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W.- ....-A u...
Wo liavc rcrcivnl a letter ronlaining
;,2 from Mr. R. ('. Ilnriiii, of linljcr emm-
y, Ohio, but he failnl lo gap us liia 1'onl
like. If Lo or any of Jiiu friends should
po this, tlioy will jilcaso Rive it Lis 1'. O.
- - - a
uollier (.'urrrllln Itnltl-T wo !
. Vral ftoMIrr klllcil and three
We learn from A'ljulunt Pi.AF.ELr, of
he 23d Minnesota Drigndo, Col. Lfistkr,
li it fire tickets of thin Unpad'" were
lent out yestordny, from MnrfitM'sbw; to
'icroe's Mill, eiht miles distant on the
oh.inoni.ikp. While nt tb 'ir post thry
, vero attacked by a party of men, Hup-
mscd to be citizens of the neighborhood,
tnd two were killed and three wonnded.
'lie attacktn party .bad no horses, and
in; ammospd to belonir In the neiuhlior-
V'loiTd. Seventy-live soldier were inini(
? lintel r Bent out in senrch of the axsaH-
ins, who, we hope will be treated as
Munition murderer?, and not an prisoners
if war. No mnii who joins these bodies of
nnrderers, w ho do not rarry on regular
varfare, lias any ri:l.t to claim the trcat
nent due a soldier. It is asunBHinntion
o kill men as theite pit lets were killed
md the pw( I rators should be treated as
inch when taken. Kelf-prcHervalion im-
ii itiiinly demands It. If Trnseaiieo be
tot inflicted, men will refnso to corneas
loldiers to a State where nitirduiers are
reated as their equals, nnd rceeivo the
:ourlesy extended to prisoners of war.
We were pleased to meet Lieut. Col
IWnin, of the First Tennessee Regiment,
iu ln city on Sunday. He has bis head
Wound up lint is doing; well, nnd is anx
ious to have a settlement with the assas
sins of the Southern Confederacy- Ho
iiade a very narrow escape, liuviiic; ro
'cived a ball in the blioulder and another
in (ho back of bis head, w hich ploughed
its way between the scalp and skull for
4omo dixlaucc.
, Tho 21st Kentucky, Col. S. W Fiiick,
' 'nive removed from Shelbyvillo to Tul
1 lahoma. Col. I'iiick is as noble a gentle-
iimi ns Kentucky can boast of, nnd wo
ire pleased to Bee the following cotnpli
incut, Well merited wo doubt not, iu the
Shelby villo AViot ;
The 21st Kentucky regiment, Colour
i'riee, left hero on yesterday, nnd al
though they go to an important point, wc
regret to linit with them. During the
I (Isy of this regiment, our people have
become much attached to it. We know
f Ihem to be a gallant band of men, and
, wish them success wherever they go.
TtiKATiir.. Although we arc in the
middle of tho hented term, the audiences
I til our theatre still continue good, and no
wonder either, w hen wo take info consid
eration that the establishment is ono of
the coolest and best ventilated in Nash
v villi; if there is any air stirring you
will be sure to feel it at the above place
The military drama of "The l'.arrack
lloom" is the first item on the programme
to night. Master liiciiAUU, the youthful
prodigy, will danco an Irish -fig tho
lose will be "The Maid Vt ilh the Milk
ing Pail," in vhich Miss P-kumaiip ill
'phi 7 tho part of Mil i.y, and sing the
charming little song incidental to the
piece, with all the witchery and charm
ing abandon which she alone can do.
ll.iiiuv Wkavlu will make his first
appeal to-morrow eve, and will present a
bill of magnificent proportions. May
" prosperous gales waft ii largo attetid.iuco
for tho occasion.
v 'I lio Foil rlli f J illy.
Khlur i if the NushviUe. I'ltlmi:
With gratification and instruction I
have read the Addresses of Col. Stokks
ami liov, Johnson, v liieh were delivtred
in the Capital on tho -Hh, the birth day
of our liberty, and regret that I could
V not ho presort; having coino from a disj
Stance for the purpose, and finding many
'. hero from other parts of tho State, riho
i had come to rejoice together in hope of
t perpetuating our greatest of all lioveru
f nients, we went t ) the Capitol at tho ap-
pointed hour, but many, with myself,
could not ot admittance. After many of
" us had tried in vain to pet seats, we went
reluctantly away. What number of sub
stantial I'nioii men from a di.s( unco were
thus excluded I have no means of know
ing, hut much regret that (Kiy who have
w ithstood the reign of rebel terror for
the sake of the I'nioii could not be al
lowed seats. 1 have been informed that
many boys of (he city were allowed seats
in the galleries. Many of these would
likely have been as gratified with the
' explosion of lire-cracki is in the streets
Yet while these had seats, the old and
: middle aged mruof distant counties were
; excluded.
I oll'ei this simple statement to you for
I publication, ill the hope that it may be of
line. A Cm "its 'i Ti.nsf :v.,
Nasln ille, oly 7, 1 w ' .
llnlly (. Anna t
Pv authority of the lYdiral Govern
ment, I ptopotc to raise a l'nl t.ili.'ii of
Cavalry for service and homo protection
in Tennessee. Anns, llorais, Sadillis
and Clothing will bo I'm nished.
I w ill addr"M the people at .iter
town, on Monday, 'llio llih; at Now
Middlctun, on Tiu ad.iy, the lilh J at
Alexandra, on eiine-day, the tilth ;
and at Liberty, on Thursday, the I7th
Come on, boys, lot us j.rcsr.-ve our
buuies and save tln I'nioii.
VM. P. SToKI.tf.
J uly 7, lo'- lui.
A miliary (ollldon,
Col. Lkwis I). CAMrDriof the 6'Jlh
Ohio Volonteers, has replied to Captain
Ghkhnr's letter, requiring the punishment
f f'apt. I)kpco;i, of the 2d Tennessee
Volunteers. Tli fa-ls in regard to tapt.
Pi n oh'w guilt are not disclosed as there
has yet bren no trial. It is very evident
however, that there is something of a
onlliet of opinion between the Captain
and the Colonel. "When Doctors disa
gree, who shall decide?" As we make
no pretensions in the military line we w ill
1 1
not take sides, at present.
We republish tho Captain's letter that
the issue may be the bettor understood :
Ilrndqtiurli-ra, IHatrirt f the lihlo.
Nahiivh.lk, Tcnn., July 5,1802.
Col. Lkwis I). C'AMrnFi.r,. G'Jth Ohio
Voluntecn, 1'ivvnit Mar.iltnl, tyc
Colonel: A paper is on file In this
offlcc, in the hand writing of Capt. De-
ri'OH, Second Tennessee Volunteers, ac-
knowledgiug the receipt of twenty-five
dollars from two soldiers, in considera
tion of which be promises to gel them
discharged, and to furnish them with
complete sets of 'Discharge papers."
The Second Tennessee Volunteers is
not" ia the U. S. service, and ho Is not,
therefore, entitled fo a Court Martial.
His military offence Is an infamous
one, and demands an infamous punish
ment. You will have his insignia of
rank and buttons of his coat stripped
from him by a private soldier, in front of
the Regiment paraded and then cause
him to be marched, by a file of the Ouard,
to tho tune of tho rogue's march, to the
gate of the enclosure to tho Provost Bar
racks, where you will have a Policeman
stationed to receive him, and turn him
over to the civil authorities, to answer for
a violation of the laws of the State of I
Tennessee, in obtaining money under
false pretenses. I am, Sir,
Very respectfully,
Your obedient servant,
O. I). GliEENE,
july C-lw A. A. (J.
Nashville, July 7, W
Cuptnin Oliver I). Greet,
Asn'sbmt Adjutant (leneral:
Cattaiv: Jour letter addressed to
me, under dale of the fjth instant, and
published in the Union newspaper of
the (lib, was received late Saturday
night. You direct me to inflict on Cap
tain l)i I'tdii, or 1 lie recoil d Jcnnesste
Volunteers, (whom I caused to be ar
rested a few days since on your order)
what you vrry properly call "an infa
mous punishment" such punishment
as an oIHrer of truo manhood must re
giird as almost equal to death, and such
as the alleged charge, if proven, might
Sincerely desirous of executing
promptly all ttfieial orders which may be
directed fo mo by proper authority, I
must, however, respectfully decline to
perform the unpleasant task which your
individual letter assigns to me.
You inform mo that Captain Deituii
"is not in the United States service, and
is not entitled to a Court Martial." It
seems plain, therefore, that you require
me to bo tho executioner ot an ollicer
who has never had the benefit of trial
by a civil or military tribunal, upon a
sentence pronounced by you without the
authority of a Court Martial or of (Jen.
Iii LLL, whose Assistant Adjutant General
yon are.
Capt. Durt'oa not being in the service
of the United States, a Court Martial
you say could not take jurisdiction of
his case. This being admitted, I know
or no law which authorizes you to pass
sentence upon him or ine to execute it.
1 beg to assure you, Captain, that I
am not actuated by a disposition to
avoid a faithful discharge of my legiti
mate duties according to the best of my
fecblo abilities, or by any want of re
Fpect for you personally or officially.
The genius of our Government does not
justify punishments without giving to
tho accused a fair trial, and in this hour
of our country's trouble, I think we
hhould be cautious not to usurp powers
which an enlightened public sentiment
would condemn as despotic.
You have on 11 In in your oflico jiriim
fi,ie evidence of Capt. Dei'L'uii's guilt
of a gross oH'cnee against tho laws of tho
(State of Tennessee, and I concur fully
in your suggestion that he be turned
over lo tho civil authorities. And I re
spectfully request that you transmit to
me the proofs that I may send them w ith
him to the proper ollirers.
Very truly, yours, etc.,
Col. H) I h 0. V. I., Provost Marshal.
IlKAi'vju Min us, Shonp Ti:nni ssk
I. i f
iir.iiiiur.n r ur OLCPi (ITr. Its,
Nashville, July 7, 112. )
Vi'l'tain 0. H. Oieeite, A. A. (I;
Cai-tain: In order that I may not be
censured for (he late disgraceful conduct
of Capt. Pkithu, I take this method of
informing tho public, that I immediately
evoked his authority, upon the facts Le
ing made known lo me. 1 have only to
say be has received just condemnation at
your bands.
Willi regard to your mentioning that,
' my Regiment is not in tho United States
Bei vice," 1 bhould be extremely sorry to
think it was iu any other.
Your obtdicut servant,
I J. T. 1-:. M.I.KAN,
Col. Coniinandiiur -d Tcnn. Infantry.
I Mi -.is. V. L. Weller Tiolher re
i cened a lil h but evening, stating
: tliat their brother Charles and another
man weie murdered m ar Indian Mound,
some 1" miles lioui CUi ksville, Tuin.
Mr. Weller bus bu n South on a buhiumS
tour for the linu. It was supposed b
was killed for hi money . I In was well
known and bi;'h!y est. i incd by a srg0
circle of friend and acquaintance here.
By Last Night's Hail.
Cohintii, Miss., July 0
To lion. II M. Stttit.,n, Secretary of War:
Official reports are just received of a
brilliant cavalry all'nir near Hooneville,
Miss., on the it. Col. -Sheridan, of the
Second Michigan Cavalry, with two legi
ments ofTlIS men, were attacked by parts
of right regiments of rebels, numbering
1,00 men, which be defeated ami drove
back after seven hours fight inc. We lost
forty-one men in killed, wounded and
missing. The rebel loss must have been
i -1 I i-i ' - I . j .i
great, as they left sixty-five dead on the
Major-tieneral Commanding.
FoiiTiiEss Mokiioe, July 4.
Two irteainers with sick nnd wound
ed soldiers, from Harrison's Landing1,
leave here for New York this morning-.
Many are very slightly wounded.
1 arties aboard the steamer Commodore
from there, report having; heard cannon
ading from nine A. M. until one I'. M.;
others say it continued until six the
time the steamer left Harrison's Landing.
Mel lellan sent b.U rebel prisoners to
day to Fortress Monroe, Many of them
had clothes on taken from our soldiers.
Among the prisoners are 53 oflicers.
The enemy were driven back and re
treated 10 miles Thursday, July U, with
great loss in men and cannon.
Yahu.!X(itow, July C.
Advices from (lie Army of tho Potomac
up to last night, indicate all quiet and in
good spirits. Itrtgadier Ueneml I urns
is ordered to report to General Pone.
Mct'lellan has issued an address to the
army on the achievements of the last ten
days, saying you have succeeded in
changing your base of operations by a
Hank movement, alwavs regarded as the
most hazardous of military expeditions.
oii hnvo saved alt your material, all
your trains, and all your guns except
lew lost in battle, taking in return guns
and colors from the cmmy. Under ev
ery disadvantage of numbers and neces'
sarily of position, you liavoin every con
flict beaten back your foes with enor
mous slaughter.
Wo are prepared to meet tho enemy,
who may at any time attack you: Let
them come and wc will convert this re
pulse into a final defeat. Your Government
is strengthening you with tho resources
of a great people. On this, our national
birth-day, wo declare to our foes who
arc rebels against the best interests of
mankind, that thii army shall enter their
St. John's, July C.
The Kangaroo, from Liverpool the 2.tb
ami (.(MicohIovvii ihu -Mil, was boarded
off Capo Race on Saturday night.
1 lie shin .Sailors Home, formerly the
Independence, reached Liverpool from
Havana, having on board 2,000 bales of
Tho London Times, commenting on
tho fearful carnage in America, says nev
er could a map of Europe show so many
blood-stained spots; that the war has
reached a point at which it is a scundal
to humanity, and that it Las become a
war of extermination, yet' submission ia
as far oil' as ever. The opportunity must
be at hand when some American voice,
prudently calling for peace, may awaken
a universal echo.
The Times has an editorial on .Ameri
can finances. It says they are in a most
critical condition, and ought to produce
serious alarm instead of empty boasting.
The Morning Post charges tho Ameri
can Government with being all along in-
tluenccu by popular clamor, having never
pursued an independent course.
Cairo, July o. the ram Monarch
brings news from Vicksbnrg of the 28th.
On Thursday Porter's lleet commenced
shelling tho upper battery below town;
this continued all day without any re
sult. It was renewed on Friday, and in
the afternoon it was directed on the
town, over which shells were plainly
seen to burst; this continued until four,
when it ceased. During the bombard
ment the rebel batteries replied feebly ;
their lii lug was inaccurate. Half an
hour after the cessation of tho liombard-
ment, the rebel battery opened on our
fmirtilr flml. u-tiii'li rim!iiil until IliA lial.
lery cftfked lllins At 8 j. M wasop).n.
I ed flro from our entire lleet upon tho
town, which con t in net! an hour. The
next morning at 4 o'clock tho bombard
ment was renewed, during which eight
of Farragut's vessels passed the batteries
without serious damage. The city must
have been greatly damaged, as conflagra
tions were seen in various places. We
aro informed upon indisputable authority
that fivo thousand negroes have been or
dered by General Rutler to work on the
canal across tho bend in which Vicks-
burg, or its remains, are now situated.
The channel thus changed, Vicksburg
will become an inland town bereslter.
Seven hundred more shells were ordered
from New Orleans to reduce tho remains
of the place to ashes.
Wasuinuto;, July f. Dispatches have
Wen received from Gem McClellan, dated
as late as one o'clock A. M , on (lie l(h.
The following is their substance, omit
ting details not proper for present publi
cation. There has been no lighting since
Tuesday night, w hen the enemy were re
pulsed with great slaughter. The army
moved to the position now occupied be
cause it sllorded superior advantarge for
tho io-oK'iation of the gunboats, of
which seventeen arc now ia tho river
protecting the Hank of our army. State
ments of the rasualties in the severe bat
tles of the right days cannot yet be fur
nished. Our forces were not beaten in
any conflict, nor could they be driven
from the field by the utmost ell'orta of the
enemy. No guns has leen lost since the
'17th, w hen MeCall's division, at the on
set, was overwhelmed and twenty-five
pieces fell into the bands of the enemy.
The sick and wounded are boinjr sent to
hospital. Atone o'clock yesterday the
army was drawn up in position for re
view. Tho bands were playing, national
salutes being lued, and things looked
pot! mi ss MoNiirK, .1 uly Thismorn
ing the Nellie P.aker arrived at l'ortrens
Monroe from Harrison's Lauding, having
bit there at live o'clock. Slio bring
tweutr-live rebel prisoner and a few
wounded. Tho lnoet terrible lighting
look place on Tuesday last, with most
brilliant success. The rebels were de
feated in every action, and the rebel pris
oners admit the loss of at least lO.tKsi
that dav. (or artillery was most suc
cessfully handled. Nearly all day the
rebels have done but Very little exu'ution
with thriis. Our loss w a vi i ynoall
compared with that of tho rebels. A
fast as the rebel force Wi re cut to pierc
other f iv ah troop were immediately
marched forward to till their places
They seemed In disregaid the live of
their men, and hold Ihem under the hot
test tire of our artillery. The enemy have
been drivtn back in every fight for the
last three days. Our troops are in fine
spirits, and never so anxious to fight a
The steamer Yaiidi-rhilt and Arrow
smith have arrived with 1,000 wounded.
MAi Tl TIKEV 1-I.ANH, .luly 2.
General tioslin, of the f!th Pennsyl
vania regiment, wa killed; Capt. Cam
blass, of tho TjIIi regular cavalry, was
killed ; C-ol. Pratt, of the 31st New York,
was wounded iu the facp.
The army is now encamped on high
rolling ground on tho banks of the James
river, fifteen miles from Kichmond. The
transports are already unloading supplies
at the wharves. The commanding Gen
eral feels confident of successfully meet
ing any attack the enemy can make upon
him in his present position.
The reinforcements received from
Beauregard and Jackson gave them a
force double that of the army of the Po
tomac, and many of tho prisoners taken
during tho battlo'belong to Beauregard's
New York, July r. Cantaia Spear, of
ii... m,'ir ' , ,i r I
ments were received with great enthusi
asm by McClellan's troops.
The battle on Tuesday lasted from fire
A. M. till nine Y. M. Wo took tweuty
four guns from the rebels, who came up
three or four lines deep. The canteens
of the rebels were filled with whisky and
Cowntic, July 6. A former employee
on tho Mobile and Ohio Railroad, from
Mobile via Tupello, says there aro two
gunboats and one ram in Mobile bay, and
about 0,(HX) troops below Mobile "on the
shell road. The fortifications around
Mobile, which was commenced about a
month ago, are complete.
Our informant says that Riagg is in
command at Tupello, with between 40.
000 and 50,000. Rreckinridge bad left
with oO,000 men. All the troops are
short of clothing and provisions. They
have bacon twice each week, but neither
coflee nor salt.
The rebels say that the time has come
to retake Corinth, and the general im
pression among tho re held is that a ma
jority of our troops have gone East. It
is the unanimous testimony of the scouts,
deserters and spies, that no rebel troops,
except cavalry, have gone eastward.
Mr.Mrnis, July 2. At Helena, Arkan
sas, there is a band of guerrillas, who
threatened the people with cotton burn
ing and a general destruction of proper
ty. In consideration of these facts, Gen.
Grant issued orders that whenever loss is
sustained by the Government, collections
shall be made, by seizure of a sullicient
amount of personal property from per
sons in the immediate vicinity sympa
thising with the rebellion to lemunerate
the Government for all losses, lemons
acting as guerrillas will not be treated as
prisoners of war.
The Mississippi River, north of Vicks
bnrg, is reported lined with men Irving
to escape iron conscription. 1 lie leder-
al boats are continually hailed by persons
wanting lobe taken on board with tin ir
cotton. 1 he people every where are rep
resented as suffering the greatest hard
un an island below vwnio iiiver, .,-
001) men who have lied Ir m conscrip
tion, aro united against their oppressors
for protection.
The Avalanche appeared this morning
as a bulletin, the proprietors and edi
tors changed this-in accordance with the
late order of tho Provost Marshal, that
no paper would be issued whoso editors
would not take the oath of allegiance.
Against loss or damage by fire or the
perils of Navigation, can be obtained a
the Insurance Ollico of
W. J. MA It II,
No. 2 Coli.eue Stiuet,
(Opposito the "Scwanee House."
Mar2'J tf
I iijflorm the rltll-m of NHthvllle aud llif pub tc
In pur:il, tint tliuj' l aa mind up a timiM-, No. IK
I uuiii trHt,lii'ru Uiy will uiialntiy ki-ep a won
(m cti. bto It ur all U.Bcrijiiioiia ot
Trunks. Valises, Carpet Bags,
Ac , lilch limy will I at tho lowt rut lo. fusil.
my hulvaulu aim H tall-
uni'Ji No. 10, I nlun Siint-t.
Corporation Taxes.
milK 4'tTY TAX 1!I K UH ISfi, H VtiW (MM.
S jilnti, au'l ou my lit.- In my vtU T h c tv
pro I i tin I i on ro;iI ami imm n ui i- ji.
irty Hi.ill hf tlna uu t ay t ui tl.i i.Hm .f U.'
Kr-Vi'UUtt 4 i!l ltir i'U t )ie tint iUy f Jnlv ifiB tl
yftir -, ad pt-mnin mio fi; t i i v 1 y it nl lime, uli.t I
pay .Min i su L l in rlt vi mk r i ttit t r niniiu
A. H. hllASkl.AM),
J un 2H titOt hi titit .ill.'.Utir
Genrr.il Comniisvcu iUcrfhints,
3S Fourth ttbviM iv.i 3; IWth M Street,
I'llll. 4 IHXIMII A,
j'lBa 2'. --.II ill
Bootmakirs Wanted.
X thbimi 1 ill ut cuim'ht ninnUiv mi nt unj mujJ
a'-4 Nuuo but (
"I W.irkuil-J no l Hpllly.
A Btl )l T,
'I Hi- nl I.-r t, N.I.I. Mill.
)iinj:-l Nil 'I.
WM. M. GK KIN Ell,
Na 100, Chestnut Street,
I'll 1 1. A I f 1,1111 A , I'A ,
IiCiLm (iiintiii.)t nf (.(tria, K11-", Tolin'u, an
ITiiiluoo Kiuoi illy.
Am it .11, lMd'i.
CpllK Sul.-'i rlW'.Ti lmv Jul fit.! up, In I nn.Udiii
i'lty. at N 41, I miiN Mill ki, twu il .or u t
.I.miIo M'r ol Mr J. fi wrv nu UK t III-All
hAl o N', AS I Hi ,.)) 1 Ml-tl (.'M' Ulll i I Kllltl l
an 1 vii ini ' n'p' ' 'I'll v ii.vi.i' 1 id giva tin tn a
r- 1 1 J bey .i-tK ihutuhfl.rt In krry -u IikuU lt:
n y t vl ai ii- :v Ui'ti t n tua.if.
N l' tfatmilit-a K'nl l'.ir'li f t i 1 in 1 at any tour
by tin- .'i nl .ly , io i In- itw4 ntx-ul uaM.
Jmi14 lai
4lU''y 1' l M 1 tit A I L - H VKtxa V -Juno
21 ti
Zngiafs aud Eoileri for Said.
I OK. KK Y IK t M K lr uet i.4 ll.ii'.rta f
hi unrf J ni A ,w. w uii J liii" J ..lin u t
Ho h hi U- Najhvi;.i tWisrf. 1 itr in ! t .u. i.
It-ri t. i, 4 i nf ' . and 4 b lirr i Irrt u iw 4u
I m ti. a, i ii(a a,f umlii'i lsil a. tl 1 i nf"i Milt
li v'-r It on, (.f h l t4i i hi Tu It. iii ai
two 'i3 In. tt y ii . r lo (, -t iiin.', aiiii M.t .4 - U
t jMinUrsl I. . i Mtokf, w tlh all! la . IUi fli
1 ImI dit ff tor tA. ,r , in 1. t tt U 1 I' I'll''"
nf ai I .(-tiiUlM.aU, kn( ft iiif kl uf lf-.'li, llillti'ie
for i ujtMkai ui tHi,r tilv-'tl i b (' ti ti.u,
cb ininr a i-tu Ji 1 a I kJ 4 ,
Juu l-aat. ht. tu MAfk.t MimI
General Commission Merchants
63 aud C5,,roaverStret, r.d SO Exehnnga
Rimi:T L. M VIA!'
" M'W V
MlllJ.II Vi si u
h'kciaIj Nxyricrc.
(old stash or sxyper ahd rmzzrLL.)
lut ef
of lh IB'Ht (wlfhrmtfd Di:ik-, ard tqml lo the bxl
ernr t)rci(lii to iim n:irk. i mh!chl.o etfeia at lbs
lo ch rU"
He rnaiwfltfuliw Invite II lteutmu of ttit Inil
to hU
ii v""J.iuu i'ia iiitiJiiui i
tt'hrra th-r 1 1 Snl c rf dvr rlpilon nf nM nuil
.l fr ibeir ! i.f ihf nttn-t dritr.uu -lyU nod
ink . U i J t ' .
MOlfi BKHortniftit of mn' ant byn' fnmm.r
HU will lt 4iM ai Si ir tml k Uw tut to
cloie uouiiuinniit. Apply l uu- Ui
I.AUB st ML KP11Y,
16 1'ubi.c Sjuurp, Caitioun' old itom.
Ilegant Sewing Machines,
ON' TlirilnAY, 11 l.v 10 h Wll.l, UK K(il,l AT
I'uli I.-. AuiMii.n ! l!i i III of llif l.t.n.kH a
Bihih Sbwi u UriHNe Ci.Mr.wv. uik III lile of Tub.
1! Nliiare, .vi'- Hi k- H('U Slinl,
F.lPVrii ; rover & Ilakrr'a Newt
lnf M nrliliif , la rowimoer.
2 act of turpunttrk' Toala.
2 lot of mechanic Ionia.
Kewlar Machlna I'urln. ncli
Ktcrfs Kmilii, I.iltoig, Tom, list. I-. Circular
NoMlo, ;. , Ac.
e 'us Surgeons' Kliuter
Jfljltlnr. Deniii, Sofa. nml or ir
thU.g iiui-iiiiii y fur an ollice.
Alto, H.04H) Motrins- IMaohlno Need-
leu, Iron Safe, I lr of hvalrn, Ac.
S 4 Cn-t Burgalut my t mneclnl.
mr Lull', are eiprc'a'ly iiivllrd in Uind.
J.i)4-l.l K. A. mill 'K WAY, Kxcciil'ix
No. J, ri'BLIC ?tRE. r ear the (i'.yllutrl.
ftHI I.C, 1VOHY, IIOK and Hi ll.
IIKU (oniW, Tilltr.lIV and
AIM'.S, nxs and M I DI I S,
MtlOL O I TO III I I (s,
llilAIDS,llljtlCiK, V Al.
I.I'.TS, FMItl' MO.
and I'l'ltSDS.
Cp, U'ttnr, ami N.it, ht. Fnrrlnpm null,
llu-r, mi l Sum. M p.i.H and rcm ili, mo., an-.
Nil', II Ir, TwmIi ant (I'ulli ItruaU.
tl. 11, C i i un ana lill.'ta lli'l k.
Sim Ki-
rlm 1im (4 mjfli.v), kihI Fancy ftr.iit. Kmblun
Alto a r-t T;irlot j of" ini-ll war.
tViiiti y M-TiliiinU-, Prukii'-ii nil 3uU.Ti r In
vi vi ie 1 tu ra I.
All current
Southern Fund s Taken.
llDn 4ir tllm
Bought and Sold
no, 5o 4 lli:.c MTitri:'r,
Jnua l-'lm.
Hoots ami Shoes,
Ubitlnan and Erlail it the Loimt Prim,
no. r,
Also alll kIiki
l"nr aalv clai, call om. )uu IS ttw
2 cts per lb tho Season through
Only places iu tho Oity at
thos9 Trices!
Southern Money taken at Par!
rpill LAI K KINT0S lilt tXHIPANV ARK Now
V ri)L t"r lb t,lir I'l'ut on JlrM1 irii ii-r
Matrhnt trol utl t'lTUBT iif I liUfcli fctij tUO tlftisitl ;
III N'Tlil riij o( JMatk.nl liuUM. Uii IU Urn C"tl'lavi
Itmliiii'sj rn t.h ry sir.
(hit t rutin (or i tin aromiini. l a
tli m i ii v un Br i-'ir Uimi. l'n cuitr u u
Imu j,iou U Uthu( tirJfrH from li r" iiiry
Strayed or Stolen 1
4 mi"ira Ik-irnl, on rri'ly a.-tiinK, Hi" SHI' itat.s
laiK" lnilit luy MAKK M I'l.K, I'lui'l In U-.tll ya,
ali.i.it 14 liiiul li'alt. I...r uiauo tiliiimail up u liar
i-ara an I li.-r tail trluirncil ; in n I'M-1 unlur.
Any ra"li I't-liviirlliK liar In lua r g.vuiK audi lu
lormi ll-'B lual I i all aul lir mil In I iliarall V lawar
dr, I' i 1 It (.It IIIIIU
ACTON YOUNO, - - Proprietor
f3 ll.fc :
1 H '
Ittaiiiii.a an.i l.'.ic.n !r ily..
llMrtll.ari.ra ...
I 0
T (A)
;ooi .tioi: Hitiiui:i-
Tl. va y I vil Hi.' Market aSil. atwJ. " '""'I
II I! I.. 4 tail. J 'HC 'i'
ON .inHr M.n
I hala, oi ( li-i
M.iruii t. A -old W all a
f y atiavl. a.'iuc a l.' a
I-.i . tl. ai.a (..I.r aiiiwt ur ..l-i H. rt.
t n-uil au4 ika I .t olti. a. Ibaun'ar U l l.au'1
a. y rwai.L4 by ltian tUa ( li.lu at tin. tit -a-j
ii j -at
'laalllbeMllllarr lieparluaeal Iu
he IHalrlrl of Ohio.
AiH( lilr. lul .a nrJllVl'il
I ..iii au ai .( ilir M i- i4 Hui.i ia a
..l"w, '! nil..-, al.'l " Matt .(M-.-4,
II. j i...i.( II. iu- l.iii.v ll, Kr . i'.r ah Ir.uaa. Ii..ba
.r lH la (l.i. ilo4i tu.L I . f tlir u-'inl.. riuiu
July 1 .1 t-.'-1 ( il ' l'l " k ( , .Ir ,
I in. f I ...,lra. li r t..r II. a I'latr I ! (U.l i
N tl -Hi, u.l jo.nci yrwa .d lt,J una
Skirmish on McClellan's Left Wing!
000 rrionrs and several Bat
teries Captured!
Commodore Willies ordered to com
mand James River Flotilla!
McClellan Reports being Victorious!
Canal opposito Vicksbnrg- nearly
Capture of British Schooners !
Governor of Iudiana calls out Eleven
additional Regiments !
of McClellan
FoRthk.sk M ixitoit, July 7. Skirmish
on the morning of the 4lh near the Fede
ral left ning, which resulted In the de
feat of the rebels. We took one thousand
prisoners, three small batteries, and pur
sued them to While Oak swamp.
Commodore Wilkes ordered to com
mand James Diver llotilla.
M'Clollan said to Patterson, Wednes
day, wo fought tho rebels every day last
week, and whipped them every time, al
though they had three to our one.
Memphis special says that the canal
opposite Vicksbnrg was nearly completed.
Several thousand negroes employed; somo
from neighboring plantation.
Washington, July 7. English schoon
er, Lucy; schooner, Curtain; British
schooner, Will-o'-the-Wliisp, with cargo
of ammunition; schooner, Morning Star,
from Nassau, have nil been captured by
Federals at various blockaded points.
licbel gunboat, Lever, was captured on
J sine s river.
Kichmond dispatches of tho 1st and
2nd claim that the rebels captured eight
Generals, twelve thousand prUoncrs, all
McClellan's siege guns and three months
supplies for the rebel army.
Iniiianai-olis, July 7. Gov. Morton
has called out eleven additional regi
The New York Post's letter confirms
Thursday's Kkirmish and capture of six
General McClellan has moved his head
The army has advanced four miles to
wards Uiclimon d.
The Richmond papers admit their loss
to be thirty thousand, but claim a victory,
Gen. McClellan is pushing rapidly for
ward supported by the gunboats.
Tho Kuropa via Queenstown, iS'.Mh,
passed Cape ltace.
liiVCKrooL. Increased excitement in
cotton; prices advanced.
French Chambers adjourned.
Embarkation of troops for Mexico pro
visionally suspended.
rKv oiik. July (. lbo steamer
Champion, which left Aspiuwall on the
2r!lh arrived on the Cth. She brings forty
thoiiHand in treasure.
Peru and Equador referred their dilll-
culties to tho Mediation of England.
A I KtV CKNTt.EMK. can 1)0 ac loir nmil iti-il with
JV v tii foi tah li' ar ru.'titi an.l a rmil tMtila at Ku
ltU, curtLT nf Murkrl aul Locust HtiiH'lH, at tliff
rtfrai.ni Ivwioi; od tha tlia l.onliiriiU t'alii rn K'
lili-akfiit bi-rirn llit t al u l"aT.4. .Su ii.a til ba
aiari. tu r uiliT K'lmu c.uuUirUtDia.
I JUVK TWO WKI l.-Kl'liNlsllKH IttN iM. -.nt
I ftbla for twn 11111111 ItuiiiliM, i" nitty 1 crriip
by MVMrttl k mU'tiif ii. Hoiiim, (imhiii J'.d I
ron't di'llliiK, 4 lirn y ttrr(t. 1i ma Ulivrit.1.
10 or lilifwii IKty tmnl-iri ntti l mii oiiiuh .Iii.
ttl ; lo fivv TrMiiHiunt rlinlfii riaii h avt'i oninnj.
4til- J Jnrl-;tuiJ SlAhlttA l.. 1'b.a' U..
IHHV luy Htili'a on li-t Friday yM li.twarn
hnuiii.rr ami Ji llMrai.n ttia 'ia Virtu Na.dn nl... a
liny linrna aui'iit l.t rAii luii.d an.l a hair li ij U ; no
otlii-r uiaiKi. fi. jit a lint iu llio I li t-ya , A libu
rai reward w III I a hi.1 mi in. r.Luili tit uj.i. ur fir in
I iruiati.iu ao tliut 1 k'.n i-t nuu.
JUII.N' HKMit.lt.
jul)2 .liar.
Strayed or Stolen.
I N'(i laat k f .un Hi - iiialiirn i f W
lian.ia L a.., l.iliK tail, w ltd wii.l'i kt..l u li.a l.a. ft
aii.1 liial...Hl ' 'u tlm li u .!r. Il.i 1m a Itnt
(1111. li-.rM. Any iM-jr ill iiImliik li.iy 1.1 Nu i'i
Ni (li Mil kl kti.rt, lU U lil..'ia..y r- .nr. I .1
.1 T K. M ' I.I AN,
l'il.iul 21 'l .'liucaai It. al 1 u.-irit.
Jiilyi l.t
'I MIK f iil Ti(inr4 hf (tMnil at
I N' 3 ITMLH ' sgiUKKi NAMVI.1,
u la 1 ki Si K i f Kviftn and .fc'itiwili
imy i.j(K)i).s,
MJ0i:S Sc IIATrf,
wlnrb tlit-y nW in th tra ti-ni ilm l.ni.'Mt vmhI: .rl-r-f.
(iMititry mt'tvlmiiia .iiiiK tlm cut an Invi
ted tu K ( Vi us a ttill, bi lof u bn 11 1 k i avinTiv
A I. in IllK. Al lilt') ,
Sit. $ ftfulh Htila l utiiii; filial 0.
Water Tax.
"TOTK K n Iwrabf it-u Ui (! ihjiu ul Alr tat
J.ll'V''i tlial it. lima fur ( mt'iii lur n brat
ii tuiiiittii f 1H' htJ aiiHrcl, mid unlttu lli'
coium f.i warJ t'.riliwMh and a- Ulf, tl all) h imt duly
to (-4. I"cl by L , ttiid ahut '-f li. M Lir. I I t l
lit 1 luikt luf u:'.U i) iiKtu t lo ft i. m , avcrv ay
a' It t.aliia 1 I
ttai.tr Tat i
Ju?-'llm i
$150 REWARD.
MV i'n Jdn Trfia wta takwu fruta tb Uli'it
b' l f iv. iiifi (ir-i-u H y , by ilia It it
HaiK-r 11 lii i IJid day cf r irtu y , 1 -v 1, au 1 r
rt-d iV.alb ut i-.'.l 18 ytnra d, br.ll luu -tl
ti'4t'ir, (m- (fikr-l, about A tt't iiiuIji a ln(
rat tit r a ' txu.l , li M imr u b ai'lc lnnu
fttid ! oDb ! L'a J- I nun Ui-h btic. I miti
ti.a 'i r- i .1 U't b I'litTai -.ti . ..r t run u d lu
tt b 'Uo aud fy ail att tt- aiu-u-iicn ih aaui
1J.A Ulr.
1 a N A A V
.U 'll h, 1
y fi lit U.a I .Wrt T, t Mnl-- fn n
Mna o fantasy, 1 r nt if t.it ll.a i-'"'
Hi I , a tt f i Hi it li tiu d Adr-I , b ul 1 f"r "'
, a . h a f and i sub - r ll.' an- ai
me, w 1 1 a in ''iuta, II- w a ii'iH ' 1 y
It ad i , ai d r ll d--H.titla try tu Utmkm .it'1- Ui' IV" 11 l
I iiif a. ai I t.tittat M Tim ui'tu " '
a (-a-!, m , .L 1 1 w it gva tl. al' J I'"
Itui aj-iiff lna.oii 0v I can fl U'iu.
a wiiiTUiH.
July! dim
lmp.rnf and l'liutiatr IVali r In
t'KITX iHMiaUnltv o" han't lai-r "iipplr irf lrln
IV and hri aa l (i fiiiitu miv 'r Vtiwry M.inl In
mi uiri-ntj. a-tuvli Id afT.T l a. I'w prh'ei aa an
ra-t-T In uao. onli'ia b) ail int K(ir'M (iri.iniH y
altrtiili..! to. jimctt-lm
James D. Lclimcr,
JuitoM 1m
Charles tt. Lewis & Co.,
li"l.rxi: its'al.li- IN'
srtn,i: am i ixi v
Whito Goods & Notions,
No is. soft ii Kthi ri'Bt.n: wiji'ABic.
, kr i: is'tanti v nrfnvrvi) iifn.i
l ( It i i'rii.tn o' City n-t A,nritfy
t'tir i ItvV Imjt ltt !
( nrcurN..r lo M A. l'arrlni A )
f:OIXI'K vrM Siouth ! Ilraaa.
K.iHtiyil.l.K, TA'.V.V.
Attention, Ladies !
ff'IIK Ht'lwritlllK'R 1UR OI'KNTn OM TIIK coil
I Nhrt nf ( h'iri'li a'nl Vna lr ', Ilia uianit
factorj of L.AI1K' lul iT ASH ."II iKS. nf dull
vani'ty ami ili'acrli'tiKti.au I a lu l.a c ill Irom ttiaa i
wlm want k""1 win k ami vl-'Kaat llta
un(M lui a. I'MJAllli.
iti.ru i:t:r
.uiliillc Ti'unru.e:i lliintsvi!! ', Alubiin.i,
at 0 u'i'lin.k. arriv uitf at lliliil 'villi' mmi.i (lay t'i
Kiininr, v in olumn. raiatai ana
Allien KrellrouO, il tiiiii dc Ala.)
I Passenger 4 Horse Coachci?.
1 h4vn nminiruu'(l nmiitnir n (U'ly line ol Htirf,
ltftw.'fu r k Hirer ait t Hc imiiJ riUl.uU, I miio
Ntjrdi of
ri I.ASKI.
Tli train- tut Ihu T Si A. K. H. pro nmking tl-lljr
trii Troiu Nrt.-lu'iltn to
Aul Hi- 1 1 .na (..1 MAT It. It, n, i'Hi da.l
tripa lnn IIiiiiUvIIIi. l.i i- IL HlTor. rsu.-ni'i-a ran
lmvn Naaliviilr at u A. uiakinr II u u ti 1 1 1 at
7 I'. HI.
l loaa uunum tiutia nia'la at ( tlior fflul (if ttio road.
J. I.r. AII1.I.N, I'roprlalar.
Of Fur f irlhri Infm-mall m -in(iilr at ttii Tu-kvt
cm a, Nu. 2, NiTlh Cliorrr Htn-ol, 'ourlli ilnnr fri.ua
tlnion lull 01m.
Railroad and Omnibus Ticket
No. 25, North Cherry Struct,
(HlUltm IKKIK HtnM l'MU).
1)1 If
I tin.
tin. Hail l(nal, will tlml tt ti lli.-ir iniinnt t.
jiun-liii!. Ilii'ir tirkAiH at Hill i fit-'.-, wln-rt ti. k t i'at)
I.f. tiail in all tlin -riiii'inl r.ilinaiii til. Nuflii. kl
aji'l W.i.t lif tlii- aliiirt- Mt ml hiiiHt ri'lulilo r'.ulMi.
Alan, tlirdiiali rrc.Mi ti ra(i Ih. Kivi.ti fi.r all nlaaaaa
of frnKlit liy tli qui -kcat ami aa lo rata aa by aavy
ullii.r r'ulla.
Any furtiitir lutiiriiialinu nau bafflvrti by calllu at
tlie umro.
tV. V. ( IIIIU,
Livti'l Ticket fc rrrlchl Aronl.
Jul; I .itf
We are ai'llinf
.1 uro Hiako Xtrt)
Ai'ITS I'KH 1,11 IN sill THIKN Ft SIM ; I rant
per pouii'l li'i. fiaii tlia Nu Mouuiily l'Ci.t." tlur
..h i in in tnc t j.loiifjila H jil.linr . mi I t.r v atrM-t.
jut-II If U. II. HMIl'll a UI.
o v
Iloust fiol J H KUthr.i Furuilurc,
No 31 Ktiinmrr Hirrel.
W) 1 1 V FN I vi Y, jn.Y Bib, imu, diVMKN.
lt ul 0 tsil-a, I ! I 'II al M slain I rau'ar'a.
a In aa m I in-it I of l Hlr h l Hm,mi llait4Kltb'
i ul (HI tif, niM ai in n r AC, . tli si, 1 bal'U, im
.t a h f.T'K "' p l. I'.' k lVdU'tu, a floiuii aa
pr rn- it ol 1'a.rlir ami lldrHui Knf tilln' ; ataaaj
I t't'.a, if'', t It trr, rc, , mW. All who di air y;iud ,
tl ul (at. If I u'lutunt, mil Olid It ll.flr I it Ut l oat t'i
Tcrrn i if fl m III Ih tnal known tu r "f aal.
t- ti r r tit Huii'.bv r hj liunk hulffl 1 Ni -ai .
T W IJ ii S K, A'aciiloiio- r WM. ltkYN)l...
Ju!) A ti Irualfa.
Tu Uf'ptki4 l I'ippUiiit IIoiitMtt
T uTilk ia birtdty ar I , tlial I hi A' t t 1 ty
i t tt v 4 . a. . I. K l.rat.iy -ii, )H... i i.in w i au Ad
indiinitiiik( ttiu ii nf i ut, in ittti'ita, (r luti-i
ii aliii li4U'ra. A.U., a JI itHft.'(. r b r nc - liy i.liicu ,
JS4. lit Lit ; klliii, timyy
M tyur'a OiUrc, May J, Ui -if.
VliAtiS! I'liAt.S! lf liUASl
No id oi.i m.i: Vi lli I T.
)nl 3-'At.
lilSlAVI S llll
VI u .Ituula (Malar IU
;!;, Liller, .M.inllli, Wrupjiiu
! i: n h,
pKV't.V (I T CAM", HiNSl m.Ki(, KTW1
AM. mxJH fAei.lt, CKlN-.K..' I.N a.
o. iK ' ' Sin aau 1m araa.,
i iM imn, .
Rolting Cloths.
I'll .a a I.y WM I VON,
)i.n. 1 1 41 Ma. ai-t ml
I I i
VIF N X T AN Nl' Al. Sl-Tltil I'V T-iril
.1 I. a I A A H H u . wll U."
al lti iiitl' i.f .(..rn !'..i.y in k i i.k u in l. a..t
1 .. ..i.y --t.ii.g I'.c .!, iU f ul
, 10
-...A T..a
titiNa. Haiti I. M i
nu '.fi- .I.
For Rent.
1 ill U.l
Ii i!ai.- ul Ilia y- ar, a , ! l a a . h
ja ".'.(a i.ii. ' r ."i. i '1 a ( i-.i.."-'-
1 ataa ii...lrf un a .mm '.-tii(
( l-Vt at ho JJ Nil Viu ,!.. '
Uv:lril )imm-
i t-

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