 4 f v
r.i r, I t;i a vrrv !cw miiij'r jLt
Wt. r s r'ii. i fin ih? rs-ar of
( ' h j m '. ;-, a n in a wji li.u-t ii
iiiiti'.i.'" tl.c f re a$ ci'-n; !. !! n-:
i j: Hal it iw-'KreJ in lie
t.i,;tit, it i.ol pr-a'-' lave t? n
i,- o r rc J uutH lt 1! u ontrul it.
A ii w t, t' u or fiiert, iaiira:f n.-.-re
tiul 1 Lan give i ii m;-u ! cj 1 .it (!mI
"!i Ij i j :Jii ni!jl Jure bcf.'i (!e-:riv-
. i I roM..u.j Lav'- .. wi.ii I'.
. .,, ,t . , ... ,i
i'i r(y iiiimi!f ! ti l tt nr.l-i blew a
(V illi t!io
VI t!.
: L i.i.'.ni lo Ihf i)r:!i, iii.'lii liu
t lie
11 liwix Hoti.-e an-l Ila-ik LuiM
.t,u-,.-in j ii nn j iti.T i..,-.iiii!
.1.,,.,.,.. I. .nl. otl.Kt.. II... ,,,,(1.
; ,. ..it , , .i ,
: aout i pr-juauiy i.av i-ti ti
fn,' la
Hi ll u.ri'ition ami wlitTi- a coalUlnM-
li-i ii topped n oir.i cai t -il. Tuo
narrow eseapes we havj U id. i forei
hly rcaiutJing o ir citiz;iii of ilia ii
c-'Sity of ororidin soiiiii mean lo e
I . f 1
cure o ir safety from this deif.iyin
. , , . .
element. A it r no v, it m c srtani
., , r ' , , ,
that it a fire nnee "M un l -r head way
i i r i -n
tlu piineui d pari or tin; v iili-niHt
In. il.wt i'nVi.il. . Ii:ivf lid lir.. i'M-
had to pay ?jOU per man, as towns
around you will yet lave to do, or
stan 1 a draft. A bounty is due ti.em.
and -Manchester can well ad'ord to pay
them a "ood bounty.
It is not neee,:ti-y f,,y uvs to tir.i'se
iihein. Their 1
) l ' service. ilieir
bravery on hard fought fields does all
(hat. Will you do your part, and
show (o those men th it tli-.-y are ap
preciated ? that iho ci:iz 11s are
worthy of sued patriotic men i
C. P. :1)cii.ev.
New Advkhtisrmf.xt!. We call
attent i :i to lite advertisements; in
another column, of the Helium 'ton
school. The Spring term of ihe Hks-
m.vjton seminary common: 011
Monday, the 2:2nd of tie present
month, and i.i open for yoitli 0!' both
sexes. Die building fin meriy occu-
P'ed as the 44 Bennington Ladles' Sem-
inary" have been leased, and lie in.
1 , ,
, ;titmion is intende 1 to bo made a per-
j manent one. The school is to be un-
: ,ll:r ,lia c,iarS" of 5Ir siould, who is
! favorably known as associate prrnci-
j l,al of the Xorth Bennington Academy.
! The P-'ng term of the NortTH
j Hexsisgton Academy commence
j"" Monday tae I Jtli of I-ebruary.
The Winter Terra closes with a pub-
, ; lie examination on the 1 2i.1i, anJ rhet-
j0ric!l' "ereises in the evening of the
Uamitrtlay. Thi school has already
attained a high reputation in ibis sec-
lion and wj have no doubt the contin-
"w "UMU" 1 Klu 1
."ociery, .naticnester, v t., reaehca us
ye - terd.iy and contains valuable gifts,
Such garment will always be wanted
, , . , ., j
I l. :. . !.. .1. c 11 1
' -'--" - ' ' '
- T,, Ives likewise enli.ted for the
i pillowslip.
20 flannel shirt.
"2.i pairs flannel drawers.
2.i woolen socks.
17 44 slipper.
1 pair mittens.
18 poeket handkerchiefs.
10 towel.
2 dresiiing gowns.
Cah value, $1C2.
, , '
das !
Nobody Hikt. A Hirer street
(Troy) merchant one of ihe
wlw will " have Im jW ntt any oc-jtit
J a J f n,i. (( t'.l-T 'f.'T, fe j H;1
NV ; k; d !.y hrte 1 V4 l"fn
f. u-uu v rr- -vu
ja-t !.!..wit u;'. u-iJ 4 '' ! ! irt.' "
l'trfviirn, t!. lMt:W tif (Ict'T-
ft, -,z),t wil l nun lli-n-
lurij", u j-.Jcr. Ti't Tin-c.
, Wnn tsx rairt-!rfr il.-: t f . -rJ
:o tU t,!; or of tl.e Nr V..ik llv.-
iiJii, IVI a uv.j -ter ro'l of ti!iiaiiT
li, Ninth J! i,ii:, "aL rh et ;!n 1-
tin: of l'i Hirl-fl C.iir.i I t tr.m,;,
.:Ti i r ;,iil iiv n, an l in t!.rce lul!'..
Ii i i 6'j of tie mi i.li-r ki!! ' aa 1 miri-
ik'l. f Iii n i'si .tl liiriii-li an in-
, .1.' . :
, .
j iny h, l iuii
:-iiy h, l-i!l!i Wmurit, iiu-h U-U
tliin j.lai'd f. r t!r Army of tic roin.
ma-", acrit i-ito l..iM!f at S.i;i.;c
Station MmiifT. ami af '-r a Jil.l oi
one Lo-ir, iciin-'l lr m tin- (f. ! l w iili
tluriecn rswi iinii.trrnra. :':ll'- mi-
. .. . , .
i, ,.i,i ,,. Kimi-rr I,.r I :,. l..ti.
!.. T,,,.:,. I.,,. ..,!... -)'li(, lit . !
" " ' "
W . 1 .1 .. I . . 1' . 1 I
l it). t. n am iiiiu in: rc ui.t (1 iiuiu
:. -. . .1 .. i . i
ih.TU w;ii a Mildi. r' festival whie.li
w free to tie Vt-rmont Cavalry hoys
it. it are home on furhmglM since ihe'r
r inliftiiient into the U. S. serviee. It
vus a joyful occasion for them and
(ley seemed to etij iy it. Con.
SuriiKX White, .f Samlgate, has
been discharged the seeo.il time. He
is one of the veterans of tint town
and has received his bounties. He
enlisted for three years or during lie
war. Patln r quick return thi time.
Stat e Intel liirenco-
Lt. Col. Homer K. Stoughton, 2nd
regiment U. S. Sharpshooter, has
been presented with an elegant sword
by tie ofucers and men of his regiment.
On lie blade is engraved the names of
the enu;'cin nts in which that rci-
meut has distinguished itself, n fol
lows: Mlnppahannock Station, Sul
phur Spiings, Grovel. ti, Hull Kun,
South Mounlnin.Antiet im.Fredericks-
burg, Cliinet-liorsv ille, Gettysburg,
W lipping lltights, Auburn Heights,
Kelly's Ford, Brandy Station, Loeu-t
Grov e, Mine Run.''
Tie Tenth is niciimned near Cid
peppi r. The boyt lave recently had
a brush with tie guerrillas, captuiing
two ragged, liiihy nml hungry chival
ry, who lad no great objections to be
ing taken.
Chief Justice Po atid decides that
notwithstanding (lie suspension of die
writ of habeas corpus, minors enlii-ted
by Slate recruiting oflioers, without
the consent of their parents, not mu.s
terc 1 into the service of the United
States, can lot be Irld by the Procla
mation of the Presi lent, .but are ille
gally enlisted.
Col. Henry S. Eurton, U. S. A., of
Norwich, Vt., Jate in command of Ft.
Delaware, has been put in command
of the reserve artillery of the Army
of tie Potomac.
Holert Kelscy, E-q., of North Dan
v'lle, has just h-anied of the death of
hi son, Alvny Kebey, a resident of
Aikansas, and cngased in the rebel
service, who was killed at the battle of
Corinth nearly two year since. Mr.
Kelsey has two sons now serving in
the federal army.
John G. Saxe was among those in
injured by the accident on the N. Y.
Central railroad nenr Syracuse. We
have not learned yet whether he got
off any joke about the affair.
Most of the member of the ,8th Vt.
have re-eidistetl for three years, and
wi 1 come home to fill up to the maxi
mum. Sis hundred men, recruit for the
7ih and Hih regiment and 1st and 2nd
Butteries, recently left Bratlleloro for
I... till. I (.jUUI VI 111V, ,11
., .
rnont Keeord ptones'-s to "ive times
The enterprising editor of the Ver-
0f fifty and tweuly-five dollar for the
first and second best collection of Ve
mont anecdotes.
, , ' ,
I lli-i-nnt I'.rain'on V I . Mnv
eeimii.. i,t null. ess,,... ,
... ii- -i.i ; .1... i
. . ' . i
one can obtain a free copy of tin
1 '''j
Hecord containing the proposal
full, w ith the conditions to be obe
cd by competitors.
Ciornivr- Mai, Vn'
ttOTnixi Sent by Mail. An;
fart of Con-m was approved last i
wwli. autboriri, lb. lr-.nfi.lssi,m f.f
certain articles of clothing to non-com-l"
misiifmtdojnrenanJpriruto in theianl m a l ",r H,,ical horrAjn "'C!e?
j army, at ihe rate of t ight cents (pre-i
paid by stamps) fjr every single rate :
of four ounces. Tie privilige extendi
only to articles manufactured from !
,. , , .
wW, tottm or hnen, and endowd
in paeksge not f x-dling two p omdi
li:tt:.K;a rnort baltimohi:
1 - ! 1 ....
n'. i ii w : 1 tl.f S"i.!j't 1'f l' e
in in
mi i.i I,.;--
i! ri!i::i '! .
af to Wiit.'.ii'itu, A;
I'll U r.i r fin. 1 1 t
IH".!;.:, K' ti ft. i' ii,a
twir h-trMi-w. It U a Ks trrrt run-
: nin m-V ii w , r. in ti." n-.i-ih-t
f jan of t). r t v, -, U in a rai.i..i-l
lift, k 'xl-ii.'.i:,' jr'iu thi' ni.li
f.H'l 11 ill
; jt in !'.' o:h la n 1 t t l'llun .n-i
A. Wi4-!,i.,:o i i!, j ,,j ,,n i!,r !i-r. ;
i Tlicli-: u.-f i Iimm t- 2 l.v c:u il.-a n I
, !iy Ihum's. '11, i- uk-ii wlirtj.! min-.l (he
... i it
i '
' p:s oxer Jh; ;mi't mil n-uk
urcs tu r.i. vciit t!i rar from i.c cti -
ilin,i by j.!u.-;iii aiic!i-ran.l o'lu - riin -
fil 'im-iits v.t lie tra-'k, or I y h arinjj
. . . .... . '
o;i Hit? r.itis. Al,i n tie t rof.jis .-t.nt-
ci iIk'v were rill iii lie can. Tlfv
up tlu-ir line of nruoh i!u-o.
iftre. t.
Tin- pojiiilatiiiii df ilia! partjle I n-pfiely
j- ., 1 i i r I
! oi lie en v, available lor Mien n:i as
i i.!t ill. Q: iiiim ii iiiiri'oi! It
on than it is nt
present. Many of the fihiing' class
have disappeared. The war has re
moved them in vai i his vns. Many
duiibtle-f! joined the rt bel lumy, ttnd
othet s were to thoroughly idei.tificd
with this and other diloyi-.I nets, ns lo
find it unsafe to remain alter nuu-tial
la v was prot htimed in lie t'i'y.
Hut lit that time agents for such a
conflict were numerous and ready.
Some in official stations, it is said, cm
pined men and kept them under the
influence of ttrong drink for days, that
they might become res.dy instruments
for executing their Ireasounbh) ..de
signs Some, while they m-gi don the
mob, kept' themselves contented. Hut
no fooner had ihe trocps begun their
march than tie bloody work com
menced. They woe insulted, pelted
1 with stones, while some of them were
j seized by the mob, pul.'ed out of the
ranks and bad their, in ins wrested j
from lliem. the sonlieis bore it all
.....1. ; 1. . .. .1 ..
will inr 101 paiiene.- 111. 11 inev
1 '
would now. Uuaccustoiii; d to tin:
shedding of blood, and clei ir-hing n
deep sense ol tie sacredncss of hum in
life, they vvt re relnetunt to fire even
upon 'their frenzied and brutal u-s iil
ants. And when it became necessary,
and ihe order was at lengdi given,
the fire was directed oyer lie heads
of the limb and took i fleet upon the
innocent rather than the guilty seve
ral persons, seine of them children,
sufl'ei ing from the lire, while those who
ought lo have received it escaped.
The strife was kept lip until lie regi
ment readied tic. Washington depot
and had taken their places in ihe ears,
from which one man was shot by
them, who had been actually engaged
in urging on the mob, although it was
prt tended that he was quite innocent
of the crime. Thus, with several killed
and wounded of the soldiers nnd a
lart;e number of the mull k ml : around
them, they made tleir way through
the scene and started on again for
Washington. Perhaps no other event,
unless it was the attack upon Sumter,
since the days of Lexington, ever ex
cited such intense interest in the hearts
of Northern men, as did this shame
ful, cowardly attack upon the Sixth
Massachusi lis Volunteers, while
marching, nt the call of their country,
to tin) protection of the National Cap.
ital. The whole North was in a flame i
and such was the determination to re
venge their brothers' blood that many
of the
..regts. following inscribed on their
iers, 44 To )'nhiriton hncov of
ier., "" "v1"" 'J J 'J
Baltimore ,'" There was a "ri at ef
fort made by the disloyal men of Bal
timore to prevent the troops from pas
sing through the city. Bridges were
burned and railroads destroyed, but
to no purpose. They occasioned some
difficulty arid delay at first, but in a
short time ihe Government gained (he
a-ceudeucy in the city, and it rebel
lious inhabitants liegun (o fee that the
power of the nation was superior lo
their own. Siiil the recollection of i
1 .......... . ....
jibe IDih of Apr.l quickens the blood)
i I-...- .
. . .
or evvry true patriot as ha remembers:
liai lle re and tit n tie fir-t b'oot
ood ofi
New En-l h.J wa shed, wli!" hernurm d up alive, be having only been
valiant sons were preying on 10 save! .'4'd ir, on the Hannibal and St.
Tl' architect of .hat ruin, we
' u " c" l"K'r uaJ- j
lu vl 8 -''"" "it mm ion s
d,k m"1 a0t,,", ,,JCro'
..c ...... -;
,ml-et4 a",J ' u,e
; other hand, with ihe ex.-epiinn of a :
'aiin- 1:,A'"Jr i,!a"
mines our lovtil skies, an 1 eheen on
- f
mt marU'1 h '' ,0 no( vl '"!
j iimih and vi-iory.
I.i mr rtrt I r,!l g!e f .
I nv t;,! j. i'.e f .', on I t V-
New,- J tt
"Ii'.-1-t 1 1 .l i'.-'u ' I, : i.i I' 'n i Jfs'lllf
tret -it ; t .'tk .t(.'::i-:;i I.i (J
I.r!-;il .'ti r I srn ; ( II llu- i S;l, Mi. i
tW'r "'''J l' h l'l.-Mcut
!!.- 1 N'.tl.. t.in. M.l'liiir-
,.! !, i-iiu.iiinii.lijiij the 0-j-urtiiif-n!, im-
1 m orl,r m u.l.n,;
h. i. b j-n.l lU IVJiial lii-i-o,
ll.iVl M.lnl .il.-Il-jM
iifullv t.iwanU!
tl.e IVm 1. nt an-l Uuwriii;i:.t of tl.
ri.i'ir.l Stitn. an.! i,ui2 inltoJ
tlii-ir ,!ri.-.-r. .,l,li-i- l,ivl ,.;.;.!
, in, Im li.nl -i-mliU-.l."
i ' ' ' !
l Li n-uca t an.l lVii-r li.tv e j
j r:ri: i!y la I a lill.e i-oirrrjiiiiiiluiHi'
. i ; 1 , 'in..,.
.' ii m lii-ci.i.-.ny inn: m n wav.
law;' tivel tl i-f,Vc-lf I tint lly Al
lhe!y sugj.'st.ng
' f. r I n tro-ir-adi'iaii-iti
of rti iiiiiiii.ii-iilin lit;
vie.is of his Government through him
(L in-tret l) rather than ly the ii
Vate cireulnliun of luindbi'Ls. Gen.
Fo ler nnswettd with a mavity mi-surpas.-ed
in tie who!.! hi-tory ofolli.
C-i.ll CiTlespondelice, hinting thiit lie
eillcl of lie Proclamation would In
to lessen decidedly the rebel ranks,
and ' Ciiibiacing with pleasure, the
; opportunity to st ud Gen. I.ong-liet i
20 copies" of the Atune.-ty Proelauia
lion for official circulation. We ven
ture to say that Lougsu.t.t does not
again approach Foster with the pen.
Gen. liut'er expects to have 0,.
000 black troop. oigunized in his d.
partmetil b.v spring. If ihe Generals
of other deparlmeii's are ns entci pi i -
sing, the very number of our tumps
will led fearfully on tie fallen sp rls
of tic icbels
Last vi-nr more th in 87, (IK) Jrit-h-
men left ll eir country for the United
Slates. The Iri.sh do net niMienr lo
bi tr-eailv in
' 1
I ly that v ner-
all- organ, lie London d'itm.
r-i,' n 1 1
(..Ii irie.s Diet.eiK lew u
ritlen an ar
ticle on Thackeray. The article will
be a j u si ti ibute lo the memory ol lie
deceased lo I a a writer and a man,
for envy ivlich makes so m my em
inent literary men em-mi-- never
eame between lie two grent novel
est. Since Senator Foote's rei t con
test io lie committee room of ihe rt b
ei nenaio, ti n is in-en f-uggesie I nun
i . . :. i . . .
fie lie sent lo the nrniy where hi lal-
cuts would shine out. Probably tie
Southern people wo.ihl be very glad
, . . . , .
to see Inm l,iki lii-:i."r s n :ici pv.
rn '
peii.l Ins belligerent powers qy that
fellow Oram.
I..,, .,,.,;.,,. it ,,.,,.
. .' . '
lo saddle Ins debt upon n Uiissian
princess, h being n widower and bank
rupt. The comet lately discovi red is ap
pro iching the earth rapidly and will
soon be visible to Ihe naked eye.
The Atkiut 1 Confederacy (links
the scarcity of shoes in lie army is to
be nllribuled (0 the .Wiedic'ii!, nl
At New Haven last week there was
sworn in a young Englishman who
was one of die famous 44 six hundred'
immortalized by Tciiny-011.
The Paris newspapers me in im
mense sensation over a report that
Set retary Welles has been killed in a
.l.w.l l,v Ailmit-ul Witt,,.. Ti.
I (o(liilk-our vcncraMu Secretary of!
., v , v 1
' ihe lavv is n regular I oung America. '
James B..CIay, a son of Henry!
Chiv. died a few days since in Mon-!
treal, a relx.-l refugee. He joi m d tie
rebel at die outbreak of the war, and
wa si vied by the Louisville Journal
"a degnerate son of an iilu,trious ,c- Fr Oflicer ,,, tho,e who over
f;re.. j tax the voice, ihey are Ui-eful in rt-
( lev ing Irritated Tlroa', and w ill ren-
tin the 4M ult. lie Legislature ot
.Missouri passed res'ilntiotis on the
death of Mr. Wolf, one of the mem-
-r. J he uui.J doleful sfn.-ecle
1 , , . t I f 1
were made, and both liouses adjourned
de, and both liouses adjourned
omary on such occasions"
a emtioiiiary on such occasions ;
... . mi
T',e m'xt lUy ,,ie lamented deeea. J
Her, Wl.l. o.l. of Tbn stuff
'says that over 7,300 deserters from
, 1 .
'"4KS "'J ""
lines siue i.ie ns oi wi., si suown
It will be remembered that Col.
O'Brien was killed by the mob during
,!.,; New Yotk riots His widow now j
;a-k that his remains may be takeu j
from the 44 pauper's grave" where
, , . . , , ,. '
they wcie buried and be placed by 1
the side of his little children who di- d
.before 'him. A lie mob pillaged
h L- ) a--;l !--5r - 1. 1 ri r ;
H..-4 t, , a-i4 a j
jt(.t fCi rlHil f V,,C J.v of A ,4.
t'V.iig Mn i Uo lvnic.! fii l l.
; 1? 1'- 1 Y A ri j:!;i.T! c.iiMir, t
In. I iii k fif Ait un ( !!; bI J,;
l I.I t'l !:' At 1i .tJ l
Sit, run. '1!. ! ! f. r t ihrr l
'! !Ui ! fl'i 'i . v '!' ".. Art.fii-ia
' ai- tU tin n--f at inimaia fa
ii ia! !.- f.r rat.. an i.f tt-rc!,anJ
lf.lM-illj! lli i!rMl, 1 J; i j !,u
ai .1 j it'in tn . h H-.il one jJuuitanJ fruilf
j " r i.-l. ii.jf llirrc, aril two i i
ri,,"'m aH' M'rr,u'''l -y itiriuog til
'"' ,n ,,-"r"'l tlfo wc4
' nS:i;r-' t U U.-.tl. of
"vr '"'U f,a Rrr utHh-rgrwin.l
liver or lake, tnl Irctii two of I be
vvdU live fis.li h.iv U rn draan up.
lie 1' it Dili Cmvi'iiinii-iii priipoM1 tt
eoiiliniK! (Ii; bur. i.f wt,' i-nthi'ly
iii iu lie (it it to Timhntloo and
tlos draw tie ovnland travel and
eoin!M( iv(i tl,i uugh Aljp'ria.
Col. Win. ,M. Sitnie, the prenr
(luM-n'or of Iy a. h once a ranal
tlrivcr biUein li.i-eoo and Cleve
land. Ohio,ti three dollar a month
'lie iVnifylvania l.eghlaturo luu
j ot-cii nnnli'i lo organix? on Hrronnt (if
i " t'e in lit' Si i.titf. '1 1, it.-h mi Id lull V
h; in a I'nioi) liiiijorily were it not for
.1.1 , . .
1 nt iiosi nee in one im nitier who wn
a pii-ouer in Kit hnioinl. lie has
lately succeedi d in obviating ilu: difli-
eul y by forwarding bis Midgnation,
ctvt d up in tlm shoulder-strap of a
putt. led prisoner. A new election
will iiniue, lia i !y be ordered in hi
il.-tiicl, iiini with ihe pies, lice or ihe
new member the L.-gudature will be
oigaiiizi d.
Join Peid, a prominent lawyer m.d
fi tiiei ly Sentitor froui Davidson Co.
in tie TciiucsHn Hi-gislalure, has re
turned from Dixie 11 ml accepted the
Pi eslkiit's Proclamation nnd advis.s
all other to do mi, a Ihe Confederacy
! H gone iq
A Welern paper says: 44 On.
thousand Miehiga:i nnd Wii-consin
Mgi.ients pus-ed llirougli Indjuiiiiji'
obs going io tl.i Jfmnt. A very re
; speetable reilifi rt einenl forlwohtaten."
i " ' 'hiv is should s.-e that item ho
pro! at.fy wouli not survive
A Court of Inqoh y in lie case of
Gens. Ciiltendeu ;.i;d Mi lan k com
no need its se.s.-ion at Lo.ii.-v ill.-,
In si i 1 1 k.
The Si. iii- of Illie i wa not suh
j.-ei io tin- li-t .liei, buving kepi
. i i- . i I, i i . , .
une. ul oi we- i ii'Mileiil S it qui Hioii
for troop.
Lvi.v Ci.i ui.s.Jn regard (o ihe
i -mplov iii'-ut by Secretary Chase of
hull s iis el l is in lit Tn-nin v II...
- - "
I,:-iinent,a corref pendent of tie Wh-.Ii'
1112'on Uepullenu says :
! While half cra.ed eniliud isfs nru
t: U' n!"",t Hghls, G.ivcr
inn , li.i.-.- 11. is. r-uii -.11 i-i.sj ii.-i.iio ,11 in
Iroluee Itie gi-niler sex into new
spheres of usefulness l.y iippointing
jlad.es us clei us in Ii s tit parlinent,
I'.M-. ll i.t eletks ibey make, loo, hi"
I liinlly talking less nnd wiiiin iiionr
. at.-s. Some lot ly year ngu, (so tha
old ch-rk t II me,) when Win. II
Cniw lord was S crt l.iry of the Tn-us'
ury, nnd a candidate for the Preid'ti-
ti.il chair, lis amaiiu.-nnts and confi
1lci1ti.1l eleik was lis raugfi'er Csro--
line, afterward Mrs. Dudley. She'
not only vvio'e lis private lelleis, bul
during a ) ear he was in bad health,
signed hi name to die many paper
requiring his sign iluie. There i-saiil
In h ive been a striking resenilhinets
between Mi-- Cr iwf'ortl'n haudwr.l inff
ami that of le.r father, and the clerk
j m ile .le,artmei,t could not detect the
difb rence 111 the signature. Gover
nor Chase may not be equally forfu
late in having private secretary, but
he deserves high honor for giving em
ployment to capable ami deserving
young lathes at this time, when uble-
bodied men are needed in the field.
'il "'"j .'lC:"' ",ll,'r dT:,rt ",C"U
-oHow his exiunple.
. . - . ,
Valcabie FOtt. IliB StiLUlEB
Jif0U''t't thiiU Trkn will b
; fou"J v '"lui,b!o lo ll,e SwUi, in CWDP
i "I"0'1 10 "d'kn c'n";i,i-tTw-Wng
' I'roml" rdilf in ca" 4 of rouU- eM
,Plicunlioll t.nsJ. J, tUen are
imitutiullt, he lure to OUT A IX tht
i nr. r..i. r i.-ii;,, ,t. . 11,,.. 1...
nil, iiuiih .... liinui, urj VI-I...-1 ilium.,
: . , j , s ' , ' ..
1(J(lie ; Jcrey City on the 21t int
' . J
; He. was the only survivor of the cede
brated Miranda exledition, filled out
n lbOi in New Y.uk agaiu.l tin
been inveigled into Ile nttair by rep.
S reseiilaiioii that they weie coin t
j New O. bans as pnmer.. Mr. Elliot
' long c- nfmed in a Spaniuh prison.
A colored Major in the U. S. ier-
! vice, soa.moned t witness before a
I fi.url tri-iriiul in Washil!r'on dreesr.i
! r. n ....;r.u-. i,.. .,e.l ,.f
i ior... car 01, XM Washington and
Georgetown Horse lU lroad reeeutry
g" "e in'4
ule. Tie Pn sident ef the court char-
i aetenzed t'te a' t.s an outrage upon
aet-nzed the a- t m an outrage uj-or
th ofli'-er a.,d an in-tilt to' the Courf,
8MJ rtiVried lie G.-n. Martin-
!,i-;d.t!e, win will invest?', the iflatirr

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