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gtiiohviUc ilniou.
SATURDAY M0riNIN(;..-i;i r. n, I-'..'
to v it ni.. ni.iiN.
Until telegraphic commuiiical ion i re
turned bcl wren Louisville and this city,
we purpose issuing tvcry day, at twelve
o'clock, nn l'.XTKA, containing all the
Despatches ti'l 'r New published in
tho Louisville papers, as well as mi Re
count of U Military Movements in Ten
nessee that may reach us np to tli hour
of going fi) press.
Cn be had at this olliee, or of the
newsboys, t fi ve cents cn It. .
TLAij rilF.HP.VTATK. Tim ptiMic will
ploas Lcur in mind, that lliera will he u
l ing pmcntation at the Iiouso of Jfr.
MCi,ay, in Kdgiflcld, tliia rronlng, at
3 o'cltK-k. It f ill lie rrreiTH by Col.
Moodt, of Oln'o. I lo not fil to I pre
ent. ... , , . '
RawliTills Iflalla.
Tlie Ioninville Jvnrmd of Tlniuday
ayi that ton heavy mail were reccirrd
in that city from thii plui'i- on lal
Turnday. '
lu Iuiim It and I.oul l!l
I'aaarngcrt goin); North are viiotiCfd,
thai .T. .r. AM.r.'s rpgnl.ir lino of Stape
Coaoho (two) lean? thU i vi'iiing at fiij
o'clock, for Franklin, Kentucky, nuking
clone connection there with cars for
Louigrilla and Cincinnati. Acconiinoda
tiona lor thirty pauwng.rs got your
titketi early tiiis inorninj: 'Now is the
time to get tiirooi;'i. CiPuce ot Sewanee
Houne. Hcpii. II.
m m - -
Thf.asukkk Simons' Ben'm it. This
evening Is get apart for the benefit of Mr.
Ham'l T. Simons, Treasurer of tint theatre.
Mr. S. haa not been many months in our
city, yc he Laa drawn around him n
large circle of friends and acquaintances.
A bill of unusual attraction la offered
which, apart from any merit of the bene
ficiary, ahutild Insui'O a crowded house.
Ry reference to our advertising columns,
it will be seen that In addition to the
entire strength of the company, there are
a number of volunteers and all possess
ing talent of no ordinary degree. The
musical clement is exceedingly strong.
We trust our soldiers and citizens will
turn out in their strength and make the
beneficiary's heart glad.
There arc gome diseases so malignant
that nothing but bloodletting, cautery
and the knife are of any avail, and such
a disease is treason.
We intend to maintain the Federal
Union, even though it cost the life of
every rebel in the South. JVtween the
life of the Republic -and the dentil of
traitors we hesitate not a moment.
The performances of tlio new titcamcr
Ironsides on her trial trip at Philadelphia
were very satisfactory. With about forty-five
revolutions to the minute, a speed
of nine miles the hour was attained,
which would be largely increased when
the machinery is worked up t" its full
power. i , ' , v ' . .
A Xovkl Sixnk. A member of (lie
Massachusetts l"ih regiment, writing u
day or two after the battle of -Cedar
Mountain, speaks as follows of the pro
ceedings subsequent to theattle :
"Day before yesterday the buttle field
was under the white Hag, and open to all
parties. It was a novel sight to see the
Yankee 'niiiilnilU' and the hcccbIi lying
tin the gras side by tddc, debuting the
war qticHtion. Then vou would see a
group of lour playing euchre. two of
our soldiers against two ot theirs. The
two armies, for the time being, were on
the most friendly terms. There was no
danger of disturbance, as no arms were
allowed on the field by either party."
IlEAnvOAnTF.ns U. S. 1'oni Ks,
Nashville, Tknn., Sept. 5, S
jxviiil Ordrra, So. 1.
I. In pursuance of the instructions of
Majar-General ISui-LL, all soldiers here
after found in this city to- beyond Hit ir
' i amp lines without special authority fivm
these Headquarter", will be arretted and
sent to the city prison.
All olliccrs 1 uind in the ciljr without
such authority, will he aiTi'idcd and taktm
to Major Sim 1 1., A. A. A. (!., District of
the Ohio.
No papers will in future be granted to
o Ulcers or soldiers to leave their encamp
ments, and all existing orders pertaining
to this matter are hereby annulled.
All (ieneral and Stall' oflieera, both of
r.iigadt'S ami Reg i men Is, will be exempt
ed from tlio enforcement of this order.
Camp guards will be of tuDlcicnt
trength to prevent the soldiers from
having the ctuuniand! tu which they be
One Company of Cavalry and one Com
pany of lnfuutry, will bo detailed as
I'atrols, who will be attentive to their
duties and promptly execute their iusti mo
tions. fly roiutuaud of Hi ig.-Cicii. 1Ihci.kk.ai'.
1', A.JOXK.S, A. A. A. lien,
sepli dlw.
The Louisville ..inrimf, of Thursday,
says :
We learn from a gciitlemau w ho srrivett
from Cilasgow last evening, that I'rovost
Marshal Oorin, of (JUsow, and six other
citixeus of Harren county, were captured
and sent to Tuscaloosa by J'din Miirjan
on Sunday last.
-m imm ...
The rebel liovcrumcnt lias iuipuMdii
taiof i'i upon every male icMilcul ol Hie
Confetluiacy, fcr the support of the fam
ilies of men who have gone to the war
under the conscript act. This is in ad
dition to the heavy tales already impos
ed fur carrying on (lie war.
I III. 1,11 I.St III 4 AMU.I I
! Iim "V '-it tin fin .(wj nh , ; v I o
V . ,), if. Hf tli it i'n nl n
tyrn h tlt.M in iv Im-
-i -lp, I, i Ii i iirrfiM f
'"hi it 'I , r.'ii e ..r lit in
111 I It' I'll-TliT ! rinni- "
M ' liurcti fin Sim-lur lu aui'M-i
W ill (-- r m ( lir wril hr I' ;!!.
Honor Idy nr. mi rut' r atl
r tutu hum )' . iM4-ifftn( in-i -II,
I -tiaii ni kin ; Imi n ' 1 " :
I '(li-i"ii)y lo knp aim
' x.iiry ii in tut lit
r (- (f.r w.mi t --'tititt :
"Mum -half n 't ' i ; mi m-iuM I-'.
W hn n at litem' t lit nt
Hn ti t:m il nwi wir to l' :
'I huii )i't l"t Povrt : Ix.t ir;u.,ii-i
.'rnT'.Ti All f--imfi 1-1 rntftfM! !!!.
Th above clever Lit i from cu vx
nlmtifre. J t in TUviM. Luivcvcr, ni.vla
much lri"'fi'r version, ).y merely BlriMn;?
(he little wnrd , '
from M) Tf n !om-
How strikingly Appropriate ure tin:
thrilling words of tlie .Marseilles llyiiiii
to the present hour. Well may tliey be
siiiij; by every friend of the Republic in
the Sviith: ,
' N", r"W, ill il.nikfr'm trfn it filing.
W liii It lrA( Ik ritw, knKi iMiulJiMititi nii-i' ; .
Tlii I"k4 n war, Wit linn. :lr' liiw liiiK, , ,
.i'l li ! oar Iloii! soil i iti.iM I'IuVj' ;
.Vint mi i.i tk we b.t-l) i -w tlw ruin,
V lull l-- I'm. Willi k.. illy uj.W, . .
?"j rpii.ii tiwil.ilii ii Ihi .m.l M i'l,
; Willi i'i iniu :uiil l.l.io.l 1.. 1, in.' i lul.i iiint .:
I n anTi1. ! In -irin- ' e l.n., v.. .
Wild lilM,r (.ruin fi.rri.itii'U'.l,
Tli t Uii, in .;iu ( iUmim ttAri.
iTii. ir lliHnt IH p.iw.T bli'l liuUil,...!. 'J..
Ti uintti Nii.t v i' nit tint It. lit ami itir.
I.ik'ti l'o4-iit liurtlt n ti V ii'il'l u-,
l.ikti c-14 tvmilil llii ii1 Mlnttt nOi.ru,
Hut iiinn i rami. Hiid ttliti ). imiini
Tlit'll I.II.HI llli-jr ti'lii:.'! U ilt.il .ui1 u,
lufttlii.' I'in:ini: f liiit Ar
And theucoiues tlio indignant iriiteno
gatimi, and tlio pI irrint; invoialioii, to
which e trust that every loyal heart in
the Smith will quickly rospond ;
Mi ill h.iO'fnl Iv'itnl, iii.. !i.i.f ..m..Iiiv;,
l ith lnri:liiiit li' l. it ru'ti it, ln l,
Ailri,lil Hint ill uuii' lUu Ult.l,
loir I'fin v anil lil'-rt In- L'!'':'il,uii
In aru.t ! t.i u iiii ! t Lr.ic 1
'I he a i'ii ui iik iwm,i nn ,li. mi Ii :
ftlui-i'li i.i ' tntnlinn! itll I..jh-ii 'ihi-il
tin t ii lui i il.aili.
The Marseilles Hymn was never madii
fur the Confederates liny bin their
own tlire when they reheai-ae stminn.
Secession Civilization.
We commend iho following extracts
from two well-known Ilebel journals, on
the murder of Ieneral IIohi tt Mi Cook,
to the attention of . I Ern:R.ov( and hope
he will Htudy them closely in connection
with his late comments on the barbarity
of the Federal army.
rnnn th 1.11.111 VisM rtB jh i in
Late intelligence informs us that (ion.
McCook was shot dead by a guerrilla.
We hope sincerely it is true, tor this is
the man who, possessing a little brief
authority at Na.ihville, displayed every
clement, of small, petty tyranny, lie it,
was who caused the arrest of 'Southern
ministers, and made the most brutal
speech recorded In the prolific annals of
lankee infamy threatening itll manner
of punishment to the South. " If, " said
this modern imitator of the inhuman
Alva, "we cannot subdue yon, we will
kill yon! The I'nion shali be restored,
if the Southern people have to be exter
minated and the national flag lloitt over
their bones." Ho has met his f.ite ! Who
shall say it is not a just retribution.
i'tV.m III" M-mi'M A;i;i'.i!. At; 11
The entire press ol the North has raised
a howl over the death of (ten. McCook,
and is engaged in endeavoring to excite
the prejudices of the people in conne-
quence thereof to the hiuhei-t pilch. The
tact is seized with the greatest ovidity
for the 'jmrose of arousing a spirit of
revenge anil increasing the Iisiosilion to
enlist, and it really sscms a Clod-send to
them. We liave only their own account
(d his death, and distorted ami colored,
as it evidently is, we can see nothing in
his death any more than in thftt of any
other who has fallen, or may full, by the
casualties ol war, to elicit such denuncia
tion. He was invading the soil of a 1'reu
peoiili', and lias met the f.ito he deserved.
I'ootlnx I If Hill).
I aptain Ulass returned Irom lveiitin Uv
last evening, bringing with him the fol
lowing interesting document :
Taiiis, Kv , Aug. 1 I. 1:t'.
"Sl.KOO 00.'
'l'uy to Cieorgo Hatch, Mayor of Ci n
cimiati, ir order, eighteen hundred dol
Ins, in full for eight horses and harncHs
that were captured by Morgan's men at
Cynthiuna, in the battle of IT1I1 July
"I.kos'iiias Mrrt Ai.r."
That "speaks for itself." Ilut the pub
lic will be pleased ti know that the
claims, one ot which is thus discharged.
are paid by the secessionists. Colonel
Metcalf l.ai a large sum on depor-it in
the bank at l'aris, whii.li he has drawn
from the t-yiiipathiu-rs iu that part of
Kentucky, lie ouietlv delects his men
makes the assessment, and gives thosf-
cessionitH the choice of paying up or
making a visit to l amp ( lute. Thus
Morgan a friends are paying for the oper
ationsof their lavorile chieftain, it is
more than propable the rich traitors do
not contemplalo v ith anv degree of idea
sure the promised return of the marauder
to their midst. Ciiirt'iimtti l'irir.
Tiik Two CAi'iTvr.s. The following
table shows the price of certain articles
at the -National Capital and si the be
Icagucrcd Capital of the lo;in ('unfed
eraey :
V AIHM.l.i tut rtV IN.
il 'I I l 14 : 'j:,
SiIvit . . 1 ml u ti,t
Butter, lb I: u
hi.hi ; I..,
I 'litliVli, bun .Ill 3 I HI
aim un .j i ; o
i ,iiiiitiiH. ;i uv)
liiil.'iis 1 mi j Lit)
l oit. Ill I" 41
Suit, liii o." 4 lnj
i Imir, lil. I i'. 1. 1 U u.l
Ceil.-.', Ill :.u I :..
I ' 1 M 'i oo
Fi; im r ANiilIrt ogvi rios. ''Malakoll'"
w riles from Farm to the New York Tivif
as follow ; " A leading editor of Faris,
after a long convt-i gallon w ilh a Cabinet
ollicer ou American alfairs. published
yesterday in his paper a utrontr article
against medialion or recognition, and
there laid it dovvu an a lixcil doctrine of
the I'rcnch (tovernuient, that th-rti mull
lit no rsctyniti.m vf tlw i-'niltnt Vviifnlivc'i
until f'ii;t Vnieili.i' i 1. 1. 1 u'.,.',i ,l,v.l 1'.
a'., Hi '..7i of thi' t y.
,, ,. . ii.,.
I-vrM.i.s. DuniiK the lavohiiionaiy
war there were foul.t thirty.,x battles,
durinfr the war of 1-12, eighteen ; duntij
the Mexican War, twelve; and in tl...
prvcnt svt t Lm lur, iorty-nrvrn.
"" ,
, lb lo.lowini i.-tv culled 1 ii. in
' fields of n -n-n ( Hi.rv, ifi v be of nui
mti.T'-l tin' pn-iiil tiniM i '..'.
Tin' nlr of Tlnhoo I, ail !.,,,.,!,,., I
cafi". ami could m ini out nt each pate j
i0.i".."i flvMinir nv n tiyj f.M) cliaiioU in i
ii. i.j iiirn aim (iuuoh.
I i !' I . r 'I- i . . .
. i t i " ,r
j iitt mmr m i ritraiL. nine nl 1 lliinnii
1 :..i..l . r 1 . . i
( lonamicit hi j.iii ii i,' ii f i men Btl'l ''I' ' Ctiar-
i iots of war.
! Sc-ostris, Kiiiir ol :Kj pt, led ag.iinfl
' his enemies City.) men, 21,0ml cavalry
mid twenty-ccveri scyt!,t-rmf d-t.li!tio!-.
IV.n l. yj. - .
Ifaiuilcar went from Cstlhar.e and
landed nearl'att'rmo. II.- had aft of
2,m0 rthijts and ".000 small vesst and
a land lurce of ilUI 1,'JOO men. At tlin bat
tle in which ho vrss doff alert. 1,-.ii(mk)
were slain. '
A Roman fleet, led by Kcgulus against
Carthago, consisted of iCO Tfs!s, with
1 lO,(Kin men. The Carihae- nian Heel
numbered ;:) vesels, with l.'iO.mXI men.
At the bntllo of Canine, them were of
the Roman, including nlliet, fc( 1,000 foot
and C.KiO Lere; of iho Cartlu-enian.-),
IJ,0"' ti.Mit BUd 1IMHS horse, lit these
70,0(10 wre alain in alt, And 10,000 taken
priionors; more than half hlain.
Ilnnnii a!, dnrin:; M canniain.u in Ilalv
and Sjiain. pluutlered 100 towns and de
stroyed ;)(Kitl i K tn it.
-N i d in, ti-..-; Asiyriaii Ling, ab.iijt 2,200
years 15. C, led arainnt ttie Uactraians his
army, consi"lini of 1.700,000 foot, 200,000
ho:? it and If-.O'V) chariot? armed with
Italy, a Utile beforn Uannibars ti'ne.
was able to send iota tha Held neat I r 1,-
000,000 men.
.Semiramis eniiilov eaZ.OUO.OOO men in
building the mighty Habylon. Jib took
100,01X1 Indian prisoner at the Indu,
and sunk 1 (MX) boaf.
Sennacherib lo5it in a sinr.'e nir.ht 1S'.-
000 turn by 'the destroying aneel U'
Kings, 10; 05-Ii7. .
A short time after the tikin? of Rsvlon.
the forces of Cyrus consisted of 000,000
loot,. rju.LW horse and 2,0.i0 chariots
armed with erythrs.
An army of tJambvscs, f.0.000 Btren-r.
was buried up in the defici t pan di of Af
rica by a south wind.
Vlicn Aerxes arrived it Tiurmopvl.e.
his land and sea forces amounted to 2,
011,010, exclusive of servants, eunnchl,
women, sutlers, .Yc, in all nuinbcnne 6.-
2rt?,,:320. Sosay Herodotus. I'lutan h and
The aimy of Arlaserxep. before tie!
bailie ol Cuna ta, amounted to ahout 1,
200,000. ,: .
Ten thousand homes nnd lOo.OOO fnot
fell on the fatal field of Issus,
When Joruo.ilein w as taken bv Titus.
1,100,00(1 perished in various w ays.
I he force of Darius at Arbela number
ed more than 1,000,(11)0. The Tertians
lost JUXIO men in this battle: Alex
amlT about o(XI men. So says Diodo-
roiis. Arian savi- the Persians, in this
battle, lost ."00,000; the Greeks, 1,200.
The army of Tamerlane is said to have
amounted to 1,000,000, and that of his
antagonist, Rajazet. l,too,000.
Soiiie ol f.en. Ilnittiiiit'-i llolii.
(leu. . Dttmout, who is iu command lit
Lebanon, Kentucky, the other day Bent
out a citizen scout or .iy lo look after
Morgan and his band ot Marauders, lie
proceeded to a town that he supposed to
bo in our possession, but on arriving there,
lo and behold, he found himself in the
midst of the enemy. Morgan seized him.
and finding out his name 1'roni some one
who knew him, immediately leleeraphed
to Dumonl iu t'o? name ci' the i'edi r.:!
Provost Marshal thus: ' "A. II. has ar
rived palely, lie repicr-enls himself to
be your spy. : If o 1 can communicate
to him important information.'" Dumont,
thinking there niijsht be a cat in the meal
tub, replied: "1 have sent out no such
spy. He. is probably a spy of .Morgan's.
Send him to me under a slroiiq: guard
and I will fiivo him the benefit of it
drum-head court martial." This alin
fied Morgan and convinced him that his
suspicions were groundless, and that the
man was net a spy, He turned him loose
and the lucky fellow lost no timo in get
ting back to Diimniit's camp wilh ft full
report of all he had sin-n and heard.
That was the time that Morgan made
nothing by catching tnir si.y and using
our telegraph.
(Jen. Duniiinl ha.-; raii H'il t!u people for
thirty mil. s niinind Lebanon t.i be noti
fied that he vtill hold evry e ti'en si a
picket on one side or the other. Tim
who keep him advi-'cil ol the umnupnli
of the enemy shall he treated and held i.s
friends, those who do nt, a-i enemies.
Woe bo to those who livo upon a road
along which the enemy march and do
not hasten to the I ed.;ra lines with the
intelligence. We do not know that w
have cier heard of a better system of
picketing. .'.'(.'afKiw.j Jo'tr.-ntl'
l.ot, .11 or ton S11 1 oulvillc.
The noble Governor of Indiuna viiiifed
the Lentui liy LetjisUturt inI..ouisvill"oTi
Tuetiday. The J urr.alBay '
During the inoriiitiK Covt-i uor Eohicson
entered the House and inlrodu.Ad to the
representative branch of the Legislature
Governor Morton, of Indiana, and said
that, " in scntinienl, action, and eiFort, he
was with the (ioveinor of KenturLy."
The members ro-e to their fret to receive
the tliutiiiKiiisheil visitor, and cvet v heji l
was warmed at thesihtof the chit f LV
ecntive t'Uicer of our noblo Bikd r Ktite,
the blood of who si- children been
puuicd out liho water in the diTence of
our soil from inva-'ion. t lovernor Mortuii
deserve all the honor which a irrnteful
country can bestow upoh him; loyal in
sentiment, prompt in action, und .ni'.arious
in effort, he hai won a repuiation which
will ;m down to po-(ti ity w iih thoo of
liayard, Ciii ht.di, aud all oilier who
have been ilistiniii--hetl lor miperior in
telligence, ellii ieney, and public virtues.
I rnnUioi 1 I 1 tit 11 .il e .1.
We received inlellii.reiii'e at idevcu o'
clnt k ycslenl.iv thai the city of Crank
fort had been evacuated by the Federal
troops, the entire force, embracim? about
m thouiiaud men, including inland y,
cavalry, and artillery, havinir taken up
the line of march by way of the Shelby -ville
turnpike in the direction ol l,on.i
ville. The troops departed in 'ood order,
briiifcin;; away their supply trains, (it n.
Craft viji in command of the infantry
and lien. Junta S. dackmui iu command
of thu cavalry. There was no undue
excitement in FriiiiMoi t before or after
the depart ore of the troop.
; The regular ai'ioiniiiiiihiUou ti a iu lefl
Frankfort al the usual hour this morniii;,'.
i and arrived upon lime with a lar.-e nuiu
1 her of tasKi'iiier. The train wliich left
Ihii city tlid not pri i eil beyond I'a.'d.id,
twelve utiles this tide of Fraiikiort. A
,0K.,ut ,,. f, 1( .a(ol.
i at i r!tnU(,rl al U 0 tll,;.k yu-nUy
motlxit .....r. nte.l the rebel pit ki ts iu
i tu vieinitr of Frankfort at that I cm
... . , . . .
, I'Mrlti iil ir ollir,
Ml I J . i I "l," 4tlllilVl I " f
',"'r 'Jiffity .i.hviptii.n IW. "
w ill ' t'tat f li- IM'in is di livi rnl ri
Urlv In il v sulmti il.i rvoir iiioroine.
n mi i i n . ,i '
iip iiiaini in a be iiniriiinn itoiiipmt,
at lei.l vrrr lw nifiv. .i 1'ionry j
taken but Ti nilr jer.'ot' par fundi. .
Wo "have large quantity of old
nonspupciH, auitablofiir wrapiuiig p.-iprr.
which we will dispose of at 1' pr j ;
To Passengers Going: Worth. '
Daily Line of Sl.ises.
J. I K .tlll.i:, Man l'rrletor,
lias put unollier liii.- .f SUg-f bi tw. cn
aNliville and FranKlin, Kentui kj', mak
ing it a iJaily &Mf l.',ut L-vt-aftiT.. His
Coarhes will leave Nat'-!ivi'!e ee yr -m 'v.j
nl o'clock, for l'ranklin, Kentucky.
, CC- ORlee at (he Fen ni,' ? House.
Fi.ao rr.i'sETTio'. On Saturday
m t, the 0th f.f September, at 3 o'clock,
P. M., at the house of R. McClav, in
Edfeficld, near I .urns' store, a fia will
bo presented by the loyal ladies of Edge
field, t.i Captain J. S. Morton, Chief
Kngine. r of Iho Ohio Army, und Captain
Robert l'.odeckcr, Atistsnt Fineinter.
Two regiments of volunteers, with two
bands of music, will be present. All are
invited to be present to witness the f,(ai s
and Stripes thrown to the breere. It is
intended (o be suspended on the Railroad
Bridge. , -' , ' Sept. 3 It ,
Taseengcrs for Louisville will remem
ber that J. Lx Anir's rep.iilar line cf
Stages leaves thin evening at ( o'clock
for Franklin, Ky., connecting there with
the cars lor I oni-vil!e. Ofiice al Sewa
nee Ilou-e. H!i,.;.31.r If. .
S.vvr. Vol i: Mom v.---Liirinr. tlic;e war
limes it is the duty of all to sae as
much " pos"iblr; per cent of j our ex
penses can In: .'-a veil, by cjvelianging your
( ireenbseks for Tennessee money as in
a majority of cases ?" in the bel Ten
nessee I'ank bills w ill go quite as far as
S."i in any oilier money. This exchange
can be made on the best terms at the In
surance Ollice of W. ,T. Map.h on College
street (ojipesite ew. inM .iti.-e) "
Hkaiivi Aivn.iis 1-,t Tf:NS. Cwu ev J
XAsiivir.i.r. Ti:'N'.,Ang. 22.1'i2.
h i,. .V... v. '
All oHieers veeriiitingjforthis Regiment,
will iiiimodialclj forward to thesellend
quarters a report showing the strength
of I he pat (y, present, and absent, and will
hereal'ier, at least oik e a week, make a
similar report, exhibiting the : i n and
loss, if miy, since last report.
I'.y order of Col,. ST( HvKS..
Joiiv MriiiMiv, lt Lieut. A: Adjutant,
1st Tenn.C'avalry. . Aug. 2:-tf, ,
Hi'A.Tvi Anrr.iis Disti'Tctoi Tjn'Oum.i
Medical Director's Ofiice, JSasli-'-villle,
Tenn., Aug. 2olh. 1S.'.2. S
(.eiit'ral Order.
Medical Olllcers of the Army and Yol
uulecrs urn hereby directed to report at
this ofiice immediately ou their arrival in
this citr. to slate their business mid
,, .. c
atlMloriM. lli.N. nWJt'l,
Surg. I. S. A., Med. llireelor.
e . . ,. ' ,
1 tnn.i ion W nn t, p 11
c -'. ! a . I' .
it-1 i'v a lailv ;:t 1
Ai . l
, r el 1 I !J..
"i: 1 . 'i n
!i 1..,,. : . -.
-.1 ; le ,. 1,,
M II. "
A.I ...
.l le. .11.
I:,." V
l,i r.t .
II v
Mfl P.! .1.1. Hi 1.1 C K,
itiii: IV . w
HccruitS' Wanted,!,
i'ii' 1 1 1 "- iir.-m n : .r.r avaxild r.ti; .
1,1 I IT ., . . .'II J.
it Tenowe Arhllrrr, t:
I if
.-.r.tr l.'.fNTV. lit. I'll
Ii n.Mlfi.iu, lllltl K I If
11 il,. v .nl.'i. I-, ii-- MU
,K , , ,. , '"
wh ' V-1 1 1 t-. -'ivc 1)1
tin tit, Itll I I'l. tllitl:'
imi.i a i:1. 1 .!j 1
ci uiliiu- i Hi. r.
OiR ti" i .t''i l"l. . 1 hi. .1
Horses for Sale!
pY M.IU. a. .:uij'riri' 1 t ; .n;,. u i:--tr ,
n sfiowv unit tine ir iwu r
ONE IJKttN M.lKC.fv 1 :,i:iJ, r i. i iU, a
M. tird hiuimhI itij.i f.; t tr i t irr ; als-,
VNK Ih1 I'.l ll M.rr HAHNI-iS, i f wl )
Villi t"i e'lit flu-;;!', t f)3 OWIHT (lo.-H 11. t U" HmHQ.
a; . AM- I 1 11 Al.l.i;,
Houso Servant Wanted.
T VI 11
L liinrrti
P A Mt!V'NT (riRt, (N
t . i le'citiH,,' y, Ai - r-'iiiir-"1
.1. f
t m1i m ti1' -n.
II u- "
chai:l!'S if. f;RF.i:
cim' roil mi' i'.
J ,ol MS I "I Ml f. .'
.1 I iviln.1 ol HUM'
. .o I IIN.MI.S I .
Oltlee, . flfi ill ltl( STlll I I,
I i -1 it t s .
I .1, .!:.,.
MAMi IIIiAN' K Ill'lOh
I I ii.H.-I ...'-i,ll .1 M.! A 11,11 , I..-
I'-' -"' '"" '
V o I. II ll0 1 1 ill On. . Ai. .' will 1,0 w. 11 1,
tt .1 nl. . . ,
t- !-i. nli, 1-'.' li riiovi.vs H.UIT
I . O S T,
Cs 1 -ii:i:ii.v i v rsiNi,
AT TltL' I. ill IS-
J 1 ,: lh-t.,.1
$100 Bill on the Flanters' Bank.
A's teri..n Jlnlllur tli i-iriin, n-l li-.iun
It I I llC I ll't'll Oll'iv, tt I 1 I I f , ,
' :' Ni. : l!.K.
Bakers Wanted.
at tin:
i . h li'merv , M oil.-
S.Ah- -I ... i, mi .
df Ki.
'i-t Im.j n ,(isl H B
li ll il
I). I. Ml KI V, Ai. i.l.
OH'T.i: MILLS, biHifl LOCKS ANt)
-' M V. W -', . r h i .- I
I 'i -. 1 . Y. M l.VcS,
.v.: r.i.x.
nuk-Motr XisL
- -
, .N Col, I I. til, THE hi'.
t it' 'I Ii'- q " liM"ii ! fur nil. hI l ,i. V ( .
-, Mli-ii, II
J.',,',1,', "'',' X ' .'
i M r .ii!' i'. 'i I. . n .
1 ll.HK.ifll.r.ri.i -
j Yin. l-l. Ili lilt ...
It., i. k r: I. ... . , fT,....
I I'.l;. 1; .;. .,..... . .
nVi,'k' .' ''."."'
I'.:i"t f t 111. Il .teu.-A
11. . litnu... a
i'.l ! !l-,Pt ,. ,.
i'. nutAi -jt! It.. I. . . .'. .
' 1 1 1 j- rn Ii it.k
II. (; i r " Ml:.", ...
I' . I; "f Sr., .ITvii;,., ,j. ......
I Hi' 1.
I'.o.k ef I r..-... '
. . I I
j II .Ilk ,.f VI . l..m' -o
; l 'ril:ol' 5liS.ii, irtt'n.'IB'V'... .
h..r:!.' T!' l'ai... j, . , . .
o-iir.v i . s.i-i Cir,.;- ' . .
.Si.r' )i t ,ni m,t iti.J V rfr tit .
A.'il itio.-. .
1 .' . -irlB.l . . . . .
.1 '. JV'.ff
IMK IITl f lr-VII1l vr.
V. rtli W rt m Turk f i. -.--'-i
I nl: I I I L lD.( if SI I..
!"'. It A 1 1. I
I I. in ni.lt.
I'll V ;;,ie. I
.l-n rMtt.t.-V Hi nl: ' ' '
It r lute the i-,ue of nil linnKv
iietiliuiir J be lot,-,.
TI-- r, !;.. ir.r T.'j.-..-i, 1'iitil.- itt Ir .tun, 'T
l.ai hi-ni Ko'il.1 nit ; nn! tlit'r Vnt.. ii n-,y tr
t o lutt. riy .W(.i:ii:ii :
Akt.i uiinral llatk, ot JiP'tt-ntviMa.
ntr.ii !'"'! r T- ... i ,,t V:-Vj;;..
KtrniniVti"-! M.i'hut "-s r.n.k.it l i!,'i.
V ,:. ll.tr '.cri' rank, nt M rl,!.i.
M.'J ll.ii it. -t ,t... ii, S!.'lil,'' i.
I .' iiii ti i:.:i'i, i .V , : ; r, t . . r i.
V. i . i; i.i J ,MuuU..lur. iV 1'iuk, t R.C j.ivl.1...
Ktrl- f r t T-! i.. . it Ki. t ' .
Botit. i T . i t.j-. at Tr. nl.m.
HhI.U m ,i, . tt t.oi.r '
I'it.k of I i.l '! j ...
f h . k -.t i, , . t T .: -
I iv.'rnn.'' '."vft ..'.l,rl I.s 'v or tl urg.
' iiiicu'' i'li.fik, ,l4n.( i,u.
Pwuk ( f Aru r :. , i, I i. irljt, ,,ta
troll VOUTJSC, LAlllI-'.S
y ,.. -r .c..,( -.'.,..,4, jv.'-i e: I :'. (If -:.
v ' ii v i i, i i , i i v s
Will fsii n Kr-t.i li l.h-'l.-tj 1 ,5 s finl Ou J0
I k ol' -'n-i f ti t:t h, ii w ),' U ,, (i. -.iU at,J
trnit,irtrvi hrr .Tu the ;frli nn-i r.0iM .1 I'i,
L i ' B'l I'prni'ti l-'i-nial, rtiirt mtn x, iTht.
Irciirltvijl Iih If i;:,i, t 1 ii..ut r 1 in cJnii;'f toJin
i.p.l- MMin.inr .! hiT.' ri 1, hiri ll itu...
in uitit'H'tii rl )! 1n1l. il liniiiiiM hiiit;iiiri-.
IHIAill Vi.AWr..
the r1,.w of h.T hnM. rtn.lv. In ItV rtAiiton.
M"t i will lmvi "p.irat Kriuh l .'n i.r ymmr
I..11U ;uh1 Mi.-.-p'., til -u l"i mai l i d or -111 ! JjIm-, o
vli 'h! in 1 tu U"U in Fi-piii !i nill To i d, thff
tun? wrpldy, I'tihor it h-r Miiwl-rriotn-. us iilmxtt.
or-Ht 1 h r'f i'it'iiit nf iho puM, if u (-h-r rv 1.
M'lle TifLTicT i vMuuing ii'l nuniii'in nn :n t-m
.;i-lil r-t Ii-T Tip' ti.i v. -.il k'l.iMIl Iu t 111' 'n-1'.
tiiiumiiu'lv f.ir niiuiy t 'ir- (;! -l i-j r"i"''" t-1" '-'Mi
ni1 H'irttttii.
ifit1 1 t-t iu. ! 1i r - It. u.l, t. r i;ti.l-t Ii.iIm.b, ."if
in;n( Di' il 'i;t" ali'l to -llil Hi.' ir HI l m-
I llnU't ot Ttiiii.-n, miii I'li di'T i;ii t i. til;t . n, j. limit
:iiol to M lie Tut pt i p rnonnllv, til li r mltnrt
i li r In.'UiJ, Mit..--fli 1 , Nu,;i Hiicli mnvt,
Southern Bank Notes.
South Carolina,
and Louisiana
tl A. ,V li T OT IB,
ll.'1'CHT A Nit fol.ll 1IY
. .. ron 11 a .,
W I , O IT Ti.
- or' T.ir cklkcraitd
IKl l I.l 1'K til. 1 1 ;l t H.
r... r...- 1
V. 1 I 1 o . l i , Nnrl,i.t H.
Claims Against the United
States Government.
I l)i:'os ',-,! i.rr 'lit:, :."V-'l I'M'.S. lir.i :n-
h-.i. i.nu,., , r ..) iy t.-.ttvn i. On. nw tl Inn
''i'1.1 D ' i n . ti i..rt, .l'mBicr lu
i i' I l. o. I i'i t.i.i-.it-., .: ,'i t.tv-.- it 1.1 h.i t 'fi r. 1 1 . 1 . '. 1 1
1 ,rr;. ,1 1 ,-1,,, ,-. n ii, v,,-!". r t itAKi i s li.
I l;l:kl N, A''fl t'( r tl Ni.li.usl I'.niin Aki-ih-t ot
'ikij'.i. o.....i u- vu,-w um; u i
III- '."- . . V ' ' ' !.. 'I. I ;..'.
-.if l!ir.i.!;i.l Dulldis Ufuartl !
IN 1 i:nu j;v 1 i n vi tu.i M:i.i;o mi
ir.ti i.tuii .n ,1 ii.iui M.rW. t.:. lno
iMiii- vi 1 oh 11 (t find 1 nut t, hjul 1 v -J I-. 1 i M . -
il'. 11 ! t il 1 . Mi' : I . r il In..'''--. I- . 1. J. y 1 --
rtl n ..1 in.'' . ...
1 lu.i.j j 11 ..' Ml li f. . t rni'l tt. ij J.-! "T I'M
I" tin . si! V! i f 'H y,Mm f i-t, rntti cf -i' rk min
I'll 1 ''!. i rtiT in f.V. f. fi hit h, hu i; 'f i"il' rin-
ol-;!":!, vil will vuifjb 14-1 "V ) f. -mol ttv.d L.
i -ot ;". ..r ti )n m. vi.. n iii.f i
! In n, l:i' 1 ih. t vi.e in i'..n. M. t'..l."5 (lit .. ...u.
1 I mil ,-h.i ih- il..M, Ki.Kur.l I', miy u.p II'
I uill U'ili. I!, in In 11..' in il,.-t'.tv ' Ni.ilnll'.ii.
j - VV. F. OftATHt
h Ir, T"t,n., An. uit V.h, I?,. '. . u,:7-l
tit. 1
I' Ih'l
h . '1. i If, !'.., Au.;uit
tnii:'.'-! hi
Fon rentT
170R Tar. PAtAr-rcc or 1 a tfkm
I "f Jl ill,, tin f :.'. 'ui 'Ml ::.: I tl.-. itat-lf r. .!
No. "', 7e:t tlari of Spruce St.,
bi'tntS-'ti Ciii:r net T.'tiI. .11 ;:'.r.ti, Ii, lime iy, kii'.ivu
Hi " F 1 1 .1 11 f-.'Jl t: ;t'.:ir-i'."
- k,s tur-hir iiir v.ul .r.'; ,'! , n Mn. t: Ci tui,
iVir, O :! li IT 1, c i I'. V.I.MS -VJ.
Not 'ti t '. '! iy tin 1
N. hi , : , A 1 , IS ".' '.," -1 it''
Committed to Jail
(V I'H'.IJ'.n C'..iu)'y, T'.a'l. ,.!. 1. Hi'J, r.jrn
V.' jv-ll, W .1) f i-.n 1,1. p-.i- 11,
I.. If tt ). Oil III .1", l,t Of. Ills, ill t'' :ii:
I A li , uti'l bi'i'-iivi
::i,ti , Ii un : n.i liw.iat
ii.;.. ..-il ' ,1 ti..i ; ' . r
:io ..... , '4. ; ,.:. ..,1 I'.l)
I'M I lltt 1.1.1 ,1
1 1 1 it 1: ii 1 fr i ; .-;iii . i, o. f u.l- r 1 v ni ,1, j r
ji nt, .ti" c' v 1 i.-i." i,i 1 ,vf i irt-rt ..
.1. H. lilVT'.'I,
i 'y : I fO.nr Iff '11 1 .lll -1 1,1 11. r.
Committed to Jail
Ot ' I' tlnil f, MtitT, 1- .n. ,.hi'v IS. 1 - ', r. r,.
ni:iii, n tu. ii i ttti.t it hf's1 iii(.i , ,,a t c
..'..' .i. Si,, 11 ni tr, ri-vlMVi'itiy, 'l. tin j
ah. i t :.' yH.,r ; t'i.'t K i',.'l,i ( ;! . c ! r h-
1.: 1 In.-iculi . Ufi Idlxir.
'I tit- J VI IU I' t f.'.jiu tti .J l - . . ii.l witl.l. f .,-
.r rij, teLi) j. .) i I. ti . tli. lvA.li..l-
.1. M. 1 1 1 TM.
in!) Il Hi -hi- it) auil.liM.ur "t IM'.
Dr. King's Dispensary
IR KINH, formerly or N.w T'r(,(i
lite lavjt (m:r yittri (! l uomv illn, r .
ud wiiu tuts tan uututititit
l'j irrutnji ul u f privHie 1 lor M ) i, liHittttl
buiii li, liuviiif nitftxlril tu prilK 3 lur k nmu)
yvmr, iujl cuifU no tuy IhoiuuuiJii, litj m ttunbUU u
Cute till li.t-t f if prtvtM Ct ir, blattrr b
ll.i nt v lf A u(ll tUiHiiK luui Ol. ilkioJ lifntLDi titt
flf t l it HI ''f ri't u llit'irOWO. IV tt (tJ( ! '. l J"? lit IV
K 'v i - -1 r,i k uii. . I h i i llfiy i.-i . i.c .-i .sirr
v nt . i ted v . wl i'ir
Ltcuic):t 1w'-!-ii id t inv(iic
U'n.'i t f.iri-! iiu-ttii ufs'itf iti.t 'uf'-troitAi r In
rl.Tt Ut- M IkU I. us
ritrfiiiiiixl ui uf.l .-r .t .m Jjl. fl.-.niu-u:) rttn4
lu inyf, hy mu tjurat.wu -Mull uu n U'j (ifcio,
V utTtJ Hnclare tJul kjttAlllt iiuuiit l ruo
U L I'm con4l.iUll--u Ul aii:U
.-Jl'liilll, W.iU rvi. Wisl (Jlttht .! IU i iu . grow 'i,
((. tl ur.o.i r bi trrnmuitl, e "J l? -flHil-ilty
I oi'r.-fl Iu k .iw .lay.
i .vir.s.iuif itiA..-ruriciiar3iMiiLivit uavniK net
f a in i.i n aioewH,, aud ail Hie coii-Miutuc niimirf
, o.il u U, :riA.ul uu iu uULit t'Aa-a yf l b ilv ill nt li yf
U-.u. w ....i...ie'.i ,J:u. Vt.v j
' ("lice M lu iHM-'in, a I. i I "i . it li in. Wr
I I.U Uf Ol-l'-'.l. ll'.Hl 'lu '
f . tt Of ! V l I' )t ,1.
. Ur rti'intj uitiV rt i.l u;t".'il lui
ii i, a y ii ut. Liiy I
i. 'iiiaU I. -i.u. .
1'ois ' .-4 1-.. -' 'tijt ir 't'i, i-f A 1 11-JijT I'.i'l rinl it 1ti
' ratr)-, ii u .i v . .... .i."!,llJil W t". A. KJ J, iiu. ;
Lk Ul kir , i. I .n. ft , r iii Um !- . j
. icKNTircicv
! 1 iu . .i!
, wui in y ixssur.iiinoii uo
f w.n iits.
Draw D uly nt COVINGTON. Ky.,
at 13 axd rcnfu'K.
f ,--r fj,' r,.V.?,.vr ,Q'iv i
l A PIT A I.s
!$5,000 to $40,000!
TirkiK ffim (l.if rr.lliir la Tni !!! f;i t-s.
1 f,.r Ti. k 'In II h 1'Mlil ill .Bl I I rr-
tiiiti I.., il, .ijj.l m,r efl'.clil lfBrfiii 11. it to n't . it
ff ri'i. l' tit..
JT-!1 or.ln"i f...- T'.'!tI r.Mi.-
IaH; JVITr.li'. uv.
Bf-('tr-'nlfi 1 Ku frf t" !' t.i.lti Inn.
Aucliou Cornniinsion
001 r. if', (;o',iiiNinsTi, An w it r, f,i r,
O ; , i-l f.',: ,';i ; .. l. t l H . f liri .1, ,1.. ,,.
81. v.. 11. 1- tinit v.r. !i nilia nti.rii:v.
Ail -!. i c,ih, hi d r, l.irns in:
i 1 i-r ..I t i ,
.( II" , A. ,1 .
til;.'. II
-M'lTi- f-'lr-.tli ti, I;. S Il ll.ii
'" to A I'-.., V.. In .IV, I. f.11.
To Town aud Country Mer
chants, Sutlers, &o , &c.
.1. M. MUIMMJ V,
r. it-rrit cum rn, miu.ivt. : am.
kimin 01 fl.AK t:hii:aiis, seiini. ioiTons,
Bl'TltN.!. MlWlNli ,-il.KS;
J Cap, Letter and Note Paper, I
ni usi's. rim, WAi.i.rr--, I'oi ki.t kvivvm,
I I'OltTK.MONatAlt'.s, I'.M-ilK I'tlll.MlH. I',.l
fci. I I- AV ' V .-iiAl'.-. IttlCSlli-.s, mi. I 1'l.ltl I SI I HI,
TToiiIm ami Cyt.
I -ins, C3-oia-K tl Js tttxilo-s
liSitir-fs HoltF,
VioUu BliVina-it,
Ii.ll.M I r .1 J IWT T'A'.. II!I!1M IIRUTi-',
II.NltiN.,.'. I l'i.-, n I iteoiHun.l uiimr Ar
lit ll'l, lit. u nu'Tuus In UilrliliLfU.
Cw-AU Southern Money Taken.
it"l'll tvol.tt'1 piiri-t'isiie- f idcwhot.'.
u 1 , ' 'Jen
$50 2EWA11D!
UVXAWW Hio.M Tin. .-! ll-l lilltl.i;
u. .ir N.ohi i 1. , T' nn , 1.11 Hi.. m n .1 ,v ,. 7 "5
Aiiil, Iht,.', 11 Ni-. to ma u hi., tl TM.MiSn ik
t..'iu :-d r.i .1,1 ; tt.it f. 01 li li.t.'i,, ti.i. -VS.
.ii. 1 I. ; I. 'i.k. In 1 11 lirn u. l., ; K , . .k; i
1. I I M ,.1 . 'III. ,iil h,,y r:m M-i'ii in N ,lit il,. :i
1 W .111 bllll .. 1. 1 !l II ;1 ' li 1 t , If, ' 1, TO Hi 111.
linn .. l i.. lao I. mil,., M,,l lr.,t mi.,kliv i.i.ar. . J in
tin I ,,..1. I Kill nve tl, m.in'i, l(um.l (l.i 11, ,1.
Iiv.'ti II... . Sl !,.,. ,1, 1I1. t( f,i.ln,lw iM
1 1 01 P"1 It tiii
J 'i -' 'llui r.oiii lit CVT.i
Justices' Court.
Xii.-.S Cimivi, -1,0 A llnu, riitlfitiCr;,'
J. 0. Ciiini ii, Tif f i..!iit. I
la 11 "ti I bi Hire 0. 41. foiith,;Hi, J,..t --, cf the
P.-nf..' i r l.i. ; , 1 1 .. ii C.i.r.ly, T in',,11,.., o.
T!ie r'.lrl ,T", Sura, t'l.ii(,. !U It W. . di, Ii, 1 1.:
I .-' tl.'ll'f' tltUi l HIl Atl 1, li'Mllt yri,i:H ll:q
.l. lmilnit, .1. i, urt":'l., loi.l unr J t.. i ualMn
J.ihn 1 1. l...w,.', ma rlni-ii.l I'V hen, l. i iid , n 1.10
Ir..- ui ti -1 -1 m ii,.ii,n,r I i-l niMii; U. tl.t 4. 1. n.H-.l ;
.1.1 1.11 (II .1 i .lt Of I.l nl., Iiy l Jl.l., It l.!i..-.UK
I., ili iti.f.i: t !: k... I .1 itvi, ,, iLil tim i. i,n ! c.t
la bvliiv-Klunt .-r 'I..' ,-t.l.) "f 'l .'iiiin:,i. It :i ..r.
.!. I tl. .it. pt t 'ici.1 11 1... mill (rl ri.f n 1
' ' a iii.:'..r ..:!.i:..ln.l 111 t-. . .:v ..( .., ,,.
1 Me 1 wil. i I l-i V111011," v fcn I..; t ' e .l-f. ; l I .
In Hurl ,.mr lf rr i.i.l Ji.si ,. n ih,. .u, rf
ttli'.i'mI.T, -.-', M it I '.-..-. .11 er, -I tl 11... 1 , I
Mttn, h iil.ul. oO,rrt.' II., . n - i i: I , 1 l.x..; i ;
tl I l't ..r, 1 ,u t -1
".' 'if. i-i Tin' Mi: ir 1
.'.1.. " t 5-i r ?.. . I- . .
Justices' Court.
l;i,w i , i ,,
,1 ft
I.l I.. I..
,', I. .1,. ,, . ... i . ,. ,
1. , I'.. II'V. J ..1.
A. I
t, I' '.
I I'.
.1, I,
... ..,'. iii ii, ; a-1 .. ii im i
I: ...,.t t :, i, r.,1; 1,1 , A .
-II .1 I, li K C, .. I .-,i I f
..' "-I t"
I, ,11,
In. ii-. I I,, I,, it, ' ..I i.t, i!i , ml., I, , , h .tr,.
1" l"ii I.. I'1 .1. i 'I ...t ; in. I i- -,. ... i . i,.u
1. 11, .1 ., l.e.irill ; I,, III,' ll .1 I ill, . - ,,, .1,, , ,
th.t 111., it. I- Ill, 1,1 , 1 I, ,.l, I. II, ,l ,, (I,,. ,1
li.ni'. o 1 1 ia i.i .I'-r . .1 iIihi .iii,1ii n ,i.n l n, .,. i.,r
., ,1 nt.. .-.' ,i w i, i: i In u ii. iv j. , r ,.,1,,. Iui in i !,
ntv i-f N 'l.illli' tioH-.l tun 'I iii' ti, ' i.aiiiin ihti
lIH.-ll't.llll III Kt. (,,',. r I.. I .r.' Mlrl J, li- 1. Oil I III- 1 ltl
lj:,j til h.'l'l, intHT, l li.'J, Illl.l J. .' el. . ill iait. or ili-llli.r
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1 loco's Venn- .Mule!"
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i;oi:i-:ktl .mahlvmiiUh
! General Comnist.ioti Merchant f
j 63 an4 GA. Bearer itreet, amt ?0 Eiehn
' rise,
I'- r , I M. ,,,.. v,. York.
DIM'll Vl.i.l ii h Mi
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Market Hq. 30 Stioet.'
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A. 1 - l 1 IS ( t
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All I'lirrrtil Nimthfrn FiimhTiiki'ii nl Pur.
l"" k MAYI.lt k ('. i
H&T10U&L Clili'l AGENCY
oiMit ci r.i m
WtsllINdTOf, i. f ,
No. .'.H, Cherry Street, Nashville, Tenn.
tilt AI.KSt'V l""..-l li'uliiir fm il.lu.k f..-i tl.
It. V .-IUl IT.i'l . Uii .. 1111,1 l.-tlKuKlil ,- I, .
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nitllMr) I'ii , lt'nlon, and Kmini)
I ami.
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rfi- r.l t. ir
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I.tv l.i.fu 1,-r. ti f r lrrrlrtl n Kii4irnar.l
1 vtl.n P. i rt.iuiitioi liifAtlcnl'lr "lotJJ
Prwript ittnl'.o!i -Jut tl"i.n tu -tollf tinn uf
QutrtinilnK'l'j Hfiit gti',n ft.r Pr..irly takm
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I'rraonnl Allriitlun, ib-irnt y mciir:s matiy
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t.i i.lin t' '.. :. it m.a.li ta i" J .iy th. ,
I. e t 1 rcwir.'::.! -hi; n.ttll.n i, l'lf.l,
r.ui.t ! c n r.. t.i. t rt il,r,,ui li.. u.ti.li
'i it. I- .t,.l, I; I v'.ti il f, r. ,.: 1 i - i . r v . t
! ' . w i . f ui r i.r. t-r )"ij it: -i i fi i ni. o I nr.
ti. . ,' . on-ill. ,1, mi I, i 1. our . i, il, n, t, tii'l fl.r.
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l o.i l 1,-11,1,111. I
W oi, ii,
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Ir,,-, I'.
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ii. r.
M..,l . t 'f p, J
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.1 III. I, OLiO, Ol.,,..
S.in 1 r..ii' ,lt
A Ui olrt, 1 1, I
. N. I.. .-., S T
Oin.iioi t it v. N T
, Pun, N. T
.l : ". Al, I..
n. p. i in,, ii
1. 1:, i .... t pii
I i II I . out r .
" r. II. Ci mi..
" I n, it. Hi r
' W II I l M lULl-ot
" .1. i-i, ii ,M. ,i
'" Ciomi f II. HllAHl
I'mii. w. v. iiuimiMi . . . ,
W , I . 1 1 nan. A I .,
W m. P. r-it i it., h l ,.. . . ,
Htlii'rl A. I ..uu, l.-i.. .
I'"T UthlHH It, I. a.) ,.
n. a i'ii. i'i, i .(.,,. .
W . a I W . Hutwrs
lint,. Ml IIMIV WilklilH.. ..
J.itt t II ti,,., K-i.
A . V. II .vi v, 1. ,
W . Y.. II .' rt. I ..
II ,u M ll. I'.it n
l lltRI Yt I. i HUH... , l..
1 tniitu. M. Wiim, I ,'... V n . n 1 ,11. i e tM .
VtAHiV.A Jt l-l.' ll.'.lklll., I'lMM,
W . 0. 11. 1. IU ' , I ' I .K I I I 11,1 ,i
II. IP St . I i r A ii. .'-'HI lli.. lii.i, , s. Y.
11 .HIM. Il.l Bll 11, ill Hil l II, Vr...' .
tui'ii. .o . .u rv Vuiii,
GlllmCl I' 10: I'I W'mi.ij il,,., I, V.V.
,lltiiir II. lil t k, N eti l. r.,i ., W,til .'f
N V.n-i..
I,, li. I: .u t, F-l "T l'i.i.ily, N. r.
Vtlllll l".'t. K-i lU'l 1 illlotl Ml.,. i n.'w
I IL ri l".', k" f. 1 11' 1 UII ,, . I l in,
)Hll.,lill, ' ' 1 1 '. O I l-li, I, , .
Mil ..A. 1 -..'il, l-i Al . . ...
t.. . I. .
To Manufacturers.
Jrr f ! mi... a..i k.h ai v.
iciuif lim. i.,,,,
Ii lili-t liell.r l rllic,
'.Ui f nil 4 KIUM Atrlllui,' ,
.ill, lulil l,

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