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The Manchester journal. [volume] (Manchester, Vt.) 1861-current, April 16, 1867, Image 3

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-- -
Twrwt.i Mft,if, At " . -
Local and State Mattr-rs.
Ittt. IV t HiiTi-. . V -II 11"!
!., t.iuf U U i U kt la T'Li.j- ,,, ( ,j 6n,j Lit ths-tt ; v r v Lt
dT t.t., at l' oWi, . . 'Il.f im t- t' m tu tho air:v'' n tit t r t-tUi-
, ,
...... .1 ...
!?, U. .'U i:ihl. 81 I UCtl'li, ).
.,..t . .1., .. ...1
t is. Snmlt r!;ujl. 5I tn luc It r ftnl I.Kr-fM-t,
i,i ;.:m n tlx ir i.t t-j lU j'tir
f th U.i'i1 Iho Il afinll
N.njjfr JU.ln.l liio n,jt j.ni- j
(.ti r'!.Hy in tthf r tuwim, aii-l
1..i:k! 1,1 U 4ii!c to iiijj.tiuijce iu Mur m-it i
m tor. l f "M.w tu " , 1 ., . ht t. . 1.,., ' a.rnir:;; i
w Ih d ..J t!. Wia L-wKiu-ntUirinrtr.. i,t. Am I l,,k ! tL- CV.at .f
- 3iv n f r nt " t our u j t.f.l
tr.iti.H it mil U it 1 1-iit i.i. "hi nf t'tir
i.n n iKiii!. 6i jfii j.ai '1 f t tl. t nnjj
lfrt.1t, wiVa ,')'! fioli fii iu liiail." t.-
IU -kp-i. G'lM- & Uurt'iu ut.l Tut;!.- tin
liauiic1 L ri'ipt of ti'W s-hkU, asj.l a
rlnrti.n in vui k.
Til fl i lulu fti.il Ml'l4ii!i l f IIi'V.
Win. 0. lUMwin, of Arii:itfjii, rt ntly
j.tc-M iit 'l liini with $'.H) in grociiWLs.
J..!,n 1'allMU ,m VilUl at ".St. Al-
r.ia.1. 0:1 i'ia lav, iy mo l'-
i.wttH-cwil..t,tt of a blast In- t.tmp-1
"'' ji
-Th wf.' of Mr. A. ('. Ahit!i-y of
We' ltunmi .Txtoii, was fonml ilcml iii
lnrr"iii Maih 2'2 t, having h-Miuvitl
hi-r hftf by ruttnij,' l.t r throat witli a
A 'nhiH p broodfru" mi l w tol-j,ri ow
.r AstftMi iatiou'' ban Im-ui foriiictl in
lli.thui.lCk'uiity. H. I. TownhUml nf
Wa'.'.infonl, riihiih-iit; ('. C. h i- of
Clan uduii, .Veniaiy. Tho Stn-ii-ty will
hold a sheep hhow ui;.l shi arin. oil the
Fair gronnils in May liit.
Oiiht l'n ham of Sutton, lnm
hiiiifM'If in his barn, March 'iith. He
lia.l thrcati iml to kill IuuimU, liavin
1h ii in ill In alih for wiim time, mni
wan ran fully watt hi il Iy his fi initio,
but inaiiiii'il to hlip out of sight fur a
fi.-w iniitutfs only, nul wan found ymA
Ifnii-icitation, banking with bin feet m t-
mi'.ly touching tho btub'o T.oor, and his
hands within reach of the board from i
which hti wan huspendeil.
Om MriiAi. Fiarvn. The second
number of Tieknor .V Fields' Diamond
Dit ki ns has Win leeched. It is very
appropriately ami handsomely illustrat
ihI by S. Hytinge, Jr., ami printed on
ikar and distinct tvpe. This is one of
the most popular editionsof Dii kens yet
published, m well as the cheap) st It
is printed on tinted paper at tho low
price of 1.5(1 for tho illustrated and
f r ti c plain edition. It is one of
the neatest i-pociim 11s of lunik-making
we have tet n, c( n in this age of hand
some printing. Th volumes will be
im-iU'd monthly, and lhe whole complet
ed in fl)nit 1J numbers. The third
volume mkI contain David Copperfii Id.
Kaoh volume will be forwarded by the
publisher on the receipt of price.
lJTfT l.lff.V.
f'uKS t!i Bn;o ei urnri iutroJuction
f l;tli!l Jijik r,.IY't ';r rfi.il. I..
Sjirir.g H p ty Mr. .1. W. lini.llr. cf Sw
Y'iV,:h It'liU !if)tigh..ut (! ewi'iiry tur pt.
n vt lit W f ! r. c Ik fattimn of frrg
lw. tV.rln mm util ftflli u!iar m.t! (rr.it
fat imuinrr in Wb (! Puj.U-t Mir ntuj.t Hu m
Irt ttrtv tviir ul mi-riiirv. fr fen.
-!!v mifiMr hv (h-. ikut i--om that j clnueh ornaments stolen, 'i he robbers
tk U-U t(nnl tbwn fcil fnwii. m :w i ilrew dowu and l;t tU largo lamp i:i the
i the tovrmt Fliti:iT, W't tt.d Iiira!.:i- J vi -htibulc to aid thtra in their searehts,
ii rmbm4 a thr n:iift-tut. Tt.cy t.i j and also lit xuid carried round some of
rni4T M m a ir iwt Kcmnmiif l ant Cmf J tl.wax catnllos from the altar,
ul. H..j Mitt iUb t U. r ttn U imja f 'l'h v left in the hs k an iron key tiR-y
st om.,W At.ti. f' i!. w ; jJ ( j trj,.,J to iw, and inside an iron
il..!. Any J.Jywn..e.r,f t'- j .Ji a .v-bar much 1m nt, wh.ch wa.s i.hnti-
k'. .!! rwrtr flw.r4 w.."ii.;',r .l:.j)it i!h i ,,y Ua. xUm f Um,.irlaI1
ih.,r u .- t . clnnl; as thl) IJ(. Uwil ,,v him for a
.H,,?skit,n,,i,i,e r, f ,v.;:Un Tho Hin.etH in tU fmtanai,
ui.'.hhj, ihmt titi!e-jriii(t wid atwavt raUia ,. , ,
.v . - . ,,. it . . , . . . . i church were i pureiiUv fureixl open bv
wr fc.et,ri-4 tfc,.. help of los p..k. r, as w. 11 as the iU,r
I'rr fi lirft ut.iir!on. X.4i!!iUittit( U.
a s
aV.Hff ttsa mfeirm, M,. W.t Brad- j
Wy a4 Car. I tura m.1 orer ; Ittjuaattj kirt !
fr 4y fiwav 'tjetr 3rj ran ma far ti.t in Se j
Vuti.tb" MS b:.fe4 to t.,t; ail owrel.ant. or j
.. - . ... . . . . j
tfeilt-gvn iu f- .pit f:ri, t wt-el tfcetr or
den a fcar Jy Wftsra iy at .!d, if (issw.bi
a IlitT kt m -I tn;.t;y t-rrts...4 aliate 611
. . . j '
Jlp KfWoa ,4 ib. I", ft. fw C,rt, b. j
aaaifnai, a tft'tt, to tba OfU.t r.s-; ,;
t Nest Is, Wftnniit ai4 C.itiwtwtit.
"' or fc-n-w.?-AB rear;
,vsf-..-;i,.nbv.,bsk.4ii.ba.w .h,!. 1 k.i ,1;t. tLur(-h si in tl.e c.tv ixhUd in!
1W. f Caatu.a.-a iii Ums.mt. 1. t ),aH v, t heeli oh-I
I itatt. li i'.aera i 1 a-:n in t,w
(Muuvu.f at' af-i.nri 'J siia, ar.4 tivf.'i
wktt t.aet:t', ruij!si. ti'itw.f !t ,.'t iejera
V t't-, ts:e; stfeUl il is jf.-ftci:y Lara;
5, ft l, W inaealr at.4 trtai by t (....,
fsiit ua 4 0. C!. '., Tir-r, S. V, f-e t!,:r
a4a.'U i atwtW Maiaa &i ti J';ser.
rl rif Atv an T t Kacniai t. f.
Tb'-srisluS. lb t't Aairvk'tst, Clalsvtftt as4 '
ft t ii J! U" -as '
v rr - i, - :.. -
Ia K::t to thf lis. '4-! J H-r.:J. ii-&
IV,f A J. Ufnr. it - t .r
r!ii .. SU' to l r.:vrr!U 1.11a.
.. -is. I rr-- lU ;i d.a.aj ju.t u
'l,.!.r, !! I.ii.l i-ri at .Lf!'t-ti'.tV l'l f.I: 1-
, - .. . , . 1 , ,
. . ,t,f ,.,
I'tr 1.
;r at t!.!i: v. i, n it
'k - i'l to .' a lH-.tllt.IUl -.SSr.lUUl
1 fr,., If tLat l.iui lI.r
f 1 . t r f
I n , I tit miuI tin:
1. ,..( I i--.vii ll'nt "Kirf flO.Cf Irulll
rMnol:t n t jkh.liiU l. Hut I thaik it
will 1.. it any 'intr;l!!tin t nairiiU
litre. It 1 fj-i.'Ji'l.J imi1 tbc- ni !.!u:ui
hh: is i.jii.tl to or nhcail cf an tiling I
. . I K.i t. fr. il.t 1 Li'. .1 tt K 11
; Til I v.lw. .11.' m.. 1111.11 .-.v...
. y j, tU i xhi-ilr, l.ut tU marl.l.r
j., y. n!iiit" l. j-ui tm-!it. I nm
i r.ni.l f l.i in.' i1. t.n 1 with thut !'-
i t . .tiv..1 .w-.l .i-r i.iir -.titl itilltii.ltM
i ' ". ,.',.. , , , ,. .;, ... . ;.,
tti it l r A jv' '.'..il ..... . ...1. ..... -
....i. imh.i. if -in I lit. (.! ,f 1.1-1. t!
I ' , , ,
iiWiilt lfl Sit tl.; thi!lr'l.tl.if tilCgl'inoUH
1 ..... 1 1 1 l ....
ti.il -liilt' Mlii'M- It'fiUil n:ifl I'm ' ' ' " "
i'iiliiu i niii an. 1 lilvuiVK for the inhaiu-c-
iu nt .f hmiiHiiit v nml on tho hiilo vf
I'ici Inn ami t'liitv.
( Situclt Itublii'i iv.
Tho ftilluwiJi 1 t,nvril:iiury hcwh we
tak.' fiKiii th- I'.iirlui-lon '( l'i t . of
Monday, Aonl btli:
Au t'Xlrai.utljnuiy jaid wa- ma.lo by
burvhus last niht 011 tin; variuun c-hur-
tlu. iu our (.itv( j,, ,lu. ,..,.. 0f which
pV(.rj. ljiuvh liul h,IKtou but oa was
- utuvil.
The Unitarian church was Mitt red by
prying open a window in tht basciiRnt,
the S. S. Library was broken open and
tho buoLs tumbled on tho floor, all the
variouti drawers nml clott.s broken
open, and all the coiiimunion nervier,
htolrji, hicluding a baptismal bowl of
Kulid hilvi r.
The First Con. church was catered
by the tl'Hir of the euul vault in tho rear
which wns f-plit ojtcn; nothing was bto
Uu here, though all the doors and clos
ets were broken open, the I'overings
stripped from tho pulpit and everything
thoroughly heiui hed tur articles of value
The Thud Cong, ehureli was appar
ently entered by breaking a pane, in 0110
of the rear basement windows; the bur
glars did not L'O up stars at all, butran-
at ked the loer rooms, breaking open
all the drawers, rpilhngtho contents on
the iUr, and cuning off ft quantity of
U".' private property of the pastor, Kov.
15. hailord, w ho having at in osent 110
hoii',0 of his own had stored it in his
study in the church. The property ta
ken eomprisl d a gold watch ami a quan
tity of family i ilver, including a num
ber of wedding presents to Mi s. Sallbrd
amounting to some. $."l)0 in value.
The J.laptist church was entered also
by a rear basement window, which it
would seem must have been h ft open,
enough to admit the burglar's bar, as
the spring of the window was not dam
aged. Nothing was found iu the church
though everything was ransacked up
stairs ami down. A quantity of pewter
spoulis ned at Sabbath School picnics
were bent and twisted to list tho metal;
a door lea ling into the oi'gan was taken
out and no place untouched which
laight have had valuable contents.
'ihe KpiM opal church was still more
easily entered, as the front door was
lift unfas:ened, the church being iu t he
hands of workmen for repair and en-
i largeineiit. The contents of the Sab-
bath School contribution boxes, two or
ifim-p dillars onlv. was all the 1 dundi r
the robbers got hue, the communion
smiee which wasin use during the eve
ning having been removed to a private
The door of the Iloinan Catholic
ehuie!i,(.St. Mary's) was forced open,
alter an im hVeiual attempt had been
made to unlock it, the contribution box
es robin d and some nlver gobh ts and
01 ine v.aii.t.tie ruurou. 4 no n.aiKs in
tie other chiinhi.fi show a t-i:.a!li r iron
;,, . ., .
lo f;c ", " OH ft Ubui m tl.e :
'olh 0 Street elitll eh I..V tho tool CM- j
d Sit t V tlt-'d th.le, ft :Uied Il'dl Willi j
a Wimdi 11 huli'lle, Vt I V lntii h like ft 'LU- 1
. f I ... t. . , . , , 1 ....... i
H oi nr. it. f ruiuii).
htaii.i h imm ute tlm
the b
ilil.aisi WUt-
Lot "j.rof.is;ol:i
rt'V a . . t S . .
'll.e Mi tlKxliet church wan n t l.trol n
ji.jH -n, u.tlmo-h It limy h-tvv U-t-u vi-it-i
e-X It hus no ci iiar w in l m s nnd t!,; -
id, lit tela vli the luiiU ViudoV. iile- ti;-ht ''
: Ij.' f j:. n. d.
i J n.t.;u-v! J.
ixcun.-d Isifure of;
h,..(, vi,,atlit". but itntr heft r w .re
, ,1 . .
-i.il mi i;ir r.s we
Km n. TuUn iu coiAinx-tii.:. with tie
tee. :.t ii.wiithiirv Ere. it is tud fit that 1 .
ui d-Jt-rat cliuriWU'l") till" C-l-ta-
'. ....... .' 'II
IJ.-' ftlltotj' US fttai our -tl-B W1.1 d-i
w .1 tu U -ih.-i1t tlfiir L'-aard
- .
ft . .- i - . w . ... . , .....
A,.-,; -.aVsis, Hr. A CliiTE,
! m :w Ahvr.niisiv.srs
1 -- - -
jyjf,, (md TrMe
y.r Ae.tji fic.c flB 1 -
Krllinsrr's Liniment.
t i " ! or'Hl 1 f at, 4 .?-.-.! H
I urea t ,. ' ' .. 1 , ti. S . .. . . It.. k. .
I I. I- vr ... I. , u.ru'
' 7"''': ---m t 4 -.I mm
..- tn j -i-. r 1
M fi I J ,II !.'!. "i i (i . I-
nil ()'.,, in.-m ..(
j ' '"" '-. 1
..,!.(,.,..,..f ..,.!
. u.u.u. btt. uw. tn u,,,, m a,nt. thin,
.vhiiv. u. in. u..n m mo ikm.
P -' t", it .:nof tin- :fa.-T tt.ii. .vt.
''" 13- A l l ru ( KA ilKM K i I II li.li ll.r.
fi.-.-rI, i'ti.ii. rruii.
i n I'll ti:i:i :s,
AMt:T VI.S, Kc.
w h n , i-ai- .r.-i ft f ,r . ,r-..
: 1:::;';':
" ' ! l"iMl(t.lll M IX h. ml rl in oti..il-
i ' i'i ..)-.,.. I .,!,.u.i. 11, (ji.in::j. ul
. I... i . ii,;r., n u. 1 )!!..! 1 f .Hal.ti,. nf 4.1 uattvr
1 ""l'r'" '.. .-UH..I.'-. ..I Ihi- c.ll.- .Mil liny
, "" : ";" al.'..nin. lux-.ii. iit if .No i's null v,
Wi.Tv. Bi'ti.ti. or.i.-r f..illirtllv -v.vrt-l. UKN4
T W A in.. lu.iniiLrii i Nurx rv Anruii. o.il r
1 ,. Wslir.liwl H.muUi
,C. HULL'S ty"
OvetlOO Styli Toilef Soapi.
Jos. G-illott's Steel Pons.
(.11.1 Ml I,
Or iL fi riiilUf!
Num.' nml !.( .
imiiii' Niiiil)vr.
Ttto 1 Maik 1
T!; will known inu.ivu. mid i iniAR N"iiih!..t,
33. 101-IJU - 3J,
Unrips hii amninil hr olhr Maki w dmlr lo
Mutlnii tbi' piihli. In ri..it in s.inl iiuliaUoii.
A.-K JoK (.iLI.OTi's.
flATTTrnM ! A"liiJt,nf'l'nwi1TiiiitHl)thp
U41U llUil i -np,-,.iu. l ourl (Sfw Vurk) hi
(ii'.icritl I .Tin. JjiHinrv, 1m)7, ufaliist the in by tiilti-ri.
of the M Ml'.l.l; 303. '
J(: CIl.t.OTT A 80S
.No. ill Ji.hii St., N..' Y,,rk.
IIKM'.V OVVJiN, S.,i r. Aetvt.
A Household Necessity ! !
m -. . a tn -1
a-uv i v iu7 jjjiiars
'I'Iip St.tr fbuuk' S -ivinir M trlilni-.-An cntiri-lr new
lltvcmiinl -HnliUr mm tUttr h, r Hf .ft nrlihir in the
M.n rl. nl. d IHIiT. I u-,. imu IlirruiU, tin, I
mt.kiK a silirli iilikr mi I1111I1 niili-ii. II, il i ln,.i
rip r inrni,l. It rmiibiuini hiniilnii. dtitiil.ility and
b.Mtlty. li is n liir'c u oiIiit Ilrnt-lits nutrlliii..".
A i liild tun Ic.trti l. w.itli li. ' It l tin v, rv vtiriniv
i.f inm'lv rt-wiii" mul l.tili.ilnj. It will im- fmin 1I1V
Hiipst ff.iiif In li-;ith.T. In ui-.Ut to inirothif.. thf M.r
Slmlllr Sru-tnf .nnrhint inio cvrrv honutuild III I lie.
Inntl, mi- i,r..i.... t., r.irii l-h thi-iu ronii.1 if, with oiic
i!,u:th iv liiilitiin?, full (!. of iief.il.., nil t- tn. ncn-w
tlt ivi r, ilin (-tiiiiif, ,t... A,:, vt il,.. iiiiirf('i-driitpit price
i.ltmly i Hrmy lliillnrn, IMi thi- iwi i.t nf hit-ii we
i.j (Inn ul't..tufu., nml shlji lo ativutl ln-.,
ft. li. A (0, hnvhlvm,
0:Hrt Kalctrvom, Puhl-e Hqitm-t,
t I.Kl KI.AVll, O.
, X. It. - Kuril M:irhln arr:ii!l..l fur flvn c -.r. p,.r.
f ilm Im i.r.l.T iiitt. iittii s Hiitl linil 1h.1t Ihf'v nr i.tli.T-''-
He.n rcpif fiitfrt, run rciiirn thf in nntl irft their
innnry l.at k. C jr Aiienu niilrd..;
1 i X:
New Improvements for 1867.
frUZK.S-1 TO :w QUAIM'H.
Send for Iiltitratetl Circular.
i:. S. & J. Tori ov,
It Maiden I. line i ew York.
'C.VA4'V- if'i'V
ihn: m a ul; 1:1:1:1:.
I.ltKWKU'S KXTII U Ti'F liAMUMON mttkea a
tl. Hi .oil-, healthful, bbm I eJeaiu lie," lit H 1 ItKKK. One
(..it le j. -: r!!i leii! for Tea iai.i...a. Prepared In II.
.V.I. ItHKW hi:. Sprint'!"! Id, M'.. Sol,) In U,(,u by
'o.mIo in A: ( , litirr & Co., a Uo by all Iliiir't;.ls si:j
lir.Kera tlirouL'h Ihe eotintry.
The U-M th.. W..i! I affor-K Kubllrhl 3 vear.-K-Bd
for Circilar.
X. ol'l llromlway, Js'iw Vnrk,
Ojijiosltf Wt., Nifholaa II. .tel.
II'KLL'S PATKNT a!f-f-line rimilar hand .aw for
raw intf or ri,.'.r:; hintt-r. Wnh ihf aid of tbi-
ntai-bine. one mill ! the work of five with eae, frtal
ac ttra. v, and nt'!; h I -. ttf . Kor ctri nlar en. i.e
tamp I.. T. J W KI.I.S, hi Ii. . kmati Si , Xw V.arfc.
The Metropolitan Collar,
A. T. STi:VAItT & CO.
Broad ay, li:.il-t anit l.'. atle Strw-ta, .V. Y.
OP' t'T'HvV.
Diawn oTt:.. in piventr.-n wais, Prires cashed and
l,,f,.rm.'?..M II .-h. sf ,... ,iA l..r- I tA.il.l.a.s
,. ,) , k;n (;fl,;,,.j ,,,d u,. t! Vns..'.u ".
Main Prmidence, It. I. '
M;V 'tuni.lsa" KMslMCN KOH iAI.K.
i M 11 it- h i-;i Vr EH f-t ir..ke, ti foot pulley,
'4 It H. tae, tN b'.tse 'emef.
o,,e i i-,. h M!n,I.-r, S fcet .tr. kc, U foot br.JW. 1
ice h r.f, V1 l- .r.i' t,..w."f.
Two, .-k. ti In in b .hti'.er, S f.-et t'roke, 7,V f.'.'t
I.. I tti.nl . I.. t; .i-p'.ast.
ue b . 1 ' 't. ii r, :" Sim !i stroke, t f.ed pf.H-y, I-
i:.' a t o e ir. ti...-e iv,,
!h res:!
nf th .'k..-? the
i;st7,:':'1;!,'.iri",'!''''"-.,'f U'w'' i'1 iVl'KfH-""
f'-M''-' of otSi eieai'l i)J fcWj ft., fnfv-
. n'.eoe, 1;. 1,
fr f nil O'l'irn-s.'fi .V -' hauls,
3-1,1 s.tf .1 IV I AO t rmtrml Aesfao,
At. j X. fc .UnJ Aif. a: a fsar tb
MnHOnrirri TmrnTfinnniiMn
nwitriiaiuua r Aiaitoa uuiuiu.:
T.- f...are. is r p. ai-v . e.,t tr-r in Tlte nnar.
IJiw jts s .( ...... r. 1... ... . de'. fcti fr.s-. 'a
f! tw al'teiut )r.mt r !i--t.?l--(f the i.i a. 1- f "
' I -''as!", l! ! re:s."tl stixhret Sj6 II. f'.fti1an, !
us.e.'y t-r.';:fi a t; pertaanenf, ttt-1
r'?'l!t 'Tl' "' '"' " , ., . U
trswruS fa ore mar, s;. -118 full lMieul. ,
'Za k"t.lu 'tZZ k"u 1
an. ik-s. It,.' r K 4. '
1 k..a- fcft-- i . . ... ,
- 'a Witt J f T '. J '-C-ar
1 - r t Vi h-uc .u
Ipf IV.i'tMnr 11
1l-T 'I
NT.W AI'Vl.mivr.V.K'TN
IK'RTHfn K TE-.H kN.!sr. ..4
4. r (. v
-tS .I V-. Ufa. Nra'lk.
18 1
, e.
' -
a ;
j r..Ti itnn. Kr fffwtiirjt the b.ihiiU, rr.-ln.g
tr... II . n.
wu u K. K'.. s. V. ivt. vm. t
4uh. niit. r.-i. r-ri hdn!r:'Li. I.EM
BY Hll t, CO., ft btiti-ulr AcraU, JVmiU.ii.
California via Nicaragua,
On tin- folluwin- iir.-Ias Siran.sliips;
Ni A'! '' ""
( 'oi-.i... .'V on Irti:ifle Oiriin
Aril I.I. A,
r, . r i. I . ...
Ml A it K.l'A.
JlAKO'l A,
I'lK.agf and 1'rrllil at llrilurrtl Ratra.
t ittxit v littlt uuil tt:h, iMiT. 1 April With I";.
r ..lirn'y m:h " May J'Mh tid tlOih 14
M.mli ifilt mid .'mill '' June vtuti "
And oii-rt t.'n:y t,it ii-n-afivr) Iftivlin; on the Sat
ntd tv ir i.tttf w hfit a H. :il r S.tilin li.ty cmn-i nn
Siiii.n . r..r f.irtlu r liii'i.rtiiatit.a ttj.pljf la ilia .UHTll
Aili.lilCA.S .slKAM.-ilHi' t'O.
Win, II. UL'i!, IWiiif, I l. . fAKCIMiTON. Ail,
y i:.c'.?ii:f lint, . T. J I'll WlI M,,w. bino, VT.
LAW KKK' K UYAS, X. 10 Broad Bt, Hofton,
At-lil 1'i.r New linul tiid Stat.-.
ii,:? A l'HVSiol tiOICAL V1KVV OK MAliKIAliK,
...ntn'tiltijr H";trly 'lurot. lltittilrfd Afp. nntl On
II wttivd and Thlny tin.- 1'I.A'I K KN'UUA VIMis or Hie
Anatomy of llu- ll ittiili Oi 'ats in mrI of lluullh nml
iMi-amt Willi ti iria.ii. tin ivtrly frr.ir, ita d.-i.luralilu
C''tiH'tiut' itv t.pon thr .Vlttitl mitt lioiiy, uitli ihti An
lh.ir' I'luii of 1 rratnit'iit tho only ratiniiHl and ur
('iwfiil mt.ilf of Cttri', hiv.ii Ity tltv rf.ort of in-r
trual.tl. A tiuiiiliil nthfilir to l hi. in a tried uuil
thosr foiitein;ljilnu' ni irriuire, who entertain dotil.t?
of their iilnxtuii cuiitiniuti. S..l ftue id .ntui: tu
any uddr. on reci l.t of f n: in H;titi. or pus
tal tiiri'tiey, l.v nilrreMia' ill:. I.Al'la-JX, No. it I
Maiden Lane, Albany, N. V. The atllhor in.iy he role
.mlted nion any of tiie tll'ene upon whieh the bmik
Ll i ul h, either peintinully or by uin'l, Medieini-a unit
to any part ut the world.
"A I'rrvrmliivp la belt, r than a rure." Mnt.
VVmsLow, tbi! celebralwl Kenmle Xnri.eau.1 IJliyliian,
ha just rctiimrd frmrt Purln, Frattee, with n naw in
vention thill will iniereMt every lady A't America. For
full particular ladle ran atldrtiH, viih Hitinp fer re.
turn ix Ui,'f, Man M. A i vi.o A: Co., I. O. liox 4Tu7
N. V.
Vl'J.Vr.V MKSS HK S.M.l'rlnt8
your iiiinie indelibly mi I. In. n, C'.'inl-, litxika, Ac,
In (i.'l.l or anv other r..lo. Jiinht. fur fijile. Send for
Circular. WM. 11. 1IAI.M.S, U Wtbinton Street,
Ptif t'rn-hfd lioii att. 1 lb ure. Fortlller. KorHileby
(iKO. E. " 11 l'l K, l.vi t'roiil Mieet, New York.
W lint will II do I is th.! vt Intjnlry the ri k tnakf
concerning a medicm:; bupj.oa 'i aiIkat a Skltkh
Ackbiknt la th.. ualijet t of ihe liitfrrnj,Mtury, what
thenr Mtnply Ibis reply. It will relfcve and rnrelieatl
ai be, nausea, ilittnlcni e. nrt',.tniuea.1 roi.tn't'iifat, de
bility, billi'oiisucMi, and InilL-eaiion,
SOLI) BY Uni-'UlilStS EVLltYWIIEi'.i;.
(JKO. P. ltOWl-XL CO.
vl"Mti!siIl AyrnN,
No. 10 Park I tow,
No. 40 I'iiik How,
m:w YORK.
m;v voiik.
Formerly 23 Conxrean Street, Boston.
AdvcrtitK-m-nU rn-elveil forull newspipfrs thmtih
oul the country at pul)li.ht rf' ptltra.
Wbolwalc ond It .(nil Dealera in
Ln.Jyf il V.i.f, Jtl irii.lrl CittZf fir tiulow fawns, Hire
Clot lis for Hirvjiiiio S'rrtfiis, ic, ir.
Also, VbuhiHlc Apenli for
Willmot's Patent Elastic
Gi) From $1, or $18 to per day,
',7 'cm f!lv Iw made the year round trilhmtl
rtt, in a new bitit. , Itirht. plea-ant and honorable,
ami nn ffmipfjitina. t.tK.d rner'etlr et'eiita (I.adii'i or
lirnll'-meii) are wanted to represent mini-very l ity
an.) Cmnty, n rartrhawt to nuke money, and jTni
ttntl rwpb.nmnit I ottered U every p.TtM,rt having a few
hour daily to f pare, f'jr further particulara pleaae
cll on or add..
O. W. JACKsuX A CO., 11 South St., IUlllmnre, Mil.
No. of Bank,
C lniiifrl.v lli'poii
OFtlterondi'lod of ihe Patii-pkni National Btitkof
Malt' heMrt. ill MaiiebeatiT, in the Stale of Vermont,
fin the morning of the Flrat Monday of April, ls.il.
IH A .
Xotei. and bills dlrr.,uniart ifei,.4. M
Mt.-lide't debt, J tl
Haiikhi-j Jl.fi, i ti(iO
Due frofii tlte followijit? National Bank :
Ninth National Jlas. York.
t". S Bonds d. iea.lt.sl IVa I". 5. Treasoter
l s.-et.r.. i irt ii 1st tup n.'t.-s,
Cash on hard n dc ulaliiii; u.rtr of other
National Banks,
pe te,
Ieeal Tender Notes, l-VCV, M
Compound It.lti .1 Notea, l,.VS'ta
WlaVl IU
'j "I !
4.VI i.i
t!77,iB M
atofifi tan
l:;,!.'.! ill
u Ai.ii.lTlra '
Capital siiKk paid in,
.t'ltphts Fund,
( lrrnltiitii; n..:r re..ved from
Cnrifit roller. acT,,va no
Amount oiitstaijilii.t.,
Iti'li i.lfial fteiK. its,
I'rotit and J.um,
H.rsJt no
i,vf 7
IT7.t' 02
W. P. BLACK, Ca.hter.
Carriage Painting;
nr.Acii a i.ki;.
AI.LKINDstor I'bA'.- INiJ iniSE AT HloIlT KO-
PI:k-oJ7! tLotii.lvt, BreH.il-4 uu fir. ATT
W A'.OV Alt: 1 !yt l.'ILIITOC AM. A Ml
LXAMINK T)l 4- r.J IM., Bf"It.T BY
iir.At ii ,t
aWHiSbb.. T'n.:s ( as!,
FA-)r:v p rtr.
M.rtii 11 UT ,,.f
7b Inkjet. e-.e4 --t.:i i.k la -!
hi, .,,
nown tb t -na h !,-.. I: ts a rrnai karat im
! fi I s tunted at-u: a iTt ie fn in tlic i'.lft lii j
T'n J?4'" ,0 t77t: ').
bsbi., fc'J--- " v aii-A ajjlT rKflTflJ- i
ju at-ftj-airt or
V. P. IK i-Ltr.
.:. I?7 -4
x j: w g o o is
S I b' renter,! front r T wk itb T
uX ". e ! f k of
Doors k siior.s
hich I o.Ter lit a
Cal'tMlt l'lllt ioil
in prices fmra any rrl nTeie l inr lb rr. I
bartaUo rt.mk.-J den h'. I haj on liau.l, an that
I now
I )!- Competition !
Cull and lock over t'.oek and y u nil! t'tiy tit
i:. c; ti:ttIj::-s, Agent.
r-jft IVr.pt, April 15, l!C..-47!f
r.tf.i)a.vjfitr ,virr m.
tl'K, the iiltferlben., belli;; appointed btr the Ha.
ibe Probate Court for tl.r lillrb I of Man. heaiar,
Conintisionern to receive, examine and a.tjitat lha
Claims and ib-mand of all person a.-ainat Iba ratal af
late of Pern, In laid Ititrbt, deeeased, and ala
all rlitiniF and demaint exhibited In orTaet therettj ; aatf
au inoinha from Ihe nail day of April, lMi, binp al
lowed by aaid I out I for that pnrp..e. t do, ll.erefara
hereby y.e ni.iiie, that we will attend lo the bn.inaaaj
of nut appointment at the bite tlwelllnj of the aaid av
caeed. on the Mh day of July, A. 1., s7, and the lib
day of Oetoi ft A. 1). l-s4J, frwra 1 tinlil t o'clot k uu
each of aaid dava.
Dated at IVru, this Uth tlat of Aii!, A. I, I ast.7.
Ill A K. IIATllKl.htU, r,un.r.
Jil.1 .t U ETH .V.IMl BIK.yH Alr.
STATK OF V Kit MONT,) Al a Ptol.atr Cnnrt hold
Manchtrtrr Inntrirt, an.)' en ut Ihe Probate Oltne la
M ini he.ter, In and tor aaid District, on the lat dayuf
April, Istt.,
1'r. sent, Hon. K. B. BntTOV, Jnd-e.
An inslttiineitt In w rliinu ptirnortinc to be Mht Inet
w III and Ifalametil of Kli.ali.'th Maliurlen, late of 51 in
cliester, In raid lUslriet, d.weneed, w ae presented fur
W heretipun It wna ordered thnt anbl Instrument be
proven at a Probate Court lo be hoblen at the J'rolmte
oillce in M.ui' hestfr, in and for aaid district, on the la-t
Wftlnesdity of April 1-iii, und thai notice ihemd Is?
jrlveii by ptiiilishint; lhl outer three weeks auccesslvB.
ty in the .Vfioe Aisri-i-J.inrii.il, a mtt printed at Mnu
chesHT, pri'viona to said lime ol bcai -Iiij;.
A line record.
Attest LOVKLAND MIXSOX, Pririater.
A true coiir of record. Attest .
40 1.1 IVKLAX I) air.NSOX, lietjirter.
Hayl H. BW.Ma H'.aenlrtsl-.Mnnrl.
STATK OF VKItMONT, I At a Probate Court hidden
Manchester District, . (at the J'rolmte Otrlce in Wnn
chest.T.in and fur anid Dlsiricl, oil lh and day of April,
A. D. liT.
PrewMit, Hon. E. B. Bl'HTON, Jtitlu'e.
l ite cinirdiHn of llovt S. Wiseuiiin ami Ann K.
Wiseiiiiin, minor children of Jolm W isemnn, bite of
Kiipert, In aaid Dtstr'i t, ileeeaed, made iipjilicitloii
in writinir for license to sell the real estate of lii
auid wards, netting forth t licit Ilia snid nurds are ill'
fere-ted in the reversion ot the ilowtr oi me wttiow
of the said deceased, na lieii -at-lnw of ttJc aaid do
reused, nml re nreseiitinir to mild Court llmt it wotil.l
be conducive to the interest ot" Iu wnrda lo fell
their said inte'ref! in tf'ti il'versioi of the w idow's
(lower in tnid estate, for the purpose of putting tbc
avails tltereid nt ii.tctest.or iuvestiiiR them in ttocka
or in real estate.
Whereupon It wna ordered that he.aiilii' upon aaid
application be had til a i'robate Court to Im bolden at
VI ti.i hest. r. In said District, on the Villi day of April,
A. D. l-n, and lhat noilee or sunt application, me nn.
I nr.. urn! renson ihereof. and the time anil place of hear
In;.' thereon, be iven lo all persons Interested by pub
lishliiKit copy of this order th ire weeks aticceaslvely ill
the .W.iii. -Iirmlrr Juurmil, a new spaper printeu ut aam
Main hester, previous to aalu time ot ncarin.
A true record. Attest,
l.o EI.AXD Mf.SKOX, H.lster.
A tnte etipy of reror.1. Attest;
4 l.oVIII.AM) Ml'Xs(fN, lifister.
HK.tl.t.Y .!" Kitolt.
STATK OF VKItMONT, ( At a Probate C.mrl hoi
.Manchester District. . t. I den at Manchester, In aid
for said District on the With da of March, 1S67
Present. Hon. K. II. lU'i: i'OX, .Imltre.
The administrator on the cslaie of Ilentnti Oray,
InU- of Arlliirtn.fn an Id District, decatised, made appllra-
fi.tr. I., ee.iil.-r his Hnal aei-itiint
Whereii.on li was onlsrrd that anld spj.llnitlna t
heard at a I'r.nutte i ourt to tie niniien in me rninm. e
flee In Manchester. In and for aaid District. n
the lth dav April. I'flT. and that ntlee thereof be gf'
en b piiblislilni this order three weeks sueeeaalely la
the .Maiieheater Journal, a pajs-r printed at Msnchrstar,
previous to sa d time or hcarliif.
A trite record
Attest I.OVKI.AM) MI'XfON, lis!T
A true copv of record
4.V Atlest I.OVF.I.AS1) XII XSOX, Ueclslar.
BKTHEl VI nTIH' llt.
STATF. OF VKP.MON'T I At a rrofivle C'ltfd
Mitnrliester Dia.rict, . ( hol.kn nt Mniieliester
in and for said District, on the 3'Hh day of Mardi,
A. I), li-07.
l'resent, Hon. K. B. nL'RTUX. .Tinlije. ,
An iiiMrumeiit in writing pnrportintj to be fli'a last
will nnd testament of Betsey Cur ia, Into of Dorset,
in snid District, deceased, was nrescntAif for probate
Whereupon it wn ordered that a"! Instrument
be proven nt a I'robate Court to be , lioblen nt the
I'robate oflice in Manchester, in and for aniJ I)i'
trict, on the lst Wednesday of April, J 67. nntl that
notice thereof be pireii bv publishing Oil order
tree weeks successively in t( Manchester Journal,
a paper printed lit Manchester, previous to snid time
oflienrine. A true ireonj.
Attest, LOVKLAND M L'N SON', Register.
A true copv of reror.1.
4fl Attest; LOVKLAND MI NSON, Ileeisler.
Jl I la Mi
1 Flnlaber aid D.-ab-r la i
all kinds of AMF.Iili'AN
MAI.'Iil.K. cinpHsiiii: .Miintim. ins. Ilea.! Mon-s. sida
Tables, inks. '1 able Tops. Ilis.r Mepa. Cetnetry l'..ts,
ar. llarliitr worked at the business for the last slxtcea
years, I feel eirrifld.-lit thai I ran iflve e-rfeet satl.fa-tt..a
lo thrxu. win. f.e.v fue.,r n.s Kill, llo.ir ...In. ,. 'ft.....
B nt ",lfle ln "n' wl" '," 1,1 rH and
examine k. st. k aim rn.-e, t.ei..r t.ur.-lialri(
elsi'wher. All Marble furnished and Work don a-ciN-ditif
te Botitrart or no aale Km:'.U
We Dorset. Vt.
Keulns Machines
i ft el s!1 r. MMPI.K ITY, DI BAbi-fTf and
jH-Hi IKM ,. Tbej , tti. iT !Mt, luM mia
.... si, aoio- ..t w.e e:, ; fc!f:
,, "'"' --a.iWiSHri'Ht-pfatM
Tin: iii:st:
eingWJf-ftrStirl Family Machine I
...t ,--T.,Bi. j,a, tiloe lu eaiatet,,,.
ItALl'JI T. I'l'ItDY, t . ,
CONK Bl'I.TOX,- i lc,nt
!: coAE & IH UTOX
-Ar (sjr.inj a f a-'n-i.: cf-
anartau Tu t
siitix; 'l'l t A I 11 !,
W liav a icrv liai.t'aatitr .tik of
I) K E S S (J 0 0 1) S ,
WUiili w e invite the ! t.d.es to cai! and l.inti.
they fnsn-lias.
Otir own Sitinr Curl
Ham sand Shoulders.
Heavy Clear Pork,
Of our ow u pnckittaT. Iy tlia Ili-li or Hi at lwct
ninrkct (iricc'j
White Wheat, Detroit . Ity Mills
WTi.'Oil WE l.r UiKNTKK.
I.arji nssorfmetit o'
Carpets and Oil Clotks.
C O N 15 & n u u r O N
Still ImTe the cxclusivo snlo of
i i.
Cookiriic Stove.
COAL stove;
New and betiutiful :! f .sriuV
Paper Hanging!-
ah aocrti ro
i.; .1
The moat EcoBmic4 asoat Iaral
tk moat ("endsrire tt Health of aav
utove i:vi:h hilvtuii
y.T.if. A; Ik-i, 'r;
i:. a. ! v mum s a mix,
.Nu nii HS lltcf St Tif,
CHn.Diu.N s cAur.inr.si
Cl H! l'UI'.NS 0 A III A AO lii
Gigs, Perambulators,
roi'K w m 1 1 1 n cacci t;i .,.f t)sa' ,
st! audi'' a-.fn.eo ti to f 19 t te tf the
Ingest si.siks ami fln't assrtitU la fla
fs-ut-,t y. Out CrTai; arn)t taj ti( n,f
a lsit t't, lr U so .1 ilasira to
Our e.!ai,!ib:t.s i is HF.AP Ql'ARTf KS tb"
branch ftftra it In Ibl, fart ftf lha 4nnt'y
tiaa )'! a-l.) jt.-iiia'.Haiith 8l Ulrtaal ia
f trti asiab'1 ti."it tn tt.a t'ntteif ta'aa aj,)
cfTet npctt.-r it -Jur.-itiai.te ta Itsoaa da.rtii to
f urcb.s.
Car rsl imrk cf
House Furnishing
is more eomp'.d and attraefl flan et ttfi.r.
Wt have n-niole!' I cur store, a.I lad lar(j!r liittf
Is k, and b'ieTo tba' we bar now on ul lkancat
Compirla Hon. I "fimlahinx Ks'abuahniaitU tu tba
rontitrv . W v;i. it a ea.ll frnm as4danla f Us
plac an tlr'i' iy: vbailito 4irvng to unksai a
170 178 lU4.r St., Troy, M. T.
1 HE DAI1V t.TIXNG 1 K AYll.l.tK
lflVl al r-'VI fcl-ITIOM tAlLT.
..lalnla( lb
LiilfU X vi h Jfjii and Trlrgrafh.
Aad tl feltimt.1 ara urt1eld by Ut
roataittia i.ti.tis ...sirsroaia.ls
Aia or rna aoat .
In addition s lis Id ill llirrary and asrspa(N.r1al abll.
Ity. the Trai.ll. i is tns only dallr paper publltkad la
II.. .ton hi i li .ii).;...i ti tba prtsent
Is on nf tl.. .trniik-.al t:i.i...l s uf lb ratts f Tm.
petuitea in Ibe Main, and lavatneally teciiUitntaiUil SV
piibiie patr..niMt by Ilia Lit. uma Cunittilll.' uf Ika
Mai '1 mpttiai.cc Alluaee.
Trra-t' 0 la A4taa.
ihaaat-Weikly.) '
1f3t-.()l) e tear la A4taaM.
(W.ekly) ,
l tiii yar . la A4tar. ,
PU. Cnples T M
hle I ..plea , , 15 UO
'1 w titty-en Ctipl. aS la) i
Tu W sssli Au "aai-ft saait Tau aa ( oaAii
A erm..nby Henry Ward lleh.r; A Nt Blw f
the Week ; All the newt by Allanit labia ; aewa ra
ti lied by Mall; Latest Nras by Talraranh : Insi-ro!-lit).'
I'.lil. rlnl Articles.
A ii.dhi..rj ; Cb.de.. poetry : B 111. .us; Una Aria;
Mttalciil; 1 Unary; i'ersi.l.sl , Political; a Ci.lumu for
Kuril. .ra; The lltnekeepr; Vartcu Iwm.
A full report ut the lh.ain Matk.ls; BrlirhluB al
ii Market; Cu in bridge l atlle Mark! ; ilit Ulesl bblp
Nuw. v
I base tiupfri ant matte up la ei.mpaat skspe, an spar
Is w aaia.l by r. ason of which tint reader In . h lean'
lias a emnpi ndlum of all lb currehi evalils, beside tha
r. rim in, Mr , and Parmer NiloinS, Hit Uoaakr
tf7"S. ad for a aparluirD copy. ,
WoliTiHMiTON, VLANt'KIlS C0., pBbllrt,';
81 Malt hlreet, Trstillit Bulldlnf, llmloa.
Offer for Ml at th
Equinox Drug Store
Th fill,, win article, and thoasand f tkr to a as
nier.nt to mention, sis:
Drugs, Medicines, Dya-
lA'ftcy (.OOI, TOl H, BTATIOHKKT, lt
I'Al'KK, f'ENH, IlLOTIKiit, l.lfl, RRAf Kftl,
I'E.NI ILr, PENCIL fit A B PEN til, .fgOTO
(iltAI'lllO AI.IH MH, POUT roLioa,' WOKt
NAMENTi, Ac, Ac.
Sporting Goods, Kendall'i
t K.H, CANDIES, aMOKINti 4 ( llfc IM T4W
BAH o, I'll'El ft TOBACCO BOIM. I il0aS
-ust rstrfl.
utatthliif e, stltL a f4 rBBaft.
Dit. jii:ion'iirA'
DANDrJilOlS till
If halyti want lDf.t la afnelt, a 111 otltrfl artlk-
nut (itra rbar.
speciaij tstotige;
Tb atttsaeribet srovld teapertfaily ar t Dt psili.t..
tl at be has leased the il.s.l and Muse M.ip, i..ned tnS
occupied by O. V. Coy, al Atllnijtnn, for as. oral-fear .
past, with tl.e liitt!!. f MaimfiotHrinsr HmH and"
Hho. a to or.ler. I wooid rap. Ifnlly h.tlls Jb em
tjiuiid pa'rottae of tlr. for' erfktttrft-rf,wltfl a Biany
ev yn.ai aa wouW pteawrd to eafl, peii(!ug anyaa'.f
tijdij aM I say j. .wer t'i y'.ae.
cnair:s t ti:uvL7.' .
flavfrflt Vaaed th etittosn nt mannftnarltif part aft
j, my b.ili.rs to I". B, VtaBft, h. baa Ibh-ij Id my r m.
pb.y lor th lal twelve jeata, I ea ifcsrft.liy t'ti tn.,
wend bias to all who wl-b hi a..rOie. Hr ii,,a a., ;
ran. Bi- tit I au ei.al.l. d iu A'i.s ij wu-iie at(nt.a tm '
the l;u Made I).artn,i, and I lubiid l kep aC
all time afuilaMortmeul of ftoot and abrssa aa,d f ssrf,
in tbi line, making it f th la-a. l "f A Bn-VrtH
l..uters to f.s.b.iue tU-tr pau-.M.sj.. Uf . Sprit f.
a h will be laid la .ail.', with ptlsa a.Vh lower litaat
l. . .
I am 1. Aeirt t"t lha
Singer Sewing Buchino. (
If b i- bad b.4 f 4Ttei tt-a. Hna, tnt.
hob. t.j.jsl to lbs. k. tf tieei. lall i,d ae tar at
bf,ire prr bslt.j aa. oi1 Tba, kava asttauaaaj
lbt irt otbet uinr'.Aiw jssaaM.
o v. cor.
Arf r. Mart" I, 'J
I'orKnIp, "
L'ou it sin ; m: .su;ig us. i du
ter, T Dollars, t .b IS ;.. Bis,.
II I ;.rM r..jj , 4 ' Mliar.
, . ri '.:, u. nrn
V .nt'"-t't(,i: f-a I i"

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