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R. C. IHEHCEB, Editor.
T torrnpondenn,
Our correspondents mugt allow u to
Uk our own time for reading their com
munication!. We bate no time to t
read to. It it literally imposiille.
Pltan Notice.
We bate do time to transcribe com
munications. We sometimes receive
communications with a scrap of txmt
dential information written on the back
of the manuscript. Of course if wt ue
Dm manuscript we have to re-write it,
and this imposes entirely too much labor
- . . . j 1 . 1 .
on us. We nave no lime lor sucn worn.
Notice to Clab-nakrr.
The Editor will be greatly obliged to
utrsons makinsr up clubs for the Lsioh
they will remit to the publishers and not
to himself. Communications anu bud
scriptions are sometimes mixed up with
private information in audi a manner as
to cause needless delay and trouble to
all parties.
Nashville, July 20, 1H02.J
Mpi cliil Order, Wo, .18.
III. All soldier, except Orderlie"
Messengers, and Soldiers on duty in the
Citv. hcrcafler found in the City of aNastt
ville without a pass signed by the proper
Commanding Ollicer or burgeon ol Hos
pital, will be arreBted by the Provost
Ouard, held in custody, and put on police
duty under direction of the Provost Mar
Jul nt, lit rceularlr released. Passes
O af
will not be held good at niylit after 9,1
o'clock ; and soldiers found in the street
after that hour, except tho ( lasses above
mentioned, will be dealt with iu the same
manner as a soldier without a pass. Ur
detlies and Messengers will be furnishud
by the proper authority, with certificate
showing I hem to be such.
IV. All non-commissioned ofllccrs and
soldier found in citizen's dress will be
deemed prima facie, as deserters, aud will
be arrested by the Provost Uuaru, ant
held in custody by the Provost Marshal
to await trial and punishment.
By order,
Col. JO UN 1'. MILLER,
Ciitiiinaudu)'' Post
L. Howlanp,
A. D. C. & A. A. O.
July 27 lw
Ilendqimriere ! t Irat It eg I incut or
Tenueanee Volunteer C 'lry,
July 20, 1802.
All officers recruiting for this s.trvice
will report to me at lleadquarters, Fair
Grounds, or at the Slate Capitol. I hose
desiring to enlist will apply at cither of
those nlaccs.
Volunteers will, if possible, bring their
horses with them, which will be valued
and paid for by the Government.
By order of Col. W. B S IOKES.
C. D. Bill EN, A. H. Q. M.
july20 tf.
I It O S 1 K C T U H
Tn Naiu.vm.ir t'Nins win comm'Mt" 1 a tVw wet kit
since, fiir ihe purm ui t.p '.( tho lt tfl SutiitK-rn
CoufrUfrney, and of mlv nntuiK Hie rot Tnt ou ol
Fxler.l -authority, williotil any abu-rtii.Tit , over a
the BUlce which have atimitei to 8ot ile. It h t
aa frlendi all who support, and h fs nil who oi'lH'H'
the Union of tho Sulci. It hi no wnuhword but
Wthrhtla and trailu tan nu cimr .'mine to
make Uttutuli lor tho t-Vtltral CtiHliluttoii 1111
the I.avra mt.e in PtirMiance thorcnf na tho Srnticva
T.iw ot Tut I.N, aiiythitti lii tho IVtHlitutloti am
I A wi of any of the Mali; ti tho coulrary nntwiiti
It cotitrmla Tor thn Vuhn ( tVe .tatri, becutme
without it thn prrrtfrvalt!i of our lilMi 11. au I mull
tuiknia and ttie urgmiMt!tn ur am-it ty tta. If are
wholly lmpoatfiblo. Th'Tu.o , wl atever aun ' In
yiewayol crunhiuK out the nhe!li n hii1 rt-Htcr iiK
I'liiou tnukt iMti.rtli. bo iiitttr by whit iiamo it be
To Hie iM'ople of TonueHH , rviT renouurd fur Ibeir
devotion to I. Iborty and I'ni u, until lh'y were bo
trnyed to the ruhel i)nioliim at K Wimond by a t
dloiia Uv.ritur au l corj upl I rgttiilure, and who
have h'it e h avily the awful cur of treason and
anarchy, w apwl for anpport. l t tho 04in,!t ot
rebel o!tV hold, tn, Vi;iliuit-e t mmUUvN, ;iu.l Mioulc
lien, whu Ikivu til' I'd our hord 'ia w th iinHirniii be
Slbbetted before the world. It i1ijm-anihilioux uud
afarU'loua men who have plotiod our ruin (or tin ir
own anrrandiw n.t'nt be ftuteiail t tho pdlory tf
ahanie, no mntter how hi h their iumili u in a.n it-i v .
1st It be atinwn how the o.My!id dt-itiih-i a of
"Suhern H t n ti It1 are do leading u.uranttiii bHUiln
of free bu tter aod nn Ir toperit oytr our .Slte, kid.
uapvhiit tH'itT'H'a, utealiiiK hortoH and i;iltl, breaking
Into hotline , buiimiti i n hoad bi iJgr an t i ai, and
murdering unatno'd c iift oi In w bim d, I . L iho
truth, a . 1 in n t K-ltidcil by the oiithtin eo',ip:riitir,
Dow fiu'Ui.n liet-'y t firotixU rvi rv tie hb r In ,
and our leur 1 assuredly tmiu j'i Will i t ,yil
men every w hero md m In tho ! i m nati u of lm t
aud the ad cat-y ui I-1 i t t.u n-t ifmnl f
Terms of 8uvscripliom in Par Funds.
lHt t'nion, eii.nltf t'i'jr. I"r t.
i cU.ba nt liu i4' b.
Trt wnrk'y, amnio eupy
el Mm ol i u, utt h.. .
Weekly, mU -v,
cltibe U ii u, et u
6 IK
4 ut.
1 ;m
"AH ronini mwatH'iia on buiiti with ihei.tihr,
will beaddree. d io he t rul.lIIMS i the I SUiN,
and all c'mnuiuUaii"i to lU" kd.t r itl bo ail.ln'ha
lo.. C M Ut-Hi
.ilitorol by at ru-w-ipverfc 'H do u a r-il L.ud
aeei by re -uMlil lug Ibe froji-.i -g .ir It- i b-t.tn. e
Theciirrotil trantMietloiH in reuu-. f r iiiiiiin ti.
outne will bo hi.h y ul-'i. wiitir; to uh Uvm,i ,r
tntrj and hi t 1r e luctilud ua, at d Mi - , oMhih.h (
tbe IMoy di f'lri.ifh the Hiiol aiiJ m.t rvl,4i.,.
beUry of (bote ev n'-
Hero's "Voiir IMulo
4 N.W cci.mu:
' CAMP Si'Ml and i Ililfl'S, wlni-h
j la i itna i Ui l ih.
u o I i''U' .r -. iu iu ni.l,
a in i' K mi.'ii, " u ' I"' "'H ". I"M
m-uuliy, f i' U i,: l' ',,t I-' fct ,u "
nB Oiavo 1 J ilia Va I') Vi lll.ani lla
I ui Li'Vkn ( ' r ILin ll.'uir, ' "
Kva a II i - " '
Ilia u nJ' u a f .rroil, ui I
J l a Ivtrulltevl
a la.ui 1 1 ti i aa
J uiu i r ' "'la - a
ail. al 'ik b i
i, i 4 li 'l .1 IIKull Iv
iMM,''k C. T. 13EAUMAN.
.4 I M I . I h ( T,
bueeeor to C J. JUCN&UN
)Al li If
1 WVWlMU4!Ul.Jii,."MU,SK!SR
Committed to Jail
OF Drvldaon county, .July 2. lf!2, net-io Iran
h v hi n'in. l ALIKVanl belong, lo
Annl-Cirniir'i.'d, of li.vl.'ai.n "fj.Jiilr . Tf nn . ou the
Jo rn-vll Vik 'i e. nBi n j,,r ; i i(m ai oat
16 m on, da 6 leal 7 lnc.1,.1 ul.h cdua-. h.iri , tra
on botu hiDn
Tb owner a renutd to cm for-ard. Drov
propariy in I pay charge, u tu law d'rwin
Jul) 31 at Hhef iff u,d Jailor ol I). C.
Committed to Jail
OF ft.vldaon Cronty, Tnia, July 2. 1S, I gro
IMU. tllunnbli nam Ml laAlf. and be,.tara
to R ban, an of fmxlln my, 1- on ; aed ab il
yarn; r D Inor, -. hl.ii , w. 1,1,. about 140
piuuda ; eoi,ar black ama'l a- ai n for head.
lb owbar la rauueatad lo roino f.rward. r-rov.
properly, and pay charge., aa Outlaw direct..
July3W3t fnarlffand .l.llor of I). 0.
Committed to Jail
OT DarMn'in county, T.-db. , Ju' JS, lsr.2, n'uro
man , wtm fAv hi rani- la Uuir and haloua:)
to l-ilaa Tucpr, of Rtitharfjfd ivttnly, T- nn. ; mt
aii 'Ul V) yr ,r ; o i -i o in'lM niro "-if t 1
pom d ; rulur, bmck ; Huge a criikcl oi 1. fi haiiil.
l lie ownr la r-qiaui-i u c ma turwara. troy
proparly, anil pa cl ar1 aa tUa law dirocip.
.1. H. llIXI.,
Jnj2l fl BberUI kail Jailor or n. fl.
Committed to Jail
OF nyUon Ojuniy.Tcnn , July 2? 162, a nruro
Dun. vsbo aavf bit Mime M I KTKK, ail brlolik-fl
lii A II l.s.n II i.tl..rrrH l.nltilV Tm.M mo
aiiout St ynnra ; ri,Ua lw) pouada ; 6 Im-t 10 luclia
Ulgll , , VIU' K.
ll'.a uwu'T in rMrtid to finn forwar'!, p ove
Lmp'-'rly, and pay cl.ari;i'8, an tbp law l lr rta.
Julyr)l-3t Ktr riff anil Jailor i.f II. C.
Committed to Jail
OK I)iv;d""n ciiunnty. Ti'iin., July 2, ISlii, a ni-icro
man. Him an k l.i. ii 'inif m KiM.-li'l bc.in."i ll
A llrnd' r'n,cf Km In if i-'l uiumy . T'-uu ; ami aimul
21!)u.ira; 6 htt 4 lu-Ui-a biU j dln 1 Vi pjuniln ,
cu!r . him k
The owiitT Is r'iifwlri! to c 'mo f'rwarcl, pr-'Vo
un imtu , an-l pay cLiirK'a an lln lw 1 ir-1 li .
.1. M. HIMliN,
Jut 1 ill SliorllTiin.lJallor, HU
Committed to Jail
OK rmvl.lson Cmiuiy, Tun. July 28 1SH2, n ncuro
niuli, wlm irayN In. n i:u- li K N K V, anil b. iuiiKH
t" Mull. .s:i iikr. if I'n'll 'rl ( oi.nty .TiMin. ; ntf'' at" u'
13 yt-nin ; fi 7 lutina liili ; eigln lii pvu'-di;
i o,(ip( biai'U
Tli owner If ri-iii'a'c 1 to oma fi-rward, prove
prop'.Tly , aud n iy cli irysaalb') law dlririH.
Jul ai 3t Plior.n'iniil Ja'lor ol IV ('.
Committed to Jail
OF IiayliHoo Coiuiiy, Tf im., July 2. 1K0J, a BfRro
innn. whu a ya 1 I? n ma ta I.H.V1 1', nini baUmKa
IO Liyl Wd, of KulharlDr l nulity , I' nn.j ng' 84
yrara 5 lot 1 10 iLCtn li:gli ; w ltm uiu nt poun Is ;
color, li,rlit iilurk.
Inn owiiur H n iinvtiil ti cmi forwArd, prove
nroniTly. uml ntiy tliaigi-H ad lln? Inw illri'H
I M. HISTiiN'.
Jul) 31 .It Elif rlfl Kiul .lu'.lor of H. ('.
Committed to Jail
OF IhivitU'jo county , Tenn., July '1 , irU a iietrro
ni.ui, w ho any.- Ii k H 'Iiv lh t HV,aiid b i,nrf
to Jno. J 1'iMwd- r, i t Wii am on t'toimiiy, Toi.n ;
ujto aboui 2fV yr ; fiet inuii- IiKh; wpIi 1 40
imiitida t "or, hi n;k ; fir d let't itA fu m a bum.
" Ihu uwu-r r- qnrHted to rome lirward, pruve
pri'iit'T t , ;uid I ay t hm gt n us tin- l -w iiirci 1-,
til .'i 1-iJt lherttl und JiU oi i. C.
Committed to Jail
Oy JVKlaoii (ouiny, ionu., Jutv lii. U'lU.u upro
m oi, wio a.iya he n.mo te JilHN,ail belong
ti All H urkniiin, ol Kutl erfonl (oi.nty, T'ini.,aj:e
ntut J ; rto.tr n (Ort-iitrt I, and a v tal toaaoa hft
L.nd , tfOii r, h:a k.
Uiu uwmT i r' oio tod to com a fnrwft'd, prtni
proiHTty , and puy clmioH ah the lw iIk. eta.
j ,; 31 ;it l.eriil aud .lailur n! ll. V.
Committed to Jail
I F n.vbbtoii L.'Uniy, Tonn ,.lnlv VI, lm2, a neu-o
mail, w iiO says bin dhui im i-Tl.t 1 1 KN , a ii i lw I. n
to lii'ore I aikt-r, ol tvaIi)ij.'1oii t j unly. V t- ; at
ll yt'ti'ti . 6 O ' l H llirlic- I, I.J, ; W itif )ol jKMilhlfl ;
iul , b a k ; o ri "ii leii w rlit.
luu i u io-' in rt.)io"-t'il lo iMnif rirwiird, prove
pnpi'i ty, nu pay cliares, hh the law (firiflH.
J. M. HlM'o.v,
.1 i'y:il-Mt Slu-riff and J ilb-r vf 1.
Committed to Jail
OK tavbUuu K' "liny, I' no , Jti'y V4, 10 ,1, a nruro
in tit, w io Hyn bm uanto i' ALT KI a;id ln;jtnjir
Io Tom ll'dt, a lnniii-initir ui Mr. VI cu n, of uvl I
mii oouniy, 'If ii ii ; utgo libont .'4 euia ; wt'lhH 140
v un tK ; 6 lent 4 ni lie" hi h ; c lor, eojni r ; &t:ar ol
l.;t Dido f I' ndx-ad.
I In o ti-T h re n !ti'l to cin'' f'ward, prove pro
perty, and pay chm j(oii,;iit t tie law di'm-in,
Jii'y3t .'it Sheriff ami Jailor of U. C.
Committed to Jail
OK Pavid-M U tV'uui , Tenn., Jutv 1m?, a ii tiro
nin-, who atri lis biitnc im Kith Ml; I K, ami
brlou,fi. to rancm (.irby, of Mia Iih.ui I onntv, Al i.;
me uioiil 21 ) wi h . o f ! l mt b n hi,!) ; we.gl.a
U6 pound ; t ot r, iit coin ei .
'ibo uwiie." is rf'tne-'i'd tcine i"rw.rd, prove
prnj rl) , and aV i b iii .ib tin l.i w 1 :r t m.
J. M IllMi N,
Pily3l-3l M.er.tl au l J.iilor ll (
Committed to Jail
OK Jiavldon Conn y , Tenn. , June 1.1, lti.', a nejio
in .is who i.m bi. L.iM - ih )A K, an. I bi-intnri
l- H'ch ud III e, ot I'hviiIpi n t'ounly, nn ; about
30 ye i' a , Wt;jh.-ato;it 17U pKund , U-it wje out ; cear
on iahi haii'i
The ownur is r'pieiti1 to come fo'waul, prove pro
porly, ilid pay t hai aa the law dl"ctn
J M ill.STOV,
Jial :I : Phot Iff ami Jailor ol ), C.
Committed to Jail
OF v daou couniy, h-ld. July 1.1, Im;.', H n. trro
mail, wh-i miyi Inn imiihi It 1 C M i I :, ami br
Ol. k to J eat. tai tin, of Mari-hali (' unt .', Temi. ; ae
at.o..l J.1 ir- ; ii b .-l b im luu high ; color, b ai k ;
hand,, hdiots btr.t Utv-r.
Th--owner la rr.itifatrd to come forw prove pro
lw ly, a- d p iy i h u.., aa i.n I iw di fi-ta.
J M. llTox,
,iul:tl-at Hlmriil and JaiU.nd l V.
Committed to Jail
OF lUrM-ou tounty, Tcun., July 11, l-t)i,a ntyru
W"inn, Who v.iy 't uumu if K A V N V , an-i be
I iu' t i Jiio. A. Mu-kmt i f Viiu fretboro, T ii" :
:i6 yeun , w. iLn so.-ut un jicuwe ; i l t tl'T
i'i''H'bur ; r-M ew u ; a. .r mi bit wrmt.ai.d
lit r the i .'ri'et t l idt' 1. It eye
Tin owner la rrjue. J to com forward, prove
property, aul piy i-Juiie-, a Ihn law direeta.
J.i'j:U-3t heri.'l aid Jailor ol ll. ('.
s t i: a ? r n a n
t ALTra Pi TON, ( 'lilllUi.Ul Ie-,
Will be d.-spat. hed
I UoM 1 IVI'HI'O' i ,
('.illMij; .it tueetiitown,
Sut in itu . .... A iiinit 1 1 j
V t-iliieday. . i'i-r 1
lu..d.iy, . . . uvtmib.'i lb
r Kutl Nut V itk
Sit ill .lay, I v.
1 h lay , ., inl-.-r y
"ii I oi d , Hi i .
i bui iil.i , . . lk-. .-mt . i 1 1
Till in imminent fchip having pr .(., if ,., .
fvnmlie.l b.i r is!, Hrtfctv an 1 oin.ni a ui, kn. ks
1'uii'H unkio'Vio on I'kMlilf, u li n t, ( iinm n.H d
atheiuol e.iib e t'iinvau foi p,t-t i s.
l iksr taiiiN.
From to $'.'.$ tu li beriii, ..ceor.l tig to the hji,
tn.it nu, and hi t .imniod.iiioii . f t do m.iu lim in,, H!
hv lim ti e HiiUn pi il Kd in tlo fai.Hni, Alhi r,,.
ail to iiomIh ami aitemlam Miller ut 'p:irini.nts
1 tuililln-H limy h e.i.ieil I'V !,'('- lal II t i'ilir III.
lirKKJS l oll THE V 1 1 Y A ( K to und fr-m 1,1 1 u
lMiil, al a A Hi; A M A II A 1.1 .
S t v xiii' a r'Oi"iiii Uti 1-ar.iciiKi'rd. an I iluldieh
UK Ii I ii )eibl i- a i'. bait I .tr , int.ililK Kit'.
(.k.oMi i .
St'tio r.oiii liitli-, imam li.t iiifln' 1 x.taraic fa
hie f ;u
l il ihu A ai
Intermedial' SUtte Ib.i.m ( u n.'i n f. nn lvMih
beiU, l'e.1.1,11, luble, uienil., an , fc nnbalan
l l-"d frf)
V ith miiN'i ur ft'i'-'in in. -Ian -im
I hi. H It the i.t .vi t a-i, 1 1.. nn ,,1,1 mi. r I he li .i.
of ihu Uib i I fN-plt'ilibci , Wnl bi ad. .tii, e. ;, ,,
k lit.
. 1 1 h pa-!.. allowo ! I, b-.-t ,.f 1 1 ! a, a -
A" it H-I l till' hll II ..(, tr. .ill
I ol lui.l.l an i .M.itr. a ; o
At the ot!-. ... p.,. ,k j,n x V
11"W 1 A N 1 1 A -'l N U I I.,
- i;. I I .
x i : v
f 1 MIfc Hub-, ni-via have iui, Mir, ,.. n ' an Ik. me
I itv I in t ! .i i a .1 .mi,' !r,M,I , mii ..( lh
tM al So 4 . t Ii! -i . i., M ,i . (hf,
July M i ol Mr J Y wt, it i; , m A
r 1 (I v t Ail' - tho I..0J1. an. I it i . di. ri V Vt
an 1 vuin'i) a e e-o., C.A'y mi .. i.t n ii.,
CHil. 1 1 e i ivi.u be i'i-e n 'o ki-cp i u bui,i tt.tf i
Vi iy I f't a t n ie in.it ( a n 1 v' in il'.
K It Kaui' ie aid I'r'h Puis i! d a: an tuur
bv ill- mu tiii.l v , i. u ti.e u, ii ilv.ai U ru.a
'juiyU ll ' I
In Chancery at. Nashville.
QTATK F TF.NE-r RDle h-M In the
IO Ci-rH t ffne,Oiaiicvry Cuurt at NaabT.l Muu
d.iv,.iul.F tb Tih. luC'i
I F. b.e:b I'omp auiUit t Wat IT. num hrTe d.
T no ant
It ai(arinff from aflllatit nl.'d In h'H raoe that
the Iffen.lanla W.at H. Humphn yi ha reirored fmm
'h Mat o( Tpiit.eefo or t a abscond ma or conceal
(n h uiveif that the ordinary prwuof tbr lw can
Uvl b- arved on bun. It la (trWed ttiat h enter bii
aptK,Araii-v herem bvlnre or within the firat three daa
ot ih1 ni it lorrn of aaid Cvort. to b h"ld on lh llnl
Monday lu Noren b-r n-xt (lMj) md pi-ti . answer or
demur io Cnmplttii'wtt'e bill, or toe aiue u. be taken
ff roubSM'il a-i to hun and act for hr-imgex part1,
nnd Unit a ropy nf thin t rder tie p jbMsbd one a wi-k
tur f -ur m c a h e we tn a the -afcvllle t uioa.
A tvpy Allt?t .
.1. K. or.KAVE4.C. A M
J S. Hatty & fon.Sii. rorCompl't. Ju y low4t
In Chancery at NashTilJe.
STATn OF TC.VNtl F.. At Hulee in the
tirrN 'a Oflire, I bann ry Court ut .VaaUvUle, Moo
Uay. Jo'y Ibw 1th, lHW,
L nth a Hron t al 0mi lmnant. t. Went H.
(lumubrevfj, Drfcndan
It appeariof tuxn aril larii UkU m tbia ra-iee that
the Uttuutliit. Vit H. lititnpbn'ya but r mved frt-m
Utiitf ol Tennwat.e or la ao at ondtnjt or conielioj(
h'lnae f that the urtllnary proceaa of the law can nut
b" iervj on him. It Ir OMerent th;it lk do t itter bis
it I pi arance herein be ore nr within the tint three
diiyi of the nr-tt term of Raid V. urt, to be held on the
lnt Moody In November n xt (1Hi.2 and plead, annwor
or d mur to complainant' bill, r ibe a me will be ta
ken (r confefflttil x to blm au l at I lor bearing ei parte,
and ihiatacepyol ihia rrJr b p;ibl at,ed mice a week,,
fur lour puc Rilvn wct-ka in the Nasnville l uion.
A C';;v Att.-t . : J. K. 01iUM, CAM.
J S. UaiuN.t S-, for UmpU. JulyU4t.
In Chancery at Nashville.
STATR OK TKVXKVrK. At Rnl-a hold In the
rierkaOMP... t:b ncery I'ourt nt Namlle, Mon
day, July the 7ih, lht..
JUm tSM lUo, C ii plain int. tt, H Murbail ot al, IV
It appearing from allMavit tll.d In thin raoe tliat
the Jielrndaiit, ltainiuoii'1 M .rcbull , ha removed
bniifwlt from tbe SUte ut TTim aie, en lb it the idi
nary pi oct aa of Ijw t ann t bo eci ved ou him, and
thiit the dcbuitl nit, C. K. Maiiiiul , if a t on re ih-ut
ol llm Mate ot leiinenhee. It m ordered tint tl ry do
enter tboir uppeaniiu'e herein bet.re or within the
tkiKt Lbrott ilaVH of the next t'Ttu of s:i hUoii t . to be
ti dd ou the 11 M tiday :n Xovember next ( lHt2) and
ple:ad, miiwr or tb-mtir v Con piaircint's hill, or th
m;iiiu w 11 be tiken for voiifes-ietl jti to them, and net
for benriutf rx parti', mid that a v py ot thtn order be
pilblmheil oiu'i k ttfck hit fuir fuvernlve weeka in the
N'uahviiic L'uicti. A Cpy Attest :
J. r: til KAVKH, A V.
RpnaitLL Hot sros, Sol. lorCmpl't. Jii'ylow4l
In Chancery at Nashville.
QTATK OK TKNK-VF.E At Rnlei bold in the
k5 lerk a Olli. e, Cli ttu cry i.'oui l ut Nasbvilh, Moii
day, .buy lb-: 7th, ittii-
John .-hldit", Uunpluin.int. r. II. Mar h ill et a'e, Ie
It appearina from utiuavit tiled in thi eanf" that
the Iteb-inUuit , lluinm nd M trh.il1 , hnn irmoved
h,m e f M om i he limit o f iht S:a'e nf Tenm sneee, ro
trmt tne r iin irV proo ui of t ie law i antuit m ferwd
ou hi tn. I' irt ord'-red that lot do enter hm appearance
herein bel'oro or uhiu tho best thrt'0d;i8 of ihe next
I rm of p.-iid Coin t to be tu hl on the lt Momlay iu
November next (lot)'.:) and , lead , a.inwer or demur to
ofnpUinutit'a bill, ur lb'1 kiiiid ill b" Liken fur eon
fe"ea m lu him, and set for hear inn ex pai tr, and that
a copy ot' tli if order bo published oneo a week tor four
g-iKv-KPiv week ,n the Nuslivi e Vtip n
A t"op AlU-t : J. K (.I.LaVI:, f A- M.
Itti-LL Jlotifuf, .Sol. lor Cmipl'l. JulyUw4t
In Chancery at Nashville,
QTATK OF IKN'N'I.KIT. At Uulna held In tho
O .b-i U'a uiiloe, t i.iiu e.y Court ui N.uihvtlk', Moii
day, July ton 7l!i, SC1
8muel Kam-iy Cuiup aii.aur u. Widow aud Il- irs at
law ' f -utl Uf ipa 111 iu aiol Olhei M 1'efiMKiahtH.
It api runi'K b uiu all, la it liied in lh a ran co th il
the Uu-ud.tiita, J. 1. -v- 11 nd wife Hery W . vellt
are non rei'iei tot the t,i!u ot T iiiieni-ee. Ji U ouh-rt U
thil t'iey do etiler their np-oariuien herein hrl'ui'
or with. ii the ll'.st Lorer iiayn ol the next term ot i-a d
C urt, lobe belt! on the Vsl MoLday in Novetnl r next
1 1 62 aud plead, MisMer "or h mur to Complaiiiiint's
bill, or tlu Mine All I hi) Ink-'t) 'or rout. Hsetl ait to
Ib -m and net lor li- ann tn parte, an 1 tint a copy
of thia onh r ht pnhiih. d onee u week lor lour kmc
ivtadte werk ill tlie Na-hvill, I'uion.
A '"t - Aiut : .1. K. tI.KAVF., C. k M
J. H. llKiaX K .Stiv S-N.f-.r Compr h. jnl13w4
In Chancery at Nashville.
STATE OF TKNNES.-KF. - At llnl a held in the
tiurk'a tillire, Cbaitcety Curt at Niuhvitle, Mon
iluy. Julyy Ihu Tt ti , lMi.V
lr,u..r H. M hfl'.- iV'inp ainiiiil rt. Char lea I,. Ch'I
die and oihern, I elendunu'
U ;ipit aniij! Iroin alh.l.ivil Ihcd iu ttim rnnm that
tho Ik p'inlaiil C . c. ( b'biri'sx im a i on-ri?ii nt f ibe
Male ol 1- uiu s.nee. It is oi ilered that he do enter bit
appearance Iium iu b- fore or With u lh Urat thrii
d.iyx of the tjejt term Ol vai t ( o x t, to be held OU tle
lt Moiniay in Nov nil) rn t ( IM2 1 mid plead .mwer
or d.-iiiur to riimpi iiuant'ii Inli, or ibe .iine will bi lu
ken lor coule.ud as to hnn and ci't br heuriiijt ex
parte, uud Ibat a copy o' ordi r bu pi.b:in tl oQ e
il Week tor lour MI'M'HSIV.' Weeka IU lllO N d,-1 VI lie
Union, A Copv tlr.-t :
J E. 0LKAVK-1, C. k M.
I. r. Wit kin, ." for fVnnpl t. july law 4t
In Chancery at Nashville.
OTTK OF TKVNkKF. At Kuhs held in the
iJ l l.-i k l iltle,., t haiiLciy Lobl t ill ViMiV'lle, Mji.
day, .1. ly ihe Tib, l-io-J
M iriha w in an, oiup'u n nt, t s Hi nii.oLd
Maibali, 1 t ton tan I s rt
It iMear:im fi on, alii U H Hied n (1,h ealn o tli.it
thJ 1'ffeti ant, lliiinu)'ii-l M iri-hdll, baa removed
limif' ll fiiun ilo' M-i e ot T- mn'riitt to thut ihe orul-litt-y
pruccji o' lie aw e iiuot be m. e 1 on him. ll
u md- rej tltut hn ilu enter hm app- uraii' e In rem -e-loi
e or w illnii Hi.- ll hi three da s of be u xt term vt
eaid Cotul.lo be hed oil ihu lbl M-tiolay in No v. tu
ber next ( iMOi) and plead, niiwer or dem.ir to (:m
plaiu.nit a bin or tlum-am mil bu taken tr conb hs4J
h to innn ami set lur beat inj( cx parte, and lint a
ropy of lh' order b puhl sheil onte a we. k lur tour
atii:i ea.-ove weeks in the Nashville I nion.
A Copy Attest : J. F.Ol.KAVU-, C. A M.
R Ihu ,-iov, Sol. for Cumpi't. July l.iw4l
In Chancery at Nashville.
STVI K OF 1 KV'II F At Fulc h-l I In the
Clerk's U lire, t .Ui. il ' I ulli't Ut WltVille, M.ll-
ihv , iiiy t.'ic Tih . I rto-j
ill mm .-imuioti-. C'lnpl iii:mt i It. ViMniiug an J
otlif! f lh b II l.il.
ll apin-aiiiiK lioin aiiniax -I n.vil in t : . m i an-e that
the ih'ttielani R. h Mm, u ' phu f reHnieii e Is tii
known and that be m M'K h nou rt-s.ilent ol
the Slileof T.-niioH.e, U in ordered lhal hu do
enter bit, uppe.uano' herein h. lore or w uhiu the firt
lliree .1 iy- o the mxi liTfll o fanl C-iirt, o beheld
on Hie l'it Moud iym .Noveuiht.r m-t (ltiJ) and pltiul,
answer "r di iii'n to i mpi .n.ai.i y b.u, or the ,miih'
wilt li- .ik- n tor route.-.-., d i,, luu and aet tor
he.irnik' i-x pa-b', hii.1 tn it .ropy uf this order be pub
1 1 she i l it,-' we- k I't lour Mnveciiivo we. kn ui ibe
NrtHln illf I Jill n. A Co A 1 1 l :
J i: i.i,i avi;-i,(' a m.
A. I. Dkmosh, -ol for Comprt. jntl.i4
iNew ""orlc Arcokly !
'J'il' l u II.- i v. .. 1 nl.y ii.r. rin.-.l llnl tbr fr
a- ,i oi. i ..I ii, o
I, ,, r, .iir I Hi, o.,i lh.,1 ,-n, i , i,i , itit,, a:.d
i: k ii. ,!i I.i i i, i, .,. r,
hott. r kiiuM'u a
I i nlr f r tl.n
Number Ono of tho
Tin: m:v vokk wklkia
l ) V
'I' 11 IH
Il la i ' t .-ti ,il, :i i!,,. ,,r,. ahll V1 ,,,r , ,
i-t;, , I li.t . I i .li I
in ,my. M-tai..i...airi..t- an.l l.-arlr,r,.rM
UI t. .1 l.,,.... la,,,.,,,!. ,,, ,h , ;r
r I. nu i rf y i. w i , t u li,ny
'niK m.i:ii: ur auii-i.i:s known ah
Tho rarson Brownlow Papers
till I,.- ,u' .'...I . i.t a., !. , k i,,. w inll.a.ol.
li nu. . I Hi.- ,,l.' .1.. I u: all at I. li u: J ,i, , j jj,, to
Till; Ni;V Vol;IC WKKKLV.
tJ- Lct evtiy truo Tatriot in
t!i Iand rood tlioin.
ioi;si.i; liv r.vLuv newsagent
Ju'.J l'l,
United States of America:
"I T HtRFAS a llb-l of InlbrmattoD u D1J will. In
II and lur tlx Wild la liiairv t of Inaanw, ai
Nmhll,, on Ib Ctli oar of Jnor. A. I) , Ih&l. I jr
JbD TrtmUlw. Iq , Attorn lur llta I'u.t Main
1. ib Mt 01 lttr!rl of latinr..-, wlio .roecu'.fa
hen-in on bfbai! of tti I'mia-l fuim, a ..imiI c-ria,u
prop. rt. .a: lii Mac'nnar and F:iinri t f Mataoa
A Mr a ni)r Mill, on S.ira r O.fk. in the
Cin i ol Unati am. m ilia of Ti n-1 s iu
huirtlHK ai lu rtHiuc lunv tla aaitl ma b,n ry,
mtJ aom Ut nr ait acr, a of LlliI, lu wi leu thf lui J.
Ina atanJ, prat luff pixcr airaiiiai it d prvpxiy,
Iba lha aalii? b on, mutl aa lu, fvll. d.
Now, tlirraf r, lu ,urHiu.nc-of lh- ui)IIHn, uii,l-'r
tba a,i of aal i Court, lo me tliioedd auJ dt.liai,l, 1
ilo tit-rehr p it,, public Dolw.a Ui all p.-r-otia cl.lunuf
tal piop ity, nr in an marber lut,-r,-teil Urr-!n,
ttial th-y oe an.l ai'"ur brura aai.l Lircull totirt, .o
be hel l l ll,.-1 , IV uf N mli T llle. In U.4 foratld I'll
trl I. on the auih ,la of Ot-lolier, lVUi, at 10 o t Iik k in
ilia tlir, nu"D nf that itaj, lbr-,t a ,d thtin- to iutrriHnie
Iheir riaiin. anil Ui inalte thrlr olliatitina lulu.ti
blmf. E. II. i;LAHO'K,
JuueSI, lf,2-14t. I. 8 Uarabal, M i) T.
United States of America:
WH r.HStS a li'icl v( InformativQ van Hlr l with
in aud fur tbr- MMtlle I'Wtricl ( 1t-ntMa, al
Naabvl I, on the iuth ,ly of Mar, A 1), Ibn'J. .y
John Trlmb'e, r.. Attorney fo iba I'lilled Ma t-a
fur tba aliilti: lliairlrt of Ti.nnaei.iN., who profttH-ult-a
burt-in ou ovhelf ot tire United, stuiea, aKainat a rer
ua'D Lot and th. Bnrrlihr-' t ,ert-on. a liiMti-d triuttui
on Mark-1 suvi I. In tho Cltv ul allbvil'e, kuo n a
kllla at M J"K l loutidry ana M.irhlue Hb..p. Iul or,
aun oi-ar Broad atroet, lo tlie i Hy ol NatiTt.le ; alau.
all tba ir.acl.ini-ry, tool, ,xt,ir.'a and Imp auiri.ta
and mttenal comnlad witb atld ljt aoJ KuuO'lr
aid Maihiua r-bop and BiuldM,K. for rnn mi uui
-atiea In rail libol ol llr,,rinatlon mei,llui,ed , atid
pniyn f proem aK'in.t Ihe aaid pruperty, that Ihe
ami, lit t-.on.iruitie I aa li rf Hod.
Now, then-fore, tn pureuarjre of the monttiohiuiU-r
the .i-iili,f aaid (.ouit, in uiu iliret-li'd ami tielivi-n-il , I
do hi-ieby Kve puhliii noil, e n nil pumon claiming:
8:til rr-'pei ty or in any roiinnur luli-ri me,l therein,
that tlu-y b - anl appear bt lore and tirnuii Curt, to
be beld at Ihi-Cily ol Ni.at.vi If, In an,l l,,r eaij !t
trict on ihe 20ib day nf ic(l'r, lsi.'i, at lu o'clock In
the f.iier.o,,n of llidl dity, th, n ahj theie to iut Tkim-
III-ir i;liiui.f and t i niake ib,-,r hll,-pailna la that
brh tir al. It UI.AM, IH K,
.luiie 14, lSi'l!. 141. C. S. M.inhal. M I). T
United States of America:
WIIKIIKAS, litK-l of inPiriiialinn waa flied wilhui
and for the Middle lnlr. t ot Tonne:-B"i, al
K iabvllle on the 2nd day of June, A. 1., IhuJ, by
J,ihn Tr'tnhle, fc'aq.f Atu.rni-y lor Uie I niud Mu-a
for the Middle IliaMlrt of Teuheaife, wlio pii.at-ooii.a
hereiu ou behalf of the Tliited Stntea, aKalliat oi-rtalu
pro arty, T,7 : a cirUin l,t. ailiialt d m ar the ttinilh
i at romer af Kroail and Front aircrta, lu the uiy nf
r.anviuo, pemg tnu next lotto tue corner lot afore,
atid on winch corner lot la t'tuated, th Brum foun
dry of 11. Cole j Bald lot I rout n ou front strut t. run
ii!Ufr buck toward ilio river, ihence nearly rarailid
to ilia riTar. and tlo-njc bitt.k to Krout .tn et, the cor
uerofaild lot on Front atrei-t Lirthift fnim Broad,
being opjionite a ruall lllitokcimtb'a aliop. situated on
tbe otuor aide of Front atrt-et; and a'ao, itli the Build.
infra on a ild lot, aud alao a l tlie flxtureti, maobinery,
too a, linpifuieuu and mat rat of evi-rv iliarruti n
cjiiM- i-l w.ili i.t d lot and bnildi,ia; a.ld hu.ldiiiKa
on a.ld lot lio t Konudiy ol oue T. M. Ilrennmi,
aud pruluK proci-aa auainat 8ld prol tty, tliat Ilia
aitma oe ciu lenmea ait lorieileu.
Notr. tliereloie. lu imratiaine or Ihe mcnltlon. un
der the tioal of Bitid IXiiirl. to mo diraotod aud deliver.
cil, I do hereby kivo public uotice to all pt-rKoiia
cia.mmg ,u.l property, or in any manner Inlereatod
tburvln. that tlu-y be aud appear boiore auld Circuit
Juurt, lo be held at the city of KnMiville, ,n Rll f,,r
aid Iiiairiol, on ihe until day ol (xiotier, 1661, at lu
o'cliTk in Ihe lorenoon of that day, Iht-u and ibere
to liueiMiite tut Ir claiiua. aud to tiuke their aliega
tlona iu that hebitif. K-alt. lil.ArK.XM K,
June 14, 188.' lit V. 8. Marabal, M I) T.
United States of America:
I17IIKKKAH. Inlorn uli wa U ed wltliiu and lor
If the liliddiu Iiiatnct of Teiilie-Hi-o, al Nitahvilie,
on the !hih day of May , A D , 1012, by John Irlmbl. ,
Ijiq , Atloruey tor tbe I niltd i-tat'-a lor the Muhl a
I'lMncl of li'iiureai-o, who proaertit,l herein on bt-hall
ol Ibe Lnitel alatea, awiuat ot-r am lir-ne,tT. v a
lot altuuted ou tbe Nortll-i-aal corner of Lhcrry alrit t
and Franklin atreet, lo Niuih Naauville, aud the
liml tlua thereon ; lheaai.1 buinliiira n-c.-nlly erorln.
for the purwa ol preparlon n,au rial. lor the maim
lactore of Unupiw,ler ala i thu miu liiin-ry and tlx
tiirt-B couum-t. d with stid t-gtahilfthnii nt , prayirif; pro
i-t-M utfitluet the auuir-,lhat it be twtndt-iuu.d hb lur.
N w, t'u-rofore, In pursntnee of Hie monition, ni
iler tli-- e.-ai oraaid Court, to m dlrei-ted an I di-,iv
t-red, I do ber. by give publu: u'tife io all pers. n-
cIiiuiiok it, i,l prop. rly,or In any nunnvr inn-rial,.,
theieiu, lhal tlu-y l, an I appmr bi for.- aaid llircim
l o.irt, -o be n IU al the lily ol.Ni.abvillf.iu am! le
aaid ll -Ir tt, oil Ibe Gill I'ay of (Jolob. r, l0J.l 1
o t-lot k in Hie li.rtuo .u of that day. tin n mi l tlieie t,
inti rKiae lh,-i, claliua, and lo make their alli't-atbilia
,tl lliul beii., I K. K. (il.A-10 K,
if' L'. !. Marshal M i. T
i:il.HLl.IQTlO. tv
KM i hOlD wim
Xustiville Tcunre.'i llunlsvillr, Alabnni.
,1 li o'chak. arriving ai lluntvville atime day to
,rMT. via 'oliillibl., I'uln.kl unit
Alboua lluilroua, (Tunu. X. Aiu.)
li PaEscnger 4 Horse Coachca
I have cotnmenred ruiiiilD a I'aily line o StHKfa,
betw.-tn a.k liivtr aud Iti vnolda .ttn n, S luiliu
l'l I ASKI.
The trninf on th T. A A. R. H. are uiakiii dally
tr iruiu Niuhville to
Ami Hit-trains ou Hie M. 4C. R.R., ma'lir daily
MPS Irotll lluulKVllle fi l-'k HIVU-. I'a'SlliK, ib tan
" Nn-liviim ui o A.m., making lluui.-.rie at
1'ioaj connrt t ot a im at f ilm end of tlie road.
J. I. AIII.IA, 1'roprii ior.
tf F'Tfirther iifonn.ll in o,ulro a. the Tirket
Ottl r, No i'.'., Ni-rlb t lie ry Mr-eel, hourlh door Iroiu
Ll"ou- ul)l-dlm.
(akKK.v atiKairr am) valni-t,)
st. i nns, no.
Cstablislied fir the Denrfit if Strangers,
8:cV, Woundal. or 8oldieri that huvo
Diod frjm Woandj or Sickne&B.
lb c,,i,li,ii ot auv Si, k or Wontidfd St, dier In
II 'I NK ('11 '. or any o btl llotpual la the YV. l, rn
llairtioeiit. Tina la li, ily Army liilt-llir..nto
lifihe lu the I'mt'-d Italia, aud Inforinath.n regaid.
mil S.lll, n frtuu any pail o( Ihe U h tan bt-fiveu
al ai-y I uie. by railing at, or aainu to tha Aaar
l.vrm iuicm',. 1'rrn a I', al t 'til, -a It ix No. lttlH
N. H 1'aaaosa tmaio to by. lan-l la a . a at -n or
riiiia Fail.TO will obtain all nftpaary uifortnaliun
by iial.niK nt ,'ltr (Mlliu, No ll,S,utU F.'UrUi Hl'ael.
May 111, 1HU2 1
Committed to Jail
OT PaVi.laoil t outitv, 'Uiin.. Juuo tilt, I HI - , a lie
Kro niao namt-d ki.'JAII; kiiya be l n.i.a-i to
Irviu I i -at .f, -f ll'.ury I ouuty, Ti uii ; ao-nt 'JI or V6
raiat,d: aeirbaa.Hut 1'iU t Ida kiiii,1 ; 6 te- I T
Inrii.'H buh ; topiM-r t-uiuri aautii at.ar unuor coiuer
of , lijhl ry
1 h i'ii-r la re'iu ated lo rotna forward, prot
pn ierly, aud pay chari., aa lb law dlny a
J ilii -'l hTi-rltJ an 1 Jailor of H I'.
Strayed or Stolen !
I -ROM ON K OF ui. Ull OF TH e. hi lu HI 111: It A
Orty Jai:k. ' ny one nue ret urn inn II, e animal or
giving iulr jtallou l lit - in a 111 0, au.lal.ly ice ar
dtd II. 0 SfoVAl , 1 North y in.nwr rl.
, ),i')l-lf.
Ti, I FN, from K lll l HMtHA.N'11 I,. wilier, on I n.
l I
(ll'UJ lUUII. ii,4ii' ft, lur J l'l' Jut, J JiuM'.n, I iv
iti!. 'Ilu- w' -tt-ti I. .1 nuall .li-. win. ii u- tl,a
liv Mioi on Ilia in-l e t.ati w llaaaaa, truin hi
f lh.r lu li.e wr ls.u;" ,B lt,a tuiMu. .i,,r.,ri
"lloK.ii a Malta. " ri,- above lii,.,.l w ui tt, p...
lor ant I, .ii in .1 l,,u Ititl tut) 1 ad I I lie re, e. v o
ll,, ,,,, il, II 11 li.t MILK
I, ,.t. n! l,' .rt,l pl. aat, Copy lo III ami o' 3
Hay, Corn aud Bran J
MM I Ha, I , I
(.INI " t ti a I I I a,l,
IfiNI Kal.-a Ii ..i Hay,
Iui ..e ly
Sc. it.t.r I, M.
J. I. HI -T
A r.-a ia a
t ul.e, lrl utu wl ti'ad.
Ju'j 1 dltu
m iit-mgjHii i
1 nuw Rtaly;
la n',w Ready;
fatal Irn", $
Retail Trite, $1
Ritall Trie, tl
ll o Rtady;
la now l.cady;
la nuw Ready;
ll fiJW Ready ;
Rttail I'nc,
r.-la!l Price,
HrtaJ l-.
Retail It-re,
R,t I Trk e,
Retail l-rie.-,
Ret'iil r,,e,
R.tul Pr.ce,
RftuU Iri.e.
In now Itartdy
la now Kaa 'y,
la now Ready;
la Dow Itealy :
Ib now Ready ;
Ib nnw Ittatly;
t nt by mail frc nf uoat).-
, co rase pt uf pi., r.
AtlKMTA wanted t'lroiivlinui n,..i..i.. t.. i . .
this mu.t intt-naeiy mu-n anng woik
WeaUnl rNilduthlril lleuar-, 4 M,,n
tlUeel, t l.Nll.V.NAI 1.
V. R.-TI e ahir work la f a- aal,- by M. .sn, Hai.i.i:
and llouail, Oull. e Slrfel. Juy M Jit
vi roiair.Aiait: uir..vitr:n
Ha. 11, ri'RLIC yqiUE, J far ihe City Iblrl.
mii 1. 1., ivoiiv, iiuio u,i m ii.
AVKS, Vi niia,M:i.IM;s,
srooi. l oiTON.nrnos,
LV.TH, I'jKr zuty.
aud VI 1IN;n.
f'ap, la-lli-r. and Note, ap-r. Fnv li..l: ,,1,
1. -tier, and Noie. M. r, a aud p, urll-. It,.., en-. '
Nil', Jfiir, Teoth ml O'.ih Ilnnl.es. Honp- Fx-trat-ta,
l oiuniia uud l',.iiei a, UuIih.
I'lpoa, I'-a-'aot Knivee. Vi,.:in Hfln,-, S.iaja udei.,
' Mho ft RiVHt varUty or nnull wtrm.
Co.. ii try Wrnlmuih, I rulatn an 1 i-'ntt.Ts aro ftj.
VIVlU'.l ly ca I
All currout
Southern Funds Taken.
lune SU illin
l'l I 3L 11 Q A. 13
imi: 1'A.ii, r. iv o. a.
Takes effect on Monday, July 14. 1862
Leave Nuahvlllo at 2 oH lock, I, n.
Arrive a !ulivlllo tit 10. 1(1, A.
loti'ieeis with Train lr,,ni au l to Cli Willi - al
Sialiil lne. July litf.
fo in iul al o n Mr rebuilt. lur lUcSale
of HOOT mimI M1IIIW.
UTF- ar- dii:y n-,i'ivinjr la rim rAntiiuieut of
l(..tirsan,l .Sllol.-, ,.f i'vt d atrip i.n. t,i
the Mtiuif u -In, e a , Inert, and ale pr,-nr,d lo ,.1 at
pr tea II, lit t.t.vN'iT n. xii ru. Ih-iI'iIii llecty
aa-l country w-ll t't, well lo , nil nt eun,i ur
apK'k al N i. 49 t'llKUKY .STiiKI.", (VI011.1.1.I,. lli,n,.
lilt'. t.'.xl il,,r to Ilia. Ail. mot rApr.'H. ('.,iu,,iiv.
July U Im. FUVK, TiI'li Cli.
lithii(l. l.it
oval luip
Mantifitr.tured of
Tlii-BeCliiiiiiipys are Intend, d for IU Urn I t
flutlien, wlilth hal i,g a. I parui of tlu ftV
s are inicii'i, d for lit llal ' i JJ
at tig a. I pari of tlu ft W ji
k. ll IlinillllHlK, ' '
Fo. I i ul (.I tea VVri, T '"'
tt-h'i Kt'ii aire, i
I'lll.tiurr, P..
Hnm'ileB cm bo eei n at ILI tlllif,
Juntti ly.
So. Ti, VI Hl.lf Mtl AIII..
Juit U, reived, per Ad una tupie m, a FINK I.u'l' of
Pocket Knives, Wallets, and
Porte Monnaiea;
Aliui, a tlioice Lot of
1. M Miitpiiy, mtM,
July 11 -lm. 72 I'ulillr r.uu-e, iii'itr Hie i it y 11. .trl.
Rcstauiant Tortoni
NO, 3U ( HII UI Kl lllil I ,
fpiMf wit kn'.wn ntithlml.mMtit i prt'ii'' t to fur
urnlt kii. it at nil hour, t" any mini i r of j-t-aona,
with ail tti Ui''.cj'h- au u t u U'j i. ea
un, rin rt I iu lii- vry v Rt t".
Ttui Hill ol .'nn, tD'teii, will (;lm.i-ni' v.rn par Inns
wilb Dial nf auv li uf m tlif Nurih r nhI,wi'i.
Hit Uuit Winn m l ItrtttKlim kepi o.uuulty
OQ Unriil. I):ncTii r c' lpetaruruifttiiatl lu t.y -art of
theony md fttjort D(lic.
Tho Ice Cream Garden
a now qm, hfM 1 Jil ti ;ij Ji u 'lim-n run t
ar.lw,iti ttmi nol. nlr. ajhni(r Sniimirr l.tvfaf.
in)'- io unit th lanfn oi tti imt ft nt kJj i
I'm t fkinil bi n-rvi J witti U ,4.1 ur tn i l qiinati
titia, al reauallt rnii-. J i, 1 1 iim
No. 109, Chestnut Street.
Sullt'itB 1 una gunieota of Collou, K.ie, T i, atx.i, ai.il
Pit-d l,v t 1,,'la'lv.
April 3,), ltiel, ;,,,
MIVII I II, -I I.MMi.i ,
fliilK -1 Mt K'ltl H I v e;,: , r',rV.H.l. jin
1 A'.r. y iu n,t t',iy,alti. oil ait n iul W H
'' -ii Ha k.t .-tie t. ..d a.ii I... ,(,, , , f.ru h
l tv 1 r ' hut , r ,.D una,! ,u)1 ml p. . iru. ,1-11 l.uf
l, pa, ll...:o. ll ,,f l,li. .,. v.,ii Wit-pa
.r., at. .-a ,"i.:;.i,ly ,,u l,. 1 f )v h lark. and
.urn 0 a t.uta
.1 H, c
Water Taz I
"Ti,T,i I i-li.-r. l,t t t,.:1 1., d' ,'i,'i.-i,t water lit I
.1 parent ll.al II, alio,, l,,r ) u. , l.l l,,r ll, to at 1
kt O.U1..I.. , I IV..' , rpre l,,. ui.l ,4 11.,, '
cm lorwrl I", lh Ith and -t lie-, il l. 1,, ii, v ,lly i
e tieci hy uta , and 'I, .1 ,1 li., w .lr I i. I,.
iu t i,,ra on;,a irow 1 wl j, ai , at t-rv ,i.,.
K 11 OAi'iKlli,
WUar T.ll oaltt U f
Jt.lyi 1 1 ta u
in m wwii ji Ji 1 1 mm
Wholesale and Retail!
Na 13 rublic Squ.arp,
("octii side corner makkctj
A? rocolvi-il, atid la eotirttnt!v rceelT-
my, a larye and welUalecttd SttK-a of
(icntli mill's I'urn ivliin4 (,oo(!.
Wliicli ho will s U at wboliple uml retail,
at iettfiiniil.il'' f iors, for C,li.
No. 11, South Fourth St.,
vivr i.oi is, io.
CtatlUhed for the l,n. flt of afrant;,'ra c.-ru'ra- lo
rlt Itiina lu aeart-h ot
and for periton. living at a dl.tance who ran rl tt
lo tile Army Inlell K m a t iHue aud ol, tain leii
ahle infoi inat;on td any aoldier ihitl eu.
li.Pd iu 11, o Matea of
.'ia., n.ti.ilut, (IJ.iu, loir,;, ,ViV.'if,..,i,i, tl'i.re.
I.n, .1i liir..,, hVururl v end .If,....!!-!.
lOtlR-lT IM 111 t.Ii;lt-: Wil l. IIKI1IV1V UK
i aoldier from tli ain, .tal.'a. ah' Ilu r
Hiik. NVol'M,K", K l.lro, tia ltitk.N l'ai,,M:a. and
In ttlutl hatliea he iiiuv I mii l,, ,.u ei,;t,',l, ui!
v.lu-1'e hi. ri'uilni'Til la Hl'nlh.li.'d.
In.'ornott on uill nlao Ih n ven of Hie i-ondhi f
a' y .li k or tt, ed aoldier i , M. Uoila, 1,. nl.til e,
l in, Iniuttl, Na-hvllle, M und I'ttv, or anv lliMpnal
III tin. Wi-aiini Ivpanm. ut : a nd' a li.r, l.ioae kil td
III billt'e, or Imivi, died Im.iii llieir woilllda, ateliilil
el; aud al, ru Hi ulte i piit 'ii i are t,,n.
Th a la the on!f Army Int.. II ,K,.re tdll.e In t' a
IH,aiitnie' t of ilie M imiiNHippi, t,r Utuiu U-purt.
ni.-nt, uud liil,,riuitli,'ii t, a..:,li"r. from any ,,f the
aliove Matea ran he (,-lten ul any lime l.y calliug or
artt liK lo Ilie Army lutelliK n, e ntt.t e.
I'e aoua a riliiiir. tt nl pl, K uite the i.nme of the
ao.dler, wlial m ,i h-en itl.'.l in, .m t, i,ml,r
h a r,K m, III. t I, -irijea f r any I ind ol .i ,y lntll-K-n,e
will ha Two Ilut.l.Aaa, and ,iny pr.o:i ttnluiK
will pleitae encl,t,. luu am. unit, in oi,l,. to e, me
itleutloli to tli.'ir iii,piirii,a.
Addrcaa: Army lute licence t'ffl. e, St. I.ni., Wo
ill rare I'. II I'm IMti. M.-yia, Im,. -I,
ST O If, l!
No. 24 Market Btreet,
ind Xo. 2 Bunic! Nonsr, (lii'lli,
iiavk io;t saj.i: a i. Aisa:-: Asnin
mi:nt ok
Inclmliiiif pvciy tliint; in thut liiic;
Citizens' Clothing,
A l.ur'j A-MirhiH-nl ol'
M.'i.V, I.iilii'h' uml CLililri-ii'n
Hi' Al l.
--!V I Al
Shill-, I hi ml ki n hii'frt,J
l.iKlits'' a it l Ai'in'r, Mull ote,
Allll lilllioal cuty ll.ili' i'1-o ki'pl ill H
Cln'liinp Sum-, whli-'i iloy will e ;, Cfn.
cliinuil irlc"a.
INy . :tin
C'lN-iltiVVKNT-l IK I'nTli'S, lnltM'id, l.Altli
I haTIIKKS and I 111 I., l'l K K, m-i ally , a 111 r.-, .-i.e
our In Kt atl.'iitioH ni'itll
Freights for Kew York, Philadelphia
and Baltimore.
WK All).: FOKViAKi INli C'lTKlN, TllllAt'C'l, A'e ,
ou liiore adviiiitau,- na l.-riua lli.iu il rieelplid
IhroiiKli (nun Cuuihei hind Itiver.
itoiii i.T iiooiii: ,v ni
")'' f.M;iKATI, (DUO.
c o a. L'i
l) 000 "'sfH ' "I, l"it r.tt.ivrd
ev t'l'tt't' on ( .'i. a ,.iiiii'-!,t, and t..r u!
III, I. r. led nl I',.' yn, ,, I ,S . K IlKla 'IAlI AN
'IIK.tUV MlKHI'.lM, will Iw promptly till, , .
'' " ' l. I. III. HI V, itKnil,
Claims Against tho U. States.
I.' I S A. HAI.l, ,.! alien I p, . ,;,,,,.n f
4 V t la.Mta akaiatl al.t , (l'i I n 1,1 sui -a umlj ,,!.
I ,' .,' lor,' or ttt IV i-li iii'lt.n We iim, l .,.,
al ll.e !ewiif.- II.,' at.
.Vi.hvnl.., Junu Kill, 1 .,1.
(.'IdlT tlillH, (KrtiiMr'd I'uliiiil,)
(im l'i ut,, Wuhlu-m,
Wimluiv ;iiis,'l in I'l.u, ,
IH1 ts, lI.Mi-S;u,-,
Ami Moiid J iini,
J, ,it le-clved, f,,r j! hy WU IVdS,
41, U.ti a' I Sir,', l.
llm lti lii-uf, Jjti rti'iivu,). I ,r c.ln I7
,M. 1 a o-V
'I'liK I .M i.;: ii.nmi v.,,i u, in i'l.'ii' ii.v
1 ii.li.iin ll.e . ,!U.,, of .,..,t ir UK I I lC .' ll i.
Ill f- li. ial, 11. 1 Ui.-y I 4 fl,, I H I., t.n,., N IM,
lu.'ii t, I. Ml., i.. il.ev wu, , i,.,,!. I ) a. . j ,t , 1 1.
n-,,t..J no a .,1 ..I, u , i iil,.,ii, ol
Trunks, Valisr-s, Carpet Bu;s,
4' vil.i l th.-,' e l"' a.' 1 at th" I tt.-.l lal, a lor t a.),,
n W I. ..caa ar. I tt-tail
M li, IP. ANSI lK' A I ,) ,
IlilH il .",. 10. I 1,111 Ml,-, I
l ) ( A -K.' '-"l,a
On ' " H m."
1 da 11..-louhd , n.r v ty
M'tl I S.
llii Wi'fllli
Slit llii'illll
Subscriptions are for ONE YEAK
from tho date of their Receipt at
our Office
, ''r onaehaa l..,n iuti,
. the , ntlre .ppr,h.B , thr , In" of
l.'.l.,o,,.rvt,,chriati.n awn ev.ry.h.r. V.
... am be ,.,,,,,, . rra,,,,1B r.mify
a. lier. io oreiy lie .-.. B. I not K H 1) . ..
l-d hy Iter. J(,nv Mn ldSTm K, l I , M pralnt
.t,h ," ":,rK" nM..-Tf.rk.NS1.
i, i!'"':"l,n,'",d "" "f- r. Al'AL.
.w m " i " h' ""'h wn "" r all II,.
l, a Ijcquitl lo ibal of mny weea.iT. whether .-.
mar or re-l .,. and la pri paird hv f-,',!f. Hll
.in i v r ,. u r'u, r "' ti vk
It ha. . A,""riM' llt 11.1.1
it hi tie moat toniprehen.it lluau.- Art!.',
written Idlhaouamry.hy' K. MMaMs'!
OKT'iAira or IhanviCH,,, Waa. w,r n SKn-aa..4
r'miu.tt bt Pimsoi utiitD yi.M-rrjm.
KiMtLT Kuiunii. Ittur, arc a-ttv tn:
Special Terms to Ministers.
Mr-oirerlo.il Kinlatei, . I.oge ,. darlion ou u,.,r
own papeia.amlon all miLacrtp. -ra il.y may .,.,
r Spclmen r r. aont free.
TK.rM-t.-f i per y,.ar, payal.lt- in .d,.
Ad Iriaa, Til. I't hiiMiiKM or Til. Mm r,
114 Niiatu M , New V.ult
, 'l'eciWa Cj,im ri;fK. J
Wli.'lce.ile IValer in
(aj), Uttn, .1I.uiiIla, Wrapjilng
l'-Vl'IC It H,
iro. UH! mil, irtiktr, ITW. rhil 1 .'.wt.i
'lrirH!MATl, l. '
II lllKlicrl price paid for KaK, inavl .1,,,
I l.ol.le.aol ,e r A A H R. l o , will tak. pl,'.
r.1 th"t ltl.te.,rihe0.nipy In riauknn rn thu Oral
luo.d.ty uelliK Hie fill, ,i,v ,, AKi,-l M,j
r, ., l'KfK "AHI'KMA.N, 8,a,.4TraB.-
aide lor two IIIH Limn,,,, r , ,,, ',x
1) aet,.,,, K..,ll'.,.n. II,.,, .,,,,,,. j,, x
ron a il it el l, , 1 .rry ,,rm, (,, ,
Ten ,irt,lu'n U..y lU,arde,. ran baa, conilniala.
i .' i ' . . r"""1' "' H,"r'1' " an lu. a,-, o,i.
luted. ljn..lll.ain MAHT1IA ;. lVAtOCa
NJnv ST Oil IS!
UK Siihai'riher" tleve oia.ne,! al
NO. a l'l lil.lt' Sill, a If k t.j,ii,,i .
a lariie Mita-at id Kuirtn and li,',ni-i.n- ' '
n , , MIOKS & HATS,
whit I. they oiler to the .,a.,a at tha lowe.l r!ili pr.
tea totinlry inei ehiinle, viaitiiiK the city am Invi
I I lo Kltt. u . mil, bt.ro I,,,, le,.a hi'lo.
A I. in lllKN .V llidl ,
, , ,, N". South Hnl l ubliopaiua a.
$150 REWARD.
ion John I. ilu a ut ttk, n fruuj ihe neiohiKir
'llia.l ol lltiu'linn Ore.n Ky., hv lh. leiaa
Kai.Kora "n the Jim day ol 'rt liruary, ln'i, au d oar
rod .-a.ulli. lie ui at i H ,.,.,. ;,! ,r,(h, , ;l,
tot-olor, laea fr..k'd, aboil leel liiebeaUmh.
r.illit r i-l il'oliuilt, h .ot a an .r uu hla aide ,, ,, ,",
and alo on oil" of t,i V,. fr,,in a doi bile. I will
Ilie al,over.iw,d Tor lit lilioratii.ii, or II leiurned i0
lua home und pay all . tp.-niei uttciulmr ,me 4
July 2 -ii I m
li, , "'" ""f'-'lhir. a mil. a f,,
l -l.i l,aii, ii, ll., ciiaiy, I-, ,in,,w,, on ihe irm,
Hi"! , a ii, -urn liimi named Alfred, ithoiil Hll lean ol
me, l,, k, ap.tn, malt, and rather delicto aiunar
iiiii'-, w 'i,d,a iilioui 14,1 .,.. , , r..,,L..r
,d ,, ei.,1 will don a try to make nl, lh le,l,., i
lines, rn, i ,t-s hlni.i'U' aa a f, ,. man. Il ,, wrile
'.",'":''1'1',' 1 1 1 'l. K've the alive reward lor
h :i iippr. hi io'ioii eo ran fc I liliu.
, ., .. B. WIIITrMI'K.
Ju ) . din,
' - rropriotorj
-tlil'li. MelU
K H .......
Il ' il .In iiii I I o.lj. (.r ,jv
lt,, ird pei wee . .
I !.d
7 uo
t.ooo juoi:v iti:ii iici:i.
1l,e lioy l.etl the If.i
l;, e ,K .1 , nil.
Let alT,,,lM always ou liind.
J u:a -J7 ,l.lui
'I'oall llir iriilllitry Drnarliiirnla In
lit) Uiklrlrl of the, Ohio. wA
V l I ..H'I au olll'i-at then nuj l ott-l lu Na.li
vile, l.nli'ea", and one i-n Man alr.atl, opp.aol,,
IIo- i.hiiII Ua li,evill,., ky., for all tritioa. lion.
ri', lu in it il,-parliii,'i I.f r Ihrw miul,a ,,
Ju y ll IHU. II. Ill ks K UN Jr
H"f ' '" Ira, for lor Ihe ,.i, . t ol n,'i
N It HiKhial Slarkcl pnto paid lor utaid lullle
Wanted to Ront.
. N'KH I Y M KNIHIIKI) IIOfSK, cnuinliiir rour.
1 a. five, a I, or ai-ven r.-i. N i,., fr ,vrll
li, "iul,., and will l,e well Uk. u nitra of hy A, eu
uiiiaudwle A r,aa,,n..i,le ,,-ul will l ,.,'j . f ,
,,u. oi ai,,,te ii. -a. rlpliou p eaaaull anuatau.
....a, n . t,t ,n I tit tl,UI a,
1f.Mll V Al I TN,
lk,i a; p. ii., Na.hviiiaF
M.iyl tf
nvi: riaOi ii.
f;r. luimn.u n.K-tif ;mit-sn it yb riirit, ,.
o" uauu. autl lor aaie al l ie l,,,.,la.u
Bl , la.
June 6
ll ll.
I'll KkV, A,, 1,1.
OV Land and for aala al Ihe llrot.laav M,lla
)"'" '' I' l. I'H hKY, Ajenl.
i mN-MilAi
T f,ii llr..it,iway Mil a
1 n i). nit'Kny, Av.ni
J l o llt'l M I, -r 'I ii,kiit;( llouai a
I fV'irit'K la b-r. l,y t.-n, tlial Hot A' t aa.d l.y
J' 1 v 1 ""I' I I' Lr ...ry lii, hi.j, ,i,i . , . A, ,
pi,l,,l,il.nK I'leaalr of v,l,i,., . , , i , ., a . ,,r ,i,,,
" "eS l, I'UH, At: , w II l.ei.-a'l T I,.' r', '.ly .'i,l,,,t....
i It,, 1,1 ,ll .U I 1 II MM
jNif. in i.n . ai i i il aiu ,
j Mityor'a till,,
, m.iv -ii, iHKi it r"
2 cts per lb tho Season through
Only places in the City at
tho30 Prices!
Southern Money taken at Par!
..'... i ,. ,.u , ., i ii, . ii,r,,, ,
in. I.. i i, (u.r la,i. ... n lir-avl ,, .' ,r
k.t 'i .'-i ,, t( uu.,1, ., v ,. ,,,.
.1,1, , I 11 it a, i Ilo, .at:, al,. ,u l,
I .la- 1 n ' l.i, I , air' el
1 llona'le
ur a ,n I. rutin n (r ,. .,,.,,..
.' ni I i,v i,, i,4f ,, , .,,,, ,.t , ,
. t IV . lo lu,. I,.' I , I,,,.,, , ,
lilli.n ,.f
.ar ati. ii
.!,,. C"'.MIAII,I IIAI HI 1 I II
Trcseivinff KcttlcB,
ii I l.l,au,t,!. '. f,, aala I y
July il
M UiiS
I "i !. , I.. a, )
W.M. I . 'i ' N
Wanted to Hire,
l'l'a,.-l 11, .o
in ;u te at li, . C.T.

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