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ajr grand I'-' ;"s' .-r to grat.iy a j
Ihe.r own poi;.( ;, u, I. is. .'.. I i :.
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j'acc. ()( hii Yatikrrs ji.e Nouihruii
WiokI orin li.o m hu j imi firli!, but
ore jil4 enough Jo tyUy litem, a
lljfjr do (!i ir bve, lu Trltfin (heir
dirty wotk. l'rart for the Situlli wiil
bo fwert imliH-d ; for u, eiTit thro'
iouthrrn ul jupaiion.liut nnnri-liy hii 1
r furertr. The I'mcITk, the Weiti
rn, the Ki!ern hia(- wou)4 at one
fall aunt)er. Tito Soulh would be
dominant, and the jipoj.le of the North
would dt wrfo to be driven afield, un
der tu gro owif r, to hoc corii and cot
ton fur Southern master.
Ilul no faint-ltcnrted or fhort -sighted
jKdiT can M-t nua tlt denial de
erect (4 the A!inir'!ii, who hus ilaut
cd tioline of di if iun bt lecn the At
lantic aii tli Wrstrn deserts be
tween the great lakes and the gulf of
Meico that ftiginly Hit will llmt we
hould be n-i'iuitti ij ; niul unit s to
arparaled peace is a d Iusion, and ita
adjroenry a treason ngaitiht the wiset
and holiest intcrestiot our country.-
Utn. iymuur'$ LtUtr.
ro.tiTiox. lUr. Mr. l'ritchord, of
Ilale'ijli, N. C, utli?he the following
in the Iliblical Ht corder. It ought to
ccure to frank 1'iVrce the Chicago
nomination :
"I.t spring prominent member
ot this church of which I was pasior in
Italiimore. met nt the St. Nicholas
Hole!, jit New Yoik, Kx-l'reidei.t
l'icrcc. Mr. Pierce initnifcied the
waniit"! Fjntpathy for the South in
thi tru(slf liir independence, ilcelar
ed that il.o only hope for Irtcdom on
thiit coiilifiet.t wait in the cuccis of the
.Vniih; that old ih I.i; whj, ho (hould
have been in the dml. .-d.-raie army but
for the honl;!i . 1,U wif,., al ,!,,lt y
deind tio higher earthly honur tl.ait
lo be h private in the rank of the
outhtrn ttrmv."
-The New York ll(r is an excel
lent representative of the Democratic
pnrlj. It M;t only eek to render
rontemp.til.4o tJ.e ( ioverninent of it
country, but it pour Jlalh ry into the
ear ol it kindly i.lly of the South :
"The liiehniond (.-overninent is able,
felf-reliant and lull of resource. The
Washington (Jjvernment in jtistt the
rppciie. It is efficient in nothing but
in gratifying its umall parly and per
sonal dpites. In the heceded States
there ii a strong, sternly hand nt the
helm of affairs ; in the loyal States
there i an ignorant bufl'mm, playing
IVesident, with the imitative facility
f a lower order of living.
Poor Walk ! Where w ill he go ?
The Jourun! of Commerce inform him
that the Democracy will fire his am
munition, but they don't want him.--He
elands condemned at home. He
cannot even get up a party of hii own,
for he has not enough sympathizers to
make up a ticket. If it "lat ii in the
fire." At "minery love company,"
let him set k forgetfulness in the shades
here rests the lamented Fremont
and hii epitaph hall be : " Died
atoming! Too much 'wif-dom and
prudence' the cause. Wc drop i
tear to his memory, and bid hira a long
farewell. Albany Joumui
DtfiocBATtc Hoxort.- The Dem
ocratic press has got ki low as to cir
culate the ful!owii;g furgi-ry, represent
ing it to be an extract fiotn Daniel
Webner'f speectj at Faneuil llall.j
March 7, 1950. Their political war
if carried ort w ith almost as much hon
or and chiralry s i ihe war of their
Southern brethren in the field.
"If the iuf rnnl fanatics ami alxili
tioiits ever get the power in their
haid, tLey will ovenide the eon-iiitu-ttoo,
ihejSupreme Court at defiance,
cJ.ange and make laws to suit fhem
felve, laj violeijl band on thoe who
differ with them in their opinion or
dare qurMit',n their infahbibtr, and
uuatij, bankrupt the country and del
uge it with blood."
Fmsr C '" S ! rretnouu and the Wade see j
Ksr .scat . n r. Lx-Qov.i(0 a inl tbej do not become'rivals of ;
cm Vymour, of Connecticut, w rites tL(, C,rel AposUle i the execration '
M loiiows ihe p?ace convention tl ! of all love; of bbertv : and let tbede-
con last wi-t-k : j
-Thc flft mtr.Jn, pin this work of!
reform tbould l to ,s,;.( ihe w.ir
msistk wu;4 be wonli mote tc th
rniire country than Ib.-.y-n.j tattle '
v 'fc.e to 1 the spl'-ndid
si . t
-o" to e ymc-racy at the r,v-
tr.i i.riif, i, f.-ur hn nr'!,iM...-t.- and
Ifib.ts.ot1umiKshn,,i,J ""r' 10 l J' whtn
then I Ute n.
a:k'-t the chaia.-or..!
...-. 1 . wig vtj jj ay :nker,cJut,,tc lu "-"J arouna 11, e .ue .
bit na-x-j irc-ii n, rod.
I HMUt ! it I ion ill Tilkil.
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I iiUii M:tr "I 1 tt I.
i-.'Hs H. -y.n '.I, t a ,:.
I if t c u -i ti .1 t: -T,
r A I. J'illt.HAV, !.-,' '.Ur.rt.i-.
I 't i . t-1 .
Jt.-JiS r.. i'.!',..f t k ..i.
f-t !". t irt I' tr I.
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I'mIoii iiiIj I'll Iti I.
J tl ill. J.I. I- I ! it. nt H i!
r.jT "i,..f.
jj:ami.i; it ut, .rf ii-i.gtk
'r tu' Ati.t...y,
A. I. MINI K, f Wan t.. '.i.
Kirt" AittDt Jli.if.
II KM M V. "f l'..iit:
IK I K . H i ll HI. 1.1 'I It, l 1'i'ti.
r. I:(t, l'..,lli(l.
MiUI'IN W II I.I.IH K uf Mintrj.
Kof Juittfi it i.f rrfitifclr,
TII'iM A W I. nf titiwt.. f.f Uj Iilrlr1
if K. unlii'iifl.
JnllS W. I1AT' IIH.I'I Ii. f lintl, f.rf llif I1
trlrt tf MMli'.ftt.T.
The Condition of the Country.
It cannot be denied that there are
many who are now almost ready to
despair of the republic. , They have
gone through the- weary years of our
struggle thus far without losing faith
in the ultimate success of our cause.
They were never greatly di.-heart-encd
by. disasters in the field or dis
senlions in the Cubiin t. I!ut in the
contentions and jealousies and frauds
that are now rife among the people,
they see something more dangerous to
success than a routed army or even a
divided council. Men w ho never j
trembled at Southern power or foreign
menaces, now turn pale at the insin
cerity, selfish ambition, and lack of
patriotism developed by the near ap
proach of a general election. And
well they may take alarm at such in
dications for w hen these- depravities
find their way among the citizens of a
republic and overcome the virtue of
the masses there is nothing behind to
correct the evil j and all history shows
that a republic was never jet over
thrown but by the folly and vices of
its own citizens.
It is evident that those eyils are to
a certain extent at work in. our midst.
Men who have' eu'Jeavoretl to make
I ha power of their patty work out
their own sellUli ends ate eanyiu:
over their abilities and influence to
organizations whiJi they have hither
to denounced us treasonable in their
tendencies and dangerous to the safe
ty of the republic. Of these, some had
hoped to succeed Mr. Lincoln in the
Presidential chair, and failing to se
cure the nomination in the regular way,
are ready to biiak up the party they
have helped to establish; others have
aspired to control the policy of the
government, and finding that the views
of others are preferred, are ready to
give up their principles to throw ob
stacles in the way of plans which are
not their own ; and others still, having
desired for the benefit of their pockets
to ormtrol the disposition of places and
honors and not been deemed worthy
of the trust, are anxious to see anoth
er administration in power that they
may enjoy a greater share of the spoils.
Of these three classes, John C. Fre
mont, Hen Wade, and Henry Winter
Davis, are the representatives. With
such men among the leaders, there are
always men among the masses who
are calculated (obe influenced by them.
There are some who are zealous and
confident at first, but whose patience
is soon worn out and who despairing
of accomplishing whatih.y have be
gun, are ready to take up tomc new
project which relieves them from the
necessity of toiling further. There
are others who neve have any decid
ed opinions in favor of anjr one princi
ple or policy and are always ready for
any change that has a specious ap
pearance. But w hen we see the Fre
monu and Wades, from pen-dial spite
and ambition throwing their influence
in favor of those whom they have hith
erto been the first to denounce as trait
or,we remember that John C. Calhoun
was a patriot and sought the gool of
his whole country unt.i, after having
been the idol of the people, be saw
the Presidential nomination slipping
I from bis grasp at d receding forever.
, , . f ,, f f,: r. ! i
1 ...).:, 1' ... .:..!.il, , ...
pwintei a;i.biiioii beware It-tt jios'trity i
jk of thetu as they now speak of j
'he Southern people.
1 la liuie of deMri ting principles for
pritate and selfish n.i i cetuitdy a;tf
,.n,ie ad
irlJCU -,c UP 'eirpaiiy nu person,.! ;
grtpriiicipi-wL.chUtbelound!toojregrtued that Si4 wbicb Ls at-
' ' grw" r,4 pro-inty. AnJinr.! a miLtary rrum at
J ft tut t oio. !, t ! t
t c-'M- tLsn I ha i !':
no r.f s -, erhsips,
!' ' u-4 in ii'
b:n? Jo dJ f0
ti n l :.f
t! an tiv kN vt
1 nr.
.!.:. i..
:n tt
, l(f t -
t !
An-riLc tl
:i.- ".'
marred !? u.ar.j a d
tie-, .::.: : i-i, ii!i 1 !ti i , .-.
ti.ili 1 1 ! i:.r j 'e, J ii h t:
t!.ty. Mr.y -;: i . I in tl.
S';4 t e It inh t.j '-l !.i. ! tt the j-...'.v-tr
tl.ey l.u ! cant '!'. ,!n-! uv t'e
p T.j:i t.f t:l.!i-M.'i,' lb- t..!4 print ipl,-
with Ku-jf VaI.itiitoti iiftead of King
titotgi-. (t ti( !.iU an 1 put Mil- ti
i! o-i;!4 m ;e of their own pchemes
1 than of the public got.nl. Jt 1 iiisii'S in
; tiie army linaliy culminated in a con
pir.u y ntuiiii the 'lifers to tvtr
ShttiA tin; CVmaiiinil. -rill-Chief
1 Large number. in (.i.gre.s were in
' pyinpathy with li e inovnietit, and
j amid Ihe w rankings of nmbitious men! ow lia.ty.,- u n u
! the war seemed tube wholly M sight im:iy L .. l0 1(JW amount
i ut. And yt-t ttotil otit ol tins dittk -
n. M came the glory of our national
exi.-tete. After lookit.g upon '!"!
hUtory of that period we can certain-;
ly hope that now, as then, the Virtue ;
of the mass of the people wi I with-, ,
sUndtlie t Ifofls of thosu whore selfish-!
Heps is too much for their patiiotUm
There are a lew men who sewn to
be really alarmed at this defection of
men in high places, and are almost in
clined to think llmt there mu.t be
something wrong in the Administra
tion when tome of its noiscst support
ers are falling away from it. Such
should remember that m t men are
ambitious, that some are unscrupulous,
and th.it not a few have a better opin
ion of themselves than others have.
When their party comes into power,
these ambitious men all desire appoint-
ments j those who have a better opin-
ion of themselves than others liuVe,
are not satisfied with what they get j
and by the time another election comes
round, those of the number who are
unscrupulous, are anxious to try their
chances under another Administration.
When the supporteis of an Adminis
tration suddenly become horrified ut
the evils they find in it, it is always
well to see if they have not had some
disappointment to quicken their per
ception. The man who in '01 dt-clur-
eu hii meM.ives 01 ins j J.artuient
(tee, would never have discovered that
the confiscation policy of the Admin-
isttation was wrong if he had been a! -
lowed to use the ai my to further his
ambitious schemes with repaid to the
Presidency. Similar causes can be
found for the tii klen light .which has
burst upon tiie indignant Wade n:u
In this way it is always expected
that the patty seeking to overthrow
the one in power will receive some
accessions to its strength. Hut if the
people are true to themselves, they
will be little influenced by a change
of parly whie-'i is so evidently the re
sult of private leseiitiiient and exor
bitant ambition. 'Jit the disturbed po
litical condition of the country to d iy.
it is gratifying to see that the body of
the people are not easily dei eived or
turned aside from the work to which
they have put their hands. The grand
Fremont movement is the grandest
failure in the 'political history of the
country, and never before did a polit
ical manifesto signed by two men of
the supposed importance and influence
of Wade and Davis meet with so little
consideration. But although the Un
ion party has nothing to cause it to
despond, it has enough to incite it io,
vigorous action. Although these dis
contented leaders carry but few of
their old followers with them, they car
ry their abilities and services j and
there is no xeal like that of new con
veits, and no hatred like that of ren
egades and apostates for the compan
ions with whom, and the principles for
which, they have fought.
Recruiting in Southern States.
Gen. Washburn has i.-sued a cir
cular calling the attention of the Se
lectmen and citizens generally to the
fact that but two recruits have been
enlisted by the agents of this Stale
under the new system of recruiting
in the rebel Jen itory, and urges upon
the towns the necessity of making
every effort to fill up their quolas
home without relying upon a source!
of assistance so precarious at that of
Southern enlistments is likely to prove
Many of the State agents have alrea-
;dy returned, and the statements of j
those who come from Tennessee and
Georgia Would seem to indicate that
the declaration of (,'-,,. Sherman that
there is ,., .i.u.l.t;..,i ....
, - , , ....
the rebel army, is liteislly true.
Those towns which have made
any !
tfTort have found no diiBeul! V in pto-!
cut ir.g tnen at home, auJ the
the Adjutant-General announces j
tUt.be report frm thi branch oI.'k. 5th Vcrmor,!, and sou of the Kev.j
the tectuiting wrvice are very en-
couragmg. Jt 1
is t.-.t, ptihapt, to be
.f Sot.:l.rn? H'utattun fur the n4in-
; jri).;i. p cf it-
hum an
i'.J Ii
( ru r in ti f
.'-'..? of Aujr. lNh
1 i e'J-v. A J
i t ii t i .i ; f . i J ... , . . i . t r .7 V ..rm. .1 t
" i 'e of Vermi.t.t,
!v ui power in t!.l
ret I. f, tl, p..rfy w power in tt.i
(.. a.;' ( ti; ;
Tl . y care 1., j f,,T i).e t n-I.n t nx i.t
tl.:t if pr j tti li.g i r i ail. 'I Ley ran
: wi jtlili, :i)4 l'(i)ot, ahead fr
ihrm -!e., but i-au n il fir us. They
rati di-cover in t), future pr pnra-
lions for a titlni nobilitr, in which
ibev litt't. end x!.t i !. tl figure m
Lord-, K.irl, ir 'uVe, while t
sl:a4 be tin irjx iantry.
'1 he above 1 certainly an inult to
the iti't !lig. nee t,f the pei pie of Ver-
tnotit, if a l, lre-. . d to the citizens geu
cNiily. If it iiitt inlel by the ed
it 'r of the ArtjKt only for the men 4
0j ;(
inteilii nee K.is?eM'd by bis Ott ti
n.,3rl... We H,wiivj i1mu'u ,U(,liif
liMl,.r lived upon the igon.,, e ol the
pt.V,K Lul ht (.L.rtail,y Ulnt,-Up.
,,a. uU(.r 8IJ J
, f . - , , ,
them as above,
Co.VTnABA.ND8, ex-slaves, freed
men. By w haterer name we call them,
their suffering and the righteousness
of their cause calk piteourdy on our
sympathies for tlieir relief, -note, to
day. Those who dwell among them t ell
us hundreds per week come in sick,
worn "out, in tatters. ; In half the fam
ilies there is not a plate, knife, folk or
spoon, perchance a gourid-sliell to
drink from. Not an axe, hoe or shov
j d, damp ground otilv to lie upon.
Nothing to make a bed of or to cover
them from (he night's damp an 1 chill.
Autumn and winter ate coining on
apace. These poor wanderers can
not hibernate like denizens of the for
est. Kven our own cast olT garments
would go far towards keeping out the
cold blasts, such prolific cause of dis
ease and death.
We cull upon every kind heart in
human bosom to consider this matter
think it over by night and by day ;
! see bow big a bundle'eaeli can make
j u,,. ()ld but wearable boots, shot s,
! coa(K, ,,,., vests, stockings or pieces
j ()f ,,u,p tllU gl0(.kl3 CUI1 le ,.,.
; f ..,. v..,.., ,l ,.!.;!.! .
parel of every size and form, as 'twill
keep out the cold. Bring them to
Mr. Coy V.-4iop ami we will cut them
over, make, mend, or if already in or
der to send all the btt'er. We would
be gl ui of money too, school books,
table utensils, and bedding, if ever so
poor, wc will patch or cover and it
vvll be a comfort to ourselves as well
1 hot recipient's, fur is it not ''more bless
ed to give'Mban to receive?'' We
wish to commence work immediately.
Bl.At.KISi:itllY CoitniAi. To two
quarts tf blackberry juice add one
pound of sugar, hall ounce oft inatnon,
half ounce of nultne', half ounce of
u'lspice, tpiarter of an ounce of cloves.
Iloil twenty minutes, and when cold
add one pint of brandy.
Now that the blackberry season has
arrived, should We not take advantage
of it ? The above receij t is recom
mended by the Sanitary Commission j
but ils astringent efficacy can be much
improved by adding a half pint of
strong strawberry tea made from the
vines and leaves. The use of this
Cordial has proved very beneficial,
especially in cases extremely delicate
to manage by ordinary treatment.
The berry dried is of great service lo
them, but has not, ef course, anything
of the power of this Cordial. Cannot
nearly every family' in this town give
one bottle if no m ire ? If the donors
will boil the juice thoroughly with the
spices and sugar, the btandy will be
supplied from our Sanitary Con. mis
sion fund, and added ai tie time of
sealing, which will be done at Alts.
S. G. Cone's. Please leave them ut
her house or at Cone &, Burton's
A Fitietru-to tub Soldikii.
MrsiCAL Co.nvestion. The Vi
and Alass. Alusieal Association hold a
Convention at Bennington, .Tuesday,
Oct. 18, under the tuition of Prof. K.
!! Frost, of Bos on. The Conven-
ll'wn will continue three days and close
with a Concert.
The exhibition of tableaux given on j
Aldnday night of last week, were re-!
lasted again on Tuesday to accommo- '
;datethos ho were unable to erain i
'admittance the evmintr befWe. The!
iidieiice w as quite Urge enough for
comfoit, a:l ti e fgnd was materially
J. V. Ba.tbel !.r, a private in Co. t
( IL IU t,-lh-r h.i.!r ,.f th.U
has received an a
iqKiiiit.tiet.t a cautt
at West P-nt.
Wak !t i-A;tMiAT, Wahux-
T0. An;. U V. H. y ,iv r-
(,'tHfTcl J' IiH A. l.j; 1 hr t'l'vra
liMi s f (ii n. (irarti' (ofe. are 4.
tsi.t 4 I't ti e ftilhjWiii
t ll till lit ill til' li
ClJV 1'fiM, An
( ivnt w! arreii it)
tin- U i l.It tl to id,
r. 1 -s i, m.
t 1 tu nod it !(
l.U.-nt one lii'b--.ik.
la tl.tf
.Oiilt l.e tin t l.n! , I. l.i;l ! , ,,.,,!
jj.. h.U..,,4 ir,.m ,' , l,.
w ,-iri? l U 1 -!-t;t .'. I'h c: 1 j the fi ,
b'-' " I'1 I I- ! ..r.-i b i.-i.-
(igbtn. .'mi she 4 , . f-.;. y.i t...:n.
' kS Jid ii liiciti-s h.- u;. n lh-i eiic-
'' '!1V!' ' " r'T,"l -1 '-
t xtt nt o our '. t . but j-d-f tht tu
lo l;.'ht, 1 10:11 the tii -patt ht
Some vt the fi III) n won
Some if ll.e ciomv's wouinh'd
j into our huml-, and a tew other p'i
j otiel ..
j Cn r Point. Au
lit p. m. Our
In.f.ps me firmly hxed 1010-s (he
Weldon H. .4. i In re has been little
or nonfiling tn-tlay t-iiln r poulli ol
... , . ...
I1,.!.! in,. 1.1- ...lul, ..I .1 . ,-,i, r
U ar.en lep.uts th,,t the 1 n. mV' d. ...b
111 considera'di! nutubeis were found , const nine me mass 01 me wtatiii ot
in his front unhuricd. j the bind. The notes upon which this
Ceiieral Birney t. legniphs to Cen. 1 101, n,ktj tut f,om $;,o upward.
But h i' as follows : . , , ,,
,, ... 1 1. very man who b.'i-hity d dhtrs can
H 1; a Dti i' a it t i its, Ijnth CttKis.i ' '
Aug. lib The enemy attacked my j iuv I '"1 ""!"'' A""l from
line in heavy forfe hist night, and ; patriotism and the Only which all ow e
l-i .1 ft..
were reputsen with gn ai loss, in
front of lour colored regiments eighty
two dead bodies weie counted. The
cololed troops behaved handsomely,
and are in fine spirits. The assault
was in column, a division strong, and
would haqe. carried the woiks if they
had not been so well tlefeinled. The
enemy's loss was at least 1 ,000,
D. B. liniNF.r, Maj.-Gen.
We have had a great ileal of rain
about Petersburg this week, and a
very grateful change in the atmos
phere. Report at ii o'clock this morning
at Sheridan's front represent nil quiet,
at that lime, anil that Ciillmore with
forty or fifty men entered MartinsLurg
last e veiiititr. h. AI. Stanton
.. c t'.i 1 1.. m 4. i.i. 11 irt ,1 iy...
0 .
1 iiiLADtiU'iiiA, At)":. 20. Secre-
fnt-v l',,ik,.ti.1i.,. Ii,j lii-il-ii. ri'iln,.i.it I'
S. Assistant Treasurers Mcluiyre and
Cisco, to pay the. 10-30 coupons, 10
40s due on 1st of September and o-i'Os
due 1st November.
Statu Jiitclliciicc)-
dipt. A. It. Benedict, ol this state,
is now iii command of the 4 1 Ii U. S.,
Infantry. The regiment, w hiph cross
ed the Bupidiin with live or six hund
red met;, is now reduced to less I twin
one hundred, iiud lias the honorable
inl-t of heuilnu-ii ho x o'liini li'ir I .ii-i.t
(Jon. (irtuil, wjio Wi.rr.HMH'i Iy a :p -
lam 111 tin: sjtme rt''iiiiciit..
Among the Union t llieers recently
..I I ... -1 ... . : . -w 1
e a t no 11; . ti su v oat lesion, is .mii. ,10-
1 t I 1 t 1 I - . - -
,,.-..i.......i...f'i..i a 1
s an iiti. ,0. 1 lie irst Vermoiit l av-
tin), lie was lanei: irisouei- in rsep
tfiitber la-t, near Kappahtiui.oeli JSia
lion. Tim: Vkhmoxt Ti;Oois. Some
tittle since; application was ni.-nle to tin;
Secretary ot War by (.ov. Su.iih to
liave the ( I inont troi its remain 111
, ... , 1 ,. . .
the Vlemilv of U iihiipil,-. 1 for its lie-
lence tlurin- the renuit'.d-r of
present can, iinii'ii, in cons;i!i:ration ol
the extreme hard seiviee they had
perfoniit d andas;i lining re. ouition
of their gall. int conduct. To this ap
plication the Secretary of War replied
that the disposition of the foiee was in
the province1 of Lieut. -(jeti. (Jranl, but : can be realized from any other sale
that he would rceoiniiit iid the matter Hlld convertible investment. It is,
lo his favorable consideration. '1 hi; I ,1 n . t 1 t
, . ,- 1 moreover, readily collectable when
Governor immediately wrote Lieut.- .
Geti. Grant urging his iipplieiLtion.iind,,ue- io em:,, "ot" nlc a'!lx ,ive
has received a favorable n-nlv. (Jen. I '"coupons" or interest tickets, due ut
uiuiii eoiiui not, 1 1 course, make a
definite promise, as the exigencies of
the service must determine, the di-po-sit
ion of ihe troops, but there is little
doubt that the Vermont Brigade will
be retained in the vicinity of Wash
ington during the present campaign.
St. Albiins Messenger.
Tiik Eti.ixnc AIa;azi.k for
September is published. One of the
embellishment represents ".Mozart
at Vienna ;" the other is an excellent
portrait of the editor of the Eclectic,
Air. W. II. Bidewell. The articles
from foreign magazines are thirteen in
number, ull of much interest. Poetry,
Literary Notices, Ac, make up the
llAKi tu's AlA'iAZi.NK is as inter
esting as ever. The illustrated ani
clesofihe September number are,
"An Adventure on the Coast of Aus
tralia ;" "At Home with thu Iwjui-
max ; ami Hie continuation ot "Uui
Mutual Friend." The Iieeoid ol
Current Events is ably made up, and
of itself would made the magazine ol
permanent value.
The Fair at the Court House on
Thursday evening of last week, w as
well attended and quite successful in a
financial jioinl of view. About two
hundred and twenty dollars were rea
lized, to be devoted, us we understand,
to repairing the Congregational
Chuich in this village.
Two horses owned by C. & S. Fish-
' er of Buncrt were kho! r.t. W..,t..,..,I.v i
"'ght of lat week, one being instantly
k'U'd nd ihe other s vt tely injured,
Jhn Gookins, an enlisted soldier, be-
nsT uj.;ciea of lU mine, a ar
rested or complaint of the State's j,,.'1'
torney, but on his examination befoic j
. Justiee
larger last .atur-jay, was""
ti. i . 1 - . 1 1
i diw-'harged.
lJi"',,'l' ,,"l'i,' i"-eh-d in thi
j t last Sabbath.
t shall punt and it.-.tribute the
.vo.es ,or end J the toy tUt
The S. vt ti-Thrt.ex What ore Tfy ?
We tru.l li.tt a largr pe-Mt.-n of
our n m 1-n lime j ti 'i'lr 1 tte Ap-
pr' f Ml l'f'-( t,d 11, ur new Sec-
teiaiy t f the 'I r aury. 11. e pur-
j rt of ii i tint! ti.o Te p!e 4 the
I'lut.-.l Mate, a.'tii.g a UhIj
tht. ugh tht-ir ngfiit the (ii-ve'titiuti!,
i-h iu-i.vi4.uU M 1' i.-l tl.' m t o
h'f 4-td lli!!i..ti id ti. iii.it !. r tl.'ee
1 -nt 11! -1 t rti tt id thri e -tci.il.s lir
it t. t,!;u.! iiiiiti -', p b.t fVi'ty
- iiititi;:.. lor tt.; they otter
Imi.miu Not. that is, in reality. ; Hand, pruri-cdej al.m C.ai'k t Mnd
ne: drawn and t ii.ioiscj by ev try : iou street, and thcuco to the eburtli.
man in the coiuf.ry. The loan U , When ths mrvit rs commenced the
, ,- , ,- 1 '- heartbroken i.low heram overoonm
wui.tedlora L'Tci.t rational purpose.:, , ... , , , ""
' 1 by ht r gut k ami fainted. Bestoia
to ( Heel whi h every man, unless be ,m.4 being bron 'ht h ..hid recover
j '''' "t heart if iut in act, is
; solemnly pb dged.
Tl,,. , addressed not mere-
: y
: lv lo h few i'ie-it r. mil. ili-ls I 11' nl-n
' '
10 n'c n,a"' wli0",;
, 0 their countiv, 110 investment is so
desirable as this. '
It is secure. F.vrry dollar of eve
ry man's piopetty is pledged for the
punctual payment of the interest, and
of Ihe debt when due. The security
is increasing in value. For some
years before vthi war we were earning
1,000 millions a year more than we
spent. During the three years ol the
war, owing to the high prices ami
constant demand for labor, we have
earned more than ever before. No
limn who could or would woik has
In en idle; and, except lor the war,
1 . , 1 .1 . 1 'i'
I e have spent less than before. 1
total valuation of ihe property of the
United States, according to (he census
of 1800, was SlG,1.09,OO'f,OOO, of
which 10,967,-1 18,966 was in the Lo) -al
Stales. This valuation, ateu'diug
to the usual rule ot assessment, was
not more than two-thirds of the actual
cash value of the property. The in
crease of propel ty in (he Loyal Slates
during the last ten years was over
12G per cent, or 1111 average of 12 0-10
per cent, per at nam. In three, jears
iof ll,e "ar wc l,i the UuiIl,,1 StaU"i
1 ... 1 n ......
have certainly earned 4,000 millions
j more, lhau we have spent apart from
. .... , .
( . 1
j ( lie w ai . J lie cost ol tiie war may
j ,,, juW, ,t m) nii)li(. n
luetittg this from ttur net euruingVhu
j People w ho are security for this loan
1,000 millions richer to-day than
;cy vvere when the win broke out.
No oilier investment can be so eils-
I 1 IV cotiv t
.n.ble. The
mail who tuts 11
Tm.st.ry note for S60, or 100, r
! v 1,000, can turn il inio tin ln-y more
readily, and upon better terms, than
if il w eie in x eslt-d upon bond
mortgage, or in railread stoiks.
The interest oil
1 is higher than
he expiration of each successive hall-
year. The' holder of a note has
simply to cut off one of these coupons,
present it at-the nearest bank or
Government Agency, and receive his
interest j the note itself need not be
presented at ull. Or a coupon thus
payable will everywhere be equivalent
Inn due, to money.
Thus, while ibis loan presents great
advantages to large capitalists, it of
fers special inducements to those who
w ish to make a safe and profitable in
vestment of small saving. It is in
every way the best Savings' Bank ;
for every institution of this kind must
somehow invet ils deposits profitably
in onler lo pay interest and expenses.
They will invest largely in this loan,
as the best invcdtnii nt. But from
the gross interest which thej teceive
they must deduct largely f(,r the ex
penses 01 llie i,ank. I lieu- usual rate
i"1 'iulen-st allow, d lo .leii'milors is 6
penses of the Bank. Their usual rate
per cent, upon sums over 500. The
person who invests directly with Gov
ernment will receive altuo-t 60 per
cent more. Thus the ninn who de
posits 51.000 in a 'private Savings'
Bank receives 50 dollar a year in
terest ; if he deposit Ihe same sum in
this National Savings' Bank he re
ceives 73 dollars. For those who
wish to find a safe, copvenient, acd
profitable mean of investing the tur
jplus earnings which they have reserv-
,;tl tvr lM'r M woe.or f'"r httiwtlt
Ih. ir ( bio'i tu, iheie IS Iiotbin-J
which presents so many advantages as j fj ,hiuk tlf lhat vll;fh j irljan
tin National Loan. Uhinking veil of."
It is convertible into a six percent,! K;v. Hs.var Wahi Br.iciir.K.
jrohJ-beaiing bond. Al the expiration ! ' " ".' " . .
' i 1'... Vfnif.vi(i fi.r Ssi.f ttii.6-p
years a ho! ler ot the note of
j'1 l"Bn lu ,!, "luw of accept-j
ing payment in full or of funding hi
t"' " ""!..
t hole in a-fix per cent g.di int.-re.t;
1. , . , ' . , i'
i.-jini, inn iiiic.pte j 3) ii!jij in not 1 ta
; than five nor more than twenty jcttr
iriitn in (.Hie hi ILe tjuU'ililia lit luiiv 1
elect - For tix months ptf the-e
bond have rai-t d at an average pre-i
'.miom of about eight per cent in ihj
New oik ir.aiket. at 4 be .!4 at
1U ItMhv (Aug l.'.l.t.tlu
the rrt fate of it,trrrt or tin pr
cent ; a 4 bet ! .to nikr the indu.-c
. tnent ttn greater, Ct grr pjte.
' tat act x tupts its l it tciny roiv
t trom l:e i.uJ municip! taxation.
: Ce.l4 S:.i.-ik a-k-ti.t.rc "i Ya pa-
iri.it :u 1 vt r 'l l.!it',iy h warded ?
: .i-.r' .;; r.-e.
Tin l'lviitu or 1l. Mttlt
t.A.N An AniviiNij m .Mt. The
; i.r. bes.1,,11,1,1 -ad. 4 hi the l.i.-iil iuar.l
i td, however. The chuuli was htnd-
somely draped w ith funeral emblem,
" ",c "K1'1 !t,'r
1 eotitaiiiiirj the words once addie.i'tl
. ..... . .. . .
ilr VVb .MUliiean to JiiKlioli JJUiJiMll
! I am a soldier and I obey my lien
eral j I am a Catholic, and i obey my
After the imposing funeral servierf
of the church were closed, ll.e colfitl
was pi iced up in the car, and iho im
mense procession moved slow ly, to the
inoiirnliil emit nee of wailing clarion
au I mul'I' d drum, ouwaid to the last
resting place of the departed hero.
It required from a halt to thrtc-quarl-crs
of au hour for the vast tram to
pa- a given point. All along the line
of march an immense imiliiiude had
gathered tu witness ils progress, and alt
the depot (be throng which had Jrttb'
ci ed in honor of the departed soldier
and patriot was almost impeiief rable.
At the cemetery the military form
ed in line and the colli 11 was borne Io
the itruve. Again the fortitude of the
stricken widow' gave way under her
great bereavement, and the scene
brought teats to the eves .of nil assent
ble.l. Tlio body was committed tt
tint earth with the burial set vie. p e
sciihed by ihe ritual of the Boiiiati
Catholic Church, and a Volley was
lired over the grave by the sohbei .
No such honors have ben paid ti
the memory of any man in this city
since the death of Senator Douglas.
Nothing has bet n omitted which could
tend lo express thw general grief
which has uevailed. ( 'u'cuyo J'ti,
Mokk Mi n. (Jen. Truman Sry
inour, in urging the n-cessily of re
entiling our armies, says ;
"(ilance at tha summer' campaign.
If Sherman had but fifty or seventy
live thousand more men the Smith
1.1 1. . 1.. . 1 11 1 1 1 1 .
"onin 0,; iom, neeitiisc jinno woiimut
, ... . ', . ,, , , . ..
j 1, 1111111111.it ... 11 ..j. jiijii Him iii-si, vil III
H .j ;, (w ()(- H,.V(1ltv.
1 .. 1 . . . - -
11 v f In one hundred thousand men, L 0
would bait' been hoiicless'y crushed.
even lit litis moment 11 lliinl eoiiillMl
offiftythi.iisHi.il men, rightly moved,
would give unopposed hints to the
confederacy fioni which rh. could nev
er 1 Uc.
What foil), lin n, to itntg.lt; 1. 11 m
ihis Way, whin we can M-nd lo the
liehj five limes the fo:t e already there !
W K't w 1 rthiiess l-i tl ink w e cannot
eompier the .'south ! Behind the .lames
T - . . ' ...
jo-'dy hoys and old men are lo be seen,
wlnle in ri- men but and sell as 111 Iho
olden days of quiet, and regiments of
able liodnd citizens ciowd the si reels
of our citii s."
Poi.lTlCAi,. The Baltimore Amer
ieiui, spt nking ol the Wade, and Da
vis protest, fays that Henry Winter
''Having misrepresented his consti
tuent and defied their known senti
ment 011 almost every subject brought
I clove flit; present Congiess, has lost
all influence in his Slate and District.
Hence bis thr. at to the President
amounts to but very little more than
his individual vote."
A CoN'iKKsSM AN Allltl'.hTI l KOR
Disi.'yYAi.Ty. A St. Louis dispatch
of the 12.41, says: "A b Pcr in the
Democrat iftm Ale-xico, AIo., Say
CoiiL'ressniHn Hall was arrested there
on Wednesday for using tho following '
lannuaL'e H' 'lR railroad depot! 'I
hold President Li ieoln as much an
epemy to this Government as JetT.
Davis.' Hall arrived here under guard
this tvenins." ,
The liichmond Sentinel the 29tl
ult., says llmt 'had not England pre
vented the coming out of port of the.
rams w hich we had bargained for and
bntiyht, we would be to-day able, to
cope successfully with thu whole Van- -
kee navy" This is the first full and
cnnipb l- avowal of ownership in Ihe
! Laird vessels w hieh has been nnblish-
Saijke Cits, (Jinshot Wocst's,
and ll oth.-r kinds of Wounds, also '
-Sores, Ulcers and Scurvy, heal sab Iy
and qui. kly uii'l.-rlhe tnoihing intlu
enee tf iiom.owat's OISTMXNT. It
heals lo ihe bone, so thai the wound
never opens again Soldiers, supply
yourselve. 150 cenis, 70 cents, and
$1,10 per box or pot.
Bsrfiwx's BuoKCiiUL Tociie
Clear and give strength to the voice
of SiNcir ns, and are indispensable lo
Pi lit 1C Sl'KAKHiS.
ul have never tlmn'jmt my mind re-
j 1. . . . .....r , ........ .1. ... j. .. .......
I .i. ,,,,, ..).,. i.r .,t;,.
iiillinijl lite u ii." iiwiii.i. 1 ..-,
hnirii's. The princij
.:..,... ,L ........ .., n.ti.m,. U tt,
, , . c
Matdof Ho i. r I.r Mrs. At n S.
S. e aJverSi-imei.t of
- a-o" .'"-'
Iues waM 4, in another column.
gy- Tuttie, Fa-t totot, ttTers bar
ga'ns in hi Iia. Ss a'.ftttMnit.

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