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Irf-al InUlIL. nt
lf.!L-JtY. H ST. i-H
I 11 ). i t! - ' ' !
f f . . ,.,; 1 t
,r)S- -. .! li t:'. .K"T.
' M. A. M. Bcccl.er, Principal of the THE t'IXEF.KATF-D jPlIOICEA LLi.UA.N
i v;-it.i ai.
! T
ta t' to A:!. I'r i wrn to;
-Abel taowrv $.a. j-arcLtwl tU Hartford Com. ) S mioary, and M:T ... . v ' .
7ry ar, I y '' j . arif. The who! tlaii-ii';!.! ana lickTt.'!h bfp cf J. R.e, a tracbi r cf t!ih rnk, left town v,ri,.re ! ' runnst,; or. w SAVE Ol MOM.
I Wam. a! E. (i. l:oi at the Sunday nrruK.n trwdtlfmruiK u" m ,"'' l"- '
ru? u ia mm
!..'. r 1'. a. ai.d Ut : U-ta Mam Uir Ifc.rv.itf:. ami wi.t Oi a rl,itt tittc to Ikniinu-lon. wiser tittx bream Ui n,... .ut u. i .iii. I i an u toiwn.- I t.t ikw in .t
&.- Mam Uf lfc..fv.itjt:, ami wi.t di a raal.ii.g lrfuic to Ilcniiinftoii, irltvro Uiey bwm Ui u,n, atiu k f. tb u Mm.-
!.f 1 la .4 !,-, iif . JJr.(n'i , a f, ue rlmB, t, fauniy, uniil Mwtulaj- rarntir, ln n u . u- n.. . m.-i - i itrrri.aii .r j , k , v. ' ,. .. , (;,,),) ,
'i'y t ;.1 tva i'l .;. r:
; fS iif al lit' t'M
ibfy Unik ihr I rain firiJrfir rrtntii lnuw.
ib Bi -t.ii.ru. I ut i ur .t mi uiiar j jU( j(.m -,n, .Miti-tm' lun, 4 n.
Elegant GOODS,
7 .S
V. !.
V..t,- i i
9 t r
- V . .
V - V B I
' tlT M H I I
atai kii.
K it.-!-"". '
J,.- . !';'
.i i . J' ' I""
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,.( ...
H . .
jv- t n ' I ; ' "f
" al M : '
i ; t . a,;,.. I I
fK I !
: i I-
a " "'' ''
i. r ..4 iJ.i4
tir-r' fr ! " . ii aJr-' j
rf av. i ...v,R..fc-,
a','.i ' t. '
i'l. Wf - ..!
rt r I
I '. . ;
i. a S-nfc
J! W. i-iirm, I'niwl
ir.ria at H ut, - u.i i.-.i ...a! ;"n;--i Mua
. 5t.. U' a.i I a t
.!... ! i.3t-ia hatui.la
1 u'.'ta 1 ' ' i was I.
at ! I
M N..lfc
K. P I i t:. Ir"i !ii '
til 'I (I 1 i luntl f 4 -,a. A.i.aay.
k m i i. W . -i kl l(t I. 1.
iI.TI! I.i ia.ii 'at fi r. ii 'i '. I.aii.bitv. '
N .tilj a:, i .!' """f. k
;.,.Tl I. Sa l'!k. A.t-aj,). At .
. ... .1:1 f 1 .- 1 K ta . i t ' 1 "! ' '.1
. tut lij-.i. i j
iluNWi.IR i:.i.: :; I .' . 1. -'
ff tt f)t iijwn f' . ? a i-r v I
11 1 K .
vtaila fr na ib vwi ir.i at !- 1 "-i ' it :
a V 1 a
Ma. I f I'm 1. t.vi 1.1 . im i"-. JR' r'
At,, 1 a . . . 11 ri ' ! 1 I'. .it"
Ba ai' a.M l Il.'ll i"."l-
ei.!.a .
Li...).!. l.a.
li)aa '"if.t tin. l' e. .
HO IH. AltlllVAI.a.
Tm i" ll" ' wtjaa.
i II r,..a.i! 1 T T.-. 'm H'oa-a .1 T
K A taMwatwaKSJaati-a r a 1.1 H-awaftua
I. I T. 1-a.larnl N
V 1 11 i F!t. in; i I. at .ii'ii -It da i
v ii a-s j 11 f 1. t' f a
a Al l.r -at ii lc." !
X'., , a'i..i., J II Wik'.I t).
H Mi. .-4 A it vi I K llwBiaO H V
f M'i ar l J ti'a!aiii Holf 'tit
W II Itiif aaa.ii lf:i tw-tm 4a
j O I f..li .IKVV " lt,m I I. i
t I. li.iwu tail U.'i a tlai.a
I'liadicy and Hlaclmerarc preparing
hr a vlgi)i'" fall cniign. Head their
alvf 1 tineincnti.
Theto ia lively cotnn.'titlon in the
acwlng mat bine buaiiieia. tieo. W. Utlcy
enter the liitu iih thn improved (.rover
1 , .11!.. . 1 t! ..........
.V isafccr. iti aii ma it'ivt'i tii't'iiii'iit. i.ui j
fntnily ought to have machine of some
Major .Suited Pienlh-e, son-in-law of
the late .Indge ldtam of Piermonl, N. Y.,
hat recently puicha-cd a lot in l)eU'ood
cemetery. '
The cxairdoti to North Ad.itn, or
rsnged for K iiuidy of the prcient week,
bid fair to ho well pnlronicd, and wil!
afford ft choap and pleaaant trip. Fare
there nnd hark one dollar, dinner at the
Arnold lloin.0 7,' centa, and a tide to the
tunnel at a rnnall expouse. Leave Man
cheatiT dct at C o'clock, anTve on the
et eniug truiu.
J. It. Fiitilkner, fnrineily Supciiu
tciiilt nt of the Harlem ExletiMon Rail
road, i now A:i.(.iiit Siipcrinlcndent of
the Iiitenuitioiml nnd (Jreat Northern
Railroad of Tetw. Ili Mice i t Hooa
ton, Texas.
The cnijino of the morning mixed
train noith ou Monday innmlng broke
down beyond lanhy and delayed the
truiu tlii cc hour and a half, consequently
the down mixed train In tho afternoon
wa aoiuctvhat late.
'I luce young hidie froui'.tlie semina
ry imtiioitsi'ied thcmielves by cliinhing
to the top ol Ml. Equinox, last Saturday,
going atralghl up by the ahorlual and
nlM fleeptnt route. Thin ln been ael
tl.on if ever tio ompliihcd by Iodic be
fore, and la considered a ditHctill under
liking by (be young men.
-Tonal curd mo gradually coming ;
itii.i geneial ti-e, mid are found tu be very j Uni ted a good biuiue there, which be
coi.teiiimt on all ordinary occio:i of I has already done, and in doing more to
l.o.ine.a liiteicommtinicstion, bcide j day for the benefit of the place than any
laving the ililVi ience in po.tage. Mutt J one man in thia part of the town. If my
cf 1 he poat-oftVca are now supplied with j memory aervca me aright, two other grist
Iheiu. j mills have been built in this place al a
Svcral i.ight have been almost cold Jgieat expenae, and there they eland 10
ciKtili f.r a fioat, but thcie hiu been j day a- they have Hood for veara with
none to do any damage, end the crop , closed doors a ailent proof of their total
ere now n atly all beyond it reach. j failure. Hut Mr. Ittown, by bit niieen-
linrrand Hut ton Seminary baa one ! ing hdw and perseverance, haa aucceed
huiidud and twelve Mndenla enrolled, j cd io building a gt it mill and eilabliahing
and a few more are expected. Ofthec 'a good, fair bnsiueff, upon which, in
muro th.ni thirty rc boarder at the In-; conneclion with a good paaattble road
atitnthm and the balance day acbolar. jlroMi the mountain towns, E. Iorset i
Cuona aie laid to he plenty in thej largely dependent. In view of nil thi
ubiib. For paitienlara aik Dr. Swia. i and of the fact thai he has aucccoded in
Tl ay "(Jitnge" aUtuicd up that tree (doing what other have tried aud failed
w woithy of a better cauie. I to tlo, why not give hitn a hearty aup-
t iiy pi-ojiie vtlso eje fiighletietl lnto wrt? If buMneni and buaiucn men are
leax ing by the cold w eather, more than i not to be ulaiia-tl and encouraged bo
two weeka ago, l..l the U l part of Ihe J t au.o of miua petty feud lorae childinh
aeaauu. The weather, nt of tho time piiie we had beat tep back a few years
Vii,cp,l.a been di lipihifal. and take mrt of a Kip Van Winkle
A g'd tiuinber wf our city fiiend i aU t p. Pel hapa w hen tho awakening day
tare t:n with t; 11 "ii g the deiiathtful comta we ohall be better prepared to go
t!cr. The anlvala at Cue Etuiuox ahead itli the time.
Iloute ihu f ir in N pit rnl.t r ai largely in
rteeiiof bit ai-aion. Maicheter ought
to I fuii thiotigh St pit tuber, and would
if ihe Hu I tain ep-t,d next sea -
aoti were now luntu
W e live io hopes
of the "gow! tiiiic pomii-.g."
lwel!cr to tli. eait of our tiSLigc
Will ! i: a I t-i !tfii l. it a rlock f oe i
to l addc-I to that aide of the spire of
the rbuich, Mr. Iluribut, of New Yotk.
who donated Ihe eittck, hating given di
uclioiis a tlisl iffi . t. 'The C."k prove
Io be tpletidid ttioe ketsr, and inns
SkUAvtiiv as !!. a.ui, aiid thia few S' 1
f gcntrosity w-ili p':f- tir j p under
renew) ol:ga.ii.. l Mr. iluiibut
Mil. I 1 .11.: Ffftv veara g tl,e
first of tt.. mcmlii I tool llii "Wvst."
1 av.-ia laTii.v in a t,i!i,t.er wat'oii. with
S m. Item-d,rt", wif ..d mlier. Tlsti.
i. ,i ,ii...ifts,,...,. ...ir
j s;!) Urf i-.i,p. . James llitkob an I ; Mr. M. It. FarnaortU ban wdJ out
wlie. 'iui W 1.- at at. I Wife, George hi toU and toi k in trade a a msnu
Pt;i !' ;! and tu. .she r, L vl p:Jf ai.d fuc'.orer of Is u-wale and dcah r iu iloves,
tati..i, g w h ,u w, AMgt,,... l'r.
..v. t:,ti. a I.o; , : Statist 14,4 and
la'.,,p,.. j Kai Shacus I ami ta PuU.ki
& CVw e;o by tage, U.ea by .teauier t
the bewisf titer and Itorbevter. thcuce
ii i,;,hw, I !:' il.f ini .'!.' M l !."
ut cl
it aid l.-'.5 , at 1 ii"w fi
.U !.:.' t-i tii iiKirvt.ij.it,: in !a
, .
.) ! ia.l'au, Ui'a'i!''
M.af L.tica. i !. i tffii. X
1 1.
A ,', known Ctiittmaa of fcat
Ji HMt lij.)iai l t wU'tber tU law
at- ..nat tiaut fi.!.iniT. aftrr the Crt if
; Nfunif-r. I. io f-f rtr t...t. T mat-' -TU imhiie trial of awiu mtcbiuna, ' Mm Canie Du.itot. fur arcry fl.in boajuH ! s.rriKtlTr'.C
ler, rke a fc-nat tmny oll.rn, la ictu Utwci'n tli WliiM-irr t VilMn aiiJ ofrareaixl bi-aulilul flmtrn, liicli waa ' fi iw imiuan.-n anl Hia.l.'f ismiun.
,t,.J.i i( ) tt ai.J over tu, ty the ' We-., which haa raaaed an mui-U etciie-' hti in our offlr lew daya ilnce. iHi.Ja"!, mi'r t!o! V ti' fa7url;
' hW'.aluic, uiit'.l ilia neaiiy iaUaaihi ! ntut during the Ia few daya, came off, If talk woolj build a chart h, tliere I a.t re.t-ttmlt auiVil U fairuoax ut othwa
; to ted w Usher we have any law on the! on Kri.lay, fiUrmU'r iib, at Meerwartb : ian'l a j. ankle of doubt but that one ! Ul ,a,ur-'aotii-ct
tir ihiI. We have .tkel the mat-: Hall. The lu ljffi were Mm. Hannuti would have been erected during the tial ! GEO. W. UTLEY,
trtiji .ri-ttjr tburoughly, ti have alaoj Webb, Mra. Anna Wiley ami Meaara.
rtnn-.jinJ one t.r two grt.tie:ieii. wlwllwii Wllliama, L. E. White and HurIi
r.ia.in ti. teiaeti in tlie law, to d lit j MT'ra. The deciaion wa jiiven in
Hiiic, ai.d it ia the c.'.nibie.l o-inmn that : 'avor of the old ml well known Wheeler :
,!,,,e i. a la on the aut.jef-t atiil in f-.rte. j Wil The K,,W In genera: are !
thimih the Iletitingt..n Ilanwr givea j w I'lea-ed with the deciaion of thej
d,f!Vr..t opinion. At a!! event it U.'j.idge., and cit.ider it troH-i!y ewnrd-1
af-.t and beat to fcbMaitt Iroin flilillig I
an ! 'ivi! t!ie p'Kr (rout a chance to iniil
jlii.ly. 1-im.e the law went into lorce the
(tiijul liii.ii.a, inujally, hat thown a
.ni!,i led iuiprovemmt, and if rigidiy en
j f.'iicd a lew yeara timre, we might hope
to -e I'tcuty of ipol t ill ( acting tlie fly.
,. JVwlea, of Woodford, will
! i'cluiv in the t'rly Hull at lliitt place, on
Mttniday evening, .S-ptetuber i.Uh. Sub-
(,,,( ; iralilv and it ( oiiiciinclire.
Immediatelv after tiie lecture, the I.'ef.
Urxur Mcwity, of Troy, N. Y., will
make appropriate rrmataa lemiive w tuv
building of the Union Chi ialian t liurcli
al Wood lord City.
Rev. M. (J. Smith, of St. Albans, will
pi ea' h in the liuptint cburcb here next
Sabbath luoruing, I ho Htb lint., al the
ul hour. At 5 p. 111., at the name
place, he will deliver a aermoii to young
men; and il ia hoped that there will be a
full attendance. Mr. Smith ia an earnest
and talented apeuker, and hi sermon to
young men is sure to be good aud profit
able to all.
John Millington, M. I)., haa taken tip
a residence in our village. He has a room
at Uttl.cr'a Hotel. We wish him aucce,
and hope those in need of a physician
will uive him a share of their patronage.
Among the many vlallora to our place
of late, we notice Professor (ol mmdc)
(ieo. Steele and wife of Connecticut;
ali-o, Rev. Ilralnard Kent and wife of
Chicago. Mr. Kent was a nutive of Dor
et, and is much esteemed.
A "hoy" of our town, Isaac. Farwell,
aged 91, had occasion lately for a bushel
bat-kef. lie drove off a mile or two,
brought back another boy of his own age,
Mr. Hawkins, and they both together aoon
constructed the said basket, which ought
to be preserved, to ahow to future gener
ations as a memento of Industry.
A correspondent writes: Wo are
usually a very quiet people, but jut now
there seems to bo considerable excito
uicnt in regard to tho laying out of a
road from or near J. II. Martin's houso
up a ravine to Win. lirown's grisl mill,
thereby shunning ono of the hardest hills
to travel between E. Dorset and Pern.
The town of Peru has built a road across
the mountain almost to our door for the
accouimodittiiin of E. Dorset, aud now
-ks us (0 build tho hort distance above
mentioned. About two mouths since tha
selectmen of this town were called upon
to lorato this road, but not being inter
ested thcmselvss and finding somo oppo
sition by a few, they did not do so.
Some yf tho btuiuess men of tho town
not feeling satisfied and wishing to avoid
tho expense of a court's committee,
thought best to call them out again,
which they did August oX'tii, but with no
better result. Now what does this meuii?
It appears Mr. P.rown bought a wild and
uncultivated piece of land of Ira Cochran
at a large price with the encouragement
f having ft roatl through it In case he
- A.T. lltaid will commence repair
, 0 bom in thi villa soon.
, Rl tUe Hr0,!ev House will
tcave thi week.
Mr. Alfred William bad her leg ! "apeak again," wheu if Ive doe "a brown
hroketi la-t Ttieailuy. The fracture la j black cat w 111 positively bo making tracks
kbuv Ihe knr. Mm i doing a well as, in ll.e meal!"
could be exjf-i ted. j ."-exual Science ; including Manhood,
Another aad accident occurred in ' W omanhood, and their mutual Inter-re-
this place last Sabbath afternoon. One
f utir deacon t leading in the verau -
di.li, in tin pro vioiity to the floral nook,
and, on tailing quickly Irom Id rhair,
hiahtal came in contact w itli a "lianging
p'H. cauiing a aevetc fracture til-n d
. he good tleaci.li a head, but the luetic
. . . . . .
!t, hit h via keriously If not fatally .
; W-
- l ai? i Kd litr . g.Kl. . I. aoin. wonder. Ly .Hawing big
f'.ually, to . W . M aiuer, of tonof lumber oat Irom Glaason s kieatn mill.
l-r, wU w id continue the l-uine at : He is aianager of that .art of the buai-
, thi ..c btider the immediate tbarge l
i fci on, Mr. CWik Warner.
' 'fr, (. nr. li 1 weiling Imiuw
vl l. If. I. ::. ai ll.e IkTMUiti.
aiiu t.tr rpi:itii( mauu ior u.c
c!,am,i!,n),:; at Man!T Hfrr, 1 Iiura-
i i . , . . ,,. . ,
"t rrwmg, wtinri-u niiwrn i umgw
' i.l UniutKl Iia!v. Tl,e match lM.H-alib; Wuman'a Uislu: the Ihiit ilf
; Tkoinlay uiiij:, l-twwii tt aame
; an.-a, rtauit io Btlraw.
a am am.ixoTnii.
1 "nctierj. n uon wa uperaieu
by II. I.. Phelps of Albany, the Weed by
(icorge Proctor of Troy.
Wfc.1T AM.lMiToN.
Nights cool to cold. Day pleasant.
Mis Mairgie McKee i attending
ilurr and Hurton Seminary the present
W. P. Eaton, who has been conflued
with typhoid fever for some six weeks or
more, l out again nnd doing nicely. He
w ill soon he on the war-path.
Coin bids fair to be more than an
average crop. Hay turned out much
belter than expected. Farmer receive
iO to C,'i cent per bushel for potatoes at
Sbusbau, our nearest potato market; il
to cents the ruling price.
At the auction sale of wagons, bug
gies, Ac, in Cambridge, on Saturday
last, "things was cheap." End spring
buggies, (M), $'J0 aud fllO being the
ruling prices.
The East Arlington Ilrass Hand, on
its return from the S. 8. picnic- at Shu
shau on Friday Inst, favored na with
some veiy nice music, for which tl.ey
will please accept our thanks. They
play nicely, and bid fuir to attain cele
brity in this line. We wish them all
To say that the place to buy your
marble or granite monuments, Ac, is at
Eaton's marble works, is putting it any
thing but strong. They are turning out
aoiuo very nice work now. We under
stand they havo orders ahead for several
expensive monuments, and are drivou all
the time. Pcoplo ere not long in finding
out where they can do tho best, which
accounts for the above. They arc well
known in this county, having been in the
business for years here. Surely honesty
is the best policy. We advise alt who
need anything in their line, from a paper
weight to a monument up among the
figures, to go to Eaton's. They pay
prompt uttention to all orders and guar
antee satisfaction. A word to tho wise,
Wo notice two very nice stones at the
graves of Joseph Snow and wife (from
the shop of the well kuown "Eaton mar
ble works"), placed there by their sou, J.
W. Snow. They are ueat, pretty marks,
fit representatives of the dear ones gone
before. The graves have been graded
up, and the lot is now one of the nicest
in the yard. Much credit is due Mr. J.
W. Snow for this last kindness. May it
prove a lesson to others. Remember the
loved ones.
We have a certain class of people
now who find fault becauso two veloci
pedes are allowed on the streets. Oh my I
what is the world eoming to.
S. M. Bowles lectures in the City
Hall, Woodford, Vt., Saturday evening,
September 13th.
Launicr's Dramatic Constellation at
Library Hall, 22d inst. ; Dan Worcester's
Theatrical Combination, 23d; Boston
Comedy Company, October 13th.
A good delegation from this place
will attend Oiti Dan Rice's Circus aud
Menagerie at Hoosick Falls, Wednesday,
17th inst.
One of our "Young Americas," who
is about to laako a new departure, said
he didn't intend to make a tour to Europe
or any other corner, but be was bound to
The Wallingford Congregational
Sabbath school had an excursion to this
place on Monday which they seemed to
enjoy greatly.
An effort is being made by the citi
zens of this place to put the court house
and jail in better conditicn than it ever
ha been.
An impromptu "hop" was given iu
the ball room at the City Hotel, on Sat
urday evening, in honor ol Miss Deccher
and Misa Rose, who were about to leave
for their home in Hartford, Conn.
Iuasmoch as the number present at
the entertainment which the (iuzetlt
(uninitiated) scribbler apeak of as being
held at his bouse and grove, last summer,
know that what be stales about "hi pay"
is false, as do all of our townsmen, we
shall uot, nor i it nccesaary to, pay at-
I. ..!.. ,1. I,. I,!. ..-!.,' tr. -I...1
I tV'llllll IIIUU.II I 1)111 K V.I I . IV lltOI
,.,i,r ,(,K .... u-1 ....i..
I waitiiii?. "iust for snort." to hear biiii
j !''"" 1 Iv. it laws, power, etc., by j
, r' r'- rowier, i a oook mat every
j l""J" b ld maluie years should
' - ' .National I ulil,hiug to.,
Philadeli.hla, Pa., Will send) on full pal -
" " '" me ee
. . t-.t... ti . ...
L"0' imm.
Tia.,.r P ll .il.ne IT... t.
duct.iig a big eoalli.g busiueas, aud Is de-
!snni of obtaining one bundrej w taod
f titties. I-itei adJies'd to tlie Beo
iiii.glon P. O. ill reach him.
... . . ,1 .- r. .
- n io. it. iiou.il, .., oi weomngloM,
i u, and know )ut bow to do that
of )! ffl, or an mlwn,ilur ii.r
.i.itl. tiOicialetl at U.e t ity uIna) af-
lertioon aiui erciu(. .
. Mim A. M. ItWctxr ca our roi.i
' , . ., , .i
. an imnrniDii aimmrx on itte "Mi
: Wubm-ii," ic, In tli parlor of the CHj
II. ,!..! iv.l, .1 "-.I,
vi.i .. .....i.l .
ii rvuucr our at kuoo itujj menu io
j week. there haa tieen neatly " tltuen
of i hurtli ttu el i ntjia' held. Remember,
and bear in mind the uieanmif of, this
B4N0S tyMM K. y.
(f all linprovciiif nU going on al Le-
llgBOII Kpringa, none dcaerre more note
than the new printing establishment of
Iien. F. Reynolds. Mr. Reynolds was
formerly manager oi the printing depart
ment in the extensive luhratory of
Mea-rs. Tildeu A Co., aud now has
ensconced himself very comfortably in
Hand' new block, where he i prepaied
to print everything from blauk death
warrants to advertisement for "patent
flea exterminators." Taking it altogether,
we think that Ihe place is incieasing
steadily, und we hope soon to have a pa
pier of our own if wu can find a live, en
ergetic man to take charge of it.
We have now uboul one hundred
guests al Columbus Hall, and among
other important persons who have visited
u are Mj. lieu. Daniel Iiuttcrflcld and
party, Including Mrs. Henry Rurgh,
wife of the President of the Society for
Prevention of Cruelly to Animals of New
York. Altogether, we have spent a very
pleasant season.
Mao lata.
Tbe next tj;ular Commniucation of Ailuniram
LoilKt), F. Jt A. M., will lie held ou 'lhtimlar
utrauiug, Beitl. 4ili, 1173.
K. L. WYMAS, V. M.
Adoatrani I'baptrr, No. IS, It. A. M.
Next rttguiar couvueation on Weilueatlay even
ing Bept. lOtti, at 74 o'clock.
1). K. BIMONDH. ii. P
W. A. llLAC'K, beet.
klanar Post iVo. Hi, U. A. It.,
Mucin at Ihe Coltniru Honae Hall, Factory I'uuit,
on the flrtt Tuesday evening- of each month.
1). K. MMO.NU.S, Commander.
From Drugglsla,
There is no case of I))npepsia th it Greene's
AuKtiat Flower suit not our. Coma to tint l)rii
MUiro of V. 0 rover, Factory Point, Vt. aud in
quire about it. 11 vou aufl'i r from Coativenosa,
sick Huadache, Sour Blomach, ludiirestlou, I.iver
Complaiut or derauKenient of thobystem: try it.
Two or ihreedoaea will relieve you.
ltoachee'a Clermiu Syrup is noar sold In every
town and cily in the United Blates. We have not
lesa than three hundred letters from Drugt'iats
aayniR it ia tha best meiiiuuio tkoy ever aoli for
(kiuauinptioii, thrust or Lung diseasea, Hamjde
bottlea of both free of charge, liegular siic 75c,
I ae Itenne'a I'ain-Kllllng Alagie Oil.
'11 Works like a Chan." .
Keean'a Puia-KIIIlDg Magic Oil caret Headache I
Ueuao'a Pnm-Killing liic Oil eun i 1 oetliai lie I
Keaue'l Faili-KUIlLK M.ii;it: Oil curua Nearutgia !
Kenue's Pain-Killinv Mimic Oil cures ChoU.-ra MnrliUB I
Krone's Fuln-KUiintf MiitfieOll eurea HIieauiMtlaia t
kVuee's Prtln-Kllllu Malc Oil cures Lsiueneaa I
Ki-une's Paiu-KIDing Magic Oil curea ekla iiiaeaaes !
Homo folks aeoni to ho proud ot tellini; hoar
"lame tlieir shoulders are1, of "my crick iu tlie
back" or, "I havo got the Sciatica" aud de
light in bragging that "nothing cancure mel"
but when we getsucli "awful folks" to Qsu 11K
ka's 1'Am-kiu.iNti Maoic Oh,, faithfully ; wo
not ouly cure their lameness and charm away
their pains, but we actually tuke all that kind of
"brag out of them I'' and they frankly own up,
and say, "it works like a charm I"
e"iold by Druggists, Merchants and Grocer.
(Jail for Iteuue'a Magio Oil where you usually
it is put tip in three sizes, called "Trial Hi.o,"
"Medium Hue," and "Large Family Size "bottles
Wil. JtF.NNE A hONH,
Sole Proprietors and Mnuu'actarera,
i'illslield, Mass.
Hold by Walt k Hard, Manchester, and by V.
GroTcr, Factory Point. Veowly
Mrs. S. A. Newmau has plat received a atock
of new Hals aud Itounels of the latest importa
tion of the fall aiylea, land at the lowest market
M11K. 8. A. NEWMAN,
Londonderry, Vt., sept. S, 1S7:). lolw
Naw stuck for fall aud wiutor,
Men and boys suits,
Coate, Pants, Vctits and Overcoats
Factory Point, Near II. K.'Kisliiin lli2
l A T S & C A V S ,
New stylos just received at
Factory Point, Near It. It. Htatiou.
Canvass, Leather and Cloth Traveling
Bags, at
Factory Point, Near It. 11. btatnm.
rp II E II E S T
Factory Point Nrar U. B. Htalion.
Manufacturer of
Rough and Fitiinhed Leather,
Also, dealer in
Grain, Feed and Meal,
Hide, Bkina,
aed ail kinds of Grain vantd
at ail Umea,
for whieh QOOD PE1CEU Ui b paid.
Fatfjry PoiiitFeb. lOjJfTt.
! J) E N T I S T R Y I
The aBhaeril-r may t found at ail tint
at Ms orr.ee lb t'erkiu vtue, pri parm vi au ;
i ail k (ids of ,J !
Ductal Wou
in ib lt maurjer. and a! hi-iog prices. j
Complete aiid partial ecta of l.eih uiade at
sl.twt and warranted m g., sat.fa tmn
Pamcuiar attention ( a.d tu E.ilii( and pre-j
rviog U-etb. ...
c I. 'oi irai
bit etl.er auoctiiaur,. ! nn-ler
I A tmni ,B OI , .,.na when de
, "ftZ , tit. in.,. i. th.
dti at, -! gaarasu. a "dw" u. aii ss
j T-.i bu.hi. j unu piui of .open-
oio. H. fcwirr.
1 Maiickealer, Vt.,r5pt. J7. leti.
... . t ...a 1 li ra k'n n.i js.r) r itl
.ift n.i r Ma. h ut it rua .
. . wf.K - "-.' !'
:.i.a Ma.. vux . anaMBMiU
ut tt ".' -r ' '
u. If at i !: J. ti(i Ifcf fl oa.aml
, ut tu''l.in aramat ma. bin r th xta.a
:'""li"k",IM .H..io.tf ao, (
..-i'k. ir ih !h.m uul, (.h.m
i i;ki-r. ai.J not tt'l a'ria imi iwniwi
I .'' .
r.i i.r (ihui -n mi).
I k$rtiX .,,r il9 ciutiiaa Wnuxer, akat a
j la-ina eali tli J et aal, ru..u.
fativai r.iT. J,.i. . IT
j I tif tl.at I Uave t.urt i.a'eJ ao.l'am o.
i .oui., MtX"i ''.'.ui I
; tavo ur.l iu w
j uriic.'r'.w"i'ik".r'i
tltri.r& iV iii'iU, Ilia lMltil'allC
ruled tiruvtr ,k llair aud io las
tbe divided oiefcri-iii.', iu ta
ivic aud quality id aula
FAiToat 1'i.ikt, hi pt. M. 1S73.
1 have a Orovf r A il.ikur K. aaUC'.MiieU ht'wuig
Uaciillie, wIikU 1 l.a ua. d fur H years. doniK
a.i kinds of tauidy as-wtiiK, at.d itftur had it ra-
fiairvd in any aLaiu, have htkcu but fuur mavJ.
e, aud Ilia ma.lnuti la to-tUr iu K(id repair
tih.-. nat. AluliN
We Lave tin unproved !Vti-el.-r s Wi!"ti, the
clianc edicti llune, t.'t Ihe paal year the taua.
and tiae a; t (lie ltnplu.ed firmer A Itaker.LK'.
at.li li, ai.il uilli. nil II. Irml parliahl v 1 uiva IU
Orovi-r X lliacr b. M le dccnled pri tuietiiHi
en light vt iii'ivy wii a tl lias uii r altacll
iiii uia and a smr w i Aud tnau any . tlo r uic)itn
lbs. 1 Live Hard, and i nou.d ri'iiitiiuit-ud it to
u.) latiy (r.fuaa, N e. I' I V J. I M.hi'.
I have need I tie O over A Baker elaalie aiiteh
tuaohiiie forevt-t itnee yara, and would, to-day
t iiai.ga fr uuoilier, it lualma a Ikjiui aiitcli ami
one that ki-epa us i:tsd IihiSb after Hashing more
Uiau any oilier inachiiio I know of, it makes a
arm, an ouk snatu, and one tliat eau be ripped if
di airud, but uas-n not up of iUelf, aa dm'a nice
embroiueiiuK. MILS. O. P. L'll.EV.
Fur the beiiefllof the
12,000 Cash Gifts $1,500,000.
Every Fifth Ticket Draws a Gift.
S 250,000F O It $60.
Tlie Fourth Grstnl (lift Concert authorized by
special act of I Us Legi-lature for the beuefit of
the Public Library of Kentucky, will take plae
in Public Lihrsiy Hall, at Louisville, Ky.,
WcdnusJay, December 3, 1873.
Only ai ty thousand tickets wilt be sold and
one-half of these are intended for the European
market, thus leaving only 8(1,000 for sale iu th
l ulled States, where 100,(10(1 were disposed of
for the Third Concert. The tickets are divided
into ten coupons or parts and have on their hack
the Hcheme with a full explanation of th mode
of drawing.
At this Concert, which will bo Hie grandMR
musical display ever witnessed in this country.
the unpreceili'Uteia-Hiim of
divided into 12,000 rash gifts, will be distributed
by lot among the ticket holders. Th numbers
of tho tickets to be drawn from on wheel by
bund children aud tne girts rrom anotner.
ONE flHANB f'ASII GIFT '....(4.10.000
ON K lilt AN II CASH 01 PT.,
4 n,ouo
4 !,ooo
, 3'4,5oo
lot'ACIl olrTS iin.tmneadi..
WICAHII OlP-r 1,000 " .
so CASH OIFI'S trnO " .
K8 CASH lilFTS i KI " ,
lWCAsnGIKTI ' 8') "
V.' CASH 01KTS Viso " ,
11,000 CABll UIFTS 60 ' .
aniuuiiUnK to ,.f i.aoo.ooo
Tho distribution will be positive, whether all
tho tickets are sold or not, ami the 12,000 gift
all paid In proportion to the ticketa sold - all un
sold tickets beiug destroyed, as at tbo First and
Second Concerts, ana not represented In tne
di swing.
i'imcis vr 'iiMusi'ts:
Whole tickets $50: Halveat23; Tenths, or each
Coupon, Eleven W ind Ticketa for tM); 2
Tickets lor ii.ikiu; I i.l wnole Aicketa lor J.ow;
227 whole tickets for tlU.Ool). Nodiscunntou
less than (jOO worth of tickets at a time.
Tickets now ready for sale, and all orders ac
companied by the money promptly filled. Liber
al ternia given to those who buy to sell again.
Agt.Pnh.Llhr.Ky.,aiid Manager Gift Concert.
Ill Public Library lluildiiig, Louisville, Ky.
New York, Boston & Montreal Railway.
1873 Si'NMEti Aukanoemests 1873
On ami after Monday, June 167A, 1873,
MOVING B'lt'Tll.
0 10 A. at., for Pennington, Troy, North Adam
aud Chatham 4 Cornera.
11 IS A. u , for New York, Ilrawiug Room Car,
via. Harlem llailroad.
4 40 P. H., for lieniiiugtoii.
10 40 A. v., for ltutlmid, Haraloga, Burlington
and noatou.
4 45 V. at., (mised) for itullaud
H no c ii.. (main for Kutland.
Trains leave New York 10 40 A. . Drawing
ltoi.m Or to Manchester.
From Troy 00 A. v. aud 5 00 r. a.
F. 0. WHITE.
Ilutland, Vt., June 14, 1M73.
Op thi Latuit Ktvlci fob
Men Women and Children' wear.
The Celobratod Farwell Shoe at
Factory Point, Vt.
A Tw'.i Imriti., ftitjijintiig oitr? kuowa ft- tli
the other as lb
-i ii. o I in th- ii..ri!- st pail i f ArlintrOm,
a vout two uiih a fruifl Arniiginn street. A so a
Saw Mill and Clothes Pin Factory,
on ie 1 Ini H il leti f no. Teriua tay. Fur
ttirthfr t.rtuu a. inquue of
tiiiuat. .ii, Vl., Auk 14.178 UUm'lt
- : NkW VoilK oitb
r.nv f.f if II iV TllHVil f'IKllli.' VTC
Ali t iivow.-i, is.. uuou.i, fcav..
' '.','
U.at 1 hue tier Lai lui Imii I w.Ii .1 al
IVlory Point, Vt
i v rr. rtHv Uvli'il f'l ii kimm, t -u .. '
I - " " ''"
) 4 ail aua4
nr t icin ii cb (tu). m
furtiialMxi Is K ViimkI, iUa.-k Walnut, imuae.
3o boma, S aud ia oav i.a A..
Iu Ilia adjustment id
Chronomett'in and l ine Watchen,
Diflioult Jcwi'lcry Repairing, rlc.
A'd uik akillfully and prompiy eteouled ai.d
H'.l UJiA A 1t.li TO I-IVy ,VI77r'.U77".Y
Or luniiey refund d.
N. Ii. I AVI.' H
Faetory Point,! MancliraU t.l Vt. Saifa
- A T-
A largo And snpnrlor stock of Boot aud Hhoes
constantly on hand, comprising
Ladies' Misses' and Children' Hergn, Gnat, Peb
ble, Calf, Glove Kid, Button ami l'olieli
Boot aud Slippers. Men', Buys' aud Youths'
all of which I am selling
at my store ou beminary Avenue, whore 1 tin al'
wava happy to see people.
41y'30r L. I). COY,
wll-elected stock, I havo Just received from
iloslon ana Mew lurk a
Nice assortment of Clocks, Gold and
Silver dutches, Jewclery of tlio
" Latest Patterns. Silver
and Plate! waro
of Specta
cles a very large stock.
I have also a
(uch aa ar usually kept In a lowolorv atore, all
of which I wish tu sell for cash at small profits.
I make a specialty of, as it i llie moat acceptable
and gives the best satisfaction of anything J
bave over sold; therefore 1 make learius easy.
Clocka cleaned at GO cell ta, and watches at 75
ceuts and warranted. Other work In proportion.
. W. A. AIIAM.4,
Factory Point, May 8, 17:1. (tally
HOME UNTO ME and buy goods
with money for the
Least Pricks
of any store ahont. t have just filled the old
store with a very deaiiahle stock of goods.
Ready Pay and LOW Prices.
To satisfy yourself
Sunderland, Vt,, May S, 1873. 2031yx
Why will ye donbtmg aland 7
Why Hill delay?
The Hunduriand store ia th place to bay
For cash or ready pay.
Positively Non-Explosive, Free From
Smoke or SUin, ami all un
pleasant odors whilst
Tha advantagee over Coal or Carbon Oil of every
kind are as follows:
I. It gives soft, pure bght list fur intensity
rivals ail other lilainiuatoraknowu.
'1 lita hgbt ai s sttMiier fiame than Ga
aud is far more brilliant,
9. 1 he an k uu a out ii.ciu.t as aheuuasd
witu Ker'Hieoa Oil, one k will laat a year,
'i h oil doea not statu silk, W's.ieti, iinau or
4. it can lia a..ed fur the am p-iice a t.A
keri.si.us od, slid can bo burned in auy lamp
Gj.A v s iti'.At'Tii t l hii.vi.it capped
L A M P B U R N E R S .
i'ffi. - au: J;Y
bir Atyut ff M ;.et r, tar
Lam k UM.h.
Ai1 lt r iit
IUilwlOli. jf, tl'
Kola 1.14 Clif3-tfrtiwr 4 tit; -a. Aio
Jut rr- 'l ft it 'f -'-l '..latU. tL;iui-
irjjf itt Lie ft' , 1.- t 7 iriru ti. V.r-
OpsiUs ti.e Knitiii-g M.I1,
60tf Fa t'-ry Point, Vt.
Tfc atrnt of Hi Wber A Wiiaoe Sawip
j Ha. till I ntariV anah In aav to th tedce id
S Man. healer and Vimiv that tin y will l slop.
una al Main lieatcr in aU-al two weeks, and Will
laae pinaaur in ab"Wliir thu erri! impruva.
inetita on tin ir n;a. hinn wbn t haa been so asti
kli. au llii'-i.sli the r. until t--r tha pant Iwsuly
yar. and " ttliU' raaltv eaded llietleni irf .
tug Mi' limi a. It roake tits lxk huo-ii, d.niix
ml villi Ihs great tr.Hii'ie of thrta.!ing a ahal
l. with ens traian n and baa 1 tit "t piKa ahila
nt in r tna liinf a haie ai and upwards
Fleaae rt-ad lb f.iitoamg Oilintontala from
aniuiiiiil J ''ti p"l'! at h.mi:
KttST Point, Aui-itat S. tSTJ
1 have a Wlieeler A Miison hrwtng Ma. ton
winch 1 hava used f r ti'ln. n yeara. and d.iue ail
my familv arwtng and lailminir, liavtng into
than paid for toy ma. hiiis the Uiat year unkina
pints, veal. Ac, and il is to -da in a g"l or
der as wlitot 1 got it, and have uavrr laid out a
pennv foi repaua. 1 would re. ' Sinu tid it Io all.
MK. Ii. M. WKT Itl.llliKB.
!'i.-i lit Pour. Aagnat 5 IN7J.
I have a W beeliir A Wiianu hewing Ma. Inn
who h I have ".end f -r allli eii yeara. doing all
kuida of family eewing, and uever bad it repair
a.l iu auy aliape ha bioknii but two uerillrs,
and the machine la bulay In giod repair, and is
doing all my a wing. I would no! eit hatig it
for any other. MUM JAMM LAM.Sti..
MtsciiasiitH, August S. 1x7a.
I have a Wheeler H W ileou Woaiiig Maclnu,
(one of the (Irsl that came inio Ihe lowuahip.l
tiii h I have used eonstati'Jj iu my family, giv
ing perfect satisfaction, for lbs past fuurteeu
years, doing all kinds id sewing
' Mild. WM. I). lil ltTON.
Mam lii-riK. August 5, ln7J
I have In tuv house a Wheeler .V W ilaon he,
ing Mai lone, which 1 havo used for the past
f, mi let " yt-ai s, dmng all kiiola of latmly sew hk,
making coats, pinta, etc., in mi laiuiir, have
aiao s.'iu .1 lualht r aud the Machine ia n iw lu
gmul order, and have never paid mil one penny
fiir repairs. I have aewvd licaver clulh tuily
oiie haif inch tbtougU.
MILS. 8. A. Mlt l.F.lT.
Mtsi nnrru, August a, In.J.
I have ned a W heeler A W llsou Hewing Ma
chine for all kindaof work. Using as euarse as
No, lb thread, i have made the heaviest beaver
dull) clii.ka, also wateipiouta a, id ali knula of
lieavy work, with perfect aallsfaetlon. it haa
not rost me a cent for repairs, and baa been run
daily for eighteen years, and now rune gianl.
MliH. E. U WAV.
Ht si'tHI.ASli, July 2i), 1N7.I.
This ia to certify that 1 have a Wheeler A Wil
son Hewing Machine which 1 have uaed lu my
family (No. au.Ut'S, theliist iu the lownalup) for
the past fifteen years, making panla, veats,
coals, io., and It never failed to give entire eat
mUi lion. 1 never laid otil one emit for repaire,
and never purchaaed but one ttoan needlea. It
baa outworn Iwo (2) mowing machines, ami ia
to day in perfect order. I would reeouiuieud it
to all, aa the meat desirable, simple, an I eamcel
machine. Mll.f, L. ii. GHA KB.
These teatiiuonlAls are but a few of the hun
dreds nf thousands wlio hleaa W heeler A Wilson
for their great Inhor saving and valuable Healng
Miifhine. it la of late greatly improved - neith
er the thread rmr the cloth reiiiir holding
and doea the greatest range of work, in fioi, it
la bard to conceive of a person so unskillful aa
not to be able to operate successfully one of
these mat bines.
Terms of payment are made easy for those
who do not timl it convenient to pay cash.
Machines brought to the rosideuce, and In
structions giveu line of charge,
O. SMI 1 II, (ion'i Agent,
niv.-, . I'M' Hroadway, Ai.iusv, N. Y.
uuifts j 4 i4 yulu,u hl,,.l,li pm, N y
Manager for Bennington County, Vt
Made of the very best material,
tlono promptly at
My Carriage Shop in Factory Point.
April 10, IH7.1,
Having had a laigti eiporieuov in tha busineat
and confident that I can
I) 0 GOOD W011K,
would respectfully iiifoini the people of
JfANciiKHTEit and Vicinity
thst I have opened
-l N
PerkliiH' Block, ou Union St., Manchester
where I am prepared to repair
Cixickh, Watciikh, Jkwfxuy, AD IjO ALL
WOllK t.t MY LINE.
Maiiobosler, Vt., July 2H, lt73. lOlf
May b. found all kind of
II A Uii WA UK dt h V 11.1)1 S (I MATE It I A 1.3.
Oils, Colors,
Putty, Clans, Var
niKli, Japan, Lime, Plaster,
Ccmetit, etc, etc, etc, etc, eto
Bilb'HUl, LhOOM.-f, i KATUEULLHTtilS,
Cord, Rupf, Twine nnd Lath Tbino.
of ait oi aenplioiia and kind.
A Id of New Wheel Barrows
Fou Sal Ciikai'.
1 ( bop.- B and of Flour, GroMrwa, Crockery,
i,iiaaare and Wail Paper.
i'w tura Frame and M'uidiuga, and
l-t'.-tfUfJt rhAMKO TO OUl'fcU.
Toll AC O Willi Hit iilX'J ASllMOKlSU
VatTK Wiiin Vvtnt Liati
at 11 W pr PiO f'-tt, Th Ut thing out.
A'iF.JiT F' ll
Tuk I'srivtwAt, Vurttti Waixosa.

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