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TTIir IHanrfir sir r3ou run!
. i.!i, I ,. rfrr.
JI51 V.V1 MliB, 1.
71 N J ..".sian fc 't.m 4 n r
tfa I n '.at st:l VktiwxUf W eU
r. i,., J.,.i.i- l AT" Iww f-J ' N
. -..: t IXa b'e -e4 lh
i r. tit
T- fj-uH f the hsjrrit.U-t ar.I
! ' uf the fitat l"nts ! that ia
ttatwo yra fnwa AsfOl J. 1T V
J-j'? SI, 1H!, a -. ,! dwl, 1 t-
at K?1ti'('f. Wio-laof e nitty at-iit tl
ut 1 o-rit .!. x, ar, 1 (f6 1 1' tLe
nf!ift tr.K.''r, I. The btitsVr of ri
( Jsf .TS1 m 142. ('( tin one,
I4 itj ( Hs'da, to I l.kj f'4 Jan. 7,
71. i ' ;!!. v e.u.ti.;lu Laving in
harp t! rl.at.g.t.g tie rrl Jury
j rm of l!:t cvniilf from Mti,-.iti-r U
Huit.m tu -tjK'ii farther Mtiott
m.t.l ri it T""Jt nmf j.' It i l
y tlM B "likij( l n..l Ublowi it
U '! t ! tll ath
pa 'J in nikUriail ut tug ij f4 to
uut. Tl. ntkr ul W cwrfiilljr
lunliir( J on Ijoth nil lwfc i. H,it
i m.!o t t!i' liuuw.
A !i!J iftrt.rjHting tie Iorvt SImM
(tl u Mr ik M-bktd. It ill inrlnJt
iit i f iL.i D.url !! ii.U rtt oin4 l y
I'. J. ll!rr, J I!. H!UUt, u,1
", Trrt-I 4 To , no J it Ji wgiicj to 10'
' thff j.r.i tiim of u,iVi'i ia tl)
viriuitf, wliiio I-ii uifg tho tt of jiro
I'lrlijii n,l im!.. If it Lm Ilia ffT.--t
.n cur r .
Y fAiUtr mse Lty Tbtit to Mout-jN-iii-r
lal wetk and givtfli it an hi iiiun
thai the rteiit lrgilturo u fully opto
the average in amhty aud working cjao
tr. Therm ara o maay tern uiemUra,
however, thai It take a long time to got
areijutmrii j to the "Lanieaa," and tuoat of
1 laimr, at first, devolve on those Bieui-
in r who have ha.1 eitrienc. KjftW
Martin kr.owi just how to kwp tha mem-
K-rn In the traoea, and with anjiport from
neh men aa (Suva. I'ago aud Taft, aud
miuy (itheri whom we might mautkm, ha
the, hoiiso alrtdy in good working order.
Owing to tha iniloitaut work of revising
thelawtthn aeion rnUHt I a long una
and it i doubtful if tha w orki accom
llihed Ufulo Thukgiving.
The Ixmdon Time in a rrxut editorial
aluiwt how great La lieen th aJvano in
I Inglaiid of religion lilicrtv : "Two ctn-
tnrie ago KonromfuniiUU could not woet
for pnhlic worshiji. They could ouly
Jiix-t in hole and corner, iu back Jiarlor
and h li'fiH, on tlio lr and a law break
rm. Only a century ago, upon the least
tiipieiou of aprivato 'uiaaa-houmi' a pub
lic one wan out of tho qtietitioD otutta
,le wero ,'t on, and aiisportcnl 1'upixU
hunted down in the ulroet to find lieller
here they could. Ilalf a ceutury ago a
nienti'r cotihl only bo in parliament on
anfforanrte, and a l'apixt not at all, on any
kTOH tnntiui.
fvnatnr I.ammidi of Vermont has Ixwn
eleeted wlthont eppoaition for another
term. Thin in an event of national interest
( Mr. Kdntnndt' long exxrienc and re
markable ability, and jecial knowladge,
hw (vmnitre, readinetui and judicial tehiper-
ament, with bii atardy hontwty and niui'
fdicity, pomliine to niako him an invalu
able Senator. Tlioro U Munething eien'
tially American, and American of tha beat
type in lil character aud cancer, lie i a
tery atrong prty iuo, without bing a
purty bully. ISpuljlieaniiim rprfKi!U
to him the principle which tuot cwrtaiuly
proniote true nationat union and greatiKa
but hi good M'lihe and hi hrewd humor
vo him from tho alwurditie of mora
pnutijitixliip. Sir. r. lmnnds i ow of the
ablest and moht thoroughly equipped of
I he lawyer in the Senate, and an import
ant xjteei h of bin it t h;ui-tiYe of hit aub
je, t Hi ppecch upon the Lleeloral liill,
l'r inotAinv, waa clear, coinprvbeiuiivo,
ronehiive, aud when ' ho aat dwwo the
rpnruent wa mmpleUt. Vermont aud
the country are both to 16 congratulated
upon Die proaenra of euch a man in the
rT mvimii amta.
1 Ii report of the Stat Iniector of
rinn?e ahow that tho whole Domlwr of
ilepoa.tor in the iten aaving tnk
and five tmat companie of the State, July
HI, lsii, waa 31, ?. an increase of 2.214
during the year. The total amount of de-
pxit waa .t.0T3,3U 30, an incrt-ai dur-
lug the year of tv.'ta.SOtj.a, or an increase
in two year of I,0t3,n3.M. Of the
djKsiU fl,Sl7,l:W.4 ia by resi
dent, and f2,72 K1.M by non reaidenU,
Tho mertiae in the nnniWr of the imalk-r
-1m of depoaitor (ander tiVl each) is
ll : over tm each, l,6tU While there
has ln a large tnrrpaae in deKita, there
Lm been a tWreaae of f 14.1M 73 in inter-
et cmht and dividend paid. Thi de-
er i. attnboUble largely to the U of
ote half of on ier rent onder the law c f
1 and alao to the lower rU at which of almoat Yearly octarrcnoe among the
bi! and inveatment have been made, Moslem of WaaU-rn Aaia ; and ahould the
and to the fct that the )nka Lave bn Utter aueceod in their present attempt to
carrying larg turn of money waiting in- attain the independence offered them by
v,ttrn iit. The five lnjt conspaniew hart Bonaparte in ITiiH, and by Mehemet All
pail up capital of ?A,m, and report ia ISjy, the last honr of the CHtoman Em"
JvpmiUi to th HBontit of tl,72,M4.44 pire wUl indeed m at hand."
a Increase daring the year of l4U3,s3.2jL "Nor ha Austria much canae for reiie-rf.-r
the law of I7H, tatiisg thedepoaita ing at preaent. Trne, she baa been the
cf aaving! batks whkh went into eSect only gainer by a war in which ahe took no
January J. IS7, f:A,lM 04 wa -eid for part ; but the annexation of Boania ia one
the tiffcteem months ending July 1, 1 of Ihuae atep which are only naeful ao far
if thia turn ?.13,iit 72 waa diatributotl to a Uiev htl toaowrthicg tW The 'aome-
irse mm to proportion tj the araont,t of
?ep..u from aach town, aud the lIno,
l,V2SiacnieJ to the Sute from the
tat on na resident dojxiU.
The M',ttith tt.nnal r-r.i,i,u uf Vr-
t "i t of!i"c w i.l t L 3d at M"i,trelier.
?tt Tbiradav.
Xcetnts-r 11, TU Datlal
tm. rw -m UMiog w til 1 held at the huw i
bo., at 3 ockatk r. u. Th crUn w Ul
1 drl.rettJ to the evbicif bv tlra Mar
....... i
I f
.... r vr.t.i.. v .t .i . , i .
...... -,v.-. .ul,,alJSM
.f the I! .nae of r.n-a fctativna, I
iL o weeping Kepub
lican Victor'.
Republican Gains all Over
the Country.
Not a Crunjb of Comfort for
Democrats Anywhere.
f ousinw ltr but mrTf J rui
.U4 riiurui from mt IU- but timi the
I-t t- l)rrnn ttimta RiatIi'sji
Dij.if!tj m f,,l!(4:
maim: s.uw
Vi:ilM0.T 30.U00
NEW YORK. .......
. ..,V0
. . .40,000
, . . .'50,000
. . 35,000
, . . 25,000
. .75,000
.. 45,000
. . . 5,000
. . . 3,000
OREGON 3,000
The Democrat claim North Carolina an
one or tw o more of the cloao atato given
above, and all of the other itatea but they
concede flarfleld't election by a largo ma
The campaign, ou the part of tha Iem
ocrata, ha btn characterized bv aome
stupid blunder. Walo Hampton Htart
iugoff with the claim of 138 electoral vote
of the tolid Houth wa a blunder. Mud
alingitig at (lar iieltl w a a blunder. Alick
Stoveiifi Raid at the outxet that if tho Dcm
ocrata did not atop flinging mud at Oar
field they would elect him. Haucock '
weak attumpt to act hiunuilf right on the
tariff (jucKtion wa a blunder. Tho Chincao
letter waa the worwl blunder of all. Even
tf the letter were really genuine, Vicing
published at the timo it wait pcoplo gun
erally would believe it to l)o a forgory,
coucoctcd for campaign purpose. The
Republican have also made aome blun
dora, but not enough to offaot the mistaken
of the other ido. They Lave pulled with
a itrong team, Grant, tloukling, Sherman,
Schurz, KvcrU and liluiuo were toomuch
for the two or three ataleamcn engaged on
the other aide. Troupcron time aud a
clean admiuintration uuder Haye were
also powerful argument againat a change.
The reault how an overwhelming Itepuh
lii-au gain all over the North which
aurea not only another Itupublic&n almin-
i.stration but alao a Republican Congress.
The alarming deinonxtration in Ireland
w hich are causing the home government
a great deal of trouble are not tho only
aigua of disturbance acroaa tho ooeau. We
copy from the New York 7Vmc the follow
ing mtume of the aitoation :
'To jtt least three lUirojiean Stutes,
viz., inrkey, Austria, aud l.Ussni, next
Christma will Ijo anything but merry
oue. Turk7, indeed, ia lieyond fear, for
alio ia lx-yond hojio. Like her emblem,
the locust, she ia dying npon the aoil that
alio ha wasted. Hor fortreaae are crum
bling, her ahipa rutting at their moorings,
her mjldiew perishing of hunger or dis
ease, her Minister temporizing between
her most faithleaa vaaaal and deadliest
enemic in order to earp the vengeance
of the otico doapiaod H.'hnstian.' More-
over, while thus loaing her last hold npon
Eoroje, she ia menaced by a new peril in
Ler own poaaible aaylnm, Aaia. It ia often
aaid that the Turk, when driven from
Constantinople, can fly to Aiatio Tnrkcy;
but it now teem as if there would aoon Ins
no Aaiatic Turkey for him to fly to. The
aaraee Kwrd w bo are carrying fire and
aword through Wcatern I'ereia, tho fierce
Aral who ara faat establishing a prescrip
tive right to the yearly plunder of Bagdad,
are 'subject' to the Kultan very much a
the Afghan (ihiljyea are to the Ameer.
They have lie particular objection to hi
etiatenoe, ao long a be dom tot mtnldlo
with them ; but if he doea, "one man ia
u easily killed a another. " For more
than a generation paat, revolt have been
thing else' in this rate in, of ecmrae, A as-
trta advance to the .f'.gean ; Iwt with )
Albania in her fret, 8n and Monten- Z7 r, i? i, , MiAhTl, cl
gno on her Batik, and the ttill turbulent .,,
BciattUk ia her fear, thi U no easy mat- a Ttiy Hiat.
iw .
ter. hhoold her pending quarr! with
Ifv-n- end io war, a freah difficulty wUl i" 'tTJ ,x , .'1r
. , , , . . , . cluldrro, fnena and ruhUive are ao fre
1 lm aJJed. Ha'-.t-arv a brat tMlptatm hava ,i. . i i i i i
deplaned tha no luore Httngariaa blood ;
ahall V wasted in sontbern war of ac-' A
shall Vie wasted in aontbem war of ap- A
roeaion. aod ahould Austria attcn.pt th.
i , -. .... .
uniumiHoajarai., tue tuowsaaaa oi (
Wat a k fill iu m.ka &ay lav lU'tr ova j
.t l .1 .1 ,- !"
fcslr1) at hrrvia vji w. '!-.! Itecesr
'-rug i:.t & tk M4 with
- .,-. m r. , , D.? .,u
.w4 Jrg rti-k-a ijDrt la word. Jttiair.a
i ha J 1 U..t.g U) gaol by t Urr t.'iJ s-jt
tlir.g to base bv .lff.t "
"l"w J'"!' I 5 this, Au.Tn sit
eoatil 1, -rwlf f flaar.lo m rir:i ant
ttt l
lias!. r, aitiee tb flam
t.x!. Lm ili pr-t I'siiinr town in ucli
I rw. Without (libraa m r 1 rl.
tmiuf ntk frrt-r, fonwkUUo' IB
amwniuB I !.! if !uti(T IW Ht'4; ah
in, tn ! fiilirjj. om It If rutini.j nlort,
fis in 4 tiW.w ttsi.g, jhe it.J.
uf WrittU f nuirul mi Inoiuiuf ever
bifKr an ! heart f la t)) tuijt cf 1
thin, he Lu t !! itli to (if tie inul
Bjomentona qnrtiou vr-r j-rMiwcUsl U
brr the cwitriiij !trl n-funu of her
nl the jMjti.in cf I,r Hu.VoU fur juiUic
fprcaeutatjoii nj free from wliilnir ts-
The jrim?r ia WooJubH'k juil ftreuij
to htv fliuig m H!irK'k wij I'.ngluh HUg
M Uie bnvw.
!ia Wo iKiutod artiug United HtnUn
lUtrict uttouro.'T, vice IJ. I'. Fiflcld. re-
Tl ' - V- , , ... .
luoiuaa oagie, aoottt li yean old wa
killed at lv, laat wck. bv aoma aoeUnnt
on the treatle railway ouUide the shaft.
The Connecticut river ia ao low at Brad
ferd that cattle wa.fe across from New
Haeupahire into thi State aomcthiug
unprooedented at thi season of the year.
At Irasbnrg, last week Thnraday, a five
year-old aon of ex-Lieutenant-Goveruor
(!oltoo was climbing upon a loaded w agon,
when the horse started, and awheel pa.
ea ovt his tiody, killing him.
A bill to commute to impriaoumeut for
life the death aeutenco.of Boyal 8. Carr,
has Wen introduced in the legislature,
and a sharp contest will be made iu it 1h
half, it Wing claimed that Carr in non
compa mentis.
The Baptist State convention held its
aunual oson in Wallingford, on Wednes
day and Thursday of last week. . The at
tendance wa large, the mooting full of
ire and tii'erest, aud the hospitality of the
people geuerou ami abundant liev.
Dwight Sjiencer of Fair llaveu wa ap
pointed State Missionary.
Mr. Meaker, who, with hor aon Almon,
i iu jail at Montpelicr charged with kill
ing little Alice Meeker, her husband half-
aixter, at Waterbury, loot apring, made a
dosperate aud nearly auccosaful attempt
to burn the jiul. She act fire to her cell
but the flamea were discovered in time to
prevent serious damage.
Silo M. Waite lie in a critical condi
tion at the county jail at Newfane, with
something like an attack of pleurisy. He
ha a terrible cough, hi lungs appear to
be raw, and he ha been moved from his
cell to the main room of the jail. Mr.
Bowie, the jailor, aaid the other day that
he thought if he was not moved from hi
present quarters he would not live to meet
hi friend. He Las always been in the
habit of walking 8 or 10 miles a day, and
his present confinement is terribly de,
tractive to -the health of such an uneasy
It has cost $108,352 to run the insane
asylum at Brattlcboro for the last two
years, of which sum the State paid $5(1,
&48 for the support of the transient con
ict and criminal insane ; the towns paid
834,9(16 for their patients ; friends paid
877,008 for private patients. In the 178
cases of insanity admitted to the asylum,
hereditary tendency was the cause of 53
per cent ; intemperance and excesses of
of various kinds contributed to the devel
opumeut of alsjut twenty-five per cent ;
disease or injuries of the nrvous centres
exaustion, OTcr-work, over-study, general
ill-health and disease were causes of in
sanity in twenty-three ner ner,t diseases
peculiarto women figured in the product-
- ' I -
vm ui tsvu-vijjui oi iuo asccruutiou j
asos of women, while moral causes wsen-
ed to have been more or les operative in
lout thirty per cent, and those of a do-
niestio nature iuvoling the affections, seem
to have Issen alxmt twice as frequent as j
those of a business kind, including also
excitements of a religious or personal
character. Many improvements have been
mode in the asylum iu the last two years.
A Happy IkilfMis,
Itev. E. F. L. Gauss, Galena, III; "I
have Ieen a great sufferer from Kidney
disease, and after beinu told by niv doctors
liiallcoulit not get well, 1 commenceU
the use of Data KuiNir I'ajj, which has
now completely cured me. I am strong
ana again look the very picture of health.
way all tlie suilenng be helped a I have
been, is my eauest wiab."
The highest hope and interest of the!
race rest on the purity, health, and
length of womanhood. We tike pleaa-
re in referring our readers to the remark-
le efficacy of Lvi.u 11 Ptkiuuk's Veoe-
Taiile Coueot'XD in all that class of dis
ease from which women auffer so much.
When a cough sounds like Croup that
i dry and hard do not delay ao instant !
Give 1)0 H JV.s ' ELIXIR often enongh to
keep the cough looee, and the danger will
soon be over.
A. a remedy to purify the blood, noth-
ing can be found equal to Da. BaXTEB's
Mam Ida a a
UiTTKiia. Price 'j eta per
Ia Htxut k JoitNHix' A'avtra avn Oil
I.lKlsiEKT we furnish you a large bottle for
50 cents.
TV. S .. .tl f.
" .. I .L.
work, riv the operatives pallid face. 1 U
- , , .uuuuiurei,, v. i, tai-iuif I
poor aptetit, languid, miserable leading.
poor tdouL xtuctiv. liver, kidney and an-
nary trouble, and ail the phyaician and
medicine ia the world cannot help them
nlna they pet out of door or sae Hop
ltiMcr, the pniwat and be reweslv. nerse-
cially for sacb casea, having aboDdaaoe of
health, sonshine and roy chewka la them.
in onr tumaw. wnn iu oaaeti ciiange
uur .ui Man uuiu ua- iit ii.-v :tt ut i ntunu-
half the death rexniting from this cans.
lHUe of Ir it. White a
ouU of lr N. . White's Pnlmonary
H"1 rf "
Bw vf , ttw doao. save fcanvdo-hwa
tlla. 1 of aaU everj bfre. " w
I ""'". -""-". -
(XrjM Iref ItM Mi4 I.liftM,
Th i lrti ii.S, "jt fcotLinjf
ttmre thui et uiT riwt bn n-
thu niH.1irs;. IMIm t4Ue i
xt4rt e keait)) w la
qsiwtxici 1 u rliiffu be t (rt''
r.'l 1
thl ,'ilr,r,,',,,,' i'r- ivbjt 'i
J i.mpflf .ion, b ! p,r.
II (M l
" I
Ftwhtr iLpUun, nek Lrt.-h. Ji.
imn MiJ fiiituii rami l-jr Mu iiiUur.
aaJ linn- ! might. Nil.l Ht nli kii.l
Will ifc tiJ thoir r lelirUl K.Iwtro-Vul-Uieli.
lu to the fSicto.l ninm J tU
trukh hpedv rare rnruted. Thcr
Bipa ht U..-T wit. rils U) them ith
outdfLT. 27 ly
HTE WlsTJu'l 1?AIJV or WlU) Cukk-
Bt Iwt on hund. It curwi coiigUn.
V own Ivtiocuitift, w hiXiUDg loiih.
I nxi, Itiflut'tiJ-A, CuokiiiuiUuii, mil all
Thnt wul Lung Coili UiuU. , W cwtit
Mid t jkt IkiIUh. Nil?
Thi rtm vuj Hvbit Lm cuivd thoua-
nd mho Wfr unfTerlna from lvtHiiia,
lihty, Livor (kimilaiuUr Bull,' li
fvl CouipUiut, tv, l'itr.b1o
t n.Ta.lJn;s. S th V. Jo W 4
blow fre
Jtoeion. 101 T
allU mudb Ui Baaafaetnra ol all kind of
al tha old taml n1 nil) ennotvur to elks it for
iti luUreal at all who nsed gouda ia our litis to
in tha old fbiouoj war.
Wa alao oae aome of
Ilia tea( uak HUick.
Cash Paid for Hides and Skins
Ao Mortment of Whip, Blanket &o.
Constantly on Hand.
Periou. .enrtlnr .king to tell or tan Willi
f raai oar ia aattinina.
rCa stiua ar not worth lanalat .
Doraet. ?t., May 5th. lHso. tl-Jlr
Wheat Bitters
riiKl'AREl) 1)Y
.Middlebury, Vt.
Contain More of the Nutritions Health
(Jiving- l'tioaphalei than any
other preparation ip
tha market.
It woika wonders. Caring Iadifreatjon,
r(,,ia.n,rTBai aon iteoerai jjeunuv, producma I
a betlikv aclioa of tti Liver and KkIbih. and
will bs (onnd invaluable in all Polmeaarv and
iruuviiiai uimcuinsa. f-nrai r male a. nursitia
motriiira, aud weaklj children, oao nod do rrm
dv equal to this liealibful blood and nerve tout
for aaia oj arnggfU generally and at
IIibd's Dru Store, Manchester and at
lily Waits, Factory Toint.
Fancy Goods
The Largest Stock
EvGr in Town.
Numerous to Mention, in
Please call and Examine Before Mak
ing you Purchaser.
w - v ..- .
From those of the OooJ Old Daya.
If not call and bear the Professor.
Diaries for 1880.
Alao the usual slock of Drups.
. . iclues, Ac.
O. J.
Factory Point,
- Vermont.
Dm. 17, 7. sitf
Factory Point, Vt.,
Kaachaater Depot, Tarmont.
Ooa-thlrd of a mils from tha rA
Joseph H Icka, mails trorn tha laleat tannrovaat
patent praaaca. and tb okl-fathiuoed way doaa
m-mj wiiu. cp traw du anti not a partial or
psnian in uia ciQcr at in la null.
nlr, - lwo cents per Urral for BiakiBf. Raw
kaada pat la barrala if waolad.
Maorheatar Depot, Vt Sept. tl.
ix - To taka abacripuooa for tha
? ....ma Paunu,aiua
I..... ..1 1 1 . ...
DlaTftast eiaaa. Wllal cirialiaai auiai an baitlMia r.nM
ot eaivhratad wriu-r ia wy evantry.
'"u4 b' T- '". Haary CaUt
otaaturaaraaty of tka Kaviaw.
Aiwata bribt, readahia aod iaatrseUve;
moimiuaa m iivaraiore, profrreaaif la aaiaat
aatnctartaa ia raJaa-toa a a iadaw4at la pai-
frt', SO ent a esmba; 15 C9 a year. A eent
plato Ant a Oailt ant as raeaipt a? II 00. a
apociaaaa oupy aout to any aiUirraa for It eaa'.a.
a. smiirH CO., Iul.ll.hta.
Ut All Wiiluua at, Srw lork.
ores cfcamroia,
Non-Explosire Oil Stove.
This tuirt a aha. B, roaractaad to k
lately aafa, aod mal.a a rraa! aarlt' r of eesat la
faat, Mpaoall la warn waaUiar, Try H.
raeAery st, Tl, May Ktk, l-u.
TV ri. w i f the t!t .nitr.
ill j;iiukUi lm liotti'r jiricc t-ao
be fuiind. W'e olii'it Mt(arion
with ther j.'(Hili.
riin HJ..1 l!nK-,l,-J
ISaalt Goods,
Comprising the greatest variety ever shown
I'Tiia. .M bm, including the black.
. rmt j(arr with sh-eves for
MiH and Children. Kmt
Jackrra without sIm'Vc
for Ladies. '
Hood 8,
Hand-knit JSoolcest
Very line tstcx k tf Ladica Abh-wooi.
anu Mewno gootLs. Very nice line
of Cent's SllAKEK SOCK It, including
soiiio of extra quality; also Gent'a
iN-arlet AII-wooi half hose.
Gent's and Boys Scarfs in
great variety.
Cardigan Jackets,
in groat variety of size and quality.
Felt and Farmer's Satin' Skirts,
TV never had a better Ktnrk of reasonabl
Uooda tli an at present and the
ilioes cf uearly evr thing
aa low as usual.
tzif Thankful for past patronage, we solic
it its continuance, aud shall not fail to give
good quality, low price, and courteous
Cone &Burton
Manchester, Vt, Oct 27th, 1880.
I announce Iu tie citizena of Manchester and
, ,.. viviuitjr that I have bow a "
$5000 STOCK
eotialitli a of
Mens, Youths. Bovs and Children's
a aiucn lare.r aan nstter tn a than avar waa
aliova iu Factory l'oint or any towa batwaaa
Kutlaod arid llnniol,ii and will La sold at tk
Kiwaai poaaibl price.
of the latest style and pattern for Men,
Voutb, Boys and Children. Also a large
lock of
at much lower prices than, ever was aold
I bave an Immenie itocir at the lowest
bottom price. 2.'i dozen Undershirt aod
Urawer Irouj 26ceuu nnwrda, pita-
net shirts In red aud bine; Fine Sblris,
while ami colored.
IVoolt Wear,
fork a. Soarfa, Tlaa. Bow, Bearf Fioa, KUtila,
Collar Uattftaa, Uura t'ollara aud CotTa, Woulaa
aoaaa, Utm aod Silt Haodtarebiefa, ttaapaiad
aia, Ao. A largoatorkef
for (lentlfFuaa a ad la-lisa All U aooda will b
arrautee aa repraas-niad and aold at liia luwaai
aad coettoa yora-lva thatI bate tb large
tow, lb beat gisHia aa auat-at priasaa.
Thankful for past favor and bopeltig
fur a coiitibuaoce of tho same, I remaia
Jaaory rotut, Vt., aapt. S&d, it? I4irtf
UNPARALi.rxm steers
liWhite Sewing Machine!
ia w uitrr. n of lit m.uu. e ila )
aaaaai W 6A.SM Ma lnu-a.
No other Machine Evrr Ha 1 aocb
Record of Topularity.
11 i vary lixbl nablna It bai a rt-nl l,- fr.
It it easier t,i aml.r.i.aj an ! kslw to sl
K?ery Machiae Fully Warreeted for
Firo Year lly
W. A. ADA MX, Ai'SBl,
Kactorj Fotal, Tt.
John C. Haynes & Co.
Musical Boxes in 1 1 rent Variety.
American Guitar Wan anted.
Banjos from $2 upwards
iohn, Violoncello, Double JSusn
Hunjo, Zither ami Harp Strings
and InnuningR.
Aceordians and Concertinas of all deserip
lions. American and Foreiirii Shee
Music, Mosid Books, Ac, Ac.
Wholesale and liutuil.
This aalalillabmeot ia ona at thl,r.n.-h .ir,r.
of Oi.itbs DiTaoa A Co., aud posaaaae qui ,1I
ma auTsniaoa ror IU importation of inalrn
aitats from Hi Iwsl uianaiaelurira iu Garepa
MANcmTCREi a or akd uiiAi.i.e lit
WARE,' See-
No. 8 weod cook ttovca without reser
No. 8 wood cook stoves with reservoir.
rso. o second nana wood cook stoves
No. 0 wood cook stoves without reser
Ne. 9 wood cook etovei with rcsetvoir.
iro. v second band wood cook eloves
No. 8 coal burning cook stoves without
I. 8 coal burnitig cook atovea with
I No. 8 second band coal burning oook
No. 9 coal burning cook stoves without
No. 0 coal burning cook stoves with
No. 9 second band coal burning cook
New parlor wood stoves,
New parlor wood cook atovea,
Second baud parlor wood atovea.
New parlor coal stoves.
New parlor coal cook atovea,
Secoud band parlor coal atovea.
We can sell yon Small box atoves.
Wo can aoil yon large lot atovea,
Wo Jean sell you second band
We can sell yoa stove foj cash,
Wo can sell you atovea on time.
We want all the good, interest Learinir
notes we can get.
We cannot afford to give away stoves,
We connot afford to be cbcated out ol
Wo do uot want any slow note that
cannot be collected.
If yon want to buy a stove,
If you waul to eell a stove.
If yoa want to trade atovea,
Manchester Depot,
large aeeortwent. Cheaper thaa ever.
Croquet Sets,
eight mallets and tails for $1.25.
OfiVIS' FLIES and all kind of fish.
log tackle constantly 00 Land.
SftsaoaiJOMc Vuws. Cma Cera.
Tita, Ac, 1c.
1IELLIUORJ-; death to Pota
to Ruga and Currant
Tbe usual complete atock of Drugs,
Chemicals, aod Patent Medicines,
Cf ttwnary. Cigars,
ail for sale at
Manchester Village.
ataicbaaUr, VU, Kay M, 1-JfX 1
m t f -a ) . 1 .,
I H 1 .
t nt
- i K a. .
a frm zAw, ag4
a t
Oiri.', ,'. a,a I
urn a m.tl.
I a'lit.
f am ti
r - r ,
CI t I
a1 le ll l 1 al VuV
le al ai.t ntiui. Hot I tl ll
t; Ar ero iter
New Millinery Rooms
MTt A l l i
a$ fart-n y 1B. !l , e..n'ii; Intt'td l.i
fm 4 oiaiain y aud 1 .a ,rti,i
Vtilltiaot-y ( taa.
w,lt Is In a n? al, alvliah iib
.,a-4 als.aay that 1 in i(m,I Ik
Mme. Diliiortst's lJHiabk" Put
KMH-ifiily jeiira,
MPs. il 1. iAl.lli.
Iol.,n J Vint, tl,, (K-t 7, isjsi Hn
w Mil.USKht AT tKSi'X U.SiI I
Miss Mary Lugene,
Factory Point, Vt ,
ha ). re.il a bl r.f Sna FAl I. AXO IS.
il.u im.i.iM ia (i,,k,,s, in, in.lit K i l,il,tr'
l.in-l c(.. At:, a aixxl bus i,
tor sale ehasp. al l.u(;i,i.', M.-k, r..i.ti v
I'oim. V.- in.,,,!, jmnt I fot.SK.
raeirv i'i.ihi, Vt , rrl ?i, n, aj
M.IIH III xlry tt'lllioiit.
A lioarumir and ay School
tor ladie
and (lentlcmen.
Odi'ls It, i- t.litnucrt t a r u!' H.-aid ,-! abla
e-( en. in ,. 'I, ,, ,, i.m,,!!, ,.,,.,,, j r(B.
a! aiu.lv, ti.uiuiii.-li dull in il,. K'ili.h witk
iwial alll.ii li In , rlaames. snl t.ilina lima
prepare, I ., c.ilieK. '1 i Mil ,i v. . lt i, f,.r
Mliaie at lh luaeal tirn.t l,u lu 1...,,..
Wailnaaday, Aiuiul S.'ilh, ln.nl. for In. aril
rmmisor oilier lit r-,rmai totj. al,li aa il.a ltiuai'
pal. Aid lu llflu lli-uris..
, . '. JAMKH ri.KTl'HKB.
Manehralrr. VI., Jnia 7ih, ts.xo. f
American Bee Journal
Tut Oi.it, LaiT anii lls.v Bi I'n as.
l)Tl vtiat iUdiami Ml., t Mil awl, )n
Lime and Cement.
Shaftsbury Lime,
Marblo Lime,
JRosendalo Cement,
iSnlo at tlio New Vork Store,
J. ! HUM kMKK,
lairvmsn who have tried the Carrul Vlnll.r
Oolnr, manurfaeiiired hy N. Brown A Co.. Kuw
llmlin N. V , will n lm nther. Uutora nwtt.ni.
mend it, anil It ia In fact, the only jmroly vra.
table riara(ioii ill the nuiki t. Every butila
larrantMl and iniinty refunded If not aali.fao
irv. Foi tale l,y
31f 1. N. 11AIU), Manoheatar, Vt.
A. BARTON'S Estate.
.......i,,,!,,,,, , ui flurniiirr.ii
At a rrnbala ('i.urt. held al Mauchaalar. wiihin
and tor rani iliairirl on Ilia lid day of Nuveinlitr
a. n., lsio
I'lKai lit Hnn. 11a i ikiv ll'iward Jndus.
Th Administer, 11. II. llullv. mi tha Catala
of M. A. luiien, lu, tif tio'ast lu aaid
Iustiii t, ih ci i-,l, 1 1 i i r a- lu limln in aa-
i'i,ii i, t lit lni ailiMiiisiiaie.n no said i-a ato. it la
nrdori t I v sai l Cuiirt that said ai i onnl La o.
mined fi,r ullnwsmtt at a ,,,, n ilmrsof to la
eld at tl.H I'rulistu (ifhrs In Hain tir.lur lu a,l
liialrlet on tha 'Ith dav of Nnvninbar a o 1SSO.
at 10 o , -li ra a. in , and ll,at r.ntiva he givi.n In all
pnranna inn n-aini i,y ma putJlicalmo uf ll,ia or
der in Ilia Manebeaur Jucssai., a viiaaiianar
printed at aaid Jlan, lu alur, Ibru wceka auioaa
aivelv, eionoua in aaid Urn of tsarina.
A true Hi i urd,
Aiteat. llANKKI HOWAflD, Joila.
A tmo cony nf llsrnrd.
1233W Atliat. J1ANM.V nOWAllf), Judg.
I'r.ssixnTow Coi sn, aa.
WJ Mil I.I) 8. HOLT, Adouutaliator ol llaimub
liAMKL FlHg and DAMKf, I). Flsg,
In (.'liai.t'i ry lineinhur Term, lsstl,
H7,e,i. Winfiihl H. Hull. Ailminialralur i f
Hainiim Holt, lata uf Wisiiin, in ih. I i,ui,i y ut
Vt lndaor, deoeaaed, baa lili d In tha 1 Bkia i,f lb
Clerk nf tanl Cmnt his islitmn nf !,.ri lanrs
asatnst baiusl Flak and liai I. l I. Flak, rami,
Imih that on the 'J'M ilay or Wanb, IH',4. aaid
I.aiunl Flak ami aif.i ri,,,,,n l 1,, a.ul liarrn, a
Unit, iliiti In life, a ii,,irirti- mad nf i.iuio
landa in I.Vnib'ii,f ; l' 1 e the 1 1 uil.al bna.a-
tead fai m o N M an r , k, il, , 1 a i-,i, and itnit-
ainied by ,1 Nall.an'. I.111. t. , lbs aaid lian-
lei F'ik. a mmj id lan I il, ut I Mi rm)a ,,i,r
liitiaT hrtsitn aaM firm an ilis i-at ine nf
iVi 11 n i.diin in il fur tlm 1 k 111, nl 1, 111 a ban.
i il n,l 111 y doiiaia In tin- aia f'i in dai,
Mil 111,, l1, tl , nm.a'iv ; ai 1 IT, r In r alalina Ibat
l'i;:,) 1 '.li 1 111111. an inn 1,. I in aaid niam-
a by virui ol a n,nveyM- ant a, ,j in i t Ui aaid
My an : Mi.l 11 in a, til aiutu ili.t II, u aaid
JI Oil 11. I ,ak 11 anil a nut i f 11 1. Mil. ao thai
a nhtM,i,a rai. 11,11 l, arri d on him, 11 ia nnh-r-d
H at tli aaid I 'amid 11. i.k ba 1, 11.11I In ait
pear In 11 , 1. 1, .in r t'i tin li pi utii.n hi f,,r taid
tlurt tu ha tiili at )r,i li.iit'.n, I 1 lha r,miily
if In niin-Ki'-n nn Ilia ftrat istwd.y of lisitua
l.i r ni-it. 1.1 1 niili!niii 111 ho .Mam m-l,.r Jut a
sab. a aailil.i: (1 ewapapir pimitd al ktam-hiatar
111 aaid U,unl. tha tul,.Uucu if aaid paiuina
tl.rr week, tie i taaind v, lha last of whn b pnb
fl'allKlit shall ns at h aat Iw.uly ilaya prtiuua
t-i tils ci,ii,n,i-iii , 111, lit of aai-l turn uf n.uil.
(livsu i,u,l, r n,y hand at Mam hrater, In aaid
Co mi 1 y Una i'ih diy nf Oi -tolir, Issn.
ll.'K. F'iia, I't,nly Clerk.
Ill ST'.s A Mi ., MH'-it ra,
lirssiKuruH Coisif, aa,
17HA 1.0u.V,
O. W. BKAH.FT, BFI.HFRT N. liltllil.ET and
Jnii 1 trill, jssf).
W'.t,h, Fzr Fasnti, f Mam:hettr. la aani
fViBoty. has brought anil ayiinat O. W. Ilradity.
Hoihert N. Ilra liry and J, bn V. Jiln kmar. and
ratiaid the rl aatale nl tba aaid lleroart N.
J;ialr, anuau-d iu tb tuwu of ilui trt, ia aaid
t'oniily. in ha a'tai htd tli,rnin ; l, l, tall waa
enttrtd at tna Iie,Mulr li itn of lha I'.mnltia-
loo Cniiuiy Ceoit in ln,v ana eotitioa.d to lb
JniiKleim of aaid Court, 10, and whartaa II
apu-arfi that tba aaid II -r tut M. Ilradtar waa
ahaaiit from tha Hula al th Una of lha aarvni
of aaid writ and bad not irluinod wiibia lb
tarn bafiin lb Urns of trial : II waa ta.rtnpoa
ordnrtd Hat aaid ami ba eonunatd to iba
nml ifctn.Ur 'Jnriu of aaid Cvil, and taat
tins thra,f b aiorn lo tba aaid Defn.it H
liiautey by lha pnhncaiioD of thia ordsr Ibrt.
we. a aui"altly lull,. Maoihtattf JouaaiL,
a public nawantpar prii.tf d al Mawkaatar, in
aid wnnty, tha la.t of whkb puhlaKatioua aball
ha at la-aat Iwtnty rtaja before tb Bait tart f
awd Court.
rtaas aadsr Biy hand al MawLaaUr, Vt , Ibis
JtTib ilay of Oieooer, ino.
II. K. loWLtK, Dopoly Clark.
I;ita A Mi aai, Auya.
IC80. Citizen's Line. 1800
or op mrrini of nwn Srkib. hu$mf i 4 p.
Vork nui ftitiin, cu! li. l.ugn.i rvf.ra. ) kr,4
t-H pvift (ti-l1ffir ( tfJtm trth Ihti
LK ItwtC ti I' tii tli:JLt, liAlt tt1 tl4 tfoVi.tbr
UtU IM-i.I V lb lUmfB ld letifig
UifJttk. Iti CkMrftfi OfffOJ Ia4 ttntu, 13 4. In
fefti&tsvLiaiii or hi $hum Jut It ttitf n, 'i 1&t
hourly Ifip Ba4 d rtt tt,m til' JUtv
ter, Vcrh, t ft 1 Ct'Utef ft.yU
(i, iHjlx'HjS, (jBi ifrut, Tio;( If.
Cko, W Oajf (OtB, twM. A 1 im
I it

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