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T i: II 31 s :
Jim T I'xiow, per annum
" " wr'-k ,
"m-Wr.iKi.r t'HKis,ir m tinin $4 00
VitrKlY I'nvin, per .-v:rn 1! 00
mamaiai.iunaiui'i rc iwiiii iiniiawiwnw
CNDAY MOFMN'(r, OCT. 12, 1802.
Kelk.iouh ShnvKi-.s. There will be
.Religious Services at the State Hospital,
Headquarters 20th Brigade, this niumin
at 10). o'clock, by IEev. Jlr. Dri.i.ON, of
ti e ItHh Ohio ; and at 13 o'tloeU in the
afternoon, by II. A. Patteksott, Chnplain
of the 11th Michigan.
There will be preaching at Ihe'Sec
nd rnsbyterian Church at 11 o'clock
A. M. by Iiev. S. Y. M'.Maktf.iio I). 1).
Captain of the 27th Illinois IJrir. Also
at 7 o'clock 1'. M. by lip. Jami-.s Mat
Mcrabcra of the Medical .Staff, U. S. A.
on mtisterrolle are cordially invited to
attend this meeting of a Medical Society
at Gen. Hocpital No. 1 Female Academy
Building, on Monday Kvening (Oct. ID)
at 7 o'clock. Oct. 12-lt
On the 1 Oth ult. three soldiers were
sentenced to death at Richmond, for de.
sertion. They belong to Virginia regi
ments. Heavy Federal Force Coming.
We learn on the heat authority, th.it a
large Federal force is concentrating at
Fort .Ponelfon. The report reaches us
by various channels. ( ion. J. M.OrArti.i.-
a gentleman informs us, wiii at t'harlotls-
villo ft few days nq;o,aiid told his friends
that he had reliable news tint a larse
Federal for::e was approaching Fort Pon-
elson. He stated that a number of the
rebel citizens of Chuksville were pro
paring io leave its soon a possible, i lie
troops are Western soldiers and splendid
lighters, and are piovuled with superb
artillery and gunners, and will most ef
fectually clean out nil troublesome rebels
in their way. It is the intention of the
Government to send a force of 1(X),00(1
men over this State in a very short time,
and will not repeat the old game of con
ciliating re! els.
Riots in Ireland.
The last steamer brings news of seri
ous riots in Belfast, but no los of lite.
We have no account of their origin, but
supposo they were bread riots.
Surgeon-General M"oi:k (rebel) reports
tho number of sick and wounded received
in the Iliehruond Hospitals since their
organization to bo 119,508, Of these
i,771 have been furlonghed, 2,3-11 have
been discharged, and 7,003 have died.
At tho Chimborazo Hospital, there were
received 21,8!)5,of which 2,0:13 died. At
tho Winter Hospital, the number received
was 22,871, of which 1,271 died. The
whole number of sick and wounded rr
eeivedinthe Petersburg Hospitals was
Nasiivm.m: Tyi uurapiiii ai. I.'nion Xo.
1. A postponed Regular Meeting of
tho above society will be held this day
at a o'clock, P. M. The Military Law
prohibiting patties from perambulating
iho streets after !) o'clock has necessi
tated the adoption of this course for
carrying on the business of the associa
tion. Members will please be punctual
f.o tho hour. s
My order of ihe President.
Cor. A; Rec. Kec'ry.
We urge attention to the follow in"-
Miiumunication :
Fit Hi.- Cr, o
There will bo an immense amount of
sull'ering in this city, the coming winter,
if some provision is not speedily made
for procuring fuel. The poor, especially
will be in a sad condition, if some meas
ure is not adopted to procure a supply of
wood. It is thought that the authorities
can get an abundant supply by running
out cars for wood on the Nashville and
Northwestern Railroad, within a fo
miles of the city. Or, perhaps, the Fdge
field toad could be put in operation as
far as the Kidgo, where immense quant i
ts of wood can be procured, which
could be furnished to the people at low
rates, and at the same time pay all the rest
of its procurement. It is a (iod-like
duty to succor the poor, and it is import
ant that something should be done to
prevent apprehended dif 'r".
Sr vim', A.
lor the Kiiahvil'.e Union
The Prosperity of the Loyal States.
There is nothing in the world's his
tory to parallel the exising condition of
prosperity in the United State9 as shown
by the evidence of the article quoted
below, taken from the ordinary commcr
cial news of the Xno i'orli Jkrall, of
September 24th.
It shows that, in the midst of a war
which, to any other nation on caith,
would bring distress and even exhaust
ion, as is already the caso in the rebel
lious Abates, the loyal portion of the
country is thriving and prosperous be- !
yond any former precedent. The ex- !
ports, the imports, and the internal trafllc,
and production in that region of country
are very much larger than ever before.
From the port of New York alone, tho
exports to the end of September amount
to $10j,000,000 against $9.',000,0X) for
1301, and $70,000,000 for 1 SCO. If tho
same holds good for other ports in the
loyal Slates, and there is no reason to
suppose the contrary, the exports
throughout those States, exclusive of
New York, reached the sum of $01,000,
000, to the end of September, making the
total exports fur the nine nioiiths'ending
September HO.'SnO.OOO.OOO. At this rate,
the total exports for the year will reach
2 12,000,000.
In the year 158, tho whole export
trade of the country amounted lo S!!2",
000,000. Of this, 90,000,000 w as from
New Orleans, the principal exporting port
of tho rebel States, and about S20,000,000
from Charleston. This leaves ?21G,000,
OHO, as the total exports for ISM, for
all porls except these two. Yet with
every disloyal port blockaded with the
entire trade of the Cotton States cut off
and with every disadvantage which a
state of war entails, the expoi Iw of this
year w ill bo as large as those of
the two ports of New Orleans and Char
leston alone excepted.
The average export of cotton, for a
number of years, has been $130,000,000.
'I bis, of course, is wholly cut off. But so
far from destroying the trade of (be coun
try, as the prophets of rebellion foretold,
there has been an increase of $20,000,000
in exports', deducting the single article of
cotton. Instead or grass growing in the
streets of New York, trade was never so
brisk and prosperous. The exports of
I New York alone, the present year, will
equal the average value of the cotton cropi
in its best years. It is nothing less than
insanity to suppose that the puny efforts
of the rebellion can effect the object de
signed, or have any other result than the
total ruin of all engaged hi it.
But here is the article from the , ,..
General business is quite piopermis
at present, notwithstanding the war. All
kinds of mercantile traffic are unusually
active. Our exports of produce are large
ly in excess of any precedent. Notwith
standing tho new tariff, which was in
tended and expected to check the con
sumption of foreign goods, the importa
tions are a lair average, the importers
and jobbers, who expected to be ruined,
are doing very well indeed, and tho re
ceipts at the Sub-Treasury for duties
are almost unexampled. Our internal
Irallio was never so active as at present.
The canal revenues exceed the most san
guine estimates which wero made hist
year. The receipts of the railways sur
pass those ol last year, which were con
sidered very good, by 2" and 10 pe r cent.
Our banks are full of paper money, which
they are trying to lend at tour per cent;
their specie reserve, which they don't
need and don't use, stands at a very high
iigure. Agriculture at the North has
proved this year s successful as it seems
to have proved unlorlunato in Great Bri
tain. With us, every crop is either an
average or above an average. With the
Bril ish, hardly any crop is an average,
snd the chief eiops arc far below one.
Industry, with the exception of cotton
manufactures, is doing excellently. Even
before the nrw tariff was enacted the
manufacturers of New England and Penn
sylvania were thriving ; that tariir gives
them 10 and 25 per cent more for their
goods, and the woolen manufacturers, the
boot and shoe trade, the hardware manu
facturers, the iron founders, Ac., &c, are
coining money. In a word, notwith
standing the war and tho enormous ex
penditures of government, on whichevr
side we look we see evidences of lucra
tive indmHry and prosperous commerce.
Wilkes's Spirit of Iho Times contains
General Hooker's nltlcial report of the
battle of Williamsburg, there published
for the lirst time. This report makes
some startling complaints about the fail
ure Ui furnitdi the needed re-enforce-nieiits
in the battle, and adds that "his
tory will not I believed when it is told
that the noble oflieers and men of my di
vision were permitted to carry on this
unequal strugnle from morning until
night unaided, in the presence of more
than wO,000 troops with arms in tie ir
hands. evtrthelrss it is true.
Col. G. 1). Rose, United Stati s Marshal
for Indiana, has been appointed I'rovost
Marshal for the Stute ol Indiana by tin
l'resident, in pnrsuaiu e of a recent order
from the War Pipailnienl.
This morning the L'smm is presented
fo its phtrons .diminished somewhat in
size. Tho fault is not ours, nor is it in
our power to control it at present. The
paper maker on whom we depend, informs
us that it will bo cce?sary for him to
get several articles essential to tho manu
facture of paper, before bo can supply
us again with tho proper ske. lie has
enough of tho size wo print on this
morning, to last us until the other carv be
furnished. We assure our patrons 'hat
it is contrary to the wishes of the Pub
lishers of the Usio.7 to tako any step
that will detract from its merits. As
soon as wo can bo supplied with tho pa
per, we will resume our regular size.
Notwithstanding the reduction of the
paper from its former size, time will bo
no diniinution.in the amount of reading
matter from what has heretofore bfcn
September 11, 1-'?G2.
Peace Propositions.
We did not think it worth while to offer
a word of comment on the dispatch which
appeared a few days ago in our columns,
stating that certain peace propositions had
been tendered by the rebels to our Govern
ment ; not supposing that anybody would
believe one word of the story. The Lou
isville Journal, of the 2d inst., however,
takes the trouble to argtie against its
probability; but late Southern, newspa
pers indicate that such an offer is believ
ed lo havo been made to the Federal Gov
ernment, in the South. The correspond
ent of the Savannah 71qvd,limn, w rites
thus of the matter :
"Nothing further has transpired in re
gard to t he proposition reported to hava
been made by Gen. I.eeto the Federal
Government, and alluded to in a former
letter of mine. am rrxl.iJy informed hat
S!h u prp,sitio) as tlta' d tier 'died was rer
tainhi made, and. nuder rirrnnivfoiiti's thai
en tii'ra'je lit?. hpe of i'ji mcpt'iivt. Recent
events, however, may have given a differ
ent turn to the affair."
This is tolerably positive language and
from a source too, which is entitled to
more than ordinary credence. We still
disbelieve the story however; but the
mere fact that the rumor has como from
the rebellious States, that offers of peace
havo been made, shows that a peace party
is growing up in the South. The war
may last for some time to come, but the
days of a regularly organized rebel Gov
ernment ore nearly ended. If the Rich
mond dynasty would disband its armies,
and lly tho country, we would have not
theslightest apprehension that suth crea
tures as IIaiuus could rally a corporal's
guard of 'rebels, or prevent nine-tenths of
the deceived, betrayed and outraged peo
ple of the South from joyfully llying to
tho Union for protection. We do not
mean to say that nine-tenths of the South
are loyal. far from it ; but even the
rebels themselves aro becoming discour
aged, and despair of success.
A person from Lebanon beard a report
at that place yesterday that FoititK.sr had
been commissioned Brigadier-General,
with authority to raise twelve regiments
for servico in this State. We doubt the
orrectness of tho report, but if it be true,
we predict that he will not long offend
tho nostrils of loyalty in this State. He
may as well prepare to travel where Mr.
Waho's aquatic fuwl we:i(, and where
Beai iivh Mm once threatened to water bis
Justices' Court.
jii s r.iiuw-o:, r;ta..
1 In li -'iM I" fi.i
A. Khjsk, !) ft. J fur li.n ..Iiiiii Coiint) , Ti nu.
Tim pl.imtiir, .l.-lui Hi iiwiii.. In hi li. ii, i',-i,ir
lit.iiiinl mi Altai -Inn. Hit ii'.ilii-t Hid d t-l n !.- ti I . A.
(., !.. II I n .1 i . ..! I.
t '", unit Hn.it in i.i,,ihI.1i .loli n 1. t.owi r, iiuii r"
tutni il liy him, li' i"l en a .u-lr m tirlc ol . li:illu.
Ih'liiUKHIK ti tllu (li-li'llillllt ; ftliil (ill llliilli'li (! pl.iill-
lill, it ai'imai ini; to tli-- .iti-'n. I:'u nf Jurtn.-,
tli. it tli" il-f. ii. I. ii. l n a ii.,i,r.'-i..'iu i.i ii, M,,i.. .,
Ti-hm.i.'. It ii urili-i. .I tlinl piil'liratitiii i ni.t.lt' ..r
four miccor!vc Ki k In u -e ipi r i.uli.i' ti...l in ilm
ciiy'if N.mliv illn ciilli il II. . i ni.'ti,'' wiii iiini; ilm
l. l' int uit lo aip...u- In I'n.i -iii.t Ji;-li.o on Ilm 1 lilt
day of H iiti-inlii-r, I '.-., uinl p!i .iii"hi-, nr ili-inur
to K.iiil nil ui'liiiiiiiit , i-tlii-rw in tli.- i i.-: ill ho Ht'l
dnwu fur Ii ml ix parti' on tli it i:iv .
.. M Mil Till! ATK, .11'.
AtliJUl "111, iMU-ltW. pi-, fn', .1.W.
No. 71 East Side Public Square
ai iioi,i:sai.i: m un til..
So hkvo a. Uiya lot if
WOOI.VK (lOOI)S. lor Onii.-ii.Mi'j .r; .K).--i
n.l TltlMMINU -11 .-., In lint lint. : iji'.'
VAK, IIAKIlWAHK, -IKiK-', Hi.ii.IT-", .,
Iff IVr-oin wi lling m.y li i.ot !! n r il.o
Mppioil. hilii; viiiti-r' ii., n.n-lil .lo t-! to -i.)..ly
t iii. -flvi'K wlilli- tiny (an. . almi:-!
loV of 1MVS" I UnillNii.
TI Va.t .-i i.i Is.-. i . s i
t.n. i ;' .
! , l- '
. . i ... j i i
t I'.ipiiol ut .; " ;
41. 1(1 ! pel. '.i l:
V, II H.I-. Mt Ui.
"it -'.t.
ill.. -
li l
gfanfc-ltotc fist.
Si efi!.triK STKr.KT.
tjr Tli qu 'U'.i'.ns riro f r I'mi'M Stutcn' Ti.is
cry Note OLi-i, li diann, an I K-ii.ta-ky ;
Bunk of T -i ri-n-i
t'ninii Ji.il-k
riaut.-rs' h:.k
MurrhrtTits' Hii'K
l'.HIlk (if tllK I ni mi
Trail its' I), ink
ifcitik "1 C' 'run- r ?
City Rm
I'ai murV P-tii
It.iuk "f Hens
lliin'i ef I but'" ii'v;i
I'rir.k oi M ii
10 0.
, 11 "
. '.'5
BiicVn B
h.'vir Ifc.iik
Couiiif rciiil Fluk ,
Snuil.irn Bin '
funk N;i. ivi'li'
11 ink of Nmajvil!
Oooft) ll.iiu"
1'nok of I1 u.UrHt.''i
Ilnnlt nf v'. -t Ti nii"!'1'"
Hunk of Vi-I'llii t'ciHn -""I'd
Oooriria ivl Snrtll Crto'lra..
Niti i .'-.i-i)!i'.iii HUil Viii; .
..42 (3 b.
V.m "
..! "
i;o im I I I,
Nui Hi W- -ti-rn IS.ink r.f C
lliiiik mI' lie- j;iiiiiri- Mud;
Bunk f A (In ri-, timn n. .
Fu'.lon Punk
f.f W liiitl.-l-t
Tiuilivr GiU-th' Bank
VI I 1. 1 VAT.
.."Kin .
... '"'l
. . i
..(,) "
..6') "
tlef urn
tlin Ivinrs of nil
liieiiliotieil Below.
Th fdll'Wii'K T 'iiii-i'ii Bmik.4 uro lirnkcn, nr
liV! b-'i-n wniiinl up ; uml tin Ir .ViO-s, il Buy uro
out, urn uit'-rly wortlilm-:
A:'i i' nltmiil Bunk, at Browimvilln.
( riti.il I'unk i f Toiiui'Mi-i', ut N.ilivili
Fiiriiii rs' nml Mi-ciinnn s' Bank', at .Mi'iuiilii.
MociiiuiitV I'ank.nt Mi-iiiplim.
M-'inplin S.ivitK? Institution, nt Mi'inpln1.
Kwlninni! 1'iink, lit SInrfn'oMiorn.
MamrK' ami Mniiiil'ai-tiiri'rs' Bank, nt Kimwill .
Rink nf K Tumii -wK, at KnoMvill-.
Bunk of Tn-iit'in, at Tn-iiKm.
lliink ol Jiillnriioii, ut I'liinlriilco.
Bank of Cliiiborue, at Tazcwclc.
Bank of Tie.wwi-ll, ut Tm.i-wiill.
I.awri-ni i-'nirK Bunk, at Lawrcin-clini-f;.
( iliziMin' Hank, nt MoniiliiH.
Bunk of Arui;riC4i, at i.'InrkuviUo
BBMinyimiiii wutmmKmmmmmamiimmsi
All subscribers in arrears to the Xaih
ville Daily Union are respectfully re
quested to pay the 7,Wi? Jyrnf, or call
and settle at the office, or their paper will
be discontinued.
oi,i ni:vMMi'i;ns.
We havo a small quantity of old
newspapers, suitable for wrapping paper,
which we will dispose of at CO cts. per
hundred. Those in need of such an ar
tii le, will do well to call soon and secure
a supply, as wrapping paper is a com
modify not to be met with every. day, and
more especially at the present time.
Notice to Club-Manor.
Tho Editor will be greatly obliged to
persons maliing up clubs for the Union if
they will remit to tho publishers and not
to himself. Communications and sub
scriptions are sometimes mixed up with
private information in such a manner as
localise needless delay and trouble to
all putties.
The following resolution was unaui
niously adopted at the great State Union
Convention held in this city May 12, 1802:
He-solved, That we recognize in the
Nasuvim.k Union an able exponent of
the principles ol (lie Union men of Ten
nessee, and wo earnestly recommend it
as well deserving of the patronage of
I ruon nien everywhere:
A few (Quartermaster's Vouchers. Also
a few thousand dollars in uold for sale
Fn quire at olliee of Commercial Hotel.
IlEAI.'yLAUTKns U. S. Ft)ll( I X,
Nashville, Oct. J,lHi;2.
(lenerul Ordi-r, . 8.
I. Numerous complaints are made to
these Headquarters of searches on private
premises and seizures of private proper
ty by unauthorized persons.
II. Hereafter no bearches or seizures
shall he made unless lirst approved at
these Headquarters. -Ml private proper
ly seized for the use of the Government,
must he turned over to the Post ('oniniis
sary or Quartermaster, as the case may
lie, and properly accounted for.
1'y command of
CtiKadier-General NKGLFY.
Jami s A. Lowp.ir,
Captain and A. A. .
Namivili.k, Tknm.,Au. H'2,1v'j2.
Orders Xo. C
All oilicers recruiting for this Regiment,
will immediately forward to these Head
quarters a report nhowing the strength
of the party, preeeii, and absent, aud will
le reafur, at least one a week, make a
similar report, exhibiting tho ain and
lu, if any, fil;. Jast report.
Fy oid r of Coi.. STOKLS.
Mu'U'hy, 1st L.ut. Adjutant
let Tenn. Cava'ry.
Library Association Co
Draws Daily at COVINGTOi;, Ky.,
dr 0,e Superintendence of Stvorn
A P I T A I,
$5,000 to $40,000
Tickets from fine Dollar to Ten Dollars.
Cr lfri fur Tit kots will bo promptly rout by m.
turn miii,nn l our-official Draw.np-s Beut to nit rnr
rcpondeutH. , 1 1 ,
tf-Aill orders for' T.Iikst-), uildrem
Mi' t'trailurs Bi nt frio tn u'l or.li'rirr.
Auction & Commission
No. 71 I'l Mit'Altr.,:
ij pi--ihiit all'-nl mil ti tin" i-au- t i 'rv Ujuji, 11 nit-,
KlKVH. Hllt.- llll-t .M'-ICuUII'lilB K- ii' il-.'.lv.
" All f-i'i s Cieili, uiM nln: nrt'l J ivniif y.
TlrrFRrse! k : jfiirri! Sti-it'-m, 15. ?. II .r.inM
A Co., A. J. liniiciin A I'"., N' i ivil'c, i -nu.
Charles H. Green,
A ! K X T KOlt THE
Office, No. 38, Cherry Street,
JnlyiiO tf.
Wanted to Rent.
ANKA IT.Y Kt'P.VISHKD IlOlf". c ntu u.tu lour,
live, fix, or aiivrn rooma. Niv.l - t tor H.'vf .il
nioiitln. mill will b well I tkcu Cir: ot ly i t. : 1 1 jo
in., ti Ktnl wife. A rt-HKnn.-ibU r.-iit ..!! 1- p.ilil for a
linn-..- of nSovo (tcwriptiiu ploiai.t;y t ini. il . Ad-ilt'i'.-,
w t.i part:cu'.arn,
:'A uu-" ai :r.s,
Mr,21 if !. i ;; 1'. . N u.ii viS.i.
Government Claims.
colUictioii of claim. of rvrry ktinl iijaini-t tin
Government of the I iHM ptuiiM iiitrn.-iuil Id Ioh
lii'twi'i'ii Co!V;;r iiii-l ( horvy ntn-etn, i up "l.-iir-i) i'Vi-r
I'mk'n liook Stoio, Kasiimlli:, Ti NM.-i-r.r.-
K F. F y E ft . NC F. .s:
'ui i. '.ii r.,N.i., K Unr.l II. E i-l, f-.iiv.'T K. Hau',
Iloraic H. 1 l;i rr : -ci -i, A. .1. 1'ni-i'aii.
H'oii emmOj - lhm. .Ionian Mokc.
."o.izi raiii.f Ii. I-'. II. loinlon, .1. V. I:..i.-n.
l. Au1. t,oii,,i ..1. W. 11. Si..!., n.
Il'a. i i ll i clo.r., lionet M 'iiin, (1. or-.' .1 . - t'.M.-!i l-l
U7o.' i-utintti il! iln II .--i n.
i:ti.-.-i,fi (-.. im iMa.u-i i.. .i -i .i-o. . w !!.,! i:
." .''.i.' e.wrt.', W.lli mi II. V :.
1 l.-,Art ,;.,;,!, l r M- i-l.
i-.ri.-.-r fii-iil-; P. I n I1, yl'-li, Tl..-!l:..'. T. i.u'-'' .
-I - l,i4. ii i-i'iiHI;- Ila i-l 1 1' i .1 1. r-1 .
K-'t VraiieMt'. lii-n. T'. A. II. V-'-on, Hon. Kola-il
M.'KilllH V. lo lm
. ; ltovKH it-Jii-:J's
S!;v?x vuh3es roil sim:.
For llrurcr A Hulicr's, Xtliecler A
)Vklkon, ii nd llOWf 'Iik liilics,
A I.so,
rj Dili,;;
Ari l i'V
I'i'l l.'llliU' lo
All k'U-U ol
AI W. Fbki:n' Wall I'api ? Flor.-, fur. p,.i i. rkk
Mi i-i t mi l I'nl.la- Spuirfl, ,
0K9-tf lly r. RI'AltKs.
I) l O-V-,.V)0 Il.t HI'Ks.
11 For .() by WM. I.V.
I-Icre's Your Mule!"
NEW COMIC f'AMP HOSU and l"HOK57H,lili h
X la bound to li tbe mo4t (topular oni; iu print;
(amp K. lit, on. r.n, l.e .-ni by mall to my ji.rt ol I lie
country, im roo ipt of 14 cciitx iu aiamoa.
Aa tliia aoi.K bad ln:uma v-ry pcpular tbroni'lioiit
lh rinp, hutlrm net Srl i r ib ib-ra wnnlil do
well lo mpiily l!n in. IvfM by tbe t uii.Jre.l.a'lm li ro
b bal at n-..oiint. rati.
by William IU
I.on Orava by HiVsa
I'm Looking lor IPm H n.c,...
vain?hi Silo nt 1 (Jon im, " "
Tba .Uaidvn'a Farawell, or H. .soldlcr'f IMrotbnl
a Ujiutilul iUliwl.
Jniilt,or Wui,i pk-nilid vriat,om.
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Onoral Commission Mrcuniit
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No.-08, Cherry Street, Nashi". T.mio.
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rurtini! ir nttcntion w 111 l.c ,-i.-:i to t .t t ana.tif
out of t'io prcnint nr, I ri c! let iti j; t; ..-(ijiimIn of
Ptatnn, Cor.triirtoi k, an I ln.li :r;n.r ( o m.T of tli,
Vuranil Navy IVpm inn i;'n, i.u.1 for loltrl
liiy;. Drilling, and OrgAnUinir l (
II n t PC ra," lie" i i-iinbnix-niciit of !ii. li lb nellior.
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TKOPKUTr, for 1!. r h-t in ili ?, rv .--. mi l f t
lilitay Payi I'envlon, ntl llounty
We givi "pcc'.il ntli-nl on ti jr ":; JClt
fclOllt. llOllllliCs, il.:., .-j to Hobl'l-it
lio li.ue be. mi wmiiuli'il, .-. n:i a, l. .aw, or tb
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by ti.ii j .(.-iin.-n'Li l utMlcit'titiy Ptunikaea
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Q-ni-U ti iinsi ' :'. .i ipfi i.n I i l'r:.r(y Liken
I .I- tnc iiiii i f t :-.ii Army, to i.j i ..iioi,-i A.
ttioi co'.'i-'I nij fii'tix a-, .in-- t i '- Q i.u -r
'.')'Ult Hitll
HO Iki-'k P,
p .rtrin-i.t.
A'l (l.lim- plaf.-l ;i i.:r I, ai,.!- , 1; . .., flr.,,t
Heraonul AMrnlioti, tin ii-bysecu-ii nmnv
whioli, iu th" baiiil-i f mi A'.toi ni.y at any itiM&,.(
point, frcipiont'y j roi f iiiiiir.-. -.fu1,
A.:tido from (liia loi ii3c(i nH aniiii c, or,. I'.nJy nir).
courKc wllli all tlio I'i rii Im. nia imiIooii i i n rt)0H
ciihi'H to obtuin (l.-ciMioiin inn. 'i niuro a J i ly thaq
wliprc ill roinmiliilcatiun nml ollu r mv k ary ditall
miuit bu comtucted tlirungli tlio iouiIh.
To ttiis (did, wo aolii-lt you to forwai-J to in any cr
all f ,'! of Mitch diameter you nuiy from I jub to tfuio
liuvu pri-.-o'iiti'it, anil, n N our cintom, v.i will fur
iiiiii ). il with nil tin) iii-i'ciwtry blank., nt), wbau
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No. ,,n l',,irI;, 1JlI,...t
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" JiWMI M L' CX Cl.i.-iu'il, llllllolH
" ClUllIf 11. lloAIlt ..liTlown, N. v.
("apt. V". V. Iiinuii, Km., 'n.
W. T. .Minimis Al.'o U.,i.' U"atbioKtb.
I. C.
. , Mi-iiilviUo ,l',i. '
. .('Iiii-aeo, llliiiola
, .Tim it IJtiuto, Ind.
...tiiicliimitl, Ohio.
W, P. SlU-mrK Kv. .
Saniti. A. Iohii, IU .,
ConT H.ttitHit'H, Fill
I. A. I'OWFII, t.:'n
V. & J. W. KolMIN
(iri. MtniiAT WiuifN
.IiiMN 1 llAVNFJ", Kh1
A. K. Hahvkv, K q
W. K. lUavnv, F(
Hon. H ii. Iiaiih
ClIAHII P. I HOBhl, Fni..
Thomam Wiiaov, F.-c
'ai mm; A J rvri'Ki.i
W. l, IlUl'Kill'Kil, 1
ii . 11 I NIlVtiri'N, I.i i. ,v i ,
I'.-wrni, Pi rKX.iy ;.n
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Aniorii, in 1.
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.."Til, N. 1,
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Now Yo-'i.
. . . -I1 '7 Iii.i!, i. K. Y.
. . !-.'. 1 :iit( I; (', -i t N.
. . ' "l in-1 II I. 'Ii. (iIihi,
o llu'loll, K v.
...Maj.,, by.
I, I'.. II n ui it, K- i.
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SI ui' i A. 1 im ii, 1. 4.
To ii 11 tint .-MilUiiry tXtpartiucnt Ih
tho Ilialrli I of Hie Ohio.
u l.l op-ll mi o!l. - hi Ibc .-I ( iniiil (Inn. I in Sob
v.liie, Tcliii 'i-iiii, ami ni p i n jfii li Htni--., pH
III- (. in t Jt'ii- I on 4villii, Ky., for ui! tranmti.tioi.
' ''" 1 iu ' H 'l-pii.-t-.iii t.l. f--r line m'oiilix i-.iu
is') I-l Hi CiiAl!l..s K U'V.Jr ,
U--f loi trA -t ir for '.(id I'IhiiI, l ol HI. In
N 11 -I'l. M ii , ! ti.' p't-it !o- yo'.d it If
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TiliO-.i o( .1 Ar .ii ni'rt, and oilii-ra via-
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fi-.'ly ca.' i d lo to a o ' Sn -i lKia.ti ri.-A alni,ic-ou-l
r u.-'.'i r i ' i i.u ' i ti' N 1t.e.
ir. e.n va.il . Ail o. 1 I. n-ri' irn...jKi; b
alsi.Nt uiilim.t.it t i.-si h l I f-il. .- .iji r.uci4
lor m.iuy yn pah. n tin- t'l iim et i.t rttrvtm lm.
ILAi-Ci, U i4 i Ia t ' : i e.i b in to ill Hi U' U I IU 1' utlll al Vu-
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Pr inai y, K.'nmiJ try , Vert ary uud llnra-1'Cary (t't.
il . ...:,iirrbo-a, li.r il u I u I i'.-! )I to" froo ta
and uiJ Ary urAiK, nwi w ui u-i rvaauaioo aiat
A .-iiiie Irr-vu!.-'I '(- ant !' ift 't.n 1adomriia
IT, OH ol the W in S hj l. Atu-t . ,oi,(( lnut
Oii'laliou aad I'.i miu. t ;-1'a: I .11
t.rfjj eaax ol IV lm ,u. K- ilure, fjA V )1I ud
Proi.1 of lli K.1I1..0, a. liin-.i ,-4.ti uf uniKin,
raa be rnrrd by a pn- --ui i.airir pi i W JJ tnujer
ol tla; lallcr ia.1 : llvfUin by i-r. Ooumn, a
rnre .11 iB,ina..'y v.ier j'.i m a rn.'if.if pa.i.1ium .tl
ainaya ku-ih-iiu tba Bm emit-y l id . .it ci. i v )Mia4 or
fuiurby bia lir.prore 1 ro. t'. ml m t ,
IVraoiia of aiibor aef a'-T iv:nii n -.i o-- ),f ie.tc
(dranribiKK earn ) tu 1', il-a.j,ir.puiiii.4 a ..n ji
rixr.iln iIai'w. rn l r irea, tu nvm' . .-m, ii i u
abort ia noltint, in firty i I hour
Mm t torts Itnrr, r-n rv.i a'-oiton ii.' n.ivaia
cbai !', ill (on-n: U'w aitn b t pu ,. i
f N n'-ri i'ry ue 1 f ) tl.b trr:
iltrutr. aa be billeted ( J Biofltju. 'i e . in a
aorced mammi IUaii H.i I t j , to i '.re..
''I.M bonra IroBi t (a ta J.ea. ri..; i, ia
lt.eu.en ij, .. t . r,-n

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