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MAX( Hl.Ti;n JOt I1AL.
Mns!,mf, May tt, tBHi.
Wtfe U rTiat is, bg -e ii
IXta 'ttt. f4 U i It it "ir j
n-aa ti 4! ! t'- 1 1: ? to t:.
-Irinif-j-T r1i, if it lt !
l-nto (tr i'i- and ("it :,rii j
IW6 At.. I Jnty !t 10 dvati'-r-,
. 1 trr.at that -tif r-)-rt .'.! a" fa -r
v :fb rt-t.! of their ol-T;jt.'e.
d tL' jr-tc. piatt of tt Kua.
T - (or islaenlxrios tl M at! n t a
lowt. who t Dt, daring the paa-t
winter, rwitpl thrir pjr nutd
Thartay, we would t that herrafur
thcv wiil rtiT item (Hi Toeadiy.
0a Fiiday, Preaolrtit Grant irud
t prii a matron, aJirwtitig tl.t from
and fcfU-r tbrtdU', no red;i tiou a'bould
1- tsavle it, the wagi pail by the Gov-
MUt.t It jr ti,aj JJ ty ull lttlxdfcl",
oikmti) and cir ban;ca n accnunl of
th reduction f the Lo,i of labor.
TL.i wUiu 1 Laii-1 m g'fl
ousb 1 j tlo V!i,t;nn.D of cuuu-
Xt f jr tl.c following httf, r1tio
to tb iwiUiid of Miii4idt fyr our
text fff turner, fnm tL UatlaBJ Htr
will won!l romrtnMl th np(j
ti.fm thf-n-iu tn.ldtith th'ij,'ht'iil
omxiJiif liin of tb voter of WrtU'nit :
An tie time in near ftt hnJ wLen th
IMpIa of theOi-!! MrmnUin 8Ute we
(,nin U t-lct from tnfnf her roaxj
miurbt mu ont who thall kUoil pre
miiMmtljrM lb(iirrp.rCTitBti among
b'-r itr KUlM, it eca lx9tting that
t few wnnl t Mid tiKn the matter of
tailing the jrormr iwlfvtion, iid thin
tlcii!r, ko thr ar ao tntt
worthy and liaoorbI gculiumen iu Iba
field m ranlila.le m t the resoL
I think it may b truly aid of it that
Uie Ooertior are f'ir tho jxKtjjIrt, of tie
jxwtylo, Mid pciallT fcy Ui ptople, for
it i cbararteristic of u that we canriM
well tbt merit of tb Mtrtral candidU-,
m! ner go it blind" in onr election
of men lo repreaout ua; and this in all
impwrUnt when we conaider tbat a now
inatum, for inatanco, for Governor, ia
frquivalfnt to an election ; banco I tbiuk
it anare hr on that we tpve the
aiil'jcrt of wbo i to lie our belt Gov
ernor a little attcutkm at the priwut
timet. I aninioSi), 5'i accordance with
tMiuiewhat of an en'itlinlifd MMtoiu
lu ll t r from m:tivt' of policy or conr
117, rr hlh, it matters not it is cx
pwld tlutt the next Governor will ho
taken frow ra(t ido of lho moun
tain, and in aiiticipiitiuu of such un
tnut, pandiIatea are not wanting
wbo merit and ilniiua for the pota
tion may appear so nearly iuil as to
make it.acnimuadou at first no easy
We already have in the field, we
nn lei stand hy the pnople and the pa-pt-r,
three candidtttca from Wimleor
county, vi"r the Hon. Dudley C. len
nison, the Htn. Tetpr T. Saibbunj,
and the it;n. Juliua Converse, all hoti
oralU anl high-minded gentlemen, and
we wish they mi(,"ht all be Governom,
l ot aa they cannot all to at once, and
a it devolved upon us to make a selec
tion, let u a do it withont any invidums
comparison. We Ix-ltefe the jple
Cannot, at the present lime, df better
than to lake Mr. Oonverae, for reaoona
a few of which we wll now proced
yive. And, first, o cannot do better
for the reuiuu that ho ia eminently
tjurtlifli il fur the position. His long ex-
eribiice aud diatinuishod at'ilities an
a Uter make hiiu well kn.iwn anionjr
u,i ud cis of tl bar, an well aa otlu r,
ua a man Ct to he Governor. Il'i mny
jreara Ki rvicc aa a iegblfttor aotue ten
or twelve, if I mibtakc not bear testi
mony to his al.ility and the confidence
r-p'.Rjd in him by tug pooph. No one,
I llihik, evtr heard him apeak upon auy
nd 'ect in lho Legislator without iu
(ert t aiid pruGt. AUaya ie:idy i.i da
l.le, a! le eK .ir, ft atle and withal ao
xceud.injly com Icon thai Lia oppv
tienU in del ate could but a mile at bi
charitable manner of etpxaing their
fallacies., lint if there waa any one
quality standing out in the character of
Mr. Conveiw, pre-fiuioeut! above the
ret during onr late w ar for the Union,
it waa hi ULfhnchiisj; courage and uu
j Elding patriotiaiu. He never for one
moment doubtud aa to the fk.al reault
of oar etrogle. I am knowing to an
incident which I wilt here relate io
connection with thin, that occurred
during the war. It wa amid some of
the darkuit Lour that ever law dur
ing the rebellion ia or '63 that
Senator CuHaruer, wlioae mcin'irjr we
all cheriih, waa home on a ahort viit
arotu WafchiiigJon, d on meting Mr.
Cutivrk.L. Umg-cLertaheJ fricml from
U.vtov.d, b GbbuMXiuwd to Lim h.a
douLU aad f. Jir aa to the r -ault of tha
wai, ai.viig he thought we hd Letter
make U Ut Uim we could with tie
itl for he tikiud, 1 1. 1 ha.1 i-A.ia la
WJ we re.r cwjIJ cot(i(ier a j- .
a;i e tie L't.i.'.i iu krl, thai Le
Wa about diCUIgeL Said Mr. Cou
veiwe lo tuJa Jade C'Uamer, I can
not bar you talk o. 1 aure a.r.
w alaii UUiph ia tle uL Ihtrw i
i. ia a;d iiuiut eauiiU left j ct iu
IW NrtXh to it tU.a ulv.;oa dwtt,
ati 1 it wU b pat down.
nji a the U-aor tud spint tf hi
wcrdi la il ew.ttsril fJcnt4.r tiat hi j
I eart .couri. aud he lhikt-l i
Hr. Cvtire for the LnjJal .tw he j
Uk if vL .t jau.c, aad that he coold ;
po Lack to Waahifcgtv.a With ret we 1 1
tea &d eri2tiie the work t-cf-.t
bsci. 1 tu-'git p-ek ot a-oiilar iuci-
dt.U Jarlej,' ta war, U.At oecarreJ be-
t Mr G.aten tfei i ti.tr of Li
fnlkrw eit. aU-wug that t Br
by word or da!, gv icgl iprt-1
hi that be ilou'.'t. 1 the &el tiorik
t f pur C:t who fta riiiaU
t, r'.h f.l !.. Wb- ran U-lf what'
tl.e tcolt ra glt have l-n, Lai he, U-1
(; ;L r w i'.L other ir-Siteoced, a we ail
re, pvB p t drTH:rlitg vie a "id !
far aa lj li CmX hu'.L. It was u h .
Ctuma iif j ! on all o-caii. a.'
k a ( 11 aa tl it dii lave 1 in the
C1J, tbat jut dn the nLtllifn, audi
ael the i at,oa. Ia t u honor and'
reward audi tutu. I
Ajrain, U-l u bare a Govirnor thia
time that we know i not ia aiiv wav8
cooiieete' with any particnlur railroad
r fai!oad prtj l. Such we know Mr. i
knirse wilt be. He will xi the cati-1
dn' ite of no pajt.culr lK-!)1y, or io-J
tret, tut will ti 1'iuud favorable, a I J
believe, to the extenumn of railroad, !
where iuUrsU of the people demand,'
and opposed lo any comtunation for)
eonaohdatioB of railroala, or ceutrilix
atiou of power er wealth that will tend
to create monopolize, and thus in any
way predjiid.oe the interest of the
tnaie in favor of the few.
A between Mr. Converge and tho oth
er gentlemen named in connection with
the office, w e think he should be select
ed, for the reaeon that, while his eve i
not ihni nor hi natural force and vior
in the leant abated, yet helm somewhat
advanced, having the ripehea and wis
dom of year, and should he be select
ed, will make Governor we shall all
delight to honor, while, should young
er man be taken at th time instead,
his time will probably never come
again; while Mr. Denuison and Mr
Waahburn may be looking with good
degree of hup and certainty of sueceee
for the Governorfchip in the. future, or
for seats in Congress to the latter of
which I presume Mr. Converse does not
aapire. . . n.
CJ.yrjoij.Y xr.vijrn,r.
Thero seems to be an unusual and
remarkable influx of our northern
neighbors to "The States," this Spring.
We take the following remarks on the
subject from the New York Mercantile
While the American press ie deluged
w ith a nm88 of rubbih about tho forci
ble wreating of Canada from Great
Urituin, expedition acroas tho border,
etc., the C'aundiau are solving tile ques
tion in very practical and decisive
manner, to wit, by ii.ie.rxwj Me);ixci.vx
In other word, concluding that if the
mountain will not coma to Mahomet,
Mahomet tuuut go to the mountain, tho
mutzlftl men of tho New Dominion afe
literally pouring over uto the United
Tho migration to which we refer has,
iu plttiu terms, assumed a ahape that
jHirteuda tho actual depopulation of
certain district within a short time.
The Pay, of Montreal, a well informed
and reliable papt r, (states on the author
ity of rcspecbdikt correspondents, that
in the ono pariah they mention, there
are forty houses (standing idle ami
closed because their occupants are gone
and have left no successors. One train
from St. Jean had four passenger cars
full of people leaving the country, an
though they were escaping o'n a pes
tilence. And these are not oil persons
of restricted means either; many have
houses, muds, and money in bank. At
St. Jacques there resides a farmor
worth $20,000 in real estate, who hus
come over to New York to select an
other homo for himself aud family.
The culcuht' ion of tho organs of French
opiuion, iu this city and Canada, if
UimI the hogira amount to between
7t)0 aud 800 soul per week 1 Seveuty
three families recently arrived at SL
Albans, Vt., on their way to California
and Montana.
That vi ry intelligent and carefully
edited paper, tho Nonveau Monde, sta
ted iu its issue of April 15, that it had
received a dispatch announcing the
passage of I 'd ihoumnd Canadian
through St. Albans, for Miseachuaett
aud Uhodo Island, all loudly complain
ing of the wretched condition of things
in the region they had left. The Wit
ness, a paper published in the pariah of
St Helena, aavs tbat of 2"0 inhabitant
in the place some lime ago, only 27 re
main, the rest having loft for the Uui
ted States; and the township of Stam
ford, which recently could boast of it
ten blacksmith, i now threatened
with total dearth of those naeful me
chanics, the former lot htvrog departed,
with bag and bagg -e, for the Great
Iteputi'uc, along with a large delega
tion of other resident.
Moreover, this emigration, which
once w confined lo the other provin
ce, has now extended to Nova Scotia,
and boo i me epidemic there. The Mor
ning Chronicle, of Halifax, b really and
wu think jut!y alarmed, and crie out
that if tin sUle of things ahould con
tinue, two th.rJ of the able-bod.el
p-.pabU6n of the province Will be, ia
desd, a i'jred by their own act, From
the Pay we trasl ate a brief passage
that UU iU uu oloij .
"The pi,,ur&Uoa of our rural dmtrict
are utnitsg.jiy at th top of their
tpeed li um the ma !el goveranient, to
m- k cmpHyment and prosperity ia
what dee of our contemporaries, the
olhtr day, calleJ the 'preUa dud repub
lic' A merchant fro;a one tf the
rV.iil.era j:ariltea t:!J o yeatet Jy
lht daring tha Itiit two or thr- week
125 fiu-iot hl left hi Cti(.;h!-jih'KKi
Gr.e or te Cat.ad.s:. already tah-iHshe-d
ia the l'i.; 1 Stale had c';a
on the part cf r'& a tuanufa-tun'ng
i.taa to iavlus theta ocr. The ma
jaii their passage aiil a aa it ai-
lar.r ;) Uktr r. ;.- in" w v j
TLi dplof abi ermgTati -o, L addanl, '
tu Bot lnuiWd to a iogl locality, but j
IU IW.Um t..nUj. a. well aa tho J
of lb Smith, chivf.y oo the river,; us
lo,ng the flower of their young .-.ple.j A U,T frienj ,.f telerdny rec
Newa him.iar to th.a rv he n from ; tmm,j,;!i P.,irtll w,n;."an to me a- an
all .purler; an 1. in Cnr, tl.ere tiiet!t lu..,lfrh,, .f 1 or any t-f my
U. U, in ikuUiwrtn pwUaee, a reg- j.l.ndt bfiild wat.t; eayisig that ahe
ular a'uuBpcip of lho pfpuUU ! ea one of the n, t-.t Ooteinment re-
U,e Int;kh i ..v-;i to tho l'u:t d tttt f ut wa aU !
:s1," j "Waaherwoman. "iliplain youtwelL"
This movement we regard as one of We!l, the woman had three day.'
the atror-get and mot atK.mahma vi j 9niling Mj in, , ww.fc h, U fam-
the time, uni-a political acd religion iy t,( Ur hUsj m preUT
m livt profoundly influence it. for thejofficial MJ Chief of a Government Uu
cwmtry the-m j-ple have U j reau), until a few da .go, when abe
governed, not more taxed than r ( Wtt4 Ud th,t, now he had ht hi po
own; protected and f Ur, d by t,itiou, they couldn't afford to . employ
mother contdrv; p.-csaing magnlS-j L , r i .amiited th con-
cent hikes, titer, savannahs, and f-.r-: ti),n j,av ail rcftd. tm chil
esti of fine t.mUr, and teoinii'g with ; ilrtu Umt ,bt. , UtUl)0 im.
agricultural (aid mineral wealth, ' : Uud ia dwith.by the funoial pile, of the
properly tltveioptj. U.soKe lo lue
governtucnt, and the hope of a better
social conditiou in this remarkable
The official certificate of the vote for
Council of Censor iu this State, jive
the result a follow:
Henry Lane,
John B. H .lhster,
Johuatha:) lUs,
Win. Harmon
5.C74 rote.
5,088 44
5,711 "
2,713 "
Nathaniel W. French, 5,C'J5
Jasjier ltind, 5,709
Henry IL Powers, 5.CB8
Juhn R Cleveland, 5,715
Timothy P. Uedfield. 5,640
Chat lead Dewey, 5.CU8
Charle Reed, 5,714
Churle K. Field,
Joseph W. Colburn,
Sundry individuals,
Ths Natiosai, Like Issruaxci Comp
act. We have taken occasion before
to refer to the organization, tho person
nel, and the manner of operation of the
National Life Insurance Cimpanr of
America, which is advertised in our
columns. The great success of the
Company, aa demonstrated from month
to month, warrants repeated allusion
to its peculiar features. We learn that
np to the first of May a period of but
nine month from its organization
this Company had issued not less than
five thousand policies, alihopgli Its sys
tem of agencies was far from complete.
A is generally known, the Company
ha authority from Congress to do bus
iness in auy State of the Union. It
has now agents actively nt work upon
the Pacific Coatit, and by the expira
tion of its first year, it will have cover
ed nearly, if not all, our own country,
as well aa the Dominion of Canada.
Those facts show that the plau upon
which the Company does business com
mends itself to popular favor. There
is good reusou liy this should be so.
The rates of tho Company are low; it
avoids all complications or uncertain
ties of notes or dividends; when tho
insured pnjs Lih money he knows to a
cent how much that pajmtnt will se
cure to his wife or children; aud when
his death does come, they suffer no dis
appointment by the presentation of un
suspected uotcs, which are to lie deduc
ted from (ho face of tho policy. Thus,
when, a few weeks ego, the ngent of
thi Company at Franklin, Pa., paid
$1,000 to the family of a laboring man
who hud insured for that amount but
six weeks previous, the prompiludo of
the Company and the simplicity of the
transaction were so apparent that in
surance to the amount of $2'.,000 was
immediately effected by the neighbors
of Ihe deceased. Another caso has
beeu repotted, where $o,0()0 was paid
on tliu first of April to tho family of
Rev. Lumbcrt S. Fine, of Troy, Pa.,
w ho died ou the 5th of March, and who
had insured for the above amount in
December last. The manager of the
Naliouitl Life aie ccutlemen of widely
known and Ijibly-uouorcd teputaion
as financier, aud it list of agencies
embrace business men of integrity aud
respect in their several localities. Ev
ery indication ' promise a successful
and honorable career for the National
Life Inau ranee Company, aud we com
mend to the attention of our reader the
card of the local agency, wbi:h will lie
found elsewhere.
Oliver Dyer state, as a result of
the Water alreet revival, that John Al
len's bouse i being naed as a reforma
tory institution for women, that Kit
Hum dog-pit ha been broken np,
tbat the entire aspect of tha street is
changed, dance houses and rum shop
being closed as profitless, and finally
that several notorious personage have
been good enocgh to die. For each
and every item of which information
let n U. thutik.'ul.
All the democratic member of the
Indiana House of liepieaentativea, ex
cept two, resigned, Thurwlay, May 15, j
leading the House again withojt a pio-
rum. In the Seuatc'a afternoon aes-l
aion 37 member auswered to their!
nainca. The doors wereioeked and the
uW'tit aent for; tuLug lhi proceed-j
lug the constitution! amendment wux
(a.it o. up, ai.,, me vote muru, iu.out;o
' i
the democratic ic in! era piejw t.t an -
, , ,
tuiuBcea tual they had sent their rea-l..
iu&uous w ins 'jTwaur in ite uiuro- ? .
ieg, the iMMitecaut governor rufcxl that)
the S.it had no official notice of!
lhir reaicLitt.oii, and declared the
aium.li-ijont rautia I by a vote of 2l
a)ea to 1 nay, 11 t-enatui prttit Dot
vot-ng The 42 democrat of the
Houmi uefl.!d in rvasjfLitg, and on
v.. I.. .i..i t...1. ...i.. -.1 i:... t.
, V, , . , ,,, t
tio wa taited tL1. bw quo) cm sh.S'Clh, tha publican
Currt ipon din re.
Yiiitvu IX C Mar 13 ltv9.
rrJMllltMt ttEOT , , ;.IAmrt,
widow, and that a poor Irish toMier'
wife aud children imagined that hia pro
motion to a coporalship made them all
corjorals; and one of onr first practi
cal lessons iu herpctology is that after
a while a snake tad will die when his
head has been ma-shed past Agussu'a
power of identification; but it has been
reserved to very mature year for me
to learn that the removal at chief of a
Goverment Ilureau is, at one aud the
same time, the dismissal of hi washer
woman 1 President Grant never meant
it so. Thi will be another cause of
dissatisfaction with the Administra
tion's management of these office mat
ter, as grave as any, unless it is recti
fied. It should be laid before lL next
(kitchen) cabinet 1
lnoesuity or a niBMTg.
A Boston man named Joseph Mc
Cord, has been ingeuioos enough to in
vent policeman's baton which com
bines whistle, rattle and cudgel; and
more ingenious still in devising a cheap
mode of advertising it extensively, viz:
by getting up a very nice specimen, sil
ver mounted and duly inscribed with
the inventor's name aud address and
the name of the high personage for
whom it was intended, and making a
present of it to President Grant. lie
had an interview for the purpose on
gov. m'cobmick akd the fkksideht's imdi-
Thursday, Gov. McCormick, Delegate
from Arizona, had a parting interview
with the President and Secretaries of
War aud Interior, relativo lo Indian
Agents for his territory, and learned
definitely that it was the President's
settled purposo to employ army officers
there iu all three capacities of Super
intendents, General Agents and Spec
ial Agents, to the e xclusion of all resi
dents of the Territory, in whoso behalf
the Governor hi:3 been interesting him
self. He left tow n the next day for New
York, to attend lo hia private affairs,
which have unavoidably Buffered neg
lect during his absence bince 1863 He
formerly represented the New York
Evening Post in Washington.
The traveling Gov. McCormick has
to do to get to his sent iu Congress, is
at once a striking illustration of the
vustuess of our country and ou impres
sive argument in favor of tho removal
of the rational capital. From the cap
ital of tho Territory, Tucson, he jour
ney iu his private carriage, neariy GOO
miles duo west, to tho nearest port on
tho Pacific. There he takes a ateamer,
and goes GOO miles more up tho coast
to Sau Fraucisca. Aud this poiut gain
ed, he is ready to commence his jour
ney for Washington I Heretofore it
has been via Puuama. Tho shortest
practicable line from Tucson to any
point ou the present Pacific road is 800
In our immediate, neighborhood, have
beeu going ou for several days without,
apparently, in the least disturbing the
general lethargy into which the Capital
has fallen since the departure of Sena
tor and Representatives and their num
erous office-seeking constituents. It
reminds mo of " a fight quietly preced
ing in the corner of a room," at a dem
ocratic meeting in Tammany Hall, many
years ago, as described by biave, hon
est, talented Mike Walsh, in his Suh
terraneau. THE EKO AHEAD YET.
A son of Fred. Douglass, as you see
by the papers, has obtained a situation
iu the Government Printing Office.
Here, in Washington, everything goes
by Printers' Union, A printer mnstu't
be employed without it permission;
and it regulate the wage, lb number
of hour and of apprentices, Ac Doug
lass doe not belong to tho Union.
Reason, it ha refused to admit him
where he ha heretofore worked. Now,
then, the question arises, shall the Uu
ion permit Lim to hold thi "ait V The
Union he.d a meeting Saturday ev
wng, but adjourned without deciding
the point Meantime the bono of con
tention is "boning" in, aud g tting hi
pay for it The apprentice rule L got
to relax, also. Si.m r.nU inii nt Clapp
ha aignified hi objection to the pte
ent restriction, a wrong against youth
a . , . t , ., . i , . i i
"who wih to learn the lad. And he
1 . , . , . , (i ,
is sound in boih matt.. Ihe craft do
..... ,. . .
their ILteliigence d;a..Ttdd in UuderUJi-
it.'r Ift Ptvil ti,u ii.no'Pl.t fiut-dum cf
, , , . , .
flitJi. I...(..,l.i in TO LE Al'fylSliXU A
I-v:it Aii,
It is aaid: and Colored men w.ll be
'conaidcred for places iu the Northern,
Stale gentialiy. The Piifc.diLt ia,
prompted to thi euun-e partly by the ;
cry fri'tu tie. pro-!anu-, oiu and
do not
1 uae any of the mosic
whi h they are forcing down tho throat
tf the Southern Kiatea
m fciw wear ct tariax
Ha rendeied it opinkin that no far
ther jToeeed.ng are Leewtaary in th
matter of pomi Iwint i 'i;ii4 leti lv-
er ! ma'adm.uktraiion ,f the Ord A lliUm lbe l he lWgrap.
nance IVpartmcut; and the l"..le.,t tUt Pr Mur7 ,,r hB J
I prove, it. Tbt. ar.put. IM.r. ,r,,f''r VN " "
kii car rw r warxn c, j ,l ' ' ud ..
A ullma U kuowu Lex aud iu, b' ; e,"J;.v " V "! i"A 1:1 ,,s" : .''
other citi.a, whoiacajiableof doit;g , ! J.'-r dy Le cJl.d w.fu Mub tuea
ktndn,. ot, .waaion. wa accw.te.1 the '. ul"n mn nw.W.
oherday with. 'How do yon do. hir ? vot, t cther-ch p, Mr. Young, clovf
lVrhaoa vou don't remember me f f N '", ' v.rreHK.odei,t of the Tub-
. i" i 1 a v.... v - . -
o, x miiirn ft uou w aou l.i'r
the adauUi.e of me
"You are my benefactor, air." And
toe :raiirer went into an acount
.1 :
himself, to tho effect that year ago be
had no btuii.es, no money, no money
ed friend, but a number of mouth to
fill daily. He applied to -for some
thing to do. had no employment
for him, but he ge him eotuo money,
which proved the beginning of better
circuuistauces. "Aud now," said be,
"my uame is" (which revealed a near
relationship to a person in a very high
Government position), "and if I can do
anything in return for you or yours, it
will afford me the liveliest gratification
to d il.M
Tho "benefator," happily ,has no need
to ask any favors for himself, but sueh
an evidence of gratitude was some
thing, to say nothing of tho assurance
of a friend at court that wyuld help to
carry out some benevolent or kind pur
pose another lime, for some other as
deserving and perhaps as aj preeiutivo
The charming music of the Marino
Bund, which has lately beeu resumed
here bi-weekly for the season, formed
an occasion for one of the most dulio
ious treat to the eye, uo than tho ear,
Saturday afternoon, in the grounds o'
the Executive Mansion, tint can well
be imagined. The various brilliant col
ors of the ladies' spring toilets were all
perfectly complemented and harmoniz
ed by the fresh green of the sward and
The Sunday School of that part of
Washington knowm as the Island had
their annual procession and f enstMon
day. They marched by tho President
at his mansion, saluting aud being sa
luted as they paused; then listened to
addresses from Rev. Drs. rinuduilaud
aud Newman; and concluded the day
with their banquet Tho Capitol Hill
and Wtr-hiiigtoti City" Sehoo's declin
ed to lurn out, the former on account
of the fatiguing distuuee to the little
ones, in part, and the hitter ou account
of differences growing out cf the color
ed childrcu of tho Congregational
church joining last year. One school
wheeled out of tho procession then.
One of tho btraightest of tho Orthodox
believers -fresh from tho North re
marked to me to-day : "I ceo that the
religion of Washington, in the broad
principlt s of Christian brotherhood, is
behind the politics. In the Inaugural
procession colored were allowed to
The Lutheran Synod in session here,
numbering some 250 men, a few accom
panied by their wives, paid their re
spects to the President, Saturday.
W. W. Corcoran, tho rich ex-banker,
has juiit executed a deed giving to
Washington his "Temple of Art," the
ground it stands on, and all tho back
rents due from Government for the use
of the premises for tho Quartermaster's
Department during He rebellion and
down to a few days ago; together with
his extensive and really valuable col
lection of works of art. Tho whole gift
is estimated to be worth tot less than
$1,000,000. He also intend to make a
further present of $300,000, m a fund
for defraying the current expenses of
the Temple as a public museum of art.
Anguste Belmonte, the prominent bank
er and Democrat of Naw-Y'oik, is re
ported to Lave proffered free selec
tion of any 12 picture from his fine
collection. Corcoran was a sympathi
zer with the rebels, and remained in
Europe during tho war, with all the
gold he could raise at leaving; and re
port ha it that he will Hoon return to
France, where he ha bought a beauti
ful villa, to live with hi only daughter.
He obtained a large beginning of hi
millions something like Jay Cooke A
Co., by doing business for the Govern
ment. He is a man of capacity, taste
and generosity. Some of our rich Re
publican could imitate him, and Bel
monte, too, in thi mutter, with credit
to themselve.
There ia a big, cavern-voiced, clumsy-ovfcigrowu-boy-Iooking
man in town, to
le seen iu all the meeting of tne re
formatory womeu here, snd to be heard
quite aa much aa seen. He ia a'.aw the
attendant of these women to the vole -
registering place, wl.eu they go to
mand that they be registered and rec-
oKniz-d aa voter. Hi face i a full
of expression a art old fashioned farm
U.y, before the day of railroad, who.. '. Several cat tail wr ja tb n j
wa brought up 3 m.le from the turn- e diss; p-aii. g out of doom, and t j
p-.ke road, oi.d U from the old ted whool- j ''(? lady wo kft matr cf the titu
hotiie, ALd a h stand to apeak, heja'ion. j
lotl l.ke thi boy dei.-d up Hi lia( U waa an apt answer of young!
lirat tumtt kttit, making Li rt attempt ; hvly being aked where wa herj
to dvc.a.ui Ufoie a public aa jiti.ee, atjna'ite p'ac'. rej lie-1: T have none; If
xvhool exhtbittuo in the red atbool-, am the ttauglt, il Methmiial Mtii
hou. ilia tauaa, and even hi fo t, ( ter."
are ail in the way. If you, at any t.me.j A de'et tivtr tfuW ne l cmttryf
in jA-akiiig to him, ly way of pa; itg oHU .il in J..'o?a'o, Jnua 'av, pjt ten j
rei-e.'t V, the company or ucraaioi,;it, lotr..Nl to buy leer. The;
ahwuild prfi-e Li x.'i with th t.t. . curt 'gv judgment, thvgiug $2.70
Mr., L would, ,th ti moat d:gu.fivd , Cit.
laui;, cirtiH jou, v,nj ,mp!y,
'Tfi.fi't " 1 hi ia rrdr W
He make hia appearance oOdKioiial j
at Newspaper Kowwbcre are tl of
rice if th grft Nw York dailiea, of
the Wwalern rrc Aocition, Ac U
"bUail I aiy that Trofenaor
land another woman called on him?"
reply. H, Hcho.g
ior umni iev
id a misioiUiud to !
t.A n .... a
NrW WVSoIII.'iT'" r-STMATt . j
J. M. Edmund, Coiutiiiitnoner of lh:
Land ( Ifi'iec under liuooln, aud d;a-'
pl:fd by Johnson, ha beeu appointed
Po-tmiuier of Washington, vice C. M
Alexander, removed. t. x.
The mehiiitholy day of honsi
cleaning, with all their horror are up
on us. To put it poetically
"Hie tnii'.siH'li ly lave com, the ad.ll
Hi wi,"
Of cluauinit , 1'iuiil :.) h-rutting floor, an.
W'.xniiig fur ml nnr ;
And te.w. tiuti ciiiji-M Itiu tuWr buoiv. aa eolui
lit- lll'll-l tl' UiltlK,
Tu flu J til tliiiiK ar '. I la urong" Dial fc
l;.l "m i t i nt;lil,"
llo U uU inii ui!l, tii.l lotuna full wall Uirt'i
liullilu tu lii; Mill,
So u' e. h.il ui r La t in UimI, and ni-nW
iui tu ud.
The Ceiilrid Tacifio will not "pro
rata" or receive the ticket coupons of
other road.
At the lloosic Tunnel the Messrs.
Shanley are prosecuting the work with
vigor ainl success. They have three
hundred men at work upon it, and in
tend to add new compressor for the
various facing aud for the central shaft,
from which the water bo already beeu
pumped. Nitro glycerine ia being
used in blasting with the most surpris
ing effect two discharges throwing out
two hundred aud fifty cubic yards of
rock requiring five hundred cars for its
John Clem of Ohio, the famous
drummer boy who dropped hi drum
for a musket, at Chickaraauga, and shot
a roliel colonel who demanded hi sur
render, end who was subsequently
wounded in another engagement, ha
been appointed a cadet at large to
West Point by Ihe President. He wa
bnt 12 yrni of age when he beat his
drum, and is scarce 17 now. He was
cordially greeted by the President, Gen.
Lonn, and the Secretary of War, all of
whom knew him while in the army.
A corroRpondent of the Ripon,
is.) Commonwealth given tho num
ber of clover Reeds in a bushel. He
counted the seeds in one onnce, nnd
found 17,300. In ono pound there
would be, therefore, 270,800; iu one
bushel 1(1,008,000.
Illinois fruit growers will Iry the
exweriment this season of (shipping
straw' crries to New Y'ork nnd Boston
in rtfrigc ator cars. They estimote
the expense at six cents per quart, ami
the trip will bo made in a trifle over
three days.
The neutrality laws are to be strict
ly enforced in Now York, and no expe
ditions siipposiid to have arms or ro
rruits for the Cuban insurgents will be
allowed to leave that port. Tho Ma
honey, one of the heaviest steam cut
tors in the service, bus been ordered to
New York to assist in enforcing the
President Grant rcceiv' d Major
General Clarke of Texas, Friday and
.had a long conversation, iu whieh the
latter gentleman urged tiiat the Texas
e'ection should take place in August
w hen the people would not be busy
gathering crops and would have lime
to attend the polls. The outrages were
greatly exaggerated. Tho President fi
nally said he would have the State re
stored wit'i as little delay as possible.
It i given out from the Treasury
that the public debt will show a de
crease of about seven millions, One
reason for a reduction will be found in
the fact that no bonds have been issued
this uk nth to the Pacific railroad com
panies. 1 ho customs leceipt for thi
month are estimated at fifteen million,
and Ihe internal revenue return at
eighteen million.
Of the children born in Pari, one
fourth are -illegitimate, and one-third
die leforo attaining the age of five
year". Two death occur mong the
illegitimate infant to one among the
legitimate. The native population of
the c ty diminish by two-fith in each
general on; m that but for the replen
ishment from without, the city would
be depopulated in les than three gen
eration. A parly of royh recently slopped
at a hotel in East Greenwich, N. Y.
j The landlord wa absent from home,
j b.it the barkeeper place wa fSUwl ly
j his dabter. She ref.ise 1 to let them
de-jbelqu r. Ihoy tttemj t id to he'p
them e ve, whereupon hepii!y took
j up a low led pist jl, and rocking if,
j t old thmn they ha 1 her p(::roiioa to
Mam'V.i In animal jh of ti e
Grand Comnian.U i j el Nlt Templar
tnet at BuiluigU-w ua Taeady, June
The Gran 1 Iokbr uf Miami nn.Ui
at l'.uthiKl" eduaadti, Jane C:h,
The OrimJ t'uuncil of IW! Arch
Muum an, mh'ea at Hurbngton oa Fri
dv, Jti!i 1 1 th.
The Rutland & liiirnl; n, VeiimHit
Viil.-v, IVi:tiipu Yri.noul St Cana
da, Yeiiii. i t Ctriial, Su"'. an, and
IU niocgt-i!' A R V.laud l;iIrod, Will
i airy .raoua atlriolmg th MaaoluO
Grand ltattea at BtuSiiigton.cn the bib
to 21th of June, for fare way. Th
The Grand Secretaty will iau the re
turn check.
0Aiii, N w Yotk, i already loanrd
for Jim. It ha ci'iilid'Otion on a
greater vnto-ly t f imbjrcl than usual,
whiih ad.U o.'Iini.I, i ..I.I v to lh-liiterMt
id lho mtiyix iie. 'mil ton, publisher .
Crnxs F.t .tut sii.t;:v --A tiHtni!eritig
eiHulitiou, iiiiiotx t ing IHHJ iioiii, ia re
piut.wl lo ijtf liin bi 1 hiiar Itih-viii, on
tlie northern coast of Cuba. On llieir
way into the interior they were attack
ed by the Spaianl. liming eighty men
in Viili'd and Wi. Iihli-1, and two pieeoa
of artillery 'i n Smiu.h Ion ia atat
ed ot thirty-two. Meveie ti(riling ire
por'.ed near Trtnidild and l'i iiftiiu.
with heavy loss on both aide. Both
Sphiiiaid and Cubans nte committing
the most appablig atrociliea, and small
bunds are laiding over the couutry and
loI'lmiK the iiilmtiitanta.
The reported h feat of the Spanish,
forees attempting to le-opan the nul
road to I'lleito l'rilieiie is fully con
firmed. The Ions of the Spaniard wa
put down nt 1,000 mm killed and
wounded, who tit left iu the Laiidsof
the CuhaiiH. Tho patriot force Cap
tured ten cars laden with proviaioue,
arm and ammunition. During the
battle 400 nero troop in the Spaiiiali
eervice shot llieir ollicer aud went ov
er to the Cubaua. ,
Spcciul Sot ices.
r..r mt Wily Yra. MB . O, KICIIARfHONH
SIIKNNT W INK 11ITTKtt bl m bj Ihm
nililtc to tiirrcx m.irlitiland timi ltv fiim.Uni of lb
buuiui DTsU'in. Ii itramtitpr hhS tiiairie4rftlina.
eurmrtt Uvr (liirsutfiiii iit, rllnnn CosTIVKSKh
suit Ithrtnat! nftvrttnm, curt', Jami'tlos, Inw ut Ap
))lll, Xlitner l'Wti(iliitni, Wa Bmk, Iitnlnrx,
Lvtituir, DyiM-pii, unA 11 itu-ndiinl vnl.'iii. Its
vahialiU tout Hud lrtirltiuintf miHrUNl alt) in
vlorMl4 Ui cmiivh)w'vu1, rtvHliMi th UltitHl tiMin Itu
mur. and will afloitl ciiuifiirt ftd it'ls-f tollw nun! hf
timulatiug Itiu (KiliktttllUi.u in rtialrt lit (mH!Hlliijr
llitlrulllliia. 'l'hiiltKi)l uf ihfl ti-HMritliln lii.ilitt"n
at New Knglnnd aie witliifd in honlth. Ifantr IU. r
liilijli it. tn pnjoy vtoroiti and tiMi)sv old Ktff, tiy tb
oacol Of. ItlilurdjiiiraCtlKllllY W INE RITTKI1.
Tha It IKllS eau be tsUliiud a.mriilrly, and uiajr bft
prr-pur. d tu amutl iiaoiltlw, In water if Mllh wlunur
Hli lt. lrlrp au cruta ,er .iiiXfl
ORIm, ITrnium Il"W. Il".u, and aiild bjr Ki-uk-girt
and Apiibirnrli.a.tlm4l
'.awl a Uh IHgnllmm.
All nltier U Hitnir.ll t!i.cli i.'rf !'.. i .iiitoallvii!jr wiirlli
lr. TIip dynpiu nilMli.tiiilrii wtm baa OH-d all Ibe
jatnii of thi' mi dt'l prnlKloii In vain, Alid Uitliivi-a
hia cumplaiiil to Ihi In tirablc, moiiIiI gWie balf bu fm -turn-
lo tm f i-l from tbi; hurroi, (tf fiul'.-allttn, an t
lima i-neli!rt tu ij"f tlur ullu r half. Ii
V- u. I.
hii'Il reri'lumnii(i.d t ili'll a uflt'.fr. I'tju-H'lr bo
hut lanti"d trmii Mi ft ti-tii! ubii maili tl tu'i-iilhui
obaniM.cr, ttliiliKitlnif Itmf lif ban ffi .ftt'th In altr
"tiRlrlil trwdl''tii' " 11 Ihla tiai t n lliw oiai "fnawA
llrHmffttr Aiwi ll itii-rniiilM i d.inia l.tii. t a i l Iu
nr mlwry. Atlllm Ito'irlpa wh(. h w.-Hllh on p.ir
clinr arp nt bla (fi'ifiinnnil Htn fim- itl Mi-m ran iriv.
him piSruum'. Ihkown iriMtiiniitl olwifusfr la tiia
'I frowa, bi,p.!ty nr lllpm'lvi-a, r lp ftkrptt.
p nl. T1j. ia in 1, tli'n aa fct m'i unl if, aa wrll
li bltt'ftrti 'Trt'idf!', and is ''ililpil ihan ! iwrtin lim
io, wliii-h in.. ii and tiimi n wbu mo jriHml irltb cinii
niito aiii" 'l.i(ii an,) poi'li Iit. I'll' nr.. ir rina
O.ut inaroni,,, and r.'.miiupMl II' n-'CK't l KIl'S III I"
1 l'.li, Wltv rtn Itii-V ip,riisn f in fai,t.,ui Alitl-ilra.
,i-)lti- ami anil-tiilttinii pifnilnis f hmipty lMN;,ia
ttu-y IiHVr nut b.i'n lm iiliiOi III-. l'li ill a. nt.),.i.a
j-'rciiiilirp lit five It a fn(r rri.it. arid bis-i) fniind Uil
wh."a "II brr Kumsi'tiica tulM, 11 prmliiced Hip .
alri-d p(Vn:!,
iMirik.i, lull tiiai1.' atd th- r.umm wip?. whi-n bla
trnmanl iniinlii wi-m 'rml'lri bim. i-h.mlil, but
lr,M (. Mi mad liii !' in., it rnr.rt nt lmilt. ailnt
,.r bllmiiBiii-a. (,r liin'rinil phi li-v-, by Hip llii-ra,a
In- n-iftu-a bir pr,rti.ni.p f On m.ttOni in lea mv.
ild friptula Wlt'w-rei ( a.naisiHlp'l in laa ana Inn,
irttMi tbi iin.ii ai onrlaif,na tu def-littpei tf ilia
iiritm-rtlra i,f a ijt,il.'m i-iidtiaswd Itv lialliii.iitr "f
iiit'lUffotl mi'n in prim wnik uf tiff, and apruvvu by
!ti,le nt iuty,.. ,Mmiqi fa anjfar.
CASTITY m i AI.I'IY. tlri..i.i,'a Err,T
l!iHiiiHi.i i. 'I'tti .'.,p U arnnli. 'ia ua wbi dvaira
a lar'' (uantily m,il litfdipa0f mittrlii Ettb,
1M f XloN miil .ililTy and pi.rlib III.- tli.l, islmb
llrt.mn.ll.'a l.kimvr ua hiaa4ji.l. Inrarlubl
(iii. Ak. fui is'a. lakt' im uOit r.
t AK-AfAl.ll I.A, l lliw rM III" furlUr.41
NOT A FEW offh worrt dlawdara tljn affttrt man
kind aria frum p,rrlt,l,iMiiif tint nbfid If ri MHti,,'t
t ytiaut NarAiiii,L tea rmuly uf tha ittwiai val-
r and rt'iinaU. lim b'iM,d ttiai.lia iu l,fr rf b.alib
tin,, tbi; g) atrui, utid puiijra uul ike buupira ibal wake
Worla Ilk. a i rm,i'
Mate y.ia HradMitipt
ilp yi TwlhB"bp f
Mnx yi.M Neural, la f
Hav." yi.ii rdii.nniMl.ffl f
IUr yml Srt,M 'I br,..,t f
liar Vim ariaiS-a f
Mo yon ft Jirail f
llafe yta ( ftttnpa f
liava ynn I'Sid.-ra kfiirboa t
llai ripe linnpw-1
I K'-li Maglf (III !
I'm- Nruur'a M, lr Oil I
I r Hrnitp'a Hif Ir Od !
I'm- l:ptm'a Wf( nil I
I r 11 hr" Mai'lr llll !
Ii llvni.pV M,.r I HI t
I Hum. Mi'1p fill I
t ar ll-' May llll I
Va f..n.V Mmtrm (!! I
t li.ltni-', Uii Oil I
I I- lb ri. ai r uiily ueaixly, tu cur all HuU
ot I'altt. yuo rv.-r Irlrd,
Ii t ilpati. 8nfp abd dipk,fia Iu nan, attd If yuaj feaa
It fallbrullr. It CI liny t itm-A ,
lrirrtlt,r,a no m h b,ill. Iltiy tt ol Ika llnirlai if
M .ri-lmnt arbPra yua trail-, II lfpy bat a at gul tluii
band tbpy ailll pud I', ai yni r. upl, nanf il y
OtiiilitM Hpfth'a I'alft Ktiai.g oil, al Iba a&aai-
urfPterpr'a biaoral prk-p at rtiiti
ir"aui4 b iirit,'fU.U. alfrbait'a and Oonr.
II la pat nt In tb',. aliuta, ai.d rsiid "1 n.J Mart,'
' Mpiifum K:,.." ai.il "liy- rasili ri.t" Initlbw.
W M HKNNk, Swk rii'prlat. atid ManarMpLurf,
Uil r.tl.liil, al.aa.
A n rtK. au,KiTII KIN aad URArTlft t
I Oatl'I.ttJUii (..!:.. U ya uf iiatjiu.li"k !
tmiftati n Kprof a,Mraii.i.a.
II rf4..vfa biack apAa, Hlipla and all ra.ltrpua uf
IS THE Sl'hlVU M'lJiTI, ib)..ir oairi;y
udritea a a eaumif. ami IUi.ani' HiuulF
r rairaarrrr. K a ra.nr atu.ririt.i, la iaiaait
i Uc xrvit ,alun.
THK in n mora rrH:r f r mu
tt4 W , AH pw-a i-wli.- n.ijoi- li'i"- uf
IIm- a,li. ail In a pb',rt liar dalr.fy tbp f9Na)a8irPii.
If wuittd a , a lrri. hralia ai.d li.si ap
paataaH. u Uuianui1 Itaaarr aa4Pait.aA.
KtsArrK'ATM Kfct'1'TIVE w 4 VU rHATIVK 1,1.
t -g4 uf ii: ruitiA i. r.i. r.ru
IJ '.', '"4.f, " A .V,
Wl,'. - 1 -f ,p iii !'-''''. ee''.llU t,a
an ii a. 1m wf Is, . ' . 1 frm. 1 a.,1 lair.ia. O.
r7.lf.!it irf LIS! h !,:r-r s bi '-p, a.d .
i. -(, a lit l.j a4 i,ii!l,i: a aH-i
HI t I V
f I t ! fi K'M't'U "f ! U t "'r.'l af ar
;i !; 1 l(.a i 'i.t -jf aifcrp, ia pal tu tfca
l.ii Oia 1Oi.a, -r.' l iat wa ara'iutt
bi ii, n. t ma .i.i., i.r ta avttMaa aa aa-
a,o a,
A M 1 1 1 MK1 i Mi I XI t la M i"pp
kf.'., .I,., r,'i. ii !- l I-.- -f t '
p. t rf -..p(. p).t I 'lw U-p. fc-r -.l.'tiato a
Krm Ma-. Pynt.w al ! aan 4
lttpr ar.pi '. Ip-.a ! - "f ,..-:'? I' aii.a
fAal bp . a,. la ,-.pl ft KU vl f s. msV ;
irr fm imp ar .airafcp!. av a 1.4 rsr arav
i m aa4-dl p i'A i' , la rm. a
a iA 1ft ' fp.ilaMp air (iafcf. rival 1 ai a,';r-akia
Ip a i. .1 t.r p p. a r. -i.a.. aaat wtpr an Utit, a a
laaVi rfKap aaMw la toaaraappi aaaaramalo tr
nvwt'.ui tmvi Mfrintii'.,
juv.'irtptd a;-p.. i.' i m rAHKB r
n t UU4t!1tU,
a aVMtay, 3. X

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