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The Nashville daily union. (Nashville, Tenn.) 1862-1866, September 06, 1862, Image 4

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"'WIT V ' ' ' J-wsapa
STastoille Simon.-
M. C. ItllCRCnH, IdllOr.
rrni.ic-No. ICO.
An Art tn mipprcM inniirrcr-lion, lo pun
ish ireon nil rrbollion, to urize and
ronflwalc ihe property of rritrla, and
fur other purposes.
Be it marled I'J Vie frnate and limine of
fifprrtrntatives rj tie Lmted ISIntes of Amer
ica in Canyrexg attemJiled, That every person
ho ihall Jiereafler commit the rrimt of
treason against thfl United States, and
shall be adjudRed Ruilty thereof, ahall
an Her death, and all hi alaveti, if any,
aliall bo declared and made free; or at
the discretion of tlm court, lie nlia.ll be
imprisoned for not less than live years,
and lined not h'fs than ten thousand dol
lars; said fine shall be levied and collect
ed on any or all of the property, real and
personal, rxrlnding slaves, of which the
said person so convicted was the owner
at the time of committing the said crime.
any sale or conveyance to the contrary,
Sec. 2. And I it further model, That
if any person ahall hereafter Incite, set
on font, assist, or enRago in any rebellion
or insurrection against the authority of
the United KtateH, or the Jaw8 thereof, or
Hhall cive aid or comfort thereto, or shall
cnpaKP in, or pive aid and comfort to, any
aiu-h existing rebellion or insurrection,
and he convicted thereof, such person
shall he punished by imprisonment for a
period not exceeding ten years, or by a
line not exceeding ten thousand dollars,
and by thn liberation of all his f laves if
any he have; or by hoth of said pnni-li
merits, at the discretion of the court.
Sec. 3. And it further enacted. That
every person ttuilt y of either of tlie oden
ces described in this act shall be forever
incapable and disqualified to hold any
ollice under the United Males.
Sec. 4. And lie it further enacted, That
this act shall not be construed in any
way to all'ect or altar the prosecution,
conviction, or punishment of any person
or persons guilty of treason against the
United States before the passage of this
act, unless such person is convicted un
der this act.
Sec. 5. Andl-e it further enacUd, That,
to ensure the speedy termination of the
present rebellion, it shall be the duty of
the l'resident of the United States to
cause the seizure of nil the estate and
property, money, stocks, credits, and ef
fects of the persons hereinafter named
in this section, and to appiy and use Ihe
same and the proceeds thereof for the
support of the army of the United States;
that is to say :
First. Of any person hereafter acting
as an officer ef the army or navy of the
rebels in array against llio Government
of the United States.
Secondly. Of any person hereafter ant
ing as President, Vice-President, mem
ber of Congress, judge of any court, cab
inet officer, foreign minister, commis
sioner or consul of the so-rallcd Confed
erate States of America.
Thirdly. Of any person acting as
Governor of a State, member of a Con
vention or Legislature, or judge of any
eonrt of any of the so-called Confederate
Slates of America. .
ronrlhlyl Of any person who, having
held an nuVe of honor, trust or pi Hit in
the United States, shall hereafter hold an
ollloe in the so-called Confederate States
of America.
Fifthly. Ol any person hereafter hold
ing an office or agency under the so-called
Confederate States of America, or un
der any of the' several States of the said
Confederacy, or the laws thereof, whe
ther such office or agoncy be national,
state, or municipal iu its name or char
acter : Provided, That the persons thirdly,
fourthly and fifthly above described
shall have accepted their appointment or
election since the date of tbo pretended
shall have taken an oath of allegiance to,
or to support the Constitution of, the so
called Confederate Slates.
Sixthly. Of any person who, owning
property in any loyal Slate or Territory
of the United States, or in tho District of
Columbia, shall hereafter assist and give
aid and comfort to such rebellion; and all
sales, transfers, or conveyances of any
such property ahall be null and void; anil
it shall be a sufficient bar to any suit
brought by such person for tlie jKisession
or use of such property, or any of if, to
allege and prove that he is one of Ihe per
sons described in this section.
Sec. l. Audi it further enacted, That if
any person w ithin any Slate or Territo
ry of the United States other than (hose
named as aforesaid, after ihe puMHage of
this act, being engaged in armed rebel
lion against the (iovcrnnienl of the Unil
ed Stales, or aiding or abetting such re
bellion, Khali not, within sixty days after
public warning and proclamation duly
piven and made by the l'resident of Ihe
United Stales, cease lo aid, countenance,
and abet such rebellion, and return to his
allegiance to the t inted States, all the
estate and properly, moneys, stocks and
credits of such person shall be liable to
seiaure as aforesaid, and it shall be the
duty of the President to seiz.e and use
f hem as aforesaid, or the proceeds there
of. And all sales, transfers or convey
ances of any such properly after Iho ex
piration of the Haiti sixty days from the
(l ite of such warning and proclamation,
shall be null and void; and it shall be a
sufficient bar to any suit brought liy such
person for the possession or the use of
such proirly, or any of it, lo allege and
prove that he is one of the persons de
acribed in this section.
SKP. 7. And I it further enacted, That
to secure the condemnation and talc of
any tuck property, after the same isliall
have been seized, so that it may bo made
available for the purposes aforesaid, pro
ceedings in rem shall be instiuiled in
Ihe name of the United Slates in any
district court thereof, or in any Territo
rial court, or in the United Male dis
trict court for the District of Columbia,
within which the property above descri
bed, or any part thereof, way be found,
or iuto which the same, if moveable, may
tirfit be brought, which proceedings nlull
conform as nearly as may be to proceed- j
lug io admiralty or revenue cases, and j
said property, whether real or pcrioual, j
shall be found to have belonged to a per- ;
sou engaged in rebellion,-! who has tiiv
en aid or comfort thereto, the samo hhall j
be conucniueu as t-iirum- i""i"7i
become the property or the United Males,
and may be disposed of as the court shall
decree, and the proceeds thereof paid in
to the Treasury of the United Slates tor
lha nurposcs aforesaid.
S?e. 8. .luJk,.-oV ,,,.,,, Thai
thescveial court loreaid ahall have
tower to make inch orders, establish
iueh forms of decree and sal, and di
rect such deed! and conveyances lo be
eieculed and delivelfd by the mar.hal
thereof where real eatate shall tie auh-
ject to sale, as shall Tilly and efficiently
etlect the purposes M this act, nI fest ;
in the purcbasars .of auch property good
ana Tana lines tnereto. Ami tbo said
courts shall have power to allow anch
fees and charges of their officers as shall
be reasonable and proper in the presumes.
ec. ;i. And l it further reacted. That
all slaves of persons who shall hereafter
he engaged in the rebellion against Ihe
Government of the United Slates, or who
ahall in any way pive aid or comlort
thereto, fscapiPfjr. from 'h persons and
taking refuge within the. lines of the
army; and all slaves captured from such
persons or deserted by them and coming
under the control of Ihe Government of
the United States, and all slaves of such
persons found on or being within any
place occupied by rebel forces and af
terwards occupied by the forces of the
United Stales, shall be deemed captives
of war, and shall Iks forever free of
their servitude, and not azain held as
slaves. '.;,,
Sec. 10. And he it further enacted, That
no slave escaping into any State, Tern
tory or the District of Columbia, from any
other Mate, shall ho delivered np, or in
any way impeded or hindered of his lib
erty, except for crime, or some oflVnse
againstthe laws, unless the person claim
log said fugitives shall first make oath
Ihnt the person to w hom Ihe labor or ser
vice of such fugitive is alleged to he dun
is his lawful owner, and has not borne
arms against the United Slates in the
present rebellion, nor in any way given
aid and comfort thereto; and no person
engaged in I lie military or naval service
of the United Hfales shall, under any
pretence whatever, assume to decide on
(he validity of the claim of any person to
tlio service or labor of anr other person,
or surrender up any such person to the
claimant, on pain of being dismissed from
the service.
Sec. 11. Andl it further enacted, That
the 1 resident of the United Slates is au
thorized to employ as many persons of
African descent as he may deem nccessa
ry, and proper for the suppression of this
rebellion, and for this purpose he may or
ganize and use them in such manner as
he may judge best for the public wel
Sec. 12. Andhe it furtJwr enacted, That
the President of tho United States is
hereby authorized to make provision for
tho transportation, colonization, and set
tleinent, in somo tropical country beyond
the limits of the United Slates, of such
persons of African race, made free by the
provisions of this act, as may bo w illing
to emigrate, having lirst obtained the con
sent of the Government of laid country
to their protection and settlement within
the same, with all Iho rights and privt
leges of freemen.
See. 1.'!. And be it fit) tier etmctff. That
the l'resident is hereby authorized, at
any time hereafter, by proclamation, to
extend to persons who may have partici
pated in the existing rebellion in any
Slalo or pari thereof, pardon and amnesty,
with such exceptions and at such time
and on sneli conditions as bo may deem
expedient for Iho public welfare.
Sec. 14. And be it further enact e,l, That
the courts of the United Slates shall have
power to institute proceedings, make or
ders and decrees, injurs process, and do
all oilier things necessary to carry this
act into effect.
Approved, July 17, lSt!2.
f Pimuct Kiisoi.uTiON No. 64.
JOINT KES0LUTI0N extraordinary of
" An act to suppress insurrection, to
punish treason and rebellion, to seize
and confiscate the property of rebels,
and for other purposes."
llesolvcd, by the Senate, and House of Re
presenMivea rf Oia United Nntexrf Ameri
ca, in Congress astcrnlM, That the provi
sions of tho third clause of the fifth sec
tion of "An act to suppress insurrection,
to punish treason and relwdlion, to seize
and confiscate tho property of rebels, and
for other purposes," shall be so construed
as not to apply to any act, or acta done
prior to the passagu thereof, nor to in
clude any member of a Stalo Legislature
or .1 ud;' of any Stale Court, who has not
in accepting or entering upon his office,
taken an oath lo support Iho Constitution
of the so-called " Confederate Slates of
America," nor shall any punishment or
proceedings under said act be so con
strued as to work a forfeiture of tho real
estate of the offender, beyond his natural
Approved July 17, 1302.
Iri It.iH
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li,U Tj I K. lull I'rle.
llellj; I 2 I n',l4'! fri.
K !:...! . ; jr. I'-'l.nl ITi.-e,
w Kn.iy: 2 s IVI-.'I IT!'
m K.'a.iy
llflatl 1'rhe,
Retail fr,r,-,
K'Hti! 1 i
)( Ivl I'rirp,
K-l'iil rrien,
R. liil I'r co,
Ii. Mil rr.ee,
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I. I
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M IM'W t'H,1)
Sut by niail fr- of ! !-.' eu r.n'tj.i .f pi ice
AI.I'A V w.inli l llir.ni'.'li.ull ihAMhtilc luint .t ,ell
lUt roml llll.'lr-'l) tlil.'l.'riMli; .tlk.
,-,.' mi I nlili linv II. ..!, 4:1 Mniii
eirtvi, ciNi lNAI I.
N. II. Tl n.Vt WtirL In f..r srt!.' tv Mrfp.. nKi.k
M .1 Hi.iMiil, Coll- Hlr. -..( . ' .Ihij .i ;,
S T V. X M I It O l
Tin: s it m?iiij
v. ai ii r..s, I'. u.n, ,.
Will - l.-.t. lu.t
TltoM 1 IN I HIHii
I'ioii Ni w Yiihk.
Sal in iUy, .Inly t'ti
1 I..ll4" S'l'tCmlHT fl
vmiril.iy, o ,..!( r 81
1 1nn ,. . ..mlv-r 1 1
I'ttll'll .tl IVlliH'll.t.iTA 1,
h ilur.U v Aiiuii.l l;
.ilt.v..lt.y O. I.ilior I
'I u'"Mi,. , . . . Viv, mix r l
1 M III '(llll'lr-''!'! li
lonnj itowiI h.-1-wlf ii n.
Ciutli.'d loi ,-wl, mil iv itii.l coiuc-rl iw bit k fi.--i
U-UU uukni.xii hi ti.iMnii, n nr-'ti.-lv r.- wnni.-nd 'il
hi III.' nuwt iej il.it 'u f j.urn f.r i,u-awr-,
I il'iu $110 I,, 1 .l,.,, , Im i iIi, hi , tinl ni lu llirt.i?,.,
Rll llillltill, hI HiTIHH lit. t tll.kll I1' ill.' SlHttf Kt.lll, l
lv hi( lh .itiiitt I . II ,',' iii Hi,. nUh.i... mi, I ia r.t.
trl ig niMl. mul ul l i,.tutii-, fun,. 1,11,41111101
l-tr ifttuiliff ii... y I. iiittitzc- I I y n;v ia &gitH.iiv-ui.
llt'KKI-l loll Till: OVl.K l.n.ntl fr.-m LIVI R
liml.il 1AI.I AMI A ilAl.l.
i'l'Ulll. .'. t.mitaliyiHK nt r., an,) Irva
mi.l.'i' I ' y, .11 tl n.-t , lili f.irw; lnfanlM Irtt.
Hk. "hn I'A RIV.
M.tl i'.,,,iii 1,'itli , ii.tttU fin 111. Ii,' l itl fi,rulii in
I" 1-0
Ti'lln I'lHIK.
.,IIIH v :o.'lll I H.. l,,'T f., 1,11,1 vtitli
I I, .1.1 II, . 14 1 I.', HI, H;l., M ,,k, .ul.Mnn
l -l' I t .-.
t W
, 11 i 'ii ,
M.'t ,llliyt..'.lii.ii,.
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Ii I---.
1 f n' '
.TH n I ..rj.
i:t.s hi M'v IO
! ...
1 ins a i niisrv.
Al I l,i' oil! M... '.'.1 llr.'n.lway K V
ll.iW I A NO I'l SVt tl !., 1,1 ,
- 11. 1 li. 1 :.
Wanted to Hire,
a ;i.i tow. vyvu li'it. RTt
fa iu n. 1I1 a OT. if.
T rtrreapoointa.
Onr correspondents must allow na to
taUonr own time for reading their com-
mnnlcalions. ne hare no time to be
read to. It is literally imnossihl.
Plataea Katie.
We Lave no time to transcribe com
munications. We sometimes receive
communications with a scrap of ccti
denfuit information .written on the back
of Ihe manuscript. Of course if we use
the manuscript we hare to re-write if,
and this imposes entirely too ranch labor
on us. We have no lime for such work.
Nolle to t'lnh takers.
The Edilor will be greatly obliged to
persons making up clubs for the Ukion if
they will remit to the publishers and not
to himself. Communications and sub
scriptions aro sometimes mixed np with
private information in such a manner as
to cause needless delay and trouble to
all parties.
Tho following resolution was unani
mously adopted at the great Stale Union
Convention boldin this city May 12,1302:
7.V.w?iv.7, That wo recognize in the
NABiirnxn Usioh an able exponent of
the principles of the Union men of Ten
nessee, and we earnestly recommend it
as well desrrving of Ihe patronage of
Union men everywhere:
'I'm h Namiiviii. Uii's win e.nimfiirit a few wwli
tinr, Sir the nirprwr ol ovipoting thn Eobrl SMHboro
Cnnrr'i(irir, tntl of ailvoraling tho vitfltirutioa of
FtMlnrAl aultmrily, wiltinnl any abatpnient, over alt
lh Stata which tiavr altemptml to acopda. h bnlila
aa frlrnda all wbo Bii'K.rl, and at font all whooppoac
lh Union of tho Slairi. H hu 110 watchword but
W tli rfhele and triiilo bug Do rumprvmiiia 10
mak ll contondu for Iho Federal Omirlltuiiou and
tha mtila In pnrviianro Ih-reof an the Hrmitaa
I.twuvTiia I.A.vn, arii lhlnr In llif CmiIiIuIiou and
l.iwuiifmy of tlif Hiv l.t iho nmlrary n'Hwiih-
al imliu:' .
II coin, 'ii, In lor 1I1' I'm, ,11 iH lUa HiaI.i, hecniM
Illinut it 1 tin pi,-rrvaiifJ nf anr lllirrlion and innli
Inliona and tbp craniruiliin of aoclcty Itself are
whuliy iro:nn? ihlo. 'Picrofn.-o, whatovor atan'la lo
H10 jr of cru hing out alia rrballlon and rostnrlng
e 1'nion mm t pcrinh, no rpmtcr hj whl name It be
lie it.
To tne people of Tenni-n'iT , rxet rrnownwl for their
d.'rntiou to l.ihnrly and Tp'un, until they ware bo-
tr.tyrd to the roh -1 ilcepnilem at Richmond by a por
dioua QiiTfroor an I corrupt l.gllulnre, and who
h ive fell li. nvi'j Hie awful uurm of traaioa aad
amrcliy, wi np.ol (or unprorl. Let tho Damnn of
rebel oiH.-a hol.iern, Vigilance I Vnfuiittei fl, and Mlnnto
Men, who have fllleil our borders with mourning, be
gihbelted before the world. 11 Ihoae ambitiooa and
tvaricitiut men alio bava plollrd our ruin for their
own ag?rnndi7em,'nt be tnvtemd ti the pillory of
eniime, no mailer how high their ' itii'ii in aotuety.
It il be (hown how Ilia pef'tv ed defendera of
oSiiuineru Righl?." are now leading marauding banda
of free boolere aud rnos-B tmopera over onr Plata, kid
napping negroes, atealing borserf and c.iltle, breaking
InUi housea, burning railroad bridge and enri, and
murd'TiD unarmed eltliena In cold blood. Let tha
truth, no Ivmg occluded by Ihe Routhera conapiratora,
now circulate freely through erory neighborhood,
and our (aune will assuredly triumph. Will not loyal
men everywhere aid u in the dteeemination of facta
an.l the advocacy of Free Government t
Terms of Subioriptions in Far Fonda.
Daily (iiiion,a'ioi(leeopy, pir annum, S3 00
M cluita ol ti'u, each. 1 ao
Trl weekly, einjlo ropy, 0O
o clubs ol ten, each 400
Weekly, BiuKle copy, 2 10
club ol' It-ii, eweta uO
4r II communication! on liuntut with theOlflce,
w ill be adriroaacd lo Ihe PI'BI .ISIlKKg of the I'NION,
and rt'l rotmiiiiiiicaliiiiia lo lh. 1'ditor will be addreas.
lo K. ' MFIU'KK
t l ir.r.i ol k.ui n, wipipers will do ua a (real kiud
nc-; liy re pubKabiDg the foreg.tiog or iM puhstiinee
The curri'nt tr iniict-ona in T-nnerree f,r miiritt.B o
rtnio will be l,i :lily imere t ne. to all loier of ihelr
ooniitry and lier iree liiAt;tutiita-i, and Hie coliinniH of
the Union will furn s'i 1 He i'iir:ie--t and n,r,Fl reliable
h' torv o1 th..i'
(tea LiNBKiia 1 am vo tw.iMTrrtiTaa iKieaaa.)
1 rVtnare, 1 day, 1 00 each additonal tnaerllon t M
" le"k, S 00 eachaddlllonalaquara 160
4 f.O
a 00
1 month, t Oo
j a 00
8 ' l'i (J
a in 00
l'i -it) oo
10 Ml
To AI1V K.IM-IHlKrf iu DJin'ATI,
ir. r.ATiw am r aa r i.n:
tjuurli r I tviinui. I int. mil u fay
'2 ' 1W 0
40 00
0 ll
, '.'O 00
" " ..
1 .' " ..
. 1 lii'iilb.,
'J " ..
'I "
il " ..
I-.' ' ..
...I ..
l:il (Viliilt.u..
r.o no
" !!.' 00
" M HO
' ; ti (O
:: ei
. 40 10
4 no
;ii in
lilt Ml
til'f ihif an, ntecial r..iaiton in
One I t1 11 in tl
A.lT. I It.
Uli'fll. '
rUt till per relil . A'l-tili.'n tl , ep 'rial povilittu ouUule,
to pr rem .
aT AdverllRemeutA inserted In the I iieal l oloiiia
ebatKet al Ihe rule t,l tweoly cenli per line.
i baiiget 111 ty l uia'ie wi iudically when airrrvd
lli,in; btil ev.Ty atirti chauctt will involve cAiraex
1iiii, to be paid lor by the advert iaer.
a)" Attvrrtwri rjttia'j 1hr imcr eti'iirted or Wi7l
he rlMi-jiti for file lue-,
fllarrlaae aad l uneral Ktlce(
When eli'eeiting tive linea, will be cli'irt(et1 at the
li.-il.il lull kiIi 1. III? lillt 1.
Aliit4uurentenla ( fattatldulea.
Foe Si are Hnr, as f 10 (M)
C'ocvrv "
Inv "
0 00
l 00
(udi reqturt'd iu atlviuka for all adveriiaemeiva,
1 uul. py by .(wcial ii'ireement.
I Via. liie 11U1I1 r.vncl. have thin dv a toiiled I be
atiovo1 rulee, lo which aa bind ourelvea alr.ctly to
WU. CAUKltON, for, the 1 :...
JOHN WALLACE, for the p .;.., H
Si laiivn m, T mi , July I.', l!i(iJ,
Sheriff's Sale.
nY vtilu il ft l'i K t tr. itipeiMd anj dlivfre!
frnia tli Hu(rtthit lin nii Court or David"..
Citif Toiton', l til Wnb i r-lm, lu'it willx-
pn.8 U publU. , Ifl ill l iC 1 t'Hl t'tM)r, lAr CMlta ,
ft i tlti' t -mrUit iL'- Yatrd , iu tU 1 it v ol NialiVtllt, oq
RaturJuv, lUm MS b il nl Auo t, l.uti id ri'bt,
(ill, r'aim. iiilfr". and veitif, tiH IV. 4. liit!
tlir-n Ijavi, my irtMirnl, uj wtuu
loll..- ink- ittvtrl' i l.tt ut t.itmm. Umflu lavi Iimih
CaMllity, SlVlMt U Ti-DPI MM O, ( tlivr he.li UU dH'il (i
iw.inl in th ftcKlHr'tt uin-. ui Hoiiiti Nnnri vilic,
I nut n lift on I OA t ai pt.U ttf hrry fUt'el V0 Iroi. and
funu ui tMi"k bull va.y to Ckiittyw ttrxl , ud lmuuJd
hu ra in io tiory i'r" nvnnn, ifinjr iup r.iur wvn
My i I'aul in (1. HiuU iu Ui i(.u I a- knuwu
im t ii l lyaiiku t.ftivti iu)iriy, nii'l -Yitd iti m ht
I ti r ty- W.i. Hu'ti, tn flurry 4 u.lKro' iH rvn
ft l in lVir ol l 'i' 'in 1 at W UtfiitUDt W. 1,. jS ti
S k. . iiii, i4i a ' H N auiv
.1. M H1V1N,
Hv I Kit ilxtuutN. iMp. hiid. hdonfl tai ii. 0.
Alitlr-i Ilia, .M-aMlt
Strayed or Stolen!
IKokt ush t TMk l-MSOr liih hi;tK HIHkft; A
tait.y ,i w k . it ii fn wn ituruiug I ti tui.tu i or
t! iv 1 lift Tuu.tMa ! 1ft PtitiH wilt b eutinlti i,fr
fV O . .V4f , M Vrh 8uir
jnl tf.
mm MiacaV aba aw.'aj aai a
Ac, Ac, Ac, Ac, Ac,
No. 2, Sonih Ue Piiblle Square
WE HAVr JliST Ri:cr.lVF.I.
FROr the F4AST,
100 Cases
00 l?ackages
150 Cases Hats,
Jtoqethkb with
r.vrcr.Y raan'TTi
VI IaIa ST4U'lv
(Sent'. umbhinfl &m$,
tiih i:i,
S Kill I S
And ll otlior aiiV IrA oenully k-p in
Wbul'Kkla Gondii Slure
fiV VV luvilt tlealort lo giv u bum tl
call, in) eiauiiiaft our StuiH u'l Jr e.
STlDLtlt EKOS. & CO.,
Nt titTllSnt Pt'lLM. PtifA
huh fir iiisnin'i
muiiiiur uuuus Din- i!inTliliVf
Aim ITr.U.IcnrK OKrirr.!
No. tl, South Fourth St,
ft.iiMT 1.01 is .no. ;
Eatahtuheii tor the benefit ca Atranara ei'mtbs ta I
St. Ionia ip tar'h ef j
ftttd fnr pr)tii .irlriat at ft d tnf who cut. r if,
to Ui Army )Ciior OtllrAsnd oMnla rU-
il tnturmfttioa of mny tnldior Ihmt
lifCrd I lh feutM of
tVh"i-t Jrvft'on, Ch'e lor M!ioh-irl
lut, JVirtto'l KmtHffp mnd Mttxmri,
Sim, WmfKhRis K turn, o T"fk ymf-, nri
In what bfttllnt h mny l)v twrn fngtM, land
vhrr ht rwgim?nt 1 aiiAtiourvi,
IitfnrmfttioD will liio t rn of th romdHloB nf
ty irlt or wount'd l(litvr In S. in, I tiitvilHt,
Cinrlnnfatlf Nahvtli, M'Hind ( i(y,or nryj Hoi i
in fh Wtrn Itptrimrnt ; and Imt 0.ntm tnlV.l
In btt!, or kttY dred iroin thir woaiadu, rr hnri
'1 mnd nth?. ttioiM tftkoit ptir.neri mm ot.n.
Tbl 1 th nnlyrwy Inlelllccnr CmT. In th
rVirtniii; if th or Vtfi.tt.rft HffHrt
Biut, tid informtioft ot oidlm fn tnr of h
ft?v LtfeleHicftn ffirn tit huf tima Jj'jftlljn or
vrttiriat n tlm Army IntrHI - m Otflr.
ftitiM writinff wHI t!w r,1'" th r.Hmft rflb
oliller, whftt be o itnd m, nod tU Bmvr of
hi rft-m'-m. ( htrru fornny kind of Ai iy
Kw will To oi 1 kki, and uny jMri.a ri'tf
will rttMi rnrtrrw th ftmount, i ordor .pirnr
tlntWn to (tmir injH)H.
Addrm; Arm? lnillir.f Offlv, Sf. IoiU, Mo.t
inostrftp. 0. Rot 181H. JMnj ht -1
STO 11 K !
lced a cnoTiisns.
No. !34 Market Street,
4 'id o. 2 Iluriul llousp, fiii'id,
MKSt or .
I nclntlintj vvcrf lliitiif In llm). Hnfi;
Citizens' Clothing,
H aT.I' KINIlri ,
A I,ftrgi AtKortmi'nt of
Hen, l.ailiefi' nn.l .'lii,lr,'0.'
Sliirtf, Handkerchief!
I.adies9 ami iMeii Half Hose
And ftlmoflt every thinftr tin kopl in
Clothing Store, wliifib ihty wilt f Hi itr
ci 11 Drill prioop.
J rKATIIKHS an.it I'KillH ('. fi.'iit'rally, will rei-e ve
our br't attfniltHi. mayU
Freight for New York, Philadelphia
and Baltimore.
na more arlvanlaiieore tiTmetluin if rarelitt.'il
lliningh from Cumberland Kiver.
HOHi u r in tHtur. a- tn.,
On ,r.n "HHE!.R tOl,, Ju t rarelted
mMJilr.J on tlooaiTiiTii'Di , and tor pale.
Or.lora leu al the yard, OiKNI.'K OK I'KHAK AV
rUl.KK.V M'KKKTri, will be prouiplly dUed.
may . V. DU'KI.Y, Afrdltl.
ISTow Yorlc AWokly 1
ItHK pu'tlle la rr,'lr"l,r inf rmed tltut the I'm
I. pr e iota ol li e
Imrn fi-iNirrfd ib vcrvrooa of lhu rniiniil .trUrt and
etl known fct 'ltfub ee fdtl-r,
halter known aa
to wTita for the
Number Oiift of th
wi j
Ull.ft 1!R Ill'AltV
j' TitlH v i: Jr. i
It ii written with all the f.-iroe and vi.or . liar a. it
i.'lic ol lha at'leltri.latt
whoFa maly. nutaiMko, patTM4 ao4 f-ftrlHifMiirtf
id Kat tttuuMi, tikA rubd-ril iim atu lauiti.r
bouilioM words ll or -h'' connlr', and cn UAr-
ed hi in to (rvar Mar of OiVll mid rrliioui iil-rr
TUit Bi.nir.n or ahticlks .N'owN- a.
The Parson Brownlow Fapcrs
will ba publiihi-d i-nn oah wk rtytUrljr ifttharot.
u iDim ui iho (roatiul 4tfU akwiolt aud aUiiy fp'-4..
Tin: new vohk wricKi.v.
OT Let every truo Patriot in
th I .and read thorn.
roKSALi; cy l.vr.i; v xr.ws aoi-:nt
July 11,lcfl2.
STol KS,irn. It Hl'l U!'IIRAM, J-w!e,r I ...
(on alrfit.nM'. I'tll M1 1 1 Vi- it IN,.,I.1
4ioLII V A H ij, uiAiiulicitird Juo. .i.w,n.t,-a, l .
i-oiad. 'the VrliU It t filial! :!, wiiii ah,i',J ai,
Miirravrd i,u the ui-i e '(.,.. W. Lil..aia, liool ti-
laUter In tne y-er I ;' .a, lite uiii..i,i etmiavr j
I'lioa.oa H.aMaN." Ine al ova K-w.,n va til lo a, t
ft any iwi,tr malum thai ma iaa I lo tua re. ov.-ry
U.e ,rt.-rl) . R 11 HASll..':.
ur tf
lvui.v.1.. tl. urtel p;uta ,, y la H. arr.t of a
mm uiiii 1 111 111
United States of America:
t I ' Hint l.J l! nf m J-ml!n en villi:
and lr Ibe A( Mia lu.ir'rt ix l.rn wi al
Srfhvil'e.on th Cth Jw. A. I , l. hr
lbn Trlnhla, l.n. , Alirrny ft tha Imlet ialra I
tlif the Middle Il.trwM A iewlrt., .it" risrelea '
here a ea ylir!f of lha L'nll,t.t itaia. atjair-'t eertaln 1
r.rteritr, v-tf 1b Xah nerr and l utiirt of WMRon 1
A Ved''.cr'a I'owdfr Hill, on STfetaora critfc. m the
( vintr of A lieaibam, In the Slat" af Ttniwav; Im J
Htntiiiro'v ne-'d ia couneoita iriib 1H114 rnarJnuerv.
and aome flie or 11 aj-rea ol iarat,oa wbi.-h the buil.1
iiia Hand. rire inf proe.aa aralt eaid firoperl) t
Ilia the aarrte l,e itfidemne4 aa Lirfeiled.
Nnw, theref r. ,a purf uatee of Iba tntaiitlon, trntler
the eeat ol Hid IV-tirl, U me diret'trd and delivered, I
d,, h-rrbv e pul, Hu nolifloall peraona rlaimiug
aild propTiv,or in any minner inireeied tlirrem,
IKal lby be and anvter rfl,re aaid t'm'iill Ottrt, to
bo h tU at the ('iiy of h'utbi pie, m ai.tl f.tr and Ima
I r 1,-l.t ltili.llli ''av of t. lnbt r, IHlli.al III o'fki in
lha fifrno-ta of bavl daf . tli. fttiil tbere lo iufrifcte
tbelr eiaiiaQ, aud 10 m il.e tlifir atvliona in iMt
i.,:,aii, 1; K. i.M-1 imk.
June!, 1 1I I'.: HnrvhAl, M. 11. T.
United States of America:
UrilKI'.l'AS a l.bel of Infffaiatifn n l'1-d Mil.
and f .r lha Middle Ih-lrl t T"nntH.t, at
Hthvlie, oa te S'th d 'y cf Way, A I', isr",lr
tl-bo Tr'ibit., '(., Attorney f-r tl.a I'tiltil Ha ea
for tlie Ii. Idle liniwt of T,,r,B',"a. r.no prte-i; ura
h'T n oD beaaif ol the TJoilM hutea, arainal a rr
laiO lt and Hie Hullil nfa tltei-eon, etfiiated frwit ra
oa llarltfi tref t, In Ihe l llv ol eiaehville, known at
Kills a Moore'a Knuli.lry and M'hma Phort, Kiief of,
and aear Br,d elra, m tba Vir of Nali H;e ; aio,
a,l lha marblflpry, AviA, a,t-trra end Imp'emrnta
and Bitr-al coou xled ih eld lot and tmitidrv
aed Machiae Mmp aud Pnii,1:rr, fr ivaenrta noti
eainvea to eaid i.'ttd ot informal ioa mentl'Mied, and
prn? H'H proc'a aulnat H,e rfti jTitiriy , tlvil ihe
enme lie o"ndiuBail aa vorleMi'd.
Iiow, Ihrref'ir.', in pnrai,anre nf tho monltlon,nn.lt.r
tlie ae.il 01' eaid I'oiirt. ta ro dirorlrd nnd aeilr. re.1, I
d.t h.'ieby f ve pi'.l.lm nt'iirelnnll rternona elaim or
geld prnp.nly or ib ane manner inlfri"ii,d ihorem,
tliat tllt'V be and ninte-ir bel.trt' etld I'lrt'tiH Court, lo
be bt-ld at the t lty ui Kn.aviMe, in and for etui in,
trtrt oa the iiHfi day of Oclobor, 1AI -.', at U o'olot'k in
tlie Ibreai.on of llr.t tiny, I firo nnd ihere to mern,t-e
Llirir niii tma, and 1 1 aiae their all,.paliotia in li:it
br-hilf. K. H. tit Asi iiCK,
Jtno ll,1,f,'. In. i p. Mtrahal, M Ii. T
United States of America: !
7 111 Kl'AS. hM hiMrmmlt n wlihin
VV mul fori:..' ItuMaY iif , w' l.-nn--m-o, t
Ne,-l,fHf. 00 lit jn.( i?v r .lune., a. 1 , li.i, hy
J.ittn Trmbl, Ki., 4)i"Hioy ftr itw I ntll Metit-n
tor lh MlJiilf I trli of Tnnv-es. wlo priMnw ntm
hAivlnon titti all ol lit I'ttiiivJ Mul i, atftinht nriAin
pntrriy , i : ft ' rm-n ) 01, iinn10'1 m nr vh? South
4 -I A ur 01 lHov( nnd Krnl irfHi-, in tbiC'iir if
lahvil, Irinr tli ll lo iIia mrnor lt arrc
tni oq wlitrh corner W( l ntiuattil, tho HriMta toun
tlrj ol II. Vii ; rind lot fr-mltnp Kroni Htrrt, rtm
nuitt Ixu U lowunlt tlm nr. Hionw nMrly unilM
n Iho rir, ftfiil lnri hnrk iatnoit rtr rt.lhf oor
ot oi HHhl .ot oa I-ri nt utTrct tartiifflt from l.n,
h tap i-opo-tM a ftmall BtwkMU'itlt'p Himp, f)iiif.l in
Hi' fth.T tiilf o KroM trfPl; mi-i ail tho HoikI
liivq on mid l"t, Mul rUu ftll IIia fltiurtw, mucliinTV,
(( i, implcniAiilft ftnil ml null ol vwty tl-n;ri.n
r mnnf lea till li'.hl lot nail hn,l'iUH- ; Ftli ImiiL! 11.
it, t-xA lot lilnu' lti lVninlrT of orr T. M. H' iun nt
ftnl iryiu(: ftrtno"fl ft?ainpt tU pr, r j ; y, rt.ftv t Inn
tmft rmi.irr.t.i.1, m,n iiirrntotj.
New, lbr-Tofn, tn MrPUrrK nf t)m rro-M I'M , in
il- r hv ftvi! of r!i 'I 'ort, i- nie liriH'V'r! n4 v vr-r-r
l, 1 1 ''o hroov ;(vm '.h!ic nortio io nil it'
rl rr.U; j prntti iy, or .n iy miiiurr ntwiiil
Mffin, U'nt ID y u ! ai'ivr ttti(ro im.il tutu I
,'onrl . 10 bn ttma al he cty of Nftf.hvH, in ftnl i r
M I'iSirli t, on On 'J (h .Uy of ( i h-r, lKr.i, l 10
O'. lo. fc Id the fornoi n of iit li,y. in rnt (hrra
to iuterii,0i tbi r ct-mr'l t-jil to k' thwr h1! g
IT h. Ur..l.M, A I T.
United Statea of America:
M?nw t nrTRfci or Tr.T'srr.
X 7'',,''Rt, M' tntoru Hi -on vrtx fl.l wltlnn nr.. I
f V iNp W iddlf l')n trt of i -ru.'urfi,, ni NxniivlliA,
on tli tiny of Mnv, A.V.t liW, hy A ,m T-imilf ,
-., AMorny t r tho rnlird Hlni.fi for ilm MkMIa
1Vii tct ot TWiOr'M.-e, wb. pr.iiN-iitti .irr.f, on ImII
ot th Vn . I ;-i dm n I n rln-n r-r-'jrly , r . j : n
..ii altUAlfrl (n I'll . rth cn earner of t'lirrrj' Hirrt
ftnd 1 ran U in ptift, in sr.uiti Nn- t.villo, and tlio
tuiMlnr7i ihorrDn ; the m , liuUdlnr-1 r r utly firm mi
f"T Ihf ptirpa ct prrp',r i.r niftli r.U for tlo m.riii
Tat'tur o) Ontipvfd-r; aifu tli Biiu'fa uwry nod
turo i nutn'.Mt'd w .lb Art.'.tHi,riifi,l , priyn.i; pi n-c-rtH
a.jr.i'iil llw inin'. ilt.H il l-- i wm-.-mii'i. 1 .i- i.-r.
Ntw, ib'T'ortt, in -ri -inih'B nf )u niouii tm . nn
flT U(P il o' P i i ) "nrl , to d to. l -a nn 1 l. tiv
rrd, I tn h'roiv uit pul'ir nolir m '( rri'OTi
rltAii.'niT Mm! prH'ty , e in any iunnr Irt rmir.l
lliornn, lh;;f tin v ho fcml ft! p 'ar lrf(irt i,,iid C:iti.it
Court, ' Ik !o'!iI n! l!io I'M; cf K'mf h Mtn, In nd f.-r
tft'd mir1fAt,on tho lti r1r of OtoLr". 1WJ, M lo
I o'clock lo thn iortnoon f Ihnt dny, tbi'n at,d tucra lo
In thftt .oh i. K. H. CUKH'K,
u'j . , i:..i. M:irtuil . v. T.
' v . J t. ' - ,
NASHnLIJ3 (EdgnfieU) AND
1 1 ii i: t a it 1. 1: o. .,
Take effect on Monday, July 14. 1SG2
l.pnvra .Naahvlllrt at 3 ' lock, 1. tl.
Arrive at Knahvlllo ai lO.lO, m.
t'onneeta vft'i Tminn tVom nn4 i" ClnrVwilie at
Plate 1 n.e. ,li,'v Hun,
1 1 .vi 1 1 m r. r, mm
OVAL I.AM I niniMiis,
ialunutoi'turi'd ot
ThsapChlmneyB arc Intfiidtd lor thafl-il
fLamo, wlurh Ij.idripf ftll j rw of t'a'
giii"! oqftiiy, hvp ii. rxpm u to or.trk
Int;. IC 1. 1'ITUKllXlK,
I'ill tJaiM Work.",
irt.lf;trm f.tr,r,T
rill -hurl!,
HMupUn mu Itfl yon ft I thii OfMi'i.
hyrov n. Kona
4 ft r i' r.rt MKi.i.T avii anrr,)
FstuMisl.nl fur Ihr llnulit uf Sinners
rmsti 'to f.r. ipt i tum m
lirif, WotithI., or Eail.liftra ttttt havo
D.d fioni Wsnndx or BuknoM.
Cvmr-fcrr LMf.MUrNK Will, 1": t ivrs iV
J Uj cdMHto .( ar-T ol-h .r W tntiit tv I r in
HIV I 01 l.t, I'd"!. iLl.ii, I.1 i N - A T 1 , M-sH'll.I K.
miI NO I ; If , f ftuy o'Lit I' p ul In i o V itfi a
liftlfQMif . Tii.i ta Ilm oLi- Army lul;. j;
Oj.c to Ikr I ni" ''i mji -, ii. ut,rt, ' nn rt-ir-;-iu,r!-"
d'frra ff om a -y t ol th H .-i rD I ' iv n
ol ao li'!a, r j riliu ; ai or imn-v, li iLj Aitii
Uftl l M. FN. nM1l , vi t' ur.i Ht No IM .
S. H - i '(;' Hr t . ih i attftHri op
Tt ait IftiL-ttaa v II -in t a f rv.,r . i.n ton
Uy ralllu nt our mi' i,r 11, f-.uiti l'ui.rb t. j
Mny iH, Htw Xy j
BOOTS aud SnOES. jf !
I'Hf I' V h I R ,.,ni idl l:i II tv'V I y
L .n! irni lla ii f Nt.it i 1 1, I Lp j.ii.'Mi
In (Ttiifiiil, ll.dtt ItifY liftVit Hind n f . ft ItOiitt.-, Nx 0, ,
l'una Mi " I . ii t f - ,li fnimt iiH ) It-, p i w 'li-
hit.ci .NO. k Cl ttli tlri 'lip fi
j JH"3()flS S: tSlfOK.S, '
Trunks, Viilisft, Carpet Baj..
,' , aliicli I hey a ill anil nl Vie li.ea iau: nu I a.h, j
K Hli .Ii tt;,1. and Ii inn
V. un!;r,.ivnH:
l'ini"'i ' .No. , fni.m ctn-it. 1
rraitklia A. I'.tuliu (.nru, liy.
It-.-i N-..I I-- ri'U Tint i.nriwn.i: kwi j
K"M v,l ! I- l ,:..ii tl.r.ii'li ai . ' i
itiiB'ta. I
In ni in t i '') .rt f the it.'im.y at aiy ,
Tl il aV f.,
I u..ry .lel'l'-, K f. "!' t
A S'tlh, In. '.. t'H l-i
IIIIU J-i l US Hue. IlirharJ, ll.-fJ
VJ aeJ T!-iV'lli .-a-! n.r ea'a by
i I
x f
1 i
liiinr) V01.MMK. (
Subfcriptions are for ONE YEAlt
from the date of their Receipt at .
our Office ;
'pnMntorisTnAS nrrs BFiMRit thk rro.
A rle two yeare. Ma eoie bae beea eui b aa to
la the entire a.f-,baiu ol tlia Chnrrh, aad
l"ial.eonaorTalive,'hrlellen men everywhere, lie
a m 10 til beinanpi,;, a e,mitleia Pami'jr, He.irl-n
Keaapap'r, 01 h ch literary ton'1 It mil be rdl'ed
aa hoM.itvtorabY lo (.Ki. K tftOoK", n IV, aee'a
tn.1 by lier. JllilN MiA I.IMlM K. l , at prerr.t
realmua In paria aa t'orroepoinliiiv f ditor. Auitm,;
i'a K in,, !al Uirpe aeeRoe, lir. a HM. HTe'.VKNa ina
JS.I'fiaB of MiMhnttlain, and Kev. IV. NAI'AI..
Tuo Meihodtal baa ea. li vreoa a li;mmrt or all tha
neefo tlie aiomi-nt f.M ffoiuvt lo pr.a. Tbie euin
mary la er-,'ial io lliat of any wis.w Iy. wheltior Se, '
uNr or rein: lone, and le properod by I'rof. M IIKM
II ltaa elao a Itiurnnph retorl of the Htttrk anil Pro.
rln. e Maikele, prepan d expreeely Ii il by IKAMl!'"
Jt'lil' dit-r 01 the Ameriran Aarrutiiiriilt.
Il haa ihe rnnet romprohera, ve Kinanoe Artlr'a
wrlitcn in theoounlry, by K. MKIiJ.
osTKArra or DiTi!t(H'iinB Utk, wits nri HKTcnra,
Sfamoxa ht Dwiam'ienrn alirraae.
FiwiiT KtAtnin, Mi'aii', rw arc. rrc. ' '
Special Terms to , Ministers..
Ve o"'T 10 all Mlmalera a laogo ilduclloo on Ih.'ir
onn pavre, and on all eubirrlbira they uay aeatl
ha. , .
4v7 Pleelmen Ca1 Iob eent free, $
TKRI. l" per year, payable In advance.
Atl.lreaa, Tut Pt an-iiaaa ay thv W rthooit, j
111 Niiaau ft.. Now Voik
ajr jRiera O.fiieA fKhf.t
Marshal's Sale.
J V virtue of en al'na VI V'a lo me illiecti',1 fliim
Hie tin nit l.tnrt iif the I nife.1 Male. Ii.r llle
Mi'ltlle I'inltit ttif Titrtneaaee, I, K. :.(,Uk'H, Mar
elml m ant) fur ruttl inatrii-t, a ill i'Knje to jmhii,
salt', to tint liipheat liiiltli-r, fur rnuli, at the Court
hfUKe il,n, la Hie t'liy itl' Nii"h illo, mi tha tftt'l ilf.v
nl (li t, ilt.tr, lsiij. nil the rlclit, Hilt', i laim an, I luier
ral aiii.'h Tlmmti. Harry, W alilnt'iii Harrt'W, ati'l
A. V. M. l.in.ieley ami t aliiiiHtou Harrow, Atlnnn
l-tntnrii nf Ji'hn Mi, li'V, tletxm.it, h.ti'a In anit to
the l.tlloivlni; ile'i llit,l iitrita urltarti'la ul litiil, an
nit : trilft f ),an,t, iu Huinnor eniiiity, Teimeeaee,
on Iioalia'!i rrei'lc an, I lt aateia, l.tniiinK at a
fUntt'it ruck aonth-eAittoarnri- of .haue While .i.''e.
theiie North I ' l:t (IT stltta lo a tlaiitel n'k ;
thenre North 4,'." WeAt M roll'" t" a rot k at Alunliam
M.irlln'a rorner; tlirnii' Norlh Hi' Kual lcj ',,la tn
a riflt at Muriin'x rurneri Hieing North Mij0 Kat 'U
enl :t In jinlee toaetake; Uit'iire North ti H,lt'toa
rltil.i'; lln n. e North 74- Kaal JJ ril"A to a vt amore ;
ilientf nonih 11" Kii-t 34 ami a lu i,i to the reiilor
ot iai'1 cn'.-k J tllent-e ,l,'n Ilia euim', will, il iiwiui .
iti re ! I lienor ,-Aimth TfC Ki.t IK polin, Nouth fill ' Kant
11 j-vl.'. lo a point nevr the t,'rii.iiiua uf the null
tint': tiit noe H'uiili 4 1 1 a .t M .jta la tfmnk. i
tden.'o .'! aJ Ijiat II; . ami (I lu vea to a corner t'i
Cili.'u Imu'IvtV ; tlifnt'o fmith i.1.'0 Weal ,na le
If a elitkej then. HihiIIi f"1.4"' Knat Hit ami V) li
l'i,l, r toil r.:;; lliem-a N.iilh ii.'i"' Ka-t IM poli'i to
t 'ia ini.lilln ol' tho rrt'ok thaiit'e don a iheauuie aa
II nit'HIitlt'ia l,y otlaetlA, lll,l (H,,n, (," cB,t OilV!oe ;
Jl' i.th l'nt H.le. ; K.'nlll lli':j" Kaal 1J ll.a I
f-onlli Hi.'i' Kat '.'8 polee ; eVnlh :i.tJ Kal in .l.') in
e 1'ilettf I'ttrl.. on Iheeaal ImnA of tht' ort'.'k thfneit '
N'ortli hij-,.'' Wi-H V"7 poloa, Willi lir. W. M,'till"'
r-Tlli lioiHi'l'iry, loa at:ik ; thetire Ht-itlh -'" Wt-at
1 1 at:it a In p,,l,a lo a atnke i tlieuoe Moiilh I',3 Wiatt
M'. p tli a, iMKAtlix l)r. It. Ili. nl'a I'ttrin r al I I p "le ;
It.rnre Soulh ',J Kaat HUI lee Ihetiee Mnulh
torn j'.:tj m.1i t,i ii pita itttft ; thfin-e Mouth fi aul
i III polea lo a bom v lirii.l : Iheiife Ver :t(l an, I
4 M polm to it riM k ; then, e North ' Kaat I UK poltw
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Al ', a life enl ii in tiny nuem-nta, ahirh w.ia aiile,)
I'V l.neit'n J. ll.iria to In a wife Sarah V. (now Sarah
V. 11,-5, 1) fur her life. Aleo, a atuall tram adjoining
l)u ahuve, It Iteinii tli" niill tnu-l of lour a n-a, t"
retht'r Willi the mill on the ttmne. Kiitl profierty lie.
IIH IfVlt ,1 iiNn lo fin ily a Ju,l;lneul ill tuvor ot B. H.
.Ii K r. lii-l. agnin-t lluiina!! ll.trry, W ii-lilnnlon Mar
r.,w, V. Horrow and A. V. 8. LiU'Wiy, A'iuiliiMtra
tors of John Mi"il,y. rli'i eiuti tl, rallilert il q tail CVnirl
oa II, a lird tin) ot ilnr, Iihai, Nilo to lake placa at.
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mii-:-Hl V..H. Maiahal, M. 1. T. ,
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n larui Mffk of 1 orcign and hiinnii-
DliY (1001)5!,
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whb b Utt'V oilier lo the Initio nl tha lonrwt wli pr
ri , ountry mri'hnl( vtnilinn thi 'ity rr Invi
t J to trlve iih ft rail, U lora but intr lunw tin o.
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.No, 8 SouiU Hid i'ublu' tsjuiue.
t v A'l s;r . k 1 1 r vp p r .
ACTON YOUNfST"- - Proprietor.
enle M,
1 jililni;
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M -trd jftr mo, ll.. .
7 IKI.
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Tf e vi'r hi i tho M irlicl n!t,.r !i nlwnva on liana.
(Jiv.'Iihii ciul. jnne i;7-m.;iu
Tanll llin Military lnurtiiifnl In
Ihfi Iilrlrtf lhv hl.
Os an'ii Avrrn thkih. iav ov jn.v iura i
will oicn an cilllc at tuo nt. i l.nid Hoiol in Naali.
viiiee, Iftiiifftai', ftU( one on Main atroet, 0,Mieiie
Iiaua:i1t ll"m l.miartlle, Ky., for all traimi ilou.
or hettf in tlili drjatrlmi'kt, l'r three month Cnmi
July lKiii. ( lUltl.i s KAIIN, Jr.,
Ilttrfriailrai tor lor the nteirlrt of Olifn '
K. It llhrli,t Mark at price paid lor aoud cattle
July 1
"Wanted to Rent
AM'ATI V HKNI8HKU HOfSK, contalnltm four,
five, ail, or aeven rooma Noilfd tor eovarai
mnulha. ami will ha aell tekt-a ear of hy a fnlle
roan and wi'o. A rraaonahli.' rout will Itw taiti for a
hoiiiic ot' ahin e deiK-rititltin pleaaaull attttatetl. Ail
ilii-itA, with partnilura,
rHAm.FH Al l TS,
Mv!l If Hoi ; r. O , Nathvllle.
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Jurea . U. Iiii arV, Aeni,
OK hand ami fnr H.'ila al the Br,.riemv Mill "
inio a . j u- l' kK V, Arnl.
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''. all v A,) utiiill ttt then I'resmtiG ret ting i
U'lft hi: AJ, il hai Itfcn uid known lo ma lht
n rt-iuilu Thom41 i'ABifH, t imrio'd wlih lnivirikf
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d- "I l"" "i l r, 1 h I , ' ij i: iij 1 1 ii ! i.r.r.Hi it-oop-
wi. Uio ol our Cu'iniy d' luvitJii'U. b.4 bail lriu
Jnfil-'', ami i" int rm. unit; i Uif.
s,,. it,t'M... 1, A so Mew JuiiMttififi ('i'rn'r aa
M'.n -KHi, ! it : no (,f itt. jiWMt autl-i it y lu Hit
( -t, iM li'-r hy nm-r tt rrwiird of 1 wo JirMnaro
and lu ;f Imili.-. , U any txu or fnmtf mi
iiwy tti-'t-oofiitl ili i!n,nmi f m. i uil d--livor
tun lu ili Mir id I (r Jailor of onr (J"un(' uf vu(
H'.ii. in i nl. r it.m jii.u. i, in jmt Immi I, iu ty I.. Int,
(il l i ii 1 1 .
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ft a '''n,l H'' cniut'd Hi prent mm i,l unlit
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Py lt- U.--riiori ANftfiTW JOIIVi.V
Klo 4 ftO II Kr r, (S- ( T' I:it) 0 Mtif.
hk)7 41
Restaurant Tortoni
rillllH 11 knoftft ru.blilinibl la rooftrt! u tut
h u-ii UriF i ail bo il, lo ftpy Burn er uf oar-
ftuiLi, ti l), til tl'i il- !,.( t- sid l.tuiit id tltr
O' . j i"i"ir'ti iu Him vmty l."ti ki y lu.
HiL. ol Irtwa. indtd, will cpallriiiKa vMntit-Hrkai
m iti t ni i v iiun' in l tie N ui ih or Hojitii'i.
1 ua nut H iu ftul hiavuJi-a - a apt ivbiiitl)r
oo ItftiiJ. nou4raur biipHiraiurotbMl Ut ftujr arlf
(Ii.m M on aboil ftulit. , ,iL
Tho Ico Cream Garden
1m now oia, whra ll'a ati l lU tt tHMu rmm ba
ia-i 'd .in 4 1 foul, rr-irattiiUK Mm onor uevaf a,,a.
pi'4'tf ti Hilt Hi llt-- Ol 11 ti iti.Ml Ira - I ij .iiUf
I'fif t . fcirved ft UU mr i$ 01 ii.ia.ll ()'ilili
Ii. a, ftb tt-;iwvib. JW, Jul, tliA
Claims Agaiast tLa V. State .
4 I t US A. iUI I. iU atitd lo Li n.llM'tiOR
ft. Ui-4J) Vtltala but ui l urn I U114M1 tMJtUM ftiilUori-
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