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B. t. fowler Aeon.
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S . T . TRULL,
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iMartk Mala 81., oppotlt tut Bckool Uo.
UltMUril, TSSloT,
tat i specially oHisasssI of tb )ttti(l tod
krl tad ail ebroaM d.aaasos.
fsnslutis, tni Practidnf Physlciaa.
Alao, sat for Wadswurth'loipreTd Trail,
Oltn tl kl raatdtao, Factory Point, Tt.
B. L. WIMAN, at. D.,
Offlo tt Kssldsae. t
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Mt(kin Uka, u4 Pbyaialaas
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World's grcut. ruln-Urllrt lug
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and KiH'umntLtit npon )Uu,
itml Sprain, tialla, mid I,uiiir
lies MKt I-asata. t'li-iip, L
mill reliable.
SPURTS of dUmiU.i Ma
Sanffiaa, Cra kUt Vu.a. la fcka
Hod, ratid Broath, JCt Xman., and
any Catarrhal Com plain i., can baas
tarmUstoil lr V,S 1; Moyar's
Catarrh Cur, a Ccs. t-tuUonc.1 As
tiilotabr Abtorntitio. Tlaa mo.t Iib-
portaat Diovei7 iLaco Vaciaatlaa
hil. Aik for iuttwwXL in rlin tLa h.r
IB a emioirr dT eaJia ! . i .....
(,,,,, . , . t 1 ' I I. . . . u,,j M , ll3 M liuW
, ..... - - juirmi, in. i otlj at hrTr.tlo miat ta IVibw U.hL
j Tia jr a.KlrMtBJ u alow to Ukt 1
j my rraiark la th .iit in mLUh it wa
j Trid itii ht't vm aulfimn re- j
i ality. I
1 Tbinsrt in a iroiu' tJf alio !
'. If. hi.
I kv aca aBMsh of colonnl ! after tl.r i jtia of Ui tot war Sir. r.u im a d,w.u ..... i
em fur IU ( pU o W ibm Uat. on aa r tx-y, t ia , p!tik X aa -n.mtl a jutu if tW ' ln-aa ( Vunty Citmli..
im or ila- j eay fjr im of Um to li m to j.ak J I"-"1 ia a rountry j.lar nut far fnnn j Ywi, I aa.
J-uo, I nioaoth truth. Hrm, th r u botlnBg j lUlft.'., .VmU (Wma. 1 tl. ,t ,,. ytt .
j mere to I Joaa. laaiah La layiJ thp ' Ht father !.! Wn a liit'r m amaJl f..sl , U bit frnn.l m.liii !! at l
aji aaaif ua nua lu UiwdtT lt'.vinnutn. : aim bin aon (he raplA n na.1 a-.lttirsl . itliriMV
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L. H . KKtitNWAV. U. b ,
Ottica at Ilm.Ulirl an Nurlk Main Blraat.
'Too f Ml. Kniaoi,;
HtoekaiUr, ..... tarauk
T. H.0BTI8, Proprl.ior.
Opin fraro Jaai to October.
DtL. 0K0. H. BWIH,
wi rarklai' Blook, oppoilla MaiicBtll
MiioiitTit, tiiaoiT.
Hilroai atida tmlnlaUradaodiaalhatlraolad
rtihual paia. Uiliar aoiliuci admiuia'orad
t f adflll of pbrlclB.
a I Hawi'i Block, factor? Toiot, Tirmonl
Faatb aitraotid witkoot paia by th ail of
tiaaiballn Araati and Sitroa uiid tdaiiair
rd tt til litnai if daairad.
altiuaairia, ... TitaanT
Opa front Jonolo Ootobar.
ArUnrtoB, Tt.
Ofle Oppoait rint KtUoBtl Bink,
ara Binaiioroi, (Man Tiiot.
W. 8 . PBILLIP8, M. D.
.iiltloB, Tirmoot.
rUialCIA" AND 8CB0E0N.
Oflo tt Reiidaoe.
' .rjaara, Clolhlur. IUl. Capa, Boot I A 8k
rlnu, Oili tod Vamlabel,
itnii, Madioioia, Ac,
nlllt K.iuth Loadoodtmr, Tt.
L. D. (!0t
Baa, HtaUaaarj tad Jiailry,
iaaiiaarr At., MtBshaiUr, Tt,
- " " " ' '
i. N. HARD,
Wliolaaala tod Bla4 Datlar la
Omar of Mala A Dniaa StrU,
MaakMr, tJl Tiraoat.
Paoroar P(imT, . .
8. K. THAYEIi, Propri.lur.
Tk Ptlt,imalrt and Londoadem Hiki
my.y li.ll BUk.f, LIVI-TJ 1011 ! llablf llb
bl' aula (rack eouneciad wiih tba bauae. Fra
crriKo uj rauruad itauon. h
A barbarahop eoonai'tad aftb Ik buata.
r.oroai roit, . i . . fuioii,
JAMF.H A, TIIAVEH. Pruprirlm.
Aunt Lucy vaa nnnaually ul.l aa.Lunua
m!ly Utok. ilor Mack uti aa at off by
W 1I11U tuiUn and tU wbita krrdirf
or aJxml W dm-Iu ftie vm liarl
ly uitJe, with a dnhgbtfut corJial rhucV
hug way of kuig. tuiy a tevt-re at
tack of rlicuiiial iini would laioa har
chronic rherfuhirMi and iiulut tba toue
of har roica ailh a tone of melancholr
it na.i on my own IUi to t tier up
to tra.Jr, with the xrutlitura of a dollar
or o, in ll. first place, on uedlwi and
thread, and Ufx1 and pin, and ao on,
afleraard at theae warr found a 'ready
market, ohe and I Lad deterniimxl to go
into the confectionary Hue al on a Hmall
acaie )euuy cake. iHnny ntieka of caudy;
hot tht xe latter wa fonnd to be more umi
fnl ia adwrtuiiotr the tdace of buitiiitwi
thanlncrative. I bad Uen nnabla to bny
them for than a cent ajiicce, and they
aold the world over for a penny, it appear
ed. I can make giu(ir an' augar cakes flint
rate, HKi-it'd the old woman presently.
That will lie the way, then. I aay,
clutching at the bright idea the very
thing. I'll give yon the money to bny
aouie flotir and augtr aud niohumeiiand
you'll tuuke the cakca, and then we'd ee
what the profit will be.
Aunt Lucy chuckle delightedly. She
ha iu active aoul ilita her ninety-eight
year. Ye, uincty-eight ! She iilnmt
that it her age.
Have you had your roof mended ? I in
quire, having already left the money with
licr for that purpose.
(Jan t git de man to come. I ban been
a terrifyin' au' a l.otherin' ob uiv Issia
tcr git do man ter come hain't I, Jmiah?
aa at inni juncture a Ull, Ioncliy young
man entered, who did not aeem likely to
1 terrified by feeble old Aunt Lucy.
He pulled a front lock of wool iu court
esy to me, and grinued. I Inn went, an
went, lie averred ; an he promised, to
come. hecniR like lie Moo t care.
I myself entertain doubt of Itiftiali'g sal
as a Mercury. I any, persuasively, I kM
I Uh yon
for your old
would contrira to do more
I dc try, niiaa, lie di-clare ; 1 doea trv
ray beat, loaiing the graaa pictoretwjoely.
I tried. Lard.
Lucy Lad giva cen to andWatand that
laaiah waa the miinb and roving member
of her family, iudictrd to tinging about
the trr"Ut night sever going to church.
I rcfirnxl to the facta ia hi prooal
hiatory. iBaiali did not deny thenu But
he made promise of amendment I, for
my part presented Kiin with an old eoat,
ou the understanding that Le waa only to
wear it to church. He Lad pleaded hii
dt ficieot toilet aa an excuie for hi neglect j
of religion obeervaixtw.
I aacertaiu thia, and leave.
I went atraLt to Lu old
M)Uiilirbl ewino ia the buamea of
mother'. I . nitiiaiug ik! U!, dr ing up J.-J,
fonnd Ler ocs'npiej in patching a pair ff'ct.', anring the fathcr t life time, and
trouavr fur one of her grandaotia. HLa j en mHtliiigtliitataafter Li dieea,
wa rry quiet and down b-arUd. I led r'urihrr than thia he Iim no hgal knowl
the convi-rsation gratlually to Iiiili, She : edpe, and, indetnl, hi entire Uck of Us.k
put down btr work, and wijhhI away a ; burning w ma!l and poorly arlectv,
U-ar or "two. j but auy lack in prnortd inforination wai
1 w ud ix:bbr lib troo it for ouo U''.T made up, fur hit naea, by ac! fas'
ting, ahe am J. 1 uU cole an' hnn gry
an' inu'rable iu my heart ; an' den, ay I
tcr myix'lf, "Itwre ia a G.id, dere ia a Uod,
an' I warm up, an' ha enutT an te tparo.
It don't tot ter 1 aurean' 1 haa ter preach
ter myaelf olicr an1 olr agi-n, bnt while it
to' I feel o full ob de great I Am.
We talked over the trial. In fact it had
occurred to me that her memory might lie
called to the aaaistance of laaiah 'a. Khe
cheeked off the dav of the week of the
aiardcr, recalling the incident of each
one. 1 ueadar Isaiah had had a ioh of
haul mil to do: Wednenlav stn l.v tn
Not longer than a wot k after that our ahe recalhid the dav. just 'a Isaiah bad
town wa startled by a murder committed done for Thursday, nntntnr u !.
.u U(! a,reev .( nigui, tne victim, an over- haU described it. Thurmlav waa the dav
Iwariniv nni..rul...n.a I . I . a t . ... .
ni i jiuiu u urn w uiie oi tne muruur. lie ttau niadu mlhi-r morn
race, a no yet elicited in hi d.-ath the vm- than usual ou YYednoadav. and k Ul
pathieu of the whole community, ao unpro- gone quite early on Thursday ou the loaf.
voneu and ilastardly waa the way of hi which ho alaav coiiatitulionallv K.li.,vP.l hv, said he when he
Ollil. Ill murderer were trawil immn.l. Ilia A t... .!- ..i. .... atlnruiirila I Lii. llm'I'mit,..' r.l ...i i .... . . .. , ... .
. ..u v u. i. h. V , ..uuuiD l'IH, yillllL ...v . ....v.. a v- ln, U, I ll.f uLI HI l.M.I 111 t-V 1.1. I. .1. fl
... I ' 1 ..i.. 1 . 1 H . T .1 . .
aertion. IM one afUrnoon Le wa riding
home from Ilalriph, he met a ynng wo
man and two men. who hailed him and
inquired if he waa ("aptain X. The wo
man and one of the meu w ished k t
married at once. The other had come a
a witmMia. They had procured the
necrawary lu-ensc, but an irate father wa
on their path, aud twore that they thould
never lie married, It waa considered on
all account aft to bav the eeretuoay
ierformed without delay, and try pacifica
tion tftcrwtrd.
Now the captain Lad never witnessed a
marriage, and naturally Lad no very clear
idea of what wa usual in uch caa.. He ke,.iu hi. mmubI column u .i.ir a
rememoerea lirrMg .noli a liook alnmt ker.--Jhin-it Fr W
tne nonaa yeam lwfore with the form of
u....Kn .., ,i, i.in.mu mo uooa waa ami I Jiev weni trrinoan m..Ii ... I.i.
. .... . I a , mn " - aaii 'raia'i w
wnere it waa be cmil.l not remember. ease in Jnslion .11.. n.... .t. '
UU.I tlio Itery Kcttlllir read. to. whim llui .l..f...,.1..(
So I ha - ao I have.
loyn tenumU.r, air oHdur havina a
Ulk alsml aweik U f.ire the tMnetilin
loyou rctm-nilsir that I aai-t that i I
hintsl that is-.
h. ym; y0 that ihp yon
could Im iadsiosl to atwpt the nomina
tion i.f County Treasurer.
I n ineiulier it now.
And I didn't gi t a ut. air- not even a
complimentary vote!
NH 1 guoaa you didn't, and now yon
blame ma for It Alas! Krowo, how "lit
i.u ..... i -I . . ... . i.
. j .u. uvui our mil iHUllii',
w ny, sir, every luau who ever atbfiidod
a ward eancu three timna know that
alien a candidate puta hii-!f in the
Laud of Li f fiend they at otic priswd
to hild a funeral and bury the remain ten
feet dmp!
June mad a motion a if to hak
hand and forgive all, but nddnly
changed Li mind aud walked on. care.
fully placing vacli hc.d with a thud and
a a
lately and identified lieyond a reaaonable Lucy took np her patching again at thia tmndment., and at first I thought I'd gathered together, llcginning at uumW
doubt Ala, one Of ihone arresLml an ana. UtaiTA kli .lwvi.V 1,.. 1.....1 .,,! l.. use. 'em to luwin nn lint II, on T r..Vnn,1 I .i . . .
l o- " m.., nuu ,uii.t.' I ' r-- - -x-. ., . j uim conn asaCa 1
pioion waa the aarna Inaiah laaiah Car- fell. The melancholv fact was that Ih;1. ou tho whole, they were loo dumcd ol- Kti ...... i . .... i
roll of whom I have written alsDve I had returned Lome earlv in the afternoon. t i ,t 1, .... ,.r e.. .. .n... ' , ' .
Inatfaiua A....IT. a: .t. - .a . .. . - " ... . I .1... .i . .. . .. . on uoraa
...., j mroviiT, ana ao mucu unaer me mnueuce ol iniuor that a"11" conpio 10 come to in traIe, and I kuow ha fm-la. waa ih. i
And thi one ?
VI coin-so mud thu captain, nil witnetae
must lio Mworn. Yon and each of you
solemnly a wear that tho evidence vou
shall trivo in th is cose shall bo the truth.
8 ALU.
Two aad t half atort
Bar the EqiiiiitiiHiiu.a. Kin localiod, on aad
ii'i.rirr 1 owm tenia (C IiLlid. at. hi. ..r.l..
b1 wr. bani. Oood arull on th prtiuiitea. I'rio
1UW. L'.1V 10
.. . BtiKTON A klUNHON.
anrueiiar, Tt., July SOU, 17. lOtf
A Dd Insurance Ajiul.
Office at Ilaaidence.'
Bontb Londonderry, ... Termont
U. 0. BARBER A 0.
H 0 0 1 I,
B. PCB0C80
a rmr-cust hoche
Br J. W. CaanploB,
atUtad, tllTJ Vinaoat
. E. Dtvia, Pra, Terawia.
Si R (xi is for BBiBr Baskri i
a.Orrta, ttno Hoa, titBebatr,Tt.
atat.a.Oelbara, factory Puitik, Ti.
laHinuiui HOTEL.
QfO. W. BAKER Proprietor,
u.oaboraat aod aarria... t l.i
Order.li.ri al Cnliiurn Hon.. a-lilk. nn..,..n. I i. ... ..... J '
ttUad.t to. . . . r.r.., j woulu xo Uf w,tUi l Um j ml44
racuirj roitit, Tt..iDBr U, 176. ill) Uiv adieux
The room contained half a dozea per
aona beanie Lucy. Khe ha alway
number of gu raits, and is especially popu
lar since she haa kept shop, and thu en
tablihed a kind of neighborhood rendez
Toua, Her shop is in the window, acros
which artiulea of mere hand isn Lava been
fonnd a profitable investment, an their yal
tie ir a fictitious one.
Aunt Lucy livoa in an alloy within au
other alley. It being a circuitous route,
Milly, one of the old woman' daughters
Lucy a family is numerous, and univer
sally down on their luck escorts me back
to the highway, conversing.
Mother waa well brought np, she re
plies to some word of praise of mine. Do
white ladies a raised her treated her well
an' she shows it Mother can't behave no
ndder way. Do good manners will come
out An' she's dat spry 1
It's a pity that between yon all von are
not abla to mak yoor mother comfortable
In her old age, I say slowly. In fact, thi
view of th aubject baa frequently present
ed itself to my mind before.
Ttf ' -II . . aa .
no u an so porer was Aiuiy excuse.
An ba, what' more, such bad feelin'
inside. Sometimes I don't hardly eipec'
Mjr see one oay colon anoiUer.
In truth, now that I took a good look at
her, ahe wan little more than akin and
It de misery in my head, she ex plained.
generally is this particular form of
misery with colored people I have found
1'oor souls 1 poor souls ! weak in body
and mind and apint Milly and such as
shear hardly able to take eare of them
selves, let alone each other.
Iwa iua hurry who of ua is at all
times free from the clutches of this famil
tar fiend of overcrowded age?till, aome-
thtng tu M lily's expression ma Jo me asy,
I am o sorry you are so badly off. Is
Has Oysters for Sale by the Gallon
by lb plat, ilhr raw or eooktd to ordtr.
Sweet Potatoes,
Cranberries, -
BantBta, Orange, Lmon. fatost, tad otbr
run ia iair ton.
Beat Drand Oirara and Cia-aretta
Large Stock Freeh Confectionery
Larjt.nl h.-k lu BBiiiBtloa n.:aut. Uirrrt
iioiu iiuporifia, l bnai-tir lli.n Etrr.
B,ki Kutitmarr aud o'lu r artn l. t miitabl fur
nuiKlar I'rcat-aia. 1-1 but aul l.a.t I at.
brwili'a Ii-" i inm. m.d j In.oi fi.h rtua
always ou baod or uad l.i ocdi-r. C'.ll and cat
aa vnii r nui ma ui m li'ioio ;lh )oo.
Old !'! Oppoail Dr. Clr ain.
He asked the
found her plunged in grief, Hut ahe was he Lad spent tho rest of that dav. that . house, secretly hoping Uiat Le could find
confident of Ler boy's innocence. She night, and half the next day on a pallet in tliat Ixx'k i but they declined, for the
w.umi mo way oi iiio wincn bad caused a corner of his old mother 'a room. I saw rouson that t lie matter admitted of no de.
hint to bo idea titled with the class of how it was directly. Hi brain h.t lay.
men Dy a bom th murder Lad doubtless niained Lelpleasly bemuddled as to the in- A ,UM aaaured man wonld Lave been
oeen committed. I always tell him so, cidonl of that Tlmr.,1.. ,.,1 l.. u,i sorely nendexed. bnt not he. II l,t nn
she kept rejieating. I tell him his com- fused them with those of Wednesday. timfl in wrnoving his hat, and remarked,
pany wud be de ruin ob him. It war de Had any one else seen him? I inquired ,JulH 'ff in tu presenoe of the court
Hinging, miss, she reiterated. I alius hopefully, remembering the slender Al1 '"G uncovered, he said, I'll swear
kuowed no good wud come ob it stream of custom, that nevertheless never 7oa in unt Mold up yer right hands.
k iouowed tbe evidence carefully. The quite fell off. In fact, Aunt Luev named Me ll)0 ' ttH'1, t!l Wend of tho groom.
leenng or tno public was dead against the three or four persons wLo had lieen iu and
siiNpecieo murderers from the start 1 out for needles and thread while Isaiah lay
who Lad my misgivings as to Isaiah, at there. As she spoko one of these very
1.1 1L..1 .1 ...... ..... . 'VV
, Hum luui, mo universal cuarity 01 persona Happened iu oiinortunelv I
the law gave the wrotched prisoners a I stated the position to her. and she readily 1,1 ' '0, 'ruth, an' uothiug but the truth,
chauoe to defend themselves. I was glad recalled it's having been as Lucy related. '0,1' J0" f,oJ- 10,1 Jo,'n Marvin, do sol
to know that Isaiah wonld have an able I'se been a itudvin' dis myself, mi i eniI,7 w('ar at to tho best of your
counsellor ; but all that I could hear or has. Seal, Low kin dis yar Isaiah Lave knowlot,8 Kn' blli"' ' 7''" take this yer
reau w as against nun. cut dis yar white gemman ter nieces, whim oman tr have au' ter hold for yerself.
The line of defence chosen by all the ha'a a layin', ao to apeak, drunk in his old l'er 1'oir8' "ckyerters. odministrators, and
prisoner was to prove for themaelvea aa taa4di'a hop alide timer
alibi, iibserve that no one liad seen the L Cotch Isaiah Carroll doiu
mnraer committed. The faot that the aa that I seou him lviu' dar in
three men accused of the crime bad been ner arter dark. Thursday, myself. Isaiah Yoi,i
traced from point to point through the Carroll wals more wndn't hurt a flv. i jw liu'
neighWhood, and on the night of the know the boy well. It are altogether dif- "nJ T0U Jo further swear that you are
1 .. M . 1 a al . . - I . . I 1 t II w j
uiumui, lurnisiieu uie original grounds of ferent wid dem odder two. Ouimbv's "awiuuy aiczeu in leo-ennple, and are free
arrest Isaiah, it wa shown by the pros- wife when Bhe herd he war arrested, she ,rom ft" incilnilierauce, aud hev good right
eonuon, uao always been band m glove say berself, "dat husband ob mine allave 10 ul, brga"i convoy to tho suid grantee
wituineiwo otner pisoners, Smith and war a wuthless niiraor. Hut Isaiah yerself, yer heirs, adroitiiHtratorv, and as
yuimuy. it saruck me, on reading the no such character. signs?
evidence, that it implicated the others far Fortified with what I had heard, I pro- 1 do' H&i J tljc l'riJa rutLor douUfully.
more conclusively than Isaiau. But it was cecded to communicate with the
A1LA I. 1 i . .1 J
uUuiuk uoiibu oeen stanaing about who was underUking to defend Isaiah Car
uie street corners on the morning of the roll. It happened that tho name of tl,
murder witb tbe two others accused ; and gentleman wa familiar to me. I had seen
it was also shown that for the tot six him once or twice at crounot narlina on
months they Lad been an inseparable trio. lawn. In resnonae to a mnu t
Isaiah Lad, beyond dispute, been a com- him through my brother, Le presented I)rod,lce1 ni1 Landed to tho Court, who
nahi'nat -T AT. J lAT A I.. - I 1 iA A 1 il t fi
j-nuiuu u vuwTw-u aoi Tonw, himself at our house. I fratliBrnd 1irnt- CMUUI"eu w mas sure mat n was au
In spite of all which I believed Le could It that Le waa dofendimr Isaiah f .
wear mmseif. roor old Aunt Lucy did I sincere persuasion of his innocence.
not see bun through the trial. She could It seems he Las seen me here, Mr. Ord
ouiy mourn lor mm ana pray lor him. way let fall, when he was walking
TV-wt Jtl.l T mm nam t I - . . "
Wk V1U JUl- 1 aroond in ?our Harden. I wwotriiizfl.l lim
nrn. - a t.vi . .... I
iueuay wuen a naa ascertained Isaiah on hi Lint as a protege of yours, and I
ould be questioned, I myself, against all then made np my mind to got Lira off if I
uij previous uaims, wen. down to tbe could. Now for the facta if von t.1na-
wuivuuum-. ii was quite a Pltliui Slant I . I I. . n j :.. t
- ' I .V.V .UVUA WV ' ...III. UlllllM.. A
p reply.
Ha aud I couldn't agree on a game of
cards one day aliout two weeks ago, and I
punched hia aged Lead. He Lasn't fur.
gotten it you M 1
Well, Lere'a tho third man ?
He has a grudtre agaiust me for lickinir
his brother-in-law,
And the fourth 7
Wo havenevor Iron good friend aince
I shot Bix of hi hen.
Aud the fifth ?
I know him of old. He sav I stele hi
And do you object to the sixth and lost f
1 dwiidodly do. It isn't four day line
I got ready to throw him off a wood-dock.
W ouldn't it Ihi safu fur you to disiHiuse
w ith a jury and let the court try the case f
suggested his honor.
o, sir I wa the decided reply. I don't
Nosaraay, your a.,' their use an' bohoof MJ that I've got anything in", '.articular
'secha thing l0yr' - ' against thi court, .but thi court may have
in dat ar cor- io, answered tbe groom. formed an opiuon that I am the man who
. 'n. LU tl"'7 game fowl, one
.Und, ter hev an tor ho d forever ; mllt moulh fc u,
Lis siisjiicion.
Tho case was aijourued to secure six
jurymen from out of the city.
Well John, soid tho captain, that'll lie
about a dollar V fifty cente.
Are we roamed ? asked tho other.
Not by a dnrnod sight yo aiu't, quoth
the captain, with emphasis J but llu'ee
wrnes tu here. Aftersome fumbling it wa
ben Isaiah, confronted by a badgering fear, according to my aex's failing. uut a"1'! otherwise ordered by the court I tumble
Factobt Poikt,
Pafttorv ri.l; Tt , Oct ti.
17. tf
20,000 Pounds
Nova Scotia Plaster, your Lm,bnd out of work?
uwuuii in una i uo numn
i r t . . . .
iui ma now. i naa tiiu goin on nine
t -- i t 1 m, a
5rn "D'L,Td. .T oul ue . now i baa nuffinbut
XOU3 JrllOSpiiateS, dechillun, an'nubbudy wante dem dcae
(JrJfD aud Flower Seed,
I- T. t LACK ME It, kianrba.t.r Depot, Tt.
a tabea to iufurui tba l aUt (aaaiall. tkal kia
twk !' a
Boots and Shoes,
I u mtenm biMtaMoa far ai
faaaoaabi tnea. U lrlil
: f.flba fall aad wtaur trad la r.anl.l.
Traoat i m",,"B '
star baardal
I. BatTLarr, PrapHataw. 1
Arti.iloa, Traot. Ilj j
patatciA akd sckatov,
Ornci ar Caasrc Horaa,
0alrDpl, llUr! Tnt.
ai.inoabaoj, Tka Ui ada aull l auM
St.p for ruA.
0l, U'urt a4 Kfmirimf Promiplff ami
U WtwU) Haiti.
R.rtbr aatiafarUun ttaraslrrd I
M.i-'Uaur, Tl . .Vuv ISlb WTt.
0. B. W1LL1AKB,
daaitr la
jtI onom, OBOOBBII
Ba tad Mbia,Crarkary A.,
ait auaaa.'a turn af
at LJ.AP Bill,
MBjma, Tarartjt
l al ItuM
Old Clothes Colored
And Cleaned op for Satcmer Wear.
It will B..I t U rm iu.k a w.il aa aad aa
a-ii f. ahali muti bo I aaany very imI
Aariti iba aj.-.u Ail .- warraaud faat
; .tl tatrraaua I lo . aaua.'aa.toa. t in n
; aaikl b r!pld Wf. lnt, kttl Boat ..!
ka4 o.br ( ....ia eaa b ix4 wubol.
i ' D. K iaoMa,
iirai trSr.
day. And there was act rally in Ler
tones an apparent regret tLit bpyi aad
girls Lad ceased to be valuable a chattels,
Under these circumstances I abandoned
all hoi that Milly might U- able te con
tribute to her mother's necessities. 1 even
iuscriled her name on my ow n mental tab
lets a an "object " I parted from Ler
with feelings of depression, all the mora
lively because of her inherited cheerful-
imm Lad ucutuU-d to the preasare of ad.
veme circumitaocea She waa tpjHUv&Ur
oa good term with Fate, and disposed to
Oiake the best of thing.
tka Isaiah, bowerer, I looked with stern
er eyes. Titer aeemed to b a natural re
pulsion be weea Limself and (teady work.
, Odd aad end of work be a ould lo-a-!
iially find to do ; bnt b never aeeured i
a month or even a week employment
He came and went to my Louse en errand
fur Li mother, always exasperatingly at-lf.
uuisfied and good baiared. 1'erhap a
little wLolwtme dLtcontent would bate
purred Lira to exertion. I employed Lim
to cut the grata iu our garden, and he
roally did it well, w ith ao much aelf-com-pUcracr,
t.io, that one fait that grata cat
ting was (vrbap Li eongvnial tpher.
lawyer, infinitely more anxioua to win Lis
cane than that the right should prevail,
as placed on tho stand. He was attired
in Lis best clothes, and he stood nervously
wirluig hi hat iu his hand, as I had seeu
im do ou the occasion of our tot meet
ing, when I had bethought me to advise
him aa to his moral and spiritual state.
He had evidently been coached by hi
lawyer, and he waa prepared to go through
the examination as to hit whereabout on
the day of the murder with circumstantial
precision. He accomplished his lesson
thoroughly. His honest air and heavy
wwll-meaniug expression were all in Lis
favor. My spirits revived. He appeared
to me to Lave told a plain, anvarnisLod
tale enough. I did not recognize any of
the name or places he mentioned ; he did
not bring in those relatives of Lis with
whom I was acquainted Milly, Lucy
but there was an air of heavy, dull verisi
militude over his whole narration.
Then the cross-examination begtn,
Isaiah Lad accounted for himself on every
hour of the day of the tragedy up to ten
o clock at night the murder Laving been
at seven. Ha stood his ground quite well
at nnt, wbeu be waa called on to .repeat
hw statement, but on the redirect exami
nation Le suddenly broke down. I can
remember having been in such a state of
mind myself, when everything around me
has all at once become a blank. Isaiah
looked alxrat him helplessly. It audden
ly came over him that La bad bora betray
ed by Lis own eare lots nesa into 'giving an
account to Li lawyer of the day before the
murdur 1 Ha Lad been coached oa that
Hi dull, dependent intellect ref ined to
think aad plea tor itself on the spur of
the moment He wa too bewilderod and
cotif ad to restmber. The prosecuting
lawyer taucted Lim. The prisoner coun
sel tried to encourage him. Hat Lis only
answer waa, "I don't aee whore i am, ir ;
1 lot myself."
There w as a ripple of unfeeling luerri
lucbt through the Court room. laaiah 'a
pros ion atsteaieat mmm for aa nntatti
gated to. I ait cold and stem. I eaten
Le listened thoroughly. A he left Le
said, with a laugh, "Your championship
makes me feel that I should not mind b
ing this poor devil of a donkey myself.
He had odd, rciftolute, searching eyes,
.l.:..l. i a a . ... .. , , ...
wuieu u n ie(i mi mine as lie spiiKe. II in
intent gaze gave me tho strange feeling of
only just having made his icquaintaiice.
That is all tlinre is to tell of totali Car
roll. Mr. Ord way helped him to prove a
clear alibi, although the delinquent had
tbe grace to be sincerely mortified as to
the manner of it Hi old mother herself
waa pnt on the stand. She gave her tes
timony with distinctnes allxit with agi-
Ou one of the morning trains over the
F.rio road, tho other day, a farmer-looking
man walked the length of a car without
finding au empty sout, and he slowly re
turned to one occupied by a lone man
who at once spread himself out as much
as possible, and suddenly liecsmo interest
ed in his newspaper. Tho farmer halted
beside the seat, but the other made no
movement Even after a full miute had
r.UUM.i.1 Mil...... Hn.!,.H 1I..I 1.. ...1.
right, and then pocketed it, and continued: fT"".. " T"Z " . T. 1.7 "
Know all men by these presents, that I, ,,,, j . , ,
Captain X, of Itakigb, North Carolinia, , " "M "HU ' ,
being in good he.ltd and of sound and L!!.. Ung 11
disposin mind, in consideration of a dor- Wi t i n a , , , ..
. .,. , . . . . .... W hat what that, air ? demanded tho
lar n fifty cents to me in Land paid, the . , , , . ,
receipt whereof is hereby ackeowlodgodi T... i ......
doaud by these praCs have declared you W '
man and wife during good behavior, aud r..,,.! . i( , ,,.., ., . .... ,
a.aww 9wv , w , , w saww j sH M Ml, nil I
but I won't give it away,
put on their Late again, the cllUPklt)J tb, Uruwt
young cuple, after shaking their lienefiic-
tor' Land, went on to meet their dentiuy
ami the irate father, while tho captain rode
home richer in experience.
The idea of railway train leaping a
river like a fox hunter's horse, or shooting
auhasm like a chamnis, is uo impertinence
in several of Hev. Edward Evorott Hale'
amusing extravagances ; but Major Neely,
civil engineer for tho Cincinnati Central
railroad contractor, credits the same fancy
te the inoratit Tennessee corn cracker.
Tho major wa engaged in tunneling a
m. ... .i.. t x. .1 .. ....
lin Tb- ;,. .1.u i- ..Bi. uu w.o nana ui mov ura
:;;:t 1 . berindri
"r, wuen sue reix-ttou twice
that "Isaiah war allays a punctual boy,"
meaning a boy to be relied on in the long-
I am proud to aay that Isaiah never fell
into bad company after this. The other
two wretched men, Lis fellow prisoners,
were convicted of the mnrder and seutenc.
ed to death. It was supposed that a third
party w as implicated, but the proof of
thia waa never made clear.
What a long aigh of relief I drew when
this narrow ettcape of my colored friend
was all over! Mr. Ordway persisted in
calling it our case. I was modest about it
however, and refused to divide the credit
with him.
I will tell you a secret, however, that
thi was not the tot suit of Mr. OrJway's
in which I Lave taken a warm peraona! in
A wife who Lad been hvtariug her hus
band for coming home intoxicated Ivy-true
ioceuted at his iliftVreno, aaJ. exclaim
ed : "Oli, that I could wring tear of an
guish from your ya P' To which th
hardened wretch Lie-coughed, " Tel.
'tain t no nae. 4d woman, to bo-bur for
water here."
i afrkatr, Tt, Afril IWk.ltCt,
How-rrrr, woik mast come to laaiah : Le i toiah'a ey a&d it' look of stolid dttepm-
wouki tuner go to Lxrk it a p. H also did i 'orture. I believe in Lim.
At the awma Um aad this make my
(car for Lim all the stronger-1 believe it
little odd and ends of gardening fur me
Ttf 'o thi occaysioD, convening politely jncati
A French taper La it that (ien. liutUr
M runnmt for the prewidency of tfu
country on a plat'jrtu pledging Lim to
clean out the Mormons, and that ( .:n.
Talmage kus pnmuawd to lead tbe aruiv.
A writer oa a daily paper wa aaked re
cently why Le smoked ao mtich. ikicaoac,
Le replied, I Lave to do aomuch pufliiig.
ver now Uiing spanned at that
point by a fine bridge, through then thcrs
was no sign of the structure.
Cue morning a cracker rowed a croa the
nver, and upon approaching the majirr the
following colloquy ensued :
flood morning.
You worn to tasi-atterin' dirt and gravel
around hero pretty jrt
Well, ytm ; we are getting through the
hill quite lively.
Who's payin' for all thi fuit t
The city of Cincinnati. ,.
Wall, it must cost a heap ny money.
What' it for anyhow ?
The major thought he would enlighten
the native, ao Le told him he was engaged
iu building a tnnnel, and Le further ex
plained that it was cbeeiM-r to lore holo
through the mountain fur the cars to run
thieugh than to level it or make a cut
down the grtd4. The native lock it all in,
and then quired :
Ho Uie ilnn kyars is guia' to come
right through this tunnel away north ?
Ym, that just it eid the major.
Well, major, that's asking too much for
a man to believe, replied tL" cracker. I
don't swallow it nohow you can fix it, that
Tro iron Lot of youru juuijia a:roaa the
river Le a goiu' te strike this little Lute
r;U iiiax' Uir, Xo, air, I iso t swallow
it j
The major didn't try to wake Lim.
The vouiig lady who was LLuurd
allowing Ler gluts tube diacovrd iu a :
young Uiaa' jun ket taid that le had no I U proiiJjjoualy wljn t'w-nj ia tuthing lu
hand ia it. I lli-m.
What do you mean, sir ?
I mean that you're got the biggest corn
er on tho hog market ever known iu this
country, and if you don't make a million
dollars out of it I'll cut codfish for a year.
Half of that seat was vacated, but the
farmer preferri-d to stand up ami brace
against the stove. .
- - omm f-
The inundation of 1771,., which swept
away a gret part of the old'Tyua bridge
at Newcastle was long reHnvuls-rud, and
wa alluded to with emphasis, as the llis.il.
Ou one occasion Mr. Adum, Thompson
was put into the witness Iua at the Assi
zes, the counsel, askiiui . iiia naiue.
received the answer : , , ,
Adam, air-Adam TllblUpa .
Where do you live ? ,)(,, ,i j
At l'tradiM), sir. ;-,
ll'arailiae is a villagaaUmt I I t mile
from Newcastle.) .,,, ; ,,.,!
And sir, how long La4 yei dwelt iu
I'aradise ? ; ,
Ever since the floisl,. Ways the reply,
mad iu all simplicity, ,nd with no inten
tion to raise a laugh. f , , i
It is needless to aay tl JuJaf aaked for
an nxplsija'iuii, j .jj j (,,.,,
"' ' ' ' swW"'ww'BW-Tf
A U-achw in a jiwilileieJit has I. en
ai custoui.d to reqiijta; .jf pop to aay ;
I ba equator is au iuttxbt f lm pa-
iug arojud tlw cartjf, aud,lr!piiag it tu t,
it never oocurrdi Vo tlt '' loy
aud girl of Lur ;it.J h4 ir vli-a what
an imagutary liii aL, uuUl V"0 day a
vinttor aaked then) iw(ida Wt thought
tU ciuator waa. , . ,,,,,, ,. ,
Home taoiightta4fthflii4nd mile
wi le, other tw;y fLfuaaud, ata other
said they Could j.'lHl pvr IA,j
The viaiter aeWd, Uf ia, Vow tlwy
th.onght ship g'4 over it One pnpil said
Le thought the crew g4 out and drw
thein over it, and aoothr said Uo r-d that
a fttiial Laa Leea lug Uawugh it
What i the liaiaiQ of the Caaisl ? was
The Hiii-i cati.L a tlwr auswi-r.
Men are guvrally b aagiA ; the rat-

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