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TIlItMR! .
I) AMY I'M", I"T an mini i 00
tt t 1. try li .... . '.M
TRi-Vr.r.Kr.T Vmon, rr annum ?
WftKl-T t'M'iM, "T annum t- f;!'
A conriiT arrived licro last night, liring
ing us Louisville dales to the liTth i.ist.
The ne ws they bring is fjuilo inlercsfing.
A dispatch announces that Ii;i-:ix has
been superceded by ItosKriUNH. Its cor
rertncHS is doubted by the Journal.
IIi'jd.majj lias been completely routed in
Alabama. The rebel army is falling
back in Virginia. General lioussRAi; has
been appointed Major General. The late
hour at which we received our files com
pete us to limit our extracts.
The handsome gentleman who found a
fclove (buckskin and for the light band),
Monday evening, corner of Cedar and
Cherry streets, will oblige the owner by
leaving it at the Express Office.
Our Market.
Our market is in a most deplorable
etate, being destitute of almost every
vegetable. Butter sells at $1 X per lb,
cabbage at ."0 cents a head, and potatoes
at $1 OU a peck. The impression is pre
valent among the country peoplo that
their wagons and teams will bo impressed
if tlicy conio here, and the pass system
occasions infinite trouble. We think it
would bo well for General Nkci.y to pub
lish a proclamation oll'ering every assur-
"ancc of protection to persons bringing in
wood and marketing Jo our famishing
citizens? TIio present burden weighs
most heavily on tho shoulder of loyal
men. This surely ought to be remedied-
Go and Hear the Wonderful Violinist,
We hope none wiLJ deny themselves the
pleasure of listening to M'm'i.u; Uiiho's
, astonishing performances on the violin
(this afternoon, at the Theatre. She was
a pnpil of the renowned Norwegian Min
strel, Oi.e Eui.i,, and tho great Wizard of
hhc North never had a disciple so worthy
of him, as M'm'u.e Unso. ine may list
1 "n to fino violin playing a year, and then
fancy himself listening to a new instru
j mcnt whilo attending her performances,
so wonderful are tho power, variety and
sweetness of the notes which evokes from
iicr violin. She is not only a most ac
complished artisrt, but she touches the
ijearts of all her auditors by tho soul which
ihe throws into her ait. Her " Dream "
Is one of the strangest, wildest, and
"sweetest of pieces of music, that ever
entranced the ear, and the hearer might
jloso Lis eyes, and imagine himself re
velling in a Insurious Opium-dream, in
symo balmy garden of tho faricnt. In
.addition to her own performances, she
.vill ho assisted by tho finest vocal talent
n Inc city. Such a musical entertain
uent rarely presents itself in tho west,
nd wo are snro that the Concert room
'.vill be thronged this a.toriin'in by Imu
Ireds and hundreds.
J Nasji vit.t.i:, . '11, 18ti'.!.
)HN limn Smith, Y.m. :
11 NiV Enclosed iind (heck for $100
,Miii hundred dollars), for distribution to
j ho more needy. The early indications
J .1" a severe winter commend your prompt
nun in p J filing tin in.- ii. ijim-t. .ii tiii;
o ity. liespect fully,
A. .1. 1CNCA.
. ( Iithk, Sas!1 n i.i',
( irt. -'Mh, 12.
d -
jlil. A. J. Dl .V. A"
7 ! ,S.V Your cheek for 1i(, con-
trfliuted to the poor of the city, has been
oceived, for which you have their thanks
,nd mine. I will t-ee that tho same
s distributed upon worthy objects of
iharity. Your obedient servant,
. .lon lli cii Smith,
t Mayor.
' Tlte ri-bels will siion Ik; intable to ;;el
it lier buti-r for their bread or bread lor
ii butter. (','si A ,l,nni'i!.
Yes, they will lie Jm,l wi., but ik t ,,.
It takes twenty slaves to make a noble
nan in S-Juthern I'onlVderacy.
ii I i: i,
I ll II. 'J ill I !.., I i t' I HI t A 1 ' I -.It. -ft .!..:. I,
r ..I In. J I', uii.l I. ! !'
Tin' In. i. U and ie (ii.iii;l ni" - "' " ! l "I
let t In 1 1 i ..I 1 1 "'ii III. i r i. -I'!' ii. " "i i' l ..i .i.i
11 nil '. M .... ' ' . 1 '- i" ". I' "
I'.T 1 1 , i i I'V I.' U' K ' "
Special to t!iO l.'.iiii villo Journal "i t. U7l.li.
Galveston Occupied by the Federals.
Official Returns of the Ohio Election,
Accident on the Mississippi Central
Gov. Rector Defeated in Arkansas.
CjiiCAbO, Oct. 20. A special from Mem
phis to the IVili'ine, Bays tho Houston
Jefcan'I'h extra, of tho HIj inst. conlirms
the evacuation of Galveston, Texas, and
says the Federal commander notified the
peoplo that four days would be allowed
the women and children to leave tho city.
On the evening of the last day tho troops
commenced evacuating tho city. Much
confusion prevailed. Tho city was occu
pied by the federals on the 6th.
The Grenada Appeal ot the JOth says
VanDorn and Eovell are still at Holly
Kcctor has been bauly beaten lor Uov-
ernor of Arkansas, l'lannigan beating
him by a large majority.
A frightful accident occurred on tho
Mississippi Central Railroad, below Duck
Hill Station, last Sunday, by a collision
of two trains. Thirty persons were kill
ed, and nearly fifty wounded, many of
them mortally. 1 lie greater part ol them
were soldiers. The accident was the re
sult of carelessness.
Cairo, Oct. 20. The negroes of Helena,
Arkansas, are unwilling to be sent North,
neither do they want to go back to slav
ery. 1 hey readily consent to wora tor
wages. Arrangements are being made
by which they are to be paid fifty cents
a day, except in cotton picking time,
when they are to have seventy-five cents,
I'roin several sources we learn of great
activity among the rebels in the vicinity
of Helena, Vickfsburg, and Holly Springs.
They evidently contemplated an attack
soon ; but just at what point is not known.
Joe Johnson is said to have 20,000 troops
at Little Rock, and the number at Holly
Springs is known to be about 70,000.
Tho rebels aro crossing their forces
from Arkansas to Mississippi, at Vicks
burg, add are making every preparation
for an attack at Holly Springs. The
place is being strongly fortified. A ru
mor circulated lo-night that they are
moving north is probably incorrect.
Tho people east of Memphis, near
Germantown, arc said to be suffering for
the necessaries of life.
Cotton is their only support, and it has
been nil destroyed by guerrillas.
The Federals have possession of Gal
veston Eay. This is admitted by the
Grenada Appeal.
r lunmgan h elected Governor of Ar
kansas over Hector.
The conscription act is so vigorously
enforced in thd South that every man,
says an ollicer just from V icksburg, un
der thirty-five years of ai is m (he
Lieut. George S. Melrick, 2ith Ohio,
just in. from liolivar and Jackson, says it
was reported at Jaekson,on what seemed
good authority that I'ricc had crossed the
Hatchee with ."0,000 men, and was
inarching in the direction of Bolivar.
Gen. I'illow is also reported in the
same neighborhood, with twenty thou
sand. This rumor is considered proba
ble by high military authority.
The bteamcr Eugene from below re
ports the rebels have possession of tho
Tennessee shore opposite Island S'o. 10.
Defat of Gen. Ilindman !
Washin';to:, Oct. 2".
The following was received at the
headquarters of the army to-day :
St. Lot; is, Oct. 2.j.
2'i Alujur-f Ittu-ttil JiiUix?:, Ci'iuiHd'tilr-iit-Chit-f:
Our arms are entirely successful aga'iu
in northwestern Alabama. Gen.Scho
field, finding that (he enemy had cm atnp
ed at I'ea Kidge, sent General Eluiit with
the 1st division weal ward, arid moved
towards Iluntvi'le, with tho rest of his
(Jen. I'dimt, by making a hard night's
march, reached and attacked the rebel
force, at Maysville, near the northwest
corner of Arkansas, at 7 o'clock on t lie
morning of (he 2:d inst.
Tho enemy was estimated at from
r,,000 to 7,000 strong.. The engagement
lasted about one hour, resulting in the
total rout of the enemy, and the loss of
all his artillery. A battery of impound
ers, a large number of horses, and a por
tion of their transportation and garrison
equipments were captured.
Our cavalry and liuht howitzers were
still in pursuit of their scattered forces
when the messenger lefi. Our loss ii
Gen. Scholield pursued II indinan be
3'oiul llunloville, coming close upon him,
when his forces precipitately fled beyond
the Huston Mountains.
All the organized forces of the rebels
have thus been driven back to the valley
of the Arkansas liver, and the army of
llie fronti r has gallantly and success
billy aci oniililn it iis mi.-sion.
S. K. L l.'KTLS,
Major-Gein-r.il Coin man din 4.
C.iii'i, Oct. 2 1. Passu tigers just in
from Columbus hiyi! is 1 i-porti d I In 1 j
that a lihl i pri;'n--;n,c at IrUrul ,o.
Kl. I lieie U a i ul,.i l,i ! i ly , t,is lows
is trill .
Acting Prigadier-General Edward Mc
Cook, with five hundred cavalry, left Crab
Orchard on Thursday last, and encoun
tered several bands of Morgan's and
Scott's rebel cavalry near Taint Lick and
Eig Hill. A succession .of skirmishes
ensued, in which four or five rebels were
killed and thirty-three were taken pris
oners. All the telegraph operators be
longing to Kirby Smith's army, with
their apparatus, were captured, together
with thirty-three wagons, containing
supplies. Col. McCook led these skir
mishing parties, and had t wo horses shot
tinder him. The rebels retreated in the
direction of Mt. Yernon. Imh. Journal.
Tho First and Twentieth Kentucky
Infantry, a portion of Gen. Smith's di
vision of Gen. Crittenden's corps, fell
upon the rear gdard of Gen. Kirby
Smith's forces on Wednesday last, in the
vicinity of Goose Creek Salt Works, about
forty miles from Cumberland Gap, kill
ing a number of the enemy, taking nine
ty prisoners, and capturing one hundred
and fifty head of cattle. The rout of the
enemy is said to have been complete, the
Federals sustaining no loss. lm. Journ
al, Oct. 21th.
Gev. licELn Scpkrcedkd. A special
dispatch from Washington to the Cincin
natti papers says that Gen. liuell has
been relieved from his command of the
Union army in Kentucky, and General
Kosecrans ordered to tho position. Lou.
The bridge over Green river, jun Hie
Louisville and Nashville Railroad, which
was destroyed recently by tho rebels, is
in the course of construction, and is in
such a state of forwardness that trains
will pass over it tho latter part of the
present week. Imi. Journal.
Ma.hu: General Poi ssi-au. General
Rousseau has received tho appointment
of Major General. He should have re
ceived it many months ago. Tardy jus
tice is injustice. However, wo are much
gratified that the gallant hero, " the
Murat of tho 'army," is neglected no
longer. Lu. Journal.
Gen. Rosecrans, after repulsing the
rebels at Corinth, expecting another at
tack, had fall rations and water served to
his army whilo they were still in
ranks. Finding that no other attack
was made, with his men thus refreshed,
ho went to hunt the rebels, and pushed
after them, harrassing them for some
t wenty miles, when ho was peremptorily
ordered by Gen. Grant to cease the pur
suit. Had Grant let h im alone RoBPrranfi
would have cleaned out the whole trait-,
orous gang. Jsmisville Dcmocml.
: i
RuMonicn Ksoauement with John
Morgan's Cavalky. It was rumored in
this city last evening that Colonel Wol
ford's cavalry had caught tip with a por
tion of John Morgan's rebel cavalry at
l.rownsviile, iumunsou county, and that
an engagement had ensued which proved
disastrous to the rebels. Colonel Wol
ford's brigade is known to be in hot pur
suit of Morgan's forces, and it is not im
probable that, if Morgan should have tho
temerity to make a stand, he will fare
even worse than he did at Lebanon, Ten
nessee. hiitisc'ilUe Journal, Vcl. 2'th.
I Re;iki, Ministers Rkllasko. At the
request of Gov. Johnson, of Tennessee,
Reuben Ford, W. H. Wharton, W. I). F.
Sawrie, and H. I). Raldwin, have been
released from Camp Chase, on condition
that they report to him at once in person.
fjow'sville Journal
Mohili; to i:i: "Attacked. Wo find
tho following in the Richmond I'ra miner
of the ISth instant.
Our exchanges speak with great anx
iety of the prospect of an attack upon
Mobile by the enemy, which attack might
involve important consequences as the
capture ol this point would give tho en
emy im oediate possession of the Ala
bama and Toirtbigbee rivers. A march
of the enemy into the interior of Alabama
would succeed in cutting the Confeder
acy more completely in two than tho en
emy could hope to do even by tho pos
session of the Mississippi river through
out its entiro length, as it would destroy
the lino of communication now passing
through Montgomery, which has been of
incalculable benefit to the people- of the
entire South.
Tho scenes at the taking of the oath
in New Oi lcans by the ladies, are reported
to have been ludicrous enough ;. nays a
"One young Miss, as she passed out
of the hall, observed to her friend, "Well,
really it, aiu't much after all, is it, Clo
tib'". " One tall lady in black a widow,
of ratherthe tragic queen sty le,--deaceud-ed
the marble steps,' staring most earn
estly on the contents of tho certificate.
She seemed a if she would annihilate it
w ith her naze. She must possess property
in Now Orleans. Her struggle to save her
wealth fi out confiscation, and her hate for
the Government that had, as sho suppos
ed, robed her in weeds, made, most likely,
(he letters on that certilicate burn her eyes
as fire. As a contrast to this, another
widow a me, and tripped away wilh the
flippant remark to Iht companion : I' pun
my word this n'lair h;u caused mo more
emotion than when 1 stood up to be mar
ried. John C. r.r.cKinri.l'.'.'
iiiui.'I w .is in K i.ovvii!,.
wilh his ciin
,i few (lavs since.
gtank?Ptc pit.
COSHECTED DAILY by 7. E. CHI 1.1)3 & CO.,
N 0. & 2, COLLEGE S T R V. E T.
ir Tlicfin ini'iUilluiis nrc fur I'nllfil Stiitoj' Trv.-m-ury
JmjIks, UIjiii, Iml.ttMii, uiel Kentucky :
Punk m T',iiiie?ci 16
l:nlnu M ink 1
1'innlrn' Hunk l'l
Moiv hunts' It.mk v5
Huult yf tlin Union 'J.i
Tr.id.irn' Hunk V5
tank nf Commerce.. 40
City Iiiuik
Kurnicru' Ft ink no
H:iuk nf 1'iiris .:."
Hunk iilTlintiKiiiioga f5
Hunk of Mi iiin'nia ftit
Iluck'n Hank ao
Kivi r Hunk ifl
('"ininorrinl Ituuk Ml
S.111II11T11 ltiik 4i)
Bank of "vuiliville
Hunk of Shclliyviilo..... 21
Cn ocn Bank (.0
HHiik of Jinnilri'lK'- ;')
llimk of WVdt Ti-mi.'NSoo .'1")
Hunk of MMilla Tonm ssi-e i
Nortlmru liitnk '!
OiMirtm ami South rnrolina..
Norili Cimihini und Virginia .
Silver ,
.42 din.
40 "
30 '
i'uyinj. ,S.fiiif7.
.... .1 L'H
.... 11 1U
North Wi-ntPrn Bunk of Georgia
nank or iho .Empire Hum, UuorIa 7.i
Iinnk of Alhen.-i, Georgia i.O
union iihiiic go
Bank of Whlttli'M
Timlier-CuUcra' Bank 80
Kcfiiho tlie Is-mc of all Hanks
mentioned below.
Thi? following Ti nnosme Hunks urn l.rnkon. or
have lieeo wnmiil up ; and tln-ir Notw, If any are
out, aro utterly wuiiIiUhh :
Aftrlciiltnriil Bunk, at JlrowinvtllB.
Cen tral Hank of TenncHvci', at NiLihvilli'.
Kiirini-i-3' anil Jim Inmii H' Bunk, at Memphis.
M'-i'lianicn' Hunk, lit Mi'mpliiH.
Jli'inphin Siviun Institution, at Memphis.
KxchuiiKO Hunk, at JIurrreo.tioro.
MiniTh' uii.l Manurui'turi-rn' Bank, at KnoxvHl .
Hunk of K.ift Ti'imi'.-'Kco, at Kuoxvillu.
Bank of Trenton, nt Trenton.
Bunk of Joilnrauii, at 1 anilriiln.
Hunk of Cliiihorni:, ut Tuzi'ivell. .
Bunk of 'luzewell, at Tazewell.
Lawr-iici'tiurK H;iiik,at Lawreuccburg.
Cltii'im' Himk, at Mempliis.
Bank of Aiin ricu, at Clurkovillo
The following resolution was unani
mously adopted at the great Stale Union
Convention held in this city May 12, 18G2 :
Resolved, That wo recognize in the
NAsnviu-E Union an able exponent of
the principles of the Union men of Ten
nessee, and we earnestly recommend it
as well deserving of the patronage of
Union men everywhere:
Notien Co Club-ff nkcr.
The Editor will be greatly obliged to
persons making up clubs for the Union if
they will remit to the publishers and not
to himself. Communications and sub
scriptions are sometimes mixed up with
private information in such a manner as
to cause needless delay and trouble to
all parties.
IlKADul'AKTKIiS U. S. FoiiCFS, )
Xashvii.i.k, Ti:n, Oct. 27, 18ii2.$
(iaerul V. Jif Ay. 12.
I. Hereafter no citizen will be admit
fed to the Headquarters of the Post Com
mander before ten o'clock, A. M., or after
four o'clock, V. M.
This order does not apply to officers or
soldier w ho come on business; such per
sons will be admitted at all times.
I'.y command of Brig. Gen. N EG LEV.
Jas..A. Lownn:, Capt. and A. A. G.
Sept. (f.
Greenbacks, Tennessee money, Gold,
.Silver, Southern currency, and Chaftan
nooga money bring the best price at the
Insuuanc;k;Ex( HAXiiK office of W.J. Map.u
on College street, opposite the Sewanee
House. A premium paid for laud $2
Tennessee Bank notes and shinplasters.
IlKAlivCAUTr.liS 1st Tknn. Cav.i.uy,J
Namivii.i.i:, Ti-:sN.,Aug. 22,1802. '
Onlen No. '.
All officers recruiling for this Regiment,
will immediately forward to these Head
quarters a report showing tho strength
of the party, present, and absent, and will
hereafter, at least once a week, make a
similar report, exhibiting the gain and
loss, if any, since last report.
By order of Coi,. STOKES.
Joitv Mt'Ki'iiv, l.-t Lieut. Aj Adjutant
1st Tenn. Cavalry. Aug. 23-tf.
llKAIvCAKTKliS U.S. J'nlli KS, J
Xash ii.Li:, Oct 2", 1S02.J
Special Orders .. . .,,
. No. 20. S L 4"
I. Twenty-five dollars reward will be
paid for tho ' discovery and information
of any tn or munitions of war concealed
in violation of Special Orders No. 1'.).
II. Any slave giving reliable informa
tion of tlie ( oi.'ilineiit ot arms shall
in eive iii i I i 1 iii y protection.
By command of Brig. Gem NEGLEV
Cant, and A. A. G.
( i. M. L. JOHNSON,
t'aj.-t. and A. I . ('.
.Oct. w.
Library Association Co
Draws Daily at COVINGTON, Ky
Under (he Super intml'ence of Sworn
$5,000 to $40,000!
Tickets from One Dollar to Trn Dollars.
Ofinra fur Tickeli will be iiromntly Emit 1- re.
turn mail, ami our ollloial Drawings lent to all cur
rcxpondcnUf. MiT K oraer8 for Tickets, aildrem
S" ClrouUrs Bent frin to all ordering.
Auction & Commission
No. 71 1TIIMC MILMIfi:,
prnniiit ntli'titinu to tlm mild ofllrv (Joo'U, U.iots',
SIiikh, Hul and Mi'rL'li.'indino (ji'iuTiiily.
t"All sulfa C'unli, ami i-i'lurns inailo X'roiii) it ly .
RK.rr.BKNcrH: Mnrria & Strattnn, It. S. ll l!iin
& Co., A. J. Duncan Jt Co., -Vmliville, T'-mi.
Charles H. Green,
Office, No. 38, Cherry Street,
(l'l STATUS.)
July 20 tt.
Government Claims.
yrn.i. ;ivk rnoMi'T atikntion to iih;
ci'llci iii.ii of climim i.f cv.-ry kiu l ai-iliist t
lioviirnuicijt i.f tin: L'i.itnl .Si,il.! ,mi-iiMid i, I, in
iM'twiwn ri.llcir.i and Clicrry iitrcots, Oip.la r-) over
If ork'M Douk -iSiori', Nadiivilm-., TiA'NK.-r.B-
lavi,l!a ruittj Xdward II. K.nt, S iin icl E. Haiti,
IIiii'ikm 11. llarn.-on, A. J. itiiiciii.
Wilmn cimii'j Hull, .lurdiiri Sluki.
fimiik rum.; Dr. K. II. (Juiilon, .1. W. Iliivu n.
JlrKalli cuhiiIii ( ol. V. H. Mnk.n.
D'nricn ccuuy Itoliurt fain, (;. uryc J. StnMcfli Id.
Whilt rouiil, W ill in in H.-i'ii.
Hntlierfuril iutmuj J.Jiviu.l I. J.i, l,.,,, William U
y.V,t,)i,I coun'ii William II. Wi "n T.
Marti, till cuuiilij Alua-r i " t - -1 .
Viimiier cimnlii Ilalio 'ryt"!!, Tliomas Trinilil".
Jack.n cumtiif David S l.j . i i rj I .
A'.i iM..fr lion. T. A. it. Ni Ihoii, Hon Il,'il,(.t
Slcliiiiin y. .i-i'K, im.
Claims Against tho IT. States.
A I.i KM A. HAM. will affend t'l thi cnllo-tion of
U. x. oiaiihs .11,1-1 in. y or tin- 1 n I-"I j-'IhIiw million,
lion oitlii'i- Iii rr I.' hi Wii-liii.t'iii. iln may l lound
al II. i. M-W.il.. . !.. .
VilnhT illr. .1 11 iih 1 J. il. lKi
Southern Ban!: Notes.
fc3outh Carolina,
and Louisiana
J s ii X o '!' J,; k,
Hot i.lir ami mild ny
A. SAM llltll iV
No. 60, Ciill.v" :'., (M' .- l..int i,r,lc lii,.;.:,i,. )
J iiy 11
Sheriff's Sale.
ON TIIl'It.'DAY.TIIK ; a 1 .y (,- inm.;;
l'l..'. 1 .:l cx .urn al I' .1 h., .., i., i,,. j,
In.) I.T, ..r i-li. at t!,.! i,i, l.,.,.(.,i (. rr,. ,,.
I on hmili. I.ui, uiu ;. n. r,..,h miii ',
tci-;l : '
lnimrri'N.rontaiiiiii Xi.i. 7 1. i I. mi-l i M.,( v.,. ,.
'""1 ' '"-. -i k ii .
"' ',V,,'r- c i.i I'ii kl..,.
I'M" . l..-.-. ,.. .... ., .. .ril,
I ' iiiiilaiiiioK 'I" ' r..,i,,i,
''ii'"). 1 ' M ii I....I I"..,.. -
-ii UK.
lvW ' r.
1 'M ii-r. ' l'i ii,. I'lii'iii.-
li Mrnv, lii i'i i. . ;
.! " i-;'f'al:.. J'i ,,
Klioln. r
' ' I "
ie.li- I . "
K iler.
li llien.
All.,. I,, d an 11,.. i r.. I., ii , ifM.Kiin. v A p. nut .ii,
"''" IKlel't .Ii l.l.or I. II. 11. 11 ii.io. I. .S..I. I
i ololneo, .. at l'J o i I.,, . A . M .
.i.i-;. m inviuv.
Mo I l'l nf I '.il I '-,11 Co.
N olii ioe. (i.-t. 1 :lli , I - .'. il, til --il
'I o ill I I Ik. .llililar' lli'iiitrtiiieiii In
tin; It t tt I r tho. O.'iio.
0 A V 1 1 All) It TIK M rY nf .H I. V In,
l'l "ln .' i hi -i i .., .,1 W..t. I , S::.-:;
Vill e, Li, I ' I , ii M i 11 lf ,l, ii, i,.., ,.
I lie t ... it 1 1 1 1... i- I .ij,-, I i . I r . I tr.uou. i .,'i
nr Iml in li. n n . . I i l I i no. i, i , - , .,i
Jii'y li-l li.i ' Ki!.Jr ,
10 - I i 'rm f.r I r . ,1,1,1,,,
M II - M i , . . ,, j
J I -il
General Commission Llerchanti
63 and 65, Eeaver IStreet, nd 20 Exchange
RomtKT I.. M tuhii. ( V.jv Vni'L
Winn ki'MMir. "
Hay 8, lbi.ii. (ir"
or TUB
i-oNmicrr-ri rr
No. 28, Cherry Street, Nashville, Ter ;..
rpiIIS AfiF.NCV 1'iiuw . jwnliar f.n litl,., fr'i,
X HiiccpuKfiil i i . riuimi and Mttlfi,i...t of is -ninmlK
eniiit tlu Ui noral Oovi nin:uit A EVS.RV
I)K.Cm l'l ION, il conductor having !md nrvcrn
yeam' esp rii nco In lli nianatrometit of clu'i'n
fgre Congrt'im, tin' I'oitrt of Claims, and tlie Eti i n.
tive Jloii.irtmmn at Waliint?ton, nn I Iu'lnp tli ..r-
oiiliIy aoiiiRliiti d an ! familiar with tln l.m( ,,.
rgiilaiioriH governing tlii'ir n j i: a I ri. n t .
Parlicular attriitloii will 1p ivrn tn .-. .ir.;
out of lliB Jirifciit war, tiirlmling tliji a. n i:iit c f
StatoH, ontrai'lor, nnd Iin-lmiHiiig (iIUk ii of t; ,.
War and Navy Iicnai tmcnla, and for ''ollerl
Iny;, Ilrllllnc and (rRnni7insr Vot
Hlltocra," tho loiinliiir'iiipnt of v lit. Ii is i-tlo i
li'd liy iin not af ('"iitrcHK; CLAIMS (H1 1 K fE
rntl.IO I'SK.", Ht Fl'U PAMAdKS TO SUC il
I'KOPKKTV, for llirm-s loiit in tlie m i l iro, a: J for
IflilitAj-y I'a)-, I'l iisioiik, and Mount)'
I. and.
Wo give upocial altoiition to Jiroruriiii; I'Cll-
klDll! ItOlintlCtt, I tl'., HI'lTllillg to . .Ml, in
lio liav linen Mounded, ccptini tod ill e.-.n. , or tlio
faniilii'i of mii-H an liavo dii il, or liooa kill. .1 v ! I - In
tlio diachsrpi of their line of doty a iuli lij-;r B il.
preHont war
HlHrial in r will alno lie glvni tn l.iiii! vLn-li
liavoLecn liorotoloro Itejrclctt or iispciirl
liy tlio Iiriinrtnieiitaiir n lie loll f y ;VIaliaKet
I'rumjit altoiition alno plveu to the colli i',. nit
Qiiarti i iniiHli r'i) Hi'oi'iiilH given fur Proin-i-ty Ukm
lor tlio un' i f tlio Army, to in r;innlog A-voin ; w Uli
midcollertiiig t la ma ajiiiiiott I lie (J n:.i d-i noU : ' I
All (..".alios placed In our Intuitu reci he on r Troni- t
I'crmonal Attention, On rct.y mini.- in:i;..
wliicli, In tlio lunula of an Attorney .it ui.v distan:
point, fi-oiiiuntly pro'e miHiir, esful.
Asido from tin decided inh Hntnte, onr d uly It, r i
coiilno illi all tlio lei.ti'tmeiitH iiml'leii nn I.i fi n
umoa to obtaiu ileciBiiuni Inncli inoie upeedily tli .n
wlii'ioul. comiiinnli atioii and oilier luu.-.-aiy 'ot.til
Innnt lie conducted tlit'ouli I In' mailri.
To thin iid, we noliiit ycni to InnViinl to on i'. v.
all canes of hiicIi cliaructer you nmy Ii mo t.mr I 1 1 in
Imvc prewntetl, and, iih in ur innloni.uo u :l l.r
ninh you with iill tin- in iei,ary l.'.inUn, and, i.Lon
roinired, limlriuiioiin.
No e.hitrge niaile in any caio unlena aiirrennfii'.
AiiiiiH: ciiAiti.i.! it. gi;ki:,
No, :;j clooi y Mr- -r
it i: r i; ie ij a hi: s:
Hon Kirn a no Vji.i.aiii.
..Mayor of Wa-lilmtnr,
-'. nil i-H.iiii'r i f Put ii
A liiiil'.inr .
FHe, I't.
. I'liila !e J.lllo, l'l..
. Wirren
. Krle,
.' .ovi ruor of (ilioi.
.''lileago, lilinoin.
. vi alert. i n, N. V.
I l ie, I'll.
" 15. II. I'liKM 'i
'i Cinriv .1. Unit
" 'I lloH H I! I I Oil M I..
" C. 11. I i II I l
" K'Uaii IIaio'ii'
" Wn MAX L'r.v.1 oa...
" Jomaii M. I.re.-.n
" Ciuiti r It. II'. aiio.
ffljit. W. W. HorlllNN...
W. T. :llllso., .4 Co.. .
. . i'llllkel H Wti.si
1 1, c.
. .M-iidv ii ,!',;
. . llli lHOI, lllllinH
. . lei re liiinle. I ml.
...'.Ilo illliali, Oliio.
II t'tO.
Wtl. P. SlIAIIA'-K K'. ...
fAMi ri. A. roui,, Ki.. . .
t.'ohY IlAhHOl H.
II. A. 1'Ott Ml, l-.f"
W. It .1. W Itnli-iiN
(Jen. MmnAr Wiiaikn....
Joiii I. II avmi, Km . . .
A. V. llARvr.v,i
W. K. IlAui-tv, K-i
Hon. 8. i. I, aii v
OUR! M I". ' IIOMH , Kn).,
TllOMAM M . WllHON, Ksn'
....'''Ill Fi:ioi isro(''.lt(
. Ann. in, In. I.
. . -Neln.i.ta, N. f.
. lint I II v, N. T.
....Pern, N. T.
...Helloit, .Mil II.
New I'lilCniore, M '
"o'"i.l ririo:, -,..., IM'oKnK, l,'a.
W. H. II' i i;in ii, K-.j Knionn T- l i U .rv.
II. Ill Nl.N .TON, I kK Co. .V. Ill 111,, a dwav, N. V
iv.'kkkh. i.i.rKMAM k tiHAi.-.U, - mil o.l,.,,
o in i, .1 r
New V.n;.
fiAHI'M.K A Ilnoril-
Jl liOtIK li. lit ok, j:n...
T.. K. noi Ki KV, Ksf
Wiuiak In n.r.i, ...
1 n ni l F',, Ki
jAMI.n I.'. I. TOOK, I i)....
M a it' i A. I iv ij, i-...(, ,
Juij".' !-ly.
in Wan. -n nuei i. ;:.y
. NaxKaii at, im,, , ,(
New Vni .
.4"7 Proa.lway, K V.
. lot) I ullun nil. el N, '
.Cm, It. i,. oi, ii),M1
..' o iiu'i,,!,, ;; , .
. Mnvmiiv. i.
I or l.ruver tV llakt.i's, Wlirrli
Milson'i. nmt Itowi; Uinhlu. .
.i), MACIUNi: OIL,
-' "nli:: I- H i ii i I,. S,-.t
, ml
.Ml k n !n ol
U W. Ir i l i m,n' W..II I' i; i M , c,,,.
'ii' "l ali'l P. ,1,1.
a il.! Ii
:y I. 'itu-.
J .fere'iS Your IMulc!
NMV CliMI'.' f VMI' --,; . I , ,.,,)., a t
I I.I .on, I l, I,.. Hi' I,, , i ,. f i .r . . , , . ,
I noli . I t , .i, ; I an I e n ol I, o,bn t i , j. .
I 'lioiirv, oi, rei ipi ol I.i 1 1 mi- in H.:,,,, '
t!ii- oli 1,1.1 I, ' iniii' , eiy ..jo , ,r l'i
I e i 1 ii, i ', u I ), i f ulil .v..li j,-r il,-,..ii .
' I I i ..liii III, line I' I s l,j I lie I, HI, 'In d ,i i
Ie Ii4'l .1 L ro . ioli.i.e l a' W
i i i
,1 i...
' l',i
I 'ii-- iii.e- I. v I i.e a
1 in l.o' .i. i r II in li hi
y . an lo- - .- oi, ji, t i i, ,i ,.n
Hie M.i" - V il-emell, .,T l,ii
.1 nulla , i r U to I i .- ., I I vhi i..t .,!.,
" 'I I'll P ' 1 'I' O I, Hlol ,1 , ,', ,
l l''N : i I...
uini'hroi' In I). Jj v,,
) I ''0.
Vanted to Hire,
11 I.N Ki'l
I lo,..1 itillM": o.
t ,.

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