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TBIl M.St.
1 ii.t Umi, I" annum........:.
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TM'VmiM fulfill, Timio.".
WiniT rmnn, V M'mi
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13. J8C3
lo;. fiti iictonr, CUwry utt-wit, o tba ilill.
Zt:n!vjrltr Biilldiiir. Mr.rt utrmt, uB IhP
JiU.. ,.
i! Konhij n BiiHUIlia. K coriHir Juli .0r.
4 JJovuri UiU bi-Lixi.!, ,(.'li,: lrl,ou tb
" 6 (;uu tt'ir-, ni'iwr 'l I runt xtrwt.
"H 0 O.lb gntr4, nit Bfcd '
7 VIAhgO tlrrvt, bi'tw.H'ii I'livrdi ant Drit.nl.
" k Man-nic Hull, Chircli utifrrf, umt Snmin"r.
,' B-Jurrliio 1'iictory. ' inkt.ntrj ft, bsluw l!m
TO V. li' il "'!' g, fotV o tr', on tb JML
11'.' l'rsr lloi r. ' On Hi t'iilrinity I'il.e.
" 12 llmailwaj Itotei, Hp-mi 8lri-t,o ..nrT Cberry.
. " 1 1 II urn II mlt, iMf ml , Fmc. f tfv , cr..rmil.
)1 r.'n,n tVlmiil, flmirli Krtji t; 'tr ObAlU-
" ).' JIyu.'' High tli'i.!, Miif tra -t wi nor Kimi
v"'. . ' . , i t
" 10 ;rr.ton hlck ri-r l!iili; t ;i6 I P.imi
' " Landing.
n()rnfK!' IIiiip.ti- rinlr 'lull, cum
uir '! et, cirnor Dn.iilirlck.
in (omi t Chur'h hii1 ('h!I hIiwU ,
3M.irri Kl ration Vallillii, N. )i Miy-Rnt
" Urt
Small Pcx.
We are admired, on good authority,
that an unfortunate creatnre t a walk
ing about tlm streets ycHtt'tdav, with
well-developed small pox'on hi luce and
bodjr. Tlie attention of Iw i jdijMciaua
was directed to liim, who proBotiuced tbo
case a decided one. We have hoard of
other cases iu the city. Let vaccina
tion, and other - precautions he taken
without deity. Will our authorities look
to 'this immediately? !
The landing j.ieHented an animated
find gay appehrance on Sunday morning,
twelve Rtuamhoata being there at one
time. It niadp us think of those golden
days when thu daub of the wheels, the
shriek of the, whistle, and the cry of
"All aboard !" were familiar sounds at
our wharf, and we wondered why all
men did not unite to restore that season
at prosperity.
We are informed thatsonio of the pa
roled Federal prisoners who were sent in
hero about a week ago, are in a very des
titute condition. One poor fellow, we
learn, laid down and died before the
Court-House yesterday. If these things
are eo, their wants should be attended to
immediately. The rebels stripped them
like brutes, but let us provido for them
Captain St. Clair Morton,' for distin
guiahod gallantry at Stoiie'B liiver, is
promoted by President Lincoln to Driga
I ' ' . Eastern Mail
. We are glad to learn that the diilkulty
about carrying tho mail on the Ii. & N.
fiailroad has been adjusted, and that the
mail will bo carried as heretofore, i.
when Morgan will permit it.
i x
Heading: Hoom
We ara pleased to see that our enter-
itrising friend, Mr. Tom W. Neal, has
pened in connection with his News
Depot, No. C2 Chery street, a nicely fur
nislied Heading Jloom where may be
found, on il le, many or I tie latest, most
popular and influential Newspapers pub
tubed in the United States. . As this
lq the only institution of tho kind in our
shy, ws predict it will not be long be
fore Mr. Neal's Heading r.ooiu hucomns
plane of popular resent for those w ho
wish to gloan the latest news from all
parts of the country. Admission pet
week 5 rta per. month r0 ct. lie
member, No. C2 Chery Street.
A carrespondent at HusellviUe, Ky.
anfurnit, us that th2:id Michigan Infantry
went out on a scouting expedition fvoiu
that place a for days sgo after a hdy of
gaerrillas. They returned with mix pris
oners. . ; , -l : '
We heard a report on the streets ;m
terday that a considerable body af goer
rillas, supposed to bo Wheeler's brigade.
were prowling between hero and Frank
lia, near the Mutfreesboro road.
Those wishing Furniture will do wel
by attending the Sale at James Wheliss
Worth Cherry Street, this morning. Sa!
ouituencing at It oYlcck.
LATE N ElVy...
..... L y (jIJfcjV!f4TI Jin
Toll. IK U'tUvi; Cnvral-fa'Cli':
' I have just received a despatch
Gen. Granger that tie (.avalry force cf
about 1,000 men, whi li be sent to East
Tennessee on tho 2 at ult., under com
mand of Gen. Carter, , to destroy tho
East Tehwssee railroad bridges, &c,
lias been heard from. Gen. Granger had
just rereired a despatch from (Jon. dr
ier, at Manchester, Ky., who is on his re
turn, stating that on tho 20th nit. he en
tirely destroyed the Union and Wauluga
bridges, with ten miles of railroad ; 5.0
rebtla w ere killed, wounded, and taken
!risonei9; CM) bland of arms and a
nrge amount of lkmr were rsptnred ;
also, a locomotive mid two cars were
destroyed, A brisk skitmihh twk place
at the Vu!ija bridge, and another at
Jonesvillc. We lost but ten men.
This expedition " is characterized by
Gen. Granger as being one of the most
hazardous and daring of the war, and
was attended, wilh great hardship and
privation, owing to tho almost imprac
ticable nature of the country, the length
of the route of nearly 200 miles each
way, and the inclement pennon. ,',
' The important' result t this expedi
tion can hardly be overrated, severing, as
it lias, the main r hi J army romTittuiioa
ticu belwieii Vii.i'iH and 'the South
west. General -Onrl.'T Tiiid.;LiK ollicers and
men dewerve I lie ihaiiksof the country,
(ireat credit is alo due to Major-General
(lraner, under whose immediate super
vision 1hi expedition waK tilted out.
(Signed) II. G.W1UGIIT,
Mojor General Commanding.
. t , Washington, Jan. ft. ,
toijir' Jrin-al ftr.jer,' Cihrinniitt:
The daring operations and brilliant
achievements of Geu. Carter and Ms com
mand ar without) a parajlel in- thn his
tory yl' tho war, mid cktserve -the tlianks
of the country. This expedition has
proved til cap.icil v of our cavalry for
bold and ila'iirir movements, whibh I
do not doubt
; b. iiititated hv others,
il. Vt. HALTiKCK,
has lcHoai.ihe
!i Gen.
fill luwilicr
tn I .an
toserrai-s. ;
Ya8iiisto.v, Jan. 1).
7 M)juv dm. TV. fifitxirmini, Cmninnd
tug Afnij of 'the LuviUrhuM :
The rebel accounts fully conlinn your
elegrams Irom tlie tiattle-field. The
victory was weu-edi nod and one of the
most brilliant of the war. You aid your
brave army have worj the gratitndo of
your country and the admiration ol the
world, lhe lield of Murfreeaboro is
made hiMlorical. Future generations will
point out where so many heroes fell glo
riously in defence of the ('(institution
and the Union. All honor to the Army
of the Cumberland. Thanks to tho
living and tears for the lamented dead.
Siirned Ii. W. IIALLKCK,
, : General-in-Chief.
Washington, .'an. 8. Information
froiik tlie army . of the I'otonuo shows
that onr pickets extend from Felmonth
to King George C. II., about twenty-two
miles distant. Contraband agree in
stating that rebel incursions are nightly
made below tho (J. JJ. for a longdistance,
and negroes are can-red away and sent
South. The greater portion, however, tf
the slaves in the Ion;' neck of land be
tween tlie Kappahannock and Potomac
rivers have already made their escape to
our lines, bringing with them their mas
ter s teams and other property. i
1 ho benatij to-day continued tho nom
ination, of Alex. W. Randall, of Wiscon
sin, to be First Assistant Postmaster
General ; Captains Farragut, Goldsboro,
Dupont, and Foote to be Kear Admirals
in tho Navy from the Kith of July, 1862,
ou the active list ana Uapt, Unas. h.
Stewart to be a Uear Admiral from the
same date on tho retired list.
Private letters from tho blockading
tlect off, Mobile, datud Dec. 1211, say that
many deserters t tho United States
from tho rebel forts and neighborhood
stato that great hardships are eftJured
by the diilerent commands at Mobile.
They have beef mice a week, and oysters
only at other times, witli neither sugar,
tea, nor collec. 1 tin privateer (Jvcto is
still in the harbor. Nothing has entered
or left flie, harbor sinco thn departure of
Captain Preble save one sloop ladencd
with cotton, whicb, in getting out. was
captured by ono of our cruisers, and a
cotton-ladf neu schooner, which wa get
ting out louaU tier Heart lailing. anu en
deavored to run back again, but lost her
footing and went into the breakers too
near the guns of Fort Morgan for a squad
ron to como near. She -set hotsuif on
lire and was utterly destroyed. Kvery
thing H dead and dismal lu Mobile, 1 tlie
pluco'liavjtigbeeomo hardly worth taking-
. ,
Caiilo, Jan. 'J.-Nothiog from Virksburg
to-day. The Jackrton of thrf .'Su
ctmracUriies tlie liitit at tliat place a a
trivial affair as far as tlm Confederate
are concerned, it says Incir lo was
small, and places thu Faderai Iomii at
2,f00. Hit gat ds tlie I ederaU' tailing
back a a trap, augurinjr oo good to the
Confederate cause. The telegraph is
working in good order from here to Mem
phis. " '
ItoSTOW, Jan. !. tjoaernor Andrew's
message was delivered to-day. It is
very lengthy. The SregaU) number of
troops raised by the State is sixty thou
saad. Tho banking institutions ara re
ported to be iu a sound condition. In
t oni lusion, the Governor alludes to the
patriotNm of the Miisaachtnetts suldisrs
ami citizens, and says: " I'nioLiaU iu
no double sente, we have held from tlie
beginning that tlio Govemmfnt ii greatel
than any cl aaa of Dien and. their interea
and has an original l ight, to
arid hearty Birvice, ol, very1
power. ,.Wo deny the rih
rebellion, and we are in r
and we have equally .
rebel Ptatts could be r
to impose their tieasf
any human being w ho;
sire would make him;
wives surrender their)
fathers their aons to
ful war, we have nev
son why the rebels i
slaves and compel thi
Supporting always
without conditions as
rejoice with unutterably
icy is that of human
that of human sophistry." n
January 7,
News from the rebel side res
tho light at Mutfreesboro, is to the . '
that the rebels took 4,000 prisoners jd
20 guns, j- ' T i ?
JetrDavi retfiroed ,to llichmond jind
dclivefedi a bitter-and fiolent steech
against the Federal Government' ai 4 its
ofiiccrs, denouncing us as guilty t t the
most enormous crimes.
Although tho -rebel force in our I'ont
snd the army at Port lioyal bavo with
drawn entirely Vroiu view, it is not .be
lieved thai Ruy,havo been sent to rein
force llniig. ",- 'i '
!Nkw Yot aVfran. !. lIie-Cminissioiicr
of lutein iH'.tVenu has decided that any
roveniifi f.anipis, except , pr6M ietary, can
now lie used fui its amount oft" any in
strument, Dins virtually abolishing the
great vsrietyof stamps.
.It is understood that Secretary Chase
will be hero; to-morrow' to onsult with
our bankers" as to the best financial policy
to be adopted.; . .
The President- ha nominated Robert
W. Tylo of Ohio,' for Second Conip
trollerof the Treasury i place of .the
late Flishi Whitrlesey. 1
"- l!DUN'robtH, Jan. H.-A-The, election of
Lmted States Senator did not take place
to-dav. The Democratic nominees are
T A.lIendrickS; and David 'furpie. No
business was transacted in the Senate for
want of a quorum, the Pepublicans bolt
. The House refused to hear the Gover
nor s message .without a joint convention
of tint It nouses.- 1 lie message refers prin
cipally to State affairs, endorses the
emancipation proclamation as a necessary
war measure, and says that the people
of the North must not be deluded with
tho idea that a compromise is possible.
or abandon their efforts to suppress the
rebellion. The State has furnished over
102,000 volunteers during the war,
Fresh arrival of Njw Goods,-at ilouv
bkck & AfciuiniDiiK. this (lay, Jan. l".tb.
4'), Union Street.
t iiciiwii of MhjiIh liond, ete.
I will sell, at auction, ou We'dnesday
morning next, January 1 lib, 1803, Staple
and Fancy Dry Goods, I'oots, Shoes and
Hats, Prints, Domestics, DeLanes, Flan
nels, Shawls arid Cloaks, Hosiery a largo
stock with many other goods to suit the
retail trade. W. I.. ALEXANDER.
Jah.l3,C3.-2t. S '
perlul .Auction Male.
1J. F.,Siiiki.I)s i- Co. will sell ou Tues
day morning, January 13, 1803, a desi
rable lot of seasonable dry goods, boots,
shoes and hats, and clothing.
Sale to commence at 10 o'clock.
11. F. Shields & Co.
jaol3-s.ll Oposite Sewanee House. .
Anettuit1 KhIo of llouorliold and
Kitrlien turniture.
I will sell on Thursday morning the
15f January 1803 all the Household &
Kitchen furniture belonging' to Mrs.
Poacock No Ii Cherry St.
Sale to vonimenge at 10 o'clock.
jau 12 3t . Auctioneer.
Tho steamer T.eonore arrived at our
wharf yesterday evening, bringing a largo
hack mail.
. title Aollce-Keiiiovul.-1
have removed .from No. 42 U 4t
North Side Public Squaw, adjoining the
Hicks buildings, where I shall bo glad
to see my old customers and ' all others
that may favor me with their patronage.
Jai.l3,c:i.-U." 11. MAl.'lll'KG.
Aiictlont AuciIod!!
1 will oll this morning, January 13lh,
at 10 o'clock, A. M., at my new store, 40
Public Square,' 200 pisevs Prints, MX) doa.
l.aditts Hose, HQ doa. Hoop Skirts, a large
stock of l.adios Shoes and Notions of all
kinds to nameruas to mention.
Jan. 13,'03.-lt- 46 Public Square.
riwiu. CtiAVUT.. No ou l rd otua
plain of the want of small i-haua now.
W. J. Maub, corner of Colleg and Uuioa
streets, has received aulbr fcupnly of
Postal currency, whicu is th uivhI wa
venieut ehaiit iu circuhtiou.
Enquirer saya v
capture of the Ha.
but little injured, an.
six hundred prisoners, and a large ,
tily of Stores and arms. . ,i ' ' ,
The Passiac was towed into P:aufort
disabled, having lost her turret and guns,
Tho steamer which towed the Monitor
has not bceri heard from. v "
St. Louis, Jan. -12. General Curtis
telegraphs that we have repulsed the reb
els and hold Springfield. : f
New Youk, Jan. 12. Cotton 70c. Cbold
42c; Demand Notes 38.
The Yazoo Kiverhas , been abandoned
as a base of operations, the rebels being
impregnable in front. Our 'losses there
was from twenty-five hundred to three
thousand. No fighting since the fif
teenth. ' '
Nothing has been heard, of, Pan ks or
Farragut. ' ' ' '
Our army is on transports alMilliken's
Bend. . ...
Heavy rise in the Mississippi from con
tinous rains.
Considerable excitement at the mouth
of the Arkansas. The I'am Ponchaitrain
is down the Kiver and -our gunboats and
rams are waiting for her.
llBADOl-AllTEttS POiST, (
Nashville, Tknk-, Jan. 7, 14t3
Any Sutler or other civilian, taking
teams, empty or containing goods, outeids
the picket lines of this city, without first
obtaining permission from theso Head
quarters, will render his goods and Warns
liable to seiauru and confiscation.
No trains will be passed to the front
without the permission of corps com
manders, or of division commanders,
counter igned by corps commanders; and
officers in charge of such trains, must
report at theso Headquarters for passes
for their trains.
Py order of ' . .
I5rig.-Gen. POUT. B. MITCHELL,
. Commanding Post
'John Pkatt, A. A. G.
jantf 1 w.
, - ilil-t Clitrf ef I'oIKk.
Fourteenth Awit Coki8, Dkpa utai f.V t)
Cvmi!KRlaxi, Namiville, De. 30, 'G2y
Notice is hereby given to all citizens
of Nashville, and of Davidson county,
who have by word or deed, aided and
abetted the present rebellion, to come
forward forthwith to this office, and make
bond and oath, according to the forms
provided and heretofore published by
military authority.
All tucli persons, within the city limits
are requested to do this, by the loth day
of January, 1SC3; if not given by that
day, they will be summarily dealt with,
by fine, impi isotimeut, or exclusion fitiu
these lines.
l!y order of Maj. Geu. KosaiHuwt,
Provost Judge. '
Wat. Thukspail, Chif of Army Police.
(T Office im the ollicofi'cr Building,
No. 2tf, High Street, Naohville, Teoa.
December 31 lot. :
l'KOVOhT alARrtAL'a OKfldB, (
NashTille, Dec. 2. 'C'i
1'rvoont Orders Ko. 1.
1. The dale of spirituous liquora with
in this city, except for medicinal purpo
es, ia strictly prohibited, and every
drinking saloon in the place must be
closed at cure.
2. Any one violating thia order Vf ill
be arrested and severely punished, and
his liquors confiscated and turned over
to Col. Siuitnxfl, Chief Commist-ary Sub
sistence.. ' .
3. All officers ia charge of guards aad
patrols, will tine pre at vigHanco to ferrat
out, and break up the whiaky traffic.
J mo. A. IIahtin,
. Colonel and 'Provost Marshal.
Kobt. P. ilneiiHLL,
Pri. tiu t.iUiiiaudiikf l'iL
iUe 27-if
i I, S O,
1-5 G-
i ANll ,-
: IJ II O P'lt l K.T O Xi.
Nob. 15 & 17 Cedar Street.
rplHV f.STAUMfiHMKXr ll.VS JfST 11F.KN
.L reubvsvu and f nMrrly r 'fltil, n'l wt Mm new
rure 1 I" urvc qi M"'iN ft I all 1wmii, ami In t'ic
ii-.ilt !: kaowu tu thn eulii.ftry ki t.
r Our 1 ILL OK FAKE M ill (onM-Jt of
KNOWN TO Tilt: Kria nE.
Vf Sri- 1trmin"J to r'nilT thu ai.iso, In puint
! 'rnmfurt ud n'oiwctublllty. llic mwt u'r plm
In Naihvilio. OIT Pol:tt! Wftiti-rs uI.mi I'll lnind to
HitxiKl to tlio unlii of It )n'ri,H
Ti vcr; b.ft I. nd rf
alHtiyK oil LiiuO, tot iuMlrttl prjoen.
no. ig tKBUt sii5i:i;t,
n il L 11 ilttlicarir of tln n- ii-uu, nil uf v. liii Ii
will t. si'tMiii up in Rtyln ili.O . ii.ma bu miruuiHr(l
iu tbf tily.
Fresh Oysters, Game, and Fish,
1 nl"o Kw contTitly on himl n irixxl KKSnrt'i.rnt
i'f KANCY GKOCElilrJ and CoNKltCTION Kill lift,
wher niy rimtuniurd ci'U bu vui)liil ou m rainonable
Liirnii h Hicy tun Im bml tu III" city. Ihnnkf'il f' T
pant lHvorc l will lis pi ubimI tu wu my frirnuu ana
cuntouit ra at all titties. . .
Urown, Crushed and Powderod
Cheese, Star Candles, Spices,
rojut to, t uauN,
tok.-I AMLY aKb'iVivc, xsi you. tui.K
t Aialc.t uit Innilfo uu UTurul'l Irrum.
None bat, lhe best Articles kept.
At Rhea & Smith's Old Stand,
fil MAltiiKT BTItlCFri'.
I IS-lf ll.lirfn tl.imh mid UrouU.
V. Mat Brown & Co.
Renting of Houses, Etc.
t'Umtiinfll .utrbiitil tl tbrif CHI.
CUc, hv. 4r t'biny iiimI. Utowa t'liin
MUil lnO(rKk. lkia-liii
L E T O N, '
tiwwlifl Aia Litems I 4
Vx.ege" street,', ",. .
ivillc, St. Louis, Chicri,
t 1' LACK-,
S y 1 ' I. I 13 D
. , i - .... . . .
prv, Kind's Dispensary
roil iMtiv.vrr. him:.,!--.
t'-.. a,
rR vtjtii. .! ,r'.v ..r .ink. w
lb" lu-t l' :r 1" .r- il l.'..t, il), K v.
llll'IVll'l II I iVvil'-'i tl'l ftftf'lllou l'i
tli rwil imiit rl pmme it-'ii- fir Ml ffoii, IVillr'
Ui i it, hnvtim mti'ii'Uil " ir:i--t e fbr mm
.Vi'nr. nn'l ouri 'f u1 ru. uy 1i,.wuiclr, !v) I i mnnl'liW
iu i io nil nlnMi i t it firiTiun i stun-, iiu iiant-t
liow l:ul tlu'V limy .l ! om u..'iilirln. nr Ileal trial
HM'iil, tif Iriun ii.'L'i''' l ' Uu-lr r. liinV
IHpi'Wiiiy i . 'Si 1wi'lfr'i U -li1"'!, I''"rfti lih-r
ry nl I Kiu its . "xi..l hinry , yti l. ,n l.nnf . t
iliwu-i'H it a r.VHl'' lirii r.
itni'uniHvii imii'ihI wnlimtt uti.iMi i'iih tu.Hi lnm-nr
Inli'rb'ifiici. nl bti'lni i...
Hi rii'tijfrH uf obt 'r rei'iil t Ih i l ..i'::y our-it Jn
a law ibiyn, I')' n l" rj'.:t,;i wlib Ii m'jn 's no fyjiiv
W if re Ii t li'tun- i m.u b.' itt'i i- .t, hi t I.o utinjiijinl
lrlwik no 'l'.i nm' r .in-' ninn-' vilu f nn(l umiiT.
njiuw ibo rt'iilit'i'liMi niiti ii,
Kyplillii, Uh ii:, ibr :Ivm'i of lbc t!u, nri.MiHi:
out uf n' Kli i t or bil l ' I--hi n-nl , fni cU' nl;
uil la u b'w lis ' j ; .
glvii to tbln ilim w. -I'l l nil ! i'.ii -. nil nr grim
Inbuilt nf il, bnniiJil mi In iumi 1.-1 iiy lb i
FlrOi-tiv.1 b:ibit uf iih-i.ii-!' r-.tf j i i.. uh! j:i -ii
iTf lllllillKl'ni'H ot til.' !'!1..I., Il l..i.l., l. nf Hbl"ti
will nn In miiH' iho ivi'HSi'H i'ii, imIh uir tbr rub'
I'ct uniit tor biiMii' it r-i' ii'ti, niiui . . ' u. n,: ! n.
turp ulil ao.
lii'tn ii' wbo niv btl'i't" atn nny ilifllnulty i
Wumb mnv ntl H-,i:n .1 1 lnin'iit,. ti u. i (.
lV-rHim r-ht'liii iibi- i'l, '. uri? u f :iiul iliitliijr
tbi'li- cn.-n, w Hli Ii i ni'Smi-v, it'n rf ic 'r, a.K nit.
K. .! li'mb nok "tio.l, Nit-liil)ii, 'lin., will tm
Ibii LoMiH.try iiii'ilb.iin- ?-"ht tu tbi-ir l Jrc-ii. (.MlUr
liMirH IVnm 0 n'M-V lit i n t uT' i'i ,; i; it. I l In lb"
viMimn .1 -tj in u ilAwiy.
W K H X hi U 2V -i. I t h, N G ,
lAV fl.ilii Ii.. .i i.' f)
F.'owtr, J'itld und (!r i. ,'. i'j
y'", Shodf Tre it lift .s 'li.biii.s,
i 'I' A I I. KIM',
I'ltrtit Jmii!(;H'vh M.i. u'ltfrif.
Pgr.tago 1 Cunt pur ounci. mt )nnr irdi r.
l A, SCIIWILL, Mitdtwan, ,
fii. tl Sj.a'imn" glrinit, nmr Twirl,
1i.-3-2iii . IN At 1 , V.
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