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1 1 I V!
.IS' U
i Hit tSV 'if i Ilk ut ,'
Tfc SaafkeUfT Jtnraal,
i r. iw v a-
Kt KIMlk. T !
Taaa-t' K jr m-mmmJrftA a.iAia l.f w.itt!f t !
. ananas i'a,.ail mi i amw t ,1 af at t t,.i .4
iwn! a IM m4 m Mk iw a .i I
it.rrr aim ymothititi2. whenever a ; the nixnri of I be lourner in knu ami -...I ...:. -i . .1,., .1 1.. :.. .1 .
- - - ; I . - - pi : uiatiii "ihri iu iih; uiiic in Mir?
twinge trftbe gout forced a strong ex-. and buck would be more t ban It: tlen-! middle of tbe room. CW by the
, i)rrua Itoru the old ifrnilcroan. that der finance eould Uud. .i . . .1 ,.t .1.- . . 1 .
Tl t i. 14. I 1 1 ' . .1 . . .. .... 1 " s vi in; mi uurui
. , . .v..-... -.. u t.m..i . - v .I Mi uv mi iu m,c kjuic Duiiit di i ooittpiaio t tumms wrote I lie lei-
Halmayne,' ter ; and in due time the ant wercarue
tliac hit sister would come, and cod-it-Dted
to be the wife of bi frit nd the
chaplain. The letter was written by
the 1 Kt sister, bul neither of them
thought any thing of that, a very
likely (he bride-elect was hy, and
The next
the i mail wa, the time mentioned, as afier
soon bu ( I-
van! ihould look after ht-r things, peered 10 move up the country further
liom IJombity, and leave would, then
1- Ml .rn.
m n 1 -hisue iu ir wire t wonderful ber, and to talk to her
i lo me ; ibry tem lo bestow n.ore a 'worked in bi newspaper, left ihem
. mm OMKattM : ,umve at Mi trouble w Mine uikhi lite choice ot a entirely lo Ibemse vet: and hefoie
ZrZZL'lrZui if0'- Mvr ," '"'" l'h they had. echt-d Yo.k,
wu a !, t. i.t Af - . bat Jhtcly rroc lo ny ikiIht ili ; cooa I riei.d. It '
a.i-krt la aw rr;4 a ll. W at- . t t , Y . ,
a,Vi- a. t. . ' ccoum n-r ine ci.ij;e tiave uroogni uie j oung Udj, 1M, wa going to
m riKi C, Fi.Wwi.-r. ILe louli ot Hie jr.an.ifi ; Imt iwinl I he iikI,( ui V,.rl, . .
I . o - - , -. -
, only d iu of tl.t m, lor oihe, Cridmg a quite alone, the o!d Eentletuan I had deputed ber to wrkt?
nu ihi"r A.urniMi.;. i nu tne good tiougn, tint by rnnain-' loia her lie lmJ belter (Mine to
..iV.ri 7.7. 'J WK'i-th.t. i ana 11 1 Utt they - me hotel il.ey d,d. a.,d hi ter-l that the r.giment might
lai a.at'.w at it. a i-f aatfka a ai i .-i . nvu.it, lor men OI lliul ori OUiU
aituilMV iinri(iiiMimiii're'na i 1 .... i j . , 1 i r . , , , .
ta .au.a. 1 ar t. r. ."': "umtu nF" uJ- , or e lU. liliy iirtimaVlie Ul(J Hot 111-
ratwa. . -:.. ifc.i..v i ' If i u. d to uitrr them. lend to lake the 8rnalleM notice of
j One Inend of mme ciirue to me j ber j and teeing hi ton whui of
Tka WWla i,KXTaj m.l I- iml ' M.iut little lime 0, aid told IUC tlaHt i lirolKT lioliiene. lieillHIi ihuiIh lliH
' Li H rt.'lttr I. 'tt L Ifl ll.diU in ll.f-i. ) n..A .A.i n..i.ll....... ..II !. .
I - e e v ; j,"i4 vim j.-iiiii-iiiuii mi mo inoie al
moin hd, ai d d-nlibed i h great leel- j tentive.
f ing bis hmely life lU-re at aunte 0-j' Ni xt morning, tl.er again get out
U-ounUy sialion, i.tver eeeing a Kuro- j on I heir not them journey, and al, to
j .ian h.r YMiLit at a lime. 1 rtmein-! get ber us Uloie, liir the hid seemed
j ber taking off my cjieitacles and ' quite'to belong lo them now. Having
, wining uniii, huh leicure y j.uning a-cei'UiueU tliat he wat goin;
ihtin into the la-e, before I could j lo a tlace wilhiii a few milts
I ... : I . . a . . . . . - - I ' 1
qui...- iu.iac oji in; uimu io ay what i own -Hooting txix, the old mm prom- pointmeiii was ring to the heart of
iWHi.Hii. At lit -t J a;u : 'Allied, ; ised he would see her safe toih t-ml I the iriini" ehiilniii l, innLl
twenty-four hour 1 bad Constantly , fi,,,),, t,.t lt0 lU) wmlj
oeior me a unman ligure.lhe Iralnrr
aaiar-H itneta, ,.. rt-i'lyaa aa iraaml uilm I-kM
aM la t- aaf i.f IH- Jjaaa t'.
Ji III i ki'H T. rtwr-a
KOWiflt Tllik1M KaM ArU(ft.
II . -a ArUufiua.
o M l..
t.ri!H tl "l f. lrM.
"H 4HCII l..i-l
r Mflt. IJS It. -.!n.-i,
A f utttlltV h .. ..f
AMI a I. M. I.I. Iirt H.1 r! l.njr!
A It. litiM't. tii-rl.
ii. J
li-M.lt .!
be piUl mure dilTicult, and the jouriy
longer and more expensive, bo about
the time expected, our iwo friend,
as agon lo be brothers, got a fort
night' leave, and cume down to Hum
bay. '
ou may imagine bow anxiously
they wiitched on the ier the gradual
nearing of the Meumer, and how m r-
down vou-ly tliey watLhedalJ the pu-seiigcis
of his as tin y apin ared. A sili of dirun-
aw the lainxm di'tinrtly, and the
pe-ler remained for about half a min
ute. Dr. I libber! mentions the foil ming
case : A genllcma wa deeply af
fected by the sudden deaih of an old
and intimate fneud. In the
he went out alone to walk in a small
court behind his hue. As he went
and drijis of which were a distinctly
V i-ible as that of anv real i'X:s'en-e,
an ! of which, alter an in;i rval of many
year. I still re'ain the ni.- lively i.n-pre-SKUl
; jet hritli. r at ibe t !!', i. or
since, have I l.n a'd! li I - ncr
any per-itl )0m (d jueviius'v
evening ; seen IKhi rrsetnb'e l it.
'During one part of th't ui.H,is.i,
after (lie dimoM-iirnriri. i f 1,m !h-
down stairs he wa not ihinking of hi ! tionarv thintoin, 1 I al a Very ain"n
frl.... i . i, .. i i i... i .: i...t I i... "i ;
.iitiM, mui, -i tit-1 1 ur iinti uiirciuai-
about half way itcro.s the court, the
figuieoflhii fiichd appeared quite
ih privilege oi sating at the w.
pile id a i.eil.bor. lit was lattidinu
in t he Ciire ot l.i nwl-tit, having it
a! Any at bmid in hi study, ha f-cvi -(!
d among minute uf counrila, ia
vmplei ntag,tiite arliclet and si r
iitOiis, mid th si'iting of Iti -aw tin
I'lti n d.dy ai-coinpli.-l ed while be set
lied nice point ot throb gy with his
bti), or took eouiiM'l viith brother
l.ookii a out of bis study window
dilinctlv at the opposite coiner of ihe
court. 1 be genib-man recovered him
self, and went biiskly to the Sjiot, fix
ing bis eyes intently on the snecter.
It aliaappeared a be drew mar, ap- j ed to t. ull fitiwte-! ut the same
j img to nis-one into. air. wane In. in the ho e. After
i , . - . t - r -- ........
MfBlll .r.n.. ..n ...... ... l.. l ..- . l
.... ..... ,.,,. r. j .ir.C'"i io une wi.rn ins own wooupiia .a
t appeait-ti a it a nuuitjer ri reotutxl la a UisCourajiiniE state of or-
iiie. n appeared a it a
objects, pniicipa'lv human faces or
figures, on a small -cale, wtie placed
before and gradually rernovi d,
l.ke a siteces.-inn of mdiillinri. Tliey
a. I oi it;p same -ii, anJ Bppifti-
(b r every slick sawed and split- h!
itlt envy, the pile of old W. iu
the street, l'orthwiih lie Seiicd bi
s.tw, and a ion old sawjer of the
ftiect In held a nuui, viilhuut cravat
and in shirt idet vrs, iuing from Dr.
lleechei's hini.-e, .who raiue bciakly
up und asked if be vt anted a band at
hi idle; and forthwith ft 11 In ork
in tne Liruriun VOttrver lor 12'.I, J been , .,, ,,r a f, iniiiiilej it became
we read : "An intimate friend of my j faint, r. mttl t't.- i unoth.-r, which was
early years, ami most happy tn his I more :m!
domestic arrangemeiits, lo.-t hi- u i e ! u' .-li nii-'l
u.iucriiieii.o.-i pain.-iueir. mii.:a!i-c-. lu.n, a ip.-iM-d-il by a new Hi- . mwlll I.,,,,,! tl, ,-rali.
m em ,i to be in id on it. or ; r,.ti j.00d nnd soon proved
in it i. Lire, which, in its . .. i.; ii,,,i i.n u.n. t
1). Jl. MKAt'll AM, M. I).,
of ber journey, which was rather a
long one, a she traveled slowly .being
j in delicate health j and owing io bis
w by doii'l rou marry f
'My dear old soul, that iiju-t what
l ..... ,i.;..i .. . i ,..:.) i...
atll-Tli-IVC I'llVkll I IV A VII S u ' "i'oi: ui, aaiu lie.
X t.(iN. ort'w iriv .piaHiie it. Amr.- j "V ry wt 11 lit ii, v. bat to Limkr ! oul, the old zcnUeman did the same
TtmltTu! '"" l;"M',i"e i J'e" 1 r,,ie(1- . o aj il turned oul, Ihey remained lo-
.-i. rum', Mv its. iHt.-i, . " ' " J"u giou-cMioouiig on- geiner in wnottj way. n ticn Ihey
! gilt nest ntctt ; oi cours 1 1 Call I miss
thai ; and in thine months I sail.
got to the last station, before leaving
the rauaaji lor country roudLi, the Iwo
TTi'Kt VS AM) rut XM;i.l.nl!S AT 15ut I tell jou what I have been tbuik- geiuleiutu got ouU tba tallies desirinc
lU t Irniin I-h.1hh Mil l'li!: 1 I .1 . it I . . , c
.i:,:"i,;.r. i " B "u ,ou,u " ,Jr u,e wuum 3'0U i u,e latlJr ,u "" -he was in
nt ov r.a l"ii i.wj hTot s,
Mochr-tr, ttciuoi.frtuii ("utility, cnnutif.
4. (..!, (i n. 1 1 moi r.
JS. OSMAN, M. I).,
JHi"- IU. I'lli Ml IX JMI St i:t.K."N.
Oltia-la t Mjn II.Ki...
6 Vciir.-Tt', Vt.
G. I.. AMKS, M. ..
a MUNM. (KJice i i!mrtl ol Hit liitji
t tat t'liur.- It.
CiflorT I'uint, Jun 7, 1SCI.
V. V. OUV1S,
't'llliKoX MIX I IS I , Mauc!i h?r, Ver-
annul giving a party, and asking a few
'.My dear Alfred, you ahoek me,'
1 replied ; '1 was never used lo
thin" of that soi l in my youth.'
Well, but I auieyou it is often
done now : there' Jones of the 10th,
the waiting-room till be bad found
ber a carriage, and bad ber luggage
put on to it. She obeyed with a very
sweet smile, but looked uncommonly
nervous. Ualmayne also looked ner
vous, which was odd. He followed
Ins father, who was looking for a fly
d Wiggins of the lKtb, man icd j for his pretty protegee. 'Upon my
I.. D.
It .l. ait. I Mux-.,
ya'.iottal t'liiin Ii.
ASH Jir.U.lI! IX
1 4oa n.ftli uf Con-
H. llflMON.
A. I.s. lili.ir ill tl.l- ll.llll II..UM-.
II. K. 1 0W1.V.15.
I TldttXKV A I LAW. ,.t li,Tm,J l.ilo
a liiuraiM- A;oiit, Miimlie-ter, rnimnl.
' 1.l"ri.KIt & WIIKKLKH,
ATTnl.Xi:VS AXTi ( if.X.Si;l.I.(i!!S AT
I. a. J.oiKiiia, Venn. ut.
f. t.. M 1 1 I K. ll.M Ullt M i ll.
v A.in:it lip s tiTi:i..
Thi Inn" i-.iatitlisl Hutfl ti!l ronlii.nt
Auan fi tti ji'-.Mi!i.itt.h t-.t ..f it... i..i..iii.id
Vul!e. I'iirtu t!nrntii.iii.ii (tiveii tl.i.rili-i i rure 1 lirvtr thought be would
f.ji.1 l.r. .biroig il.a ..,! r tnniith-. I lie ; have done 60 Well as he has, aftei that
t-m .lie (iiireim; hiltFf!t tibenillr extfinltnl i j i ., i ....
a.,-im!U ...i.,iim. , , imprudent, bunted miunagc of Ins,
'I!. M. VAXHKlM.ir, rrjt.riitni. ! and he heir lo so much. Hut it' all
AUiK-haairr, (il. 1, sa. 1 ;... ... ,! I ll ,..11
just 111 that sort of way, and both have
been jtil as lul lunate as if they had
bei n months at it.'
So 1 gave my pany, for my young
friend was a gnat favorite. He
would not let me introduce hi in to any
one, but liK.ked on, making liim.-elt
gi neially agreeable, and asking other
liieiuls lo introduce him, not me ;
I think be vus afraid J should look
Hut lowaal the end of the evening,
I came (itiirtly up to me and said :
'Goody' (that is always my name w iib
4 voting people). ho is that wih iW
pink dies ou, ait h ber baxk towaid j
'thai,' said I, 'is JMit-s JIaiian
I'l owi tv and a mryjiioe girl too.'
'That'a uiy wile ; 1 like her back,'
Isaid he.
And Hue enough, two months after
he inariied her, and both sailed (,jr
India together. 1 often hear tioni
have turned
iht m, nii'l nothing can
oat belli r limn thai hasty marriage.
Then there's young lialmayne ; 1
tiik i.xox no ix:,
(' iwt Jant In i-itmUr. fnr ptrannml or
i ight now,
I came to pass
i lou II II
jou how it
I kill
woid, as nice a girl as ever I met.'
said the old gentleman. 'Keally, I'm
quite sorry to lose sight of her. How
she would enliven u at the moors ;
wouldn't she, Uahuayne?'
Uut Ualmayno was a white as a
sheet, and could hardly peak. At
last, laiwevtr, ho did say: 'You
needn't Jose her unless you like, futli-ci.'
'Now, now, young gentleman, what
Uo jou mean said Lis lather, brist
ling up.
'I mean that she's my wife I' gasped
t ut the utifoituna e lialmayne.
liy Jove !' 6aid the old gentleman,
j turning as purple as a tuikey-eock;
' ....I II I . . . .1 i . .. -r
ii ou cuuiii naia inounc iir lou
iuipudtit young rascal I.
For some moments it seemed doubt
f.l whether anger at being taken m,or
I he real pleasure at his sou's unknown
wife being so much better than lie had
fxpected, would gain the mastery;
at last, however, his natural good hu
mor triumphed, and his son Jed him
back to Ihe little waiting-room, w here
was the poor joung wife, more dead
than alive with fright, riot knowing
how her husband's rute would suc
ceed. Nothing could be belter. The old
gentleman emLraced ber with real
paternal affection j and one carriage
the original ot the picture when
was startled by a horror-struck excla
maiion of his friend : 'lly heavens,
Arabella!' And at the same moment
an elderly female rushed at the poor
captain, ami ioideii him in a sisterly
.Itri .
embrace, 'iviiere is Alice r ex
claimed Captain Williams in desptra
'At bomew itli mamma, tl at broth
er, said She bride-ex pedant, gtancin
at Ins companion. The chaplain look
eu at her, and then nt his friend
Some say bis hair turned white then
and there ; nt any rale, it did sonn
months alter, .
Well, yoi know I said, he was
namby-pamby sort of a fellow, so, in
stead ol saying: 'This is nut the ar
tide I sent for,' and shipping off tin-
lady by the next sleamer, he quietly
accepted bis'desiiny. ' Hut cither it
was to mucbVfor him, or the climate
did not agreef-with liim ; somehow or
other, in a ye,tror two he died, leaving
a strong, henfiy widow, who returned
next mail to England, and is now, as
far as I know, the oracle of some of the
small Cheltenham tea-parties, and tells
of the romantic attachment of ber
uenr husband, ana ot all the wonder
she has seen iu India.
From tlk Enftctrc Maguiue.
Iia'maytie hadn't
-a.....l. 1 . .1 a 1 11 ..... .
rmaii.Kf rMiii.il, I "'"." io uo iasi winter in low n, when took them all to his shooting-box : and
ThU linn. Iiavins Wti rci-onilv fnlnrzcil. ,c wa,i "I" with bis father, w ho was ill i from that day lo this, the jrood father
t. .... .;,.... :.. ,l..'i:.i. . I .1- .1 .... i . . i . . .
t 7 7 , - V i lc f'"" 1 w ' u,w 10 Tend a : uas never ceased lo bless ;he d;.
" "" riiii- ,.,, ... , i I .. i
niitc. l-f liim mntinii a to t, a , iK-" "' t
rum i fnfr, .'in p i, nw.
r.CT0;r MINT, VT.
H. i:. TIM Villi, rropi lcior.
1're Cariiaee to and from Ihe Depot.
F.eturj roint, My 27, IHf,-.'.
irtKRtsm: irus
II r )- at lit. JOt'KYM. Ut rilK.
0KTi At.K Ull'ltt,
r Mir at tbi
nt'K.NAl. (rlt E.
I i r CLAIM KU.Imv.
r. Mir at tlw JIH K3AI. f'l l lt t.
1 tUI'lll.l.T rUISTI K AT TIIK
t Jot UNAL OKI tt K.
ins out ol
the diiiiiig-ioom window ; and as his
lather has one of tht.se houses in
l'tccadily not sar fiom Mr. lJeies
lord's, of course he saw a good many
people go ly iu ike course of the day.
Oi e morning, it rained very hind
quite a pelt ; and as be was at bis !
post, be saw a pretty pirl run ueross
the road from the Park, straight to
the shelter of iLe dorch, which was
over the front door of bis father's
house. .She bad no umbrella ; so, of
course, Ualmayiie' first impulse was
to lend In i one. He put on bis bat
and coat. just as if be was going for a
wald himself, and opened Ihe door.
She really was very pretty, and
very w ti. he w ouidu I come in to
Jiie day
when his son "are him such a dau"h-
Icr-in-law. ,
Before I've done, I'll just tell you
. .. i : i ii..
one more, wiiicu uiuil I turn out SO
Captain Williams I forget of what
regiment was quartered at one of
the small stations of the Bombay
presidency, many mile from any
large town. A few others were with
him, and the chaplain of the regiment.
Any one who has beCn quartered any
where abroad under tbee circumstan
ces will know bow well acquainted
people get w ith each other.
After a time, Captain Williams and
the young chaplain used to read over
their botiie-letler together, and talk
over absent friends, for lb arrival of
U'EiutiMti, Btiss ami bai l i ai:is be dried, for she was in a hurry lo be the mail was the great event of the
vi-isxal in-Hi K ,orue . g0 s l)ie 0reie,j umbrella was j time. Captain Williams bad Iwo sis-
ASUiiiLL ami (TUt it.aijs tinii .t ut one, itaimiijne carried it lor , ters, who bulb lived with their wid-
Jt( EN AL t'UH K.
Her luuiaelt. Mte aas n girl of goid j owed mother at home. There , bad
family, but very goor that evil been a much larger family, but all had
limn Bin, iii me rje oi some . ou a except me eldest and youngest
daughter, the brother being somewhere
PVTSh. Y, IT. was his intention. I J
Ji. I. UOUDAltll, Acfiit,
-" njinrrirTt'ai or
Job Printer! and Sicdera,
. I people. However, lo make a loiw
i story short, lialmayne married ber
j before the season w as over : and more
than lhal. bad (old his father that such
Iii brought on
j another (it of ihe gout ; and the old
'gentleman vowed and declared that
!,e never would see ber ; and so mat
j ters were in tbi fix, till it was lime
( to go duwn for lbs 12tb; and as the
; ingot were in capital order, and a
large party coming to the old gentle
man's Highland box, lialmayne ottasi
f ih me a: if Ii l.tm an. I I .... . I.: t :
, Jinuiea Leather fompaoj
riraa!r ft lh Xc Eisfltuid tr4.
All mvrk wrroid.
Prkes t tsil t!i titae.
Ordrr o!c'itd.
I- 5. STKAta F, A tea I.
rou sai.i:
A fct-JaL! ia Rrrutl. MraUna 4 IV't
WrcMilii 1.14 i -w vt ( itr,
Itixa ,. A;ijt v. Tr i, fcuSaSo, C;lti4,
iiaiian, vuiraa a r4 t. im
about half-way between. There were
neatly twenty year between the sis
ters ; indeed, Captain Williams hard
ly looked upon the eldest as a sister,
being born of a former marriage,
and more like an aunt than any thing
This chaplain was rather a namby-
Umlar tin itttle, physicians and
physiologist Thciuiio a plumber ol
strange appearances, the causes of
which are still somewhat obscure and
mysterious. They are perfectly dis
linct from all those apparition.-; and
"ghost scenes" produced by mere op
ncai ueceptions. J.ney oilier also
from the delusions of ' insanity, in that
the mind is so far sound us to be aware
of the fallacy of its perceptions, al
though in. individual cases, fear, cre
dulity, or superstition aouy lead to
such spectral illusions being believed
in and acted on, just as the delusions
of insane pt rsons.
The following instances are selected
chiefly from the 'vorks of medical men
of the highest repute, so that there
can be no doubt as to the' authenticity
of the facia.
A gentleman of a great many en
dowments, more than eighty years ot
age, and of a spare habit, who had hid
uninterrupted health, was sul ject for
years to ulmoat daily spectral illus
ions. Heads and busts with shadowy
lower members appear to have been
the usual appearances. The costumes
were various, and the figures some
times in miniature and sometimes of
ihe sie of life. He saw them with
almost equal distinctness in daylight
and in darkness, and with closed or
open eyes. He took litlle or no wine!
when these vision began to appear,
and bis abstemiousness was persever
ed in ; but any increase in his usual
quantity of wine caused an increase ,
in the number and vivacity ot his !
speclial visiiws. Afier these visions!
bad appeared lor a considerable num
ber of j ears, this gentleman had an
attack wit ch affected his mind, and
Irom w hich be did not recover.
Another gemleuinn, w ho died at the
age of eighty, never sat dowr. to his
meals for some years before his
death without the impression that
there was a huge parly jrcsent
dressed in the fashion of lifiy rear
Dr. Dcwar, of Stirling, communica
ted fo Dr. Abercrombie the case of a
suddenly, just after she bad n';M ;ii, i.t
ly escaped from tint dangers ol an un
toward confinement with ber first
child. A few week after this mel
ancholy event, while traveling during
the night on horseback, and in all
probability thinking over bis sorrows,
and contrasting bis present clieerless
prospects with the joys w hich so late
ly gilded the hours of his happy home,
the form of his lost wife appeared t.
be presented to him, at a little dis
lance ui advance. He slopped hi
horse, and contemplated the vision
withereat trepidation, till in a few
seconds it vanished nway. W ithin
few days of this appearance, while be
was sitting in bis solitary parlor late
nl night, reading by the light of
shaded taper, the door, he thought
opened, and the form of his deceased
partner entered, assured him of her
complete happiness, and enjoined him
to follow her footsteps." Dr. Albcr
crombie attributes this btst appearance
to a dream, and the former one to in
tense mental emotion,
Dr. Gregory w ent across the Firtl
ot a oi in io Ian. a near relation in an
advanced consumption, and on his
return he took a modv'ra'.e dose of
laudanum to prevent sea-sxkness.
As he was lying on a couch in the
cabin, the figure, of the lady appeared
distinctly and vividly besorh him. He
was unable to dismiss the vision.
He used to mention the case of a
geulleman subject to' , ;t.,r :.
come with him, and leave hi Leauti
As. Rltlfttlc Bwkif lit n tad Slalisntn, f" ' ifc behind. Tbi grieved
him sadly; but at last a bii'-ht idea
T CLAREXIOXT.N. If. I occurred him. wf.i. l. L
a we sfciril relnte j Tor all these ate
true storiej.
At the EusU n iuare railway gia-
t lion, whtn fcahnayiie aimed with his j
j father, there was such a rush for seats, j lo the low-spinted young chaplain it
, Utat Ihef bad tome ditbcuby in find- j is no wonder if at lat this j oun"
ing poej mat as out ol lite question ; man began to wish she would write to
tit ttu-y- secured a compart meni iim.
a . ft 1 a va viuuiv lil li1.35 UI
pambysort of fellow, always com-! lady who was quite blind, bul who
juauiing ut ins loueiy nie ana all that
sort t f thing ; and Captain William
wa often bi confident.
Whenever the mail came in, be
woulJ always stroll to the captain's
bungalow, and at last was allowed to
read some of bi sister's letters, for be
kept up a ver close correspondence
w ilh that dear little own sister of hi $
and as he talked with great deltebt of
! fo'rt nd read passagr of ber letters
i . . .t i ... - . . . .
which, as vre all know, contains only
four. Ov Iu " already in, ibis ;
but with f.e old jsentltman't innate
1-tditeneM. be wou.'1 D- ear f fcer
moving, ilowjb, M govt? loot
was obbgfd to he J.d. oj, he oppo
site teat, J.cre m nulv .'i ,-t
. J " wi
a enWtMntirrtncttfcrit' tbM : ILetO
Cui. UI n4 it ft!y to fei ada.!e ! The Lac t L n, , , i I . ,.
kow i beap kt ran fmarun t tbi:tr.t. s In i "1 'l 'lte tO ber. 11 L
tti S.t t-t I3tl1!wt a
never walked out without the illusion
of a little led-cloaked old woman w ith
a crutch, w ho appeared to go before
her. In ib house she was free from
A case was communicated lo Dr.
Abercrombie, in which a gentleman in
the prime of life, of sound mind, in
good health, and engaged io business,
was said to have been all bi life cu
riously affected with spectral illusions.
He could not even distinguish a friend
immediately from one of diese figures,
should be meet him in ibe street--
He Could JlIsO frill" mi .n..,.lr-.l ..)..
teen her picture: her!
brother bad hd it painted just before j figure or a rel or imaginary scene
be left England ; and it wa quite- Hut be could not diMiii-s ihe illusion
pretty enough to make a romantic ibus pioduced. AnolLer individual
young man w,th nothing to do foi.pjr i i hi (amily lutd a similar auction in
himself in lov with it j so, after a lit-! a lower degree,
tie, be went to the captain, and uro- Am:.nimj;.iM,.t.: t.
, u...i..cr, oruy me ; had lemained up late oneeveninc.and !
llk Jy must pui ber peide in her pocket,! who wa anxious about one of bisj
AJ w i to mm, a lie ; children, fell a.Ieep. and bad a friVhi-
Hiring hII tins succes-iou , .dding bis bead significantly at
I tit not recollect thai, in a ' ii,. r;,., i...u. v .ai.l
i . . . ... "i-i'"---
' a on live there
H. "Ves."
V. 'Work for the old man i"
Y. "What soil of an oU iiiaa it
H. "Oil pretty miit.'h like the nest
of us. Good man enough to worl
W. Tough old chap, aint be?"
H. "Guess an, to them ihnt try to
chaw him up."
fii ihe conversation went on till
Ihu wood went so fast with the new
comer that V. t xcluimed :
"First rate saw that of yourn !
This touched the Doctor in a ten
der -mini. He qad set that saw as
carefully as the article of his creed
t verj tooth was critically adjusted,
and so be gave a smile of triumph.
"I sny," W. "where can I get a
saw like that ':"
H. "I (bm'l know, unless you buy
W. "Will you trade? What do
jou nsk !"
V: "I don't know. I'll think about
i'..n .., ,i .. i i ..............
7,1 ., , - . , . ... Il- V il til till; liuusi; iki-lliuiilin mill
1 lalosiiphy of Apparitions, thinks that . j-jj t(. . ou
they are "nothing more than morbid , .J,, . tlie ol , in(H.M,
symptoms indicative of intense excite- nll. ni(, '. , .i,,,,, ,.,
from the ban Is of bis wife, with bi
tied, going
i i.- i ,i,.i.,
r , ...i .1... ..:;,.,,, .,. uu' "J ""' ;
and unknown objects seems to prove Ohi" said the'i)oc.r7-j"oV tlm
that the part of the nwvous system .., ,,1!lt W!1..,1i ,rt ,, II1V
u ell, jou shall have il for nolhisg,
only let me have some of jour wood
to saw when you work on my street."
W. said that he then felt as if ho
of seen :y
!n?li iils'.inee. I ilr mil- t.h'tuft uiil.
7 j ---V- .- j
w hich I had bee. i previously acquaint- j
ed ; nor, so far as I am aware, evcnl
the representative of any of those
objects with which my mind wasmot
occupied, presented to tne. They ap
peared lo be invariably new creations,
or at least new combinations, of w hjt h
I could not trace th original materi
"The circumstance, which I at the
lime considered to be so extraoidina
ry, that the motion of the specters
followed that of the eye, has also been
observed by Sir David Hrewster, and
must therefore be regarded as not so
anomalous a facias I, at the lim (con
sidered it to be."
The case of Nieolai (of Herlin). re
ferred to by Dr. linstock, was also a
personal narrative with great minute
ness of detail. It is often quoted in
works on physiology.
It is evident that, iu all these cases
of spectral illusion, there was a d I
ceased condition of the nervous sjg-j
tern, sometimes perhaps of the retina !
only, but more generally of a portion j
of Ihe brain. Dr. Hibberf, in his1
meiitof the renovated feelings oi' the
I M 1 . . . "
minu. i,ui ... ,,,, of the cases j coa, b.u,H.(1 flmj ,.ravat
titeie was nervous uepress.oii, not ex-
w hi-h were tmimfy jtreceded by the
appearance of an old woman in a red
cloak, who came up and struck biu
ou the head with a crutch. At the
moment of the blow he fell down in
Dr. Abercronrbie attended n lady
who awoke ber husband one niglit,and
begged him lo rise instantly, for she
had distinctly seen a man enter the
(Kim, puss the foot of her bed, and go
into a closet, fcren alter examina
lion, it was difficult to satisfy her that
she was in error.
Another lady repeatedly saw her
fatlter during a severe iIlness,althouh
tie was manv hundred mi es tliMtinu.
He would come to her bedside, with
draw the curtain, and speak to her,
A .farmer, returning from a market.
thought he gaw a very brilliant light
upon the road) which he supposed lo
e our Savior. Greatly alarmed, he
galloped home, was snizeil with fever.
and died jn about ten days. Fever
was prevalent in the neighborhood.
a"d he had complained of headache
and languor on the morning of the
day upon which he saw the vision.
A lady about (illy tears of age, the
Hear relation of an eminent medical
genileman. returned one evening from
party, and went into a dark room to
put aside some part of her dress.
Here she saw the figure of death, with
an uplifted dart in bis skeleton band.
He aimed at her. and struck her on
the left side. Fever, attended with
yfnpioms of inflamation in the chest,
seized her the same night, and her
illness was a severe one ; but she re
covered. Dr. Abererombie attended a highly
intelligent friend, in a slight but very
protracted fever, wlm often had an
old and gray-headed spectral v isitor of
most benignant aspect. The same
gentleman, when quite well, saw a
female figure kneeling in the orner
cihe room in which he was sitting.
' In the following ca"c we have the
advantage of the narrator a distin
guished physiologist, Dr. Ilosto.-k (biography
himself describing his symptoms : '-I ' cattaiiied
was laboring under a fever, attend d ! (Jmirtrrly for Jul, in the "Sketche ' well, if it i-n't here, it i somewhere
with ejinptoms of genera! debiiiiy, ' and Kecoib-ciion of the Old Clerg- el-e." 'I he copy was still iu lb" list
which is allecled, is in a condition
which it has rieve'o before experienc-
d. Dr. Hostock's case, in both tltiise
points, is imposed to Dr. Hibbert's
In all tho cases ihe mind seems lo
have been capable of being convinced
of the fallacy of the perceptions, if not
at the time aware ot their being mere
illusions, thereby distinguishing this
morbid slate from delirium or insanity
when idoas ate really taken for per
ceptions. .
Ihese cases are also (o be distin
guished from "apparitions" arising
trom false perceptions and disordered
imagination, without any disease ei
ther of the brain or the understand
ing, as in the following instance : Two
friends of Dr. Abererombie were
travelii g in the Highlands. A) tbey
were sleeping in ll.j same room, one
of them awoke, and, by the light of the
moon, saw a skeleton hanging at the
head of his friend's bed. He arose to
examine the cause of this appearance,
and found that it was produced by the
moonbeams and ihe bed drapery.
He returned to bed and fell asleep,
but awaking again, the skeleton was!
still there. He arose to reinvest!-
waeied to crawl into an auger-hole.
His habit of composition were pa
culitir. His soci il nature, wa w ac
tive that as somas he had written a
sentence that pleased him be had an
ardent desire to read it to somebody.
Many a lime be has rushed to tho
dining-room where Aunt Esther was
washing dishes Here, Esiher, hew
this.' Aunt Esther, with martyr-like,
patience, would stand, towel Ju one
band, and an unwiped plate in thu
other, (for be must have her undivid
ed attention), till he had lead his par
agraph and trolled hack to hi study
again. It sometime seemed a if ho
would never get a sentence done.-
He would write, re-write, erase and
interline, tear up and begin anew,
scratch out and scribble in almost
endlessly. Jn the latter part of hi
life this habit became morbid, and
actually shut him out from tins possi
bility of publishing his own writings.
He was the torment of printer, both
gate the cause of the phantom, and ! by the delay of hi manuscript and ly
brought down the curl, tin, which had i 'he inuilition in winch they found it
been thrown back, jut j ils Usual state. ! when they got it. Duo ol his ditugli-
lns put an end ( the illusion. ters said theie were three negative
In the saint class of natural, not I rule by whivh could alwajg read
morbid phenomena, must be assigned ! her father' Atiiting. to-wit : 1. If
those terrible visions of iu .tci i'al ob- ! there is a letter crossed, it isn I a . -
jccis which sometimes bauni the .mm. i 2. If then; i a b tier 'dotted, it isii'l
tal vision of those- who are buidwued : an . 3. If I hero it a capital le ter,
with guilty consciences, as when ;t j i isn't at the beginning of a word. .
murderer see hi gim-dy vietin. J At Lime Seminary he Jived more
Iii is i but lit! vivid -tp, ruduciion cr ' 'ban two mile front ihe city. One
ceptiijn, although the mind may bo su
overrought as at lu.gib to an', ci tl.e
brain and induce insulin v.
abiding impicnsiuit oj an uciuai per- i time, ihe p jnti.ia hud been oil tenter
hooks lor toriy-eigiit hours lor their
copy, he l.a-lily finished hi inMnu-
rij.t in his study, crushed it into thu
. - ; crown ol Hie h.it lhai lay neareai hire, .
NfcW Sloun.8 AlioLT Dt(. 1j. ix.i-' c! ipp d another but on hi Iteadltov
I It. An agie.Hbie little . (li.-l to the down lu the citi, rusl.ed Up to, Ibe
ol Kev. Lyinitu lieether is pi luting ot'ice and siialcln-d oil hi
' ... a a a .
Congregational hat. -Ifeie your copy bin, ,
He had
.. . : n .. . i . i . .
csjjccianjr oi me nervous system
with a severe pain of the head, w l.iel
was confined to a small spot shuwfed
about the right temple. After having
passed a sleepless night, and being ie
duced to a slate of conaideiablo ex
haustion, I firt perceived figure pre
senting themselves before me, w hid
Mini, maii," contributed by C. E. Siotte, of. thai had been b Ii at bo-.oc, Uut wbo
liar'. ohJ. Heie utc ome ol the j.ii- couid be aiury with so muili giod
ecdoie-: ; nature, t-vt n if it wern-a plague
Hei -chirr's nimpHety, buojancj' and
impel iiiiaijie eiKi nuinor ilisarmeij ; Tl e 'ft- v (i'.V
. ' . .1
OPPOsiliou .ULsumt it. ,,r.,.l 1 -r gmng .u,e
. , History oi cer t'jjt n,h-i"-d cotton mwe.
contact w i.h an opponent. An ol 1 . ....L , r .T . II . 1
ttood sim i r, whom halid W-
, , . - -v.. aw mm-. , . ten aairrij, ang naa a ingni- i turn a i tiad no ree,!l,
uj very prttty, and fti eou!4 Pb! get leave ; biJe.,.oJ daam. He awoke, rose up imme-Uav ing pre,i0u?ly Zn
I immediately recognized as similar j a roegh, strong, hrevtd man, who be
lo those described by IX'iadai ; ujKn j longed to a rival sect, wh viob-i.tly
which, a I wa free from delirium, I piejudic d against the Doctor, e- en
and as ihey were visibl for about ! ly ietr.,oi.i of hi total i.biineiK
three day and nights, with little in-! piinc.pal. lie fmd never seen him,
. ' 'a. . ( .
lermisaion, i was aue to. icak nfy ob-j' d wuu,j uut hour him preacL
uTheie were two circwnslances
which appeared lo me very remarka
blefirst, that the spectral appear
ancts'aUay followed ibe motion of
the (yes; and, tecondly, that the ob
ject w hich were the.kat defiodjnd
remained the longest visibl. were
uch a I bad no recollection of ever
For about
1,11x1111 hi iwv, ."Sprains. avs:
Gen. Spi a. 'uu, or .Senator Spraguc,
it he may elect, i une of I lie burn
bug of the age. Ignorant of every
ihnig t-xcept iieiiiejr. getting, prjor in
, every quality of a g ritleman itliter.
a e as a elown he is a much out of
'place in lb Senate at a man bell
fHit.!.t u rura tti.llw t ..... .V
,--. . " n " W -. .'7V.mJm, VI
o noite tbe Doctor i house. Th w........ , ... t,- m i . . . -
Do..tor depended on constant manual , win; f),r lo, , u reprr4tsj
labor for keeping up l.i own bealU. , Ly su, b a m, would, perha,,. U
and in Loston, where be could A tlJlJy' bu-iness-but when lie aiU
enjoy the luxury of a gard-n todigi,,, Linuelf of hi po.h.ou to trwtuW in
hewa,o!te,. pul.dtofin.l ,ea04to giverr.ment eten. and ihwi toaie
keep h.mseil in pool working order. . pyj,.. Je Va of it, .t h well tUt be
i be constquAnce was thai b taWed U exp.ed as an example, M
U Ibe wood for h. own Drge f.mily, up t the .-.Hit-.-r,,! fc -it,
I hi man bad a large lot of wood
saw i

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