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The Nashville daily union. (Nashville, Tenn.) 1862-1866, July 23, 1862, Image 4

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, C T V S
Tn Namivii.is Cinnn m wmmmrml stew ffki
sine, for tb puri of oilMim HmiUiirn
Ooofrdaracyi and of advocating the rwlwrslioa of
Fdrl authority. wlttKiut any tlMtrm-nt, over all
th SUM which bav aUKinpleJ tu l. II holds
at frlMid sll who ntlrt, and M for all lio imP
Ilia Union of tho Mate. It liu no watchword but
Wilb rabcl and trnllu tu no mmprnmla lo
make. It onntrnds for tb. )dral Comtitutlon nnd
th. Lava mad. In puraiianna thoroof aa tho Pi runs
Law of tub T.iJin, anrThlfSK !rr tlie CoWtHutlbn n
laws of an of til tHalus to tho contrary notwith
standing. It conlonJs for t)i Union of tho HlaU-a, b-aun
without It the preservation of our liberties and lustl-
tutl" anrl Vho'orgiiilsiilion of iil..ty It If am
wholly Impotsilile. Therefore, whalorer Uul In
III way of criH-hiiif out tlio rele!lion and restoring
e I'nl'W mutt periah, no mutter by what, jium l( t-ij
To the people of Teiine, ever renowned fur their
dovolian to Liberty and l'nln, nnlll they woca, bo
Irnyed to tlis rebel iletpolli'm tit Richmond by a per.
dious OoTornnr an ! corrupt l-Klilature, and who
have fttt 0 lieairU tli awful curto ef treason and
narc.hy, we appeal for support. Iil the onmca of
rebel ofllo holders, Vigilsnr. (feminities, and Minute
Men, who Brf! fll'.cd our borders wrUi niourmn, l
Ilbbeiled Jefore the world. Lot thnee ambition aud
avarlr.loua.men who tars plotted our ruin for their
own aggrandisement be Jaiteju 4 tj llifl pillory of
liame, no.niiitlor how Mull their 'ipoaltb.n In society.
Let Itb shown alio the self Mylcd defender of
"SWhern RitfUU" ai. now leading marauding bamla
of froo hooter ad moan-trooper ove, our Klalnj kid
napping ncgroed, Stealing home and emtio, Breaking
Into house, burning railroad bridge, and cam, and
murdering unarmed elllr.cn In rold blood. Ix't the
trulh, 1 lung ir1uifed by the Southern ennsrilrators,
now-r.irculato fre-ily through ercry neighborhood,
and our ia'in t 1 ns!inre.lly triumph. Will unt loyal
men everywhere Mil o In the dl.eomnmion of fart
and lb advocacy of Free Government?
Termi of Subscriptions in Far Funds."
Dally Union" sihsle opy, per annum, i. ...ifd no
cluliitnl tfu.iacli. .
7 W)
Tr.-iriok'jr, PiitU c'',
clul) of u u, rach.
Wwkljr. iiniilo opt.....
clubs of wn, o h. ..
6 Uti
4 (Mi
t 0
1 of)
Owlrft o ft TPr Umltci nunibnr of r-wt (jfti ftt
prnii'iil in Tnnr8w, wo ni yet b-'fii bltt Ui
oommeure flift Ti'lw eUly .nrt W fkl jHttiutm - Wo
will uue Tii wocWy whtn w lime fivo litiuilril,
nl thft Wefkly wht-n wo Iibto a tbouiwincl tubfcrl
bm. . . ,
jKVAM eomra'iivcuttfw butlnrM wtth Uip ( UK,
will be ftnitroBPil to Mm ITBUHHKKS or tb rNfON
nod til cominunli fttlum to tbi fclitor wil! be mldfti,!-
UtH. C. MFUCKR ' - yy
Alitor of loyal ncwsjiniri will do ni pwai kind
am by re-ruUllbbma tho brcR-aiug or IU ubtiUio
Tb ourrvnl traiwftrtBtn in TenMM ft nwuitni to
como will bfl HI, hly lutofrtttnj to !' Wuii -f Ibflr
oountrj and hor fice UietiLuLi'iLH, autl Ibt culumnv ot
tho Lhkh will farnlab UiO ourlh-! and phmI relmblo
hlPlory of tli"i nrrntft.
United States-6f Amctlca:
tTTHrRF A3 a libel of liifb'mutlon wn tiled within
tT nud for the Ml Idle limtrlet of leimeee, at
Nnrhvllie, on the 6tn day or .luue, A. n , lxi .t y
John Trimble, rq , Attorney for the tnitei Mat
for the ill din limirli't of lenn"fi"ee, who iiro'ei ui
herein on bohali of Hi t'nl ed Stute, ng iin. t certuiu
proii' rty, viz: 'I he M:ir'nnery and Kixtun'H ( f tt'utyou
. Ve 'der'a l ouiter iiui.on yl'ttIll'.e t riea, m tli
Omnty of Chratbam, In ibe Ptuteof Tenn'iee; tliu
Btliidieirii tiaed III roiinec Ion with Fuld Inti'dimi ry,
and aonm five or aix acr"a ot land, on wr leu the imi d-
Inga aund, praylnt; prore.a at;itln"t Fa d pr'pi-iiy,
Ilia me Fame on cn':etiim u a 101 leiien.
Now. tlieref re. In nur'mne"of th nienlllon, ttril
the al of mi i Court, to me illleeii ,1 nnd ilelueied, I
do hereby eive tiubllo liohee lo all perwnin rl ilnitnil
anld property, or in any inimner Interested tlerin,
that they be and appear betore i!iid t.ircuti t ourt, to
be held at the ('Itv of nbville, in and for mid I'ia
Irlnt.nn the illlh day of uciole r, lun'J, at 10 u'rlork in
ti lor.no .ii ot tliiil day, tlleu a id llior In liiti-r,'
their claim, and to ni.iko He ir ait"i:at!on in tt
behalf. K. It l.l.AHtK K.
JuueJd, ISOi-lU . I . .S .Miualoa, II. K T.
Sheriff's Sale.
BY virtue or in execution to mo directed, and dr
llvfrtnl Imiii Iho liuut'irtb!' riiriiit ourl ol I'u
vidnon County, Trnnt Kst-e, nt M Mun h l i in, lri'J, I
w 11 expose lo public rU, U) thn .lutrln-ut biwU-t-r, h-r
rjah, al Ibe ni I nou-o Yar k, in tot ciiy d N n h
Till, on Saturday, the '2ith dny of July, all th"
i iifhl, litln, c aim, intn nt and tttt, which ( J.
kllioittbcn had, or nmv hive iin nrtiuired in nnd
to the following dtHt ribtd Irocl of land houndi'd ta
follow,, to wit: U-tiiiitiini; in llio uiidUio vt tin
KrHiiklm -und Knshvido 'Inrnpikn road, ai A. S.
Curry 'a, Kooth ount corio-r, rumiiiu Iht'nie mjiiUi
fiH"( wat h4 pttUH to u Mt'iii, btony A. S, I'uin'ii
a''Ui h wo'tt wytf, and una W I. I Jiwifout, ilec a-"H,
tat boundary, th'Mice nutith au eint alontt udd J.t
r"no' cwit liiuindary ?.' poh a to a aitiiit. J imm A
Wooil'a tun ih-vM'eit vormr, Uunfj loi ih io'4,i'ist
111;, pt'ltat lo the un-ldio ul i id 'luNll'ls.0 vi, t emu
lamttft A. Wood'a north tat co ur ; tin-ni aionu Hiw
iiiutdu" of aaid Tump ke nrnd w i tb 1 4, wvt "u 'i i
poltH to Lhe bi)(iuiuhr, CotltaiiiiliK bnty thitto uctt'B,
nrnt or Wan, long hvio l on hh Uih piuirty ot C If.
kitmtt loaMtMl'y a .iuduit'iit rond.'i t-d in lur o
Iboiuinuu & Co..uuni.i C l. KHioit
J. M.HINroN.Sherf! of D. C.
, - - '--
United States of America:
MIDI ILK Identic I' OK T KN. K.vK .
WllKKKS a libel of liiforiu'Uimi ilbl with
baiuljur Wi MMdlu l;i4n nu of TeniM1!"", ut
Nftabvllltson tm UM' n i of May, A l . I'd)-. ly
.lhn liioiblc, l-i., Attoiupy fur the Cniu-d Mm,
for the Mitldlp inhirn t ot Tiiucphi1, who proct uttn
heroin on twhall vi tin lfult-d M.tlrs, H.tmit a cer
tain I t and thf Hull-hii-' to' if. i n, rt lni 'l fioiilm
on Marie r Mrm t, iu Un' I iry ol Mil) il'e, known a
KHiM A Motirti'a Kttutnlrv uuti l icImoh riio p, k iti ol ,
and uar Krond atr't, iQ tin City id Naehvllk; hIs.,
11 the machinery, I'm ,1k, tixtm a and Imp ciu tu
and V ilcriil onth-ctod with Httil N't and Ki'tmliy
and Matdium hhop and Huildinn, fr reaana and
cauaoa lu aaid libel ol lidoi iii.itioii meiilionrd, and
pruyuig procr-na aitiut ibu h;.d propel ly , lh.il the
inini' be condemned aa I.jM itcd.
how, IUrefo t, lu puraut.net cf tb tnonithiti.uiid'T
the seal of aaid Com I , tome dp octi'd ttnd lU iit i red , 1
do heihy give pubtlo iioin to ul rr.en t l.timmn
aitt 1 pnM'tviy or lu anv iiihiukt nun t tttti therein,
that they b and apK-.ir betore M il t ir uii C urt, lo
be held nt the t ity id NaNhvt-e, in aud f"r K.ud I :
l net on lite iHI day ot ft tuber, l1" i at lu oV'wk in
the loi(tuon f that day, th n and thero to itiL ro.-t'
lhir chiltna, and t rnak) thehr ulltyattonH In that
behalf. K. K tJl AS. Ot'K,
June II, iHtVJ Ut. IK H. Mandm!, al 1. f
Uuitcd States of America:
Mlldd.K hlSl'KbT OK 1KNM---M.K.
HfHkKl-Ar, libel d UiltlllMU U Mill ft ed Wltlnil
and tor the MMdle in-mtrtof TeunetB-e, at
NaabviMaou tlo '2nd day ef Jn ii, A I) , lo.', by
John Tiiinid-, m , Aiu'dney tor the IniWd M tei
lor the Middle Ramjet o( 'I niii'a. , who pt-ofaiiMii (a
here i u on hf daif ul Hie Ciiite I Mat. at:aii"-t t t tain
pro etty . Tlx : a ! Uin (.!. an uat l our (he Ku h
eaat 't n nor til llr.t id uii I 1 r--n t to et -, in r" II v i f
p. a hTii. HinR tne a- ift let 1 1 th r -i ie i I ( ul e.
at d '-n hi. Ii c.'rn-r ittt - nm'rd, I'm H'naa
dry nf It Cole ; mh.I lot tioLt ria "O Kiont .-ire I run
nu( back towar.tn he i . y r , i Ii m ov i 1 1 ly t n r P I
t iha I ivet , and ' ti n e h.t k t l i .ii tl lh' r.a
ner of a tt I Ivt ou lu nt r,tiV t iuiieht Ii tu Pitnt.
benm opp -islle a meitl PI n t-tniiU H K'l-'p, m u t- d n
tli tin' i a de of Vrtuit ati et; n 1 a a , ai 1 1n It i d
iuKe ou a iid I'd. mid hIi a 1 tm. ti t i. ul t, i nu ry ,
too a, imp t menu ami mat I at et even ti. M n u
e ilium. d Wlhaid bd Hid bniid n,'i ; .i.i 1h Idin.
UU atld lot Irailiri ibe riUlinl yel i'iif f M. I ii'ii mi,
and pfitvmtf proeeaa a,aumt aai I pi . p- ilv, t hat lhe
atna b c ii ' limed a I i tc lc 1.
Ntivr, tht-relo tt m pur.imtme o'" l1"1 m inin.u, un
tier the e tM a-ild lin I. if not dr peted rm.I ti lm t
Ctl, 1 Uti UefMl'.V Kive rnhiit' ledtt r t(l all pl-t'l i
la.onntt aaitt prtt(ni iv, or in any manner inteni. d
thei. lu, unit U.ev b ' and appear lie .-n. ki.iid I r. nil
mii, tu lie htdj ai tht eil. it N t-bvUe, iti and f t
aad Itiniiici, on i)u 'ii'th day ut ikimIht i-oi.atiui
O ci-t k ill tiio Igruiioou f tt. , lb " tiid 1 here '
Ui littcrposf ir i latin?, an t lo i. ike llier aega
tmua tu ttiai hehaiT K It 1. 1. m t h ,
Juue l. lu.4 Ul I r. Al.nsi.at, VI H T.
United States of America:
MII'l'I.K liHIKl.'l I if Ti
d atitiin an I 1
. at S '' d f,
i.j .h i n I r .
a hr me M m re
I r IIH A!", llil .r.. an. .li at '.1 II
Iho M ij.ll.. 1'i.iiit.i .ti t'.-fil.'
ua tlie tallt il.iy nl M ty , A I' , 1st' '
t a'l , All.irin-v h i III.-' I u ti.l m.,
jMti i of Viiiie-HV, a h i ft ttrti t'u t herein
itt ill I ii ile i Mi tea , t.tiht (i, r u pr -p- t v . v g : n
Urt ailtmteil tui the S. ilt. fH-.i i-o,wr ol hi rty aire- l
and rrnkuu aiioet, id smii, NnHtiville, Mint t'-f
huildiuM HieriHitl ; the hrtt li u1 n -n re. ent'y eieett d
lor the pur (' of piepai low tnni. 1 1 t tt tor ihn in-iiiu
failure oi tiutipowdor ; aU . t ii m e h ioM v iu d ll
tmt i.'tiitntx't.Hi wtih i:ii t'l.u,. nr nty
il wtih
- pr..
iMa (T.jutii uv twniv, - ii i- it it iiiu,i taA ur
Iwlied. h-w, ihrdire, m puriine ,f U,, tnoti't .ai in
dtt th aai ' ieurl , o uif dir. t . t an I ti. w
ilii,l du he.' ipte r;i'U in lee ti mi fir- n-
oUiunf ami i t, ( l , of i ln iittr u r luieji'v-i. n
thoiv'iU, lbt He t't mi 1 ai i" n I" l"H we. i, ut i l
tiMirl, to be held at the Ot d hw;.u, m and toi
aaid litatru t. on ttid triri nv of k , Im J. at 1..
u'eiot k IU IMe fi.leno l 'I I h.t d.ty, tin u n.ni ti.eff 1..
lui!""1 thep ei nm.-i and b tnk.'lher u '. a iii
IU tiiat btdiH K K Ul.At ,
u r. ts. iu.u :. id i . r
v it o s i r.
BY virtue of a rendltienl etiione to n.e directed,
ard delivefd Trom the llonorabl Circuu fnnnl
ot larWllMtr Onuity, Tenneee, at it Mareli T.ro1,
I will exiKe Ui public ale, to th" liwhitt Ind-
ib r, for r-mh, at the f onrl bono Yard, in the eily of
K'laiivuie, on fiiiniiiT, uie inta u iy 01 .liny 11. an
UK r'K';, Jitrt, daoK, ioUweKt and ei its wfclih
John VV. " H'lrtiil' at'.m, i eti hud, or mfie lve rhre
B"iu'r("1. In mid to Ibe loilowins del. r'bed pie or
parrel ir ground In lvu!arin (oithy. TenneH"- lo
vtt: one brl' a none and lot or t h around niiu-
aiel on the nnrlh ei.le of l ai'in plreet In therily of
Nashville, tHMween roll..((e aiet I tn r. y FUetli. No.
'M front ,nif S'i ret on Vnion Rtreet, and rnlniiiiK hm-k
70 f"et, bwllif Ibe name prorerl V loneVello J. W.
llud'llewloii by J. 1). Hil'.-rton and retfta'eted tn the
H'aK I m4't oii,iittX liavi'ln 1 y'in'y, Tenimi'naci,ieuiir,
levied ua tim 1 rti;i y of I. W. II it.l bv-aur b.nau
lfy a iinigifioul renteiei In Invioroi llyd aiid l-re
man, annni'lj. V . )lu ln..tnn.
June 14 -'it f 'r f .) Wierllt of It. G.
" Shcrift's Sale
1Y vlrlnp. of VVinI.I tonl K?rinitit -to 4trMif4
of lnvilii 'T( Oitnity, 1'rnnpf , al U Varrti Tprrn,
IHfii, I ill exiNWfl fi pultnc Mm, 1n the h'pbt hui-
dt r, ti r rmnU at tlx piirtt)oiiFi Ynrd , In U City of
hi h EltJi l.yrtnn tbn had, or tiny have iinr r
qiilrtNi, In tn () ftiluw:in; critnHl t o( (.muni
km ii kf ill R Ifi t m, mi 1 trt i loin ll t innrneitrinK
nt ihn muth forii'T i-f iho fu;'l lot No. l'l.aiwl rnnniiiK
H i fo t In itoiiln'i!y dtttriioij tn it rtr t lunt t.it
lliioiikrii ai, jiroriy, I'm it--v wiUi hiJ rc-t ;v
c 41, tht iirt in a kouiIh't'v 1m ttin iWt It-1 n a I in
p-traMfW trri, nl iIkth-v 18 It-rt t' tlie plB'e "f
thr I"-0iiiiiiK- lt'Miiic Hi" roMrtv cdivfyid
by lwrtir I'aul to Vt;n l.ynn, roi;mtirr1 m tin llrif-
l-in( In ifl on liu- prt'iii'i ty tf Kn'i i.V'iin. to mi
uiiRvt tutt fcuta j-.n::t i.ol.
J. .M. 1IM').N,
June 14, ltiflj Miontl ot l. C.
SherifTs Sale.
1")Y virtu
h vt'iitLlcni oxpniiiR to ni dirpi4il,
J 1 ii
unt df liviT'l fnMti Iho Il.ihn, able ( irrint n rt
of luvuUuh Couiitt, Ti-uii'HK, m i Murrh lfin,
1"1'J, I will fxiuft to itublu: Kit p. to urn bk'lict hhi-
dor , 'ir r mb, nl t bt Com t Uoumi nn'.t in I bo City of
rft"nvtin' on t.n '.ttrtiuy o! .nil) jmii, nil th r in,
tni'',riHini, latrft-Hi Hil l fmaw, whirti j r a. i, m it
h-ti tlien livii or piy buvo inir lu ijutred, in aud hu
llif fomwiliK tli-B- t ids I trorl t i lull i 'Jdiwrfft ol l-thil.
it I rii'n lbn iin'liViili'd iutiTttnt boioiiK't K to J. t.
hhiii-Kh'tt, in a nrrn trw:t tf land Muhii u tlie
.HUiitli kIv is ifr4 trftt i f land lymtt in Ifev hbton
l unly, hii'I u i Atnri No. '7, and bounuiMl ait riliiiwn-
On l bo North by the laiioj of Km a' beln ; on the
w-Ht by tliH liiinln ul" John kUtir and J J. VUiitc
D lb aoutb by tho Intuit ofH.miui Kimbro Hiid J.
J H hi - ( ibe iatt by the Innnn of J. Mmck.ott
haitiR U'vlM mi the jTitjiorty of J. S. Shij' k ett to
nullify piiflpia-'nt ruiidi-red In Y-tvi Tbaddeua
liargruvt 84)11.1 J. . MiacKirti.
JAiifcfl M. IIINTOV,
Jun 15 It. hhonffof U. C.
: Shcrift's Sale. . '
BT vlrtneof a Vndltioni riiwinim to mo dlrertfd
and d( llvfred irom Uiu Ibiuonbio Clronit Court
oi IiividMu C runty , Tiiiii fesoe, L iia lldn li Term,
180J, I w.ll ex e ui puoilr ilt( to tho blithest bid-
"or. lor Cftth, ut the Curl tmuw ynrit , In lb-'l'yof
.Nim'm.ie, on ?uiur.iay toe oui tl.ty vt Jiuy, ihoi, al
tbo r gbt, liiUi, r aim. interortt and etttnto w bicb Kl
1) I'ttyne then b:il(ur may liava Biucf mqulrt'd, in
aud to tho t 1 owiittf ltrcribt'd lot nr iUf. of (r und
in k(r.-U Ul, in Itav 0ou Count u. In A. W 1'utman'i
mtil on lo hd'tield, kmwd aa Lot No. II, I rout in
f 0 let't on the ft h.tu vrt tk p ke, and niniuuK back
27" ft' to i utiirtii ntft-t tv inn tlifpunif conv-yed to
K. D.-ffi)"fi, y K W Tiuit.:ui , an J'rirtBterol lu 11.".'
lat'-r'n I. Ilk o( X)avl'lNiu t ouuly, 'iunitesH a, la R mt
'lit, l'iKiJ-7, to wuu'h rt ierfU' O i m.idtt, bt iDp levied
un an th lMiiMrty of r . P. t'vvne, lo Hnllly a ludu
hi-'iit reudcrcu in iuv-'f ofA. W. 'utnmn aHinnt K. it.
ran y -; . n n;.,
junelft 3t ' " ' fchorill nf l. C.
. Sheriffs Sale.:
T)Y Tir'no of a Venditioni Fx nor as t- me dinrtrd.
. XJ aud lU'livrtul (rum the HwiiurtibW Ctrcurt I'oivt (
o, iNivuiV'Mi ioiy, Aonituavo)', at ita M-iifii Term,
lHii'4, 1 ill cir-i.t' l" l ubHn. rv. to the hutn'Ht bld-
dt r, lor cu-ih, at t.e T urt hou"e Turd Id the City nf
Njudivillr, on Niturdiiy, tho 'Zilth day of July,
nil the njtil, nth'. v iiai, tntorcMt aud estulo, which
Hrury Hill ilitHi ti.i,tir rjju y Uivo ji.ire efjnirrd,ln
hihI to tlm folbiwintf 'h'l-e' llnd idr ul' lani,. tying m
Hou'h N u I j v i i lo , HavidNdii County , lYiiucsMjo, b'utnleti
fin t llt'HM : Ou l'( arl Mrvt , on the corner of Morrm'
cornur of Pihl Strv.'i. runnlDti Wt'Mt let) bt. thenco
Mnith 40 ltt. at ilcht flnlpH, ISO ffrl to pah) htr.ft,
lh nee iirih 40 h-it to the tiemmuK; bt-uig U'vli j on
im tba protirty f H nry Hid, lo Mtn'y a tnd'iui'iit
n-iob-rod in Ittvor of S. J. Vox aKHiu-'t Ib ury llil.'und
lamrranl jAMI.s M. HIMON,
june 16 "t. hbpriff of It C.
Sherifl's Sale.
I'irtm- of a vildhiitil ex1diai'to' mi
J I Mild iliiveifd mm Ui'J 1 loijor iblo I irfim ourt
ol la ids 'tt tiin.ty. 1 iin'-k-c, at lia Man h Term,
L-r. .', 1 w id axptee in public aalo, lo the liieheft bid
der, t ir cu-h, at tlie Court-honi Yard, iu flia City i f
NaMtiTil, "ii i-atind.iy, tlie yiish day of Ju'y, 1kV,
an tho ngtii, iu:,.ca urn, mterost and en ate, Hhuh
IhtvH I aui tiieu hat,or mtiy bavHii.c.i U' tinirrd,
aud tutne f il owiiK d acriied triet or parcel of laud
In the riiy'of Num'iyIiIh, Jtuviditon t'ounlv, Ti imea
Bt , a- ft.ll.iW-: KtoutMiic tkl fet ou the WeKt Hide of
ftl i kei f-trt-el, :w f l ol wbb'ti w ;i conveyed on thtf
litli 0A ot .cumI, lN.y, atu rei.-.en tt In Iom 11-
lut r a oth e of laidou i.mnty, In b k 'Jil, pitx-'
m i, ami to w turn retereuea la tR-ivliy u id. I hf
llut tiltiK .It lift waa v mveyed )y t'ufdn tlio Ift ray
of J. urn. n y, IHi.i", ai.d iien imutt tliately between tht
Ui" V named id U l iititd, H derf; 1i;tkiu8' ;nui.d,
bell-;; a p n t of the h i mo jn-ooeriy rtvnveetl by deed
fr-'in K. 'ot ul tin to Ihit ie 1 n nl , toi k av D, tt
lt i 4 hi ttie r rt'airr a otti. c id luv(.! ii d uni)
h win I. vi d on un (lie pr p.ilyof ac I uul t" Mit
ll a jii 'lii. i l rei.len-l m tatr of Win, L. Wat
iiii. a u.tlu- t W. t'.t .'! ll and In uie Cant.
June M, lsiij. ;:t HnenU ot IK C.
Sherifl's Sale.
I Y virtue , if a Yeuliliml Kvptiiiaa U mo tlirected, -l
tKl;i'rol Iroin ibe Honor abV t'lit iiii t'tmri
ot iiivi'tfoii (Vmuty, feun. nHt t, at ita March leri.i,
1 ' I Mill e.p ki to pohiit- tuio, l'i tho liikh'rft tiitl-
d'-r, br fish, at liu louri hin- ' Yard, in the City of
p a.-ii v l oe, "ii rNiuuiiuj' uie n. ua' 01 ail1), lo'1.
all Itie ruin, tit' eld tut, interent and u-litto, wliieii
Isnit Caul tht u had, or (nay have Hiiieif aopured, in
and i I rc I' ' i it i w in tiocri iM'ii ii a ;t ur pit-re ol urouiitlr
L I No , known an in I -ooiti fmu'a ,Hiiii t I itila in
lS.ii.lt lie i'liia iL ttonU .(6 feel mi Colite Srcet,
fcii ItoliiDi: ll 'I I'. .IniitH ; If 1 11 leva d i u bh ttie propei ty
oi havr i uni in Mil i "ty iii'iKUe-ut rendered in I vv:
ff lrv T. low in, t 't iiti ix, aaiuat Wiia Hi Mull- n,
leaac r.iil au I L.mi y uiU- , .
' ' ' .(ASH'S j HiVrV'S',
piii I . ;i t . M end ol J. C.
Sherifl's Sale.
tue nf a Venditioni K)iiaa to too din t-let),
tsWJl VOH'd ll W 111 l!iu lUoitJWje i.fu n 1 1 C.;U-t
oi I'.tv'timtii t'-iuulv, ierne ift.-t', at ll M tret) Tt
I vaiII t .p- -e iii i uidic H.tlo, to tin. ha h nt lti-1
it-T, t r tah. at i ho tV.tiri-h"ii-" V-ird lu the City of
..t.- nv in-, .-ii .-mm ii.ty ,ihr -n.( dny id J i vi -ill
lhe r ej , (ill'', t It in , llittTt-M ul. f.-t.tte, Mh,.u,l.
11 I I. .ii Htm I ht'ii ha i . ur lo.iy b t e miu id i.ini t
and It. l.t lnlltiW Hi,, tleeribed H-,it t ,d I md, iu RiVld
M.u I'.i.otty . I rum ,Nei, iii id-ti ii I No. :t, und buiind- d
an to I It i wa, lo wit l. imiin g .n H'jcr 'ffec. in V in
Knnim4 1vm( aVwdeWi ti Ihv Noiiii and Wnsl bv
m -I Kmitir' a Idia, an i i n tlm Smttt and f'at by ,1.
M Kiiiii-i a line, "uiirtiin in r i x tvm, on liu-
rn .me i r- -k , kiiti iuh Hie Mi l I r.-t, bt-m -vied on
a itie pr..H riy of J U, i hHi It.-n, to miirfy a pid
nu n! remit ted tu favor of K V 1-tirl airauiil j li
. i.ttilti'ii , li. heeb I and A llree, ry
jn in- St.
Mieral of D, V
Sheriff's Sale.
ltV v,
I H li I
Inn i.r it vi'U.lln.ml xMin:ia ii,.. Mm
.1 .Ml.. I II,.- Il..,,ll4l,. i ,..,
. ml
' i' I' IlliUliU1, i. Ili,-i,-r.. Ml IU Mrfi I, T.-i
IM'.J, I I ! ..!..!.-. (. lull. I. ..!,., lo l,o liljii-sl I. i.l
ii'- . f.-l i .-:i, .it Uih I nu l-t.,n.HA al-ii , III liw l ily
N. il. i.l.-. . n Mlui.l.y. Ill-' ii.lli ..nt nl .In y, Iti, ,
all tin isl't, l-ll." i mil' ai,,! 1-.I.I ,: ttlmli
I' inn rii! uu.l Uriuy Utll tltt-a lnt.l, ur luaylnt''
iii- i -intrw'l . in ml ti in Ui.' I.iti.. iIim. i-.t..i iiH-t-a
. ..tiv. I ol iti.il It mt( iu ll,vnf...t I -iii.tt , m a,, of
T- un. .-.-f , lit ll. I ily nl Sit-in i lo, in 1. 1, k S.i. J.i,
I'-tiif ii, lu uul m I'm Tiii u l, aiil ki.uvti ta
I. l- S.i 1 an I 2, in I .. 1 1 .-! Mi .r'n miu .In ,-n ,.
I. i. S.. in . -j.i-iiiJI tu M-iik.-v iau l it,.r.
i. ty l.-ln, mi ...t1. I "ii i uul .in. i. ti . iiihuj al tin'
" ii r . f u Uii Ii- lt'-'n ,'. ,( lo f. i M it vjniip ; run
urn,: li-"' l'li I'k'iI l:ivt Ni-i t.iw.r.'. Siller
1 1. . I. i.i it In l. -i.l alii y . Hi. in i' hi i ',;'ii auti.- tt nh
"it; 1 mil y It i t-.'l I . it -.! In il it lu y ; li . in ti ,i ri i j
iti'k' m tt .III .-ii I iil ry (tu livl In a'm.iki' in Hi M,.r
ii' in-; I'" ii' ' nl i i; I a ntL I'M 1st I. t.i I" il lu-i i.
Ill n l.( in.- I- 1 1.-I . II nil Hit 1'ti'jH i ly i.f .,,- -.tUi
...! II III II IU'l.l"Htl IJ I Jliilajll.an. rtli'lrn-t III
viii i i I . M,..i, u a, i, ., a ,11.41 ia.Mt I'uul,
II. i:i II II I l'i. I' J a
J.tMUt M lllSTns-.
.:mi.' u3t si.iaur m li i .
Sheriff's Sale.
ill' r
itf a lelH
u'liil II t
liti-wl eviw-nan to
ui li.e 11 'Uu tt' lti
1 ilitM-l' e, at t
pn'i b- a.ib. to lb
i irl hoi.i-e I ,rd.
liu- dire tfl,
H lilt t.-Ult
-VI .1. h lerin,
l.lLi -I 1,1
1 l... ( 111 of
ml b u
H I;iu,m ii
i-'l , I ill rx;-
.'.el . I"i t.th.al ll'
Si nhiv'tiH NtlNi-noi, tlf 'it,i itMV ef July , 1 m.j,
.il i Im i 1 In lie .a ui, inirn t an I iui, a hit h
S. I' I . I'. it 1 1 .eti li.nl, (if nitty baa Mn at .ruiretl
Mi Mid k ll lue.'t l.ai dtwCiil.itl tlel of lilnl )
111 I l-ltli ll I 'tUi t y , it' t h I i II l. rsj" til' f r relfTt iiv
Mte p..k No. u p-Ka i nd ."4 No. 7. (Vuudud
i. li - . 1 I ill 1 . i . II t r-l ike t !lHetl H 1 f tilt
1I lie (i t i I tn I ol lol N. H1..1 40 t po:e r.ol 1,
t.l -li, Miiiiiii ; th ief li'illh. Jul , u.n tn a
Mtk" III In i I m iM,f , thf P. i ol 1. p.. . in leu
0 liU-v tH li.ti tw-ti itii till Ut'ike i,. nt ; ll.-i. itMi n
W .a I .,; U II li 41 I t , 1 t IO 11,1 I.l 1 t III O I tl JUV id
.i.i t.d St. i. Ilii i. im null lhe in. nh b unitary it
hil I fl I the t., ii ,U... ItM.t.tllMlV ltillt :kl
.i l'H i .ii', t hi, i, Utile I 1 1 ii i i'l idol IS
t. r tt, v. p h le,. t,-a a t'ui r'd 'i', m i a, h. u g u n d
ll .i.t I I.f pi i-i i. I l .'t S, 1' t "I I III . I ' t.illl V illd
ii, h I I'li'.iTi' I In I , . r i-f .Uin.'t llui t..ij liinal N
I't' lb U, k. K leiMll.J ( iMll n I K M i -ibitt.
jAMii l ULSli'N,
J.'B la. l"i- it hh-firt ol 1' C.
SherifT Sale. '
HY vlrtna of a venditioni exponnf to mo dlirct d,
and dMirered fr'm ibe Hooorabla Circuit riri
of Ihitl innn county. Tennfw. at In M rcl Ti-rm,
j-n, i i en i.. i ni.i'c al, to f h bipb'-ft bid
dor, for rmli, at k Cairt botiv Vaid. in ti fitf ff
HfwhT.lk, on K'urd-T, the B'i b dav of JuIt.
ill th rttfht, litU, riiim, Intprt and tftiti. whit h
I'. Bell than had, or mny bavn nioro i fjuirwl, in and
It. In f.-liowing dPNcrlbvd Mhhi and It or pifra of
pround. aitiiait-d on tho oant iid of Col.-u ar4 tf
Nmtb Nmltvill', lMv ld"D Ccunty, Trnnerw, frM-
ttiK 40 fpot on Cllpffi tn n, Kmi running buk
f t to a6 ftllfy, h' jrtiiiiiiz the property ofhnvtQ
Tiink'fV oo Ihi' north, anl Hr'inv-U on tbn Ronth,
b' toir thf. rnimi bought by P. flail of Iwutc t'uul. and
r'K .'n d In lh Kt r'l oftVeof IHrnUnn t oupiy,
btMiiff lvvb'd on an Uie irrtortT of 1'. to aatinlv
K Judgment r'nihired i favor -f T.W.A J,A, Chil
ton, k iinft IVII A I)ro, and Uar fanl
" J, M. HINTtlN,
J'ino 14, lHf.2. nt, hhorill of i. C.
Shcriflf's Sale.
BY virtue of a WmllUot,, Kvponna to me dlrrrtmt
and dfliwrtsd from the ib.nwahlp Omni Court
of lavirtn County, Tnnemee, al ill Mnr ii Trm,
162, I will rx-.' tn pnlvJir m!, to tht liyinil bid
d r, for mil, at the Cuirt-hous Yard. In the Citv of
Nni-hTllle. on Huturday, tbeiilh dny of July, Hrt
all tb riKbt , till, rluim, mtrpt aud ntatf, whuti
C. K- W melon then bad, or may have aince anMre1.
In and U the follorine W'irib'd iruiertv. to wit
loU No. 4 k from i n f 40 ttft eu:h on lllph wtrii't,
runninff bai-k 210 fret to a ln-1'HH altT. ana luuatcl
in the 8th ward of tlie city of NanlivilU, md b'n
etuiiUiT 4 H,b in the ittn of Ats-fcaad'-r CiiimplM'il
and w ife, aa frronled In the Ket; ster'a Ulhe of
tmn tonnty. T!unenH:o, in Ixm-K JHt ftage M!I, bWug
luvlnj on uh tue ip'M-ity i t k. wmm.-i,, i ratift'y
Vultfitifnt rrnh'n'd lo fivir f Y ma Id Rnt;bt
aiMiiift C K. Winston, A. V. h tnldiunl, i-'id Hi U
W.y.Kl. J. M. hlNTuN",
J.mt' U, lHr.a 8t , Sber il of l, C.
Sherifl's Sale.
U Tirtite of T-Tidltionl exponas tome rifpTted,
anl ib-livrod Irom the Honorable i irruit t-ouit
I'uvidfou Ouuty. T'iineMe. at its March Term,
1MW, I wi'l rxpo-L' to ubU( tlo, fo Ilia hl.heal bU
d' r, rVirmeti, at tb Conrtbone Yard, in the Otv of
itNliTiUp, ou s-i'nnbiv. the 'dthdivof July, lsi'.a.
n I liu riht, titli. c'ulm, iiitrt-it and ertatv, which
C. i. WniHton thin had. or my bare iinrn atnutr
In and to the lolloping deftcHhcd rval iwtito: Two
l tn, number 'i and 3, front(K40 fwt earli un Hliih
Ktrrpt, ami raumntf back V10 f""t to a In t't atl- y,
ami littntld lu ihn 81 ti Ward of thelity of Nash
Ihc, and bt'mg uumlie '2 ai d 3, lu tlm plan of l"U
of AU-aautlor Cumpbpll and wile. For furtbrr tfrr
rnccMn book 1, l-att Id Kfititter'n iillire of
liftvkdstu c tnity, Tt'iia'8ini b lD)f iev id on m the
lnpvrty ot C. K, Wiui'in, to ttiafy a Jiid'in nt
n-iitb nd in fTor of Wlulh-ld KniicQt airnuir't C, K.
Wiusion, A. 15. Sbunklaud and Kll 1- Vol
jAr. ? . iii.Nni..
Juno 1(, IC2.-t. . , Hhoriff of D. C.
Sherifl's Sale.
BY firtu1 of a venditioni exponas to me directed,
and dliTttrd Irom the Honorable- Itreult Court
i f (Nivxliion County, T'-nneeat, at It March Term,
I will rxpoxe to puoi c a.u , tu me mnf-st bid
tir, for catdi, al the Cotirt-houan ard, lu the City of
Nanhvtile, m. JSiitiirtlay, the iititli day of July, isii2,
ail Ibe ri.ht, tit .e, claim, iuterwit uid estutc, hioh
Inuac I'aul thi n bad, or tuny have biuo aru.rrd, In
and to the folb wmii doacnbid tract or psrovi of land
In thi City or NaMiWllc, lTtilmju Uiunty, Mate of
ImucMiD, an foliowa: front iuK t3 fei t ou the ret
aide f Mnrttet St. He rr.'s-cc chu be had by rtrfrrruiR
to book pjiffe 516. Hit 'Ot vri ronveyi d to ltno
rani, by umu, on the Jl dav of January,' lho.
and Ilea hnnie l ately between the aoore oamed 30
lrt, d ed of Ki btrt 1m kin-' ground, belnft part or
tll eame profHTty firnmrly iwtn1 by Nidwu ditc,
beinjt this aHtne pio rrty icnveyed by deed from H.
Wood II n lo Uac mil, r'Ei t'Tt' l in the Km liter'
otlico of iMTiditon County, Iti b"ok U2, pape 4'.; hems;
Icvit-d ou an tin1 property ol Iae I'h.1 to a.tintya
Jutlltntont rutiertKi In f-v r 'f m. K. Walkina
agaiutl J W. luruwauaun iHaao I'aui.
j. m. n?i miv,
June 3 ' Sheriff of D. C.
. , Sheriff's Sale.
")Y virlu of a venditioni rxponas to m directed,
J) and delive-cd from "ho ibmorable trouit Jourt
of PavidKn County. Tvniioasi a. at ita Murrb tarm,
IHttal l will exptine to puduc aalo, in ttie inncat hin
der, tur cuau, at tho Cvurt-houafl Vnnl, in the City of
N-ili ville, u Hiiturclay, ttie -tl h day ol July
all tho riht, tit I, cniin, interem and rut alt, whit h
J 11. Kutlmid thu bad, or may have Binva acquired,
in and to tha following dem iilnd tract or w.rod oi
land In tlia 6th civil diatrict ol Itavidaon County,
Mtitti of TeuDisaea, on the walore of.Stoiioa' ruar con
taining by fMtwnation '25 acrea and iMumded as fol
Iowa; bt'tontng at a atiko in W. Pnliey'a aoulh boun
dury line, thcuc w-t 88 poh g to a mu ah Oak
in t-it'd IMMay a'tutli line, tin nee aonth polea lo a
iMMiniah ratk, thrnctt wulheaat A4 prdit Lu afon.
ltuui- mat 11 )m1u to a hickory und di.'wixd, tliem
Mit th l.o poift to the bt'ginin; Deiny leviod on aa tha
prnfrly ot .1. It. Rutland, tn aatiefy it jndumtnt reti
d rxi in favor of K. H. ChlldroH aKHinat . K. Ktit
land, J.tH. Hnt';ii d, Ttios V. Northeru. J, 11. Uutlahd
and v. C. Knlland
juuu 14 Ui. tsiicnll ol D, C.
SherifTa Sale.
MY virtue of a venditioni rxronHl mo dlrerled.
J J and delivered tnm the Ihnorab, Circuit Court
ot la idatiii County. TeniieHaue, at ita M;weh Trm
Jhih' I will expptta t'i public nalo. to the I. lulu at bid
der lor ch , at th Court h"u Var 1, iu the eitv nf
Naalivilh, ou MUutday tho '2tHi day ol July 1m)2,
all the riuht, tillo, hittn, interest nnd ablate. vhioh
John Corbnt th-ii had. "r may have aine acqnirrd,
in and to tha niitw u g Uffenpod lot ot rouad ; Iw
Wiuing at J . urrn , mi h eaat curntr, on Maple
Ktreei, rni'mmr aoninwuHt y tu leei t a atak
thenco at rigat auKe with ainiilo atro t llo i.t to a
ata)t.e ou uu lilies , thenco with B.iid alley ti'J lett to a
atako in aaid .1. A. Kai rm' aoulh-weat runner, thru
al h: hh d 1- trria' si'Uth boundary lino to tho uvkIu
Hi:; b illiT 'e led nil UH lilt proH-FlV of Jtdlll or-
but, to aati-iiy a Jndmftjt'rendi red In Ttv or ofla,
I'.tirnec, u,:a -tt N- I- lorlnll, tb. V. (orhitl, .bihll Cor
bill . lid t. li. t oi but.
jtme 14 3t
Hut'. If of l. C. ;
Sheriff's Sale.
MY -virtue. of a venditioni exponas to me dinvted
J. J and deiitored from tho llouorabia i irruit 'urt
nl l;ividon County, Taniiehaio, at ita M.m h Term,
lstij. 1 ill exiwn Ih public aalo, to tho lnirheat bbl-
dr, for nash, at the Court bonu yanl, Ih the City of
iiih vi lie. en tivlurday thu - dh day ol July lbhvi.aU
tht rt ht , litta, rlniiu , ibtareat and tutt to, whbdi
John ri. hut way th-m bad, or mny liavo alm a a -(uir
id, iu n iiil to Uie fulloAiiiK tl ribed pttc or parcol
nf l uid Iviiii; fu tho bill district of 1Nivii1ku I ounly
ltt No 4U, rontainmif a aeft H and IH pyha. bounded
on tUa eu.-t by th laud o Juliet, ifcivia and fioiitiuir
H e lillC"n Y-iilcr Turupike Kuad. In the pl'n jf
liita laid iar to J. r. I't-twiiy, til land iMdoil u t n t to 1
1'eiway tlfoeaaetl, liK levied on aa tho proprty of
Jeim ,s. p.-tway to aatia y ;i Midmeni renaercd m 1a
ur d C. 11. liiiU a4iuot Jtilin A Peiwtiy
i , . J AMI'S M. aiNTOV,"
j iue M ;;t. nhenn tit n c.
Sheris Sale,
UY vi
of a voialitioiii etiHiiuifl to me d r'
and t' iven'd Imui liio Houurablrt Circuit Ourt
i.f Oav idami wuiuty, loriutaee, at iu nLiruti 1 rm
1-C, I w til etot lo public aale, Ui lhe biliei t bul
iler, f r eardi, hi tlie t uuri bonny ard, lu lu' City ol
Na.ttt.tHi oui iy tu 4u y d Jajy ihoj, all
the nlii, tit f, eliiiln, inteu-Hl and -t wld h Hit
Frank i u C illoao and -t.iKa' Ktvw T- 1. C-oinpany
then inid, or nmv h.ie aim 0 co.uiu'd, in and to tho
t litoAiiiii debcribed piop.'rty to (t ; to a curiam
Turnpike Umd In lvidan (unty IrimfHHw,
kiitiMU aa ttia 1 iaiikin Cullvm nt.d rlouoH' Kjvr
1 ui n; ke Cemp it. v bt in h ied u aa tie proi riy
id i-fiiiikHn t ullt 'no and Slouea' Itiver Turnpike
ouipii y, ti fJitify a I'ldynieijl reiidmi'd i fivtr 1 1
M C Hidlt . aadi't Frankly u t ViHoge aud So iHra
Ki i r Ttn iioike Ci.iiiii.iiiv.
pdu! 14 :il. Hniritl of 1). L
Sheriff Sale.
I ) V li Ino of a Ti-nilll uul Xi.iia tn nm
I) an.l ...!"
ei v'tl t o0 the H UO' aOtt I ti i it ll I flirt
ol t avi.U.-n t oiiiin , TeunaHef, al ita Murdi lemi,
let.,,, will eiNt io pubdc s.ile, to lbs hiih't bid
tb r, fr r .h, t the ourt Iioiimj Vaid lu the I Hy of
Nnabvl le, ou Nttut tiiy t'e ll duy of Ju y, lK), all
tlf ' luhl. Cite, Ll.iiiu, llitonal und e-Ute,wblth C.
K. iiiton th'-u liad, or tn-yhav aiti Httpnred,
in and b' the ftdiou infi ddarr.bed pr, oi ty , to ml: 1 bit
d 'km nui.. in df fi.'Ui, N". (..fronting & feet "u 1'orter
Mi.tl; 1-fiiiK tho auiiiH oouvc) od tC. K. Wlnnt.iti by
M. A Wel'mT', III nook No. IH pano A'Ki lot
No. 1, f.utin 4U lev I iin trH, end runuuifi
bat U "ailo h- t lu a ltt iet uiit-v, and ciluabd iu Hoi
Mil Wuil of the CUV 1 1 Nt)n ;llo( au 1 bviu No. 1 In
tlx pltn tj hd id AW ku. drr ( aM.pltoll and wile, and
Mm ii d in tha hv Intel a tMfleo ul liavi .mii Ctmiitv,
T liio He, In b-Nik 1. p if tri'j, t w Inch f fercuce ii
hen lv litdtie : iKdiikf le u-1 ou ah tin pnpt rty ol C. K.
ttUiM'in.t aa'tty ii J uuctfo iit run
'1 in rvur nf
Ar.a llin n aaii.at i K Vt iliatuu
H. Hll ,.-n, A. II
MmnaiHll'l anO t.ll L. WooilH.
Juuell.tii.J I'll' Till 'ofl.aC.
Sherifl's Sale.
itiitl tU-iiv'iti.l lrim llit IK'ti'tiahlu remt O'url
il lU'il-"ll I'fili t" , I'tiilmr r, ul IM IsUrt'ii 1'ttini,
lt. J. I Will fl l JtllOllt' Me.li, to tilt lllfll'! t'Ui
dt-r, t r r"!!, nl ill1' ''iitl littii- 4id, iu i lit- t'tiy uf
N i. li U:c. t.ii i atur-lrty, (lit 'joili Jy uf .hily , lso.itil
Hit' I ,( lit , 111 l U III, til It Tt nt U 1 f(tt4l U Ul. Ii J.
I I't ii y tii'-it htil , ir m tut vc uu e t iju irrtl , iu inl
le I'.f ln'i..iii; .1 - T.tif 1 lt ti' jiii,'f-l of .r-'-iul
No ntnttii .laa rf .nit rr 1.. 11. loi-r,ia
I 'nt i 'stun ( uu.) y , I t ii ir tMt.t, iiiNer N "lv 1 4rpirH
ii"ii, i?"ut i ft tt tir4 wj im ,itit jiiaii iwi,
r ti im i ii I.., in it-.rt, t) h u 0t,i a ,y i ttvii K tha
r-iir. i tiii . t iotuui J l I'mlN iiy A. 11 .lnuik iku I,
l.y 'l.-ttt r.-ti.itlf.t .ii I k V4, nj: .HIJ nf l,e H-ti
iii wiin'tt tit i jVIUw-U I t'iMlly . I'UOi litUMf, tM'lltg imf
I'.l' ii Hi.' irt-t,rriy tit J 'i loilV, l kUiliy ft
i .1. -tui lit rt'Ml. rt l v. f..iw-r t.f X 1 rt atiiun J A
I't i ij , .1 ! I ttv , W I; I 'Mi' in tr.iii 'iti't ' ltty.
javiks m hintds,
ion; U !U N.i ;;:! ( l. C.
lltK IuulJ,
O 3 On
I !
fm w : I 5
'41 Misvtt aU l
Sheriff's Sale. ' 1
1 T virtu of an rtaruiii tn m dirrtMl, an1 k
I WTr"l from IIm Honorable Circuit Onri of Ia
li!nn Count Trnn, at tu Mrch Inrm, l.ai.l will x
rmF tn rHitihc n. Ui tli hiaHit Mt.trr, r..r rati. al
IIM Court bow jiH, r Uio rttt uf -brlll, on cat
tiriliv, Ik xin of .lulr, all tt.a rmbt, tul,
rlatm, Intrrral anil AFUta, wliuib C. H Kili'4t lin n
liad, or m.i h Flwr anntrn, hi and to the fol'w
In, traiTt & lao1 honnll a follow, lo wK : IViri
nid; in tlin nMiMi of the Fnuilthn ami N'vhTili
Turn nik retail, at A. A t'Mrry' routh iv wtru.r,
running thi'iii ouh " tmt M hoi' to a itnti,
hMruA. ft Currj' a iuih-wot oornfr im1 on W.p
lwrroM, d'r.-aM, mat Nwinitarr, llipni-i aoitth
mi aioo mij Uwwint'i mr In'ardarT t potnt i,
aatonn, Janira A. Woo' acrlb.w. at ormr, th.Tiro
rth fiat;. t 111',' rl In iti nn liln of aaid
Turtiilkroad. I'lli Ja. A Wr ikI'f north Mt rrnxr,
Iftrnc ali ns thaaiulilr of aaidTurapit road north
SI V, awl 50 ti t noliw lo tli tMv iHiiux, ooulainni,
ftirir lhr arrr. mnni or Ir-, iii l1vt on a tht
protwrtjr mi u. i. Fiitt, la a.tl-ry a inicm(-nt r"n
ilMvdin farur of Tlioniio t., aiaini c. I. al.
ii tt.
J. f. HINTON, I'barlir nf I. C.
Inn V'0-31
Cflniiuxiafmr tr.liirvR9D opesid
j. - j- t iti n i
Nashville. Truncsiiec 1 flunt&vi!lt Alabama.
-Liat B o'l-lm a, arnvina al IhiDtavillr aam In
niKwr. via lolnmtlt, Fulaakl land
A.thcn Itallrvtaal, (l una. tt Ala.) i
14 Passenger 4 Ilorse Coachea
' ' XXA.IX.eV ' i ..' '
I hav rnnimrnrml runnln a ilailr (In iJ ii.aM.
hctwiHu kilt Kivnr and Knyniiiaa Station, 8 oiiks
Tim train on Hi T M A. R. R. am n,kin. Amlv
And tli I ml mi on t!l Till. A C. R. R . malflnv rfallw
trliajlroro lliinurrlll to rik Rlrr. riiwtiiri.r can
a A.M., aaakllif Hunls.lll at
t line connsrtimn inad at either end of the road.
! JaLEABLES. Proprietor.
ttW Tur f irlhnr Infnrmatlnn mnulra at tliTi. l,.
Oftlou, No. lio, Nurlo Uierry Htwl, Fourth door from
luiou- llllal dint.
Eailroad and Omnibus Ticket
No. 25, Nortli Cherry, Street,
tha Rail
tlia Rail Hna-I. will lad It ta Dial bium ta
lurchae llmlr tickoia at linn nffloa.whore lickfts oan
li h;iil in all tli prlucipal fcltlui In tha North, Kaul
auil WHt lir the hnrtet anil muat rllahla mm.i
Also, tliriiiiKh rmlt can b given far all class
m iroinni iiy me .(uicai-jil, ana as low rates as bjr soy
otlinr niulu. - ,
Adt further iDfurmation oan be (lTen by calling si
I . ' ''' ' W.W. CHAIG,
C.en'1 Ticket & Freight Agent.
July! U il. ......
ATE!t(TEDOCT. 8, l80t.
j IitliriiJse,!t Patent
. Uauutm'tuiod of
Tli Oiimnfjrii aro lotrndrrt fur th rial
iiamoa, wnitn naaiiBn all ruiru of th
"IC.VI7 . .iuc. uin fipua ii to crack
K l DITHRIlKJir, .
I Fwt Pllt Olaa Work.
Ws'blaftim lr t.
' Pam,.i can bo w-m at 11,1. ;mo, ,,,ltKb,"Ki p
Juni'6 ly. ,i '..;', I !
ST.- LOUIS, Iti O.
Established for tha Benefit of Straneen,
C1.HI.VU TO t. 101IS im r a aui or
Sick, Wounded, or Soldiers that have
Died from Wennds or Sickness.
in i-nnii iiiin oi any t.u-k or Wonlnlnl tiMicr In
T. LOI IH, I.ODl.-inu.K, ClNlNNN ATI, NA-.HVI1.1.R,
MOUNO I'lTV.or any ohfr Hoillal In Ih Wrah-ra
n-miruufiii. un i in oly Army lntlliKiin
tifllc In III.' I'lnti-il H(:,i,.). and Inflii-mmum r.unl
lug eiMlilKr frnta any part of tha U. 11 can be alvn
ai siijt t ino, by oalling i, or whitiro to th Aaar
lTSIlH.VI'K(FHia. I'lial lirllO B.x So lsls.
N. H- I'SKana iximimj m Br. loins in mini or
tiiiir i-aiK.Ni will iiLliiia all ocuary inlurmatuia
"."""'i'" "r iiuno, a. ii, Miutu Koiirin nutet.
iay , inoz , y
Cider. Mill, (Kraer;s " Putont,)
Ha I'ipe, Nuts, Waghei-M,
Uintluw Ulatt8,Tin I'late
Itivtls, UolluwM'are,
And Stone Jug,
Jint riH'Hivcl, fur salo by WM. I.YOV,
41, Murkit Rtrmt.
ItiickiVlii'al, Juxt mceivej, fur sale b;
WM. 1.V0N'
4. in lor tn the cltiaenn of Nhvtll nl tint fub lo
in Kt'uei Hi, uimI they lift nt (Ml up Ikium, no. iu.
I ii ion Mrff, mhrrf ihy will mpinily kwii 4 well
rtnrcu rux"K ul til aem rtjiiiout ol
TrunkB, Valises, Carpet Bags,
&c. , lii, h ihy lll !! at th loauat ratte lor ( a.li,
ai thiiUaalt- aul lt uil.
imi--'4 No. lo, tuuw Hln-.l.
Attention, Ladies !
ri'IlE Hllllsi niB'.lt HAH (H'EMfP ON TIIK COR
I Nl-lt of I li'in k and Vio Mli'aia, ih mauu-
farl'iry of Ltulte' UXiT.t AM) HiulS, of an-ry
variiiy and d-rrit'lii'B, and "ll it a .-all froal ihna
ulii. want S,MKI Hor and luft ttl
jilu.-W-liu M, rV!AHI
. Committed to Jail
OK I'avtilai.a t'ouuty, T.iin., Juoa siu, 1 Ui'J , a d
sro uian aaid KUIJAH; aaya Iia tM.lons to
lrvlu Hif in', of Maory tonnty, Trim ; aOoul 'ii r Kft
yi-ara o1.! : tfli anool loU or 106 pound ; i tM.t T
luahi hli-li i to.. ouluri aaaall aoar uudor warttrr
of iliilit ry
Hio naurr I rii tod tn r.oiu liirward, .rora
iiri'iwrty, and itay iharKf, a ton law iiin-ia
).ii-lv-!l slicrltTand j4ilor ol ll. ('.
Strayed or Stolen I
1-Miuvi i nk or Tiia ijynuf thk MrwHiuKK: a
1 uny Jiuk. ny na "U- rt'tnrit.iis Hi animal or
K.t mg iuIui aidliou f ll. an till Oi auualily iAar
' It. 0. SfOVAf , 61 Njrlh Fummi-r Si
$25 REWAKD !
t'Tt'l Strni It- tIJlKAM, Jwitr, on lu
iS Blrt-il. tlNtt PATttr KN .1KM4
tit tl.il W A It tt. utiiuf tur d by Juo. JuOuai.sn, 1 iv
rpKil. 1 ho Muti ia ul mil tiw, will wuu d'tvl,
Ultf'UVi'J WU l- Wit I t 1 t,H-. W. lUwMk ft, fiuui !
UUtnf io toe yr i sA.s ;J ' uu the ouiaiu vUjvrkt tJ
"ll -KAt K tWav" tUti ftbui iwt4 will tf 4 1
(r itby iui fiuUo tluU ny J td u lue ruvry t4
ll . ,i..i.rty. 11. il. iUNUUt.
UUI i-tf
U.n.-vii e Jojroftl pltAit3 c-PJ to tt ftml. of J
(old mm) or sitTDFii and frimell.
-I stock of
eflb" snoal nntrliratnl omkr, avd qual la t bat
evr broii(ht lo tbis ssarkrt, whub b eff-m at tli
wwm i-wn prion
H. najlwolfilllT lOTlli- Ih altpntion of 11. lr..la
tl. b .
Whare Ihny wll! find ryorr dfi rlnlliro of rita anil
d fur lhlr sal of th iih. a.-.lrabl iyl and
Na. 7J,' ri'SLIC F1 RE. tt t" City Hotel.
MIEI.l., ivour, IIOK ant Hill.
Btll tonus, THREADS and
lets, roicr itioN-
; ' andPt'USES. '
Cp, JiPttiv, ftad Note, fr. roToloni Balh.
Niil, llnlr, Tenth hnA Cloth BrUftbon.,
S, Fa-
iriKU.UoiogDM eVDfl ri.llet rticlc8.
. . i s
Hpe, 1 'octet Kd(m, Violin HtflUM, 8uenrlpri
r.lro l,el (4 ilyltfi), aua Fancy tin. Flfhiog
ilVa,! sTsDtt AilU a
Also s rn at ariii of small wares. "
(oonlry Mi-rcliauls, tru,iata and Sotlars srs In
viviM-u io oan, . i .
I : , All cqrrent '. , '
j Southern Funds Taken. ;
1?rt BLICStiAKE.
June Sif-llru
NASHVILLE (Edgefield) : AND
TIME TABLE rt. 8, -
Takes effect on Mondny, July 14. 1862
I.eavca INashTllle at i a'C'lock, I. .n
Arrive at Nashville nt 10. 40, A. M
f on in vtB with Train fruoi aud to Cliikuvill" at
Slato Line July 10 If
Couiiulnalon Mcrfthauli for the Sale
of HOOTS and Mioi:.
"rK are daily rerlTljur- Ihtk f oiiilpnnn'tibi of
V lMTS nJ MHttM, t.f cvety d KTi'Lbo, from
Vlie AlftnulHOiurert dirtol, AD 4 4tr isruiMtrt'd JO fell nt
price that cannot bk bx.ki i bo. 1-tiailurs.Tnjilie city
anu country will no iit rail ann xaimon oui-
Ujclt at No. 4UC11KKRV 8THKKT, l olonaji'l lluita-
mt', n-xi door to 11 1 Alaui tsjir ttitiuiuy.
; Jily liu. KUY K( TuJf) a CO.
Southern Bank Notes
Tennesseo, .'..'. ' '. ' '
South Carolina, .
aud Louisiana
HAlSTiC r O 'V 11: B .
A . ti . SA K FOB tt CO.,
No. 0, 1'ollrga I t., (Urrchant' iUk UaJIding.)
July 11.
No. 12, I'l HL.IO sUl'AKE.
Just Bii :!vd, par Adams.xpriw, a SIKE LOT of
Pocket Knives.- Wallets, and
Porte Mounaics; ,
AUo, a Clioic a of .
t. It. MCBPUr, sos.va.
July 11-lao. "2 fulilic 5-iuari', nir tli CltJ Ili.kL
Restaurant Tortoni
KV, Stt tEDiU H Tlti.Ii T. ,
rillllH wril-kaowa MUltlttbaiiii H prtp4rd to fmtv
X ih WmiU kl all U''r, V anmttrr uf ptr
oua, wivh kll th ii(Ucrif ad lumrw u( tb -on,
pr'! )m Ui vary Im. tvk.
TU b U of Kar, tB.d, will ouHDr mmTrti
wltb ttil of burnt in th Suj Hi r mihwtm.
The ftaii WIUMMantl UrMtlira r ku oufuiLatty
cm Lad. UtBunraut tpifunislurd iu uiy rif
Ihpoity on I a ir, nm
Tho Ice Croam Garden
U dow opD, wlir jkAi anj Cwtm tUmfl ru hm
swrrd witb ltil ckul, rfrfbHif Himranf bttvAWHS,
BUUttt Ut Ult tUv Ut Ol 4h il fJiitlUHl
I'rivfttfl btiutliM M-r?e4 wiUi lrg or iibiil qtantl-l)(-i,s.
r4vwmii0it! ri(M. Juiyll-lm
Commijsjictt Urfbtint,
Na 109, Chestnut Street,
pinni'i uriiu, ri ,
HuW-u (..i.aj'iiiiiauii uf Coitoa, Iw, Tidar-o, and
priMl-ic nrlly.
April ITI, km
ftAIIVII.M:, TKSHIi:Mr.i:,
rinir 'i-'RiHFri h ft ctvitiui. Atr
1 AUK.MuY lu U.in ,ii,ftlUi m4 gUu.l f M t.
'iiltr, oft kft ttuii will l (i1 U f irn ttt
Cny sUiJ f jiiu'rV buypm tvu a. I itM imi i titer
tot mr fuuU f Ka.of It u 4tu4 wnl kfts p a
UtK iUkK cniiiiuU m iju4 of lyil lrt
Uitll v k
April A u B J RUJI.
Wholesale and Ectaill
N. JL, A. 1ST 3D K,
No. 13 Publio Bquare, ,
HAS recclred, amt Is constsntly recclr
log, a largs aas wll l. ud N.a.k of
' . ASti . '
ifullcnipnN Furnishing d'oods,
Which be will svll at wholcaulo ml n-tail,
ut icnunslilrt pticos, lor Uiih.
oiaylSra ,
Na 11, South Fourth Et, ,
, saiit 101 is, nit,
CtatMb4 for th bnf1t of Blrant:r ooailiig ts
pi. 141U11 in arcn 04
and fur poraon liiin; at rllalanr alio caa riu
to in Arm, lill'll iti-ni- lirhr ana nl'taln rl.
abl lulormaiion ot any aolillar ihat sd.
Il.ti-J tq th tSlata of ,
!((., In.li.ina, Ofcm, oira, aVicAan, H'uo-
CtoRntcr rvTKi tioFNiii will rr cit.i fir
J any aoldir from th abor 8latra. whfthar
H111, Win anan, Kn.i.m, a Taaa I'aimlTta, anil
in nn.-ii naini n may nr m.q ngagJ, ana
wbr hi rtint i alationil.
Informat'ou will alao b nn of th condition of
ay K k or nin l-il iililli-r 1 1 til. ioula, LkuIstIIw,
t.inolumitl, Naahvlll, Matioit City, or any Honntal
In th Wlrn lKipartm.nl t and wIk'it Uiom kiid
In lialtlo, or bay .lie.1 frnui thalf womid, ara Imrt-
i ; anu wni'r in Mka pruoni'r sr con
fluid. Vhi I th only Army Inteltigm Onto In tb
rV.rtinnt of tli Mlaal)iit, or Maalara lipparl
maiit, aad InftmatlAn ol oidlr from say ot tli
ahoT gutr can l lvn at any tlai by calling or
ri.'iin .o vow J iiij lllltflLi'.uc .inio.
rn wrllluK will ulK.au air th nam nf tha
aol. iler, what tHni hu latinl iu, and th nurnbnr of
nt rear un 1. t barica forany kiud of Ai ijr ltihll.
irnnra will l Two lioi.Laaa, and any pvraoo arliinir
will plM entlow t.i amount, m order to car
altntlnD to ttMiir tnqiilrlos.
AildriH: Army lullllgrnc Orflrc, Ft. Inla, Vo.,
la oar P. O. Boa IMS, ... IMay IH, ISlil ly
Na 24 Market Street,
Ind No. 2 Curnrt House, Ciii'UI,
' '' ' "," MKNT OF ' '' ,
Including everj thing la (hut Hue ;
, . j. - , , i .
Citizens' Clothing,
A Large Asortiient of
HATS and
Mt)c, LaJies'
nJ CtiilJrcn'c
if AM. K IN PM ; .
Pt'CU A3
Shirt, llaiidkeitiiifrit,!
lntIiKk, and IMeu'it Half 11im,
And almost evatj tiling tls fcopt in
Clothing Slur?, wlilcti thf will si; 1 1 nt Cin.
clunutl prion. ,
layS6 9n
OONS1(JVWKVTS tlf f'OTniV. TiflA(X.'l). I.AHD
VV rh'ATIIKKM and I'ROUl Ct gurally, will r.
our latxi atMiitii'H. saayis
Freights for New York, Philadelphia
and Baltimore.
V I on nior U'lvaiiUtCiu toiDiS tuns If r'lptril
tiirouu irom uuniDeridiia nirrr.
ituni:it r
juooiti: tc vo.,
marl 4
OH nf.fi b r h n k i. b rnr. . j.m n-Mircd
J ll9f ou Uiaainmoot, ad lor l.
Onlfr Ml at tha yard, l.yilNKH OK I kl'AH AN
tUlKKs" tfTKKtTH, will b pr.aiil!y fliUd.
trniyS . P. ltK KIiV, Agent.
Claims Against tho U. States.
A 1.1 nt A. liALL will atti.ri.1 tn tlio c.,!ll,'n nf
claims aiult any ra tli l;n'td Htata utU.iri.
im tiiir bor r at WaaUinsioa. B ma b Maind
at Irte Mrwanea Hnuaa.
NaahrHI, Jim Will, 1DH
vtirKR!!1 imsm
,AT!il t'KiroUMS,
tiajiu alius B:t, and
flword, KaaUaa.
alilltary Tiimujiua,
66 Collego St., Nashville.
A. taa,i '
y Watta.Oiv. A tv l' lurh, Kf
t iaia lioli, Kraa il , 1.
Cottoa and Tobacco Factors,
Ml TuiiK CITV.
May 2U2a.
Subscriptions aro for ONE YEAH r
from the date of their Hoceipt at
our Offlco , . . ,
rnm MmionisT ns bfk DFrtRi theteo.
X pi two ;rr. ll roam Iia h. aucb a to
wla thcrntir pirki ol ihotbarch, and uf
inyi. r.m.rratir, t.;uritin m. vrywh.r. n
in will na tosumily a complct. Fauify. Jtllsloi
NrwapapiT, olhijli litw.iy ton. It wi I b 0lld
a hrrMolor by Kr t. Mi R I HlK'KS, U.K., a.il..
trd by Bor. JHI1N Im.l.lMVi K, I' l , at prsut
Toiilma; In Parla as t'ormondiuv tdltor Amonf
It kilikuial tVwns r Kr. lw. A II Kl. MKVk.su iu
lllaionaa of Mi'ibixlism, and Rt. Iit. SAHAL.
Th Mi.lho.li! baa arh wank a summary or an th.
bro th monu'ot ol golns to prraa. It. I. m-
mary ta nal to that of any tMit, whrtiiar Wru
tilar or rail irloiM, wad I pmparrd by Iw, m UKM.
It ha alao a tlHirouh report of th Ktiva nd I'ro-
'"- Siirk.u, prrparrd irly n-r It by WKA.NOK
JI'I'H tUilnr ol Ih Amor u an A(l.nilluralit.
It kaa th in oat oomprbnair slnauo Arlkl.
wrllti n In Uioouulry,liy K. MKI.U3!!. .
oarsArrs or IhiniKiDiaasu Man, wint urt Hismtu,
Vssmaiis it MsTimcitiirb Murmsa.
FamilT KaaMKO, Mmir, tv am ro. ,
Special Terms to Lllnisters.
oftar to all Ulnlatars laof dnludla on thlr
ows paprs, and on sll Subsorlbcrs Ihor naf sond
' ' . ' '','.'
tf pocitncQ Ooi'liw snot fr. Mw
TK I'l par y.ar, paabl. in sdra.r.
Addrraa, Taa Prsusvsa or ni inw-i,
114 Kaa Kl , Kw Tork.
r SiMtm xrin rur.K. m
tinitb Coonir, IVns ,tir Carthiu cn (lia lsih iaf
eb. laal. KDramaa namd Jnn. about ytfyar old
about S lt 10 larh Uiyb, lali bctn I to and
ou IV., mulatto solur ; baaut acroa tu hot
tor i.f on of bis rl fr.ni a twill biada. II i
pnaalbl u may bar. Ir ri rl will ati.tnpt In
! tindsr tli nam ur llnywood Hliknan 1 will
slv th. abora raward for bia rattirn to Hi, r con
Ulimut la auy Jail ui Ual I can ,"l b'ln.
joiia KiMrouif
Julyl wi ,
WbolaaaJs Dlr In .
Cap, Letter, Alauilla. Wrapping
r-Kivnau' rrrt carm, bomnit noAmit". vtwp
"o- IW1 i miit, arrw tru An Ttw STKrrta,
fX7 Hlht prlc paid fbr Katis. Swy4-Sn
WOT 14.1.
rt'HK NrXT ASNCAI. MRtTKtl OF TrrtSiix'K
I holders of th T. 4 A. H K. Co., will tali plar,
at tb ottlr of lb Company In rrankun on tb Bi
Tviwalay balng th" Olh day of Annut, ISai
un Si td. . . .
abl for two amall famllla. or mar a.n.aj
by vrl smlh-meo. Ui.ua, oppoaii Judg Cat
run' dwelling, t harry trmt. Tarm llbtral.
; Ta or Flltnan liny Boardar caa b rommoda
td ; alio low Traiiaianl Hoardor can h ai'romniu
dalwi. Uno'i'l-iiuil MAhl'HA 0. 1-aACXM.a.
atHB Pnbrrihra bar npanrd at
t) lrg HH S of lorclga and Diimoalli:
I)RY (100D3, -
which tliy MTar lo tb trail al tli lowi'nt rb prl
ei-. Country marehanw, riitiU( th cil,arinr.
twl to glv us s call, boloi buyliifr lwhr.
A I.l 1 111 KM 4 BltO ,
No. S South Rid Publio Miuai e.
$150 REWARD.
MY son Imu Tat waa takna friaan tha a.lslibar
hood of Ikiwliof Urri-n Ky , by Ilia Tiaa
Kunirurs on Hi Uib Jay U Krhruary, IKo't, au d ear
mil ratiili. II la almul 11 yrara old, bnlit niuUi
lo. olor, ram frrkld, about i (mil S Inebr bl,li ,
rallu-r apaiabuill, haa aai.ar ou bl aid lioin a aoalil
Snd aUo on on of bia lira from a do,; bll. 1 will gtra
tli alioreraward for hi llbaraiiou, or If raturaad tu
hi hoiu aud pay all iniia. utioudios th mm.
hl.lA TAIK.
RA.VAWAY from tb ubirlWr, I in lira from
llannii, Wliaon cnuair, Tvumaup, on Hi iili
Inat., a m-iiio man uamM AIIVwl, about (0 yir uf
at ; tibu'k, ar mada and rather dllral apiu'ii
auoo, w.IkIi aliont liu .uuU. Jl Is a carraulrr by
trad,and will dnublli a try to mat lull tha Mral
Imoa, and pa luniMilf a a Or man. II can wru
aiutwahl band. 1 will ,ia III abv rward lor
bis ajiprobouaion o 1 oaa jn blm.
ACTON YOTJNO, Proprietor
Plngl. Mals
liArdms and l.odiijg par day.,
hoard par wk
1 SO
f V)
ClOOD llIXtlHtl U.
Th roT ht Uie ltarkt sffurds always on hand.
Una u a tall. , juu ui-wd.iui
'lstll (It trillltarr Oaaiariisscnta lu
lhe Iti.lrlrt et lis WtilOj
0 ami Arrrn th ut iat ofjci y hi-ii
wiil on an oSl.- at Uia Ml l luiid Mol.l lu Null
rillia, Tfaiio, and on on slai. atrnvl, 01'iKaa.lM,
tla liault Hun l.'uiavlll.', Hy., for all Iranaai tlnaiT
or bf In tin djtartuioiit. r tlir muiu from
July 11 1H' t UARl.M KiIlN,Jr ,
thwf O.ntrarlor lor tb lilal. h:l of Ol.lo
K H - III) linil ilaikct one. paid fur food valti
Julyl dlf
Wanted to Rsnt.
ANKATI T H'KNIHIIKU IIOl'MK, wiatalnlos mur,
Ilv, Bix.or vn niriii. Nrcdid fur v ral
mianlh, aud will b wU tab., ear. of hy . fantl
man aud wlia. A rraaouabi runt will b ald for
boune of abova dirtollon nhaaaaallv Situated. - Ait-
drra, w;thparllculai,
Mayll tf Ik.i 7 r. tt , Kaahrlll.
UY 1-1 F LOU It.
IIAKUn. rKt-lll (.lUITMl Ut ILn'H.a
baud and lor aal t Hi Hi'.a'lwar sti i.
luuri It. I. lULaKV, Antil
Hit AN AM) BllOKTti
f1 hand sud fur sal at tli Bioadwar Mill.
ll. II. M KkT, Awu.
AT th Unatdway Mils
0. Mmrf , A,ot
Tu Kffirr uf Tlppisusj IIuiimiw
and trrnicnit.
NOTICK I bi-r. l.y ,H.n, thai IM Ard iai4!by
t'ny t'o'ili. II t ihruary 114, Uli, fiitillml aa A I
probihitius tn ai. itf rinoua, ot.MiH.ua, of tnlua
UaliUf lnuor, All., will barnar b I y illy ufoiCd
JNU. Ill uH Mil iit, Mayot.
Mayor's OUlos, May tl, lm:-lf
2 cts per lb the Scanon through
Only places lu tho City at
those Trices!
Southern Money taken at Tatl
-1 Sallil'S l' Slid will do an, Ilia aa"n ll.ro'i,l, at
rriiia I r lb Our fVMvt ava on liriHt alrl aar
atark.t ftlit on al.l of I I. nr. H and V iua alrrl
lu N'.rlta at. I A kla'a.l II ". a, aud la tlia tvlliasad
bu;l.injn on t l.ny irtt.
Hur aai( .u l ruuii'us f'.r IL. m rom uiod .tloO of
IkwMI'iiniwi oar Jkori fri Lular lia
lion ,1a. tv U.lil'4 Ofdsr fi., in Ih ... miry
CONHAIJ, I'll ,W Ut A tU

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