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lit M.w!i,Mt-r Jonrntl.
ktl' I, . Hal kn-w:. n r-hvuld
fit .; 4ft-md : J !- -ji, ,
!' ! k. t'jr ; .i.'.' , ! e t. ,
f ftrj t .:Bt w4 d"Vt 1 V' Gn ,
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(rr-gtt, ; J,-!.t I-.jw frtdgst. I lave wLivU r.?i from oitf r, 1 . th- ! iul
th .c -tt 0..1 citUr tLia r t t 1-U sr, - r' " ;
. . ... i . ... i ..i .t ... !... ,i. .,. I
rL.a. lie
i.ii i i .!T: i s;
ill! 1! TOT
n s
. 1 T." t p
r i", t At I ' . J
ShUn. voU I tu.lt Pot rmilraul ; A-t M c n!... t .r w t.illy '
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N'' ' (.-. i iv- i'
... v I I.'. ! Ili- ft n : n
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iMii.nn.nft nmiii
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, . . A M
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, III IM.Ii ...
IIAMt i I "W
! ..1 I t . i
t 111 lil t II ll--K ' l.
, ( I" ll.'- l,i-t :irgiiiu'lil HM'il
1 1
a .iu'.t U.e i" ! In r, i f lirai.t aid f j that tin- t...-t ,. the meeting will 1-r to
l!,.. i li-' t ... ft ' f tif-i It V if that the tn-lithen (iti-i-lryV . I . . r- . -t t , I. lit
J.!' at t! r S-uth .!' d pli-d i f their j the very f t that It ' .li" liu-.l .el
nhtit aiel ( 'iiw'.jueiitly that pal t ) i vi.iUe to talUiK'h a meetiug kIh-wh
h iialion f.t"l g"ig to dehtructioli. j Com luively that nut of the lendcrx
lhi i a gre charge againM the ad-j in the new movement ! not like (iree
i..ii.ittaliii, and. il true, there ought ; U-y any Letter than the Democrat d.,
mii-ly t. he al liance lint let n lo.ik hut they g.i f.r him uh the ln-nt ineaim
I.. i a tiioliii-iit at the f;.i tu ah they lenlly ol heuting Jra!it. So il he is elected
,nt he w ill a 1'ieM.leiit thut very few f
It i true tiutt l y llie war, a war i those w ho xupportcd him really and
whii h tin y l inught upon thi'iiiM'lvi-8 -- j heartily wui.tcd, though ol'coiiroe there
the jrf'i.jile ol the South luM their nlaven j ftre many c eeitionH.
anil many of then, a Urge amount of
other property. I'o they expert to
hae the tovet rniictit make good
thi-K' l'i-en Not if (irant remaiiiH
rriniileiit, Kin fly , and they cannot
1 1. tin. it a a mailer of right let who will
he I'lehidei.t.hut Homo of thi'iii ire hold
i Uvugh t'l hy that if they ever can get
m to power or get othern in powi r
nIi(iii) they can control ihey will seek
a remuneration for Ionics. Ami we have
no thmht they wmihl, nrnl we have lur
iher reason to think they will never
content to "join haudH iutohh the
hloo'ly rhaMii " without thlH eiel in
ticw Ihlote the war, though iu a
miiioiity, they generally managed to
hold the balance of power, and thin
they mean to do again. Ilecaute they
i ;iiiii"t now have thin control in one
..' t of oipreHion of w hich they com
plain Another matter of which they
i i iiiplain is thai by the. laws of ton.
' " - r. .1 l 1 1 ll"
iel.1 Hi. ui are deprived of their right to
ote and hold ollii e. It would he per
(I ily pioper under the coiiHtitution, a
it ai adopted in the beginning, to de
prive all of thoKc engaged in the re
l etlioii of tln-fo rights, but it would
hardly be a matter of nound policy un
der existing i irctimKUncon, and, accor
dingly, congrche, lioui time to time,
paMtcd ainnehty bilU an a matter
not . I rijlit, hut of l.ee grace, until by
the L hi eii.utinenl only a mere handful
"I the iiii'M prominent of the late rcleln
are ib'pi ed of the prerogat ivex of free
men. Another matter of whirl, they com
plain in the K u Klux law of eongre
and its eid'un ement by l'leftident Urant.
'J h. law waa deemed iicccttaury by a
latf majority of the meiul erK of con
iyiea, alter a iuokI cneful and thorough
iiivettiijaiioii, to protect a da at the
S. tith f.'.iin-t whom the lute reU-U
hat ui ally have the mod bitter hatred,
and the law w .ut found tieecisK.iiy to be
applied mi', in a ny Ii w inolauccH ;
b..l ,o cledualiy was it done that ble j
i.n'1 oii.oeiiv .1 ill i I ki .i iin. ...,, i,
pi"li ii oi an t ia-M Dili l ie . until
to .b.v i in ih a tale a in our i, i.
M ite 1. 1 ermont, a thing nev. r bef.ne !
t.iowi, in the niMoiy of ..in- nation. j
Mill am.tl.er c-me , t Complaint H
th.t the ofli.-es ut the South are lilted
l y it. ei. who conspire to toh them. s
lioi is a eiy natural coin plaint, since
tl.,- men appointed ate j.-em-ially of the j
.ppo.,1" pa-ty and the !evc .Licit j
tl.ey c.lhvt g..sto help pay off the1
,,i,o,.l .1.-1.1 And il is very ..,M,bl, !
th..l the men ho an- appointed are not
..it thev should !', it is im-
ng M-wial tlioiinand men ,
., pointed t . "1,1 . ,. t ail of the tight .
stamp, I (it We ib
l i' -si d lit U a I
ll' t l ol.SI.
.itliel to
r that the ;
1 ! une for j
ti.ii. ih"' ; j-. . afe (.'rlierally '
I'-i i.ell..efnle i b tin- lcal .olieres-'
.onal ieii-j.' at. s an
t ttllied
I llo' s iiate,
lite eii;lf l'e til it tiie prosperity
f ,
t'!i- s'.-llt'l s del lit.ilig IS tot .illy f.ilM'.
lie- ttatislit - sh .w that if the irn-ut
"tj('h, it I u, tlnie was Uiole pio-
... t
:.e .tl i-.ist yeai witN a etna
ii '
ti.4i: ini piodaced U f..re in one
i at veil during the palmiest dayx U'
- the tv! ei.'h'ii. It i t tile that the
..I.! .I-,..--.!..- ..f i h . -
,.rt ', W',.'s 1,.,,.
l..i 1 aat.ar.of .he h.w.
r .11
l. i .1 f - l .'!
.o. i .-tf at-l - P'olnal
as'.-ndihcy thy UI UUctfie war 1 1
I u. e iini.a ll at "pell .juesiion
in il. r sh- h a I' .iiiN- w oold 1,-e f-'t the
. I
t il
ial."!l Ut the pix-M'lit j
I rmiIj VikI fit.- In a Ir M-u in
Ai.la,.: 1 ais..Jr.t tt.attbrf.arr-
ai aiuitu In IU ft.Hinatioft of Mr.
.irtsrie by Its- it.-t.io. ! Mif pertTWill
. k .
! D.
.. tt-t. b .J . I'iti S l.'ir.-,
i. !-'', ..t ! Tuiii.l uM. DvU A
t.Vr !ol.;t;,J 1 ,;!iU
Ti.C ' N t
if t!v r ti i 1
' ! ihr Ii t
WM t.'
( r !' v ' ti-"jf 1 a: i i a 1 I 1
i U ' I IIMil ! !. Ii 1 it'' ll'
! 1 m i thi ti. b it. r
4H-' ii -: it,4'' 1 v Tfumluit,
S, l.uf , t,a i th. rn U. tV -ft t that in
r t"W t-xj Uti' In tk" ii). a-ti.thi-r
ri.iiti. it w th'1 tt itinl '.nly
f iisii' c f.-r th'-ni to tiinu- u (iri-'li-y.
Thin w the t-i-ntinifiit f . mui'-iity
i.f 1I...M- jii wiit uti .1 tli'' l!iH-l:iif .Ti-
I 1.1 hi. I jtlli'Ol U- tl-.!l
.""ul-W'i'n-ntiy. ln'-fri. : !m til-;.;
I I t ! fni wi i' ilii-aiitr.i,'i wuli
Jcttiliif the thltiif ! a h' l.l n 1
!tT i.MM'!i-r.l4'' i!ii- liHitidii .1 fr i
tr; platfoirn was .loj.t-1 sti.l :l
liiun S (;r"f! i k "f Ohio vvti ii"iiii-iiat-.l
f t l'lCfi-li-ul aii'l I'lf li'i i' k I..
( t'.nixii-.-nl uf N' - Vi.ik f.'t Vii c l'!'. hi-
r .l i U'-t aj-pli'lu inl tli.it tin: iii-w j
1 1' ki t Ihiif .rijwiit'-.l iil li . - tu u Ii i
. Iitn al iiiiii.it4in-i' i w'i iii'i- tii my
vi.ti'H. .-in. I it i Keneruliv run-i'l'T'-'l !
SMirff, Vt., June l"th, 1 7 -.
Mr. y.Kh.r:
Dun Sm-1 see by the platform
adopted by the Hiihidclphia Conven
tion, they f.rut'riut to be ill favor of abol
ihhing the franking privilege. I lately
received electioneering ilocumiintH fa
voring the election of (Ion. Grant, un
der the frank of a Tinted StatOH Senit
tor. Is it not well to worn the urlions
of thoHC adiuinintnttion men well, who
protest, to be for retrenchment, than to
believe all they nay and resolve iu con
ventions. llespectfillly,
.V. 1!. It.
'Ihis is by no means a new thing,
having been practiced for years by all
parties, ami is used by Greeley men as
well as Grant. Yet we not ttur
, . .i ... f..; I ,,Mi.r a urotetit
againnt it 1 Inyo was a bill in Congress
having for its object the abolishment
of franking, and there was a fair
prospect of its having passed both
houses until the untimely speech of
Sumner near the closo of the session
dragged in the presidential contest to
exclusion of action upon this and other
important measure Grant is known
to be in favor of its passage, as well as
in favor of civil service reform, and in
fact nearly all of the measures for re
form advocated by the liberals, anil has
advocated them in his iinnual nie&sages
to Congress, but a President cannot
enact laws and execute them too. The
most lie can do is tu faithfully execute
the laws which exist, and recommend
changes, and Congress htm the power
to udopt his suggestions or not as they
me fit Sefpr.-il imnoif ;int tneiiuni-i.u
... . ' . , I tor, and the company say a branch will
were passed during last session, such j . .
. , ,i , . , . ..I. i i be built into town, eiviiiLf a line to Chi
ns the granting of amnesty tolatercl- ...
els with the exception if a few w ho
held the higher! ollit.es under the con
fedciat' v. chttiiiie in the lumlal law.
reducing the revenue tax on article of!
i . , i.i , !
j urtcesRiiiy consumption, ami the use of ,
L. , .'. i ..... ..
,.v,.ythii.g of the kind which formerly
1 . .....
required stamps, wl.il; the bill before
Hp,,ken ol and some others
were lost i
. t
j ttic excitement of the (lose.
f the
i i . , . i . I i
e know it is the tendency
. . ii . ... J . .. i i,i. i,
ol all pal tie to pleach (.otter than
practice, but we believe the riepublioau
lltHy has b .the means of accom- H'""""""' 1""k reckless
plishing, within the patten v-ars, .-J I"'''"? this place a
greater work uf reform than lias cvcrj'-lmad U i und to be.
U-fote been accomplished iu centuries! 1 RfM" Vi' bom which I
. . i .. li; . ;. ; .n . ., t .
ainl w e U lieve it is still equal to the ;
Luik i f wuikimr anv needed leform
without calling in the aid of Ihowf who
have 1k-'Ii the biltereat foe not only of
the party, but of the country. --Fn.
J.n . ij.,
l.l-l 1..,., V'l., J.IIil' I "til. 17
....,' ttf Mlli" hlMl I' "Ml Mil
tn.e inonlh a'o I paid you ..".0, as
1 tojptx.wd, for your jajM-r. You gve
me that week's edition crjinmed full i.f
UK.' to the hoilfili'tt ..y'lifi
f U tii e
H. Gifclcy, llsij l
N.'W 1
don't know .y y.ni duu'l end me the
other pajx-l except that
youb aryotti
1 are tihor! of ..atwrit aoii Lt.i.wimr iiim !..
. .. i
:le""!"' - ;'"""' t.pp!yr,: ri,, If ,1W(:v,.r ;
V ' . " . l"'1 "emnU.a to J.maua. Mam la-Mer ,
IS IklVJin lUt'T tin, Ui
Jfyoii will m-
f..,,,,,,,,. yo ,J hU
j. . ,11 thank Jou.
" '
I . .. ..., V
... riwu.i., ....
' t
I MortunatHy t i.u. I , m.X h n-O'i'
1 blame for our (fiend
let if-
.is Jo; i.s,;, though il ! .jultc
1 1 '
',"r "'
targe loui w ita
la (act w a d.J ,
U t kl. - W ttii our oi ci!f waSatiiieeL The 1 ituJ trafiie im ll. hri i
janu Gram man unul informed by L.si
1 j.' i.',
W'V .1 ICu'VCM IV' tlt, U'i'iJ V(J(
! U-in2 viy
I t-.oy at On' tine r r,;!-f U 1 t-.., l- K it
up. but wiil I'tiw mak it r.Lt, u 't
f. ar t-uf iii'-:- !. !-v thin U!;,, !
L j. !i-n.-!y 1 1 i itft-'.'y. No, j
jvii Lu- all V,.f J-.iviiJ yv-ni
jay i- r, in i m u m.y.iix? iih-
.tit nr,l t ' jM.litu-ii, rt-lijiio i i rulof. I
But iii.tH wily i tir jHiitr w (-
!1, tiu'ti. f'-r a j-.-!iti-a!
i W OtjM ? ' ;.!.;'-. I'l
I'mi.l :iV V 1 1'i.f
r tin- n J ;t
m.,v j.oMil'iy ,1... J!t N.ivunl rr i 'pri't organ, gtni orcbtr md mili
- 1 w ..y '.:!. .ml u. im- U-lt j ''' lauJa. Thia phHV, though it ha
, tir.-rl.-y i..liiu!,i incii l.i Itt-p . ..ui j lf" ung fur years and i familiar to
i .v.-l i;'.i...il.r- l.-ti. M.l. rai.!u!!y wa UPVcr prv.due-d with all iu
i w.thout ! i. iii.li. if p..ib!, though j grasi'l'-'iir until tl.il day.
tl.r,t h .nily U- . x )M t.-l r l.u.r-d j The overture "Rierui" by the grand
ii.r l'p .In I orchertra of KKmi prtoriucri tu finely
L, Ck ., V.';-., June. i;thi!72.
Mi. Kl,i i. :
l'ot the firxt time this seasouwo have
,i sunny "lay. Of the lifted year
ii.i.1 I !.iv. t ern a resident hs there
has li -iijione other ho cool aie' wet as
this Fruit and egetablc ar ttbotit
a month later than umkJ Srawber-
jries arc just getting plenty, "'t, r.p.-n-
1 without sun, are remarka'Je Jty
, l.ll 'V. . C1 . f- j
for amplitude and aciditv. !nt lias
, ." . .,,,,,1,,
a ui.-j- 'towU ol straw lint now .ceils
the sun to stifl'en it or it w ill fall.
This city has about 10,000 iniabi
tants, casting a trille short of !,00()
vote at the last election. It I. at
present two railroads terminating lerc,
the Milwaukee .V St. I'aul, and A nth
ern Minn. The Kiver road, now mild"
ing from Duhmpi north, with its termi
nus across the river from this laco,
will lie completed ami running Aigust
1st The road from St. Paul down the
river will be completed to the; same
point a month or two later. Tlo last
named road is owned by the Milwaukee
A. St. Paul Co. The Green Pay ALuke
Pepin Paili'uad, the western tecninus
of which was to hare been Lake ?cpin,
will have that terniiuus lower dovn tho
river and :it La Crosse if the rcjnired
h-jutis is given. This road runs from
Green Pay through Grand ltapiih, and
will be completed to a point abmt 20
miles this side of Grand liapids iiid C5
miles from this city this year. The
Wisconsin Central running from Man
itowec, a littlo north of west tlrough
Menasha, Nnah, Stevens Point to a
town 2'i rrmge ono east in Clark county
thence a little west of north up the
Illack ltiver valley, thence into the
C'hipp.way valley and on to Ashland
on Lake Superior, is under contract to
br. computet July iHt 173, if along
tin. i-'.ate the bonus askeit tor is voted,
which will bo done. The Central will
then t raverse tho lumber regions of the
Fox, Wolf, 'Wisconsin, Illack and Chip
pewajr livers; ami its lumber traflio
must be immense, iv.a lumber will
seek a market on the Mississippi and
west of it, and hence will be deposited
at its terminus ut La Crosse, or taken
through hero to points west and south
Another road narrow gauge newly
chartered to run from Minneapolis via
Rochester to La Crosse, is in prospect
The, long talked of road, from Mineral
Point here is not abandoned. Tho
Northwestern Railroad Co. arc build
ing their road by way of Madison to the
cut-oil" road (as we call it) owned by
that company. Its point of connection
is about four inileo cast of this town.
That road will be completed next win-
cao coinpetuie; wnn me ainwauKoe A
St. Paul. The Milwaukee k St. Paul
Co. are about building a bridge across
U,C ,im ,,cre- Tl"'il' mU'voyB Mil
plans were ma. I.f ami sulmiilteil to t he
Secret ary ol War for approval. The
place seeelf(
wai not sutislactory to
'lhey remonstrated, the
i i . i i i : i
. ' ' I f ' L.I I V IL K' I li l.-N II I II V ill il 111 1
Seen t .rv
l 1 l i .. l. l
.Ji'it n o im.'vv snivels iy v nut u
f. I . ....I
..I'll, o i-iii:iiii:i;i o, iv no t u .-lilt I. t-u
t i
i.eio iiexi w.Tk. ii nui;o iauroau
scnemes, nacKeo oy uniiring energy,
icarii more oi uvciiis transpiring umy
' " J
ii..it- low ii ai.o w iling- loan lion. Ui.
other fcoui i-es - thai a project Is on foot
lor building a railroad from Jamaica to
Manchester, thence to Pawlet.to con
l p( t. I suppose, v it 1 1 Rome road leading
to Lake Clmmplain or Ontai i... '.-
thruti"-!i the mihti
' a ij latter ..f a
relit ury and gb-aniug f,
III t 'if memo.
lies of
tnc mi inufalile
tlalnps upon
, tin: Grecu Mountains 1 i .itiiiot now call
, tu Ji.iud jin.t the gap fur a railroad from
i.I .... ...... ... U I....,. l i, ,.i.i I
lfn.-d. M Wells,' of New York i
wt,oe name tin journal announces
anion 7 t'i" fmivaU at the V.-mderlio l !
v , .-... ..,, .. i
. . .
:-. . . . ..Ir.l. I rl Willi III"
that the route lip i n!i all l.iM-r to the
. . , 0 . i . , . f , , - ,Tn,.K, I
catiiM t see whv the road from Main h - j
1 ir Uirt Bt'll Met llmu.l Mail ri w
. .... ... .
. ... "
i!rwll not 1- built even if i),,. Mstj. j
O'b.KtPr & JaT,iir.-i r..a l fad. It could '
I bii't ill.-nt creat ei'eMte ,u! J
rua tlr.-i--!, a rl. !. un 1 i,r.-.d.i-i;e val-'
J..-y, tumh t.ce-Iii,;; railroad facilities,
u.c rc. J- hts ol w hi. h could afi.-rd to !
U-Ua. J Ij put U.e euUrrpne .n iu .
w-oii 1 t-. romkideralle w.d'it would j
, ,lv l "0 f""l y WUiirrtT.!
.s,,,!, .,...; it Lkely to rln' while 1
... i
m,m j ig l.jf J.iuJ Inrra l waviiv' -f
Cnmr.4ml ai Ui J..uni haialkcn hi U. She .'iif t!ir Anil:
nuwoHLiM ritciKiiui. j Varic, rui wtth u h (fian.l IV" t i
rk...s o nut "Mt. k : to make Iit tlif bright Mar f th- I. -n.TO,
Jun 2aJ, JiV2. itival,
MoiiJjy, Jane lUh, liug the Amor-j Thur.!T roni-cit rmn .-lu.lM t y lh.-
I .l I I 1 ..... I . f .1... ) .... .. 't I .niu r.n.l
i.t . 1 1 i
Llil' rr liilt'l in ic ui viu liuotirru yiv.
JiH'( J by a full cborua of 20,000 Toioci,
The grand fantasia, "The Skating
Hallet," performed by Herr Franz Ben
del the eminent l'ianist waa exceeding
ly fine.
The apS'urance of the National
Marine Hand of Washington was the
signal for loud applause. They gave
i a selection of National Airs, led by
! Henry Fries, director.
j The National Air "Star Spangled
l ti . . ...o ..-.I. f..n ... ....
1) . It: Willi lull I lioi un. l.l I. nenii ,
military bands, all tho bell in Hostou
J '
in chime and cannon accompaniment
was soul stirring to every American.
The grand concert waltz "On the
ISeautiful lllue Danube" by the grand
orchestra, conducted by the eminent
composer and director, Herr Johann
Strauss of Vienna, was one of the finest
pieces given ou this day's programme.
The Anvil Chorus wan given iu good
time and received with hearty applause.
Tho concert concluded with Chorus
und audience, accompanied by full or
chestra, organ and military bands,
singing tho hymn "Nearer, tny God to
thee." Directed by Dr. Tourjee.
Tuesday, English day, was botter in
several respects then that of Monday.
It was naturally on improvement in
tho quality of the performances, for the
reason that the choral and instrumen
tal forces were in better working order
and it had a greater popular interest
for the reason that the selections were
better and combined more taking ele
ments. The really great features were
of course tho first appearance of the
Englibh Band, and the American debut
of the two distinguished artists, Mad
amo Peschka-Leutner and Madame
Arabella Goddard, and each in its way
was a great success. The English
Band performed a number of their na
tional airs, also, Dan Godfrey's famous
"Mabel Waltzea," all of which the
band played with immense effect, elici
ting in each instance a fresh outburst
of enthusiasm.
Johann Strauns Jirected ono of his
famous Waltzes. It was well perform
ed by the large orchestra, the noble
body of strings, doing their work with
excellent e fleet.
Madame Peschka-Leutner came like
a new star into tho Jubilee firmament
and daz.lcd all on-lookers. She was
greeted with immense enthusiasm by
chorus and orchestra and audience ;
when she had sung the whole of the di
fficult grand aria from Mozart's
"Magic Elutz" the delight of the audi
ence knew no bounds. When the sing
er was escorted back from tho platform
through the orchestra, after receiving
the wt -most congratulations of'm Carl
Zerrahn, who led the orchestra during
the rendering of the aria, the noise
from the chorus was almost deafening
Madame Lcutncr certainly merits re
markably well of the Jubilee, having
constituted its chief attraction.
The Anvil Chorus was better per
formed than on tho first day but failed
to create any very great enthusiasm.
Dr. Lowell Mason's familiar "Mis
sionary Hymn," "From Greenland's
Icy Mountains," under the direction of
Dr. Tourjee, brought the second day's
concert to a termination.
Wednesday, German day, was a
greater success than previous ones,
there lieing a more stirring style of
music performed. The Choral, "A
Strong Castle is our Lord," the Chorus
"Vet do th the Lord" an the "Lc-rna
from Les Huguenots" were performed
by the Boijuet of Artists ami Chorus
exceedingly well.
The "Grand Concert Waltz" con
ducted by Herr Johann Strauss, was as
his waltzes ever will be, listened to
will, great pleasure and never to !
I f ,r,r.,t!,.i,
I he Piano Solo by Herr Franz lien
de w as beautifully ?xecutl and re-
ceived great applause.
HM . Ti .... v.
ineiianu o! me Jvai.er r ran tirena-
J'"r I;T'"t of (Jermwy wmre-
! ceived with full as much enthusiasm a
wa t,,e -?"' I'd yesterday. The
baud ii made up with ft greater IhI of
, I reeds tli an is generally found in our
American bands, alUmugh there is by
are. however, held iu Splendid
.subjection. Such fiucly fortued cres-
111 "d diminuendos are rarely heard j
,.-..1 . a l.. I .
wmnui, tim ini- ayw nwnL'ei i
were also finely played by the various I
Tiie band playwl as
r'JRP'imefiUry U America "Hail Col- '
'' and "Tatikee iKxxlk'" which were
loudly applauded.
W "Lea ti, dkatiiitrnished swear writer, i
Frara Abt appeared to conduct the
trfiirmnfir a-.. on Mnniatitaa
"When the Swallows Homeward Ily"
M ) mi''
li' ix-i.ui. r an
!er l t furp'll'-n ; lliom, i i. !' -I -
i nJ uJU'li("f rave riil t. thru t. - !
.! I. .11 1 .1.. II..
iiih'iii-p. ih.hii'ii'k . .
Dr. Tourjitf.
Fourth day, French day Atten!
ance on this day was laig-er, the en
thusiasm was really tieuiciid.-iis and
the performances worth it all. The
magniticeiit French I'.aiid made a d . p
impression by their tine execution of
several choice selections i t music, and
elevated themselves to a high place in
popular esteem ; there was a pei loi in
anee of the Marseillaise w orth cr.siffg
the ocean to hear, and Johann Strauss,
Madame Pesohka Lcntiier, Madam.
Iludersdorff, each iu their own way
won high honors. I, a Marseillaise waf
given iu a grand and beautiful style ;
there was nothing to mar its perform
ance and everything to make it ex
tremely grand and impressive, that il
was so, tears as well as lianibclappiugs
and enthusiastic shouts attested It
was a scene never to be forgotten by
those who were present, for it has not
been equalled in point of wild enthusi
asm, except, possibly when the Gren
adier band struck up "Star Spangled
Banner" on the English Day. Dr.
Lowell Mason's fine hymn "Wad li
mau tell us of the Night" brought this
day's concert to a conclusion.
Fifth day Austrian day, the nation
al element of tho Austrian day was less
pronounced than on the English,
German and French days, but there
was nevertheless a patriotic overture,
and Vienna's much beloved Strauss
with a modicum of his bewitching
dauce music to hold up the dignity of
the realm of Francis Joseph 1, while
tho fine band of tho Grenadier Guards
of London, tho American music and
the chorus singing filled out the pro
gramme with very grand effect.
Sixth day Russian day, the pro
gramme was very similar to that of the
German day. Strauss conducting one
of bis famous waltzes and a second ap
pcarance of the German band, also, ap
pearance of Madame PcHchka-Lculnei'.
One new feature in this day's program
me was the first appearance of t he
colored singers, including the Hyer
Sisters, and the Jubilee Singers lion.
Nashville Tenti. They sang a hymn
entitled "Mine Eyes have seen the
Glory of. ho coming of the Lord" to the
music of "Joliu Brown'" Chorus, lull
orchestra, military bauds, and cannon
accompaniment, the audience being in
vited to join in the chorus.
There will bea Grand Sacred Concert
Sunday evening, ut which tint chorus,
orchestra, Madame Peschka-Leutner,
Madame Arabella Goddard, Madame
Itndersdord', i'ranz Abtand the colored
Jubilee Singers will appear.
Wednesday evening, June 2i!th, the
Jubilee Ball is the great event to which
pleasure lovers are now looking for
ward with most anxious anticipa
tion. All tho music will bo the com
position of Strauss, ami he has already
furnished six of his most bewitching
watzes. Another feature will be the in
troduction of music by the bands of
England, Germany France and the
United States during the promenades
intermitting between the dances. Pre
sident Grant will attend the Jubilee on
Tuesday and Wednesday and will hon
or the ball with his presence. A lalge
lumber of ladies from New Vmk and
Philadelphia are expected.
The price of admission has been re
duced to $1.00 per day, or j2 and j'li
with reserved seat according to loca
tion. I. 1! s.
MP4iu .hi;k.
Tho San Francisco lieiuhiraii is au
thorityrather doubtful, it must be con
fessed, for the statement that out of 1',
pipen .'19 are for Grant, three forGreeley
and three "roontit.ff" for the present on
tlte feme.
It liue-t be admitted .ssvm the ..i"i,
that the nomination of Greeley by Ihe
democrats will Uf on the w hole, the ino-t
ludicrous end which ever overlook :.
jfreat organization. We know of notion;;
in sacred or profuue liu rHt.ite to wlii. h ii ,
can be likened, except lint niliol the
swine, In the New Testament, "down a
te"p place into the sea," when the .Inil
ei.lereil Into them.
The Springfield .Vyo,,'. piojsi-i .
tt.e following eon u n.l in in : "It it i in
con h intern-y for demis rnU to vole for I ho
abolitionist Greeley, what i il for old re
publicans to vote for the pr-lavii
linchauau democrat (.ranir"'
We will uwer il by pr..i.iii!' :.n
other: Who li!-n.nM tnoie slaved thiin
this tame pro-alavery iluchaiinii ilem i .t
The Allien? Aryut ray of the ti. k. i
noaiinaled at Philadelphia: "Oce thim;
is noticeable: Uith candidntei. nil. und. r
1 an (i.m. Grant iiainc i- not Ciie..
ni-nrjr n iiPM.ii n'ai name
n ., wn.. ...... .
i Jeitiniah
Cofbalth. The
parly could not prove an t, ,!,;, h,a il,,
took rtfutf! under sn o!,-. " Wrv
but Grant eot hi name hi accident and
ll alwsyt ttnrk" in pit of his etf .rt to
gH rid of h, and Wilsoi." fsther wa- a
draakard to low aod jKs,r that hi. so.,
wat kit to the care of stnuiifer., and ad
opted the barae of hi bcnifU' tor out of
pure prttittiiV.
""" if-'ri-
i . i;.
Itt. 1 1 .
nil l'i;H i
( 1 i 1 f llt.
i... ii. .: -.
kr...n. .! ;
i .1 -
Hat- a
A I.i
. .i i.
ln.t.i 'aim I
l-dlitl.c, Ii .
I .1.
: Mil.
MINI - I.. "I
I .iidI'
iir hi i n;
I..-, . A li: ; !:.-.!.
...I: I l,i L.ll t AM. 1 VI l i s ;-1 i;l ( I :.
Kl ll,ANI, T.
1 it.
,1 I ,!.,!,. .. I In II. ... li. ..! ll,. ll. ... .
tlml Hi.
HI 1 1 "' I' l I
T.'hs I"" I...J-." ' .1 .! I I ' 1 1 1 1 ' -..I..U
I, mi. I in-
! (il Ai; I'l l I' I Kl K ITH'M AH I.I I i: M loN
A- .
li li
'I.M.I IM ',
1. 1 ll
i' iiici h hi i . j in ;i -i I. ' i .i.i I. 'I
iiilii v .mil lie ' ut i i .i .1" , n't I I.
Unit 1 ran nialii- it i. ii .,' j. ri ,,r tli
tii in-.
m I., pill
iiij-: i.vn.si srvi.i.
nl II i -i
r. .1 i.f
; . to,
, N. Vi. u.
li.. I, it Hill I..
I. HI 11 1 M 111 " In- j'!' I'
r.. w. i.i. 1 1. inn
o'.U Hull: l i.i i I , i l;
Sl-tlil i.lll i-l" h.V Hill' tli't
tutiii-il hy i Niri-i" nil it. Ii.
ii. iyi:.;,
iiLo.i Ti I'i'J'i ii.'i-'.i. toivrii, o.it M-oi i I- ctiii i;-
HI .I.UI. , mo U'.V li HI -s IM. 'I I1M HO '
JKtl.l.Y H AM' iiiill'll l:.TAI!V I 'I 'MI'S
Im (.nun ty mi'l Mil Wi'i I., ui-
i 'VST ANi.1 U l:ot .,Hi' ilioN lilT.
All si., m I'm Wiilcr, Hit mu an.l . . Ah ti...ls "I
Flltll.K" lisI'll'. B, Hli lil.l n.nl Vi.'itii (iiii .-'i
Stllllil WIllKlll-S, 111. .I'll V.il.lB, hllUlll, (ill. j'.'
Hlnl 1'. t Cd..., Ac
itfism-.K iiu.-k a:i iu i.iiMi, i.i i n i i: I'.ii.i
ISO AMI I.AilNO. I.I li'l t: ANO I I.A
I'A.'KIM. ANO (olios iiasti;.
i.. i.tl.n- i
r-lti.l'L ll 'll-
iiv Mi hiiii ry pill m
Also, St. -.mi, Vi ,iti i
I.Mt ,11 I r 1 I K'N I- M i.
ii. ):. iu:i',
l.'i Mr uh. mt, r 1 ;..w. ;
Hllll (i.1M liltlh-H. !'r,i
in i mis., t I- ( in i it 1
llutlionl, Vt., Miu.il IJ'illi, 1".T
i Mill
l 'Ol N'l' AIN ;
Mam lie.
, II11VIS,
iM'j'IH t'l liUM
Id I I.i,mi,;' hr. -ii
ti,. i
1) E A ll A L I.
I! ll
FKOZI'.N soLlli
r r, i:
I. A
'I' O V E M 1!
I 1.1 i. it., 'i'l. -i. I,!l',
T 11 A W K I O I' '!
A ,o in S iiluiini e.tl hi i'
i... liiii'. ii-n, ui ..! i -1
Kl-.l KI.-IHV; M IM : A M -
u., ',;.i
: 'i n I i;s j' "i mo i: t , l.
n' u.e n.'.-l. ml'' i n ' !
l'ive i 1 1 1 i per (il.i
I' o
When ii.u
r i
- in i-i
.. . tt,
' t ;
II I N f. I A
ll le.ini'ii, iil.i I. in K J-'
I. 1.
J Vaiitdnl
( iii iin .
For ."v.li.
I Ten l''-:.l '
i r-. 1.
Mhii i.
M..I V
!., A".
I v 1 :l .
I, a
1 I
i i:
. ii (i 1 1
tin- al;.
in lit?
. I-:.
has.: .
I. 1
! !
..I li.
; v.
I. I. -
ill I
S . .. I
;. I
: !
'I O
I 1.
, I.'-
ii mu i 'i: i
I i. I. 1 I limlit
'-. ll 11 I .1. I-1 1 I v
ci toi;-
I Nt;
i i H K ,
.on ci i
I l:-l
l ! ; i 1 1 l ii
.in , t'.'ii,
t i i M .
)..,: !.-.-I
ii, li I..- ,
an I t.i.i i
l i l 1. 1.
1 ... ,i.
I'lu- lit. I
Hum. m ,
In ... i..
ii it.,
ui A.,
.i i
i ti, i
.... I ..i
...ut i.
i. ! Ii . ...
. .1
,' li., c
i I I I tl..
:;. i. .1 I
I- I S ..'. r '
i. U. i-. 1,)C
nil i:
I... I I,
iii.li. c! I'm I'll,
, "HI-' li'n .lliill.i
In ii. i ..in. ly I .'
I M I .-,
.1 ,i
I. A
I, li. l.l il I A
ol. i- l y ii... .1 i i"i
li'i.'li, 1., 1
ST. i
jo i;i;T.
1 1,.-1- - ;..i
. I"l IVlii. I' i
i', 11 l il-V
.1 l.y I ui I .n A
i.c ,i . 1. 1 .i.i) to
".1 IV 'ill I -
Mil ;,; A I .
1,1. '..Il l I'.l.lll, I.
t) ('. DAGH l i'
W.MM.IS. I'lll '
' u I l; t
ut .iiiiin i.i i !
,1:. .,1 nil 1,111.1.-
M lot I
,., I'...
I.i l
1 ...I. ;
; i it. i.i
i J hi".
I .
I'. i Inn
I- .'i'it, JillJ" 1 li"l.
i.i.i, Aiil..i:t;i'li
Hi . I I Hi! . I'l
Al'i f. I'c-.,
1 li.ll i'';l fn)' 1
I'.., I (ll-,-,-ii,
t , N..V. Vl'l, I 'i
-: v r,,i ,!,
1 ilti ) 'If ;ilt 1 In
i t i' n i: ,
I I'
'I A '! it. S '. V
l lil i NI i ii.
I I IN.- I I
lil K W AI 1
I ll III li. ..oil
i; 1. 1 s.
i .'.: i i '
I i:mi:.i.
inn .1 in U..i" wu.'.l
Uiii t ' 11 III l,.'ll
r :
f ...
. ! . I
. i, l I .
' i .1-. !
: f,..;,i. i's i i l:r,...
l-il II. I I", ' 1 -.-'.,
Vermont, I k Wal.e.t iei
',. ll
I.'. 1
til ii! 1 1 I ., 1 1 i mi.! ri.l
., I" ,-. ;:'i, 1 -.I. :sili.
. I I ! Hi i N
I. l.l.ll
1 ... ct,
- i : : i.i -,i
M AM 111 - I I II
1 l'Ol ,
!! a' ll..-
,. mi- r.i.i. I I..
i O ( I OS
li I; V
S Toil E
MA Y N A l;l ),
i i r;
i .-1 . . . -i
I. ill.. I Hi O
Nt a
I M , Tn.V
N. V.
1. l' 1:11.
-, .:.., I ' .-,...
-. is I'L I
k j: .-',
. i'
! Id
A M I' I. I.
t) M'.Oi
!; (Ml i .
il i E
I. A I
L i.
'i I) V i' A
i i ':i '
; I : i

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