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WEDNFSftAT VOkNiNO JlXf 30. l.f!2
An ancient traitor in a&id lo liive
sworn hid binrl by making tlim taM of
a bowl of blood. Tlio traitors of the
Southern Confederacy liave prenm-d a
bowl of blood to IIjc lipH of nearly every
wenping household of the South.
Ily K'ral renuettt thn play of "Tho
Miner's Daughter" will be rrpeatad lo
li ght mid we anlioipntn a full boune; no
play the management have prod need, has
been rcceifed with mora favor than this
one, and one, no tuoro justly entitled to
it. Mr. D. v ill aing the new amif , ''Ti the
call of my country,' and ilaMiT Richard
give a danre tlie iinalu will bo th
farce of The Iieaij Shot.
The new grand reservoir in Central
I'ark, New York, will have water let into
It in tho course of roek. Its capacity
is estimated at a' billion of gallons
probably tho larircHl in the world. Tho
entire cost of the ltettervoir, excluding the
land, which comprises an area of 100
acres, was $1,000,000.
(iKitol.AMo C aihrai.pi, a neplirw of the
liberator of Italy, arrived in this country
a few days since, whither he has come
tc offer his services to Hie Government.
His sword was given him by his great
uncle, with the-remark that if the cause
of libety requires it ho will come him
self. Wuntfd tojflra.
Two able-bodied Necuo Men, to work
on the Nashville and Edgefield Ferry
lloat. Apply at IhiM'Yrry, to
July 30-i;t W. B. VANCE.
llF.-OrKVF.n. The many friends of
Messrs. D08UI.AH& Wai.sh w ill be pleased
to barn that they are "optu again" for
the reception of the public, at their old
stand, corner of Deaduiick aud Cherry
Streets. Tat Walsh, ono of the most
eminent and proficient )n his line, will
alwavs be on hand, and the friends of
tho V institution" -vyill find all things as
of old.
Attention t
Nashville Union Guards will meet this
evening, at four o'clock, for business and
target practice. Every member of the
Company is expected to attend.
I5y order of the Captain,
July no.
Dr. LiviMihTus tho greatest explorer
who has ever visited Africa, writes home
under dato of January 180.1, to the
American geographical society :
"Africa is a continent of tho Future.
It is impossible to recite the capabilities.
It is pre-eminently a cotton country, for
here thntjilaut is jieronuial, and requires
little of the heart-bronking toil necessary
where it is an cxolic; no frosts endanger
the crops, and thu best qualities yield
A (anailv letter,
In Wheeling, Vs., there is a Union pa
per called the Piii sh, whose loyalty ex
pends itself in lighting tho Abolitionists,
A Virginia subscriber to the I'iies stop
ped bis subscription the other day with
the following note, whose strictures will
apply to several oilier Union papers in
thu country :
I am in favor now, and always have
been, of putting down ilia rebellion by
every means w itlun ll;e reacliol I he ucu
eral Government. The 1'ress, I thought,
when 1 became ii subscriber, was of the
same wav of thinking, hut from a con
slant aud careful" reading of the Press
from its commencement to the present
time. I hre failed to discover this uis
tinguishiug feature exhibited. No leader
has ajpeared at any time, advocating
this poliry. On the contrary the Press has
wanted its energies and tune in fighting
what it calls the abolitionists, and ex
hibiting wonderful tears that the Consti
tution oi tho Luited Maies in fioiiiu way
might be disturbed by these men, ami
that, too, when scarcely one word could
be found in the J'ichs of condemnation
of the rebels w ho were seeking the over
throw of ths Cuutditutiou of the I'niK d
States and the annihilation of the Gor
eminent itself. I cal.uot endorse the
course of the Press; when a house is on
lire and it becomes necessary to siop the
spreading Humes, no one doubts the pro
priety of the right of the citiens to blow
up other houses contiguous I here to, and
that, loo, without rimiensatioii from the
jietsoim that did the work, self-preservation
beiug a sullic lent, apology for the
act. This is no time, when the nation
is attacked by armed n bels, to lulk about
violations of tho Constitution. If it be
comes necessary to carry Ihe sword and
the torch throughout tho length mid
biuudlU of the rebellions Slates, sweep
ing property and slaves from the face
of the earth, 1 am for nil this to put down
the rebellion. I am no abolitionist, but
( care not that slavery becomo extinct if
it stands in tho way of sujipresning tho
m ' m -
:- IV. IHgnowiity, of San Antonio, Tex
as, has been in Washington for some
time, endeavoring to interest the Gov
ernment in behalf of the Union popula
tion of .Texas,".. There is a prospect that
bis effort may soon be crowned with
. . success, and that a force will bu sent
to that State under Ihe command of
some general who will be sut isl'actory to
the Germans. Or. lliguowilty stales that
. there, we thirty thousand Germans who
are liow wandering in Mexico, having
escaped the tyranny of Ihe "Southern
'Confederacy" m Texas: I'r. 1. is a very
' intelligent and reliable liirinaii, and was
one of the leading men in San Antonio.
He savs that the ( iermans in Texas are,
liuont to a man, in f ivor of Ihe Union,
which they ar willing to lht for if they
can l.avo an opportunity.
A lie hew of Chief .1 usli.-e Tun y w as
arrested, commit led and tail itlusiil, a
few days banc, for dratwng a knife upon
a newt boy i becauno the boy offered him
Northern paper for sale. The mil, an
Vecetitly held commission ju the ivbcl
An Affair of Honor.
The New Ycrk Herald's Wahiti,rr.,n
correspondent says:
An affair of honor was to mmc off at
Arlington House on Monday, but was
frustrated bv the Tiirilanro of the police.
If appears that Cspt. C. I'. Mackenzie, of
Her J'.ntannic Majesty s royal army,
while at table at WilUr'd'a a few nights
ajro, asserted the superiority of Iiij;lih
over American arms. Cspt. hitteniorc,
of the United Stales tolunteers, who was
present, exres(od his preference for the
Hprinjjlkld over tho LnfirUl rilJe. ihe
Knglihh Captain called him a fool, and
instantly had a cup of tea thrown in bis
lace by Cajit. hi'tt tnore. 1 tic result
was a challenge from ('apt. Mackenzie,
which was accejited by Capt. Vhitttmore
after having resigned his coismisnion.
Afier the acceptance, if is said, t tie r.tiK
lish Csitain desired to bm kout, but was
informed that he must eittiT tight or
take a public horsewhipping. The meet
ing was arranged for this afternoon, in
the vi'.iinty of the Arlington House, but
t lie police were at hand, and succeeded in
arresting Capt. Mackenzie. 11 is oppo
nent escaped from the Geld H the driver
of s pie wsgon standing near at hand,
and has not yet been arrested.
Gen. Lccius Dehha, Kx-Mayor Sam.
January, M. Garnet, I.Vt. Mr. Pmilft,
Methodist preacher, and two other promi
nent citizens of Cynthiuiia were on Sa
turday consigned to the Newport bar
racks. It is said that these parties,
though heretofore Arrested and released
on parole, havo been contributing, to tho
extent of their ability, in aiding MoiHiAN
in his roccnl raid.
We learn from tho New Albany Ledger
that a rebel, supposed to he a guerrilla,
atepped into a crowd of Union men at
Hon Harbor on Friday last and com
menced a tirade of abuse against all
union men. Several soldiers were stand
ing near, when an old tiiaa named Walls,
a strong Union man, approached one of
them, seized his gun anil shot the rebel
through the head, culling out both eyes.
The Louisville Journal of yesterday
sajyi :
On Friday last body of Union sol
diers heard of a gang of guerrillas who
wero depredating the country some fif
teen miles back of Henderson, Ky. They
immediately started in pursuit of them,
and suddenly come upon them just as
they were in the act ol hanging a Union
man. They had the roje around the
neck of a Union citizen and one end of it
thrown over ihe limb of a tree, and were
just in the act of drawiug the man up
when they were sujinsed. 1 wo or Ifieiu,
who seemed to have charge of the rope
and tho arrangements for the hanging,
were captured. 1 lie rest of the gang es
caped by taking U tho bushes. The two
captured villains were pu tiuto irons, and
wero brought up yesterday on the Gr.;y
Hk.u;qi:ahtei;s U, S. Fouces, )
M ahiivili.1., July -3, 181
Oint-nil rdcr !o. 18.
The Officers and Soldiers of this Com
mand are reminded that no orders author
izing an indiscriminate pillaging and
rjbbingof the inhabitants have yet been
promulgated by the Commanding Gen
eral of this District, or by any authority
known to the Army of the Ohio. On the
contrary, the orders heretofore issued
against marauding and other like prac
tices, destructive of military discipline
detrimental to the public service, are
still of binding force in tho District of
the Ohio, and the penalties imposed for a
violation of these, orders will still be
visited upon nil offenders.
No soldier ts allowed to make searches
or captures except by order of his com
manding officers ; and all captured jiro
perty belongi to the Government of the
United Slates, and not to the officer or
soldi!"- making the captcre, and must be
turned over to the Quai toruiaster's De
partment. An illegal or unauthorized seizure is
a rdifry ; and the perpetrator of such a
crimo merits and will reeeive tho severest
punishment authorized by niilitury law.
Commanding Officers of P.egiments and
Detachment will bo held responsible for
tha conduct of their meu ; and it is ex
pected that the ordors heretofore issued
on the subject referred to, will be rigidly
Py command of
Coi.. JOHN F. M1I.LEK,
Commanding Post.
.. Howi.anp, A. A. A. Gen.
Gold, silver and uncurreiit money
bought si, d sold, and lusuraiico furnished
In tlif most reliable company, at tho In
surance office of W. J. Maiiii, No. L'5 Col
lege street (opposite He wane House.)
Hkadcjaiitkhs V- S. l'oiu i;s, )
Nas:ivii.i.f, July -t, l-StJ l
Kptrlal rrirr, 6K-, (
111. All soldiers, except Orderlies,
Messengers, and Soldiers on duly in the
City, hereafter found in (he City of Nash
ville without a pass signed by the proper
Commanding Officer or Surgeon of Hos
pital, will be nrresled by the Provost
Guard, held in custody, and put on police
duly under diroctioii of the Provost Mar
shal uidil regularly released. Passes
w ill not bo held good at night after II 'j
o'clock ; and soldiers found in the streets
after thai ho"r, except tho classes above
mentioned, will be dealt with m the same
manner as a soldier without a pass. Or
derlies and Messengers will be furninhvd
by the proper authority, w ith certificates
showing them to be such.
IV. All lion-romniissiolietl officers and
Soldiers found in citizen's drei- will be
deemed j mih.iu. i; us deserters, and will
be arrested by the Provost Guard, and
held in custody by the Prov,,st Marsha',
to await trial ami punishment.
Hy onler,
Cel.. JOHN J. MIM.Ei;,
Ciiiuiiianding pest.
L. How i .np,
A. D. C. A A. A. ti.
July LIT 1 w.
t.ro. Tulsa's Sword
Gen. I'i tleb has setitlo President Lin
coln the following chara ttri.ttic letter,
giving the history of the seizor of Ihe
swords of the trailer T'winos :
HlurK,t AltTf tnrlrafT Tt ir )
N w or n.ii-, Ju'jr I, lm'2 (
To the rrtf'Jrnl : . .
Sut: I have the honor to sehd you,
with this note, three swords, with their
equijmirnts, formerly belonging to Daviu
E. 1 wtoos, late JJrevet Major-General in
the army of ihe United .Slates. They
are all presentation swords; one given
him by resolution of Congress, which
bears the followinn legend :
' Presented by Ihe President of tho
United States, agreeable to a resolution
of Congress, to Prig. Gen, Daviij E.
Twimts, intestirnony of the high sense
entertained by Congress of hi gallantry
and good conduct in storming Montery.
itesolutiun approved March 2, 1817.
Anotherwss presented by the State of
Georgia, and bears tho following legend
and inscription. I
The Stat of Georgia to Maior-Geu. i
Daviu E. Twiihb, United States Army,
as a tribute to his gallantry in Mexico,
117. falo Alto, Kesacft de la 1'alma,
Montery, Vera Cruz, Cerro Gordo, Chc
pultcpuc. Molinodel Key, Mexico:
ihe third was presented by his native
city Augusta, Ga,and has the following
legend :
tXP Sill AND rT1l Itr HIT, IK 10.
yoxTKKT. vmt chcz , ratoto i iri-h. t
To (Jon. lUvm E. Twmiisiroin 111 e Ciiy of AumiPla
Gen Twnios left these swords with a
younn woman on tho evening before ho
fled from New-Orleans, and in his flight
on thhe day of the approach of tho fleet
he wroto iu his carriage, while tn route,
this extraordinary pajier :
I leavo my swords to Miss , and box
of silver.
New Oiilkans, April 25, 1802.
This paper was claimed as a deed of
gift of these very valuable weapons by
the young woman named: bnt sho had
neglected to inform her father of this
singular donation causu fa;x and as
the girl's mother caused them to bo sent
back to Gen. Twigg's house, I ventured
to interfere with this testamentary dis
jiosition. A more lamentable instance of
tlio degradation to which this rebellion
has reduced its votaries can hardly be
imagined Swords given to a general for
courage and good conduct in the armies
ofthe Union tokens of admiration by
bis feliow-cti.ei s, and of. the gratitude
ol a Slate and the nation voluntarily be
queathed for safo keeping to ft woman,
as a more proper custodian than himself,
by that samo General, when, flying at
the approach ol tho armies ol that coun
try which ho had renounced aDd betray
ed, at last find a depository with a ne
gro, for the sake of enslaving whose race
the doublo crime of treachery and rebel
lion has been consummated.
Now that tho weapon given by the
United States is rcturnod to the Execu
tive,and the others placed Hi his disposal,
might I take leave to suggest a iiroper
disposition of them. Might not the first
be piesented to some officer as a token of
appreciation of loyalty and devotion to
the country; i ho qualities ol conr
age and good conduct on the battle-field
have never been found wanting in our
armiet: but loyalty and entire devotion
to tho country have fail.'d in so ninny
examples, of which Gen. 1 wigs is
shining one, that some token of respect
for those qualities, bestowed in this salne
manner, might not bo inappropriate.
Ihe sword from the State of tjcorgia
might be deposited in the library at
W est Point, with an appropriate inscrip
tion, as a perpet-oal memento to the youth
there, how worse than useless are all
education and military training, even
when allied to gallantry -Ind courage.
if heartfelt patriot ism and undying- feal
ty t the Constitution and the Hag are
That given by the city of Augnsta
might be deposited in the. 1 atent Office,
as a wariiiug against tho folly and use
lessnes.i of such an iuvcnliou as secession
Pardon Iho freedjiu ol these sugjes-
tions. and believe me, most respectfully.
your obe duet servant,
Hen.i. F. Hl'tlku
The Lexington (Ky.) correspondent of
the Cincinnati Times, lus the following
notice of
.tons MOKOAN.
From the citizens here I learned some
thing of the individual who has created
such asensaliou in Kenturky. lie was
a resident of this city before leaving for
the Confederacy, and is well known in
Cincinnati. 11 o is what some call a
"sporting man," but the citizens here
call him by the more appropriate names
of blackleg and gambler.
He mairied an estimable lady, some
years since, but she died eighteen months
ago, of grief, over tho crimes of her hus
band. For two or three years, she was
an utterly broken hearted woman, and
Dually sunk into Ihe grave, about six
weeks bclore .Morgan took the last step
in the direction of Infamy, by joining the
Southern Confederacy.
The cncrrUU rhief formerly had an
interest in a faro batik iu Cincinnati, lie
w as engaged in picking up "seeds." as
verdant people who accompanied him to
the gambling house were familiarly
eailcu. .
A (illlHJ lHlllltK.
While tie lie bo I were near George
town, a resident of this place put on So
cesh clothes, and rode to the house oTMrs.
Johnston, widow of Ihelate ' Provisional
Governor," uid when at the gate met a
little son of John 0. Preckini idge, who
"You arc one of Morgau's uienT"'
"Yes, 1 Bin Champ Ferguson."
"Well, let mo tell aunt; ( .Mrs. Johnston)
she will do anything she can for you."
In a moment Mrs, J. appeared.
"You are the celebrated Mr. Ferguson;
Welcome here.''
A diniiei was prepared, of which the
individual parhsik with great relish.
When he was about to rciihumt, Mrs.
Johnston said:
" Your hoise is Jaded; I'll give you a
better cue, to drive the Yankeis from the
A contraband was called, and one of
the finest horses I havccvir seen, brought
out, on winch the pretend, d fecrsli re
turned to Lexington rejoicing.
A woman whose husband is in the reb
el anny, prepared titty hums upon which
to fiaf tile band of guerrillas, on Tues
day til'-', lit, the tuna ll.ty had piomistd
to 'diivetho "1 dm olnnes" from Ihe pi ace.
The Proves! Marshal learned of the tart,
and the neit day the I'nioii Soldiers
feasted ou cold bulled haul of th best
qualuty, i
Nashville and Kate Sun Blockade.
Rebel on the Defensive.
rarragut and Porter Gone to Mobile
and James River.
Reported Skirmish at Bolivar, Tean.
Federals Evacuated Grand Junction.
City of Alton Fired Into.
Ewell Karchinff on Stacard's Mill.
Reported Capture of Russcllvillo.
Loci.hvii.le, July 29. The Petersburg-
Express says Yankee complaints of slow
progress in recruiting; is only to throw
the South otT her guard.
The tame paper has a Knoxville des
patch saying, that Morgan had taken
eleven towns and cities in Kentucky,
and can hold all the country outside of
Lexington and Frankfort.
The Charleston Mercury gays the
Nashville and Kate run the blockade.
Varrenton advices says the rebels are
acting only on the defensive.
Farragut and Porter's vessels (says
the Petersburg Express,) are leaving for
Mobilo and James Kiver.
Caino, July 20. It is reported that
there was a skirmish at Bolivar, Tennes
see, no particulars.
It is said that the Federals evacuated
Grand Junction, which is occupied by
tbe rebels, w ho have taken possession of
almost all the railroads between Mem
phis and Corinth, another despatch says
that the rebels hold Humboldt, tearing up
the track ten or twelve miles.
The steamer City Alton, from Mem
phis, was fired into twice be forts reach
ing Coltimbt's.
WatehloO.Va., July 29.l!ebel General
Ewell, is reported marching, with twenty
to thirty thousand men, from Oiange
Courthouse, through Gordonsvillc, to
Slanard's Mill. '
Cairo, July 29. Despatches to head
quarters say that tho Mobile and Ohio
Kailroad is agiiu in running order..
Nrw YoitK, July 29. Gold opened at
16,'a and closed at lo,3,.
WasnixoTos, July 29. General Pope
is gone to headquarters in tho Geld.
Li.iisvu.LF., July 29. It is reported
that Ilussellville, Ky , was captured by
guerrillas this morning, butiio particular
account; breaking telegraphic communi
cation. It is reported, however, that part
of a Federal regiment, on its way there
has since arrived aud reinstated matteis
By Last Nigat's Hail
Baltimork, July 27. A. larj,'o Union
mass meeting is iu prniiress to-nielit in
Monument iS(uare. (iov. Bradford is
ihsirmsn, nl Gon. Wool ami staff are
on tho stand. Iho square is deusely
liackrri, and the Union Lenguw are march
inir with flag, transuarencits, while
boti fires aud fireworks ari liafiting; up
the square. Gov. Bradford's spee h was
enthusiastically rccuved. His allusion
to tho course ff President. Lincoln, in
commendation to his patriotUm, was
lomily cheered. '
Nkw Vouk, July liiri. The "Vili'ine
has a special fioiii Coliimhus,' (.lino, in
which it states that the. Jlev. Ir. Brooks,
of St. Louis, and tlio Rtv. Lloyt, ct
Louisville, were arrested on Friday night
at the houso ol a notorious rebel, Dr.
.Clark, of Ohio. H la reported that iin
port ant papers were found upon thetil
implicating YaUandiuhain, whu will be
taken wilu them to Uiiieinnati.
St. Loris, July -'5. The Democrat
learns, from a reliahlu source, that the
county commissioners of Iho county of
St. Louis have ap-reed to appropriate
$100,000 lor the benefit ofthe families
of Tolunteers who enliht under the new
call of the l'resi lent, or who enter tho
Slate service from this city under (lov.
Gamble's call. This will go far to en
ctinraRC the Speedy lillintr up of the new
regiments now in process of formation in
this city.
New Yoltw, July '.T.--Chaplain O'Ha
pan, of the Excelsior Brigade, reached
Harrison's Lanliiir from Uichuiond. lie
says two iron clads are beiu,; built at
Richmond similar to the Merrimac that
pre st uriaiiiniity xiU anion'; the rebels.
Jackson and Leo are extr-mely popular.
Msjruder lias been shelved for leading
his men to be slaughtered at Malvern
Hill. Beauregard is fast losing caste.
The rebels lately reeeivod lare quan
tity of boo's nd shoes from Kimlaiid.
Wabhinutos, July 20. X large and
enthusiastic war meeting was field in
this city this afternoon, and was ad
dressed by Governor Bierpont,, lion.
iSuerrard Clemens, and others. The
speeches endorse a most vigorous -lolicy
of the. Administration. A memorial was
adopted, piayiuK the county court to
make a levy of ."j'JtlKMl to aid iu volun
teering. WAsmsoTn, July 20. Tho ollicial
docuuit ut necessary to consummate the
recently arranged agreement for a general
exchange of prisoners lias bovii forward
ed t Gen. Dix.
Nkw York, July 20. The steamer
Great Eastern sailed t'.ii.i uiorninir, for
Liverpool, taking StiOO.OtX) iu npi-cie.
The stsamer City of New "York, for
Liverpool took St'.OO.uOl in specie
Tho steaojer Horutia, lor r.ouiliauitr.tun
and Hamburg, took $'J'J"i,000 in sjm'c
GlLlil.ll.LAS O.N TU K TKSNFhE. '.,'
luaru iiuwCipt. McI'duji.iI, of llit' R-llo
Creuli", winch boil ai riVL'tl from tlio Tnu
liisiitO rivor T'H''i'lv, Dial baml ofrob-
cl uucrriiU La o uiuil llicir
r.t vai imia i"nii'f ou Hie Tciuii an. c river
I Ou lh UilJ inof. a cavalry min;Hiiy ea
! It'll (i vieriou and ilcsiuynl, iu ttiu vi
( init out liuiulicii aiiit tm bate of cot -I
ton ami livo lii liiiUitH. IVrrj villa had
' Ihiii o.:ci.,i!tMt by n t.fl tiIi, ami lite
' ln- vv in . iiuJ LwiB mIii-ii tlie
l'.ille Cre" '
mu. Isjiu it'll !e
ti i.nui.
rill nntt:ifn
T"iiiw r Tin k Nntrn r cllicf H ti w W f -.. dtf
' r't(ld rWi.'o 40 " 44
Sttulu Carolina aril Mihimi ...... .40 " 4 11
V ir('LU 'ri No, Hi i r,,,., Alt " to "
II ID.i.ol.'il K'HUUC'T " "
e. frw i)r S.um " I "
r.t'-.' at f,r r-'ld.
Tu Rank -if Writ T.')tnr no ffpil'in t (
twnvqii. t. I u" Sl. Uirr btl eiwis l 0 ( M.
Couiucr.D ur
B. B. C0NN0K & BR0.,
K, 8, Oil.l.EiiE ST., NASHVILLE.
u!irllle Wholesale I'rlce t urrenl.
ALM 'Hoi. V f
KAUUlMi Hemp j lit
('.tion T"
BAIJl HDI't-i-aailU 1 It,
K..til.l.ay It,
nAOO.V Ji.iLiJer. U
BUTT'CH---i'rlii V It
(Vrumuo It.
CAST'l.K.s ur tt
Sperm H,
HmnllaB. fl It,
l.ll.'W V II
CHKKSP W elrii Rfrt rt,
rjiKl:l it.ury W n.
oirt'Ei'ikr nv
i !,
lJU!liyr M tt,
K) t .lor
6"0 ft cliir.
.K) V dot
rUH'K . Snivrflnn S Mil
Fllr ft bill
srli 1O0 IM
I'ISH Slmkorcl, Nu. t Mil
" Nil. 1 Mil
" Nu. S ft bbl
UfUl' C"rn f ti'tmii
Ol, f llOKllI
Ko fl rumh
Hurley ft bunt)
hM, t l!"1! I bimtl
" i vibue V buili
ShoijiI .nd
inl'&s Soulhem dry ulled f tt!
Urwu m
IRON Ti'uuaw Bur fl ttl
' HahiI 1 r).
" !!' tkl
" Sbfel ft IU
" Holler f lt
Pis... H Uju i
I'lll'burt; ut IV,
Ijtmi Ker ft ftl
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LF.ATHl'H Snt; cMtk taiiaed.. .. fi Ibi
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ryHE h.. A i I N ATiON OF J EACH Kit- -kv 1 1 l, I1E
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m.ii I.Iuh rtrttt ta, uouuuccoiiit; tu WtuMmhAY, (,J uly
3-,t m A.M.
.i.ii. ii(h will plcjii) at if m.).
J i.-i-lw J. h. MKI0S. Sup'l.
Ihren Gold Watches,
Suiikhj.1 to li Htolen,
M tr i ?'ul .skt. I Tfnnt having ltti tucL r
iclt- rui lurwaivl tue Ui'ct l;illu. and by pioviug
pr- prt , cm 1 1. iv 11 tin' Mmu twuirUHi.
2C8 & 210 West Side Sixth Street,
1000 CASES
IJSTCA prints
a:.tl "M'Truiiui ;"
503 Cases Bleached Cottons;
100 Cases Canton Flannels ;
lOO Vases 1VaU lluseys
A fnll 'i"rtniMit i.f S T1NK1TS, FLANNELS,
BTl'Hf OOOI'S, U1NGITAM-, M- .'lbir urtnl.i ill
,ir tin. ! wltiyli iw :ovn lt riuiukiu lT !j.l..r.
Jul Iu I 111.
At: V.ST roll 1IIK t'or.I.ECTIOH OK ',AIMS
AUAlNsT THic I', h. 1.HMMENT.
uaice, o, an iihhv miiki i,
l p Stairs.
Southern Bank Notes.
South Carolina,
and Louisiana
hank no'X'ii:h.
um iiirr and Mn.li iiT
A. . SAM UII1I A .,
K. tO, Collrje St., (Uurtlliohl lok Uuiluing.)
July II
Claims Against the United
States Government.
1KS-tO lu.ulmg Oiiui at n.l thtl,'.S. Gui.rll-ui.i:-,
riihrr !"i I'r . rli tikfri I t lli u.o 1 Uiu
A wy , rr f'T I ' , iu I' I ' i i ty . Ourt.' u..lr K
eirt or (jiil. '. can U .ve intiti n'il n I rol
Ir. If, I l.j psoitis iliom 10 Hi, Un,i. . r t'llAKI M II.
tillKliN, A.nl fur tn Nnt 'iunl HuIdi Aj.nrj
lYttli liftou, 0. C liirt ut 111. r"UU..M OiuuU ul
111" An.liOT, t0 .IS ClKTTf .n-h, f nm: ..
'J'l tt
Dr. 'King's Dispensary
i ore
l'ltivAit: iiiir.Ai s.
1K gINO,forinrlji of New TorH, M
lue iwtl fo.r vmii of l4iuiavl, f.
uid wti, hi il rii J h-,a niwnii.iti.
lb, IrMliniBl of ur.ll lifc'W, for Jo -, (llf
binuMiif, t.iu iu4rl Ut a prkU" fr aikn
y.r,, and cured to many lhoi.iiili, t la analna-t it
cumali ,lKMw.itaol arrival, omuo, do tuaiuv ti
bail U.o luay or friHn miu iM vuua inrrtic a UiAiriwu',
or fr.,i,. ll"(.. ,:l ul lUrirowa. r i in , np,w .
'1A I wtuiurmk i.rooi. lR-iK,n r.y ana .i.r.-u.r
v ..ii.i ior, ;...re t.oormwll aia... ol a pruaia
r..iiilnv cu'arl tifol iwwa.'oca Bwnllrloaa aria,
arlrai( with luaiu..ia
rltrii t.u of i-iu or r.vsril Jal'-, airo.Uil!y oufad
a f.wiUja.l'T an .M'.:rat 1,1. i.'.u . . a no iia,
W lura aHtrit-ura aiai ft'-'tli rci t. ra.
iur..un 00 'li".. ' H'im ni"ra 'FHt.i aaa "u.at-r,
11..L. ..!. f.tnl ,lft,iu aa.ira.
f) i. w,lS fc I 1 " a mf 4ha IK a . Kf, j p
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irHj id ilt 'l.ya
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t n.tlJW ,i mO a.' lrrit.l V, IU l. l .1I4M.I
,..lt 111 II, U, i:K-.l it lUi.l xw -w ; . - -it.i,w.:
i .ana o' t.li'' ' a u i t ,f wbirn wi.i uu.ir
': m-.Mt' il f aoui'itoiin. . r,,a.u. iia a,.oiw4 gait for
viii 4 hi n.'i'i'.ni J i.i.K iir,m.ior ..la , a.
I l.il. .Ml Hi; 'HI U-ril.f 1,. ai i'.'T r.' 'if a
' tl. a to i'a a,.? ri.l a-.u 1 iiinji',lmtrrl,"f,
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cat, ,i 1 -a .t. ..!, Jrcl I11 lr A KiljA 4
, iw.lrit. iiaiwl, Sa.l.'li., lia , will u.t. um a.
Bry bu' ni i.a a.u to llie;r a.ilr orl'a ttv.l
um B ovl... :n -a o.orat( uvJ t at Urf aaitt
Ac., Sic, Ao, Ac Ao,
Xo. 2, Fouth Side Tublic Square.
100 Cruses
GO lockagciHl
150 Cases Hats,
AMI) "
IS KVfcfit VauibTY
vi:iiii stock
tot fumijUing (bMto
una; a i),
nil u'.u'-r aril. In naiial' ko(it
U litiii aU' 1i (Jo'jjii .Si,ii.
la a
JSa" Wd lllVll ()i alt it to ut au rurly
call, and tlamiau uur S;uc' An I priet a.
stidli:i: ui!o. k r.,
No 2, -StiCT'l loint I'l i i: '."''
Geaorai CommLsdion Morclumta
63 anl 65, Beaver Street, and SO gxchauf
Sonar I.. M iTurn. 1 i.v 'olii.
ii u wi . ut.
Mjf S. Mis.
DS' llARU I. st.n rn cn Ii.tk thfr Hwriy
M,.i.r m4 11. ek ij c . ti it.l nu ' I'm lorn
t., rn Ii I rnn i lt d'w.'.Vn . rt u -lltnir ut ih
Nillil tL.liu AtMcf, .No. SS Ui.it Hvrrl. rf
inn J.iijr '.0 ir
Market Jfo. 36 8trcet.
A. IOUIS &, CO..
IUt.- mM rr-"Ht Krn Sl. lt ot
Hoot nml Sliot'M,
Hat Statini:'i , "riism,
Nails, and Dye-Stun.
SALT, la Itaiifls,
SLT In Unit,
Winch c onur lo Ilia ublif. for '
, 8COU AS .
t'KATHEUfi, II IDE j siicl TALL0W4 1
Cot'M RY V.irc'innta would tin writ' lo i'A'T (ln
u, wi . Ml U.air wliola lull from our a!..
AH Currfiit Ssulkra PuuiIj Takw at Par.
louao-tf K. MAikRiCO.
or iua
foiniTi(n t .
No. "3, Chorry Sfrrr NBh?ilr.Tenn.
rriTTfl AO:NPY poimum peculiar Ucilltlt-i f.r th
I Sin' 8!iil JroM nlK'U Batllriitent of
iu 11 ttn AaitiMt tli Ot-ntl Crtvrnmnt ti KVSRT
IK ;f'lUPnoV, 1t rmd trUir lir!uff hd Mrnl
ycfcT' etffTljiw In the v.$ngiont vf rtatmi
fin CitiKret, lh Cuurt of Claim, nnd tli Rwcti
tho I)riin''titi NVushlnnton. oi bh( tb'r
onhty t nnlnrJ afid fWinihr with th Inwi itJ
rn;uintl(tn-; pnrriiiun ttttlr Ailjuitinvtit.
rrltruUr alti'Utiftu will l ivn to uriiinn
uut ol llm viU'ieut war, InrlndinJ tbt nrronutt of
Rialoi, ( outi rut'-rn, m i 1 iIhi rti nc Oftlr.tr Qf tb
War ami Navy lteprtnMbU. 'iJ for ollert
IfiK lrUIInig,i.il 4rsianlzlnir Vol
U tt lr the rlmt.nrnMht of wblca it auiUot;
7v.l ty ou I if Cnt(rMi; CUA1.MH KoH II'ICM
Nirv run imuvatk I'Uoi'kiuy tauks von
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I'ltuPtl.l V, f-T hi t A in thi wrvh, aul 1W
ilItlArjr 1ttf9 tnliif mm llauutf
W giv LciHl atlrutiuu to ,rafU( !tig Pen
ohI Uwuotles, rli1. i acpu.U tu - Koldiw
ho iiav Vtnnia)t mitlraclil dt MM (r U
fatnlllM fT auch have pr btu killetl lnlft Iu
taa dlr harf "f t)itlr line of li'ty neb duitng tti
preatut wir.
Hocial rai wfH nf itivm to ctaiw-i wli'di
tiVf l.Acn. lirri"fm ICJocle4 pr fVnutf rndcl
y tliu iomtuiutir IiirllclniClir itliiuagad
Prompt attutiuu aUu givvu to t)i c"1ltf vf
g iartct uiuit'ir1.) lU'-MptM xltrn ftr? Ciupat ty Ukiu
tur tlio w M Hi Atiay, to ar nM.glnif Avuuuti ltb
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All L'litiui . iilitro'I lu out hand nulva our rrompt
I'rrvonal AUrillion, thai nicy acunnn many
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x.iiit, fn-Muently i rova ti n ur afui .
Asi la fiuut lUw dii't-''! aiitrtK. our UtIy tutor
caumc willi all (ha I Um iAn rnal.Wt u In uumi
tat to ut-luin tln iluii mui ! lonre jMHlUy ttiau
whrti- al romuiun'Mtliai anil ulhr nt iaiy d lai
in U4 ho miniliMia1 throiiH (m maili.
To tliln w li- it jiiu to I'trwaid to ui any or
all i aw f mifh rharartei yrti may from tirti lo tiiua
liaa pi'ntff, and, h 1 tti ritU,iur wa m V
mil. yo with aJt IU wwi-ry litauaa and,
rxtoir'l. Irian nctioim.
Nil harjea uiaUt in any unU'Si in. (
X, : ( lif-rry H
it i; v i: ii 1: is' c; i: .
II., it Hi. HAH. H'iiii1 n.
" It. II. I '"
iii u i. II u
" 1 ,!,,.- II Kl',KF.M ...
" t1 It. i i uri .
Rui a lu aiut. .
Willi. iiiu
" J,r-Ill M . I.I l'l,..:..
..WttT"r .f 'ajlilni(t"a
r''iiiiiiii.il"n. r .-f rui,hr
ll.ul Hi,
..Kile, I'a.
Tlill. v (,l,i, la.
. .VV.irrn,
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...I'lili av'i. Illiii"!.
.. VI .i, t,.wn, N. V.
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I, r.
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. . Ii I' tf ", I iIiumIr.
. . T.rr. llnuM, I ail. . .
..A UK iluiall, Ohio.
, . ..
,.,i?iii I r-.nr iro. Ol,
. . A.in.ia, lnl "
. . K.TA.k, H.J,
. . i uiiaha 1 ii v , N , . T. '
.. f-iit, M. f.
.. .i.iri.ll, Ml. h.
... N haHun,.. MkIi.
H..l.a.Kuk. liwa.
( iiiti i- II. Iliian....
Car-I- W. W. Ii.maiva ....
y . r. t-airii.i i . .
W a. T. PiMTTira T., . .
H.ai ai. A. "!. K.,...
t,.a h.aiaii a, 1 "1
Ii. A. Iiowatt. IJwi
W. I W. i,.b'
(Ian. W' aat
J.uia l II.km, a,l '
A '. Ilil. '-"1 -
W. a, liia.ar, .!,.....
II. H i. liim
t hiiiu V ' a,i, I.
Tni M Wn ti
Wiiiia'i 1 Jr',ai...
Y. . i. Hijii a", k. i
...K ii.. Tn r1i'r f
II, Ilri:a'in'. I aa U (lo..iti hi,,. !. N T.
I,aa. .aaa iani oi, .11 .ii'l 1ii''j9'
,,nu. Jr
)l.araa Inia-m i
Jiaiiaa Hiua, Hn...
I, E. T.T
vi ii Ma Ik hi a., 1.
f-.ai ', ai ...
J.au t; (.r aa. r.i. ..
SJa, . A. Il.nn. kat-
N. Yuia.
...II Wair.ii a'ta-i, M T.
, ,. haa'an '. . all i
. 4(i7 Iiu1... Ii. T.
., , I Mi t u I oi Hi'.' J. '
. . ,1 ti.rlnuMt "I."-
' ..iiiia'ou. a J-
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To Minuftctufxjw.
f 1 kT ITU' IIT! AMI
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