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WEDNESDAY IHDilSlNC Jf r,Y 0, 1805.
W Invile liii(.uti in ths idt-Hise-turrit
of Messrs. Mop.rts it Stratton, in
another column,' of Jionrj, Imf. M.'Pe
finder Trill b liln-rslljo -re -csr-dflrj hj
leaving it at 1 lie tr store, on Market Strict.
Phiinf.'i.- T.Uul. .KiM.fcV, of Cui ii,
9th Peun-jUanis, tv drowutd iii Dar
ren Iiier, on Sunday last, near f.owMnj;
Green, while t !i i n j. Ho was regarded
aa a kind, c.li-vnr and accoiu'ilialied Ren
llemao and soldier. Ilia n umius were
carried home on Monday aflcr.noou.
ThBathS. IIatuiV AY..Afcii will to
tiinlit present his ninir V the pnMic for a
Benefit, and we are ftt.re It will meet with
a hearty response.' ' 'When ftr. Weaver
iade hi? first appearance here, ho was
comparatively unknown, hut hig match
leas performance In The Old OhhhX, stamp
ed him as an artist of no ordinary merit,
and aa such he hail a claim upon the pub
lic to-night. Tho comedy of Naval A'i
yniji meats will he performed fur the fiipt
time in many months, and the sketch of
'lht Drlutantt or a peep behind the scents,
IMwcen prices Mr. Ditfiki.d will sing
and Mis Cohtastinr execute a. dance
- . - a -
We copy the following notice from the
lHnPi'rh of rcstrrday ' morning, and
heartily endorse everything said therein
,. ..
"'New I'erlodlfal l.'rpot.'
Our good and industrious young friend
William Collier, formerly an aHociatc in
the Disoatch Company, haa just eiuhark
fA in the news-dealing, periodical and
i'ationcry business, at tho corner of
Church and Cherry treeta, opposite the
Post-oUii e. 1J if little store is deciilrdly
the neatest and most tastefully fitted up
in tho city, and is limited in the business
centre, convenient to everybody, Billy
is one of our most honest, pcrsevcring
and accommodating young citizens, and
we besicak lor him a generous support
from the reading public. All of the latest
publications will ho kept by him, in ad
dition to all desirable articles of station
ery. (Jo and sec him, straightway. ,
llKAiigi'AnF.RS 1st hr.n. Tfkk. Vol..,)
' Nasiivimf., July 8. 1802. $
FHiKtri) Mkiickr, Yon will please al
low mo to correct a statement that I no
ticed in this morning's edition of your
paper of tho villainous' assault upon me
at Mount Pleasant.. It stated tlut I waa
aitting at the Tavern door. That is not
so. 1 had just stepped out of tho Tele
graph "office with Mr. McIlvain. tho ope
rator, and was gointf to my house when
they rode in and made an attempt at my
life. Fearing that insinuations might be
reflected upon me, I hope you will correct
the statement. ' ' '
I aiu improving fast. Wishing you
my kindest regards for the interest you
havo manifested, I subscribe myself your
friend, and hop tho day is "not far ilia
tant when our Stale will bo rid of those
scamps. - Truly yours,
' F. T. FotaSH, Lieut. Col.,
. Jst.Tcun. Vol., U. . A.
I'kiu - Hut ll'a Army.
On tho 23d of June, the. sixth division
of Gen. Knell's aimy had reached Tun
e.uuibia, Ala. Gin. lUiell's lieadiiai'tuis
were near Florence, on the South hank of
the Tennessee. Tins correspondent of
the Cincinnati Ouvtl? gives the following
account of tho state of sJTuirs in that
quarter ' " ' . '
Yesterday a foraging party from Oen
Uartlcld's hrigadu discovered distinct
traces of tho whereabout of a lot of 1,04X1
bales of cotton, which had been sub
scribed by a notd b'eressionist to the
Southern Confederacy. Captain lialph
l'lumb, Quartermaster, reported the facts
to Gvu. Gar II eld, commanding, and tho
same has been furwarded to headipiarters
of Gun. liucll, in liopes that measures
may be immediately taken to secure so
much of ilia lot as may be loutiu. itli
out doubt this in but u sarirplo of what
may bu found in tho way ot contraband
property, liwleed, it scons to your cor
respondent that a mistaken policy civ
ems our movements as an armv Here
vt are, surrounded by as inveterate and
-vtlotermined a set of rebels aa can be
. ' lound in the' entire South. They have
given their means without stint to inau
gurate and carry forward tho rebellion
They have all around us immense quan
tities of property, enough to delray the
expenses of tending the entire army of
lieu. Ihiell. So determined are these
rebels to sustain their cause at all haz
ards that they boldly say to our (iener
als that all ot these immense corn lields
are designed to sustain the Confederate
army another year. These corn fields
arc immense. On every plmitat ion here
heretolure only cotton has been produced,
now ma negro gangs are mailt) to hoe com
instead, so that the rebels may not fail of
a supply ot lircau.
And yet we are obliged to feed our an
imals on short rations, and to pay from
Northern loyal pockets not only the ex
iH'nseof transporting at great disadvaut
age the supplies for the men, but the poor
soldier is compelled to pay (11 ho buys)
an enormous price for any luxury he may
desire to obtain, llutt.ir, 40 cents; cgj;s,
25 cents per Jilor.en; pies, 'J.'i cents each;
dressed pigs, -j cents per pound; cluck
ens, -j cents, and poor at that, itre mod
rrate samples of pi ices charged, and paid
for in good treasury notes.
- -
The wife of General Shut died at
l.oine on the 10th ulu, aged seventy-two
.7-r- m
Ten tliou.s-.nd families are supplied
every week at the New Oi leans tree
A man owned a house in l'olon
mortgage ou it of iN'tKM the iwl goes
to Washington last 1 eci iiilur opens a
house of questionable ihuraiter .shu re
turns last week to lloM it and cancel
tho bond. The husband's uoWs are now
discounted on Stale aUo t. Tins is
true story without a moral. Viwn"
Not much tl the "moral" it's true,
uot enough to ''adorn a tale," but a littlo
Sprinkle of the i .m.-ial.
CorruponiliBr f lh !'lnldtl b( Iuiiiur.
Tho Daily Ki'lit.
THE GRIND F L A R B 0 Y E 31 F S t.
Ti!Hi;r.T rr.Nn, July 2, 1SC2.
After the tremendous battle on the
right, in which Fits John Torter's Divis
ion wascngapwl, including MeCall'e li
servel, wtlli sncll reinforcements as could
he sent up without weakening tlie ottier
wing, that portion of the army fell back
in regular order, presenting an unbroken
line to the enemy who, warned by their
terrible experience of Thursday and Fri
day,' for some time kept at a respcctlul
distance, but as they discovered by the
absence of our pickets, that our troops
were in motion, they construed it into a
retreat, and began to cheer and follow
alter us.
This flis'-overy took place on Ralurday,
and tho ltebels were bewildered and con
fused in their efforts to unravel the mys
tery vthich surrounded the entire move
ment. They sent down batteries on tho
right bank of the C'hickahominy so as to
command all the bridges, and posted
heavy bodies of troops on all the roads
lea'luig to them. This was done with
the expectation that our troops would bo
obliged to retreat across to the White
(louse by the same route that they had
advanced, and the Kebel hordes were in
highgleo at the prumiscd capture of tho
entire Yankee army.
I'ut while Rebel Majot-Grncrals were
in Council, their Division Ccnirnandert
sending harried despatches, ariuouncing
the disappearance of the right wing of
McClcllan's army, ,thnt wily and saga
cious soldier was executing a movenmt
which is destined to emblazon his name
anion;,' the brightest! in the scroll of mil
itary fame. Slowly and silently the Hank
movement was began in accordance v illi
the plan matured daya before.
I Ina plan was no more or less than to
remove tho entire army with its baggage,
equipments, artillery, stores and siege
guns from 'the low unhealthy Swamps,
where (IKcase was thinning his ranks, to
the high grounds on the James liiver,
covered with magnificent farms, where
tho cool and bracing summer winds have
full play. For once in the history of the
war, the enemy was kept in ignorance of
Gen. Mctlellau a plans, although it is
possible that they were aware that sonic
movement was on foot.
On Saturday morning the Iiebils de
termined to recall their immense forces
from beyond the Chickahomiuy, and
having for the first time penetrated the
grand uosign of McUellan, they com
menced rapidly moving after our troops,
at the same time they threw large Imdies
of baflled soldiery npon the right of their
line, so as to be in position to advance
between us and the James luver.
Cautiously at first, and then boldly,
the Kcbcls camo out from thoir lines, on
Saturday, and moved towards Savage's
Station, which, on Friday night, had been
occupied by General McClellan for his
headquarters. At this point a largo force
waa still stationed, for the purpose of
holding the ltebels in check, which they
succeeded in doing all through Saturday
night, and until late on Sunday morning
Tho rear of Sumner's column had baited
here, and were ordered to destroy such
ammunition and stores as would be likely
to tall into the hands of the enemy
The locomotive "Speed well" was linked
to twolvo freight cars filled with ord
nance stares and ammunition, and, true
to her uame, was soon on tho way to the
Chiekahominy Bridge, with two hundred
pounds of steam on the valve and tho
water below the loweatguage. Tho train
was arranged with fuses, so as to explode
upon reaching the bridge, and, without a
living soul on board, she sped on her
mighty errand. In a few rainules.au ex
plosion was heard that shook the earth
for miles, and, as the huge volume of
smoke rolled away, a load wan lilted oil
the heart of all that so much valuable
ammunition as we had accumulated there
could not be turned against ourselves.
Shortly after tho explosion the enemy
seruicu to lie aware oi the cause and ue
sign, as they advanced rapidly upon us.
General Sumner had anticipated the at
tack, and had posted his troops ip all di
rections to await the foe. As they ad
Tanced through the woods, on tho north
and west of-the station, they emerged
into an immense open held of one hun
dred acres, which until trampled by our
troops, waa a splendid wheat field. Here
the battlo raged intensely all day, our
brave men holding the enemy at bay and
repulsing them with heavy toss. Gener
al Sedgwick stationed a battery of 12
pound brass Napoleons south of tho rail
road, so as to command both it and tl to
road lately leading to l'oi ter'a position
This poured volley alter volley of grape
and canister, until the enemy literally
lay in piles in every direction.
At tiiis point tho enemy made a des
pernio one? t on Burns' Brigade, in over
whelming numbers, but n ere driven bad
with heavy loss. Three brigades al
tacked laxtcr a l ire .ouaves, w ho were
stationed in the very post of danger,
The Zouaves opened on theni with heavy
file which staggered the enemy, who
reeled and fell back, but again advanced
with a strong reinforcement in the rear,
shouting and yelling like fiends. Grad
ualiy overpovseicd by number, the Z.,ti
aves fell back until they were supported
by the gallant New l oi k Sixty-ninth.
1 hese bravo veterans attacked the
llchtls with such impetuosity that the
joined regiments drove the lieliela back
over the railroad nearly to Fair Oaks
Station, a distance of over two miles.
Captain Megonigal, of Co. It (Weccaeoe
Fnginc), fell dead at the first tiro, while
( hcci lng ou his men. He was shot through
the head.
lly this time tho work of dci-trtiction
( f the stores and the ammunition u
successfully accomplished, and orders
were given to our wearied and undaunt
ed troops to follow in the steps of the
main aimy. Surgeon Triplcr had made
the best deposition poi-siblo of our
wounded at the hospital at this point,
who were unablo to be transported, aud
he di tailed several surgeons to remain
and takoi harpe of theiu.
All through Sunday night our flank
guard luarcl.cd to the left with the enemy
following und evincing a disposition to
haras them. But our men were cool and
calm, and mar. lied as if on parade. Hav
ing cross, d the bridge over " hite Oak"
Swamp, it was blown up, thus checking
the a.hance of the enemy. On Monday
morning tho enemy b.au the "attack on
our rear, having rebuilt the 'bridge.
They came on in iiuii)PnhB force, follow-
mg inu roan e na.i come
It .roii became apparent that the cue-
iny inlviided lo pucipilale IhnusvlvrS
upon us with alibi force. In view of
this Sedgw i. k was statiuu-d on the left of
the mad, jnt below (ho bridge, and I
Franklin's Division, with a portion of
Smith's Division uii the right. Kearney's
Division was thrown across the New
market road. Hooker's Division across
the Central road, and Hirhardnon's Divis
ion across Charles City road, all three
leading down from Bit hmond.
About two o'clock the enemy was dis
covered advnncii g all along these rnada
in immense force, the clouds of dust
along the lines of the approach being dis
tinctly visible. At this time the firing
was t.-rriflc, coming from every quarter of
the compass, the oflort of the enemy
evidently being to surround us, and
cither cut us to pieces or drive us into
the river. All this was the result of their
delusion with retard. to our movements ;
they persisting In believing it was a re
treat, while, in fact, it was a deliberate
and successful strategic movement.
'1 he liebels fought with desperation,
hoping to detach our divisions and crush
them in detail. General McClellan was
everywhere through tho fight, directing
reinforcements to be sent wherever the
front seemed weakest. General McCall,
with tho Pennsylvania reserves, was sta
tioned in the rear of tho several points
Iield by the commanrhrs named, and
within supporting distances of them all.
At four o'clock in the afternoon des
patches were received at headquarters,
that the enemy were being successfully
repulsed at all points, with tho exception
of General Kearney's, who reported that
the enemy were too strong Jor him, and
were forcing linn from bis position.
Word was immediately sent to Gen
McCall, to advance to his relief, which
his men did ou the double quick, not
withstanding their previous fatigue and
exhaustion. They were soon engaged in
the thickest of the tight, winch grew hot
tcr, as every moment brought fresh troops
from Bichmond to replace thoso whom
our brave reserves were leveling with
terrible rapidity. .
the tide of battle ebbed and bowed
over the plain for nearly an hour with
uncertain result. At this time General
McCall and his stalf galloped towards
the front to incite Lis brave troops to
stronger exertions, when ho was seen li
fall from his horse mortally Wounded in
the breast.
His staff gathered around him, and
begged to be allowed to bear I is body to
a place or quiet and safety. "No," said
he, " let me die on the field," and in the
momentary contusion which the fall of
their beloved leaner made, his division
was slowly driven back. Almost at tho
same time, Captain 11. J. Biddlc, aid to
General McCall, was mortally wounded
Still the contest ragsd more madly
the c 11 oris of his men to reach him being
almost frantio. In this desjiorate charge
the loss of life on both sides exceeded
anything that has ooenrred since the
contest commenced. The dead lay in
piles as high as tents. Among the slain
were Lieutenants J. II. Knhn and V. M
Wafmough. General Meade was kevcrc
ly wonnded in tho abdomen, and Gmeral
Kcynolds was taken prisoner. It is vince
ascertained that he is unhurt in J.'igh
mond. ...
At this junctnro word was despatched
to General Sumner that assistance wa
required by General Kearney, and his
men immediately advanced to tho criti
cal position on the double-quick, with
their bayonets fixed at the charge. As
they camo up our tired troops fell back,
and the avalanche of bristling steel was
upon the Rebels, who fairly reeled with
the shock as our men shook oil' their
pierced bodies like clods from thrir keen
lances. This broke the Bcbel advance,
and they fell back into confusion and
At this time the Rebels had brought
up abaltery between the river and New
Market Sad, with tho design of shelling
our position. The gunboats Galena and
Aroostook, which had been lying quiet,
but keen spectators of the battle, unable
to fire for fear of injuring our inen,wero
at length signalled from a station on
shore as to tho direction in which they
tniuht send their fearful missiles.
This they did with unerring aim, and
the ellcct was prodigious. The retreat
of tho Rebels increased to a run, and the
run enlarged to a skedaddle of the most
approved stampede, and our brave but
exhausted troops arranged themselves
for tho night as best they could after
tho trying scenes through which they
had passed.
The Louisville Democrat makes the
following remarks on the conduct of
sympathizers with tho rebellion. Its ob
servations aro perfectly just and will
apply well to many of the people of
It is important that tho Secesh in our
midst should be made to understand dis
tinctly what their conduct means. It
means simply civil war nothing more,
nothing less. They should learn to look
civil war straight in the face, and recon
cile themselves to all tho consequences.
Wo have a National Government and wo
havo a . State Government. Both these
have taken their bland, and no one can
be so stupid as not to see that those, who
encourage war against tha governments
must invovlo themselves in serious con
scqiienses. The "Southern sympathizer"
must learn that this is not a mere contest
between rival camti.latra for office. As
the historian represents Cato as saying,
in the Roman Senate, " this not a contest
about who shall bo first in the llcpublic,
but whether we shall have a republic."
Ilex, ho eucoura''.es attempt lo distroy
our National and our State Government,
must feci that he is inclining some risk.
All such encouragement costs blood and
blood will demand something more than
wa'cr, The man who scatters firebrands,
arrows, and death must not expect peo
ple to be eatislled when he cries, "Am I
not in sport V The burning houses,
the pierced hearts and dead bodies w ill
not bo regarded as sport.
Disixui kith). Mr. G. W. Hives, son of
William C. Hives, of Virginia, parsed
through tins city on Monday evening, ell
route for Washington City. Mr. Hives
has resided for some years in the State
of Illinois, aud when tho war broke out,
ho became a very prominent opponent of
rebellion. In consequence of this, ho re
cently received a letter from his lather,
w ho is quite wealthy, announcing that he
(the father) had disinherited the sou, for
the reason that he had di termincd that
no traitor aud abolitionist should ever
have tho benefit of his w ealth. This in
formation is derived from the younger
Mr. Rives' own lip. )'lnc!-uj li.telU
yihtr. Kisosi kV, in one of hi sermuua, tell
how to be mis. ruble. He :y: " Think
about yourself, and what you want, what
you like, what respect people ought to
pay to you, what people think of you."
Time million dollars' w orth of Petro
leum oil have becu expoilcd from New
York since January.
By Last Night's Llail
CrrtcAeo. J;jlr -0 A. spec's! fr'.'l"
Memphis of the t'.ih ys the ram Lionets,
from Vickshuis, biings iUlcs to July 2 J.
The csnnl across the point ofjaod op
posite Vicksburg has been nearly com
pleted. Negro workmen have been col-
lec.U"d frcin various plantations fn the vi
cinity. In all case Government receipts
are given for them. Several thousands
were engaged, npon the work. It is
supposed when the ditch is finished the
river will cut a wide channel during
high water, and forever leave Vickfihurg
an inland village. '
lal to tli-N'-w Vrk W- rM.
Wa.4H1n..to, .lu'y C. An officer of
high rank from McClcllan's -army, who
haa visited Washington, gives the most
encouraging account of sHairS which has
yet been received hero. Ho states that
our army is much larger than is current
ly npoited, in view of our late loses,
and that it iiu a iwrltcll v secure position
cither for oll'ensivo or ilcl'ensived move
ments, and this without the aid of gun
boats even.
Tho officers and civilians w ho are con
stantly arriving here continues to give
fabulous accounts of the number of tho
rebel force precipitated non McClellan in
tha battles, aud yet unofficial informa
tion persists in saying that Beauregard's
army and that most of it is still in Mis
sissippi. If this be so, the rebel force
must have been increased to its present
number at Richmond by a rapid con
scription. ornciAL.
AIT tn wrgAniiM- mvl fnrrrif tU uVitnt-jr uf
tw !nt i-ul iUiiarthont of ill uiiuv.
B it rmift'-d hij Oit S-n'iH wnd iia- ttf Rrjrrnta
firm ff tit l ntf-d n-itt uf Aw jua ut Cvwpe afin
bi.d, 1 lifit tlaery t-lt 11 lx a-Me I to the 'irturtt mailed I
(vri ul the army ten t-urun himI U u a-i.-taiit fur
tr-oiii4, to lip t Mtiintn I unit n.'iMtii-i iin Vr vl-tln
Inu; tweitLy iutt'lirttl rtiJi t, uii'l ft utuny Loni'itrtl
rtnwtir'li hk tlif Kuroii-gfrrinrrtl irmy uotvt U'r uetwH
ditry tor the public feme, ftii'lMhut thpir iwyaiii)
that ul nil limit-Hal HmmTiU in IU volunteer art wutl
a the rii)ir imtvIc -hall li thirty iluhari Jvi
iij. -nil), Lo be ciiiuj'uU-'l from the fWf-ao f tiiinuct.
Ami all mt licil i-uiitvi in tho .-H-t ica Muni, in alll
li in Ui Utotr ty, rwsjisj uuu iUa'U -.r tiny t-iihor lo
ktH'tor cuiimiLrttiuu
. .N'.o. id. .4'i U u uiW t.uubiL TW the su.rc.'U-trf-M'i&l
to be ai puiiitcvl uit'h.r lhi- m L htl have th?
mole, y, "i cuiniiiuH-iiiri uf i brilier gr itoial.
'I lirt fhull 1 oua a.-niimit mrtton oiittml nit-l inw
niH'lhal iiiixMt'f Ki-uortil of htiiiulo, (' h M'th the
ruttk, i-rt.v, ainl fMiwiuainh uf a ' ulonel (t" cavalry,
find tho uifi lical lii-i-Hl'-r -"viiPial Wlmll titter, uinler
the luM,t,o;i of the ureon pmriMl, Un mt-rvitiinu
I'tU th.tL ItltiU U thu i.tliitarv coi-J.UuU ul' the itr
tny, m huihor ui truti.'iMM, nni tvrn r chui; hu1
of tin hjnii'tirt, fH.l'.ce, rli.-olplijK', mil crt;. mnt y cf
IluM Tn Kt-nttluL InHjijiiiU, Uii'vJ .-'Ul II ri'UlUlH'hi ft.-!
ina? h ruilW he oituMt.-hti'1,
tS.i l. And it Jurtiwr vnartnl, That Iht'ie huM he
cllit nie lhal liii-jwrtiirn, with tho funk, Yy- ui
ewioluinetiij fiu ii d a IktiU'iirwit vtihiiu-l vf cit Iry,
ami w h slit ll he rh:irK..-ii Willi tho ihity uf in-rcttri;;
tho vaintary ntu'litji'ii rf tran-T"-tn, 'innrtern, ant
ruin;'-, ot U'lil ati'l eni'iai ho.-piUla, anJ ho flittll
rt'i-o' t to uie ini"'if.il iii'-j-ector (pr-nPTfil, ini'hT Mn h
ri fcitlutioHM an may he ln'TfrtfivT t-Uhln-ht-U, all oir-cuttiiun,-t
rt'liitm to Lite .-Mtu-t uy coii'lilion ati'i
want-' tt troopH aini ul JtatpitnU, uu i to tho t-kt!l, ?f
tioifiiry, an J jrot cuinlitet t.l tint niliivr.- aiitl alhu
J f n t s rouhiictt'tl with the nitill(;l tlcptii tTiit'itt.
t-r.o. 4. A tut it fttrthtr rmirtul, 'llmt the Kiirjrfton
F'rul, the a-'firtUtnt Ktirf-nti trou rfil, lnnliitaL In
r-jspctor iMK'rnl, ani luc fcit ul m-in-. tor-, shall itnitip-
tliKtt'lv atu-r tho jia'.-ttof t hi act be itptKuntetl hy
tire t'rixiilf-rtt, hy an. I with the a Ivtm ani eminent of
tin Senate, hy cuh-rtit-'D from the liM'tllcal rof-h Of
tin; iirmy. or ironi the fur'Mii m the volutitct-r J-t-r
vit !, w iilioni f ml to tln'ir r n k whpu fu e o-trd,
bur with t-oh- V', trtj tn tiiilMh'ntion'-,
i-as?. .3. A,i4 tm it further rnnfUit, 'I hut me-lh-al pitr
vejiTrt -liull he chiirfti, mi !it the tin--titui of tho
Mum-on K'-ncrat, with tiie sol c ton a tut pnnhttMo!
alt uift iit .il Mi;i;i.fs, uniu 'ing n. w rian'Hrt prvpara-tir-iM
an 1 of all books, in tr.dii nt:, hospital "ton-,
fur ill tun1, an-1 other art it l- v-'iuin-'i tor ttio m a
KB I W'ttTivie'l of the army. In nil cntvs ofenirrK'-nry
they inoy prov h; nirh athlttional etToinntml.tiiniih
lii i ho f ck Hii'l wouu'ifl vT thoarmy, n it-1 may tan-'-
piTt mu tt uu-'th ul ftiippllt'.-: aj (''rcniiintuiic mny reii
tter iirrp.-iary, umler nm-h rex-i-:U"1'-' n tuny Ihm
uftur hst ei-tuMl-he-l, ami ihall imike piomp toi l i in
iiiv .utlo n oi.-.- ii, nut Hit FitM:iai r'ptiition?i luae 11; on
i Hi-iti uiuliT HiK-U cin uhi-tiun-oM iv iiit-dn at iMI-.th
Htut the inTial reimsttioti! Khali cud-im supply uf a
'im ft inu miiniy w tiitj't'ii, inn uuaiitturf rt-nuiri'd
lUied, aud rig tie I hy the nit'U al otjueti4 re'piiiiug
!-rr. rt. Ami h t fitrth"r icf.-f, That Whenever tha
in M.t-.r general, tr any ons of thn melicat Insa-ort-or-
hull n-poi t an olHr.ur f the ttKilioal eorpw km tti.-i
tnuihtiniL hy ii co or -otluTM'i--o, lor promotion to
lusher Kruue, nr itufl tt.ti fr the performance of hw
proiHHMioiini ttutit'4, lie pn ill bo reported hy the hut
Hftin rTen-ml for exRinliiHt on to a nominal uoanl, a
proviiif.i uy nie aevtMiithiiin ieri)o oi the a-L ap
nrovetl Aii-'iiii (hliti,einhi'-t-nJhiin'iiv(J ami tt'xty one,
7. And It tt jHrttirr enttvtM, '1 hal the pnn Ihiook
of Dim aoi iht cuntiiiiin utoi bain lorre unrinn the
xitt-nre ot tho pmont rebt-titon and no imur'-r: J
ri'lin!, famx-ver, I hut, when thin aot r-tnill ep'ro, all
oinrern who Minn !lAo henn pi .iinotci lrm the ttiedi
cal ittitl of th- army under Hum t tatta I r tmn tli nr
r-;eoii vh ritit M in Hie armv, w iih nn-. h prom t ion ai
th' w.'ul I Imvo hm'i! eiint led lo.
Vpprove-I, April 10, 1.A.
Vk m.m-Nii. ,VJ.
A'-. .li' to unth'M i.o tint 'u-i manter-Ceneral to ef
latdh hlitlt' h p",( ofhi-. Iii ( i1ic.
H$ it fiuulft tt-witf ami Jime nf Htprivtrntn-
(ki t of tha I niti-ti m-ifrt of Amei ifiM in Cunyr wuh iu-
'h(, 'ihitt t'wi I 'iM)iiriaur(iutral We authorised and
dhe-ied, whvn in iiiH juilKmeiit the puhlic luleieat
or uiivemeiii a Uiuy iiuptue it, to vtahU ii ouo or
10' nx hta ch liowt ull.i'er lo lacihtatu the uieraU
ul the powt-olho- ui any fit y or place wtii-di, in the
opinP u ot the IV'dmaiiivr i aoral, tnay rtiiii hi h
Additional acouuiinndataoiie tor tho cnuvonteiuu ul
tht iniinhiUnU; ami ii ahalL he the duty ul Uu l't-1
tniis)ier'J'-iio.ttl to pivMiii the rules aud refill it
tinmt lor tho biatu h p.wi-otnoe whuh may he untah-
lintiud hyviitiiout thtaatt. Aud the 1'uatuiaNier
ii nurttl in hcii'liy authoi ttti j tu i hut t:e one rent, In
Htldilli'U lo Din r'K-dar iMwiitgr, lut every letter da-
4i-iu d iu any turn u poi-iia e tu he ldrwuith-U I y
mill fioij lli4i ynu lt-al Oi'.ice, fcinl Which siljtll la
prop.-nU hy stluiup, and (die i ul lr etuty ieut-i th
livi-ied At etit h ljiuio.h vKtie, to he puoi ou iUliV'l I
JV-.t-i,- !, 1 hat tin letter hail he . nt fn-in tl e pt in
rljuil ell ice to en h brant h oiKce tor ih-li very runliaiy
1i tho n-'iitiutt ut tho party to w hum the a-une may lw
Ultdl oKttod : .lut iixtd-'d, 1 he apeti .o a sjik h hi a lit h
e i it o nhull iKd ejti:enl the i-ectdpu on a t ount
hw. '. Awl If UfurtUr H.i. t,;1, Tl.itt the lei.lh ree..
th'U tl an a-t vlilllluil 'Altn.J to edahU-.h teltaiu
peat - route, and li ot lir r pin pM-.o,'' apj'i ot-d Maudi
tlur.l, ethlerli hniuti-jd abl loll) -i viti, be aiid
to lety 1 lt K ih d.
Appiowd. April lf, Isf.J.
Pr hi u -Nm. ;.i.
AN' AC'C ui iViiiH uihiuiiii.il uppi.tpiiattoii!) f..r the
uVal tH-ilte fur thu )or uudu. -June Ihnty,
elKhttvu humtted tin 'I hi viy two.
it WritcJct'i - tfw ti!" mat ll,i if tli'ietciifi
''i f the imtt.l tt-it,,f Aimtn-i in 0'Hrraj uafii
htttl, 'I hat the li'lU-win; a.uuis be ninl 1 1 v y are hun-hy
Hp;iropi late. I, .i be paid out of any Mutiey iu the
Trm-'Uiy nd otSei wire a"jn nj.-t iaie i, f.-r the nwriLO
ot the ar ei)(hl-it hMiidivl Mini ai t 1 y-1 wo,
1 or the pin. hti'-e i.f vMMl-t uml iitMfkHary altota
1 in iih 1 1 ie in led in nt iln; ( !um h 'i u-i vn e, two mllli
mi- tlve hniitU;od ami t but y Ihoutnmi ihihata.
ror tin- puii huho ol addttiouul i-two milli.
oii4 of thdlaie.
1-iTthe pui h nf of imnll. i.l In-1 rtmietitii, btA-ki,
in p , and v iiurtu, tw-dity tln tiiiitl dollars.
r..r i-p.tn- ai ul.-, i iHt.,1 v, i,, il(t, m,j tian or
taiii'ii, tlup" thoiiHHiid .ti h.i,
ki'T the otd name lotnitidiy at the Wa-ihinton
111 V J HI I, tllty llU.HUlll ih-IITH.
Yt fi lu.iii.'o, nut tinHi.oi il'diRrw,
Mr . Ami ho tt ,lw'-r rum r. .1, Thut tlld mill of
m-.t u htiioltt d und el'jhiy-tftrt-e ili'Mcaml lw hmi-1
i-td :tn I iiineiy lonr didiet In nij; the amount nee
at. iv lo I"- priori' d, a e-tiiNloi! hya b.tatd a"puint
Mi i-.r tit.it ptli p.-se, tt. pay (.r ainl tli,ih th Mevi-ne'
battery now pnlitally toli-it i uMed at Hidi-.k'U, New
Jers-eV, ! atid Hi'' aiini" h hereby appropMM ttnl out
ol eriy nti do y in the I n ainry m t -n Ik r a nte a pn
piiiilrd f -r the liinjiedi.ife tvmfl 'th'U of aa.d hat
t. ty: I'r.fi'tft, Thut Iu tin ( h'i.o t (or the rumpl-v
ti.ni id mtid vei.el it rIiul h-. -i, duti .l that io part
o( the im m y claliueii by Kdwln A. riev -n- to nave
been horeud'ra t'l-n.lrj ty hi in upon arid .awj
hall be r fni.d. d tiulil lln antonni of and rhrjnt
ati. ill !- eitiihli-ihoil ft the it mt.-rt tmi of I lie Kcrie
taiy ot the ty, anl Hie uMi,i.pt tt a.nd nnta
aiidll be emtio.--lit U)o:i Hi nuifM uf -.. . ! Ha
an i ron t ld, a ir ii u, w n r etoa no-r , t ho tvrm
nod by the rn-sod.'ut, and m- h c-.ntia.-t h;.lt -H -u
lata Hot t line w ii hni w ii the uMud ahail Ik don
p.eteil iV.M .., .( ntvtLrty Th.it .id money vhall
Hot be eipnded mnem tha hn jfUi y ol Hie Na v
ia of opinion tl al (he aame w ill mh uie tj He -udiC
sh r u au ell.- i-h( eleaiu batleiv.
fN.', i. A'H I tl u'(W -uuW, That the turn tl
thn u iiiili:..i,B i dmUie tv avi lot tlelet, out id
any mitey iu H '1 ica-ui y n.d dher w me ai'piopi ia
4 I, lorhahli t Le Jc larl ii vl the tNai y ttf ouloitl Ui t
Tl 'i vlad tuaui a--irulaol war,
tv ir. 4. Ah (ft l ,'iw .mrlt Tha t the JSeflt t ai y
ol th Nf y be a.iiiioiij d to (oinnuiio the nut) i
lion id t otloss and uutt-Ki , lol the n. i ac of t of !-, tuiu
hiiit-d w tlh unik and sxiat , to b pruvUn-U lit Ito- a mo
inaiilo r aui undt i likts i li n t it-n n und fcmu niin-a
aaie pi M-i td mtau, pi kiei, hnlh r. an 1 u i I
mU-d rflabiri, it he ahll fujiv . 11 will Uouc.u-
tlve ty I he h--.:th au I it. inlet t td 1 1. i,v v. au J ixd
irnj n e. xifitaiM lo I ne "l 11110-nl li.-n lo pi u
latioii, iin i ii 11 sh tli . iv. tv, ahiv lo l.ifi Uit u.
Ai piov. d, Apt d ir'.',
rxchango and Banking' Office.
'JMIK up i'f rfUJ I.... i...t i-i 1 IV,
A i.'i.o tl e.l.lll-i.'niil!' '.a' Ii
h y .i.J .! Ki'li.i,.-, t" l .i..l h. vii
.1, "I
1 .1.
LUi.ft N.Ui- u it ' ri 1.1,.. i I 4 jiu,. i 'ii,. I'- t
Uiii nlf ivu.rl', tli.ilr I to
A II. ANk'il; CO
Sutmli., June II, lsij I. .
.Spsclal Tulr--a la NmIitiII (.'i I ..
Fuithcr from Richmond.
Federal Pickets Extended to
the Chiekahominy!
General Eurnsido Koving
towards Richmond!
Beauregard Reported to be
; Suspended.
Stonewall Jackson's Death
Bebcl Losa in tko Late Bat
tics 30,000-
Salo cf Confiscated Cotton.
Louirvim.e, Jul 8. For(ra Mon
roe, July 8. Our picket on the 5tk
have advanced four or five ml let from
the river, but raw no enemy.
Gen. McClellan is imprognably forti
tVd, liia lino advanced to Chiekahominy,
and fully protected against any Hank
movement 4
Major Stone, of Iowa, and Capt. Grey,
of IlliuoiA, wcro in return to the rebels
on Saturday, having failed to no got ale
at Washington for a general exchange of
Stonewall Jackson8 death ia gener
ally contradicted.
Washington, July 8. A distinguish
ed Federal army officer, whose position
enables h!m to fpeak advisedly, sajs
that the Rebels in the late battles lost
30,000 men.
The Rebels refuse to receive flags ff
truce from McClellan respecting Federal
wounded and prisoners.
LvKcuouna, Va., July 8. Tho Repub
lican of tho 13th, sajs that it is cur
rently reported that Beauregard has
been suspended from the command of
the army of the West.
FniLADixruiA, July 8. The Tress
lias received a despatch, that Burn si do's
army is in motion against Richmond.
Ntw York, July 8. Tho Times' let
ter states that our loss iu the recent
battles at 20,000.
Gold 11 1-4 to 12 premium
Eleven hundred and thirty bales of
confiscated cotton were sold at auction
at 31 to 30 1-4.
It is probable that Congress will ad
journ early next week.
23. B. CONNOR & BK0.
.Xh.U villa Utaole.als Frlce. luirtul.
'H01...7. r r.T7.....Vsa
lUt.liLMi lli-mp
(,1'UilD H yr
1 UUu
.. ti
.. m
.. u
.. i
.. .
.. ht
is ,,t
-. ot
.. M
.. ui
.. u
.. (.
.. M
.. Ifi
1IAI.K KiM'K Maullla II,
K-lllirk..... V II,
H.UUN .-IniuUjn V II
MsiiK V I',
Hidi v fl I,
IH l l tl I Tilne fl t,
imuiMin )p
LAVlll.lS iitw '! II
l-'-'" V It
1'.! uliii- Y (,
V1.I..W Y II
l'll!-1l W.i-l.irn Ki-M-rtr It
KiitfltMli llairy
I oxuvr.
KUIl'R sii-ruui-
m i..
Y iki
111 J
. . . . v iiii-
.. (I -
.. (il -"I
. . IV VII
h',t IK)
y Li. 1
S l, . 7 IM1
nsnw. k- .i, n. 1.
Nu. -J.
No. a.
oiuis ..i
luo tlj
.. (IU
.. di -Ii U
H lib
- hi,
.. irt II 00
....1 iMl-hl
.. M t0
.. Oil '
.. in. I I"
I 311.1 4.
Kv ...
IWIi .
U ln-kl 1
fl llilil
....fl bml
Ki-d . . ,
Wh 1 in
...ft liiuli
...jit bu.ll
1 411,1,1 4
UUSNV H.li.K New..
.. In
1" It
Slh-kiiJ Miiljil
1111 K.-i - uilirru ilry -altci..
IH)'--' T-mi- --ii- l'r
" H.uil.
" ll.ip
" H-.ilvr
t-irt-r.urc lUr
1JATIIH1--f-ili-i o-U Iwiurd..
ll .irii H k tdil
M'liJk J'rv-llairfU
, IWrrl.
N II .-UIJ w 4 J
Ollii MiiW'l
I Aril .
li:fT. I'riiu- : J I'tili.-
MAl.r Fine w w
r.rd Ic
T Vhl ll
Ml. Ait New OiliiKbl bHd...
" bkil..,.
fUv.riA villi. . . .. .
1 ri..tiiiil
I',. IuimI
ri! t :-JT.n it
y 1. 1
1 lliy
Il.-r I- liribM
Olll.il .1
J Uu.UI . .
I i
MI'llUIS- u .1 v Cm.uIi ..
... n,
, . . 11,
.. n ,
..v III
i it
,.v n.
.. n I
..v n
.. ti'
.. n
. i
.ft blil!
.. i
M fri
Ml h
,. ia 7 W
I fi ..
1 i,.i ..
I 'm, ..
.. ii ..
. ffi ..
T On , .
..V It,
-a -m .
.V hl
.. II.1
... II.
.. IV
... ti.,
... it,
... ,
M ..
.( l
1 a
Ut M
i In
l til)
ft 1 0
bun I,
b .ih,
'4 wi
1 7i
l 7,
3 l. I
I ii ,i
I if I M
Committed to Jail
V I l is- i;utv , lfrlili . Ju tHi,
itu mm ii !. Al i .! J A il mm U t.
Irvtu 11' i n-, ut Msiuiy ( uuijiy, Ts-uu ; auui v ur
y. k d i Ua tvMMi Umj ur I A u ; f---, ;
Iu ur litU ; to) mi cuius i aubail at-r nsi-r starr
ul naiil vt,
lui 'n r ;M ie4 ttt c-oj firwmr iro-
ytomtKJ , au4 j-ajr t.Ltvol aa tb is Jits- t
J M ki'.SJ V,
Juu 31 r-brrlff u4 Jikm ol 1 C.
General Commission Jlerchanta
63 and 65,tETr ptrsct, tid 20 txrhsngs
Mirt t. M.'TLA.SD.
Xfw York.
1IIJ Wil-Hf,
II. r S, ISt S. m-
liruun.l, etc., rxrv-u?(-1 it. !:;."( h - ; t i V of
Ar, mi l At prnv low -i1 nt " v (..r tvti
p-, rM- i.Hf( tt, tht rtijf. at (.TKhrf nl.lt fc.
1 A ill.l!1KI 4iALl.KHY.4-rift' vf , RiiU i'jiij
rtk StTMAi, orr H'ofr.o im. is,
p-'oio.-!", not lmivriM froi-i i t--r CU-r f..i tun
llousi hold & Iirlrhtt) ii.-niJiiris
N 31 fcrjamer Mrcii.
nut DI S t-l'Mlk, i 1 t t i u u J!n!-:n i iun ir .
n Juriiit-ire, ii-u-tiNT I 'v, ! r u -, ( hnii, 1
liltl, h owm, 'nrp I J, I'ntc I? h!u .n!, rmiunsui' .
ir(nifnl of 'rlir and BsiIumoi b ur i . 1 1 ri r ( mit,
Vhltift ri-t tilAsw.ir-, site., etc. Aii w no irnifs $ -fl,
d ni'tlo Ku'tillO'e, fn-l it (j ilu'l tnie-oU t )
Tnriot iff rat? will b uniff kiu.w ou lUy ul ih'ut,
- l ui ritt Souiliitrn lULk Nuto i t ikt u
T. W. lUIINK-, A irni .. c-r, WW. Hl'!V Ni n.I-S,
To I'lanufacturcrs.
JlT :niv:,'. am K r pai.k,
Itn.ii Trnn-li'r,
I.tti) nnd ll.lli-r l.rit Ihcr.
- l.Hllivr and .uni II.IUiiKt
lly WM. I. YDS,
J'J H 41, Ui.. kul si.
i Htr-rl, ii I'ltIC J'ulr Of liolil l--i
Inrlna. Tli'lln i r nl'l l' iHi-raliy r.o.dl. d by
limvln IDrra .1 Mi-l'I.M l,AIl f, Ni. tl, fnlun -V
' Nbml , Jul" Jill, IfcOi. JulyS-Sl
w.4Tt: l,
WWr NXJlllC. Llb.rl o m
i be iU. A ( I . I y
At ISo. B3i Cedar Street.
"illy 8, IFS-.'-lm
X .t.Hlil I.f
tifilio moit erlobrfttrd mftWm, mtnl qui I lo t'bfM
vr bron j( lit tn ttiU market, h! b Ue tiflVuM at tit a
lOfflft ojQ p'ttMNI
II ivtpvotfull inviieiU 1 tnnt Ub of Uitf trail
to UU .
Wh-r. Ihy l I Snd -.-ry dr. rlMw of oo,U lull
.il for ilii-lr Im of tb. mint urilribl. nyl. .ail
mak. lnyi-tl.
NlOK antHirtitw-iit nt nana' and boya inmoio
L'ata will ta aoltt at 8ft par Ii a ibut uwt to
clwa om-1iuinut. Ajipiy at ouca to
14 1'uliikc Squari, Calhoun tH ttnr.
Elegant Ecwlng Machines,
ON' TWR.snAY, jri.Y ion. win, h Foi.n at
I'uli lc AilniHjn .1 t'l. l id . of t!i l,K,nm
lliKttt Hiwimi Mai iiimi IVmi-mr, noilU f,I. vt rub.
lie Su.r, oTr III. k i Ol ' tUmi'l,
F.levon Orover A: nwlior's "low.
IDS! I'I M llluu.f Iu -imi1 urii. r.
9 seta ol I .rprnl.r.' I'oi,;..
t lot of Mficlianlc' l ool..
fieivlna .fluf.hlne I'nil., '
lllbili, Knuti., Lili.is, nb., Iciil, l-'K. 'H' u ul
N'l- 11-ji, Ac.
X t'nsca Suroa Ipllutdrt.
nattlnsjt IeW, Dafit., kcj cvn
tblag mui-iy fur mi oiiio..
AU, fi,0(M Stwliif 7lu liln N-ted
lr. Iron ksl, pair ul' bralra, Ac.
Asr Un'.t I)ut,1ih m.y lo i-.xxcud.
a jr I. ul In are mi-rcl.ly luTitvd to .tu.a.
Jo'jV-tJ K. A. 11110 'HtVAY, r i-'u-.'li.
j.rj. nxiRPUY,
ibKM AJIll
Xo. 71, ri'ilLIC SQIRE. Mr l!w City llufrl.
SIIII'LI., lVUltY, UtHtM una III It-
lit II comm. tiiui:.iii und
ATI l, anil M i:itl I S,
kt4IULi CO I 11151,111 I I oVS,
i.iviM, i'iiiii
All S, ill li. II !
and I'I IIM1.
f'-p, Id-tt, anii Ni.t-, at'"i -, f n vl- lutU,
1. :vr , au l ''a, - t 1 tr'i-H an'i p ut ia, au ., m:
N'l', H.lr, Ta-ilh an 1 !tti Hrua!.ia. H.!,. I f
trw U, -u i ifu- a 4tMi i lint a tn n -.
I'H-wa, PvJi,-t Ki "'it Stninr K'it,-t--1(fat
I'nhu l.-al (4 atytir-), an 1 fumy Kito I i"lili g
li.x.k nit 1 1. n a
Alan 4 $ r at nr' 'y n -ti ! warn
', -mry r li. i( ir -. in I Rntlura ar lu-
Tl IL J to tl
All curiahl
Southern Punds Taken,
ii ri iii.icsUAHi:.
I fli t K
Bought and Sold
i, 40 i OLI.lXii: N I UIX'I ,
tMUtlllXt l HANK lll Jl.!'II.i)
A, ti. SAM'Olt U i .
Jtiu. li J':m.
Hay, Corn andUran!
mm H Hull f'.'u,
a'ff. N t " U u. a I I I A 4,
..'IK I fUlr. I'l u.o H. ,
In by J K HI r
hinw I.. M . A f.-u ' ,
lw,lrrt ir.i UmiiiS "I H"-.-l.
)ulj 1-dla
VIUV ' clfAIIIIfllfl
11) II i l! I it! ill
ST O R !!
No, 521 Markot Stroot,'; "
bti.ow tiik watsov iiorn.
IiV..MiM,.M wry trtnr'f;) ihHl !iu- .'."
1 ' ' ' (if A tli S''V'' ,
'.V l-iH-'n A'l-i' u,',,.,it
1-J.yVTS and OWHJ;
in-- it. r i n i .s :
SiMrlS, iluuilkrittitcrs. .
lAitlit' niil nit-ii's 1 1 Air Hmo,
Anil slmoKt svi-rj tiling t-lin. ki'pl lu
Clo'bhis; Sion-, whlcH thi-y will ctl it Clin,
clmm'l iiricu.
May IliSm
P. Watt., 1 Wall., Ulva A 0. I', lui-.li, Ky
1. A. t'HA,' ' ' Crane a Hruwn, Kv.ii.vll ., I.
Cotton and "Tobacco Factors,
NT,,Kcmr.;, ,
HIE fillip GOODS-
w,.r,l., SaalKl, Hew llu1.' lou Uu'U. .ni
lllllt.ry Trliuliiln,-,
50 College St., Nashville.
- NiTw I
'I 'UK Fulixrnlwra li.r. n.t (UU.I up, iu I,ii1ii,a
I .Ivl.i, tu . il..iiil .ml ronrtian-iit ..r nf llio
rily,l No 41. li-iinN MIlkM', u.xi iliKir lo ti
J-w-l y Hl.-r. ol Me. J. I'l wrr, an U K HMK
HAIAMM, .n.l tli. Uulii. . Ui,lrni.n of NmIi.I I
a I vldnlly t'. i.;ril y lurr.l lil g'vj li,.m .
i'u.1. I b.-y .'iU. iU-iiii-.il-. in kmp a kaud tua
vtry lam rn, ,. iliuli.u i, un.l -.
J rtANIIK ' 1
N H tr.iniil.. .nil lJ,rtli. Kiiipl'.l at any biiyr
by Hm quahl!ly,in l In, oul illtr.1 l.ru.e
2 cts per lb the Season through
Only places In tho City at
thosa Trices !;
Southern Money taken at Tar!
X .IIiiij l.-ai.'l u :' ,i. ilia a,..., n ihMi.ifli,, tu
'i rnui r II), ui.r I rit a . "a II. .1.1 alr-M m-af
Ma - ki-t ii anl uu - if iii-r ,.l ru.i" i-ll Mi.! V inn -t'--w
a N-iriii .-ul ul M irW-H II-iiup ..i,J 'a ft- .ii.iual
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t-i to k ill All "Wa rininjtif .it i,
Ti uuks, Valises, Cfci jirt trigs, -
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Corporation Taxes.
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A. l Ml Nhl M,
J una 1 1- K. v.a r i H-i-.r
(i ncral Ccnuiiion Mfrrhifif,
38 fusrlk slurrM icJ 37 Fmrtb Hslur Sirrtt,
j o. a: gh.
(Tommiwion Ucrch:mt,
Na 100, Ciw;tnut Street,
I'llll. Alii I.I'IJI A, l i ,
4,.ll. (.jr:a'om.uM of IVtoa, Hki., Toia,
I'r-.ui:. -atMi alty.
April 11, ISIS aa
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Hull ina,
1 I.. U t-H.-l, Mip'l-
Ji.:y I Vvr I i
Strayed or Stolen !
I-HuU (,' . fiU lil. 1'H S'l l:iH: A
Oivi J uy lal hi.. na a ,.al wa
.!.. II.C.,1 J.U., ut ll. a.i-a uiat I-"
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