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1 1
Sflasluitlc Pinion.
K. C. PIiait r.K, Idltor.
T lorrnpondfiitt.
Our corrcRiion.iVritii must allow u to
lake our own time for reading (heir com
munication. We have no time to bo
read to. It is literally iiupoHsible.
I'lenae Notice.
We lAve no time to transcribe com
munication. We aomotinioi receive
communications ith scrap of confi
dential information written on the back
of the mannscript. Of course if we uo
the manuscript we hae to re-write it,
and this imposes entirely too much labor
on us. We have no timo for such work.
Notice to )ub.l altera.
Tho Editor will be greatly obliged to
prrsons making up clubs for the Umon if
they will remit to tho publishers and not
to himself. Communications and Hub
scrijityjns are sometimes mixed up with
private information in such a manner as
to caiiHO needless delay and trouble to
all parties.
HEATgi:AHTr.KS U. 8. Force, )
Nashville, July 2U, 1G2.$
siprrlal Ordcra, !Vo. 58.
III. All soldiers, except Orderlies,
Messengers, and Soldiers on duty in the
City, hereafter found in the City of Nash
ville without a pass signed by the proper
Commanding OSlecr or Surgeon of Hos
pital, wil be arrested by the Provost
Guard, held in custody, and put on police
duty under direction of tho Provost Mar
shal until regularly released. Passes
will not be held good at night after
o'clock; and soldiers found in the streets
after that hour, except tho classes above
mentioned, will bo dealt with in tho Bamo
manner as a soldier without a pass. Or
derlies and Messengers will be furnished
by the proper authority, with certificates
Knowing them to be such. .
IV. All non-commissioned ollkers and
soldier found in citizen's dress will be
deemed prima facie, an deserters, and will
bo arrested by the Provost Guard, and
held in custody by the Provost Marshal,
to await trial and punishment.
Ily order,
Cou JOHN V. millf.i:,
Commanding Post.
L. How 1. asp,
A. I). 0. & A. A. G.
July 27 lw.
IIrnliiiar(r r of S trut ItFKlment of
nrKe Volunteer Cavalry.
Ji-LT 20, 1802.
All ollicer recruiting for this sjrvice
will report to mo at Headquarters, Fair
Grounds, orattheStato Capitol. Those
desiring to enlist will npply at eitherof
those places.
Volunteers will, if possible, bring their
horses with them, which will bo valued
and paid for by the Government.
Hy order or Col. W. It. STOKKS.
C. 1). P.KIKN, A. I!. (. M.
j uly 20 tf.
I II O S l i: C T V S
OF Till
Tiik N'AKtmn.a Union was eoiiiincin od a few weeks
nice, for tTii purain of nppoaini ttio Ketiel Southern
Confederacy, and of advis-ating the reat ir.ition of
Federal authority, without any ubiilriuiiiit, rer all
tli Slatea winch have, attempts! I" secede. It holds
as friends all who tipmrl, and as fiaai itll wlionpKiao
tho Unlnu of Ins Ntatca. It liiw Do watchword but
Faintou ash NiTinNAtrrY.
With rebels and trtiilu bai ho oonipromiso to
mako. It ooiit.'ii.la (or thn K"tler.il Constitution uml
luo Laws niaiia in pursuance tnereof n ton Sci'kkvh
I.iwostiii l.t.tt), anything In tho C. nl Hi tlon ami
Ijiwaofany of tho State ttt tin1 contrary rmtiiith
It contends for tho Inlou of C10 states, hcc-man
without it the preservation of our llhoitlos niid Insll
tutmna and lha or,!aiii.itiun of mn ii ty its, If aro
wholly liupossiHc. Tlu-rcfiuc, whatever slants In
tho way or crushing out tho rche'llua and ri-storlnn
0 I'lilun mint polish, no mutter by uh.it nam? it bo
Hi-. I.
To the people of 1. nnesae, ever it now nod for their
devotion to l.ihorly and Cui"n, until they were be
trnyed to the rebel itcr-poioon at Kirlmvunl by a per
illoua tlorerniir ami corrupt 1 .cglt-htlura, anil u-.
havo felt an Heavily tho awful cur e of treason anil
anarchy, w appeal for support. lot tho nsni"a of
rebel olllce knitters. Vigilance Committee., an I Minute
Men, who havo filled our borders with ni' mri, , 1,
fthhellod before the world, let Ih.iro ambit Inns anil
avaricious nmn who havo pi, died our ruin for tin ir
own afcarandisi incut ho faMcitid ti tlio pillory of
siisin", no matter how hvh their pnsilpn in society
Itt It bo shown how the sofMyle.l iliTemlcis o
'Aiuthoru KiKhlft ai e now lesilmg niarmnlintf h.-unls
of free lote-a a.ul nioss trmpers over our Sl ito, kll.
napping negroes, atealin,' hori-ort and entile, broking
Into houses, linrnlug railrnail hnilea mi l c.irn, nn.l
niirftlermg iinaimeil cltlirns In rol.l IiKkhI. l et Hi,
truth, so long rxclii'lcd by the fmithern coi,acr.itors
now circuUte freely through every in uhli rh.o.,
aud our cause 1 1 swurcliy t r 1 1 11 .ph. Will imt i,.y
men eor whero aid us In tho ill hl in imtion of jucin
and the advocacy of Free CoveMmicnl?
Teruil of Suticrintiont iu Tar Funds.
Iinily I men, slniil copy, per aunuiu, ...
t uliibs ol leu , t.icll
. 5 (Kl
. I 00
. h IHI
Trl weck'y, sliiglt' copy, . .
t clubs of tcu, eac
Weekly, sinillo tl'i'V,
tt clnls ol 1. 11, h.
. iti
. 2 ' 0
. I (Hi
4arAH eoninmnicaiioii 011 hii'im h dh Ihci ill, ..,
will be s.hlrosscd lo the l l'Hl.lIIKl.S 1.1 tho I'Xli iV,
anil all eoniiniinlcal Itil.s to the f.Mit ,r W! be m.lr h
tort. 0 UMU'IK
Kdiioisol loyal ncwpaiers will tin cs a treat kind
net's by re punliahiiur the f.ireiroi or n rrbrinurv
Tbe eurri'iit traiuactnn In Icnuicsce f r m,.iiihs to
come w ill be highly inn tcniiuii to al1 h vers 01 iheir
feiolilry and her tree Inntdoll ids, aid Iti.1 l olnuui
Ilia I'mox ill rumuili the e.u luwt and next ti.iahlc
blttloty of those evrata. 1
"1 lei'c's Youv 1 1 ilc !
is boiiii l lo N iHo
NKW I'i'MIC CAMP S11N1) and ( IIORl' , hi, h
i is b 1 10 N ino mot iK.pu:.ir
In print;
nt 1.1 Hut
Cituilt K titi'U) . can 1 o t ill In ni.li to
oounliy, mi recipt ot 13 iviim In Hiiiii'S.
K ''.V WINliH:
l.ue tirave I y 1 lie Sea by W lill tin II
I'll! l..Kkli l "I M'to li.ttne,
riai a
luie - . .o and I Inn 1
Hie Mm.l.-ii I- .r. ell, or 11. .
.1 ei 'a l IioiIm'.I
a le.i.ilif.il Hal ad
J IU II II a. el .. I.eM-.pleli lid VH! I-.
bilvr leal I' 1.4 biuhaul, and
I Ih.
tl l. k
H I Mi'N M lit VT.
Committed to Jail
Or tvtnon rollr.tr, .lu'y : a
who awys hi fii'ma ta l,I.KV,.nl
Aunt" Carn,.. t,.., ( w,i , ,,v T.
" n-MI 0 l ik.' . aire a'Hti.i a ,,..r; .
1.') I .,unds ; 6 lift 1 in. I.-. I,!,, t, ', e. I r I
on ro th han:a '
vn irnn
t'tlopy. to
n'i t.n f -1:1s
. o it
.- i 1 1 11
Ihe owner Is rolv .-d to irM.n ix-,
projierty anl pay clung. a. t!i' law 1r .
!.,,.' J M ll'N f N,
- "her:ll i ml .L.iair ol il
Committed to Jail
OF iiiivi i.Lt, CtHinfT, T"iiii., J.
in to, wlm .ays Ina 11 .m- la
t" It Ii 'in .a.f s'tansiin I . i.
17 year. ; fi f. ,1 t, , 1,.. 1,1.1,'
'y 11 n i-ro
v i f, and 'teii us.
, I nn . ar-1 at. a;t
w. itb. 1.1.0 it U'l
II f..r. t.e . il .
Ir.un.U : filler I. In k ; rma'l ar
The owner I. r.
properly, and p ty
J iijJI-.1t
d to ooina I rw.iril
r, as lb- isw ilirtM't.
J M. II I N l'i'v
Hierlf? and Jsie.r of l.
Coramittod to Jail
Or Dvl ui oo'tntv, T on., .I..'r ia, Im;.', a 1 rlo
man . w V. J l.ts n.'.m" la 11' 18 .-, ao.l blii.u(
toHHa. Tue' .ir, ,.( It . tli.-rl .r l 1 li lily, T l.n. , '
aif iil 4'l ye it ; s Iti t lodes hl.li weul.a IH
Jflii .11 . t ..In'. liWeli j tli.L''S i:ir-"d ft" I. ft h:i' t
Too osiir Is reipi.-nut.i t i rmiiM forw.ir.l, rov
projuuly, au! pay cl.:irceK as the law iliroeiw.
.1 M. IIINIllM.
Ju'j nl Til , Sheriff and vl. r of h 0.
Committed to Jail
OKruivll-onCe.inly.Tenn .J.iHJ' lbf.2
liinn w ho sai a M 11 1 iiiu'' im I J. I r It, ai
ft Dfcro
I't A. He' .iitk 11, ol It.ith-rlor.l 14
almul 3i year. ; weich Ii pour. ill
.hi V I 'T Tl. ; riiii'
6 i el 10 11
hinh ; holt, bl .. Vt.
Ilo owner la re(piri-d 10 r'lin.. forward, p ove
property, and pay cliar.ie., as ttie luar iitr. i ta
.1. IIIST.lV,
Ju'.vll-lt Mi riff and J.u or of II. C
Committed to Jail
TUv.rimn (Miininiy, T'-im., Julv '2', su':
d ii' jrrit
: uiioiit
V ini, w Im MM f. m n tint m I (1 M . Mi l '
a. H'-im..
i.( Ktith-il.Ttir-u'ny.T'
'fl yarn ; b t -
'Ihf owri'T
pri'urt) , Ht'l
4 iii'Jit-g h.L ; wi'ifciii
1 .'si' p.ll.ll'Js. ,
In roqnotjto'l to
piy i;h.tt."-B as if
C'tr firwurrta rmve
.1. M. Mlslt.N,
ril! iu,. I .luihr, 1'-
Committed to Jail
V mini, Willi HHVd hlM ll'lMl'
i 1) KNKV, niirt h.-loiitr"
Villi. I-H-i Hcf
h, i, lU-lf -ril ( 11.lv .run , ... nl. u'
L 7 litt les Lia.ii ; v.c;:t.-t iiJ ' u: (U.
co..r, black
The owner Is reima'r! to (dihi. ft myrd, prove
property, and pay e.har.'a u. the l.iw direct...
J m iiin'I'.ix,
Jiilj:ll-8t MierJl anil .l.nlitr oil' I'.
Committed to Jail
Iiavitlsoo Cotnity, Tfiin., .Iu!y IS, lh-i2, a nti'1'
linn . lio H iV R I- h fniii'i in l.f.VA I-', aiitl bfbuif
to ltv i.'tt, of Kult.fi iuni ou.itv, T'-nii.; u 34
yearn ; 6 Irci i) i::clu n lugfi ; wt'iti nhi-nt ouir' ;
i:u!ir, l'tit liiilt k.
Tim iwmr in rpf-jiio'twl ft C'im' forwird. pn-vo
proju-rty, mill uiy cliarv.i h t)i' I iw illr
J M. HINT'.S1.
Jul j 31 .11 Slirriii .tml .Kiii..r (r I.
Committed to Jail
Of nnvltlxno iMmi'ly, Ttnn.. .Inly l d03 a n.urt)
inaii. w Tinva tliri um )t di H' V , :i rut Itv.'otv.i
.1. 'c i' r, ir Wil uin on I 'o niiil v. T"i n. :
Ht;o uli.)iu 2fi yri.ri ; 6 f.fl 7 Hu ll's hljli; wtM'Ttti 140
Mmli ; 'ulor, ll irk ; m r mi Ult hut tl I mm u Imrti.
The iiwii r h rt'i'ioitti'tt to com'1 lrwuid, jiruve
pi'-jt rty , utii. iiy rLart'n n.- tin- I 'W dirfN-tn.
J. tt. HINToV.
)iil.'ll-3t Shcrifl Mini Jailer ol l. (
Committed to Jail '
K riivi Ih.hi minty , .-iin., Julv '20. lM('i. a nrti:ri)
mm, wlto iiyn Iiiia imtuH it JullN.l UuJmuk
t All l!i.u'.niiui,m Knihfi ford O'nity, Tinn.;
lininl ; rnistr, I'lack.
Itio iwinT m n"'!"" I' rmtm frwa-J, pruv
property, uii pay (Jnarc ha vtto imw iii'ti ix.
j. m. niMo4.,
)nly:il 31 Sli.-rill an I JuMor oi p. r
Committed to Jail
V l'ivlli.on ( j.tiiity, Totm., .Lily at, l.u.'
It i a it, who mi y s 1 1 1 i imuw in Ml- lill'.N , ati'i ht-lm.L'H
ro .for; w aiKiT.oi tiMiinioii . uniy , mm ; a.o
ft yritirs ; ft ('.-l n InHi.i. Ti,.;h; u.-l't.s ifit) poiti.ls
coi-T, u i k ; to M ir on u'A hh-!.
Hit' owiiMr- (h rriiiNtfi to 4-i iino fratrl
iiroi.otty, uinl pay tliurcr, im tho luw illrt i.
f J. M- lilN'Ht
(nl.v'll- :it hf-rlir u ml Jailor oi l'. ('.
Committed to Jail
Ikivj.liioii fiiuniy, it nn ,Xry ifi, , d . J, n n
S mail, U'lill Kty H M IN iltllllM - ,1.- '.,iliil hi'KintlN
nt i inn Mit, ft iiiiiLi-uaior ! .11 r. run,,, tl i n j-l
ton county, Umiti. ; hi
ailtitH ; ft I t t. I 4 lli Im
lei I vLlr ( r I. rein-it. I.
I In dm tiT in rt ipifKii
pcrcy, AnJ pay i turyr.
nlinxt -.4
'Ik'liK 140
lo 1. , c !
i! It in f " w ai .1, prove
hh tot law tli'i'iMw.
j ai njvru,
M..-J ill ami .tailor ol I.
- jtij ;l-3i
Committed to Jail
OK I)tVll"Mltl Otll!y, T'MIII.. Julv lt(. lMi,ii
in!', who iri.VH itv iianif is KRKiM.IU K
litlonKs, to hiani iM Oirhy, or Ma h- 'ti niiiii.',
mim' uImmiI 'J7 ywi ; i ('.-. i jmh' h-.:ti ; v.
liiS poll ml ft ; 4-nlar, li ! 1 t (ti ei'
'Htf twiM'i' is r'"(ii'' t 'I t t-i 'im forv (t.l, j
proH'rt'( ami puy i hai g' s ;tli tin law .!:,-. -n.
.1. M. IHN I' N ,
jol 3l-:;t tfl cril! atil .tailor d
Ccmmitted to Jail
Ot I'HViilsou (fiin-y, I 1 1 : i . , luiic 1.,, lstj;,
min, who hi)k hi" h'nii" tn K.ati'i'
to Hu-.h ii j Ml'o, ol ha nl n (.'"iintv. I'. tin a
80 t"' . w iK' tl"ni i;o p mriilfc' .dt -v' oi
Oil t itlt llatllll
Thu iiwiter if r'iUfl- il to rouo1 ,c a
Iirty, tiitl piy ihar.r, ;w U,t. aw ,ir. ,
.) - 1I1STOV,
iuiy.ll -31 Mum id and Jailor ol p.
Committed to Jail
llav'ila.'ll et-ll'llv, Icon. ..Iu v i;,, IS-.'1, a Ii.-i'i.'
man, who any. his Willie- h I'lt'N MuitK. anj la.
oiiks io .ick.o M.. run, ol War. null r .uuly, Tsnii
ahont Jf. varf ; A l,. t s Hi lies higli ; tol-r, I.
Uand Itnlicatcr. hai .1 laltor.
! "H'
I lie owner I. refueled to c.-in. f.i it ml
, pi ove pro-
pto ty, d pay charge, a.s tl,. I tir 'li'erta
J SI. UlSTllV,
Inly . I .It Slmilil and .l.illi.rol D C.
Committed to Jail
Of IIjvi.ImMi t'oillily, Telio , July II, l-n,
wonrip, who aas her inuoo la A.S)
I"IIK 10 .lint. A i;iockoil. of Hn-fio. l.on
ait.' HS years : wewha ali.tlit r2' im.iiii:; 4
a liftfro
..I. I tie
. T.im :
I I 0 1 ;
liielios hU' i , riK'.t ' c " il ; acan nil l. li r ..'I . ,-n .1
Ue r the i ''llicr i.l tin- I.M t t e.
Thit i.ner Is regiiefl. d o emu f.'Hi ar.l, prove
property, and p ly i li.tl i'iv, a. the law .n. f ta.
J M . II I N I'US ,
)":)''l-:lt M.ernl and Ja.lor i.l ll. I'.
s rni ,n it o .i
Wai rru r iti.v, I'. .mil. hi !. i ,
VI. I Uf i
I'lictM I ivrtuo.'i ,
Callito; at Uneet".tow n .
I li tl N'i ii 4 . in, .
Sitm.Ui .i,.,
T iie. iai ..i.t. i,',
Palurdtiv Aiuio.1 lo
i n
t..lii, ..darl . .. u. I'.l.et 1
I 'V.
Tii.'.ilat , . . .Not enil.cr 1 k
I hi
I . . in ' . i 1 1
I h' l.-' if nn.
1 hi- in . t; ii i II. ent kl.l. Inn I.,. or,
etinall.'.l l..r ciaik', 'alt'li a'ld ctiiiil.oi
kt'i Hii l, .iv
"' "li.liit , h.
one uiiklioitn on la.ai'l I. in .li',oiulr I
.11"' lti"r,l e.lll'.e i "li t 1 :ti, e ,. p.;.,
'I IK- I I t I.l N.
I rem f e. I" Jl l.'. each I.. I ;h, ." oi.l ,,.
ii iti.til. an 1 a. coiuiii."! .li..n ..f i),,, si,,
' ii..
- ii.
t;ai'l lo no a In and atlen.l.tii. ,,, uit,.s ,,t , ,,,
I l laniili,'. may lit..i" 1 I y si ... :al a l, . cin. iii
TICKKIS Knit TIIK u MiK to in. I Ir.'io III I I:
I'HI'I. at a K A li K AM' A IIAI.I .
.I'laiil-. aia .'iuiiiiiv.ini ..im na.i ...i' ,t u i. ..
""o i i . i itiii . ii ai'. n.t 1 1 l . rtt
lu.ai.tii ue..
' ' IS1N.
f ..nil h I , ,,rKto
Mll" l-'OIlt IkTtlot, i
1 il 1 1:' i c t
l'."-lil 1-:
lilt"! II"
iliale !
" 'I.l n,
,'tl' I .
,al, I,
foiiii.l n nh
'."I .il.-i,,n
I al I '
Willi a i
I ai. .
i ll - i,,i il I t-l. , i,. , i, ,,
, li ol pt, ml', i , w ill l it a lt
-.1 I ,
liach .a-..-he I ItlloM" I .'.I , nl i ", .tot In- ,
A u e' p l . -rt i hurt" 'It ot I'Oni I.
r.-i li.'i Pt ami 4i--aiu'-, ai It I.i
I H l. VI I M
At ll tl'. ', ft" I'i,",. , v N
ll.iW I AM' . A-I'l Ml ,l. I,,' .
lii'T '.'- I -. U'l I". !'
IIK -o,l -. i.l, i
I . p
al) le. Ill -l pi- it .,,' It i " I - n - k, ,,.,,(, .,, , ,., , ,
i , at .V. -l, I 'I'N .-'HI I, i.t l , .,i t.. f
I'- I V M Hit I'l -M .1. I'l li-ls, .nl If- I to i
Al i I 1, in t 1 1 " I id Ii - aid li-'l I k 'lifll i I . i.i. i i
lid lc .
I " llfl 1 I.l, t I I ' S t.- ll,. ,
In n -i 1 1 :.' k,v,i , u l.ai, 1 l .
! iy It I i
I .
. I.
i; t n v 1 1-
In Chancery at Nashville
f-vv l; --Y." - At Piilrs he' I in 11 e
nit''ry Court al Nanhtd e, Mmi.
. Jol
ii.. I-
1. 1.
t W, ,t JT. ITuni. l.f
It ,!..' .l.f fr.tni at'i.!v:t II led 111 Hi ran
lie la tendinis V !- II lllllllldiri't s Ii i- remov
J i
ii M d- ol 'I eiiii'".ir 1 or 1 1 to a l.-e mi ''I f or l ui .r tl
.nt It. in-' If I tint ilia or.'lniry procs. ol toe law inn.
in. I h- . trn d en Irio. Il I- ordered lieu l.e . :.t -i l.i.t
a .te ir 1'. hoi ' in n I T.- or 'I lllll II" KI I III. Oi, t s
o' il.-- :! it l.-i in "l I. ml l i 'ti i . lo he fcn-i.l on t:o lirU
M. ti.l.iy in N '!' iti u ( t let p.. i I . lniM.ir or
d' lll'ir to I "U'l I : I. SI!! ' Olil , '." I"': S.i li'P il be tukMI
lor i'..i' . .i u- t i h . in niel - t I t lioirinir rx p-ule,
tkli'l ll"l .t I. I'V ol ll.ia. t.lol I" . dt'lS.'t.'d on. i- a ne k
lo! f-ifM!' a i ve -I, . i, the . , r. v . I. I icon.
A l ' pt Alt'.-l
.1 . OI.I.AVi , :. M.
.1 S. l'.llirs t'"K. o..l. o l olll. t. jll J J. 4i
. In Chancery at Nashville.
M I I or b
' TI.Nl.IK At K'llo. Irld
el. e. I hancfry I'. uit at Nnidii-ilii
.1 li.e 7th
lillca llioai
iipi" iri'nr ''
I' Ii I'd u.i, tt
ot Tct.ro 'Hi
. f ih a ll.e
I el al t'..ni' Itll. a'. I-, V . V,.,t .
nipt. rev It' t ii'lani.
"Ill .iti la r It til. .1 .Il this . .-i IP" tli.tt
hi H. Ilnrni'liri la tilth re i . ii"! from
.1 "C I. .' alts, one llik' or Cote oaltl'tf
i.r l"iai v IT' cka i t lint law t a'llii'l
h cerve I on I. i n. It lh oio let liiat II.
ai'P'ara.'C..' In rem hoot,, or w.tl.in II.
I't enUo li.a
lii-t line"
il.il of t!i ue t li nn of f ii 1 t'-nrt , to fie he'd on liie
f I il'.n ly Mi Not on it., r n x t (1 v - i .u,.l p. ml, an rr
or it. lour t- eomptiiin. Mil's hill, i.r the a .ni" will I o 1 1
krn i t roiiieeta rl a to him and rtl litr hour uc ex purte,
an 1 tt.al j i 't ol ituj. ti dor he p d.i'al,. .1 1 n. a week,
lor "'r nit' eaire Hick" in the Niitii inr nioti.
4 I'..-v .ttt.vt : .1. I''. ot.K.W 1 1, ' M.
J. f. l'mi .v f , s.l'i f .r fo'iipli. j'llj 134t.
In Chancery at Nashville.
otati: or Ti n'i:-. i K. .t nui s h 1-1 m the
VJ l i' I k I'll, e, t'htllt cr I'UI t .it N.i-livnlc, lion.
day. July Hi" 711., lv:j.
J- im Sl i lito ".'jit pi. nn -nt . i . ! M ,r l.all '.t al, l'o
I' to I 'Ul-
It i;'- irin; fr.'Oi i,::, ;,u ,i , ,t in this i linn liiat
the ladfi. lalit, Halnlo 111 Mirtli.ll, In- rellloled
h.lin.'ll trolil tlitt Mile o T. ni" e, -.. Ih it f.it Itll
nuv itoc. i.i c.iiiti l . acivnl on lino, an I
Ho t !:ic .1- leii.l nit, (', K. M ii... ;il , it. a i on n n il nt
"1 III ' M.de ol Ii liM. .'. Il is oi lioo! II,., t I! ,.y .1 I
".i t ll.cr ucp.'.ir. u. co 1,. rem 1..10,-'' or w ulnii " He
ll.-t C.r.'i .l it t t..e tl.'M I :tn ol m;. ( .en I, In li,.
Ii 1.1 on Ilo.' I t M ti.liv in N n enib.T li' M (lMi-' lonl
pii a.i.l, imiw i' or .1. lour lo ('"iop;i,iii,uil I. ill , or tint
a .iiic w In- t,,k, n ,,r colli. --.1 as to th.'in, ui.d k"t
IT Ii.miiiik e.l p.l.' I", itli.l II ,il a cpv ol tin- or I' r lie
'.ill.:M-l till ' II " i. loir s li-l-e-'-n , la ait III the
.S.l-m.'. I. if Cn.'tii. A t'opi Aft ! :
.1. K UIKAVfS. I- A M.
liu.Kn li"t'ni" , s.tl. lor i "inpl t. jn yl imi
In Chancery at Nashvillo.
-At Itnl'S held In the
J I lelk's (lllice. Ch ilioeiy 1
.iirt ul N.isliV'll.'. Moll
lay, Julv the itli, iat-2.
Jolin ."hidito, toiiii'ia.iiant, rt. II. Mar.-di.ll e'. it's,
It ali.on ii, r' (ri.tn alluai it lile l in this nana" that
th" .el. lid. nit, lllinimiind larnh.lll, has M-liloiad
h.iiirelf limn Ihe huntl ot lint tatu t. Telini ..soon, ko
tint the t rilin 11 y pro. . a of tint law t aniiot lat fervid
on bun. It isoi il. rod Unit Im tin outer his appe irain e
herein h. lore or within the ur,i thieeilals ol Hi" next
l"i ai id i.iini Court to I'a held on the ll M I (y In
Novemh-r next i IstiJi and i lead, aukwa-r or .hmcr to
i aiipl ill, an I a bill, or I iie kit nie w ill he tak'Tl for run
f""Si"l ,'l In hull, anil trl tor lienrniK ex liaile.alnl that
a copy nf lint oril'T he piiiilihcd onco a week, lor tour
iii.xsitalv" Wet ka in th.- Ni.-itivi h l ni' il.
A Cpt Ati'i : .1. k. cl.kAVKS.C. K SI.
Kl a.aii.1. Il"t ino, S.I. (fit .jupl i. julj I3w4t
In Chancery at Nashvillo.
O 1 1.
'Tatj: ok
7 th.
Al-.-I K Al rules held ill llisH
rk'a i l
I lai.ceiy Curl al .wl.villc, Slon
lioj. ilav, July Hie
t.illili"l lluill'i
law ( I Mm
Coinp uiLaur r. Widow and lleira al
I'li' k man un l iKlicia I'eh'ii'lai.ta.
It ii..e,ii ii f In. ni .illl.laul 111". I 111 lira coiko llial
t" I'.'leli.lltlilS, J. I. 'Veil l"l l. llclll M. lovell,
.re lion-r"kid"i. tnl ihe Mam ol 'I. nn. i-. e.'i la ordered
licit tl.ey it" ei. lor tl. ell a;.,.. . ii. in," lc reill I'.-lije
or wilhiii the 111 .-st nin e milk of the next t rm nf ka -I
C "lit, to lie lo ..I oi tin. in ...i,,l,iy m Kt.vvinlier next
( Ivijl it 1 1 1 pi. ad, iiii-tt-r or .1. innr lo Complain ml s
hill, IT ll.e Mill" It I.l I) l,,',;i elites i-il ,ta to
thrill and set inr h.-innr i- p ti le, alt I llnt.ieopy
of Una in der he p..l...-:i -.1 ..lice iiin.k lor luui mu.
c.Kr,. wcelia lit Hi.- N.i-.lis ill-- Ciiiou.
A ("l y---Altekl ; J. K. l.l.l AVI C. At M.
J. . ItKicli : ' lor Compl'-.-'. J iltldw-I
In Chancery at Nashville,
Stmt; ok Ti:r-.-;:!: . At r.,.i. a
i ..-rk'- nil" ". C i"i ji i C.u l :il
11. Id ill II,
Jll C u t ill .S.i -hvill". Moll
l.ilvv li, i 71.1, IM..'
v ti. i ;i,i, i.-M..'
I. li " S. Ni, h ,1! - C 'lop
1.. Ch
il.,- a ai .1 "tl"-!.-, ! i f, ji
II .ipp ar im irtim allnlavil lllral m this rnnie thai
ll." I a ti n lam t. . .a Mi'l ii -kis a i on rckid. nt ol liie
-jtnl't "I J.-iiii' f.-ee. 11 ii- i-r-len I that he do t titer h
.ip,--.ir in, e int. tto h.f.titt i,r witli.li Ilia lirsl llir-
n il k ,. lilt- in . i i, rm ul .... I l.en t, to la. held on th
1 1 l.-i.fl.iy iti Nov. i, i! r n t' i.-j an l piciul, -n.-.i
ot d' ui.tr i" C"iii,il.u.i.;iiCf. n Il, nr ihe .-.nui' w nl I", i
ken t..r 1 1',"'.-.-. to liin, .mil t, i j,,,- ,.- iiiii,' i
eil I", .in-1 Hi il a . "I'V ot tun. older li; pi li.c h. , ,,.
a ii-'.k tor lour so, .'. k ,. .- vi,.,kiiu 1 1 - N i -1 . s. . ;
I In 'ii. A C. pi .lit- t
i v. i.i.r.vvi -, c a- m
li. r. Wii tor c,,i,, i i. jniyiami
In Chancery .t Nashville.
SI W'K OK Ti:s'K--l',
I lerk'a fill '.., I l, ,i,c,-t ,
At li
to I al
. Ka l.u.
day, . l ily ih. 7th, ln,j
.11 tl !..! -S' ilia n, I otiij.'n 11 .1.1 , ,
M.il I. tli. 1 e ei.J .lit
II i.-.v.i: !:.: ti miii nl'i'l ti-.l li.-d 'n lilt t-iti
tl, I.l:, an I. JJ .11,111 .i.l .M.iith.,1, I, as i,.
lit tt
n in- i , iro'u :n .-f. t ni t in.-- -ti -, u, ,i ti,, . m ,i i
l.arl pit,, r. ,,' l, ,- , , I, -,. I.,- I ,,t, ,,lM 1
i "i-l, n t lli.il lie il" "i.ti-i- in. iipi'i-iinini ,i h.-iem 1
lol" or ll ill, in t!,.- II II, d.n .- ol 111" I" XI I. Mil
k,u I foil' I . I i I"- I" d "ii III" ltd M ,.,,, i ,i, , n-i
her ti, -.1 , ko an I p;, a, i or il, iii-;r .. r. i
on n,t Utii. or the -tatti.- w ill be Itik' u lor "t.nl.kj..
i- l" I'll III .ii',1 .'! 1,-r I ' ' I l - L' e tl le . .1 -I li, il a
copy ol lie lo-ticr bo p,,ti'Mm.i once it w.-ca l--r Pair
Mici call e mice in Hie N iiiliville I liloti
A Copy All, ..It .1. i;. l.l.l ,HT.-. C AM.
U ll"i .ms, N'I. Inr C'.lnpi'l. JulyltUdl
In Chancery at Nashville.
i' ATK id' i
IK At T.
. O CoUi'l ..i
I..-' I hi I!
k IM-O , I M.il,,,
I li
it.iV , M,l liie 7lh . 1 S0.
W "itaiu : ill ill j. : k Ct-lnii! i
ii.'ii.t it.
MrVtiti.iis und
oil e. a 1
f Tl'tilllt-'.
It apia nrin..' I'm
.till' I 11 ll oi.- I in tl.ia
U ti ll-' p'-ic" i f n k ,,
Ih,- 1 - on . 1 1 , 1 I,
l-' HI
.ii M nn 1 ih.
I." 1.- I ,,W a ClIU I't -111' I
e. Il ,f ,. ,.-. . l, ,t ,
li- n hi I- -ton or w i tl. in Hi.
xl le: I .-.o l I ...ir l , it. I.,
, N'.,..tul..r ti"t ( si. J , an, I
I of
ll." M.lt "I T- I
In-, ai-p. n
llir. " l k ol In.
on lii" 1st ,.:-l . '
r i i it in. li
til - I'-ii. or tin-
Will I.-' t ik-ii tor coii'd. -.1 a t. loin and a
! I'T
l"-.r in. ex p.t't. , i'li l th .l s i o,.y of it,i. in u, r b
I -in I a " l ll . a I-'l' I I ,i-.v.-.-,i u Wiv.ii i
ni.il .i.t I id. ai. . A C.,11 - A. li -l
J K l.l.li.W li-I.C A M
A 1. ll. ti-1 1 ni . 1. i I iniipl ' t . ,il)l.;.i4
lcly !
pij'i po 11'
I- I'l I'll I .
If I .
,f ii,..
't'nl'y inf. rujed th.it ihe I'n
, 111.' I the -t
i It II I i-l I
i- oi ih it em : , r.t i ttr
rARb'ox iniovrNLAOW,
t i ;n- ti r tl..-
Number One of tho
Vi 11 I. pi; lil.AI V IX
Till-: NI-.W VdlJK MKl'KLV
ll ia tt
i' n i s w !: k .
I tl ti a iti, ,
i t, re,. I,i tti,.,t
I the f-.ic" ind i :,"r citani' tee-
l airi ,l;r and tearit -coin .a
'I' ' d I, - i a- taut , ai
" In-1-. uiiii i-. ai d .miiai -
t .. .11,-1 I . , 4 ion. 1 ibnri i .
, i '
1 1
I III. M.I. II-..-, Hi' Al. I'll I.. H hMlVt'S
The Tarcoa Crownlow Tapcra
' I n t - 1 . lie i- e w it It. . 1., i y ni li.e coi.
It. I...
. ll Jl il .1
p-p I
Till; .NLW Vi-i.K
v r I-ct t-vi'iy tnii' I'.itriut in
th jv.i.l them.
United States of America:
rni"rA,) HM of tnfftrmatloa was Mei srilhln
nn I I'T the Wi Idle 1'i.iri't of Tennes-ee, Mi
N'thcit a, on His 6ih rlay of Jon. A.ll, Isi.'i. .y
.1 .I.ii Tr.nitoa. Ktj , Attorney for the L'u.Ut l ruii.
I T ihe Mi 'ol" I'ittrlel of 1'annes.is', who pri"eoulrs
lo rein on h"li il' of t!ia I rn'd Mat., a iin.-t eertaia
.prop rtv , v.r: It e Xlachiii.ty ai.d islnr'-s t f H alson
If'l ti i - .ad t II. on I't.'tni rfe I T'fk, ill the
l . linly ol I'htat' am, in 'lie h'ste of lonn. rtee ; ths
Hin du used in to. D"C l"ti is it h t. d m.eh ii'ry,
an l k.'lioi live it s i S He r s of land, on w' Ich the hul U-l"-i:.
itnii'l. prai iinl tr(C.ss strain! rail prop'riy,
llil III. Minn' ti.- i: nci'Tiuud as tot leit. 'd.
N.ia.lltrraf r. in purkii.i.c id Ih" m. a. i tt , under
ihe se n "f ,ti i I t-nri . lo nie .1 ita i. d and ci'hi..t, I
ilo Uerel.y i'.ve .ul'llo In. I ice In all persim. ri.ilmllK
.aid jot p.T 1 1 , or ill any iii.inii.'r iiitere.ted th r.in.
t' at th- y Ilo and aiMcair triors Bind Cimi.it (onrt, to
1." h 'ol st the I iiv of r i.lii II:,-, m ainl f..rttld l':s
trl'-l. ,ai Hie 'iil'li .lav id lctoh"r, ISH'. at lit o t i.k k 111
tti i.T' no ii til that tlay, then a d there lo ii,t--rte
li.kir clannr, and to lu.tk" tle-ir all. .a..n.. in ti.ai
helnil. K. It. Iil.asi n il'K ,
Ji'iie21,lSW14t C. rt Marshal, M. I T
United States of America:
WlihHKAS a nOel if liifoiioali.tti was l.l.-J with
in auil f ir the Jllddlo InaiiH't ol Voiiiifka".., at
Nilfihv Me, ttii th" 'inlli ilay of May, A I', lke.2, ty
John Trunin", f-q., Atl'triit-y for tha t.'nlled Maes
for Ihtl Ml. Id r l':-u ii I of Teiitie.H.'., who priwia nl.n
herein on heliall til tin l.'ml.al Kilita. aKain.t a eer-
la II I ill and the llni 'line tcereou, S t'lkt' d Ir Ul llift
on Mark-' t .-tlreit. In trie ly of Naftii'l! o, klatwti a4
I Ills Si M'tore's f oundry ami Macliuie Plo p, karl of.
ami Dt ar It'oid str.et, in ll'a I ity ol Nail.vliie ; lso,
ail thn rract.lnery, t'atls, t'xttn ea and imp ftiKiita
an. I tnlteritl r'll.ii.ated with s-iid I.ol and Konulry
:i: d Machil tf rhoi and IluildTnt", f'T reas tt.a antl
in ust in fat 1 littcl oi Inloruiat Ion melitioni.l, and
Prayi! priaaas Uif ilnat Ihe said liropsrly, Ihat the
.son.' lie I'oinleintied aa aTl 'Ititd.
N: t, then lo. e, In pars.iaiire of the monition, under
the ai-al of aald Court, to me tlirif'ted and erllveretl, I
tto In it-rty pivo pultlic notics lo ad perkon. clainiinif
ad t r.pe'ty gr in any manner tnteitatp.l therein,
that they h mid appear hetore and Cireoit Court, to
I e held at 111" City id Nasi. vile, to aud tor said Ins
trn t on ll.e J'Hli day of I'l tnlur, lkt.j. at 10 o'ciot k hi
th.. foitot.ain i4 thai day, then and tlwre to lutt rtt.e
tic Ir 1 1 -linn, and t loaao tht .r allctaiit lis in that
heliall K. H. i;I.ASt III K ,
J'ltm 11, lCJ Ul. V- . Marelial. M 1). T
United States of America:
WllntKAS, hhel if ltift.riiiiitl' n w-a t-etl within
and l-ir lha Middle lltlllitot Teuuokat-t', at
SjahvlTa on lha '-il l ilay of Juua, A. I., lxttt, hy
Johu Tr'in'il", Ks.p, Attorney tor lha I'nlU-d htslr-'s
I'T tin) Mi. 1.11" Ii.alrl. l ot Tt'lilieaaea, who prlaiacillcs
her-inon hoiiaif of the t'tiilel Males, auaiust certain
pto arty, Tt7 : a rerum lil. aitnaPrd near the H"inli
i a-t coi unr of llroad and Krout slroels, ID tho City of
Sft-hvllle, helliK ttio next lot to the corner lot Hfiire.
ai il on whic h corner lot is situated, tba Brass ruuu
dry ot It lole ; said lot trotit'iiic on Kront strtHt.run
n nir back towards he rivor. theiirai nearly arail.-l
to llir river, anil tlo-n.-e hat k ti I runt ktn t't.lbn cor
nerolstll lot ou Krout street txrlhrst fnim Itroad,
l.uin ttppokite a small Klacasinith'a ahoji, siiu tdeil ou
the tdtiei- s-ila of Kront streot; sud a so, itll the Ilcild
in.'.k oa s .Id lot, and also a I the Hxhiitk, mavlilnery,
too a, Im pit uianl. and mat -r.als of it very di s"rn si- ti
c iineoiea wiili sa d lot aud Itiiilrl'nps said Innldincs
mi said lot latins' Ihe Kouod'y of one T. M. crciioaii,
and prai I ik pna-o.. apatnst said praiieity, tli.l the
lame ho eon lemtied as l'orlt'ited.
N'i'iv, tliarelo-o. in pursuance of the monition, un
ilcr the seal of said Cvuit, lo mo directed and di lll-er-cil,
I tin li.TO'iy nlve piihl.c liutioe to all k-rsons
r.a niiOK and proairiy, or Iu any roauuer inliTosu-d
thert iu, liiat tuny be aud appear hn'ore said Circuit
Jourt, to he hold at the city of Naslirillo, m and for
said Disirlet, on the Kind day of tu iobor, lk8i, at lu
o i l.'ilc iu Ihe loreuimn of that day, then ami there
lo Imsipiwe I In ir damn, and to hi ike thut a I legs
tn.ns in that behalf E. Ii. CI.a.-Cih'K,
Juno U, 180.; lit U. B. Uarshal, M ) T.
United States of America:
Vr"K"KAS' inl'Tii alum wis tied within and lor
the .MiJille I'i.li-ict of Tennetai'e, at Kaahvlha
on UieiMib, day of May, A.ll. , 1SH2, hyjolin Trimble,
Kaq., Atlorney lor tho l u ted .-tales lor the Middle
liiatritd of reunoksta), Im yirokocntos herein on behalf
ot iho t'mto t .--iiites. against u-r'aia pr'H)ity, t.s : a
Uil situated ou the Nnr'.h ea.t oorupi ol Cherry street
and KrankliB aircet, ia r-n:ih Naaiiville, and Ihe
bulldiili.K Hi, Tci, u ; thu moil bulldiiiga ria-i ntly iTei'led
for Um piirixiks ol treparii'K inal. rials lor tho maim-
lai iurooi t.iiiipowiiiT ; alsy tli" luui hinery ami tlx
lines connoci'i! with said Miahiisuuieiil, i raylnnai
w-f .iKintiai, iiiu sauio, inal ll no cauileniit-.il as Inr
it"tt, l ien "ire, in pu r Jiinuce oi ilia monition, un
tier lha Seal o' aiild Curt, to mo dlreotial atol it. .lit.
ered, I ilo hereby give public notice to all ana"iis
t.itiiiiiiK it.iiii prop,-riy,or in any manner tnleriWteit
tlieit lu, lUat liny la nil I app ar bif ne Hind tlrcilll
lourt, in bo held nt the Otv i f .N'.ikhviil.), iu and l.tr
sain i'nrk-1, ou, IL1 bin nay of lajtohor, laSi, at lii
o i na K ill nie loieno.m of Unit ilay, then and tlnoe to
Im. rii" tltair claims, and lo muk their alh'iiailoiis
ll in ai oi'.i.'i. K ,.AI ). K,
i' I 1'. rt. Marslial M. I. T.
f'iv rrjiui e:'
.iihvilli) Tinnesc.& !liiiiliivi!la,A!ali:iii
iavk Mivii.i.i: n-KRY MirtvrNo
1 it n o eha k. arriviiii! ai Hulil-ville aam" day to
t-ii .hit, via 4 ol il in l i, Piilnaki unci
nniiroiiu, I cnu. tV Ala.)
14 Passenger 4 Horse Coaohes.
i in.
I" la,-, a
N-l'lll ol
' n" rnliliiiir; a .'ally line of ta(.'CR,
r.k liner mid I'.ej Uold.-t ,-lali. u. bluill-R
"I'ti" Iralilk
" i, s Ir.tiii Na
ou tho T. A A. K. K. arc iiuiklua daily
hl llli- lo '
And II,.! trams on the M. (J.11. R. m.-ikin,, dally
till 1,0,1, ll,i,,t,v,li,' . Ha Hh-,.,. WnK:M
Mn;,Vi.hv,i,.a,(tAJ,,., UMt lliiuiKvllle at
I .os i . nn.a tuns nia.lo at e tln-r end or the road.
J. I.i: IIILI S, I'roprlclor.
ir r.rriruier Inlornialt in or il'dre :n ,l'.iT,,i.n
No. it, So
Hi i liii i y strutti, l- uurlh door from
inly 1 dim.
I lllou
(Biatrv aakai-T isu anait,)
bliiblislirl Ut the L'tn.fit tf Straugirv
B.ck, Woundoa, or SoUIori that havo
Dtol from Wonnds or Sicknnas
fftlimtrl'f INTi-Ll.lliKMCIC will. IIK CIVKV OK
toe ri.U'l It. .11 ol SUV
- k or tt..
u.led ioi'tier to
ri I - 'i i .. i- 1 .l.K
, civ. nnaII.
in ii. i.k
Mi il Ml I" f ' , t.r anv o'hi r It,.. no. I ,t, u.-. ,..'..'. .1
itatl.,1. ul. Tl, w ii,. U.L. .rm ,,..,,.
ml -d i-I.U. a, au.l il.f Tiiiatiou rouard.
t I ll ra f "in i y p. t of , . f s . . t. ....,
at a y t me, l-y i-ulliin al.nr vontu 1.1 it,. Suu.
In mi, n.kNi . utriia. I'..', i Ih. .11,1 Ka lki
N. li l'ii,
it.MiNt, in fir. , atsai-H or
II Ohtan, .11 llia-eaaarv in(.,t nt.i .,,n
in. ik lausi
hyiMl'liik- al our Hlln., .No n.raiulll t nirth Ml -tl
ji .ty m, itri
Committed to Jail
I 14 V i.t. ..11 I nil I. IV, I. nil. . Juua tlh. H1 a .,-
mail nail,, , I K 1 .1.1 A U ; rava ha l.clm.irt 1,.
li tlii II "i"", i, I H..uiy I on, ity, f.-uii i an, ail us or tt'i
ur.ed: e ,iia a a.iil ,,u or 105 pii,d. ; i tail 7
.i.i. hit.Ii i.''-r i-...-r; small Mr uie'er cm ni'r
ii;lil i .i.
Hi- own-
' ia in pt .led to coma forward, J riVa
I pay cliar. s, as the I., a .llrec's
j i insriv.
Mierirf aud Jji.ii ol l. C.
pri ia-rtt , al
j .liel -' t
Strayed or Stolen !
1-KiM "VI or Uli- l.lil'a UK Tllr. M liiTIIPI R. A
ili.'Y .lack- Stiy oho one rtdorniuK lha auliii.ii or
vinr nil l a..it:cu ol Hi : as ii. a a II hi a.t.ul.i uHr-
n. I) STilV.lI , North y.,aim.r St
'i l--lf.
t , .I i. ,
, fr.u
K III I I" l.K I Ml, .1. Her. ou Ci,.
UM- I'.ltM I H HI hi,I.M
,11 .1, f ,cl,,-' d I y Joo .lot.li.lou, I il .
i, ii i- : Mionl i--. a 1 1 n wlni" .CI,
' llt-l : ' I..-I IV lla.u.u, titiiu a.
l I -II all'
Ii! IV I 1 1
i II.
lp. I. I ll" w
'iti . il ,m lli
r ia ti.
t- a ll f
)-..!- 1 .5 1 . . i a thu i.iil. Oi- ciiayrd
,, ' V - al. if li. a .t.i li p.. p..
itloli lliNl I ' it 1. a I la Ihe rw i" or. of
JI kl 11 .l.S nut
ll- p.
l - 1 - v 1- irnal . let Copy to Ihe slid .i
Hay, Corn and Bran!
.MX I'.. - . I,. ,i . t.ru,
,,IM( W :, at I i..e.
Is Ilt.W Rsa.tj; ft,,,,,, .r.(.
Is u .w lleiidy; hrj K. Ull I rwe,
la U..W U.-atly, R,un prl(ei
la now H..lj; kJ r..-U, Pr:c,,
Is now Rt-Wily. q a (ail rrlie,
la ii..w Rea.lj ; h Bft'.l l ii e,
I- now Pa i.ii . H R'.sil Pr e-,
la mm R,. , ',: " M R, , i Vl ,
Is uow ;ca.l.i , L Retail Pr ue,
is now Kea'y; Retail Til. a,
If. uow Iti-idy; g R t , 1 Pr ce
Is now lt.alj, . RetaJ rn.e.
$1 S.i.
t 'n.
II 15
1 Si.
II ii.
II 21.
tl IB.
II i.
Ii .
Suut by mail fre of ie on rc pt , f prira.
AilKMV wauttal throughout iha,Bi i,u Iu t-II
this ni'tal iiitunsr.y inliTi si nig wmk.
Wtstl ia Pill ImIiIpu Hon.!., 4n jM(n
Mreet, I1M INNA 11.
tl. Tl ns.'ve w.trk is f f sale by M.Mtn. H.rm
ATiil Ilni'iiii
i -.ii. iir nn t.i. ju y lijt
iKV STOI K 01' ri.MTdOOUS!
A(ii:.T ASD
AV'lIOIalutfAIalU i)jrvTai.:i 1
Xa.7, rrnMC fqiBE, Jcarlh Cilylldicl.
MUM., IVtlltY, IIOIO mid 1(1 II.
i:u TiiS, riiiu.Abs n.i
An:s, vims mid m:i:di.i;s,
MHJOI. ( O IT., IH 'IT()S,
i.i:ti I'jitr ,no.
aii:s,iih kii.k.js
and I'l lM:s.
Cap, letter and Nol., ,MTJ. )'v0,,ot.
tail tcr. unit lote. ft-el ,,eu. aud jm uci p,
Nsl', Hilr, T.oth rnl ("i tl, llruaL,s
Ira. ts, Cou kuim and Ti llet a'tleps. .
katups, tx-
I'!..?.. ,l'u,;k,lJ Ku,' Vhi'Ii, Mtr0Ks, .i."'n,lera,
ClV::l ill "uJ r-y i
Also a irri.t vnrl Ty of .null wan s.
. . Ml current
Southern Funds Taken.
72 PI BMC St vicr.
I' id 8'. dim
run i: xa hh: jc, a,
TakeB effect on Monday, July 14. 1862
aorNo Noit-rir,
l.cuvf a aahvIllo at Z oH lock, 1. n.
ooiisci- wiu'xir,
Arrlveai nt !Vuhvlllc nt lO.tO.A.I?!.
Cou'ieets with Trams from mid to OiirksvlMe at
Hlate I ,ne,
duly lll-ir.
Co in ni la Inn rtlcrcliauta for tbe Sale
ot iioiirm and Mioi's.
W Hr """Ulinr liirsii ct.n.iinimi iits nf
ii'.vi.uiiu atiur.'S ot Din y Ucacr pU "ii, from
...o ...""ii. in-o. inrei i, an. I ato prepared to Mill at
prices luat r tSMirr BS tv.-si i sn. i,i, r in ll.t ntv
nn 1 ciiiitiy w 11 i'.i vail to tall and nainlne our
xcaai a". 4:i t in. iu;v M iiKLf, C'ohmiiado Unild.
in,,, in ii in . .ir 10 ii ia Ji.iam.t t .r.-.. I --utt'-' n v
J ilyM liu. HiVK, Tt.HH CO
j vri: i i;.M)i i . s, mo i.
OVAL Lm CfililVK.S,
llauiiuM-turtul of
These Chioiiieys ant iuloiul. d for th - Hut
fl.'illies, whioli heat nj; all par la 0f n10
tla.-s otiSlly, dtrtii not exrviae t to crack-
K li IliTHKIlalK.
'oi I l ilt Uiasa Works,
Wa-lilriilon str.-w
ittaburf, F4
Pain: li s cm lie seeu at this Cilice.
Juiicti ly.
."No. 72, 1'I HI.IC Stl Alii:,
Just 11. ceive l, ir Adams air:s, a FINK Lot of
Pocket Ilnivcs. Wallets, and
Porte Monnaics;
Aim, a Choice lait of
J. M. Mliltl'HY. ius.vT.
July ll-lm. 'I Public Spun, near tho City II..U I,
Restaurant Tortoni
8a ci:vaii viin irr.
rpiIlH well kn iwn estalihshiuinil Is prepared to for.
J uiah ll.'.ila al ail hours, to any iii.iu ior of per-
Soua, with sll tl.n il.-'l.-i, i.aand l.u
il the seas-
on, prepared III Ititt vttrv tiosl st w la.
Tl.a bill ol rare, in, ittt-d, wnl i-hallenre loioparlsoa
Willi liiat of any lloliao in tlie orth nr .-tiuthwesl.
Tbe tiO'Wl W.inwaa l llratidie sr. kepi ismslantly
on h.nd. limner, i r SupiHirsfuruished In any part ol
the city on short u.-lioa.
The Ico Cream Garden
la now i.an.l.ar" Ijiles ant Oen'lemen can l.a
aurmtil wnli that coil, rein .In.. euiiiiner heveraxe,
ma.li- to siiil to
Privsir I..U II
uutii-. oi nie iiioal laaliiti.ius.
.'ivi"l w,li la.-u or .nit, I qiiwiH.
Ilea, at ritaaoiiahla latos,
juiyil am
(Tommiion glfwliitut,
No. 100, Chestnut Stroc-t,
wjliciU C"u iuinsuu ol Cultiio, K,,-a, Touatayi, aiid
I rod loe st'ULT.i.y,
April in, lrto
ll l.i:, I li.N'NIiSXKi;,
'UK .-i ll cp.i m it I.,
. b:.h.. a I.I NMtAl. ("ALT
tv. al it i I mi., i,. i uf M. M
t . and a .il hit u l.-i lo furowti
a .1 'at It'tci.. l.i lii. .i i her
I I I, i" a t. a.. 1 a ul ki ,-p a
ou hand .1 larj;u aad
I K't-ta
Ai.l V V 1.1 Ilea e
Pi't tier, on tl. k' t ,-lfi,,
Citv a. id l.tou i i Iniiei.
Pa- ur I -ti,. : a li.i... .i
'li.lal.l y
.ma . i
A'a o
Water Tar
"bcrtl.y 1 "U I" d.lu.,i..ut uUr ISI I
I lie un. I .,r ,ui u I.l ...I ii.., ii.m,
u.ia.11.. of la hts etl' re.i. ao, u-.l t. Ii,, v
iN.iil,. lui a .id I. oil,, lb ai I .. ll. il ,, , J j
h L
Wholesalo and Retail I
No. 13 Public Square,
1 TAS roci-!v,t,1. ami nmt mtlv rrci'iv
I X ii'it, a larite uml ir. II a , lo, i, d .itra-k'of
(.fiillfrain's KurnMius ocds,
WuVh lie will s ll nt hnl,-iiU. ,! n lull,
It' iviimniftlil,. ini,-,.,, fr (Jisli.
miy M -".in
Il.tIV 1VTPI 1 Ii nvi it ...........
s..sa llllJl.l,lt,l,.n1 UMUtt)
No. 11, South Fourth St,
.uvr i.oi in, no.
t.Ul-iUbed ftir the honeftt of strancers com'ng to
.vuo. im K .IIII Ul
n.t ft.. 1:. ,. . . - ...
c..,,n nt, "k ii a tii.iance w lio can riu
u .e nrniy ini.'.i if-Tca niiiceand oht.iln roll,
ahlo Information of any soldier l hat en.
loil.d u the ,,f
'h'a.ai. r,I,..,i. .I.l.. r i t
' v-.w, iu ayna, II ua-oa-
lia, M mnrsof.i, AVuacVa aial Mun.uri.
I ' ivi.l.iljl. tl r. wn.u llai.lVIN up
w any s.il.:ier In un I lis a'aire. Males, w hi Iher
,. ,.,,,.., ,,,,,, in ,i,,a l-aiaoNna, ,,
III wl,-,l liHtl.M , ,.y haw been enjiaaiHl, aud
where Ills li jlli, .1,1 i. ,talio,i. ,1
Inloruiat on will also la. t Ten of Itie romlllton nf
, ... ... -..,. ci ao iner I I t. lamls, la .ii.nl a
lllicinliati, Na.l,,, le, M. iiiid I ity,r any ll.atp t
Iu the Wotilei n Hi pari tin nt : an I wh- n- tn..m k tl r,
.m ii'-tt. uieu i .mi i,,ir wouuls, aral.url
ed; and li-in Ih .a tkoa unsouera aro n.u-
Th s Is lha only Arm, Int.dPcncs oirl.w in th,
it ,'nt null' . o, ma .niuiaaipj.l, or ealern la part.
iio-ui, ami iiiioriu illoii ol soldier, frnn, a.,v ul tl,.
al.i.ve tale. can lie (fi.en at any tlmlN by t'. or
writ lis: lo the Army lutii;iK"iio lifllce.
I'e sons writinit will plo.se tlva the r..mie of the
sooner, w nat route i. lt.-ci i, an I tin. iniinla.r of
to. ir, men., iiiartra inr any kind ill . ,y luieltl.
" ,. , .ui.i.aas, ana any a.r.oo wi-iltiin
will ileass enclose t.u, amount, m oidor lo sikui"
iiriiiiou iu incir iui)iiiritai.
Addn-as: Army llilodli nce unico, !-t 1, -oia VI,
In care. P. 0. I!n lsls. Mi ia,,l.iY
No. 24 Markot Street,
Ind Xo. 2 Burnet House, ( h'ili,
IncluJiiiT evry lhlng in diut lint-i
Citizens' Clothing,
A Lai-To Aisnrliiii.iil of
Mt'l.'s, Lmlli-a' uipj Cliililri'iia
W sfc M a. M ta a . . .
OF Al t M'!!'
sre i .v
Shiiln, l!aii(Ilit-ie!it'f.H,!
La. lit au.l Mi'ii's Hair lion.-.
.' l...t ,i ... . . . . .
wiiuinti cit-iy iniiijf (.e hl'jlt IfJ u
Olo'hJng Smri', v,l,lc!i tVy will roll m Gin.
cinuiiil i.ric 'a.
May Si lliii
(Tommteiou gtmhantj?,'
cincin jVA ir. onio.
v-r era r,l..ti.-i ai.d P iu.il ! a. i,, r.o
W lil ret ei.
Illal II
our be-l att.-nlion
rroights for New York, Philadelphia
ana Baltimore.
Jf. ARK rilKWAHI'INi) CtlTTt.N. TfiflAfm r
. on more ailvautai;""!). lent, a il,..,. ,f . .... i
thntOlh from IN,n,l.,l ., I u '""I "11
koiiiic r
i'looici: x t o.,
COA I. !
') ( (Ml uu"lifc1'' COAL, ,wl ,cf,ad
"tv"" "u 1 'i'S koiueiil, ami Inr .ale
llrta-ra left at tlie vnr.l. (lirtN. i-'it n.- i l-i . .
(.'ilKilKV MlKKblS. will be iirumollit HII...I
Claims Against tho U. States".
A I.l KN A. HAU. wi.l stt.,,1 t., tin, n.ll,, tirn of
a a. i.iiiiii n'i anv i. lu , ,i, 1.11..-
...,..e. i,,-e,,rai It loitl.liloli. fi
al tint oa-waneo Iti.t.hil.
V U' l"liUd
A-Khrillc, Juua un,, laiij.
CitltT iilill.t. (Kruueur ' l'alonl.l
a I'ipe, .uts, W uaheiis,
WiiiduiV (il.laa,'l'iii I'lalf,
ItlielH, llill.. Willi-,
And Moue Jlli,
Jiu.1 rierirn.1, i,,r t.ji ,r uu j yti
11. Marsil Jlrrei.
HucUw lifut. Just nceivuj. ,,r .alt, ,j
w M M. LVOV,
pgpOOTS'and SHOES.
1'MK i )iiir:iiiiiKi:ii wni'i.fi iohphtki'i r.v
I" I"l IS III. iiiu. ul Ol Saahvi la il .
I. Sili.1,,1, ., ,,, , , ,,,,, ,,p . , Ji( ,
. I. ...II -lie.-l. wtiere ll.ev will .- i, i , '
". l.d .-iu I. t ( all d aCrilll ul
Truuks, Valisei, Carpet Ba-i,
... .!.,
a M h:
i llier ail! nr. I at tlJU ),,
a i" aud 11. Uil
l t i
K. illlKLAkiriTPflNJ 4
t". i'l, I Uii U Mil
ill Will
Tllini) VGltMMl:,
Subsorlptions aro for ONE YKAH
from tho da to of their Koceirjt at
our Offico
s. Ii.r..lotor.ly k.t lid,; K i, M .,n '
r.S'd.is in Pan. w. 1' II ,at prearlil
-IS sal W. lal l Si mLV"'T''""
lli't.irl.n of Me LT. K:.V; r '"l. M M KM. .1..
His Mi'lhtal .1 ha.ca. 1. ......
reus .a ,. " ', ' " " "M'riary
or all thn
1.1.. T .. -.,., ... ''. " Pl-esl. 1
Tin. .uu.
' "HI oi aar .nal. .i,.o ..
.tsa1i. r liisriv. , ,; -urt Sk,HiM
i',!',",' ni-TiNiu iiuitrt Mini,,
1-s-iLV Kk.mmi, Mi -., tn, ,v tf):
Special TcrmTlo Ministers.
oo,rto.l l,i,.,er..Uor..u.Jc,flo. ,he
'"" " -t'.i.r,u..r ,
r-'iieonnra lu 1,
Ti. B 11 m .
nt free, jt
ar, paysl.ir ,. advance.
. Tn p, auHiKiw or Til. lsriii,ivt.
114 Na.su M. , New YoiW.
r rii' C7', fHKF.. Jt
Jll') a
a s .YYi s uoi
Wlloloaaln Pcalcr iu
faj, Lfiier, Manilla, Wrapping
AN,, IKK-lK PAIKK, ,,tIN,;. ,sirV
ISI a. is srs.tr, mrsnt ''
- (' V . B-. a.
Tl ii i..i . . ...
ii. i .....iioi prico iiaui fur rUita.
' mNKXT ,S,ilTA,' '"'TIXH .K THPWrKiX
oldttrs nl ll,. T A II H l' ii V i.1 .
RKK UAKHKMAN. S c. A Tr.-as.
tine CS Id.
I .0.,1,.;!''""'
unit tl- 1 1.1 Ileal -a... I . V "' "" """"'
' ......i.ia . 1.AIOI K
N'J. H I'l'l.I.ir siii:aul k. i . ..
SIIOI'nJ A- 11 1TO
whiiib (l,ey nfter u, tha lr.,!a , , ow, .
.'- Otua.ry mereha,,.-, ,.',, , " u, - '.
, A l.ln ilTKN Ai lIHil.,
Julj2-,1.., N'UB"BI" '"l-blH,IS.p .
. v $150 REWARD.
Ka,,,;er. ,. , lilh J.y uf K, liruiu v , 1 vl', an Z"
ll'd ,.u,h lie .,M, 1(j ,e.r. 1)r " '
"iiJufu: "'rlii..,!! h''v
ami .1 o uaouo nl Ins !,.,a, in.iu . u,, : ,'" : .""T".
tliaal,..ver"wa,.l lr hi. I ,,,, u
1,14 hollle
and jiay all cM i,.a. utienilinjr the sa
Ilud.., w!,"'" ll" " '""r- n"'e from
.via-i-anon wiiion coitaiv T.-i,n. .... , ....
Inn , alo eroliiai. liauoal A,l,..l " "I
"lie; Un. k, spare n.a.le and ,.n ..: " "
f, wsiehs alioiit un ,.,au i, ..." "Ilar
llUea, l,D 1 pllia I. liie elf aa a fr.t I.. '...!.
apaaaab!,. , ,,. , , ""'
Ilia api r hellsnm SI. I c.n i h,... ",lu
juPy.--.nm 'iirainc.
Aiui, Y0UN0, rroprietar
Ml-l'lt, Moalt.
I '"in on
'' , I Ml
7 ul
iu:tt iui:i.
iiiliiMa ulwiiys mi liand.
Jiiuu 7 il.lni.
I "'ii.liuK and I .,,
Hoard per wa-k .
nut per tl
'0 .iIO.MIV
I'lry lutil t. V.irUt
-m .nil.
till O I
Tool! tbo tTllliiara- lleparltuent.
tlic IMalrlrl ol tl.n Ol.lo
i y ami Al l Kit TIIHTlst PAY or Jl'I.V IP
'w i'l oia-li au oMI.-e al ii,.t Wl i-i...,a u i . t
. .- . .. . um-i in aw I
Ttllia, 1,-,1,,,-H.o. .,,,1 ...,,. M.
"'."'!'" -l-u,.v,lle. Ky.. lor all tr.',,;: .
or tto. l in tl, ia depaitmeul, for three n,"tlia Irom
..uyiaiiaili ( llsltl.K-t KSHN Jr
v i, '"",rr'or lor the i.t,l,-t ol (il.lo
Jiily l-Jll ' U""'' l1 I"' ' eattli.
Wanted to Rent.
A iJ'Kr' T l llol'HK.cnnuinl,,, four,
r-'liia. Niaali'd Un aes.ral
months, ami
, i i ...1. . . . . . .
-.. ..... ..., cara ul ny . eeiillt,
A rr.N.'i.i,i.a ,n ' ..... .
uitu and w:a.
honu. ,,r .1.... - a - i . T oa"1 .or a
.., ,r, ,,,,,,011 p.
' I'.taautly silualcd. A 1-
lu panic, olai.
IW.I B7 P. O , Va.hvill,
uvi: i'Loi;n.
IIAIlltPM FPKu chocs-,, ,iylc tUtVH
Mia m I hv nrofiwv Ml la.
1' 1 MtkKV. Ami.
OV I ai. 4 au.l for Sal ul thu Hroa.lwar Mills
111". Ii li It i, ii i i i, . .
r)Hi ftlKAIa.
VT Ci" llinadaay Aid a
I ' Il D l.K Kl V l.
To Ktl i. iH nf TiIiii( iloiiar.
AVI) (il'IIKKl..
T''TICK isl,i,liycli..,,lt,,1a A"l paired ,y
1 1 " I .,1, , ,r,..iry a, ..., ' A
,.lillm,i,K 1 1, a .alii of v iiiooa. .nn 1 1 ,,,,. ...
l...lH'- ll-a.,ra, Aaj., w II horoaffer be r.n.ll'y icad
Mayor's ll.lloa, Mav T, Iwri -tf '
2cts per lb the Season through
Only places in the City at
thoso Prices!
Southern Money taken at Par,
I .ell.
'tf 1' an I 'H d" n Ilia ......... ii..,.. ... ...
as-i.ie inr il. i,r .,.,,,i. .,. jiroad siraat u!a,
HI a k i t I lri."l un t i,,,r o i iiur i ti and V ,uu .u.aila I
.. WII. . ,.,1 f M.rk'l II. u,l ,u ,1,. t;., ,rldJ
lio. I III.K 1 u ll"-riy Slia.,1. "
I'umc.i, ur,.i, i.f.,, ,, ,,. lf
' '" 1 o-r Ik-la.U p.it , ,iM 4...
lata Ki.eii tu l,l,,i.k. ,,r,l. i. Ir,.n. tl , ....,
Jnt , ,,f C"MIAI,, H.lMH.i.lt 4 ,;0
Preserving Kettles,
lit i-l a lid Luaiiiidl. .1 for ."r I .
July vi
M hum
ii :
U "I LVuS.
: !
Wanted to Hire,
Vk (J.ial (XX Hi, AVryiIJJIl,
P I i't' .vp.
;ihp n-ti s rr me nay ,
U I Ah .-'.d.
I'l If.
S II ..
I.V II" 'U
jo.) Id-
. . a I'll I ai . i e
i'i...id ki ai.y lieur
i-'oksau: nv i; i i:v m-;v.s .m.i.nt
Ju'j 1", Im J
ii r.ii-t'r,
-a a. a i
d h 1 1 I-.. .
' ' "' aui.i l II,. .lw. I i, .i
Ih. I o.l, Cor. u!.,, li , mi I i.i a p. m , ,v ry ,'.y
S. M CI MiKf I f,
iw lu voii t..r .
jViJ-dtlj u
kl 3
ii'X rouud,
sll l... L. -l -il-e U t' Ho.
A t.
i.oi i.
for luini 1.
ll Liny
ft-at.:., 4 ativai.
k.u,u.,.t it.,
Swrsi. w.irna

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