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The Manchester journal. [volume] (Manchester, Vt.) 1861-current, March 18, 1875, Image 2

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i.i. V S i 1-1' Kit S V M I N Mil,
y f.f.'.j
P., V M X T,
1 i- n ti ca'.pt. tit U t'f f t : t 4(,, ,
r .i ttfi
J : ! t t .
; . 1 1 m '
I t
r 1
I 1!
) ! ! .
' a' 1,
r i
I I (
' Ui ! ! V l,i:!il'"i
I ,- . r.. !
.... f
t f pri.t t
) , t' ' !!, to fl ' ("f j' .t4f.
i' ii.v if"- ti! ; m.'l 1 '
! !y jifif.ti 1 i.r
! I . ! j i U I i r X fv I
!. :, ; I f. tli J IH"
i t' !. -.' : !'.- ffr.k t m y
t V r
f." -,
: . :;. ! y ;. :.. :r . 1 1 1-,
..t 1-;.V i r v i : i
t it
1 1
1 I,
f t !
tV.!. ii
, HI '.
... li.
), in t:
I . . ;
-,- t I
-r !
i r l y !
t he f .t i-i; !
l i 'h t . it 1.1.1
Iif . if. in ;
t ( i.ei Kn'uiili' the h iiir 'i n'i ai ii til' rt orf. arid the ol'lice i,( ,1 . , l'a."-iiiooc-
ly loH, w i. I tli n i-iii- I the mc1i- ct ite Iiimsiiht ; and west l"H ninar tin'
in 1 1. ci-iu! i r, I 1j . a! I tin- v.irc u. laiife I ri. k building of l.i.istns Hub-
-l .1 li i.r.j!. I.ii! intr i lis-r ! in lie- I ai !, the jewelry M-ie-i A.. Mead,
! th-r -I a tinnlai eh ir i'-lr ' Iho b"ok ftm. ol T. ('. l'liiiini-y, the
-ii' .ii. i-i r.'' i ii"' !!! I in t'lat iui:!in'iy stoic of V. . A limit - a
!! ; th n '.. ;'. f.-r iln' j.y- baila-r hiinp. Mini.' thui.i and tailor h p
lot nt o t he iTeiti ii tpuilaliuti claims , 'he s-coicl btulleb ol U,cte I uildingb
to j-iot.'i't the n iviahle watci of the were all occupied w ill) lawyi'f'n ofliees,
I'luled Mat i-i fioiti iijnry and oIkIiuc- dental olliee, ilothino; and the ntore nf
tioa ; lU-lari!! the I r u s intent and ('. WatMori Co. 'the IriiildiiiM on
iiH'aniiijf of th- 1'iii -i i I' o ilii: act ; to Mate Mred aie a t tal Ins. 'I licy
piy thti'twii p.'i i i lit iiioi of the ! were owned by I.. 1 1 ulibaid, Ira N
rl.l.Mif (ihi .. lie Uu. a ..d i;;.'lo.i, toiTw, C Y Moiim, T.r.,slUH Ht.lihard
ifclablinn Inn.- I ii.'ciictional eoin-I s., ,,!,, V, A lloutwell and Klihu
u.ticc; ti n, ik- (;e er.il pi-i inioiin I :.,;;,, ,, 'I ,e i, c w. t he ne'st .serioiiH
5r.l I" - ! li ioc.raphie coininii- j ,, ;Ml ,,v,.r oceuied in tli in Jiluee.
I i :i ml peiihoiim for m i- ; pj,,,, buililiuir- urn bunn-d and t!n
ice in the ..I ilh M ji. o ; to amend ' vm.I bo about f;V,l,000 the insuraiieo
the a. t fLiMii' ienr.ioiiM t i tun ivoi h ,,,,,, j,,, ()lr, -phe timidy ai-
ol II,.- war ol ISlo; t.i n -filiate the ,-lva ,,ftho liine ((limine eonipany,
c on. In..' id the elcctoial Voli b h.r j Toi rent No 1 , an the lire was prori'K-piesid.-nt
and vice lent ; tin- bill u the north, was I. ailed with
ollhe joint con iuitt.-.. appointed ,-hi'.-r and rc-at i:iitliuii..iiiii, mul llieir
fiame a better jr-veri tin-i.t lor the 1 ii- (.fl;,tll4 W(., ,.U.ciual in preveutinit the
trn t ( f (oliirii! ; i. and many "lie r biil' f.iaher npre.i l of the lire. The Ver
of minor iinprn t am e ; also the house j niont Mutual n iniiiirance on the prop
bill known a the Mei'Mry bill, to re-jerty burin-1 footi up $ll,t)(i!i. Lor
ulate i -uimerc..' by i ailroad anion,' tlie j not covere d by inioiranee, about $l..,00i)
'viral (.laics, the hoii" bill to re-I
pealtiie preemption U. and see nrr j , , , , uy s, ,, , l,1 ,
h miesti t,i a.-tml setth iH on the j ''
p:, ii- d en tin. a,cl tin' house sti am-; In af cord anee with the pirovihions of
o.t I ill All the riiiroad unl water I the law, p tsHed at the last nesslun ol
r oite nn',.1 d I ill- faile) an 1 so did ! tlie legislature, this supifi iliteiulciitrt of
the biil f i tli a bnis-i oi i.I NVw j romiiimi hi-IiooIh in the towim of thin
,mi ',i in a state ; county , met at Arlington, Tuesday, to
, d'-ide upon a lit, of jii'Htioiin to be
sU.mi ,s mi; i n i, :,, j,, ,,. ,.,,,,,, examinations.
U-m vmicm y.nv,fr 1, uob-e-tti Owiii partly to the fact that the law
! '' Wl ' ' '' tiibutaiies i w., i,,,t undernlood, and partly to the
. I the ni-r lat cir, oo immi ol them in I ,,,, Kl,tt(. f t,0 r,.aJ ony the follow-ti,-
U i sth. 1 I m et and the I alance i,IJ? w-,.rt. ,r(.H,.nt : Kev. J)r. Ilawley
at ove i'.-U-ws 1 alls I hi is a lare-ei J u( Hcniiintoii, T. II. Hall, Ksip, ol
t urn h.r than l.a I -) laei'. in My j Pownal, Uev. Mr. MeColhen, nf Arb
alel Ol
I'm t i c
the I i. :. i
tale at
i to I .l yi-.ir,
I o.t l.'ilooo
' !, pi . te I IM t
I 1 leak I'
, at vaii'.os pe !
1 V HUH; illllnl. (
tflbllt 111"! i t
lie ii ", v a t!.!-
l'l is N-
it s j I i
I t.
t HO.,;"!!, -i
I keep
c I I CO
iy li.- I
I v ,n lii;
p fttlli O-llil li;, I i t I
lest.. I km; is ,l:-h
pai s I oil ' I I -h
il.loio; si!;;.,
it.t-i mi-it- !.
'. r ye I, or l -i
ifti I, j t,o i,o i
ui. V
I irooii.' tli. m
I iM-le.i,
' " ''
'tiiiliiie; the
r a
e pi ; ii-ii o,
y i us m K -:
as the f. M
1 ti.e ; ,t I
I. U m i )e it a-
i ! a y ( r . p.
Mam j
b-'h j
mvat 1 onn-i a i I. W in pr- o. s
t T
. ! coisiitructioii, aud the (.tale ' um -
u,i.-! ens h.n iiteiitly initr I the
A,; a mi Can! Company lu eot.ttui I
'.' ev It. daill l i the W e.t!;ei, met
, ,
. ... ...on .if .1. i in . i'".ii. niai
c car. ..) . ti pm-a-e up roe unan
: i
K '
I c a!', i ! -! tin- niin ti. t
It t
pis 1,0 to t'o-
k fill t - i.Og I
I lk- li in l',e t oiilie, Jjc'it Ut tear at
d.iletei.t pi-iiite- w bich wen- tlie r:ji-
tn-t ct the iiist planting, and in
Ilviee of lour year the tesiiit if the!
li!rl out! ay nf last veal vught In !
b .x iiae'.f in mu'.litodiin-ua ai pcar- i
' 1
i e i f tlie litli.
t i i 1 1 vi. M ii ii or ui mmi man
Mr Sn-li-a .V. "l"ii, if Hut -
land. !,ae a c,ntr t with the 'oterii -
rr:-t.i l ar.-, u r-1Mo) J t i.r rt lin hiVty ati j we pubhh chap.
lU N.UonJ ;t crrnrtfri,. j ivr lo thuw nUt .ott of ifulcDtm
1 !h l.wl!!Ki Ih ri i dcnU- thi- wav ciata or.ee mle, Jq-mtiig the mi:, or-
in U(.b liir it .-i r cut ty mra?;itT iivJj of the r.tfU d;cotriou,
of tUt, ninch takes tff il lui v tWe riLt of petitiiH;
.uf of Hum- with fttobihitig! lfiKi Vill;:n hU if, of Yfr
Ui'ii.ty; If for the M -w vf iSc han- j nj.-'t.t, ititro Jucr d inVj the Houb of
rtiri )u ptc mu oi iu wiiitmaf, u
ui Matutr I the Uuw nf a rn i f a'id
Ilu r.o I rurir:,t t-f a.r U,c
a-iie:'cit ri k ir -Jart ). ....It tl
'urn. 01 a Bui. h atiaiicf decree, jut
a the era, a if aat. 1 i i;s.'iff a-.i
1i.lt 1 than the Laii33.tr. The H:,ta, ' I ke ijrvj.-f.ilij iigLuJ Hiattb iuta
Vf It-ol Ij la is'jjU tU.-f, re'kff cf pvmiet. The Iljuie at thi
i'.fi, tr f t tt sr. ;t :, J ra '.f ne 1
; ' I? " t :,t I i '.-,.', 1 p
i i ' f. i j ;t , ,it'
I v! ;. f.,r:.,.i.f a n t " vrrr
1 , ; f.- . ! lit , d.a
I a , . I - f r lie j i !!'',
; U. K i f 5 r '.!.
1 t r l.il-f ,.-.- rifi t-i ;lh maebinerj
ft 1' o ''(
f i i ' s ' !
, !. ' C.
'.''.' s t at
the i vt
V t i . i.ti vc l i ,! i ! V : e
1 ?,, t!i" if m inter arr I k '
l It
lilt) If IiHII'II.II H
1 B.-tf'.(j i'lM.1 c . titreJ at M :il
in i !i llnirIy tiiht. It w
t'tcl at 11' 3'i iri tli'1 ru ifcf a I.iiiM'
" ""' "tri it l..'!.rtiK'iH; ' Jutin
.,., 1 i in li ia if f, mm,ii,i,-:.(,. I t,.
1 .f Ik l 111, tin (unci ty :i 1 1 ' H
I'iti' r (t, ati.l lln ti to t':i" lir.lwr ,
Hie inupnl ly l..irr,rt .V 1 it. k
I he f ml twy wte t 't;i!iv ditroyi'J, i
1.1..1 . . i . .. i ... . i i
mil no- nun .i- (V.fl in .1 u mi.i-i
1.1: ii At ! o i i'H'k t!o' lire wan '
i I ir u ri ii r s i j ! v - t
lit ! 't !;!' Iv-;r I
ii It. it in my jot-
ii" t : !i!t!i
I .'h.tc thn i- i.'i lock ti
vv.ih n an -!
othr-r a! 4 tin, and a far m oi dm tr.mi (
lire f !!.. wi-d l,i-.tiii until 7
'I hi . .tid tirf l.rok" cut in
o'clock, j
Ii" leal i
ui Iho .i. vision Ht o" of l ). Daii'V. oil
!"Utc hlri'ft, and Initn t ln'i f cite tide, I
i i'-l, hiii niiii' tin" htor' ol lr.i s. Town
jiiwi-li-r, tli clothing utont old. I.
N ii I
Wat Hon Co'h dnii an d med
intou, W. J. I lamiit'in. i f Sandiiite,
I) K v-imomls, of Manchester, and I'r
V'lslin of Hupert, the latter In inp'
Co;r'icie I t.i dlive round thi.nih
ah-m i ill '.tain e of tweutr three miles
I" lea, h li e place of m-etin;. T. II . j
Hail w is elected c hail man of the meet- j
ri,r :ii. I !'. K spin ui, Is secretary, Kev I
II; ilawli v was e!c( ted a Coiu iittoei
to r-paie ipiestions o ex aininal ion jt
i inhoeiaphy, T. II Hail, in tiiati ir.
.lc-jl;,.v Mr. MeCollom ind W. .1. Ham-
ton, in A rithni 'tic and 1. K. viinoiid-
i .in.! llr A ni in in l ;, ,,. i n.hv
-i '
The stand-itd ol ipialifn-ati HI Irti.e
I't,!!)!! year was hxe.l as follow ;
I In" ol', .In late luurt pass an oral exam-
.ti,f. ., .,, ,l. ,,,.,-,,
j dcl.t and must average at leant "0 per
, (.t. in the written examination, and
J ..t f4l U-!..w CO per eent. in any one
i ,,f the blanche, lhi standard is filed
i titi'iier ttian eer i.clore, an I tcachei
, W1;i wt.; to p.erri themseUe,. ac-
i oordingly
! 'Jhe datu
,f the pul lie ex iminati
j were f xed hu April 1 7 th and Oeto
I, to ci niniei.c,; at ',i o'clock a m.
j mtiilii imtiL men. a.
'1 here w a bowl among licm-n-'ialic
C-jtijfft-aameti an4 their conntitutent
l the recent change of the rule, in the
1 H,..l nf KlT.r.ae,,! ,;v. (lelif i v 1 1.
' - t
; the minority vf ettair, right they had
i jnet iou'y enjoye I, a an utiwarrant
.' atde invaaioii of lime toimred rigl.ta
: One if our ronttinpot ar ie ha been
Kcprtf ttUtiren !;re-tiriJ, in lf,e
! !.ipe of t motJOfi t : rtU-r ft a nr.. ter cf
pftition -rriiuft !aver Vj ft m led
c..ii.!r.iltee .lib n.atru- to.ti tj rtt-otl
a li'A f..r the ftUiuti..:!, of a'aierjr ia the
liiitni. t of Columbia. Th.i mo'.i oti ai
. !. : . a', !
I ill 1 I'jl.' j;-c.i riu if
., t Ui' V i. :s. !
ti u I n j j -u r : i . V. f
l-t: Ui ! ;.t mi ;.l . ;i
'( .'-! n ii! ! !!,, i .': :
j r. i
j, ,J a j, .,
! , f
r n .
hi !r
: - it,"
; ; ,f Ir-
l .tiiti .r; i-:
:r i.
II ! i.
t ... !
:j '" v iit:,
! I i; 1. i !-v
!,. r. i ! !;-., ! - 1
(!:. T
r j.lrll' .1
c..t I
I.iw Le ' Jciliri' I
i.iti' .1 nut ui i! !t-i ui
f I. U- m.-mt-f ..I l!,- II -um' iruvc
( T 1-1 1 ii c.;!o i t ) f '' tin' f-iiiio ti:i.
frii'ii iv npitit V '.v:i t Mr v!it Je. -- i
Hut he Lai t!..- i-j.iHt a (r' mat., tn.-l :
I VC'l tin- ht"! !ll With .1 CttllJtK'Mt it :
'; pf.,vokiii,f t. hm
L' t!!i,iK' V tli.'if ri ic
IM mi
:i it wan ;
It I... 1 , I f .V ... ,1 V.,1. !
1 . 4 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 .'i , hit npun hi i-xpi'iliunt tJM, ,,r xi.h'df Iron). tW of i7 ycr'
cioc.c lh iiumtli uf tia' bold anti-hlav- "tuiidiinr Imvo been curd by it.
pry i vgi' ito. llii; wa a ri! of
!,e ,,H-, -;ru liiu-lv with and
jeiiHMut.rrc.l !.y t-V,t!::it W !
"i ;i rni'iu
.,.r w it r .;!, I I , ,.i I"
hU H 1 tuk
1 1
,,, ! i ,
to ! -
I ' l-ll'Oii t . li I
kill, except c;i
Vi itii t!.i lie i'
wi-.l t i
hiii-uk it
'c.HC ol til
(mi,.! of par
)( ,i1M
Iiuiri'.t.irv . Mr. MvKav ato( and
"Mn. Si'Kum it: Tho entlt'iii in hai
en protiouriei'd out
1' old 'I' in ditl-
ClIKsin fc!Vfry in the MateH; and tin
rule declares tliit when a inemlicr lias
ouneed bv the chair he
shall take his seat, an I il any one ob
jects to hi ptocee lino; he shall n t do
Ho unless by leave ol the l.'otlse Now,
sir, I object to the e)it lel..n lioiii
erinont. proeeedme; any further."
Ibis was an unexpected ..hot to the
brave Made ;,. tiid (o pr.,cec-!, I ;,t
Lou hpeaki s hauiniui and the excited
shouts from the Southern tnetubeiH
drowned his uice, and forced htm to
take his neat. ! lie !' peaker l'( ad the
rule, Hai l it was the lii.-t 1 1 ni" it had
ever been ca.le.l into pra-tice, and
ruled that tin.' member tioin Vermont
,, i , . ... ,i , ,i ... .
..itini it.,. -in; ,;, , ,.ii.i-ii,iiji:,ii,,-TiH,
ol tlie House, i in was asked, but
before a vole could be taken, the
House a-lj junied this adjournment
beine; a polite, notici! to Mr. Hade and
his Ii lends that, no discussion on the
ijiie-tion of blaW'iy woel.l be tj'ei'ated
by tliu Jloiise
Mr. Campbell, ol Soniii ('aroiina,
istno 1 upon a chair, and int ited all
tnemberH from slave holding , Mat' s to
attend a Ill-tilif tlfeil bei.io I. ('hi iii t III.
I'istl ict comiiiitt';e-i oDiu.
lhere wa, a rush to tiiis loom; . the
gathering was an exciting one. .'-lade's
liio-brand had touched tin: heart and
inll inn.1' the pas-ions i. tiio south.
lihetl, ol South ( aiolina, denounced
the effort as the hegiiiiiinj of a cru
sadii on Houtherii institutions. He fa.
vored iho ilissolutio'i of the I'tiion, and
lor this purpose wished the appoint
ment of a committee ol two from each
state to repoit ii pun the he.-, I mean to
ho :iire its peaceful ilissolut ion. Hut
the wisur couiiiiels previiilcd. The evil
required a lemedv, but, not the break
ing up of the Ciiiou Tlie remedy
wan found in tin; changing of the rules
of t he Hoii.K'c, so that in t he f. it lire all
abolition petitions could be ipiietly
disposed nf by a standing rule of tli
This hal a'ue.idy bi'cn lopted by
the ' i ua!" a ilh g... , e u.t - to
si Hi' holding int'-l.-sts
Ml r.itto.,, ,,( V'ii-ii.i ,. w f, ,
ate 1 to , ,ff '' I n- es ,, i , , r i , an
the f lil'jwi:,..; il iy p, - ,t I it
on i
f-i !
adopt I' oi . .1 i e.i li j
' ' .- o c . ' , i hat .ni pi liiiu.s, me- j
morals, and pipem (ouchine; tin; aOo-j
liti.'ii of slateiy, or tin: buying, welling1,
i.r tiaiislerr'ug o! shea s, in any state, i
d, nl rift ( r tenitoiy of lb" I'liite l
Mates, be laid the tui le, witi.i.ilti
being debate,!, piiitel, p-a I crr-f-i-J
red, and that no full, ei action shall lej
ha I thereon.
This ttsi adopted
a vole of 1 3."
yeas to 01 nays
i-icinttor l'iciiloii, in i
refet ring to thin ote j-
v .
il ealH lew,
say s
! .. . ,
I 1 his was on
"l ,!'d' "b
am tot. ever .i.'tr.en-1 ., the House
on iho ot.w liai.d, i r, i.;i ti.- nllnr, the
i lein-w.d an i perpetnal
jof the day I, of, ic - ei,
j up all de. ibei at. oil an
' l!ati..:i ''
ii .
111(11 I sl'OMli M I .
. a lie . i io a I fl -T IC t l.T has t I
ving letter h,l
; ,
'. 1:1,1 , l pr-'Mous i-su. s.
II:i ii, im, W, , 1 eh. V.
Ih-nr Jrnot:
1 take thi pp. , t unit v to i
J"f f.'l f'i V
i-iiwiA fii-ti.t that tht-v at !i-t ul-uf,
ow U : , U I -.., Lrfe ;
it In aio-ut tliico i ha'f k-cl U '-p iu
; tit wov-U au-I a- tally howt-d
.in from tie tct of the w-.-fid. iuro
;tte tl of tlm iwnih u h rar.-i
from to 1 2 dcu f U!-w z.ro, udd
tur mi j Lan p'ow ii h Iiitit cor
tii;iftl!j . 1 he car t.n Wi.viti?
' Ccfitr.! r.v-t.i-t jtjtj r
1 t he t.n.e tr ai's l.av.- b. c:
s i.i
.00 accLH.nl ..f the c 11 . 1 toe
.:ii.t,n - -
tUvW. 1 her e 1 ia..: j . tu-dav. two -u-i
' gmc With a mow p'so, the firsl tr 0
j ta tj dai-a. Ibe cr lave r.ot gjt
. ' ;-J ,!. rc f..l tiliC l.'.e Ut It-rtB. lu
. .... krirw't mr ( J:." C ,'. : !! 4tU! fMk-i
jjsi -'l; wji v Vr:mfi f?nrJ efJ 6 t
. ' i, 1: ti.::k, lili' iff ititrr litl if.i
i. 'i ! m i-ir, f.:l !.: i 'i ci'utitry. AH
Vfr!,..,l lhi m wntirT t ' ? ' nu?Pl--r:
y kr -f iiili;Jiiv.u if 'U M-niiUiu i-yt
... n.i Ku: l. f:l wp riuntry..
... .. r . .
luv Uu i . nee tijiu wu, j
r. I w.- tu t;e i;TtLinj
ill gr,.w in Wraii'Hl J it i a rauib :
U-tti-r fruit Cfunliy. I J iut ih to i
ifk J,hr1:;:Kly ! "'V irilivp It ;
I a 1 ihink vMf ir.v (untiy ;
I r j.-ut.,: tn-i i witiinjr to'
w 'ik aii'l c!.r up frm.
Yu;i;s. Ac,
J. A. Cai niT.
'n.(niii.l i't IniiitKliuim. The colli-r.it.-t.ioi
-.ttiii)iinit v . ttKiuiil dl tliein
r,. k-hiiii Ti'inpt'Ty iiiiunrlioui un
'' ''' ' ctrrli.. In the h ol
il .ilv iiik'litlv il 'iie t'f IUi'i IIoliC
l II iifliiiui.il mul !''. 1 he juroxyniit
rc ucr.t in I ittv-fiiiht hmir..
!" llr' '' r"" 1 """
Tim iii.iht iiiilmiiiir lu-ison in the world
js jtj.ii.ii,.. Kvi-rvlhinif loukt dark
ami (I.n'iuiv ; he. fi-oln "out ol irt" with
IlilUM!! lld CVfl'S llOilV Vl. I III C0 All
klunKr, llul Iritr.
Il is iiMlnial (or ion(ile ull'iii)i with
( ' jii-mril'tioii, :oni;hi., Spvcif Colds, or
iinv oil. i r 1 i :to of the ihront find Iiiiil'k,
to put i 11' ft miii day I.i day buying ti
;li i ),-!! that I In-v know ha rtiri-d Ihtir
iiciciil.oi , ii if in) or relative, yet they
hivi- no tiiiih in it until it li too line. II
viii w II no to your tirii(;xii.t, Wait &
Hard or I irover, hiiiI jret a bottle ol
lt,:he.u' eriiian Svrup, your iiniriedi-
me cure i, a ccrlitin lit you livn. It ha
lately been introduced in thi count)
Iroiii tieruinny, nnd diu;;uisU and people
everywhere re elated over its sueces.
Vou can get h mmple tiottle for 10 cents
Mid liv it. Kt'L'tilur ti. bottle 7o cent.
I ii I'oitr.i r in i u a v ki.kh.
Wlnm you visit or leave the City of
New Youiv, mve annoyance ami expense
nt c ai riiie hire and stop Hi the (i It AND
I NIllN IIOII.L, opposite the Ukikii
Ci.Mti.ti. Dkioi . It has over ;lo' eli'unt
Iv tui iii-hed looms and is tilted up lit an
cxpciio; nf over ijioo.ooo. Elevator,
-leuiii mid ii'l modern improvement.
Km-, pi'iin I'iuii. The KKSl'AI KAN I S,
I.uncli Coiinier ami Wine liooui are sup
plied with th" best the market can fnr-hi-h
The ruin. tie. is unsurpassed, ltooni
lor a simile peison, il.;'(0 nnd $2 per day
rich ior lainilie propoiiionately
low, so that vitilor to the eiiy and trav
elers i nn livi) mora liixui ioiislv, lor les
inonev , at lln; (iltAND CNIDN, than at
anv oth ! firsts-lass Hotel in the city.
Siiiye and (ai p:i the Hotel every
i miniile (or all pails or the (,itv, li. r .
, ,i- ,. .....i.i ..." it
fi . D. (i AliKlON, Milliliter.
Jsugar Curod llaiim,
Lard and 1'ork,
Etc., Etc.
Ian,',i-Mer licpot.
ither Lot of '2rJ cent TEA
Just received at
.Vturi.ilieiitcr T .-pit .
ofl'ers Ff.Ol'R at $8 00 to $tj 50 for
White Wheat XXX
Ki'.ltl i.SE.NK 10c pr liallon
WIFFE A til'OAIl lOe rr Pouiel.
I fin;iu to iidi-r fur the t.!tir of thin uiontli
i j,.r cut i.rt oti all .i, m m, iixcupt tlie.' niiiiim.ii
. I i.ii, .vi , i,i, i l i,i, i,f 'J i ljs.l;fn and up
Ihill'ilo and Lap llobei Helling at cost
-T IN 11 mi:
li v , to buy Giod (.'heap at
WuT X, IJlil'll.
. a' le r 1 la m.ii.s
iii,..i.l -f
lint lb"? bav a K"r"l
Knit (ioods of all kind, and the largCHt
aMoi tment ol CaHHirnere Clot h of all
j kind lor men's ware to be found in
i IVt.ningtot. County, which they now
iropoio; j0 hl. al pi ice to uit the
; i I '.he s. cm.!, i ,ir,u"1 l ine lot of Leather and Hub
j, ,. j,, j . ; , 'I 'T lhu.t, and Moccasin, the laertt is
I" : ' , ' the iLing for cold weather.
a,i i, at .nul leg-i jm buying jrood of any kind, be sure
I and call on us
U fiend to C'ah IJuyer.
pr-ip j. to rdu' ur atok pr.oua t
' ,k"' fc' i",rt-f y n it a. Now ta tti titua
' liifut for paai for ai netuut ywr
j '',r'" ,0 lb 'V;9 t9tu'tu
Arhrrtt0v VtvIr uu: '
Uaui.taniafft.ia ul
!tIIE dkenchek COEEEK 1'OT,
FitLrj Poiut,-Mr.cfcetr,-Tt.
atau aaiiTj. a
HlVi: K)tM AT I Vl
tint the f'.a.c
To Buy Coods Cheap is
One Price Ready Pay Store,
Call and examine tlie (Jreat'lUraiu ;
in my utock of Dry (!oods.
im:ai! ki:ai)!! ui:ad!'.!
HeHt American', Sprague', Hamil -
tonn', Cocheco' and all other muke
of print at H ceLt
f-'plendid yard wide Sheetitiir at Sc
l'orty-incli Cotton at 10 cent.
'licking 10, IS and 18 cents per
in Dress (iooiIh to close out the winter
stock. Largo line of Hlack and Col
ored Alpacas cheaper than ever.
Helling at and below cost to close out
my litock
Lleached CoUoiih, yard wide, 8, 10 and
12 cents.
Fifty double wool shawl tellimf; very
Flannel, Waterproof, Cassimereii, Ac.
Fifty pound Woolen Yarn at fl
per pound.
t'2 75 buy a double sole and tap Boot
Eent l.ubber I!ooU $2 00 at Atuc',
Ileal Heaverine Hoot f2 50 at A me'
Mens, llovs and VouIIik'
Ladies, Misses aixl ( Iiildreiis
all at axeatly reduecd prices
Co.itf Spool Cotton at c per npuol ut
Onrntock of Groceries i Larger, Hut -ter,
and Cheaper than ever.
)1 00 lujg 1 1 pound of eitra C utrar
$100tu)i 8 pounrJ of beftt Layer!
f Awta.
Choice .lock of Oreen. J.pan nd
hikck XlcM illllll rj cheap.
... . ,
1 uik, LarJ, bugar Curekl Iiirii, I'ried
10'J barrel of Mktiijgaa Winter Wheat
' Elaur iuat riT i fCourt from It.
I Ititlli aba aelhnj rjr low.
I .
I,-,. , , ". , ,
, jU riorae uiatikeU jol receiel and
i aelliusr for 1 "5
" "
1 1 00 Lara thrrfj (itrrf K .it Shit U or
three Daira tif Iirawtra
inrrc paira ci I'rawera
iUcetiU Lura tU teat J-adiea Ka.il
! v ... - . .
'ill. i -ill-.
i : . ' r. ,; ii
..' ; .' l.-r '
i i . . , -. V .
v ..,,,, , u
I lit, I. IM-
'' . ' I l;
I -,,. , I .. C . , Slv.
-- . I . Il K -,(,.
I , . t ... I, , J . ..
I...,. .. I .... I, . v., .
1 . ; r , I , k,
! ,.;,- C -, , S - M i
I. , ' . I . k, . s V .,.
. ,. . ' , i. I , o
.n , Hi : , . i K
.1 "1 III' i'
l !.,.;... O l
li,l O l, - I v 1
v i wru
, t, ' . . ; ft i
:. . I ...-
.. .' I .
i . , ft.t.l i
1 .!,
i t I CI l ',l H(il
- J , ... 1 I a,
-It ( .1 he.; .; .
ft i r. O.t I'ni .l
M II Mltw,
I, i,.
' fttikl -If
Hit1 '
!-. f .i.i ' t ti lvf
m hiii . Mini, ('ii,, Uu h. in! ,
i ' i -: .t'r id. -i . ti : liii in ivki
i in i I :(.. t ill r tt.ft It Ukf I.i 11 l if
lt i.K ;i! ' f U.i-i.i ' !.l lilillr mu Up,
i3 . "It ..ik ;ik i ti' tu "
ir i j. ir -it V-f rhniii tu 1 nm(t
t A I 1 I iki I 11- Um. Oil tt tl T.-U Ualltlit
1 ; it j ui up iii 1 1 i ; m, i' k i if u) "Trial ISi?. "
"Me-hi u '! ' I at k i !ui, t '!, i i
V M til- NSC A MiSH
N o l i j . I-i; m a;, i il ii.ti'ai ! iirci i,
i-.w.t I VSamA JUril, Maucl.i r. kmi t.i
'D'rr, l a -i.-tv ) .Mt.t
I'llll l.lliC it
I he Cclebiated I. ion Alpaca,
jui.1 f.'sop,! ai a'l i,imilcoi I'ri.-ff timn U, c
ill t t ill. li I If UN .'lii.
w lis, a jinn ,
A f illlntell. i.
ii aii: ( t i; k.
I -S M 1 . w i 1 1 i M i K
i - i , il i ift.l,, . , f M ,i,.-i,, ftl.r
. ! ,tf l lift l Hi (, ! ,i .!( II P. t.i till
Ri, 1 U j
!,au w a
i ;., . , , ;,r. .fi-
j ,.AI-n, , -, A1: ., n M,.,N ,.,,,.,
j i r coviusm.
i ii l-i ;, I y in ,. il 11, if I I n :i, irutnl W r .-ulsit
ati-t.K'li.in I lam ,o,l. i ,1
Mfi.ii. -.1 o, V ii i I ,., I i; I. U
(MIAIil.KS K. lOFNii
Ur T ktiiiii ,. l-timti S
Mi'l'' it V I' 'I S , t l.'iMuN I
wlnir .' ill li. i i ,i,i lill I il ',1,1.1 asa.tl I lti ill nf
Copper, liu niiil Sheet Iron Ware.
1'al lie. wi IC'
i. Ic. il ii U Jiw II.. :, n ,u-i w.i I. lie. an it ' I llmui
i.l lln' I'., -' lie .
I sil, si ll al tli- I.,",
cmmIi pi icea
TheArgand and New Manard Cook
an ! a Ki'fat v .riety vt
1' A It L O K H T () V E S
f -r woiiI or foal.
U i v e II i! a Call.
0AJil if JMi kNiuitJi work can-
tiot bv iIoti: h i J i i y now a it wan
ft rt tli u war1, J pi upono to tln ittiL niiat th rca
hii if, ami for il.i I 'iit)iMi' 1 liav al kf4 my
h i,ni ui I '.a 1 101 ui mi" utnl Ilm tJ ciiu.M ttoil W' i k
mi M, ai fi will to vvnt k )iifiipt)y ainj wt'l! f r ihu
(ol'iuiU(4 piitiM Uutil fwrtimi notir :
I!'i:a hlnnl .Ni-w. $1 It",) each.
im h " " A (Hi iaii.
hM. Mi. 10
" .-linn p-'fi it ami Mi-t ... 15
' M an 1 f! OM
All i-tlif'r forf,'. iv irk rl ri" fur the fain price
..hari! I at hm-lm v l-ni! Ui'lHti, u$ a bit
of ml .at(ui'Hii- Miiii f i how m do n,
ItaililllliV lie, h-o. 1 1, )h:. ni
Mx sen rsi e it, - Vmimont.
JViliiifS initisil ill Ili6
Springfield. Mass., asset. . . f I ,'.'50,000
(ilobe nf Chicago 010,000
Peoples' of Netvaik 3X0,000
Mercantile of Chicago 350,000
Kiel ac i ol f'.r
Yoimoiit. Mutual,
I 'h I'liplaiii Mutual,
indsor Co M utual
l-'t.-ili'.i n !" i 1 . o .o- I i- .
U.li'Oiif-.'.s I'lAKLKV.
Fad ny l'oint, t ,
In the I ,
ill. It
I ill I'
it. 1.'
III... ,.,,',. il i;,V ".,',1 .1,1 r',,..I II
II I, ,ll 1 1 1 ;f I ,' 1 '.V , 1 1 111 V !, ' 1 ,1 -1) lliliial'.f K. 111
l uii.'.1.'- i' in'. i',a, i i 1 .-. ' 1 1 foiiti Kfto crv
I',,, ii t . 'Uu, I .it viiivin, wro-tii i tale f'.r
sail! H 1, -1 in"-"l llii-i of
H.ikei' (iood
I iiLTf aii-o ii oivii'l a nuppiy uf
f i. o u n ,
aii,, h i,I) r f'.f .ft:.. t ir.s'.i.Al i .rier. fof
pnai.f w i. w i i n I at-1 riatuii, piici-a and
j uai.tv . Snail l-t-i-p li,r .am on my rail alid al
sa.i si '."in
Coflee, Tea, Sipice, Ac
I Mi I'.suN KbUIiIkwK.
.iVlX'.S (i.V'J HAUTIC I'lLLs,
Foi al! the purpont ol a Family I'liyalc
ct Klx.
Ct!VfLfBa. Jdiiido iya( 1 "d ijff-ai iwu.
i Tafttr' , '"iJ Mniiii'l. aid Jiff Uj ,
J.rvnip 'a . IO a-!a' h' . i'. i JtiiHiUia
littoi. J r op -"ti ami .-a t. Iiimjhi,
iu: u-n-: -, l.tvi i i u.j. iiit,
i o :t' , I r i o r , J uujora
a n d hail it )uiu,
i turn. if ut Nu
rt'U, aa Ini
tirr l il. aid
I' u r i f y i -
tl K thr
1;; -1
! ti, miat ..nk-s'. l .ufffati Jrt pa (!!
I J lo if fl.'la alein lnn i,.', toftnitii.b lit)
!n.ii,i,li,.; i'.o i ic am ! aul .laa
; ttJl , l4,p , ,,, ,,.,f j; w li. ) i,.
I fiuriis al lt, ' i.uneira f li.a W'1, L
.loioOaO. II,. l .i ii. !'"' lrd KI ISHf
a.--o ,t. a-. t tu ,...;' i t..ni isit toi. t'ltlit
; li ,l tiui:. t u t nc u a om; Hi ataiy da
' c ii-i'i'!. "-' ls.-li, ta lurunai.M a4
(,.h,i .uium .nn"u. 4 utir i.ai iiuii,
I , n4 . 'O l,lir.o at. r'ira prrfoimiKl at.il ,f ifraal
1 t,i, D'.a ilin I a in .-'.! Siom Ui C.oa -
, j b,r ,; ,i, n,j w. (. tim.if. a
i wiW au.4 a a -lai. Iii ar
I ,r.ul ku. a r-- kas. au-J lufibg Lafi
' .ai,.. . t- . a. a:i...i' tftfiii.!.
rt tfii Ki. lit
Dj; J. C. A VLIl A CO , I'well, Matt.,
J ai.4 tai;Uaj tteiniai.
- Ii.,.
I'..,.,. I I
1 , I ., 1 I m
.. ! ) i I 1ft .. ..
I . ( .;.l.
rlcl n )f r lto bll I II t
r I .'. 1 1
f.'oli Mi l
e 1 iH.ard Table
' l-.f.
r M.n in in iv;si.,
,., : ! !. HI, ( t
! li. ' h, '' Il ( ' " dl iOl I el f I
'M T . . C !: , ( t , U l
i-t ti - t" -it . t bo,; '( r tin. .Ikt.
t. , Mai h .V i"' 4it
KICK I Ol! Slid.
rc i'i ,1 I ,i i l.f .l nil nto l.. Kui' lr. I
iiit uftftis t i f I-i k. a: liu I n a in. cor Maai
fli.'l l1' 1" ' In Ira la l. IIJ H
an,) arc, a, in, if I.i ,)ti al . a 'i,1 am l.- )
!.. u-l pui.-l.iii.-rft It, .jsoi. f
J ll linNvsrrn.
I .. t -t. I.,, i, I, Vi . t . , ty ai,f
f..f III liflul t;f ftiH' lil
la lhi4 iiuitu i I wofctil A t o , Iai ni!
S. ) KpmI i n i f n ii at a -rtiti.-ti lit!
wfCit iti iii una i mm i' i rl II 4 an HIT, i'Vi
f ihi- in mlro of tut- ah u iiii'.1 6n c
I' iia!, n 1'ia i i. t, tl It lU t iaii-tta t aoi 1
mi't uu.'f r tl Act - f t utiflu I MiWi iM
i"7, f"f a hi tiarft ai il t iiifiraip Otri!
fit Ui aii Itia hntivi-tual itol c ( it iittvi 1 JbiJ
an t t'U.rr i laima iit'Oainn m, iif aol t, ait j
tUat th o U itii nf A'mI. 1- alltti.il.Mi
H , iM f.MU til Jl 'U. i. A (HUialli- . jMtlj l
aul I tin, at tit i liamtif'a tti Hi t n "I lun I
liiiCUoi, ia aati;tif d f r U t rmuiai t( ilm Mtt-i
(i. ti an 1 w ir id iTi'.hti r utiki lift itti
aii'i,,t aiul )" call . if iY ttii t have, .
t i t r 'f ni t ) tut oi aU nil ht h a r til I
1 nt.tl a I tiinliLKttin. tM ilm i.i tUt uf Malfb
17 i.
(I 1) 11 sl I K V, t loti
r, 1 1(. milk i i it in, 1mm I; .in(i'(l 1 i
tl.it in. Uu I'r-iliatv t tmrt f r Ilm Iuim
Mull' C' tl 1. 4 ll)IMaHtM't N t'1' h' fin ,1 tmitdi i
aiul ail j a ft thr hihh' am) oVinaittU of ait in-ia-o
Jiihii hclia.Mi.iiit t-r. lair nf ArlniK'ti,
m fahl itisini i, (licfan), a'ol U a)lciaitt'
ml ili'iiiati'iN filnl'di 1 in 1 t tLrn to, til i I
i-;u iiMtii lliat mil titci t f'T h a triJ
uf n aait, at th U( ilwcMin In ni f niif 4
afl, on tlie Imii r av of -tt,, 1 1.5, fr in
cUm 1.. v. m. uttiit i '( i. a I u, "it t'l dav
n tlit mi iiiotiilia It aa tlio 10th ttav of Mavl I
l' l';f( i l Id' tin nut it i-il l-r mnl ( in I fc J
tk,K,. 4 i ill .ui t i'ii aciil tl h i itnttia lu ua f
I' t i (IHliil t"H llul m'i'Hlin c,
it.i at A iiHhi .-I, t'.i 10 I, ,t tt lai S
a. i I
I h 1' Wis. i
ts i.ro A I V A . i 4 ",u
At a I'ro ate ( .'(it t In I I al M-t ti. ti. -i. r nt,io
aiul l"i aaiil lMlnt i f Mmiclatwi. uu tint Unl
dft ut un ii, a n .
'retM't.t, linn, 1,. j (Ujit.iic Jo-Ik
'J'lif JtUl!lllOtttatirr ikt) tht tflal nf J,JI II
i nUtotitih, laU of Mrt'ictii'4 Hi , to aiul iti-trUM
it, iTihi int K ni( i an atipih-:i'.,i in wiiuuat tc
aai.l cuiri i t in cir ni lint Un (l.-cu-".! ) l I
wt'itf t o' a wuiMii I'li vy: uf laii'l aituuii' I to tin
uUi. ' 'f t ai't 'i v I (tint . in i-"l at.il rt-i. I
tr tit ic i; that li w.oi .1 ln luoii'itt al io ili hi ti -
of naot iiTi'att;(l tol aii mlrf t nicil m anl t-lai'
tu httvo naul iial tut kit- n-1I, aint tin- li"
tli if f ttivt . tl ci ai.'ttiv titi wav, and ratiiit-
nai'l court Nt thi- rAM n afoi-nai'l U'ltian
hiru a icciinc to ht II i i hi futatf.
in u ujHii it h. oiiliistt that tu ai ti k i'ii
ni l ajt)Ui aihtn hi imI at n rml. nt' t Mtrt tu l"
hniil ai tlt Ttolialt' Utit c in Mmi iitiU'i in aai
dirn t, mi th' 2m t da -f A.nl, a I 17,1, at..
that nctu'c uf aaid aipic lun, I in ual rm ati J
ra-tP'ioa t lu ri of, ami Urn tunc and )iaN uf liwar
ir.u tti' fcoii la aivtMi Hi ail itufr'nii intrte
lv LUiJiliitti a cr-rtitii d r iy uf tlitt ret) i 1 ut I
aaid cidct llii wrk a'ictM ai vly I'l 1 1 Sln
oh-ai r JoiKiAi, a tif'W4pa;irt nrlnti d t ual 'I
n iiM'ncatur, in vioum to naM tittm ui lit iK
A trm r(urd.
Atltmi, ,nT.!.AMi .Mt'NMiN, ;..iur,
A true I'opv ( f ro-nr.
Alit,"l.OVI- I.AND M!.NWN. u-nimtvt.
vanVy hiklV ks i atj;
M tit i of ViMtm iit. MatptdK it f liUtii.-t hi I
At a l'idjt i: nul In Id :.k Mrih ii ivr. i(liii
add for auid liwtri I of Mauchtti r, on thu 'Ji I
dav of Kel'Htary, a. u., 1:iV.V
J'r.'i-cot linn, I,, it Jl.ii l h, J n Uc.
'J In sdtnitiiMl i al ir iii II. i ralal ut Naut ) I
tlil), lat of hitiidfi land, hi aal I diati 11. tl -(eawetl,
pri-cuU'd mi aiHiltcalioM in wittiiiK t"
aid court ftirrisciitiiirf thai 111 aoj'Miiil i'f
di hla (uf (rum rmkI d-Haot la fH;l Oil
Iho 'l.arK i of atliiuiiiaiatl"U
calimalfd ti U
MakitiK $''3 H I
whtcli U oliargfaltU un th rt-al faiat of aaid I
decfaaed, thin it heiiiif tiu lKTnoual atalu, and I
n pi( 'MiiiK that a aalu uf all Oil ma I u.t a' uf I
the aai l Mcc a-nl la ik ci'-nar 1 I l'Y aaid dtiMa
and fipnaca, and prayinK aatd roiirt f.tr tli I
M asoi.a aforfnaid to Kraut tiim llramti to aed I
aaid n-al en tale.
VV hfci 4Mihii it win orduK-d that hranntf on
iaid application b ha 1 at a rrobHic O otrt t l
liti hi at the J'rohatu oflictt in Manclif nUr in aaid
dititct, on ilio ind iliy ut Aoril, a. u and
thai iiouco ur aaoi application, inn natura aim
riaaotia tlientof. and tti ltiatid plao uf har
itiH ttiHrtoii Uu iivnn to all limaouM inlrratrd
by I'uldihiiihK a i t rtitl n copy of th record uf
aail order tlirfn wmi k m -rcaajvpiv in im 1,1 a ii
t)( ricr Jul rtNAi,, a tJi wHpapi r pnnti-1 at aaid
u&h'liLir, prntiotia to faid lint of o far 1114.
A trufi jttt or-i,
AtieNt, i,it i.I. AM MI'NMtN, lUi-ur.
A UlJt- -.r) uf If 'III iT.
Ait-nt, 1,iV1,M Ml N-tY llijfiat-r
' K Ut- nt V.MiilOi', M tin hi ml'-r li, rit 1
,t J I'ii'rtt'' "Ut t t.i j. i at V, tr, Uf-.'-t 1 1 hi ft
a i i lui Mfttd hir,, t - ii 1,.- i'tt t f Hun t,,
A f. ii'i
I'r. . tr, H m K V. 11 .1 .-. I 1 1
ill'' M'iHl l:n- 4 I 1 l;. t . 1 fi.l -' ?
Knl -I ao-! 1. amid i!i-'t:.l, !r
e 1 pi i 10 1 d no 1 p p O' a l -11 lu 1 it ilirf I m
m-i ( .id t r-pi '1 i;! K,.; ' I ft ' it n 11, ,ji,t
-! hii dii; fciu and di- 'it- tit ; i 4 i
Ttii 1 itk r- f ' 't adliiii iii
ti ,u 1 titpfiti d - - 1.0 00
t .-'i! 41
i'h.t mfui- uf thts pi i-itai r-at i 7.'i
Of wim ti lt. in ' n aiMtfiicI ilitt
pto Iir;
tUt 4i
liaiaofM nf dfl.U ( h:iL'h!i' uu )t tral
t-tal- of k! I .o - -I H'M .i j
and rt-pr-'niti! toat a i "t pittwffh
M-ai 'ata'f of aid der mJ ,m 11 tit irnrnti y ,, ill"
pay in of .f amd i!tia ind mi ptt.4 od
that a .il i nnii.it , 9 wilh'oit l.J Jr Ui
I (, luiaifcftti d in the it finu lar, aud ptajii.g
atdfMiri for th rramjja aoraid to jia-.t
li r a lie 1. an to -! ah "f and itt fatalo
V In 1 o .1 a d -rt-d t 'o' harinf tm
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