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The Manchester journal. [volume] (Manchester, Vt.) 1861-current, September 13, 1870, Image 4

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r at !' l.ttV w. 1...S t .-. J !
, U it. t. I t .M - J f.- ',(' tiki J.-f :
j l.. r ,,i.l l.oi-jf ib tj tti . M- car.'- '1 j
1. . a . .. " 1 ... a - Ja I a . ."
1 iiiU l.j ) V. N it v fU Iv J ;
a.! f.we, j- iit.'r, 1 j t
n , r tiitf l-.it fiij I tv f 'f.'"t-
, j, .,.. Ui.f-rf l toil --U,-'. WotiU
t"b.S.1 a,ii.;1(f i' I'll f ''-''I
lie r
fcf.nlt, r l. If1 w '"J
. i . t.
i.iic I f !.;;. ('.'Oilu
ll,l U lltf ijflaf', 4S4 Ki)f tl.ll.il f
'!., !. V'-vM Wrifi tlww nt t-w ?p :
i . j.'vk-I. '
Unity, KtuiKlM l.iiK' j'
K.uttiJ. ti,aui( .J hiu,. J, tic wj
u,bh ly n.J t-l.u ii-g hiiu
), , AM-! k! i rijfXi-li l,r w at it i
I ut iv itii try, ,!! !n! it m ux t
f- t ! j siti u'-ir. It via iut
la !: ) ).a1' M I a'tcr M.tli' ll, M h(.SIi
). n i-(t. k jnt m i," i aUiut tu
tiiiii ii.t.j. (h? mit-kittit of the jiai k.
Thf j.(.f l,it- w.'tti.ai t'1.1 m "Mii-
tliil. l "llt Voll, C tail) (iiililij,', fhf
il l, I-"lineal illlll uIiui.h H if
. f pfi.u.J c f fiiiii, wliat ln? tlii'glit a
rty inAAv tu I ut )mt.
Mip tnnut ! l-it if a luiiflT, I fi ar.
Kiii.l Kci.i.t ll, an hf rhrtM-il tin ffl' 1"'
hii.i! tin in.
t'aj lain (I'. lili, l-hl' Kai.l, I ant tu
I lit i tt I" ll.l lllill to Vi lli pll-URI'.
haw ho was liott'liil) Willi fVl ll liluR
liiaii t i.uitt sy, iiiul fhe iliil lint wait fur
ati ansHi r. I h.ivt! hcfii M ry iiiiilitc
iiJ ru'h Ut yuti vvrr niiii ( yvu caiiii'.
Ho Ji 1 hi t uUimiijI t.i c-uiitrli t tlii,
aiil, ttmiih h wont on hrvc!y
In- thud'tit hhl1 wilHfil a llttll'.
S'hiit 1 if iii iu thp cult df wink ut
ulin h, An ydu .iiJ, yuti iMtiht liii' to
day. I h.ie Uy tlii without my moth
it' kinjwl("iljf. Hhe Imtc hho iIdcs
not liko hmin nnythiiij? tu lo witli
tin' jiovr, ami I uiu ohligej to ho tly
mi I hyji litioiil; ami oh, it i ao dilli
t nit to ih right ! lmlcpd, 1 d.i not
know w liul right wliirh in right tu do.
Her Imud were clitKjwd a thi-y hung
htfuid Lit, mid her tjct were wide and
I'tifrht, Imt ho kcjt tmrk t'uo ttBr.
Voo me right, miiil Kciiiinth i-iiiilnit
irl'y, tiot knowing much atxMit it bitn
ut If va ly iimtmcl. You are dfcidud
ly njht.
You began lo duy to tell rue to-duy,
at SIrr' cottaye, ho went on humb
ly, that I mi'ht have got help. But I,
might out, uii!fn I puid for it; and you
inuht know of course you have always
known thiit I am poaerle to do that,
Ih ing btiug, ahe rniiil, with a keen lit
ll! lauh, about a wt ll olTaa the poor
i hi ninoiig thtin, tsavo in tho out ward
adoriiing provided by tnothur. If I had
allowed you to finish your iioidion
Captain tJorii g, you fcould havo said,
hy not wend a servant from homo to
do what I what you and I did thin
, morning 7 It i aimply inipowiibh!, ax,
if it hnd bci-u diKcoverod, tdio would
lot lnr place at once, whouvor
hlio iitay hav In u. (Hi, what a tin al
lium it ii ' But what wa I going to
-iy ? ( h- o you (:u now why I could
not lull you wh-ie I (im d to go, nnd
uhtkt I llaid to do.
ISut I hhould havo lovtd- bi gim Ken
neth, hcii nho ititi-rupUitl him hantily.
Weil nuother thing I uiay a well nay
Citj luin Goring, yoo dibliked my moth
er and mywlf trer since you first heard
(f ns, Hiid you made no secret of it,
you did tiot couiR near uh; and when
yoti did it only to pleiiHo your
Inotlitl. I saw it fust by li;r letter,
tin n by jour i;i iiiiii-i ; and all my pride
Iom- Ml irliilioM. I ihteriuiurd tllut,
i.a Vii wne Im iiI on thinkiiig hcoilifu'i
ly mill couli lujil noilsiy of us, uni
(limilil lmvn e.m (or doing mi. And I
lime lU'ii you cmitd (have I not? tip
lo lhi vety lnt liny. It int a piece ol
giiluh ttuiper, ppihupH, wbieu yon can
but understand, though you have felt
tho renaeqaencea, and must Lave had a
thoroughly unpleasant tisit among ua.
IH you diahke m ua you have aeem
ld to? iked Kenneth ipiieUy.
No, no. Why .ould I duthke you ?
he ked
Nor have you tut'ece led in your aim,
Lit wi-lit on. I t.av not had tmi to
think tcomfuliy and contt-mpluouiily of
you at all v hat a fa lure it is.
In th! hlady tpiit t wood he took her
in Ion ain.K btd kiM-cd her HK'uti And
a ;: ti.ii. chilly ahe drew a ay ' ho
uhiKptled hi lovilig wold
I L.- Utu tinlou-d ail my life, lie
luitt-ied, l at i there to love in me ?
Ob Kenneth, think befoie y tl y it.
I h.j ti.txiLt, nd no I y it, Le
MiHWeic-l h: b lit eyt full of liuth
and i-.ilii( aim a, I w ill ajy to my" love
that 1 nts her
Mr (iirin woiid('i(d at her son'
i-htii.ui d al-wnte, and r'i urred im rri-
Iv in b r Irtu-r to hi utiwilliiicrui- t
g. t.. Kriat .uf, inijbi uiiwi!iiniriti:''y".shiiig Ma.chinG.
tu U-n it; but wlii'n lit cmue in
n tli daj- Iii bvt fajjinl, ami tobl rb- .ATltiNAl. i U'Tiir.s ,Tt Ainn a Kit
bi i.ll atoiy ill Iii tfigUtf'itward ! u,JU U 3.1.a lli. t l'ilbi Jtftt!j clati .tb
ait'tob WBV, flt looked lip at UtU oti j ,m raLUiUe, SonariJjtit Unw? nf tWtbt.
tf bwiu Ic wu m irouJ, ti.l tin; j It .i! . it wt t u i'na.r.ati.. c.)
l at taliic r-i, U w.lowe. Uk.iHitV t . Ua4 tl nat aa.g rf labor tl
wil!, at tin liii-t coitfK'iouMiVMi f ti t
li i'.i t in nil the oiU to her only
!. Ni t Uiat be fretu-4 lung; Krn-
nt-tlt . jtiDt Um loving fi'!) of obi. nl j
! ai.b a that be Lml lout t!i hot itli.a
tk lit XeUin r Wlik-b lia xjfon a ft !j
trifj Lcr.
N.l til IrtoUM-r Win te t tli it i-t bap
f.l ,1 , ,11
.i i.ai- jj.a.-. ,, ..... ...
,a., , n 1 Ta a.-.t.tu . alar l.an ,'1,,4- Sa IntM t ! Bfarad to fcaA H tn.-Ai
tfit (ft lo w..Uti,h day, wl.CS aOJ,t,Sui. fenfcn H,u.at)y a.
tatrful laf-aver artd ruruest wiai,e ,H- aU by aiii or al lia braw, '
" ! Btt.a. laa BLll La faai.fciat afta. liaia alaa. ?
.' T lata f i
a '
Cui fluta ibUr clltiglA tttp-t fc -
l'.-V liU J .6t. W. l"' '"'"'LOBSTERS
i 1. at .:U.i". t tj-t uni, M.'itjr 1
th - a- a a i ) tung ii-!!itirr,
a a, .. . a. aa- . . . v ... I . ( la, a- "
. at " tfiiH'y r n.attr 1 & lot
J k J ., t. 1 'rr ? Wk
I I V u.t, l. I m f fr.iu
r"fl..nf1jS-J' lt.'a If-rnf i!i'.Sj; tln
ijunrri' at Tci tj ) l--i.ti.oM' t t
thm Wf.J-lir.j', jm.'I to i.ili" J.m'k ail (..ir
In ts'f to jit m iff.
It'a j u'.tv !::' i, l le,
! J."" to ("aj tain (! rir.rV j'txin.
' ' l-tjii' li ( l tt t Hltnill.fr !.fj.t t'
1a-;i.iu. Sh.-" t nM, f.rv'lit ft'c
it I
lajK - ik, i w, afore
Ai! Uarty, hu w...-ro l.-U
tit l liik' ajro, hay m Uitig in
hfWf to lit vH.ow hi ey
through l!.e crowj on.l t!irw Li ht
'l up itii a t!ior j Kciiii th t ii;i
hi wife thliii-!i 1L0 !uv'-a:( i f ! !. r-
.iy, and tUi.d i :t- ml h ki
&i'n i if i tho t!i t h tv ft.
Jih llilliiiga tlum ip-ak of a new
jrii ultiilul iiiiplemt'iit, to whiih th
atti-ntioii of farmer i iuvit'd:
John Ho'-r'a revoh inp, Pipanding',
tilieei imonioii, wtf-adjuxtiiig, (elf-i'on-trakting,
elf eharpeiiing, ist lf-gn aning,
an 1 hi If-righteoiid hoh rake i. now and
foriier offered to a jfenenniH jmldik.
Them rakes mi' az eav to keep in re
pair an a hit' hing p".-t , and w ill rakt- up
'pel of pin (own hriMlk:i't in a ten
aki-r field of w lie;tt htubble. Th he
r.iki-H can bo uwd in the winter it a
hen-rooht, or It" hawed up in ht" e wood
for the kitchen fire. No Liimerov good
moral karukter nhoiild be without thin
mke, even if lit? ha to steal one.
Dear me ! exi laimed Stiggin, that
new fnirgeon gave P uuiit uni , boy a
iiew lip from the child' own cheek !
What a painful operation it miiht havi
been! I've had a pair dflips taken
from my cheek more than once, replied
Mr Stiggin, and it wasn't a painful
operation at all.
Don't Kkkt. Fretting i the moat
expenaivu habit that king of ionaiit
can indulge in.
It is tho most vexing habit that hup
rounding being can be Kill jetted to.
It i one of the most unt hi ihtiaii-like
If indulged in until it become chron
ie, it i then a disease, like iiiBauity,
and ahould be treated a such.
It w ear deep a grief and as ugly as
Fretting never did any good, never
repaired any Iobmch, never affected the
weather, never mended a rent, never
kept a dinner or a heart warm.
If you muhl fret, go off somewhere
by yourself and doit. You may not
enjoy it quite ao well, but others will,
vatitly more,
A Troy hod-carrier has inherited
.10,000. He wan half-way tip the lad
der when he heard of it, and he junt
let go the hod, and said that the brick
buHincHS was " played out,"
A bachelor in New Yoikhad the
bliii'M, and applied to a doctor for some
medicine. Tho doctor inquired into
hi case, and wrote a prescription in
Latin, which the bachelor took to a
drug store. TramslaU'd, the prescrip
tion lead, "Seventeen yard of nilk,
with it woman in it." Alter tho drug
giht got through laughing, the bachelor
proponed to a lady that evening, and
waa married in two weeks.
firJIin nut liiiva wear, Jtii-t rrtt iv, lt
Bradlcv Blackmer s
Very Urgf itock, Prirfii irajr ilmrn. So trouble
tilt, w AI.Kt'.ttS
Va f frtWI ftiln, a blBr- ifof aplrtla ai.ll ri-lnai-Si.uira,
li-al.af't. hiUh! al.a aia.lvo.al U 'l'-a till'
!a(i-, I a.l.1 toBI. , . !r-rn, Bt n Ui-f, , laaa
h-l iltf e; ) a r t! to miilo-n.aii an ruin, tm! ai a
iru S,,lt (it, a a,,v liw a'J naiita r.a" anil
nil br af (alilurma. Aw fn all AUuh-Itt htitn'i
!,.. T.. o- th (tl'.mT i.imI I I lllllhtt
AMI IM t' OIM Nil I'll I. M li'I.K. a . rl.-rl l:rnaa
.r t,il I. Sa tat'rf wf tho l)t.iii, exir'i"t oil
t.M.b.ua B.l-r, afd tTtuO' tl.fr I., a li.altl.J
..li'ili'..a. So .run iib la- tl,e ll.tt-i- '-ott-irX
t" :r-f tlit,t at,. irmklu lung uitaril. $HM)
ta- tfOrn ft Kfi ttr!! na, itfOfh'il til. t,.l..a xrr
a,rl (4,-irt,Tf Ut m.wrral ,,a af ,lhr in. an. ar
lhe ill ii. a iptr.1 t .a,t rvpitif. J. WAl.hfclt
Jr..()na.it , II. m-ih ami .., Iwaiii an-!
ii-n,"ml Atf-til. h r'raai I" t al , aa l l fa.J -it
ta-t..M..S. V. hoLO bY lKl til.l-iTs
AMI Iil Al-hllst Ian
mi, Onf tial aaU.ft at.t l.,.a " fl li.it
t ta jlint Ui UlajJ aawng oalou t ia Jf Batit.
Ta...'nlT la laoar nvt.i o H'A all r-
Ann f Ibi- ata-ra a., bit tad .trt.t f - j
to t aau-atai-naju. t t fur a trial BUatl.,;.. ;
I- t. WHITE. ''
, Allii ai'U, Vt., Ji.. M, ma
alllAVTK wv lAI.lt. - M . 11. Wini.Il .!)
j nn, M ' '"" ""V Bra -!
, ' H..'!.)! It- aa-. OH IWaBaBI. CifftT I IVMU
Mtivaa. a f. -kav a Hum larT-iaan ii-a- t
' .1 M la a,''. U f,.,.i attaf li... A.i.
j wm.i (Hf., .s. , Say , 1"C. Si 1
ivx. ci-.oixriiir
Fruit and Confectionery ,
H' !. a i '. . h . 1; t u! C : l r'. ".-
i si.ii, A-., .i :
C1MHI - i'T '.f. KIN!'.
l I I --l-i
o nr
to i; Mi l ,i't,
I-a 1 1 -.
m l; i r foi fin
I lit e-,
l -.
i 1' KI i O oM.iN,
lit W ISO - V'k M. I i. KM I o
m 1 1 t o I ohm t l..
MH I.-.H-1 I K-v
IUHl ViioY-TI It-,
I Mlllill I.I.
O X N I O I H W-,
hVnK t il 111 l i'l V',,
Pli hi I I" II" ' ll"' .
I'lit.iMtt l nri i.o,
ll.lhl I.I II,
hvtuk. t:n II vi,
etl hx,.!' ., .,
FOR O Ji. & II .
We ri rfiliti'ini; ont Inre aloek nf R'h.iI, nm-pi-lii.K
in jiarl of
DliV OOOil.S,
(Mil I' KIM 1.8,
All of which wu (ifTi r at
fur Ilia ptirpiMO of cK-aring out our guoila. Tliose
wiahini,' to buy
will do well to call and pttrrliauo.
Tlioao owinir na UI.Ii IMM.K, will plcnao call
tiij KKTTLE IT lii foro Sept. lt, 1h70.
We also offur ottr
FOR H;VIal:.
rat.ica B'ifUiiijj toengso in tho uit rcantilt'
tuniutitiH will ilo ai.il to call (iu.1 l iutiiiiiu titua
tiuti, nti.ru, stock, Ac.
terms astr.
Kant Ilomet, Aut. 2.1, 18711.
Free from U. S. Taxes.
First Mortgage Bonds
of the innrnor
ii r -jiii:
St. Jost'jtli aind IN in t r City
hxii'tiu firwrniiuilimm f liv i.V 'I, ''..-
mi or Itiyihln'lil, iMtyMe III Ml ;olt, In'"'
tt y.t'..V liii'i .lj;ii. wiW IM ItWiuti). iu AVir
J'fftlr, lAiuiton, or F, ititkjirl,irr uflar. S.rumi
by a nwrtjutj only on a etunpli li ami hljhly
iroqwruiM roflii, il tl.tnitri.f f 13,503. T'J irmile.
Earniixjt in rrcfti of Ut ink-rest liibililie. Thit
M bf3 He MiMIt lmlr, it jtronwii.iMl ft''
fill'tKltJSTiiml MOST X A 7 f'.'.t. "A ft' Foil
riiEiotiT a xii PAsst:xni:u th.xfkiv
acu'i.ss rut: tvxrixuxT. t. puis
way, axi voxxtxnxn with the fx-
In. TA IFlc AT Four KFAliXKY.
Capital Stock of the Co. $10.00,UW
Land (irant, proiiotiuceil
Yalue of
I Itnt JKirtirilUe ISoIuU, 1 ,.'l'.Kf,(.H ", 'I l,.,i..nt, O..o .,. o..m ... n In t!o I l.a..l.al.Au.l-m-
" ; lr Uli.i I'r -l-alHlaifJ' ll.-i-'lltlll.'l.la 11 ail lilt- ill nlK-ur.
: g, i,-!,,j:y lrtil,;lit 111 aim. l.-al ili.l llllti.'l...
ail'l "A If 1 1 11 til i iiiii.a ii.i-'i l.r.-,jrii. f'.r tin- fliil.Ulry an-1 li.-i .lililt
1 ''.''"Ul""'' ,rt, r, i,e ! , yar front thr llurr Funii, il til..)
. , , , j, I Ixmril iu ti.i-MMiituarjr. it I lay biliuiara, tiny lian:
IU m..xiu,lt. riu . "i '"' J"r mile ,, 4l, ,lvl,
ol if7 rtriii wtTvfl ihftrrgt iu nurtio-'j, tml Uo.1 j l-.ti ti.,tu,T .rttlltulaii. i.i'l . t" tltf r,itiul,;.K
f A I'mniinti t Aartuuin in Ami 1 ixA ir Ikm-1 . '.
Um: 1h Xne Yvrl; 7ii"0' it''"., Is-tnln-f, A'i. ! t KMtlVAI.! I wnttlil t-ifn imtk-i to I ltd riti-V-l
W.iB nr ll'. V. Vvurtfr. A In., .V..51 W j 1 z.-um i t itti,ul-ali-f atitl tiiTi.mitliii tnwiia,
.SI. In llotlim, of K Uviiti Mum .t 7.. .... .V. j that I Lan-1. iu.in ! my "Hie tu my n tdcticc, u
tl Hit Hrrrt. j lb ral 1-J- H.i'l I'ay 1'oint, lci 1
FuMfki'tU, M i,a iik'I uS ;,,,-..'.. r.i 'A-' ljf 1-.IU..1 at ail ttt.it by Ibueu wialiii.a any
Uim.1 iii nij.rr (,' tbr uVw i.'.ji.i' njMim Uittif; lit tin J)a t-tai iitto.
ll,n,:ir,n.,H i.f ( ! ,Ui.i't U...I i.r.f..r w-
..aiu, .J Oifii-.; IJ ilurr !.... V. oif lln
MUy it all (Wcitl I tkturl, l ..(.'..
hlhu.jl'J ie.afi.ai.rf ...1 Al "I.
Fixc-al Agt sit,
4!) Wall iStrect, New' Voil.
W. 1'. CONY HUSK it Co.,
Coiiiiiicrciitl Acii'is
,rt riue ,S.'r i't, New Vork.
S J ( )( ) At,i"N is AM'!.i tt'li
j 15 I IM f I C V 'C
i LilllljLLl O
rWntiiritl IIti-ltr.v,
; C.oiiff ciai ai.4 li,t.i,iy tftla-falaia aaaruaitt f J
tt, la.r.a t. a an-;. .W h! u J.d a--i a i.ta iii bral.
, j. a.arj 11'b.l la-B rfl ta. . U.iai.. ta'- ., 1 l-.a-. t. ,
, oatl. aaa'ia;a al ai.ui aa a 3 ii. if i rta
It, t.IO L. L"l.il tT I-' a- .il..., illj . '
I aiiauai l..-ia la au.-at ta-. '.i. t--. i.lu-1 -a. ;4 If. a-
...- . ....a. ia bawaa ....
( a. ji .w i .tl a-in:t..-.
, ftll g, ItMf ft.H
Tfc .feat,., ta.rV i.r " -f . 't
-af tl. ui ..i I
il. '.a.. lai.aH llta- i
, rtfM. AflJt B.laiy. lo
nu ---.C(.a
( . r XT XT, !' -t.",
''...'!' , Ma, S' V -a'a r
lit f "rta l. , t. UautlaaH. U.
a.-. ' f - i
N i , f
: t..a MM I fe' H
' A T K K T S
I . .. i: C H
'- ' ''& ft
I WT'' a,- C,
Al 7K i
CSv A fC!7 1
fx 19 J ft
4 J V v 0fj 1
Vai. i
t Ii . r, r.F
'."1 at. I tt ..I,..
S t- t. -1 . . t..-, a i
1 m- II.'. -I &.,.;
la-1 i t j
r. a .
1 ut.i. ,
'. 1,
! ? ' .li .!'-l iH liw !. Itu. I l.a, ,,.: a(, J
u t'..m m i i j:,.,,el j.t.t.i,,. a.inifi,,,! .
' O..B ti,-t U ' II' t tl! t'l -...li,; a;i i!..,! W
.ll.j U.I It l! i,p It.lk in ,.!,; I.
0. -oi:i Ita-r t..,. Imiuii.,. arui a,-., r uwr u
,a ...!, It.,- t..'. V t.-m. I u lt ,t.p, NHr.a r it,,.
a U:.art, a ' ' . ... .1' ti , la. 'W, ... Hi a r, kl.ti,,.. i,t , t,)i,.
fila, a... Mi. ii.ii.v il.ft.u.iHa Mw!.ai l-i a.,imn, 11
ill !. .' aia.n t.'.H'l l-,i ai Hall, CtfC. 'I t at j,,,
t..1t ,r...t-HI..-Ml ai.il ,rt-M ri la. It ; ail'l II,, a,ria..,
a lf, i, ,. iim' Oii, a iii a ..( iblai il o-tm u tu ilia ui-
Ml H..I ..III- r I'altiOU-.
h -Hlt.a ii.sll, ut. tl av'i't III prl. t Rt'.l f..M.trta',
1 liui, 'Iv.' I'.-a-t..,. ... ar,.a
l la -lt'-.l li ....
IJ ' .! - . - att "
III I I MM . ( , ia.li )Uiiiila. i, ,. U,l;
. IM1I" UltH m.. I M,i:, La 1'ai. ul
t a.,f ftarii. r. Il,-l I (lnm.uslH. oil, m L,h1 in paita.
1. -r .--a t..i-t. a..:! al.'.(.,t laa i.iii-it.,1 I,, r ,liur,i U' tl'.
.'.( I .11. I'.a.a i, ,NKa i.,th,
nl 1-Oil H.Nl StKI iu 'i-'uiiH.Ul
mil r..iisli, liihirmaUim ali. uit tin Ann. ul
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pon Aiiii.
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niiti !;i:rti, A. T. hi N iYX, ltiitl,nii(iilii', iu-I,
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All WW' C'.lti'i' from (iKll.'iiliim, liittum illsurdiTH,
fivrvein ititt'ct.ttMf. ciii-iijinii'Mi or mi'iu' rtli iiti n if
tttc N.itt rf invited m rnnu'r iih o r7t.-in.vi:
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M.nif-iit t-lilnrff it; th.ii Aii;ihii ;(l V'ltciinwfB pr iKiinii-e
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that 11 iinlii-fttnf r'i:nl.iit'f tin: Kyit'tii vithiti ".vtk-cnlt-af
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t-ry cl.'ftn nt M Ji..:i,tif i ttih',rl rornK'.tvw, itltfittUve,
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M1J IU AM 10(1 (itiTt.
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;H)( lf4., HMiruuN i, i;. W . rMl l 11, .Jtro, M
.MISKl;i;.S A NO MVTA(ilKH Oin-cd on a ttiumth
f.iee (Hh-mi lnjurv) in fi Weeks l.y ' i UK.Nt U
(l.MIl KM." iMuii. d tiii Wtc-t. H I'Mt k,.treii I.r
mtr. MliJ.KK, A'litms, Mum.
Speedy Cut
Its Effect! are
An rNKAlUNO liK.M KDY f-n -hiLVHAMHA Kaoiai.
lt, tifli ii 1 -ilct,:iiu ft perlett eurt" ill H min:li' duv, Uh
fnrilt N.-i vt.iis lUite.-tft; J.l!U to J WW U .If woiiXtIuI
jt-jwiT. Kn in tit- n'vri-ci cam's ul liriiif Ntninil
fflft, elf 1 1'lijiir tlf etinre nyti'rii, ilw use for a few duy
fitlnnla the iiiul hk , i- h I it;; relief, nnd rarely lttlU it
Itroduei' h e"m,tt Ie aixt purtnunfiit nrt. It coiiiiiiiiu
no iti.iti't ittl In Ujh f-li-jhlfHt tlefci-re iujnritMiH. It hi?
(In Uhtimlilt-d rtppi'iMU of ltt 1 e h t phy irduit-.-1
'1 UuiiKitiuln. in evei y (tin t nf the cumitry, irt;it' ful iy e
kni It'ilt ilspoHt r ttiiMii0 tliu tortured itei vew,
and it'.wioie tlit' lailin' liouliti.
iSi-nl Uy niali tm iL-i .-ii t ttt pried Hnd pofUif.
Otic piiokure - ifi.iNi J'oftlae ) con Is.
Mix ..u-k:u"H - - " - XI
It in jHtkl by nil dsiieritt in dnu mid nifdiidm-n,
'i I ilNKU A Ct., rnipi-fi-iiim,
V0 Tl''MUMl utj't-etjj ltnitili, MrtiJ.
y O V W I I, L i- I X I)
Uorat Susar-Cured Hams,
Nico Smoked Halibut,
Splendid Clieoso,
stf IIUAHI.KV it III..VCK.M K.ll'i
MAnnii: Avor.K.s,
AC Wl-MT IiOHSI'.'l",
T . M - 0 0 L L I N S ,
Fii:ir!, I' n",! t ' i rs 1 4 -1- in .11 kimla ul
Am. ll. uli Mull
iiii.Msiu M'.nu
111. .it... ii.'.l' mI'.IH r, l-l.it' I'.ll'l
UH t. I V
1': I, i i'i.,, II....I- hl.ipa.
!'...-!, Ac. il:iill';i W'.fli..'.i itt tin- I'llsini-aai J.n
till' ijMt I.V (,t; ,. II.", i f'"'i l'..li:l i'Mlt ttl.lt I
''mi m. j. ta . t -ail...! ,1'lli.n t'l t'n,(. wlm
fat.it tin. .i.lii on ir I'.iii'i'iJiigc. Tli'iae in want
i.l an) tiiii...' :nv it'..- .l.i v. li to call au'l l-l-aiiiiim
W.nk, M.k-L a .il I'rl.'ca, bi-loro purrliaa
inn tlai-wlnirt-. Ait 31niii( Huialii'il ami work
1..MC at aia riH-' 'hub e iincca at aa any other a.
l)iijiu. til in tin-1 iiiiiity, aii.l atiiaci.i.in guar-
tMail. I.r I10 MBiP. 1 1 4')
o r i c L. .
Ail :-rMlia il.'U l.li.J Hi (i. W. I'M ITII rr ri..j.l..a,t.
t-d Iu call ol tlit Si .IV I'oo-li.ljr uteuj.li-il ll). (i. W. Kllillll
aiul m lllu.
I: P. l.oNtl,
M. s col. Ill l:N.
F.::..ty I' .liil. .l ily . l-TU. - Mf
)l.i;la it ill Ill'iN hl.MlNAltl,
M Miflll-'''! f, I'llll'lllt.
'iiii'M-;. i Ti:ity t.'irii.iV iii.NEi).v, ai (.tr
A- a. uu.n-., iti.-tnim
Mar,. Iif.ta-t , t Aj.nl 12, 1711.
i Tin. ill a et
j liUAIlLliy A ISI.At KMKi:.
i'ANll!i At.ll.vr -T a.ll ti,.- H 'ME
l Mill TU. r-I.WISii MAt iIIM. i'm.-l
' 4.'... It .-.. a lf. hJ ' ' a. '"' a-- ftf .. .-1. a, 1. j
a all-! ta ll.r .,. ',1,, r"a-.i I.I.J-r-l.-.'l ftiafl.a Uaal.llia 1
1 a.'.! f, t:at "i. I-"'' k4 ! -r A ii- j
i a',.(, l,-.-i,r A l .-.l,T ftl.'i '.'.-.-r A I ll A'i "!l.-r aiii. I
, r , a i,-.il'. ., i, v ',!" . "l'l for i-aa lafc ar. .a- j
: ti-Ult'm-.'11 a af'ri tl.- aa l.'f !,.) Baf llhliif I, l.r.' r- ,
III., A .'.-... JtilSlvi, 1 I.AIOi A. I.II, I'.IW.'ti,
i I'n!.!.a..eli, f. I Lima'.,, Ol t-1 M -
j U r' c&rrt rstl, li dri h : iwt,
If P .tlJ.ll tUf ri.h.ri f'lM.,
Whs! pr ( :; t.tt ft H. lil't
I vr 1.. s . ?t a,;-
I N.ii CA1.K AS AIAMa'
A ft-ual Ur-.iiia t '.' a oaV -.
a Mas'-uraUT, Vu
.''' II -
.! ' I. . ...n -i, h,f-. 1 fl..
O Mi, ' :n
: -.! in. -... ,!. . I li..- I!
I, tl .. : . Im m ! 'tl, .u
i . l.h i'
V tnhefsal JSreiir aMa J
Til i: r i: i: i; h i: s s
1 UK M -ft 1 i.t I. f K ..! ! 1 :. I 1 1 ti
M r.
t i i -.i. .t, ..
lla:.a . ' t-
In p u, i-f .t m
1 u.t-l , it
B--.1 .- f ' 1 . t...
t.?.i - - fi h. I -i
. i ... I..:
. , I t a l-i -
n. .:!;.. ,i. I!
, ly.' II, St ir 1.
st, if I Iii a l '
.!.-. til- r
.'. l;t II.
I- . tt"J
''"!. la!-t a! l!.a t. a ! ,-f . ! - I t.' .... Jr.-
mai.ula. l .i !. II' i. -:-t-l - (i.it- tl
-.. t.--'- "i iv . i-, l-i
ol wl W -'.I. Ii. n a-i.l ..I 1I.I..I "
" " " t 'I in 1 I .! II.' k l a .. '
, a..;. J I-!. '.. ... t .t; I - . M ..I
..ift II.. 't.' !. t ; si Or a
K. l:. t.i.; I., ii.'-nm l.i'l
lure thrm m u.'. lit' is air
t . .' . r U
Xt,:i l. 'J;!. Si k,a all,
' J li e0 J to I 111 Oili
Sap Tubs, Pans, &: Heaters.
Hin-h .-I the l-i .t er tt h a, tif.-l tlnt-ln-.
wMltli lit I M-.tiK I ..11.4 ii.t K ' 4i, UU-J't.g
Ut-. b j.jny i-e (fitii.j liit m ut ut m t. htiil. 4
Olive Branch.
Morning: Glory,
A till V&nU nttn-r tihdt of U- Hide.
U In 4 lnnniiprf 1 1n W nr.-. V .. r
I.4 Mi llr, Ar., Ar,
(Vhi-Utillv on iitid. Jfiddiinti !rt",mplb' ittlt'iidiii
!. ri.i f..r hi! kineli t.f Vnil. in' HHT.
I tin nk ful Inn fri. luli a :t 4 en-turn ei fur tin it
lit- rI f-ue-'iit mi i:t t,,uii' th' ytt-l liar Ut'
llfj.ru to Ult't'.t ft I'tMili'Mttili- f -f t)(.- nit'ite.
( II AIM.I .S K. YlH NO.
l S C r 0 T f K K H ASM 11 It A I. K tt 1
Cfttiniftiii til p;irt uf
'm'ih, Cnullff, t iii; tu Taldt-H,
liHi'tnt kintU ('hitiiM,
Titldi'H ant. Stand,
im( ri hi: rit )ii:s, ait uimK
Picttro tilanii, Mirror nnd Mirror P'-utm, rhildren'i'
'ttj'rl(ii,'ei it ltd Niedi. A If o,
1TIINS Hinl i.-AWK K 1 H
rojiftiuitly on l!i!id.
K new and np'endid IIenrH Jn ailend-tiiee Order
Kt miy hour will rt'l'ejve pronipt rilieiiiittu.
Mi up 4 iJitiir North of Utii k (htiteh.
F A C T O K Y V O JN 'J' , V F. II M ONT.
Carriage and Sleigh
Knctor.V Ioiut, VI.,
All work wnrrnntotl im icjireKfiiletl
Wr .uli.-lt vim-mtrniis''c. AH nr.lt. m will ri'i-i'ivn
ir.ir ar.-f ul iiiliflili.iii, mid uiir work wc win r.i lit an ri-t:-iinniR-iitlt-d.
Kiu-torv Point J.iii'i 1 , 1SC.I
COAL ! -COAL ! !
yVrr rrm-: ii:i,o,r,
In ir.''.tM-(1 1.) furni' li tin !u .'.( .;;'.ilil y i.f iiTi.i lie
oi spv ijHiiniitit , h( ,!i v.'iy ow Mt liio''. C'-tt-a
ihuV- .4 t will mil Itn.l it to tin li a'!tuttla( to
KJVt tiiiii '.i t .ill liefofe jH!".Mi;tf!. tlo If Wi.itcl
yilal.AOi: l! tOK SToHi:
Dv L. 1). COY,
t-EMlNAUY AVKSfK, MAS' l!iTri.
Whrc will In' ki-jit n..n"lrtiit!y fin lian.l a (t' lii-rul a-aartnu-ttt
nf MISi KI.I.AM ol s liiu.KH, Hi lliiol.
ISOOKH. 1'fliI.U'ATIO.N OF Till, llllll.lv A ,N It
1 IIAtTiM IKIli: lil.ANK l',noKi"TATIOXi:i:y
1'KNN, INK, riiNl'll.a, KSV i:l,ol'K, and :l irlkl
Hi till, l.r.-in.-ii uru-a.ii-. Ai... mi f-aa-'iliiii'iil ..f JKW
A br' fd niriuf ti'k of B.id Jti.tl fb' fori
auly tu liiind, romprifAiii LAI!hft'f MJtiKVim!
i 111 laU UK.NV M-JKi UM A t 1'KIHil.K i'AI.F.'il.OVK
Kill iirTT''NmI PoiJ-H IUT hl ISLIPPJ-.li
M -fit', litiv' me1 Vuiilbs' lt.iot an j iSii'x- jiim) V.u)tUt
VAtt f wtil. J. I tttn w-S; uv l l:H'l 'KU fun f,
t in v fcttfr- on fHinHinry Avriitif, wli'-rf m ulwhji
I . ! my,
r j: l t
Custom Boot
lafatol i IMklua" t..r,ij.(at.it 11 .! 11.11
Ail ra'la a;oi 1. f.a.ad lit.-!. :a M oa l."'l J r'-
aa. a i-ail. Tai wu. tuaaia- at a.; ha. la
I iv a it a . t i: I)
te (! rf--t MUWiiti'ja. Jrfkiiyf tU.ftti IiJ
ki,PAlLlM tnl - tKiHi.it Vy r
j W1a.
j Maai -rtcr, A'i:-at. 1-:-
A a 1, f,. ,.a.r ll., .
Krr.isi; stih k,
k..?irwit U', J T. )... i' tl ft-. U i
Art r..' Uh'. ,.i.i tl., .i
M'illNtl SMh K.
Aim. u ium Ll lane.' ti. i' ii a. !, V ta 1 1 coil
at li. .us. jiitr.-, I r
l: i: A f 1 1 V A lil.At kUKU.
Aycr's Cathartic Pills,
For all
t!i puriiiiaoa of a Iaaatlv
lNrliit4 no on mtt,
CMie U u utfPtnil.r it.
qMiiTil rA-i.M.itv n
a eMtirti t.e, im.i n e tr
. 4 Into tte, m
m !.-(., v t Mint r tod ttiit"tie
I A i 1,11 4'i'",i J" ""'d
li VVaT; J T ,f 11 1,1 t'Hitf-tti
, j"ni U, t. uit it l" S ni.it-
i li.ihte ftii-i litr iHotv i fl-m.
! tu - ( r.Miitt.lv lll'lli Mnw
Oilier. -fio Whu hrtVrt
li ietl tt, knuw tliat (t ruri'vl Un m; liiumft wle hi.t
it"t, know iiif.1 u oiii' liiejt neitfhl.or und fitmidt.
ate) all ktunv (iM vvtuit It d iet on- c l dm ftlwi.-!
tfiiil it never Uli- tuntlrtl ny built or Hewlett of
U etMiip-ttifiott. W hnf thou'tict-1 UH Ihnii-.-tnd
"i eerliih 'ih'i of Umtr rMn.ii k iWit eurw uf th
fnl.i t ijr cHind'tHtt", Init neh t iirti re kihtH n III
rvtMy iii'iirtiliiirlmo I. tuel w netit not mhli.h thenu
A4 J,'t'' I to nil nit' iiml eoit4ttlotM in nil rttm.ile;
rotii.iiuiiM iieillter e:iioiod or nn ttilftfHmi itrtij,
Utey lll.tv he t titt Willi Miti'lv by flllVto4y, Their
tr eo.ttuii; priH.'rvk th.-ni vver fie."h Ate) in.ike
Ut-' tt ileiaiil t t t ike, whilii lfili(T (Mirvly vetfi'Lildu
l.i h.irin e;ui i-j-t Torn tlieir iln Mi hnv 4ilftntlly ,
Thi' op.r:itH tif Uimr powerful tt4tneti-e oo ih
Utltu tial VHrtM 't to ton lit Uie blood Hiid tatiuiul:tl It
into h.' itlhv (i (ton romovp the nUtru'tiou of llui
ft mix li, tiiiu'tti. Itvi'i, Ami ffftt-T otKt) of the
t4y, ru t nUx their irrwtilMr iw-tion to titi.tltli, til
by em ivfiiiifr, whrrivic llty wmdi tluimifo-
ui"it ntv tin llrnt origin of disenti.
Aliniil. itin' lioiH itn. iveu in th wrftptirT on
th.- ti -x. for tin foH'iunijj uo.iiidailiit-4, whu h Uio
i'iti r.it;ly etirt' :
ror llrfieii or I mllt-rf Inn,
nii, Ijaktifiattr nnd of A tif f, t,titf
rtlt.i ii 1 1 ti -ltU'il iieidei-itit tv to KlhitiiJ.ile Ute 4lolu
"h mi 1 reit'tiv it he.tttliy Imir, ?nit a tion.
F r lal ir 4 (Mni)lnt and lit vniioiM irtttp
to. n Miliu llili(-lit. Mirk It,
J .aii it. tiro m' Jrtn Mlcb hpm, lltltoua
Cidh' it'i-t !illtii t-r, thev shoiihl h jn
i -i ni'ly I tk-'-i lor e.-ieh ease, (o t'orn't the di-eituctl
itedon 'ir re.u ive ttie n!i4i tti tiott nhi' h eiiue it.
Kur tii(err or IHrtri'Ut, but mm mtlit
.i-p i- ir -iiei tt i v i-t-tuired,
fir hitii.tiUtii. loir ut, JrMtl, fttliiU
f irttifi of lh" murt, laln in thn
II if b nn-t l.otn. tltev Khould b roiti hitiotinly
Liken, im re'j'ilt'ivt, to (di.'iiiife tho dUc-Hed ft-tlori of
fi? v4mii. Wiin u ti tn.iuu tliosu eoiiiplaiuu
It iM'" tr.
For Jtroi- nnd 19roptr4l Nufdllat Uiey
ih ul I he I tken iu litrrff nnd lrtiHHiit dortu u pro-U'l'-f
Ih" eili' t of it flt ai'ie pniti,
r'or tiii)r4WBltii htt-jr-' ti.e Hhnuld he Uikfn
nt tt pro. In e the (t-ire. eifi"'t hv vmiiithv.
A- ti hinnt't I'UI. tutfti one or two I'M la pro-
III il' ili-lioii t,!id n-heve the utoin i h.
An oi-e.i-.i-tti it lnie .intiiii:tte (tie KioniA'-h ftnl
boiveN into h-utih' H"tion, ivioiv the nfpi-lit.
Hit I mviir irilte4 the !4Vt'iii. Ileii'-4i it Ih often ad
v.'isit'iHvoii wliirt no Mbri.ii' derunireinent eiiM.
On- who fi't'l ttdoriitilv W"dl, often tlmU th.-it I'lme
nt !heP fill inuk.'H Itim Iff! 4(.'t44ly bi'ltur, fiom
their eltf-uin x mtd. tt'tn.v.'ttiti' eilert on the dign
live nij turn tit.
lilt, .. V. A Vt:it it Vti., PrnrtUnl IhvmUf,
Liny l l.i.. mass,, ir. h. a.
OF KINK (,1'AI ITY, for iiili' l.y
July 12. s70.-sif llliAlll.KY .k IILAt'K M Kit.
Fur Jl.'h mill llnj-g vtour jnut rcci ivnl at
Bradlej Hlaekmers
Very lard atiick. I'lird way tliiwtt, No trotililc
to hIiow kiiu'Ih-
' ti isiNUl.NO.-.We ar unw io jiared to
ai.lioit no I. ra fi r If.n.k liiinling, tf all tie fii-
tioita, wliii li e warrant mill la- cxt-rnti-it ill tin'
tit-aat ti.mnit t', at I lie iimt rcanimbla rutca.
Mii'tiiiii'M b'.iiti.l in tliu I.e.. I tiiamicr, Or.li'i't
f,(' lli!in aill tic I'l' ili.jrlv fili.-ll.
C. A. I'lliKCl, A (11.
lluiii'lii-'l.i r. Mv Hi. IhVil.
'i)i'ici; in 'Iax i-avo'.-s." " "
I'cra ,im whii liavt:. not 'HI1 li.'ir '1'nwii, Htatc
atttl Stale hcli-iul Tax. a I .t- i -i.'.'l, aiu licr.lt.y tiu
tilltitl that nui.l txi. inf ;..ii.t nt tii.ev, 1
1j!I tai al my Ili.ti 1, Fni'li rv I'.iitit, In ri ci Ive
O.i iii, au'l all (iirt.1 a ii. ;l.-cling to ay niid tatf-
iiiiinciliati ly, will incur the tii-iii o( i.ruao u-
tiou. H. E. Tit A VI'.U.
Miiclii'nti'i-, May 2, lHTn.-.Vuf
I "INKAKSOli'l 51KNTUKHI10KS fi.r Men, llt.ya
II Lailifa atttl fill fair a.n. ),ii,.,. t.. ami tl.c tiiiii'.
at liltAI'I.KV it IlI-ACKMIlll.
Tu prcaervo yitir iacr cilUm, buy
I" i v l . c j : n t .s
T? 11 1 O la, A HB11
Ii . (! a 0 II V I S '
MM IHJ-'i I'll, Vf.
Wbeti. rait aiaa, iw f..i,a a la' a-"ttmi ut o
Mil 'iS A'-ii I AM 1 ,!, UnlllMi
rAl lal.K, AC , AC , aa h.nal.
At W,
wmri: ni;LLi:iioiij;
! t.it ktllii.g Cnrratit Pnib Wuriua, aaid in b
! Ui tbaa aiUa.aal tit,. i faai MsaU
j l'rke a ! j tr i;uiiJ.
May 91, lsTU.
in: i.r i,r. tt
I l 1'. V i a ,ti h .,. tk i,,Ttl
i I - -. I... i t tr-aJ,. , ( ,
1. L ! lil, il V I
a i ... !, . .1 . 'I ti.,. fi..., ,
i tHL rn:i i;
' .1 ai,.-. J a , i . ; ,t .I.-,.
' '"a a . t 11.) I I. 1- ii til
1 hi l i - r
111 1-' , . a-- t ..' . ' . '' 1' I l- t . Ll till. )
'' -' ' '
! Ol.AS, Wu"ll , I -..IT I AM A AMI JA1
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INK, lil.A N K HOOK, I. N V l.i.ol'j'.l, aa.l .11 ll.
ri.,n. larti. i. . nf tl.ia llrul.1 li f trait-.
1C69. 1369.
Spring and Summer Cooc
Just wivwl from wsrH I y M Ui KT tb. i r
xirUnnrit t
Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods
if Mt m-t fi !i , i! 'v "f lUn-tid i btt,, f tif.
K.'7 .H-if f s, In -ft ?t-. d l'i
t ;-tnii'. ' n, mil lo'.nt-, .... -
fxh'l .Jii'Hifi'),i P( r. tut (.(, 4
W 4 tuiitally. s-Affci d VI i-d t't
l-tM bwif.c r.
.M.t 'laOM'.V. .Mfiiliiinf 'I'Blliir,
KAI T"a. T I'OJNT. r
Aro '. rt--ii.tii tt: ir
Aaaalwi.! ltf,- ,rk I't-t'l fail ti.
of) Hi tu.

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