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?j IN If! 1 i.K 40H.NAL i
; JV'-s.'.': 1. 1SGI
j ry 3 - ' t t i"
'a. a .
vkSSt.bs' '
:.. fr.4 S
I. rw4 t
f '. 1M r
or.-i.i lt. I r it shal-t.
1 ' -4 i ' ;.A !..s y - r
sir a .' ar f 1 vt :i u.'tt U.
:, t.-M 1? S-,mJ that Uat (3 .-
i ' ia;. I r t-st ai..i..-oa, ie,-a at
,m iss.t t-f ai is. fK.- I aptia. Wa
i, 'l .&t diUK-r,U s are ar '.k 7-w a. a4 that
ar a "la ux-so, iS!T au a ur ir,
bm ' f .'kr. I, I -i-?
raa first mttrtorn mr aaja.vr.
Kfi'tn Hie t t'.ii Ii-gikfatiM Ii jrt ;
of L.rtL. u.wrtra a4 J !. s fur j
t'. M!', f..-r tL yrw a a two-i
c!i i m Uia !'. a;;; : i
TU jv.pjati ft i f t!,: U 31".- j
()',v, ft ,m I jr ti.fl w.iio'ik of 1 Ki.u j
Jj It, i,aiuUr Uvia 2.474 uiorej
fu tiiati i.m:. Uj fr the (,;r-tet j
j'ifjrtioii fif the tioroUr wtr of
Amarwaa t srtii. Tun f it iih r, r
tl,'e tJin f f .n-4,'! r, were 3'.', Til
Tb liurulx r of Lutba during
the Hf R fi.M'I, birh jt (Ttisid' rB-
.! nlxj tJ; m.r.niv! t'.f ingc f . r tbj
ajit j'-zr niii'o lsri, tmd i ;i'M; the i
Uf id th jar bit Lr 2.CA. A l.t-:
tie ocr ua l.a!f aar nal. TLrce
(urtLa, or 4.376 atrc of Arsifiiao j-u-
Tbu urraUml amiiW of birth oo-curri-d
io Ua tuoiitb of Kjilt-iutjirr,
hpa 4j jifrwomi ora born, of whom
Ti. ii were uk'a. Tbe kaHt uutiiler
wa in Smnnrj, bD of lbs 377 bom
l'ji wrv tuak-a. HullauJ wrua to be
tb mt prolific of the euntiei, and
Vjuu-x ih leat, tbe former contribut
ing to U foiilatinn O'iH baltioa, U itn
ono to avery 3H rw.ma, ai d tba Utter
but 4o, or ona to rr 81 irRotis.
The f at-i (bat IlutlHiid ouunty J'H senU
llii' larg't x-ruenUpe of IhMch of for-f-ijfti
jiarfiilftt', and J'.KHPt comity the
" trlain the Homc-alist rf-mtirka-r-!
.I:". r-i., (lUi!d Mo vui.ty
l ' ..i vi it : r.utiitjj, hiiiiig a birth
t tvai 41 J;tt- lifc,ul.d Cbittt ihU'U bid
'h in.il. i!'.n ttiuntiia lies.!, faeh Jnivit:
n birt'i t' t'.erv il jh i w.n. The c.L
i r c: fi. i zua : 47 t-j 50 to each
li:!:i. ' j
JiiO Ji!ej;!l.. n of niftlo to fellllile
1 mha waa i!t-t in I'.-vx county, aud
leaat iu Wiudbam eonvty. the former
U-iii' 120 mala to cu:iy lul male, the
latter 95. Cl.ittri: n rounty was 115.
Of the whole m.mber 102 were "plural
Lirtba," and 40 were illegitimate.
There were 3,(H)1 couple married
during the j( ur; a number grcuter by
432 than ever before reported, an n
vwura'ina fuct certainly. The "hnppi
vat" crmity waa f tvuiraa Rutland, ii.'!2
conj Tea tKkti'jr a'U other or "lit tler
or wnro," but iu proportion to popu
lation WindLrun county elanda firnt,
with 314 mniriagea. Grand Isle foots'
the hat with only 11 nmrrinfv. Chit
tenden county lias 2'.'C, Tho popular
luciiith for marry iug appears to bo No
vember, IV4i wwldmgt toin aet down
to ita crudit. whilo August liiki lean thau
any, only 172.
1'he mtio of marringca to jKipulation
waa una to eery 52 perwiua, au iu
ensajw of nearly 50 per cent over the
average for the past ten years, and an
ini-renae. of 42"! marriages ovtr any pre
vious year. Of the 3,K)1 marriages,'
l,C;u; aire of bachelors to maids; 1 iJs
X .u htlors m:tiriod widoaa; 178 widow-,
eis manicd widowa; and 277 widowers
ii. :u i ied mai.Ls. Theconddiou of tho
tin ainJor aa nut atated.
bi 7r.,"i inataucoa tbe bride, and in 82
the groom waa under 20 years of age,
id iu C2 loth partits rtere under 20-j
The men atvined moat inclined to wtil
beta t en the agea of 2i) and C.", 1007
Laving married at that stage of life. -There
were 17 men and 4 women who
ti.d not coiikider thiea score years ami
ten too oid f.r a hoiieyiuoou, Iu ail
4M aiiloweta, 2iM widows, 1,754 bach
elor!, and 1,113 maids were married.
Tl e number of deaths was 3,831, of
wt om 1,S;7 a ero males, 1,021 females,
and 'id unknow n. Of tbi number 3,
171 were of American birth, the re
mainder foreign or unknown. There
wi 4k'3 U kt deaths than the average
f r Uh- i nitrdir.g 8 years, and 1,017
'ie-?. ti.au in Jm'.j, The ratio was tme
ltt.ity 82 of the inhalilanta. The
aven-f-e ago was SS 12 yeaia. The
i jjbt nnmln-r w:a Utween the a;;
( taj and 0, Uttli nuiieii ai.d f. males.
Ao-jat wan tlie mokt aiid July the leant
,'t:o M,ji.tli. The j'ici utage of local
. .. ww the higlkk Leing 31 47, the
i-4tr4 fatal of whh-L wore lweaata of tbe
j.ervous syUm, whi -b stair a percent
age of 0L
TL tnoitahty f " iu.l-r county waa
lb! Waut, Kl deaths bains; rvported..
Of and !! tbe swa1!et, revtorting 85.
Tl Lumber ia Cbittt odeo eoncty v. a
3t'l. By far the la r 174 t'rcutaire of
dkth waa iu lha Uwn of OLaetenbiiry
7.1 being the prtportion g'en, while!
the jroentagu ia licikJurv uonly .19.
Amor.f the ooaatiea Wiadaor slwvat
tie larwt jkcrevctaga 1 55. and Fex
the kUiaSuat, CO, That f ChjtUtidcti
tutiij ia IXj
Tae number 4 tt.roromi granted for
tie five veara ending 31, lMiG. ia
til fcr roli-J of 1 to 20 Karriagaa.
Tie j tuit ij al caiists are taWlutaLk ae-
er,t ail wilful oWruoo. Ia 256 S
eaaaa th buai and was tba libeliaat; is I
IS tbe w.f. The greatest number '
mt giu-teil ia Wiudaor vounta, thai
lti in Tt x county, tb former Lav-j
e4 anJ the latter 5. ll.iundenj
' -itAr Lai 4't Tie Usgt-t tUt ,-t
ii,r-j-; ii timrp wee in Iwno.j.,,'
t nj c-mr.ty U ro fi,r a a 1 di-irot
.r. tMMiv.r r (,vav
i r v.
(b. SLcrtnta in ti ansa.! Hjv.rt
Ut.r- t!.t t:.r no fccj-a f a jr-1
L-e J.t tLe war drrtoMtil.
V taaVa tU Uoawtf attract fria
It in i.lle f 'f u lur.r l b'.trmt to
fwnpv ih j'a:r, in cymm-m with t !
Iutti!i; f.r tt runtr t itt.-t auj-;
tbli'if rlohft at-i tit im i.U with farm
L'ka Mioun and I.iaa, and ia h.',oJv ,
dapu-.! ! .va.Oi. AU of our jopiV. !
ro tee.-MU-ily Kca'U r. d, aud have !
lix-rc or Ji'w eUI ftiid horata which
tia.jit the Iniliiic, hungry, and ia may j
la Martin; for th want of L.t accua- i
to -I trme and U will ab-al,-l.a will ;
not bi mate to kill Tb.-rtfore, a joint
ocur att. n ( f that .liairu-t of tLe t-oun-i
try by thi tie two rlaww-s f people, with
au ii ojiMiiijr i!itt ieit, is a aiiniiein)-p-wibiiity
and the Indiana miiat yield.
Tho jh ace coinuimi-ion baa ansued
them a rew-riitiori, which if held for
fifty v ear will make their decetidauta
rich, and iu the meantime they arc j
promised f-K! while they ara learning :
to rtiiUvnte tin! t artii ana to rear tame j
tiek. To lattir with their own bauds j
or even to remain in one plaeo militates ;
with all the hereditary pride of the In- j
diatl and forca 111 Uat be Uitd to accolU-;
plixii this result.
"It was fur this reason that tho poaee
commission at its Chicago notion', in
Oetolwr, after tho events before Jes
crild occurred aud were known to
ttiem, was forced to (he conclusion thst
the management of tho Indian affairs
should le transferred back to the war
department, where it belonged prior to
110. This department of our
government is the only one that
can act with promptness aud vigor
enough to give any Lope that the plan
and purpoaes of tho peace commisaiou
ers will be carried out Kven theu
thero is doubt that the Indians them
selves will make4the necessary person
al efforts to succeed, and I fear they
w ill at last fall ujhjii our bauds a mere
mans of helpless paupers.
"I am fully aware that many of our
good people, far removed from contact
with these Indians, and dwelling with
a painful interest on the past events,
such us aro described to havu occurred
in Minnesota iu 1803, and as tho Chiv
iiilou mawuM-re of 1804, believe that
the w iiia h are nlwsy in the wrong and
that the Indians have been forced to
renort to war in self-defense, by actual
want or by reason of our selfii hness.
I tun more than convinced that such is
not the cuso, in tho present instance,
and I hope that I Lave made it plain.
I further believe that tho only hope of
saving any part of these Indians from
utter annihilation is by a fair and
prompt execution of the scheme sug
gested by the peace commiBsiuu, which
can alone bo doncbv Congress withjthe
eouenrn nee of the Indians themselves.
Even then it will require much patience
and burd labor on tho part of the offi
cers who execute the plan, which I do
not wish to assume myself or impose
on other army officers, but it is certain
that the only hope to find any end fo
this sternal Indian war, is in tho trans
fer of the entire business to tho war
department, and for CongreRS to en
act the laws and provide the necessary
money, at least a year before it is re
quired to bo expended.
The FiiEKnuEv's lit iieau. The expec
ted order for the discontinuance of the
Freedmen's Bureau on the 31st of De
cember, according to the act of Cong
ress last July, has been issued by kGcn.
Howard. The operations of the bu
reau are to be entirely discontinued,
except the educational department and
the collection and payoiotit of moneys
dae soldiers aud sailors and their heirs
from the government on account of
military services; and the order gives
direction for tho disposal of property,
the relief of all officers iu the military
service employed by the bureau, and
the discharge of all citizen agents, ex
cept an assistant commissioner in each
of the Southern States aud a few offi
cers nocessiir to carry on the depart-
meiiU of education and the collection
and payment of bounties.
SirrsAot In regard to tbe propo
sition that Congress shall shape and
submit a constitutional amendment
nuking the law of suffrage uniform
throughout the country, the Indepen
dent says:
"With joy and rejoicing, we learn
that Oen. Orant heartily favors the
lroiKied now aiucudment; and that.
without waitintr to be I'resideut, he
will use his influence as Treaident elect;
to iiree it throtmh t ondresa II lie
i-hull ful'-fill this cheerful Loj. be will
earn for himself something hke the af
fectionate gratitudo which the nation
pays to the unforgottan author of the
great Act of Emancipation. Such an
amendment, trivint suffrage to all loyal
men iu the land, without distinction of
color or race, will lake rank among the,
moat illustrious ecU of Lumau Lislory.
God prosper it to a speedy adoption 1"
Art n SorrawesT Asxaskas. Two,
, . . ,, , , . . , .... !
hundred of the Arkansas kuklux, on,
the 10th of NovemU r, attacked Centre
Point. Sebier eouuty, drove all the in
LkbsUnkt to an otx-n Ci Id, placed them
nnhii mtipj a. V...t itiA town. " Tilt
.. .. , .
next day, while an indignation meeting
was in progreaa, the aama gang return
ed, chstrged upon the akktttauiod citizen,
tiring iiuliscrinsiuatrly and kiihng ev
eraL They a!o arrested three of the
oldest citowriR, Messrs HeUsr, Ander
aoo anJ Giibort, camad iLtuxt out to
the tit Id an 1 shot them. The kuklux j
ttiil hold poaaoasion ttf li town. j
- - - --- j of a revolve on Ijarkiu'a aide, upon Grant is like yo engine." "Become
CTiarlet D. Brown, ticket egnt of the whu-h Campbell roHil.ed at bin aud be pushes thing end pull thinga," re
nutland and Hiyline ton abroad, died J stabbed L;m. 4g(neral aght tnaaed, plied the engineer. "No," said the
at jUUstbi Sunday wonung Laatof era ; but LaiLin, iinfoitunatdj, waa the on- democrat; "it because he aok and
aepdaa. J iy ou killed. y notliing."
Z. 'Tf f ; re.
- W. A ''.. at i'-::t, lw a akrga
ass t-ni .-' ) h ri 4t. i a. i.-t ar, a.s ! f
aciilala f -$ U .....a' M -.la.
- !,!irs rr ie'i; rut in li I" t O.T- ai Mae-
ireia. Cat?' Lt. K fint
H m. A. H II, m liif ! -8
j u.uiul at T. M. ikrUin. iiiwt ii-
, 1"w"t' 4U"""t Mi!ao- " kJ
jU Ki : il t-u- tvrt.nl yfcrw Ih l.aisi.
j ;U rt.i Muri'ti- it td buuU.
! -liir nUnw iu ia .ni-..um h
j -t f imu.-t iu Mi-rb-
''-' ,'"J ,,,! w'" '"7 M... aJ lt4
"!iUi" ' l t" !' I'i'g rttiouf
Taa .A.M.a.v.ATi Oatai Lett t likaiowroa I
i'a. - Tfaa li.ii.-u.g J tim gnuA l4 uf iwo-1
Cui-tj f i jt Sau.ur tf 1
P-'y" -m "' . ; umiH-r of I
l' r"- r, '-!"f --'!". . i I
; .,,., m 1-nwi.a. . -.; oa e,.r i
ob ar-praikal, IM.UT24; li.t of Htata aea, I
i3,i.'. as. , '
We have ree!vc4 fr.a tha .al.l'!thera, Tut. ,
(I A C... liriil.ai. th v.-rt a':. anJ infr !?
...,,t i.. .. v...
m-nt.-n irhgU to h..nr f..r th niintv or hie
Privte rhracter aad ib vat of U i-uW iht-
A c4,p...Tt.e Sat-bitb S..hn.. k! the "Brick
Tavern .knait'd the reeeijil of k Ii-
Wry i,f tan vo!tia, aaa pr.Miit from the North
Ui k hkhliath Kch.ail, with whieh their 80 jier.
ir!teiu!.,'iit wan C'in!ii-cU-l f,r tiotr twunty-live
ivr. Arid lli nutl'-rkiyned iuM 1m expo-sH
hii Kraliluile fur the nrpmo nikl' him in the
frwntkttnn eft Ik-ailtiful ifair Wreath, frma kit
the member of bin wboul, and may each receive
t the lutiili of the Muter a crown nf ris'htooue
tieM to Uedock their hrowv, when the imnmnne
otue, 'Coaie up higher.'
(iau. W. Clau.
The ftpm Factory In tho norlh part of Sind
Kkte shit-li ha beii unnted fnr two vrara or
mure, ia now bftins nwd aa a Blatif;hUir house, by
parliee from Near York city in eonoeetion with B.
T. Hard, of Weak ArlniRUm. A hundred aheep
aro daily laughtered, and the niarkotable por
ti"n uf them i,nt U ll 1'ity, thn remaiudtir are
butehered fur their pclta aud tallow.
Mia l.li 1 ma i. Morse, of Alntead, N. H., haa
U..u lecturing iu NandaU) during the month of
N'orrniber, ou Spiritualisui, Khu ia what la call
ed by apiritualintk, a Irauofl api.-itkur, i. v. uncon
ik'ititiH while kpeakiiig. Slit ia a young wouian,
IS or 2( yoara of ago, a very ready and fluent
apvkkur, and treaia "old theulegy" with not
mueh renpiwt.
Th dry-houn belonging lo tha clothoa pin
factory of Kliah Hard, of Waudgato, wae burned
on the night of Nov. 24th, togolhrr with $100.00
worth of pirn whii h were iu process of drying.
Loss about I.HW.
The children and young ladies of Kant Arling.
tun, will give au exhibition at tho M. K. (. Imrcli
on Thursday ovmiing, Doc. 'ii, entitled the Flow
er Queen or ''iron a lion of the ltose, with tableaux
and singing. The proceeds to he appropriated
to tho purchase of au organ for the Methodist
Churc h of that place. Adiuissiou 25 ceuts.
- It is thought panaenger trains will run over
the Lebanon Hpringa Railroad about January 1st.
A horrible accident occurred at limit's ahawl
nianufactory on Tlmrsilay, of last week
by which a hoy Darned Outchen waa so severely
injured that be has aiuue died. A bobbin was
likely to fill in the card, when (latchtin sprang to
seize the bobbin. Hi arm was caught snU lorn
completely from its socket, and his kido waa torn
opca u as to expose his vitals.
A Troy exchange says : The talk alamt build
ing a railroad from Uouuington to '.agio lirhlge,
and relaying the old Albany Northern ltailroad,
is again revived, and lleiiniugtoa is said to hu
anxious to bond itacif U do it.
Spain. Maikid, Nov. 23. The goy
ei'imient has declared that the popular
seuse of the country is antugonistical
to the estublishmeiit or a Republic, aud
that the Cortes, soou to meet, will sure
ly propose a form of mouarchy.
There have been many Republican
demonstrations throughout Spain with
in the past few days.
There is a large faction iu favor of a
triumvirate for five years.
Tue Nbttsuor. This is the best publi
cation for the little folks, of from five to
ton years of ago we know of. The De
cember number closes the fourth vol
ume. It is the best uundiuryet issued,
and that is awarding high praise. It
affords a great amount of amusement
for a very little money. It is publish
ed once a month at only 1.50 a year.
Address John Shorey, 13 Washington
Street, Boston.
rat ji.jtm.t.n.i cti.nt.
Wasiiinotox, Nov. 27. The terms Jof
the protocol for the settlement of the
Alabama question, which have become
pretty well known here, excite universal
condemnation, except among English
men and rebels. It ia no longer con
cealed that Mr. Stiward ia highly dis
satisfied with Sir. Johnson's course. It
n gio generally admitted that Mr.
Johnson went to Eugland as a special
representative of the rebel wing of the
Democratic party. The rebels are well
pleased with the projtosed treaty, since
the first article, providing for a general
settlement of all claims for damages
i t,,i.,:..z..i i. ii,.i:.i. 1. :..( : i,
- """"'""
poutu during tue war, whn ti are said
to amount, according to figures at the j
British legation here, to nearly fifty
! ,:i!:...,... .1.1 i. - ......I. 1.-.
... .
our Alabama claims. At the aame time
it 1 sai l ttiai me ai ruler migDt tieciue
against ns when the Commission was
not unanimous, and so the Alabama
claim might not be paid at all. The
present protocol will undoubtedly be
; . '
rejected, unleaa England consents to j
very material modifications.
Feli Larkin. l aektr of O Bald
win, the prize-fighter, waa murdered in
a Canal street saloon at Kew York, early reached the Proidenee dejot, h in
SWedneaday morning. A quarrel be- quire-1 of a democrat how the el ction
with abusive t pitheU and tbe drawing
a cAjn!l nuna!., t n twit r than my j
! t f it jrKwfcif, which i saying a
f.Tt iteaj ID its favor. It l tilt lt :
l.ttrary pubiieat.i.n, in tLe country. A I
Hew volume ry tinicnce Jan. Jul, aud
j A Cruxcx.i. Wa ba roctita.1 U
i Duo tutr tiuiiilH-i of "Merry' Mjm-
aw," for jcung jt and old jj!,
. , ... I . . 4 t . . ,1
-re once yuuug.
The publisher. II irar B. Fuller Ho
Un, cl!UiS that Mom" is tho bcist
majjazii: of iu l.ud iasued iu thin
.country, and cbaltuii-a Mi.'arihn.
Our nadcr ran d iil) t!ii jmirt for
the rawlvos by M'tidi g him two three
ent UniiK for a ; tiinen
The Jiufinry nuubur Imiu a new
volume, which aiillas further enlarged
imjt ovt-t.1 TiTiiiiS tl 50 a year
. 1 ' '
1,1 n 'vaix-e.
There will i.Ubh- be a colored
n..,,-...,..: : ,i. , -
" b
XMi a Mr. Miiitir, fiim Iiuiaiuua.
-V Ii the ojioui ta of t i.e K'.tuiiii.iuy
j ,'ow ,rlt ..;-, have unittd ti)
,Colirt - di - nci A. C.k.in- rvi.ubhrkti, i
aa tLoir caud. 'ate fr mayor, but t;n ir
united strength enmioa no hope of bis
election. 2'hc repiblieans have noaiU
nated Darwin B. Eaton for corporate n
counsel while the Union democrats
will vole for Kichar.l O'Oorman, the
"uimimny candidate.
It is somewhat a singular fact thut
as fur as it is know no president of
the United States lince the days of
Washington has beea a communicant
in a church.
Frof. John A. Nichols, of tho col
lege of the city of Nw York, died Sat
urday morning, aged 45. He succeel-
ed Gen. W. B. Franklin as professor of
experimental philosophy, aud since
1852 taught mixed mathematics.
The Fenian Congress at Philadel
phia, adjourned Saturday, having elect
ed Gen. John O'lfeil president, Mid
pledged him their united support in
efforts for the liberation of Ireland.
II. Rives Pollard, tho editor of the
Richmond, Va., Southern Opinion, was
assassinated in that city ou Tuesday.
Here is Gen. Grant's hit at the
Now York illegal voting: Dur ing his
recent viait north, 8 six year old hoy re
marked as he shook hands with Gen.
Grant, "I urn a republican, and sorry
I could n't vote for you." Tho general
replied. Well, my brave ltttlo fellow,
you had as good a right to vote 1 is many
who did.
Tho registration in New York for
the charter election is 173,0 '.3, 4,313
over that for the presidential e 'lection.
The president has made a rong h draft
of his forthcoming message, and he
gives the Boston Post corresjain lent to
understand that he is very glad he 1ms
got no more to write The pie asure is
mutual, Andy; you can't be ba If so ha(
py as we are about it. You are like
the Dutch fjovernor of New 3'ork who
"ciiine in with v. ry little oppoi li'ion and
went out with no lie at all." Tbet o is
much iu the message, we nrt' assured,
"to remind the country of Wat hi ogton's
farewell address;" but we dottbt if even
Mr. Beecher will be much str.ick by tho
resemblance. Andy says that ho is bet
ter satisfied than ever of his ow a wis
dom, and that time has justified it, and
shown tho fallacy of congressional re
construction, aud closes what he has tc
say on that subject "with an el oquent
appeal to the American people to stand
by the Union of States, but at the same
time never to forget that tho constitu
tion is the sheet-anchor of their free
dom." How natural thut sottndsl AVe
must have heard something like that
before. But we can't Lave the privi
lege of hearing it many times aior e from
the White House.
Sprintifirld llqwblit n.
CAUroitNu. Tho State is 700 miles
long by 200 wide. San Frncisco and
Sacramento together have ft pop-ul stion
for thia vast area of couutry as arge
as all New England and New York and
Pennsylvania together an arcar large
enough and rich enough to suntain a
population of 30,000,000. It would
make a large sized European ki ngdom.
The State will have 13,000,000 bushels
of wheat to spare, which will 1) ring in
from 118,000,000 to $20.000,00.0. The
wool-clip is larger than ever 'before.
The vintage promises to be ihe best
ever gathered. Twenty-five million
grape vines are in beating, at id new
vineyards are the order of the day.
The State has just begun iU net' ork of
railroads, soon to be connected by the
long spider thread across the con tincnt.
The dcvclopenient of the State prom
ises to ba more rapid than ever hefure.
The Aookeoate Grasb Lb-t or Vr.a
mot. The following is the aggregate
j jUt for Ytrmont for tLe year
Number of polls 133,020.
Number of d.)gsl2,lGG,
Number of acre 5,008,080.
Appraia&l of real est at $71,172,113.
Appraisal of personal estate 2l,biC,
001. One per cent $030.U8.04. '
Deduction $400.
List for State Taie. tl.075.feH.04.
Hs Shom. On the night of the
election, aa the engineer on a train
had gone. "I It tell you," replied the
democrat, "if you will tall me whj Geo
1e Vurtii IVr f l'ljmai. -- j t iraut'a on.i majority ia vui i
The bri.T vta out ai'.h tha "s.'." iu j 4 JE.l '.- ; iu Indiana, 10,14-i,
bit baud. This eiusral4a an con- i - -Cdfal cirifl hi !. bi county
a.U c f a atoni tiandio, about tao ft i and hi State, aliW tie. lUair ui
with !; WUv of araehst cu in l is aard, f Ay, ctmnty and Slate
inrralrr h-njjlh. Tbatbon ara iiiade j - - An o.d 1 Vm rat iu tadin, ludi
of thick WtWr, tikUd U(;thr, aud i ena, is frriesl mrely for having riven
as bard a a ire. They bae bo o aohlved i bia n au education. "I hav bad ten
aitU blood Im fora thiii. aud it baa dried i ona lrfown," ha. "and a'l of Vm
Uon tln-ni utitil thf.r tiilts ara a j
aburp a I tit vpM. The abeiiff haa jutt
U (Tun bia torm f otTioe, and this a a j
hi brut ahij'pirtf.". He looked M t hu
arat ashanunl and dixUhli d. "I would 1
alamat aa 1eac have Lang a man aj
ilia," said bo. Tb firat cuudtdattf for
the limb, aaa the boy who atoiu aevrlity .
ceiita worth of pi( iron. Tho jailer
brotiL'ht him oui, fut-n. l h
!ii to
post, and leiuovcd n r h: 1 -. t ; . I- 1
stout Lis shoulders, lie was nuked to
the waist. The tiiti 111 lut ler :n ai
thirty -five tlegiie. "Twenty lashes,
sheriff," said the j oier. Tho sh.
twung his "cai"' t.p sl"!y, i;:.d it de
ctlnict! ou toe ba:e slm. "Oiie." s.u 1
tin j ulrr, "two, thrie," Ac, as the sher
iff teiidi rly, it;;d with ru t half hia seem
ing strength, frtituk twenty blow.-
The shin was not broken, aud the boy,
looking very sad, wat burned oil'. This
officer is too humane fr the law. Oth- j b;,-vs urn leaving their hou.ea iu gtt-at
er sheriffs that I know of use-.I to stand j destitution.
off and eye tho victim as a wosteru d.-o- From the 3.1 to the 10th of Jann
ver would a ffy upou his ox, aud then ary, 100, a week of prayer is besought,
measure tho distance so nicely that the under the authority of tho Evangelical
ends of the thongs would cut bits of Alliance, over the whole world. I
ek ill from the prisoner's back, and
bring tho blood forth iu crimson
streams. That was what law and chief
justices had calculated npon.
Out came the jailer with another boy,
a boy of fourteen, who was surrounded
by running children gazing curiously
upon him. He had twenty lashes, al
so, aud as each blow descended his
muscles contracted and ho tried to
dodge to avoid it. "Why don't the
sheriff make it 'swish V " He ain't half
a doin' it," said another. "Ha ought
to cut into him," observed another man,
who seemed to take it to heart that
"tho outraged majesty of tho law" was
not better vindicated. Whon the boy
was released, he assumed an air of bra
vo, and cracked his heels together to
signify that he didn't care for such a
flogging. All the little girls clapped
their hands and laughed at this. Mr.
William Mulloney was the next star ac
tor in this ugly drama. Ho wanted
darw crs, and stole a pair worth a coup
le of dollars. His sentence was, resti
tution money, cost, twenty lashes, six
mouth's imprisonment, aud six mouths
of convict's costume. Mr. Mulloney
seemed culm, and when tho lash fell
upon his white shoulders, he only
shrugged them, and drew himself up.
He went away shivering wito cold, and
with welts of a finger's thickness on his
back. Then there wsh a piteous sight.
An old man of seventy years, docrepid,
feeble and very lame, hobbled ont, his
grey hairs streaming iu the wiuil. It J
wanted a shirt, heaven knows badly
enough this hitter winter weather, and
he had very wickedly stolen it. He had
110110 011 now. The jailer fastened him
to tho pof.t nnd snatched tho blanket
from his back. His skin was yellow
snd wrinkled, and it had scars upou it.
Tha lashes foil, and the old man's whole
frame was convulsed with agony. He
writhed at each blow as if it was unen
durable, and at lust ho put his Lead
down and cried like a child. Most of
tho spectators were affected. I would
liked to Lavo had the unjust judges and
the Delaware law makers look that
poor, broken down wretch iu the face
then. I think they were the great crim
inals, not Lo. The jailer w hispered in
his ear very hurriedly, "It wasn't so
very bad, George, was it," and then
helped him to limp away to his six
months home. The next was a foppish
worshipper as St. Pillory's shrine. He
wore fashionable trousers, tucked into
aristocratic top boots of patent leath
er But the upper portion of his fine
figure was en dishabille. Charles Wheat
ley was Lis name, and the annexation
of those identical patent leather boots,
his crime. He wore a forced smile up
on his face, and tried to assume a sat
isfied air; but when tho "cat" furrowed
his back into ugly crimson ridges, he
squirmed and twisted as if he did not
enjoy it hugely. He danced off with
affected goyety, and the boys and girls
rewarded him with cheers and laugh
ter. fhUaMiJua JiuUelin.
Tue Galaii for December has been
received. This magazine ranks among
the first publications in the country.
The present numlier has en excellent
list of contents, among which are: Poe
and Haw thorne One too Many The
Confederate Congress, a chapter in the
ll islorv of the late war, by E. A. Pol-
lard Word and their uses; This last
is the second article and is truly excel
lent giving much valuable literary in
formation. To the article by Mr. Da
Costa on "Who took Tieouderoga," we
must take exception. It ia pretty late
in the day to charge treason upuu Old j tie villa in a faahionable portion of the
Elban Alien, and take from him the; city, aud the neighbors said a happier
credit of capturing 1 iconderoga, at ' family did not exist in the state of Mis
least until stronger evidence is given j aonri.
than that furnished by tin article, and j "Tbe crash earns; hi dbtor were
the writer himself st ems to anticipate nnuble to meet his ealie, and as a om
tbat few will credit what be at ate and sequence ho was unable to meet the de
sav as much in bis commencement, , mauds of Lis cied.toi a His first re-
ant! as Allen's patriotism was uwjHfca-
tinned in Lia L.s t.me, the attempt now wife and fawny and icure an annuity ,
to cloud Lis character and detract from f of year for tbe support of ter-j
bia fame a tut ir-d year after, u no ' ailf and children, and h v tne city e-
greater distan-e from Lia day than j cittly. : Bo one night U aI.td foith, ,
would be needed in au.L a job. detertnatked to Itbudd La fallou iW-j
I -7 ! tune or perii-ib in toe attempt l'roe- ;
The Pokt a Waahington kj-tcisl lamaUotis and rewards were of no avail I
,ay: The public debt sUtomttt wiilj and tbe Mjui rl vtid.et w"'it.t
aLow a conai Jcruhle increase. diaaopearaice.'
vi.u.i ih 1iiihh i alio, UrLet but una ;
I t.ii 1 him by tvuig lam an td:ic
to n, and ko he in a ltruhhcan arid ;
votea the ajjaiaat the Ihmoerata. j
Tba te-ruia of orti.M of tweiity-on
l S. Senators noire on tLa tho 4th;
of Mat .-h next. Tlu ir anceeatora, ti
tho number of aixteen, are I.epub'.K'.ktia,
a ml aiu of tao. tins l)em H'rnti
tin ; i S:i:.r iu tV.nn. CiKI"."nu and
"c v .f. r-i-v , u i I tlm K liini' i'H k iin
t,; ' !t S ..' i I r!.t. : l l' I, I'.l I 111 . '
Ti-..:if - ii'. '.-.Mi!-iii in. ! ti;.t''!i':ti! '
Tho rrupt.ou of M'Miut Vei u.::m w '
sill! v. ry tl'.ii n:. nin:.' find itupomiif,'. ;
All tl.o tones tl:
(ior.tida r.tel j
Irniai emit 1'iimli- !
t hir-'t"! iitmiit. ':(; :
i.f liiv.i. J lie I'tvn l.iis n t a wuo:e ior-
et of cbinfi-tit tret-M on !i". r.uisinjj !
itnmeiiM tleva-.tution. Hof.Kf!, farnia j
! and biml are over'.t l.elnu-d aith ruin
aiid the j.opith.tion af thn nearer vil-j
Tho Secretary of tho Treasury es- j
timates tho revenue of the government
for the fiscal year ending Juno 30. at
A Washington dispatch affords the
gratifying information that the govern
ment has not even considered whether
it will abandou the prosecution of Jef
ferson Davis, but will ask a continuance
of his trial solely ou tho grouud that
Chief Justice Chase ought to preside,
which he cannot do at the present term
because of tho approaching term of the
supreme court at Washington. Also
that Attorney General Evarts thinks
that if Johnson hadn't been impeached
lust March Davis would have been tried.
The Rev. Mr. Nasby gives Gen.
Grant some valuable advice as to the
best method of securing the pacifica
tion of tho country. He says: "There
can be no peace so long oz the Blairs
aro out ov offis. Tho Blairs must hav
places. A government without a Blair
into it is not legal. Linkin failed to
command the respect nv the Blairs, and
where iz Linkin ? Johnson let the Blairs
go, and what an Awful Example is he?
Don't be afraid that they won't take
offis under you. They ain't portikeler
they'd us soon run your adminiatrn
shen ns anybody's. You can git th'
support of the Blairs ! That Boon is
within your reach
Tho Methodist Episcopal Church,
South, reports 535,410 members, after
all the losses of tho rebellion; a gain of
j ".',1,030, or neiulj i pr omit since hist
; year. Tho old Methodist Episcopal
Ch'irch has 1,255,071 tiiembcru, an in
crcitse of 100,100, or above, 0 per cent..
since last year, i no tkiuui 11 its ooo.i
tiincliiig preachers, and 3,052 local, a
tolul of G,341. Tho "Muthodist Episco
pal" has 8,081 traveling preachers, and
0.80S local, a total of 18,370. Total
preachers iu both churches, 25,720.
Gen. Rousseau, w ho bus command of
tho Fifth Military District, has report
ed concerning tho affairs of tho past
year, to Gen. Grant. In relation to tho
election in Now Orleans and Louisiana
generally, he states that tho rcpubli
cans stayed nway from tho polls, by ad
vice of tluir leaders, who said there
would be.riots if they attempted to vote
Ho also expresses his opinion that riots
would have resulted if the republicans
had come to tho polls. Ho excuses
himself by saying that he had not mili
tary force enough to preserve the peace,
Gen Rousseau cannot expect to le be
lieved. Tbe policy of Andy Johnson
and his tools has been to defeat the
measures of Congress by leaving the
rebels to have their own w ay,
Tho pretty girls of Brainbridge,
Georgia, are lajing off Yankee calicoes
and wearing Southern homespun.
The Romasce or BAMiiit pTcy Esocu
Aiit'KM OtrrnosB. Under the above cap
tion the St. Louis Republican tells a
a rather sensational story, which we
condense as follows:
"Who is it that does not remember
the finaueial crash of 9 Many of
our most 'enterprising merchant had
to succomb to the pressure of the time.
Among them aas a merchant whom we
shall call 'Smith.' Ill real name, and
some of the circumaUnces we are
about to relate, will, doubtless, to rec
ollected by many in St. Louis, even to
i day. He kept an extensive mercantile
establishment on - street, and by
hia enterprise and promptitude won tbe
confidence of the best housts in tbe
East aud West.
'He had a young wife and three lit-
,' tie children. They lived in a neat lit-
swle a to wake over tho v.ila to Lie j
"Miv Siu.th moU'ued hi r hi iii l
a Jta 1 for two year, till she widely
tMUihi.led it was umdesa to mourn any
more, so he decideb to receive the long
profT.fd attention if William !'.rd
fold, all tiid I a htlor, a eontpai ion of
her late btikband,
"But lit r bappuit'k waa not destined
to I perpetual, for W UUain Bi ad ford
was se in t i .l with r-oimtiu ptioii, and
dial .lining the laat spring, hating his
wife for the keeoiid time a widow. To
her snd Lis children Mi Lis busines s,
which she evi.trttird into cash, retim
ing a sum that placed bet e!f and her
children in easy rireuoiaUiire
"During ail these ye-urn what bec-uun)
of Smith ? He made bis way t.i M.n
Unit, an wot Led in thn iiunes, whi le
hia iutel i(. iirp mi. I eutn pl'io soon
J i' hllll Oil t!.! 1 .1 t o tl . .'!.. Souirt
yt ar af: r he w. tl.i re the pi x
hri'Vii i. it ii;:., the li.,,:u t, ue.l ho
1:100!.! the si:! it; ., fr.mi which he re
1! .1 th.it.
w . r.M not bate known Lim.
' I.nst 1 pi ,1,0 ho t-lriok a r.li vi :ii,
and biUU in the I-h cf g-vld d.ivt
aiound h.r.i e!.i';ic',li to houidfilo all th
chsiniH h .vied hue, tui.l pl.-n-i! himself
and his family if they still were in ej
isnnro - in luxury for the rest wl their
davs. Hu Hold out, picked up, and
leached St. Louis'aboiit the 1st of Jane.
"Preserving au incognito, he inquired
for Mr. "Smith." Nobody knew her
or knew of her.
"At hngth he met a person who was
acquainted with the circumstances, of
Mrs. Smith's second maningn, ami
when Mrs. Brudfold waa pointed out
to him he recognized the form and fea
tures of his long lost wife; after somu
difficulty he obtained sti introduction
to her, and concealing his name and
the knowledge of his immense wealth,
Lo wooed aud won her. She guvo her
consent to be his, on tho promise that
the children of the two previous mar
riages should bo well treated by him.
"Ou last Thursday evening, in the
old villa, a clergyman was summoned
to the nuptial kuot, w hen the real name
of the now suitor, aud hia former re
lationship were disclosed, and, although
the bride fainted, rt was a happy re
union. He was happy to see hia chil
dren well grown in body, soul aud in
telligence in tho intervening eleven
"Tho fuels, which wo huve learned
from the clergyman who performed tho
ceremony, are a romauco that bests
Enoch Arden to pieces."
Jlusi u es.,. ot Ices,
A Household Word. Tho l'st, tho only re
liable, tho cheapest. Try it. Mrs- H. A. Allen's
Improved (new style) Ilnir ttestoier or lireasing,
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livery llriiggiat sells it. 1'nc.e (ln Hollar.
- IhiitiT and rhoese are almost itidiapennable
articles of fond, l'ropcrly used, they are nutri
ctous and healthy ; I u' au iiiorilliiiitu us of eith
er cause iiHliKeaiion and Ijupi pata. 1'arauna'
I'tirgative Pilia, Judiciously used, will reinnvu
Is, 1I1 1 rf tlnwe troubles.
-lUvcyou sfjiir In tl,o fa. e ; iu.d iH it badly
liWiilli ) '! I;oc .m i,i I'i te ,iim in tin ciii'ijl,
,ii, V.. orteHr 't Uaie yuu liiiiiio et i,o.,.. m I'm
rlmua-'li or biiiVi la? Mine vm li itsoow ':'' i.l'
h' o.-re gt ipihi: jinjiiH If io, eiM-i J.iliriantj i Ati.j.
dyne I.iuiiiieut.
" ih line's I'Aiii-liiHiiig Ma;(ic Oil is a very val
uable compound for rheumatism, and every kind
of pain, ague iu Ihe face and Jana, neuialgia, spi
nal iiTitaeion, headache, and laiiieiiesa, bnnc,
contusions and sprains.
-The ktuinlion of our reader is directed to
the advertisement of Oics liyapedsia t'nre, in
another part of this paper. This truly Valuable
Medicine is recommended by all who uae it.
lieud the certilicatcs.
special Notices.
Masotiic -Th tet rrtiUt 'ommtinUti'm uf
Adi.turuiti I.od.'f, Nit, 4'i. F. k V. M will h bxlil t
MtHftfiif Hull, Miik timit-r. on TiMim., rtftiinif . Sm,
1, l T u'clutk. J. L. V J1HAN, bi'ne-ury,
MAHOtaic.'' ntt rrjfaUr f'imvttlifi at Ato
tt! 1111 liiti.ti'r will iHcur ttti Wf(luidH fveuiiitj
bc, t, mi U-nnmH: Hull, MautbfRtvr,
rrir .T MHH HAW YKU aMK UcnLtrvlailtrrnitt
I from tt) othrm.
That therm nrt a grtnt rnuny irt1 tilr offi-f(.J fr
Iwtf. hut titm1 g'jofl a Mim riwj'r'i Hstlvu.
That (tvary fiiuiHy atRiuld tiive tl box t tliiiiwisvin
of Hut y nr.
That t wt I Jo all and mom Uiaa U ia r-
J'ui up in bfliM at n p (Vi r.ta. n1 91 mH,.
A a"tt raMhtf I m't jr taking a Uftfe buA.
hiA4 hf alt Ijih 'ImI.
A tfUl 1k 'tl trwm by tti(l nh rasriMrrt of all f
ittm. by L. H, itol.liiN.i, lu kiki,A, Ma.
National Trust Company,
IV ti It ft O A U W A V
( II tkl El'.I.I) llV TI1S MATli . v ,
!)." 1 JSr., Jassa Mnaan t,
Pow ii-kt, , , sWsfdarf
asi 4,stl. ss4 ynm rot-It Ptsar'K.VT. IS
TKUKsTos all Dailr Iialsacea, tui-ji alVl tl kA
Sf Mltl. IlltrtHITS f'ir ktllas.f mors, at Ss
aaad al s f oent Ika Ospttal S OSa Mll.l.io.t
JSLI,A H l Si I4t ssligr barelS4f, e.Bt.
kllalkK aai)r ceallQliseU uf lan'e kud Slaalu laJ tiusr
l.isr, wte ara also urrsoeally liabUt te (leialicra Utt
sll wbllatesaa fit iSs Comsisf to S'rtlhltJ tfcs amtikkt
o lkr fa(,iul aw. Aalka MATION AI, TKL's f CO,
rswlvoa di-iwea la Ufgs tr small smouwls, tb'J ii'i
kUa tSewi lo bsrtrswa aa a wlesa w la part ey clIKeK
T al'ill'l n1 WITIIOI T SOTK'E. all.es inr lj,us-si
ok all Oally ha!atie, aitia throuiftioai tbe atMiuOr
ra Wf kkl is Uiia InaUisiloa with srclsl ad
vsstaa. 4 ssrurti , evks-siskna SkS proflu-1
! mt sw ..
R warsial la 1h.. IMmiuww Ills lwlljrtl Ui4
Drl-Vla ut ei to S trlSi4 iU. Tlw' ia s a
IhlBf as katef a kW I Asac susll'. IbSnktatlirk
ot SelirkkS Ctswf, at lir llan.'rw aiasaas
mmj skasw. Wks sll rsstorsllrsa, an saattw Soar yu
tost, wusla sa ilirffrtsL Is. kot sWIaf life Wkru
Uia srat)Ossia of Ori-l ais tral eirio4 rs
axrt at se to th jpasi rssosTalva s-H la, Assll.
SM-'a sttisaai AsWasrs, kl4 s will k- asfs.
Sat fa alsuxlsn latolr (rawutr xlwiti, awl, 1
kot Ik ifcarlf 1 bHw!:-uey Saaaf .Hia it la Ik awac
masr 4a41y a.ala'lm l ta IT !U1 set Oct4 lofa!
r rti. the sanitsl aa4 (jkal sals, f) H kiJw M
sl'ks s avl4ac rrava k au bi.ia shouM heiit
. 04 ua kast ur cats- It. Is ke fssastrr s it faek of
law. g luk 1 ai . j pi'lf 4Mi' sil aa 1 oar
uws, sn H la fws4 hi fc'-aii a.ar? b. sa.k,.i4
AVs4rffr'e atMatr M,tl.rt af et.ltr.'.f eoa4'
a to a tas aMeaWrB r- ... l-.r i. a e&s. --h. a-a-aws.
aa tl,-; ttii M-itriif bsift) tks fl.flo if',.,
SiiWF-vt li.vl tirt.w tfc m'AMttmea. aft1 if1 t.nr.4 vtal
itr W Al 4sti(kifJiy Bt lk n s
sat ask.klkf Ik Wats, m.4sfa Uasa to.,. aa a
kakktsS Bk4&.wa, k well ks aiUi aVMSvartisr.. 1 is
fe -a a a iii'-'-, if f i t ;. t ,!..:-.:
Witt kii.w.1 W lit .i-ar ki Jlk4j fo.-s U. aultra if.
araH of fcalaski, a awl ibi ikk at.. H. trvy-
Si.asa bi .I-. k .Iks twiij.; . .if
M k ..a kts :.m.f Spat tfc

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