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The Manchtu-r Jnmal.
KiMti ..?! '' ii 'gBir-f-l to .:fare and d.-.w cct.r!u-. V.a'er rer eojsjh at Mse w.th Hate's ,
uv ttiK it a u.mt.H lU, "dispeis-.-.s u L.m K;,2Wtj0 tf lb ,,, cheat erUro.4
tt..rgs tl.t ar-rue !'i tea: k'.od ': ct.4 8kt .ch a J - tie i.a a tl : itDd.t.f eacmpt.ott. la if r !
f-ro-a-a .' t'to-d p Urt c-e-fccdence to. it-M' absolutely eb:.;ertled by this
jaii. laUtt t-f U.; asm wis b.ve de i "",r 0! : Drag.;.;.; !
'1cJ t ' i'ln V- It," -r1." f tifct-aTHl. T outbid' tfif. ear. la I Wa..
ii'n; iikY ir Jjt-hi
j ; ' t N N ; i
.ij' (ifs.Vtrn, si
' C9m u . :& 4 J ti ft .' 4
v. ..: It. uh ot.i :-. (t k tuf- fc-
-iti.t.-i llt;,h c U- ti .MM t.i.m(t 6e-i
IT li : 11, 4 f .. fo. .. lid (Mt Iltl'i i ii,:
! tt m.- t if i- r flri'i .1. A-
1 n '. !.-: V , M M. H
. ,r it.1 A r : I I. V a
.Imu'iJ have bt.U .... , .... ,. . f, .
ttitti;d I berry la t.w . Tin
jva e.uU tit as i.i.-ojf.l ( f t 'if , tjt (: ia
"'!'. w 1 ' 1 iU !i,tt core pound 1. oecern a home
Ilf-r a-, if -it J;tjt Wk!e t
.. f f-. 3. t-e J -i-....- di?. 'v !
t t :r t : . I e , lie l0 fa'
j-t- c. !..-aairg &e asJ a." re- a;. ! the a.T.iitrJ
Vov, svi.r. a !.. .. i.,!i.,a r:!c.
i i , i. i .
l.llilHS n I I IN ! I
..j f,,,r ta itiuitr4 to -or tuir cngb,iJ,
If Uk. I I.t e W.ei, C' j.0'5?v.
a- i!-'!-!-!.! l.ke tUt let!. tie i, a. .-,
; j rv.rU tut
bruf Likt or fuliuorxiv outnt:a:ut, Bik
M II Mil,
t -.Jtfj ti4 tamin otir rti;ttcJ, o of tus iofjuil rtmfilr, W cntt
1 cut mt4u ;uf i-., m h-ttU-a "J tHtt.p. !r Wtttr aa ttx
h.ancr 4 t.. tffisiiirua tutf.t l
I . It.iia. '-t.llllaa M'a on
.': ii .- u .kit 4 i . " i "
!il ii .
I .i . . r. K : ng Vr.r t .' . ... MU.i.. '
... . F I. . H :. .Mi .... I ,.' ! !
i I.... -( . t. a 'i v n. . .... .- . :
' a I'. a ..-. Km . h. .-aia a,,.r M,..b..t
, K .... r. a ' !.! Mw ii K .n
! I.b.f I I-.,, a 'I S W!.'. i .(. lA'mr
: f
t , t-
IT g I Iff ,,, J t
( !'f f. '
) t.. ST.'- :'l 11 i,t ..n-,
tr, 1 a , !;'. It i It
oncr i ; . t i ii, I,. . thi
II..... T. . . .. .. I : t , .
I .W .!..iifc .1 . ...!. . .' . i ,r .... f . I
.! '( m . . . ' I ...-, : H f . t
el I ,. ...... r. ..i .i..i tj ,'.(
I.i::. I. l,.l 'J ...
s k l - . f -i iti t..o!i.f iKi-mcui u.. Ij li.e li.r e the i lit .......i .kiiiiH
t !. i:.f
' : t : ' 1 1 ! ,i't'!.1 f ,: j our j.
lie ",IU Ki.tury. I ': it jrt- l
n ft rU- la liiift u..:,, b;Ut:g
ti1 !J rai'tliiT, f r n h!iitrtHn. i not crrt " grI fnic in :
To Buy Coods Chcapis
-1 r
A i . t'.f .!.. t.t ;
l j i.t i-l (u::IT I ' k f.(,rtin
nt t t!. 1'
;t i. il K Inu
s, it t 1 . .
M r.r '.. "1 1 y Ju l!i.t'. Irti-
;'. I ! 1 vlWi lni.-fit'i li, U.a
(. , ty
! J.Ut,
i ha
U t'-'-ty, "'"' 1
! U iu li t;l :.t
ii u rr
' '
IKi electi'.Ti ia New Hropfeift-.
1 ue yr !ty;te.f in a tef-uMican
. fy, i '-r hut. Jrr4 t, J thirty
If . .ci y. H-uliiau, V'l V.'? .
I" ' !!, !
rt, I ;i,7ti3 ; Bcat'mi4f
,i, HV.t'.,c, g.aiii f - M'' aeru.ity and fill, liia Win with pe-e. ;, t:)l. tm.,lu-ui., ),o could ho dealt j u,, loiinier'aiid Wil.e'itooru. ara tup'
l yar '1 !. rrj.ul-Io ata be The moitahtr rdl ( to-day r.h. ' It ws the cumpaaaion ol our : plied with ilia beat tlie market can fur
..ed l-.ti. l.tavhe. of the lepal.turo .H a percent. who have died ol i v,,,, l!iat induced him to heal the I !''"'' T,,'""f..i7i?.llrf Je
at.J t ... pt.d-atdy three cungrvaamefi
tViiiriea. a i. HUhc l Thura lay after
P-"': P!'--'i.tion hiHa .to! th-
!,tti tali I
wh.. h i. ci pec t.-d I-
!! ah ..ul i:.,0'ii,i'.i-ii to lh' revenue
!r.w dul,e on augar. tn .laaae, cotton
i.d v. i.i.n Rood, and u.elal ; alao
t.-out l.l'.ti' l.y tn iurreaan f".'
enta per gallon on whiakey manufae-
tured and l-ur rent, per pound on to-
I ! (,, and one dollar a thouaand on
Th .pproprialion. aggregate
a littte mote thin !at year
1l.eMontpcl,er,,liTer.yth4t the
ht h"i,l it-nr- deceiv.-! in tela
til to the aite f..r theVeform .clond at
. , i . i
v I'tiieniiva land that th! trudvet o Hut
ii.atiliitn.il i ie convince.
j . f.,t
iait to that locality '1 hey
in a le. eiil v
av alao that iov. 1'eck mV cc
. ttodo vthing about it until the
.ia!al,ire inecf. a.'ai... which Wfin,
or called
- - - I. i . I ' .
li iifl Hi II l,. .h. iiif (Mo ' imi ii launi
I !m cilia .- aM 'ii f .
p.'r' geltti g O"
V "tl' wn ni-ai i . 1
Vergeiiiien, a., i ...
tiif man t t k
intriii'l o iin
I lie e v o !'! pur
iioti n ind the
(i M .4V) (l( ;
I cck i hardly
.a. c.l tor our goon anuuid le aepi itcbu
.Iu I."- !' ,'..i. i, duung the laat bourn w our memo! ie. God Heot the men
ol I " 'm-'H, nude a veiy atrong 1 who are now laboring to tt.ty the rav-api-e.
Ii i-i. the AlkaiiKSi quettion, aai'l ; agin nl disi aie, relieve iin of our mul
to le the l eal speech of tho esion adieu, ami IIiiih leugtheu out the period
nud oin' of the beat ever delivered in j of human life
thehmi,. It wan not only g'0 j tHrikTH.i t.tcat asv mohmi .-lutikoiia-
apeeih but it changed the vote, ol ; tri. or rule I ind. n-
iimte a tart?" nutiilcr of conffreimeii , . ,,,,,, t. ,,.. i,
a i now eluinit our aieniion. It muni lie
an I may be tin- turning point m the olviltM t . l)U , w10 have followed
polo y of the rcpuolicau party, which tl,rugh 1B ,liHtorJ. f ir,lK-ai sci.
hall f ave it f.ci.i defeat What make. 111(liti! HI0IM U. o)
.t more noteworthy . the lac .at it Jf ucl n,e hil,
waa in .bre, t oppo.olon U tne tx-; , t)y wrouK,,t in tlis bene-
pres.ed po.nr o( the admim.trat.on t y (f ur
Judiro JMLind rertaml V lli Inmtelf ainl i .. . . . , , . .
i llcaveulv r ather ha.l not rested down
l.a alato eri-at cie lit it oui"ht to le .." . . , . ....
, , , -ii, upon their efforts, what would the
i ri-l uke t i the r-hoit aighlt'd policy of , .. . . , . . ,
. , i BCience of meilicme have been to dav 7
the voteta in I la dialitct who were de-;
termini d to put a new man iu hi pi. toe i iNTH.l.FCTfAi..
- When we take into consideration
t Hl. oi nr,
1 the complicated tlructure of man, the
i loito.a I fn.m riiat pai-..
r ..Ua uter .p..n thit work Hut. now 1 '" " l,lfi''r,'t organ, the
tuppo.e .ran ..certain the nature of r,m"-v tU''liM's w,th 8,1 their crnplu-a.
diMM.e he able to dcrrihe and tla.H- t,,,n- n""llf",' '. rntt.lutioii,
ifv il.aeaa. a a,l point then, out ir, the. a"J oll"'r t,Klt ,r,'.v 11 i'011
diiTceht kta.;e.-the remedy ia Mill , 01"; !' "ed rcmedie. that may be
nnleund. the knowledge ol ailment U""'J' 1,1,1 ",UKt ,,c 'um!ered at the
. ethi.ivr and how to reprea, the "",,V"1"ul fi""' ,'"olut,,,-v d',I","J:
ravage, ol d.M-aae at it it laving our "J ll" va!uB of h,""a" ,i,e -wl, f"r
I ved one r irale .n kicknet. ... Cold """" y that the
indetth u slill another thing. When
Bie we do not ell in the wi t man to
dia.'oui.e to ua in t chiii. al latigaage
oi iin- n .io-a. iii.tur and t-Iaasiticatiou
i fiii..'e We aieti.k; this we
know without aen.liiig for the dot tor
IV'.-b Ihe phykieiaii kiii.w what
aoa it- ... ..n he lehevo us -
The. are the in. note .,Ue.tion. we 1 - aBt.in.e-ia,ng urn an.l ueatll
aak. Who ki.ow.mt.tre the remedy : lnl" l!,"lr wn han.lt-tl.ey will pot
i. Where, ,l bv whom car, it be , f',,lh c""'"1 ,flo,u lK',e,"! lllc
Imitol Here we ee the ne, ra,ty 0f ' P"w'" wllh wh,dl r,uJ ,,a endowed
,...f.oat reae.rt I, and cl. tr.t oUerva-: l,"m- vtl the w""1"m (,f ,1,e
Hon. W her, d.aaeetion of the body w,,c f olher ,', ttllJ LUin koowI
w... I ut little practiced until the Prea- eJK r,om tlm-utt of the learn
ent lii.tone t-eiiod. .nd t.hts,olc,-v eJ ' lllC,r owu lm,e' Ta the phytic-
but i UN- ..;. !. r.tuo.l, whet, it was not
km.wu that there was a tvttem of .,.
tr-i ! at.
nea-. a of
. . a tyatcm of .i'i,,.,!'!
... . .
wloiitiie i itoj a-at carried
t.aipaila if the body, and then re-
toinrd t i U.ri w
it smpuiiiiea, be
nioi.f l. a:i
i ,i .
i the,, .el..,, .ed upon ,t,
lecuper.tive bumioi.. hen it i not
understood the i- at .1 the pulae mdi
cated tl.e state of Hie ytem, when
ihe f perl', a ! plai.tt and of mineral,
halii'-t leee rhemi.-.'ty tested and
a.et taoied. when Ihe many inttru
Ciei.i now in bar, c..:jaij re d to nece.
ry I y j hyaicit! to aid in detecting
an ! ' removing .i,e, halrotleen
tiitented, when there a. ere not to
many Icartied works on every branch
td me ii. J ci-iice to aaa t the .Indent
,,.,.i.r.'i i .- ik... . .b.
7 .
ef medicine !. cp before nt m a. I
the gta-ideur . f eri'tgy etajrisfied !
n . . . ... , i ... i, - .1-..
" "r ' '' ''
ii'c.e period ol the woild t bialor. AH
K;.t-if Iri lli lii-r-iic trtat f r.r f,f th
. . , , . .
tut,lu al f r '!rftu a at their l,nt ilfug-
$r va frwfn j-4T to tear, frvin ?t to
ge, moung vUtwU after oUucie,
& '
wtuca lay acrvavs tre path of tbeir f-m-
gfta. ei til their pn feaaion tUnit out teB.pn.n.eiit, t onal.tutiofl, and every " ' lovour lrurif'at, w a.i A Hard
, , .1 . . . . . , r .i . . . or Vniecul Orove r .ud arrl . aatiiLoe Ul
lf.ite es a the '.-t divine if hamaa tbaat cf the d.teaae, or be i. not the ,.,,. .,, ,. ...j r. . i.
iVi',!; n 1 tut!.; Willi the t-i-1- ( I ll;r-
,!,.,!. h, J'-K-;!i i 4.isi:.g t!- Ut!-i
j rl . f tl,- Ut i i,l..iy ti a J" I cci.t i !
b 4. 1 Ji I '! i w.tU iin!! '
liv.' f tti -i.t I Uttil v. .l tn
it A.f tiii it.
,.it i, wan
veJ t at itmwttUtioti with a:n!) '
-i tntt-r wu!4 oiiti'ate tta malijj-
i ly . After li-nj; tudy ari I rii,.t psin
tk.tr t'M-rv.Uun, Dr. Jenrier. i.. li.e
. .
,ir I..-J, liil.cd-iceJ v'-'
which ri.t.U4 the Jiea-- tl it
. ... .,, I ..,rfe4 it. t e reraoii of '
. a-.J ....,.ru.-ratl d t. t..e tr.ou of
mai a puwer. migitier tnan t.ic wu-.
ar ! wand. U giea Ititn tvni of :
,!! J)0x that it i diflifult to compute
the e ia-t ratio Tim mc-dii a! men
have prtaai d on in lh-J liur.h of i i-
.,.,., .l have outllanked that t.-trilde
,l,4a.' Inch Hat tliiiktciiin- to j
,Weep aut-t-cta and ruler, aH alike, in! heart, then we y, that heats in cym-
to their grave. Then bow many ajj.athy with the .tillering it indUpenaa-
)1)r t.t'ering one whof; day. were j ,,, jn pigiCiaa.
almoat tumlred, who fioin tuoment ! " uiRiarux.
t,, muiiicnt wan undergoing a'.l but the j ij oVf r nud ahove all, it seem to
,,4i, 0f death, baa beeu made comloit- j ug m airoiig faith in liim who Mtutued
hje ly laudanum, morphine, chloro- , humanity, and ha ahmilute powor over
form, 0r other .luicliug mediciuea. dc-jjjtf and death, ia tiecasary in him who
aigncd by the good j-hyaician to r.- WltiU U)llll tiie tL ttj admiiiintera to
nK,ve '"' ? M""-v - l;r -.nu! I,h t,ie .lying. Atone of the old phyaic
lll"kf,'!l (J"-1 ,ur t,,,'f,' ''"""K' r,,,p- j ians waa etudying tlio organ.t .nd oth-
Ji"' l ' l"'0'"!-v tl" Jdle of the j j)a.rlr of man iu their nature and
I7tli crnluiy, boiling oil. to cautciiu ! wonderful adaptation one to another,
...... I
ii in, ki:.v ilo- l ow of i inn . wiit i,. i,.,, .1 .1, i ,.;f.. .,..1
'ou,,',1 '"l,J g'tly wound.or upon
qunciiuj; u.-n oi no- n-iii .oioij, ,
..I.I... I, ...I. il... I.,.. I l...n
'I""1 " i".
....! f . .. - ii nuivi itiiv dip I in
,v " " ' .
l,'i''TVT wl'1'" llnl ' a'"'"K"!
1 j
took the place ol the boiling oil, iiilio
. 1....... ... u ... ..t.. j ... . I, ..... I. vi. I
rv " ri..i.i. n, ... ........
relt rrcd, itud you can hut nee that the
Bcieiice ol inedicine in a great bleating
to our race. l'.y grateful hearts the
imuiea ot the great men who have toil-
. . . . .11 I . r.. . .1.
physician should be a man of strong
iutt Heel ual (.owers, and those pnwcia
disciplined to their utmost tension T
s iu other callings of life, physicians
poatess in'.elleels of varying degrees ol
alienlh, but il they lecogni.e the
nature of work upon which they have
rnleied, and the terrible rcsponsibili-
,..... i. ... , i:. i - r l
W"K""C "l"""""7 "
"d hi obligation, to man, and he will
tu. . ... . i
''""-" j
for fiiierr-em-iea tliat Wiinl.l ir.1 nl i
, .1 . t . i :ti . . i . i .. - i
""" "'" '" "";
..... 1 if C . i ... . l. . :. ; .. .1. . . i
in,,.. lioi.h.if r I f,.r 1 1 ... t.o.iii,... iK.i
' " r
he tut aasunm . '
onsiavati. . ;
Ol.ervatiuii is as absolutely nece ,
taiy, ! not no te to, in the medical ,
proh-aaion than in any other. Different j
diee hav e many aiuolar ay mptoma , '
.the tame disease in different (-ertont '
may asaume a different aspect; a di-'
eaae ol today is not of the same type
it wat fifty years ago, or il may not Ik- i
, , .
the same in otr own temperate climate
that it it beneath . tropic! snn, auid j
tJ we roiht tptc ify. For n illuatr.- j
..... ...I,., t ... b.... !
T, ' V . 7 . " . " """Strup wa. Imr...iced In lb. Lniled i
ana me. and whether it i in it mild siatr f,vm u.rm.ny for the tnre of,
or ma!-gnant f.rm The phyaictan Cougl... severe Col.l. ettiel on I be I
, i. i.i. . .
' l:'l';1,I"'eiofi!T!,ro.!Bml I.uiiff. No medirli..
me with cotfidence in bim, or intclli-
in fill t kaff! !m1 tut ' m Alr'tt,
i t t
M lieu co mUer tow rtiurli lie ;
bjt L atu lit J dieta-a An i remeJir, i
be tnutt o huJt mt m 1 auj on my ;
restless lied t-eiore Mm. noting my age.
. -
, rood pLyaic.aa U t. Witdvta U aee,
- -
!. J liic cri:!Jien, in lue t!it
11 ;
ci h i'i tir.
l!l ciri
:ii.'Uly WaUhiUir tie Li-J Of Uk-
The Utu-.lj iti)cun now riiferi. '
kj4. How cbatei the teeiie. The
j,a;t, fM.t u ( up
rith a mi!e that ;
g!uwa. the lmUn4 now luck 4 if te ';
Wl,a, ficj with coutage auJ hupe !
, Uatu, j,, ,ve; a the chiMrca .re
;a!:oonl tniilhfut. A wor.l toiivcycJ uli
' (, r.Jiifire of a amiU tht i ultcrtJ i
i . i i i i
ly ,u. gwd .ctati. anJ droPt to j
,wetly p(..n th ear of the auui-rmg ;
. .... I, .. j r . ....... l; .1 ,.n,.i i,.. l a!
...II.-, WT IIII'IIT VI il l.il)njl,ll lllT-Vfc .ll.l,
' ,j cu,j the afllicleJ; it wa his
Sympathy toward men a he moved
; m,,, them, that iunpired confidence
; j ,jm wu, l,iIu.t.!t took our infinni-
ll(.i BM(i l our .icknei.e.." A
I"J ..W.. 1. IUU Ul.nl. llll .Li....,
took tho pen and wrote an ode of
j, raise, unci wiin me apini ot uovoiion
. li. . 1 . I .1 .
jwma vreaior. iuei uaave, iuo mm
' i: . ) i I . I : . t t. i a i.
uiMi.,j;uia..eu puy.ic.ao oi .no iiiu
century, waa truly a man of Uod. Hit
biographer tell, tit Unit ho npent the
r - . i t , i I . I i .1 ..
nrbt iioum oi mo uay in rcauing me
j.ScripturcB and in prayer. It tecum to
ua by all the inys'.'.'riu of hurt an life,
the physician would be led to put hit
ti iiiit in liim who hat trodden tho path
of death; it t-eeina to lit by all the
Ktrong utterancea that drop from tho
lips (d dying men, that the physician
would bo led to believe in the Lord
Jcstia ChriKt at hit pertonul Savior
from Kin; it seems to us by the abso
lute certainty of death, thai the phytic
likii would led tut need of lui Lit in Him
who is the returrection and the life.
isiicktioan mul death cun be solved only
on the principle that man has tinned.
The remedies in the physical world
irri'tistiibly point to the great remedy
in the spiritual. There is, it aeems to
ns, no culling so adapted to lead men
to Christ as the medical, am! hence we
cannot see how one can be a physician
and not a christian, and, with the ex
ception of the ministry of the Gospel,
there is no calling that seems to im
peratively to demand it at the practice
of medicine.
A man expressly educated to detect
disease and telect remedies, in the
strength of manhood, while engaged
iu his vocation, contracted the disease
which took hira from us. I'hysicians
have not control over their own lives,
or power over death, more than other
men. The subtle power of death takes
their life fro n them How our heart
were all made sad when we heard of
the death of our beloved physician !
lr. II. 1. Cook was born :'n Manches
tei, Aug, 17th, lilt, arid died in Lon
donderry, 1'cb. Oth, 1875. He died at
the early age of 30 years, & nionthaand
todays. He leceived his literary ami
classical education at Burr and Burton
Seminary, and hit medical at Albany
Medical College At the ago of 16 be
experienced religion, and united with
Zion'a Church, Manchester, He was a
christian man, and wat prepared, at
we trust, to meet the Author of Life
and Ju.lire of human kind. Iin . ,...
married seven year BgC t Novern-
, , MiM Cl.,ja A j;()t)in,0 ,f
j i,)0i, an accomplished young lady,
. ... .. ...
anil who was to bun a self sacrincino-
and svmpathctic, as well as loviiii?
...... .... . ?
wile. Mie, with the dear boy the Lord
.,., . -.. i ,t i ., .
gave the,,,, with lather and mother and
hinter. mourn hit death. Multitudes j
iu this community, and elsewhere, j
deeply sympathize with them. i
Are we ready for the hour of death f I
A re we prepared to meet our God?
it ours; the fiteat Thysk-ian
stands ready to heal; may we look and
' fWoa lb our f. at and a aruur brat
I. viiui. naming ii.g,
b.a..,h ua 1.. ,b. conni!,.. i.. i.
Al far aba la hee'en
WoaaWfal BauitM.
Three yetrt tgt Dr. ItoBcheet Oermtn i
on-a.i, v uii.uinoiKirt a no utner oiaesae
; of Hie Ttirost td Lutiira.
e.er bid url. a au-r-aa. jBi.tiW .ample
lntiile b.ve been dialriljuled every Jeari
f,,r Uir by Probata In ali turn
ti( lu :uit(i State, an! neatly
Irtier. (roio DtufKiiita r now on otir
Uifl U9 mur.r. Pri0" " ;
I hrir aii.na. aeiia aa an tml v tn lurh!
etwileni Bttittartbin. All w. I Ut
I ... .vi av wttvm ...a hj , , , ii.i.i .ia w
fiiathrt, wouia wtis. bimv.-h w
1 l,e ir,on n nlviiu. '1'cn of thoat-
h.I of bvih ! would ie Mnnropiea
... I... i..,h m inl 1 h fimuul
.,,..;,;,. ..., mrh mm in niri of
chronic eouitli ami c!J. lufluenia, broa-
. ! , i I - I - -..1
ittiore been ac.-uiplitieJ withio the
mcwury ufinm
mrimniT to tb k luitiii.
Wl":rt .vu vi"1 l!l i
Niw j oak, anno) atice, and fi(iena
,lf c,TlBt Lire and lo at the (JIUSU
I'NION IIUILL, oppokite the OaaMP
Cl N I KAt. Duvt. It bat ottt 5W clegaut I
,y r,iri,i,be,, and It fitted Dp at au ';
t-ipenie of oter -Jt.0iX. fclevator, j
! aicain and a I nuidrru ImproTeinentt.
f ., . i . .
-, , , a 1 i , . - - i
rich ttiitu f.ir Umiliea proporilonalely
low, n thiil vUiioi' to the city and trav
elcra can livo more Inxnrioualv, for lea
iiionry, at the liltAND I'NION, than ll
any oiluT fnat-claaa Hotel In the city.
Majic and I'ar pa the Hotel every
ininule for ill part of the City. (i. F.
4 V. 1. tiAKUISON, Mauaacr.
uother Lot of 25 eeut TKA
JuBt received at
h.ti.liaUr !'.-kiI.
(im. W. HILLIARL).
o7 Merclmiitt' How, Ruruttt), Vr.
Will maki- Ilia f .ll i.uig ra lucliua to rloa out
fur tlo aa..n. Any .ui.t nut aaliafaclory or
aa retr.atJiuiHl .liu mmi-T "ill ta lafuud.!.
fl5000 IN DRY GOODS.
Iii.k al imcri and ua J i l.maol. 1J lo ii par
ofiil ft t.ir Ilia out till lirja t inak room for
pong kim-'1'"
Urea (i.Hi.U . . ft') etna raducod fruru. .... 75
:t7 " " W
In.h r.ipliua 1 S3 " 1
aj H I (Hi
Iireaa tl.ind IS " 'ii
lllark Kilkt I MO " 1.15
1 t,s l.VO
Anipriran tilka I .Ml " t S3
ltiat-k alliauaa 5
ii ' 75
Illai k Ca-linif r H5 " l.S
t ) " 1 15
Kmprca Colli W to 50 " 17 10 70
lll.ck WBlnrproof Hi " t 10
Mil " 1S1
Ulna IValorproof 1.18 " 1.10
300 Shawls, every grade, Faitley 50
to $3d 00, all wool.
100 J'.tHM AKH7.V0 SILK 10 CBXTS.
I a li. a' I'n.li r Vaala and Drawer Sir., radnrad
from 87 cuta.
i'RINTS 1 to S ceuts per yard.
llnSIEllY and (ll.UVRM. Iron framed Una 5J .
Ili-inauibr no oita cau aall jou Kotnla at luwar
pr.c.-a than we can. baruplaa ut wiiii plaaaure.
41 Sett of Furt to clote.
1 Seal Si I til (fl, rcdaoad from 45 00
I " " 19 5J ' " 9'i. 0
t InitUltori Sa.l Hxta S no " " 11 50
I Aatraclian Cloak 1 0 " " 10.00
I ( Inlil a Vv'liita CuutJ
Harqaa " " 7.30
20 r..-tali at n pad Alaaka
.Mink S50 " 6.7J
(i Krta ilmk at on half price, and t odd Mink
boa at ona-lialf prin.
Mr fur atiii-k iiiu.t li clnand out totuaka room
for olhrr K'"lt li. f.it Mar.-h lat Nona ahould
fall In aaanouaour al.ck bafor buying.
37 Mnrrbanta' Ilnw. ii
offers FLOUR at $6 00 to t 50 for
White Wheat X X X
KEIKW.NE Ilk-par Gallon
(,'OFFK A urOAR 10c par Fotind.
1 propaaa In ofW for ih balaneeof tin month
5 yrt cifut r.fl on all .ooda, air-ef.it tbna Daantion
ad aiiovn, on ail bills of Two Duliaia and up
ISulTalo and Lap Kobe, tilling at coat.
Why, lo buy Ooodt Cheap at
Wiar A liao't.
I ..11 wraihr ba i'oim and tbay ba.a fro4
aaiK.rimt.t,t .if
Knit Goods of all kinds, and thi largctt
assortment of Cattimere Clotbt of all
kinds for men't waro to be found in
Henriiiigton County, which they now
......,,..., . ....ti ..
r'.'"r"" H"lr""'i
line ioi oi lyeamer ana nuo-
Uf ,oot mJ Moccin. tb, lm.rt4 js
jut the thing fur cold wettber, Be-
fore buying good, of any kind, bt ture
and call on ut.
Uffertd to Cash IJuyert.
We profn.. ta raluce ear lwk yrjoru I
Ukinf mTi.,ry nait . N aa lb tieae
and bare la ll.a plaa to boy yar gawda.
I banbfalfor pa fa orw ka4 mttmttig yen
pawwn,. ia .aa la.ura, wa
aril.-, yt . . in
If ar.afa.tar. e,
Factory Po ct,-M.och.ur,-Tt.
Otitnbtm Uv. trai. taa4, aaf m!Um
Mat aak4. mtf
One Price Ready Paj Store,
Call and axainint tut OrtatRargaiut
in nay ttock of Dry Ooodt.
Be.t Auitrican't, hpraguat, H.mil-
tottu't, Cocbeco't and all other ntket
of printa at 8 ceLtt.
5pltndid yard wide Sbttting at He.
Forty-inch Cotton at 10 centt.
licking 10, 12, 15 and 18 ctntt per
in Drett Ooodt to clote out the winter
ttock. Largs lint of Black and Col
ored Alpacas cheaper than evtr.
telling at and below cott to clots out
my stock
Rlsacbed Cotton., yard wldt, 8, 10 and
I'i centt.
Fifty double wool shawls telling very
Flannels, Waterproofs, Caitimeret, 4c.
Fifty pounds Woolen Yarn at tl
per pound.
$2 IS buys a doable sole and tap Boot
Best Robber Boots $3 00 at Ante'
Best Beavtrint Bsots $2 60 at AturV
, , ., ,
Men!', Hoys and louth'
Ladies, MIhscs and Childreus
all nt greatly reduced prices
. .
Cottet hpool Cotton at Oo ptr spool Bt
A M K si'
Our ttock of Groceries it Larger, Bet
ter, and Cheaper tbaa aver.
$1 00 bays 11 pounds of extra C Sujr.r
$1 00 hmy 10, pounds td A Sugar.
(1 OObtys I pound of best Layer
Kaiaiaa at
A atu'.
. ..-k .. fi-... I.... ..il
Chotcs stock uf.Orsco. iap
Black Tta. Stlliag ttry cht.p.
. - ... ,
r.rk. Lard, on gar Cared ifataa, Dnsd
190 batTtls ofUlcbigaa Wiattr Wbtat
fin- i.t r.rei.ad diracl from Lb.
Flotvj- juti receivsa airtci iron vat
mills and seUior very low,
1 .
, . ,
, io liora) ElaDiels Jutt received aaa
aellirj. for II .5
i 00 tTt itree Gtni'e Kwt SbirU t
iw J
Lh. ,... f f.r. ,
varee pair, o, iraw.r llH. J.O. A VERA CO, LowstI ...,
.aBH.iH j
TSe-U ksys U t.tt LW.Kaitj ,.m.,k.Ud An.lyik.lCUmU...
TttU at
.a 1'Nli l or .ami g ,i-
a.a1 ..f "in. k ir. Hi .
put tli a. iaii. " an.l ila
. b. a" .r, "i l.a K
l.iil.l in I. race. i. a' Oral ' o "tlntii; rinraii u.
an cur ui. j
! I) C li '
faiilifuilt ,
i I rtiai m aai i
a I li... kuiJof
I t"l !. gri !. aaUi ...aa ' t o li
....... .... ...,i.r...i. M,
; i... ..til. tm. ti.v.r .ui.i.r an
! Ili.ll 1 .Ba, I. ul a. luaii ka a I llial kui.1 f .
: "I.I&K ..til f il.m : ' an.l th. I Tiai.kif omn to., :
' an.l .... "li . taa hk rliaitu .''
aK..I,l If I'm...... W-r.li. ul. and Or.H-aia i
t a.i for liai.ii a Hiai.. Oil altera y.'U uauallr
ll ia put tip In lbra a.... .-ailr.1 "Trial K,,1
"ki..t ii vu Miaa," and ' I ai.a fatuilt hua UMliaa
W l.l NNK A I OSS,
"'I " - a.... ... .
S. i.t t W .ll.l tlard. NikIihIO, an.l lo V
lim.cr. I'a.'O.r. I ooil V,.tt !
1 ull Line ot
The Celebrated Lion Alpaca.,
Jual rvcaivr.l tu all uuaitara l'ri.-a ft.nn 'He
to115. Uif ua a .-ail
WLNT A 8l.
Ari.iil..n, M
11 A I K WO H Ik.
I ISM M K. MIA 11 t'l'K
I . 1 ai.ii"UD.-ra lo ll.a la.ll.-a if 11 .tii'l.aatrr
.,,.l..li 1.,.,,. 1I..1 ,h. i I,. ,1 .
,,alr w,Ht
y'l., i. ',', S'rt't'htt, J.
liuUia bf mall aollciln.l and liroiiuUI. ...cutrd
t aliafai'iiuu lluaiaiil.-i .t
Uancli.'atnr, V u i" I i l, 1 .71 ll ;
(JHAliLKS K. orst
Ha reiUlliml liuitili
wbi-l. Ii. ill k.w p on li.il I a an id a.anl llii'Ut
Copper, Tin tnd Sheet Iron W.rt.
Taruce at.l.iiii:
CAXH, J'AXH Olt SAP reus,
h"u!(l Utva llietir ortiort witb me auti k1 tLur,
at tli iutTfil tut.
1 mil nil tt lh lo..-icMb ptlnr.
Ihe Argun! and New Mnmiiil I oik
knd groat Tsful i-f
f,.r wood or coal.
Give Me a Call.
CARD If Blacksmith work can-!
nut be .I.Mia aa i ln-aply m.w aa ll aa !-
fur tb war, J priip.iaa I.i nun mil wlial tli. rca
ann la, and for ilial jii.rt.o.e I hava al H-kr utv
alinp in Itariiutuviilti ami lilia.1 uoiiiin tmit wi.tk
niu, aud will do work (.rtint.tl.v ami wi) f,n Ilia
following prtci-a unlll fnitlo-r n.itirai
II, .ran 8li.nl New II it eti-li.
.i.ni " ' a Oil pair.
Mho. et 1(1
" aliarpi-ned ami ai'l. . M
" iii.w an t ai.t 3U
All utlinr fnrga w irk il liu f'.r Ilia a.uiapili-e
eliaiged at Kai-tnry I', mil in'lKoO. (ioa ua a bit
of yoar patronage and at e Imw w do ll
Ilariiiiina lli. Iter II, IS74. 8H
Pniicie laauad la Iba
Springfield, Mass., assets, . 1 ,'Jf.O,000
Globe of Chicago 640,000
l'eoples' of Newaik 3H0.000
Mercantile of Chicago 300,000
ami aiifiit f- r
Vermont Mutual,
Champlain Mutual,
W indsor Co Mutual.
ra.iilitii.a f..r ilai''.ni large Inoa
LSTAl'.RO()lv'ri ltAKEHV,
Factory Point, Vl ,
la tb piai:. In buy ll.kara' Oo.ida
t H K A P -f'H AHH
If a rHfnuVf d tuy Jn arid iilim hhii h
a building t)i.Mti inv t.ftia r( tht of K tu
IturrtU'4. uu 'ha toat luatlitiK fiom Kno ory
I'oio l Ham l-r rr iU t ? . ahar I tmrft f.r
ai a good aioiu0i. of
lUkcr'i OifM.a
! 1 haTtaiao rmntod aauppla of
V L O V R ,
! wln. U 1 orTar tnr aala al raaannabla pni-aa, f r
,,r,x,lof l.irli . il anl oinm. prir.a ani
qtialiiT N'lail k"p I n aa ,,n bij tail and al
; a.ia.l utrtll
i Coffee, Tea, Spice., Ac
KMFIlJON rsTArdi'.r-X
For Dleaai-B ol the Throat and Lutis,
Such as Coughs, Colds, Whoop
ing Cough, I'.ronchilit, Atth
i ma and Consumption.
j Ib faw imiiaMtoiia, ttfctek ba won tb
eautilava taaaaind and Uauma benacbuid
i tjonla. among t'rt '.m on. bnl rtiariy nati'Hia,
iaiaatbaaa .ilrw.rdiriarr irtu.a. 1'rlbaj on
' aeila.l " el . "Imt'lii. vf main
ittl.!nMi..i.iMki.i.turI. ivm.i n
I kaa b known lo .b pui.ii .Uut r-.rty y.a.a
J by a bmg cntitin"t 'ia 'f aaar. i.,a ruraa
taat baa . n f.r it a e..r.SdHii-a lo tia ..on
j aqa.ii.d t any di.-.n. it ami
j taat. Ma Biaaat Raaaai tar, uf . and
;(idaand I .'mini ,4 'bat ran b. aaavla try
. aiedml akill lada-t tb. ttari y I'rrUnai baa
' rali rnboad Ibra. dauir.ri.ua .l,aa r.f ll..,r
1 '"' 'ii"'-' "' "' a f.ii. ..I
u,,m j,.,, f.t.i ,,cu, u,.i ..n
iiuioi iin.. rrwir t i.o mt... ir
ary fatal y alo-sid baa it in Ib.lr rlaat tt In
; r.lr rlif ita M..tl.lj.r. 7 Da .Mid'iit ab.-o.d
, n.at it an t it, .aa .01 ...i bap it by
J'-9 '"' " i 1:1 " lr t.aiy aa.
: ratfaarr. ay
uut tl Mcattan a. Btaua i tutcia
N.m l . . , k. mttm t-i l. t.rau'l ul Irnu'g t
I A 1I l.S - - Iii.jinic L r t ho Mar Uloe
a a ' .:.;,. .a a.
. .
I 1
IU ui . tt a I V t tV
lSl'. A doutlo nhaal
"t. I. ? f p
.... i
k.a. ...ta
t'.i..ri1 lltr .n t l
t.. lac.u fc.au.1.1 t.u4 I ).'... t a.J
kuj l'. ia.iu tii..iua: li." ai .,
ii at l 4 lit... .1.
an.l ..l.iiii
l llli A Ht
A i It i sL.ri, Wa-.-l! I,
I f, , ,.,. I,.,,, .1,. 1 ,.,.lt,r., I.i I w I t,,l.,.ll.d
. I.e.-.- i 1. p-l In ll ill I i ! li i . I Ui ia.
an.l a-.-,'.lin- I.i .i.lai.t. , an. I ail. l-a ... .1 in l.,a
to at. t puict.a.'ja
! la.'l. l, !'.
m, Vi , 1 . i. ;i. I''... tf
i VOTU'K - The noii -resident propiie-
! l.-ia tli i. .mi i.f Winlia-I. in H.0 .HXiatjr
i (f PrlllilliKl 'll am l..-lo ti..ll!K;l that tlo
1 Inn i...."l l.f aai.t t .ati a',.1 ito-atala i.f
V.i no -hi. .i'i id It. t . ar r.f.-..iiiia l',,a .lata
j nuLm viilit-i in wli.-... u ( ait uti.at.l oa ilia
i ,,ii..,i k i.i,. I., ., ,. .
J I ;n ai't.a. lot S i 1" in ll.a Hull !n.
, l O- N.1..TO..M Ilk at '?T
17.1 a, i. a, .V a. -i . a ilt 1. -I N.i Silt lil..t
j no .,,..,. I ..i N 7... I.-1. ...:.-. ..I
j 'si'J it Lves in 'ioi.it l ball . f
! liu , i.. ..ii U. No. 1 in Ivil. lantf , .l t..
Tl.a.1,1. u luill.it IS'.
1M a. i. I'. o.i; l all i-l il n,.l t o.
mill.'.., .! to 11 IV ! an
11. . if. I i-iiiV l.ail .1 V,. It in ill. I d
an I pa. t fit i hr i . ...... i in i iii. tit .' . a-1. .1
art 1 . i i.-.t. A ll .i.l an.l A VV fla.l..!. tl
i a. i, . .l ol I to. N - 1 1 in li l-i
taliiji.. .... .Imi I . l,a I li I I' I l."
i o m, Vprll ''. lHi7. aal I.. I', I U"".- ,(
hi a. t,. i.i I if 1 I N" I hi Ilia 1'iili
i.i, .-,.-, I,, VMoIpA I.i.I.i ii,. I VI
i.i a. i. a, 1. il N.i ' i m Hi.- Ulii rai.h.
t l.. 'S .1 irn , iita.l a Hi
An. I n. lu ll nl aal.l I.Ot.l. aOi I, . . .,.1 al
I iii.ii. Aii-.-ii,,ii al tin. inn i f 1 M 1 1 i i'i "ant
V. mlin.i, .'ii tlo Ill .la. i.f Mai. Ii, . ! I:., at
'.'' ..'. l, i k In It-, f, ,. in.- n, a. al.aii I . i - ij.n.iia
,H,. l.aiiif .4..I l.- a il. .- ..., lit. I- a. -i.
ilaly pi,l
I lat.-.l l S iiiliaii, ll.n in. I, ili ..( II- I.i'.
. I.., 1ST."..
i-.'i I I IA.IM A vi 1. 1 -1 n , i ,. I
1 In tin In.ii'.'l r.ii.ii . f t!,
I'l.lli-.l HI. I.
f .1 i'ii. I'i. in. I ..t V i-i n... i, I
I i tl,.. i.i.i l . r i i IS i ui lit A l ,. , ll.it n,iia
Sun -,- U 1,1 r. I . ii-'in O'lO a a .....-. 1...
i .-in I..- I III aal.l I ' 1 1 1 1 I v I ill I.. lai.l. i. m,
I liu- Ill, till.. I . "' i'i.' B 1' -1 .' l,n,-, Hi III ol
t'.'H nal. Ml nl Pi" n, I, .1- Ir tl. ,-! -I a t a lit -i
,.,l n,i ', r tin' A- I i t I .., ,;... . f Mm.-liVn.l,
.i'i. f.r a ilia. l,i,. ai .1 i' iliil--.li. tt..-i...,
.'i.'ltl a.i ton Oi.liii.lii.i ami i'.i t-.tt nnl ln. ill t.la
; i.li.t ollii r i laiini. ( o .i.l.l.. tii,,l. i rani A.'l, ai d
i ."'f ,i,"'" A' V!' V, ""'i'1'," k.".
I M , l.ff'it.t It.t ll"H. I. A h 111 I It-V , JlDtiif.
j l t in t, m tiu t (tttil''t id ii,f' i ii v i'i lint
hitkimi, iw HvttiKiit .1 I m 1 hi- l.t'MMin mi th in
" " -. rv nil ... .hit i hn v. tl
j il'f ii iIcDIm. fttitt I'lht r p'i..niHtt (iii i't, riif
U((1 r-1 r nt ,M t(tl,M1 ,;.,, i(.rr.m.
i .1
I'.i. .t at Hilt linsli'ii, ..ii lli" nt .lav "t M.n-li,
Ilia II U. .-.M All I 1, I Unk
()'dv a few chehls of 'Jii cent Tl' A,
ll will soon ho sold at
lil.Ai li Ml l.s.
i Waiii b.ater in p.
Wf, tilt rtlil'tH'l itn H, Ih Hik fftinit'iUtl tv
Mia 11 d. tl" .'(ithtUfi i ..ml for l hft l-i-liD l nf
M aturlH-klf i . 'I'titiuiannin-m t-M, r i tovi xtiuiiif
mid! aM)itft t tm cimiiH mul ilriintii'iai nf n jm- i kiu
artiutji (ho '!( t f
A i Hit "l nvitir, latf ot MHir).tMi t ,
tit oaitl ilmtnci, ili'i'mr d, ai'l !!' al! '-Uuna
a it t ilt-maii'U r tliiluli tl in nM.tt il,fi t, In i p If
Kivn Dnlictt that a ail! inert fvr tlit iiurp(
fnicMmtl. t Ilia Uin itw.-liiiif; lii tinti -if tHt.l J.
t t at '1, ou tht 41 H r'nv of AuuM, H,r, fniu t
ttVltK'k, A , M Until 4 oVifflt, V U Ml i.ttl
ami t)st k tiMintltt) li"k tit ad, 1av f
a. D. 11'j't, ib Mi" tin o ii tu 1 1 1 1 y (curt fur
ahl fi' dttoia t ) raviii thftr riaiina to mb f-.r
ttaainuiaiion and alioaaiiff,
Iatd at Wain tiontrr, tin Hilt ttai ot ti.
a. v. ii;:,
It. IUWli1
3s:iw J t . It tit! Itl'H, ; Cdi,,,
K. l-.I'Mt-N. j
Uc, ttt Pillar ltmi, bt tfiK aiD"inlf. Ii tit
Hon. th l'ruLalH ( tun I fij Hit I'ihIid t if Mau
('llTtatt'l , t (,MDIIlUll(l(lllll ttt I t'ft'l ', t untie lnl
attjuxt tlin riftima itit tlftiuixts of aif i-tumii
aaiiikt tho p(tti of
J. If J.ntahroo., tn f.f lUt,. 'liimtfr,
in aatl I rot ttM aw t n, m m.. mi . iiiim a do
tjt-tiiai aliililt in t-flttft ttoKlo; att1 mi
nit'fiiha ttom tlm I Kiti ilar of IVW., h, ) )flK .i
htwi'i) t-y isml ( milt f i tl; ut MirfMist ,
Oif ft furt, liif hr f i'1 niii. f llnl ( ajiatrini
! i the iti'D-sm of our 'j"MD ', utt-nt t A O
itk A t ont4, Mi imoI Mi" It.-tii f, n-i tiif
J Ml U J KVtff Auk . 17,fl""iu me ii tit i i I uf tiVim k
y. Ml , 'ill flHld ti ,
li t at Mam i,t-i t tM- H f I i fumy
A i . 'i- li Ml i I f, i
4-iJw A Mm Mi,
! ...
'T IX SALE. 'Ihe imu rot.id.-iit pro
, l.na i.f ll,. I'-.li i.f llnl.. l III III.- r. llli-
,111.1 I niiii.K i.-ii an I ai.iit ..( N . mii-.i.' , .
, SoTitl 1 ii .11!'., I Ota' tim 1.1.1. , P li. h.'ln,. I
i ( .tint- ai d 1 --a ii I . ' I a a.a-aai!l l.v ..lit li in
' i.iltiin tti I mi l.-aia l.. ll . .ln,i tin -la'v
rf-uiaui In lo.ii' '.r in (-an i.i.i.t,l n.i 1 1. a f !i.,w
;ui( il....'lllil-t! ialnt. In a.i I t.,a i, ! .
Alx.nl 1 70 a- li-a, di'.-.lr" t li V : ii-n A i. I . ua
! and Maiy K Ali'lon i.i llir.m ' ta.i a A'na
! I, am . ll"t-, lt.-lia.aln i 1 HI ar .1 I. IA
ll'illiat'T, en liu- i.t'. .lav ..( Ann'ial l"l.
aaai -aid la 11 , ,. ! ,V I i li',1
Al.iitlt ' a- If a at, -I -j'l.n v ' kit. i n aa llif
Inula it'l-1 1 V J il. ' il' I t' .Ulpi-a M'ln-rttl
Ann l' l on Ioa wif.-.'j.il.i, M Dull! ami
J.lma Mi-liinan tn J'-hli tl It. I. in. -.n t f
S... l-ii. ili t.t'tb ,lr M.v, ll'.l. I.i
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