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T K H M N :
,,' Dj.tBioir, pr-rinnnn.....' ..... JS CO
" " " week 20
Tti-WcriLT L'RHm, per annom ....ffl o
Wrr.sLt Union, per annum fi 00
President's Message.
The telegraph informs, us that the Presi
dent's Menage was retd to the Cabinet
on the 28 nit. It was read to Congress
yesterday, at noon.
Interesting Article,
The article frora the liallimora Ameri
can, on the first page, on " The Drift of
Events upon the Interest of Maryland,"
is lonjr, but deserving of attentive perusal
by all persons.
The theatre continues to be crowded
nightly. We are glad to see the man
agement so success ful at the beginning of
the winter, campaign ; yet wo are not
surprised, for tho energy and enterprise
j)f Major 'Duffield are an earnest of
success under any "circumstances. We
hope the season throughout may bo re
munerative to the Manager, and that each
evening's entertainment may be pleasant
to all who attend. The play last night
was tho "Kobbers," cast with tho full
strength of the company. The perform
ance was in every respect unexceptiona
ble. We hopa the piece will be repeated
at an early day. We cannot, however,
say as much for tho after-piece " Tho
Good For Nothing," for most assuredly
it is the ruost yonl-for-volhiiig farce that
was ever enacted.
To-morrow evening will be given "The
Soldier's Daughter," and " Jenny Lind."
Our young friend, Wm. Com.ieu, has
removed his News Depot to No. 22
herry street, where his former friends
and customers, and tho public generally,
can always bo accommodated with the
latest newspapers, from New York, Cin
cinnati and Louisville. His shelves are
well supplied with light literature and
all kinds of stationery Ho is a worthy
young man, and deserves a liberal pa
The Lonisville Journal complains that
tho "Putternut" prisoners can be smelt
all over the city, whenever they enter it
Wo have no doubt of it. They out-
stink onions, they outstink garlic, they
outstink forty brigades of polecats. We
bopo Satan won't take exceptions to
tho comparison when wo say, that they
outstink the very devil. We don't know
whether the Butternuts smell according
to their rank, or rank according to their
smell. Like Parson BnowsLow's skunk,
we verily believe that the rebel army is
on the point of stinking itself to death
They seem to have supplied themselves
with all aorts of necessaries.
Some thirty Butternuts were marched
to the depot yesterday, to take the mora
ing train for Louisville. They were
hard-looking set decidedly. If any of
them could read or write, it was, as
DoonEHKY remarked, "tho gift of nature."
They tiro tho poor dupes of intelligent
Wo were pleased to see in our ollicc
yesterday, the jovial eouutenanco of our
humorous ami enterprising friend, Mr
B.C. Tut' man, of the Philadelphia J'reie,
Ho is one of the live newspaper corre?
pondonts of the day, always keeping a
sharp look out for the sublime, the beau
tiful and the funny.
Dick McCanv, guerrilla captain, and
perambulating Pickpocket-General of tho
gre.at Butternut t'onfetleracy, made an
attack on one of our for a go trains on
Saturday. 1 1 is arrival was gnvicu so
warmly by our foraging party that the
cowardly thief lied, several of his men
being badly wounded.
Col. Mahki.avp, General Mail Agent for
Ibo Arniv. arrived here latt Saturday
le has a host of friends hero who will
cordially welcome him.
We bad n,uite a thunuer-storm on
Sunday night, with a heavy rain and
vivid lightning. There has not been rain
enough, however, to affect the river, con
We ask tho attention of the reader t
the advertisement of "Carpet Sack Loft.'
The finder w ill be liberally ivwarded.
Conscripts Resisting.,., ,
A gentleman from Bedford county says
that in that county and in Lincoln the
conscripts ara forming in companies, to
take the woods and bnahwhack the con
scripting parlies. A troop of cavalry
made an expedition into Lincoln county,
to force the conscripts into the confede
rate ranks, and were fired upon, and
driven back by the outraged and op
pressed people whom they were endeav
oring to drive into the rebel army. We
are informed that a regiment is being or
ganized there for home protection against
the hell-hounds of General ISbaoo. Let
the people rally and slaughter the last
one of these minions of tho Kichmond
dynasty, who are endeavoring to make
the white non-slaveholders of this State
more degraded than the black bondsmen
on the cotton plantations.
A good many Kentucky rebels are be
ing sent South to recover their rightf
Tho Louisvillo Democrat, of the oOth ult,
says :
Tho IVllc Creole took from Portland,
ast night, J15 prisoners, on the way to
Vicksburg to be exchanged.
The name paper sayB that 250 more
were brought from Lexington the day
before. Keen them moving.
A total eclipse of the moon will take
place commencing about midnight on
iday and continuing four hours on
Saturday morning. The moon, in conse
quenco of its position to tho earth, will
be faintly visible, and its disc appear of
copper hue.
Picked Ur At the Station in Gallatin,
Tuunk, marked "Francis L. Call,
Nashville, Tenn." The owner can have
the same by proving property and paying
for this insertion. Information of its
whereabouts can be had by calling at
this office. Dec2-lt.
another accident. As the evening
train was on its way from Louisville
to this place, on Sunday, four passenger
cars ran oil' the track, and two of them
were badly smashed up. We believe
nobody was hurt.
Lewis Gaiitii, the notorious Kentucky
guerrilla thief, wlfo was badly wounded
in a recent skirmish with (Jen. Hansom
had his right leg amputated tho other
day. We know this fellow Gautii well
lie possessed great wealth, having one of
of the finest farms in Southern Kentucky
lie was a vulgar, overbearing tyrant, a
bully and a coward. He has "one foot
in the grave" already, and it will be
blessing to decent society when tho other
foot follows.
The Louisville Journal says that the
Military Governorship of Tennessee has
been handed over to General IIit.miut
We suppose the Journal meant to say tho
Governorship of Memphis. It certainly
did not intend to depose Governor John
son by a dash of the pen.
Tho Louisvillo papers have advanced
their prices half a cent a copy, to dealers
The Bonds.
Wo aro requested to state that the form
of tho Bonds and Protection, to be offered
to tho peoplo by the military authorities
has been fully decided upon, and will be
prepared and ready for issue, to-mor
row. Notice of time and place and pus
silily an official explanation, will doubt
less appear in to-morrow morning's pa
Some two hundred of our people, from
town and country, were on hand yester
day, to give the Bond, and gain the pro
lection. Properly originated, it may and
we hope will prove most beneficial
restoring a wandering people to tho faith
fjl allegiance of good government, and
return to them of its bcnclicicnt protec
t ion
Special Notice. r Anelloii Sulci)
lct-e luber 2, INO'i,
By Benjamin F. Shields & Co.,
B. F. S. & CO , will sell a large as
sortment of DUY GOODS. See bill of
sale this day, Tuesday morning, Decem
ber 2, l.r.2. B. F. Shields A; Co.
dec2 It.
Lost. On tho evening of December 1,
18112, between the Post Ollice and Ex
press ollice, a cheek drawn lor $2,774 C.r
to Mr. A. V. S. Linpm.ky. Tho finder
will be rewarded by leaving it at this
ollice. dec. 2-1 1.
Social Telegraph lo tho " NashvH'. L'ulou."
The President Re-Affirms hiiEman-
: cipation Proclamation. 1
Lee, Reported to be in Washington
Arranging an Armistice.
Louisville, Dec. I.
leadquarters, Army of the Potomac. Con
siderable excitement from report that
jee was in Washington arranging for a
thirty days armistice. The report dis
credited altogether.
Oapk Back. Sterner llibernia passed.
Corn upward. Provisions dull. Consols
ninety-three and a half.
Ono rebel steamer has left Liverpool.
Another soon follows.
Washington, Dec. 1. Congress organ
ized. Tho President's message says the
blockade has been maintained with as
great justice to foreign nations as the
circumstances admitted.
Tho President has given assurances to
loreign powers that all grievances shall
be favorable adjusted.
The Africans don't seem so willing to
go to Liberia and Uayti, as I supposed,
where they would be recognized as citi
zens ; but circumstances tavor the trans
portation of such to both these countrys.
Washington, Dec. 1. The President
thinks the issue of Treasury Notes was
unavoidable, to provide for the payment
of the army and economically provide
for other just demands. He proposes
that banking associations be organized
Under act Of Congress, as means of as
sisting in furnishing currency. He sug
gests, also, the earliest cempletion of tho
Pacific Railroad. The President re
a Hi nil s his emancipation proclamation
and says we cannot separate nor make
any international boundary line.
M. C. Sulzbachkk, 61 Market street
is ready to redeem hi change tickets in
Urrrled States currency, at his counter,
when presented. Hereafter, his custo
mers must make their own small change.
nov27 lw
fcitlzena of NaliTllle.
Messrs. Hardk & Co., 48 College
Street, are now delivering the Cincinnati,
Louisville, and New York daily papers
at stores and residences, in any part of
the city, for twenty-five cents a week.
Leave orders at 48, College StreotJ
jiov26 tf.
l.ouinvlllo and Nuahvllle Knllroud.
Passenger train for Louisville, Bow
ling Green, and Memphis Branch, leaves
Nashville daily at 8 o'clock, A. M., Louis
ville time, which is fifteen minutes faster
than Nashville time. The Ticket Agent
is requested to sell no tickets to any
Station on tho road, except upon the
presentation of a pass to such point
approved by Maj.-Gen. Bosecrans. Tho
Ticket Office will bo open in time for
all to procuro tickets.
Nov 30 2 w.
Wanted. Two good Buglers wanted
immediately, to whom good pay will be
given. Inquire at Headquarters, Bat
tery G, 1st O. V. A., opposite St. Cloud
Hill, near Franklin Pike.
Nashville, Tenn., Nov. 30, 18G2.-lw
Wholesale Dry (iooil, (Jrocrrlm and
ltoot aiifl shoe.
We ask the attention of dealers to tho
large stock of goods offered for salo on
the Square, below the City Hotel. Deal
ers, Sutlers and others will find great
bargains, in tho way of all kinds of
fresh Groceries and Dry Goods, by the
case, by calling as above. Green Apple
fresh Baisins, fresh Grapes, fresh Butter
and every description of Fall Boots
Mioes and lry iiootw. I all and see
early; tho motto is quick sales and small
profits. Decl It.
Livery and Sale Stable, No. h College
Street, keep constantly on hand Car
riages, Horses and Buggies, and are at
all times prepared to send parties to any
part of the country.
We have 10 or 15 good work Horses
ami Mules for sale at low figures: also,
several large and small Spring Wagons.
Nov. 27 lm.
Nine thousand Italian priests have
just presented a petition to the Pope, in
which thoy entreat of him, in the name
of religion, to abandon the temporal
SfbinokieM), Mo., Nov. 20. General
Blunt with five thousand Federals attack
ed and routed about eight ihnusand reb
els under General Mermaduke at. Cave
Hill, on the 20(h, killing sixty' and driv
ing the balance some twelve miles. Grn.
Blunt telegraphs that the enemy is badly
whipped and will not probably venture
north of Boston Monntains again this
winter, and, as they have consumed all
the subsistence in the valley of the Ar
kansas, they must soon retreat into
November 30.
Some af the enemy's camns wnre visi.
ble yesterday, but disanucared last nirlit
probably retired to the valley in the
rear of Fredericksburg.
New rebel earthworks, redoubts, and
riflo pits grow daily.
l ive of our gunboats were reported
advanced up the Bappahaunock, opposite
King George Court-house. Tho right
wing of tho enemy extends nearly to
that point, some distance from the river.
Gen. Burnside has returned to ' camp
from Washington.
Washington, Nov. 30 Admiral Du-
pont, of the flag-ship Wabash, under
date of Tort Unynl tho 20lb, writes to
the Navy Department that on the eve
ning of the 13th a Steamer attempted to
run tho blockado off Charleston but was
discovered and chased, but escaped, ow
ing to a dense fog.
On the night of the 10th a steamer sup
posed to be the same attempted to run the
blockade. She was discovered when
within two hundred yards of the steamer
Blunt, which fired a shell at her, which
exploded on the deck of the rebel steamer,
causing her to change her course and
afterwards disappeared in the darkness.
It is supposed she returned to Nassau
Nkw York, Nov. 20. A special dis
patch to a morning paper, dated Wash
ington, Nov. 28th, says it is reported as
coining from very high authority that
Admiral Milne, commanding the liritish
North American squadron, is in pursuit
of the rebel privateer Alabama.
Hon. rrank T. Blair, jr., has resigned
his sect in the present Congress, in order
to take command of a brigade at Helena,
Nkw York, Not. 20. Advices from
Port Koyal give an account of an expedi
tion by the colored regiment to Doboy
Sound. 1 he negroes behaved very com
mendably. The expedition brought
back 200,000 feet sawed lumber. Three
of the negroes were wounded.
Gkneral Sumner's Headquarters,)
Friday, Nov. 28.
The bi'lies from the North who were
visiting Iricnds in Fredericksburg came
over the river yesterday under a flag of
truce. Alter remaining near headnuar
ters all night under guard, and receiving
a full examination of their cases, they
were this morning given passes to Wash
ingtnn. They represent the feeling in
r redericksburg to be of the most hostile
. . r 1. 1 i i .
cnaracier. i ne niuiea especially are
bitter and malignant beyod expression
Upon the approach of the National army
they organized meetings, and appointed
a committee, who were instructed to visit
the rebel commanding General, afid im
plorc him upon their knees, if necessary,
not to surrender the city, lliey pretrr
red having their dwellings burned to the
ground, to having them again occupied
by oi tin ru tri)nis.
The rebel lorce now opposed to Burn
side they represent to be very large, and
hhv that Gen. Bratr has. bevond dmiht.
united his army with that of Lee. They
mate, airo, mm unrtwiMi uiu itinani in
the rear and will continue to menace
Washington during tho winter.
More intrenchuients on the heights of
I redericksburg have been brought to
light to-dav by tho signal corps. The
nniii'A miiiilint vrlili'lt ti.kir lw a swim
with the aid of the best glasses, is nearly
fifty; many of them, however, are fjuite
small and protect but one gun.
Washington, Nov. U.S. We learn from
the Times' special correspondent that
an important reconnoissance, which left
r almoin h on the 20th toward Port Con
way, returned yesterday, having acquired
valuable information. 1 he enemy ap
peared in great force near Fredericksburg,
evidently determined to desperately dis
pute the passage of the national army.
Great amounts of contraband property
and army supplies are being constantly
sent to liichmond.
Fom'hkss Wokhok, Nov, 27. On Fatur-
day an expedition left Vorktown, con
sisting of four gunboats and all of the
11th Maine. They returned yesterday,
after having scouted ten miles beyond
Jack Bay, where they destroyed an ex
tensive ami valuable salt works.
Last Tuesday, our pickets near Wil
liamsburg captured eight rebels, who
were sent to Fortress Monroe.
NfcwiiF.itN, N. C, Nov. 21. On Tuesday
some 4,000 rebels under (Jen. Morton
attempted to drive in our pickets and
iako tho city. They then advanced on
the Trent road from Poolesville, and sue
ceedeu -in driving tho pickets, alter a
biief skirmish, a hhort distance About
100 rebels inaiched through the woods
about seven miles to capture two com
panies of the 27th Massachusetts ami one
company of the 2lth Massachusetts, sta
tinned at Bachelor's creek, on the railroad.
1 he rebels got a warm reception and
Were defeated, falling hack iu disorder
and reheating on the double quick. The
rebels thought to take our forces) una-
warm, but '!. John Kurtz, of (be 2'ld
Massachustittt), the Pruu-V Maiahal in
Liii Lim mi
command of the post, was posted at
.every point Despatches from tho rebel
army are quite numerous, 't came in on
the 10th inet.
New Yon. Nov. 29. The IferaMh
the following special : "
C7zWffrm. Ma.. AW 27 T linvrt ."nil
learned additional particulars of the
successul scout made by the 2d Virginia
Cavalry, under Col. J. C. Paxton. in the
vicinity of Lewisbnrg. The troops left
Oamp i latr, ten miles from here, on Mon
day last, the, 24th, From that time they
marched 210 miles in 70 hours, nassintr
over in tho route four spurs of the Gauley
mountains. ran or the inarch was
through a pelting snow-storm.
Col. Paxton came unon the eiiemr in
the vicinity of Franklort, attacked them
with vigor, and after a short fight de
feated him, capturing two commissioned
otlicers and privates, 100 horses, between
wo anJ three thousand stand of arms,
burned his camp and all his equipage,
also all his stores and four waeons. Col.
Paxton did not lose a man. Major IW
ell particularly distinguished himself.
Tho Nashville correspondent of the
Cincinnati Commercial Buys:
General orders announce that Lienten-
tenant Colonel Hepburn, Judge Advocate
on the Staff of General Bosecrans, is ap-
poiiiieu inspector or Uavalry, and that
Major Ralston Skinner, of Cincinnati, is
detached as Judge Advocate on the Stiff.
Colonel Barnet, 1st Ohio Artillery, is ap
pointed Chief of Artillery, he being genior
officer of Artillery in the Department.
lirigadierUencral l'ayne will command
the troops who guard the railway from
Nashville to Mitchellville. Gen. Schuyler
Hamilton has not yet been assigned.
Colonel Fred C Jones, of Cincinnati.
St lit - i -
iiu uino,; win command the lOlh Brig
Auction & Commission
No. 71 I'I'KI.IO SllUAIti:,
Solicits consignmkkts, and will civr
rmit atf'tilion t th" mile nf Drv (looils. Hunt.
em'. 1 1 his nun nn'ri'iiiiiiiiimi ki'IiithMjt.
aii Hiiun ingii,uiiii fturnri iintila promptly.
IlKrrnF.NorB: MorriH Si Ntr.ilton. R. S. Iliilllim
& i., A. J. Pmicuu & Co.. N.mhfillu. IViin.
Charles II. Green,
Office, No. 38, Cherry Street,
July 20 tf.
2STort.ll iMxirlfet Stl'Oct,
Nov. 1 2m.
24 24 24 24 24
Startling Intelligence!
HO I a I Kits.
Whin' you ill tin I lh
ill Niinli villi-. AIo
ColitM. 'J't'ii, ' Kief,
IMuMtnril, Tul)l-'-;!ilt,
Htiiroh. t-'l,'t, J''))mt,
HiiecH, Vi4;ir, Koii,
C'aiKlTfM, Miilelies,
JtiMiHlit-H, niac-kiii, 'I'wine,
"Wriiii)iiiij:-)ii).r, tV-., iVci.
Inii't forKi-t llio il ci',
NO. 21, Dcadcrick, Hear Cherry.
I'.l'lill .t Cli.
Nov 4 lm
It . t:
24 24 24
'Piirc i: kg r i. a it
l'i Novi'inlirr uud
coiil. line until l;ie 1st
.M ii. h l"i I.
Nov.l 2w.
Tnull llic "Military- liepartmeiita In
llxt District uf the Ohio.
i'l nM'Ti an elll ' itt t lie " I .o ..I Hotel in Nastl-
tlll.e, T. Ille'fS", ale I I'll" "U M.I II Street, opMMlte
tliet.ault li'iM lni.n'!le, K., lor all tra:tiu
or beef iu this il" "otiui't I. I t il r'-e rnnnllM Iroui
July Ui l"' ii aKi.KS KaIIS. Jr ,
l;-f t'le. tractor i.ir Hi" in Irli I of Ohio
N. It. Illluwt M irkct p r m i .1 lor goi.'l uutiij
alyl d'J
General Commission Merchants
C3 and 65, Eeaver Ifitreet, and 20 Exehan
Tlace, , "
.V'W York. '
Wiiuab Wxn.iir.
May 6, IWi.
hra' '
No. 3P, Cherry Street, Nashville, Tenn.
TIII8 AOFNCT pomwiKM jwnllur flirilHIct for tb
nccoMl'ul priMxoutlon nd wtl lenient of !.
nnniU UKalnit the Ooncml Government of KVIBT
DKlRlPTION, lit coiiducteri iiavli. bad Mirer
jrrars'exprrldDoe In the mannK'metit nf clim
for CougroM, the Court of Claim, and the Execu
tive I)ciBrtturUU at WaKhlnRtoD, and liettift thor
oughly acquaints and f -miliar with the laws b4
regulation)! governing their adJuMmrnt.
I'artlcular attention will to given to canoi arising
out of the invent war, Including tho account of
eW, ('mtrrtor, ! IUiLuing OHV..r of lh
War and Navy lie part menu, and fur ollecl
Ins. Drilling, and OrftAitlxInjr. Vol
unlecm," the rolinhurxempiit of which In author.
Ized hy an act r Cunprcnn; CLAIMS KOH.INPKM
'HOPEKTV, for tltraci lint In the acrvlre, and for
Ullltary Iuy, IViialoim, and lionnty
Wo giro apodal attention to procuring 1'etl
lions, llounllcn, etc., accruing to Holdlon
who huvo bvon wounded, contracted il eaae, or tha
fnmllios of men ai have died, r been killed while la
the discharge of their lino of detv a audi during th
present war
Special care will also be given to claims which
have been heretofore Itejcrted or Suaprndnd
by the IVpartinoutaor I nc He lent ly Managed
Prompt attention also given to the collection Of
Quiirlermalter'a Receipt given for Property UtkcD
tor the urn of the Army, to arranging Account with
and collecting Claims agaiuxt the Quni lermanler'i D
All Claims placed in our hands receive our Prompt
I'ertoiinl Attention, thereby securing many
which, in the lunula of nu Attorney at nnyfiistant
point, frequently prove munccossflil.
Asl e from this decided ail VVtn.'e, our dully Inlcr
course with all tho I'epartmcnta eniililea us lu mo
cases to obliklu decisions niiicli more speedily thai
vhere at coiiininnlcatlon and other noceanary detail
must t conducted through the mall.
To this and, wo solicit you to forward to in any or
all cases of such character you may from time to time
have presented, and, a is our custom, we will for
nish you with all the necessary blanks, and, when
required, Instructions.
No charge made in any case unless successful.
No, 3 Cherry Hlreet,
Nashville, Ttnn
it e r i: it
i: : i: s :
Hon HiciiABo V.'au acii.,
...Mayor' of Washington
. . CvninilsHioii.T of Pnblle
A Huililiiita.
.-Krle, pa.
...I'liiluilelphla, l a
. .Warren, "
. .Krlr,
...oivrrnor of Ohio.
" B. B. Frkncii
" ClI'KOJI .1. 111 L . . .
" TikiHAiin KLOnCNCK..
" (). H. Ci btih
Kiijam lUaiirr
11 JllflAH M. litTAS,....,
t'hieaifo, Illinois.
" CiiAai.ts B. Hoabu WaUirtown. N. T.
Capt. W. W. InmiiiN Krle, pa.
W. T. SmnmoN i Co I 'a nk ers Waahlugtoa
I. C.
WM. P. Siiatt(;k Ksq Meailvllle ,P.;
Hami r.i. A. Kohi, Ksi I liirauo, llllieos,
Cour HaaiinrB, Ksij Terre Haute, In. I.
II. A. I'iiwui, H.h ( inctnnati, lihio.u
W. & J. W KoHSUN " "
(Jell. Ml UBAV WllAI.KH H 111 Frillirlaen, ''n
John 1 IIayvks, Kw Aurora, Ind
A. K. Habviv, Kq Nel.riu.ka, N. T.
W. E. Habvev, Ksij dinalia i ilv, N. T.
Hon. 8. 0. Dau by Peru, N. T.
I'll a ii in P. Cnosiiv, Ksij. ...Detroit, Mich.
Tiioman M. WnaiiK, Kq ..New Haltimore, MIc
Waiiin'i A jKrronns Keokuk, Iowa.
W. D. IIi.ai'Khi bi, Ksq Kansas Territory.
If. lit wrtmiToN, I.kbs ti C..!2lu llroailwav, N. Y.
Howkbs, Hkfk bah ai Bbad- .'ti, .'U and IKtVeseyBt,
roim, ,1 r
Oabuneb A Doiwib
JsaoBK 11. llt'CK, Kq...
New Vork.
..10 Warren street, N.T.
. .N'asKuu st, cor., Wail C
New Vork.
...401 Broadway, N. Y.
..l'i'l Fulton st ret N. Y.
. .Ciiii iiiinitl, Ohio.
Xi. K. BiM-Ki.iiT, Ksq
WlMJAH I'l Kvri, Kb'I
Ciuhl.r-i Fm, Ks. .
Jabk C. liriHiB, K ..
Maio i s A. FiM'il, Koq MavillM, Ky.
(JItOVKlfc Ac UA-liKIfH
ss,V!.(i mm hi.m:s roit salk
l or lirtivrr V Ilalierw, Yl'lierle
l ilfcoit,n iiikI How Irliu'lilnrsj .
And evry thing pel lainn.g to Ing MaclilueB
All k.n.ls ot
At W
f" 'lK KAS'h Willi I'HIi'T Mnp',
! link
: triM't uiu I ii i 1 1 c .-niittri',
-ly iiy k . .KKM.
Goveminenc Claims.
TU I. f i 1 V I : I'KH.MIT ATlfMltiN to Ti
f 1 1 1 1 1" ' I ii ii i ol r! iiiiim it ii.., kind ll
IIKSHlSt til
(tovel'iiioi lit
T ti e Colli"! i-i
i lo III
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H7t; nmiiti William Jlovi-n.
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