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T!t M.hh lifter Journal.
1 h l ,-MY. Aii.:i. .
l u. V : : : i , i, ii
s v"U--f j r. ..- a
f .' t.a ' f t:-ti tlat )
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1 i.r i.j f Mr Mj tv:t i U'l ii.f
i i .t i-,r ilv ( N w n, im!j
a r to ?; ru J raw II tbniy ft j
' . 't feating; f n'J ;
-'': ' ' iv;-lc-Jet f ith at !
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Si l ii j
f.jjj-l-n, ! at Jt ln Jeri led iu tbt l'tttidut 4i ttt Main tbt rt
t ' !:n,!.. IU" j't';M''t; i fi "il'i it)' ( deciding, eilbtr In the
u Kiy ia.'jf, iiot.t.i? to tiinjr ti ; r I tii it i"r 8oiU Ctr Jint, tit
! u d.4iait, :.4 tl. 4wiiu ttil "c j (jm-fiKMi nl triio i tie legally eUcltd
i ua gnat t tfii!.,o an J tfuull', a ' fuivtttut. He Laa tiotplj decided thai
mf I imjfioed from h !rjcth o(jther it ua aucb ttt ol iutorreo.
"4 iim o cbangri ( owtttr jtiau iu riltr Uto to jualifjr tit
!. p tinrt lit tuit a C( ifiiuetii ed. 'ecutiie f tie tatiuo iu uaiog troop
j aii I baa theiefure wilbJrawn them. If,
Tip war th.ni I in Kuixpo i gelling bow, lie people u! tbuae tutes can
In I !.!,; r lj-)anian a Laud, and atltie their difficultiet peaceably, well
t'leic i liil (!ult that the i M t ! and g(.d, on lie other hand if tbey get
nr.wi-fni tfim r jino important iul etiyu trouble er it, or if any
m ,tt tt (!i i. iti.n.al t ii-aa if.ad uf ! c!(i of tbt population ia debarred
(.!! w. n I. ia already tua- i
iutf b r Utc a fur a piaud covenierjt
agai.-t Turkey, ai.d will probably at
t k Ctifialiiiuplw in froft iirid rear, one
pvrtioa of the artny rnarcbing round
tif l;!aek tea lbruugb Am Miuor.
A !(! will lake aidet wilb Iiuaaia.
The ('tier riati ifia have riot taleu ridea
yet, but will haid!y Mo to kwp
out of it if Kuseia peraitU io conitior
iug Turkey.
Iinv. Kaiibauka ia thoroughly iiifea
tigaiiiig tbc J'liuir cans, and if tbero i
Im-w tideric tufKcieutto throw doubt
upon lh cant the reprieve will be t
tended, oihitwifO fhair will be hung
at thrt eipirali'Hi of the moiilb. The
itrttiii!i of aoiuo of iba iUxlun paptra
arid otbeii tint the acctmed did not
have a fair tiu! ia ail lOKh. lid had a
gotd ciuriM-1 a there in in the atatc,
and the whole bench panned upon ijnes
tiimt of law. It f et eitwy euoiidli to
rii4iii(actuio tympathy f r a man iu hi
tuatisili, I til Hi ti 1 1!-( k ;tte bi iMining
u'logi'thcr too (di ieiit in m.r tit.lp,
I after a in tii li.i bad a fuir lii.il and
the beiiclit )( a'l tii't dotil.U uggeled
by paper cont po(ident, and atill
ll:' I n t i f tiii gui't remaining clear,
e think tlie law ought to be allowed
t t.ile it coiiini'.
Judge Gilbert, of I'rookly u, N. Y ,
Urn lately tendered tlcciaion to tho
IKm-I that any i,n buying a tewing
i f bine and paying certain amount
on it, can recover tho amount if the
ma. bine ia taken an ay by the purlieg
who K"U it. In the ca at isne, a la
dy bad paid eighty dollar on her ma
chine Mie could not pay the remain
der utrivtly acenrdiug lo agreement,
and it ' at oneo taken away. Judge
tli.l.eit decided tint the eighty dollar
inutit be refutid'fd. The defendants
aked br delay, and the Judge taid,
Not kii instaiit delay." It is a poor
rnie tint doenn't work both way, rid
the teller of tin; machine had becu ex
ceediug!y prompt in rcclaimiug the
roperty, Tho decision ia important
lo lhimatidrt of poor people all over
lit . Olll I HK.lt COI.U .
A great many ttrong itpublicant,
specially those of the old anti-plat cry
mIhk.I, not fall in with llayen
.ni!i"ri policy, thnugii the genera
.:i"Ht!o!i ia In tit and ace wli at it
i I itccoiiiplinli. Oi'ca"io!i! y one
rpe.ita tight out in merlin," coiidein
oing the p il icy I" (" , We piint be
low a letter from lie obi war horse,
Uen Va l :
.Ii i khxin, Ohio, April I77.
;, r. . r,n,,t.r, v,i.h,,,:i!..n, i c.
Mi l' n iu :-Yoiir letter of tho flh
wat dutj received Y'ou ak whether
I reinem!er what I ! in favoi if!
J'r.'.idi-nl Hajea in my cioh-ator to pro-
me Ida nomination t the Ci ocinuati
rmittMion 1 do remember, after what
ka nil, re transpire J, with indignation
aid a I'ittetiic of aoul that I fmver
i-U l-ef.ne You know with what un
tiling ea! I laboied f.ir tho emancipa
tion o t!te tJavc of the South, and lo
ptiM'ufH j-imice for tliem before and
during the time I waa in Congre, and
I mpponfd Gov. Have was iu full ac--..rd
with m on tHl tuliject; but I
hie l-een deceive I, betiayed, mid cctu
butniiiate I by tha coiir lie baa taken
to a degree that I have not language to
fipre. During the first montti of hi
administration w find him cloaeled
witli two id the worst and m t malig
tiant viiemiet , the colored race that
can I fwurid in all lhat slave curaed
teiwn, an I then consulting with thone
malefitot a btiw tet be can put thete
colon d people under lie irnu heel of
their rnot titter en tn: , tid redoc
them In a cnndili-ni infinitety worse
tlsan l- fare tliey wrre ma le free. I feel
timt to h e emaricipated lhee pejple
i ihew to leave tlem nnrroU-ctcd
w.,e!4 be a clime ax itfamou a tolNe York, we a'so send our compli-
h,vt fed need liem to .davery when menu, and ask them to promptly mett
,Uv were fret, a d fr Ilaytt to do j wy lii important matter of
tbia to the men who hJ tl the ttard j I1 olJ mii l!f 11 eth ,e"
of their live, givto Lira H e vote w ith-1 msiuitig town, which is to U directly
,. .th..h be te.er could have bad ib lwCi4 J this new road, does its da
, ... i, i - . v i tv iu lhe tatrtiiats without delav, there
p o it I do ,li. terriblt Inustrce ! Koj,;, gfJ mhy ltlC pre.entyear
doubt it mtd.iat lie dcatract.oti tdj , u ;,t w Ikattlebora and
the party li.al t.ec t-' J him.
A t t.ttropUtioti f a'l this i' tut
si. i-u&( bi t.l isf riMiit! is-
51 y cVy -. f...!tti. a it Hat
I ! irr ii.f Be tltl i-etl.fr irrn
it an ! tttr r-rtn-t,44 l lav?, ia
it fjiaofctf, lft drftWd.
! ti;j.; U-i t'Jf 8 lira ly tay
tf t 1 " r -. wrU," l-ul litil it
I " 5 i;h ;sl u(b gxxl1 ir.lri..i-.t..
Yuyr tf u!y,
n r. v ,.
MTTrIl IXtll4.
TLc J'rcn -it tit hat iaautd an ierf
wiiMiawiu' tu tioop trota the Hati
loute at Ne Oi!ti ami at r '!.'
qucnc tctarfy all ttt weiatr tt tl.t!
J. lai J Irp stature Lav gnfcw overt-)'
No h ! r,4 Lat e Uen ut o in. IVt-j
r4 tvio c tiJ.-ntly give up th conUitt ,:
though hi prvteat utelt rather !
matter. U aiou'.J I reiu!irilert4 Uiat
frcm ila juM rigbta ubder tbe conililu-
lion ht rentrvc the right lo take
hand in lb final teuleuiciil. Tbia ia
the rreaideut' potilion, a wo under
tlaud it and if the people of those
i-utea make a good uaeof the opportu
nity thus iflered then they will bae
no reaxon to complain of Uaye adrnin
iatratioii. iiaiLiioao iuttkiis.
A Uallk-boro corretpondect of the
Uottou Journal aay railroad matter
couliuue the uppermott theme of con
reraation and diacuaaioii, and the Bral
tleboro and Ybilehall narrow gauge
project i being pushed with a good
deal of energy. The action at tho
town meeting lat Saturday, lnuat be
substantiated by tho tignatarcs of a
inujoi itv of the voter and of the grand
but. The couiiiiissionera appointed to
carry out thia ordering of the law are
working u rapidly aa poaaible. That
they do not find it quito a easy as slid
ing down hill is evident, but I learn
Uiat they are succeeding ery well.
Snnie of the name that Hcntinvl lurge
figurca in the grand liat are still with
held, but il ia confidently believed that
ioohI, and perhaps all, of tbia class will
eventually surrender the coveted ign
inauuul. It i undent to deny that
there i considerable objection to the
road and a very bitter opposition to
bonding ihe town, from an element
that cannot bo dioregarded. Before
the decisive vote at tho town meeting,
Colonel Wailc explained it character
briefly and clearly, o that evory ballot
mitiht bo cant intelligently. Tho sound
of his toico had not died away when
one of our largest and wealthiest farm
ers f prang to his feet and cried excit
e l!y, " Yen, gentlemen, I hope you all
understand ; if you vote 'yes' you
leave this ball in bondage; if you vote
no' jou go homo freemen?"
It may bo fairly judged, however,
that this opposition in largely factious
and of a kind that will gradually melt
away before the stern logic of fact. It
certainly seems clear that Brattleboro
Las reached a turning poiut in its ca
reer, and that tho succtxs or failure of
ihi railroad project will determine
pretty surely whether its future i to
bo progressive or retrogressive, The
mime ia true in a greater or leg degree
of Windham county at largo and the
town in Went liver valley especially.
Il i to tie regretted on many account
that the necessary $50,000 from this
town could not have been rained by
subscription, but there are two nidrs
even to the desirability of that The
elf rt to do a i waa honestly made, how
ever, and only $30.h00 was pledged as
the lesull of ihc hardcKl kind of work,
'lhe lirattleboro 'Wn of last wc-k
sa)s: 1 lie comrriiHMioners sciecieti oy
lhe town to procure the signatures of
the tax payers and the amount of grand
likl needed to perfect, the vote of the
town iu aid of th Krallleboro and
Whitehall railroad have thus far had
excellent meets Although only
three working days have elapsed, and
the committee have not taken pains to
enter upon a systematic canvas of
the town, about one half of the. lieoes
tiry number and amount have been
secured by the friend of the enterprise
voluntarily corning to the commission
ers and signing ; an t no doubt now ex-ir-ia
in the miuda of the board of their
ability to easby stcare more than the
required number of signatures and
amount of grand list. lhe work will
oi loubtedty be accomplished before
our next paper is indued.
In voting this aid Brattleboro follows
lie lead of Jamiica, Towntheod, Lon
d mdetry, Wiuha'l and Peru, and now
she, in common with the whole West
river valley, looks t see Newfaoe,
Brook line, Windham and Wardsbero
speedily fa'l into line To the towns
on the wet tide of the mountain, io-
I eluding (Irauville and Whitehad in
"" "WHt.. !
lit tfforti tit it a In Uvtt
lie tt gtt o rmu 1 ether! ; cri,r of M mtbLioJ n4 jtsJcmptioo ,
tiaa gtafcSei nl be jijt ia Jrai 1 ta cn'j tiroag ism II IUU tecouiM !
Ibo pf3iitt to t-s ct"-utttrJ cp n Tit xcta lira ia procUiw tttry bcr tit :
talcra! m njitjin., c-Cwf'litg t- lb ' werti 34iXd n4 Swktjr ia I In tot I
tUt'itira ifprifteJ tu4'U f;. ijif&ifiit'a fa, 'air, j
ctnlert m CiiiCtCUkli tt.1 Cii?, Xttj ttu'; juurt, I
!! tlt cs!J 1 41..;ie4. M.-JC tia II. i
1; i f (if tit I' !'. t:.T " l.l.tltUa' r HMaaMMaMMMMMMMMMMMMM
!e. ?..-. tu twotriyfUjgQ STATES MAIL.
'" "g j'.'l," !..t n--te .f tinr ftvg-.
' ir-tirtio& f'! I t t "lair."
! tt!r toe rMn 'uy tt.fte
nol ! stealy progress from thi pist
but that iraton i formidable ia iu pos
sibilities. The grasshoppers in rertam
sections are an unknown quantity, and
the potato I ug ar very treacheroas
visitor io other, liut they cn hardly
do mora damage than in puit seasons,
and they may do much U. Coming
to the eat, and cspecia'ly New Eng
land, we flu I the teasou much earlier
sud more prophetic of fruiUulucas than
usual. Iu Wcali-ru MassachnselU aud
down Iba Connecticut valley from Ver
mont to the hound farmers are even
preparing to plant corn, though the
average time is net much before the
25th ot May, Farm help is plenty,
anJ the best hands can be obtained at
piice ranging from $15 to $18 per
month, wiiii connidcrablc lower rate
for inferior help. 1 he acreage of corn
will be greater tiian last year, of to
bacco less, though it is hard to say
whether this is good policy even for
war lime, for the more fighting is dono
the more s-noking will prevail aud
the fragrant weed beindemaud. New
England farmer have rather an un
usual opportnity, and they seem inclin
ed to improve it. Jfotton 1'orf.
In your cditiou of the Joi rsal, for
April fifth, I noticed a Iloston letter to
tbt SpringGed liepublutaH, entitled
"The llevival Services in Hoslon,"
which is such a gross misrepresenta
tion of tho truth that I hasten to refute
tome of the statements therein made.
It says: "lhere ha been uo revival
yet, iu the technical sense of the word."
I cannot better answer that assertion
than lo quote from the ailJrcsn of Hcv.
Henry Morgan, very recently given,
" On Moody in Boston." " Is the re
viral a failure? with reference to tho
latter part of the subject, be said:
"The revival is not failure ; Iloston
i stirred us sho never was stirrod be.
fore. Her great heart is awakened,
she is filled with holy cnlhuKiasm. lier
wealth and her culture, her proud and
her poor, her saints and her Burners
alike catch the spirit of the hour.
Moved by that spirit they bow at one
common altar. Churches have become
united, sectarianism gives up its big
otry, ISeer before was so much scrip
ture read in the blicct, in tho car, in
the family, in tho church, and published
in the newspapers." Churches are
open at midday aul thousands guthcr
for worship. Y"et some pronounce the
work a failure . AVheu I st'u busi
ness men, heretofore frozen to stocks
and bonds, wedded to the almighty
dollar, leave the shop, tho marl, the
counting room for lb prayer meeting,
when I see them hasten with eager
foot steps to the house of praiao at the
stroke of noon tho many call to
prayer this don't look like failure.
When I seo ministers, by tho hundred
on their knee burdened for souls, go
ing from house to house assailing vice
in its stronghold. This is not a sign of
When I see lost men, covered with
tho leprosy of sin, flocking to tho
((ancillary, a doves to the window, re.
deemed, cured of their appetites clean
sed of their sirs, rejoicing in the hope
of a Savior that is not failure, l'rob
ably there is not another city in this
whole couutjy where Mr. Moody would
have met wiih t-uch bitter opposition
and been tho subject of 'such malignant
hatred as in this city. The writer of
that liostou letter certainly could tit
have been a frequenter of the noon day
prayer meeting for limine men al
Tremonl Temple, or of uny of the nu
merous gathciing for piayer, held
daily; he ceitainly could never have
attended the Tabernacle meetings lor
the intemperate and fallen on Friday of
each week since Moody and Sankey
have been in Boston ; tie certaiuly
could not have known that tho conver
sions in Boston and vicinity, within the
past few week are nonrbered by thous
ands, claiming alike the lich and the
poor, the high and the low, and in tho
face ol all these facU say there had
been no revival a yet. The Christian
element of Boston and, I might add, of
all New England does not look to Mr.
Murrey or Dr. Barlol, and their like, as
expounder of alf lhat is right in
Christian sentiment and doctrin ;
neither doe it think any belter of their
c!a for their opposition to the woik
now going on here in Boston in connec
tion with the Tabernacle meetings.
Had that writer possessed any of tho
spirit of charily and good will tnward
men, seeking like Moody aud h'ankey
and their co-worker the glorv of Cbritt
and tie salvation of men, rather than
proclaiming the labor of these men a
failure, I aai qoite sure, that letter
ould never Lave found it way into
the FpringCelJ republican, and then
! ioto your paper. If there is a reader
j of the JotaxaL who it inclined lo be-
)lr .1.. 1......T . 1 I
I neve iui luiii-r 1 earurfny invito unn
j to com to Bo.ton and we for - Limtelf , d Pf ' . ,
I j A!o a a d Cin-aiar Haw Mid iSOt-uuatd is
j whether or not the aaiu-riiots therein i Jajv.- u tarea io of wir, n fi aj,
1 . , , ,, : 4,'j buie. power. t-.oL boa, bara. bifkn.itli
jmsde are true. That writer, and ad' :,;l0f .0j wmm Uod. 1, .y.
'who are in tympathy with him, forget J w?ui'm maEI UVEBMORE.
that wtciweoartiittarwe a aciriliatl su Jatira, vt!
aJ f nl.ilUttJ U Ue CUmlia'
nligioa, igr,ntiBg CLrUt m .
ikut o'rh'B trTAivnarNr, j
iii!i.wi, A)'isl IS. K?. j
rfiOl'iKrAUf will b rc!l tlt ttoalra.4 1
Jutw t, !?!. ( Iu Ua lUciitoJ ! r lb. Joih of Jauf j
fur rariviag IS. aiaiKuf tlx I ami Mte. fr.n j
IW u-ait-.t i, 51-77, to Jau 30 Iwl, uu tlx M
io,Bf roe) in ih .( f Vti mmit. i4 b
ih ti aai tf tfvpuliirM tt:J unia.i huttu !
i .tir.l, tit:
Sli?. Ftuiu frlll'a!J, ! Wis i.rmitilil, to
i.,.tll . tui.i.o, s Hi its ana bfck, il lim.
a v-S.
I.c.v. l.lnllJf U d.ily.nnpl tuu i,t,t lu m.
omliila.irliSiB tulliu.
Lrt i..:r si. 1 1.4 dwiv, rioapt Munila), '.
I p. .
i! tl S.ioisD1J b) 3 ) m.
, lieod rtjan4 wivfc til, M.
i'rou Bcntoa Laieiliii to bcawui, i utile
oJ taca, tlif. limn a .
JUe.v h.uaaa LnJia( Ta .a.!1, TknraJay aud
htunl at S..H.I f m.
Arnv at Siiuin tit tal p la.
Lrt". Ill u.ou Tui,Ji, itiai.aaj ait J S.lurd.j
Airi'r at ll.i.aoB Imlin at 8 p m.
Bittnl li-iaireil KS Wei, Ilotl.
1HI. Kioui lWrlia Iu Motitpthvr, mile toi
t-.uk, ili-M liain a wrrk.
I.c.u llor.m Uuailar, W1up!.t, aud Frul.y tl
'i p iu
ariin, it Mml)li 7 l 8 p m.
Lnr Mnutptir MiHiUay, WnJut. lay a I Fr.
(Uy at 1 j p ni.
Airiv. at f.frun bjr p n.
Itonil rliMrd .lh bid, I1UU
l'rini..la inited lor .il timtn-a-Bffk .rflin,
with .chedula ! (lopariarta auil .ui'al. i, daily
axoapt hnuiia) ) at aauia liuura.
liuiol lor n.i IIujb.-. week aarrii-a, IM.
2Jt. From ll.uby Four furuara to llanbf , 4
luiltK.nl tiut, I In to liiiii.a weak.
t.n.ve liatitiv hVur (kirnt-ra TuJty Tkuradajr,
und Saluril.y at li in.
Anno at lUnl.t by 1 p in
Lrav lianbr Tntailiv, lliuia.l.y aud Katunlar
at 3 p in.
Airivu at Daiibr Four Conitri by p ru.
Hjnd r.inrd Willi bid, tMU.
2225. I roiu Or.iif il.a tu Hano-n , 3 rui.a. and
lack, lb me tiuira a walk.
Leave (ir.imlle iuwdiy, Tkuradat aud ttar-
day al 7 p iu.
intra at haueuok by S p ui.
Icv tl.ucoiik iuatday, Xburtday and Saturday
a- 1) p m.
Arri'e at (iranvill by S.15 p tu.
lioad rei)uird Bitli bid, tluu,
i'iid From Lincoln lo liriato), tinlet aod
back, ai tioiea a week,
l.onvo Lincoln dally, uicept HuuJay, at 4 p in.
Air. to at ItnaUil by p in.
Leave Hll'lul daily, excepi Sunday, at 6.45 p m.
An iv ai J.mi-oiu by S p in.
bund leqnired wan bid, W0.
2227. From ll:d llelowu (Springa, ly Kat Poult
s' ', to I'oallnry, 8 unlet and back, aix timt-a a
Lt ave Middleliiwa Spr nj(t dailv, exoept Kuuday,
at llaui.
Airive al l'nuluiey by 1 p tit.
Leave I'uiikncv d.i y, exoupt Humliy, at 1 p m.
Anou al Jli.Mlu on ii HjiriUK" by 3 p lu.
lluiiil ri'iunul aitli bid, flXJ.
J22M. Fi'oio Norib ('.uiLinilo to C'auibliJe, 4
imlee mitt bark, twioe a we k.
I.nivu Noi lb t'.iiiliiidijg Wediieaday aud Friday
al S a tu.
Arrive al t.'anibrida: t 9.15 t ui
Leave Cambridne Wixlneadty aud Friday at
tl an a in.
Arrive at or til Cambridge by 10.45 a m,
Houd ii-iiaiiud wild bid, tlou.
1'W. From Nurtli Fairfax t rtaiut Albain, 4
ucie ami bak, twice a week
Leava Nurtli Fairfax Tueaday aud Saturday at
ti a in.
Arrive at Saint AIImii. by II aoi.
Leave ijaint Albtna Tui-'iday au l Katurdar at
Arnri) ai Korlli Fiirfax by 12 in.
Bond required witb bid, $100.
22)0. From rt.iul Albana liny to BjiiiI Alb.m,
3; mi.ea and biiCK, niree time a week.
Leave t'aiui Albaua liay Xuesday, Tbursdiy ud
Halui day al 3..10 p iu.
A in to at hunt Albau by 6 .10 p ill.
Leave .Saint Aibau TneaJty, 'J'lmraday and
ha'.uruay at 7 31 p in.
Ar.ive al taint Albaua Bay by 8 30 p in.
lioud ri-iinred with bid, 1100.
I'ropoaale invited for ii-iiine-a-Wdek aerriee
wiih kcliidule or departure and arrival
(daily, ex :rit rfuQiUy) at ame hour,
ltoail lor nix tiiiieit-a week aervtoe, 100,
22.11. From Upper Fall, by l'urkiuaville, to
Not tb Kpringiluld, 5 unloa aud back, alx time
a week.
Leave Upper Falls daily, except Handay, at
'j..;u a in.
Arrive at North Hprint,tleld by 11 a tn.
Leave Xurtlt bpnugtield dally, except Sunday,
at 2 p in .
Arrive at Upper Fall by 3.90 p ra.
ltoud required wilb bid, f.WU.
2232. From Weybridgo Lower Falls t Middle
bury, 5 mile tud back, tbree time u wei k.
Leava Weybridgu Lower Fall Tueadty, Thine
day aud halunlav at 2.30 p iu.
Arrive at Middlcbary by 4 p ui.
Leave Middlebury 'fuealay, 'i'tiuradiy anil Hut
on. ay at (i p. in.
Arrive ut Wi ybridge Ixiwer Fall, by 7.3U p in.
lliiud K-'iuiieil wilb bid, tluO.
2213. From 11 jnl'.villo tu Weat KunaburK, 2
unlet ai.d back, three time a week.
Li-ave Kor.ioviUo Tueaday, 1'bureday and Halur
day 11 H a in.
Arrive at W,i Kuoibutxli by tl a ai.
L.ave tt'ii.i fcii inburli Xu- ad.y, i tiur.d iy aud
M.ti ui.l.y at 3d a in.
Arrive at i;ordovillu by 10.4(1 a iu.
, ltad u-iiiired won bid, f inn,
2211 lioDl Month (V'ard.lHirnucli to YVarda-
bruiieb, 3 uhIh, and back, three tine a a week
L-ave I .mtti Wardnbo iee,h '1 uead.y, 1 biiraday
an 1 n.tlur.lav at a m.
trine :i VVaiil.l .ati tali bv (i a iii
Leave V afu-'ii .rontb i'ui-ulay, rbur,. lay aud
.41llilal at i a ui.
Ajiiv.:t Mint i V a .lab .r "i;li by H a lu.
J'Ouu r.' , aired Kill, 01.1 , illKI.
22.ii, From We t()o iiui, bvGeor-.oa 1 lain and
(, Mr.j. , lo t-t Oeo-ii, 8 tuile. ai hack,
til ti mi i a.-.,.
L.-.v Wert OVor.-i li.y, en-epl Hunnay, at
Ar ive Kt (,-tireta I, lit. , a lu
leave I art iu.i il.tr, int himlay at
4 P 111
Arrivr, at Wi-- 'ieorg a by 6.:;0 p in
LonJ rri.air 1 villi bid, linj.
F r fotnn ut propoaal, bond, aud fi rollc.lo.
aad alao tor iiutriietaoui a U tue loudiuotit U
be embraced iu lue eotitract Ax-., a. a advertiae
inent al thia dax- lu ptuipklet form, liiviiinK
proiKiaul for mail t'lrvioe in tn aiaw 'it y r
uiout, to be lotnl at lhe terminal poal oflioea of
me aoova routea, aud lobe lita on appucatioa
to in mioiil A.ai.tant 1. M. u.aerai.
Hid. aboulo be nt ia tualed euvelopea, tu
pircribed "Uail propo,ala. title of Vtrmnut,'
tndadlrrtard io tb ttecand Aati.tatl Foat-
lui.trr ti rl.
'' M- KE- l''tn'er ienral.
A very valuable Farm con
taining 100 acres of
choice land.
known a the old Col. htker f.rui, aita.U-d in
It actory I'oiui, (M.di beater) Vt. la unVred for
llnua, b.rta aud oulbnildior arc la
riwid eHiditiou. Ihvr iaatuirar ofi-uaril of
30tl U i-:" on the plare, aim a wood lot of 12
i-iei ttia in tl..-luimuli.! vicinity of acboolt,
t-bnrciica, railroad atatioo aad la one o' lhBiot
fiea'rtbie plw to tbe towu of Marw-liealer. Tbe
land ia of go-ri quality tad tawiy tilled and th
loeanoo make it of auch mora tbaa ordinary
valiio, tod
tar tn tod information iBqairc of
M. K. COLRUHV, Awtgaee.
FkcUiry Foiul. Vt . Kwrti to. l77. 4
VkUM FOR SALE.-The plc known
a tb Wia. Loaaard Farm anuated eti nil
frora liondvole. .a auge road o llaB-beaier.
Kai 1 farm eonum 1W1 acrea wall ttmberad. with
nimi T.T.TT '
A C'ato f Jix Year' Stani i;g. acsuta
paui J by d.atrcMiPg sjmptorus, i
cured by the us of two '
t iltie of
Sanford's Radical Cure.
tixtv.m tf r-.ii U.r.-t'g I
( tKiiii. 1 "f i t ha ufr4 f rtlff
-a.ri iv -.i t'.t irwut.' d itfe m-U. Tbt I
eiimaliUtm f auifisp iu h-v fci 1 n4 1 1 rot kp4
nt r1oitnU ltlin uA ;iitt ti( miJTtnt )
mi 'rf"t ie cwitt ttiwfy Ttatrra- j
mt (- fci;( tii1 frirt!. i luou.ti ijo J
h. ii.u.-1 Vt It? N.arwito Rinti, Cn ut.
4ittf tU li lU'tl 1 1'Ti.l mt bf-aVfi. tf j
bi,ft utt, I riti iiMl H E-t'1- I br ti.' j
r ayo'U.airia.lc-i tu, out Lu:4.1f.i iMUiH v.ita tb '
(trkli tl u I
Helped her the most of any Medicine
sho ever used.
,s, Frifl.a-d plra find IhrM doll ra, for
Bl.icb aaud me tbr bolllea of tttnau lUul
cn. t 1 1 a roa I itikuh l'ht It.t lirlint tu lb
tu. ut vf toy loedirm I r u,ed.
tout ia reepect,
tilt. LOKA H. t'HASF..
July S. l-"3. llardwirk, Ma-t.
e'riu Je. XV. h I k . K...,l le Karel(B
Kalry t In a, umiot x ai.tom iieM.
tifHilrmm. 1 bav tietti tnmblvil with ('atari h
for aeveral yaia, bat by lhe u.e of your rmdy
it baa beta xreatly relieved. Tin auaiuier I
bav been entirely free from it. 1 tuBW ae uf
it in in fatiiily for t-oint iu the head, aud find
it au elk-dual temedy. I can eoulidettlv eora-
mead It ta all bn are tiuillarly a lit cled
Verv tiuir vonra.
Oct. 21, 74. " OKI). W, HUATITCK.
in the ubo of this remedy until cured.
Jt contain the great healing ele
ment of plants in their essential form
a obtained by distillation.
Catarrh, in lit axtout and detlructivo forue,
atnii.l next to i'tmaumptiou. and la eloaely tilled
to it: f..r in certain t-onatiliitioiia the tranaitins
ftoin urn to tbe other ia only a qaratinn of time.
It in tln irfi.ro a eiiiKiiUr thing that tboao af
fiii'ied with it thotild not taake it tb object nf
their lire to rid thumavlve nf it. A aitile
bottle nf an remedy cannot, in th chronic
ti;e, etlwt a cnte. nor eveu brinij the ayatera
tinner iti inllnetite fnUy. In many tucli caan
lhe bone tnd cartilK0 or the Bom are ealca
away, the oi.'aui of hearing, of taenia, aud of
taatinir, ao tll'ecled aa ta be rendered oanlnaa,
the uvula ro elongate 1 tnd inflamed aa to pru
due aconataut aud diatreeainx cough, l'ba
returu to health must receaaarily be alow, UDiler
tn moat favorable eirciiniataucet, when to ten-
oualy alUictvd; butt 111 ovidriic uf Ita roat
valu daily comet to band, we become mure aud
mora aati.llod lhat there doe not Mitt a caa of
Catarrh lhat cannot be cured by a Jiuiieiuua and
t eiaiaient tine or Nasimhd h iuuii al cear roa
CiTAanii. lhe relief lu every caa oblaiued
from the firat duae ia an itolicitioii of what It
till do when the tyatem la brought coaatitation
tily under it inllueuce.
HAsroBU Kadiual t-'tuts la told by all whol
eale and retail druxKat throughout tb United
Ma c. l'i'iu, tl.
Afi'ord the most grateful relief in all
A flections of the Chest and Lung.
Chronic Pleurisy Cured.
Mo. Wf.kkh A l'oriKit:
fVnireiiim. Having for many mouth pant
aufluicd with a very laino aide, ealied by my
phytieian Chronic i li nnay cauecd by a former
injury and ttraiu, and tor which I need many
pri'tcri tioiit tnd lianiietitt. at well a tb to
called rheumatic caret, without th letat benefit,
my pbyeii'iau ruom mended on of your Colli k'
VoiTAie l'LAmKHH, wbieh, to my Rrnat ttirpriae,
relieved lhe pain aud anreneaa almost iiitmodi
ati.ly, and I have hueu able to a loud Winy
houi-chold itfl tira ever allien with perfect eaao
aud comfort, here heloro the application of
yeitr invaluub'c planer 1 waa actroely able to do
anytliina;- 1 ciuaidcr them iiicmnnable, and
ahall with pleasure reeoiuiitend them to th
altlifttil, Xeu-v (otiHo-t f nOv.
ObLAMi, Mr.., April 21, 11711.
Ther ia tin uiodiual ur protective tpplian.ie
that will prove ao giateful and etleclive lu Tick
Iiiil' Coul'Ih. Irriialion and Hireueaaof tb
Clieat and Luti(,'. We believe them capable of
preventing Neriou diaciaea of theae ornaua.
Prioe, 20 cent. Rout by mail, carefully wrap
ped, on receipt of 25 centa for one, 11.2) for an,
or 12.25 for tvelva, by WEEKS I'dTKR. Pro
prietor, Boa lon, Mae. 471m
New Goods
New Styles for Spring.
I.adiea ile-drlm- new HATS will do well to call
aul look T-t I Ik- Trimmed HATrt, and tha HATH
not Innvnvd. IT.liWI.llI and SILKS iu tbt
uew coIoih
tint. i. w i rox.
Factory fln, April 2, 177. 40
I Tell It All
IRrMra. HUtilV'Uar.of Halt Tilv. for ft TtH
Ixiiai win ui mitrnaoB 1(11 1 rr-a. 1 111a m trim
Story nf n - Wrnnvin IaI m Jformmiiana,'' fully dltw
riimOM ttMt aWfrfl (IxtllgH ttd twntr if " uf lit Muf
moiu At a wtdr-aiJ& W twii iMrm." Iblroxltac
(ui by Harriot Ketwhrr IUa It ttvn n-
ftU-u auMxiitlof thai Mouoltun Mfawlow KMwrt,o4 of tlx
l-lff, I 1L Tnf, aaaion. nf rirftillww f Jlm It. l-r.
4.. II... U'.J. U.. -tat .1.1 ... .f A,... Jf Tt.U tteil.
S btnek u iiow wUin iMfltr. Mmutarrs My " wf
,0i jr-ramtni tonmo idiqtm n t ihvi inewuii
r waltinff fr it, nl Aittnt ar w)nnr IO lo IU 'U')
f.llih U.-nn4 in prrat. aV'MHi marc A'nU wantttf fcO V,
Mtf w'trntja ran m lltmiU month, fvran r,
atddsua A. 1. WwHiMivviUa fc Lu IlaxUttrd,
Insurance Agency,
reprinting tbe fulluwiuic -ft) i:.i-bl
c-tfDtrtutf :
Awt-ra tl,7nn,Si.
Fire Association of Phlia.
Ahseth tl,0tXl,0(X.
German American of N. Y.
A MKT 12,200,1100.
Milville Mutual of N. J.
ilstl) fl.i'UMiOO.
Charter Oak Life, Hartford.
Ann IH,fiO,ooa.
Knickerbocker, Casualty &
Accident of N. Y.
A wen I ! 00.000
vl'i.lu-:e iaaued da abort natier aud at low
rate by
J'OWLEB A 0!t. J4a. aairraa, T.
fUp Heckria, lloaaia and Oaivaniaad lroa fata
Tin Ware, Tiaia and HLoiped, SiiMt lroa and
Cupi-nt War. Coal U !. Siuie I'ipe, Currugat
d F-lbw.
F.aeSpaU. Tia hoo2i.f, lOonp., Iad and
lroa r.va, C. Iroo Itoita Mi&ka, Flats aad
i Oa vaulted. Ijcxla farniabed ta order.
:: 1im promptly aluoded la and wort doe la a
1 Baimfc-tory manner. 'ru- aa low aa any party
caa hltt ft tb a.aj quality and ty. of
goodt. Order by wail will raeai Itutaediat
r. h: coolf-i)-.
Aruiigtok, Vl .iaa . 170.
..". -n j,
tn.. iiiinii ii'
at kPtf. a . t", a Ihikik jj.ire,t
i4e-a re;1 tb '.! nf 1 I.M K t V "f,
.-.f ftfat.eMr ta Ike tw.aaay "4 ra.ivat.-a ed
ht.a.1 rt 4. to kaa ta
Ja lg4 a liaakrrpt v B,a eeaiit-ni f rliu -a ;
li .l tb rnvt rt as del ta iM der of
aej pfvr"y i-.iet w taol nkrai It t. ea
kK IV. m l th, O.e.lM 4 auv pr. ftlty H
boat' netw4a V law: U..I on I cl It
erentiMi vi Mid IUu.kr4 ta r-e tM.f .telo.
a-i tt cr K ee ef m f e Ai ),- f Ifceir Fa
tal, wili ! b4d a a t r n lekm)4. . lo
b 44 at 11m tm.-) f II a. f .-t. X i . ta
M. B"WT, ta ta e.ui? u.niti.t,w n 3
Klala al Xertnant lfor V Uio, I-)
lire a.rr. jsb tha Tib day of May. iv,lT, at
1 s'ekx-k r. at.
M t 'pmy V. S. Maiabai, aa Umn( -.
fc Tb' ia iv aue i tkat the t'tti iay of
ABttl. a. liT, a warrant ta bankraniey r.a
ia.ae.1 teaia.4 lb e.tai iif Haalam A le-gewm,
ef Beunierii-a In the Cuauty uf I ;.
nit-ftoa, and Stat of Vvmotit, who bar U-n
it;u!i;d baakrupt oa lbir tdilor' petiti. o
abet IB aaeut if aty di tie and d ty of
any profity beUmetng to .aid hinkmpt. to
la.oa r ( ir than o.. and tl. tran.fir f ary
properly be then ar forbi ldea Iv lit. that a
nieeuna of tb ored.tort of ttid btnkrtipt. to
prove their dvbtt, acl to chwae o o uoa
la.ifiireaol their .iale, will be tieid at 1 1 -n't
of liabkruptey, to t- holden at the ntbet-of A.
P. l.ymaa, Aaq., in lleunincloe. In the l oitnir f
lleuuintioB and Mat of Vet-moot, brfote Vi (.
Veatey. Kn , lb(tir, ua th I ltd day f
A. n., 1"77, at o'cKh k, r. a
TiiuM ts rtiu.r.
IieputJ U. H. M.r.bal. aa r
1 hi I ta (in nrtiee, That on the 2otti day
of April a. n , 1"77, a warrant In baukroidi-y ta
Imuk.1 ajain.l th aalal of F-dgar II. flnlloti-r
and Cbtrlet W. Kmj, ro ptrlnera umVr tha firtu
nam uf llolliaier A Kins, nf Manche-ter, in lb
eouuty of UeuDinaton and atat nf V ei oo.nl,
who bar been adjedged banlrnpte on their ou
petition: liat the payment of any dubla and de
livery of any property belonging to .aid bank
rupt to tlii'tu or for their , end lhe lian-fer
of tny propailv be Ihiui tre forbidden t) la :
that a tueeliliK of th on.liUoa uf tail bank
rupt to piv their debit, end In . honte one or
more Aaaignee of their eatali , will t held at a
court ol bankruptcy, lo ua huhlt a at tb I'nilmi n
ilooa la Uaacbeeter, in Ik oeunlv of 1'. uniiii..
ton, and ttala of Vermont, brfor W. (1. Vea ,
l. ., Kegttter oa tb 15th day uf May i It. 1-7'.".
at tl o'clock A. a.
Deputy United Hlalta Maralial, aa tleaarnKer.
Hitt uf Vermoiit, Mamhetter 1'i.tricl aa.
At a l'robata tiotirl held at M.nchetter aitliin
aad for aaid Ihatnct on th Hub day of A r.l,
a, i. 1H77.
l'retent, Hon. E. 11. llurton, Judue
An lnatrunieul piirporilng to be the lal ill
and teaUininit uf Cynthia 1.. Hmetd, late of
Arlington, in aaid diatrtct, drceaeed, belux pre
teuted by tb Executor therein named, lor
l'robata, it 1 ordered by and court that ell prr
aima concerned therein be notified lo appear at
a aeatloB thereof, to be lo Id at the 1'iobal
llflie in Mancbetter, ill taid t atrlct, on the
JOth dey ol May, A. B. 1077. at 111 u'clock in
Iba forenoon, and tbuw tau.e, if any llii-y have,
agtinat the probata or and will; ror tami 11 pui
poae it it lurlher ordered, that ti l. older be
nubliehed three weeka itlccee.irely iu the Man-
olieeter Jot tNAt,, a uewtpapei prtuled at Mali-
cheater iu lint title, prrviout to taid nmeof
lly tbe Court,
Atlett. Y II IIUIlTOS, Judge.
47 iw
A HTATknr Vkbhomt, lleaiiiiglaB Cuaiily aa.
a wife, IDA A. FA bit A It 1
F. O. FA 1110-It, I
Wberaa, Ileum Hulalt,
llitCcuatyof Itnlland, liai
June Tarni,
A. I). 1ST 1.
of Walliincfiird, In
6 ed with the clerk
ni iliet ouit of Cbauc ry in tnd for aaid county
hi petitio , for th pnrpoae of lorecloaiUK two
mortgage, on givuu by Frankha O. Ftrrar and
Mary A. F'rrtr, hi wife, nf liupert in laid
County of lSauDinir on on Hit llih day of lie
Of mbi-r, 1C5, to your pttiUoner of certalulaud
ia Unreel in tbaoouulj of ItenaiiiKton, de.cnhed
a follow'. Iiemg th lame and all the laad
deeded by Chancey U. llarland and wile to F. O.
Farrar, excepting three piecet told at fo'lowa,
via.: on piece ta ft, M. Luderhill. on plinc to
T. A. ltidout and one piece to I'auieha Wait,
ltefeience ia bad for dtacription to aaid Dai lund
tleid ta rtcorded in I) raet tucordt jf dem'a
Vol. 15, page 252, and baing the place on which
we Bow reaide. Conditioned lor the payment nf
1 10 II) lo aaid ueiilne llnlett or hearer two ycaia
from dale with iutvrcat aiiiiiuilly, which ta now
due and juatly owing, tnd baa not beeu paid.
Th ether mortgage entente by the aaid Fiank
lia O. Farrar on th 12th day or Den -fiber, 1H7U,
to your petitioner nf th tamo land and preim
tea. CoudiUonsd for tbe payment ol f ;I5.75 to
your petitioner or bearer lhre year, front lUle
wiih iuteroat annually which la now due and ha
not been paid. And alterward on tho 15lh nay
of December, 1R7U tho taid Fiaukllo 0. Farrar
duly executed auother mortgage deed of the
tarn land tnd premise, to ana Alou.o II. Fanar
of Kmderhook, iu thecniiniy of Columbia, and
ttate of New York, conditioned for lhe payment
ul f lfttu which it now due tud unpaid. And fur
ther ai-ltlng forth that thenaid AhjuzoM. Farrar
oa the 14th day of Kiptember, 1H72, duly ta
aigned and traueflrred aaid mortgage to Ida A.
Farrar, of UayUni in lb elate of Ohm, lhe wife
t K. U. Farrar, uowof Byracuee, N. V. And fur
ther uiung loith lhat afteiwarda, biitiltu ex
act day your petitioner ia uuabla to attte, the
aaid Franklin O. Farrar and Mary A. Farrar
conveyed lb aims laud and pronuaea aubjeat to
tha three mortgage abov aet forth to Cnarlea
Dnneing of Llor.et. and that afterwtid the
aid Chat. Dunning died intcttata, and that taid
laud aud premitea descended in due conn t l
deacaut to th hair at law of taid Cbarlct
Dunning. And afterward. th taid
heir of .aid Cbarlei Duimiug deceaaed, con
veyed all their right, title and iriti reat 111 and to
aid land and prruiiaea itubjeet to and tlir.e
morlgigetj lo on laaac llaiiowt f llorael who
now bolda, poaaeaect and etibiyt the 1.1110. And
it appearing lhat the taid Id A. Farrar rctob a
without the Hlate of Vrrmont to wit, at H,tiaenn'
in the Male ol New Y ra It " r b red lint too
aaid Ida A. Farrar In 11 ilili -.1 in tppi ar
beforaihe Court of Cbaticeiy next tn he h-d It u
at .M,. lot( r, wiibtu md mr the Cutiniv of
ileuuitigt n, on ibe hi.t 'I ucai'ay id June, I S77,
il en an 1 Ib-rr 1 1 niabe anaaer lo I be f 111 i;oing
petitn n; ami that tht auOai en. ) of .aid petaiou
together w.th ln onbr be put liabed tbrt
werka .uccti iv,li in the .M.a. 10 Her J"fu.nl.
piintida' rati Matirhaaor. Hi lat ol wbieh
ptihiciiona hill i at lea-l looiity data pie
tlou to ihe fl et needy o' June. A. t , 1".7.
Oitcii uimo 1 110 h ud .t Mm' iimn' hi noil
ot n- It, 11,0 21 b'o.v of Afii . n , l77.
fti'l II h. FO I' ll. I'.eiitv ( I ik.
lu He M.i I c Km, It iit.ru a
I in di-i of IJ. ft I'laiictt: ml f 11 hell.a.ii-t
of (einint tie nrlowlng I. I t-fati.iil :
i'l ptni erty will ie ao! I at I'.tliin' An: -on 10
th h ahial b.dder. at the Cn-11 Fad 1 y 10 er
the (o n MutterW i'it i, 01 M o.tln t r, in Ibo
Ootluty of llrtinii gt 11 and a 11 of V, rn nit, o-i
Monday, iter 14, 1X77 eoiHiwnetng tt I ocbek,
p M , ai.d ceiitiuuiiig until all p-npenvbe i-i.i
d noribed ia told, bhIi-h. pr- i .u.'y di-pio' d of
atpii'ale axle. ( u. Clie.m Ka tuyailCri
inrry cetubiHed two it ni a. Si t tin feel l b
wing 21 x .)o fitted Bp ihrotgimut aitli the 111 itt
m dern biture-, with Koriabl enie, Juaeti
pant, Frater Hentoa' patent pn-aiea, and all
neceeitry tpptrttn Inr tha uiaimf .ctur of
hotter and rbarae, cold runnlug water, Ac.
Building aearly w, hiving ruu only two t a
toua, til iu complete order, and a de.ir.lile
nic ol property, iurumbted by a lavrtgair of
12500, aud Bill b aold tabj'ct to 111 aam.
M.S. COLutllH,
48Jw A.aigura of HolliaWr 4 King.
Having pnrtbaaed tka ittera.t uf J. II. -tl
ia the atcA f good af llote.teel A llnrr,
1 will ofl.r lb Mint at ttraiely low pri.e Iwr
A nice Hna of clothing AT OW T. HaUtn l
Ctp, lbjota and hboea, at ro.l, iJn . 0 -l
Crorkry bl"W ol, Fioar for tun dollar r
barrel btiew nrexnt worth af It A full line of
Oroeeriee will b found at all tinea al gn atly
reinrea price ror
I aleert if t j Wiab to Cud tit diffsretisa be
tweea baying guoit tor titx or oa "bet ' git j
Bie a cad- i
a. e. titr.it- i
Facboty Fwul. ktalcb b, is77. j
A J pereont Laving ta nctettl- d (rrnnr.t With
botirtl 4 ilarr are re. -.'-! Heal I and eeitlr
tbe aamit tt our.
1 1 1- ..i j-t
- i. f.o,
! I., t lo XI' o t X4.
In Ii)i. i? I tl-1, a .taackto
tu Mi .a ;. .v 3 t. -t.'. i.
la 1 .n i A ; r..
si., a t Mt. .4 ll'.
It I '- . i 't l, Aiotl lt, ,f , al atltl
e 101 1. 1 0. o.rii 1 a 4.Jt , ge4 S i,
l'-i no 1 .) in Ul , y al lb J 4aal, uf. .ie.
In t-nn p. 'f. Cirri , A) id 1:H1. a 1'ti-io
Alia. I ; t. 1 r, A lintm, w,f at iimti.
io,:4Ui, 1 i.ry w( v--wwai gei wf
fcii'OkO't bon.
Utifl '.M'f. l 'ii i'-S, t o. y at , tW ti. J.
t . is ki' ai 1 eai ol bi (.
Ad vrl lueaif lO, tilid. r Ih.a toad, tra tenlHf
hue ea.lt lo.erttoa.
A'Ari.r iMVl.t UTI tt CJ.ixiO fe4 .f
... lou an in itr and baibtr tor a br, W
1 01 hi.-r 1 at lb H .'-riia 11 .Ha 1, h
whi. h rii, wid t..i paid I n
1 j nivalin Mtvutaim
N11) I. I' - II. . 1. .. t... olia that I hat
0011 i i 1..11, l ii(i, Whvrll, bt lata
.lui n.g Hiv oiaooi. r of bi aumuritv and aball
. a to B-'ii -f loa w.gea aud pay bo debia ul km
jotr.rttrK aftet Ito. dr,
oil 1 r, wiiiuKU.u,
Notliii ll.ila, t. Vt., April it, l:7.
Vj!'! It. F-. -Ihii 1. In give tioltc thai I hav
. - a1 o- ., 4mww a. vv iioer, at ttae
Hilling ihe 1. maiadcr tf bit miaiHltv ami .ball
. ...i... -. ... .... mil t'"J ou u'w vi
c nit.. aft. r thl. dale
p. u. wii.ntn.
At ii cton, Vt , Atoll J4, 1HT7. im
X'l'l It F'. Call and exaatin tb U-I I'aila
jN nnioifm-lni.il at H ft Youetr'., eonprlaitig
tie f. nili .H q nt it. on ten quart aad on an
.mail, tbe I t f laiin.g f..r 11 HI. Ji bluag
p.nt atiiiohd 10 tnd tt Inw prtca. Vttnl
id 1 Vli icliatvl nu-n to aell wale.
tAM L B. YOt lXtj.
Factory l'..iat, a id, 1177. 4a
'ANTI' I). A yotitijr hortt, wtll
bt.ike, a Mind and kind On that It loth a
rood ai -Idle aad rarntg burv preferred. Ad
dri?.a or iu.inoe 11 tl.e
Jet USA!. IJFFH K. MiB.bMler, VI.
VOTICK Wlirreaa my wife, Laura
A I., liu.acll, hat I. ft tiiv bed tnd Uiard with
out any ju-t t-aii.o or rovocttiwa on tuv til
una la lo loibul but puienii hailMrtug or Iru.l
iiik l.cr 011 hi v tiv.oiiut ta I tit all pty uo debit of
tlEOHtlE J. KfHit.I.L.
l'i rii, A. i.l Id, 1S77. 47.1W
VOTICK. Notice is hereby given to
at' t ciaotia having 11 tine t tied accouala with
the 11I1-01 ilo-r lhat be lit lor the nre.eul eon
H i-1 all hi bin-iiieaa aftair In lb baud, of
J. (' It.actnier anl Cil. M. H Celbnm
Tcvenii nt and limp tor rent or aal.
Iillw F. EDMiN.
1 Farm 1 oiiianiintt 2211 cir of lai d iilunlt d tu
thKiiorlli pirt of M toi'lii BU'r, Vt, ln,uueof or
addrea. Ilutiu.y Uowaril, Fai-toty I'miit, VI., or
tha iiudctiiti'-'l
It UA1F.1 It. IIAIlNAllli.Troy, N. Y.
luvraleil in Wall Kt. Mi ctt
ntaket foitiinea every linnll,.
llnok utit fiee etplainiiig
rvervilillig, Ailineaa
IIAXI FH A CO , iiaiiktra, 17 vll St., N. Y.
A (JEM'S WANTED I want a
1 (rent
M 1. uf
Hi. .....v.. 1... II,. M n 11... ...r.l
tlierigl.t kind ciin make trota 110 to f 15 per day.
Territory given In Vermont, New liamp.hi'e. er
the enure atale or MAtne.
lata apply to or tddiiaa
For futther p-rticu-
C. 1. WAIT,
Miui'lie.l. r, Y't.
Hi.pt, 21. Ho'..
New Millinery Goods
I'or Spr iim 11 nil Siuitiiter.
1 would tay lo tlm ladle nf Mauchetltr and
viiinitv tlntt I lixv Ju.t relumed from New
York, bringing with mo an elegant aaaortmeut
of Millni' iy (1 1 d, which I btv ttleuled with
g rent care and whic!i I am anr cannot tall tu
pleai-o all thoe who may favor nio with their
pair mage. 1 hive
Straw, Silk and Chip Hats
lu Hid Normandy in lo'lti r new elikpea, trlmui.!
111 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 111 oil , a'.M'i a batiittlul tnd very a iulc
miuil tmetit of
Flowers, Silks and Ribbons
in new tnd very dralrabln ahaiie. t hav
HE and EIHiIMIi, tnd til gonda litually kepi
In a millinery alore. 1 have pent an weeka ia
New York and vmited many of the moat fa.h tun
able place, and whuleaale millinery ttoret and
taken un it ptiti lu know what galinanta ar
worn moat tud how to uixkn them. 1 hav alao
many entirely new pattern of
Dolmans, Sacques, Basques
and Overskirts
for ladiea and rhiMren. My good wilt be told
cheap tnd all work iu the Dreae Making aud
Millinery will ha done to gira Htuftetioii.
Apiil 17, 177. 4S
UavlHV e ild my internal lu the Carriage buai
nena lu I' II Ki lley all a;i'oiiula in aaid bnaiutu
a:t payable lo bin. V. iittOVi.lt.
SO T I fj F. I
Haling pnie'ia.el of V. flrover hlat'trriag
blelliee atoek an I re ' itlnle. 1 till pr' tred to
diJibl.ing Work cheap lor ciah. Ctrriagn
I'ainliii-' au l Trimming a p -e allv.
I' II. KfelXKY.
F.liy I'oiut. Vt, March, 177 41
.1... I... ....1 ...
I vnna it from filling
' out or liiiMng gray.
It al.
. i tir.t that nmileaaiit Itching thai 1. ill-
p elude of tlie bun . il. ear. Itemov-e dvndiuB
,i tin. . nil dir. u.e. of Hex-up. Il ui.ki a a
luce Mooiic ii .ml die, .log for I lie.' a id ehll
d.n hcol, aa il reiuuii a the il.u Irnfl and
iliit, ! p the lea I eon, fid b-a'e l l,a 1
. .' ai.it i-it'p 1 lii. Tiyltaiil y .u wdl n.e no
Cher Aril dtlltfle'a .III llieicltault for it
ev.-' v lie,. if a -iid 75 - lo er fir tilalteMlie,
Add 'mt C , lilCIIXllUoN. Far- tt hold
10 M.liel.e-li r I.r Vn . I A 1 1 I d lid V , () Mine r.
Pi ila. Hi -I. rd.011 A l.'o , lluriingtou, Vt ,who:
a lo a iff ol , Ui
Cti-ttdito Htir iy I th KAtExrtnd
1F.S I ; It K it luBlanlaoii'ii.lv, produrtng tb
moat natural .bade, or IJ.aek or llroivu; do
MJT Hl AIN ' UK aKIN, and i rtaily applied.
It 11 1 atandaid nreparation, and a favorite upon
every well epiomted 'i'oi.et for Lady or (iuili
u ao Ho d by JirtiKgiala.
,11 J. CKtHTAfj'illO,
I'. O. In, t';!.1. Hew York.
Butter Makers.
After tevaral jr of In ve.tiy ato.ti tnd IB
!Uiry in r;:a'd to tha variety tif 1'alentMdk
I an, I kaic ij'-riiii Die
in tl! re!--U 10 be Ike bt I'aa bw ta .
1 bait ooeltidd au negotiation for tb tyeacf
aid am ready to formeh tb f'n for iarg r
tin ul daini a, A tampi of tb I'aa eta b a.a
al my aiiop,
Bang Up Good Seligh
' Jn.t ',, ontil fbe trm t' tad I ab.ll ren
i t e f fr lift tUH UtA!.0fc4ey 'A
hi. Iyi'iMa.
Tiie I f ,r ,.: cheap af rba 4?OI.M'RX
: liolF, Fae(.-y I'naW, St.
u HMVH A THAtrl!

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