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; DasIiviUc Pinion.
T E II M S :
Iaii.t lams, per annum. t i-O
. .. . wk 4 20
Tni-Wr.rxi.T I'sto, per aniinni IS i0
WKr.Ktl Union, per ajiiiuitt... XZ M
w imwitm.nfiMBmwt9iimm.-a3xtmaMKiMuwwim
i im:uai. i.m-itatiox.
' Tin friends and r(jnalti(Hncn of Mm. Francis, A.
MtTZar InTlUii to attend her funiral at 2!j o'cl ock
' thli tTfiilng, from the reshlei.cs of Jacob St If,!, on
) South High Street.
General Hoaecrans.
This brave and tried soldier, who has
added bo much lusfre to our arm a, is ex-
I pected lo arrive here some lirae to-day.
He will be received with cordial enthu
siasm by both citizens and soldiers.
I, Jtyioms have already been engaged for
himself and Staff at the St. Cloud Hotel.
Judging from the number of drunken
persona occasionally seen upon our
streets, there must be several rum-holes
3. still remaining for the I rovost Marshal
to close, We advise that sder soldiers
always be sent to discharge that duty.
Special Auction Sale, ljr II. t . Milelda
A. Co., Wednesday, Not. 5, 1861.
Will commence their regular Auction
Sale this morning, at 10 o'clock. Shokh,
Boots,! Duy Goods, and GnutT Varie
ties. Great inducements.
15. P. SHIELDS & CO.
A Miserable falsehood.
"j The Indianapolis correspondent of that
notorious journal, the Chicago limes, says
in a recent letter :
" It is said by those who have the facts
that the rumor that (Jen.. Jsuell boxed
Gov. Andy Johnson's ears at Nashville, a
few weeks since, for calling him a traitor,
h true. The indignity was offered pub
licly, but nothing will grow out of it
probably." -
This is a falsehood without the least
foundation. Gov. Joiisaos and General
II cell undoubtedly dilTered as to the
propriety of certain military operations
but they differed as gentlemen, and their
personal intercourse has always been of
the most friendly character. We wonder
if the letter-writer is not some fellow
who used to. flourish about here with a
captain or Lieutenant's shoulder-straps
on, and was snubbed for his insolence
and presumption? . The lie is like the
Chicago limes, professions or loysl'y ; it
hasn't the sliyhttst foundation. - ,
Auction Sale. Benj. F. Shields fc
, Co., will sell at auction, this morning at
j 10 o'clock, Boots, Shoes and Dry-Goods,
f The stock is a splendid assortment; it
I will be to the interest of all to attend who
desire a bargain.
Hobfcery of Nashville Letters.
The Louisville correspondent of the
Cincinnati' Commercial writing under
dale of Oct. 20th, says:
Lieut Col. Gano, of the Sixty-ninth
Ohyo Infantry, compelled to resign on ac
count of disease, reached here this even-
ling, having left Nashville on Monday
inorniag by coach, lie and his compan
ions were stopped a few miles out by
the guerrilla Captain Cowley and two
men, who compelled them to get out or
the coach, while their baggage was taken
itf, trunks opened, and contents emptied
.hi the pike. The robbers did. not find
wiything, and allowed the passengers to
roceod. At luree Springs tiiey were
iain arrested by Capt. Bennett's gang,
vho threatened to burn tbo coach. Al
era parley it was determined to carry
hem to headquarters, and they were
ken ten miles ofT into the mountains.
Here their baggage was again searched,
ind iW or IitXJ letters, mostly from sol
liers of the G9th Ohio, were seized. Col.
(,ano had a colored servant with him,
vJiich led the gang to believe tlut ho re
nted within the Confederate lines, and
'lived his person from search; but he
tad the greatest difficulty in persuading
the guerrillas not to coniiscate the negro.
G. T. Euibry, who was a fellow pas
senger, and had many letters intrusted
t huu by m iSsslivulti mentis, bad
iliem all taken trom him.
I'av Oct Tkssksses Money Only.
Gold, Silver, Greenbacks, Kentucky, In
Jiat;a, and Ohio money, now bring quite
laijie premium when exchanged for
, Tennessee money, which can bo used
i: i ore just as well us Northern fundi; and
J'ime and money can be saved by selling
'our Southern currency even at a large
kirieount, and using Tennessee money in
making purchases. Those exchanges can
be made ot tho best terms at the '(
juc, I'xtlianje an. i JltriMihj Ollice of W.J.
Maku, on College street, just below Union.
Nov I 1 in
I For Hie I nion.
" V.', ? . Picket Duty.' . ? j
Months ago the rebels, beginning to i
feel that they had commenced a hard ,
campaign, and were likely to llatfen out j
under the pressure which our Government
was bringing to bear, began threatening j
us with various measures, if such and
such things in our policy were not
changed to suit them. Guenilla warfare
and the "black ilag" were then first spo
ken of as their resort, should we persist
in violating such plans as they saw fit to
restrict us to, and by Iheso means it was
thought the Government would become
intimidated enough to change its policy.
The "black flag" seemed to "play out"
after one or two unsuccessful efforts, and
when in one or two instances they were
forced to hoist a white one in its place,
but it now seems to have become a sub
ject for legislation, and will doubtless be
raised again with the usual bombast.
With their system of guerrilla warfare
they have been a little more successful
and have caused some annoyance. In
some instances our pickets have suffered
severely while performing picket dnty by
the attacks.of superior numbers of these
guerrillas, and, as yet, there has been
adopted no effectual means to prevent
these repeated raids.
When it is remiemberod that the safety
of an entire army is dependant on tho
alarm from pickets, who are always sup
posed to be first acquainted with the ap
proach of danger, the importance ofbav
ing these well posted and so secured as
to prevent surprise and capture, will at
once be seen. No measure should be ne
glected which will add to the efficiency
of this branch of the service at any time,
and especially during a campaign mark
ed as this has been with the most sin
gular cases of deception by our enemies.
In consequence of these repeated attacks,
by bands who knew perfectly well every
post on our entire line, and can at any
time ascertain the exact number posted,
our picket duty has become the most
dangerous duty the soldier has to per
form. Doubling, or even trebling, the
number stationed, will not secure it from
these attacks, nor against capture often,
since it is only necessary to double or1
treble the force desired to attack it.
During the night watch, a guard who
is on the alert and doing his duty, is not
in such immediate danger as at other
times ; for it is no bard matter to so dis
pose of a picket guard after night fall, as
to make it a dangerous undertaking for
an enemy to approach, however stealthily
he may attempt it. The " countersign "
guards against the passage either within
or out of our lines during the night by
unauthorized persons, and as none are
allowed to approach immediately up to a
sentinel, either friends or foes, until he
has been halted and challenged, there is
not much danger of deception. But
during the day, the challenging at a dis
tance is deemed unnecessary, since it is
easy to see who approaches, and a permit
from, some person authorized to issue
them, is considered sufficient to entitle
the bearer to a pass through our lines.
But here seems to be a ditliculty. The
sentinel must allow any one or more who
approach his post, to come immediately
up to his person, or at least Very near it,
before be can determine whether he is
warranted in granting a pass or not. In
doing this he may unconsciously place
himself in the bands of a disguised ene
my ; and if his post be near the reserve,
and more than one thus approaches him
Lis whole guard may share the same fate'
taking the fun of being captured for their
pains. Here is the sequel to the aliuont
fatal raid on one of our picket posts in
one instance, aud the capture of another
since, within a few days. Now the ques
tion arises, how is this to be prevented ?
We believe there can be a measure adopt
ed, which will effectually prevent it. In
both cases referred to, these cowardly
thieves who approached our pickets
dressed in Federal uniforms were seen
time enough to have been decently salut
ed by a volley of well aimed musketry,
bad it not been for fear of firing on our
own cavalry ; but to determine this mat
ter there was no iiluans, aud hence the
capture. Had this approach been made
at night, it would have met the reception
it deserved ; and why can there not be
means adopted to meet such cases as well
if not better during the, day? Why
cannot, our troops b? given a signal when
ever it is necessary for them to pass our
lines, which will serve the same purpose
! during the day, that tho countersign
'serves at nig Lt V This siu could bo
i changed i very day t,i prevent it beeom-
' ing public, and be given to the guards
every time it became neiessary to change
it, iu the same way as (bo countersign.
Then, to 'us ure secrecy lioui such us
might take special pains to learn what it
?, let tho sentinel on duty be instruct
ed, to allow no body of men to approach
within seventy-five or eighty yards of
his post without hailing and advancing
hi alone, whose duty it shall bo to ap
proach near enough to (live the signal or
countersign, without the possibility of
being seen by any one except the sentinel.
To citizens known to the General com
manding, or w ho have given evidence of
their loyalty, the cystem of passes might
be continued as before, without any dis
advantage resulting from this arrange
ment, as it would b coi.Cned alone to
our troops, and designed onty to prevent
the deception w hich has been practiced
by the enemy wearing our unifoim. In
addition to this, our sentinels should be
instructed to fireon every thing approach
ing them faster than a walk. There is
ni sound sense in the way cavalry often
go through, or come up to our lines. This
should be prevented : and whenever men
are taught that there is danger in ap
proaching our picket guards, it will be
come natural to use caution.
This is the plan that has suggested
itself, and one which, under the super
vision of such Generals an we have here,
can certainly be made to work : and
though it is a departure from the regular
military course generally pursued, it is
the invention of necessity, and should
bo tried, or else immediately give place
to some plan for effecting the object de
signed, which will work, and at once se
cure our picket guards from such unne
cessary hazzard and uncertainty, as
attends the present regulations on this
subject. In stratagem we can be up with
the enemy on this poini, and to neglect
it is simply to dish out our brave men
" piece meal," as they chose to call for
We do hope the plan we propose, or a
better one, may suggest itself to our com
manding officers, and that we who have
this kind of duty to perform may, in this
respect at least, be placed on an equal
footing with the wolf-like cowards we
have to fight, in which case capturing
picket guards will be found a dear busi
ness, and will not be as often attempted
in the future. STATION No. 5.
18th Ohio Vols., Oct. 20, 1802.
When did ever any thieves, burglars,
robbers, cut-throats, assassins, high
waymen, pirates, or Indian savages per
petrate a more inhuman and brutal act
than Harris has done in driving loyal
men into the ranks of the rebel army?
Why, the unfeeling paltroon ought to be
quartered, and hung up until his tie sh
dropped piece-meal from his bones.
How much longer will the rebels talk
about liberating Maryland and Ken
tucky, after tho miserable failure of the
vast expeditions which they got up for
that very benevolent object? "Mary
land, my Maryland," and "Boor down
trodden Kentucky," did not appreciate
the proffered kindness of their professed
liberators, who finding themselves forced
to abandon their prey, stole all the
horses, clothing, and cattle, which they
could lay their hands on, from the very
people whom they pretended to love so
dearly. And as it was with Maryland
and Kentucky, so will it prove to be with
Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina,
Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana. Happy
will be the day which shall shine upon
the broken chains placed on their people
by a corrupt, cruel, and down-fallen
Newbern, North Carolina is not au un
likely spot for the establishment of a
camp of instructions for an army of 100,
000 of the new levies, as urged by the
Major-General commanding the Depart
ment. The district is very healthy, and
a force there would be very important, as
it would oblige the rebels to evacuate
Virginia at once, for it would place them
between the upper and nether millstones,
with chances of having all their supplies,
which now reach them over the North
Carolina railroads, cut off at any hour.
Altkiinatk Domestic Delations. A
correspondent relates that a North Caro
lina bead of a hist family caini! within
our line at Newbern, tu tind a fugitive
slave, a beautiful and intelligent girl
about sixteen years of age, When his
claim to carry her off as his slave was
not allowed, the chivalrous patriarch
declared that she was his daughter, and
insisted upon his right as a father.
Communication by electric tIMaph
has taken place between London an I'm -nen,
in Siberia, a distance of 1, 0;i' uilis
It is anticipated that an exnteiisicm of (he
wires will be made to Nikola'u-vski, on
tho 1'ueilic by the end of this year, aud
that telegraphic 'uiimiriicatiou with
New York, by ay !' Siberia and Cali
fornia, will bf established by the end
of next Year.
inh-Di0tc gist.
"No, 'i 2, COLLEGE 8 Tit EE?. :"
Those qu"tntioiis lip' f r I'nited States' Ti:w
ury Not"'?, tiliio, ludiRiia, uu I Kontie ky :
Hank "f T'linciWB. &...,..!
I nl'iri ltiuilc M "
J'lDim hiinU ID 11
lirrliiini' H.mk 'Jh "
Il'iitk oftlip t'uimi -J '
TrmliTK' ltMiik '.i "
liimk of t .MmiRTen lo
Oity Bnik .'j "
Karmam' II ink fi t M
lluik of 1'arit aA "
Hank of 'tmttn' ir fii "
HHtik tit M' nii.hi.. .VI "
Riu'k'n U.ink :ti "
)ivr Hunk 10 "
Common-mi Hmk .VI
Southern Hnk 40 "
Bitik of Niilii;i. 2U
ll'iiik of MwlliyviU !M "
" ItMik i "
Hank of ItHn'lrfdtfn M "
Hunk of Went Tpiir.-hbi M "
Bank ol MM'llx Ttuxwwu-e 25 "
northern Itauk 2b "
OwTirm uti'l flintli f'urollnn 42 i n.
Norm Omliuik and Virginia 6.1 "
Alulmmii. A)
Lmiisinu.'t ...'..,.311 "
Biom;. FclUny.
0 )!il v.i i:n
Sllvor 11 16
Vortti WVM'm P:mk of 0-0r(ti K'l !K
Hunk of tho Kmiiire Stato, Kwrtfla 75 "
Bunk of Alliens, tinoryi . .till "
Fulton Hunk 00 "
Knk of Wlittfl.-ld '
Timber Cutters' Buuk BO "
ICefu0 the Idiiici of alt Jlanka
mentioned below.
Tha following Tonne? Bunks are broken, or
bmvo own wound up ; and ttn.'lr Notes, If njr are
out, aro utterly worthless:
Agricultural Bank, at Brownsville.
Central Hank of Tunei-e, at Niifhvllle.
Farmers' and Moelianu' Bank, at Memphis.
Mechanics' Bank, at M miuis.
Memphis 8ivini Institution, at Memphis.
Kxr.lianga Bank, at Mnrfreefhoro.
Miners' and Manufacturers' Bank, at Knoxvill .
Hank of East Tennenseo, at Knoxvlllo.
Bank of Trenton, at Trenton.
Bank of Jeiterson, at DandriilKe.
Hank of Clailorno, at TaxewelT.
Bank of Tazewell, at Taz-well.
Lawreucohurg Bank, at Lawreneeburg.
Citizens' Bank, at Memphis.
Bank of America, at ClarksvlIIe,'
Headquarters U. S. Forces, )
Nashville, Tesn., Oct. 27, 18(52.
Griteral Order Kb. 12. "
I. Hereafter no citizen will be admit ted
to the Headquarters of the Post Com
mander before ten o'clock, A. M., or after
four o'clock, I M.
This order does not apply to officers or
soldiers who come on business; such per
sons will be admitted at all times.
By command of Brig. Gen. NEGLEY.
J as. A. Lowrie, Capt. and A. A. G.
Sept. 28. If.
Hkadquartf.rh 1st Tesn. Cavalry,)
Nabhvillk, TKNN.,Aug. 22,1802. f
Orders No. 6.
All officers recruiting for this Regiment,
will immediately forward to these Head
quarters a report showing the strength
of theparty, present, and absent, and will
hereafter, at least once a week, make a
similar report, exhibiting the gain and
loss, if any, since last report.
By order of CoL. STOKES.
Jons MnuriiY, 1st Lieut. & Adjutant
1st Tenn. Cavalry. Aug. 23-tf.
Headquarters U. S. Forces,
Nabhvillk, Oct 25, 1SC2.J
SPNoal20rderi "Ed:'
I. Twenty-five dollars reward will be
paid for the discovery and information
of any arms or munitions of war concealed
in violation of Special Orders No. 19.
II. Any Blave giving reliable informa
tion of the concealment ot arms shall
receive military protection.
By command of Brig. Gen. NEGLEY
Capt. and A. A. G.
(Official,) "
Capt. and A. 1. C.
Oct. Zt5 lw.
Dr. King's Dispensary
(Oil lMCIVATi; IIISliASi:!.
i'R KINu, ;orrrerly nf Sew Y'k,ti,
iL lam lour yearn of Um.s .ills, fr,
add who hut devoted his ali-niouli
the ireaimEt of private d:eaaf for 30 years, tiaiK f.
himself, having alt-nded lo a practice for to romi)
years, aud cured so many thoau:ids, he i 'juiWud U
Oo re all iMu?"f r.l a private future, no muiu r ho
bad they rnay .e trom Injudicious met.icial treatment
or Irom n-(iliet ol tL(:rown r. KiOp's IMirt-riKarv '
No j: lleadvr.oV street, heiwwo Cherry and Uonqnarsj,
econd aiory, i.r ha euree all dunanus ol a r:valt
Uoonrhm rnred without oausaoes mllrios or la.
rlereccs with buonees
Strictures of old or recent date, ettuclually ccrnl
s low days, tiy sa 0Kralloo a t.leh o-iMes so pain.
Wtere a MtrVt ire j'rii health nnr.Q' t he nKyed,
i'erLkt no diav-e eaMt s u.(.ro mi:4.riit'f and under
ru.rvlha c".m iumi-d mat ti.
Syphilis, witn :i tin- d iiv-aic or the sk't. rowing
not ofne,- x t ,:r bj.1 tr..'.tnent , cas ho t'e.'4ual:y
cared lo a lw : v
tmina W il-jteu. Cart ten lar alt' Mion hv:nt hee
f Iv.'O lo tm 1: m:d u.i ilie rv.ur uwi.ocs srowiuf
r-ul of It, tr- ir' t rn in murv r l-y the du'ioilvs
l.aliiis of ii.c. ir.i. rj! yor.t.. an! -e,v isdal
ot t".e pii , a r- j v:i of wlm b w.U ue iir
rune the o ,ni ,! ,i u , rood- r,n the fji.j'.v.i unfit (
biiMut'ti or ocii ty , Hiu! ij t i pri ii.nluie old an
female. v.b'i cey he Uoru.s. wt.'i any difficulty
te W 'oh nmv r,.n ast""-e.! or.ir.dnie relief,
rers'.i. ri-ei'l.hi; tr-d. '.y vei I t and itiallur ISf'J
OW, wtl a4, tieeowt . er.' I to It, A. Klt.f, So. I
tivader: a si t-et , h !:; , ' eiin.. .'lliavethu uare
n v rr-' iLs a.':il l' to--.' 1'r---. 'Mie hoif
ti oiu 9 e - -y j ine iooTa;u ji $ l tiis avealof ,
Library Association Co
! 1.l
Draws Daily at COVINGTON, Ky.,
AT 12 AND 3 O CLtKK-
Under the Superintetulence of Sioorn
$5,000 to $40,000!
Tickets from One Collar lo Ten Dollars.
Order for Ticket will be promptly sent by re.
torn mail, and our ofliclal Drawings sent to all cor
All older for Tickets, address
IX)Ul3VirjL,K, JSY.
T Circulars sent free to all ordering-.
Auction & Commission
No. 71 I'l HI.IC KtlUAUK,:
prompt attention to Ihn sale of Dry Goods. BootK,
Shoes, Hats and Morehiuidisn generally. A
r All B;iles UislijUiid returns lnuda protiiptly.
Kr.rKHKxcrs Morris A Rtnitton, R. S. Holllns
A (., A. J. Dunciiu Jt Co., KuhIiviIi, Teun.
Charles H. Green,
Office, No. 38, Cherry Btreet,
Jnly 20 tf.
Claims Against the U. States.
At.' FW A. If A LI. will attend to the collection of
claims against sny of the United Citato authori
ties either here or at Washington. Me may he lonnd
at the Sewance. House.
Nsshvllle, June lath, 1(J
Southern Bank Notes.
South Carolina,
and Louisiana
J iyl! 60' t""''K0 St-' (M'!rc,'ut', I"'1 Diilldiua.)
North Mru-kot'Stroot,
' Nov.l Uin.
d A.isrciisra.
rpAKK Till"1 Ori'yllTl'MTT T' JNroiiM TIIK
A yuniiK l,i. li and i tri i.eii. en ol N mln .1.-, t'u,t
tliey ill ojieii a cl oc in the pulltn art of diiix ing, on
Hatttrday, Novenih r, In, ut .1 o'cl K k, 1'. M ', at
Kirkinau's Hall, on Slimmer ftreet. liny will i.i,
aria. or t'-nll'-lll' II. Molnlsy el'iininr, at 7 o'tloeK,
P. M All fdeliiolullde Q.la.lflll,-S. I'olk.'l", HVhot
ll-i.li', WaUx.-, Muzurkaii, Vatviuut., It,.dtma,
He , will h" taiuht t;.'iitl. in, n Kl.h.us; to lake kwi
hoiim will p ea in ike early appiiealioit.
Oi t, lw.
' ' X 1 -
Qu-irUrmasIcrs' CcrlificatCN
OIIA.S. II. aiW333jST
0PFICE, No. 38 Cha ry St., (Up Stairs.)
' -"-:! ry Mi e.-l, n--ir Ih-adt-r:- K itn.t.
Toull the lillt'iry lxpitrliiivii(a In
Hit) Iif rict or His Ohio.
OV AVf A V T K It THI l-t IUY oK Ji'I.Y Ihiv,
ai I o"ii a-i ill m al Hie rt. I loud UuWi iu Naxtf
villf. 'If, jod ol;e ' n Mi ll .lr..-l, i'i;i.itte
lii'i i.u:i Mr, ,.. l .u,v lie, K . . lor ull tr.iu-4. t.i,n
or l.et-t it- t; i ., ,'ai liio .a. I r I'in 'i m"nt!i fiom
July lnl v i II KI .t -' K UlN.Jr ,
1- f r',-..r,-i,,r t'r fr ' .i t ot !,!!
N Illiflil JUl..t i I.i.a p. i or so.'l tall.e
General Commission JlcrchanU
3 anil W, Btuver IStrcot, and 20 Eichan
Ron' ht i,. M i Tt.;n,
lliniil Wn.llt. ,
Xpw York.
or TH
iiillOlill CLI1 AGEHCT.
No. 88, Cherry Street, Na'slivilh', Tcr.n.
ffHI? ACKNCT iK..m (wnhpir fio-iluim f,,r lh
X sueceiisfiil prosecution and eettli nient of 1.
raands aaralnst th Oeneral Gove'f iinu iit of MEllY
I'E.t:ilirTK)N, ts noitdtictors IW.tg hud seven.
years' experience in tha management of claims
fora Con (trees, the Court of Claims, and the Kiecn
tlv Iepartments at Washington, and helnn tti-T
oiiKnly acquainted and fumiliar with the laas am)
TeKiilatioiiB (rovernlng their adjiiHtnii'nt.
' Particular attention alll Irtiirn t,i m.r
out of the premnt war, Incliidlria t!w mroimls ol
States, Contractors, ami DmhumluK (illlii rs of the
War and Vuvy Pepartments, and for ''Collect
ine, Drilling-, and Onrnnlzlitg Vol
linteem," the reimhttreemenl of which lsaulhor
Ized hy sn ct f Connrens; CLAIMS I'OR JNPICM
l'BOPKRTY, for llcrses lost in the service, and for
military I'ay, IVnalona, mid llounty
Wa Rive aecial attention to procuring Irs
Ion, Itoiinlle, etc., accrulni; . to Soldier
who have been wounded, contracted ill ee, or th
fainiilea of such as have died, or lieen k Hod while la
the discharge of tlie'r line of doty as sin h il uri tb
present war
Pierinl care will also he jrlvi ii to c'aliiis wh'th
hare been heretofora ltejc'tl or Sukpendrcl
hy the Ik'partinentsor Ine He lent ly llann(i4
Prompt attention also given Hit the collectio of
Quartermaster' Xecelpta Ivn for Properly takes
lor tho use of the Army, to arruiivlua; A,si ount with
and collection Claims against tlie Q'nnrfi ruYHster'
pirtmiiit. . ,
All Claims pi mod in our hands reciive oir Tronipt
leronal Attention, tlui.i.yvetiii in iuat
which, in the hands of an Atturuey at any distant
point, frequently prove tiiiNiicccHxriil, ,
Aside from this decided advaatsce, our dally lnlt
course with all the Iepartinaiits enables us In mu
ease to obtain decisions inticll tiiore siii-edlly thas.
where al communication and oilier ui-ceVary delai)
must b conducted through the malls. ' ' '
To this and, we solicit you to forward to us any
all cases of such character you may from time to tin
have presented, and, as is our cusloKj.lae will fur.
uieh you with "11 the necessary blanks, aud,
required, instructions.
No charge made it) any case unless su6 essful.
Address!, CHAIU.KS II. ,O.KKEX, )
Mo, 38 Cherry Klreet,'
' ' Nnshvlll, Te
K 13 T I KEN c lHi
Hou Kh Uako WjiLtACH.... Mayor of WashiiiateiD
B. B. FaixcK U muiissioiK f of nttM
. . lliilldinus.
" limr.ov J. Bai I. Krie, Pa.
" Thomas II ViOHKMrt Philadelphia, I'a.
" C. H. Ci'btih Warren, "
Kujah Habhit Krie,
" Man ax 1exvim,s Governor of fililo.
" JoeJAH M. L' cas, Chicago, Illinois.
" Chais-B. li'Msli Wa'ieilown, N. Y.
("apt. W. W. DoniiiNB Krt,., Pa.
W. T. Hmiiiisos ten Hunkers Washingl.
1. C. ,
Ws. P. Hiiattack Rn Meadvllle ,Pa ,
HAMt'r.t. A. Korh, Rsi Chicago, Illinois ' '
ConT HAnHot a, Kq ....lerre Haute, Ind. -
l. A. l'owr.it, hS'i im innuii, thi,,,
W. A .1. W KiiiMt .. '
Gen. Mt'aaAV Tiiai H in I riinclsi ,Cal i '
John 1. llAV.srs, Ksq . . . Aurora, Ind. " .. ,
A. r. llAKvr.r,Ki Nebraska, N. T.
W. K. 1Iavky, Ks. Iniaha City, X. T.
Hon. 8. . IiAitav IVru, N. T. . (
( HAal r.S I. ( HOSHY, Kl. . . .Detroit, SI it'll.
TitimAS M. WiMo.v, Ksir...'New Haltlinore, M It
Waiijnii t JfriBos Keokuk, loaa.
W. II. Iti.AoKHt's, Kv Kansas Territory.
II III HtmoToN, l is It Co. .24D Broadway. N. Y. '
Bowk, Kkkkmav At BuAH-:i2, i4 and .'id Vesey
himii, .Ir New York,
tlAaoxt.R A ItotetK IO Warren street, N Y.
JusomkH. lire, K. ...... Nai-an s, cor., Wall si..
New Vol k .
I,. K. Boost .T, KM 407 llroadway, N.' Y. '
Wiluam DtavaA, Kai..i.. DM Fulton street N. Y.J
( ilabi.ks Fo, Kd Cue iiiii.,i, Kliio.
jAMr.sC. t,'ico, Kh.. t inginn, Ky.
MakhsA. Ki.mii, 1'.k' Mar.illle, Ky.
sj-.wixfj .iriur:s for silk.,
l or ii rover A linker', Wheeler
VII'on,j mimI llotvo f li hi tics,
And every tiling pel Is .idi.g to Sewing Jlaihmo'
Ail km ! ol ,
At W. I Ki t sam's W ill pipi'i Store. Cr. I'.aliru
Me,-t hi, , rui,J,t: M ul"
iy r'. MAUli.
Government Claims.
ei'llooiiou of c.,.1,10. I cry kind .'uain-t tin.
tJiUBIUIIH Ol I f the L'lilt' ll .Hlal. " II. Hurled to I n
Im Iwi-i ij ( '() '(-' i ii i (fn ty mit t trt, (i(p ftitir) t-v r
A r k ' hxmk hit ir!, N arH v cms, 1 iv s .
'if r cun'u K'!ar i II. Fiit, H.tiu n-l K. if fir,
H:tfa) !. iarri.-.-n, A f ('Himhii.
Wii-'H V'litutij - Jiii .l'ir i iij M-kcn,
frmth tvmi.i I r. K. H. ti-rUmt J. W. : - f,.
I hall con '( ' i I. W. I: Hi-
W tirtm Hufi K'lt't-rt ( t U riK' i" t . t -! r V
I htt count ft li it tit li-.
ImtlttffuiU tnitnt.j -. (.! J 1. .! .rfi -ii, WiI.'im J'"
li -lrit conn'' W .1 !1 nit If. Wi-ficr.
SJ irtfi ill r.t'.it'ty A '-Iff M- - I.
?-hihh f i ' h tilH l'i I' I,, Ti.,:i 1 f (!.
J't t '-n r tmttf I'u'.l 1 Mi- i 1
t-.ft iivJi X, A. U. Nk i. , II .ii. I.i ),
Mi vililn y. I'Vi'
Wanted to Hire,
j. (Jtsst C'MH, WAHIIKIt. ur:1
(.M(i. ir si li. s Oll.i-t. iL

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