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t kill. ,
0 lk.W.
aiaoIaiUc Virion...
! T K II 31 s :
IUiit Usui, it iirmnm ......I 3
- ' week 20'
r. TRi-Wr.rM.Y tios:, per aminra 15 00
, Wtrstt Unto, per annum .14 "
A Comical Impressment.
psiicd from Ileaaquartcru, proaticr-a gomo
angliftble consequences on last Sunday
oorning. Ciencral Neolf.y had, it appears,
wiued an order directing the arrest of
'lieloyal persons found collected in
roups on the streets that morning. The
.flloer who received the command start
d forth with his squad, upon the Btreeta,
nd went vigorously to work by arrest
ing everybody, loyal and disloyal, whom
,16 found promenading the streets, com
, ng from barber-shops, or going to chnrth.
.'hysicians were Jerked tip in their bug
giesothers were stopped in hacks and
arriages, and every man was saluted
'ith the short and stern order to " fall
i." As might have been xpectei, every -ody
who fell in, fdl out, with the whole
roceeding. One of the first victims of
it ie impressment was our handsome
oung friend, Governor Johnson's Aid.
friend who was sitting in ft barber-
lop, with his face covered with lather,
irang out, and told the officer to release
in, as he was in the Federal service ;
it the officer told him he didn't care a
raw if he was, and ordered him to fall
also! Some twenty unfortunates had
ten gathered into line, and a general
edaddle through back-door1 had be
n all along the streets, when the coin
inder of the Tost -fiMcared and in-
meJ the olficcr he had misunderstood
order altogether, and ordered him to
ease his prisoners, much to (he relief
gentlemen, who were just beginning to
ise on the probability of their having
shovel dirt on the fortifications.
,Ve shall, in all probability, get a mail
morrow, certainly by the day after,
ought to have a general illumination.
j . , - '
fnc River. We learn that the river
risen eleven inches. An increase of
rise would b hailed with delight by
people and soldiers. Lverything
is too higJi, except the river, which is
only thing we want to rise. The
t of a steamboat would be a most
eable one to our isolated community.
ate Papers, We are under many
nations to Mr. Kilky for his frequent
itioiis to our office. He has favored
j ith a large file of late papers. '. '. i
V. J. II. Laurabee, of the Louisville
j Nashville Railroad, has also' laid
nderniany obligations for his kind
j which is very highly appreciated.
. II. C. Davis, the prompter, of the
re, has a benefit this afternoon. The
e company has volunteered for the
lion. Tho bill is a good one, and we
ct the attendance will bo very large,
eaking of the theatre, reminds us
(the winter season is approaching;
evenings are getting quite long, and
ut Borne amusement, will, of neces
be very dull.- It is now pretty gen-
understood that a large number of
i are en route for this place, and we
'go that business of all kinds will
e its wonted tone -theatricals,
resume, among the rest. Every
aware that Mr. Pvffif.ld, since LU
tion with the Nashville theatre,
curred muchexpense; notwithstand
.is, ho has been untiring in his ef-
ro pltaie. We hope soon to see the
e re-opened, in order that the Man
jay in some respect, be remunerated
past labors. If the theatre can bo
j 1 for the fall and winter season, we
sured that it will be made a most
live place of public amusement.
Oct Tksnksshe Money Only.
Silver, Greenback, Kentucky, Iu
and Ohio money, now bring quite
c premium when exchanged for
ssee money, which can re used
nst as well as Northern funds; and
,,nl money can bit saved by selling
iiuhern currency even at a lare
I, ami using Tennessee money in
purchases. These exchanges can
lie ou tho best terms at the Ltmi-
hvh and V,7,y Olllce of W. J.
m Collect) street, just below Union.
ifWl rn
Mil l'' I
Latest from the Army in Virginia, j
.i 'I
Arrival of Eeugees at Lexington.
The Latest from the Southwest.
Gen. Joe Johnson Assigned to the
Command in the West.
Arrival of Gen. Bragg and Staff at
Washisotos, Oct. 31. The Star says
we have relMvle information from par
ties just from Cuba, that the steamer
l'lanche, on her late trip from Texas to
the port of Mulatto, Cuba, carried in ad
dition to her cargo of cotton, quite a num
ber of Texan slaves with their owners,
who promptly sold them to Cuban plan
ters ; and also that several secession
families arrived from New Orleans and
its vicinity, bringing wi'h them numbers
of slaves.
It will be remembered that the steamer
Blanche ran her cargo to Cuba under the
I'ritinh flag.
A Spanish man-of-war, the I.rascode
gary, is said to have landed more or less
of the slaves, entering the island from
the vicinity of New Orleans.
Information lias reached here from
Rerryville, Clark county, Va., on the
other side of the Blue Ridge, up to yes
terday. There was going on in that
vicinity an apparent extensive movement
of rebel troops, some proceeding on the
front Koyal road and others down to
wards Cassellman Ferry and Shannon
dale Springs. Ren. Jackson was at that
time at Derryville ; his troop9 there arc
without baggage, and those leaving on
the Front Royal road also seemed tc
have no baggage with them.
, There was a small body of rebel
troops at Charlestown day before.'
! October 31. (
'Stuar', with about two thousand cav
alry "came to-day from Union and at
tacked a small force of our cavalry driv
lag them towards Aldin.
Richmond papers received to-day an
nounce the arrival there of Gen. I'ragg
and stall.
j Lexington, Oct., 31. Between three
and four hundred destitute Last Teunes
seeana arrived here to-day. They made
their way hereto join tUol eueial army.
i Washington, Oct. 31. The Mavor.
Presidents of Council, and Commission of
ine ioara oi iraue nave nau an inter
view with the President to urge the im
mediate construction of a railroad from
the Point of Rocks to this city, and thence
in a straight line to the Uhesapeake Bay
i be l resident in reply, said tuat Con
gress had deprived him of the power to
make roads, and that, had the road from
Kentucky iDto East Tennessee been per
mitted the war inthe West would have
long since been ended.
I The President also stated that those
two roads might be made, and be would
recommend them to Congress. If he had
the power he would see that they were
constructed immediately, as he well
knew the pressing necessity for them
both for military purposes, and as a ques
tion of economy in the transportation of
troops and supplies. - ; '
New York, Oct. 31. The Commercial
says the Army of the Potomac will here
after consist of three grand armies, nine
corps, thirty divisions, and seventy bri
gades. Tho first grand army will consist
of the corps of Generals Reynolds, Tor
ter, and Franklin, under General Uooker;
the second grand army , will consist of
the corps of Generals Couch, Wilcox, and
Hlocum, under General Uurnside ; and the
third grand army will consist of General
Cox's, and two other corps to which
present commanders have not yet been
assigned, under General Sumner.
I The Commercial's Washington letter
says the Vermont 12th, 13th, 11th, l.Mh,
and lGth regiments, under Acting Driga-dier-Heneral
Dlunt, crossed Long RtiJge
into Virginia on Thursday.
j Special to the I'lt.
1 Washington, Oct. 31. Private advices
from Gen. McCiellan's headquarters Bay
that Gen. Leo is still in t lie vicinity of
Winchester, and probably intends to flp.ht
therr. It was supposed by some of our
shrewder uenerala yesterday, that Gen.
Lee would cross I'lue Ridge at Ashby's
Gap, n his retreat to Gordonsville. Ex
pecting to fight a battle not far from Ma
nassas, Generals liuinside and Hi gel are
on the watch for him ou this side of the
It is believed that the Alabama is now
on the track of the Aspinwall steamers,
lor the purpose of intercepting the treas
ure ships. i . , .
New York, Oct. 31. Advices from
Newborn state that there is a largo rebel
force at Kingston,forty miles up the Neuse
river. The shore are lined wiihnew and
powerful batteries. The gunboat Senti
nel, has, however, made a recuimoissanee
to within three miles of Kingston, shell
ing out some ot tho batteries. No fears
are entertained for the safety of Wash
ington, ns the marine artillery, 1,(X0
strong, is now there.
: St. Lorn, Oct.. 1. James R. Lack
land, a prominent lawyer of this city,
was committed to the Military Prison at
noon to-day, by order of the Provost
Marshal Ucneral. Tho arrest is conse
quent upon a speech delivered last niitht
at a lVmocratic meeting held at (he
court-house. In t!j order for his arret,!
he is charped with th encoura-i merit ot
rebel ojipo.-ition tj the Govt i niiu-nt in its
((Torts to suppress the rebellion, publicly
abusing the Government and loyal peo
ple of the United States, defending the
rebellion, by charging its origin to have
been with tho loyal people of the United
States, and publicly deprec iating the cur
rency of the country.
CV' ilmr-nl'-h t' llf SI. IS.-jMililirnn.
Cairo, 0-t. 30. Tho Grenada shwuf.
of the 23d, thinks that the fall of Nash
ville is close at hand.
Gen. Pemberton is the new commanding
oflicer in Mississippi, lie it was who led
our soldiers through Paltimorc when they
were atoned. Oen. 1. shortly after re
signed, and went to see Jell". Davis, who
welcomed him with a commission in the
Southern army, with headquarters in
Gen. Joseph E. Johnson has been as
signed to the command in the West.
Rebel army pickets have been fired on
occasionally near Helena, where 40,000
Confederates are said to be in camp. A
portion of the loth Indiana had a fight
on the 27th with some of them and lost
three killed and wounded.
A large army of conscripts is concen
trated at YcIIville, Ark , by Gen. Holmes.
Gen. Hindman has been arrested, and
is now in Little Rock. He will be sent
to Richmond to answer charges madc-
against lura by (Jen. Albert Pike. Ilind
man is said to have transcended his au
thority and acted like a tyrant among his
own people,
Rebels are crossing the Mississippi at
Duck Island, 50 miles below Memphis.
' Robton, October 81. The Republican
meeting in Faneuilllall to-day was well
attended. Gov. Andrew presided. Gen.
Iristed,of New York, Senators Clark of
New Hampshire, Sumner and Wilson of
Massachusetts, and Josiah Qiuncy, Jr.,
m ado speeches A letter was received
from Joseph Holt, of Kentucky, urging
unconditional Unionism at the ballot
box as well as in the field.
i Circt.evtli.e, Ohio, October 31. The
match race to-day over the Ash-Grove
Course, for 1,000, two-mile heats, be
tween Dunlerio's sorrel mare Kato Boston
and Ad Miller's bay mare Lizzie Fore
man, was won by the latter.
I ;; Time 3:51 and 2:.r0
Staff of General Rosecrans.
! , IlKAnvrARTRiiii Kocktrcntm Army Corps, ")
imy Corps,"!
t. 30, 1W,2 J
j Ixuuvii.i.b, Kr , Oct.
General Orders No. 1.
I. By direction of the General-in
Chief, the undersigned assumes the com
niand of the Department of the Cumber
land and the troops under Gen. Ruill's
command, which wilMiereafter constitute
the 11th Army Corps.
. III. The following Staff officers are an
nounced and will act until a permanent
organization of the Stan is effected :
Lieut. Col. Arthur C. Ducat, 12th In
fantry Illinois Volunteers, Acting Assis
tant Inspector General and Chief of Staff.
Major C. Goddard, Senior Aidc-de-
Camp, Acting Assistant Adjutaut Gen
eral. Major W. Y. Hepburn, 2d Iowa Caval
ry, Acting Judge Advocate.
,Capt. Samuel Simmons, A. C. S., Act
ing Chief Commissary.
Capt. J. G. Chandler, A. Q. M.,. Acting
Lhief Quartermaster.
Suigcon Robert Murray, Medical Di
rector of the Department.
Capt. N. Michler, Chief Topographical
.First Lieut. T. Edson, Ordnance Corps,
C'rdnancc (Jllicer.
Reports will be made and business
transacted through them, in accordance
with existing orders and regulations.
! W. S. ROSECRANS, Maj. Gen.
Gen. Rosecrans' ' Goou-hye to the
; Army of the Mississippi.
! ' Cokintii, Slum., Oct. 20, lKW. J
General Orders Xo. Vol.
I. Ry order of the Department Com
mandor, Brigader General C. S.Hamilton
will assume the command of the troops
heretofore commanded by Major General
II. Tho General commanding, being
called . by superior authorities to duty
elsewhere, begs leave to bid an affection-
ate good-bye to tho officers and men of
his command. It is hu extreme pleas
ure tu be able to state- truthfully he will
not bear away a single painful, personal
felling toward any one in his command;
and trusts that for any severity he may
have exercised, or any feelings he may
have wounded, he will be pardoned; at
tributing it to human frailty, and a sin
cere desire for the good of tho service and
the honor ot those who serve our country.
lsy oruer oi
Maj. Okn. W, S. Rosecrans.
C.G .iiiunn.lstLt. 12th Inf., O. V
OHkuIJ Act'g Ass't Adj't Gin.
isthict West Ton ,
i, Miss., Oct. 23, 1SG2.)
,3d Division, Disthict W
(k tie rat Onlrri, ATi. 1-1.1.
The General commanding cannot for
bear to give, pleasure tomany, besides the
brave men immediately concerned, by
announcing in advauco of (Iih regular
order, that IhelTili Iowa infaniry, by its
gallantry in the battle of Corinth, on the
1th of October, charging the enemy and
capturing tho Hag of ihe 401 h Mississippi,
has amply atoned for its misf utune at
Iaka, and stands among the honored regi
ments of his command.' ' '
Long may they wear, with increasing
brightness, the honors they have won I
l!y order of .
Maj. -Gen. W. S. Roskckanb.
i'.G 'iii'AKt'i, If. Lt l'Jihlnf. O. V.,
Olli ul. Acl'g As"t Adj't (Jen.
tWTh-!"- ou.'titii.n" nv f r I'tift "1 Sut.n' Trm-
Mry Kote, Ulr.u, lail-ara, n I KeMiu ky :
P ink or T''iiu"ft
II ill" in Honk
iK'itvrs Hunk
M-rrhitiH' 11-u. k
hunk of tlil'iiini
Trailer!!' ll.iuk
K.uik of (''iiii!i'ri:
(My Bmih
Fanners' llauk
TUnk of l'ar
ltitiik "'f Clmtlnnii;l
lruik-f M .M ii . U in
Bn k m U n:k
Hirer Bank
Cumiiipmul wk :
lulliern Dunk
Bink of NiiHlivill-
Bulk of Blialljyvii.
0-H- Bink
IWuk cf I'nnitrl lu
lli)k of V.int li'nnfseo
Kink or WI'I.IIb 'rnnni'iv
NurllMiro ilaiiK
Oonria m1 Putitl) Cnrolliia 42
Nurtli C.cruliii unj Virg ni M "
Al.ilimn.i 411 "
Ijiiiii-iiiii ....') "
Bi'VinJ. f-Umn.
-il urt
tilver 11 lti
North -Win turn Bank of Gorgi f.'l
Hank if thn Kinptr Klate, (, vrgia 75
Bank of AllionH, Urorgia e.o
Kulton Bank 60
Hank of WhllfiflM
Timber-Cutlers' Bank 60
Kefiise tlie Iuea of all Hanks
mentioned below.
' Tlie followinir TmtianiPd Banks ar broken, or
liavo btivn wound np ; and tliHir Notes, If any are
out, are utterly worthies;
Agricultural Bank, at BrownnTillo.
Ontr.il Hank f Ti-nnf , at Kwhville.
Farmpr"' and Jlcchanii s' Bank, at Jlt mplili.
Mwlianici' Bauk, at Meniliii.
, Memphis Savmif In?titutiunv at Mt-mphis.
( Ktchange Hank, at Murfrewboro.
MinorH' and Manufaotnrors' Bank, at Knoxvlll .
, Bank of Eiist TenncMee, at Knoxville.
: Bank of Trenton, ut Trenton,
i Bunk of Jetlttrpon, at Dandrlile.
' Rank of Claiborne, at Tazewell.
: Bank of TareweH, at Tuiewell.
' Lawreniviliurg Bank, at Laweneclnirg.
; "iti7.eim' Bank, at Memph's.
: Bank of America, at Clurksville,'
Orrici or rn I.obuviii.b JocRXiL,
Hatcrdav, November 1, 1H;2. )
Tlicro nan no chanve in the rutei which ruled the
money market yesterday, tiuld continues firm, the
bankera buyins; at 2S(2! cent preen and Felling at
Sl(j32. The buying rate fur silver whj 20rai!2 and
the selling trlcs) 21f27 H cent premium- The
baukers buy Demand Notes at 24(25 IS cent pr
imum. Kaxtern exchange Is eoi-y, the buying rule
being l-eBnt discount and tin- selling price par
,0H Pr ceut premium.
IIeadquautkesU. S. FoncES,
Nashville, Tenn., Oct. 27, 1802.
General Order No. 12.
I. Hereafter no citizen will he admit
ted to the Headquarters of tho ToBt Com
mander before ten o'clock, A. M., or after
four o'clock, P. M.
This order doea not apply to officers or
soldiers who come on business; such per
sons will be admitted at all times.
Ry command of Drig. Gen. NEGLEY.
Jas. A. Lowiiif.. Capt. and A. A. G.
.Sept. 28. it.
llKAlXiUAnTKRS 1st Tenn. Cavalhy,)
! Nashville, TENN.,Aug. 22.1SG2.
Orders No. 6." ,
All officers recruiting for this Regiment,
will immediately forward to these Head
quarters a report showing the strength
of the party, present, and absent, and will
hereafter, at least once aweck, make a
similar report, exhibiting the gain and
los3, if any, since last report.
Ry order of Col. STOKES.
Jons MurtriiY, 1st Lieut. & Adjutant
1st Tenn. Cavalry. Aug. 23-tf.
Heaimuartkhs U. S. Fouces, I
: Nashville, Oct 2.", 1802.$
8pecial Orders? ,.. . . ...
No. 20 LdlwU
J. Twenty-live dollars reward will be
paid for the discovery and ' information
of any ann or vmnition Of war concealed
in violation of Special Orders No. 19,
II. Any slave giving reliable informa
tion of tho concealment of arms khall
receive military protection.
T.y command of Drig. Gen. NEGLEY
Capt. and A. A. G ,
Capt. and A. I). C.
Oct. -J'j-rlw.
iV . I a-rrv t r.-Bi ,i,jr J). i !i ri. k Ht' .i.
Vei8-i .
I o nil I lie! .Tl Hilary lotrtiut-iil in
llio IMttrirt of lli Ohio.
OV AVi AHEM TUT l.-t ! AY (? JVl.VlHi,
hkii an olll v nt u,.i M ( in Nli -
tillfe, 'I 'imi'mi', and ii Miii ii""i, pjMi,iU?
tlie t.an'.t II.iiih ii ,t II.-. K ., I t Ii in . I i,n
ur beef in ti.K i-i t , f r (! in' rii'if tr'.in
July tl li'.l. . II s K ,.lr ,
i'.i-i I'l-.H'trvtiir l. r lii- -'l-M. I ..I ul.n
N n. K Mm ,i t , im:U I .r to.u cutis
July I dti
Library Association Co
Draws Daily at COVINGTON, Ky
Under ilte Siqerinleriilenc cf Stem
$5,000 to $40,000!
Tifkcts from Due Hollar lo Ttn Dollars.
Onlers for Tickets will be promptly tent lis re.
turn mail, anil our olrlclul Drawings scut to all cor
respondents. - All orders for Tickets, dUrrai
H. FHAKCE & CO., .
, . XXJUIS villic, icy.
J- Circulars sent rr to all ordering.
' Jiily2fl-iK;m
Auction & Commission
prompt uttention to tlio sale of Dry QooUh, BmitH,
Shoos. Ilftta anil Mcrclmnillse generally.
" All BiUes Cash, and returns made promptly.
tlr.mtrr : Morris it Ptrattnn, R. 8. Hollitis
A Co., A. J. Duncan A Co., Nusbrille, Tenn.'
j Charles H. Green,
Office, No. 38, Cherry Street,
juir 20 tf.
Government Claims.
collection of claims of every kind spelnft tlie
GoVernmeut of tlie Uuitoil BUU-s intrusted to liis
can. ,
between Collej and Clierry streets, (iipstairn) ovr
; York's Book fclore, Nashvillk, Tknnkrhsk-
Davil nn (aunty Silwanl II. East, Samuel E. llure,
Homce H. llnrrii-on, A.J. lJunean.
B'iin county IJon. .lorilnn stokes.
ffiniis county Ir. V. H. Uorilon, J. W. Boweii.
V-Kalb county Col. W. II r-'tokes.
IVarrm couwj Robert Cin, Guorge J. Htublefleld.
n hilt county William Hiin.
RHtltfrfurd county lid ward L. Jonlijii, William R
Tolly. . .
littfonl count Wlllium n. Wifener ,
MitrthaU county Abiu-r p'U-el.
fiumntr amity B ilie Peyton, Thomns TrimbV.'
Jnch'on county David t-lieplienl. ,
'"' TtiuttKHt lion. T. A- B. Nelson, Hon. Rodert
McKlnney. . nejil-tf
Claims Against tho U. States.
AI.'.CN A. II AI L will attend U the colleetlon cf
e.lunns .ului-t niiy of tl;e rnited States authori
ties elthur hert or at WaMtimylftu. fie may be tound
at tlie cwiip. (Jons. . j , ,
Vmliville, Juno li-h, IHOi .
Southern Bank Notes.
Tennessee, -;
South Carolina,
t Alabama,
; ' and Louisiana
WJWiHT AND fOI.ll BT ' ,
. r ' A. ;.ts i:muui a ro.,
' No. Ml, OilIi'KStft., (Ufrcimlit'S linK Bilil.l nt )
July li. . . '
Dr. King's Dispensary
i ion i'hivaii: iim:am:s.
tr,J' ill KING, fui irieriy of New Tort, fo
n-jr"- xtlK u"fct '"l ' 'r" 1,1 Ixuisvlllo, Ky,
'uii no VM (ii voli 'l h s ullentiouli
lbs iroumiLt of private A.r mi lor UJ yeara, Baitr
h mm !, hsvins mi.itril in a prsclice for so bilj
f ears, uiid f 4rl so muj tnoaMiir, be Is euablud u
o ire" 1 :i.u.'n nl spilvau- pl n rr . tu mail t bu
bad tLey May be frum injej .c: .. tr.e-i cm: tr (. eg
or fron. ne'.Mit of jbirowB. ir K if s VityvwAfv' '
No -i8 -a.:er i i i-lrtx t, b')l act Cliirr; :,.. toflrM:.re
K-',v4 suiry, wheis be si. re u i !. o a prieut
asturs .
tur.i.rhi. unred witbout uausipn.s ir.e Uriahs arts.
Srlereucs with buifiut ls i
iiririuri of oid or rerun Jmr, eTe. teaily .iur'4
a few !is, by an operates m ill no ptig,
Wbero s "irelire e i!f eealtti l.i.r,. be fliu y.s.
K rii oo d ;ri ii.' a.is tout. 'i:ef and te iie
in- ,'O-ii w un 'i rr. u.-b
A rti l.r. .t.i kit the J wiiiT Un ss.a . t mKv$
out irf,,..t i(r Ll ir-airu.it, tan he t.'V-ii.ai't
enre-1 tr. ' :T diiys - '
Seminal H'tixti'yj. I'uri.c ::iirUerit!(iti omvIls oees
fi-a in (I . iK-an-, acd a', l; air A, .. t,. trruwi
j. oi ,, ui'i.j.i.n.u iu 1M.2; ;m it.e desirurt.vs
bub le of Li-..-iK; lrruie yi.i-tla,std tetoiv u,,j,,
jise.e u( tiit M,r:.ot, a BK!etof 'bb-l will ur.der
n.;Le Its r.i.Ai-tiit:'ic , rei.ii.'r'nu Ke s.li:l su'.llof
bmii.i-M, ore'-.i iy.kiido t:cx vimatui o:4 ar
fmis wi.'. ;i.ay be iurmg w.lu any ull.cniy
le VVdiuO uiay ri ;i - ;rd nnm". r- .i t.
Pers ins t . siiuil by r I iigns. 1 eiat.crtbeil
ease, wnb ste enm i.r,cl u, br. A. k.nr, !.!
Doaderic at '!, Na!iV!iie,1ei.n. , w; I iivnt,s ne.
nary m"lir..Lia lo t.-.e f ;re-a. OU ot bout
lions t O'tl i d !. m ti.i cui.. i i iat tvtalug,
1 7l0-n1'.ii
General Commission Merchants ...
63 and 65, Beaver JSueet, sr., I 20 EicV.sn
P.ace. ,
r.onsvT I.. MiTLA.in. 1 'Vow V ml
Wiu.uk Ww,,ut.
or Tna
No. 3S, Chr ny Strt-tt, NnPlivillo, Tenn.
THIS AUKNCV fHiwi.'wi't Kce.l'sr fm llties for n
miroci'-fiii j.r.x'i ntiou and u lili'im l.t of lw
mamls anlitet the General Government of KVRRY
IlKSCKIPTKiS, itn fon ln,tors having h id sevrru
year' expiTieitre In the nmnnfeement of cl::ms
fore t'onnre, the Court of Claims, and the Kret.
tivt Ieiartnients at WsnhlnKton, ami leii r tlmr.
ouglily aeqnnltited and funlllur with the laws and
regulation governing their adjuxtment.
Particnlarattnitlon will be (riven to eH,. urn hk
ont of the present war, ln lii.lintf Hue amuiitii vt
States, Contiaclors, and lllitirlitg (Hllci rs of th
War and Navy lvparttnents, and for ' olle't
Ina, Urllliua:, and Orgariizliit t el
U II tec Ps," the reimbursement of wliii h U author
Iwdliyan art af CmiKress; CLAIMS Kili IM KM
PBOPF.RTY, for Hemes lost in the serviee, -niul tor
military I'ny, Feiisloiia, mid llownlw
l.anrt. '
We give sperlal attention tu proc'iriiiK teii
aiOUK, llOUntlra, elc, ai-erninx to Sold . r
who have lieen wounded, eontracted ill earn, or II. p
fnmlliea of such as huro died, or hi en killed while in
the discharge of lhuir line of doty us em h l n r i nsr lb
present war
Special earn will also lie plvrn to elsime which
have teen heretofore ICeJer.tpil or Ntitpeiltf
by the Ivpai-huenisor I tie lie-1 en tly itlunnscl
Prompt attention sliei given to tho collerlion of
Quarterinahter's Receipts (tiveii fur Projity taken
tor tho use of the Army, to arranging Aecoiints witb
andcolleeting Claims anlnit the (jiirti'i inaikr's li
part me nt.
All Claims placed In our hnds receive our Prompt
I'craiOiital Attention, thereby soeuring many
which, in the hands of an Attorney at any ii islam
point, frequently prove unsuccessful.
Atfide from this decided advantage, our dally inter
oourne with all tlia I-partnients enables us in ni
eases to obtain decisions much more speedily tha
whero al. oouimunication and oilier rucc-ar) deU4
must bs conducted through the malls.
To this slid, we solicit yoil to forward to us any oi
all cases of sncli character you may from time In liius
have presented, and, as Is our rr.ntoin, will fur.
nish you with all tlie necessary blanks, and, wq
required, instructions. '
No charge made in any case unless successful.
Mo, as Cherry Htreet,
Nashville, lean
It i: I 13 It 13 N K S t
Hon Rieiuan WiLnrn...
' B. B. I bkumi,
..Mayor of Washington
.Cv-mmlsNlniiiT of PuDts
K HuiUlinea.
flmr-OM .1. BU Krle, Pa.
TmokasH Klobsni-i I'hilmlelphia, I'a.
" C. B. CeRTW Wnrn-n, "
" KiUSH 1;abhit ....Klin,
Wiluak I.'iffxiMiK .uvernor of Ohio.
" Jiieuil f. Lt OAs Chicaco, Iilinola.
" CHASt r." R. iio.tai M aWtnwn, N. Y.
Cajit. W. W. lioKWNS Krie, I'a.
W. T. HKimanx 4 Co..
..l.nnkers n arhinglva,
D. C.
. .Meatlville ,P
.. hiiSfo, lllinius.
..lerre lliinte, Ind.
...- ineiiiuali, tMiln.
Wl. P. Krattai'K Esq..
Habi'H. A. Fcibd, Ksq..
Cobt Uabhoi-b, Kh
i). a. i'owki i, i,ki. . . .
W. A J. W. Uoie,...,
Geo. Mr a ray Wumc.,
Joh 1). Havmfj", Kbi.. .
...Hun Franeii (i,(
A. K. Hasvst, Jiq Nebrak, N. T.
..Aurora, inn.
W. K. llAuviv, Kb.i Oinahn City, M. T.
Hon. 8. O. Daii st Pern, N. T.
Chabi at P. CnosiiT, Ksq.. .. Detroit, Mieb.
Tiiokas M. Wlisox, Ksr....New Jtaltimore, MIc
Wjujinii Jr.rmsi Keokuk, Iowa.
W. I. IIi aoshi-bm, Ksij Kiin.as Territory.
II. IlrNTiHuToK, I.sk k C'u..'J4U llroailway, N. Y.
Boa Has, llr.rsKAW ti Hhaii- ii, ;u and :;d Vixy hi .
niHii, Jr.... . New York.
(lAitnNKB A Doinia 10 Warren sireet, N.Y.
Jkhokb U. liecs, Kst Niia.au st, cur., Wall at .
New York.
L. E. RiH Ki aT, Esq 407 Broadway, N. Y.
WlMIAH Il RYFA. Ksq Hit) Fulton stleet N. Y.
CiiAiii.aa Fox, Knn ( Inelmuitl, ( iblo.
Jabtkb O, tipeor, V'q i ovlniun, li v.
Maki i s A. Kim n, l.q MaysviUe, Ky.
for l.mver A. ttiiUer'a, Wheclrr
MiUen'i sud Hows iIarliim
And every Ihln wrtaiiilii)r lo Hi-wing Ma tin s
All kiuds ol
At W. Vkki.tKN's Wall I'.ipn .Slore, Cor. Di ailmi k
iieit and Public Snaie,
h "H t; lit- f , M'AKKS.
' Hero's Your Mulo!"
NKWCMI: aHP ri'tS'H ..i, ! ' VKil I H, -.
i bound tu b the ni'.-1 (i j ni ,r (.i;k u. prie
Ciimp K i t. en.- ran Lt ut by mini t i any p i t o the
country, on ro eipt ot 1 i tenii. I i hi iiii .
in this song bas In-come very popular throi ebni.t
tl.t CSIliH, fullers Slid N. Ai.iir deileis miiuiU iI.i
Wtb tu supply lliemselves by ihe bundled, hi. Ii can
bn had at rusoiiublu rales. .
I'be Orave by the Sea, .....by Will.sui ila ft
I'm I..,. i i r Hun Hi. me "
K aniMHij' .e and chorus, ' '
Hie Maiden's K .rel!, or Ine .-n. Ma r's lit trotbe I
a bnaiilirul llil'ad.
J'laniia, or W .neia-s'i'en-!i I srlalin.s.
i.lv-r lest briiimni, and tul l itinilt I t
HiAitier to i'. li. JJI :.Nrf N.
y l( if.
Wanted to Hire,
lCuqu'rs at tk J (J-I.xe. tl,
r i jw r

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