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One nqoare, one year, eh additional o.nre f 10
Written notice Binel be given to lake out and aw p
advertisement of jrwly ad verllaore before tlia yea.
iplrna, otherwise w hell chnrye till dnno.
Ho onolraol of yearly adTertiaomoole will be discon
tinued wilkoiil previous notion la in, nor will any
olwite be mad lor ken than oue year al Ibe yearly
r- AdwarHearn Meaarllno; tha tpnco eon
raot4 brwUla rbugod lor the a csn.T
federal Hcglnient liaised in Ar
kaiiiii. General Ccrtts, since his arrival near
Little Rock, Arkansas, Las recruited a
regjinent of infantry fur the Federal
A True Patriot.
The Hon. Tal-l Dii-ltnoium, tho well
known leader of the Democracy of Ver
mont, was recently nominated by a De
mocratic State Convention for Governor.
Mr. D. declined, upon the sole ground
that at this time there can be but two
parties, one for maintaining the govern
ment unconditionally, and the other for
overthrowing it. In the course of his
letter of declination he says:
" We must for the time forget whether
we be Republicans or Democrats. In
such a union there will be strength and
elllciency, and if we differ hereafter, let
it be to settle the question, who did the
nioflt for his country. Let us act together,
act honestly, etllciently, and let him wear
the honors who fairly wins them. I feel
very confident that a great number I
hope a majority of all the old parties
in this State feel and judge as 1 do, and
that they will rise abovo party, as such,
and stand for their country, one and in
divisible, now and forever. With such
I mean to act, whether their number bo
few or many, till thin most wicked re
bcllion is crushed out; and winding that
my opinions and acts may bo in har
mony, I have felt called upon to declino
the nomination so honorably tendered to
Who are AbolltlonlntaT
Judge S. M. Bheckinbidqe made, a
powerful speech in the Missouri State
Convention a day or two since, in which
was the following truthful passage :
I.think I may say, that without any
opinion on this subject that would justi
fy the charge, there is not a mnn to be
found in the State of Missouri who has
not already been denounced as an Abo-
.liUonit, when, in point of fact, ho is as
far removed from them as he is in
thought or sympathy from thoso who
prefer the charge. This charge has been
o often and bo flippantly made, that I
have come to consider it as, perhaps,
the most unfailing test of a man'x loy
alty, that he had been dunounci'd as au
Abolitionist, That man who has been
so mcetssful in tempering his loyally
throughout this struggle as to avoid in
curring tho hostility, of the class en
gaged in treason, and their sympathiz
ers, to such an extent as not to incur the
. application of that epithet, I will not
say he is not i loyal, but I will say his
loyalty has, in all probability, not boruo
any very distinguished fruits.
Horses for the United States cavalry
are pouring in from all parts of tho coun
try to the natioual stables, at tho Car
lisle barracks, Ta. Thoy are chielly for
the regular troops, and will be trained as
well as can possibly be done before they
are wanted for the field. The ridiug
masters have to remain in the saddle
yen or eight hours a day since tho war
began. Their experience proves what is
not generally known that tho nervous,
nets of touch in the horse is more easily
subdued than that of sudden flashes on
the sight.
The New York HernU pays tho pres
ent liabilities of the Southern Confed
eracy approximate to the followirg fig
ures :
lWrowe d from banks, - $.0,000,K)(
(.State aid, to be reimbursed, 1.r),(KH),()(H)
Due bills for property seized, Ci5,(N)0,tXiO
" destroyed, 4o, 000,000
War loans - - . . I'..r. (Mil) (Mill
j ' l'rt-aayyKoU-s, - - lOO.OOo'ooO
Hue soldiers, . ' - 45,tXM,()KI
i Person Pronlow is reaping a golden
Larve'. Hot less than $2,5i0 came
J i from his spoech at the Academy of Mil-
yt xork. Hie speech at llrooklyn
-t $1,200, and he will get
- . t . 1 i i- t iir
-tan avt-rnt, niHiiu CI "v
tan i
I out (
He reetives $10,000
of his coming book,
aduT of his troubles a rich
Several Tennesseans now in Wanliing-
i ton, including Ex-Repreuentative Toi k,
are summoned by Marshal Lauon to
luincar as witnesses before the lliiih
1 Court of Impeaehmeut on the 2tilh.
The health of New Orleans up to the
j'.st wal good. Nugar cane below the
iitj looked exceedingly well, the plant-
there not appearing to pay nnuh at-
" -""""tsncccsiiion.
ke diet in tnjt'Ue county,
''"!b ull., t (tin ailraneril ag
oue )i si.it tUiee
VuliKd lu the ci untrj orir
lor lieiiorul Waahiuar-
at utury I'roii J.'in I tt
i,ken UCikmi piifoner
Dcatli or Itlrhard Vtadon, if;
I'Mta tbfll )D;tibur Vl-cinUB
We must lament the sad intelligence
conveyed in the following note, and ten
der our sincere sympathies to its be
reaved author:
' '.'I ranio to Richmond al the earnest
request of my gallant nephew and adopted
son, Richard Veadon, Jr., to witness and
chronicle the battle of the Chickahominy,
'the greatest battln of the mr;' but,
alas I he has been slain by the accursed
Yankees. and I have to chronicle his death.
He was killed, between 5 and 6 o'clock
yesterday afternoon,' (about an hour and
a half alter I had parted from him and
bidden him farewell, near tho scene of
Ms death,) while he was gallantly charg
ing a battery of the enemy, concealed in
a thickethaving been shot through the
head and dying immediately. The ene
my repulsed the attacking party, with
overwhelming numbers, killing my son
and three others of bis company (the
Washington Light Infantry, Hampton
Legion) and wounding a great man v more.
This is a natural grief, and may there
fore be pardoned, but Mr. "Richard Yki-
dox" can now, in his own loss, feci what
civil war is. It was begun in his own
State of South Carolina, and this very
" Hampton Legion" were the first to take
up arms against the Union Hag and tho
Mational Uovernment. Jvery such c,asc
is a terrible (hough righteous retribution
for the treason, the cruelly and the wick
edness of the leading men of South Car
olina. Thej who take tho sword shall
perish by the sword, and South Carolina,
as the chief instigator in deeds of blood
which has cost tho North and Smith
thousands of lives, should turn hercurses
upon her Rhettb, Pickenhks, and kindred
spirits, who fired the Southern heart to
treason and rebellion.
Tliurlow Wced'a Iteport on our
Foreliru Hclatlonn,
Thurlow Weed arrivod at New York
on the steamer Persia. Tho New York
Timet says : .
Mr. Weed, accompanied by his friends
and escorted by the committee, then pro
ceeded to tho Astor Aouce, where break
fast was partaken of, Alderman Smith
presiding at the table. During tho course
of tho meal national affairs were freely
discussed, and Mr. Weed, speaking Jree
ly, and possibly not thinking how much
Weight his words would carry, remarked:
The state of public sentiment abroad
was far from gratifying. Tho French
(iovern incut cherished no friendly senti
ment towards us, and tho peoplo were
little better. Rut Prince Napoleon was
our sincere, earnest friend, and lost no
occasion to do us friendly ollices.
Tho Rritish ministry was divided.
Lord Palmerston and Earl Russell were
adverse to us ; other members of the Cab
inet were warmly affected towards tho
North. Tho Queen, whenever she could
say a word, alwgys expressed a sympa
thy with us. Prince Albert had always
been a devoted friend of this country,
and his last public act had been to mod
ify a dispatch which tho ministry had
prepared to send to Lord Lyons.
The general unfriendly sentiment cher
ished toward us in the Old World, Air.
Weed attributed to tho treacherous con
duct of our diplomatic agents abroad.
Full one-third of them had for years
been engaged in preparing tho public
mind in Europe for the contemplated re
volution, and a large number of Southern
Congressmen had participated in the
treason. Wo in America could have but
an imperfect idea of the condition of
popular sentiment on that Continent.
, Dr. Russell, of tho London Times, was
one of our best friends in England. Ho
took every occasion to express his sym
pathy for the North. He spoke at tho
clubs, to members of Parliament, to ev
erybody whom ho encountered, lie pro
nounced our army as the lines! in the
world ; the raw recruits were equal to
veterans in other countries.
CapitnliHts were surprised most of all.
Our country was dismembered and its
extinction threatened by civil war of
monstrous propoitions; yet we met all
tho expenses, and wero able to do so lor
ten years, without recurrence to foreign
contributions, and our funds had not
depreciated since tho breaking out of hos
tilities. There was no other country in
the world capable of such a financial
achievement. America was truly inde
pendent. Offer of Amnesty In ivilaaourl.
Octieral Schoficld, commanding tho
Missouri State militia, has issued an or
der, in which ho says:
Thoso who have been ia anus against
the United States, or have aided the re
bellion, and now desiro to become good
and loyal citizens, may surrender them
selves and their arms at the nearest mil
itary post, and will bo released, upon
subscribing to the unial oath and giving
bond with approved security for their
futuro loyal conduct. They will here
after be lice from military arrest, so long
as they shall, in good faith, observe and
keep the conditions of their oath and
boud; or if, in any particular .case, it
shall bo deemed by the military authori
ties inexpedient to release, with the pro
mise of future protection, ho will be re
leased and placed in tho same condition
as ho was before his voluntary sur
render. AU ofllcers and men of this command
are reminded that it is their duty, wtulo
punishing with unmeasured severity
those who still persist in their ellorts to
destroy the peace the State, not only to
abstain from molestation, but' to protect
from injury all loyal and peaceable
Irulal On tragi'.
We aio informed that on yesterday a
squad of rebel cavalry visited the prem
ises of a gentleman living near Hmyrna,
in Rutherford county, and requested him
to burn his cotton. The gentleman very
properly refused to comply with the
modest requeat, w hereupon he w as in
formed that if he did not comply they
would kill two of his negro fellows who
happened to be standing by. Ho again
refused to obey, when they tired, killing
oue of the negroes and mortally Wound
ing the other.
lu a short time after the committal of
this most lieiidish act, the up train from
Nashvillo arrived, and its guard put in
pursuit and captured four or five of the
murderous aroundrrla, who, me are in
formed, are in jail at SI ui frees boro'.
if. .'V -Veto.
Kxtra Hilly Smith, of the tJtli Vir
ginia regiment, a aj wouuded at l air
lT'iXir)it'"!J''J'!'1'-'1'-1''1 -'-wi,i...iw.'ii'i-t...!i,.)g'j'...,ntu!i J 1 t -
The Urattrn llama.
The Col. Chas. Ellet, Jr., whose i tins
destroyed the rebel flaet on the Mississ
ippi, opposite Memphis, is the same per
son who has been for years urging the
government to build rams as a means of
naval warfare. At the commencement of
the war he fairly board the Navy Depart
ment with his advocacy of the efficacy of
these novel implements of naval attack,
and of course met the fate of all innova
tors upon established routine. The
success cf Hollins' turtle Manas
suss last summer emboldened him
and he appealed again to Mr. Welles,
but with no better success. At that time
he published a pamphlet on the subject,
which he sent to all the newspapers as
well as to tho members of the Uovern
ment. In this production be prcdidictcd
that tho rebels would inflict incalculable
damage upon or wooden ships of war by
means of rams which he was informed
they were building. The prow of the
Merrimac shortly afterwards gave a point
to his predictions that let a little light
Into the head of the Navy Department,
but still Mr. Ellet was neglected. Du
ring last winter however, Mr. Ellet had
the good luck to write a couple of very
severe pamphlets endeavoring to discred
it General McClcllan with the Govern
ment and the country. Fortunately ho
Succeeded no better in this than in his
previous enterprise, but it procured him
the notice and countenance of Secretary
Stanton, who a short time since gave him
a contract to lit up a fleet of rams on the
Mississippi to but the lifu out of the reb
el gunboats. He has succeeded and de
serves well of the country. His appre
ciation of the necessity of theso novel
vessels in our navy at a time when no
one else could be persuaded of their use
fulness is creditable to his scientific fore
sight, and should insure his fortune. Let
Colonel Ellet now be given a contract for
building a largo sea-going ram. Our
navy would not bo complete without a
Score of them. A'cio York Wurhl.
Kalnlug Lincoln' lllockade.
We are informed that one of the pas
tors of our city actually appointed a
praycr-mccting last Sabbath night fo es
pecially pray for the raising of the block
ade, and that he called on'God in fervent
prayer to strike Lincoln's ships with
lightning, and scatter them to the four
Winds of Heaven ! The idea of a seces
sion preacher hearing and setting up at
a throne of grace like a ram at a gate
postasking God to raise Lincoln's
blockade, is a bright idea, and a riuh
conception in our judgment. That
Churches throughout tho country have
become demoralized, that preachers have,
prostituted themselves for secession, is
as plain as tho noso on a man's face ;
but it does not yet appear that tho Al
mighty has mixed himself up with any
such scenes.
This parson was h'ev. Mr. Harrison,
pastor of tho first Presbyterian Church
in Knoxvillo. Ho held his prayer-meeting,
and, assisted by several old clericals,
made a desperate effort to raise the block
ade. God, in answer to their prayer,
gave them a lift on Roanoko Island, some
weeks after the prayer-meeting, when
tho entire rebel forces were either killed
or taken prisoners by llurnsido's block
adingsqnadron. i This man Harrison is the same preach
er who boasted in his pulpit that Jesus
Christ was a Umlliern born man, on South
ern soil, and so were his Apostles, except
Judas, whom he denominated a North
ern man. Speaking of tho Bible, ho
would sooner havo a Bible printed and
bound, in Hell, than one printed and
bound north of Mason and Dixon's Lino.
Hints to Writer of llulne Let
ter. "It would be well for merchants and
others, when mailing valuable letters, to
do so in such a manner that legal proof
can, if necessary, bo produced to Bub
stantiato tho fact of such letters having
leen actually deposited in tho mails.
It is customary to prepare such letters
and hand them to a post olllco messenger
for mailing, without calling special atten
tion to them, and thus, in case of loss, no
one is able to swear positively to the
essential fact that tho missing letters
were actually mailed. In a recent case,
tried at Rochester, this embarrassing state
of things existed, and would have do
feated justice, but for other strong pre
sumptive evidence that the letter did get
into the mails. A memorandum-hook,
kept in every counting-house, in which
tho fact of the mailing of valuable letters
may bo recorded by tho person actually
mailing them, would involve but liltlo
trouble, and might prove of Incalculable
belie lit." JmkiIou Courier.
1'rutu ttju Cliarlvtoh M,ietiry, M iv II
Tliis (I iv, at noon, m.irtiiil Liw uke thu
phieeif civil iiiuliorily in Clin, lesion. At
a juncture like the pre-ent, douhUeus, there
tiro gooil rontons for ilms placing (lie gov
ernment el cur nolile city in military h iinls.
If tho olllc. rs. lio have been invested with
llieeoniiol ol ulliiir in our iniilst, exerclso
their luneiioi s with wisilotn, tinnnesa and
impartiality, ilio cstitliliHtitm'nt ul nmriial
liur will p.ovo to ho a welcome ft well a a
bent llci.tl ineaMire. The people ol this coin
inunity will ehecrlully conlonu to tho regu
lations if the mili ary c iniin tiulijrH, and. a
far as our reul"iit population are Cuncrncd,
we do not uV.i.l tli t L'h irlcKtoii w ill tie
lound, even in ilr-c irouhlous diys ol ex'
cilement uikI hlo J, lo in lint. mi i a anciciu
nam for quirt and pe d order.
liul llicre is unoiiier point, on which we
deem it lUht t ) speak out, plainly mid at
once There are quite a mimlier ol C mlcd
crate troops now encamp d lu ourci:y, and
we h.'ir that olliera are book to airive. We
let a wiled Unit llm vast tnnj inly ot the-e
soldier are lie n worthy of iiicir Suno, mid
worthy thegie.it ctnso ill support of which
tli-y have eliuuldicd their niUrkcH. lint
tin ro are mwik' mil ui them whose conduct,
dot ing lh" abort linn tli y have beeu hero,
has been such uk to hriti ili-rnc up u thu
command lo Aliich they are ttllaclied.
1( has irppjleilly 'uppi'iied, within iho last
few days, ilial la. lien have h ill rudely bc
eosled and insulied ly eohlicrt in ill" public
ihoroulilau". lu soiie instance.., o iling""
ol tie iiioi lliiutit character have ti.en
commute I, wi.li peil-ci iiiiptinitv, ly men
weal in g the uidloi in ol iv uileu u Yulu ulcers.
Weilo not kiln who the i ll nd 'ri are, hut
we do know I hut, in the CI y ol C'li.trh ton,
u, h acUJ eauu l and will Uut be allowed lo
A gcnllciiiau who last neck visited the
Alger manufactory, at Boston, states that
four hundred lneti are still working day
and night, and turn out daily numbers
of brass guns weighing four tons each,
and iron iins that will throw balls of
four hundred pounds weight, beside
twelve hundred weight daily of conical
shells, twelve bundled weight of Uloi'lar
shells, and a larje amount of other war
iiiatciial Among these last are some
new engines of dcatiucluu, whose t Meets
as tested l y upeuuiciils are pnuhaily
A New Ballad of Lord Lovell,
the rmvn nrrrxiiHR ok new rRi,r.Avs
loft lv'l nil in S Cliarlra IT..I-I,
Id t Oiarl.n HrM ail ,
Al u" "an nf RpImpI awll
At CYir yml'o wuti l rrm ,
Aa over you'll wiah to soc.
I ml totell tli l'iwi hid T"Wwl to defend,
A wavlioi lii nwerl on Inuh ;
It awnn, ihnt hta 1-at ounre of poWilpr h''tl qxiiil,
Aua in ine mm uik-b no a too.
lie awo-a by LW , anil lie wor by Uixr,
lla awnre by Ilia Stara and Hart,
11ml n"tr he'd Dy fri.m a YaukM crf
Wliiie he wan a aou of alara.
Ilr had fifty tbouaabd gallant men,
Fifty lliotiMiul tiiuu had ha.
Who hail all aworn ailh lilm Uiat tbij d aavir
l"er (0 any tan all a Vnke.
n bad forla that no Yankee alive ccu'd take,
lit bad Iron-clad boats a aeora,
And batpYif al I arnund tb 1 alio,
And a'oiiNi ILe rtrsr shore.
fir Karraiut nam with a mighty totf,
W'lb a 10 ghty tl-l came bo,
An'1 lord hoveu Instfin'er befan to retruat
B lora lb Brat boat be could ae.
H a fifty thonaand g.i)lant toon
liwinillad dima to tnomimilo lift
They beard a dlaunt cannou and then
Uinunenocd a-cnitlug their atlcka.
"(lb tarry. Lord Looll I" Plr Farragut erted,
'h tuny, Ixird IaivoII." Bald b ;
4 I raiber Hunk not," Lord U.tell replied,
"For I'm lu a great hurry. '
'I llketbeilrluka at St. Cbarlea' Hotel,
But I neTer could biar atrong Porter.
Eap.'cWIly abia It la lerved in Iho l bull,
Or ui Hid ia au rtu mortar." .
"I reckon roii To rlfb't," Sir Farragut aaid,
"I re koti you're right, " Mid he,
1 For If my Porter nlnuikt lly to your bi-ad,
A terrible ainaab tbare'd be."
Oh I a wonder If wa to nee them run,
A woiitte'tol thiR to ai,
An 1 the Yankee aailed la without abootlng a gun,
Audoupiund their great cilia.
lord I,otcII kei t runulng all day and ulghl,
l.urd levcll a-runnmg kept ho,
For he awore b couldn't abide the l;bt
Of Ue gun of a live Yankee.'
When Lord Loroll'a II lo waa brought to a c!oe,
ny a aharp shootiuK Yankee gunner,
From bia bead there sprouted a red red roue,
From bia foel a fear lot Kuuner.
DR. KINO, formerly of New York, to
ett f a -1 the uuit four rearaof LouiaTllle, ky.
and who has ((eyoted hie attention.
the trratment of private diaoaans for M yeara, Salter
hlmaelf, having attended to a practice for ao mail)
years, and cured so many thosaauilc, ho Is enabled at
cure all dieeneoaol a private nature, no matter boa
bad they may be from unudioious madleial treatniout,
or from neglect of their owa. Dr. K mg'a Diaiaaaary Is
No as Deaderlck atreet, between Cherry and the Square,
eoond atory , wbera ha ouroa all dtaeaaea of a privets
Uonorhea cured without nauseous medicines or In
erleronce with uualtieur,
Stricture of old or recent dale, eflectoally Co rod ta
few days, by an operation which cauaoa no pain.
Where a Stricture ousts health cannot be enjoyed,
Perhaps no dlseaao oausea mora mischief and node
minea the constitution so much.
Syphilis, with all the diaeaaas of the skla, growing
out of negleot or bad treatment, can be effectually
oured In a few days.
Seminal Wntfcneu. Particular attention having been
given to this disease, and all the onnaeqneneee growing
out of tt, brought un la man oasea by the destructive
habits of Inooiuiiderata youths, aad enoeslv .ndui
fence of the passions, a neglect of which will under
mine the oonatltution, rendering the snbjcet unfit for
business or society, and 0 ling premature old ay. e.
Females who mnv be laoiug with any diitloult
the Womb may rost assured Immediate rollef.
Persons residing abroad, by writing and stating then
ease, with alee euolosed, direct to Ilr. A. King, No. ia
Deadorick street, Naahvllle, Tenp., will have the necoa
sary medicines sent to their addreee. Office hoar
m 9 o'clock In the morning until in the evening,
Na 24 Market Street,
fnd o. 2 Cururt House, CIuUU,
Includitiir tvery thing In that line ;
Citizens' Clothing:,
A Lttrg'e Assortment -of
Wen's, Ladies' Jand Children's
Of A;.IJ1KI.JiS; -
SI' (Ml AS
i-Mit, Ilmtdkeit hiift,
Ladies iiiii) Glen's Half I lose,
And iilmodl t'very ILlnff elso kept lo k
Olo'liltijf Siore, wliicli they will lell at Cln
clnnuli prioiK.
May ? .1i
Restaurant Tortoni
rpilis well known enial.llilimnl Is prepared to fur
X omh Ueala al all hour, lo any nuuiheror per
sous, w oh all tli delicacies aud luauriea of the seas
on, preii.tri-il to the very beat style.
The Hill o( Kr, ImlM-d, will challenge comiiarlaoa
with that of any bouae lu tlie North or Seetkweal.
TLe llueet Wiuee aud Brainliee are kept oobatantly
on bnd. Iimuera or Suppera furnished la any part of
tui-1 tly en aiiurt nutine
Tho Ico Cream Garden
la now o;o, wl.er laj e aud U.-ulleoiea caa ha
aerv.-lwnb thai co.il, relrfBhiug Sunitnnr bvre-o.
uiwi u im iu Ul.NIl iM,ti,ue
Privaw lauiil ei aerved with li( or emaU ijnutl.
lie, at rtmanualiie rrnua. starch Id am
OK Al.l. KIM AND S17H, ran behsd al
ap i-U 1.1 VK'H, at I'nio. slreM
Bolting Cloths.
H U. I Yl'V,
41 Msiai I aifr.l
Jul., it
For Rent.
Ii ill l be bilanee ul ihe rr, a verv nl new bnc
' bi'UK euiila oliig I I I'Iimiib aiiJ a k 'I wilh
p.K.a , a .i f..r .t. a an. . f k i. au.ie, ai.f
new Apply at No. SJ Noun lu sirett, u'r iu
t.jlH JumiS-t
llili Cllllll!!
General Produce and Commision
Na 7 Collego Street,
1000 llMthcl Oat,
800 Harrcla I lour,
SiOtK) lbs. llama,
ftOOO lbs. Ilaron,
3,000 Iba. MiwMldera,
Cuflee, aplre. I'rppsr,
landlra, Naap, I'lah,
:lieoa. Fruits, llronine.
And many ilitr articles, dilly arriving from North,
crn Cities, and
For Sultf Cheap,
tfH'ott., TnhfttifO, nj other PrtMnr;e, rrivod
Uii Kild tD CoiDmiM:uu. (Mayl7-lm
No. G02 Main Street,
Importers and Wholesale Dealers
f ancji djootlOv
We dralre to cali tho attention of (Xll'S'TllY HER
CIlAN'T-' to eur largo stock of goods, to which we arc
making eouilnt addilioos.
We arc offering goods at very low prices for CASH
niy2B Ira
Wholesale and Retail!
Na 13 Public Square,
HAS received, and Is oonst'tntly receiv
ing, a largo said wolUdnclcd Mock of
Geullcnirn's Furnishing Goods,
Which ho will sell at wholeale ami retail,
at reasonable pi Ices, fur Cuhb.
Mosquito Lace,
Palmer's Patent Canopy.
Hartwell's do. do.
Wholesale or Retail, by
G. I,, & J. B. KELTY,
i 8SO llroadway, New Vork.
my 2 4w
KKATHKIi and 1'KOI'L'CK generally, will rccoive
our beat at limine. may 14
Freights for New York, Philadelphia
and Baltimore.
WE AUK EUKWARniNii :trlT()N, TORAfXIO. 4c,
on more advHiitaKoiioa teinia limn If rov-eintcd
through from Cumberland River.
No. 11, South Fourth St,
SAINT I,Ol is, no.
EatablUbeil for tlio bcni-rtt of strangina coiulhg to
di. iiuis in tcarcn oi
aud for perioni living t diitanr who ran rlt
. to Ui Army Intllg'uo Oilio ku1 ol'tatu nil
bU fufornmtiuu of my oldiur l bat eti
llitvd la tlio HtHtM at
DlinvU, ItwHtu, htvt i Mtikigml TTJtn
$in, ifinnmota, Kentucky anj UliMtmri.
J luy loldlur from llf Im.v utn, )ifthr
Hick, Wut'Niti, Kili ii, uk TiKiN I'lUfDMi, tml
In what battlt h majr hav beeu engaged, aud
wlur till rot(imiit it atatjuned,
liiforiiiatiuii will aluo be given of Ilia oondllion of
any ilck or wonnlrd aoMiiT In St. Joulg, LoulnvUltt,
Cluulunatl, Nanlivllle, Mt'imd City , or any HoNntiil
Id tho VSoNturn ! jjuriinriit : ami whrrt lliotn killil
In battle, r have iltwl fYuin lliolr woiiiul. ant burl
ad ; aud whera Ihuaa takwn ii .voiim aro ihu-
Tii i ( tha only Army Intt'Uig.-nca In lha
Deprtual of tha M hwisieif),i( or Mf-tivrn lfrarl
mwiit, and Inlurtnatlou of loldiiTi from any ot tba
ahuvu Btaift can ba Ktrtm at any tlmo by culling ur
writing to tha Army TntulllK,'n.v Offlt .
Pataum wrlttiiK will )ltaao Rim tha tiama of tha
oldltT, hat bUiu he an iitcd In, and tha uuiulHir uf
a rTK'rifhl. t hartfa fr any kind of Ai iy liit-l'.
gc ana will ta Tvu lti iaa, aud any K-rua riling
will plaava iiiiJiim tha fcoiuuntj 11 order to acur
attatitluu to tltrlr iiiujrln.
Add !: Army liiiilllgDoa Cfrlci', St. IoiiIi, Mo.,
Id cara P. O. Bi 1H18, (Mty ), lnnily
R Wait, u v Walln.Olvra A Co. T'a lutah, Ky
1. A. tKAa() ' traoo llrowo, l.vaiiivilla. la.
Cotton and Tobacco Factors,
,NJW yiiltK 1'ITY.
May Jl-'iin
rpil WR-CRIBKK has e.n.. a HKNERACliTrf
1 AiiKNi V lu tma c.uy.al in. old iiamlvl M. ri.
l'ili hr,on Ma k-tHrail.ai.il will b a I lofurinah
'uy and C.iuniry boyra nu anal liOmal urriii.itioir
for i.ar fuoOs or bnnka of Ti nuosi, aud will smii s
imrft if ik (onaiaiitly on baud of bolb Uria and
an.all iHickairoe.
Aiwii U-iu B J (toss
15 T'nion Htrr
kin, .it.H'ra i.il uiiriN, lf n b ana
) -ulli i r, O al. I i"i'i Ia i li-'f 1,1 ( a d
l,itil.r !"-!, MKri lin'icrs t :?;--, a d l(ti,i lt
J I, A bwt umy and wHiuiieitj,p.
Au(a beavy M.k vi ln4 aud MiuK.-, by lha
Hbw-li w'll la cQrd ai lti i tt jr lor CaaL
Jo'l reenrrd and r.ir sale by
imu;o, Mvmu.n
t t lilver Oi 1,
t oil I.Ivor oil Jolly,
Mai sUuit s VaUvolUon,
Iklmslmt's Hair rlorl?,
Sanford's Liver Invigorator.
Scotch Snufl, In Bottles and Packa
U lzirtl Oil,
Cuiicrntrat. d Lye,
All laiiida Uiril Siecils,
Ont Meal.
M ines, Brandies, Kin v Mhlskj,
; tif thi1 nirwt puro kind.
t'OAh Olh, ( himiieys jit. Wicks
llm iit'tl 's CfK uaiue.
i riiyslclnns prcHcrlitloiis carefull cutiiMuiidd.
Dithridzes Patent
I itunufai tured of
These Cbiinnevs are Intrndod for the fiat 1
Ikiiina, winch boat iii all utrui of the "
Kooia oiany, turns noi ixiMNe n 10 crack.
Foil I'itt Ulars Worka,
i -tuu KUn sir... i
' . 1'iiiKburi, Pa
fampli'i can bo necti at tbls Cilice.
. J urn il ly .
'J band and fur attic at the llrcadway Hi la.
I"u'l H. I). DILKKY, Agcnl.
OV band aud for sale at the llr..ntw Mills.
J"'"'0 V. I). Mi Kl.V,A(i'iit.
T the Rniadway Mil's.
I. D. HU'KFT, Agcnti
Boots, Shoes and Gaiters.
C. 13. HALL,
. IS, Public Sri mi re,
Ladma' laitlug 1'onKri'iis llaltor II els.
' Kulw laird " '
j kl I ami lliiat ld'oti'ia 11 thick sole
i " Kino Kid " " iblnaolo
" " Omireas Unite s, " thick sole
31 lima' ItiKitccs,
! t-lilldrca's Kid Httotoca, etc., etc.,
Which aro offered at wholesale or retnil, for cajbonlj
and at prln s lo imt the timrs.
ruaySO tin C. II. llAt.U
M. Morgans tern
lias removed from bis old stand m Unrlict Hlrcct
Kn. lO 11 w To n SI v cel.
Where be will kcp a full as.iirlni'nl of
Ladies' OeotUmen'i KUiei' aud Chlldrenj
Of the Best Make & Finest Quality.
,-L'inlnin Work neatly moi'uliid.-
April 21), JsM if
liVEON 11. R0III1.
3ms gnttUijftt fficf,
(IKIII HAKKKt 4.111 WllSI't,)
EnUblhlii'il for the llrnrfll uf Ktmugrn,
Biok, Wounded, or Boldiori that have
Zied from Wonudi or BicWncss.
tbn oouditinn of any Hn k or Woondeil HOOier lu
ST Ixil!S. I.lil 1st 1IJ.IC, CIM INN All, NASIIVII.I.K,
MOUND CITV, or any o'ber lloHal inllie Wratvro
lN'ourtinciit. Tina in ii. IU.I.V Aiiiivlntll'Keiiee
Otllee in the t'lnt'd Mutes, anil lltfruiHtnn riiKanl
IliK NildH rs frmu any part of the IJ h. i.u be given
al any tone, t,y railing et,"r whiiiwii t the Attar
tWTli min i Of rn 1. 1'iiBt Olbee I il No. 1H19.
N. H. I'SHaoNs imutMi lo tlr. loi'la in uiain ur
rusia KsiKNiie will nlituln all nm eaaarv information
by cllin at our OlUce, No II, Suutb Fourth HI eel,
Muy in, Iniiz ly
luii'aliir and Wbuleiulii lialrr In
i:i( l.ATI, O.
1 ' KKIS roiiatAl.lly on hand a larr aupplv uf Hiring
IV an. I lir.uui and (.omiiimi livr Military lUnd lo
KlruliiciiUi, wliii I, li can i,, r at aa luw .r ic. a aa ans
ranteru house, t'rdara by Mail or KiureiiN promptly
alieudtsd to. jiiui lin
Cltlri' M i Hit, (nvi auaiu 's inlciit,)
(ia Pipe, Nut, WaalterH,
Winilow (ilaxa,Tin IMute,
uiviis, liollowair,
Ami Stone Jiiiih,
Jurt re(led, for sl by WW I VOV,
41, Market Street
Hut kvlwat, Jurt rccciveil. f r I7
inavil WM ITHV.
Iltoll 9n,rTI.mrl llrlnf in rtevl.Uon (oitntf
Ti-uti , "o VlHfav 11 M lh lHU Inst.. 1 M U
NMJK't VhS. naiu-'l I'll! JuK. fut it ah.M
ti lw t b tvu; vlii Khuui 1 76 (ouq li, t.f br'iL iti
cai m , i ' 1 1" ii , l i uf ! If . -lit ur U-jih J it ni,
an. I -'-nit 'a yt mf oi l; tuiljy iir, ub pifiMAil
Jof llHi 'JO TfrnnT-1 r rhl ttout It'rO Iontt'1i,
fl f- I fl I in I. h i, Ii . r Ail Mr "in kef dey ii Uiq i,mI
broi M r I'itt H i (ih ft m ar ff inn rut vu lut UK
Un tUlfr , dun li4iM l-ro Hl-kfU i, tnitll rka
ht i rt,r win i r"bi''y k-(f it()..r.
I wl I 11 in ft-r tf.ir j .rlii.tD,
if ri-luii.. t lo iit, ur to . n, ll, 4t 4 tit ft tLoi,
f lik b til tt. ( on i iT ur n,t, fti, i U) l- .irg tad!
1 U.Mi out uf Ihr Ml" VS . I). MUl KINH
N-iXTint, Uy Inn,
til S VAVl S 11 Ml.
Cap, l.t-Urr, Manilla, Wrapping
I'Ai1 j : it m, i
I'HIVIUO"' CI T ('AKfl', rViiKT h"Mrl, KrWH
A l b Hilt I'AI'I.K, I'ai.v.kK.-' JMt.Ao,
so KM a. is arasr, aaiu em aan Tis sraaara,
( ntmiii, it.
(. 1 I r Ki,l u.ai tin
II r H li'i'.l pr i i
KjsVaitf BUBLIM .sibsbsj
,rflM."T,KBof 0,l'"","' '""'. other. t.
A lllnit NaahTllle. mqnlrms; iwotidal eld at reaiMnl.
folly clod lo this omS, No. 11 1;.''
,ood .r, bnweoa fUerry and the tlquara '
,?"Vt?l."l " M Prariilhwerof n'rdleliei ke .
almost onlimiusj trb.w.e and lattwint wJc e
for many jrears put, la the tmiimeni ol rairttw llZ
aurai, has InOuc-d him lo derote his un.li.iaa ,ilT
In to all dlmM of thla nature. U,
the innet inrelerate character have prom,4l. .i.
lo hn ImproTed melboil of treatmeiit f "
Primary. Xooondary, Tertiary and MerivllUrw (trnh.
His Uoniwrbna, Ideal and all diaoaaesuf tt,i
and nrmary orjans, nevt with ao reateUaoe kle
A i female lrrottllf im ..I a.u.i i
aienta of the Womb, aad the dienaae arislu bcaT
lH.t.tlim .n.l ill I . ..
Womb, aad the dienaae arialu 1.
KTeryraaeef Rniucihle Kuptiira, aad of riles uA
Prolaians of the Kectnm. aid mnei ruos ef rieuie
can bo eureil by a rrocMs ararly paialoaa. If atabea
ol the Utter lama la andertakea by In-. Oileeaaa. a
eure is mnaeioM, wmrrmnlM, aa a careful etaaaieai feiV
aways paeaeau the aeceeaary Indioatloaa ol moans m .
uT hl" ,mnroTr1 method of oneralia.
fee ma of either set apply in- In pwwoa W letlat '
( le-r,h!!,f oaee)ea the Drat eymptoejui of any ,:
lwcitlo iliw .can be cored, la muel eaaea. k ism '
Stricl enciHdcnca, aruinpi aileniion, aad saoderaU
ebarg.a, will ,,,Tern kim with hie patrons
s)r- No Hercury used la Iba Irilsjrel tt V ajrja
aWwe, ea he belieree (in mi at oaaee) it nrodaoet a
worse dieeaae than Iwat it is fivias la vara
oiflca hours trots evjht la tbe morale.' nil nlae sa
V New Millinery lluuds, whKb they udor lo Uia
Trade at low irtoce.
Their Slock oonthts of ladles' and Mis-m' FaM
Ix'horB, Knaliah Split and l lenpatra II. I . ; t biWtrea
aim 1 ulan la lurbaus aad OrloUu, KnslUhaad Hwiaa
Hiraw nnd a rariety of Ikmuetsi Blue aud While lic.i
and Huckram Ciowued Kramoa: also, a Isrn aaaorl-.
tnwil of ...
Bonnet and Trimming Ribbons,
Ilicludiug Buffs, all wldlhai New Fhiwora, (tu, k.
Wreaths, Cape N, Toll.. T.rleUn, Iroau Lmius i
Biack aad Wlilio Kngii.k Crape; fr.pe, Un a Oren
ailnie VHa, and a rarlcly of llunaet aai Mautuia
Snks, Ac, Ao.
Na 16 Public Square.
T AM II Sc MUltl'lIY bare also mi
1 J r.-i'Hiv...l rP...l. ... 1 ..i. i .i . r
... ... wl , r niisincu a
and li on1 Ikinta, Shoee, (.alters, Sllpiera, Ac, el
ereiy d"acriptloa aud stylo, aoltable lor tily and
w-.hm u..j uii dc vuuwuii ana re
tail, low, lor Cash. Jiiun-Ue
Market Hq. 36 Street.
E. M AYE It Sz CO.,
Hate jnal receired a large Pluck of
Hooti aud SllOCH,
Unit, Stationery, Driit,
NaiU, Hiitl Dye-Stuffa,
SALT, in HarrclR,
SALT lu IIok,
Which we offer lo the public for
Hunt as
CloUNTHY M.rcbanta Would do well to call uoa
J ua, as we onn fill tbelr wlmle bill from our slot k
All diri-cDl Soulhrrn Fundi Takrn al Pur.
uue-tf. t MAYL'R CO
rvi:v vvitii;
HAVE now Ik store
Blue Cloths and Doeskins,
For Army aad Navy Orders ;
mm;o txriin, run cavm
KINK ft-4 liOICKINH, (rteeulatlon Hbaile;) YKI UiW
aiju, a rvix itaa os
HcjiriMAI'I and M OHIYIW COATINOSajid Vr Uiftt.-li
V aud 0 1 UUKK IKiIKIMii and Ulul V k.li.1,
e4 rANX'Y CA.-t-ilMkHktt,
Fur sale it the lowest market jirloue. uisySO-lia
Stop tho HorBo ThieL
IlFTY IDU.ARi KkWAKI) will be paid for tbe ep
fireh.nslnB aad d.llrury of the man aud k Hinui
lliiis. ih.t was stotea an llDllay nigm, Ibe lib Inst ,
Irora the stable uf Joba tt. V luiiead, liting In Wil
llaiusou county, It miles mat of frankliu. 71ie '
burs. Is tin pmperlyof lira. Mary A I'alleraiia He
le dark roan, 7 yuri old ', a food Ruiry lloiae j a
heavy tail, bulile It rather lo one siOe trots aud pa
ca tnlerahly well carrb-e hlmaelf quite say, bis brad
up ; bo la n.wly ahod all round. II. la very uuted lur
nalnb hiiif hiina.lf wh.a left slaiuling Int. bed. Tl.
tuau wIhi alula lnui te biiuikmhnI to be a dMrt.r froiu
th. cileral ariiiy. 1U M a email inau. soma Ht y.eta
ol K", wilh buahy head I bad a Ouiwd bat. He
has bcui ia tbe neighborhood sovnral weeks. Ii.
called bi. nsn.e John t'.irman , bnl bis real name t
Jul. 11 tik.k , who b will be f.oind an bn l.laact '
Ihe almve reward Will be paid oo Ibe diry n(
and bora to Mrs Mary A. I'allara'n, ten tullee eoulb
of Naaliviil., uear thg Nil.cavii Tniunke
N H hae be bl(i lo Ibe llih or rath Indiana
)tr:ni. lil. MAKY A. I'AllfcltnON. '
)nne II lme
STOI.EW, froia R Ht'l liritK A Nil, Jeweller, oa I n.
on siteet, OkK PaImT l lyflt kSi.l I
(llil.ri Kill man. fai lured Jno Julmalnii, f if .
rjil. Ihe Watch la of small sv, wlta white if .1,
engraved on the lu.nl. "Us,. W ll..as, rrma ba
f.liier In tti. year IA1.'i;"on lb. oulalOe enrraviMj
"ll ia.es ll.sass " The an'e Howard will be eaid .
fur any inr.rni.lion ibat utay leaif t. the re. over, of
Ibe property. it II. HlbMLH
jtinel. -tf
Ixjiville Journal Uase eapy le Ibe ami. of M
Wanted to Rent.
A NKATLV rCHMIHUEf) IIOt KK, ly.nlna'nt feur.
J five, sis, or sevee runs, a NIm fur a.rw.1
mouths, and will be rail uk.a rare of by a (.elie
man and wie. A renahle rent will b. paid luv a
boo uf ale.ve de H'l.oa pleuwully aial'4 A I
drnaa, wnb panic man,
rilAROR Al.l.rM,
Jzr'L Hei ei p o , b.ii.iii.
" cTTa l !
on nnn r,Bi- oi., r..iv.i
AllUWI oa t..u.if nmenl a'td h a.,.
Or lera lefl al the ya4 , l iiHni'k ortKOAR AN
t'UKHKY HIKlrtM, will be pn.inpli W
may I. D. DMHr.riAiil,
Claims Againat tho U. BtateiT
AI.1 US A II A 1.1. wi.l eti.ed ta u.s r.li.rt'i a ef
la ma ii...i an- uf Hi. I n ul niaua a. il. .ri.
.. lu.r li.i. w al R ahu.niuu. M. af be louud
at the p. ..... Ili....
Swtivili., J.ae l.ub. Isdi
Singe rn SfMln Marhluf,
1? KAIK, UiW roR a HI. (,fie Of hm;-H'h
J p.. I c X.. Mn, In ,,4 U4W weri..t.d, al
3& t Mwsl rrmakf.
i" r j. aaif kti
'nV Bui if weV.MeSj.

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