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tuksimt morvinc, avovst Mi.
The following rrpululioii wan nnani
mouslj adopted at llin great. Stale Union
Convention held in U.iscity May 12, 1802 :
Ilctolucl, TLat we rcrofrniic in the
Nash vili.k L'mo.v an li!e mKiiitnl of
(lie jriii( s of Hie Union inun of Tin
licsiicf, ami wc rarncBlly rcromtDrnd il
an well dorring of (lie jialionnge of
Union nuij every win re:
CosFMf A'iiux Act. Altlio rc(iii'st of
a number of persons we republish this
We learn that ipiite a number of ilia
loyal persons were arretted at Blunders
Tillo, and brought, before (ho Military an
thoritiea. Wt did not learn what dispo
aiiion was made of tin in.
We would repprclfully aiiest to those
whom it way concern, thai Printers
Alley is not u proper place for the dc
p.'ilory of dad ruts; and if pemsled
in, they will be pointed out to those hav
ing authoity in mir.h matters. Tlio blench
ariHiiifr from the decaying eaicaMca is
nearly iiHufferalile.
The Louifcvillo ItenuMi-'U, U-W a n1-011
truth in few words whi n it pays, that
"none but fnoU llk of Having the Cou
slitntion wliou the Union is gone." And
yet men talk of navinj; the Uonrtlitution
first and the Union afterwards.
tlo. Maiioi-ki.s', the Ciubernatorial Ju
das of Kentucky, has called the Lecisla
t'jro to meet at Frankfort on the l.'ith of
The Sultan recently pave the Prince of
Wales a pipe worth $1VI)0. "l'ul that
in your pipe and smoke il."
We learn that the wages of field hands
are very high in the interior of Indiana,
iu consequence of the absence of so many
laborers in the army. In Marion county
us high as thtrc dollars per day has been
ollVred by farmers. This refutes tho
uoliidi " ten cent, per day" story, circu
lated by certain newspapers.
Thkathk. l!ul wer's well known and
popular piny of the Lady of Lyons will
bo the feature to-night; and although it
has been por formed here some weeks
since, still there will be an extra strong
cast this evening, which will embrace the
new 'members of the company. Mr. J.
ll. Au.y?, W. II. Paiitki.lo anil Mrs. J. It.
Ai.i.k.n will make their first bow to a
Nashville audience, and judging by their
puccusa the past season, at Wood's Thea
tre, Cincinnati, they arc sure to become
favorites here. We trust that all admi
rers of good acting will be on hand to
night. To-morrow evening Miss Li.,:e
Maylinu will maker her first appearance,
and a bill of unusual attractions will be
DANtrr, J. Si ani.and went before the
Provost Marshal of this city on yester
day and took the oath freely and voluu
tarily to support, and protect, and defend
the Constitution and Government of (h
United Slates against all enemies, wheth
er domestic or foreign, and thai he would
' bear true faith and allegiance and loyalty
to the same, and that he would not go
beyond the lines of the United States
Ituy or sell Tennessee money, firreu
backs, God, Silver, Kentucky, Georgia,
North and South Carolina, Virginia, Ala
bama, Louisiana and other Hunk Notes
Hills, Scrip and Shinplasters, at the In
surance Ollice ot W.J. Maiiii, on Colli
Street, opposite the Sewuneo House, there
you will obtain the best rates without the
trouble of trying elsewhere.
Aug. f.-tf.
1.111011 I Wl Ml M l 1.1. US,
MaTthkws' Machines for making pure
) sparkling Soda Wathi for bottling or
retailing from tho counter, are the most
' simple, nuke the best miiile, and cost
less than any other. Plain printed in
structinns for making the Soda Water and
delicious Syrups, go with the Machines
Send for illustrated catalogues; it con
tains lunch that every Sutler should
know. Address John Mathuuvs, maker
of Son , Wati.u Ai'I'aiiati s, Nos. l'!7 and
411,1, First Avenue, New Ymk.
Aug1 Meod
Mil lec ii III Illinois.
llKAlNl'AIUTKS Ptl'll ll llNnl"-, I
llrs rsvti.i.i', Ala., 'Inly, 11'.-.$
Gknkua!. "nt'i n No. Mi.
All CouiniUsiined and NuiiiiVniinia
s oiled tHlicers, Musicianj and Privates
belonging to the l'.Mli Pegiinrnt Illinois
Volunteers, who are now away from their
respective companies, eecpt those who
have a Surgeon's Certificate of lisability
(which mu.sl be siilisciiu'iit to tho dale o
this order), or are on regularly detaclui!
service, will report to these lleiid.jiiarter
Within ten days of the dale of the pub
lishiucnt of this order.
Those failing to comply with this or
dir will bu treated as dei tcrs, and Ihrir
names will be published as such. 'J'his
order will le earried out to the letter.
Py older of
1". HAlilUNG,
Major Commanding
Jl. 1. 1 KM I I K,
Ai tiug Ailjutaut, Aug 2 101.
i l: l,
Al ln-r rr.'.u. i-ii . u it '. ( I.
.11 1- 1 At III kl.M !' .Ilkkl 1 .
Til.. Ii:. ki. l u. hi . -1 . i . . . . . . . .
- , i,. O, 1 1 1 1' I ; in , y i ft)
i.iifui; ii.Mi.-J i....ii-i.. i, i.a.!A; a., in. .in
lli, l II I. . k, A M , Il jui I..-I .UU t . M. ,v u
1 U-ri j iii'U.
From (:( Tennrtw.
Our latest intelligence from East Ten
nessee is that we have at Chattanooga a
strong force, which is being daily in
creased. General John P. MrCown is in
command. General Mi-Cow u is, says the
Memphis Jfjil, an able and experienced
o flicer a native Tcnnessean familiar
with the geography of the country aa
well as West Point tactics, and a man of
great firmness and energy. Jiiclnnond
l'xaminer, Jafy 20.
- w - -
Geo. Pell, a well-known butcher of
New Albany, died very suddenly yester
day morning. Ho was engaged in skin
ning a cow that had died of some dis ae,
when a fly, that had l en feeding on the
carcass, bit hi in on the arm, which soon
be'an to swell and inflame and extend
all over his body. Ho died in the great
est tLmy.Ijouisvit!c Dtmurral.
Omenta CAmT.Ei) at MtninKKs
noitn. Some of the ofllrers captured at
Murtreshoro' reached Atlanta, Ua., last
Tuesday, en route for their prison at
Madison. Among them was Gen. T.
Crittenden. We were much disappoin
ted, fay the Atlanta Iiilclhijnti-rr, in the
verifying of the report that Gen. Critten
den was not Tom. Crittenden, of Ken
tucky. Tho Ocn. Crittenden who is a
prisioiier is from Indiana, and is, wo
leiirn, a relative of the weak, old traitor,
John J. Crittenden, once ihe pride of old
K f nt nek y. h niuiid 1 1 "thj.
A MoNimn run Postiin Hariiob. The
P.oard of Aldermen have voted $200,00(1
for the construction of an iron-clad Mon
itor for P.oston harbor.
Hi'.AnvfAiiTKiis Ansiv ok the Ohio, )
In Camp, Huntsville, Ala., July 20, 1802$
Gkn'I'.iiai, Oiti.Kiis, No. 3(1.
I. Courts Martial ih this army shall
proceed industriously and continuously
with tho business before them until it is
completed. The members arc forbidden
to absent themselves from the Court, for
the performance of other duty, or on any
account whatever, unless specially di
rected to do so by the ollicer ordering tho
Court, or by superior authority. Tho
labors of Courts shall not be interrupted
by partial movements of troops, and
when tho command in w hich it is con
vened marches, tho Court will move with
It, under the direction of the officer com
manding, and will resume its sessions
laity on ariival at camp, and in these
ases it will bo directed to sit without
regard to hours.
Ilivinion commanders will see that all
facilities practicable are afforded Courts
Martial in tho prosecution of their la
bors, and that the proceedings arc ren
dered and acted upon without unneces
sary delay, aad the sentences promptly
and fully executed.
It shall be the duty of the Inspector
General nt Division Head-Quarters, or of
an ollicer specially detailed, to Bee, after
every muster, that all stoppages of pay,
ordered in nccordanco with sentence of
Courts Martial, whether general or regi
mental, are entered on the muster rolls.
Discipline and, ronsnjuenily, tli tumor
and efficiency of the Army is in no in
considerable degree dependent on Courts
Martini. Nominal penalties for grave
oll'enees avail nothing, and are neither
wise nor merciful.
II. Ilii' General commanding regrets
to discover, among some of tho troops.
culpable negligence in the performance
of guard duty. The military character
of a command and its ollicers, may be
fairly inferred from the manner iu w hich
this important duty is performed.
Attention of commanders is called to
the General Pegnlations of tho Army, in
relation In tho duties of guards anil sen
tinels, particularly the parts announced
from these lload-Quarle.is in Genefal Or
dcra Nos. l(i and 17, dated respectively
December Kith and 17th, 1R01. Guards
and sentinels i.iust linta-iily be vigilant
and do their duty lnYL u it, but in form
also. The lale discreditable behavior of
some of our small posts, and their conse
picut destruction, would seem to atl'or
sullirient win ning on this point.
Py command of Major Gen. Ill' KI.L.
Col. and Chief of Stall".
Oitii iai, :
.1. M. WK1GIIT, A. A. G. Aug. f.-lt
lIi:.iQi-Ait'ri:us, U. S. J'i.iuts,
NAsiivru.i"., July 20, l-02.
;enrrnl Orders !o. IS.
The iillicers and Soldiers of this cum
maud are reminded that no orders au
thorizing an indiscriminate pillaging and
robbing of the inhabitants have ytt bee
pronnilt'.aleil liy the t'oiniiianiliiig (Jeticr
al of this District, or by any authority
known to the Army of the Ohio. On th
contrary, the orders heretofore issued
against marauding and other like prae
tices, destructive of military discipline
detrimental to the public service, are still
of binding force in the District of tho
Ohio, and the penalties imposed fur a vio
lation of these orders w ill still be visited
upon all oll'enders.
No soldier is allowed to make soarchi
or captures except by order of his com
manding ollicers; and all captured prop
erly belongs to the Government of the
United States, and not to the ollicer or
soldier making the capture, and must be
turned over to tho Quartermaster's IV
pai tiiient.
An illegal or unauthorized seizure is
a rtJry; and the perpetrator of such a
crime merits and w ill receive the severest
punishment authorized by military law.
Commanding Ollicers of Pediments and
detachments will be held responsible f..r
the conduct of their nu n ; and it is ex
pected that the orders herelofoie inied
on the subject referred to, w ill be rigidly
Py command ol
JOHN F. mii.i.ki;,
Commanding Post.
L. Howt-Asi', A. A A. Geu. jly :io-t
Telegraphic Items.
IT-iutl t" tl. N Y...-k W'orl l J
Wasiiinoton, August 1.
Lx-Mivernor IVnnison, (ieneral Hales,
and liepresentative Gurley, and Larr An
derson, all of Ohio, an i fed here this
morning, at the request of Govrnror Tod,
and had along interview with the Secre
tary of War, the President, and General
Ilalltck, regarding military interests in
Southern Ohio, together with those of
Kentucky, which ended most satisfac
tory, and'it is probable that all that the
committee came after will be accom
lo-night thev had an important inter
view with Gen. Halleck, during which he
lluded to the negro question, and said
that he was now, and always had been,
in favor of using negn.es within the
military lines, and confiscating all slaves
and other property of rebels inarms.
In addition, be said that General Mc-
Clellan had been instructed to nse all ne
groes coming within his lines, and com
pensate those who were free, but to em
ploy all without reference to their
The order on employing negroes will
probably be soon issued by General Hal
leck. Mkmthim, July SO.
The Bulletin of this morning has the
following from authentic sources :
Among other interesting items as to
tho proceedings of the subjects discussed
at two conferences of all the principal
nbel military leaders, held in Kichmoud
on the -lth and f.th insls., it is under
stood that tliev caiiio to tho conclusion
that they must lose no more territory.
1 he defensive policy was strongly at
tacked, and both Lee and Beauregard ad
vised the invasion or the North at three
points, namely: From Cumberland or
W illiamsport into Pennsylvania; from
Louisville and Cincinnati into Indiana
and Ohio, and from Paducah and Cairo
into Illinois. It is alleged that the fol
lowing plan of operations for the remain
der of tho summer campaign was agreed
upon :
I list, Ihe immediate, obstruction of
the James river, so as to make it nnpos
t.b!e for McCIellan to use it as a means
for communication with the Government.
and for the transportation of rc-cnforcc-
merits and army supplies.
Second. 1 lie occupation of Williams
burg, Yorktown, and the enliro Penin
sula. Third. Tho recovery of the whole of
the ten i lory of Virginia and the sup
pression of the Baltimore and Ohio rail
Fourth. Tho recovery of New Orleans,
Memphis, and the Mississippi river, and
the expulsion of tho Feijral troops from
Ifiinessee and Kentucky. hen these
objects have been accomplished, Lee,
ond Beauregard s plan was proposed.
ii:th. lomake the Potomac and Ohio
rivers at once their bases of operations
and frontier line, and to transfer tho seat
of war from Virginia to Maryland.
Sixth. To hurl upon aslungton from
K ic In uon d a column of 200, 000 troops,
By the rupturo of that city, the liberation
of Baltimore, and tho invasioh of tho
North at three points named above, be
coming in turn the invaders, they hope to
make it necessary for us to keep at home
for the defense of our cities 600,000
Ni:w ioiik, August 2. the Hilton
Head correspondence of tho Herald, dat
ed the 2H,says a refugee from Charleston,
reports Uus. Siuiln in comuiaud there
1 lie rebels have sent nine inlantry and
two envali-y regiments to Kichmond, and
otherwise depleted their force by large
guards on the Savannah railroad. Kverv
one capable of bearing arms is forced to
volunteer in the Southern army.
Ibo iron-clad rains, similar to the
Merrimae, are being constructed at I liar
lesion to destroy the blockaders.
Memphis., July 31.
The gunboat Carondelel arrived yes
terday from Vicksburg, and brirgi no
later news.
Several gentlemen from Boonville ar
rived last evening, bringing some particu
hit's of a rebel raid under Faulkner on
that place on Friday last. J' very man
there buying cotton was taken prisoner,
and SPJO.tMM taken from them, and -100
bales of cotton burnt. Five hundred
Federal cavalry arrived the same evening
i he rebels lied and were pursued.
A slight engagement took place on the
Ilatchee and Forked Deer rivers, and a
number of r bels captured.
Jackson was at Denmark Saturday
with J00 of Jus cavalry.
Jackson used a portion of the bridge
across Forked Deer. Heavy cannonading
wis heard at Bolivar Sainrdav and .sun
day. On Saturday tho telegraph was
destroyed, and a port lull of the Mobile
and Ohio Kailroad torn up at lluinliolill.
August 2. Six thousand troops crossed
the river yesterday afternoon, for the
purpose of destroying the houses and
woods on the opposite shore, which had
Horded protection to the rebels, r.very
thing in the shape of a dwelling was des
troyed. This was the point where the
rebels weru shellini; our sliippini; am
encampment. Tho all'air was success
fully, accomplished, without tho loss of
a single man.
'J be eunboals this morning are engag
ed in shelling the shore and houses down
the river.
Five men were killed by the enemy
cKulla nirtli linfnre. Iia(, anrt luo others
V HAY, Ju l .:.iy '! A' S'l-t,
A MI A I.I. ViH Kr.T-ltOOK,
u 1, i li ll.i- iwtuT inn li'iv.- l y .I.-..- Ilr.iiii th .''Hi
ii h I e.iiu.- 1'ir llii- :i ii'i IU. mi' .t. a U
$25 IiEV ARD !
l'NAV,YH:iM THK -rn I'TUnKR i.ivin; IN
Mli r.iinl y, nu. . nt' r Ci tit n tho Id Hi (
Mi I i l ;nx iiiu hi ii miMied .ri'H , a li 'til i Jf' n t.U
!.,,;,( 6 It Vl I'J Mil l.t rt 1. ' i , V L'ivl.M li'i-U LbO Ni.il
10 ' 11 'f . lit m l,t t fi i niin' ; li.m rill M.-i.-f I u
tt-in i-f wuf i I'H r i r . in -ciu li.iH U it
p 'NiUi ho in ty h-tve t:re ' at rt iml w-H kKviiij-I lu
r un-lr I tie' ti 'n Hi)" "I Hl k" mi 111
il . . il o iih(iM riirl I -r ln M'luni I mtv or tin
u. oui nt li) .t:iy i in r Iti it 1 uu ( li'iu.
filyl ii
m w nit 1 1 li-i (mium; un i i .
I ttifctl' rf bflrrt' . 'Ji in. li ; 'tbt, ft 'i f"" : h
I fc.41 it-' iilL-l ' 2- r !"iii.' i I l.a.l rim hi ( h " A ' ir V
I : at.. i i tmlf i puttr-ti.'ii ) dnbl tli
rll-f .t. .1 srui, Ji 'i.jt- villi li. t 4triirn- rf a U.R'l
US. 1 a.ii ii.. I .sill t-.isi M.H1 trtri i' , cl
tin U f tu ).-. of ',i t. eir.ii ' I, w .iti i r,..-f, m t
li--t.'ir..rt lili i.v r tkri t I ni-t ail a
tth-nil ttl-stnii t. Is tli oti'v tl it. Ut,
lir ! W r.ri,( ai.. .! u - .1 m u tl.o fctl B.Ul
Uu ,-iis, Mad- I'.'imI. I -f .
li, k i i iiit t. f k ru.,
l it i. .-; (, I i.. nt-. t I,
T!trt la Unnt, Ft.t.i 41; ., ml MiImi;
1 tie uu.Ui t Ak
' I ta, 9 at.,. I., in i
l.'i li-. ', ai l ... i,ui
)- l,n., Ik-. i,, A.' , 4 .
t f .r II K A I ., i
. is u I l!n- I .. ..
i 1 r , i. Til
.11 n 1 1 li
, Ml I U,
V.Ni'KSl' I'. Hi: AMU'HY,
SI. I'WuJ 11 Ui, ,.irlii.!.
,V f- rr (Jat fi. i;
.-w -r-'--'ii !jS- r' "'1--2-"
2j5 ScUrh.
New Military Department to be
Reported Suffering in the Rebel Ar
my at Richmond.
Arrival from Panama with a Million
in Treasure.
Secretary Stanton Ordering a Draft.
Federal Reconnoisance to Orange
Court House.
No Federal Gunboats this side of
Fort Darling.
The New Merrimae.
N'f.w Youk, August 4. The Tribune's
special says an Independent Department
of Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky will be
formed from liuell's Department, Head
Cincinnati, August 4 Deserters say
that there is great sull'ering for want of
proper food in tho rebel army at Rich
mond. Fortiiss Monuoe, August 4. The
Steamers F.altio, Atlantic and others have
arrived with three thousand rebel pris
oners for to bo exchanged.
Niiv Yohk, August 4. The Northern
Light has arrived from I'anauia with
nearly a million treasury. The I'anama
will, probably, soon be under military
St. Louis, August 4. -Considerable
trouble from the order of the Uoveruor to
enroll all the militia of the State.
Washington, . August 4. Secretary
Stanton ordirs any Slate not furnishing
its quota of three hundred thousand
troops by the fifteenth, shall draft.
A Federal reconnoisance took posses
sion of Orange Court House yesterday,
killing eleven, rapturing fifty-tw o rebels,
and destroying the railroad and telegraph
line between there and Gordonsville.
A reconnoisance, by Col. Averill, made
within fourteen miles of Petersburg, at
Coy's Mills; they found the Thirteenth
V ii iiiuma Cavalry in line; al our charge
they mi to their encampment ot Syca
more creek, from which we again drovo
them, capturing and burning their ti lit s
and camp equipage, commissary stores.
1, us very small.
No rebel gnuboifs this side of Fort
1 he New Mermnar won I lie ready to
operate for three w.x ks.
Jiurnside s corps has., embarked nd
Nkw Vopk, August 4. Gold 14 !a'.
Government stocks dull; lower.
'1 ho l'resident has decided to accept
blacks as laborers but not as Soldiers.
I j. tisviiiLE, August 4. Tho elections
are coming in slowly. 1 bus far indicat
fngoltlcesall Gllt-d by staunch Union men.
f i )t)M M I'B K'itTl II
OlU Fllii'WS' H IL,
NvMniiiB, Atrrust M.
At thu ilivi()it,"U of ''1'iuiiiR I. hm;i;," Nu 10. H c
i rtil I-oJ'. h aii'l khc mipuiHiils 1. O O. K. .i f ill
it , iihfinbl' l i hi 4 iii urn nit fi-i iw p'Tpc f tk i g
titta ih-i.ldrutiu(i tli ti .(h of Diet lu r U. II., Hiham
K. Waikkk.
i'u uioUiio, Ihi-OnUi n-K 'Ivo il- If n'u a Cmuio t
Ut t il. V h-l- , an I. sui.i.'iiij;, mi 'iiliiifut-'y ljl-J
the viin
TKiHi Ti: or iri MTiT,
Hut I ( f Dt aih H'lU'ii.i- t-t.Ly iu tti in n'nm
li t' n;tiu Ui.ii 111 uui Ut 'ia.1.
It I or . ria Uj iny sIiaii.ut.L tib uthttrt'd
fr ( u t Tin' ii'Tii riiiM t mtif !iVo uu uut n.i lv
fi it LL1 ji w -'A r in aui -l un niihr unct.t
lui iu t' - i na ii ofoia Ki li w nitip. liuu K. Wi.kkk
i n uioru. J t-utU, r- 4N,l rM IUmIIi, hat: fi'tdliitji
in It m . i'L a in.1, anJ hv mi now ui u hi cmIj
Hiiti i i yy uiohm. r.m un uii' ii.tiR li.tuu ui iut?
IihiI t t ilol in Uip BiiU mi) 1 1 ii r (jl u itluulil. tin' im
mm i ll ir t of our Uruti.ei' l u l lioiat-inih
in iiiiMt'i'.
" Imvfi bD l'o r tlm- tu l.iH,
AiM ll--. r. u wuh -r nt di- Norlh wl il' hrtth,
A'til siu k I i M't ; I'lii u l ,
I liou Ii !: al: FcaviiH, for ihm j own, ) IvalU ! '
TM h('iitit urui In tur com ( il chUil er, aitil tie
Iflcw'iiiy tlr iinc 'l lu aurnmu. ihk, nil ia i. ptmi
io i.im it oso e.iry iu i tiimaj utxn cur h i io n
B It W Hiii ritW I ut HH tb-ttn Mj ill Ut tlt. , f i to HIM
I un until tktMi im or ui ii iiat'l lot In l rnut, Bad
iigMtl t lit- im i i: fil jiini ni hiii routtig l.ar
nor in toil I ii .siiH'li'Mt uiou llic i oj uUaa tirta(lit
iit' l I li ti-i'iu ol tiitui..- r at in " Umi c ty i
tin It w tu li tu M-t rii4Mii (lit Uvh : n." Willi mi
tniUll' i inn ti nut in lum wh U ail UiinM wol
ho pr'Hk hi'd hu t'hU
Like one who rtr.iwt tho tl ru p ry i f hi coi i ll nhuiit
ii un
Anil lit-a (I-iwii to .Hunt un- mm
An mi 1'ilJiuli'iw , lui witi o-iin t, thviitcil. tnirt
lh urvolvK t tlm ilttfirit an.t C'JtMy t .wttrl hlJ
I. in w iiin Wiii'imi) li r- ct.ni". (-i i-i i ti,n. .i'iiri
nti d hf tti bt ml ioot, lis u w t 4iirHDl
l 'li l r-niK-i-s e iu Kuri1!'!! :tt ,vt iu tliu hiJi
Woi.iiy (.iiiu l.'iVu vi tho L Lit. .1 Mai r, ihi' I Ui
vhx f.niK.T iu Hit fciiu "tin i itJit l) imnisvii .n i ;wl
iLta'ii l i n.o uui r, ho mrvt'l th-ai i-tt l tun
A il, .irti.i, h a-i q i v u it l') tin- t.r ii tl Kt iini
mi ni lo tilt- b i tu I Im. i r ittie t'l.mii n . hut . th I'ro
vultt r- it IiihI In' m lurhiuih a kttitul
lu hU i ut'hi iti al oj ui oot itii udI i u
an I ti 'c i il iliu uj.iUUt uio uii1 i'itui ol ali t
t Hiut- iu tji'iiiai t h iiit b in whin I in i i' ml I l iiu ki
tv r ihu ilifi iih.l iU"l t.f ri 1 ti.vf antl Iruuiw
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Diftti, 1 ' I1 'f I"1 'n lA .t. li hum iia!
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I'Mn ViTts, Ftircur,
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South Curi-linn ami AUImmA 41 4ft "
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Tiit niot ftr for t: M.
The I tonic W Toiiiiwn-e ft nn cxh-dIi ntn
hlMive qn-lUi'uii. Nil in Ut biVn to iir itl hO y ex.
titecoiiul t'tiil.
B. B. CONNOR & ER0.,
ko 6, C01.LKC.S Sr., SASHVII.t K.
Mmtivllle Mholnl0 Prices t urrrnt.
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tlL'TTWl I'rimii
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CASlil.hls Sur
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I'm -iimic ji,
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llll.l-l' -"liin Ki-t-rvo I
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USD MH.-ne-,i, N,.. 1 ut..
No. 'i Ilk
No. S ct bll
OIUIN (oiu r Ijimli:
OHU 'f ll'1-.l)
r i'.. 1
B. Icy m ciHi.
1 H ,1 .
f V hi it. . Im!
Ot'NNY lMi.S-S. -
1V.X.11J IllUiJ
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IKON 1'mi D.-H.-e lUr V .
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NAlt.S ;o.l lo Jil
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SAl.l I- iu.. aa'4.
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V L.kI.i .. i'. 10 '
I.ilrll! .. id 1 1.4
hio.! i .. df t
l LilF.l.j if 1 !0
SKITS o.n i r
-Mim-t ..
H.-r-u l.iax
V Losl'! .. , i -J
Ulmui ... Ljill, 2 Hum ! i.O
Hungarian Lui.li 1 liiJ 1 7(
Flux i IiuhI) . . nt ...
.IPlItlTri '.Vim ky Cuulill) ... . n ' I Ultvl iti ,
NoiliTille. t l luiU 10
iym: f.xami n ation of tfachkih mi i, he
1 Ili'M IU till' llYMl'l illlVINu. C'ltHT ul MllilNliT
Uliil I tllO M. "1-18, OnitliUi'lii'lllK UU Wl.L'NKl'AV, l.l'l!)'
I) ul U, A.M.
iK All ititili .i lls uill ii,ii4 laii'ii-l.
jill)JC-l J. 1,. .MKII..S, ..i.; (.
208 & 210 West Side Sixth Street,
1000 CASES
Or 1 1 if hiaiitl' f "An mi j :iti,M ''iii..i,"
Ull'l "MiTI IIH.1C,"
500 Cases Bleached Cottons;
100 Cases Canton Flaant'ls ;
UUi I '.isi's llAtrt t.lnsrys.
A full n:s..iliii.-iil ..f SAT1XI.TT.S. II.ANNFI.S,
STUFF (J'.'lllS, II II Sf. am J, i. .1 nili.T mi tii-ii-H In
our I ui", l vi !u U we iinili. tin- al li al.uii rl IHiul.-i m.
July 2ii-lin.
Southern Bank Notes.
South Carolina,
and Louisiana
II -A. M Ji. N O 'V KS,
lllll'Olir Ntl MII.H UY
k.i. to, cii.-a rx., (i.Tii.uii' iiuuk iiuiiiimj )
July 11
Claims Against the United
States Government.
1)KU-ON li.'lilmg I'Uiim ik t 1 t'. !. OmiTn
nielli, i-.llicr I. ii l'r ji rl y t.ili'lll.ir lli um' .1 un
A mr, -r f t U . in ir" lo I'roji. riv. l.'ni" inrimt- ler K -
ri'i ii. i if I l j iii h ' -. . i' .I l Ii . vc Ini-iii i-l-ii i-.l nh 1 rnl
lii l. .) Iijr . ui-in! lb in In Ilia !m:..i. I l IUIll I S II
(illl-.K'v, A.-ul lor lllo N.iluil.Kl CI ii il A rf.-li- T i't
Wl ImiKinn. I. C. (Ml ' 1. 1 l-i T'ini rh,,. llm . , ol
.li- I;-ik)', Su, At T li 1 1 .vn-.-l, m, Mini s.
Jl, JO II.
iV. AUAlN-1 lilt. U. rl. mlhllMUM.
Olll.P, No. 3H III IIIIV Klltl III,
TL. O U 11
.000 i
llAO iK TH K CKI-l'liUAIKt)
KAKfc'-rkKFK Nll.l. H.ul H.
IvilL Iiv
OH I. VON, 41 MmL.I t-t.
Dr. King's Dispensary
ton iki aii: iiM,si;s.
-rf IK- KTN(i,furmr!y of New York.fo
2 rjT2fL UP Ifcft fi'lir Svr.it i r U.UiSirilif, Ky,
th trtvtmot nf i-n iHt- m 1r ) J"cnm, lUiur
h:mio:r, LfcviiJji niu-h '.nj l" ft jirriu' rir I int.j
y'ri, tvul tMiriHi o U14..JT tliO-kUi u, ti- I -i.i.t.i.4 'l
curil JiH'ujl I ftrlvnU' mluv,nu ti.4tiir tv
If t lUoy ix.-y 1 fruuj iuii !lci"u o'.'-li' -ui trk uiiuvnl,
or fl i.li) Ut ! 1 Ol" Ihr .r D I if K iK ' I M I.H.rt
NO 'i'd UrtMlvri. k air.M'l, ba't:j LL:rry nu.; ...c.-v(nr,
.-ou-i U-ry , wu to euro 4 uucwji o. riv.c
bu(Lsb ctif-i is it ij l iifcusv ols m 'tic Inn ur
rluri'iir Willi b.-Uti' ut
Him lurvn oi in . ur ri-4il UaU, 'A tuftll) cur4
few d.y, -y au o.wLiiloa vtncli im" lo jta'u,
Wtiora ftSi'tr; :ir 1 1 nhtin riuici tw "uj..ji"
rort.ai oo Am ' wo riua.-i nim ra'u h'rf ttd nttJi"-;
iu nit lh uutu nt n wo mum,
fypbilm, Willi afl ih d:s"MH"l th k m , tfrw'a
fU4 of Df W t ur i-it I'tfAUut Lt, Ll tt twi ilj
ourtid la ft tfk) a
Snnifidl H'-M. ti PanUTi'aran -iu hariry bua
( ;?ou Ut ln:a .1 I i il lii1 i . -I..- n.. u
( out oi" ll, to! HiK t o it mni nun vf ihe. ilnuurt t
bah'lft ( inroiisi li'fklf yuuU I, 4vji 1 . Km t lU'ul
' I Biiiiih ot.uiiUit tun . ft u-ur i v aMij'-ci uk.. I t
ffnia'' who Bi ay Imi ifct-iruis; w ib wiv 4 n4.tt.ijr ft
bt W tu. rl aawurl liuu.t-i'uu r- t.
Perai a i i-i ur. l, by ti il.i, ai.tiin ,g
sm. akiib al r:.r.i. J , A re, 1 U in. A kli,N.i V
LfsjfttlOf hJ Slm I , NttliVHi, 1 itiiU , III l.sttr i', L.
ary tu :.c.uai cmt U U.wr k-i.'r.ius. ii uu H ut
vim u u c.ii a .ti iti iairiii.i uuiU lu U tvciiluf
or a
ii im
. i
Ac, Ac, Ao, Ac, Ac,
o. 2, 'o:ilh S di' Public tju m c
K uavk Ji'sr ur'i;iv;:i),
Sliil t
ll iUir
cov.ruisiNa is r.viiT.
100 Cases
X 1ST E2? S3,
00 .L'nek.'igos
150 Cases Hats,
toukthkk with
ciir.t us.
si r ks,
A Vl'l.li STOCK.
OK AI.l, KIl.I'S,
Kent's af uvnbhinfl
AN 11
11 i-ll 11V,
ti i itr. a i),
AuJ tall otlirr m lie I. h ui n i'ly k - , . i I t
Whu'c!'.' liy lioods S: .ro.
t it' Wi) iuvllu di'.. r lo aj 1 in .11
Call, Hid txniniu.' uui ui, I ii.rx
STADLKIt lii:0S. JL ( ?.,
I O. 3. .S.1IT1I :i. I'l Ml.li; .Si it'll
I ii
H M B !
Ju -lu '
Gknoval Oommisoix Morclwuita
C3 nd 0.?, Hivr Street, unil 20 TxchnnRs
i'mr.it I. VimiMi. I "viv
Wiiii. i-i..nr. ( .-'
M il . Mi". in
S II Ui, li S"l M in hr ll.fi-" II 1'litV
M wv ft
n I m Ii v i- i i.t t-i.t v
ail i ( iim f.-n-y. ,i
is I Tr r'if- ft, u
,1 it v '.0 U'.
Market 0. 36 Street.
0. iMAVKIl (JO..
A. I.OUHi CO.,
ITiiv.-vi.l v.'. lv. 1 nt'ifg.' :'.l..-K ..1'
.-2. ( 'V 2 r. h-.it
Itoi.l nii Mini',
llalu, itut i'l y, "i ik,,
JV'iil-t, .un! I, -S nun.
SALT, iti Khi i t-is,
S lr In II.iks
Which w ciUk- to l'ia y.ililu-tur
1 I Ul'll M .
COTTON', lifT-jWAX WOnl.. Cl :t:.(i,
KUATiiKiitj, nun;; uni tai.i.ow.
pO-i'TlT M.'l, '... Ik r.lil ,1. I! ., , ,..,
iV u.an we can liil il. r mi..iI. i.iii iv ...
!(. ( lirr.iil S nilii'M !'j;.,l'. Taktu ul I'ur.
I'll. - l -tf. y MA VKS A 1 1 1.
or Tim
MM Mim
roMU'i'iiti) n v ,
No. .".M, Clii rr Mf,,.el. Nnslivi!!,., Tcnn.
PI. II Mirsi V .,,u.,.,. , n:.r Th. lili... f. r tl.
1 u 1 . 1 1 Jil...... hi, ,,,, ,,1,1 iltlnni nl t,r Im.
mail ii n,l I ),,. ;, ,,,.i CiiMMiMin nl f liVKUY
ll! -I 'It I 1 I'll IS, II- t-nii.lll'-l'.ra Imviln ll ..I a"Miii,l
v-in i-' i-t .Ti.-,i.-. Iii II,' iMfinm.-miMit nf I'lnlnia 1...
r.nii ( ', iit..r,..MH, Un. ('umi ,,f ciuM1H, i, n.l lln. )..i., i,.
tin. 1 -1 -a t lln-'iiti ul Wu liinnluri, un I ln, lh,. i
nil; lily .-ihiImI .1 m l r.inil.ar Willi ll.a l .ua .,,1
li'tul I lull - i; " I'lliliii; tin it u..iu-tt,,, nl.
111 I I. 'll III I' lit ll hi... l ,M U'i 1 I'll tit I'll.'. Ill . I.g
nf tl.a . !. HI iviir, Iii. Ih.IIiih tlm nguim ,,f
StHl,-, I ii ii 1 1 art in n . I lli.l. i.iiij Olli, ,., ,,r L
V itrui.it Niiy I'.fititi Im, ii i, ',,r k4t'ollri-f
lull. rllllur, and Orinnlrlng Vttl.
Illll.'r r,f tlia ii-iiiil'iii.fiitf nt ,,l nliirli t autlii.t .
li-l l.y mi a. t nf Cungi-ru; I I, tlH I lilt INi
Ml V loll 1'ltlVAlK rillll'KIll V 1A K KN lull
I'l 111. ID 1 K-', Hit lull A MAI. ICS TU Hill
rUiU'Elli r, f .r M, rua I...I lu ll.. ...imt. ,a fi
I llltury I'ny, I'vimlou, himI llvuuly
Wi- nli aH..nl atluutlitii tu iii,i;ui lug
tim, (ton lit Ion, ui,:., ar.iuii.K ut K.,lJ;fi
wlu ltaa It. fii wuiiihIimI, , unit ai;til ill miw, it Ilia
Umiln-a ul aik It aa hnm ili,,l, ur l..u killoil l,llr In
ll" JI ' Ii "f ll'.'U til." i'l .il l. ain.li tluniig ll.i,
I'lvariit war.
S. Ul .am will ul... t,i iiiian l,i lUima win. li
liaia linn It. mi. fun, Itrji cletl im iirnt. .l
ly ll,H I . ..i I I liii-lil. nt I I! t'fl- ll-ll 1 1 y .11 Huaurl
l'iiilnit ulluultoli u la. Kuril In llitt c'-Ui..:lji.n ,,(
yiul l"i hin-l.-l 'h I r'..U Ki .'U l"r rinjM-l ty lnli-ti
l.n 1 1," ll-ll "I 111" A I Hty, lii HI ru lining A'.inlliiU w lilt
ml I,;,.),- I ' tirf I 111. II., a;..i li.t lit, t,l,ul 1 1,1 Itiiul,.) ' ,.
.111 I 'latin- i!.i. i. I .11 I Im li. U lv. .,i, iiui I'l uin,
l-r.uuul llli uliaii, ii. i l ; .., iii ,,, ,
wliiiii, Hi l)i Ii.i inl. i'l an Atli'ih,) ;,l hu) ili,tmit
h,iiiI, fi'-n'ienlly ,r .,' iiii-.i. i i . .,,l.
A'lJ.' It mi Hi. a tl, , i! il a I until ,i', uui ilally ii,l. -i-iiurMt'
a lilt a ' lltw i t'r tl titii lit. ali .t,!, a n. in nn,t
raat'. It ul.laiu ii'' i.Iiiii iu., I, ii,..tu ."-v,lll lliiin
.lull- .1 c.iiiuiini' al i ,i. Hj, I nil, . i i,, 1 1,. aiytUTuil
ni'i.t Iim i-.i,iii!iii la I tliruiiill Ilia until.,
'In ll.i. w'.i 1, nu Mill .1 i t.t (ul u.tiil I,. .. ,41ly ,,,
all .a..., nf, in It li.alii' It I y.-n Inn) lin, ti,,,,, ,, i,
lia. '. ' 1 1 In I, an. I, u la u .r i i,,. in, , f,,, .
lil.li jt.ii null .ill t.'e in. ..!) I.lai.k., a ml, wl,,.,,
ii,i.iii,"l, in-;, ii. ii'ijik.
'in . It i, . j ' in.i'1 .' in uuy .... mill .u. . , Mvr.il.
f-ln ; llh HI. I S II. I, li I s,
N", : l I, I y M , , ,. ,
Nttiliili.a 'I'm, ii,
ic i: i' i: it i: v. v. s :
Hull Ui. Han't W4LI.A1.U.... Mayvr , i;f
, I
" 11. II I HIK. II
I t'liilni. nut r uf i'i.l.1,.1
Hull., .a.
tt.-. I'a.
l'ltl.a-Uu.liia. I a .
4.i a. .
..... .in i ..r iti.iu.
I III, tt(u, I lllh"l.
ii a., i I .wit, ti. I'.
I'll. . I'u.
;ri"T. Valilfialur
I. c.
M m . , ,l' "
' Ll .I.". 1111,1 u..
' r llaul, ,,. I.
I llu.iiir.ull, ll, iv.
diiiruv .1 ll.ii
" I i. ii a A.. II I I "lll.Ni K..
I' II. I'l 111.
" t.i ii tn I:. hti.T
.- W 1 1 .i.y l hii,.,..
. J..-1A.1 M l.l I ,M,
.' t ma. v . II tin iku...
r,i.t vv. v. I'ui.u sh . .
l . T ;mi ih.u-i A i u . . .
Wn. I. ; ii t Ui k l -l ...
M , a . r A I Utl' I 1 .
'.ur ii.anui a, I... i
!. A (,1'l'WBI I., I -I
W.iJ W tl .ii- ;
I.. ,i n i,a ,i H . r
.li.na Ii Hull". 11 ...
A . V. Il.a. 4... I
U K 11 ,a . 1-1
H i. H ii . .r i
i n.a'iri I'. i.v. V.'i .
'I .,,,.- M .iv I. I .
Uii M l Ji"l Jam
W. It 111 .. .in av t. i
II III l l , I I ' . t '
. s I r 'iu i ... . i , t ,,t
Auf'.ra, li,4 '
S. I.l.i-ua, hi T.
."i.ml.a ' li,, N, J,
l'-rii, N I'
l'"lr. Ml. h
. Ii lanliiaur, M ,
"ik .a, I aa
. K I I, -I,, 'ft , I ilii,
.'.'I" I" a i.. , , H. T
.A an I V, f , 1
htllli. Ilkaall.. M mutli o, ,A an I V. f, .. .. I
N.w V., i.
C. iat'a A l 'i.'.r ...
J ru 'Ut. I' t-i a, K. j
I, li. nrr K. ...
i, ...at l .,iii, k.
i i. i t - V . i l- i
. . . I1' Wa ii nu at r.at "NT
. . . Naa an ai. r..r , la a. I .1 ,
Nw Yur
... 4 '7 lir. a lar. H Y
... If'l I .i :.,i,. ii... i N. V.
. . .I'u, -I iii.il. ul,.-..
I tap.. .. ..I
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