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The Bombardment of Frederiekes
burgby the Eebels.
Fredrrickibarg baying been shelled,
thd rebel driven out, and occupied bj
our force, wits tuhjected to ft second
bombardment bj the rebels on tlio 12th
iost. The- correspondent of (he New
York Timet writes,
"Guv, Humner's corpB, the Riht
Grand Division, were ncroM, and occu
pied the town ; ono division look ops
eesion the ('i't niht and tho remainder
of the column p-;-! across the upper
bridges in (lie morning. They filled the
whole length of Caroline or Main street
to tho lines of the Kailfo.vl, and hjr de
grees extended Ihcir front to Commerce
Btieet and the plreets running tip from
the rmr, until tlio body of the town was
filled up. . They remained under cover of
the homes, ihe strcvU ruiininr nearly
north and aoulb, h(in? parallel to the
line of tho eiieiiiieb' baltuk'S behind
tho town. '
Tho enemy's pickets ptuhhoinly occu
pied the outt-kirt of the town, and a fu
eilade Ixitwcen them and our own ad
yanco p'ukits was kept up timing the
day. The remsinder of Franklin's col
umn crowned their two pontoon hrides
during the Ion-noon, two miles below t he
center of the t'iwn. Their pasnnp, a
well as that of (jcneial humncr a corn
wa- dinnuled hy occasional, hut not very
tiersistei.t liriojr, fiom the rebel battel it s,
which nie chielly to the south and reai-of
the town, bo as to command the line of
the railroad, and film the Ijcwiiny; drecn
linrtlt afier thiee 1 M., Hooker's col
umn beuan to m-)Vo down the river, as if
with the ileslu of crossing on the
bridges below, where I'lankliu crossed.
Up to a bite hour, however, they had not
eoiir- over. It is believed they passed the
river diiiin ' the night.
This chango in tli lino was no doubt
occasioned by the extraordinary activity
displayed by tlio reb.l batteiies south
east, of (ho town
Al2' I'. M-, the whole hi mi-i in In of
batteries ill that direction opined (ire
upon tho pontoon bridges, ami upon the
lower partof the town, where our tioops
were quartered. I hen other batteries,
north of the plankroad, and toward IV i
mouth, simultaneously poured in tlieir
contribution upon the upper crossing,
and that part of the town lying ?n front
of it
Five separate batteries below, working
ten or twelve guns, and four above, wih
eicht or ten, keiit up a lire of t-liot and
shell until nearmiiidown. Hany of their
shells fell short, but some took ellect in
tbo town and near the river. What dttm
age they did to tli troops I could not
learn at tlia' late lnu
Scveriil slnlls burnt, near the Lvov
House, aiol one close by the i.oitliend of
the building while I wum gdtin"; tl
liaiueH of the wounded lyirin in that
place. One nun, a few minutes after
wards, was brought in with his arm'ter
ribl v nhattered by apiece ui, hlull. j
coiiHiderablc body of cavalry and infan
try were partially sLelicnd b hind these
buildin)s, which are of miik. It lieing
used as s hospital, and occupied by toe
rebels in common with the Union wi iind
od soldiers, is a guarantee (V) ihut it will
bo n-jpected Its position lirin:; only
little to tlio it-It ot The ctosmii--, am
neai I r in line of ono of the liiiiin rebel
batteries. Di'ohahh' aei-ounts for thes
shells liurs-ting so near it."
If celimates which I have heard he
coned, v.e liavo.au fci tvulo cf ove
sixty thousand nn-n Hit.ii- tlito ihe ili
mated slit nuth of the rebel army. Our
artillery liitures up over' live limidied
guns. Considering the liHi.ti!t it-9 of the
situation, the completion of six pontoon
bridges, and the crossing of such an
army in twenty-four hours, is worthy of
ill military achievement. The events of
the last two days have increased the
enthusiasm of the w hole army toward its
commander, and strengthened confidence
in the generals leading the grand divi
sions. With town and river behind we
must tight, there is no backup out.
Our shot and shell have riddled a great1
many of the houses in town; an 1 mos'
of tho (hutches, from foundation (o
steeple, have been "accidentally" per
forated by tho storm of tnisies which
were sent. into lh town. .As monuments
and representative of a priesthood and
people thoroughly baptized in treason,
they deserved no exemption from (he
common doom, bu', being larger than
other buildings, and very prominently in
the range of our lire, they naturally re-
ceived their full share of tho iron storm.
Tbo clock in the steeple of lbs Episcopal
church was untouch d, and continues to
(oil oir the evening hours, for tho benefit
of the Union forces iu the town.
In spib' of prompt and g- neral efforts
to guard the houses from intrusion and
pillage, by the t siablishment of guards,
a good many residences have suffered
more or lues spoliation, m usenoiu ar
ticles, such as cooking utensils and
crockery, pickles, sweetmeats and flitch
es of bacon, were observed among tho
troops, as I passed through tho different
streets. The latter, lakeii from thu mett
bouses of the (Irst families, no doubt
wero generally transfixed in the ends of
bayonets, and carried in triumph on
(heir shoulders.
There has been, as yet, n general pil
lagiiig of the town, and it will not be
permitted. The principle stoics have
each a strong gn:r i to protect the smalt
kof good, IcflLthind lu tL.iliaht Of,
" . h . ,
"'Not'Senty house,, all told, have '
beMi burned, and the tola, damage to tho
place, l.y the boinbardiiu nt and Hums,
1 estniiale l not over two hundred
thousand d'.!hr.
Kf. ttl t w Vor Ti i'uiin A iM
V.-il to--lay l.es line n uusiors are not
standing. A heap of smoldering embers
is all that remains of (hem. Others, less
ostentatious in their style of architecture,
are tiddled and torn with shot and shell;
the furniture broken and defaced; the
bedding ripped and stripped, taken into
tho streets and trodden under foot; ele
gant china-ware and cutlery, choice
libraries of books, rare works of art are
all heaped together in the streets, and
arc scrambled for as trophies.' The old
manpion of Donirla9 Oordan perhaps
tho wealthiest citizen jn the Valley is
now used ts the headquarters of General
Howard; but before be occupied it, every
room bad been torn with shot, and thca
alt the elegant furniture and works of
art broken and smashed by tho soldiers,
who hurst into the house arter having
driven tin rebel sharpshooters from be-
md it. ' Y hen I entered it, early this
morning, oelore it occupation oy uen.
Howard. I found the soldiers of hii hue
division diverting themselves with the
tich dresses found in tho wardrobe; some
bad on honncM of the fashion of, last
year, and were surveying themselves be
fore mirrors, which, an hour or two at-
t( rward, were pitched out of the win-
rlnw ami mnuheil tn iiieces Ution the
pavement; other. had elegant scarfs
bound around their heads in the form ot
turbans, and shawls around the waists,
after the fashion of the Turks.
What I saw in this mansion was ic-
peated in nearly every one wlfich the
llumt s had not destroyed.
It is but, tho (ruth to say (hat the
wealthy citiz ns of Fredericksburg pos
sessed something morn than wealth, and
of much creater value culture. I doubt
if there is a vil ape in New England 1 at
possesses more choice private libraries
than old I rcderu khlmrg the oay be lore
the bombardment. Yon can sec that the
old orthodox religious clement enters
into nearly every one of them. Said a
soldier to 'mo to-day,, rakir.g among a
ma-rnilieient privato library, half covered
with mud in the streets, '-How intensely
religious those d d rebels arc." Not
only solid works upon religion and phil
osophy ara found among the libraries.
but books in nearly all the modern lan-
cuAces. w uctl looked as ir mev naa
been well read and appreciated.
The Fight for the Championship in
The telegraph has already reported
the victory of King over Mace. I he
event took place in the neighborhood ot
Thames Haven, twenty-eight miles from
"The combatants entered the ring a few
minutes past, nine, and after fighting for
thirty -eight minutes, dining which lime
twenty-one iouikIs were fought, mostly
in favor of Mace, King countered him ve
rj heavily on tin- none, and knocked him
insensible, and Ki:i z was ' declared tho
Kinyr won the to;s, and selected to
have bis back towards the river. I'.etn'ng
seven to four and two to one on Mace.
As soon as they stood up before uich
other, the- dis.w it y in the bight and sizo
of the men was at once apparent; King
looked much bigger than he did when
last he stood up before Mace
Coneei ninj tho tremendous knock
down blow which decided the battle, the
Manchester Guardian reports:
" Fioth men were (-nick to time for
the nineteenth round, when Mace led with
his left and landed sli"htly on Kind's
face, retreating without ri ct iving in re
turn. Alb inpiii g the sanio thing a se
coiid time, in breaking ground his foot
slipped, and, ol course, his heoJ slightly
" Kin!; at once sent out hid right clear
Iroin the shoulder, pot home just under
the left eye and si Jo of the nose, and
Mace drooped as if he had been shot,
blood HvioR in all directions,
"This blow was heard all over the
"tin tun bung again called, it was
evi lent all was over with Mace, for he
came un ' all abroad.
" King went straight up to Mace, b t
out his rinht again, landed tt on
Mace's forehead, and knocked him down.
"Mace strain cauio un to the call of
time, but went down wi h a slight touch
"15ob lirettle, turning In Had no
Phance of winning, ttut w up the sponjre,
ud Tom. King, after lighting twenty-
one rounds in thirty-eight minutes, was
bailed the chanmioii ot Lu-iland 1-oth
were very much liunished.
"Mace appeared very much disfigured
shout the face and head, but walked out
of the station unsupported." Cincinnati
The movement in behalf of tho lufK-r
inir operatives of Lancashire u causing
our Canadian neighbors to rub their eyes,
The Montreal Gazottc, which lias been
one of ihe most persistent of our tradu
eers, suddenly discovers that "blood is
thukerHian water," and assures us that
the princely subscription which we are
making 44 will awaken an ech in British
hearts." The Toronto Globe makes the
movement the occasion of reading the Ca
nadian public a lecture on practical hu
manity, ond ti lling them that it 44 would
be a bhanie for them to sand still when
their neighbors south of ihe lakes, ami i
all their tryubl-s, are bestirring them
selves nobly on behalf of our fellow sub
jects. It expresses the opinion that this
Drolft-r of itssibtauce from ihe North to
their fuillering hrelhreu in Lnglaud 44 will
J4' more !h,i an thing else ton-store In,
friendly relation which once existed I e-
U,,-n Great LV.tian and the United
Stad s.
A white swan was captured in the Sin
(iuehati:ia ("i tho 1-i.li "It-, in tin vicini
ty ol Indiana, vlu.li mcas.ircs fur leet
(roin the tip o( ono iing to the other.
To . Our Subscriber!.
Ws find after a few months experience
that ilia impossible to collect the small
amount due us for the Daily in the city,
with the rngularity that should attend
that department, without more time and
attention than we can well afford to be
stow upon it. In the future we will be
governed by the cafft in advance princi
ple, and by that "vigorous policy" hope
to render profitable, that which up to the
present time has been a burden. From
this date no paper will be delivered
from this office unless jaul for in advance.
When (he time paid for expires, the paper
will bo discontinued, unless renewed in
time (o prevent it. Our Agent cannot
afford to call on any enc tlirco or four
times for the paltry sum of twenty1 cents,
and then perhaps not get it. All subscrib-
erS in arrears will please pay the route.
agent on application.
pTroclainatiou of the Governor!
Whurkas, The Slate of Tcnuesaee is
now, and has been, without a full repre
sentation in the XXXVIIth Congress of
the United States of America; and
whereas it is believed, upon information
received, that a large majority of the vo
ters of the Ninth and Tenth Congres
sional Districts of this Slate, as appor
tioned by the Act passed February 20th,
1852, have given evidence of their loyal
ty and allegiance to the Constitution and
laws of the United States,
Now, therefore I, Andiiew Johksoh,
Military Governor of tho 3lato of Ten
nessee, in order to secure to the loyal
electors of theso two Congressional Dis
tricts their constitutional representation
in the House of Representatives of the
United States of America, have deemed
it proper to issue (his my proclamation,
appointing and ordering elections to bo
held on the twenty-ninth iav of Decern
j)fr 1802. to fill the vacancies in the
XXXVIIth Congress of the United States
of America in tlio following District, to
wit: Tlio Ninth Congressional District,
composed of Mie counties of Henry,
Weakly, Dyer, Obion, Lauderdale, Tip-
ton, Oil-son, l arroll and Henderson.
.... . i
The Tenth Congressional District,
composed of tho counties of Madison,
Haywood, Hardeman, Fayette, and Shel-
Vrif9 of election will bo issued, and
the election held at tlio places desig
nated by law, and the proceedings
under said writs returned to the olllce of
tho Secretary of State. The judges ap
pointed to hold said elections, in addition
to the oath prescribed by section 8-14 f
the Code of Tennessee, shall further
swear that they will permit no person to
vote whom they believe to be disloyal to
the Government of theUnited States.
And no person will bo consider
ed as an elector qualified to vote,
who, in addition to the qualification's
now required by law, does not give sat
isfactory evidence to the judges holding
sid election of his loyalty to the Gov
ernment of the United States.
In testimony whereof, I, Andrew Joun
son, Governor of tho State of
Tennessee, and Commander-in-Chit-f
of the forces thereof, have
ht-reunto set , my hand and
caused tho preat seal of the
State -to bo allixed at the De
partment in Nahville, on this
the 8Ui day of December, A. D.
By the Governor:
Kuwabd II. East
Secretary of State.
IIkapquauteus 14th Aumt CoRrs,
Nashville, Tksn., Nov. 27, 18GJ
General Order., No. 23.
Information having reached these hoail
quarters to the ell', ct that large quantities
of goods of every description are being
sold by Sutlers and other i-arties to citi
zens, aud by them being passed beyond
the lines of this anny, thereby giving
aid and comfort t the enemy, the follow
ing regulations will hereafter be strictly
I. All Army Sutlers are required to
join tlieir regiments, and they will not b
permitted to sell goods to any but per
sons connected with the army.
II. NoSu'ler will be permitiedlo ship
15 iots, Shoes, or any articles of clothing
in his regiment, unless lie first obtain a
certificate from the commanding i fliecr of
the regiment, stating ihut such arliclt g
and (pianliti s (which must in all cae
be Sj ctli.-il) are absolutely necessary for
the comfort of his men, and also receive
a permit fro", the Colonel, approved by
I'rigftde soil i)ivisiou commanders, f.ir
the h'.io-ni ot t ! such goods to thu ngi
inent 111. No person whatever, other than
the n :u!ur Sutlers, will hereafter be per-
tnitted fo fallow this Army, or to estab
lish themselves within its lines.
IV. In towns and pities, now or here
after within the lines of this Army, no
person will be allowed to sell goods
needed for the use of the resident citi
zens, unless be be a resident trader. To
such, upon application to tlie Frovost
Marshal General, or Frovost Marshal of
the Post, a permit, with such restrictions
as he msy deem necessary, will be grant
ed, proper "assurance being given of the
loyalty and fidelity of the applicant.
V. A rfy person, or persons, found ship
ping, selling, or attempting to sell, goods,
either directly or indirectly, in violation
of the above orders, will be immediate
ly arrested, their goods confiscated, and
the facts reported to these Headquar
ters. Corps, Division, Brigade, Regimental,
and 1'ost Commander! Will be held re
sponsible for the strict enforcement of
thest) orders.
By command of Maj. Gen. Robecrans.
Ass't Adj't Gen'I and Chief of Staff.
Official : ('. Goijdard, A. A. tr.
To Whom it Hay Concern.
I am directed by Ma.jor-Gencral Rose
craxs, commanding the military depart
ment of the Cumberland, (o publish the
following as a guidance (o all parties
having business transactions with any
officer, or agent of the Quartermaster's
Department. Farticular attention is so
licited to all the points referred (o, from
all citizens, and settlers in Tennessee, or
where the anny or any of its detachments
may bo found. '
The officers of the Quartermaster's
Department havo special charge of the
matter of Fuel, Forage, Straw, Trans
portation, its repairs and maintenance
and while iu the field have under cer
tain restrictions, understood by them
selves, authority to provide the articles
above specified for the use of the troops,
and transportation in their charge.
Supplies pertaining to tho Quartermas
ter's Department must be purchased or
procured by the officers of that Depart
ment, or agents appointed only by the
approval of the Secretary of War.
Should officers or agents be supplied with
funds, immediate payment should be
made for all purchases made from, and
for services rendered, by loyal persons.
When purchases are made by any
Quartermaster or agent not supplied with
funds for payment, certified accounts of
purchase must be giren in triplicate and
in form; the certificate stating the arti
cles purchased will be accounted for at
the close of fh43 month of purchase, on
their mmdlily reports to tho Department
at Washington. Citizens or camp fol
lowers are not to be authorized to make
purchases on account of the Quartermas
ter's Depaitmcnt. No payments can be
mace except on the certificate of the au
thorized ollicer making the purchase, and
no recent, memorandum, or certificate, ex
cept given as above described, will bo en
tertained by any disbursing Quarter
OHicers making purchases of supplies
for the Quartermaster's Department are
held directly responsible tithe Tnc-asiiry
of tho United States for the legality of
their purchases, and are also held strictly
accountable for the proper care and dis
tribution of all supplies received, and
purchased: this accountability is month
ly, and must bo so stated in their ccrtifl
cates of purchase otherwise" tho certi
ficate is valueless, and is so considered
by the disbursing ofllcer.
Brigade and llegimental Quarterruas
ters should always add to their signature
tho number of tho regiment to which
they I elong, and the State from which
the regiment comes, or tlieir official sig
nature is incomplete.
Officers have no right to seize or press
private property for their own use,
nor for the use of tho government, with
out authority from the commanding gen
eral. When such authority is delegated,
the certificates, as above described, are
required by the laws of the United States,
aud all others are valueless.
Cant, and Asst. Q'rmastcr, U. S A.
Inspector of Quartermasters.
Nashville, Tenu., Dec. V, 1802.- 1UI
Claims Against the IT. States.
A LI 1
EM A. II AI L wt'.l ettroit to tbe Coll lion ot
2x. cUime 4Kiiint miT of tu.i I'uited tlal ainhnrl-
d Sll eiuliort
He mjF be loiuid
tic either bore nr at hiulou
at the Sewau-e l!i" ,
NaakTille, June Uih, HSV
OV Tni'ItSDAY NIOF1T, A I. A IlOE-r---
PficUi-l ItiHik, contuiuiiijr 1 1 1 y " L --a. ' r i i
tivit l.iMtnml tn hr IIiThh l.ilMrit
'I'll" lirnUr will C'Uilora favor by le.iTlnnV ' ! '
It ut thu Oitir-. Tiiu para aro of ltd value to any
oiii but my.eli.
Uechl ;it JAP. W. HANSOM.
Wanted to Rent.
fit. ati'l In ti." I'.'.-1 llli. u or i'libln:
t'wi u
furiii-lii-d or iiuf.irnlic-il, lor wlii-b 'j j
n hi... ml pr.tewill bi-piul
ll C lU lit
SjL'U KUAUr ill L'uiro':-. f- r talo luw,
ry mi- i -.
J r i-
by WU. Lf j:.
Startling: Intelligence!
Moicicns, .
, ( O.IIE TO .
Where you will Had th
In KaahTlll. A. .
I3U 1 ng-po wd
CoHe Tw, Jlioet, V .-'' I
MuntarO, Tables-Halt,
fcttaroh, fe-Vxla, IVpixTt
Sl'iou, Vinftjiiir, BottV, ?
Camlleo, 'Matoite, ' '
3JrniHei IUaolcirii,Tvlnf
AVraiJi'iiitf-liuper, " to Sco.
Don't fbrg--t th pi ,
NO. 21, Deaderick, Near Cherry.
: i V F. EvGU it CO. '
Ppo.4 tr
24 24 24 24 24
Library Association Co
Draws DaUy at COVINGTON, Ky.,
Under tiie Siipaintendetice of Sworn
$5,000 to $40,000!
Tickets from One Dollar lo Ten Dollars.
Orderg for Tlckcli will be promptly cnt by re-
turn mail, and our official Dra iiia sent to all cor
tf All orders for Tickets, addrigi
rUISVILJ,lU, 3i.V.
tT Clrculara lent free to all ordcrLi".
No. 11, South Fourth Et,
Ketabti.bed for the tx-unfit ol' Htrnngcre cuuvug to
bt. utw iu ar.;n ot
and for rronii living lit a tldtnm-o wlio run rli
to the Army lutcil -nee 'Wire iiijj oMaiU reli
able iulnrnintion of any oldltr (bat en
limed In the (Stntm of
niimrit, Indiana, Ohio, Ioiea, Uichiyan WUcoif
lin, Ainriioa, . K&itwky and JiMnurL
Vy tor iulilit-r from the lioe S'itoe. b tl)-r
Ski, Wounix", K.li.ii), ovTiken I'kimo.vib, and
In ntiat oattiee tie niy imve u.-ea engaged, aud
where bis rutclinent In Htntlon.'d.
lulormat ou will alio I rt-u or I lib coudltlon ol
iv tick or woiin 'ert milillrr In M. loula, L.iulRVlln.
Cincinnati, N'aabville, Hound City; or any iliwiiilat
In the nestt-ru lc;iariin'Dt : ana worn- tboM kil ed
in battle, or hivo died from thuir vrouuda, are bnri
ed 1 and where thine taken si lnuui r. are coa-
Thu li the onlf Army Iotlllirence Ofrlce tn th
Ippartmert of the MiBis!ml, or Menteru ltrajl.
moiit, and luforniblion ol oldli-re from any ol the
abovo Statue can be given at any time by callluic or
rltttifr lo the Army int' lllRi m Olliop.
Pe aoui writtnir will nl.nU'- xive tho uame of tbe
eoldler. what StHtu bt- en Intel in, an1 the number ot
bia roic mt-nt. ('harrne f'ranv kind of Ai -ty I u i.'lll
si-nt will be Two 1iii.i.aiu-, ana any ixT.oy ruin,
tkill plu.e encloKO tne nui-iuil, iu oni,r to ' ii'r
alf utloii to ineir inntiiruH.
Ailtlro-. Army InleUlgrnoe unico, m, Imm, Mo.
Mr a. flox ISiS. -.uay 11, HH.i ly
jlATKNTEBOCr. 8160I.
Ditluitlija'H Iatfnt
' Uanatki'tured of
XX t'l.lMT CiL.ASS.
Thi-eoChlmncyi are InU-ndud for theflut
fliunei, which houtiua all iarw of tbe
glaha eially , does not expose tt to cruet-
lug. , r. i ii i n;iiiip ,
oi t rut uiua works,
Wavahii.ktou elrw t.
1'ittnbur, l a
fiiraiiife en oe ma M nil -.Tjce."
Junitl ly.
Auction & Commission
No. 71 I'l ltl.IC MU'Altr,
priniiit ntli ill in . ' i tb- e.t'e of lry OoolM, llooU,
bin. HU u I M i 1.. i Im K- n.-mMy.
Mr Ad twin Cur'i, iu.d r Urue m:e iroruiUy.
r.EriKiMiM: UorrU A Hti-.Kt -n. V.. 8.
A Co., fi. J, Duiiren A Co., Nuetivil.e, IVnu.
Corn MeaL
'HK.-lt COilN 1ILAL. iK-li.uiid to at l"ti of
tl e c.ly.
r. i ii- i:i t.
Ivo. 7.
At LroUiWy l tie.
Co-. VccJ.
i.. . . d !.-
CN If HI, fill
l tU"Hy.
I t i 'l r i'e b
!-. 1 1. I'M K I- V,
At ;i-.uiliv-y lit ..U.
'( , .
snnwtiAEEu & noun,
rog gnUniacntt Office,
No. it, eocTH romn street,
ST. LOl'IS, Plo.
Established fir Ihe Benefit if Stran
. , coxj.iu to it. lepra r inni o
, Cick, "Woundad, or Soldiers that have
Dial ft-jia Wtjnndi cr SicVneM.
J tlio con. I'll- n of n S-rk or WmiMml SnMli-r In
HT. U'L'lil. H'l 'lVIIJ.h,i:iXC NNATI,N-HVUt:,
M'ltNl) city , nr Aiijr n h.-r lt., n (!m W.:ra
IVnarliii-'ni. Tbu i oi, Army lntriiiK,.po
Ofllen in Ilic Vuitcd SCit-i, unit Hif.nn itmn mn.
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ISTortli 3kIarkot Street,
Nut.I 2m.
ClllOVH;il Ac HAKKIl'H
for (Irnver & Itaker'i, lihiifiii
WIImu'i and Howe Marhlnei
And every thing pei-tnliilng U. Fwlng llchln
All Klh.il HI
At W. Kbikman'i WbII Papnr Wore, c. I)(,Jrlck
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llciniburscnifiit of OlBcers.
who bnve l.oi-n at any expenie In tbo firmtioti of
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Reimbursed by Oovornment,
by plucjnjr thuir Claims In tlio hnnU of f
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tlint be h.iH li ul Hit" I ii Inn w I. I.n,.ii .sa!..n
in 111" St t'lunil Inn. I'lp, wh"r bi-u'-t'll ui.il otur
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2,iH)lU. A.-viiniilJ tHt' T cnl'l I K
ur twin by U. Li ON. ,
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(r BAP.r.Ki.s ntruu m rsu htk fuh-ii,
)) Imu l end for n:i i.t lint Itrnm-lway Mule
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Gas-Consumers' Ilotico.
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tn..nil..' bid for g .1. d
J AH. II. KKNlirtlCK. 'F
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on l-0u ui I' W". Tn io ! ") " i"il iUIib lii. lie-I.-M
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('n-fi-r t-i Mr. I ria l'uki.. (My I'.iiuk ; Mi l Mr.
' (.mil Ili'i i I ' ' -' I' 'l " . h ' -"'y Mlillier
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AND ('I'M, lor
Wit HUN.
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