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glaolivillc itniou.
vj. . ..-.. .. . - ....... . .. , -
. rrlrsls.
We Iit lisd a numlirr of tlislinpiiisli
ed military ai-mslf ' In tli city within
tba last k'ti daa. (ioncral Tnovns nnl
General Smith rcarlicl Imt yr-stentar.
Thegallaat Oencral CmTTKxr.r.s.of Ken
tncky, is ftUo enramppil a IVvv mites fntn
t!i tit j. Gfocral N(i('h.':kV division is
alto hre. '
A IM ! I ' Hrliflv
I'rrtiAp our r'icl liifiiiU would like to
hear a cr f news. I.iktrn (lieu anil'
we willfrivu ft l- J"". . W will fioU
Nashville rcrlainly, n)il at o liijij't-J
dtil ; and when w do l aet nothing !
tlii t il.r iU rrinsin hiil haif wall, anl
co i vdy li.nl on'. r. N'.s!ivilla is
oiira llifl property of the loy.il jitcpl?,
anil lie lor we auiTriidrr it in the domin
ion of a'pmk of (loil-fora!irn traitor,
the aiti ft thiit tily, ftll strewn with
sfcshos, cinder, nd Idnnd, Mi.lU tell how
" tf-rrihly fit-i int n have tvillislond tyrant"
We I-arn that a few guerrillas and a
number of Hi citizens of T nllalioma
htirnod tho hospitals, ami tho dwelling;!
of a number of Union men 1 hereabouts.
These scoundrels should 1e promptly
The rounlry can easily gel along
without the. rebels, but wo don't Ulicye
the devil ran; t hew fore "give the devil
hi due."
Men Lave (lie privilege. ti be loyal and
he protected, or he disloyal and be
ruined. Protection and treason must not
go together.
flintier destroy all the rebels in the
Mouth than destroy our country, and suf
fer ouraelve! to become the slaves of a
remorseless, despotism.
f A party of guerrillas, il is mini, cap
tured 170 horses belonging to the Gov
ernment, on yesterday morning in a pas
ture within seven miles of the city. Wo
are inclined to believe that tho guerrillas
were, citizen thieves of the neighborhood,
who are now at home, and would swear
they had "never done anything."
. Officers of Iho various divisions now
in this city, confirm, we learn, the nlate
ment that Fonnr.sT' band of thieves and
axKiioHius were cut to pieces and totally
dispersed, in his recent encounters with
our troops. The miserable ruffian, vag
abond and scoundrel had now better go
and hang himself.' He has brought
many a foolish young man, to a wretch
ed end. ' Hie, Voltmeter, and po home to
the devil.
Tl iti.k's Comet bus played out it is
like the long-lost Tleiad, wii fit iiivrittiti,
among the bright inhabitants of tho
azure realm of glory. We believe that
this is Trm.K's first appearance on the
Stage, and for his maiden ell'oit he de
serves great praise. When you hunt your
comet around again, Ti tti.f, new on a
larger tail, and polish it up regardless of
expense, and you'll bo bound to shine
to sparkle to enrruscate. (!ood bye,
Saft (Hard.
We are told, on the highest authority,
that men in this vicinity who lmve been
Very active ring-leaders in this damnablo
rebellion, have safe-guards exempting
them from all impressments, visits of for.
aging parties, etc., while persons far loss
influential and Union men' are stripped
I 'if all their surplus provender. If there
the least, discretion or judgment in
such a policy we ureunablo to see it. It
is repugnant to any dictate of justice and
common sense. Some of our officers seem
to desire to prolong the rebellion and en
courage traitors. X'tif Inl loijolmen v'wii,?
civc havt safe-Quant.
Parson lirowulow, in a recent speech,
characterized John Slidell as "the lull
nilnf utiyliml '." .' c)hiiji:
MihUken: Parson, for once. We sol
emnly aver that IIi Mi'uur.r Marmiaix ia
entitled to that appellation.
A cuiiuus theory advanced in Mr. T. J!.
Aldiich's book. " Out of His Head," is
continued by tho case of au Englishman
named lUnton, who murdered a l(y of
nine years old at Chatham, aud immedi
ately surrendered himself, avowing that
hehad long wished to be hnngi'il, mid
f.aat this morbid deoiro was the sole
motive for the crime.
This " curious theory" miy account for
the-conduct of the rebels.
.. . - . .
school will assemble in the base
ment of the Htiytist (lr. llowtn.'s)
Vhmvh to-morrow (Monday) morning, at
'.lo'clocL. IS. ImiIIMW.
Sep" H
Wa art. ' inih hleil to Ailnnm l 'vnr.ki
V . , - -i""
)ie for late Cincinnati papers.
Ttfo Hon. Joshua V. f Dimvili..
lias Uvn raptuivd by Morgan aud his
"ami, and l.tr purpose ot parole executed
14 bun J of $10,1X11), conditioned that he
-nouia to ecliangeil lor James Adams.
A luve fears, from the action of the
uaarUluture veaterdav. that no am li .ni-.
- j . - - - -
int will be accepted tiy our authorities.
A.'ll'v.'(7,V Ji.Ulllrt.
I.orJ Chancellor Norlhingtou aull'civd
iiuch fruiu tli eoiit: ami once al'iei-
j-ume pauitul waddling between the wool
sack Slid the bar in the House l Lords,
t was henid to mutter : "It 1 had know n
ilit the leps were one (lay to cany a
j hancellor, Pd Lavo taken better cue i t
iiieui hen 1 was a l.it."
TO (l It IIKAMI ilv. '
Cnlil telegraphic conirnnnicitiori is re- j
sumed ln-t ween Louisville snd this city, j
we purpose iMuing every day, at twelve j
oVIim k, nn I'.XTKA, rontaining all the j
IV'patehrs nnd War News publiBiied m
the I.iuisville papers, as well as an ae
ooniit of all Military Movcmi'iits In Ten
nessee Ihat may reach ns up to the hour
of going to prom.
Can be had at this ollii e, or f the
newvboyfl, at lire cents c.ieh.
pRmrmuAV .'ms k n. Nh
vn.iu. In acordance witii the ; peeial
Order of Col Mu.Lrc, appropriating the
Secuml I'reshyteriau Church a Post
Chapel under the dirrctian and ronfrol
of the loyal members, all olliceis and sol
diers of (lie United State", all slran-jern
ho may hpwn to be in the cily, ns
well as tlie ciliAensof Nashville, are tor
dial ly invited to attend I 'ivine ei vice nl
Slid Cluilih. '
Preaching this morning at 10 1 j o'clock,
A. Af , by l,ev. H. A. Ji:KT, Chaplain of
the Tlh l'oniisrlvania Cavalif. -
In our issue of the d insl. we pub
lished ah account of an atisck mado by
tho guerrillas recently on tho upward
bound train near Peynold's Station. Tho
account was handed (o the foreman of
the office, and was published as it was
written. We are satisfied fronuiroloiibt
ed authority that, it did gross injustice to
Copt. Hatlks of Iho l!)th Illinois', a
young officer who behaved very gallant
ly and skillfully on the occasion. Our
foreman supposed that the one who
handed in the manuscript was Capt.
Br. ewster, but that officer denies (hp au
thorship. We are satisfied that the ac
count published was unjust to Capt.
Hayuem as well as incorrect in olher
particulars, and it is the duly of the au
thor to rftract his statement nnd do jus
tice to the injured party. .
Nearly Head.
We think we can see in the very des
peration snd recklessness with which the
Pebels are lighting in Virginia, n strong
evidence that the leaders of the Rebellion
feel that their hope is now or never. It
is their forlorn hope, and the thought
maddens them. If they ar defeated, the
halter or banishment awaits them as tho
penalty of their crimes. Vriends of the
Union and freu government, take fresh
courage iti tho very roar of battle and
the melancholy flow of carnage. The
(iod of Patties will not desert us now.
lie will not let. this infamous rebellion
triumph. The very "stars in their course
roll against Siscra."
Ininirimv Army
We learn by reliable persons from
Louisville that there were over twenty
live thousand troops from tho North of
tho Ohio, rf the new levy, camped jn
that vicinity, and are now probably on
their way to meet Kir.i:v Smi'ju, It is
not at all likely th.il he will ever get out
of Kentucky. He is iu a trip where even
precipitate retreat v ill not he likely to
save him.
II. tUtitm e m n in ll ok I'l ej.iliU
It is difficult for an iiieXM i ii n ed per
son to conceive of Iho filed of even a
lifrht wind upon so m:ill an objei I as a
rille ball, n hen shot h orn the gnu. The
difficulty ai'itfei frolu the impossihil ity ol
taking iii the idea of sin h rapid lli;'ht, or
of the resistance produced by it, by com
parison with anything within the limits
of our experience. We may attain a con
ception of it, however, by trying to iuove
a itick through the water. Moving it
slowly, the resistance is imperceptible;
but os we increase tho velocity, we lind
the difficulty to increase very rapidly,
and if wo try to strike a quick blow
through the water, wo lind the resistance
so enormous that the ellect is almost par
alyzed. Mathematically the resistance
increases in the ratio of the square of
the velocity, and although tho air is of
course more easily displaced than water,
the game rule applies lo it, and tho light
of a ball is so inconceivably rapid thai
the resistance becomes enormous.
Tho average initial velocity of a can
non or ride ball is sixteen hundred feet
in a second, and a l'--pouinl round-shot
moving at this rate, encounters an at
mospheric resistance of nearly two hun
dred pounds or more than sixteen times
its own weight. Perhaps a clear idea
may bo attained by the statement of tho
fact, that, were'it possible to remove this
resistance, or, in olher words to lire a
hall in a vacuum, it would II y ten miles
in a second the same time it now re
quires to move sixteen hundred f,o(.
Hearing in mlud this enormous resist
ance, it will be more readily apparent
that even a slight motion of the element
through which the ball is struggling
must influence its course. I'or this reas
on it is Ihat the befit time to shout, as a
general rule, is in the morning or even
ing, when the air is most apt to be per
fectly calm. It will often be found, af
ter making very satisfactory idiots at
sunrise, that by ten o'clock, tveu on
what would be called a calm da v, il is
impossible to attain to anything like the
accuracy with which the (lay's work was
begun; and, owing to the irregular mo.
lion of the air, the difficulty cannot lie
overcome, except lo a limited degree, by
inukitig allowance for it.
Tiik limn. Paid rros Uxiostowx.
We learn from Col. C. C. Green, who 1ms
just arrived from Henderson, that a
rebel force of eight hundred cavalry
aojicared at l uiontown, Ky., on Sunday
last and routed the l.andfull of Indiana
troops who had been detailed to guard
the place, killing and wounding num
ber and taking all their arms and m..
munition. They then took pogecsiou of j
uno iiiiuiiieii sua lorly-lluee bales of
rot ton, which had been shipped u the
steamer Exchange lor Cincinnati, and
v hich belonged lo parlies in Cincinnati
destroying the entire cargo. On Mon
day a force of live humlicd infantry
left Lvansville for Unioiitowu, ami il
was their delicti In pie the re hi Is bat
tle. A di spali h fivm Washington iuh.rim
ns thst Gen. Mil, hell is l.oi.U command
at It.lton itcsJ tics Hu.-.t-r.
1 from llislorj'terrstlon,
f rimi Hit St. ly nil lviw rl.
At the death of .Solomon, Pcholwani
suer-fcitod, and certain ambitious peMous
availed themselves of the nprtunity to
foster discontent and .nfrije. They an
ticipated troiihl and r.ppif "innj and
stirred np Ten Tribes to nhillion. Not
receiving a satisfactory answer from the
King, they cried out,' hat a portion
have wo in ' jonr tents, O
Nrarl! Now sco lo thine own house,
Dawd!'' io Israel departed to their
tcnl-i; th.lt U, appealed to t!.enord.
Under advite of a prophet, ftc hoboam,
after ga!!,r ring an army, determined " tu
let thi in alone," and fl( new confedern y
or kingdom vvai estab.'iuhrr!. Now n aik
th result.
Uir-t - lV.r twn hundred yc::r3 t! rrc.
wa-j s!mct iininterrnpled war between
Judsh and Israel. J 'orcein nations were
invited to take pirt, 11 tho usual compli
cations of rights and interests were cre
ated, and war, of the most, destructive
kind, vt as tho ky 1 , To of tho yeoplo for
(wo cenluries. At the end (.f th.it Cm
lracl w:is sihjnied by Aosyri.i. an i
Iter people taken into raptivitf.
Keer.nd reonlt.'i'he actedinff triWs
were not only nih rly mined, but at Inst
their national exifsfeneo was destrotred.
They are now known a "the lost tribe!
oflHrael," lor they were Molted nut from
the earth, and their territory was coloni
xed by their destroyers. '.Jlavimr re
nounced the iiilierifanco of their fa; hers,
there was no further W for them in his
tory. Tho remaining trims, ljl to their
king and failhlul to tho law of Moses,
become the nation; and through all the
vicissitudes of time has continued as tho
nation of the Jen s (Judah), nnd has been
tho only means by which the name of
Israel is kept from perishing.
So much for secession, when let alon,
and such ar its legitimate consequences.
A like history will belong to ns, if the
Southern Confederacy succeeds, and a
like destruction to the Slave States. A
"seven years" war would be better than
(hat, and the more active it is prosecuted
tha better for all parties will it be. A
parricidal war like the present cannot be
compromised nor settled by soft words.
Nothing but downright earnestness will
avail to save ns from a future of untold
The following from the X. V. ;.;.
is tart but then it is true:
A class of Southrons are so exclusive
or "Btuck up" as our friend Jonathan
Slick used to say, as to regard themselves
the finest porcelain of the earth, and all
else ns but the poorest of potter's dsy.
Where they were not Huguenots fleeing
from persecution of Kings and Nobles,
they were lordly and highbred Cavaliers
as much above. Puritans, Saxons and'
Celts, as (he Knights of King Charles'
day were superior to the followers of tho
Pretender. Some silly people may be
lieve, that these difference of cast have
led or contributed to ths Pebellion, but
when we remember that the worst la b
els nru from our Yankee cousins, who
long ago i migrated to the South, in order
loget rich there, the folly ofthis preten
sion is nltnoRt supreme. ' Let us look a
little, and ask, who is Slidell? A reneg
ade New Yorker. Pustis, his Sisrctary
of Legation, is a renegade from Mass
chnsetts, and son-in-law of Corcoran, a
Washington banker, of Irish ci in. (Jmi
man, one ofthe earliest nnd ino.-t a( five
stimulators nHhc'iYhel policy, n as an
other New Yorker. Gustavus II. Smith,
late Street Commissioner in thirdly, U
one of the best of their Major-fit tier i'.j.
Albeit Pike is renegade, from New Ln"
land. General l.'ipley, in command 'at
Charleston, .a ronegado nativo of Ohio.
Stonewall Jackson i) a .son-in-law of
Per Dr. Juukin, an able and indexible
Union manof I'enn ylvania. -Mason has
family connection in Philadelphia, as
have thou . amis of the leading secession
families heie, and el ewhere in tht North.
General ll'ifh-s. lately killed near P.don
l.'ouge. on the Mississippi, in tlu rebel
service, was bnrn in Muss.whiHetl i. Cap
tain Tatnall, of tho Savannah and Port
lioyal mosquito tied furl, and afterwards
of the rebel Miirimac, is of Northers
birth. The senior proprietor of the
Charleston Courier, recently deceased,
was a Northern man. The senior editor
and proprietor of (he New Orleans Coni
mereinl I'.olletin, recently sulcndcd by
General Puttier, is a Northern man. So
are Kendall and Walker, of (he Ncsv Or
leans Picayune. We give these names,
as we mighl others equally conspieioiia,
in order to show what a sham this Cava
lier pretension of superiority is. Whv,
the soul of the I I'. V, the mothers of
Yirginia dames, had their origin in just
the cost of so many pounds of bad (obae
co, nml are jus t as good as "all the
world and the rest of mankind," and
not a bit heller.
Ami sino Dr.cKt'Tios. --Considerable
amusement was caused in the Canadian
Court of the International Inhibition the
other day by one of the attendants. This
man, who possesses a gravity strange to
see, and a command over his facial mus
cles which would make his fortune on
the stage, stationed himself on one of the
raised platforms and struck an rasy alti
tude. Lspied by a few ladies, who be
lieved him to lie a wsx figure, there was
soon a crowd gathered, and speculation
commenced as to whether the liguro was
that of a man, or the handiwoik of the
Messrs. Tussaud. l or full fifteen minutes
did he stand, nuking at intervals ol a
minute, what volunteers and recruits
know as a half face. He was jeered al,
laughed at, his clothes pulled, but yet ho
neither winked, smiled, nor otherwise
showed that be was alive. The perfor
mance was wonderful, people began re
marking that the wax-work was beyond
conception an excellent imitation; even
this did not upset his gravity. At length
one of tho spectators, more audacious
than his neighbors, moved a wheel
against vthlch the figure rested. This
vt as t.vo much the fads became mani
fest, and if No. I attendant in the Colo
nial Department did not rejoice durin.;
the remainder of tho day in all kinds ol
good ( beer, it Vtis not fur lack of iuvila
lions Tin: Position' or tiik Pi hi i :. n Krs
Tl kt. Kirby Smith's forces are said lo
have been posted yesterday at Lexing
ton, Versailles, and ieors to Mhich
gives them a triangular attitude, looking
toward I'rankfort on one side and l am
on the other. The toaiiion is a goo. 1 one
f ir an advance upon cither ( inei'iiriti or
l.ooisv ille.
A Mijoi Li longing toGcii. Yea. h S hl.ill
was shot dead l.y a scnliy i.t Mtbiphij
a few days ago. )i0 d,j j,ot ot-ey tlnj
older to halt, and W9S tiieil iqi li, .i'il;;i
t' . fivra Li I'oiiv".
." A I'artli til r ei1 e.
'Mr. CP. WnrriNM has assumed tho
control of ourr fty snbuMiption U -.t. He
wiH see Ihst the Uviov is delivered regu
larly to city subset i hers ,.vet r mominf.
lie will &! make luilectinns promptly,
at hat crety ttto v.rd.a. No nir.r.ey
taken but Tcnneiftee, nr par fun.l".
Wi' havo a l.irje iputility f . old
m-Bpi,vn, f.ilu'defT v-r-f iu.-sj pivM
vihu h u? will di'p'i". i f at 4ii (f i, pn
bm-elr, '
Swi i ot.ft Mot.- -Diuin': lhc-o wsr
imis it is the duty of all to save ai
much a:; possible: 55 per cent of yonrcx
prnsra can be raved by exchanging your
Greet. backs for 'JY tine r money as in
a majoiity f rrrn in the best Ten
re ssre PaTik bills i ill go quite .14 far as
?" in any o.lier Money. This v bange
i an be made on the best tci nw al the In
surance (tflice of W. .f. Mvnn on College
sired (opposite Sewanee Itouse)
llnsnQraimiRs 1st Tknx. Cav.u.I!v,J
XAiivii.i.r,Trs-v.,Anfr. '.., 1
All ofllcers recruit injfor this hepiiurnt,
will immediately forward to these Ilead
Onarlers a report showing; ths strength
of the party, present, and absent, aud vt ill
hereafter, at least once a week, make a
similar report, exhibiting the pain and
loss, if any, since last report.
i'.y order or Coi,. iSTOKKS.
John Mimpitv, 1st Lieut. 3c Adjutant,
1st Tenn. Cavalry. Aug. 2-tf.
HeAnot'ARTr.ns 17, S. 1'oin
Nashville, Tenv., Sept. '; lii'J.
Pjfeial Oi'rrt, Xo. 1.
I. In pursuance of the instructions of
Major-General Kukll, all soldiers here
after found in this city or beyond their
camp lines without special authority from
these Headquarters, will be arrested and
sent to the city prison." "
All officers f mud in tho city without
such authority, will lie arrested and taken
to Major Sini i.i., A. A. A. C, District of
the Ohp. . .
No papers will in 1'ulure be granted to
olUccts or soldiers lo leave their encamp
ments, and all existing orders pertaining
to this matter arc hereby Annulled.
All ( iencral and Stall' officers, both of
r.i ijades and Kegimenls, will be exempt
ed from the enforcement of this order.
Camp nuards ; will be of suflicient
strength to prevent the soldiers from
leaving the command to which they be
lnntr. One Company of Cavalry and one Com
pany of Infantry, will be detailed as
l'atrols, who will bo attentive to their
duties and promptly execute thrir instruc
tions. P.y command of I'.ne!-t!i ii liorr t.
F. A.JONf:. A A. A. C. ii.
. pil dlw.
1 1 r ia.,.r-Ai:TrKn Diixr.irT op i r," f);rio, j
Medical director's t'llice, Nash-'
illle, Tenn., Au;r. foth, loi'.i N
i Qirnl Order.
Medical Officer:, of the Aimy and ol
uutcers are hereby itirrttod to rcpoit at
this ( dice itumcdiatrly on their arrival in
thin city, to lafe their hu.iin .,ml
auihoritv. r.r.::. swirr,
Purr. L'. A., Med. l"irei tor.
Situation Wanted.
M i i v rios' t- . u'Uii iiv mi iiii .
l. y mi. A.. J t .il l.i r ol III I.Ui' hsli l.r.tff l i--',
ill il.1'! l y ;i Itiil)- ill Kt-eiM. !..v . Ili lo ut 1 It'o- Ii.
Illlll.' .-Illilll.
A.Mr... ii.. j::, i..:-tiii.-, h) ,.'i y. n.
ViKte .11. jifiii.
S - A B .O-ill' ('. ll'IIIM' IrolU l!V. J . .1. Ill I l .tt K,
I., .iiit l.-ii . K y H ill' 1 1
Recruits Wanted!
,'lt ITi; lii:ri!ITr- AUK M ANTKti lull ft
Bailor)- A," First Ifawwcc Ariillrry, t
h.i w II r.n iv lie- r -cular lSiVXTV. H. i
II..H-, nl i I'tl li in. In :i. liiit.ii, Til It KK II
Mil. I. A1IS, ..- i.t Ii- H'xia v- U' m Ut. l't i.l. JJlL
ei nil iie; nllieer. .tu... it
inli. i. ntl il-Mir below ilut fitv Htitfl.
Horses for Sale!
"Nl! IIAV M Mti:, il". ii.'e ii. 'l
S.lieMV nml rtni' Irnreler.
OSK lllliiWN M I(E, ."" I mi.l. t- lit
t'ltilt;, n
lil"..l.'l iiiiiiniil nml l'..-t 1 1 '.ii. -lei ; jil-tt,
hm: ii't :!i.i: ,si;vi-li iii.m.si, .iinf whit ii
mil i f I I i liivui, v- II... I,,.,., r il.. u.'l in-. . I lie in
V''- I -ti t-1 A II II A I.l i;n,
0"--" Im li, roii' .-lu-i'i.
House Servant Wanted.
T WISH Til nitlE A KllltVANf Clllf., VS
I. liiMrit'.il, .lin i i.MM ..I iluinif Mil kiii'l. of
Imu v...,,. T'.,. i.. i ,,: i,.. u. n ,!i l. i..ii.r. .1 .
u. w.ll hm 4' "ii.
Apl'ly l Nn. ."i M iiL.'i -it-.- I, i.,'. . I" lli WiUin
ll"ll.' Bll." Il
cr.r kb tiik cmi vnTinf or imw
AUAIV-r 1 11 K V. 8. l.llVkiKSMKNT.
oilier, . 314 III Uicr Mlll l.l,
I Mali.
ON r-TrnovY ky r.Niv;, r Tin: i,i.u
Mll-J I j'. .t. .4
$100 Bill on the Planters' Bank.
V'0 Any i.,m Itit liniT llm fint, mini leniin; il
ul Utit I II till (H'l.'.t, ! I." .,,, I t ' ,.
' '. j m. ia m:ii.
Bakers Wanted.
a vt-w i. nun mi:i.v 11 v x 1 a 1 iur
- I . r II ,1,, , t.l si , ... I.
Nn 'hi .11, '1,-uri ,
s :! :i'i,i': i" just ui 11. a 1 . 1. 1: s .
Justices' Court.
Iliwiill illiuiv, r:t 11. Iii i ,..,1 L.l . le U M.
" ' S .l.lli .jl, M Jl, l f t
' . l Fiuoit, nn I ii,. r..i. j i, .,,,.t.u
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1 "il' hill
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the f..lli.wtPr T.'nnfpn nanV nn. 1.. . k. i, . ,.r
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out, Ulu ult'Tijr H,.rtiiliii. :
Air lillnrl ll.iuk, si llriiwu, villa.
leolrnl Hunk f '1Vdii.h.... at N.,-Iiv.ll. .
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Hauk of AmiTl(, nl I inrkovDIn
N A S II V I L I. i:, T t: N s.
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I'ri'lic-ll will he lMj(lit wtlliout rttra olinli;.' tn ille
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ritrMii (i.tvsi.K.
At I In- . Iio of le r .-el 1. tl.i.li, in l't. :,fi, ni""il,
M'liu 'I', u i'l tin vr. pirn! I'.v ,k h CIjisn- it nine:
l.:.l urel .Mi. -os. ;ilu I'.T lim rj inl it - in : l Laiiio. .,
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in h.ir lii,ii,l( Sli....l.. i., U.m,.! , Nn. ii llieh hOvol.
Nj.hiill". ui;:.s
Southern Bank Notes.
Siutli QirolLnn,
and J-oiii&i;tua
II A -N li M t V ft,
Bol I'llf ami . .i.l i.
.;. li i a o ,
in i ii- , .M-i.'ti.-.eri- tUr.lt I'ni'.l -ii I
lull U "
I. O t ' II.
I s.;s OK THR ri-'brilRATrfi
.V ' (li. S. I . I I. 1-1 Iv . !. , I ..
t I ' I
C. ' 1 VO:., 41. Jltarkel Kl,
Cluims Aaiua tho Unitctl
Stairs Govciiimpnt.
I l . MM '
- -i . i r r, , ,Q !
I : '! I ' . t tVi-i, I. r I'., e m It,, I
1 I...-.H
A' III! . i'l It.' 1 1 lil. Li I lt.lh.lt . I... . l l.tt t.t .- Up 1 a. I
C" i 1. ' r ( ui ' i .1. - . i . ii I, iv II.. ,t, . . 1 1 if .i a. .'I i ..I-
h '1" I l!..-n. i. V - h.u.li .f I lltltl 1:4 j
rUpiK'., -" t.i i.-r IM.' i,l "ii . c A..iirt r.f I
l;t I.e., I 'It , ! I. I i .ii.. .. ul ill., Titunir,,, II- h HI I
III" i S -y -II". I. , , r
0ju Ihtmlrnl Uoihrs Knrard!'
IS I KilKl AI1V I A-1- I IIMiTNMi NKlilid A :S
I" i nn lut .y i. ii ii I....I li'-m I I ii I, ul.", l. ll. e
n ini". r.l' I 1 1 u 't lei ui i. .. i.l l...M i.'it 1 l.i i ., i.
i ill., s r. ,:.i) ;,i'i. r Hie r.. . .il li,.,,. t ..il. j,. iu
.ion of il... I'.i.'.i.
t in. "nt i. :.h.H.t I'. f'i'l,Ai,l itii'i,' lat .ir Km
"'llli.l-. .tii'l i-i ?l it 'l Vi'i't t.l. I, nn. I nl tl.trk i-.iin-
.it-V ,.11. I ntl t fc1-. f,;vl III l,,ii,,.t is ..I y.'ll.'VV fi In
p!fVi..fi iiiel will HelL'll ll'l i r l-.ll lixlllll!.. ..ml i-
:.ii..iil "I- '."1 'iri ol.l. Wli.-u in v iiT,. h'-:ii.l l
l't .ni I t--i ilu-y m.im in lien. l,:i .h.k'i ii.vii.'u. i
I i.lll rl'" tli.-'it'i'e Rrt'.vnr.l l" -iiiy "i.- if ll"-i
w 1:1 In ift; t';c:n to m in ili 1 ii)-ol N:i.liyiile. ,
WM. M. i 1 1 K Ttl I M . j
V. In ill.., Ttl., Aug' '. 7ih, 1SIVJ. in: ;-lm
L tl 'Mm, t OKi.vtiui-iu tit it. 1)1)1- n:..-ij.
No. 27, Went side of Spruce St.,
IM wivti f.l .r on! t"Li"0 -i r--. .-, I,, tl, , ,i, kmmn
& 1 " Hint's N''t rulli't... '
Ker f'Ull, r i.iri.. i.:,ir-full .,11 Mr-.C. fum
r.in:, H.t, ( liui. li Mreii, r ji y. W'ii.sin, Nn. 71,
N'.rlll CliBiry Uli'intt.
S i Iiv:I!o, A lg"ll 4lll, lHIJ. l,.iW-li .
Committtd to Jail
OT iayi,lin l'"i, lev, IVun, June ISO.', neifru
ni.in, ho 1111 In. 11. in. 1. J,i K.AU'l li.l"ui..
tiiKiclui.l Hem, nl luvnl n . miiily, Ti 1111 ; tee at.ttiit
30 i..i. ; .-li;!i alit'til Ko i..iuii. : iu,i ui.i ....
UU I i it tl I llfclltl I
Tim ow.i.r 1.' rt'.tii.(. il in t'niiH' I'ti wAul, Tt.r (iro :
Mrlj', 1J.1J p-iy hitii;.!', tli. itin r'.. !
! 3 1 1 - :it f.,,i ,n M,.,i jH1ir i i c.
Committed to Jail
OF Dnr.ilwiu ronuly, Ictio. ..Iiiit l.'i. 1 -.t.-J , a neifrn 1
iiisu, wlio aay. U, until. L MnHi:, auXlit.
iiltltn In .lf.. Mm 1 In, ul M m-l. ill ' :,.i . Mi i.h ; n.-u
ln. ;it ye Ari. ; ,', le -t b i1( he-1. 11 : i ,. ., , f.i, . ,
li4i,tl lutlteiiu hiti -.1 l.ilitir . ' J
'l'tiri ou n.r I. rtt'i.'l.l it. ... .111 r- f,.i w-11 1, j , j, ,,. '
il),lllil 1 IT lIlt'L' -, 111." I... .Ii'i.t-., I
.1. M. lll.'.lllV, I
.l'ilj-1- ni .1.. 1 nl a,. . !.).., I,, 1 , i. f.
Dr. King's Dispensary
I oil i'Miviii: iiht txiA,
Si-i rK KlSll.f..iTni.ly of Ni Y.irk.fn
tat lrrlmiiil ol pr -.J Ur ;w y -r, U1 11 1
tiiiuHtfii, t.iur u. .it'M, to m !' in l..r imi inh ij
fMrt, H-t'l fiiro-i 1 if.u.ijr Iiii Aai.i ,c, lir i t utttntvl u
euracil din.. c t t.tu. i. uifr !
bA. IhtBf Qiy W li ":n ii 1)1..: ii ii..4 n.ivl v.I trt siitii'.il,
or frMU I of liu'ir iiu. lr K iik ll '11,'iuHiv
S 'iti tr.l.ri. k iff i, U 1 li. 1 1 f 11 I ; ,it- ;'.rc.
1 si tti.ll . Win-: tlw liftf bit tl i- . f l t i) 1 f Hlg
rlftiiir ii'i iti,.-,iM'tf
rUririui 1 ul ma wf t -''iit ki", fif- i-I ii"y cirrd
f m ilj I f u mi 1 ni 1. n u 'n u k i ,!' u 1 ,
Wbor nil 1. t.irtt CXi.i1 Ut .Uu r4titi .( Ik- (ii.ytv
t'iviitN uu ti r -nn i- .mi ui. re a...(,.f j iui,l,'
a.umilin ivrt 'f li l ict in :i .
v liir.ii. wi) h 1 tut an. - f lUf
Out . lt'il- I f l-i.! ti.-nii'tt ' I ru
fturrd Iu t- iitti.
mtnJ H'-'i- 4 1 I'nrti.'in' .i t. m
flveu lo litis ilin'', i; i '.! Hit . r
f. 1. ir iw 11
.' r;r 1 Ink! ')
L.tt ItWVU'f tu.
'.i-'li. (tMi.M ,1 I
H. i. 'niu. t.t
's- li 1 U ;
tl M ,11 I.. 1
UUl Of II. U "li Ul IliU
b Ml ih It. . . ! i;c )...(.;', .1 l t i -it
Im if bit tti, 1.,.
Uttui" il- Csi.m.-i it. i. , r -i 1 .f li..t .i
ti' 'f I ' I V , i f It, ,,.ai i , .' 1
rf'-nni w hy t'f in'- w m im .t ,,
b t -ii W' r . , ., a u,,iu' .i i vi f. . 1.
Ytti..). t v j'i t - l . t ) U '., . .i,.; - . 1
. . -i-: J 1. . w it. a . t
lx ts.t,i 1 mrf 4, h . 1 . ..", i f u . n :; L
.rf bf gr-n 1 1 i- r a. ".rr . t ...
ai t, r--. k 1 iur 1 --i .bj u.i;, N V' r
1 j.i
. 1 ,.
Library Association Co
Draw ritUy at raVTKuTO.V. KY.
JW.-r I'.r ..j'.-v.Vf..;. ,.r;,.
(IA ITi'AliS
$6,000 to $40,000!
TirUlt from Oiif T:ti1!;ir Id Ten II.iII.ik
Ih-.lo I. if Te'lM'li Will le' tr.'lii.llv 'ilit In le.
turn iiiltl.tiii.l our oili-iil trmm ; -ot t t., it , .r
liV-fltWIf III .
VI! nitlri fi.rTi. I, tp, i..,lin,
winsviu.v, ivv.
j- Client ii trni fr.o I" nil or-l...i
' )'i'0-iti;m
Auction Commission
n. ii ri iii.ic siii Aiir,
I 7 .r".ii.t nit. ut i"ii t.t il,.. a:i. ,,t j i( v tio.w!-, (
Sli'i.--. Il.,i tui'l .M"i.:li;imii-ii irt'ii'Tiillv
S"All iV. I'iiwli, iiinl I' t'iui i l lo .nilii(.ly.
n:rtSKM l::-MniH A Str;ill..ii, U.S. I..iii,
A t!".. A. .1 Ii. Tif.i.i A (".. V.pln ; ,., J'.-iiia. .
lei.Vtf . .
To Town and Country Mcr
chants, Sutlers, &c , &c.
a r whoi.!mi.i:, ,,,
J. M. Al 1X1 J PITY.
I't-l' TilTfl roMf-i. Itrm.lWS c.vi:; in,
i .ii. i "f lr Tiip.r ii.;--, t , .1.. i ii'ifi'-i
Ut Tins .' I W1N.1 i ll K!i ;
Cap, Letter ami Nolo Taper,
I' N Vli'.T.f
li'i:-'.n', pur:; '.v.:irr-', i.iii;it kmvi.i.
1 rOHlI'MOSKAI., I'M" rl l.il(,'! II. MS
Sll.l ASl i t ..Ml1.-'. i:ill.l!t, Si. I l'f I'.Vt III Hi ,
IT.TOl'H lol Kvi"',
T;., Cloia-Kyr-.l Xocilr".
Vi'.lin f-.Mr;,i.'.,..,
r-'.iiifii.t, i ..
I 1 ll l I I It' i I lS,l 1 IV'.liH' ';.V. ,
I I'lkl'IM..', i ' u:.,l ii tl,. 1: , ..ii, ,
llt.lt i I . "i iLUiliu.tl J III. ul .
iVrAU Monllif.rn Tilbury T.ih. ii.
if' sit '"IT.' .iii li'i",n ul-,',..:,. r..
A";-'.' -V ii
I) ANAU V llinil llll. H ll-i lill'.l ;
IV II. Ml' N'l hMll. , T en., 1. 1, H,.. ,.. tin i- t.l f
Aerii, m;J. h Ni- mii ii. I 'ril.UoM : ftk
ll...,t VK l,-.,r. "I'I ; J r.rl .'..T ll ii i.e. l,i ll : .
!(,,, ; 1,1 " I, ; l II..1.. is "ii VMM' II l,u It .1 ; ll . t;!h HI". 1, 1
, ,,, r...,,,.. 1,1,1 nn, 1 i,y :i. ,11 ,11 N ,.ii ,11.. , 1
' 'l" " ..mel .1,1-1 l.e .1..' in Mill I' '" I." I" Ill llte
linn' i.l r... III" I., HI. , 1111, 1 Ki ,,..iuv ..,,,,, I,, I ,n
tin, Int'itl. I I kiv.. llni al.iin. r.KW.inl r..r Hi.- ile.
Iiv.n "I 1 in. 11 ,. l. 1 in 11,,. .1 , 1.1 ,;, In ;',., - tl, ,1
I 1 11 1..1 Iiiiii.
in , Hi-., tin ' llfittl UT I'AT'i
Justices' Court.
i.., 4 n 11 1 11 ,t i,i... I'luiiiim . 1
.1. : u 1 1 1 mi, i, i ii,i.int
In ,1 mi. I h, liea li. M , s..nlluulf, ,1 .1. .1
!-. iur .JM..-"ll "iility, i OIH
'I Iiii I'Liilt I il, , N IX..H , ( I, , 1 1'., W..-.!., Ill II, :.
. I ..II ll..l,,,' nl.l.ih , . ., All,,, ,,., ,r,M,i.. .
I. f"l,.l:ill, ,1. II. I.nllllli, 1. . I in.., r.,i.i:,l,,.
J.tl.U I' litA" I , mi l I..I1.1 It, hnii, I. t ... I ..11 ,1,1,
til v in In 1.. t linml'irt. I. ioiix.nx I.. Hit. .1.1 ii.l,.i,t
'"I "" ""'I "I ,l. 111,11.. I.y . oun-,., il a,N Hl lliK
111 ll,i. -.iliK !, ,. k., tliiHi,,,., n,i (, ,, i.nii.,,1
1. a n,.nr... iiieui f i. st Hi. 1, 1 ' ..uu n. Ii . i.r.
1I1 r il mil .nl. Ii. ,it. u t.u m .il,. I -r (,.,k ..k'h..i9
wi-ik- 111 ti iiwi.'.... r .,,' li,i,. in ii,m .. it v ,, v. 1,.
' t i" t ill. il Hi. I 111. .11." ii.iriiiini ilm .l"t -ti.iant t.i
I.f .-ititt Mi.w .r ti.M..r.. ..i.l .In. it... mi it,. -.' .iti ,1,11 ,,f
.-.n.lt iiil.-i , :,n; (.l.t nl, in,. rt.r. ..r tlviunr tn ihi.I
alt 11 lintinil. nil,,,!.. i- II,. . ,1,,.,. H I, ... ... ,r ,, 1
1 1 1:1! f i.l, le 1.11 Unit ,rl i .
ii M. snfTlli: ll 1:. I c
' ' I -'l-i, Ik li. , . 1 . . . ,.,
Justices' Court.
Inn s ! I' rl . 1
"ii'.;'i', a J 11 t . ..: ,v
A I ui, ) 1.. 1 Jiuv ..U u fa hi'v, I
H.o 11.1 1. UU, .l.iini Id. .,!,, ih t T s4 ii lii'ii
ot-jUllK. HI In, lint. -I.f ii.-..il-t llifl l... M 'u.i , A.
Vi iin-1 i-u ii.-i.-. 1 ic J...ft 11. f., .i. r, 1 t.
iMItl. I i, lijul. j, ,1 ,,U m.ikI) , iUi .1. H Ul 'I. HI-
I"ii:;nr,' to llit ! I in Iu 1, 1 ; Bii I 1 11 tu-ii ,,
I ill, tt uj.ii.., in-- .. 1 '.i- (, ,1 1 , , j . ,,( j , , r
Iti .t Ititf ! t.-ii'l tM t. ti lu tit. ii. nl ut lli. M ,(, , t
lium- f 0 t m i.; .:. r I I h l ii'hi .s I it I." ii, .il- l. i
f.'iir . h- f :. in in- .v . ... r .f,(, It. . 11, ii,,.
1 1 v ( N .,1 iv .li.- . .1.!. it 1 1 1 hi- 11, ' w h 1 n ii-
t ITI-I.ttt li. ;'! f I. I--1- rMi'l Jl M'4- (Ml III. 1 lift
l ' l-l (-1. II.:-.-. . m J t.n-l il. 1 I :.n . r, 'T .l- tii r
t- - il M 1 1. Ili.t.-l.t . l I.I4M- i I i.-' 1 - M , 1 1 1 , . I
II l"l II 11 I v I ..I I'' )! Ill t 1
i., m. Hr " n. itr .i i
A i.,;tj ' ".1)1. 1 " J ii . 1 . I- ', p '. -
1 -Jcwi'sYouv -Alulo!"
M.IV I'M li' "IVI- Sf'V.I ai.trH.IH-'J,,h
l. . u ml 1.1 1 . it it'll M...,, .r fi..i.j. in rli,l,
i .i..i 111 ...11 . 1 1.1 I .- . n.l I . v 11u.1l l.i nut j. 11 1 1,, t;.,.
' r, , t.ii i.h . i l ..( l.i 1 .1.1 ,11 L.i..
A' II.. . I .. I., fi i.it. ,,-r 1 1 ... 1 r ll.rn.i 1. ,.iil
111". n,,... c,,,:,i ' ,,ifl l,,i ,i..,l.,. ,,.,,,1 .1,,
o.ll In ...i.. It. l- 1 ,.,, ,, ,,,,.,
t.l' I, I t 111 I- . ., i r mi. -,
A I ... N I !" 'l ( , ri 1
'"'.'' ... 'y M.il ., II,,-
I'll., .1 ...1 ii .ti I.., ,
I . af. 1., - 1 1 .1. 1 1 ta... .. ..
I j... vi i' . ii - 1 . . . .- . r 1 ',,..-,, 1 , , v. j- i,., , i,, j
i.. i- fi 1 1 ' .1., 1
1 " . , . . , , 1 . .
! "! I . I . l
t. . .
' 1 i ' ti.. ,n.
.nl, a ..I i,'..i , ,,. ,.', . 1 ,
C. 'I1. lll'.'ATJMAN",
iii L Mii'i .'ILI if.
''' -f I J C. 3. l't s. 1 N .
.till' -ll
I.M'.K-.fl l,',.F.- V' .L
J- I " ' n , ,.
1 r : .: i.t :'
1 Utniv-iil CVmrii '--ion Moivli.uits
l A N K K it S ,
tit J (I'i, It.nvi-r Su.vi, snl iiii Ki.hsns
j I''1'.
l::?::":'in j t vvu.
k'n ft, it i .ni
' 'SOLDI Kits. Arrr.NTlON!
U' '. II I e.so nil . ,.u .- ! ir V
'I ' . .. I i: k I If. .r I. ...i li ....
i I i i 1 1 i 't.rl. I t it . . i. .1 , t i . n ' n HI I f
! -o . i. .ii. i .i. i. .
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