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.1.'. I i. I e I.
NO 206
jom man smith, nr. -'
(OHM CnUMBLEY, JfaraftoJ.'
pr firrtoI W. H. Wllk!u, A. C. Tucker,
l Jamc a. tiecie.
Tjrta ofdu Arm's John Cfrorabley,aa-ofHg, fret;
i, L. Ryan, second ; and Jobs Raddick, third.
tri Jwr William Driver. . - ..
fMW CoUwAie A. B. Shank land.' ' '
four Tom MUutort. 0. Garrett ,,.
'Vaeuiirer R. Henry. . .
yKT sraaiarT nomas iaxs. .
J .pwlil of the Worlclmuee1. Q. Dodd.
1,'ujmf iMoVn R IFosr BVb-James Wyatt.
i fhirjt of the fire D-yartmentJu M. Beabury. '
yUM of the VemeteryT. H.McBrid. . . , '
i ''nut Overmr J. L. Stewart.
Ciif Attorney JtiU Mcl'ball Smith. .
Davidsoh County Dibectobt Continued
Board of Aldermen U. M. Brian, president j J. B.
wmen.a. A. J.May field, H.O.Scovel.Wm. 8. Cheat,
J. C. Binilh, M. O. L. Claiborne, and Jm. Kobb.
Uonmon CouneilW. P. Junes', President ( William
iberU, T. J. Yarbrough, Wn. Driver, Wm. Stewart,
iuli Hough, W. MuIllna.Jaiuos Turner, O. M. South,
te, A. J. Cole, Jm. Davis, Andrew Anderson, I. B.
oowles.aod JobnOready. , .'.,.
fSnancs Knowles, ScOvol and Cole. ' '
H'ar Work Anderson, Smith and Claiborne,
sto Yarbrougb, Turner, 8oulbgale, Davis, Brlen,
y field, Cheatham and Claiborne.
Wharf Newman, Stewart and Turner.
JTospiteJ Jones, Mayflold and Sloan.
BckneU Cheatham, Mayfleld and Knowle.
Firt Department Crcady, Driver and 'Newman.
Oat Prlvor, Cbealbam and Pavis. , .
OtmrUirt Hmllh, Ptewarland Newman.
Uarktt Houto Roberte, Stewart aud Turner
SIom Hough, Claiborne and Davli. ; : .
Po(e Cheatham, Brlen ai d Andereoa. '- .
Spring Hough, Claiborne and Brlen.
IVorVAouM Cbeatliom, Mayfleld and Knowloi.
Improvement and Brpetulimra Cole, Bcovel and
reaily. . .,,..
PubJie Property Brlen, Cheatham and Tarnef.
PU lltmte Mayficld, Jonea and Boberta.
a,-The Board ol Aldermen meet the Tunedayi
oit preceding the eocoiid and fourth Tburdya la
acb month, aud the Common Council the tocond
nd fourth Thuradaya In each month.
Captain John Baugh.
firet LitulnaneVim. Yarbrough. ,
Second Lieutenant John II. Darll. '
Policemen Win. JacWeon, John Cavendor, Nlch Da-
wla.Jool VhlI'lpa, fa. Bukor, John Cotlroll, William
ti.ayo, Julin Knglea, J. w.. wrigni, jonn rucaovi,
kobert Boott, W. C. Franola, Thomaa fntncla, Andrew
Jjoyco, I)avld Yuti'S, and Charlre Hulitt.
T The Police Court lnopohed every morning
sine o 'clock. ......
Sheriff .Hmct M. H In ton. Dvpullet Thomaa Dob-
eon and J. K. BuiJiauan.
Reyieter I'Ulncas Garrett.
Tnulee W. Jasor Taylor. ( , ,
CoronerS 1. Hlcher. j 't '
Banger John Corbltt.
Revenue OoUeotnr1. G. Urilcy.
Railroad Ton Collector W. V. Robortaon.
SetOonnlabUi for the Naiheilte VittruA John D. (fewer
W HcadqaarteTi tra High ttreet. Oea. Negley,
eommandinc.f ' 1", ' ' ' .'."
IHem-U Uoadquarten ia nmmer street (Dr.
Ford'i reel deuce.) W. B. ftdoll, Ha). 18th U. fl. Iiv
fiintry, A.' A. A. G. -
Preet Mnreha HeadqnarUri ai the Capitol. I A.
0. Glllem, Col. lit Teun. Infantry.
- Chief AietiHt (MnVtmvtif HtaLdquarUr oo
Cherry itroet ) No. 10, (Judge Catron' reeidenee.)
Capt. J. D. Bingham. '
Aetietant Qnartermaelertlo. Cherry ilreeL Capt.
R. gtevenaoo. ' '
AmUtmmt Qnarttrmaete Vine (treat, Bear Mrs.
Polk'i reeldenne. Capt. R. N. Lamb.
AneUteml QnartermaHer-No. St, Market itreet.
Capt. J. M. Hale.
Chief Commieeary Hoadquartere, No 10, Ylne at.
Cant. R. Macfeoly. ' . s.. f (" " I
OonmUtary of Subtiitemn Bioad i track. Opt. 8
Little. - .
Anting Qmrmiuary of BtibnUUmce Corner of Broad
and College IrccU. ; Lieut Cbarlea Alien.
Medieal Director-ammer street. (Or. Ford'i old
rcaldence.) Borgmn, R 8wlft.
Medical Purveyor'. Ofleo Cliuroh Iroot, M aeon le
Building J. R. Piktli, Surgeon, tth Kentucky In
fantry, Acting Medical Purveyor!
Judge Hon. James Whitwnrth.
Clerk V. Undslcy Nlchol. '
Wr The Judge'a Court meet tbo first Monday In
acb nioutb.anj the Quartnrly Court, eompoaed of
the llaglatrates of the County, la held the flnt Mon
day in January, April, July and October.
Judge Hon. Nathaniel Baxter. , .
Tmh Duvld 0. Love. ' - ' '
' jr Tbq Court toteoti the Arat Monday In March
and September. '. .. ,
Judge Hon. William K. Turner.
(Mere Cbarlee K. IHggou.
y-The Court meet tli Brit Momlay la Apr! Au
guatand Ileocmber. "
!0tanoeUor Hon. Samuel ft. Frlertoa,
Olerk and Hooter J. K. Cleave.
I ar The Court woeU the flrit Monda a Kay and
l o. o. r.
Joaa F. Hm, Grand Sooretary, ehould ba a'ttiraaand
. at niHuuie, lenn.
Tenneeee Ledge, No. I Meot (very TueR'lay Even
tnff.at their Hall, on lUe oornor of Union and Sum.
i a
Ja1(.r itrceta. The oflloeri for tho prenoit tvtia, are
. 8. Ieuour.N O.; J. IC Mill, Y.a.i'J- L. Weakley
SovreUiry h. K. fpaln, Treaaurer.
XYafrM Ledge, K: 10 UooU at the earn pi
every Monday Evening. Tho om.ra are : R. A
Oannbell. S.Q.: Henry Apple, Y.fl.: J. L. Tak
Beoroiary i B. F. Brown , Treasurer.
gmilty Lodge, ho. BO Meoli at their Hall, oa South
Cherry alroet, every Friday Kvenlng. The officer
are ! 0. 0. Covert, N.fl.; Frauk Hnrman, Y.. Januw
Wyatt, Beeretary W. M. atallory, Trvaauw.
Aunt lodge. He. 106, (German) Meata at tha
(tall, corner of Cnlou and Hummer atrecta, every
ftureJay Kvinlug. Tbo oflicerB or : Chk Rieh,
N .! P. Friedmai, Y l.; Blttorlirti, BeoreUry;
oo. fWuerle, Treaaurer.
f Maoelu kWaam-MMl, Me. 1 MeeU at the abov Hall
a th Oral aad third We.lnday of each luoatk.
The oraoere ar: J. E. Mill, CP. ; T. H. MoBrlde, H.P.;
t. F. Fuller, S.W.; I'ter llarna, Jr., J.W.j John F
yilde, Sor ib i B. R. Cultor, Treaaurer.
OUve BiMmeh Kenomrnymont, Ko. t Meet t Ui
aaev H l ' abound aud fourth WeduaUy
nliihtt of each month. The orflon are: Jas, T. B:li,
C P. ; ll..niy Apple, U.P-i L. Moker, 8.W.J B. Fried- j
au, J. vV. i UUaikM ItuvltM, ifwibe; J. N. Ward,'
Tna KaaRvma Cmon wat enmmnnced a few wnVi
ince, ftw the purpoae ofopnoalng the Bibel Soutliprn
(Joiifedoracy, and of advocating the restoration of
Federal authority, without any abatement, over all
the HtaWa whlob have attempted to aooede. tt hnlrta
aa friend all who lupport, and aa foea all who oppoee
mo uhiuu ui uo dlkhv. ' umm no watenwora but
With rebela and trails , oa no eomnrntniae lo
make. It contend lor the Federal Cunetitutiom and
the Lawn made In pursuance thereof aa the Hupaaaa
Uworrai Lakh, anything In tha ConBtltutloa and
Law of any of the Stale to the coutrarv notwlth.
landing. ' ': . ,
It coutond ror .the Union of the State, because
without it the preservation of our llbertie and lusti.
tntlon and the organisation of society Iteelf are
wholly Impossible. Therel'ora, whatever stand in
ibo way of crushing out tbo rebellion and restoring
a Union must perish, no matter by what nam It be
To the people of Tonncmee. ever renowned for their
devotion to Liberty and Union, until they war be
trayed to the rebel despotism at Richmond by a por
dlou Governor and corrupt Legislature, and who
have felt o heavily the awtal curse of treason and
anarchy, we appeal for support. lt the namo of
rebel olllce holuVrs, Vigilance Committee, and Minute
Men, who have fllled our border with mourning, ba
gibbeted before the world. Let those ambitious aud
avarlctou men no have plotted our ruin for thtlr
own aggrandisement be fnstened to the pillorv of
Dame, no matter how hith their "Itli n In society.
lfl It be hown now the sofstjied defenders of
'Soulhera Rights" are now lead Inn maraudm? ban. la
of free-bontore aud nvwa-troorwrs over our Btute, kid.
napping negrvos, stealing horBes and cattlo, breaking
Into houses, burning railroad bridge and ears, and
murdering uuarmnd citizens In cold blood. 11 the
truth, so long excluded by the ftmthern conspirators,
now circulate freely through evrj. neighborhood,
and our lauae will aasurodly triumph. Will not loyal
men every wnere aid u in the ulrsemination or facts
and the advocacy of Free Government?
j Term of Subscription In Far Funds.
I " li . I 11 : I '
PuLUahei by on Association of Trinteri..
Office en Printer Alley, between
'! I'uIon and neadarlck. Ntreeta. ,
LIST OF Lr.Txr.ns
REM AINING In the Post Office at Nashville, Ten
nessee, cn the 7tb day of Ix cember, which
If not taken out In three months will be sent to the
General Post-Office aa dead letter. . ,
I Persons calling for letter in this list will please
v, "itdtwJ . .
Atklnnn Vr T) S
Al-xundur Mis Malioa
All n Mrs llattln II
Adams Mrs A F
Abernalliy MisaEllsa -Austin
Mrs K nibetb.
Anderson Mr R W
Allen Miks J W
Adam Mrs Marlon
Anderson Mrs Iaehclla
Angllue Mr E valine
Buchanan Mr C
Homier Miss Mary "
lirailley MIks Kllzabelb'
lloyce Mrs Kllr.a '
Bennett Miss Melissa.
Hrmtow Mrs N B
Hrown Mrs Suaan
larnisM Percllla
Hrown Mias l-iiaaa A ;
Brooks Mr A M
Hurchariji Mrs Mary J
llrldge Mips Margaret F
llosiicic Mr J A
HIiMlsoe Miss H '
Hurobartx Mrs Mary J 2
Barker Martha
Carpenter Mrs Betta G
Courtney Mrs Harriet 2
Ooleman Mies Mary E
ColruiAn Mrs Kuuua
Cook MIps Dora
Oostello Honor
Curtis Miss Lylvlnlt J
Cannon Miks Did la
Cook Mrs Julia
CartwrlL'ht Mr Capt
('anienler Miss Julia W
Celo Mra W C
Cain Mr Flora
Clurk Mrs liatiiel O
'lemenls Mrs M A
Carney Mrs 8 tt
amiuu Mrs Anna
Coburn Mrs Cornelia F
Childress Mrs 8 W '
I. a furs' I.IT. '
A. ' 1
Ament Mrs Mary tl
AIL Mim Annie
Allin Mrs Wm
Abernathy MI'S Lavlnla C
Aiken Mm B"ttl
Adams Mrs Kusan
Archibald MiHS Kate
Aiken Mrs Harriet' G f
Arcmlson Mra L ,,
Anderson Mrs J D , , . .
Daily Union, single copy, per aunum,
" " clubs of ton. each. . ....
Trl-weekly, single copy,..
oiuns oi u o, eacn,
weekly, single copy,
...(3 00
7 00
b 00
4 00
1 10
clubs of tun, each ... 1 60
""A1) communications on business with the Office,
will be addressed to tha PL'BI.lSHEHa of the UNION,
and all communication to the Kdllor will be address-
to 8. C. 1IKRCKK
Editors of loyal newspaper will do ua a great kind
oes by ro-publlshing the forefolng or Its rubstance
, The ourrcut tranaaotlnns In Tennessee for month to
mm will ba highly Interesting to all lover of their
country and her free institutions, and the columns of
tha Unio.v wiU furnish the Wheat and most reliable
history of these events. ':. : : '
( Tin mm oa lshs io oommrura a aqoAta.)
1 Square, 1 day, f 1 OA each additonal Insertion I to
i w, o ooeacu aduitioual square 150
S ' 60
1 month, 6 00
, a " oo
8 12 00
a " is oo
U " 'it 00
a oo
3 00
r 4 60
t 09
. 0
10 00
rut gATca will Ba as follows :
Quarter Column, 1 month. .,. ,,, f 16 00
" " 20 CO
";, , ,.,A.. U 00
" " . " 40 00
" 12 " 00 00
Half Column 1 monlu,.,. 'M (K)
, " " a " 80 00
. I. 3 11 OK (A
" ...,m. ... .(.. ... UU
" " " ..... 64 00
" 12 HA (10
One Column 1 " aa 00
" a " 40 oo
: " " 8 4 00
" - 8 ' 70 10
" " la no oo
Advertisements oocnpylng any sin otal poattlon in
tide, UU per cent, additional ; special position outeido,
10 pi-r cent.
f Advertlaements Inserted In the Ixical Column
aharged at the rale of tweuly cents per line.
Change may be mads periodically when agreed
npou; but every such cliauge will involve extra ex.
pens, te be paid tor by the envertiew
T Adveriuere exceeding tkeltpam eontraeted for unit
tMrgea ror the eeeeu.
' Alarrlaxre and funeral Notice),
When exceeding (Ire lines, wilt ba charged at the
usual advertising raua.
; AaaounceaienU of Candidate!.
Foa PTira Omraue
" Coumtt "
" CWT "
.110 00
. oo
. 00
Ouh required la advaare Cor all advertlaeaieata
anloa by eolal agreement.
We, th nnderaigued, bare this day adopted tha
iikto rates, to which wa blud ourdelvea strictly to
a lliere.
Wit. CAMIRON, for th Cnion.
JOHN WALLACK, for tha IHepeMh
Naaiivrua, Tens, July 13,1802.
Poon Ml" EHxn
Dnvice Mr Mury E
Duglois Mrs Carrie
Dovey Mlfg Sarah A
avico Min Mry L
itnrken Mia B
mvis Miss .luue
Doyle Mrs M 8.
Downs Mrs jane a
Kiwi 11 Mr Mary A
lHinl .p Uis Fannie 1
Knbank Mrs 3 B
KliioH Mrs Mary 2 '
Klliotl Mm K
Kwieii Mr K J '
LUmMifis Jos la 2
Fu'ler Mrs Marianne P
Foulk Mrs Julia
Freman Mrs Robt
Fischer F,ug.uo . . ;
F.'tf irly Mary
Fisher MrnrE
Fiebla Mrs Mary 3
rosier Mr KJ
Flyuu Mien Mary
Bai.(t Mr K
B.tlentine Miss Sarah K
Booth Mrs Jennie
B'Dgham Mrs Honry 1
Koyce Mr Wm
Boyd Mi Sallle R .
Unmtlis Mrs Catkarros'
Boechdall Mrs I'n-saUl
Bryant Mrs T.ecy O
B ba Mihs Mollle , .'
Hunger Mr Goo W
H.iBliy Mr Alcey ,
Uurtoti Mrs Mary A , - . .
Bettx Miw Sarah A - ' ' '
li.wi.sch Mb Lav . '
Brush Mrs WW,.
O ' ' ' i ,
Chamberlln Mrs E 0 ,
Clements Mrs E A '
Campbell Mrs Mary A - '
Childress Mrs 8 , ., i
Caso Mrs Henry ' '
Comptnn Mi's Kmilla B 1
Curl Is Miss Elixa J t ,
Cox Mies Nannie , t
Clieotham Mrs Abby
t'nkett Miss N J - ,,
Childress MihsN A E
CirMMitor MIfs Anh E
Carter Mrs Henry .
Clcmont Mrvs America
Claiborn Mrs G L
Clark Cutharino
Onli man Mrs A J ,
Crabtree Jouiiio 1
Cook am Mollle '
Pavis M il Mnggle
. Davis Mrs B F . . . 1
lioiilileiluy Mrs Ellzaboth
Dyas MIks
Douglas Vra Isabella
Duo i- nu lla ; i
Doh riy Mra Mag F
l.m' n Mis Mary Ann
Drown Miss Frank
m'mt Un Mrs Sl irf
' lKcmd Mrs Francis
E ' ' ;
KchardMr'' '
, Fjint MM Mario) ' ' .
E ilden llixs Sir ah
Kvenitt Miks Kmma
Kvatis Mrs James W
Ferguson Mira Lucy V
FlKher Mrs Ann W
' Franklin Mr K.llzaboth
Father Mrs Llda
Foreman M'ks Mary June
riei" ii iami j
. Fletcher Mr Mury Ann
Fox Mrs Kileu
Gemen Charlotte 2
(lollcliew Miss Li
Graham Mi'h Lizzie 3 .
Orady Mrs John -Gibson
Mrs M A
Griffin M as Mollle
Gibson Mr John , -
Gibbeart Mr Kllxt
Gllroy Miss Kato
Gottineer Mrs Josepha
Crenne Mlrs Kllr.abtth
Gaylor Mm Eunice .
Grubbs MiPHMu-aU . ,
Hagey Ms A C ,
llarley Mis Alex
Ilamiltou Mrs Jo W
Haye Mrs Joseph i
Hawkln MIhs E C
Hurt Mrs Martha B3
Hunt Mr Sophronia
Hill Mm Georgia
Harding Mr Mav 4
Hamilton Mrs J F
Hughe Mrs Pal'lo
Halbert Mlaa Kato
i ulHoil Mine I va
Hopkins Miss Nanry .
Hobb Miks Mary
Hunnon Mra Mary
Hawkiui Mrs 11 N
Hollalrom Mihs Uetly 8
Harwell Mm Kiuuitt 0
Hartnan Mrs
HodU y Miss Mary L
J.'tiklns Mlnst.lzxlo
Jones M ai Katie
Jeaneana Min tharlotta
Joyro Mr Mary
Jackson Mra liuh
Kllranon Miss Mary
Kuuoro Mis K
Kojii Mrs Ht'tlie
Knox Mr Martha D
litwronce Mrs Mary Q
lowry Mrs Knialine
Latlmore Mrs Nancy
Iamb Mrs Jooli
I. iik s Mra
luo Mihs M A
l.ealth Ml F
LotoII Mr 8 N
I evy Mrs F
I.rv Min Mary
Ix.ng Mi Willi
Mi Kown Mrs J R
M. i.liey Mia Mary
McKiiiley Mis J
Me Kin ley Miks J T a
M. Cure Mits K N
Muh.uwu Mr 8
Moran Miss M
Mittork MikjJ
MasU r nil Mims A
j Mier Mrn C S
M. nlro. Mis II
llcr-u M.aa W
G ' ' '
Gourley July A
Uooddeil Hannah , , '
Griffith Mr Martha
, Uilthen Miss Krama 'i
Greene Mitts Sallle
Goorley Mr Julia M
, Oordnn Mr Anna
Grraty Anna
Gill Miss Mary
Gibbs Miss Ilultio 2
Greene MldsLlxzl
Gall Mr M
Gar donor Mr Malic da
Harrl Mrs Caroline
II aimed Mrs K
llosklni Miks Ann Eliza
Hill Mrs Omega
Hide Mrs liuisa
Hunter .Mia llell
Hebbett Mr M I,
HoKnn Mra Nancy
Harris Mies Ella M.
i HuiiUr MIks Mary A
Hiumon Mrs Muttio
Holmes Mihs Mary E
Huaiibrook MIhs Dora
Hodge Mary Jane
Hatlluy Mrs R L
Jl.-nry Miss Julia :
HiHiper 11 Ua lurie ,
Hill Miaa Mary
Harvey Mrs Mary E ,
Dudley Mrs Virginia
JaeVson Mihs Juno
1 Jones Mr 0
Jat'kaoa Miaa P .
Johnson Miks Mary
Johnson Mrs M iry
Knott Mrs Jas
Kirby Mra Margnrotto
. KittTidxe Miaa Stella
Koler MargaretU)
UsU.r Mihs Mary
ljtiley MlM Cutharino
1ing Mra Mrliliet
Longley Miss Jennie
Ij.nl. r Mn llettiu
Ix-wis Rlrn 8 A
1 lgliir.nl Mr Bettle
I uroy Mrs M F
IH'aiider Mrs E
Lung Mrs U
M Carl hy Mrs A
McNeill MrsMJ
llcUut Mrs M 2
Mi K.rim Mra I.
M. I.'d l..n M a F
MuUavuck Mrs J W
Malnnrnt Mirs J
l. ii tin Mra II
Mn.lrav Mta M J
Morris Mr k C
Mb'Hea Mrs Iab
Moor Mr N
Moore Miaa F K
rs Mlaa R H
ina Ulna If
Marshall Mrs F '
r Mrs
issA '
trooa Mr II
.ran Mm J
amin Mra M
in Mra I
Munn Mra J
Morris Mrs JN
Nlckens Mr P
Ni h )l Mrs Mary '
' I
Owen Mrs 8 R
0-Iary Mr 0
O'lionneU MIh R ,
G'Mllligan Mr Uctti
Parker Miss Sallle; ,
Priichard Miss N
Purael Mra M
Pate t;iH I.i7.i!e
Phillip Mrs J,
IbW umia
Rollins Mi A '
Kuberwin MiM S
Roaub Mrs M
Kyan Mra kale
Kunai'II Jlto.i Ada ,
Keddii ks Mrs Carotins
Kinv'r Mrs K
ruyuolds MlfS E J '
i ' . i 1
Iturdivant Mrs WG
Smith Mis M
Shanklin Mrl H
Slouo tliRS M
Mm IS Mia Sue H
iiniiis Mrs N
Swrieraon MrsM
Smith Mrs June 2
Siono Mrs M C
fwau Mrs A 0
Stain buck Mis K C
Sienoer Mrs KB'
Shivers MIks T
Sumner Mr 0
Surus Miss S P
Spawlriing Mrs A
Smith MieaOrxellA
Sarvil Mrs V M
dmith Mr H
,' i '
Thompson MrsC C
Thompson Mrs AI A
Tbali Muss Mary
! i i -
Voorvocrt Mrs Mi
Williams Mr D
Wamao Mi.i M
Williams Mrs N K
Ward Miss G 0 ;
Wagner Mrs Sophia
Wlllaon Mms K a
W arren Mrs J 0
Williams Mrs P
Wlnford Miss Ractosl '
Whllemore Mlts M
Wrenne Mrs J
Wrouno Miss EC
Worrell Mrs G
William Mrs 0
Woods Mrs r
Wartlle Mies Elvia
i .
Bl organ Mlm E'mlra
Mulloy Mra B
Murafry Miaa I
Miyo Milvin C
mflllov W !!'
JM. re Mis. Hat tie l
Muagrov Mra E
Mile oil Mirs at ,
Murrey Mr II
. Murphy Mra J
Martin Mrs If
Mason Mr MM
Marshall Mrs Maria
' Moore Mr M S
N '. - ,; -
, Nlchol Mr LB , .
O. r ...
. Overbey Mr B .
' Overbuy Mrs
, O'NeallMraC: , ..
d Peach Mra Wm !
.Purler Avid Mrs 8
. I'hlllli Mr Sallia ' ;
Powellers Miss M
Plnobwln Mrs 8
. pboips Mia Julia
Read Mrs MAS
Kobmoo Mr E F
Robertson Mi-s E C
Hvberlron Miss HKi
Rumlolph Misa K
H dge Mr U4
Roberts Mr J
: l
Swiney Mr P , .
Killer Mrs M
, hbatawood Miks L
Strachanor tlins E
Sibley Mra 8 i
Scott Mi-s M
Bhockley Miss J
ScliOLklette MIhs C F
Shrrad Mis Alice
Hhultz Mips Mary
Smith MIhs A
; Stuart Mita IV
Panders Mrs K L
Sutliff Mias Mary
Steele Mrs F: A . .
Shalton Mrs E '
Sullivan Mr Mi
Straight Mra 1
i '..
Th'imaa Mrs MA
Thompeu Mrs Llrzie
. Thomason Swan Mrs
V . i . ; -.
W .
WadklnsMIss VO 3
Waainton Mifs M'
Witbcra M-s 8 C a
Woodruff Mrs S P
Walters Mrs EM
Winter Mrs
Wright Mrs Eliza
, Williams Mr Mary
Wilton Mirs M
Wilson Mies F
Wilson Mrs M
' Warren Mis (J B
WiUim Miss J
Woodfd Mr D M 2
Walker Mm K T
Walk lu Miss M
Adams HB . " i '
Arebart Wm
Adams Nathaniel
Abbott J O
Anderson J D .
Aiken John
Anderson J
Allen Joseph W
Allison lau '
Allen ShedrlckL
Adam A F
Abbott Clio ,
Atheam Jart .
Aiken Washington
Apienzeller W U
Auileriiou l.iont-Col W B
Armstrong Tbo
Allen Kobl
Arnold Kulpb '
AcihIIo Nelson
And''ts-n John W
adrsou J N
Alien Jos A .
Avery Ir Joseph
Adam Jamoe V :
Athenm Lieut Jas
ttkiaon Ma) U N
Adam Geo
AllenF M3,
Anstm Dr
AHbhrook Wm
Allen Wm B
l - .ii.'. . '
Boman Pr '
Baker Roger i '
Brown R W . .
Bingham' Jo '
Brown Cat J W '
Biogham John V
Berry Josesh
How in John c
Brnbaber Noah
Beruth Otto
Bouquet Alimzo
Duiks Adit Lli
Hecki r ;ipt LJ
tUouini'iislui n L
11 inner Louis
ButUirrield Loren
llogK" J'lUli'S
Hrown James W 1
slunk John B
Hurd J C
Huliurd Joseph H '
HuUuuan Liout '
lloth Fredoliu .
He :h Fred
lbu-nes I leut E M
Purns K F
Black ( apt F U
Harry Don 0
Hrodena ('apt
Bowman G W
Murk lliiUttn F
ltra.dr.Td Geo U
Brook a G -0 E
H. niielt fa-a 0
Hia.lfiird Win
Ikirry Wm 2
tlrmckli y W II,
Hrowu Wm
llurklaml U T
ilulniir Wilson
lU'dwiii Wilry Z !
ih.vi e Maj Wm 2
ltoora T 8 i
Bracy Sin th
Hrown Talbot
Burns' Sua
Uorlt y Siephon
HlttkJy P
Broke Oliver B
Hvkeotx ry C
I e'urly Clark
II ewer f harlr A
Hurr f has U
Hr r ii II 4
lliirLiier Bruce
Itarena It II
ItiHikiu J is
Hut h.r 11
bushe J.ilm C
Hi ii. kl. y J.ilm II
lie, rh J line
Hudiw John
ll.air J. Im 0
) I
A 1
Anthrnae SI
Allison W J il
Allman Cipt J W
Alas John
Adams Jag
Archey Ichabod
Auld John 11
Adiaon 11 M
Ambroae HE
Alvey Anthony K
Anderson Church
Allison I) .
Ayr AlunzoS
Adams Wm 11
Alfred Wm
Aikea Win
Adam? Sam T. Surgeon 3
Alexander Robt
Anderson I'hillp M .
Anbley M-lville
Arntead John M '
Acker Ljeut John
Alexander John M
ArmvH J.iaapbus 6
Adams U, ary
Aodenou Hour 4
Anthony J W a
, Andrews Geo U "
Auatin K Wm 2
Allmeyer Court d
Arebart Win ,
Aloorn WW
' Brotherlon Richard '
Bolton Robert a
Beuhutn Kobt
Browner R T
. Burnham J L
B wen L J
Brew, r John
' Hirt n John
Bailey Llit O A P
Barrett Nathaniel
llowman Imis
Brewer L U
1)1 iL ley Ljuis
Hull LB
Haber K B
BoooeJ. Im
' Ilartl.el J P 2
i Burnham I. John 3
llray Joseph
Bush H John 2
Pail, y Dr C M
. Blair Oupt John U
Uavba Fr in kiln .
Blackford Frank
ltray Kiwin 2
llis. lt Fr ey D I i
ItiVka E T
- Ilradi-n fapt David
llrowa C
Iteum G W
Brown H N
Biaukiran Lieut Guy W
Biown O.ia
ll. atly Gen I.awls
Black Wm H t
Burns St George
B ivy Wut A
Brai.nln Wm P
. Burgu W J a i i
Brown W N
lUker Zirliarlah
Nli Th a
Broiha ton Tho
. Hmkluy Turntr
Hrvanl Mlu 2
llailey P M 8
Hurcb P
Bonnet ClaroLCO
Ruxtrr ( L is
' Ilorryhlll Oept
Itlifb alo n
Cluo f a t Jas
Harrett H nloii
llomal i V
. Iluswit Mr
llu. ay Wm H
lioai'i a Jae
I'lsbop J. a. ph
B ii ey J It
Kt l IniM'l A 8
Hrown J pu
linker J tt
Blttier John Oea
B.dt Jefferson
Beta Isaac '
ftarki r John . ,
Byraa LB 1 '
liaaham Peter
itrnok-i Jno N
Becmaa Jiillua .
Hulls John t
Bathe Joseph
Mi. k John
Benaoa James
Py4 J A 3)
lii-OWB JoHiph S '
Bi tggs J W ,
ltron John W
Butler JoclC
Hoyd Irhabo-l
Brown Jacob
Bradley Dr J
avine James A ,
Bore John " v '
Ititllug i.lram 4
Boyee Horace
lira. mi'll.T llermknn
Biirrfe Hev H T
lnop HKI
Brown Wm II
iieard W '
Blair W G
ILiniiidlrt Wm ' '
Hntion Samuel
Bell R F
Bloom E 2
Blackford Llent F B
Hlanke D J
Bling (.'has 1
Hcrnreutor Cnnra4
Brink Chsrley'2
Paid in V R
Brooks tt F 0
Basse ll 11 S
Botsor Jacob H
Brown la iso
Hodkin Jumiw
Hrigham Capt J H i :
Bohr A
Bar.hanan Pr A H 3 '
lli uco Aaron
Bonttrk A Inert
Baldwin AuguHtus
Bowers Andy J
Beeboul A J ;
Bowi r A J
Hlevaua A 1 ford '
Bryant Wru
BoxellJW '
Hrodio Thoa
Beek Wm
Hi ecu Michael ,
HooaeMlas , ,
Cary Alonio 2
riemmens Albert ,
Cillford Liaiit A B
Campbell Lieut A S
Coe A urn
Carl A W
Cheatham Arthur
hi Ida Isaac A
Connors Jo
Connor Jaraoe '
Cobb Joseph H
Onuel ( W
Corbou F
uipbell V. R 2
Courtney Fred
oi k. ill hmmct
'rouch David
Cuniplioil Chas 2
Col ins Clark
Cluuidlor Benl C
fottoa Alloa
flung Ned '
Coleman Miles ,
Carpenter Ixiniis
CroxtoNJO ..
frnbbnian John
CaHnidy Mr 2 .
Chrsbrooks JC
falue Willi
Conley"Wm B
Curtis W .
Conamsy Wnshlngton
falliii'ler Thi s
Chandler 8
Clarksun l.'er 8 A
I! e Ii Simon B
C-krllIS R '
Cruley Dr R D . . '. .
frosl.iin No'aon . .
Cormell Thos fc i
Carroll 7'bos
Collins Thos H
fro b ia83 2
Cunipsi.n Kobt '
( Urkcon K J
Croft K II ,
h1 I at
Omwell P Mill
Cole Nelsou
Callahan Michael
Cuunlng' am Martin
Clark Mortimer
Cole Lieut Mose
Oopehind 8 H
O nnor H C , ,
(i kJol.it ,
Cook Jos F
Cook Maj JM
Odnlou J M .
O.tlou Itaao
fredua J
Coirell Johns
I nn tnliis Joseph
Curr Jos 8
OlemmenM Jesses ,
Crew-ion Wm
Oi.lemaa Win
(rtrikt Wm E 3
Cui n.ngiiam Wm 0
('uygruda'l Wm B
(Ulraoip Wm '
Carroll Henry 't ,
('.'111' s Henry
('lurk Hubhard
Clover II C a
Croft H.mry
Chill u lm Surg II R
Courtney Oft
Cai roll Geo C
Ch atirn Gransum
Cona R 0
(Vtly Doi.ula ,
(rrell Hun
CresHirg.T I) R t
(.'line luuiel
Criaa Crawford
Cheney Cullen
(wta ( ullen (1
C en .enliig Cliaa
Ciminell (;.aa C 8 ' '
fluster I r ( h ib
Chinton ( h.rlts P
I if n H A
Cain. I Juinea
B,wen Joseph A ,
Bulger Jama
, Baealey W ;
Bray L B
Bosquet Momieur '
Brown Capt B W
' Bender John
Heck with J H 2
Burge James R
- Bateinaa Jack
Bumgardner John 2
Bmidor Jnflnrson
I riiden Josopa . .
' Prowa Isaac '"
Buck sy Dr JM .
' Boren James W '
' Brewster Joseph W
Burge Joseph 3
Bowman John
Beeman Julius A
It,1 be John A
Beoder John
Bolton James
Brlrker Henry 2
' Becker Henry
- Bull Henry K
' lUrrews Ilenry
BuHbey Wm if 5
Blickman Coo .
llreHlo-r W A
linyd Tlioma ,
Kc II K W 1
Husjett 81)
H.th PrG W
Burk Fxlwln
BuoNley Kplira'm
Hrown Daniel N
Bailey Daniel
Bllsh Calvin W
Herlbolomii Cbas 8 2
Byron C W
Breeden An lei
Busaett Mons er
Bransford Gordon
Buckley John T
llogart Jacob - ;
ll. .Hi' w Jumes H
Braach Jairus H
Browo Lieut A C
Buyrs A
Brusquet A
' Brlttliiahara John W
Burtoa A B
Brooks Austin A
Brink Klhert
Beauchamp Aimay
Bash Win
Brady Win
BlakeyGD' ' '
Hrowu W A . ,
Bow. m Jacob
Hoover Marlon H
Dainoa V (i
I ,u via W itkla ,
Porliiud Wm II
Dev. Wm
1 um u r Wm
Ih.iI.Is llu a 8 '
Doolm Th a
lira 11 ind So'omun
iem ey H M
liav son Patrick
fiuv s Capt ti
!MiiielW Michael
Oil on M t hael 2
leviny Moriln
iiuiiil,erty Jas
I II John
I 'avid Join M
D , gii.-riy J. hit
Drsk iJull
Du-k In John
' oylv J C
D ii.. y loaeph
lH,r.'h,-ler J C
I ail John I. 6
In uk', Ja nes W
Duve: port John
Damid I bum W
Howiu J.v ob
bruu Jonn
Cood.iy Anthony
C.-ror August
Charplr Avery B ' '
Crosier A
(ait Capt AM ' ' 1
Crane AO .
Collin Isaao
t'l irk J II
Cuner John
Clara John
Carrol Geo C
Con In John
CulberUoo F U
Cheatam Felix
Copland John F
Cowen IVmmen
CrumiNtrker Capt D
CheavtrC I) 3
C , II man B F
fun. Hold Lieut A H
Oow Patrick
Comiuet Michel
froray Mack 2
. ( lark Iwie
'' Clark J K
CiKkrin John M ,
foopor Joseph C 2
Cowden Jineph
,', Crecden Jo
., farner W II - , ,
' Cralirhlll Watson
Cox Wm H
, Oihl I Wm
'. Cnvex Tho J
f .llirchlll SutB R
Cro .S im He I T
furoiit,'r Kobt
' C tlo Rodney .
Calvin John , ,
1 Carr Thos
Crank T C 2
, iV Culluni S 8
t'ln-atiiin Cyrus .
Collinir Kobt 2
Clltio R M
faner Kobt . ,
(irr I'nruell 2
Curd Phlneas A '
Claha'igh Nicholas
Con nll Michael
-Cambet Monsieur
. Caaidy Mr
Church Inuls
i Cengley Jamra
Cudwurlh Jos T
Christian John M
, i, Oombene J P C
i Cowea J V? , ,
Comi r Jno M
Curin y John '
Chadwich John II S .,.
, f(x killl.J R ,
' f lumbers John C '
Cbas Wm i '
( lay Wm ,
Coeu Ii Wm 2 '
Cannon Wm C
Cige Wm M.
f'lurk B V "
'kii.vIu Wm II
Craft Henry ,
, Carigif ll'igb
' Carry III1
. Carroll Henry
Only H.-nry G
(!olvor George B
Olwvster Geo
Clelland tioo W 8
('urieuUir F H 4
CrHk Knoh
Cobb Dr i i . -CoDkliu
Pan 2
Collman Dan
Connor Ieunis
Corwia Chas
C me Cbas II
U tales Dr Cullen
Cobler t'npt
C. lbln ( l.as
Clares 0 W
Car lor C Q
Cleveland Cbas W
tairin Gif;apl
Human Wm
I eee Wm
Dena Walter
iKHiamp Wm i
Davta TC . , ,
lu-la Timet!
Di vlln Thos J
DlHOrow T 8
Da t n S,iniuel
Davidfon R' h
lionaor Philip
D'umuioud Nil
l.h.,l,iie o K
DravcustoU Mlchaal S
IkioJ y Martin .
Kmr I jtiiring 2
Dollghaity K It '
I'avi. John W
D. ingy Jam
!uvi Jo-lma
Duke J.ihu
IKiuiui ly I a do
Duncau laiao
pull .1, ,l.n II
Dniie ly Jas
Duniifiil Jas
I U'.n J' hu 2
l ml p Jacob
lH,y, J ho W
, 1) iki, John
Ij.i..iii Joseph M
pa via Joo B
llaur il.virv
I lav is Hunry 0
I im Herman tioo II
Dunham K 2
Iiooilili Franela '
Davis K II
Davie Daniel F ' t
Donnllng AG
IhlVCV a tl ' '
jhimovoeel John
li mn Hiram U
ml.soa 0 8.
irmitrer Charles 2
illkrlmpnr Fred 1
iianks A W 2
)rane Anthony . 1
!urr Andrew 8
Portch W B
Dney Llent WAS
Davenport Tbo
levanau W W
Kevin ish Richard
liorieh N F
Donsiiiie Mlrhtal
Davis Marlon
Duyor Amos
Droysprlng A ,: ,j
liurkworth Jas
awklns James 0 ' '
InnaliimJ .
Duchanln Aenry C
ninu ijii.ij uiio
F.tli-r JohnG
F.ilnbniok Isaac K
taken Irw in
Fyer John J
FiliMiu John F
Koglehnrt Johh A 8
Kilts Nelson 2 ,
Fgan I'eter
Fbei k Cspr
Katirs CobTnan
Kuibree Hinlia
Fus gn James II
K.neoh KiMly'
Flmoro Atha 2
KHs Wm ti 3 1 '
hates A F
Karhiirl Wm 8 1 -'
F.vaui S D ,
Kvaus Evan 2
Fau.- Col Goo 1'
F.rwin Hugh
Ellyoit W Y
r.wing John O
Kgan Jos ,
F.ierleyjonn .
Flnglli-h J H '
rmory J bn '
Kills And
F.ddy Capt A R
Kneuberger Thos
Forbes Honry 1
Vin-fforHon W H
Flaniilng Wm 8
HippinWB ,
Flag Muholm
Ind Jmi . '
Flatliery Jas
J lummerlell A 2
Vennell Arthur -
Fox A 3 2
Fredrick Achias
Filch Capt Heury 8
Vltir.h Joronia
Varuum Jas A
Faeiler Jack
Frank Issue -Frnei
h John '
Freed John H .
F hr JO
French JO
;Frnnt Louis F
Frees Cnpt M II 2
Forkor O II P ,
Folugher Peter
Frunuau 8 uiiiiel P ,
Fuller Dr Sidney L
F're linger T
Fry Benl
Foster Brn -Furgenwui
(J W
Fuller Chaunoey M 4
Fox Lieul D F
Fiillenlon D L
Fiah Oha L - -F'rltz
Frederick AcbiaR
Fitch Dr
FurrH A B -i
Fee Win K 2
Fit h sua
Flynu 1 lent Thos
Frazier RublU
Foley Pat
F.wtor Franklin
Funnier F'rederkk I
KoHlr Geo W
Forthonor G " 1
Foster UIU
Graghhy Tlios
Goas WiiinglUS ,
Gormer Wm
Graves Julius B
Gmgg John
George Israel '
Gull John
Guruey Henry
Greer J d i
Gullughlr Cualilng
Ga'reit Greuu
Groleliiioma F
Grins eull Kiohard U
i lbbous I'strlrk
Giilher I'll I anil
Gordm r 1' G
Ghhs Norman 3
Glynn M-irliu 2
Gully Murtlli
ueillllli Malt M 1
(.nihil M cuu.'l
Gorver l.mils -Guih
Oreeves J 8 '
(iritard AC,'
(ireeu f harli s
Gdson lr U M
GriUain Kit
Groya Albert '
Guvcan Joseph
Goorh Jos M
Gordou Lieut II
Gorton Joiialbah 0
Oeale lonl
Ge.onz n C ('
riiurt Jokoi h
Groeu Alluu
Gay A T
br. gory Andrew 2
Gieriili.il I Andrew
G iloiu ihoe
G .1.1.11 l.ii ulU
U., II Kobt M
(ary J A
drtyory John II
.r-iy Ju
Gamble Jas
Gruer John 8
fry 11 iriini
Or. luli r II C
G bbl i Harrison
Gray H irdy
i.ruves Geu
Gliuke G
Hardliner Kit I)
G' ii. I o,i Flouh
Guenli r rrask II
Gr uur Wm
Delby HMI
Dull 11 M
, PavltG D
i Picket G A
Iarvan Fdmnnd S
Pareaaon KilliHt K
I hi Are lwmel
Iierllinm David' '.
Plxon Serf
Ilebardmnuker Aag t
. Pavis Harvey 2
Pavlsoo Ceorga '
- Jirehy Cliarle
Denig Lieut Kd C
Pai-dta KevO U " r,
iMffinbanyh t
imun'la IV J .'"' i
,. Dunham R W i
Pavis W B ' "
Drake WW
liH.obeui Rudolf i
Call 9am
lMviwiugl '
Doyle P
Pavin Michael ' '
PtiUuer Klmuiid a .
Davis A R
Dounherty John F t
Donnelly John
Dnike .las W i ... '
Davis M J
i Darter AW
Davis LucleU B
E -
i Farliart Lieut Geo F
Klnson Joseph
Iverett J.dm
F.mery .lai-k
Kleh r Joseph
! Farly John F
Fills Arrlson
Id wards Tho Ji
Fsplch t has P 2
Fvmis D J
Kllratts G,-o R
Eustrum Oaft H
Ktnbuali C , ,
Fiiii.in Heuj
' Elm or A i
hzioii W nt .
Vvimawks Alex
, Kavans llirhard
Id wards Geo
, Ellis OiW
Hirlmrd H
; Everhurt Mathew
Edwards Jen
K-saeliHiin J C '
Kven'tt John B
' Evans John ' '
Kurd And
I Kckart lsaa II
' Farmer Wl '
Fruncla Henry
Frith Henry
, Fewver Win O
Friiizol'e John
Follows Jon .than O
Ferns Josiah
' Field Ami II
Freoinan A A
Fay A K
Pouter Cluw H
Fox Jo B
Freeman Js T 2 .
. FIhi.'.Ii, r J.ibn S
Fbiber J ( '
F'rancls J H 4
Fowler J A
, F'ergursou Col John
I'lutiigun Jus
. Fosbory Iwis 8
Fo bmler Morris W
Fore O J i .i- :' 1
Kreaud Paul
' Forrythe Kobt P 2 I '
. Fohut Solomon
Finegun Philip 1
; Flynu Thiai
' F'urrls Biitord
Forty tho Kobt Bishop
Fisli ('bus F
FallerBL' '
Fbiher DM ,
Fluil CO
Fl'her Llent II 8 , .
' Falkuer J K
, Kraiiler i F , . v.
Fry Clin
i Flsliwau r wm
Feridl Waller
, Fallls Stephen
Fitk Samuel
Fletcher Patterson
Fee Capt F W
Furrar Lieut Ironic '
. French K B J
F'easlormuker Ceo
Frazlor Geo w 2
Howell Albert
U' ckuihorn U II
ll., d J a iph
Hoarnrau John 2
Hit . riy J, Im U
II., i klna Isuae
'I ,i,n n John 3
Il'.yes Joeiuh
Hum aids Go
II. me 1 J.iiiu
N i tun .Itwnpli
II c r J K
Hoox-r 2 "U A
flehlbaeh Wm
, Oaret W
t Gobble J IT
' UiMietron JdS W
Grillllb J O
Cover J D
Gunotig Joshua
' Grltx Clias
Mouluer Jacob
Grover Lieut Chan
, (luod Wm i ; . )
Gavun H ephen'.
Glarr R 1 i '
Glynn Patrick
Groi sbeck Llout Pbll
Glllilund Nf.
(oad N C
i On.lmni M.mrrt
Gluvlu Morris
GiitmuHi M H
Gilliu ire M iron
Ge ss.nger John
Guruian Moars
(iurrell HI
' GroM Unas W , ' i
OCHldur I Cluk P
Gould F.lias A
Graft" Go ,
(iivau John F
Geiito, r Jacob ,
Gouutiier Jakeb
George jHrool
Goaby John W
, GoajK r Jacob :
' Grant ( harli s
Gov ti W
(i'a li u Jaa W
Gillolt Addis
Gibeuu AH art
Gardner Alex
G mills F ,
(ir"im Tlios M
GilMHia Nathan
Oilman 1had,leus8
Gordou Jiunes 2
(ibhtns Jos
, (f i bin Harvey .
Gibbs Hamilton
Cordon I lent 11
Gg r Gihj W
Uoldaiuitl) Lieut a
(.l.iughlinGeo W
Gars Kplirel 0
Giboou K ,
Groves Will
Gloves J,bR I
Howell Ij'wii F
. Hiiruaa Jolio
ll'irshinan James II
ilainillon Jans '
HunU r Joltu
Hurst J, Im '
ll 'dg. Lieut Js .1
Dual n .l,, pU
llawry ll,.jry
H atoll Jaiui s
In. I .ii I Jsm.a
Hilnard J 11
Di rlierl Jae C
ox iojsts ri ii
' 't
T '!
i t
. -
i . '
:i: i
, it
I !,. f
i !
i i

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